The Victims RPG

And as the zombie moves towards Ellen, Officer Bruce raised his shotgun, sighed, and shot it's head off. "Well, miss, that's one critter that won't be botherin' you and your hubby again, that's for danged sure."

Let's try that again.

As the undead horror shambled towards me, I took one whiff of it and threw up on the ground. Ellen screamed and I grabbed a fireplace poker she threw at my feat and staggered to my feet, giggling hysterically. "It's not a roach, dear. How do you kill the dead?" I asked, and wondered if getting my brains eaten out so she could run away was really included in the "for worse" part of the vows when it's head blew up. Behind it was Officer Bruce...

That's who you are. Not the heroes, or the legends or the rugged survivalists. No, you're the normal people. The ones who see the undead marching and either run away screaming or die horribly. At best you're reluctant heroes when the heroes have all been killed by the Thing - mostly because they were being heroes - but most of the time you're just scared, desperate and very, very human.

The Rules

Each character rolls a d10 and modifies it by the stats below. Low is good, high is bad. If you roll a 7 or lower you succeed, 8 or higher and you fail. If you get 13 or higher your result is beyond horrible. If you end up with a 3 you do really well. Each characters stats will fluctuate during the course of the game simply due to how they role play their character's reactions.

13+=Fail Horribly.

The PC

Your PC is quick to make. Decide on what your PC does for a living and give them a dsescription and brief summary and you're done. All PCs begin with stats (fear/anger) at 0. (If one wishes to compare them to physical traits, fear is how quick you are, and anger is how strong you are.) If the GM agrees, you can begin with stats lower or higher than 0 due to PC personality. Keep in mind that your PCs are the normal, middle class, suburbia types. You're not Black OPs, or fire fighters, or police officers, or occult investigators - you're the real people who are just plain unlucky enough to be caught in a supernatural/horror event.

The Stats

 (Really BadBadNormalGoodReally Good)
Fear:TerrifiedWet PantsWorriedDesperateReckless Courage
Anger:Seriously TickedSternCalmZoloftZen


Each character can take 3 hits and then they're dead. This can be modified due to RP of getting hit, bandaging wounds, recovering, or Gm decision..


There is no luck stat in this game, save any modifiers to rolls the GM gives you because you RP your stats and character well. You're the victims, not the lucky ones. Consider yourself lucky if you die quickly.

Changing Sats

Stats are changed due to PC emotional responses to an event or their actions as a result of a event. Role play them as it seems appropriate. Go overboard, ham it up, be terrified. You're victims, after all, and in the back of your minds you likely know it.

Keep in mind that you're RPing normal people (if you're playing this game, you're hardly normal). You haven't seen undead, or ghosts, or werewolves, or demons. You have no freaking clue what is going on. You just want to last until dawn, or you manage to call 911 and wait for the police to arrive - and hope It doesn't kill them all.


Your job = What you can do. Generally, roll a d10 +/- fear +/- mind. Most PCs won't know how to use guns well or make killer weapons, because the people who did are already dead or hiding in a cabin up in the woods.


As I breathed a sign of relief, Officer Bruce jerked away from the door and screamed. Something - I don't know what - went past the door with a squelch and I looked at the red stain spreading on the carpet and the new figure in the doorway with a growing sense of dread.

Run away!

Initiative works in the following manner:hand
Method One: Whoever has the lowest Fear stat goes first, generally to run away.

Method Two: Roll a d10 and add the Fear modifier. Lower goes first and so on.
Ties act at the same time.

Scream and charge while wetting pants!

Attacking is done by rolling a d10 and adding Anger as your modifier. If you succeed, you do one damage. (Kindly GMs can rule that getting a 3 or less does 2 damage, in which case 13+ may lead to damaging yourself.)

Die in a horrible manner!

Damage is 3 hits = PC dead. The first can be ignored due to adrenaline, the 2nd will need medical attention, now. if you don't get it, you're likely gonna die. Fast. Them's the breaks.


You're joking, right?

Making New PCs

You just heard a scream next door! You investigate! New PCs can be made on the fly and enter the game for any reason or pretext imaginable. You might need to wait a scene or two, but not long.

Ending the Game

The game can be declared over when all the original PCs are dead or everyone just wants it to end, in which case the SWAT team arrives and kills everyone, or the zombies break in. Use your imaginations. Just keep in mind that the horrors win.


Extras is meant to be a fast emotional game. When stats change, act it out. Change them by acting and reacting to events. Try and keep the mood as horrible as possible. Do splatterpunk, insane events. Forget what the "new" RPGs say - this IS a competition. The GM is out to kill your PCs as quickly and horribly as possible. This is real horror where there is no time to "develop your character" because they're too busy screaming, running, and dying. Especially the last part. In great quantities. Have fun :)

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