Character Switch is a game set around the premise of switching characters between players. In effect, everyone makes a starting character, plays it for a session, and then we switch so that you (most likely) play someone else’s character the next session. For added fun, the DM changes between sessions as well.

The basic mechanic is that at the end of the session one player rolls a d4 (or however many PCs there are) and gets the PC they roll (the PCs are placed in alphabetical order). The second player rolls a d3 and gets to play the character rolled. If one of the last two PCs belongs to one of the remaining two players, they automatically switch so that the player doesn’t play his or her PC again, otherwise they can roll. This switching occurs every session and each player tries to role play the character close t how the other player did, using the notes the other player(s) kept on the PC.

When role playing someone else’s PC, you keep note of the date, session number, and your nick then take notes for that PC as if it was yours (since it is for that session). The current notes will be on this site. You just DL them, add to the file, and send it back to Alcar to be re-uploaded at the end of the session, ready for the next player.

The DM is decided for the second session by a roll (d3, in this case) among the other players. A d2 is rolled between the last two players to DM the 3rd and the remaining player runs the fourth game. Once all four have been played, one player rolls a d4 to determine who begins to run the next set of four games.

Everyone is required to keep notes since the world in question is built by each session added onto each other.

And finally, each PC should have section on their personality written by the original player for others to use as a guideline.

Experience (i.e. levelling) is awarded after the completion of a story arc, or when all the players agree the PCs should level.