Player Characters

This is a listing of players in the game along with a bried PC summary done by each player.

PlayerCharacterRace & Class
BaliadocRhaet DwaleDwarf Ranger
Rhaet is 4' tall, with, surprising, dirty blond hair, which is shaggy, and roughly shoulder length. He has big bushy eyebrows that mask brown eyes, and a well trimmed goatee to match. His body, while currently overly scared, is well built, and he looks like a walking tank
CaltakZoëElf druid
Zoë is an extremely attractive elf, wearing a simple, mostly nondescript brown dress that is knee-length and form-fitting (except from the waist down). Silky, brown, shoulder-length hair and brown eyes that emanate friendship compliment the stunningly beautiful face. The only equipment carried by this elf appears to be a waterskin.
Chaos`^ArgentonHuman Fighter
Argenton`^ wears a thick brown leather jacket, and brown leather shirt. He has black, short hair, and grey eyes. He carries on his back a sword that looks too big to actually swing. It's length is only about 4' but the bulk of it makes it seem about 20 pounds. Anyone hit with it would probably feel it in the morning.
DarkkinVengath Vittar Human Sorcerer
Vengath is 4'5 lean build hazel eyes dark brown hair down to middle of back wearing clothing on noblity on top of a horse
Keith`Black RoseElf Samauri
Black-Rose is a rather attractive female Elf dressed in black leather form fitting cloths. with a PC that realy doesn't feel to creative right now. and no the charicter is not a Black Elf
WarezBertTrakisLizardman Cleric
Trakiss is a healthy looking lizardman with Orange irises and Black-Red skin. He wears a tattered robe bound shut by a length of rope. There is a strange desperate glint in his eyes.

PC Backgrounds
Argenton (Chaos`^)
He worked for the autumn army. Stories tell of a soldier that moves like a rinho with the power of fire. A charge from this small enough looking man migh be more than bargained for.
Trakis (WarezBert)
Trakis just wandered into town a few weeks ago. Mostly, he seems to keep to himself, and mutter wildly.
3 days after he came to the village, a rabid bear attacked the town, and tore open 3 people before it was killed by the town guard. Trakis walked up, healed the 3 people, then walked off talking to his friend "Mr.Rabbit". Since then, people have been attempting to show him gratitude, but the strange lizardman remains locked in his own world.
The Innkeepers son being one of the healed people, Trakis currently enjoys leftovers and snacks throughout the day. Lately the innkeeper has started to make hints about Trakis doing some work for his food...
So Trakis has taken to acting as the impromptu 'bouncer' for the inn, taking custody of weapons, and ousting the occasional rowdy customer. Needless to say, facing a sharp-toothed and clawed creature who talks to himself argumentatively is more than a little disconcerting.
Zoë (Caltak)
Oddly enough, no one's heard of this elf girl. Which is very odd, being an elf, and having obviously been alive so long. She just... appeared one day in the area, not too long ago. No one knows who she is or where she came from, and she introduces herself only as "Zoë" (Another odd thing of note is that the first person who asked her her name got a response of "I haven't decided yet." and the second got the name Zoë only after she thought about it a while before answering.) She seems friendly enough, though. Very friendly, in fact. There are a couple odd rumors circulating about... one about a man whom she kissed who claims he used to be blind in one eye and wasn't anymore afterward, and another about a man whom she spent the night with once. Days after, he casually mentioned to a friend that he was surprised to find she was "more than he expected" in an odd tone... but wouldn't be any more specific than that. He did seem like he enjoyed himself, though.

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