Everything we think is true
Is just another story.
History is just our tales
Divorced from mythology.

Or perhaps we just don't know
That every truth someday dies
And then becomes something new,
A lie among other lies.

Yet we hate lies for changing
The world into what is real;
We claim no lie is true and
Forget what truth won't reveal.
  "truths" from Claye's Collected Worls


Players will ba added based on who shows up for the first session :)

Sam Hill stands roughly 5'6" tall--when he's wearing the monstrousities that he likes to call shoes on his feet. Without the four inch soles, he'd be quite a bit smaller, but he is not likely to do without his shoes for, well, any period of time. These shoes, however, are outclassed by his red and yellow checkered robe which features stars placed sporadically across the background. He tends to have a rather glossy and far-away look on his face--he claims that his pointy tin hat has helped to keep his mind clear of outside influence.
Cadwyn is slightly over 7' tall has black hair, Black eyes eyes, with a hooded cloak that covers most of his face. You see a unique emblem on his Big sword(wich is on his back) that is the same as the tattoo on his right hand(a lether glove is on his left one). What skin you can see seems very leathery and dry almost mummified if you will. He seems to project an aura of unpleasantness about him; it would probably not be wise to irritate him.
Umagoro is a 6'5" walking ball of white fur with a genral human shape
And of course.....
Milly the ever-sufferring pony!

NPCs In Ibis

Note that NPC names are first name first on this list. So Lord Randall Almago is under the R's for example. Unless noted otherwise, all NPCs are human - or look human.

Lady Alyen: Elder daughter of the duke and duchess of Eris, Alyen was put aside for her brother Poee for not being a proper "erisian," whatever that means. She is sober and kind to others, as well as being a cleric of the Goddess. She is in the city to learn with the Matriarch (Shargos) and is said to dislike politics. While she does not have her mother's infamous beauty, she can still turn heads in crowds but seems to be ashamed of that.
Admiral Avren Dalgo: Head of the Fleet, he was en route to Ibis from Almago when Arkida dies. His current whereabouts are unknown, as are the 200 ships he had with him. Some courtiers speculate he went renegade or is planning to invade the holy city.
Belen (dwarf): The head of housekeeping, Belen is considered more of a tyrant to the palace staff than Arkida ever was. Regardless of that, she runs the palace very well and makes sure everything is run according to her ideas.
Captain of the Guard: The captain of the palace guard, he (like all other palace guards) is brown skinned with black hair and eyes and is 6 and a half feet tall, as well as being nearly as wide. He looks to be in his early twenties and in peak physical conditon, again like all the guards. He has no name save captain.
The Chancellor (Human?): The chief official of the Empire, whose word is second only to the Emperor. He has served the empire at least as long as Sytus Idorian and seems to be 40 years old, forever. No one knows of his past or how he came to his post, but he is amazingly efficient at running the Empire. Some people have tried to assassinate him, believing that it would hurt the Empire more than the death of the Emperor. No one has succeeded yet. His silver-toned skin and golden eyes tend to maker him stand out but he is also surprisingly adept at fading into the background.
The Companion: A 12' tall giant of a man with one eye in the centre of his forehead and a very big axe by his side. He never speaks but looks to be very dangerous and guards the Ithacan ambassador, Zyreen, as best he can.
Coran Greldis: The only Amansan diplomat, this man is a very good assassin and a reasonably competent diplomat. He is currently in the Visitors Palace along with other diplomats awaiting an audience with the new king. He is a tall, thin man that many claim could be transformed into a snake and be happy to be in his natural element at last.
Duchess Elliande Almago: Ruler of the city, the duchess' family is almost as old as the city and have ruled it with skill and poltical acumen for millenia. Her husband currently runs their estate near Dalgo while she is trying to get the King to remove the barrier around her city (or help remove it, if he did not put the barrier up). The family fortunes have not declined yet, mostly due to wise investments in things other than their city. She is considered one of the most powerful politicians in Ibis.
Ebenezer Joran: The royal treasurer, he is a small, balding man who looks very nervous all the time and tends to be fearful of anyone who so much as glares at him. However, questioning his integrity will lead him to scream vile insults at you and try and kill you, forcing you to restrain him for his own safety.
Fralo Gerbai: The chief of the city spies, Fralo keeps track of all the spies in the Empire and reports to the King alone.
Lingos: The Matriarch of The Goddess (in Ibis), she is often the representative of the Religion who crowns the new king in Ibis. Like the Patriarch, she has not been seen since Arkida attacked Sanctuary.
General March Borchal: Chief general of the Empire, March was assassinated in his rooms 3 days ago by someone using a poison unknown to the royal healers. The assailant has yet to be found.
The Oracle: One of the few reliable oracles, the oracle of the city of Derry was slain by Arkida during the battle to her death. Some visitors to the site of her tomb in the burnt holy grove have claimed to have received visions and inspiration there, however. Whether Derry will have another oracle is unknown.
Perl (halfling): The real head of the Ibisian spies, Perl is said to have nearly succeeded in assassinating Arkida 10 years ago and was made the real head of the assassins for it. Fralo, needless to say, hates her.
Lord Radall Almago: Elliande's father, the former duke spends his time travelling between Ibis and Almago and it was his foresight that is responsible for the family having any fortunes right now. There are rumours that he was intimate with Arkida in the past, but he has never confirmed for denie them. He is a tall, brooding man who is said to be very honourable and avenges any slights against his family.
Shargos: The Patriarch of The God (in Ibis, that is) has not been seen since Arkida fell. However, the rumours of his death are greatly exagerated.
Lord Shen: Technically Bashen's child (Bashen has claimed Shen as his own) and heir to the dukedome, Shen of World's End is a bitter young man who is said to not really want to be a duke at all. There are also rumours that he and his father has some falling out recently, which is why he is in Ibis and not at World's End. He is a young, pudgy man just come into his majority (16, in World's End) and in the holy city for the first time. He has salso made it a point to visit some of the houses of ill repute in the city to hsve sex with some of the more desirable - and expensive - women.
Gereral Sytus Idorian (Elf): The chief strategist of the Ibisian Empire, Sytus was personally responsible for ensuring the port of Ithaca was built and functions well 800 years ago. Since then, he has been kept in Ibis - reined in, some say - and gives his ideas there.
Tyros: An elderly man, Tyros studied with Elya of Mantou herself for many years. His failure to find out what killed General March Borchal weighs heavily on him and he looks like an old man lately.
Zyreen: The amabassador from Ithaca, she arrived in the city yesterday, accompanied by a strange giant of a man she called her Companion. Zyreen has been sight seeing and hasn't shown up at the palace yet to pay her respects to the new King. She is an albino-pale woman with white hair and faded blue eyes, perhaps picked as an ambassador entirely because she looks so much like a ghost. Courtiers aren't sure what to make of her, since Arkida was never sent an ambassador.

Session Information & Summaries

Session 1 (11 Fall) [Tues, Feb. 26, 2001] - Taking Stock of the city

<Althalus```> "Let's not get off track here. Does anyone have anything else to say about the marriage option?"
<Vallard> "That we aren't doing it."
<Althalus```> "Dully noted, Your Majesty. Anything else?"

The PCs are gathered in the throne room of the inner palace. The throne itself is metal and only permits the King to sit on it. An ironwood table and some magical leather chairs that adapt to the comfort of whoever sits ont hem have been brought in for the other PCs in front of the throne. The royal treasuerer, a small balding man with the habit of clearing his throat nervously whenever he has something bad to say is clearing his throat so often waiting for everyone to arrive that the royal healer is wondering if he has some cold.

The throne room itself is a small, tastefully decorated room used to meet in private with people and not to intimidate them. There are 12 guards in the room, all armed and looking like identical twins. The chancellor is standing off to the side of the throne in the shadows, watching you all.

During extender conversation on the city and it's finances, the PCs managed to get 3 million gold for the country. The King's marriage is slowly but surely being worked out and a Yeti was freed from the cells after heroically eating most of the prisoners and saving the king money in the process :)

Experience: 5,400

Session 2 (11 Fall) [Tues, Mar. 04, 2001] - Wheels within wheels

Having gathered enough funds (from Maritermus' unknown backers and the Ithacan ambassador Zyreen) the PCs head out into the city to involve themselves in it's life and, perhaps, survive the rest of the day as tensions rise over the King's corronation ceremony tomorrow. The (now paid) city guard are keeping order as best they can but the fear of the populace is almost contagious.

Windows are closed up, doors barred with metal (and magic, in many cases) and the streets are largely deserted. The ritual of mourning for an Emperor is perhaps all thats keeping the city from exploding into a riot and those that do walk the streets walk in nervous groups, armed openly with swords and bows in defiance of city law.

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