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You look out the window, and see signs, read the paper and hear of things that happened long ago. What if it wasn’t real? Not the world, or not just the world, but everything. All of it, nothing more than illusion. Self, history, dreams. What if everything you know is really a lie constructed by people fighting a war almost no one knows about? What if the “real” world has only existed for a decade, perhaps two, and you could wake up tomorrow in a theocracy, or a world where the dinosaurs never died out, and it would be normal and the world you knew would never have existed at all?

The way of such thoughts lies madness, but it is a madness that one can be forced to embrace, to understand, to know that everything is an illusion, even the illusions, but that it is all real as well - or can be. Today, this the world. But a few people may die here, a few there. somewhere, thousands of years ago, someone can open a door, or close one, or far into the future, or a week from now, someone buys a field with a crop circle, and you wake up in a world where War of the Worlds happened.

And you will never know. Reality will rewrite itself, and your memories, to this new order, this new sensible world, this new ideal. For reality is nothing more than a popularity contest, a constant war over the world as it is against how many would like it to be. We are all pawns, but a few have learned to castle, a few to become queens, and a few to move two spaces instead of one. They are the Awakened, the warriors fighting their wars over reality, over appearance, over what illusion the world will embrace. You may not be one of these people, but you just need to have your awareness opened to the larger world. It is hard, and many go mad, and many others die when the world changes and they remain the same. But all forms of birth are hard. And your world may be worth it, or the one you wish exists.

The war is across time, and space. Me. You. This. That. Tad etad. This is that. It is all illusion, but there is power in knowing this, power in knowing truth, in embracing power and knowledge others can never know. This is the Continuum, the world as it really is. And you are about to enter into a world far greater and stranger than any you dreamt of, but some of which may have existed in dreams. And perhaps your dreams can become the world, for a time. Roll the dice. You have nothing to lose but everything, and it’s all nothing, but it is what matters. Go ahead. I’ll watch.