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Creating FFRPG Characters.


For me, role playing isn't about dice. The dice can add some fun realism, and randomness. But they also make the game about stats . . . and that can make it boring. Character creation should be about the character, not the mechanics of creation. Stats don't determine how smart your pc is . . charisma is a matter of rp, not "I have a charisma of 32! Worship me!" (Of course, thats not my charisma in Real Life (RL), but if you want to worship me, feel freel. I just want in on the take.) As well, as FFRPG makes combat oriented PCs less and less needed -- it also makes combat a lot smoother and less likely to bog a game down.

Now, just as the creators of famous heros, villians and such never sat down and decided "We are going to give Peter Parker an IQ of 231" or some such, they allowed the stats to be acted out in the comics. In much the same way, this game has NO stat measuring appearance, or intelligence at all. This is ALL through role play, nothing else. This game is meant to emphasise Role play over roll play.

Free Form Games

Free form games might be without dice, but that doesn't mean there are no rules. Generally speaking, if smoeone is stronger than someone else, they succeed in what they attempt. Its why there is a points system for basic stats and skills for reference. The first rule of this game is simply going to be common sense -- sure she might be stronger than you, but if you use leverage in moving things and she does not, you will do better. If you surprise someone, no matter how fast they are, you get a drop on them. As simple as that. In other words, this is going to be set up more like an epic story or novel than your traditional RPG . . .you likely won't die fighting 2 street thugs, or get killed in an utterly non-climatic way. Of course, you can still die.

Stupidity kills. So does annoying other PCs. Or NPCs. Or if the GM is bored. <grin> Seriously, you can stil get hurt and die in the game, the same as any other. It is free form but DOES have rules . . anarchy is not permitted. Well, not normally. Seriously tho, this is going to be an rp game, based on character interactions, occassional combat and RP.

3. First considerations on PCs:

  1. Good and evil are RPed. You dont start with an automatically evil -- or good -- race etc.
  2. This is going to be based on interaction. Loners and the like won't work as well, if at all, in this game.
  3. A broad party can be good, but isn't essential. If the Pcs all end up with speicific skills, the adventure will focus around that.

  4. Making your PC

Firstly, the "stats" in the game are just for reference only. You DO need some kind of basis to judge strength and such -- feel free to fiddle with some specific point allocation and such -- it's not an exact science and as long as you dont go around putting 110 points into strength or some such, it can be worked out. If you want your race (or just your pc) to have odd powers, talk to me :) Some of the NPCs do, so . .. .

Regarding the PC and Race

Obviously, you need a past. So does your race.. Make them. Specifically, pc wise, think of what your pc is and why they got there . .. make the pc and then the race, or both at round .. just remember to balance things out. Since you wont have to spend too much time making the pc -- just basic idea of stats, skills and racial abilities, problems, character quirks . . its much easier to devote time to fleshing out a personality. Here's some common questions you can apply to both pc and race:

Why are you here? For PC, why at Outpost 1? For race, why do they travel, what impels them to leave their homeworld? Or home? Or why don't they?
What do you do for a living? For pc: Why'd you pick this for yourm life goal? For race: What is their species purpose?
What do you believe in? For pc and race: religious beliefs, superatitions, ideas they might have ..
How tolerant are you to your race? other races? Those born deformed? Cyborgs? Rock music?
How does family influence your life?
Do you have hobbies?
Do you or have you had relationships with others? Friends? Sexually? Do you have taboos about that?
What kind of social life do you have?
How educated are youi? What areas does that cover?
What makes you happy? Sad? Stresses you out?
What do you live for? Would kill for? Die for?
What are your goals for the future?
What kind of stereotypes exist about your race?
What ones do you believe in about other races?
What kind of overall reputation does your pc have? Your race have?

Answer all that and you've got a good made race and pc.

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