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Making a Character - The Free Form Game

Now that you have a very quick idea of the kind of situation the galaxy in question is in, here's a fast guide to making your character.

Now to specifics - This game is going to be largely FFRPG. Yup. Free form. If you haven't played pree form before, it can be fun. If you have, well, I'll try to not let it get like other ones can :)

Despite the fact that this is going to be a diceless game, there does have to be some basic for comparing what pcs can and can't do. So, here are the quick and easy steps to making your pc:

Sample Character Sheet:
Player Name:

PC Name:



Racial Abilities:

Skills and Quirks:

Weapons and Armour:


Now ... wasn't that easy? Good. It better have been. Finally, for those stuck on character and racial history ideas, here's a quick list of basic questions to get you going ...

Why are you here? For PC, why at Outpost 1? For race, why do they travel, what impels them to leave their homeworld? Or home? Or why don't they?
What do you do for a living? For pc: Why'd you pick this for your life goal? For race: What is their species purpose?
What do you believe in? For pc and race: religious beliefs, superatitions, ideas they might have ..
How tolerant are you to your race? other races? Those born deformed? Cyborgs? Rock music?
How does family influence your life?
Do you have hobbies?
Do you or have you had relationships with others? Friends? Sexually? Do you have taboos about that?
What kind of social life do you have?
How educated are youi? What areas does that cover?
What makes you happy? Sad? Stresses you out?
What do you live for? Would kill for? Die for?
What are your goals for the future?
What kind of stereotypes exist about your race?
What ones do you believe in about other races?
What kind of overall reputation does your pc have? Your race have?

The Adventure

The PCs begin the campaign on the artificial world/station/who knows what commonly known as Outpost 1, which is roughly the size of earths moon and houses over 4 billion people on 1 half of it. Its the only artifical world built from scratch at the edge of the Confederation. Originally intended as a diplomatic neutral zone, as the Conferation fell apart it turned into a Declaration of War zone, Free Fire zone and Hospital in chronological order. Only half of it was techologized before the Confederation ceased work on it. People from remote places still arrive at it, expecting the gloss and glamour it began with and finding mostly an old and decaying artifical world. Many poets have used it as a perfect metaphor for the Confederation.

Outpost 1 Some Basic Info

Outpost 1 (better explained at that link) is run by SEOC (Security Enforcement Officers of the Confederation) instead of a traditional civillian goverment common on most worlds. While this has kept the world stable for a long time, as the Confederation has fallen apart, less and less recruits have arrived at the Outpost and their authority has gradually decreased mostly to superiour weapons, training and a better knowledge of the worlds secrets, technology and layout. Thats all.

SEOC is structured as 1 commander general, 20 generals, 1000 commanders, 5000 sergeant commanders, a lot of sergants, then assorted corporals and the normal rank and file. other ranks are added as needed -- msotly to diffrentiate between those of the same rank for authority purposes than anything else.

Outpost one has roughly 10 million SEOC soldiers in total as well as various other offices of the Confederation -- Intelligence, Transport, Internal Affairs and such euqalling about 300 million Confrederation officials on the Outpost in total. Other people on the Outpost, from residents to merchants, traders, diplomats, transients and everyone else total over 4 billion people. Most of those are permanent residents or merchants. To put it bluntly, SEOC is treading water and thinks its on thin ice.

Character Advancement

Since seeing ones character grow and change is one of the reasons people play RPGs, CoW is no exception to the rule. Generally speaking, characters gain 1 - 5 exp per session. These points are given based on:
1. Showing up on time (Basic 1 point)
2. Good role play (1 to 2 points generally)
3. Some brilliant idea, plan or anything else covers the last 2.

Spending points can be done as soon as they are gained, or saved for future times. To increase a skill or stat, the PC must have used that ability very recently and/or learned something new dealing with it to justify the skill increase. To gain a new skill one must be taught it soehow and spend 2 points for each of the initial 5 points in the skill.

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