Men in general judge more from appearance than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of perception.

- Machiavelli, "The Prince"

You're days haven't changed since that night in the park when that old man told your buddies to get lost and then sicked his wife on you. Well, he said it was his wife. She walked slow, but she didn't stop, not even when Andre put 5 slugs into her. She just kept coming and coming. You ran away because it's eyes were empty and the old man's filled with something that scared you. You saw it rip off Andre's arm as you went around the corner and screamed for help.
The cops didn't believe you, but they did come back with you. No one was there. No old man, no thing that faked being human, and none of your buddies. There wasn't even any blood ... the walls were clean. Licked clean. They said, sure, it was weird, but you were drunk and they walked away. But the older cop looked back a time or two and you knew he'd seen things to.
The next day you woke up with a hangover, convinced it was all a horrible dream, only to find the older cop was on the front page of the papers. He'd died in that alley later that night - ripped to pieces. The paper was vague, but suspected druggies. You didn't know better, but you did know the paper was wrong. It was something else, and not human.
But you're days remain the same, working 9 to 5. It's only at night that you take that sawed off shotgun you knew Andre kept at home and go out, looking. You're not really sure what you're trying to find, not even sure if you want to find it, but you can't ignore it ... your buddies didn't come back.
You bought silver bullets, and a crucifix, and some shells for the gun last night. Everyone thinks you're acting a bit weird, but they think you're just paranoid because you're friends got killed. You're not. You're scared they might come back.

Welcome to the web site of a currently untitled RPG. This game is set in the modern world, the world of bank accounts, school, jobs and other mundane things. The usual stuff. But there's another world above it, or below it, or beside it ... a world of gods and magics, monsters that sometimes are all too inhuman, and the others all too human. It's a world where miracles can happen, where magic can work, where there is still wonder, and mystery - but at a price. No one seeks this world, not if they have any idea what it's really about. Some are born to this world of magic, some achieve knowledge of it, most end up thrust into it because they saw what they shouldn't or can't forget what they saw. For most, it tends to be a bit of all of those.

And once you see, you can't turn away. It's like a car wreck, but it hasn't happened yet. It could, if people don't stop it. The Loa are real, and they want into the world. They need to be stopped. You just elected yourself, because you like to hope you have a choice in this matter. You could save the world, but unless you really foul up it'll never know it was saved. You could be a hero, if you're willing to sacrifice enough. You can be anything, but indifferent, or ignorant, or normal. You can't close your eyes, because you've seen what could be waiting for you.

What This Site Contains

Having little care that Life is brief,
And less that art is long.
Success is in the silences,
Though fame is in the song.

- Bliss Carman, "Envio" (1929) These lines appear on his tombstone

This site is divided into various sections.

  1. The Introduction: What you're reading right now. Basically, what's in the site.
  2. Character Basics: The first things you need to know to make a PC (an intro to the world and species in it).
  3. Character Creation: A character sheet, a sample PC [Forthcoming], and everything you need to know to make a PC for the game.
  4. Resources: Internet sites of note, inspirational stuff to read and credits.
  5. The World: A very brief overview of the setting itself.
  6. Contact Info.: How to get ahold of Alcar (and any site updates)
  7. A Campaign: A sample campaign set in the world.
  8. News Any news that isn't a site update, and other stuff of note.

As well, you can also search the site.

Role Playing This Game

Mystery has its own mysteries, and there are gods above gods. We have ours, they have theirs. That is what is known as infinity.

- Jean Cocteau

Not done yet.

Game Mechanics

Death is evil; the gods have so judged;
had it been good, they would die.

- Sappho

Character creation is nice and simple for this game. You have 75 points (more if you contribute stuff to the game) and you spend them on stats, your skills and combat abilities.

As for dice, the only die rolled is a ten side die. It gets added to your various stats to determine if you hit someone in combat and is also how much damage you do in combat.

When rolling against anything, you use one of four difficulties (10,20,30,40) that correspond to easy, medium, herd and not a hope in the world.

As well, some of the stats (Compassion, Honour, Killer Instinct) can be added or subtracted from rolls, sometimes even from the same roll if the GM decrees. However, keep in mind that role play is the most useful tool to altering a difficulty.

Lastly, PCs can influence a game by spending Luck, allowing them to add to rolls, re-roll rolls or tweak coincidence a little bit in their favour.



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