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"Imagine what this world'd be like if it was the best of all possible worlds. Imagine it was perfect."
"That's nothing, man. You wanna be scared? Imagine it's perfect already."
- Two street scum, overheard before termination.

Dystopia is a cyberpunk setting sometime in the future (the exact time doesn't really matter) that is, in essence, the dark ages with technology. Corporations control everything, and everyone's life simply sucks. That's the basic gist of cyberpunk - rebels with some cause, trying to survive a world that's effectively a living hell. Most of the PCs tend to be anti-heroes, and heroes only if they have no choice, and everyone has big weapons and tends to die really, really fast. And when everyone has the same weapons, it's not who is better armed that counts, but who can convince the other they are willing to kill or be killed and really doesn't give a damn. It's about style, street cred, rep, being cool, and fashion: Most battles are won before the first shot is fired. (Unless the other guy's a sniper.)

Character might be who you are, but rep is what you convince other people you are.

Our inventions are wont to be pretty toys, which distract our attention from serious things. They are but improved means to an unimproved end.
- Thoreau

There are some changes from traditional Cyberpunk, however. For one, it's more than just Corporations. There are Governments and Religions with their own nations and while the Big 4 Corps (Delta, Gamma Inc, Indocas and Frag) might have pieces in the pies, they seldom have the whole pie. And, sometimes, when you take a piece of the pie all you really do is make a bigger pie. As well, this game won't be geared as much to the cyber part - you need to buy stuff like biosculpting, cybernetics and nanotechnology and short of selling your soul to a Corp or some army for a good while, no starting PC can afford that kind of credit expense.