The World of Kevren

A Hero is a person who lives with what he does.
-Collected Ambri Sayings, Vol 1, #8

This section lists some information for the Mortal Campaign. It will be named as it goes along, as long as the name doesn't mention Nanoc :)

Basic Assumptions:

First off, some simple facts everyone knows are true. Your PC will know them.


Your PCs are immortal. Whether you Know this or not is up to you. If you know it, thats because you've died at least once. If you know you're immortal because fo that, or thing you're dead and this is the afterlife or undead or whatnot is entirely up to you. Your PC will NOT know the game mechanics behind being immortal. K, of all the PCs, does know that immortals do die a final death eventually, after around 12 or 15 lives lived but has no idea if thats common for all, or just for the few older immortals he's met.
This only applies to immortal pcs, which are carried over from the previous campaign only.


Your PCs are mortal. You likely know this, mostly because its blatantly obvious. You can die and try and find out if you are immortal, if you really want :)


This will be a nice table listing the players, their PC and classes.

 BaliadocLord GabrielHumanAristocrat
Zacharel is a handsome lad in his early twenties, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and muscular build, standing 6'1" tall. He seems kind and benevolent somehow. At his side is a Greatsword with a finely crafted hilt. Other than that, he wears plain clothes, with a very finely crafted chain shirt over it.
Short blonde hair. Light green eyes with dark green flecks. 6'4", 225lbs. Well muscled. Wears a gold-trimmed blue tunic over a shirt of glimmering chain mail with black leggings and brown leather boots that come halfway up his lower leg. He has a light grey cloak on.
Zacten is a mid sized man with dark hair and brown eyes. A scar runs down his right cheek.
Ashi is a tall, commanding woman with dark hair, eyes and skin. She wears dark grey robes of a clerical nature but has no holy symbol on them. Around her neck is a small necklace with an infinity symbol in blood red. She also has a short sword strapped to her side and has an powerful aura about her.

Missed Games

After Akran fell, The god Xeran unleashed a plague into the world - or perhaps the high priests of Xeran did - that changes what one can recall. Essentially acting as a version of Alzheimer’s Disease, this prevents people from recalling things that happen each day and has proven to be very nasty to elves and bards. In game terms, if your PC misses a session you got hit by the plague that day and even if you acted your PC recalls nothing of that session. This is not only good for players absent for a while, but also means that I don't have to explain what happened last session since you don't know it :)

GM Note

The games I run tend to be not very combat oriented. This is a fair warning. As a rough guideline for playing:

  1. All pcs sent must be .txt or .rtf. No Chargen or html files accepted.
  2. Combat - when it occurs - will be fast. If you don't reply in 1 minute (max) to questions etc, your PC does nothing. Also, rules lawyers are not allowed. If you want to contest a rule, do it outside of the game without interfering with the session being played.
  3. Always have your PC sheet open with the info ready. I likely wont have them all open to refer to.
  4. Role play,. don't roll play!
  5. Its up to YOU to insert your PC into the game and become an important PC. Not me. In order words, insert your PC into the events of the game.
  6. The key to a good game is working together. As much as it might bend the laws of plausibility, the PCs are a Party. By that, they stick together. This can be circumvented if a PC simply doesn't work with the party, but if so the PC wanders off and dies.
  7. Have fun. Thats what the above is all about and what gaming boils down to. If we're not all having fun,. whats the point of it?
Game Information

This will contain session information for players, but is NOT a log of games. The information is set up as Description (of the area) then Session Information (things the PCs do know and aren't on the rest of the site, or wil be copied here also for ease of reference).

Session 1

The game begins in the town/city of Port Town, during the beginning of winter, around late October in Port Town. It is currently around 3 pm.

Port Town is a small village trying to pretend its a city just south of the Old Swamp between it and the Broken Lands. Inside the gates the streets are muddy cobblestones with grime from the animals on them and a foul smell of a city that uses the ocrean waters as its source of water, sewer and general disposal pit that makes the place seem like a fitting border between those two lands..

You can smell the ocean water from here, the tang almost covering the reek from the closest alleyways, or streets. They're dingy enough to be alleys, but you're not sure. Some of them look better kept up tha the main roads. Most of the buildings are of sagging wood, held up by a domino effect of leaning on each other more than anything else. Its large, run down docks provide the only source of trade for the city except the rare travellers who come here overland, for strange reasons.

After asking for directions from the ubiqititous, underpaid, and shoddily dressed town militia you come to what seems to be the largest - and only reputable - inn in the city. It's a stone building with 3 floors and a small run down wooden stable out back. A faded shingle over the door might have held the name once, but is now blank. You can hear voices inside and feel the warm fire being used to counter the chill of winter.

Session Info:
Oaths are very important in Kevren. Most of the powerful ones act like a self-geas. In order of importance, they are:

Nobility of Kevren - Reprinted from the world section. -

To Dance with Treason
- Saying made popular by those few who challenged a noble's will

On Kevren, a nobles word means many things. In many places, it is the voice of power, judgement and law. A nobles word is unimpeachable, the voice of authority. Essentially, they can do anything they wish, bound only by common sense (hah!), family dictates, and the rules imposed by higher nobles. What's even more surprising is that this amount of power doesn't corrupt that many nobles since they are well aware that they're only flesh and blood and die as quickly as others.

The other visible benefit of truly noble blood is the Gift. This power allows nobles to see patterns that develop among people and sense the meaning behind meaning the of actions and phrases. Some nobles are powerful enough in the Gift to change people's pattern in relation to others, essentially changing their fate. The Gift also allows a noble to sense lies said to them on many occasions.

Kings, being the rulers of a nation through divine will or by other means, have their own Gift, a kingly will powerful enough to heal diseases, compel truth, and even (some say) read minds. A kings gift can impose loyalty on any subject just by being close to the king, and kings seem to have an almost uncanny ability to evade assassination, and sometimes even cancel spells just by virtue of being a king. Some kings have even been able to use their connection to the land to cause events to occur, but that is exceedingly rare.

Session 2

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