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The Kingdom of Carolis

~ The KIAEB Campaign ~

Campaign map

The Barony of Winsman wil be where the campaign begins. It's a relatively poor barony, much like most of the baronies of Sinosere and is mostly known for a druid living in the Saimarej Woods and the well-known ambitions of the house of Chriminus, none of which have ever amounted to much. The baronies are in a mostly constant state of low-level feuding in the area which would seem silly except that it keeps people in battle-ready condition for when the desert people invade, as everyone believes they someday way. A few desert people have travelled into the kingdom from time to time but tend to be rather rare and are, oddly, treated well by people in the east. Though it must be said that this is mostly in the believe that the desert person is a spy and most people, quite sensibly, don't *want* a war at all.

The other baronies:

Codailab: A barony noted chiefly for the absence of the Baron, who spends more time travelling than actually at home and, when home, is almost invariably late for things. Somehow the barony manages to function without rulers, and indeed has prospered somewhat, leading other barons to be a little nervous.

Greyfoyle: A barony that is well known due to the infamous curse on the family, the curse of greyface. This was caused by a malcontent hunchback ruler many years ago who decided that everyone should be as humourless as he was. "Look at all the order around you," he said. And from that, he deluded honest men to believe that reality was a straightj acket affair and not the happy romance as they had known it. Greyface and those who followed him took the game of playing at life more seriously than they took life itself and were known even to destroy other living beings whose ways of life differed from their own. The result of this is a lot of unbalanced people, and imbalance causes frustration, and frustration causes fear. It's not a fun place to visit, and even less fun to live in.

Holt: Much like Winsman. Poor, small, and without any really unique features. A place people come from more than a place people go to.

Kline: This barony is known for having a drunken miserly Baron who taxes people insanely and upkeeps the baron at the minimal level possible. "What would Ralph do?" (a reference to his constant ralphing (puking)) has become a standard joke in the region.

Treylan: A barony known for it's scathing and total hatred of Talos. They're engaged kin a more or less permanent war over some slight years ago involving a marriage (or a wedding present or even who forgot to return a rake to someones house, for all anyone knows anymore). Talos, due to numbers and wealth, is winning, but very irritated. They've "assumed" over 3 baronies into them, but can't add Treylan, knowing that Egel won't permit them to increase in size further.

Talos: One of the richest of the local baronies, and possibly the richest in all Sinosere, Talos has managed to retain of the favour of it's Lord, Egel, and has taken over 3 other baronies in a hundred year span for warring with it. Talos is widely considered the most prosperous barony, though how it achieved that is only spoken in dark rumours in taverns when some people have had far too much to drink. They speak of a druid wood destroyed, and wealth plundered from the depths, but few speak of it more than once.