We are the music makers,
And we are the dreamer of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams;
World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world for ever, it seems.
- Ode by Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy

Transcript of CBS Broadcast "The Hidden Menace: Monsters or Munsters?"

AL JENKINS: (CBS Correspondent): "Good evening. I’m here with one Mr. Edward DeAth, who claims to represent the monsters for this segment of our series on 'Those Who Walk Among Us.'"
[The camera turns and focused on a tall, fair haired man with dark eyes wearing jeans and a t-shirt for a moment.]
EDWARD DEATH: "Not quite, Mr. Jenkins. May I call you Al?"
JENKINS: "Oh, by all means."
DEATH: "Al, I represent myself, here. No one else, really. That’s all anyone does. I’m merely wishing to give you my views on the real monsters in this world."
JENKINS: "Oh. Ok, then Ed --"
DEATH: "I didn’t say you could call me Edward, did I?"
JENKINS laughs, nervously.
JENKINS: "Well, May I?"
DEATH: "Yes."
JENKINS: "As a brief recap, tensions between ourselves and the monsters - the vampires and weres - have been escalating since the Trail incident ten years ago blew them wide open. With me is Mr. Edward DeAth, representing himself, who is here to talk to us about the issues involved."
DEATH: "Quite."
JENKINS: "Mr. DeAth, rumour has it you were involved in the Trail incident."
DEATH: "I seldom pay attention to rumours."
JENKINS: "But you were involved, correct?"
DEATH: "I have been to Trail, yes."
JENKINS: "Did you know the Trail Slayer?"
DEATH: "Is that what they are calling her, now? Yes, I knew Faline. And her friends. They have names, you know, its not as Us and Them issue anymore."
JENKINS: "Uh, right. What can you tell me about them?"
DEATH: "That they were weres, and not human. And that it was the monsters who made them monsters."
JENKINS: "The vampires?"
DEATH: "In part. And the humans."
JENKINS: "Pardon?"
DEATH: "We - my apologies, I meant the vampires - forced them to flee north. The vampires were the rock, rolling at them. Humanity became the hard place. Has it ever occurred to you that monster are made, not born?"
JENKINS: "Well, they were weres ... "
DEATH: "The people of Trail killed every animal in that city out of fear. Every. Single. One. You wish to tell me that’s not a monstrous act?"
JENKINS: "Well, people do a lot of things when they’re afraid."
DEATH: "So do weres. No one is immune to fear."
JENKINS: "Well, I guess so. But what I wanted to ask you about was your opinion on human and other relations."
DEATH: "They are improving."
JENKINS: "Would you care to elaborate?"
DEATH: "They are improving in spite of those on both sides who want to see the world go down in war."
JENKINS: "That was Edward DeAth, speaking about Human and Monster relations --"
DEATH: "Humans have been called monsters also, fool. Until you stop seeing what you want, the chance of war looms closer. The vampires and weres would never have hid if they could have been accepted, never. We are not your monsters. We are not your demons. You do a fine job of that by yourselves. If a monster is what you want, a monster is what you’ll create!"
JENKINS: "And now for a word from our sponsors!"
[Cut to commercial.]

What Will Really Happen!
Anti-Amalgamated Schooling Poster, © 2005 DECLAW
(parents DEfending Children using the LAW.)

It has been 10 years since the infamous Trail incident revealed Weres and vampires to the world. Since that time, weres and vampires have tried to integrate themselves into the world. Laws have been drafted to give these beings the right to vote and even run for office, but so far the European Union and North America have only given rights to vote, not to run for office and have made the monsters among them second-class citizens. Weres and vampires are forbidden from using their “abilities science currently cannot explain but will be able to eventually” on humans without their consent. Laws regarding inheritance have been challenged by vampire lawyers, so far without much success. (And yes, the fact that some vampires are lawyers has led to lots of jokes.) All “paranatural” creatures are currently required by law to have this fact listed on their identification and police are allowed to use “whatever means necessary” to bring down non-human criminals, often resulting in the death of the suspect.

The discovery of other non-human species in the world, like elementals, the fae and those with the blood of old gods have led to even more problems. Currently, ghettos and separate schools have been made and are largely enforced. Many vampires and weres are trying to hide from the relentless spotlight of humanity, many of the older ones recalling the Purge and the lesser ones during the Crusades, Inquisition and the two World Wars. Feelings on both sides run high and a scant few stand in the middle, trying to bridge the gaps between the human and inhuman without unleashing a fear-filled blood bath.

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As a final note, the animator powers are based off of Laurell K Hamilton's excellent Anita Blake series adapted for D&D. Some of the werewolf and vampire power idea are also a result of the series, but the world of the game itself is not based on the novels. The animator stuff is used without permission so I really hope I don't get sued or something :)