The World of Urdu


Urdu. A world in a renaissance of sorts, roughly comparable to that of earth. New technologies have been rediscovered (from the remnants of a fallen empire) and ideas invented. Dirigibles are being made to explore the luminferous ether [space] and the other worlds, the Royal College in Trillian has extended the steam-powered train to the colonial cities of Tannex and Wessex (the latter is where the campaign will be set).
Science - in a more mythopoeic form - is flourishing as alchemy and while the priests of the Limitless Light don't have the power they once wielded, many fear their unnatural knowledge and insights into the nature of the world. But times are changing. New alchemists have arisen, using a form of alchemy that ignores the spiritual realm, that sets itself only in the Fourth (material) world, what the "old school" alchemists call "a torture of metals," rather derisively. The Art of Magic is almost unknown in the present age, most wielders of magia being untutored in the ways of their power and often dying early.
But the 22 gods still walk the world, in some form or another, the deities of that lost empire - and some of them want their glory back, if you please. No one worships then any longer, but the god-touched still exist, mortals with a hint of the other in them, created for reasons only the 22 known. No one worships them, that much is true, but many still believe in them, and perhaps fear them as well.

<Alcar> unrdu is the name of the setting, so far. Mostly rensaissance style world with hermetic magic, kaballah and alchemy.
<Alcar> using the ua system and going to involve lots of weirdness i hope
<FirestormZero> ...... Alcar continues his war against anything "normal" :)
<Alcar> war? :p
<FirestormZero> hmmm
<FirestormZero> more like a vendetta
<FirestormZero> or jihad

Into this world come the PCs, asked - or ordered - by an ancient Order of Scholars to find out what happened to magic in the world and bring it back, to figure out just whey went away and became replaced by this strange, new "science" that seems to be divorcing itself from the mystical even more each day, especially with the silly talk of "objective reality" and the like.
They want to bring back magic, or some part of it, to try and reunite the children of this age with the glories that they believe existed before the time of the fallen empire, an Age of Miracles. And the heavens help anyone who gets in their way.