Hubris: In classical Greek ethical and religious thought, it is overweening presumption, pride and arrogance, suggesting an impious disregard for the limits governing human action in an orderly universe and a sin that the great and gifted are often prone to committing. Put another way, it is mortals thinking they are gods or god-like in some manner.

FLYING MAN SEEN IN NEW YORK (New York Times) - An identified man (“He was male, so not really unidentified” one witness said) was seeing flying naked though the sky of Manhattan Island yesterday morning. The police have not commented on the issue but the man is wanted for flying without a licence, public mischief and nudity. No official explanation has come forth to explain the flying and it was captured on camera and live feed by ABC. The possibility of it being an April Fool's hoax has not been ruled out.

Let's play a game of what if? It's perhaps one of the oldest games of all. What if you woke up one day to find that the world had changed, in some shocking fundamental way. No, this isn’t not politics. Or Religion. But perhaps it has part of both. Ah, the question? What if heroes existed? The four-coloured heroes of old comic books, the darker grim ones of the last decade or so, and people. Just people trying to live their lives and pass that space between when they're born and when they die. People waking up as something new, and trying to come to terms with a changed world.

MID EAST TALKS HALTED BY MADWOMAN (AP) - 2 days ago, the middle eastern peace talks were broken by an unidentified Israeli woman apparently crossing the west bank and destroying houses and buildings in an unidentified manner. Palestinian authorities claimed a death toll of over 500 before the police managed to shoot her down. Yesterday, Israeli police identified her as a single housewife who had lost a nephew to a bombing almost 3 years ago.

Now, well, now you're not just people anymore. Somehow, you awaken one morning - this one, in fact - capable of things that defy the laws of science, of feats that can only be called superhuman. There aren't many of you, but you're gifted. Powerful. Sometimes terrifyingly so. There seems to be no reason for these gifts, but they're not something that can be ignored. And the world isn't likely to ignore them.

TERRORIST WANTED (AP) - In Moscow, an unknown man was arrested near the tomb of Lenin, promising to "raise communism from the ashes of democracy." He escaped jail yesterday evening after being in cells less than an hour and his current whereabouts are unknown. The police have not come forth with a description of the suspect, since it seems no one can recall what he looked like. CIA officials said it was just another case of incompetence when asked for their opinion.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: Indeed it's the only thing that ever has.
- Margaret Mead

The world is changing. Few believe it is as nice as it was even twenty years ago, and many believe we're heading on a path to extinction, or perhaps we're already on that path and it is too late to get off it. For every positive view about the future, there are a dozen negative ones. There are no prophets to guide us, no seers to tell us what to do. We're alone. Sometimes it seems even God has abandoned us and given us the freedom we always demanded. Well, we're paying the price for it now, along with the entire world.
- John Anderson, from a letter to the Boston Times

The most difficult struggle of all is the one within ourselves. Let us not get accustomed and adjusted to these conditions. The one who adjusts ceases to discriminate between good and evil. He becomes a slave in body and soul. Whatever may happen to you, remember always: Don't adjust! Revolt against the reality!
- Mordechai Anielewicz, Warsaw, 1943

SCIENTISTS BAFFLED (AP) - Mexico City is famous for many things, chiefly for being an example of the horror a modern city can become. What it isn't famous for is clean air, until yesterday at 11 p.m.. According to eye witnesses, the ever-present smog of this city had literally vanished into thin air. Mexican scientists are reportedly baffled by this strange phenomenon. In a related story, attendance in Church has risen in the city to an all time high in over 14 years ...

There is something new in the world, and you're it. You have the power to change the world - do you have the courage to do so?

Welcome to Earth, 2002. Our world, in every respect. For the moment. Something is changing, has changed. People are waking up or coming into odd gifts. So far, it's been sporadic. Most newspapers aren't connecting the events, many of the events aren't being reported for many reasons. But something has changed. All over the world, people are coming into power that never existed, violating our cherished laws of normalcy.

The boat is being rocked, ladies and gentlemen. This world is our Arc, and we won't be able to leave it before it kills us. We are at war with the world and it's a war we can't win. People know what. We know that, if we're honest. But it's not being put into action. Not by us. But nature isn't run by consensus or committee -- something is bound to change. We can't continue down this road, but we can't find a way off of it. The boat will be rocked.
- Professor Marvin Edgebright, from a lecture at Harvard University in January

You have the power to change a world now. There are no laws, no guidelines, perhaps even no limits. There is no one to force you to be responsible, to do good, to help others ... no one except yourself. Can you stand against the anger, and pride - aye, and hubris - of the power you hold?

Can a superhuman still be a human?

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