Real heroes are men who fall and fail and are flawed, but win out in the end because they've stayed true to their ideals and beliefs and commitments.
- Kevin Costner

Making PCs for UA is very easy. The hard part is all done before you actually spend your points to determine the minor things like where stats and skills go. This page includes PC creation, the character sheet AND a sample PC. Please give your PC some thought before beginning to make him or her. How old is shi*? What does shi do for a living? What kind of theme do you want hir** powers to follow or flaw for hir to have?

* Shi is a combination of he and she. - Alcar stealing that fact from someone else

** Hir is a combination of his and her. - Always Helpful Alcar

Note that completed PCs MUST have the sheet filed out..

This game has some changes from normal UA, because it deals with superhumans, as listed below:


Once that the human part of your PC is done, you get to add the superhuman! Yay! These abilities involve the player having another 220 points to spend on PC creation. These can be used to increase stats far beyond the 70 max. (and far beyond 100% as well) as well as for new powers.

The effect of having stats (and skills) over 100% is simple, really. If you roll 95 or higher in UA, you fail what you're doing. That simple. Not anymore. Now, if you roll 95-99, you can roll again using your stat over 100% as it's own check. If that succeeds, you use that as your success. Confused? Here's how it works: I have Charm Your Socks Off 125%. I roll 97. Normally, that is a failure. Due to my 25% over 100, I roll again. If I get 25% or less, the roll actual succeeds as if that was the real roll.

For effects in combat, things are simplified. Besides the above, you simply do more damage for having skills over 100% in body, especially. For each grouping over 100, you get a +10 to damage. 101 - 110 = +10, 111 - 120 = +20, 121-130 = +30, 191-200 = +100, 221-230 = +130. Sick, isn't it? Generally, the bonus accrued is done beside the roll. It's not part of the combat, just the damage, so you'd roll it as: d100 +30 125. So people know your real stat (if you need to reroll a failure) and your bonus to damage.


In game terms, each PC can begin with one or two major powers, one major and threeish medium and minor powers as needed. All powers that a PC has must follow some basic theme, such as hurting/death, fire, healing, anger or the like. The theme can be as basic or complex as you wish.

What constitutes these types? Well, invulnerability is major. Alcar's idea of immortality (You can't die, go insane, get old, diseased, sick or be hurt by anything at all) would be major - and likely your only power. A superman-type PC would have Strength and speed as major, flight and vision powers as minor starting out, as an example. In game terms, the player spends 80% on strength, 80% on speed, +50 wound points and 30% heat vision. The player decides his PC is built around the theme of "protection" and his powers can only be used to protect others from harm.

As well, PCs can designate powers as latent, meaning that they are ones the player wants but can't afford for a starting PC.

Lastly, powers don't need to be skills belonging to any one of the 4 skill groups; being a power can be a group in itself if the effects of the power in question can cover more than one skill group.


Everyone has flaws and weaknesses, and heroes are not exception. In this game, besides being a PC, each character needs a flaw of some kind to balance their power. Ideally, this is a flaw that their power somehow compensates for. A mute could be telepathic, or an indecisive person given the ability to prevent others from making decisions or anything at all. Just keep in mind that your PC needs to be playable as well.


This is everything of note your PC owns. As well, keep track of how much your PC makes (and spends) each month in this part of your sheet.


This lists how much experience a PC has, and how much of it they've used to increase powers and the like.

Character Sheet:

PC Name

Player Name:
Family & Friends:
Something Shady About Past:
Wound Points:



Body Skills:
Speed Skills:
Mind Skills:
Soul Skills:



Monthly Income:

Total: 0
Unspent: 0

Sample PC

This is a PC I made both to play and as an example for other players. Additional information and comments are in square brackets. Note that PCs don't need to have an alter-ego ... nor do they need costumes and such. The NPC was made with his hero powers in alternate form just for the fun of it and because it made sense with the idea for his powers I had.

A copy of the PC (without commentary) is on the players page.

Wendall Zerkowitz, aka Wrath

[The name came from a Far Side cartoon. I just thought it sounded neat.]
Player Name: Alcar
Summary: Wendall is 12 years old and going into Grade 9 at a local high school. Wrath is a 20 year old "perfect" hero, the embodiment of a child's dream of what a hero should be and made to deal with things that he's too young to, stuff he's told "Is the way it is" or "you're too young to understand."
[Nice, short, and simple. it describes the basic idea I had for Wrath.]
Background: Wendall has lived his whole life in Boston and has always been fascinated by it. The youngest of 3 children, he is the baby of the family but also very intelligent, maybe too intelligent. Fast tracked through school, he has made few friends and his parents moving into an apartment recently forced him to move schools across town, which made the transition to grade 9 that much harder. He has decided he wants to be an environmentalist of some kind when he grows older and help fix the world before mankind destroys it.
Wendall has been raised by his parents to live by the ten commandments and does so willingly, despite the fact that a small part of him wonders who no one else does, if they'll go to Hell for not doing it, and what is Hell, anyway? With his sister away at college and his brother having never liked him much, Wendall has no one to turn to with his questions about life and is frusterated with the stuff he sees on the news and not being able to do anything about it.
[This background is not long (I wasn't feeling overly creative, other details are in the family & friends section below). What it does give is some information about Wendall, that he's smart, a bit lonely, and beginning to think for himself about the world.]
Family & Friends: Martha Zerkowitz, Mother (50) - A substitute teacher, Marsha is currently the only source of income the family has, most of which is going to fund Jenny's education to become a teacher as well. She is a small, kind lady who gets along well with anyone and is rarely angry.
Arnold Zerkowitz, Father (55) - Arnold was the manager of a local textiles factory called Ace Textiles for 20 years. It closed three weeks ago unexpectedly (the parent company - Davids and Son, Builders - decided it was cheaper to buy from the competition than run their own company). He never completed high school and hasn't found work since. He drank the night he got fired and hit Ben when Ben told him he'd had enough. He hasn't drank since but family relations are a trifle strained.
Jenny Zerkowitz, Older Sister (24) - Jenny wants to be a teacher someday and has saved for most of her life to pay for her education. Rising costs meant that her parents had to pay her room and board ($400 a month) for her. They are, and keeping her unaware that her dad's no longer employed since she is going to be writing her finals soon.
Ben Zerkowitz, Older Brother (17) - Ben is on the school football team and makes friends quickly, being a nice guy and having the sort of oozy charm a used car salesman would envy. He is a bit jealous of his smart younger brother and hasn't spoken to his father since he got hit three weeks ago.

Eddie Jones (14) - Held back a year in school, Eddie is the opposite of Wendall but he's also a short runt in grade 9 so they've become friends, much to each others surprise. He is the typical computer nerd in high school. He and Wendall rarely talk about their home lives.
Anne Jones (14) - Eddie's fraternal twin sister is in grade 10 and a very nice, pretty girl who is as "nerdy" as her brother but hides it behind her having blonde hair. It works rather well, which depresses her. She likes Wendall and they have, perhaps, a "thing" between them, but rarely talk of it :)
[Nice, to the point, and informative (more than the background :p). His family is currently poor, his father is out of work and angry at his former employer. His sister is away and oblivious and his brother is ticked off. his friends are broadly laid out and having a friend you never discuss your home life with could mean something for a GM. Giving him a potential girl friend just adds to his problems, really :)]
Description: Wendall is a short, thin kid with unruly black hair and eyes contrasting with his pale skin. His skin a shade too pale and makes his freckles stand out. He will need dental work shortly as his incisors are a bit too long (making him look like a vampire) and he tends to mumble instead of talk to people to hide that.
Wrath is 7' tall and almost as broad. His muscles are very well defined and his skin has a strange, red cast to it. His eyes are electric blue and his hair a brilliant red, and unfortunately curly. He wears a t-shirt and shorts (both black) and black running shoes as well. His incisors are sharp and gleam when he speaks, making him look a little like a vampire, if vampires ever became world-class body builders.
[Quick descriptions of PC and hero. Wrath's curly hair is basically Wendall coming through :)]
Something Shady About Past: Nothing yet :)
Personality: Wendall is a quiet lad who tends to remain in the background about events except when he has something to say. He is honest - sometimes brutally so, which has cost him a few friends - and hates lying and stealing. He is also becoming a bit bitter about the whole human race, which comes out in the occasional sarcastic comment that earns him frowns from his parents.
Wrath is - well, wrath. He's Wendall's anger and ideal hero given form, with some quirks of his own. Wrath won't kill unless he knows the person deserves it and is evil. However, he also doesn't know his own strength. Wendell remains Wrath as long as Wrath is needed, so if Wendall is really angry at something, he might remain Wrath for a long time. Wrath's anger tends to be out of proportion to events sometimes and he tends to show off a bit too much.
Obsession: Wendall wants to change the world and make it a better place. (Convincing as Wendall, Invoke Wrath as Wrath)
Wound Points: 40 (Wendall - heals 1/half hour) [30 after changing back from Wrath]; 190 (Wrath - Heals 5/round)
[This means that if Wendall has less than 10 Wound Points when he becomes Wrath, he could well die when he changes back. Nasty little weakness.]

Fear: Wendall is terribly afraid of dying, since he's convinced he has a good chance of going to Hell.
Rage: People hurting the environment or each other needlessly.
Noble: Wendall would sacrifice himself to make the world a better place.

Mind:60Very Smart60Smarter Than You'd Think
Soul:70Compassionate70Pissed Off

Body Skills: General Athletics 30%, Read Lots Of Martial Arts Books 40%
Speed Skills: Dodge 30%, Drive 5%, Shoot at a Target Range 15%, Play Video Games 30%
Mind Skills: General Education 30%, Notice 20%, Computers 40%
Soul Skills: Charm 35%, Lie 10%, CONVINCING 55%

Body Skills: General Athletics 70%, Kick The Crap Out Of People 100%
Speed Skills: Dodge 30%, Drive 5%, Throw Things At People 55%
Mind Skills: General Education 30%, Notice 20%, Computers 40%
Soul Skills: Charm 25%, Lie 20%, INVOKE WRATH 60%
[Invoke wrath replaces Convincing, Video and shooting combine for a basic ranged attack of weapons that can be thrown. The rest is self explanatory.]

Theme: Vengeance
Transformation: The change from Wendall to Wrath is rather painful. Go from being a run to 7' tall in a minute and it hurts, a lot. Visually, red light streams from his pores, eyes, ears etc. and then implodes back into him, causing a scream of pain that ends when he becomes Wrath. Being born out of pain just ticks Wrath off more :) Changing back, the energy just flares out of him and doesn't implode back in, leaving Wendall weak and drained.
[The weak and drained is mostly RPed. His wound points are 30 insrtead of 40 after changing and he needs to eat a good sized meal.]
Anger Is my Strength (Major) - +100 Strength and Wound Points. It also makes him look almost too handsome, well proportioned etc. - the "ideal" muscle-bound hero, in other words. His teeth even gleam when he smiles.
[While this power itself isn't major, it is from the PCs perspective. As Wrath is made by Wendalls mind, what he looks like could change over time, in theory.]
Tough (Medium) - +50 Wound Points, heals 5 wound points a round. Attacks generally need to do at least half his toughness in damage before he really notices them. As well, his heal rate is generally one a round. It goes as high as 5 if he's really angry.
Invoke Wrath (Major) - Energy beams, often fired from hands (60%). It can also be used to call up increase other stats of abilities by up to his Invoke Wrath skill when he is really angry. It could even, in theory, increase hie energy blasts.
Fast (Minor) - Latent, currently +10 Speed.
Fly (Minor) - He can fly (Use Speed for control)
[100 (Body) + 60 (beams) +50 (toughness) +10 (speed) = 220 points spent. Some of his power (notably toughness, which is NICE, are perhaps a bit too powerful, but are allowed because he only gets his power (with the exception of a little healing) when he is Wrath.]

- Repressed. Wendall finds it difficult to express emotions to others, partially because he's a bit shy and because he doesn't believing being angry is good. Violence doesn't solve things and you need to be logical and level headed. Wrath is his inner response to this and thrives on violence and hurting those who deserve it as a result.
- Wendall is also unaware he becomes Wrath the first time or two as RPed. Afterwards, he becomes able to subconsciously direct Wrath (do not kill etc.). Being able to invoke Wrath from more than anger also isn't possible yet (but may be sice his noble passion IS sacrifice).
- Invoke Wrath is a dangerous power to use as other than energy blasts. When used, it draws upon Wraths anger, Wendalls and perhaps the unconscious anger of the human race (or at least those around Wrath) at whatever his target is. This impressive energy drains Wendall somehow and makes him weak and shaky when be returns from having been Wrath. Wendall also suffers 10 wound points in damage due to the change (7 to Wrath, 3 basck to Wendall). This means that if he had less than 10 wound points, changing to Wrath would be possible, but changing back would kill him.
[Being named Wendall should be a flaw, too :)]

Monthly Income: $40, mowing a neighbours lawn.
Backpack for school.
A few books, mostly overdue at the library.

Total: 0
Unspent: 0

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