Nature abhors a hero. For one thing, he violates the law of conservation of energy. For another, how can it be the survival of the fittest when the fittest keeps putting himself insituations where he is most likely to be creamed?
- Solomon Short

This page lists all the players and NPCs with full stats. Some information wil be kept off of it since secrets kept from other PCs are part of what makes RP fun.


It is not change that is destructive, but inflexible resistance to it.
- Herbert Lomas, "Who Needs Money?"

Barry Mugan, aka Conflict (Darkkin)
Carrion (Gemm)
George Smith/Jenny Mander (Chaos`^)
Max Mason, aka Sergeant Dynamo (Darkkin)
Rick (WarezBert)
Stella Windchaser, aka StarChild (Caltak)
Aruthr Borko, aka Void (ArthurQ)
Wesley James Lancaster, aka Bloodhound (Baliadoc)


"I don't feel like a hero."
"Real heroes never do."
- William Barton, "Acts of Conscience"

Bender (Alcar)
Barkley, aka Dog (Alcar)
Lance Christensen, aka Zero (Tolerance) (Alcar, after Baliadoc)
Wendall Zerkowitz, aka Wrath (Alcar)


The quality of an organisation can never exceed the quality of the minds that make it up.
- Harold McAlladon

The Peace Makers

The PCs

Barry Mugan, aka Conflict

Fantasy and reality are equally personal and equally felt, so that their confusion is a matter of only relative importance.
- Luis Bunuel

Player Name: Darkkin
Summary: Man shapes his own future as does this man with reality.
Background: Will be filled out later.
Family & Friends: Ditto.
Description: Male Human, that is 6' & 9" with a Strong build. Hair that is White, Long and has White colored skin that is Dry with Red eyes. He appears youthful and worn by battle scars.
Something Shady About Past: Conflict is Conflict and Barry is one in the same if this ever got out everyone he knows will most likely hate him or ignore him at his best times.
Personality: His nature is Secretive with a Positive outlook. Ususally Energenic.
Obsession: Surviving at all costs even to those who care about him
Wound Points: 140

Fear: Of the Future
Rage: When someone is able to stop him from changing somthing
Noble: When saving family


Body Skills: General Athletics 35%; Imposing 40% Swordmenship 10% Brawling 85%
Speed Skills: Dodge 40%; Running 20% Acrobatics 20%
Mind Skills: General Education 25%; Notice 25% Occult 10% DnD knowledge 5%
Soul Skills: Charm 45%; Lie 25% Warp Reality 25%

Theme: Reality Gifted
Warp Reality:Barry after much study has learned how to warp reality to fit any of his whims ether they be magical or not it does not matter anymore for he has found the common link with all of reality.
Soul of the Avatar:+70 Body + soul and wounds he is the last of his family line from the future.
Flight:Able to fly at great speeds at a whim
Reality Bubble:Deflects attacks and at times sends them back
Scrying: Just by looking onto a reflective object he can view people and things from afar

There is but one major flaw left for barry there is one person that if (he/she) dies Barry will disappear from reality as if he was never there.
Monthly Income: $650 Local Hobbie store
Finely crafted Longsword
Chainmail vest worn underclothing
Backpack filled with clothing and small items
Sundial watch
Harvard ID
Suspended Drivers ID
$431 on hand $1203 in bank (Castle funds)

Total: 5
Unspent: 0


It will be lonely to be dead, but it cannot be much more lonely that is it to be alive.
- Joan D Vinge, “Tin Soldier”

Player Name: Gemm
Summary: Dating back to the times of the middle-ages this "man" once was a great alchemist in his days. He had made a potion to grant eternal life but it had one minor side effect. Life without skin, guts, or anything other than his skeleton. So now he walks the mortal plane, looking dead as a doorknob. He now goes around raising dead out of museums and graveyards, getting ready to take over the boston harbors.
Background: [Same thing as summary]
Family & Friends: Well being alive/dead for about 300-400 years sure leaves you little time to make and keep your friends, of course in his case he COULD keep them around if he liked them enough...
Description: He covers himself in a black cape/poncho type of thing to keep himself hidden from people, he only usuallys comes out at night. Oh yes, did I mention he was a skeleton?
Something Shady About Past:
Personality: His nature is Secretive with a Positive outlook. Ususally Energenic.
Obsession: Carrion is obsesed wih finding a way to die, but being granted eternal life, its a bit hard to find that "cure". So while he does search for it he raises some dead every now and then and has them wreak havoc somewhere while he goes to find the "ingredients" for his new potion.
Wound Points: 30

Fear: Death.
Rage: Those that fear death.
Noble: In his "secret" lab he has the tomb of his most cherished loved one. Back from the time of when he was "alive." He will do anything to keep her from being killed to the point that he would be unable to help bring her back.

Body:30(Not so strong being a skeleton and all)
Speed:50(is a bit faster than normal humans, mostly because he needs to get away quickly)
Mind:70(Being able to wake the dead is no normal feat, therefore he needs a good mental prowess)
Soul:70(He use's this part of him to help wake the dead as well)

Body Skills: General Athletics 30%; Struggle 30%
Speed Skills: Dodge 40%; Run Away! 40%
Mind Skills: Medivial to Modern Day Education 40%; Raise Dead 40% Keep from going Insane(couldn't think of a better way of putting it) 35%
Soul Skills: Charm 45%; Lie 35% Upkeep to rasing dead 35%

Theme: Dead.
Alchemy: Carrion can make potions to do almost anything he wants, basically.
Brraiinns!: Raising zombies. Gotta love it.

Self explanatory.

Monthly Income: Yeah, right.
Total: 5
Unspent: 0

George Smith/Jenny Mander

"You's a playa. - Nope I'm a flat out slut"
- Kidrock

Player Name: Chaos`^
Summary: Dr. Jekyl/Ms. Hyde nuff said
Background: Orphaned at birth, made a ward of the state untill he turned 18. Born in smalltown USA, moved through foster homes most of his life. Graduated highschool two years early moved to anytown, wherever for collage and is currently unemployed. Major: Partying 101, Drinking 102... Or maybe he's an english major..(Little joke alcar.. funny eh?) Woke up one morning in women's clothes, that's where our story starts.
Age: 18
Family & Friends: Judge Doe (45): less a friend, more a judge, but sympathetic to his situation
Jerry Stringer(21): Dorm mate, known to be a nerd and is questionably homosexual. Hopes to one day have his own talk show where people beat eachother up.
Jessie Prin (20): Good friend, perhaps the only woman George has had a plutonic relationship with. Study mate and drinking budy.
Missy Kartel (20): Reisident Bitch. George had a fling with her for a few nights, but got tired of her attitude. Missy has been out to get him since.
Kathy Turno (35): Rather nice Quantum physics proffessor. George took the class as a curiosity filler, though he hated the class he was attracted tot he proffessor and had several sessions with her to improve his grade, and whatnot. Only adult George trusts. (If you don't consider his college friends adults.. which you shouldn't)
Description: George is a tall, dark and handsom man. He wears baggy pants and a shirt a size larger than it should be. He wears shades covering his brown eyes outside whenever there is any sun.
Jenny is a blond haired, blue eyed, strikingly beutiful female. She wears pants that sag around her hips, if it weren't for the belt she wears they would fall off. She wears a rather baggy shirt, perhaps several sizes too large. She seems to move with practiced ease, and has a spy sense to her.
Something Shady About Past: He went to highschool.. Nuff said
Personality - George: Partying, drinking, and pimpin' sex god... or college student, whichever you like.
Personality - Jenny: Jenny: Heroing, good grammered, brainiac model
Obsession - George: Women
Obsession - Jenny: Quantum physics (or some such.)
Wound Points: 45 Human / 75 Super

Flunking college
Alter ego
Stupid professors
Alter ego
Alter ego
Saving lives

Speed: 50Wimp (again)75Flexible
Mind: 70Smart70Smart
Soul: 55Charming (no personality)120PHAT, and she has a great personality

Body Skills: SEX 45%; Struggle 30%
Speed Skills: Dodge(ball) 25%; Hot-rodding 40%; Pilot 25%
Mind Skills: Kama sutra 40%; Notice 35%; Computers 45%
Soul Skills: Charm 35%; Lie 35%; Hypnotize 15%

Super Skills
Body Skills: Sex 50%; Struggle 55%
Speed Skills: Dodge 35%; Deffensive driving 50%; Pilot 35%
Mind Skills: Walking Library 40%; Notice 35%; Computers 45%
Soul Skills: Charm 60%; Lie 55%; Hypnotize 35%; EMPATHY 50%; Telekenisis 50%

Theme: Bad boy/Good girl
Transformation: Changes from sex god male George to HOT Jenny in a blaze of light. Perhaps it's George's idea of the perfect woman?
Empathy- Knowing feelings, projecting feelings and changing feelings. Easy enough.
Telekenisis- A third, much more flexible, and mobile hand. Insubstantial at times and travels.

Alter Ego... Nuff said...
For rp- Alter Ego's are like husband and wife about to divorce... Leaving (once either of them figures out what's going on) notes to eachother. Neither of them know what the other does or did.
Change is random and unexplainable

Monthly Income: None; Academic Scholarship
Beer bottles
hip flask

Total: 5
Unspent: 0

Max Mason, aka Sergeant Dynamo

Quis custodiet ipos costodes.
- Juvenal.

Player Name: Darkkin
Summary: A creative, crazy soldier who is given to moments of deep introspection
Background: Lawless Justice Reserve
Family & Friends: Oblivion Dreamer Stellar Lupis - This robot is equipped with the Blade Launcher and the Pack Stellar Claw. This robot is vicious in hand-to-hand combat.
Madam Mangler Undead Vixen - This mobile fighter is hard to destroy and can adsorb Energy attacks.
Eclipse Phantom: Skull Triton - This war machine employs the Neptune Slayer. This war robot can easily find an opponent's weakness
Ghost Titan Illusion Ronin - This is fighting machine uses the Warrior's Nuke and the Radioactive Scimtar. This gundam is deadly in hand-to-hand combat and can emit a deadly radiation aura.
Description: Max is 6' & 5" with a Muscled build. Hair that is Dirty Blonde, Down to Neck and has White colored skin that is Dry with Hazel eyes. With a appearence of Young and Imposing. Wearing Army core clothing Appearing to hold the rank of Sergeant
Something Shady About Past: Worked as a SOF killing and murdering many people around the world
Personality: Rash with a Positive outlook. Ususally Driven. Insane and with Mischievous tendencies.
Obsession: With tracking down "freaks" and takeing them in for study in Project-R
Wound Points: 70 (Max); 180 (Suit)

Fear: Of loseing support in the LJR
Rage: When somone disobeys orders
Noble: When one of his soldiers are wounded and he needs to save them

Body:70(Army Food :))180(Damn Powerful Suit)
Speed: 68(Swimming and healthy workout)
Mind: 40(BA in Killing)
Soul: 52(Born Leader)

Body Skills: General Athletics 55% Brawling 165%
Speed Skills: Dodge 42% SUITWEAPONS 55%
Mind Skills: General Education 25% suitsystems 45%
Soul Skills: Leadership 50% Driven 32%

Theme: Our heroes are a group of auto mechanics, led by a cybernetic god. Drawing their powers from cybernetics, can they save the day? Is it true the villain is related to one of our heroes? Political machinations make life even more complicated.
Aleeran muscle wire: +110 Body
Cerametal Armorplateing: +110 Wound
Gatling Gigadisintegrator: A deadly gatling weapon with 40% chance to hit
Impulse Paramatrix: Gives the wear of the suit Flight able to break the sound barrier but not avised.
Sensing Chronotime Targeter: Allows for targeting enemy units using the Time stream to always have a clear lock.
Phase Deflector: If given the time this Phase Defelctor will allow the user of the suit to phase out of time and space and reappear after the attack has gone by.

Without the suit he's not really that powerful.

Monthly Income: $12K base
A futuristic plane. It has teleporters, a sattelite uplink, and special medical facilities. It can travel underwater, fly, and split into other vehicles.
Stratotorque Rifle
Phased Photoblade
Covert Lancer suit: Hercules MK I

Total: 12
Unspent: 0


I knew I was an unwanted baby when my bath toys were a toaster and a radio.
- Joan Rivers

Player Name: WarezBert
Summary: Rick is about 6 months old, and has no memory of his birth, or anything leading to his appearance in town.
Background: Rick is a baby, and hasnt really had time to develope a background. Feel free to give me a conspiracy all my own.
Family & Friends: Although rick is curious about possible relatives, he has no real desire to search them out.
Description: Rick is a bouncing baby boy. Sparse Blond hair, chubby cheeks, babyish body. The only thing abnormal about his appearance are his grey eyes, which appear far too old for the rest of his face.
Something Shady About Past: Heres hoping! boy, ill be fine with nearly anything... including something like a smart old guys attempt at living forever gone wrong, an alien breeding program, pretty much anything, as long as it doesnt humiliate me too much ;)
Personality: Rick has extremely high intelligence, and basically no experience dealing with emotions, his own or those of others. He can usually reign in his own illogic, but is often thrown off guard by the emotional decisions made by others.
Obsession: Ensuring he never looses his mind... literally.
Wound Points: 30

Fear: Losing intelligence, becoming nothing more than a normal baby
Rage: Being Thwarted. (think of what happens when you take something from a baby)
Noble: Rick would freely give anything to someone he cared for.

Body:30Big Baby Now
Speed:30 (body), 45 (mind)Fast mind, slow fingers
Mind:190Steven Hawking Jr. Give the kid a wheelchair!
Soul:80Gets his way sometimes!

Body Skills: Struggle 45%
Speed Skills: Dodge 45%, Hit things with telekinesis 15%
Mind Skills: General Education 50%; Notice 50% Advanced Physics 45% Chemistry 45% Mathematics 40%
Soul Skills: Charm 50% Lie 15% Note lies 10%

Theme: Mental Magicks
Magor: Telekinesis. Can do all those freaky things that moving things of different sizes can do.
Max weight liftable? use mind stat as body stat to figg it out. Minimum scale manipulateable? Sub-Atomic.
Magor: Mental Giant: +100 Mind Stat
Medium: Material Omniscience
-12 foot range
-allows light mind-reading, seeing of things down to the sub-atomic scale, noticing pressure, heat, vibrations, and seeing thru objects. no past/future, just present.
Minor: Levitation. All the time. Can float down slowly any distance, but not up. Basically replaces walking.
Minor: Quick Comprehension. Iz a verry fast learner. A speed reader. A channel surfer.

Is a baby! cmon!
Has a poor understanding of emotions, which will get better as time goes on....
Likes being pampered, is slightly selfish.

Monthly Income: Varies, no steady income.
Insulated Baby body pajamas
Cloth Diaper

Total: 0
Unspent: 0

Stella Windchaser, aka StarChild

We must know the dreams of stars, to understand the nature of things.
- Wilhemina Baird, “Chaos Come Again”

Player Name: Caltak
Summary: She's a 22 year old child of two hippies who never fully left that phase (you know the type :)), who's been putting off college, still lives with her parents, works at WalMart, helped at her mom's shop some weekends, and all in all doesn't seem to be ready to go out into real life yet. When she's StarChild, it's still really her same personality. If anything, she's less mature and responsible as StarChild, if that's possible. As a final note, she's a lesbian; not that there's anything wrong with that, its just an important thing to note.
Background: She's the elder of two children, her brother being 18 and, oddly enough, more responsible than her. But this is about her, not him, so let's stay on topic. She went through school as most children do, not liking it, but not hating it. She kind of resented all the things school expected her to do, but she went along with it because it really wasn't all that hard anyway. During the school years, having a last name such as hers didn't go unnoticed, but she didn't care, as she always thought it sounded nice. Her parents, who were hippies back in the 70's and up until... well, they sort of still are... had changed their name to that and never changed it afterward. Little does Stella know that she was almost named Starchild, but her grandparents (all four of them) convinced her parents to give her a normal first name. Believe it or not, her parents did have a reason for giving her that name... she was conceived during a meteor shower, and there was also a meteor shower the day she was born.
She never really decided what she wanted to be in the real world, and though her grades ended up pretty good despite her irresponsible ways, she has yet to even attempt attending college. She did the regular type jobs high schoolers did for a while, and currently works full-time at WalMart on weekdays. She dabbles with poetry and creative writing, and has a few novels she started in notebooks, and never finished. She also has done a little sketching and painting and sculpture over the years, but never anything serious, even though she does seem good at creative pursuits. Mostly she just has a job for the sake of having one (and money is always handy), and still has no idea where her life is going. Also, she occasionally helps her mom at her store, when she doesn't have anything else to do.
Family & Friends: Summer Windchaser - Mother (49): Summer Windchaser (whose original name was Melissa Cartright) was one of the "hippies" back in the 70's. She never really moved on from that, and still strongly believes that we need to protect nature and save the whales and all that stuff. She thinks all this technology just seperates us more and more from the world in which we live, and that we need to be more in tune with nature. She is a friendly and caring person who tries to be understanding to everyone, no matter if she agrees with their beliefs and opinions or not. She owns a florist / natural foods & herbal healing place named "Gaia's Bounty."
Elrond Windchaser - Father (50): Elrond Windchaser (whose given name is Edward Johnson) was also a "hippie" back in the day. Though today he is a bit more down-to-earth seeming, he also still believes we need to protect the earth and end war, etc. He always had a brilliant mind, and currently teaches Physics (both regular and some advanced related courses) at Harvard. He is a pleasant and friendly person, like his wife.
Adam Windchaser - Brother (18): Adam is a little brother, and therefore does not get along with Stella most of the time. They have their moments, since afterall, they are brother and sister, but they overall follow the universal rule that siblings don't get along. He is in many ways one of the most down-to-earth and responsible people in his household (though the father is pretty responsible), and definately much more so than Stella. He gets stupendous grades in school, and plans to be a lawyer. He's appalled at Stella's lack of incentive, and it shows. He plans to change his last name as soon as he can.

Charles (77) and Mary (75) Cartright - Mother's Parents: They live in Maine. They both weren't very thrilled when their daughter went the flower-child route and then did something even worse: met someone just like her. They also aren't too thrilled that she never grew out of it. They're much more proud of their other daughter, Maye (44) who married a successful doctor and had a son who is following in his father's footsteps. They rarely keep in touch, but they do occasionally, if only to keep in touch with their grandchildren. And when they do, the often "forget" to call Summer by that name.
Frank (74) and Helena (73) Johnson - Father's Parents: They also live in Boston, albeit a different part of the city. They weren't ecstatic about the whole hippie thing either, but they were a lot less disappointed, and in fact got over it rather quickly. They come over every other week or so for tea, and get along very well with Summer. In fact, they get along better with Summer than her own parents do, and Summer almost treats them like they were her parents. They are both pleasant, easy-going people.

Maye Jones - Mother's Sister (44): She's only here because I mentioned her before. She doesn't keep in touch with her sister at all anymore, really. She's always totally refused to call her Summer, and insists on referring to her as Melissa. She married a successful doctor (Gregory Jones, age 48), and they had a son (Jeremy Jones, age 17) who is planning to be a doctor as well, and it appears he will. They live in Vermont.

Naomi Otsuki - Best Friend (22): An attractive girl of Japanese descent, they were best friends for most of their lives. She's normally fairly introverted, and not a very outgoing person, but she is very pleasant to people she knows well, and often worries about their feelings before her own. When she and Stella were exploring their sexuality, they did fool around for a while, and it almost became serious, but never quite did, and they just remained very close friends. Not that they resolved to "just be friends" or anything; it just never got to the point of being more than some occasional physical "fun." Naiomi is more of a responsible person as well (well, compared to Stella, a lot of people are), and is also very intelligent. She is currently off in college studying to be a geneticist. They keep in contact, however. They E-mail each other regularly, and sometimes talk on the phone. Neither of them have gotten a serious partner, so it almost makes one wonder...
Craig Andersen - Friend (23): A guy who she was friends with in High school, and they went to the prom together, mostly because they already knew each other and didn't want to bother looking for someone else to go with. He's sort of handsome and fit, but no athlete. He was somewhat attracted to Stella in the past, but she told him about her preferences, and they just remained friends. He's in college, studying to be a newspaper reporter. He isn't extremely outgoing either, but more so than Naiomi.
Megan Rogers - Friend (22): Megan is another member of her circle of friends from high school. She's the most outgoing of Stella's friends, but still not extremely outgoing. She's friendly, but not all that intelligent, though also not very ditsy or anything. But she is blonde. And pretty, too. She didn't do too well in school, and Naiomi and Stella were constantly helping her with studying and homework and such. She's away in beauty school, studying to become a hairdresser. Oh, and if you were wondering, she's straight.
Description - Stella: Stella is a quite beautiful girl in her early twenties. She looks like she might have done pretty well as a model. She has shoulder-length light brown hair, and stunning sky-blue eyes. She's rather tall and seems agile and strong. She has a friendly and happy attitude about her. She is currently wearing a t-shirt that reads "Girls just want to have fun," a skirt that comes about halfway down to her knees (with short shorts under it), and comfortable sneakers. She wears a small backpack to carry her things.
Description - Starchild: StarChild is a tall, unnaturally beautiful girl, in her early twenties, with shoulder-length, jet-black hair that always moves in a breeze even when there is none. Her eyes glow with energy. She wears a skin-tight black body suit that covers all but her head and hands, and is covered with different color five-pointed stars. There is a large white star on her chest, and a small star mark on her forehead.
Something Shady About Past: One time, she helped Megan cheat on an exam that would have caused her to fail the class, had she failed it. They didn't get caught.
Personality: Stella isn't very down-to-earth. She's usually carefree, but unfortunately, sometimes when she should be worrying about certain things. She does her best not to let people down, but she's not the kind of person you'd want to give a lot of responsibilities to. She has a very "selective" memory sometimes. She's friendly and nice, but she can get very angry sometimes. Only when someone does something serious to provoke her, though. She's also into girls, as I mentioned in the summary. Her hero persona is her; its the same personality. However, being StarChild somewhat intensifies her carefree attitude... and it also intensifies her anger, should it be provoked. It also makes her feel seperated from normal people a little, which does nothing to make her any more down-to-earth.
Obsession: Being alive, and having fun doing it.
Wound Points: 58 (Stella); 158 (StarChild)

Fear: Mildly Claustrophobic. Also afraid of having her free will taken away from her, or being imprisoned (ties into both previous things).
Rage: Hates people who cause harm needlessly, whether physicaly, or emotionaly. This is not only harm to other people, but harm to anything in general, really. However, a bit hypocritically, she's fine with harming people who do harm.
Noble: Wants other (good) people to have a good life, too! This includes saving them from harm.

Body:58(Great Body - Strong, Too)158(Now THAT'S a Body)
Speed: 57(Oooh, Agile)87(God, She's Quick)
Mind: 50(Averageish)50(Still Averageish)
Soul: 55(Pleasant)55 (Same)

Body Skills: General Atheltics: 44%, "Self-Defense": 45%
Speed Skills: Dodge: 52%, Drive: 35%
Mind Skills: General Education: 25%, Notice: 40%, Sense Motive: 15%
Soul Skills: Charm: 35%, Lie: 25%, Woman's Intuition: 25%

Body Skills: General Athletics: 83%, Kick Your Ass: 105%
Speed Skills: Dodge: 82%, Drive: 35%
Mind Skills: General Education: 25%, Notice: 40%, Sense Motive: 15%
Soul Skills: Charm: 35%, Lie: 25%, Supernatural Intuition: 25%
Star Power: 70%

Theme: Stars & Energy
Transform: She actually has to transform into her super-powered self. However, this transformation takes only a moment. When human, her powers are not constantly in effect, though some can be temporarily activated in that form if necessary, as noted in their descriptions. However, they will have a lesser effect than normal. Any damage she sustained in human form will be healed upon transformation to her super self, but not vice-versa. If she is very very injured, she may be a bit weaked in super form, however. Any clothes she is wearing will transform into her other form's costume, but not things like backpacks, handbags, pouches, etc. Damage to her clothes are also undone. If, for some reason, she is not wearing anything when she transforms, her other self will still be clothed normally. She can be in her super form indefinately, if so desired.
Enhanced Stats (Medium): +100 Body, +30 Speed
Flight (Medium): S.E. Will activate somewhat while in human form but very rarely. For example, it might slow a fall enough for her to not die or perhaps not even get hurt at all, or guide her to a soft landing.
Enhanced Toughness & Healing (Major): Takes a lot more to cause her real damage, though some things that don't hurt her still stun her momentarily. Oddly enough, she never has open wounds. She can't be cut or shot or blown apart or any such thing, but she gets hurt/weakened by things still, if they are powerful enough to hurt her. On a sunny day or clear night, she recovers from damage at a rate of 5 per round, but in very overcast conditions, only 1 per round. If she actually enters a star or gets an insanely large dose of similar radiation, she can even recover from death (though it takes time).
Universal Survival (Medium - Latent): In her super form, she never has to breathe. She is also wholly immune to damage from heat or cold. She can still feel warm or cool, but anything hot or cold enough to harm her just feels warm or cool, respectively. (Her costume is as well, btw.) She is also immune to all forms of radiation, except for the kinds that are actually good for her (ie, the ones that stars emit). She can survive perfectly easily in complete vacuum, and also extreme pressure.
Star Power (Major): This is her "main" power. She can use powerful energies in various forms.
She can create forcefields around herself and others around her, or even ones around other objects and not herself. When she does the latter, she can move said object around by moving the forcefield. The forcefields can be domes, spheres, and other shapes like that. Interestingly enough, when she makes a flat shield/forcefield, it is shaped like a 5-pointed star. The size and shape of a shield/forcefield can be changed without having to remake it, as can whether or not matter can pass out of it from the inside. She can never fire blasts of her own energy through it without damaging it, however. She can create a forcefield at a moment's notice, even as basically a reflex response (which is often what happens). These forcefields are powerful, but not indestructable. Forcefields that are not around herself are weaker than ones that are. She can never have more than one forcefield/sheild that isn't centered on herself at one time, but can have one as well as one around herself.
She can form the energy into a lightsaber-esque blade. It is really just a shaft of energy she holds in her hand. If she drops or lets go of it, it disappears. However, she can hurl it intentionally, and it will explode on impact. While holding the "blade," she can vary it's power, from simply acting as if it's a solid rod, to being powerful enough that it will slice through basically anything (like a lightsaber). She can surround her hands/feet with energy instead of forming a blade, to make her unarmed attacks cause more damage.
She can fire blasts of energy from her hands. These "blasts" appear to be five-pointed stars with energy trailing off of them, like a comet. They look flat, but are actually not; they simply look the same from all angles. These also can be varied in power, like the blade, and can also vary in size, as necessary. The distance travelled before it dissipates (if any) can also be controlled, as can the size of the explosion upon impact (if any at all). For very powerful/large blasts, she must gather energy for a few moments.
This power is the only one that can activate at nearly full power in "human" form. Usually this will just be in the form of a forcefield to save her at the last moment from something falling on her/hitting her. If a roll is required to see if it automatically activates (in either form), she rolls her super hero Dodge skill.
The Star Power skill roll is for detemining if her blasts hit right where she aims, and for determining if she can keep a forcefield/shield up when it is under great duress.
Timeless Body (Minor): This is more of a long term thing. She will never grow old or die from old age, and will seem to be in her earily twenties forever.
Relativity Conversion (Medium - Latent): She has the ability to convert herself, and other matter as well (the more matter, the more difficult), into light energy, and back again later. As light, she can travel at the speed of light. (Makes sense, no?) Also she can theoretically use this power to convert instead into other energy, say, electricity, and travel as such through things like, say, wires. This is slightly difficult to control.
Star Kin (Minor - Latent?): A little known fact is that stars are actually sentient, thinking entities. The fact that none of the "lesser" lifeforms of the universe (meaning basically all life) know about this suits them just fine, as they often spend their time (and oh, how much of it they have) watching the tiny lifeforms that they shine their light upon going about their short lives, and discussing it with each other. Each star has its own personality (most prefer the single life, but some do seek companionship, as evidenced in binary star systems), and by that token all have different opinions of the lifeforms of the universe. But generally, they are fascinated or at least mildly interested in their development. They tend to not interfere in major, obvious ways, though some have been so appalled at the cruelness and desturction of their charges that they have attracted giant meteors, become red giants prematurely, gone nova, or other such extreme things simply to wipe them out and prevent them from corrupting other worlds. No one really knows the extent of the abilities of stars to alter reality, or if they really have any other than just gravity and blowing themselves up. Perhaps they are the dieties so many species of life seem to worship... they won't tell.
Stella, being herself so close to stars, has the ability to hear them. She can sometimes pick up their conversations to one another. Also, the stars are very aware of her existance and actions. Sometimes they can hear her thoughts, if they wish to. Sol (you know, Earth's sun) is the most aware of her, seeing as how she is one if its children. By that I mean she is a Terran, but of course, perhaps Sol did have something to do with her being the way she is... again, Sol's not telling. In fact, most of the other stars aren't even sure. :) Other than her sometimes hearing conversations between them (and they can intentionally keep things secret from her if they realize she can hear them), they can also send her messages in the form of dreams, or even visions while awake. They could in fact allow her to hear an actual voice coming from them, but they generally aren't that obvious. At least not at first. Sol, being so kindly to its children (after all, it hasn't killed off humanity yet :P) views her in a positive light, and may sometimes give her advice or encouragement in times of need. Also, it may give her glimpses of the future, if it feels so inclined (as, amongst other things, stars can see into the future when they wish). Other than that, the GM can make Sol's personality however he pleases. :) If ever a roll is required to see if this power activates or functions properly, use the Intuition skill. ((Yay! I finally came up with a use for it! :P))
Apparently, Alcar has turned this around a bit, so now she can also hear sunbeams talk. Who knew sunbeams were sentient, too? :P
Energy Absorption or "Black Hole Babe" (Major - Latent): She can force herself to absorb energy much more rapidly and also a far greater amount than she does normally, in a black-hole-esque manner. (Some stars can become black holes, you know :)) She can intentionally drain energy from some source, and can absorb mostly any sort of energy. She can take in quite a lot, and this can be used in many ways. She can take in more energy to heal faster (as if she'd ever really need that, but hey, you never know). She can absorb extra power and store it within her, so as to have power for longer when cut off from the sun and stars. She can absorb an almost endless amount of energy... but once the power is deactivated, she might not be able to hold it all. If she has absorbed an extremely huge amount, she may need to expend some of it. This is the third main use. If she can find a huge power source, she could absorb it, then create a gigantic blast of energy that normally would be even beyond her power to create. She can expend extra energy in a countless number of ways, though.

Clues: There is a hint to who she really is while in human form. If she is angry or scared, a small, glowing, five-pointed star might begin to appear on her forehead, slightly above right between her eyes. Her eyes might begin to glow red slightly when very angry. The wind effect from the description also might begin to occur.
Automatic Transformation: Sometimes in extremely stressful circumstances, she will transform into super form automatically. This will probably happen more early on, before she learns to control her powers more.
The Obvious: Well, an obvious drawback is that she is almost as vulnerable as a normal person when not transformed (other than her powers activating sometimes :)).
Power Source: She draws her power from the energies given off by stars (including the sun, of course). Though she can go indoors easily, and cloudy conditions don't substantially weaken her, if she is totally cutoff from this energy (like in a lead room or deep underground or some such thing) for extended periods of time, she will steadily lose her strength and power. Being in human form does not keep her from getting weak. Her toughness against wounds does not go below human level, however. Though this will not kill her directly, she will eventually become so weak, she will find it hard to even move. Once it gets to this point, she will go into a coma. Not just a normal coma, however; she will slip into a form of stasis until she can get a substantial amount of power back into her.

Monthly Income: $160
Small Backpack
Driver's License
Credit Card
Pepper Spray
Cell Phone

Total: 159
Unspent: 95

Arthur Borko, aka Void

The farther behind I leave the past, the closer I am to forging my own character.
- Isabelle Eberhardt

Player Name: ArthurQ
Summary: Arthur is a 22 year old Radio DJ and Actor. He's directed a few small films as well. He moved to Boston from New York after college chasing a girl, his current job, and the death of his parents.
Void is, quite obviously, the hero version of Arthur. Void and Arthur are essentially the same person and personality, although while void Arthur tends to let himself get carried away. Especially when angered or when he sees someone innocent being hurt.
Background: Arthur had what some might call, a very disturbed childhood. Beaten and consistently insulted by his parents because of his weight problem (which only made it worse) he felt consistently alienated. He escaped his reality online where people actually cared about him (from his point of view). He cannot remember most of his childhood simply because he doesn't want to. A good portion of it was blocked out by his subconscious. If presented with some reminder and talked to about it for a few moments hey may recall some events, but for the most part his childhood is something he never wants to look back too, as well as his adolescent years. Always looking to the future he turned to acting and radio in college hoping to make his dreams come true. His life changed in the middle of his freshman year when after being heartbroken by his "fiancée". Not quite understanding "why" he tried to turn a new leaf. He began martial arts training and desperately tried to lose weight and change him… He finally succeeded just before graduation. However tragedy struck. There was a gas leak in his building because he accidentially tripped over a pipe in the basement. Someone lit a match to smoke down there and there was an explosion. He was the only survivor (from being in the bathtub) although was burned badly on his back. (After the 1'st these wounds healed..) As the only surviving member of his family he "cashed in" on their life insurance and ran off to Detroit hoping to marry a girl from his graduating class, and accepting a nice job at a #1 radio station in the city. Arthur was also adversely affected by the events of 9/11/01. He distrusts anyone of "Arab" or Palestinian decent. He also hates rap and urban culture with a passion because they tend to make a business hurting others. He is extremely nationalistic and will do just about anything for his country. He is not completely without his wits though…he knows not to completely trust the government and it is one of the few things he will truly consider over before taking direct action.
He is in denial about killing his own parents (mostly because he wanted them to die and is happy they did) and no-one suspects it was he. Besides he didn't light the match. A few months after living in Detroit he was driving home and spotted a girl being raped. (April 1st 3AM) His inner fury raged and he transformed into void for the first time. Focusing EM radiation into the punk and disarraying him he rushed forward and pummeled him into a bloody pulp. He then flew off into the shadows and went home. He stared into the mirror and saw nothing but darkness (from absorbing ALL types of EM radiation). He decided that finally he could become what he always dreamed about. A Hero.
Description: Arthur is about 6"2 and tends to wear all black (A hold over from trying to look thinner when he was younger). Jeans and a casual though dressy t-shirt. His hair on occasion is scruffy but it is short and brown, and he has hazel eyes. He weighs about 210lbs and most of that is well-toned muscle.
Something Shady About Past: Cheated on his Spanish Regent in High school to fill requirements for graduation. Unwillingly (sort of) killed his parents.
Personality: Boy is this a loaded package. Arthur is very argumentative when he knows he is right about something, and doesn't often back down. If someone proves to be unintelligent or consistently annoying he usually starts to dislike him or her, with a passion. On the other hand, anyone and everyone he cares about he will defend fiercely. He wont let anyone take away the few people he cares about or hurt them. If he ever gets wind of someone abusing a child, or hurting a woman it will possibly send him off to "teach him or her a lesson"
Void: Void is essentially Arthur. However he is twice as passionate and doesn't bother arguing. If he thinks he is right, he will act on it. Unless given enough reason to hold off and reexamine the situation.
Obsession: Saving the innocent, punishing the Guilty. (Child abusers, Rapers, Spousal Abusers, Terrorists)
Wound Points: 170

Fear: Arthur is most afraid of dying alone and lonely.
Rage: Anyone abusing a helpless child or woman.
Noble: Arthur swore to himself that he would leave the world a better place when he leaves it, then when he arrived.

Body:70Damn that's some punch170RUN!
Speed: 60Whoa, Did you see that?100Where did he go?!
Mind: 40Love Sick90Walking Computer
Soul: 50Empathic80Telepathic

Body Skills: General Athletics 30%, Kickboxing 40%, EM Manipulation 30%
Speed Skills: Dodge 25%, Drive 20%, Is that a UFO? 45% Mind Skills: College Education 20%, Notice 20%, Walking Internet 30%
Soul Skills: Charm 20%, Lie 15%, Empathy 45%
Body Skills: General Athletics 70%,That's gotta hurt! 80%, EM Manipulation 130%
Speed Skills: Why Cant I hit this guy?! 80%, Drive 20%, Speed of Light 55%
Mind Skills: College Education 30%, I see you! 60%, Gibson 80%
Soul Skills: Charm 30%, Lie 15%, Telepathy 115%

Theme: Protection
Transformation: The transformation is just about instantiations. Arthur simply absorbs all EM rays and waves so he appears as a black void (almost like a black hole) shaped as a person.
EM Manipulation (Major) – Void (and Arthur to a lesser extent) can control the very energy of creation. All types of radiation and "light" he has control over through his body. He can use it to do a multitude of tasks, like EM pulses to short circuit electricity. He has also learned to read variations in the Electromagnetic Waves around him to the point that he can actually understand digital and analog code. Henceforth his mind is almost consistently connected to the "internet" and he can draw on close to limitless sources of information almost instantaneously. He has learned to focus gamma radiation towards targets to make them sick or disable them and most recently has been able to focus "light" into a tangible force. Due to his flare for drama he sometimes prefers to use an attack similar to a Kamahamea from DBZ. These attacks however can only harm organic tissue. Depending on what he wants they can either travel through solid matter or bounce off it, or be absorbed into it. One drawback here is lead and other super heavy metals. They will block most of his abilities through them. (Example, if in a lead room he cannot blast his way out, or contact the Internet. Unless there is some kind of internal wiring which he must touch in order to use. In theory there are limitless other uses and Void is always experimenting with new ways to punish the evil and protect the innocent.
Empathy/Telepathy (Medium)- when not using his full powers Arthur is a merely empathic. However when he draws upon his full powers he can read the minds of anyone close to him. Or within his Electro Magnetic Radius (2mile sphere centered on him, unless focused in a specific direction).
Flight (Medium)- Void and Arthur can fly. Void has more control over this power since he is using his full potential.
Precognitive (Latent) - when he was younger Arthur normally got dreams that ended up coming true months and years later. (He realized this from deja'vu and on occasion changing events) He has no control over this and it has apparently laxed. It is completely a part of his subconscious.
Healing (Latent) - Arthur's touch (void has never tried this) has a slight healing effect to it. It usually lessens headaches or other aches and pains. The healing is linked to his empathy and Arthur usually manifests headaches or other slight ailments when healing someone. He has never done anything more significant then makes a headache better or a sore back loosen up.

Empathy - being a natural empathy Arthur is linked to most people around him. Even though not consciously aware of it everyone's emotions affect him in some way. If everyone around him is upset or sad it will depress him. Void has more control and has mental blocks up with his power advances to telepathy. Arthur is especially vulnerable to psychic vampires because they can drain him through his empathy.
Lead - As mentioned before Lead and other heavy metals can block some of his abilities, at a range. 2-foot thick blocks of cement also lessen his powers. Even though when underground he has more energy to draw from because he is closer to the earth's magnetic center his EM powers cannot be used at range at all.
Polarization - just like everything else in the universe Void and Arthur have a specific polarity. More so because he in essence is energy itself. Usually his polarity variates wildly, but if someone can tack down his exact polarity at the right time, and fire a negative em pulse at the reverse of it, they can disable him for a short time. Usually for a few minutes. A strong enough pulse can disable him for hours or days, and if anyone ever manages to draw enough power…they may be able to short circuit him permanently…"in theory" (this may not mean death…but loss of powers for a VERY long time).

Monthly Income: $7000-10,000, Semi-Famous Radio DJ, Various Acting Jobs.
Apartment in downtown Detroit (one of the nicer area's)
A 99 Ford Navigator, State of the Art Computer, Various clothes. Film Editing and camera equipment.

Total: 0
Unspent: 0

Wesley James Lancaster, aka Bloodhound

It is always so? Must we always find our truths in blood?
- Angus Wells, “Lords of the Sky”

Player Name: Baliadoc
Summary: Wesley is a freelance private investigator, now driven by some inner force to find out why he, and apparently a good chunk of the worlds' population, is gaining powers normally reserved for people in comic books.
Background: Wesley grew up living a fairly easy life, born into money, and content to stay there, until the day his father's business went belly-up, was bought out by a larger company, and all the family shares of stock were sold to the highest bidder. Perhaps one of the few members of his family actually able to cope with losing the easy life, Wes struck out on his own and did everything he could to make a living. He's been supported, and in turn supported other family members, all just trying to survive in a harsh, more realistic world. Wes has been the best to adapt, however, and is rather thankful for the wake up call. He never knew the world needed so much help, and as a P.I., he's done as much as possible to right wrongs, discover truths, and generally make the world a slightly better place. Now, with such strange, new powers, he's not sure whether he should be helping the world, or trying to figure out who's manufacturing these powers for their own personal gain.
Family & Friends: Cameron Monroe Lancaster (Father) – A smart, savvy, oil owning businessman, Cameron Lancaster was not one known for his defensive business ethic. An aggressive man by any definition, Cameron knew what he wanted, and also how to get it. Unfortunately, he made the generally accepted wrong move of thinking he could cross OPEC, and when his oil refineries managed to all blow up at the same time, Cameron suddenly realized that they're called Oligarchies for a reason. He's retired now, whether he likes it or not, and lives in a small apartment in downtown New York, alone, except for the occasional visit by his children. He and Marilyn divorced shortly after the business went up in flames (both literally and figuratively). He's a slight man, with salt and pepper hair, and a defeated look in his eyes, where once stood a proud, tall, strapping man with black hair and burning brown eyes.
Marilyn Cassidy Van Helzin (Mother) – Formerly Marilyn Cassidy Lancaster, wife of Cameron Lancaster. After his business died, a part of him died too, and as such, the love these two people shared withered and decayed, making both people that much more miserable. They remain friends, though just barely. Marilyn now lives with her parents in Vancouver, and lives a fairly wholesome life, though one of no particular note. Her children visit her just as frequently as they visit their father, though meetings with her tend to be a bit more pleasant, or at least less depressing. The drinking genes are definitely on the fathers side, is all I'm going to say. She's a very unremarkable woman (though Cameron would argue otherwise). Plain looking, brown hair and eyes, she claims to be part of Gods' unimaginative streak, when complimented.
Jesse Ventura Lancaster (Older Brother) – The only Lancaster to flat-out refuse to give his middle name to anyone, unless his life or the lives of others are threatened (and even then, it depends on the person, and just how important they are). Already into his mid thirties, Jesse was named after the esteemed Governor of Minnesota… only he was named after him when he was a boa wearing, block-headed wrestler. (Cameron was in what he likes to refer to as his "hippy" phase). Now, ironically, he works as security officer for the WWFs' night club in New York. He has close-cropped black hair and tired-looking brown eyes, as he's currently forgoing sleep to take a second job as a moving company helper to make ends meet.
- Girlfriend: Jenna
Samantha Yvette Lancaster (Older Sister) – Not nearly as embarrassed about herself as her older brother, Samantha is a strikingly beautiful woman with long, blond hair and brilliant blue eyes, and the type of body that hurts to look at, simply because you know you're never going to have a chance in Hell of dating it. Which, on reflection, is strange, because of all the family members, she's the only one blessed with anything resembling God-like good looks. No one is sure where she got them from, but she sure enjoys flaunting them. Unfortunately, that's hard to do when Daddy can't pay his baby girls credit card bills, and Samantha's taken a turn for the worse. She moved to LA a while back to try and become a big movie star, but like most girls, that didn't pan out, and now she, too, has a night job, though it's a fair bit less glamorous than Jesse's, if you get my drift. She doesn't visit the family much, and is rarely heard from, except when begging for a little extra cash to get by.
- Pimp: Now we're getting into the stuff I don't want to talk about. :)
Me: Duh.

Jonathan Winters – A local priest, close friend of Wesley's and a valuable informant. Wesley tends to make large donations to Jonathans' church, and in return, Jonathan keeps himself up to date on all the talk on the streets. He is a broad-shouldered man with dark skin, and works out regularly (he has to keep in shape to deal with the neighborhood he's in), but his eyes are a quiet hazel, and he has a very peaceful aura.
Felix "Fingers" Jones – Local pickpocket/gossip monger/general rebel rouser, and glad assistant to Wesley. His extreme need to selflessly volunteer comes mostly from the fact that Wesley has the uncanny knack for showing up right after Felix has done something he really shouldn't have, and tends to find a way for him to get out of it, in return for certain services. For you see, Felix has the uncanny ability to land jobs with some of the least likely of people, and can wind up the bartender at a Mafia-only night club. More than once Felix has been able to get Wesley into trouble, in the way Wesley likes, and much to Felixs' chagrin. However, the two of them make a fairly good team, and Wesley treats Felix like the younger brother he never had. Felix is a lanky kid in his late teens, with spiky red hair and green eyes.
Description: Wesley has dirty blond hair, almost to the point of being brown. He has light brown eyes, and a lean, fit look about him. He constantly sports a stubbly beard, and wears a beaten brown leather bomber jacket and blue jeans, as well a sturdy pair of casual shoes. He has an air of passiveness about him, as well as a generally unhappy mood.
Something Shady About Past: Does the kind of things every PI does; pay off informants, kill discriminately, all that kind of stuff. *in rough, 50's tough-guy voice* The kind of stuff no man likes to do, but every man's gotta do at some point in his life.
Personality: He's an asshole, pure and simple. Think Batman. Think Clint Eastwood. Think Alcar's Roommate. He may have a soft side somewhere in there, but ain't no way it's coming out without getting beaten up along the way.
Obsession: Finding out just what the fuck is going on. Wes simply doesn't believe that a select group of humans are being given god-like powers for free. This whole thing bothers him more than having to wait for dalnet to stop lagging during a key part of the session.
Wound Points: 45 Human / 95 Super

Fear: Losing his grip on reality. Becoming something he knows nothing about.
Rage: People using and abusing their powers, or using them without thinking about it. He fears it's just what "they" want, even though he hopes "they" don't exist.
Noble: Helping the innocent. In a world filled with greed, hate, and general self-destruction, only the innocent will be able to usher in a new world. Preserving that is foremost in his mind.

Body:45Visits the Gym… Sometimes95One Mean S.O.B.
Speed: 50Your Average Joe70Pure Instinct, Baby
Mind: 60Doesn't Miss a Thing60Yeah, Mind is Boring.
Soul: 65Never-Failing Gut Instinct110NFGI's Second Opinion

Body Skills: Intimidating Asshole 45%, Kirk-Fu School of Fighting 30%
Speed Skills: Cap Yo' Ass 30%, Drive 25%, Dodge 25%
Mind Skills: Search 45%, College Education 45%
Soul Skills: PI's Intuition 55%, Charm 20%, Lie 20%

Body Skills: Just don't call him a "Super Friend" – 60%, Batman-esque Beatdown 65%
Speed Skills: The Reason Superheroes Don't Get Hit – 55%, Six Chambers of Fun 40%
Mind Skills: Walking the Framework of Reality 90%
Soul Skills: Intuition From Beyond 90%, Charm 20%, Lie 20%. One Lucky Fuck 20%
P. Nullifier: 80% (Obsession)
Keeper's Soul: 25%

Theme: Discovery
Superhuman "Nose": Bloodhound has the innate ability to find people with superhuman powers, whether he likes it or not. This part of the power is purely GM controlled, due to the fact that it's mostly subconscious, a deeper, uncontrollable knowledge of the plane of existence he now inhabits. He can (and as of the first day of having this power, often does) find himself inexplicably led to people who are just as strange as he is. Outside of this, with a successful Intuition check, he can pick up on the faint trails of power residue, left behind from the use of super powers, allowing him to track superhumans, if he's looking for a specific one. (30 pts.)
Power Nullifier: Bloodhound emits a personal nullification field which renders all superpowers used against him useless. For instance, if someone gains extra damage from having a super-strength, they lose it for purposes of damaging him. Beams have little to no affect on him, as does anything which has to be directed at him. Whether mental effects fail on him or not is questionable (at least, he doesn't know if they do). (80 pts.)
Walking the Framework of Reality: As Wesley's disconnection from the "mortal realm" grows, he is beginning to find that the saying "Mind over matter" has a lot more fact to it than he ever gave it. Wesley now has the power, effectively, to ignore gravity. As time wears on, he'll find he'll be able to fly, although this has so far been limited solely to his ability to roof-hop. Also, teleportation is within his grasp, and when in dire need, he can move from one point in space to another instantaneously (as long as he succeeds on his roll, with a –30% penalty). Also, his mind has extended his sense power far beyond its' normal limits. He now perceives the world as if from a very high orbit, able to view what is happening in any part of the world at any time. He must concentrate to do this, and cannot be interrupted. However, if he finds the need to be in two places at once, he can create a duplicate of himself (something akin to a tulpa) and fight multiple battles at once. While doing this, however, his ability to suppress powers falters, as each separate identity must share from the same power. Even further, part of that power goes into the creation of the second person, and therefore lessens the effect of the nullification power. In game terms, Wesley divides his nullification power equally between each separate part of himself, and then subtracts 5% from that. Therefore, two Wesley's' would have Power Nullification at 35%, not 40%, and so on. Making multiple copies of himself also requires him to make a Framework roll, with a -50% modifier.
The Keeper's Soul: Wesley, unbeknownst to him (yet, of course, known to everyone in la-la land), has within him the power to take and contain other peoples' powers. As he tried once before to do, so will he try again, in a new time; he will set out to be the immortal Keeper, the man who watches over and maintains the Powers which are to be distributed, when the time comes. This time, however, he will be the judge, and the powers shall only go to those who will put them to use in the way they are needed (good or bad, mind you. Wesley'll have to be impartial like that :). In game terms, Wesley must defeat his foe, or have the person surrender on their own accord. Wesley then makes a roll; if it succeeds, the power leaves its' host and enters Wesley, being contained in the Keeper's Soul. Wesley must make the same roll to bring that essence back out, and present it to another. This is simply a check on powers, giving Wesley time to reconsider if it doesn't work the first time. (125 xp, currently).
Super Hero Special Effects: These include giving Bloodhound mood lighting (or lack thereof), a red trench coat (and matching bandana/cowl) which flutter in the wind (which can be created if it happens to not be around at the time he wants to look good), and costume upkeep, which includes the repair of cosmetic damage from session to session, and keeps his mask on even in the most impossible of situations (barring having it ripped off by the bad guys, of course). (10 pts.)
Enhanced Speed: 20%
Enhanced Soul: 35% (And growing)

The main part of Bloodhounds' "Nose" power is out of his control; it simply never turns off. He can be driving home from work one minute, and find himself boarding a plane to LA to meet the One-Legged Avenger the next, without knowing why he's heading there, or how he knows someone with superpowers is out there. He also has no way of telling whether he's making a bee-line for the next Superman, or the next Apocalypse. Just like everyone else, he'll find out when he gets there (considering the DM, we could all be surprised by what we find. Literally. ;))
Another big flaw is that Bloodhound is almost totally vulnerable to normal mortal powers. Anything from a nuke to some punks fist will cause him just as much damage as it would the average Joe. Luckily for him, he's enough of an asshole to keep people from wanting to hurt him, and in the case of super humans, all he has to do to deal with them is beat the hell out of them before they realize they just need to start punching back.
Finally, his heightened psyche, and the powers growing from it, is beginning to separate him from what he's perceived as his normal reality. This is causing some definite problems, as he really likes reality, and doesn't necessarily want to be controlled by the powers being "given" to him. Therefore, he's frantically fighting an internal war to keep from losing that which is most precious to him: his last shreds of normalcy.

Monthly Income: $5,000.

Total: 191
Unspent: 11

The NPCs


Life, misfortune, abandonment, poverty, are battlefields which have their heroes; obscure heroes, sometimes greater than illustrious heroes.
- Victor Hugo

Player Name: Alcar
Summary: Bender has no memory of it's past. A sexless creature, it has been running from the Eugenics for one day now since the Omnipower was actually able to find it. It managed to get away with it's life and has been running ever since.
Background: Bender was created in 1980 as part of an experiment by an organisation of scientists owing alliegance to themselves alone. They wanted to make humans that couldn't reproduce but would still be able to do the work "real" humans couldn't - essentially living servants for when mankind has to cull itself in order to prevent it's numbers from destroying itself. The expperiment - not just cloning, but building humans fromthe ground up - began in 1970. Benders generation was the first successful one and changed in quite a few ways from normal humans. For one, they can't breed and are truly asexuals with no reproductive and sexual organs at all. Bender itself was made to be a spy and its brain wired to cowardice, in effect. Bender isn't capable of killing a human and is unable to access its rage passion due to their techniques. However, what they never took into account was that there is a limit to fear. At a certain point, you're so afraid that fear is no longer the luxury it normally is. Bender became afraid of the very scientists who made it.
When powers came into the world, he was the only one of the neuters (over 12,000 of them made now) to come into a power. He fled then, bending space to move itmself far away from the scientists. Looking freakish enough as it is, Bender found humans confusing and larrgly terrifiying, prefering to remain hidden to being seen. That was until Master J saw it. Caught by Eugenics, Bender refused to serve them, mostly because its was the first honest choice it had ever had, and because Number One reminded it of the scientists. They hurt it, badly, but when Master J used his power for something else, Bender managed to use the fact that Master J's power changes the world, and bends it, to enhance its own powers and bend space all the way to Boston.
Hunted now by Master J, but able to avoid being found just becauuse Master J doesn't want to expend the amount of energy needed to find and capture Bender, it is also being hunted by the scientists who made it, for obvious reasons. The strain of it's first Bending caused Bender to forget much of its past.
Biology: Created to be servants to humans after the bombs fall, Bender's kind heal fast and don't age or get harmed by diseases normally. they are as sexual as a ken or barbie doll but without any sexual characteristics at all. They've been made efficiently, with 2 hearts and 2 sets of lungs and a small stomach (they don't need to eat much) that digests any substance quickly so they rarely produce bodily waste, all of which comes out as a strange liquid from the urethra, whch is asexual. Later models produce no waste at all. Their senses are a bit better than humans and they see very well in the dark, to make them able to work in any environment.
Family & Friends: No family, but it's beginning to think that Stella's could be friends.
Description: Bender is a slight, 5'5" figure with white hair, ghost-pale skin, faded grey eyes and a face that could be either female or a pretty male. It's body is thin and likewise as adrogynous. It could be anywhere from it's early teens to late 20's for all anyone knows. It has a soft, quiet voice.
Something Shady About Past: All of it.
Personality: Very afraid. Bender knows it can't understand humans and is always confused with how they interpret what it does as it was made very aware that it has no sex, so can't understand sexual beings. It's also afraid a lot, for good reasons.
Obsession: Hiding
Wound Points: 50

Fear: Getting caught.
Rage: None. He doesn't have access to it.
Noble: Saving others from imprisonment.

Body:50Stronger than you'd think.
Speed:120I thought I saw something ...

Body Skills: Athletics 40%, Defensive Martial Arts 40%
Speed Skills: Dodge 35%; STEALTH 100%
Mind Skills: General Education (B&E) 10%; Notice 30%; Forge Documents 30%
Soul Skills: Charm 30%; Lie 30%; Fade Into Woodwork: 30%

Theme: Hiding :)
Bending (Major): Bender can bend peoples perceptions and reality itself. In practise, this allows it to be invisible to any method of locating excepting the Omnipower and Wesley's power nullification (if he's close enough). Bender can make others invisible in a conventional sense (1 person per 20% in skill) as well as changing peoples perception of things to make illusions and the like. These last as long as it concentrates on them. It can even bend time for a period around people or objects, but feels drained after. Teleporting by bending space or phasing is possible as well, but much harder unless someone is using a super power close by since all powers bend the world in their own ways.(105)
Change Body (Medium): Bender can alter it's body at will, but must concentrate to keep the changed shape. It can have clawes, grow wings, become camoflauged and the like. It cannot change it's body to be male or female, however, but could make itself look like someone else (face, hands etc.) if they were also thin. (50)
Just A Bump In The Night (Medium): Bender can hide really well, (+50 speed, all into stealth) (50)
Band-Aid (Minor): Bender can heal damage by concentrating on it. It can also heal others by taking their pain into it but hasn't done this yet, and doesn't know it can. (20)
Flight (Minor): Bender can fly, but only when it has made itself wings.

No memory is a biggie, as well as no past, name or identity at all. Likewise, it is asexual and running from some threat older that Master J, but doesn't recall what that threat is, either, just that it needs to hide. It has also been programmed to not kill humans and will never do so voluntarily. As well, it is unable to get really angry at people. Oh, yes, and it's dying.

Monthly Income: None
None to speak of.

Total: 15
Unspent: 0

Barkley, aka Dog

The dog is the only animal that has seen his god.
- Unknown

Player Name: Alcar
Summary: Barkley is a dog with powers, perhaps the most powerful user of power in the city among all the non humanoid animals.
Background: Classified.
Family & Friends: None really. He has lots of acquaintances among other animals.
Description: Barkley is a large brown mutt of unknown breed. He's well groomed but has no collar.
Something Shady About Past: He wrote 1001 Ways To Skin A Cat. Well, maybe not. It's also classified, tho :)
Personality: He's a dog torn between the need to obey humans and personal pride and individuality.
Obsession: Protecting Others
Wound Points: 70

Fear: Humans.
Rage: Humans.
Noble: Helping humans.

Speed:70Faster than a speeding ... car.
Mind:50Top Dog!
Soul:50Cares more than he lets on.

Body Skills: Athletics 30%; Hurt You 70%
Speed Skills: Dodge 35%; Fly 60%
Mind Skills: Notice 50%; Street Smarts: 50%
Soul Skills: Smell Your Butt 15%; Lie 30%; Sight 40%

Theme: Guardian of the Animal Kingdom and Enemy to the Disney Empire
Guardian (Major): Dog is a guardian of animals and has powers gained from that. He can communicate with any creature, makes barriers, fly and other things given to him by the animals under his charge. He might even have a few lives loaned by cats. (100%)
Fetch, boy! (Major): Dog can fetch anything he can carry or drag. (50%)
Disruption (Medium): Dog can prevent someones power from working by concentrating on them. Combined with the Guardian power, it makes Dog immune to all offensive powers. He can also take powers away from people. (80%)
White Fang (Minor): Dog can kill with a look. This can affect any animal and most humans but will just give supers a nasy headache (currently). (40%)
Call of the Wild (Minor): Dog can make people veryh afraid of him and exude an aura of plain nastiness. (Soul Skill)
At least I'm Not A Pig (Minor): Dog can fly, when he has to. He can also carry someone in his jaws or have them on his back if they're light.

Flaw: Possessions:
Monthly Income: None
None to speak of.

Total: 220
Unspent: 0

Lance Christensen, aka Zero (Tolerance)

“There’s law,” I said slowly, “and there’s justice. and then there’s the human beings who have to manipulate those abstractions.”
- Melissa Scott, “The Kindly Ones”

Player Name: Alcar, after Baliadoc
Summary: Police Officer (currently suspended) from the Boston Police Department
Background: Lance was an officer in Temp, a Detective in UA and now one in Hubris. He gets around almost as much as a certain flying cat :)
Family & Friends: Never keeps in touch with Family, especially after visiting them in Cainestown, Maine, and having to kill most of them. He has no friends.
Description: Lance is 6' tall with blond hair and blue eyes, with the kind of smile that makes women turn to pudding in his hands. He's an ex-football player and it shows, but his eyes are also very appraising. Somewhere in the past, something scoured all the usual human failings out of him, and it shows.
Something Shady About Past: Has allowed some people to escape the law just to keep from having to hurt them.
Extra Something: Squeezing that little extra out of something. Whether it be enough light out of a lighter for one more cigarette, or perhaps a extra bullet in his gun when he really needs it, he can just get more out of things than others can.
Obsession: The ever-watchful eye, the razor-sharp mind, and the open ear. Lance prides himself on the large amount of knowledge he's picked up through the years (impressive, for a high school jock), and does his best to be ever observant in all situations, especially during a case. The missed clue could spell failure when searching for a wanted man.
Wound Points: 70

Fear: Taking an innocent life.
Rage: People taking advantage of others.
Noble: Sacrificing himself to save others.

Body:80Works Out A Lot
Speed:70Works Out More Than His Arms
Mind:50Didn't Get His Head Hit Too Much Playing Football
Soul:30Watched Lots Of Cop Shows

Body Skills: Fists Like Hammers 40%, High School Track & Field Star 30%, Body Like a Cheerleader Magnet 25%
Speed Skills: Drive 30%, Dodge 15%, FIREARMS 55%
Mind Skills: Notice 35%, Gen Ed. 25%, Police Stuff 20%
Soul Skills: Captain of the Football Team Charisma 45%, Lie 15%

Lance is tecnhically human, so he begins with no powers at all.
Magic: Due to his SI work in Temp, Lance knows a lot about the unnatural and has even learned some magic. This acts as a 50% skill and does what the GM wants.

Monthly Income: $3,000 - Job, suspended.
9mm & Ammo
Numerous Football Almanacs
Apartment ($400/mo rent)
Extending Baton
Cell Phone
Probably a few other things

Total: 70
Unspent: 0

Wendall Zerkowitz, aka Wrath

Is not anger the cleanest of passions?
- Grattan o’Leary

Player Name: Alcar
Summary: Wendall is 12 years old and going into Grade 9 at a local high school. Wrath is a 20 year old "perfect" hero, the embodiment of a child's dream of what a hero should be and made to deal with things that he's too young to, stuff he's told "Is the way it is" or "you're too young to understand."
Background: Wendall has lived his whole life in Boston and has always been fascinated by it. The youngest of 3 children, he is the baby of the family but also very intelligent, maybe too intelligent. Fast tracked through school, he has made few friends and his parents moving into an apartment recently forced him to move schools across town, which made the transition to grade 9 that much harder. He has decided he wants to be an environmentalist of some kind when he grows older and help fix the world before mankind destroys it.
Wendall has been raised by his parents to live by the ten commandments and does so willingly, despite the fact that a small part of him wonders who no one else does, if they'll go to Hell for not doing it, and what is Hell, anyway? With his sister away at college and his brother having never liked him much, Wendall has no one to turn to with his questions about life and is frusterated with the stuff he sees on the news and not being able to do anything about it.
Family & Friends: Martha Zerkowitz, Mother (50) - A substitute teacher, Marsha is currently the only source of income the family has, most of which is going to fund Jenny's education to become a teacher as well. She is a small, kind lady who gets along well with anyone and is rarely angry.
Arnold Zerkowitz, Father (55) - Arnold was the manager of a local textiles factory called Ace Textiles for 20 years. It closed three weeks ago unexpectedly (the parent company - Davids and Son, Builders - decided it was cheaper to buy from the competition than run their own company). He never completed high school and hasn't found work since. He drank the night he got fired and hit Ben when Ben told him he'd had enough. He hasn't drank since but family relations are a trifle strained.
Jenny Zerkowitz, Older Sister (24) - Jenny wants to be a teacher someday and has saved for most of her life to pay for her education. Rising costs meant that her parents had to pay her room and board ($400 a month) for her. They are, and keeping her unaware that her dad's no longer employed since she is going to be writing her finals soon.
-Boyfriend: David James (Tho no longer, after a fight with her Stella and Jenny [Chaos PC] intervened in, getting him beat up badly :))
Ben Zerkowitz, Older Brother (17) - Ben is on the school football team and makes friends quickly, being a nice guy and having the sort of oozy charm a used car salesman would envy. He is a bit jealous of his smart younger brother and hasn't spoken to his father since he got hit three weeks ago.

Eddie Jones (14) - Held back a year in school, Eddie is the opposite of Wendall but he's also a short runt in grade 9 so they've become friends, much to each others surprise. He is the typical computer nerd in high school. He and Wendall rarely talk about their home lives.
Anne Jones (14) - Eddie's fraternal twin sister is in grade 10 and a very nice, pretty girl who is as "nerdy" as her brother but hides it behind her having blonde hair. It works rather well, which depresses her. She likes Wendall and they have, perhaps, a "thing" between them, but rarely talk of it :)
Description: Wendall is a short, thin kid with unruly black hair and eyes contrasting with his pale skin. His skin a shade too pale and makes his freckles stand out. He will need dental work shortly as his incisors are a bit too long (making him look like a vampire) and he tends to mumble instead of talk to people to hide that.
Wrath is 7' tall and almost as broad. His muscles are very well defined and his skin has a strange, red cast to it. His eyes are electric blue and his hair a brilliant red, and unfortunately curly. He wears a t-shirt and shorts (both black) and black running shoes as well. His incisors are sharp and gleam when he speaks, making him look a little like a vampire, if vampires ever became world-class body builders.
Something Shady About Past: Nothing yet :)
Personality: Wendall is a quiet lad who tends to remain in the background about events except when he has something to say. He is honest - sometimes brutally so, which has cost him a few friends - and hates lying and stealing. He is also becoming a bit bitter about the whole human race, which comes out in the occasional sarcastic comment that earns him frowns from his parents.
Wrath is - well, wrath. He's Wendall's anger and ideal hero given form, with some quirks of his own. Wrath won't kill unless he knows the person deserves it and is evil. However, he also doesn't know his own strength. Wendell remains Wrath as long as Wrath is needed, so if Wendall is really angry at something, he might remain Wrath for a long time. Wrath's anger tends to be out of proportion to events sometimes and he tends to show off a bit too much.
Obsession: Wendall wants to change the world and make it a better place. (Convincing as Wendall, Invoke Wrath as Wrath)
Wound Points: 40 (Wendall - heals 1/half hour) [30 after changing back from Wrath]; 190 (Wrath - Heals 5/round)

Fear: Wendall is terribly afraid of dying, since he's convinced he has a good chance of going to Hell.
Rage: People hurting the environment or each other needlessly.
Noble: Wendall would sacrifice himself to make the world a better place.

Mind:60Very Smart60Smarter Than You'd Think
Soul:70Compassionate70Pissed Off

Body Skills: General Athletics 30%, Read Lots Of Martial Arts Books 40%
Speed Skills: Dodge 30%, Drive 5%, Shoot at a Target Range 15%, Play Video Games 30%
Mind Skills: General Education 30%, Notice 20%, Computers 40%
Soul Skills: Charm 35%, Lie 10%, CONVINCING 55%

Body Skills: General Athletics 70%, Kick The Crap Out Of People 100%
Speed Skills: Dodge 30%, Drive 5%, Throw Things At People 55%
Mind Skills: General Education 30%, Notice 20%, Computers 40%
Soul Skills: Charm 25%, Lie 20%, INVOKE WRATH 60%
Invoke wrath replaces Convincing. Video and shooting combine for a basic ranged attack of weapons that can be thrown.

Theme: Vengeance
Transformation: The change from Wendall to Wrath is rather painful. Go from being a runt to 7' tall in a minute and it hurts, a lot. Visually, red light streams from his pores, eyes, ears etc. and then implodes back into him, causing a scream of pain that ends when he becomes Wrath. Being born out of pain just ticks Wrath off more :) Changing back, the energy just flares out of him and doesn't implode back in, leaving Wendall weak and drained.
Anger Is my Strength (Major) - +100 Body (and Wound Points, of course). It also makes him look almost too handsome, well proportioned etc. - the "ideal" muscle-bound hero, in other words. His teeth even gleam when he smiles. (Since Wrath is a produce of Wendalls mind, his appearance could change over time as well.)
Tough (Medium) - +50 Wound Points, heals 5 wound points a round. Attacks generally need to do at least half his toughness in damage before he really notices them. As well, his heal rate is generally one a round. It goes as high as 5 if he's really angry.
Invoke Wrath (Major) - Energy beams, often fired from hands (60%). It can also be used to increase other stats or abilities by up to his Invoke Wrath skill when he is really angry. It could even, in theory, increase hie energy blasts.
Fast (Minor) - Latent, currently +12 Speed.
Fly (Minor) - He can fly (Use Speed for control)

- Repressed. Wendall finds it difficult to express emotions to others, partially because he's a bit shy and because he doesn't believing being angry is good. Violence doesn't solve things and you need to be logical and level headed. Wrath is his inner response to this and thrives on violence and hurting those who deserve it as a result.
- Wendall is also unaware he becomes Wrath the first time or two as RPed. Afterwards, he becomes able to subconsciously direct Wrath (do not kill etc.). Being able to invoke Wrath from more than anger also isn't possible yet (but may be sice his noble passion IS sacrifice).
- Invoke Wrath is a dangerous power to use as other than energy blasts. When used, it draws upon Wraths anger, Wendalls and perhaps the unconscious anger of the human race (or at least those around Wrath) at whatever his target is. This impressive energy drains Wendall somehow and makes him weak and shaky when be returns from having been Wrath. Wendall also suffers 10 wound points in damage due to the change (7 to Wrath, 3 basck to Wendall). This means that if he had less than 10 wound points, changing to Wrath would be possible, but changing back would kill him.

Monthly Income: $40, mowing a neighbours lawn.
Backpack for school.
A few books, mostly overdue at the library.

Total: 5
Unspent: 2


The Society for the Furtheration of Humanity through the Selective Destruction of Hindrances to Social and Physical Evolution.

Master J

You humans are very odd. You don’t even recognise your own dreams when you see them coming true.
- Gwyneth Jones, “Divine Endurance”

Summary: Master J (aka Thomas Jakes, linoleum layer) has the Omnipower. For someone stuck with a nagging wife, two nagging kids in their teens and an ex wife who nags just on principle, gaining the power to do almost anything would seem like a dream come true. It was. Until he began to understand just what anything entailed. He could change the world, make people be nice or kill them with a thought. In short, he scared himself a lot. Becoming the leader of an Eugenics seemed the only sensible thing to do since he couldn't be good: he had too much power for that. (Which makes sense, if you think about it.)
Description: Master J is a tall, commanding man with deep blue eyes and wavy blond hair that never develops split ends. He is almost unnaturally beautiful and inspires awe (as well as terror) in people who stare at him for too long.
Obsession: None. Nor passions - his power makes them all worthless.

Stats: Body 90; Speed: 80; Mind: 60; Soul: 70

Omnipower: You name it, it's done. Limits: 1) He cannot change the past. (He can raise the dead, but he can't erase their memory of having been dead, for example.) 2) Each use of the Omnipower drains him of 1% in it. 3) He cannot change the human heart. 4) He cannot remove super powers from those with them, as there are laws even his power cannot break. 5) He cannot travel through time, or effect it directly. Besides those, he's limited by his imagination which, in his case, is one hell of a limitation. (100)
Better Than You Are: +20 to Body, Speed, Mind and Soul. (80)
I'm A God!: Great Looks and an Aura Of Fear. He can also call down lightning and speak in a voice like thunder. (40)

Flaws: He's human.

Number One

The people who really run organizations are usually found several levels down, where it is still possible to get things done.
- Terry Pratchett, “Small Gods”

Summary: The sidekick to Master J, Number One (once known as Anne Jacob’s (56), from England, a semi-retired Elementary School Teacher) is second in command. She's also a very smart woman who chooses to be the power behind the Eugenics rather than it's leader. She’s also insane and wishes to rule the world. (Anne's no sure why, it's just a goal she has.) Her children are alive and married and her husband passed away three years ago, perhaps not entirely by choice, but his children believe that living with Anne would have driven anyone to the nuthouse.
Personality: Grand Vizier.
Description: Number One is a fat, loving grandmother with grey hair and a kind, charming smile. At least, until you look into her cold, brown eyes. (Making brown eyes look evil takes work. She has it down pat.) She is wearing a simple old fashioned dress.
Obsession: You're nothing if no one respects you, nothing!

Stats: Body 60; Speed: 60; Mind: 120; Soul: 30

Once more unto the breech (without any dear friends): This power allows Anne to make one of anything she can imagine happen. It lasts an amount of time equal to her percentage in this power and then the world snaps back to normal. However, the memory of what she did remains with people. For example, she could have someone’s leg rot. It would be better in a bit, but you'd still have the memory of it rotting with you. She is limited to visual range for the most part, but can cause effects over an area she can envision as well. She can also only call up one specific thing once a day (sometimes once a week or month for bigger effects). However, she can get around that by calling up hemp rope, then silk later on etc.. (120)
Lord, what fools these mortals be!: +50 Mind.
You shall more command with years than with your weapons: She can make people cringe like any really good teacher, with a glare that can curdle milk and a voice that can stop people in their tracks. It also prevents her arthritis from acting up. (30 - obsession)

Flaw: Besides being insane, Anne has a tendency to kill children and old men rather indiscriminately. She also has no morals to speak of, which to her isn't a flaw at all.


“There’s more to life than living forever.”
- William Barton, “The Transmigration of Souls”

Summary: Carl Jefferson was your average, down to earth father. He had a loving wife Angelica, no children (he's barren) and a comfortable job. That is, until he became immortal. Now, unable to die, he has lost pleasure in things that once mattered and left his wife to find out what caused this. Meeting the Eugenics by mistake, he was killed by Master J and, while his body remade itself, he was shocked he had been killed - or even hurt at all. He follows them now out of fear, since Master J could make him die over and over and over until he went mad, if Number One asked. He is, of course, unaware that he can't even go mad.
Description: Carl is a pudgy, short and weary looking man in his late 40's with brown hair and eyes. He is wearing some jean shorts and a white t-shirt.
Obsession: None any longer, was once his relationship with his wife.

Stats: Body: 60; Speed: 60; Mind: 60; Soul: 60

Immortal: As a true immortal, Carl can't age, change, be hurt, die, go mad, breathe, eat, sleep or anything else at all. Nothing can kill him (except the Omnipower, and even then he returns). He can also - if very angry - cause things to decay and age around him at a phenomenal rate. While this doesn't work on people, it works on plants, rocks etc. just fine. (200)
Better Than The Average Joe: +5 Body, Speed, Mind and Soul. (20)
Languages: He can pick up new languages very quickly. (30)

Flaw: As an immortal, Carl has no access to his Obsession or Passions. As well, he will get to feel more and more detached from the world of life and death as he lives. He has no reason to learn things or do anything since he needs nothing.

The Queen of the North

I survived. I do not know if that is the same thing as not dying.
- Peter S Beagle, “The Innkeeper’s Song”

Summary: The Queen possesses the ability to create snow and ice, in large quantities. She's nasty, amoral and just out to have a good time at the expense of everyone else. Before gaining her power, she was Xantha Harpur (her parents wanted something with an X), and is 20 years old. She's from Canada and was studying overseas to become an lawyer (a family tradition). Her family are currently ice sculptures in Vancouver that no one has been able to thaw.
Oh, and she got killed by Rick and brought back by Master J so she's just plain nuts now :)
Description: Xantha is a tall, striking woman with long blond hair and blue eyes. Her skin is corpse white and chill to the touch. She's currently wearing a bright red bikini.
Obsession: Money! Fame! Fortune!

Stats: Body: 40; Speed: 55; Mind: 55; Soul: 70

Call The North Wind: Xantha can make it snow anywhere, as cold as she wants. As long as she is within 10 miles of the area, the snow continues as long as she wishes. Otherwise, it dissipates over time. (70 - obsession)
Ice, Ice, Baby: Xantha can freeze people, making them very cold to the point of death. She can create ice (and snow, and water, if she really wanted to) at will and is immune to the cold. This power is always active so she is always surrounded in a freezing chill and, if stuck to a metal post, would be in a serious amount of pain. (50)
Breath of Ice: She can deaden peoples emotions and make them serve her as their queen. (30)

Flaw: Xantha has a hard time not using her powers. She loves being in control of things and being able to do what she wants. Holding cities for ransom would be just a good time for her, and far less evil than being a lawyer would have been. Her power might be deadening her emotions as well but she doesn't know. Exposed to powerful enough heat, she will go into a coma if she is unable to fight it off.


Control does not come from strength, and strength does not come from anger; how, then, shall control come from anger?
- Daniel Keys Moran, “The Ring”

Summary: Brute (his actual name - parents aren't obliged to love their children) is a big, hulking and ugly fellow who's immense strength seemed to suit him perfectly. He likes to beat the crap out of people and is essentially a bully at heart. He was always really tough and tends to try and kill anyone who makes fun of him for his looks or the fact that he has a bad stutter. He joined the Eugenics because they told him he'd be able to hurt a lot of people. Like Number One, he likes hurting kids, but he also likes hurting everyone else - and their little doggies, too.
Description: Brute is a 8' tall, muscular monstrosity of mammoth magnitude. He has light brown skin (part his Indian mother, part never washing) with one green and one brown eye. His hair is crap brown and he's just really, really ugly, the kind of person that bags over the head were made for. Preferably plastic ones.
Obsession: Hurting you. Yes, you. And a lot, too. (Body Skill: Kick The Snot Out Of You And Shove Your Lunch Money Up Your Left Nostril, 270%)

Stats: Body: 270; Speed: 70; Mind: 40; Soul: 40.

King Of The Hill: +200 Body. Need we say more? :) He also heals faster than normal and attacks need to do over 70 damage before he actually registers that he was hit. (200)

Flaw: Uhm. Self explanatory :p

The Peace Makers


Summary: Arnold Smith was raised in his brother's shadow his whole life. David was famous, David did this, David did that ... and Arnold desperately wanted to be his brother, or someone else. He tried acting but ended up finding he made more money waitering tables than in two-bit acting jobs. On April 2nd, at an acting audition where he was to play the Grim Reaper, his power manifested. He did it so well everyone in the place died mimicking death unnaturally. The police came and arrested him and he was released to join the Peace Makers.
Description: Arnold generally appears to be a black male of about 6' tall. Anything else about his appearance varies depending on his mood.
Obsession: Not being Arnold (Power)

Stats: Body 80%; Speed 80%; Mind 60%; Soul 65%

Mimic: Arnold can mimic the shape, mind set and powers of anyone he sees or senses via other means. He also knows what they know about their own powers and limits and gains a glimpse into their character at an intuitive level. He can fool minor telepaths and most humans. He rarely takes on the shape of humans due to masculine insecurity. He is capable of mimicking the air (turning into wind etc.) as well. (100%)
Enhance Power: Mimic can enhance the powers of others or enhance one he's mimicked. He cannot decrease powers. Or, if he can, he never has yet.

Flaws: There is a very good chance that Arnold may one day forget who he is entirely. His personality tends to fragment a fair bit and bits and pieces of other's selves are lodged somewhere in his mind, increasing his sense of alienation from others. Despite, or because of, his splintered mind he's a very effective leader and extremely pragmatic.

Freudian Slip

Summary: Betty Holmes (nee Kopf) is an older German woman now in her late 90's. She's see a lot of change in a long, eventful life that eventually saw her marry an American soldier and return to the USA with him after World War Two. She thought she'd seen all life could throw at someone until March 30th when she gained the power to see and manipulate the dreams of others. Too scared of dying to kill herself, the formation of the Peace Makers was a godsend and she joined readily, living in a drugged state that allows her to use her powers 24 hours a day.
Description: Betty is a wizened, thin old woman with watery blue eyes and arthritic joints that make walking painful. But there is a sense of pride or just plain human stubbornness about her that lets others know that she's willing to take anything life can throw at her.
Obsession: Protecting her family (power)

Stats: Body: 30%; Speed: 20%' Mind: 80%; Soul: 85%

Dream a little dream: Betty can enter and change the dreams of others. She can converse with people, alter their memories of events and allow them to recall conversations with her on waking and even allow people to hold meetings in a dream space. This space is a strange, grey fog land that she rarely brings people to because she gets the strong feeling she shouldn't be there. But through it she can take people anywhere in the world. She can even alter people's waking dreams - their obsession - for a brief time. If angered, she can even make dreams real. (250%)

Flaws: Betty is old and scared of her power and what it can do to others. She desperately doesn't want to die and is after some form of immortality for herself. She also has a hard time distinguishing between dream and reality anymore.

The Skipper

Summary: The Skipper joined the Peace Makers just after Freudian Slip. No one knows his nationality, or anything about him save that he looks a lot like that skipper on Gilligan's Island. He never seems to dream even though he sleeps and eats and everything else people do. Something about him sets people on edge, but they never know why ...
Description: The Skipper wears a borrowed navy uniform and looks to be in his late 40's. He smiles a lot but has a tendency to get angry over trifles.
Obsession: Staying alive (power)

Stats: Body: 60%; Speed: 60%; Mind: 40%; Soul: 60%

Hoppity Skip: The Skipper can skip through time. This powers acts somewhat like teleportation but can involve going through time as well as space. One interesting side effect is that he can have multiple copies of himself active in one location at once. If two of them ever strike each other, they explode. (120%)
Warp: The skipper can take groups of people to any location he wishes around the world in a group teleportation. As well, this power can be used to alter time in an area and can even alter light somewhat. At it's most basic level, it lets The Skipper fly. (100%)

Flaws: Classified by the GM


Summary: Naomi is an attractive girl of Japanese decent living in the US. She was studying at Harvard to be a geneticist when she got caught up in the lives of the PCs and, when Bender attempted to save her from being eaten by a dragon, was somehow bent oddly by his powers and saw or became many versions of herself and basically saw the multiverse, or something along those lines. The LJR captured her and she is currently on loan to the Peace Makers.
Description: Naomi is a very attractive, smart Japanese-American in her early 20's. Her eyes - or, more accurately, the gaping holes where her eyes should be are filled with colours altering at random.
Obsession: Being Sane (her power, in a reversed sense)

Stats: Body: 50%; Speed: 50%; Mind: 75%; Soul: 55%

Seer: Wow, that was easy. Seriously speaking, Naomi can see into the possible futures and pasts of anyone and anything just by looking at them. Her power is always active and she is only sane because the majority of Naomi’s inside her never had the power. So far she has been unable to change what she feels will be, but also knows that there is no set reality that must happen. (50%)
Oracle (latent): Under the proper conditions, Naomi can prophesy. (20%)

Flaws: Her power was never wanted, nor asked for. But she knows it is needed and that people need seers and oracles. It is this sense of duty and purpose alone that keeps her from finding a way to end her powers.


Summary: Major Major - his parents liked Catch-22 and his father was sadistic, is a major in the US army. His power manifested during a training exercise but fortunately didn't kill anyone. The military quickly tried to find his potential and were very impressed by his power when the higher ups said he had to join the Peace Makers.
Description: Weaponsmith is a tall, commanding man in his early 30's with weathered skin and a tough, no-nonsense look about him.
Obsession: Obeying Orders (power)

Stats: Body: 70%; Speed: 70%; Mind: 50%; Soul: 30%

Weapons, anyone?: Weaponsmith can turn anything into a weapon and use it as one. In his hands, anything becomes a deadly weapon. This makes guns really nasty and can even turn someone's own body against them. He can't use it to help, only to hurt. (120%)
Big Weapon Time: Weaponsmith can use things as weapons just by looking at them and the target (or visualising both). He can cause building to fall on people, weapons explode in their hands and other such effects. He has no idea what the upper limits of this power are. (80%)
Sense Catastrophe: Major Major can sense (sometimes) when situations are reaching a critical, explosive state. (30%)

Flaws: Weaponsmith doesn't question orders often. However, he is rather imaginative and the potential of his powers for destruction scares the shit out of him, to put it mildly.

Lucky Jim

Summary: Just another Irish kid on the streets of Toronto, Jim James was one of the few lucky enough to avoid getting caught by the police for various petty crimes over the years, and a few not so petty ones. However, no one's luck lasts forever and he got caught by a gang that wanted, well, someone to beat up. This was April 1st and his manifesting power caused them all to die, freakishly in a few cases. Fleeing the scene, he avoided near death five times before he began to realise how strange this was ... Not sure what has happened, and having no idea how to find out, he joined the Peace Makers in order to find out what he's become.
Description: An Irish kid with green eyes, long red hair and a generous dash of freckles, Jim has a cocky grin that tends to annoy people and a "to hell with you" attitude that certainly does.
Obsession: Being alive. And getting rich, maybe. (power)

Stats: Body: 100%; Speed: 100%; Mind: 60%; Soul: 60%

Lucky: Jim is just really lucky. He never gets hurt, people just give him money, he always wins bets etc.. While he has little conscious control over this power, he can make people unlucky by concentrating on them (or even lucky, if he's bored). His power alters probability to insane lengths and he's almost immune to Sparkie as a result. (200%)

Flaws: Lucky's power controls him, rather than the other way around. It protects him, and doesn't care about what happens to anyone else. If it's possible to avoid him dying, it will help cause that, even perhaps keeping him alive for a very, very long time. Of all the PCs, he might want someone to remove his power the most, but his power will ensure that never happens if it can. He might be able to render himself unlucky enough to suicide if he was really desperate.

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