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A hero is someone willing to die for a cause he doesn't believe in.
- Sen'giod the Cynic, The Little Book of Uncommon Wisdom, 2.iv

Welcome to Ios, an old world made by the gods, or perhaps the Builder, or maybe by itself if the Druids are right, a world of magic and mystery, of gods and ancient evils, a world of wonder and terror where the land cries out for heroes .. and only a brave few will answer the call.
Or, to put it another way, welcome to the Perfect Fantasy Setting, where all the Cliches can come true!

At least, that's the intent. Games, players and the dm being what they will, it's likely to diverge a lot from this basic idea (some of it definitely will: a stereotypical game would be boring). This site contains information on making PCs (basically how the classes fit into the world and racial changes and the like), a campaign section that will contain campaign-specific information and stuff on the PCs starting town, a world section listing things like the map and the gods and a glossary of terms. The players section will list the players, their PCs and PC descriptions as well as the same for important NPCs. I have no plans to have session summaries for this game: if a player wants to write them up for each session for extra XP (or in exchange for some weird item/power for their PC) talk to me.

Game Time

A true warrior knows that in the moment before you can die there is time enough in the world to do everything and nothing.
- Hadrien Dragonsbane, human fighter

A time and date haven't been set yet.

Basic Expectations

Expect nothing. Then you can be surprised when people succeed.
- Sen'giod the Cynic, The Little Book of Uncommon Wisdom, 8.ii
  • I expect players to make the sessions. If you can't, please let people know beforehand. Missed PCs will either be NPCed by me or another player (preferably the latter). If a way of running the session without the PC present is possible, that will be used instead. If the PC is NPCed by another player, you get 1/2 exp and they some of the other half, depending on how well the RPed your PC. If the PC is NPCed by me, you get no XP unless I'm in a really good mood.
  • Each PC must include an email address they can be reached at to be placed on the site along with their PC, so players (and the dm) can contact each other by means other than IRC between sessions.
  • The completed PC must include some of the background stereotypes (or variants thereof) in the background. A PC background, including PCs family and their names, any pets and friends the PC has and the like must be included with the PC.
  • Finally, you should create a section labeled "personality". This can be jot notes before the campaign on how you'd like the PC to play, then be fleshed out based on how you do play him or her. This will be given to whomever plays your PC when you miss a session as a guideline for RPing your PC.
  • When your PC levels, msg (or email) the DM with information on any stat changes. (This means your base attack/saves/str, dex etc./AC/HP changes. This information is kept in my notes for easy reference. You don't need to let me know what skills etc. you update nor send an updated PC unless you haven't in a while or updated the personality or gained a new class or will need someone else to play the PC next session).

Above all else, make a PC that will be fun for you to play. Talk to the other players and me about ideas/thoughts/conceptions and build a PC that you think will be interesting.

Special - PC Background

What was is not what will be;
What will be is not what shall be;
What shall be is not what must be;
What must be is not what is.
- Ancient Orcish Proverb

Normally a PC background isn't something I involve much in game. This will be covered in the section on |making your PC| as well, but just to clarify: a background is a must. It should contain some of the Background Stereotypes (or variants thereof) and answer the following questions:

Who is your father? What is he like? What do you like/hate about him? Do you love and/or respect him? Why?
Who is your mother? What is she like? What do you like/hate about her? Do you love and/or respect her? Why?
How many siblings do you have? What's your relationship to them?
Do you have/have you had a girl/boy friend? Why or why not? If you have, describe them.
Do you have any pets - would you like leaving them? Did you have any pets die on you in the past?
Have you ever killed someone? Why? Would you do so again, or even kill? When is it right to kill?
Why did you decide to become [PC's class]?
Do you like living in this village? Do you want to leave home? Why or why not?

That's the basic questions each PC should have answered somewhere in their background. The family information needs to include the names for said NPCs. While it might seem like a lot of work since the PCs will most likely be leaving home in a hurry in the first few sessions this information will be very useful. Plus, your background can warrant a PC gaining skills or things s/he normally wouldn't (Pa gives you a horse when you go, uncle Joe a sword etc.).

Rules "Changes"

When the sun rises red the wise man fears cold water.
- Jan'el, Utterances of the Wise, 212.23.

As you're all familiar with 3e D&D, I expect combat and the like to go by quickly. This is a role playing game, not a roll playing one. If you want to influence an NPC by bluff, make the roll BUT RP it as well. You may use rolls against other PCs, but any PC-PC interaction ("Go kill those men for me, please?") will be determined by role playing primarily. This doesn't mean that your bluff won't work, just that you need role play it in order for it to really work right.

Player: "Ok, I want Jesex to get out of my way - I'm dealing with that guard. I use bluff to get him to back off."
DM: "Role play it."
Player: "I warned you, Jesex .. " I put my hand on my sword and glare at him. "Get. Out. Of. My. Way."
Jessex: "We don't need to hurt him..." I step back, placing my staff between him and myself.
DM: OK, roll Bluff to work, Jessex roll sense motive. Continue the rp.

For combat, I want the game to be fast and quick. Learn how to use Sparkie's Init script (!init) and keep your init modifier in their, for one thing. The game won't be paused or halted for rule checks or confusions (unless you really think your PC might have not died if some rule had been remembered/followed right/whatever). If someone knows the exact rule for something, it gets used. Otherwise, we make it up and continue on. Fast, quick, and to the point.

For spells, a spell caster needs to have the PHB on them and have the spell information at hand for a spell they want to cast. If the DM (me) asks how much damage it does, you need to know that.

Rules Additions:

The road seldom walked is filled with the corpses of the brave who walk it.
- Hadrien Dragonsbane, in conversation

Critical Misses for combat. (if you roll a 1 to hit, then you make a reflex save [or dex check, can't recall which offhand], 10 or less = you screw up really badly, otherwise you just miss).
Critical Deaths 20, then if you get 20 on the crit, you roll again. Another 20 = the foe isd dead. Otherwise just a normal crit hit.)
Critical Miss for Skills: 1 = you screw up, badly.
Critical Success for skills: 20 = +10 to the result.

As well, there are no penalties for multi-classing PCS - Conan the thief did a really good Barbarian and Fighter impression :)

These rules are being added to give the story an even more heroic flavour (critical deaths) and because even heroes mess up, no matter how skilled they are. The critical success for skills gives PCs a chance to succeed in ridiculous DCs.

Make A PC
The World of Ios
Suckers -- err,Players
A Glossary
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