Why should intelligent species be immune to the threat of extinction that looms over every species that ever came to be?
- Orson Scott Card, "Xenocide"

This page is a listing of species made by players and the gms as well as species adapted from other sources for the game universe. No copyright infrigements are implied by any of this.

PC Species

These are species made for each player as their PCs. Each should be a finished product, with the species name, some common insults, description, their birth/life/death/society and the like as well as any special notes about technology and how long they've been in the Principality as a rough guideline.

None made yet.

NPC Species

These are NPC species that follow the above.

a'Lin (Made by Alcar)

The Dreamed (Made by Alcar)

Other Species

This page consists of brief looks at some other species, generally consisting of a quick summmary and any game data if it's added.

The Mri

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