Character Creation

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This game is a space opera one set in some unknown universe (perhaps part of ours, perhaps not) currently recovering from a war of sorts and dealing with the after effects of an army, trying to find out if the enemy really was defeated and general issues of surviving. Space Opera, for those who don't know, is science fiction, with the emphasis placed on characters rather than ideas (soft as opposed to hard science fiction Orson Scott Card vs. Larry Niven if someone wants names). The game places it's emphasis on telling a good story rather and character development. Perhaps the best example is Star Wars.

The game is going to use the Unknown Armies game system, 2nd edition. With some minor caveats as listed below:

  • Stats add up to 220 (As per normal UA rules)
  • Skills include the bonus 15 for being a PC plus Athletics, Struggle, Drive, Dodge, notice, Education, Conceal, Charm and Lie at 15% each and Iniattive at (speed/2)% as normal. BUT PCs get 440% to place into skills rather than 220% since PCs need more skills in a sci/fi game as compared to normal UA.
  • Also, PCs with psychic powers begin with 1 hardened and 1 flaws in the Unnatural. (Ditto with magic, if anyone decides to bring a magic-using species into the game.)
  • Your species should be listed along with the PC (it will be added to the species page) and the summary in the PC page if PC sheets get placed on the site.
  • Finally, the madness system will be used, but toned down from a horror level to a more manageable one based on when PC is stressed or really shocked at GM discretion.

A character sheet outline is below.

As well, keep in mind that PCs are generally better than the average member of their species, and that UA characters can die really, really quickly. Make your PC with survival in mind as well.

PC Sheet

Player name: Your IRC nick.
PC Name:
Summary: Very brief.
Description: The PCs.
Species Summary: (Quick thing of what yuou put on the species board)
PC Background:
Wound Points:

Fear: The fear (plus one of the madness checks as the stress for it)

Body: stat (Descriptor)Skills listed as Skill %; Skill %; etc.
Speed: stat (Descriptor)Skills listed as Skill %; Skill %; etc.
Mind: stat (Descriptor)Skills listed as Skill %; Skill %; etc.
Soul: stat (Descriptor)Skills listed as Skill %; Skill %; etc.

[Stats add up to 220]
[Skills include the bonus 15 for being a PC plus Athletics, Struggle, Drive, Dodge, notice, Education, Conceal, Charm and Lie at 15% each and Initative at speed% in addition to the 440% that can be placed into a pc. Whew!]

Obsession skills should be in CAPS or surrounded with *asterisks* or something so the GM knows what yours is quickly.



What your PC owns.


Any notes needed about what a skill does etc.


I think two kinds of humanity create events: fools and visionaries. Chaos itself may be an illusion. Perhaps what we do does matter. I think it's a chance worth taking. I'd hate to leave it all to fools.
- C J Cherryh, "Visible Light"

Foy Lynton Lexis (Chaos`^)


"But who is a fool?"
"Any of us. Mostly those who never wonder if they're fools."
- C J Cherryh, "Visible Light"

Klin Lijarl (Alcar)

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