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Presume not that I am the thing I was.
- William Shakespeare

Your characters can be from any branch of human history, perhaps even from a future if you talk nicely to the GM. What set you apart from the teeming masses of humanity is that you either knew about the horrors that lurked in the world or discovered their existence in old scrolls or by meeting one (and surviving that). Furthermore, you chose to defend the world against these things. Somehow, you attracted the attention of the Stalkers, who offered you the choice to become like they are, mortals reborn by the Primal Powers that have existed since before the universe was destroyed and reborn in it's present form.

You discovered the nature of the universe when stripped of Flesh, became a being of Essence capable of bridging the world of Essence and Flesh. You learned the truth about the darkness you fought, that they were the Unbidden and it was your duty to bind them to be imprisioned in the Vault made by the Primal Powers.

You learned they were god, or the gods, the first beings made of Essence by the Primal Powers who survived the death of the last universe and entered this one, making beings who culd dream up a world out of the Essence, a realm of Dream, the world of Flesh. They are the Aesthetics, the begins that made the universe you knew out of the Essence. And sometimes they go mad, and long to enter their own creation. They are not welcome, nor wanted. The are Unbidden, and must be destroyed to preserve the Dream.

Player Characters

It is a terrible thing, this kindness that human beings do not lose. Terrible, because when we are finally naked in the dark and the cold, it is all we have. We who are so rich, so full of strength, we end up with that small change. We have nothing else to give.
- Ursula K Le Guin

Note: all pcs are expected to know the terms listed in the glossary.

Character: ChimeraPlayer: Baliadoc
Looming a towering ten feet tall, and almost nearly as wide, Chimera is a sight to behold. Literally ripped from legend, Alecs' true form takes on many, if not all aspects of his Keys. The right head is a that of an Eagle, whose aloofness and superiority to other races gives him the ego to be sure of what he is, and what he can do. In the middle, the Lion's mane and fierce face are the picture of courage and pride, mightily defying those who would dare stand above him. And to the left, the fierce Dragon, who shows no fear, no matter what he faces, for he has seen and done most all of it himself, and there is no challenge that is too much for him to handle. And yet, though six eyes burn with a fire that shows only ferocity and power, his body is covered in a soft, deep brown fur, very soft to the touch. Though he carries Excalibur with him where ever he goes, and is perhaps called upon to put it to use against the demons he creates to ever improve himself, his hands are soft and uncalloused, his touch gentle. He is a fierce, powerful, and gentle creature. A true myriad of feeling.
Character: CooperPlayer: Chaos`^
Cooper looks nothing like a human. He looks like a cross between a cat, a dog, and a humanoid. His eyes are catlike, his nose is doglike, and his ears are indistinguishable. He is short, about 5', but he is wide, and has muscles large enough to crush an elephant. He wears Five daggers of exact length and size down his chest.
Character: EldonPlayer: Dark83
Eldon is a large, well built man dressed in a dark jumpsuit, with gold ensigna on the collar, and a sparse equipment harness strapped on that crosses his chest. From the shoulderblades spout faint, half-seen, bluish purple tendrils of energy in two clusters, providing a wing-like effect that almost seems to not be there. His skin is well tanned, almost golden. His dark hair moves slightly about in an unseen wind. His keys are cylinders attached to his belt, of undeterminable purpose.
Character: Harold GibbonsPlayer: Caltak
Harold is a very well-muscled man looking around 20. He stands almost 8 feet tall, and wears armor that somehow gives the impression of medieval plate, modern kevlar, and futuristic cyber-armor all at the same time. On this armor is a Police badge. At his side is a pistol that seems like a merging of modern tech and a futuristic blaster, and on his back is a sword that's much larger than anything he could realistically weild, even at his stature, that glows a bit with energy. On his chest, on the oppsite side as the badge, is engraved the image of a clock. At the 12, 3, 6, 9, and in the center, are set gems that are different colors every time you look at them. The engraved hands of the clock also seem to change position every time.
Character: HortemerePlayer: Anadine
Pale white human looking, with a brown robe. Stands at 5'11",and hangs a whip on his hips. Has a chain with a cross on his chest, and a tattoo of a cross on his back. Eyes are sunken in, and has a wirey frame.
Character: LiamPlayer: aslhk
A very large man, clad in bear skin--you know it?s a bear, probably, as its face remains attached. It appears he could use it as a mask if he so desired. He is very muscle bound, and his eyes glow fiercely, flashing when he?s angry. More later.
Character: LutherPlayer: Darkkin
Luther's Avatar stands 5'11 wearing a 1930's grey longcoat with 5 symbols around the neck pice along with a half white and black shash around his wast and wearing a Black and white leather glove on his left hand.
Character: TheronPlayer: WarezBert
Theron is a tall, Grey-Skinned man wearing a White trenchcoat that drags on the ground, Grey gloves, and a Black hat. He wears Chromed glasses, and never removes them. Seen from the side, his sockets are empty, and completely filled with darkness. You can see no trace of hair peeking out from under his hat.
Character: VincentPlayer: Keith`
Vincent stands at 6' a slender man in his late 20's a wide red head band covers his forhead, his shoulders and chest covered in read kevlar. there are many bluckles holding the kevlar together. his long strait black hair has down over a red cape, ending at mid back, above his right eye afew lose strainds of his short bangs hang over the bandana. the cape ends at the calf of his leg, his pants are black with a belt, his boots, also black, come up knee high and are form fitting, which steel toed.

Sample PCs
"To see what is really there is a gift granted to few. To face the horrors that lurk in the Dream requires a courage not held by many. Few can hold up a torch to the darkness without being snuffed out."
- The Seer, a Stalker.

The Seer A sample Stalker for PC reference.

Character Sheet

This is a .txt sheet. Nice, simple, easy to use. Just cut and paste it into notepad and you're laughing.

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