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If you never fall, you dance in constant fear of falling.
- Suzanne Farrell

The world you knew is a lie. We are not alone in the universe, indeed we are but a dream of the universe, a Realm of Flesh Dreamt by the Aesthetic servants of the Primal Powers who survived the death of the last universe.

The Enlightened among mortals know this truth, or some of it. But there are darker things they don't know, that the evils that enter the Dream, threatening to corrupt its very fabric, are the very Aesthetics who made it.

To stop these beings gone mad with longing for what they made, the Primal Powers pick certain mortals to do battle with the, to Stalk them. They forsake mortality for Immortal Essence, forging their humanity into five keys that allow them to return to the Realm of Flesh and hunt these evils.


"A cap of good acid costs five dollars and for that you can hear the Universal Symphony with God singing solo and the Holy Ghost on drums."
- Hunter S. Thompson

In the beginning of the universe there were the beings who had survived the ending of the last one, the beings known as the Primal Powers. Alone in the empty world of Essence, they longed for what had been. For reasons unknown, they created other beings out of Essence, beings who held the power to Dream another world, to forge another part to the universe. Those beings, the Aesthetics, made the Realm of Flesh. That Dream is our universe, our world. Two halves of a whole seperated by the Neitherspace. In that realm lie beings called Shadows that were never planned by the Aesthetics. These beings touch both Flesh and Essence but are part of neither, unless Awakened by dark acts.

But sometimes the painter wishes to do more than see the painting. Even creators can change, grow tired ... long for things. These Aethetics enter the realm of Flesh they made, their arrivally causing strange Anomalies in the world that are a result of it entering the world. Each Unbidden is bound to what drew it here, an Enigma that spreads Corruption through the world and threatening the Dream. It must be stopped.

You are what stops it, the Stalkers of the Unbidden. Mortals given new life as Immortal Essence, guarding the world from the twisted obsessions of the creators. This is your task, your duty, your obsession. Pray you never fail.

A good overview to the game can also be found at this site.


There were our own, there were the others.
There deaths were like their lives, human and animal.
There were no gods and precious few heroes.
- Hamish Henderson

More information will be added to the world when/if a true campaign begins set in a specific locale.

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