Make a Character

A man said to the universe:
"Sir, I exist!"
"However," replied the universe,
"The fact has not created in me
A sense of obligation."
- Stephen Crane, in "War is Kind"
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Make a normal (220 point) human using the pdf file that tells you all you need to know about making a PC. Keep in mind that UA stresses emotional realism. (Oh, and fill out the questions first.)

All PCs also get another free skill: Power Manipulation 15%.
Power Manipulation allows the PCs to toy with their powers in ways they weren't normally meant to be used. This can be used to get a burst of energy, or use a TK power to, oh, break down cell walls. Things that the power you pick wouldn't normally do. It also works differently from other skills in that it always works. Every time it's used, the player rolls. If they get under their skill, it works as usual. If they get over, it stil works but they *must* put XP into it the next time they can (1 per use, minimum).

  Character Sheet  

Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.
- Oscar Wilde

PC superhero name (Player name)

Name: PCs real name.
Identity: Public or secret? (If secret and some friends etc. know, put that here or in background.)
Summary: Quick summary.
Background: Past.
Friends & Family: List 'em.
Wound Points:


Fear: list it (then link to Violence, Self, Unnatural, Isolation or Helpessness)

Body 00 (descriptor)
General Athletics 15%; Struggle 15%
Speed 00 (descriptor)
Dodge 15%; Drive 15%; Initiative [1/2 Speed]%
Mind 00 (descriptor)
Conceal 15%; General Education 15%, Notice 15%
Soul 00 (descriptor)
Charm: 15%; Lie: 15%; Power Manipulation 15%


Power (%) Description


Flaw. Description. Bonus points (work out with GM).


What you own. Include monthly income, and/or source of it.


Notes describing skills/powers/something else.


List some goals for your pc. (These can be player and/or PC one.)


'There are two kinds of intelligent creatures in the galaxy: those who can fight, and those who are extinct."
- Ben Bova, "Orion Among The Stars"

Each PC has 110 points to spent on starting powers. This can be increased via limitations or flaws, described in the next section. (mutants and move some of the 110 into the 220 or vice versa with GM approval.) All powers are either minor (20 points), medium (50 points), or major (90 points). Powers can't be increased beyond that, but if increase in effectiveness if you buy the power again. For example, someone with 110 points could get super strength as a major and minor power. The order of powers in terms of importance to the PC will matter as well, so if you have 2 medium powers, the one listed first is the one the PC uses/needs/likes/cares about/trains with (or whatever) the most.

Sample Powers:

Climb walls
Control Animals
Enhanced Senses
Precognition (hunches)
Special Vision (x-ray, or whatnot)
Weaponry (claws, spikes, etc.)

Change Shape
Create Darkness/Fire/Light etc..
Energy beam
Mental Domination
Precognition (see the futures)
Super Speed/Strength/Toughness

Adaptation (monkey see, monkey do)
Energy Absorb/Drain
Force Field
Power Duplication/Theft
Shape Shift (major stuff)
Super Speed/Strength/Toughness

* Talk to Alcar about taking these.

This is a very rough idea of where a given power could "start". The list is of course far from complete and is just here to give people ideas.

Flaws & Limitations

Everyone has problems, heroes tend to have more than others. It comes with the territory. A limitation is a weakness to a superpower primarily, and can eventually be bought off with experience. Wild talents uncontrollable change and the like could be limits. Flaws are flaws. Flaws give more points, naturally, and normally can't bee bought off without paying experience equal to double the flaw.

Sample Limitations (most limitations give between 5 and 20 points:
Addiction (you gots one) - 5-20 points.
Augh! Kryptonite! (your power is weakened by something else) - 10-20 points, depends on how common the weakness is.
I Suck! (your non super form is limited (paraplegic, blind, deaf, mute or something. Only applies if you change forms to use powers.). - 5 points, normally.
Uncontrollable Change (you change when you get angry, or during the moon, or whatever. Means that your powers only work when you change). - 20 points.
Wild Talent (power manifests whenever it wants) - worth 10, normally. Depends on the power.

Sample Flaws (most flaws give between 10 and 50 points):
Change (powers only work if you change bodies (or whatever it is) from human to superhuman) - 20 points.
Dark Secret (something about your past, if it comes to light, would ruin your PC) - 20 points minimum.
Dependants/Family (hehehehehe) - At least 10 points.
Handicap (pc is deaf/mute/missing hand/whatever all the time) 5 points minimum, even if powers can compensate.
Public Identity - 10 points, if you have family/friends a super villain could get to...
Recharge (you need to recharge your powers every day or week) - 10 points minimum.
Registered With Government - 10-20 points
Secret Identity (and keeping it from family etc. wouldn't be easy...) - 15 points
Special Item (you can only access your powers via armour, or a ring, or whatnot) - 10 points minimum.
Weakness (some thing(s) hurt you more than others) - 5 point minimum.

These are just very rough guides and don't expect to automatically get them. A weakness to someone saying your name 4 times fast in Sanskrit to weaken you would NOT be allowed. The limitations and flaws are in the game to allow fun RP and help characters make the kind of PC they want, at a cost. Please don't try and abuse the system.

The 220 and 110 point division can be blurred if a PC wants as noted a`bove. Mutants - those born with a power - tend to be a case in point for this (mutant telepath with mental domination, one as major the other medium, could take the other points needed from the 220, as a possibility), but can't take flaws dealing with being unable to control their power. If someone wants to have gadgets (a vehicle or whatnot) as their powers, this works as well. Keep in mind that this is a super human all - all PCs should have super powers of some kind and are heroes.

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