'There is no such thing as a conservative hero.'
- Christopher Moore, "Lamb"
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This page consists of the sheets (updated infrequently) of the PCs and major NPCs of Aftermath.

Player Characters

Echo (Carl Shami ) (played by Tass)
Julius Aurelius (played by Kentari)
Malestrom (Alex Major)
Paradigm (Zachary Ryan Oleridge) (played by Baliadoc)
Phantasm (Brett Joad) (was played by Kentari) [Currently in jail - out of the game]
SturmGuard (Piotr) (Gemm)
Vesper (Kate Aismen) (played by Chaos`^)
Vora (Caltak)

Non-Player Characters

Needles (played by Alcar)

Player Characters


If you're not ready to die, then how can you live?
- Charles de Lint

Name: Carl Shami
Identity: Public - kinda
Summary: Carl is a medium, plain and simple. People tend to think he's a wack job unless he can prove it to them, and even then are quick to accuse on baser forms of trickery. He realises he can help a lot of people, if they'd just freaking listen to him.
Personality: Pure of heart, and maybe a little cynical with what has happened, but definitely an introvert now.
Description: 6'6 white haired(recently) Blue eyed gangly young adult

  Julius Aurelius 

One must be free in order to learn how to use one's powers wisely.
- Immanuel Kant

Name: Julius Aurelius
Identity: Public
Summary: Julius is.. well, not much at first glance. Most don't last long enough for a second.
Personality: Julius ALWAYS seems to have something else on his mind. Most of the time he's pretty good about it not getting in the way of what needs to be done. But, still, there's always that little bit of him that seems to be looking somewhere else at something big.
Description: Julius is a 20-something looking guy who wears the typical trenchcoat/sunglasses outfit. As for details, he carries an expandable pole at his waist, and his only other discerning feature is that he's completely bald.


You should emulate your heroes, but don't carry it too far. Especially if they are dead.
- Anonymous

Name: Alex Major
Identity: Secret (Only mother and govt know identity)
Summary: Alex was born in 2004, son to Crystal Major (Weaponsmiths sister), and Void. When he was 4 years old Void died and his uncle Weaponsmith was sentenced to life in prison. He grew up normal with no powers and at 16 his heroic nature manifested. His mother revealed to him who his father and uncle were and thus Alex joined the realm of heros.
Personality: Alex is pretty intelligent, and calculating. Unlike his father hell think things through, sometimes, before acting on his emotions. However hes quite lonely. He grew up without a father and other kids avoided him. (they claimed to get the chills around him)
Description- normal: Usually dresses in all black like his father, 62, fairly slim. Attractive but not descript.
Description- super: Humanoid figure covered in red and blue flames representing his fire and ice powers.


Marketing fads, like Total Quality Management or Relationship Marketing, are those viruses that breed quietly in dark corners, then before you can say, "Shift the paradigm," spread through the industry like an explosive strain of the Beijing flu. The result is very similar: for a while it's all everyone can talk about, then you get nauseous and everything you do is crap.
- Max Barry

Name: Zachary Ryan Oleridge
Identity: Known to a few.
Personality: Zachary is a fairly quiet individual. Hes always focused on the task at hand, while at the same time seemingly preoccupied with something that seems much more important. Hes very friendly when he wants to be, and is a rather pleasant man to work with. But people always get the feeling that hes distracted by something else.
Description: Zachary is a man of average height and build with dirty blond hair, with something of a red tint to it. His eyes are blue-green, though they have a dull brown undertone to them. He looks like he works out, and to some appears as if hes lost weight in the past few weeks, or put some on. In effect, he reminds everyone of someone, in one way or another. The only thing that jars that memory from peoples minds is a small circular metal plate on his left hand, where the drug injector is placed.


Perhaps I know best why it is man alone who weeps: he alone suffers so deeply that he had to invent laughter.
- Neitzsche

Name: Brett Joad
Identity: Secret (Those who know what he is don't know who he is ... yet.)
Summary: Brett's an 18 year old wandering orphan searching for something to care about.
Personality: Brett wants to care about something, but can never find it. As a result, he usually comes off as either mildly concerned about everything or coldly removed from the world around him, depending on the situation. When it comes down to taking care of business, Brett can be ruthlessly devoted, which more often than not is bad for his health. Since Brett considers himself to be on a quest, he doesn't involve himself with people too much, but once he remembers what his quest is he realizes his behavior is a paradox. In short, he's a reserved guy who only has inner conflict when he stops to think about it.
Description- normal: Brett's an 18 year old with black hair, grey eyes, average height, and very lithe build. He's got the look of someone that lives a nomadic life: ready to move at a moment's notice. As for details, he keeps his hair pretty short and usually wears dull clothes that are in good condition but don't look like they're the latest fashion. Other than a pair of shades, a pocket knife at his side, and sometimes a backpack, not much about Brett stands out.
Description- super: Brett enveloped in a surreal green/black flame that usually blocks out his body is a pretty basic description of Phantasm. Of course, the aura changes with the conditions Brett is under, but that goes without saying. (Ever seen a Protoss Archon? That's what I'm talking about.)
Update: No longer a PC, since he's in jail for murder after his Dark Secret (i.e. kiling 200 people once while not sane) came to light.


Make yourself into a sheep, and you'll find a wolf nearby.
- Russian Proverb

Name: Piotr
Identity: Public
Summary: Piotr comes from Russia and has a family there that he is trying to bring over to America. He has brought one of his dogs with him. He got most of his powers from regular body-building, but was subject to experiments and become the behemoth he is today.
Personality: Piotr enjoys the company of others, is very friendly, and otherworldly at times.
Description Piotr now stands at 8'3" and is built like a wall. His hair is black, and eyes are brown.


There is no such thing as justice -- in or out of court.
- Clarence Darrow

click for larger picture of VesperName: Kate Aismen
Identity: Secret; Nobody knows so SHHHH!
Summary: She can throw rocks from the sky to burn your ass down! And she carries guns and can shoot really good.
Personality: Generally good natured, shes a good lawyer, she sometimes uses her powers to get some inside information but nothing that would break the law, just a little window peeking and accidental overhearing. She acts much like a mother to the kids in the house, but is very young and not very good at it.
Description- normal: /me is a very attractive woman in a very stylish business dress. She carries a briefcase that likely hold most of her files for the day. She walks with a step that says she knows where shes going, and it might not be a pretty place.
Description- super: /me is a very athletic looking woman wearing a black trench coat and black cargo pants. She wears combat boots and looks ready to enter a war. She looks at the sky with a sureness in her eyes and is always looking around her for someone sneaking up on her.


"We have the same abilities, the same functions and each of us has been given the same gift ... the capability to love ourselves and others.
- Unknown

Name: Vora
Identity: She doesn't exist.
Summary: [Censored] with a [Censored] and [Censored] who [Censored]. Truthfully, you don't want to know. I mean it! I'm not saying that for effect; you really don't.
Personality: Loving, caring, giving, nave, helpful.
Description: /me appears to be a highly attractive young woman, with long hair and beautiful yes. She seems athletic; thin but not too thin, toned but not too muscular.

Non-Player Characters


Thus, for example, tanks, battleships and bombing planes are inherently tyrannical weapons, while rifles, muskets, long-bows and hand-grenades are inherently democratic weapons. A complex weapon makes the strong stronger, while a simple weapon --so long as there is no answer to it-- gives claws to the weak.
- George Orwell

click for larger picture of VesperName: John Stewart Jr. (technically, but no one ever calls him that. He doesn't even know it's his name)
Identity: Public
Summary: Mutant pissed off angsty cynical pacifist.
Personality: Needles isn't insane. Really. He just thinks he is. His fear of killing does border on the pathological since it's one of the few lines he's set up for himself since childhood he hasnt crossed. But there is a lot of hurt and anger in him, and denying it has only made it stronger over the years, which he is aware of thanks to that shrink. He hides it behind a deep cynicism, sarcasm and being generally pissed off at the world, rather than try and deal with his fears.
Description: Needles is a short (5'2"). thin and wiry kid with stormy grey eyes and blond hair. his name is readily apparent because his hands end in very sharp and nasty 2" claws and his teeth are just as pointy and sharp.

The more complete version as an example for making a new pc can he found here, now.

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