Among a people of everyday heroes, super-heroes are not needed.
- Unknown
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This is a listing of some GM rants (always fun :p) and the session summaries.

  Rants, Raves & Ramblings  

The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it.
- Thucydides

I choose you [insert pc name]!
#1! (June 17th, 2003)

So you've decided to play your PC. Eight sessions have gone by, so I'm hoping you've gained a feel for the city/world and your PC, along with any NPCs they are friends with. By this point, you should have some idea of your PCs personality. The question for all of you then ... where do you want the group/team to go in game? And, as importantly, what goals do you want your PC to achieve in game? Out of game ideas for some goals or problems? Discuss them with me and we'll see what we can do. Have plot ideas? Toss 'em over. the game can currently go in any direction you all want - want to save Haven from a threat and become media darlings? Or deal with the issue of the missing kids and run into politics? Try and find Void? Figure out the caramilk secret?
Hah. Got you. You'll never manage the last! But, seriously, talk to me about the rest and we'll see what happens.

  1. Experience can now be "burned" (i.e. used) to reduce the damage from an attack. This can only be used with unspent experience and works the moment you get hit, reducing the severity of damage. You must let the GM know you're doing this the moment you get hit.
  2. New powers can be added to PCs, but *only* with GM approval. And it must fit into the current PC. For example, Needles would never get telepathy because he's geared for direct combat. Once you have spent points into a power, they are used. There will be no moving points between powers after they're used. (The definition of a power *could* be altered by spending experience for what amounts to permanent power manipulation, but keep in mind PM is just for stunts, mostly; it can't let you do something your power wouldn't normally do.)
  3. Lastly, experience for sessions is now going to top out at 5, for most sessions. (This won't include msg notices of +1 EXP for something neat.) Important events will lead to more than 5, but expect it to be the max.

Previous rants, raves, and ramblings can be found here, for your perusal.


"The person who is really in revolt is the optimist, who generally lives and dies in a desperate and suicidal effort to persuade other people how good they are."
- G. K. Chesterton

The information on the campaign setting can be found here
The headquarters added as well.

  Session Summaries  

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems.
- Mohandas Gandhi

Session 1 "Convergences" (May 22/03 // Oct 25/20)
Played by: ArthurQ, Baliadoc, Chaos, Kentari, Tass
Kate and Ryan are both approached at their homes by a man calling himself Shadow, who convinces them to work for one Quinn Taylor, owner of Taylor Exports, as part of a team to help change the world. Brett meets him in the Burg later on, possibly saving him from some irate kids in the process, and is also offered employment. Needles was approached as well, but last night, and said yes because of legal fees.
Arriving at noon at a semi-completed factory, the PCs are met by Mr. Taylor, who offers them pay (30K/year base for full time work, half for part time, full medical and dental) if they’l w ork together to deal with the kinds of crimes the larger, well known super teams never do. They’re not legal, yet (the paperwork is insane) but he is very gratified when they agree to his proposal, orders pizza, and heads off to some meetings.
The PCs show off their powers to each other, with Brett accidentally stealing one of Ryan’s and Kate going home to reveal to Jenny that she is superhuman.* A young man named Carl arrives at their not-that-secret-it-seems-even-though-they-just-begun home and claims to be channelling the ghost of Krys Taylor. Quinn is understandably unnerved at that over the phone and arrives in a hurry to find out what is going on, ending up talking to Carl for quite awhile.
The other PCs continue to get to know each other and plan for the evening, Ryan going home ot pack some stuff, get some food for the communal fridge, and buy Needles a playboy. Somewhere during that, Quinn leaves and goes home to think about what his sons ghost said.
* The Gm manages to resist all legal guardian as superhuman Batman and Robin references. He got 200 experience for that. But Jenny as a female robin would have been funny.
And in other news, Alex ends up meeting a ocnfused young albino named Winter, taking him home, and learning things from his mother about the PeaceMaker's he never knew (and about his mother as well...), visiting his uncle, and being involved in a few odd events, including the disappearing killer and the confused telepath.
EXP: Chaos, Kentari (4), ArthurQ, Baliadoc, Tass (3)

Session 2 "Awakenings" (May 23 // Oct 25)
Played by: ArthurQ, Baliadoc, Chaos, Kentari
Awakenings - basic layout..

Page 1
Panel 1: Kate is returning home with Jenny, driving the car
Panel 2: Jenny asks Kate about her powers. Is nervous. Kate explains, no FX.
Panel 3: Silence. Driving.
Panel 4: They arrive home. Long shot of the street. Clean. Suburbia.
Panel 5: They go into the kitchen. Also clean.
Panel 6: Jenny makes coffee, Kate goes upstairs.
Panel 7: Kate knocks on Waldo’s room.
Panel 8: Kate enters
Panel 9: Waldo looks tired, says hello.

Page 2
Panel 1: Waldo tells Kate about Quinn. Seems distant. Eyes look dull? plain?
Panel 2: W. finishes speech.
Panel 3: Kate thanks him, and leaves.
Panel 4: Tony is in his room, looking tired. And out the window. Scene is picture-perfect. He’s troubled and nervous.
Panel 5: Kate asks him about it. He looks a bit chagrined she sees through him so easily.
Panel 6: Tony asks Kate about her secrets. Guilty look on Kate’s face.

Page 3
Panel 1: Tony tells Kate about the neighbours, face as above.
Panel 2: Same, different angle.
Panel 3: Just a voice, show Kate’s confusion.
Panel 4: Tony finishes, not looking happy. Kate asks how he knows.
Panel 5: Show his confusion. Peeping tom feeling?
Panel 6: Kate calls it a talent, might look a bit worried. Thought: “What does he know about me?”

PAGE 4-5
Page 4
Needles and Brett, two separate locations. Lots of weird things, people watching both, Needles with wariness, Brett with suspicion.
Bottom: Aftermath logo, Credits

Page 5
Brett is at the fountain, again. Weird people (Girl with rainbow skin, boy with no face, kid with snake skin, other figures hiding in clothing. All look angry but ashamed. Afraid).
Title: Awakenings

Page 6
Panel 1: Faceless boy “talking” to Brett (telepathy).
Panel 2: Brett asks questions. Not detective. Should be a bit uneasy.
Panel 3: Girl talks to him instead, has conversation with Face too (no dialogue for it, just her responses)
Panel 4: Explain missing kid. Girl thinks he was ugly. Show features of other freaks a bit, to give it an absurd edge.
Panel 5: Brett explains reasons.
Panel 6: Brett leaves. Have them watch, silent. Face & Girl hold hands - scared, not sexual.

Page 7
Panel 1: Maelstrom flying over the Burg. Looks nicer from above.
Panel 2: Jason is swinging down at Needles. Very batman, but clumsy. Needles is following a man mad of recycled glass.
Panel 3: Jason asks Needles if it’s his and he’s littering. Needles should have a ”why me?” angry look.
Panel 4: Needles says no, Jason seems to deflate, brings up murder triumphantly (does his homework).
Panel 5: Close up on Needles face, beginnings of anger.
Panel 6: Maelstrom, exasperated, freezes Jason.

Page 8
Panel 1: Needles and Maelstrom talk. Needles is annoyed.
Panel 2: Brett meets the recycled man, talks to him
Panel 3: Jason is freed, and begins to bluster. Figures in an alley watch.
Panel 4: Recycled Man stops and asks for paper.
Panel 5: Needles moves, fast, and pins Jason, threatening him.
Panel 6: Brett pulls out some receipts and a pen.
Panel 7: Needles gives more threats, throws J at Maelstrom.
Panel 8: Recycled man writes that it knows something.

Page 9
Panel 1: Jason still looks angry. Needles throws ruined utility belt at him.
Panel 2: Brett reveals he is looking for the children.
Panel 3: Jason calls Maelstrom a fool and runs away.
Panel 4: R. Man asks why. Brett explains. R. Man writes “ask the doctor” Should look scared.
Panel 5: Needles explains why he’s in the Burg. Maelstrom walks with him.
Panel 6: R. Man writes “Dr. Filth,” in shaky writing. Brett, oblivious, asks where to find him.
Panel 7: The two shadowy figures attack them. One is a brick wall man, the other normal except for glowing light, blazing hands. Looks dangerous.
Panel 8: R. Man writes “Phone book.” Close up.

Page 10
Same as Pages 8 & 9
Panel 1: Light Man blasts needles, having seen his speed. Needles hits a wall.
Panel 2: Brett thanks the recycled man asks his name.
Panel 3: Brick Man attacks Mael, who burns him.
Panel 4: R. Man blinks (coke to pepsi bottles). No dialogue.
Panel 5: Light Man blasts Mael, hard.
Panel 6: R. Man writes “Ray”, Brett then says bye.
Panel 7: Mael duplicates.
Panel 8: Brett sees fight.

Page 11
Panel 1: Brick Man runs into Needles, implanting him in the wall.
Panel 2: Mael fires at both, Light Man retaliates. Very showy. Fireworks.
Panel 3: Brick Man jumps back, bleeding from cuts from Needles now sharp body. Mael puts Needles in ice shield.
Panel 4: Brett arrives, sees it as an attack for a moment.
Panel 5: Light Man attacks Mael again, Brick the shield.
Panel 6: Brett flies to Light Man, who thinks he’s stupid and blasts him.
Panel 7: L. Man falls, astonished. Brick Man is hurting, adapts/absorbs pavement for new body
Panel 8: Maelstrom stunned, worried Brick Man is dead. Pavement Man begins to come out of the hole.
Panel 9: Light Man runs away. Brick (Now Pavement) Man is blasted again and runs away

Page 12
Panel 1: Brett and Maelstrom talk, free needles, whose clothing is shredded.
Panel 2: Jilly (Jumper, all in black) appears, gives Needles new pants.
Panel 3: Jilly is amused, explains things to others.
Panel 4: Others decide to follow up on clues.
Panel 5: They meet Ryan just outside the burg

Page 13
Panel 1: Plan to go to Dr. Filths.
Panel 2: Maelstrom makes ice spoon, others get on. Needles is dubious.
Panel 3: Flight across the lake, very super, very neat. Revengers boat visible maybe?

Page 14
Panel 1: Brett asking about lower flight for street names, has map.
Panel 2: Ryan sees billboard ("Damn it Jim, I'm only a World Renowned Geneticist, Not a Doctor. Get iit right!" with an arrow pointing to a large modern office building where a figure of Spock is turning Kirk into a woman in hologram on the top.)
Panel 3: Dr. Filth office visible, very large, 1 acre, well kept, 10’ electrified fence.

Page 15
Panel 1: Close-up if fence. Electrified corpse on it, with sign “We weren’t joking:”
Panel 2: Others make plan to get inside.
Panel 3: Ryan points out laws.
Panel 4: Brett tries to talk to gate guard.
Panel 5: Fails, Ryan tries.
Panel 6: Suspicious guard says he called police.
Panel 7: Maelstrom freezes post and guard in it. Ryan continues spiel.
Panel 8: Ryan stops, not looking happy.
Panel 9: PCs jump fence.

Page 16
Panel 1: Long shot of PCs running across lawn. Paradigm walks.
Panel 2: Discussion of getting inside.
Panel 3: Needles horrified by others lack of understanding about B&E
Panel 4: More discussion.
Panel 5: Brett offers to blast door in with Light Man power.
Panel 6: Needles asks if he’s joking
Panel 7: Paradigm tells Needles to go back and get bail money prepared. Needles asks for cab fare, and leaves.

Page 17
Panel 1: Paradigm goes through walls.
Panel 2: Security guard is trying to raise police, and failing. Sees Paradigm, surrenders, but makes vague threat/warning.
Panel 3: Maelstrom breaks door by making it into glass, hears sound behind him.
Panel 4: Awesome Man is standing there, looking regal, awesome, the Defender personified. Scary in a father figure sense.

Page 18
Awesome Man is facing M and B, with Ring Man above making a shield around the place.

Page 19
Panel 1: Awesome Man tells them to surrender
Panel 2: Maelstrom explains their quest.
Panel 3: Awesome Man asks for legal proof, stops them. Demands it again.
Panel 4: Paradigm considers fleeing, decides not to.
Panel 5: The PCs surrender.
Panel 6: Ring Man makes a cage.

Page 20
Panel 1: Silent flight to police station.
Panel 2: Awesome Man explains it, officer asks the heroes their names.
Panel 3: Ring Man remains above them, on high, watching.

Page 21
Panel 1: Police station is very clean. Officer looks a bit worried, but not much.
Panel 2: Maelstrom and Phantasm give super names.
Panel 3: Paradigm gives his real one.
Panel 4: Others give their real ones.
Panel 5: The officer eyes Phantasm warily, and says he has to come with him especially.
Panel 6: Phantasm flares up.

Page 22
Panel 1: Phantasm faces officer. Other PCs hesitate, unsure.
Panel 2: Phantasm calms down, goes into cell.
Panel 3: Others go into cells.
Panel 4: All close. Finality style scene.
EXP: ArthurQ, Baliadoc, Kentari (7), Chaos (2)

Session 3 "Who do you think is lying to us?" Shevek demanded. Placid, Bedap met his gaze. "Who, brother? Who but ourselves?" (May 27 // Oct 26)
Present: Everyone. (Caltak and Gemm will be added into the game shortly)
Welcome, welcome one and all, to today’s issue of Insanity, wherein we try and turn 7 hours into a summary of events spanning roughly the same amount of hours of game time! Sounds difficult? Well, yes. Sounds impossible? Maybe, if we don’t want to end up with an essay. Sounds insane? Perfect!
We’ll begin at the beginning, for the sake of completeness. I lie. That part is classified, since Julius was trying to work out how to join the others. Okay, then. Next.
Kate talks to Tony, finding out Tony used Winter somehow last night to get Metal Man to go away. She then talks to Walter, who apparently killed his self in a sense against Defender last name, which was the reason they made it out of the house. Upon his confession that he’s afraid to use the ‘net anymore, because he keeps remembering dying, the Mother Of The ‘20’s says "You have to confront your fear's Waldo."
Maelstrom arrives home and gets a blistering lecture from his mom that ends in: "Putting on a costume doesn't mean you shut off your brain." Maelstrom takes a break from mom and talked to Winter and Jess. Winter tells Alex he had a weird dream, and creates some image of Tony as the cause, but thought it was a man and not a kid. Maelstrom does ironing.
Kate talks to Jenny, then explains to the police that she was kidnapped and describes a man she saw killed yesterday as the perpetrator for added confusion, says she got away, then slept overnight instead of notifying the police and also says the kidnapper made them all pack clothing and bring it along. Are the police a wee bit suspicious? Naw, ‘course not. Why would they be?
Julius meets Dr. Filth, and survives laughing at the wrong time over a comment about teeth and dental records.
Kate uses a password Waldo gave her and talks to real hackers.
Kate and Julius meet and talk about stuff, for business.
Kate uses the password again and talks to real hackers. Waldo had a fit when he finds out and has to use the net to try and cover for it, so she cures him by giving him a fit. Kind. Caring. Very Roseanne.
Ryan goes looking for George for Kate, and one of the burg residents, a kid named Snake, leads him to 7 kids (one of them George). George has super strength. His friends have invulnerability, flight (and speed), x-ray vision, heat vision, super shouting and super hearing. The kid with hearing runs away. Paradigm fights the others. The flight kid flies at him, but goes too fast and burns all his clothing off and collapses crying. The screaming kid destroys the ear drums of the x-ray kid, Snake breaks a hand trying to punch the invulnerable kid and settles for throwing him into a wall. Paradigm defeats the others and uses his own shout combined with Snake biting George to take him down. Luckily, Julius arrives to help deal with the invulnerable kid and Paradigm takes him, Julius, and the kids to the warehouse.
<Paradigm> (make a note. Kate doesn't get any more children to take care of)
Carl explains that whatever drug it is uses the soul to power it, sort of. Ryan and needles figure that the kidnapped kids are the source of the drug. Ryan begins to plan a way to make an antidote.
Maelstrom has a stern talk with Tony and Julius offers to block Tony’s dream talent, which he agrees to.
Julius meets Kate and finds her other job in the warehouse interesting :p
Carl sends one of his ghost friends to find Winter, by looking up Alex’s name in the phone book and sending it there.
Winter destroys the ghost, by accident.
Carl gets mad and goes there.
Maelstrom takes Julius to his place, hoping Julius can help Winter.
Carl gets inside, and asks to speak to Winter, who eventually realises that he killed Carl’s ghost friend and is horrified.
Maelstrom comes in and smashes a fist into Carl and pins him to a wall, hurting him badly. Something appears to defend Carl.
Maelstrom threatens Carl some more. Winter starts crying and telling Carl he’s sorry and asking Maelstrom not to hurt Carl.
All cars in a 2 block radius start up and their alarms got, off, as do kitchen appliances, as clods of dirt start floating about, the earth shakes a bit, and Alex's house begins to bleed
Julius talks to Mrs. Majors, who is in shock.
Maelstrom gets angrier at Carl. Winter tries to apologise, but gets all overwhelmed and finally says something about “no killing” and “just like that:” and vanishes. He also heals Carl and brings back the ghost, as a cost only Carl is able to understand, somehow breaking the spirit world and partially fixing it.
Tony somehow gets Winter’s dreams, but Winter won’t trust him, so he gives his life force to Winter to keep him alive.
Carl and Maelstrom talk a lot, but Maelstrom finds he can’t use his powers on the little snot, so it ends up as just a conversation with no dead bodies, summed up below: v<julius`> "The last thing winter said was not to kill. And the only killing I heard mentioned.. was from your mouth."
<Maelstrom> "I remember that Winter was scared solid of that idiot yelling at him"
* julius` says nothing more of the matter
<Maelstrom> "There wouldn’t have been any yelling if he wasn’t there.."
EXP: 10 each.

Session 4 Meetings (May 29 // Oct 26)
Present: ArthurQ, Caltak, Chaos, Kentari, Tass
Kate finds winter; brings him home. Carl gets Maelstroms powers back after Julius can't. Maelstorm thinks a friend of his took the super drug (Factor X). PCs begin to look for Jason.
EXP: 4 each

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.
- Thomas Sowell

Session 5 Confrontations (May 30 // Oct 26)
Present: ArthurQ, Caltak, Kentari, Tass
The PCs find and kill Jason. Julius and Maelstrom talk about Winter, Julius summing him up perfctly: "The poor kid seems to have some major difficulties with things". Julis gets a phonecall and reacts badly, hurrying south with Carl and in a panic. Something to do with work.
EXP: 6 each

And, in other news, Vora enters the game and heads out to do stuff with Snake, meeting Needles, helping hm and continuing on her way out of the Burg via the sewers.

Session 6 Secrets (June 1 // Oct 26)
Present: ArthurQ, Caltak, Chaos, Gemnm, Kentari
Containing secrets, thrills, chills and other wonders in the pulse-pouding Aftermath Alternative! The solution to boring comics(TM)!
Carl manages to keep one of the people at Julius' office alive by going into some energy-giving trance. Julius finds them, rushes to the hospital and calls Maelstrom for aid,who arrives with Jess. Needles is found by Kate and brought back to the warehouse. He explains where he was.
Jess manages to heal them, but Cleo nearly dies on her. Maelstrom takes her to the warehouse to sleep and recover. (Yeah, that was his reason. Honest.) Kate talks with Jenny a bit, getting some ideas while the hospital tells Julis that Cleo won't be able to wear prosthesis for her missing legs for a qwhile, and asks him to come back at 6am when she wakes up.
Julius returns to the warehouse and has a very weird conversation with Waldo and then a mature conversation with Winter.
Kate changes to Vesper and investigates the factory she saw earlier with Jenny and Needles. Needles is angry Vesper is bringing a civlian (i.e. human). They go on the roof, Vesper goes inside. Some British man is talking to scientists, and the armoued men turn on the 3 suits and detect Needles and Jenny on the roof. One flies up,Vesper intercepts a second and gets shot, but cripples the suit with meteors. She hears a scream from above and the first armoured men falls, suit punctured by shards and dead. She arrives on the roof to find Needles grabbing his head and trying to cover Jenny from the third. Vesper takes care of the third but the British man escapes on a car after shooting the scientist as Vesper is distracted by Needles collapsing and Jenny's cut.
Back at HQ, Vesper has Jenny clean herself up and takes Needles to his room. Needles tries to, well, dig out his brain with his claws and seems very incoherent, babling about no killing and pain, before passing out.
Vora and Snake continue, meeting people and, just as their session ends, the police wondering what some nice girl is doing walking towards downtown with some freak who looks like a snake...
And for his part, Snake resists the urge to mate. (Don't ask.)

And Piotr decides to consider joining a super team to pay his tuition and ended up in the Burg, where he meets a weird man called Peter, a girl called thorn and some kid who's basically a walking human tv station or something. He gets some advice for how to meet the PCs, but it hapens tomorrow, and the other pcs at still at today. (If that makes no sense, be glad we don't use comics time.)

EXP: 5 each.

Session 7 Have A Super Duper Day (June 5 // Oct 27(!))
Present: Everyone but Baliadoc, the rotter.
Julius goes to the hospital for 6 am to be there when his employee Cleo wakes from sedation and realises her legs got cut off. Great way to begin the day.
Jess and Carl meet (well, with both of them conscious this time) and Jess feels Winter and Needles’ pain and helps Winter get over some grief easily then realizes whatever happened to Needles was big. She tries to heal it, and fails - or, according to Carl, doesn’t try hard enough. Car l pushes and Malestrom gets mad.
Julius returns with Cleo and sees the others, then finds out Maelstrom is looking for a psychic and says he knows one, currently in the Burg. They arrive at a building to find quite a few dead bodies and a woman running down the stairs. Xavier - the telepath is question - is cowered in a ball at te top of the stairs and obviously not sane. Julius silences him and they return to the warehouse.
Julius, Cleo and Xavier talk in Julius’s room. Xavier tries to help Needles and succeeds, more or less, with Jess helping somewhat. Some other stuff happens, but it’s classified right now.
Maelstrom goes looking for drug dealers to deal with Factor X and finds out from a girl who claims she can blow up and kill people no one deals it in the Burg - she killled a few dealers. He eventually brings from back from outside the Burg and, with Carl’s assistance in torture, gets the name “Big Dave” from the man, who Jess heals moments later.
The session ends after an argument between Jess and Julius where she goes to Winter’s room to see if he’s awake and OK and Julius prepares for his meeting with James Lancaster.
Not bad for 3 hours of game time :)
Exp: 8 each

Session 8 Factor X Goes Wild - Details at 1 (June 9 // Oct 27)

“We interrupt this program to bring you live coverage of St. Ruth’s Catholic School, where a group of superhumanly endowed children seem to have taken over the medical clinic across the road in an antiabortion protest gone mad. Details are sketchy at this time, but it appears the youths killed the teachers at their own school and went across the road. The amount of casualties isn’t known yet and the Riot Squad has been called in, but according to Commander Marth lacks the authority to deal with children and is waiting for word from city has. Even as we speak, the scream from inside are - what's this? It seems some people just arrived in a van and are speaking to the Squad.”

- Live Feed Begins -
“Well, Beth, they’re not wearing costumes so they’re obviously not super - wow. That guy is tall.”
“I think you’re wrong Dave, they seem to be talking with the Squad and - and have gainer permission to deal with the situation. This could be a ticket to the big time, Dave!”
“Ah. Beth. Dear. We are live. Please try to edit yourself.
“Now, then. This is Dave Richards reporting for channel 3. It seems most of the other stations are experiencing technical problems but what we have here are a class of children taking over a medical clinic and some evidently superhuman people willing to stop it!”
“Correct, Dave. One of them has become a veritable storm of fire and ice and is - splitting himself in two?”
“Well, that must be fun for the parties, Beth.”
“I - I guess you’re right. Or when alo -”
“Uh... And he seems to be freezing the children and catching them, easily dealing with various energy blasts and the like. On the ground rocks, we have falling meteors and a very big fellow wading through attacks without thought for his safety effortlessly pinning children. Wait? What’s this? A mist is rising over the ground and - Auntie Em? Is that... you?”
“Dave? Dave? Ah. Well, as Dave was saying when he cut me off, it seems a mist has taken form and is scaring the children. Many of them have broken down crying and aren’t using powers any longer. 3 people have gone inside and - what’s that scream? Oh!”
“Beth? Dave? Aw, fuck. This .. ah.. this is Roger. The .. err .. camera man. Hi mom? Ah .. I have things on auto right now.. uhm, everyone is currently reeling around. Feel like I ran into a fucking brick wall. Christ on a crutch, it hurts! Beth and Dave are unconscious along with .. well .. most other people, it seems. There’s was a scream, then this wave of pain.
“Oh, and some kid with claws is staggering out, and the big guy is pulling out kids. Bet Beth wonders how big he is. Err. I hope the camera didn’t catch that. Anyway, children are being brought out and - the staff! The staff as - “
“Roger? Get behind the camera! This is Beth Anderson, reporting to you live. The hostages are being taken out by the superhmans, who seem to be in need of medical attention. My. When did the EMTs start dressing in SWAT gear? Things are getting out of hand here. A child is being taken out to the hospital and seems to be bleeding heavily. A second is dead. My god, that - that’s Emil from down the road....!”
“I feel like crap... ah. This is Dave, again. Take a deep breath, Beth. Focus .... focus. Good. The RS won’t let us near the heroes, but one of them is being taken out on a stretcher and another joining him in the ambulance.”
“It’s the one with claws. Kinky.”
“Roger .... please shut up? The grieving family of the slain boy seems to be there. I’ll get an interview, Beth try and talk to the heroes....”
- End of Live Feed -
Meanwhile, last night, Vora and Snake find out where the missing children are, but owing to a very thick door, guard dogs, 3 armoured men, 2 superhumans and a lot of guards armed with guns, are unable to extract them and forced to flee, barely making it out alive. They spend the night recovering and while the other PCs are busy beating up kids theyre making their way to the Burg in search of more help to free the captured children.

EXP: 15 each

Session 9 <Carl`> your one evil S.O.B. you knwo that, alcar? (June 16// Oct 27)
Present: Everyone, believe it or not. Well, except Chaos and Caltak.
Hi everyone! This is Sparkie, saying ... last session SUCKED! The only rolls made were by Maelstrom to try and possess Needles and by Julius to find a business card as a joke! There needs to be a LOT more combat and death, or I’m going to get mad. Now, for the summary....
Ryan continued with his efforts to fix George and friends and asked Winter and Waldo to help him fix them (handing him drugs and keeping an eye on vital signs). He managed to get rid of the powers of the kid with X ray vision but the kid was in a lot of pain and kept trying to claw his eyes out, saying “it hurts.” Winter remarked that it did work, some other whens, and reluctantly agreed to try and help, using his power consciously to fix the kid, even though he’s still not sure what his powers are. Ryan begins fixing the others, then leaves.

Maelstrom left the others in the Van and flew to Purgatory, where he met one Dr. Adrian Forsythe, who offered to help free Weaponsmith legally in exchange for talking to Julius and Needles about some security issues.
A doctor entered Carls room in the hospital and turned out to be an assassin search for Julius’ employee Cleo for unknown reasons. Carl managed to force him back and Needles pinned him.
Julius and the others arrived, Julius going up and talking to the assassin, who gave Julius 12 hours ot kill Cleo, then left.
Carl demanded to leave, claiming the place was killing him, and walked out with Needles’ help while Julius tried to arrange for permission for Carl to leave amid the bedlam of parents of Catholic school kids wanting to see their children. Carl did.. something.. and a white radiance flowed around him, blasting Needles out the window and allowing Carl to float to the ground.
Outside, Kate argued with her boss about keeping her job while Piotr helped the police keep the press back, breaking a camera in the process and is not in the process of being sued.
Carl seemed to recover from his injuries because of this new talent and helped Needles up and to the van. Julius drove them back to his office in the Burg and, during the conversation with Julius explaining who the assassin was, a strange woman appeared outside and blasted in the door. Tall, pretty, wearing a white full body suit with a red cross on the chest and carrying two hand-held defibrillators - as weapons. She blasted Needles, saying she knew he’s try something, and demanded to see Winter, now, looking angry and afraid at the same time. She said they must bring him, and Carl told her she didn’t want Winter. She looked at Carl, furious. "He is he only thing that can save - " then widened her eyes. "It ... changes...." and seemed to shimmer slightly. "No .. I don't want to die! Win - " and then vanished as if she never was .. and since Carl saw no aura around her, no one knows what she was.
Maelstrom arrived and asked Julius and Needles to come with him, Julius assuming it was to Purgatory, since Weaponsmith was mentioned. Needles flat out refused to go for any reason, so Mael called Dr. Forsythe, who has a chat with Julius and agrees to meet them Wednesday night at 9 pm in Hero Park.
The PCs go back to the warehouse, where Winter explains to Carl and Needles about what happened with Ryan and Julius goes into his room to talk with Cleo and Xavier, finding out rather quickly that Xavier is being controlled by the Evil Telepath Adrian Forsythe warned about.. The Telepath threatened to kil them both unless he’s given Needles and Forsythe. So the amount of death threats is going insane, for one thing. Needles does agree to go to Purgatory because Julius asks.
Julius calls Commander Marth of the Riot Squad and asks for a favour, and is told to go to the Burg and ask the Jumpers for help. Needles goes with him while Carl stays behind. They go to the burg and talk to Rainbow and Face, meeting Snake as well. Face offers them permission to have some of their people stay in the burg, but the jumpers - when visited - somehow cause over 2 hours of time to go missing for the two Arbiters, and says that if they bring the Evil Telepath to the Burg, he (or she, or it) will be .. dealt with - and to bring the body in any case, to be safe.
Julius also finds out that agreeing to do favours for people in the Burg is a very, very strange experience:
* Julius` turns around and starts talking to Needles, "Remind me to not offer favors ever again."
<Julius`> "Dr. Julius is apparently not gifted in the areas of sexual therapy." EXP: Julius (5), Carl, Maelstrom (4), Ryan, Piotr (3)

Session 10 Think first, then do (June 23// Oct 27)
Present: Everyone! Honest!

Trying to deal with the various death threats, Julius returns to HQ to find Xavier and Cleo have left (of their own free will, perhaps) since X believes he was compromised and C that she is putting him in danger. Julius gathers up everyone else and takes them to the safe house in the Burg. Ryan remains behind, to protect the place & because no telepathy would want into his thoughts anyway.
Carl drinks milk, then gets a message from Kate, who wants him in Hero Park for some reason. He stops in “The Grateful Fed Truck Stop” for coffee and a conversion with an ordinary fellow during a side trip down route 32., and arrives in time to see the Iron Sentinel fly away from a tombstone that may or may not have a body under it.
Waldo, deprived of the ‘net in the Burg, shuts down to stand by mode. Literally. Julius tries to get more help from the Jumpers, but isn’t able to and is told he’s already agreed to pay them back for the help they’ve given him, even though he no longer remembers that incident. Jules get together with Maelstrom and Needles and heads to Purgatory.
The Iron Sentinel is attacked by Captain Planet and falls from the sky, badly hurt, but when helped is able to transform into a rather scared young kid, who is finally driven home by Carl, who also helps deal with some angry parents and caused Paul to change back to the Iron Sentinel and flee his home.
Meanwhile, The 3 PCs meet Dr. Adrian Forsythe in Purgatory, but their conversation is rudely interrupted by Julius silencing the doctor and Needles ripping his throat open, apparently not of his own volition. A guard enters and, well...

<AlcarGM> The elevator opens and the guard steps in, raising a beam rifle....
* MaelStrom looks seriously pissed at needles.......he paces around the room his hands flaming
<MaelStrom> "I cant belive you did that!"
* Julius finishes before the guards say it :>
<MaelStrom> "No my uncle has no chance to be free!"
* Julius finishes before the guards enter, that is:>
<AlcarGM> <Needles> "I didn't mean to!"
* Julius raises his hands, "Sirs, I believe this man needs medical attention.."
<MaelStrom> "I have half the mind to turn you into bbq'ed brisquet!"
<MaelStrom> "What do you mean done his dirty work! what are you talking about julius?! Did you trick me?!"
* MaelStrom ignores the guard for the moment.
<AlcarGM> A flash of energy from the gun hits Julius, ripping into his right arm and spinning him around like a rag doll
* Julius looks at Maelstrom with a look that suggests "Shut up and play along," without saying anything.
* Julius gets hit
<MaelStrom> "Oh i'll play along all right.."
* MaelStrom shoots Julius in the other shoulder with a small fireball
<Julius> "argh.. stop this, its not needed."
* Julius glares at Maelstrom and attempts to do .. something .. before he powers up
<MaelStrom> "I will not be some pawn!"
* MaelStrom was already powered up :-p
<AlcarGM> Julius hits the wall in a lot of pain.
* MaelStrom stops and stands defensivly covering his fists in ice in case he needs to block anything.
* MaelStrom glances at the guard
<MaelStrom> "I froze him so you might have a chance to save him.....where is the medical ward?"
<AlcarGM> The guar ignores MaelStrom and fires a blast to the side, wide angle, hitting Needle who was running at him
<AlcarGM> Guard: "2nd floor," curtly. "But it's too late. He's dead."
<aslhk> ((Don't tell him, then! Let him find out the hard way! =P))
<MaelStrom> "Maybe not....."
* MaelStrom runs over and grabs him and carries the frozen body to the medical ward
<AlcarGM> The guard looks at MaelStrom, expressionlessly. "He is. They killed him before I could...." and fires :p
<AlcarGM> The ice holds, barely.
<MaelStrom> (did the guard just say he was gonna kill him?)
<Julius> (Yes. Have you figured it out yet?)
<Kate`^> (( No the guard said that somebody else aready did ))
<MaelStrom> (everyone wants the doctor dead?)
<Julius> ( omg. )
<aslhk> ((Don't explain!))

That sort of explains that. Mael blasts the guards head off, and Julius does... something, shutting off everyone’s powers in the area. To add to the amusement, all power goes out in Purgatory and the PCs are forced to jury rig the guards gun to start the elevator, which moves forward, then down and crashes. Needles manages to claw through it, breaking his hands, and two guards on theother side, minus their currently non-functional armour, dig the PCs out, explain the situation, and say that it would take a nuke to break the door.
At that point Kate (who had arrived in the Burg to find Winter agitated, got everyone ready and taken Winter with her to Purgatory - since she could carry him - blows the door in with an effort that gives her a massive nose bleed. Winter apparently stopped mines from working. As the PCs stumble outside, hurt, battered, cut and very sore, Winter collapses as the telepathy makes use of his drained power to hit his mind and the world... shifts
Experience: 4 each for everyone.

Liberty may be endangered by the abuses of liberty as well as the abuses of power.
- James Madision

Session 11 --And what am I, that I am here? (June 25// Oct 27)
Not present: Baliadoc
Winter says something about the things not being right - and vanishes. The others are left outside purgatory, which is silent ... and no military have arrived yet, which seems odd. Once running away from it got a mile or so their power begin to return, which Needles in particular is grateful for so his broken hands can heal. Maelstrom makes a ice sled and begins to fly the others (Julius, Kate, Needles) towards Haven, at which point they realise the lights of Haven don’t look as bright, and quickly realise the city has been replaced by a shanty town. They land in the Burg, but the jumper there is very young and seems confused, not recognizing Needles or Julius and vanishes to ponder this after a short conversation.
As well, Julius tries to use his phone to contact his allies and gets a confusing message about someone named Silence in Russia, is put on hold, and StarChild flies down from the sky to, well, try and blow him up, but is repelled by a silence and flees. Mael follows her after taking a bit to realise it was StarChild, but finds out that a) he can’t survive pressure and b) no, super heroes don’t automatically survive in space as per some comic books and flies to New York City.
Meanwhile, Carl leaves Paul’s only to find that the buildings have been replaced by wooden houses and when he returns Pauls father seems to not recognize him until the end of the conversation, but Carl is already leaving when he says “wait...”
Kate decided to ask some questions and finds out they’re in the same year and day they came from. Needles joins her and a door is slammed in their faces once his name is mentioned. Jenny appears, apparently superhuman in this universe, demands they surrender, and is considerably unnerved to find out Julius is called silence and is clearly afraid of him. Cleo teleports them all downtown, where an ordinary looking man called Bane, Tony, and an old native american woman known as Jesa are talking to Carl.
From what Carl has gathered (after trying to convince them he’s not dead) the world is run by the Peace Makers, and not in a nice fashion. The PCs begin to try and work out how they can leave the world and Jesa says neither she nor Master J can act outside the universe, but God can..
Maelstrom, flying over NYC, sees a Gold Castle, investigates and God, in a voice much like that of James Earl Jones, asks him questions, laughs at his claim to be Void’s son and sends him back outside after meeting him. God, it turns out, is a 6’9” albino with long white hair and red eyes, whom Mael mistakens for Winter.
Mael heads back to Haven as Julius is leaving to find his alternate self (for reasons that must have made sense to him). Carl manages to contact Guardian, imprisoned in Limbo (that world’s purgatory) and he offers to take them home. The PCs all end up at Limbo and Julius somehow uses silence to vanish a door, the PCs face an illusionist called Adam that Needles cuts up a bit and Kate shoots. Kate blows up the second door, Guardian is freed, and sends them home even as God’s Castle floats over Haven and challenges Jesa, claiming she is “dying too late to stop him,” but a dark hole is forming overheard, an evil.. something. The PCs step through to their world and find it’s day and the military is there, Winter has been trying to reach them and Piotr is keeping the military off his back. Julius speaks to a military man, who gets the men to stand down, and the PCs leave.
Vora plans and begins to execute the freeing of the children with the help of Snake, TV, Peter and Flechette.

EXP: 4 for everyone.

For we are the same our fathers have been;
We see the same sights our fathers have seen;
We drink the same stream, we view the same sun,
And run the same course our fathers have run.
- William Knox, “Mortality”

And for the curious, there is also the timeline for the universe they found themselves in, in the form of my notes on it :)

Session 12 Our deeds follow us, and what we have been makes us what we are (John Dykes) (June 30// Oct 28)
Present: Everyone except Baliadoc (Kentari the night before)
A nice day begins in the city of Haven with the PCs returning home from another world rather confused and worn out. Kate meets her wards at a Dairy Queen and chats with a homeless man named John Smith for a bit. Tony tells Kate he had a weird dream about a golden castle, and then they take Kate home to sleep. Waldo also founds out you can’t order 384 gigs of RAM in a DQ.
Carl drives out to a truck stop on route 23 south of the city to try and find an ordinary person and doesn’t. He heads to is sister’s school and has a long talk with her about family and that his parents want to talk with him. Joyce says mom and dad are very lenient on her and is rather awed when Carl tells her he is Echo. She promises to keep it a secret and wants to right a biography on him in the future.
Piotr goes to his classes, has a talk with a girl named Amanda who is into crystals and calls him an oaf, another talk with his English teacher, who said that getting his family here from Russia is likely going to be very difficult due to immigration restrictions imposed on supers and their relatives by President Taylor. He finishes classes and returns to the warehouse, where he asked Sara to keep an eye on things. Sara is flirting with Needles when Piotr arrives and Needleds is glad to get away from him.
Piotr works out, Needles heads to a probation meeting, Kate wakes up and Piotr watches some TV, sees the stuff about a war on the Kray Estates having involves a lot of dead bodies and machine gun placements on the roof. He tells Kate, who is the only other person there, and Waldo is asked to look for information about Sara.
The two PCs arrive at the estates, call Carl to join them, and find about a hundred dead bodies, including five in CyWorks armour, which is quasi-legal to buy in some variants. Ms. Kray is obviously busy with the police. The surviving guards just say they’ve been here a week and the one superhuman on staff refuses to talk to the PCs. Carl tried to contact the dead and finds one who hasn’t gone through the hole in Limbo because he (formerly Kyle Roberts) is scared of the darkness beyond and whatever awaits him. "It was.. her ...the demon...... they all left, drawn into darkness, but it moves, like her true limbs, tentacles... darkness... the evil one.... It ate them, ate them. So dark... so much.. came out.. evil, and the smell... oh, God. I had no choice! She .. made me, and .. I died at her return .. " Carl ,manages to calm him but when Carl asks more questions about the other dead, all Kyle replies is that: "but .. not one deserved .. that .. alien, killing.... Lillith, consort of the Snake man.. they killed and killed...."
Piotr returns home to go to his last class, Kate gets Tony and heads to Super U to talk to Sara after attempting to convince Waldo to try and act human.
Meanwhile, having freed the children, Snake takes Vora to meet his father, who acts as a translator as Snake explains that he likes Vora a lot. (Though dad is confused by some of the odder conditions of his liking her.) They find a quiet place together and make love.
Carl goes to the Burg, looking for Snake and whoever was with him, and is met by Face, who is pissed off at Snake’s relationship with Vora and a lot of other things, including his inability to help find the missing kids, that he decides to take out on Carl by killing him. Carl somehow switches world views with Face and Face goes into a coma of some kind from the result even as a girl who looks like darkness walking (Rainbow, rather angry) and Snake basically tell him to get lost.
Kate and Tony go to Super U where Sara playfully flirts with Tony, challenged by his talent letting him realize how much of her flirting is fakery and starts getting annoyed as Kate’s questions make her angry and give Tony better resistance. She gets them both to sit down and breaks Tony’s defenses, then lets him go when Kate gets mad. Tony, being 12 and male, is having trouble wanting to leave her even after she releases him and Kate assumes she hasn’t and calls down meteors on one of Sara’s trees. Sara gets mad and basically mind rapes Tony and tries to make him hate Kate, but the latter effect backfires. Kate flees the scene with Tony and calls Piotr to go get Sara.
Vora and Snake get a cell phone from Rainbow (after Rainbow tries giving Vora a cucumber as a cell phone) and head out of the Burg to call Carl.
Winter tells Julius he wants to go somewhere else, somewhere alone to think, and ry and find out what his powers are. Julius offers a loft on the Hill he rarely uses and Winter accepts, then comes to the odd realization that he’s come to Haven from Canada, and perhaps Russia, and never worried about money before, somehow reaching the city without problems ...
Julius goes to his office after having dealt with his place having a new phone and someone having ordered a bed, books, and a computer for it. He meets someone at the office, who talks to him, and gets angry over the mention of Adam and apparently leaves to try and kill Winter.
Julius makes some phone calls and buys a lot of weird things:
<Julius> "Details on stealth armour and personal protection device..?"
<AlcarGM> Central: "PPD is protective device, generates times explosions to propel any threat away from target. Works on any target that touches user. Not recommended for use in shopping malls at christmas. Stealth armour covers clothing, using between it and any coat, invisible unless damaged."
<Julius> "Effectiveness of stealth armour..?"
<AlcarGM> Central: "Capable of stopping most small arms fire and heavy arms fire, the latter only under optmial conditions, vis not being hit by heavy arms fire."
Winter calls Julius shortly after, very confused, and says some person fell through the roof and landed on his mother and broke her back. (And according to Winter his dad killed his mom before he left for Haven.) Julius arrives, books reservations for lunch as The Silver Castle restaurant and takes Winter there even as he calls to try and get it cleaned, only to find out that, well, there are no bodies there. He has Winter pretend to be his son and use the name James to hide from whoever might be after him.

EXP: 4 each

Session 13 All birth is unwilling. (Pearl Buck) (July 3// Oct 28)
Kate, Julius and Timmy present.
You might know the name from the business pages, but none of you know him as a person, nor anything about him. For events where he was important, a man known as Alpha did them and never gave any other name. Cleo and Xavier got captured but Alpha died in the other dimension before being able to arrange their rescue from Dr. Filth's. None of you knew him well and, well, he was a bastard so no one is really mourning, but Cleo and Xavier do need help.

Remember: None of you have met or remember Julius at all.
Also, he has a new decoration on his desk:
EXP: 4 each

a kewpie doll!

Session 14 "The logical extention of business is murder." (Don DeLillo) (July 7// Oct 28)
Present: Everyone, EVEN Baliadoc!
Piotr brings Sara to the warehouse from SuperU.
Mr. Taylor comes by and tells everyone they're not legal!
CyWorks - or at least 20 people in mass produced crap armour - attack the PCs and get their buts creamed. Two die from meteors hitting them, one from shock when Paradigm comes out of him and one is in critical but stable condition after Needles gutted him by mistake while in a hurry.
Vora takes Snake to her place, then they walk around in the park for awhile and just be with each other in a normal fashion. Well, as normal as possible. They even held hands and lots of tourists took pictures of them.

EXP: 2 each

Session 15

O Time, your face his human.
O Death, your name is man.
O Humanity, reducing strong elements to dust, your name is blown on a tempest, you frighten the stars, you are ever young, but old, and ignorant as some force of nature. (David Smith)
(July 13// Oct 28)

Present: Caltak, Kentari, Tass
Vora and Snake take the bus to the north end, following the directions of a blackmailer and manage to sneak into a Cypress Hills condominiums via the storm drains, likely providing some very weird footage for some security guards along the way. Inside, they manage to get out of the basement and quickly defeat the evil Locked Door only to stop as the Black Cat enters the hallway and comes over, purring - oh, and 3 men in military fatigues tromp by, but Vora’s player has to go sleep at that point.

Julius drives his car with Needles and Winter in it, Winter in the back and unconscious after whatever he did to the bank robber to make him a statue and forgotten during the bank robbery Needles and Carl stopped earlier. Julius tries to strike up a conversation with Needles, leading to Needles asking why Winter would trust a complete stranger.
<Julius> "I mean, where are you going to take that observation?"
<Julius> "I just thought Winter could see that I meant him no harm. I've learned in quickly that Winter can see and do things I can't even imagine the scope of.."
* Julius shrugs.
<AlcarGM> <Needles> says nothing, then just looks at you for a long moment. "Some place i think you won't like." He smiles ferally. "I know he can be tricked by .. talents. I can't as much anymore. And I've been thinking, about your death...." he pause,d then says very softly, and menacingly "I know you're in there, doctor."
* Julius thinks HOLY SHIT to himself, in character. :P
* Julius straightens up, looking unnatural
<Julius> "This man is just a weak-hearted pawn. I can find another one like him easily."
<AlcarGM> <Needles> "No need to answer, really. It all fits. He's not stupid ... and powerful - and you got through once. I don't know who your body is, or why he trusts you ... and I don't care. But hurt him, hurt anyone, and I kill you."
<Julius> "How about I take care of this little problem right now, then?"
<AlcarGM> <Needles> blinks, his eyes shading to pure grey. "You can try."
* Julius increases the speed a little, "This man is of little use to me anymore. Your life is in your hands. Hopefully, you've learned how to handle such matters."
* Julius :P collapses at the wheel
Carl stops his car as the others plow through a fence and into a wall, luckily slows by Carl’s radiance shutting the engine off. Needles is unconscious, since he wasn’t wear a seat belt and hit the window, Julius claims to have no idea who Carl is and Winter is unharmed in the back, though running a fever of some kind. The owner comes out, and becoming convinced this is some drug related murder thing as Carl takes Winter to his vehicle, accepts money instead of calling the police.
Carl examines Julius’s aura, and realizes it’s the same as during the bank robbery, so obviously he wasn’t possessed by a telepath. Julius Silences Carl, Needles grabs Julius and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t undo it .. and Carl realizes that what Julius used was Alpha’s power - and that Julius may well be that Alternate Universe Alpha.
<Carl> "I'm guessing we're just going to have to kidnap you for a bit, Mr. Alternate Alpha."
<Julius> "WHAT?!"
<Carl> "Well, unless you wanna spill the beans on why your here."
<Julius> "I'm here because I opened my eyes and found this guy trying to drive my car."
<Carl> "Ok, we've established this as very posible bullshit."
<Carl> "What else you got?"
Julius blusters some more, and they leave him, heading back to the warehouse. Julius goes to his office and ends up having a conversation with Seer, who reveals some truths in her usually obscure way, compounded by the realization that she screwed up big time in asking a certain NPC for help in aiding Winter against Immortal and tells Julius she can kill Adam and delay the NPC, but not for long, then leaves.
Carl talks to Winter after Winter wakes up, and ends up trying to answer questions about the future. Winter tries to explain that knowing something and telling people it prevents it from happening and that the future is never certain, even if you think you know what will happen, saying: :”In three days time your mother might fall off a ladder and break her hip painting. Toby will be free in 4 hours, and probably kill Mim. Murmur is believing lies told by a woman who wants to kill my father. Waldo is going to break Magi soon and he destroyed by it, then find out the real truth about the white house AI and be obliterated from the datastorm." then "In three days time your mother decides she doesn't want to paint and goes shopping instead. Waldo survives by using his mini self as a proxy. Toby is healed by Jesa...." he stops and looks at you. "Don't you see?! It's not... certain..."
Carl decides to take Winter into the magic in order to settle the issue of what is real or not, his player noting that:
<Carl> I kind of want to leave this blank, really :P
<Carl> I feel inadequate, at this moment
<Carl> its wierd, like I'm guiding the hand f god or something
<Carl> but regardless, I think we should probably run it here [msg]
The following conversation ensues:
<Carl> "There is just so much raw possibility that it seems in a existence where everything is possible, nothing is real
<Carl> "An illusion if you would, since what is something with nothgin to percieve it."
<AlcarGM> Winter chuckles. "But things are real. Only some possibilities truly happen - that's time. The rest are dreams, or jokes, or the worlds inside our heads."
<Carl> "What if everything was real?"
<AlcarGM> Winter: "It isn't," simply.
Carl then asks why Winter seems .. older, and different .. in this place. Winter replies that he is currently something else, and “not the boy you know” then demands that Carl tell Winter something, that "he thinks he's dead, you know. But the king cannot sacrifice himself in chess. Tell him that, when you wake up. The king cannot sacrifice himself in chess. Do you uderstand?"
Winter is unnerved when Carl explains it to him, but seems to have an idea what it’s about. Julius calls to say he is coming over, and brings armour and stuff. Carl contacts Mim, then gets a brainwave and rushes downstairs to tell Waldo to stop hacking the CIA AI Magi. Waldo and he argue about souls a bit before Waldo gets . .annoyed .. and tells Carl to leave. Something then... happens, something passing through limbo, taking power into death, and something from beyond life, something bright and terrible, entering into Limbo. Carl runs out of the room saying their location has been compromised and something about “Fucking Elves,” leaving Waldo to wonder how long Carl has been sampling Ryan’s chemicals.
Julius asks Winter for his help and they leave in time to find Carl outside, trying to recover from events seen in Limbo.
EXP: Carl, Julius (4), Vora (2)

Session 16 If you know something and don't act upon it, then you didn't know it in the first place. (Chinese Proverb) (July 14// Oct 29)
Present: Carl, Julius, Vora
Winter and Julius take the bos to the Park then to the Burg where they meet Carl. They also get to enter THE Starbacks. Maelstrom meets them but Winter gets pad because he can't remember jublis and zaps him with something.
Winter, Carl and Julius go into the Burg where they meet a yhoung Shaman who directs them to Peter for help. Peter is fine, but the Prophet John goes overkill and accueses them of being evil and Winter of being the anti christ. Then the name named Jeeve somehow teleports them underground and asks them some questions, specifically Julius. he also tells Winter ot stop trying to get out and gets annoyed. They are sent out and meet Dog at the fountain and begin to head back ot the warehouse to plan the saving of the world.
In more mundane and local saving, Snake and Vora rescue a prisoner they'd been blackmailed into rescuing as some sort of test. They spend the rest of the night recovering and later Snake takes Vora to his place and shows her his rabbit farm. (He bought some for meals, and then he had more, and more .... until he got alot of cages and a kindly NPC explained the rabbit facts of life to him.) Then he took her to his tai chi class.
EXP: 5 each since it was really one session split into two.

Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)
Carl is distracted by the dead, so Julius, Dog and Winter head out looking for Immortal to stop him from raising Destroyer and, hopefully, to kill him. They find him at "The Grateful Fed" truckstop off of route 23, and after some attempted silences and the like, they find out what Immortal claims he's hee looking for his son's grave and has no idea what they're here for.
At that moment, Winter stumbles as if struck, and Dog says "Out of here. Now!" ... and our heroes run out in time to see the truckstop vanish in red flames and here Immortal scream in agony. And the world begins to change around them, the road ruined and crumpled, the ground a desert, the sky blood red. They silence the van, managing to prevent it from begin taken whatever is happening to the world sround them. Finally, righting through pain, Winter says
<AlcarGM> Winter looks at you ... strangely ... somthing desperate and sad in his eyes. "One way ..... out. Just ........need ...... to ..... be .. pragmatic ....."
<AlcarGM> You're hit by pure pain, as if you were being torn apart from the inside out
<Julius> "Gah! You're feeling THIS, Winter?! How do you .. how do you stand it?"
* Julius barely keeps the van, the silence, and his conciousness up from the pain. Though he quickly recovers (at least mentally..)
<Julius> "Allright. Pragmatic. What do we need to do, Winter?"
<AlcarGM> Winter: "Don't ..... know ... ha .. .... to.. to......" he attempts to continue, but simply can't.
<AlcarGM> Dog: "We need out of this...."
<Julius> "..! Winter!"
<Julius> ".. How do we get out of this?"
<Julius> "The Burg is still here? Maybe there's an out there."
* Julius looks around, trying to get a feel for location as he's flooring it to the Burg.
<Julius> "Ok.. let's think. This isn't real, he said? It looks like time is spinning forward.. how do we .. get out of time?"
<AlcarGM> For a good two minutes there is no reply, then winter manages: "the ...... king ...... can ...... save .......... board ...... save .... immortal ......... " he makes a strange noise and blod starts coming out of his nose, ears and even eyes ... then the skin ..... "me to. Get help." and something., fire, white and terrible, lashes through the van
<AlcarGM> And you her the honk of a horm as the driver coming towards you skids off the road
<Julius> "Winter.. the king can't sacrifice himself."
<AlcarGM> You're alone in the van with Dog.
<AlcarGM> And you're back in the normal world.
And, of course, the other PCs get to react to this person they've never met losing Winter. Such fun :)

Session 17 It is so stupid of modern civilization to have given up believing in the devil when he is the only explanation of it. (Ronald Knox) (July 21// Oct 29)
Present: all 'cept Mael.
The PCs waken on a lovely Thursday morning to the usual events. Waldo asking Needles about how to deal with a possessed miniature copy of himself that was once a garbage can, Carl finding he’s lost hours of the night he can’t account for and feels tired, Kate wondering if she still has a job, Piotr being interrupted by Julius raving about finding Winter while about to do the nasty with Sara.
Heading out in the Mystery Machine to find Scrappy, the gang is shocked when Velma and Daphne vanish en route to the Burg. Despite various ideas of hell and ghosts, they are unable to be found.
Ryan meets Jesa and works with her blood to continue his efforts to make an antidote to the Factor X drug.
Shaggy wants to go to the church to pray, so everyone remaining goes there, and he talks to a pretty ghost named Agatha. The gang heads for the Days Inn on Route 23 soon after, along with Scooby again.
One of the 6 Drugged Kids enters the eating area and, ignoring Ryan, demands that Jesa come with him. Ryan changes to Paradigm and the entity possessing the kid flees. He follows.
Vora and Snake finish Tai chi and head for Snakes, but are interrupted by some kids who heard Snake wasn’t feeling well through the grapevine and attack. One bazooka later and Vora calls for an ambulance and heads to the hospital with Snake. An entity possesses the mostly useless ambulance attendant (who was ranting about vets and malpractise) and makes Vora a deal, healing Snake somewhat for her.
At the Days Inn, John Smith is eating some food in the empty hotel and talks to the PCs, watches them go away, then realises where Winter is and decides they could be useful, after teleporting Dog somewhere. Smith turns their engine into a pig to stall them and begins asking questions. Carl unleashes the gods he’d called up in the church and Smith vanishes, only to reappear moments later, looking considerably annoyed.
At the hospital, Snake is taken to a room while Vora tries to answer some simple questions from a police officer, and is stopped by Paradigm coming out of the chest of the nurse who was being touched by the entity. The entity is rather shocked Ryan found her and orders Vora to stop, him. The Entity gets distracted.... "No! The Companion trapped in hell. This will not be borne! He goes too far!" she literally begins turning incandescent "Lord of the morning! In the name of the one who .. who ... more than died! I demand audience!" and turns into ash before your eyes......
Smith agrees to help free Winter from whatever is down below that he claims is kin to him and leaves to find Gil’s Construction Company and, hopefully, an ally or two. That leaves the others to figure out a way down to wherever Winter is.
Vora and Paradigm end up talking a bit more, then Paradigm leaves.
Meanwhile, Kate and Sara have a converation en route to an oasis very, very far from the fields they know.

Session 18 ... and behold, ye shall die, and the waves be upon you at last (Swinburne) (July 28// Oct 29)

Not played yet.

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