Reluctant Heroes

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One hundred yeas ago, the bulk of mankind left Earth, heading to Alpha Centauri to be closer to the other alien races. Twenty years ago, they returned to find a world that had become an enormous crumbling city, with people who spent the first fifty years after the Exodus from Earth hiding in bomb shelters after the Corportations who remained on earth fought, unleshing nuclear death and the War of a Hundred Suns.

Now Earth is a mockery to man, a haven for aliens and humans wishing to live mostly outside the laws of the Civilised Worlds, where all powerful Corporations rule in a balkanized world of shifting alliances and powers and Quiet Zones hold those who refuse to bow to the Corps, themselves ruled by large gangs deep in The Zones, where nuclear radiation still burns and even Corpprate Security fears to tread.

Now all that remains to those left on earth are the tales of the aliens, of other worlds and lands, stars waiting to be charted and wonders to be found. The cradle of mankind has broken, and the few who remain struggle daily to find a way out of it, to reach for the stars the rest of mankind long ago claimed its own.

Welcome to the Civilised Worlds, an Alternity campaign set in the year 2431 AD, where humans live alongside alien T'sa, Sesheyan, Weren and Fraal -- all living in a 20 LY radius and genetically compatible with each other. Visit the ancient homeworld of the Fraal, a world so old only that only their mastery of terraforming saved them until they met the space faring races. Find the 5 abandoned homwords of the T'sa, whose spacecraft dart accross the skies and thw twin homeworlds of the Sesheyan, seperated by light years by an unknown agency.

If this intrigues you (and I hope it does) visit the Alternity section for information on the game and links to official Alternity pages. The other links will tell you about the world. Have fun :)