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The Players:

Baliadoc: Playing Riker Daniels (Human Combat Spec)
Julieooc (and various other nicks): Playing Salem, a strange young girl.
Keith`: Playing Laura (Genetic Experiment Mindwalker)
Sintaqx: Playing Sheerrow-Krrt (Kzinrret Tech Op) and Tzarrgrinn-Krrt (Kzintosh Combat Spec)
Warner: Playing Bart S, a 11 year old human with a yellow complexion and spiked hair . .

The PCs:

Bart S: A young kid with a yellow complexion, spiked hair and a tendancy to tell people to "have a cow"
Laura: An escaped genetic experiment with human, Fraal and likely some Shesheyan blood in her currently on the run from some Corp that raised her and imprisioned her.
Riker Daniels: A large black man also known as "The Dealbreaker" who is on Microsoft Corps wanted list and wants to kill them just as bad. They wany his head, and not on a silver platter. Just annihilated.
Salem_: A young girl with a hard attitude and keen perceptions.
Sheerrow: A Kzin who was on the run when their ship was hit by an anomoly in a worm hole and ended up on earth.
Tzarrgrinn: Sheerow's companion, on the run from the Kzin in general and also now stranded on earth.

The NPCs:

Burke McDonald: A human Mindwalker also on the run from a few corporations, whos also helped Laura for unknown reasons. He seems very interested in the Kzin and alien species as well as getting off this planet.

Total Achievement Points Earned and Current Levels:

Bart S: 6 / Level 1
Burke: 8 / Level 1
Laura: 8 / Level 1
Riker: 7 / Level 1
Salem: 5 / Level -
Sheerrow: 7 / Level 1
Tzarrgrinn: 7 / Level 1

Note: 6 are needed to officially rech Rank 1 (you then get 6 skill points to spend. Rank 2 is 7, rank 3 8 . . . each time beginning the process all over again from 0).


Session 1: ET's not phoning home soon . . .
(Thursday July 6, 2000)

Laura entered a large bar in the Quiet Zone, meeting both Burke and Bart inside. Several Corp men came in and dragged a young psi out. Laura intervened, blasting one with lightning and causing the bets on how soon she'd die in other parts of the bar to reach new highs (Some ticked gamblers might want to hunt her down for living). Before the hostilities got out of hand, a Kzin space craft, piloted by 2 obvious non pilots, decided to crash land on the building, bringing it crashing to the ground. Miraculously, the cockpit and Kzin emerged alive. The paint job was a total loss, as was the rest of the vessel.

Riker Daniels met the Laura and Bart as they existed the collapsing bar (Burke having left when Laura was shot at by the Corporate Security men (aka Corpses)) and proceeded to fight the 5 corps. Laura took another out, and the young girl and the other 2 corps ran for it after Burke shot one between the eyes. Bart poked the down spaceship, wacking it with a club lifted from a corpse and was met by Sheerow and Tzarrgrinn. He was lucky enough that they were too busy trying to figure out where they were to eat him at the time.

Laura led the others to a safe house close by (nuclear shelter, 5 stories deep). There, hiding from the Corp agents scouring the area for two illegal immigrants and the murderers of 2 Corporate Security men, they began to exchange stories, the PCs learning a bit about the Kzin and how Sheerrow knew english and all of them (except Bart so far) revealing they were either hunted by Corps or enemies of them. The night ended with the PCs all sleeping and awaiting a new dawn.

Achievement Points Earned: 0 (Intro session)

Between Session Stuff: Lauras escape from the genetic facility RPed (Earning 1 AP); A midnight encounter between Burke and Laura, the results of which are private for now (Laura got another AP for this).

Session 2: Two Kzin, 2 Mindwalkers, A Martial Artist and a Young Boy -- the next Increnible Journey?
(Thursday July 13, 2000)

While Tzarr and Sheerow were out having a picnic (eating Corpses for food),. Riker contacted a man known only as "The Doctor" who provided ID's for people, and practically anything else they ask for. The Doctor wished for a DNA scan of the PCs as the price for their aid. Burke told Riker that, after having been hunted for years ofr his DNA, giving it up would be rather anti-climatic. Laura, taking it to a more extreme level, pulled her 9mm on Riker and threatened him after Riker said it was either they get IDs or he turns them over to Gentec. When Riker's cell phone turned on,. sounding like a gun shot, Laura panicked and shot him.

After having some pills for the pain, Riker said that all the needed next was for Microsoft to arrive. Lo and behold, the covering over the bunker was his by a bomb and they heard gunfire. Burke said he'd see they later and literally vanished into thin air. When the PCs reached the surface, they found 7 Corpses and a tank arrayed against Tzarr and Sheerrow. (It really sucks when the fast food buffet turns against you.) In short order, Bart was shot a lot, Riker killed some men and now has his right arm as mincemeat after it got shot again, Tzarr and Sheerow killed and ate other Corpses, and Laura took out the tank alone with a massive blast of electrokinesis.

In the ensuing aftermath, the natives of the area collected their bets as to whether the PCs would win or lose and the PCs fled, following Rikers directions to the tunnel leading to The Doctor's home. They are currently in it and en route to his home, to be scanned and given IDs.

Achievement Points Earned: 2 each [1 for Bart due to being NPC'd]

Session 3: The Doctor is IN -- do the patients want a general anasthetic?
(Thursday July 20, 2000)

The pcs got to meet The Doctor, who originally tried to fool them as to who he was using a hollogram the Kzin saw through. It turned out he had been part of Phoenix Corporation, a corporation that controlls Microsoft, Gentec and quite a few others. His first attempt to illegally scan the pcs genetic codes when they arrived at his home caused System (Yes, he has access to it) to overload, an impressive achiement in itself. Wheh he asked for the legal scans, Riker and Sheereow agreed while Burke and Laura automatically refused. Bart had no opinion -- or at least none The Doctor would have liked to hear.

After the scans, healing and food, he told Riker that his genetic pattern was surprisingly similar to Burke's, but left it to Burke to tell Riker what that meant. So far, Burke's said nothing. He qalso agreed to stop Gentec from hunting Laura, in exchange for her genetic code. His plane, aided by Tzarrgrinn, involves an EMP pulse, smuggling theronuclear weapons into the facility, a virus designed to kill everything in 150 odd miles as well as possibly using nuclear weapons on the fault line uder the general area. How the Doctor plans to survive the wrath of the Corporations for wiping out one of the major ones is unknown. What is perhaps even more terrifying is that he was willing to go to this extent for Laura's DNA.

Upon leaving the tunnel, they found themselves at the northern edge of the Quiet Zone. North lies a Vashin spaceport, PsiCorp's headquarters and various other stuff among the ruins of cities left untenated. They are currently in room 186 of a 10 storey hotel which is deserted at the lower levels and has been mostly looted for useful stuff by now.

Achievement Points Earned: 1 per player

Session 3: A gang fight and some sewers -- we just need Green Turtles now, but the Kzin would eat Splinter for lunch
(Thursday July 27, 2000)

The party heard a commotion in the lobby and entered to find a young woman called Salem and a military nam from off earth named Tilk fighting 5 gang members. With 2 kzin, laura and Salem they quickly made short work of them, as well as providing the Kzin with lunch. However, Tilk got shot badly and in desperation called for the authorities for help. Realising what that would mean, the pcs (and Salem) fled the area, with Tilk chasing them begging for a doctor. Entering the well maintained sewer system they did NOT meet any Ninja Turtles, tho they did meet some mutants who -- from what they said -- were part of an entire city of mutants under the land. They told the PCs that they wanted to know who was following them and why. The PCs basically turned Tilk over, who tried to hide from the mutants and summarily killed him. And there was great rejoicing.

Achievement Points Earned: 2 per player (1 for the game, 1 for Tilk)

Session 4: Vashin Corp and the pcs ... What part of selling your soul to the devil do you not understand?
(Thursday August 3, 2000)

The pcs found the tunnel leading to Vashin Corp and a nice Vashin logo half way down it on the wals, floor and celiing for no known reason. Stepping on it, they found themselves in a large 20 by 20 sq. m. room of solid steel with small holes in the walls to pump gas in and kill them. Burke decided to tell them that the pcs were planning on going to PsiCorp to steal the experimental FTL craft there, and Vashin offered the pcs a way off earth if they'd bring the craft to them. Since the Vashin VP talking to the PCs made not eof the fact that thery were worth the cost of a new spaceport in rewards, it made sense to go along with them. However, they also revealed that the "teleporter" that too the pcs from the logo to the room was Fraal technology, and that Vashin had been forbidden to kill the pcs themselves, by some "friends". Knowing Vashin, these friends were off worlders. Why aliens or off world humans would take an interest in the PCs is not known.

Leaving the tunnels, they ended up in a perfect suberbia. Entering an abandoned home, they found it occupied by a pale young man who had no food to offer them but red wine. As events and suspicions unfolded, they fought him, and he bit Salem in the neck, with his extra long fangs . . . a genetic Vampire, who doesn't even know what a vampire is. He and is friends were made by Gentec and have been hiding 4 blocks from the Gentec Corp subsidiary for a few weeks now. the PCs have agreed to help take it down.

Achievement Points Earned: 1 per player

Session 5: Genetic Fantasy Creations . . a new line of killers brought to you by Genetc! Enjoy :)
(Thursday August 10, 2000)

The PCs began their assault on the Gentec Corp. outpost with the mostly starved young genetically changed humans called "vampires" led by one Malcom. The vampires headed to the complex while he stayed with the party to help co-ordinate their assault on the front gates. However, Bart decided to pick his pocket and found a communicator set to receive asking for "agent X17 to report, operation trap and other phrases." Once the others realised Bart had it and Malcom did also, he tried to flee but they quite literally beat him into the ground. His dying words were "Check. Mate"

At that point, the gentec complex and vampires attacking it quite literally exploded into a fire ball. Before the pcs had time to deal with it, a wolf like man attacked, taking Malcom's body for food it claimed -- or back to its gentec masters who didn't want the pcs examing it. In the course of the battle, Burkes other hand was damaged by an exploding gun as happened the previous day also. Acfing on impulse, Riker attempted to use certain abilities to heal Burke. Burke's hands did regrow, but look like a mix of circuits and flesh now, and evidently not human in the least. Burke's blood also infected Riker in return in some unknown manner.

Proceeding to PsiCorp, the pcs found an old trading stand, somehow still operational that offered food and little else. Salem managed to find a bible, and it turned out to belong to the wife of Riker's Sensei, in which she calls Riker's grandparents (in the book of Job no less) as "They who will have the Chosen one." Needless to say, this revelation has shocked Riker to his core and he tried to get The Doctor to link him to a camera image The Doctor had sent him once -- an image that seemed to prove the Daniels were still alive! The Doctor said the spy camera had been deestroyed, but promised to destroy Genetc for Laura the next day.

The session ended with the pcs sighting the Gentec towers rising like bloody teeth in the setting sun. If what Laura believes anout them leveliing the building all around psychokinetlcally to give them space is true, they may have psychics and mind walkers of unmatched power within their walls -- and a possible FTL ship the PCs have promised to get!

Achievement Points Earned: 1 per player

Session 6:"Kindle me to constant fire, Lest the nail be but a nail! Grant me wings of great desire, Lest I look within and fail!" - George Merideth
(Thursday August 17, 2000)

Not done yet

Achievement Points Earned: -

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