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The civlised worlds hold many species among their number, but very few travel the stars by any means and fewer really understand much about the other sentient races. That can be found in the links above. Below is a chart listing the results of racial intermixing.

Racial Abilities:

- Psionic powers (If talent, Psionic energy = to WIL instead of halved. If mindwalker, = to WIL X 1.5)
- Receive Telepathy as a free skill

- Skill Bonus (+5 skill points)
- Free broad skill

- Flight (protects them from falls also)
- Zero-g Training
- Night Vision (and Light Sensetivity - can't have one without the other) or Day vision (vision X 2 during day, no night vision and fearof the the dark).
- Also, very rare healers.
- Action Check Bonus (-1 step to all action checks)
- Juryrig (-1 step bonus using Technical Science-Juryrig)
- Body Armour ( d4+1 LI / d4 HI / d4-1 En)

- Superior Durability (Durability is CON X 1.5)
- Natural Weapon (Claws do d4w / d4+2w / d4m)
- Camouflage
- Primitive Culture

Compatibility of Races (results):

Fraal - Human: Psionics (only way to get them save for very rare wild talent)
Fraal - Shesheyan: Psionics (only way to get them save for very rare wild talent)
Fraal - T'sa: Psionics (only way to get them save for very rare wild talent)
Fraal - Weren: Psionics (only way to get them save for very rare wild talent)

Shesheyan - Human: Night Vison, Freakish appearance
Shesheyan - T'sa: Night Vison, Freakish appearance
Shesheyan - Weren: Night Vison, Freakish appearance

T'sa - Human: Jury Rig Bonus
T'sa - Weren: Body armour

Weren - Human: Camouflage

All Sesheyan crosses include the potential to be a healer.

Fraal - Human:4-104-114-117-148-154-13
Fraal - Shesheyan:5-116-124-106-139-154-14
Fraal - T'sa:4-105-124-109-148-154-13
Fraal - Weren:7-134-114-146-146-144-11
Shesheyan - Human:5-135-145-125-138-144-10
Shesheyan - T'sa:5-118-154-97-136-134-10
Shesheyan - Weren:8-146-146-124-126-134-10
T'sa - Human:5-138-155-128-145-134-11
T'sa - Weren:6-126-135-116-134-114-12
Weren - Human: 8-154-126-154-135-134-11
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Note that while racial mixing can produce fairly good characters, it is frowned upon heavily and not socially accepted for the most part. Half-breeds (or 'Breeds) can expect tom be beaten up, snubbed, riduculed of (in the case of Fraal blood) feared. Some, such as crossed with Sesheyan, are often very rare to come to terms. Most 'breeds tend to look like their father more than their mother, while Fraal blood basically makes for a very weak and thin person.

Human-Viewed History (Using their time-counting method)

2034 AD - System - basic VR interface, available for limited public use.
2065 - The Hunger War. Wipes out most of North America, China and Africa due to biological weaponry.
2100 - Systen widely avaliable, paper non-existent. Ozone layer healed..
2134 - The United Earth council forms a successful money-less economy, which lasts for over 150 years.
April 27, 2194 - Humanity encuonters the "ghosts". The resulting 7 year war results in the extermination of the ghosts and has a lasting impact on humanity.
2267 - Fraal encountered
2280 - Earth abandoned for the world dubbed Asgard. Much closer to the other races
2303 - The Floating City established for Earth's ruling council
2334 - Shesheyan encountered
2342 - T'sa encountered
2355 - Introduced to Weren by the T'sa
2392 - Largely ignored, earth has become a sprawl of cities and waste. Almost anyone can hide here and laws are virtually unknown.
2431 - The current year.

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