The Shadows

Or do ye think
That ye shal enter
The garden (of Bliss)
Without such (trials)
As came to those
Who passed away
Before you?
- The Qur'an, Surah 2:214

This campaign is being set in three different Shadows among the ones that remain after the Patternfall War.

Things to keep in mind:
Magic does not function the same way in every Shadow, nor does conjuration or items.
Languages need to be learned, even if they are all variants of Thari.
Currency is a pain.
Guides are good.

This Shadow is basically Hyborean Age Conan. Lots of magic, lots of swords, very little laws, and gods.

Life sucks. And they you die. And then your family takes on the debts you never paid for the skills that got you killed and they get themsleves changed, and owe more, and more ... and no one benefits but everyone pays, and pays, and pays.
Or, put another way, cyberpunk as a modern setting.

The Caldorean Confederacy
Space Opera! Big weapons! Fly spaceships! What more could you want?

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