Five hundred years ago, in a time of chaos and change, the Exiles opened a Door. The stars sang and from beyond them the Demons came, marching through the broken Door and singing the world’s death song. Their dark magics destroyed the Wastelands and the Exiles were slain by their own greed. The demons marched and no realm, low or high, was safe from their songs and power. Great Vel was destroyed in weeks and Idriun is now but a name in histories. Only in the high realm of Uld, where the old blood magic had been preserved, was resistance lasting.

Fifty years passed before the Blood Lords began to falter and finally Bred of the line of Altyrn, the last Blood King, used his power to call the blood of the lords and their vassals into him. As the demons lay waste to the Palace, he quenched the fire of the blood sword in himself and gave it his Name. In less than an hour the palace fell. Ten years of war, of blood magics and deaths, engulfed the last high realm as the Blood Lords desperately waited for the aid Bred’s death had given them. And it came: all children born after the Sacrifice had the magic in them, and were trained ruthlessly in the forty years of desperate battle that followed.

Finally, armed with magic and numbers, the Blood marched on the demons, gathering allies from far-flung Vandren, the Outlands and even beyond. They marched on the ruined Wastelands and carried war to the Demons. In less than a year heros lived, fought, and died. Great deeds were done in the name of Light and finally the Door was shattered, scattering the surviving demons accross the lands and breaking their power.

After the war was over, they carried back their dead. Only 3 of the Blood Lords survived the Closing and their power had been warped and broken by the demons. In less than a month, they all followed Bred’s example and gave up their power. 400 years passed in the lands of blood and the war has been forgotten. Uld’s magic has held against the demons ever since and those dark ones slunk off into silent places to brood on what had been. New heroes have come, new blood and new glories, and even the name of Bred is but a tale told around campfire, no brighter than any other, nor more dark.

Be welcomed to Uld, the last high realm, land of the Blood. Here you will find magic and warriors, demons and devils, good and evil. Which is which, only you can guess. It is a world recovering from war, a land of heros and villains, lords and vassals, magic and steel. In such a land, anyone can rise to power and fame. Even you, perhaps ... if you sacrifice enough.

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