Five years ago, the world went to hell in a handbasket. In Canada, a revelation of the monsters among us led to deaths, blood and more death. The cycle of the world, some said. Others called it the end times. Some said its time to wake up, that humanity had been supplanted. That weíd have to fight to be the kings of the hill we call Earth. If that wasnít bad enough, They appeared in the sky. Aliens, BEMs, whatever we called them. They looked human, except for being bald and with those dark eyes, but they arenít. They can do things to people, make them think strange things, even kill them. We call them Greys, or Aliens, or Martians. They havenít told us what they call themselves.

In this changed world, humanity needs heroes. It doesnít have them. Instead, the governments have people hired to do what needs to be done, no matter what the cost. They have you. Project-S. Youíre here to save humanity. Not all humans want to be saved. Some of them want to become vampires, and weres, or mate with aliens and have their children ... it doesnít matter. Youíre here to save the world even if it doesnít want to be saved.

Youíre Project-S. And that Save Humanity, not Shits.

Never Forget: When this many people are hungry for power, you better be the one with the fork.

Special Note: This game is a mature-themed game. Its not a kind world, its not a nice one. There wil be cursing, fights, gore, death and perhaps nothing will be black and white. Its our world, taken to a very extreme level. If you don't like realistic modern day (2006) Eath games, or don't like nasty games, don't play. While it is set in the future of the LOLAD universe, it is much darker and uses a different game system, for one thing. Accept nothing at face value and, if you played LOLAD, assume nothing.

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