This game is meant so that each session will be a game in itself. PCs can come and go as the sessions dictate with no obligation to make the games (though you miss the fun and experience of it :)).
Experience is listed below (along with a brief session summary. Information on the setting is at the bottom.

Player Characters:

Alben: A rather unique vampire hunter who seems to hate all undead.

David: A quiet loner, David has never worked with the Project but has crossed paths with them on occassion. They know what he is, he knows them might be able to protect him from those hunting him -- or possibly BE one of the groups hunting him.

Hubert: Hubert is a simple convenience store worker who always wears shades. While that is nothing special, the fact that they cover his dark, alien eyes is what makes this half-breed a valuable Project-S agent on occassion.

Izayus: An old, grandfatherly figure, he is adept with weapons (especially a shovel), a competent gardener and the only druid with P-S that he knows of. Indeed, except for New Age quacks hes one of the few true druids remaining in the world.

Armin Miles: Miles is a special forces operative. Exactly what hes doing with the PCs and what his missions normally are about remains a mystery.

Gustave: A humble politics professor at the local college. Oh, and ET's worst nightmare.

JJP: JJP is a professional private eye/bodyguard who's just discovered more about the occult than she ever wanted to know. She doesn't know about Project-S yet.

Lehrin Steele: Just an electronics salesman who repairs them. Nothing much. He also has the best skills descriptions :)

Riptide: A zen hinduist, Riptide spends his time managing a surf shop when not required by P-S to perform unique services for them. He possesses a rather unique ability that makes him valued as a cell agent.

Salem: Salem is a 19 year old woman whos seen too much and done too much in her life. It shows: shes hard, tough, nasty and can be a pain in the neck. She is also one of the few necromancers living in the world today.

Sarah: A young fashion designer, Sarah was taught the ability to bend people's minds in certain ways at an early age from her aunt and has since learned to perfect her ability at making magical illusions.

Wyatt: Somebody special. Deceased.

This listing includes PCs not playing as well as PCs people have made that haven't played yet and will also include ones that have died (with that noted).

Sample PCs

These are pre made characters for people who want to hop right into the game.

Amanda: Amanda is a Candian medium who promotes her book, talks to spirits and can even see the future. Part of her book can he found here.

Jeff: Jeff is a mechanic working in the city who's very good with technology.


Jake: Jake Thomas is a homeless werewolf befriended by Riptide and currently staying in his home and, if Hubert is right, gnawing on some surfboards in wolf form.

Kris: Kris is a young cashier at McDonald's who seems to have some strange skills and is part of a really odd group. He os currently partially possessed by an alien symbiotic/parasitic entity that wants to breed.

Veronica: Veronica is definitely NPC and definitely powerful. She also has a grudge against Hubert for trying to stake her and the other PCs for trying to hurt her.


Session 1 (Aliens in a warehouse and microwave ovens. Really.) EXP: 3 for Salem and Izayus

Session 2 (Cattle mutilation, an MIB who was really a Jehovah's Witness and Satanic Cultists) EXP: 5 for David, Hubert, Riptide and Salem

Session 3 (A Trip to the City and other strangeness) EXP: 5 for David and Salem

Session 4 (Project-S plots and McDonald's food. What could go wrong?) EXP: 4 (I think it was) for Hubert and Riptide

Session 5 (Meeting magic and caliens. Just another day in the life.) EXP: 7 for Hubert and Riptide, 3 for Kris (NPC)

Session 6 (Shit hits fan. Fan hits back. PCs hurt.) EXP: 6 Each for Armin, Hubert and Kris
(Sorry, this was done just after reading Wyatt's sheet. Blame Baliadoc for that session description. :))

Session 7 (P-S operatives and vamps sitting in a tree, k-i-l-l-i-n-g -- well, each other. 1 vamp wounded, another dies and the night of terror ends.) EXP: 11 each for Kris, Riptide and Hubert, 8 for Armin

Session 8 (Hubert angers a vampire. Riptide befriends a were, Hubert angers a master vampire. Who do you think will live longer?) EXP: 8 each for Hubert and Riptide

Session 8.5 that's really 7.5 (Hubert goes to Kris' home to back up his "I was mugged story" and met Kris' family as a result. Poor fellow.) EXP: None for Hubert or Kris, 500 for Sparkie for being there.

Session 9 (Riptide proves himself psychic by leaving the pcs before they are given a "join or die" policy by a local Cabal. Aided by Wyatt, they shoot something, run away, then beat Kris' father and threaten to kill his mother. Family therapy the UA way.) EXP: 20 each for Hubert, Kris and Wyatt

Session 10 (Hubert & Wyatt get Kris out and they do some research. Well, Kris does. The calien tries to "heal" Wyatt's pain. They survive the attempt, mostly.) EXP: 12 each for all 3

Session 11 (David returns, Wyatt books an appointment with the Mayor to kill him, Kris sees Comte and nearly dies somehow.) EXP: 8 each
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Session 12 (We're off to kil the Wizard. And we do but hes not dead and "Monica Lewinsky" replaces his dead wife.) EXP: 6 for Gustave and Wyatt

Session 13 (Army of Darkess, UA style! The dead rise, Salem commands them, David burns them, Armin drives around town with 4 of them in his car and gets arrested) EXP: 10 Each for Armin, David and Salem

Session 14 (The Comte, a missing bar and PCs. The UA version of Clue. The orphanage, part I) EXP: 7 for Hubert and Kris, 8 for Wyatt

Session 15 (The Orphanage part II) EXP: 12 for Hubert, Kris, Jenny, Gustave, Damrin and Salem. 4 for Wyatt

Session 16 (David and Salem arrive at the Orphanage at midnight and find the melted jeep (after searching) and missing orphanage and nothing else.) EXP: 5 each for David and Salem

Session 16 (Hubert, Kris and Armin arrive at the Orphanage at 3 am and find the melted jeep, a police officer and Hugh and Armin try to kill each other for some odd reason and Kris' legs become vines) EXP: 6 each for Hubet and Armin and Kris

Session 17 (Lehrin arrives in the city. Meets Kris, Comte, Aamanda AND Jeff, only missing one NPC. He also nearly causes a magical catastrophe using feel good music, but thats a minor issue) EXP: 11 for Lehrin

Session 18 (Hubert has dinner with his parents; Damrin meats the strangest bag lady ever and gets arrested as a communist but escapes.) EXP: 8 each for Damrin, Hubert and Kris

Session 19 (Kris vanishes after the dinner. Lehrin, Hubert and Damrin track him to a mansion outside the city with killer clockwork barbie dolls. Hubert teleports himself and Kris away) EXP: 8 each for Damrin, Hubert and Lehrin

Session 19.5 rounded down to 19.4 (Hubert asks Kris what happened to him that night and gets some answers and evasions. Kris agrees to ask someone he knows about getting Hubert out of having to kill the mayor.)

Session 19.5 rounded up to 19.6 (Kris phones Lehrin, who reveals that only Kris was teleported away from the mansion and Hubert got taken inside and left later.)

Session 20 (Lehrin comes to the hotel the pcs are at. Hubert - the clockwork of him, that is - tries to kill them both but Kris kills it by turning his hands into claws. Lehrin find the real Hhubert close to the mansion and frees him after fighting an S&M clockwork from hell.) EXP: 18 each

Session 21 (Hubert finds out his *own* foster parents are clockworks. They try to kill Kris for figuring some of that out.) EXP: 12 (I think) For Armin, Hubert and Kris

Session 22 (Veronica Mayflair puts out a hit on Hugh and friends for nearly staking her. They try to take the battle to her. They lose :)) EXP: 12 each for Hubert and Kris and 6 for Alben.

Session 23 (As suggestted by Caltak: "Assassins attack Hugh and Kris at work. Armin shows up to help. PCs try to lie to the cops, but fail, so instead they lie to the cops. Wait, that doesn't sound right..." :P EXP: 9 each for Armin, Hubert and Kris

The City


(formerly the City of Aberket)

Population: 450,000

Caineston was just recently (3 days after session 8) named this in honour of the re election of John Caines to the office of mayor. He’s now 58 and looks about 40 due to “healthy living, a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine. When not helping the city, the Mayor can be seen walking the streets and talking to his constituents and getting to know the city really well. Since his days as a city planner, John has worked hard to make the city a better place and thanks you all for your support in this election and for the honour of naming the city after him.” [From his publicists post-election address to the press.] He is hard at work making a task force to police the “unnatural” elements of society, from Vampires to Weres to teenagers. Most of the councillors are new after a scandal involving Councillor Derek Holmes (54), his wife, his other wife, his son, his brother and 5 lawyers. Most people are too embarrassed to talk about it.

The city itself is set in Maine, just to set it somewhere. Geography wise, it is bounded by farms to the north, a range of small mountains and caves 2 days west, a small lake with cottage country to the east and woods to the south.

The city itself (so far) has the following:

North: Suburbs, Hills, the diner, and the city orphanage (now abandoned)
North West: Garret's mansion of evil. South: Industrial park, asylum
East: Middle income folks
West: The poor section of town
North East: The rich folks
Centre: Downtown, the City Square [office buildings and memorials, the city cemetery: covers 1 square mile], and the Caines Park.
7 Blocks west from the Centre: The Plaza the PCs work at.

Obviously more will be added to the city as the game goes on. This is a rough guide and the GM is free to ignore it in the name of plot, plot development and just plain forgetfulness.

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