As members of this project, the PCs know the stated goal of it: To free humanity from the others. On that list, the aliens are the first priority, the vampires, fey, weres, those with magic then psi. Generally speaking, everyone is scared stiff of the aliens and Project S members have worked with Others to deal with aliens on occasion. Alliances with aliens to wipe out other aliens happen on occasion but are just as often traps for P-S operatives so few such operations are given the green light.

People are recruited into the project from all walks of life. Even some vamps and weres and fey can be found within its ranks. Exactly how they got forced to forced to join isn’t common knowledge and asking anyone how they ended up part of P-S is worthy of a punch in the stomach, at the very least. Generally, in order to succeed in the project one has to be more than human. Your foes are, so you cant count on technology to save you or other tricks to protect you.

Some members are genetically enhanced, others possess alien technology, psi or are Other themselves. All members of P-S have a special implant placed in their brain that allows them to gain a free knowledge skill at 55% each session. This skill is often used for undercover missions or to give you an edge against some foes. The implant also prevents you from shooting another member of P-S, which is very useful in fire fights. Granted, you could attack them hand to hand or accidentally shoot something to fall on them, but the latter is rare and the former permitted to deal with rogue agents controlled by the aliens.


Technology wise, each member of P-S is equipped with a pistol that can be loaded with silver or iron bullets. Acid tipped bullets exist also and some tranq bullets that not only shoot someone but pacify them can be requisitioned. Iron/Silver alloy bullets with acid do exist and are the all purpose weapons, but only available for pistols.

Standard P-S- vehicles can float, are silver plated, bullet proof (to an extent) and “built for psychos” as some P-S members claim. Cars are the most common, but some vans and trucks are also built for P-S members. Grenades and such can be requisitioned within reason, as well as handcuffs, other explosives and the like. Experimental technology, such as Psi-Bombs that dampen all mental powers in a given radius or advanced healing drugs to exist but are experimental and, if not, very difficult and costly to produce.

PCs are expected to provide their own currency and cover their own asses.


Operation wise, most P-S operations are accomplished by 2-5 operatives working from a given location. After completing a mission, a laptop with a satellite link up is often found at the operation starting point, sometimes before or after you set out. Who puts them there and how they get past the operatives is a secret in the organisation, as is the source of its funding.

As an important side note, you are not above the law. Members captured are left to the often not so tender mercies of the law enforcement and only taken out of incarceration if it can be done without having to call in too many favours. Trying to get out by joining another organisation tends to be fatal, and any reputable law enforcer will ignore your claims of a “secret agency.”

Other Agencies

As to secret agencies, others do exist. Regarding the fabled Men In Black, there are 3 types of operatives that fall into this rather broad category. First, there is an organisation of vampire-controlled operatives who often do their work not knowing who there masters are. Second is the official government-sponsored and genetically enhanced type that are often disguised as members of other operations. Third is a group of magic-users whose goals seem varied and are generally looked upon with heavy suspicious by P-S.

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