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<Luth> "Miiri!!!!this is serious!You cannot spend all time nodding!"

<^Deacon_Frost^> "I guess all Drow use such foul language in public places.. doesn't suprise me.."

<^Deacon_Frost^> "It doesn't matter who your were speaking to Drow, all virgin ears have been raped by your language.."

<Brother_Ward> (When a statue suddenly appears on a rooftop, people get suspicious no matter what...)

<Teren_Starsight> ((there are enough chairs for everyone exactly))
<Luth> ("then I will stand!")

* ^Deacon_Frost^ stays silent, trying to gleen at least a sentence worth of information out of this

<Luth> "I thought Grendel was just an ordinary scum"
<Teren_Starsight> 'he is a prince -- scum with an army"

<Brother_Ward> To Miiri. "Do not presume to preach metaphysical doctrine to me."
<Brother_Ward> (I've read just as much SF as you have and probably more, so don't push me. :P )

<Brother_Ward> (I want to see someone kick their own head in.)

<^Deacon_Frost^> "Do you think your loving king will let that scum enter a single village of his with an army? No, he will not, the king will not let Grendels army into this village"
<Alcar-DM> Villager: "It's an ARMY? What is the king going to do, charge them a toll fee?"

* Luth rides off far too the epic battle between good and evil
<Luth> bye all see ya at Grendel's castle
<Luth> If i dont die first

<Brother_Ward> Heheheh. The only way I could get Ward laid is if he somehow got past taking notes.

<Alcar> yep. Just introduce yourself to others etc.
<RavenMoonsinger> ((hi im raven and im an alcoholic :P))

<RavenMoonsinger> slash at attacking animal "laugh at me and i'll cut your tonuge out!"

<Aerie_Lavalier> The cherry blossom falls upon the soil; the sword falls upon the foe.

* Aerie_Lavalier starts running towards the village
<Alcar> You reach the village in 3 hours
<Aerie_Lavalier> ok, I DIDN'T run that entire way

<Aerie_Lavalier> hmmm... I wonder if the squirrels know that The first step in making friends is *not to eat people*.

<Aerie_Lavalier> Hey Brinn! I found a language he knows!
<Alcar> Squirrel: (in common) "No kidding. Go *squeak* yourself."
<BrinnP2> ask that furry hell rodent what it wants

<Aerie_Lavalier> Bash this, slice that, castrate whatever. How come I don't get to any of the fun stuff?"

<RavenMoonsinger> and besides... a good advebture always clears the head
<Alcar> Tokan nods: "My head always clear."
<RavenMoonsinger> *stifles a laugh* yes my friend...

<RavenMoonsinger> Tokan: wake me when the moon gets to there *he points to just above the treeline.. about 3 hrs hence*
<Alcar> Raven - Tokan wakes you, telling you (in hs words) that he heard small noises but nothing came. he is impressed that the moon moved where Raven asked it to, though.
<RavenMoonsinger> *chuckle, yawn* it's magic my friend.... get some sleep

<Lu`Fein> ((I am the only true elf here, I believe))
<RavenMoonsinger> *glances at Lu* i'm surprised you don't remind us of that at least every hour *grin*

<RavenMoonsinger> *nocks a spore arrow* when i fire this through the window get ready
<RavenMoonsinger> bullseye.. right through the window
<Locust_> (The house collapses :P )

<RavenMoonsinger> *shouts* sorry about that... just didn't fancy being rent linb from limb

<RavenMoonsinger> *smile* im only half elf in still part human and anyway no... all mortal creatures are hurt by fire
<Sparkie1> "oh. That sucks."

<RavenMoonsinger> *grunts* those with very small opinions of other usually have very small brains i find
<Alcar> Guard: "Who killed him, then?"
<RavenMoonsinger> *grunts* pixies sir... yeah real big ones to..
<Taliesin> "How should I know. I just bounced him off a wall to remind him of his mannors. See, the armor is hardly dented at all."

<RavenMoonsinger> *mutters sleepily* tell rupert to keep an eye on the fire... make sure it doesn't start to burn things its not sposed to... like my tent..

<Alcar> Cleric: "Uhm, hi?"
<Lu`Fein> "uhm hi?"
<Lu`Fein> "he scares us half to death and says uhm hi?"

<RavenMoonsinger> *secretly proud he beat a high level fire elemental at chess twice in a row*

<Lu`Fein> ((Sparkie beem me up, now would be a good time sparkie))

<Alcar> Orc: "Oh, sorry. These three year drinking binges have to stop."

<madmage> "I'm busy doing important stuff here. Why, in this last week alone I've invented wood that won't burn. No one wants to buy it though . . . sort of like my carnivorous rabbits ."

<madmage> "Necromancers. never liked them myself. Oh, raising the dead is fine, but when you dress them up as servants and call them Igor . . . "

<madmage> "I could turn the villagers all mellow if it bothers you. I have a great spell I call "Vailium" I haven't used yet."

* Alcar - the mage falls back , stunned and gasps three words. Every piece of metal in the room just became banana fruitcake.
* Rupert grabs his 3 pieces of banana fruit cake

<Alcar> Someone smashes hard on the door: "Open up in the name of Revenue Canada!"
<CrAsH_Nt> "theres no one home"
<Alcar> There is a pause. "What do you meant no one is home?"
* CrAsH_Nt emptys his clip into the door and runs out the window

<Alcar> Barney: "Would you be my friend?"
<Alcar> Barney: "Be my friend or I turn you into dust!"
<Alcar> Barney pulls out a very unfriendly-looking flame-thrower and screams something about "improper marketing" and "why the hell was I made purple"

* CrAsH_Nt slams on the brake and turns the wheel
* Alcar - the wheel makes a loud cracking noise, but the vehicle turns as smoothly as a pregnant whale with quintuplets

<Alcar> I only play dumb chars as long as I can remain in the character, and as long as its not TOO annoying to other players
<Thara_Redwood> your past anoying
<Alcar> ah. ok. over kill?
<Thara_Redwood> um a troll is attacking you, causing LOTS of dmg and your character says, "can't we all just get along?" Definatly overkill

<Alcar> (the bandit on fire rolls into the fire pit -- he's now dead)
<_Stranger> "Smells like chiken!"
<Alcar> (one of the bandits yells: "Colonel Sanders! You're burning in the fire!")

<Alcar-DM> voice1: "A turkey?! You want to ressurect our God at a turkey?!!"

<Graffiti-> (( EEEEE! Jesus! It's three thirty in the morning and you're sending a chicken at me! ))

<Lu`Fein> (as long as that thing doesn't try to rape any of us were still fine))

<Lu`Fein> "he just sliced his own throat and you just backstabbed him. let me never become possed by a turkey demon god, with you all around"

<Graffiti-> "Hey, you're a newbie in Alcar's world. Killing yourself is a LOT better then some of the things he enjoys dropping on PC's.
<Lu`Fein> (newbie???)
<Lu`Fein> ((does a dog ring a bell))
<Graffiti-> (( Oh. I see. I thought you were new. ))

<Alcar-DM> monk1: "what? huh?" Seems to focus on Scaler. "You ATE a piece of our god?!"
<Alcar-DM> monk1 fains in shock
<^Scaler> "finger licking God"

<Graffiti-> "We are here from Blok, and if we don't find out quickly what we can do, we'll be seeing you. Now shut-up and talk. :)"
<^Scaler> [Graf..."shut up and talk"?]

<Scaler> i just realized something , i rode my boss(shudder)
<Alcar> at least you kept him warm and fed :)

<_Stranger> next time remind me to kill the townspeople before I leave that village!

<_Stranger> "paco hit good and we get BANDIT BURGERS!"

* Sintaqx slays the typo Demon

* Malek` puts his sword on his hilt
* Malek` puts his hand on his swords hilt

* Vaj looks at Tir with a cat-like grin
<Vaj> "You can cook the priest instead of yourself."

CookFighter has Ginsu knife +2!
* CookFighter has Apron +3!
* CookFighter has pot hat +1!
* CookFighter has ladel of endless soup +5!
* Alcar uses the art of MANAGEMENT and CookFighter is no longer getting paid by his boss, loses all his items to the revenue service, and lives on the streets :p

<Sparkie`> "I can sing! lalalala. 'We're off to kill Smokey the Bear, we're off to kill Smokey the bear. . . ' "

<RavenMoonsinger> well... not to good actually... sparkie's been hurt pretty badly... hes had to retreat to his home plane to recover.
* Wif_Rnaj nods sadly
<Lu`Fein> "it that a bad thing?" smiling

<Lu`Fein> "raven how fresh is it [a dead dog]?"
<RavenMoonsinger> 7hours, 30mins 42secs
<RavenMoonsinger> give or take a second
* Lu`Fein looks at Raven "indeed, and what did he have to eat and when?" with a mocking look
<RavenMoonsinger> Lu`Fein: 2 rabbits and 1 mouse recently

<Alcar> Girl: 'I'm lost. I was on my way to my grandmother's house and got lost in the woods and saw your fire."
<Lu`Fein> (if she is wearing red I'll kill you)

* RavenMoonsinger brandishes the kender spoon of turning ((J/K))

<Alcar> The crystal is 8 feet by eight feet, and lights the interior of the wagon with a dull blue light.
<Naula> "That's going to make a hell of a necklace."

<_Stranger> "There is a bounty on his head, I want it"
<Kynan> "That was pretty blunt but my sword isn't"

<Naula> "There is no such thing as "enough" suffering."

* Miiri rises silently, stretching her wings to their 20' length before walking over to relieve Scaler.
<Scaler> "relive scaler of what?"
* Scaler backs away slightly
<Miiri> "of watch duty."

<^Scaler> "Meanwhile , elsewhere in Gotham city..."

<Graffiti-> I think sparkie has not been voiced, so we can't hear him. It's like holding a bone up to your dog through the patio door.

<^Scaler> ok , the next time ANY of you see Scaler , tie him up and i'll give 50gp for him"
<^Scaler> wait , i'm Scaler , i mean Jer
<Alcar-DM> (hhahaha! The imhabitants of the tavern find scaler :) )
<^Scaler> "I mean JERAMIAS!!"

<Graffiti-> "It was probably Blok. Oh, yay, we're gonna die slow, horrible, painful deaths."

<Alcar-DM> ((graf -- insulting you're own species?))
<Graffiti-> (( I'm not a people person. :) ))

<Alcar-DM> ((anyone riding the "horse"?))
<^Scaler> hell no
<^Scaler> i am not riding my boss again
<^Scaler> unless he turns into a dragon
<^Scaler> that would be cool

<Miiri> (damn typo demons are more prolific than imps....)

* Merlik pulls out a handkerchief and begins to wipe himself
<Luth> ((shouldn't have you had done that after you were done taking a dump?))
* Merlik correction: wipes the blood from himself

* Luth pulls out Grendel's head from the bag
<Luth> ((or the artist fromally known as grendel))

<Johan-S> (Elven dogs?? so who slept with who, lie down with dogs wake up with elvin dogs??)

<Lockelar> why would we flee from something that strong when we are so weak
<Lockelar> oh i answered my own question

<Alcar-DM> you here. "Don't you damn me, you undead idiot!" . . .. then: "You didn't?!"
* Billanalianolas looks at her funny
<Billanalianolas> "I didn't what?"
* Shaedral cringes at the voice from inside and readies a mm
<Billanalianolas> "And why am I undead all of the sudden?"
<Alcar-DM> (screamed loudly) "Oh, I suppose someone is outside the door trying to kill us, then. Fool!"
<Alcar-DM> ((voice is from the other side of the door, the necromancer))

<Gore-> ((Drak, this char is weak willed and goes after any good looking female :) ))
<Drakeilius> ((then he must be able to avoid death))

<Raiesha> 2 gargoyles are moving, standing up and spreading their wings
<`Katana> ((i saw this in a cartoon once))
<Raiesha> ((heh... not like this :) ))

* Daltinus gets close enough to toss the torch at the tar baby and makes sure it catches
<Daltinus> what does the torch do??
<`Katana> ((he flies around w/t FF))

<Alcar> hmm, the great Enemy has died . . now you face . . . The Enemy's Fingernails! They're trimmed, clipped and ready to unleash plague . . .
<Luth> hahahahah Alc
<Luth> that's gotta be a quote

* Chronium takes the lead being a theif
<Drakeilius> ((i thought a thief would take the rear and try to steal his companions goodies))
<Chronium> (I'm a good boy)
* Drakeilius shakes his head at chronium

<TuNdDrA> "well then , the Sonne wasn't all bad then. Shall we go save the princess?(i feel strangely Marioish)"

<Alcar-DM> The knight, for want of aid, decides to drop dead of old age
* Hypochondria shrugs
<Hypochondria> "He'll live"

<Jeramias> There is a strange oder coming from his under arms.
<Dhen> (Strange and mysterious. We should investigate.)

<Alcar> The pony stands guard :)
* Dhen dozes, waking every half hour or so and glancing around before falling asleep again
<Alcar> You all wake up in the morning alive and well
<Alcar> No one died or anything
<Dhen> ((Nah, the pony's a lazy bum just like the rest of us. He just sleeps standing up.))

* CursedKnight lunges at the lead bandit
<Alcar> they have ac 8
<`Kari`> ((and are WAY out of mele))
<`Kari`> unless you have a 120 foot sword....

* Dhen brings the staff back around, but fails to connect
<Alcar> The banndit Dhen attacked looks puzzled, tring to figure out what kind of attack that was . . .
<Dhen> ((It's the Confusion attack. Save vs. petrification or halt for one round trying to figure out what the hell I was doing.))

<Dhen> ((Not that YOU did anything, Cursed - your armor did all the work.))
<CursedKnight> i killed the one guy
<Dhen> ((Hey, I did some damage, on multiple occasions.))
<CursedKnight> ((they laughed at you))
<Dhen> ((Yup, and look where they are now.))
<CursedKnight> ((yeah , they shouldn't piss you off when the pony is around)

<Vaj> this is what happens when you get 3 DMs together late at night......

<Vaj> Familiars you don't want your DM to know about, #64: Sparkie`

<Sintaqx> the creature is impaled, but it's size dwarfs the crucifix
<Rinoa_Siddall> (Does note the base of the crucifix is a 10ft radius and goes 15ft into the air)
<Sintaqx> ((note.... the mouth alone of this thing is 20' in diameter))

<Bexter> whats its AC?
<Sintaqx> -8
<Bexter> I'm only 1st lvl WTF!!

<MagnusQ> attempt magnify with disintegrate to destroy the entirety of its body in one shot - if this works & I pass two wis checks, it has to make a save at -8 or its gone ... -12 if I hit the power scores of either power ... this is gonna use up 1/3 of my psp's in one shot ...
<Sintaqx> ummm... the critter is over 400 feet long....
<MagnusQ> damn

* MagnusQ take out my dearn's instant fortress and drop it, then command it to open "lets see how it likes swallowing a 1000' foot adamantine building"
<Sintaqx> the fortress pokes a nice hole in the creature
<Sintaqx> the building it then slowly disolved (and yes, I know it's adamantium)
<MagnusQ> {that's it?! its a 1,000' cube that just popped out of its belly

<MagnusQ> "damn, what the hell kind of place is this?!"
<MagnusQ> "I've been to the abyss and baator and I think this place is worse"
[Editors note: Yet another happy visitor to the pleasant land of Veltral]

<Sintaqx> the sand ahead of the wagon bursts into fluries and 20 mantis warriors bar the wagon's way
<Sintaqx> and are promptly mown down by the runaway wagon
<Bexter> now that's what I call hit and run :)

<MagnusQ> "we should finish that damned thing off"
<MagnusQ> "I ain't done with it, not by a long shot"

<Cloaked_figure> "You know you've played way too much sci-fi when you refer to your race in 3rd person!"

<MeAndIt> Jesus vs. Aliens vs. Predator.
<Sp^Dancer> Jesus would win.
<Sp^Dancer> he's bore predator to death and feed the alien fish until it keeled over and died.

<Sparkie`> You're really in trouble, timmy's trapped in the well, who ya gonna call? Sparkie the wonder elemental!
<Jeramias> "What! Timmy's traped in the well! Oh, Waynes at the door."

<Brandon_LockHart> 2d12+18
<SinBot> Brandon_LockHart 2d12+18, < 40 >
* Brandon_LockHart disembowels this ogre...twice
<Nicki_Kalaway> eww
<Miiri> >>>> it's now a half-ogre :) >>>>
<Nicki_Kalaway> <groan>
<Brandon_LockHart> (lol)

<Zallan> "Ok, what shall it be. Plan A, B, or C?"
<Miiri> "D, I forgot the others."

<AcesAnd8s> My favorite weapon of all was a dog, with the "Enlarge" spell cast on it. Throw a stick, yell "Fetch!", and it tramples goblins like nothing else. =)
<AcesAnd8s> Damn dog had more XP than my Ranger after a while. =)

<Sintaqx> you know... If all the bots in IRC combined... that would be scary
<Sintaqx> give birth to an AI :)

<CursedKnight> i am THE HORSE :Stairway to Heaven (no copywrite bads here)

* `Kari` sleeps until her watch, or is awoken by some other means...
<CursedKnight> "It wasn't me"
<CursedKnight> ((smile))
<CursedKnight> "It was Walter , that dirty old man. Shame Walter , shame!"
<CursedKnight> "She is not just a piece of meat Walter , i mean REALLY!"
<CursedKnight> ((Put that in yer QUOTE and smoke it!))

A public service announcement from Sparkie:
This quote has been hereby suspended at the request of one of the participants. Frying bacon in the nude is apparently not the most quotable activity :)

<Bind_Guardian> can i cast lightining strike1 in the water ?
<Clint_Armitstead> ('ll kill us all, but sure!)
<_Jolie_> Time for a Heavy Duty spell!
* Clint_Armitstead would just hope that people remember that he was starting to swim TOWARDS the please be gentle
<Clint_Armitstead> (BG...her 'Heavy Duty Spells' usually involve craters half a mile wide)

An addition to the list of famous last words:
<Vaj> "They can't harm us right now."

* Baliadoc would like to take the time from when his head is going to down to when it hits the ground to think "boy, i have no weapon anymore, wouldn't wanna get into any duels with anyone, that's for sure, how unfair it would be"
* Baliadoc dreams about how swell of a guy Jer is, and how he knows he wouldn't wanna hurt a nice, sweet, unsuspecting little man

<Kilide> Where are the nearest guards?
<Alcar> 20 yards away from the horses, playing dice
<Kilide> ok
<Kilide> Gaurd A rolls a 1d6
<Alcar> ok . .. he got a two.
<Kilide> no . . . laugh
<Alcar> hmm?
<Kilide> it was funny . . . get it? dice? 1d6?
<Alcar> lol!

<`nigel> ummm here we have this thing about nuggedness
* Liira 's head is above water.. non of her body can be seen
<`nigel> so you have no problem with it??
<Liira> "no."
<`nigel> this place you live sounds very nice

<`nigel> could i ask you something thats a little personal?
<Liira> "What?"
<`nigel> ummm you look....will that is......are you.......compatble with human mal --
I regret to inform you that the rest of this quote has been cancelled at the request of one of the paritipants.
Which might be good, since it could force #Game1 to get a PG rating :p

<Alcar> Welcome to the Offical Ravishing Warrior Rabbit Women RPG and NEWS Channel
<Alcar> that's a topic to be proud of . . *shudder*
* Alcar is hoping it was a joke
<``harris> nope sounds right
<Alcar> please don't tell me it really exists . . . .
<``harris> i thot this was it???

<`Tear`> (Hmm. I wonder what would happen to a human who somehow got a charisma of 25?)
<Alcar> (human gets big ego, stars in stupid movies and has no acting talent or skills.)
<Eralt> ((sounds like jean claud van damm)

<Jeramias> I hurt my feeling you just sent me into depression j/k
<Jeramias> oops that was stupid

<Jericho_Boronwin> ((lol, get hit on the head and suddenly have an 12 to 15 intelligence, that could help!
<Jericho_Boronwin> ((these guys are so slow getting amnesia would help them!!))

* Baliadoc is for some strange reason extremely glad that he's ahead of the rest of the group, just getting the feeling that nigel and morcu are nowhere near as bad as an attack by all the hoards of hell :)

<Alcar> Walter is not about to try and explain the effects of an Ice Age over the millenia on a planet :)
<`Kari`> £åû&#¡ñ& Ôù+ £óüÐ
<Baliadoc> he will simply type the command /me followed by "explains the effects of an Ice Age over the millenia of a planet," and everyone will make the appropriate saving throw versus sleep

* MorCu murmers to himself "a woman is like a fist full of snow.. the tighter you hold onto it the faster it melts and dissapears.."
* MorCu grins
<MorCu> they breed them tough where i come from

* MorCu would like everyone to know that he is asleep.. this has been a public health warning

* Liira approaches, following Morgu
<MorCu> i said stop that :P
<MorCu> you can talk... for someone whos names a monetary unit...

<Liira> "He left me."
<MorCu> left you?
<MorCu> i can't see that happening... you could have castrated that man and he'd still follow you
* Jeramias looks at Liira, "Maybe we shouldn't look for him at all..." ((j/k))

<Alcar> CRAP. It's nearly 4 am!
<Liira> my how time flies when you are keeping your party members from foolishly killing themselves

<William> "quite an adventure..." he walks to Nicki's armor and lays his hands on it,feeling the texture "Extremely high quality....."
* Nicki_Kalaway blushes slightly.
<Nicki_Kalaway> "um, yes.."
<Brandon_LockHart> (He -wasnt- touching the breast alcoves of the armor :P))

<Nicki_Kalaway> the dm can't handle his multiple personality disorder.

<TyEgerer> fun stuff with earth history turned against foes in ad&d
<Kynan> just get a nice submachine gun. You could have a lot of fun.
<TyEgerer> okay... you're not specialized but you get forty attacks a round

<TyEgerer> wait a minute... the power to crash large important things when you least want it to... *looks terrified* Sp-sp-sparkie` is actually Windows! NOOOOOOO!!!!!

<hflafk> what a world we live in...a man has to ask permission to be politically incorrect for purposes of realism in a game...

<Marcus_Fenway> This is Funny, one Orc is Slaughtering Fael the other is Slaughtering itself

<tweek`> "You dont want to fight US"
<tweek`> "That would be a mistake, your last mistake"
<Kent_McMorgan> "Correction, i don't want to fight the crossbows... it's not you i'm worried about"

<Alcar> Kari comes back to camp, with Kolb behind her.
<Alcar> Tied to Kolb is the corpse of a dead deer.
<Jeramias> "The horse is better at every thing."
<Alcar> You all see an animal trap attached to the deers leg. While old, it definitely prevented the deer from running away
* Jeramias looks shocked and pleased that klob isn't super horse.

<Alcar> Miiri is forced to stop as 5 old ladies come forward, claiming that the cloud giants are an endangered species and she is nrto allowed to hunt of kill them and should be ashamed of herself for harming such a specimen of nature
<Alcar> the cloud giant eats them
<Baliadoc> eh, serves em right

<Alcar> Baliadoc has a sudden desire to turn "riding the giant" into some kids ride . . .
<Baliadoc> welcome to the Halfling from Hell's Theme Park!
<Alcar> the Bane of Paper Cuts . . .
<Baliadoc> the furious Chihuahua's spinning teacups?

<storm2021> ((is there a game in here right now or something?))
<Lockelar> (shhh)
<Lockelar> (you're ruining it)

<Baliadoc> "For those of you not paying attention, i am neither Chihuahua, annoying paper cuts, or the UNDEAD!!!"

* Felimid_mac_Fal says to Baliadoc, "Are we there yet??"
* Felimid_mac_Fal grins
* Baliadoc grins back
<Baliadoc> "Quiet down or i'll turn this group around"

<Baliadoc> real quick: "Jer, come help me hunt for some food, maybe you'll be able to snag something with that bow of yours then ;)"
<Baliadoc> "You need the practice"
* Baliadoc rubs his arm

<Alcar> Guard:"An elf away from the sea, wandering alone? How do you know she's not a trap?"
* `Kari` struggles harder, looking frightened.
<Baliadoc> "Well she ain't made of wood, so i don't think any Knights are going to come flying out her ass! Oh forget it, i'm too tired to deal with you, keep guarding, okay?"

<[APOC]BeHoLdEr> yo you guys watch the d&d cartoon
<mopdez> i just havnt herd that come out of any lips younger that 35 here

<|NightShade|> explain to my feeble brain, what does 18/52 for str mean?...
<Keith`> meens that you could take a mage and with shear strangth brake him in two with your bair hands

<Alcar> The archer finally dies . . .after over 5 rounds . . .
<`Kari`> >>> should have sic'd the squirrels on him... he'd have died faster..... >>>>

<Alcar> Jer hit!!!!
<Jeramias> ((YES!!))
<Alcar> ((The bandit jer hits dies from shock :p))

<Alcar> Walter: "If I cannot, Jeramias here is becoming a strong mage in his own right."
<Jeramias> "What?!?"
<Liira> "You are a mage?"
<Jeramias> "I guess I am now."

<Alcar> ((Sparkie is NOT SinBot -- Walter can't get aid from the gods from Sparkie))
<Liira> >>> that's 'cause sparkie is just an elemental... SinBot is God :) >>>

<`nigel> but there mite be chance
<`nigel> help me dig her up
<Alcar> CK - "There is none. She is dead."
<Alcar> CK - points to the side of the grave. "It would not help if you did." ((There is a smaller mound you didn't see before))
<`nigel> what is that?
<Alcar> CK: "I cut her head off before I buried her, to be on the safe side."
<`nigel> YOU DID WHAT!?!?!?!
[much later] <`nigel> ck if i die dont cut of my head plz

<Alcar> Kolb looks at Walter in disgust and trots awak, thinking dark pony thought about having idiot humans as pets

<Jeramias> "Kari is right. If I die I take all the blame!"
* Jeramias signs a statement saying so.
<Alcar> ?
* Jeramias signs a contract
* Alcar signs a statement proving Jeramias is certifiably insane
<Jeramias> ((If I die, no fault shalt be put upon Walter the Cleric.))
<Alcar> ((lol Jer!))

* Jeramias eats and pack's Kilide's formar horse.
<Alcar> Jer: "eats and pack's Kilide's formar horse." <--- how can youm pack it after you ate it? :p

<Alcar> You head north east quickly, making very good time until around 2 pm.
* Liira wonders what happens at 2pm
<Alcar> ((the world ceases to exist, havinug forgotten to pay its fees to the IRS))

<Alcar> "I merely wonder why fools kill a sacred animal on northern land."
<`nigel> before it eats us?

<Jeramias> "What was your old crime?"
<Alcar> Ice Breaker looks at Jer, coldly. "Killing an ice elemental."
* Baliadoc whispers to Jeramias
<Baliadoc> "I think he looks coldly no matter what, don't think he can help it"

* jarriod is a 6'6" human wearing flowing robes with a gingal under them
<Nicki_Kalaway> <what's a gingal?>
<Brandon_LockHart> (bad speller)
<Kynan> ((do you REALLY want to know?!))
<jarriod> (is the niose chain mail makes:))

* Kynan - note: this is a GOOD thing. You won't be poisoned by under-cooked meat now . . . or something that might have once been meat
* Baliadoc lol... good deeds aren't always for those receiving the kindness ;)

<Alcar> have to have you fight somethign nasty then . . .maybe a politician
* Baliadoc gasps
<Baliadoc> er... uh... just remembered i'm supposed to go fight three black dragons if you don't mind....
<Baliadoc> while blindfolded and drunk
<Alcar> three of them?! hehehe
<Baliadoc> anything's better than a politician!

<`nigel> next time maybe follow me you two?
<Felimid_mac_Fal> ok...... |:|-) I just wanted to get some beer.... My throat was parched from all that singing....
<Baliadoc> "Sorry nigel, that was my fault... being cooked in plate doesn't do much for the complexion" *grins*

<Felimid_mac_Fal> ((quick anatomy lesson on trolls, where are they vulnerable??))
<Alcar> ((where are you vulnerable??))
<`nigel> ((hmm lets see probly your char dont now that except usal spots:))

<MorCu> is this gargoyle guy threatening us?
<Miiri> well, I have a pair of bared scimitars out and am standing right in front of them....

* Kevin_O`Flatley pulls out a small book in his belt and scribbles his final message to the world... "large stone things have no sense of humor... beware"

<Baliadoc> ((would like to note he has grossly misquoted nigel, and his lawyers are in contact with my lawyers as we speak))

<Jeramias> "Hey Liira, what's your sign?" ((j/k))
<Alcar> liira "No tresspassing."

<Alcar> when are the games often held?
<^^Arthur^^> i have no idea
<^^Arthur^^> NO ONE EVER COMES IN!!!

<`Kari`> "I can't begin to guess Eral's motives."
<Baliadoc> "That's what we have to find out. Blast!"
* `Kari` mutters "With eral 'blast' is accurate."

<`Kari`> >>>> if ignorance is bliss, Nigel is in paradise...... >>>>
<Baliadoc> ((lol))
<`nigel> <<<<ok what do you mean?>>>>
<Alcar> ((hahah))
<`Kari`> >>>> lmao >>>>

<Baliadoc> "Ah, excuse me, sir?"
<Alcar> The rock looks gravely (or in this case graevlly) at Bali. "Yes?"

<Alcar> The rock turns into a grin
<Alcar> (i.e. an actual grin)
<Baliadoc> (hehehe)
* Baliadoc looks slightly shocked, then chalks it up to a poorly cooked dinner

<`Stan> (hehe the rock to dog/horse/boy talks about the birds and the bees)

<Alcar> spark is good . . he gave you the 1 for Pookah's parents to call him home for dinner!
* Alcar grins
<Baliadoc> that's what that was!?
<`nigel> yup
* Baliadoc falls over

<Alcar> Walter is laughing
<Alcar> walter: ~It . . it was so funny!~
<`nigel> ~what walter?~
<Alcar> (choke of laguh) ~Creature . . .wanting to kill you . .. called home by . . .mother!~
<Alcar> (you can't make out anything else except laughter)

<Baliadoc> "I'd explore my inner child, but who knows what i'm looking for?"

<`Stan> (you realise tyler we are acting like Barak and silk from belgariad)

<Alcar> The ground around the grave eplodes upwards
<Alcar> You catch the occassional word of magic you don't understand anyway
<`Stan> 'oh man i should have listened to my Mom and became a cleric
<`Stan> 'they have such peaceful lifes... just healing the sick...
<Baliadoc> "And fighting the undead, go figure"
* `Stan glares at Baliadoc
<`Stan> 'you did not need to mention that

<Zorrander> famous last words : "I am nigel"

* Baliadoc sits up... blinking
<Baliadoc> "Why am i going to sleep in a dream?"
<`Stan> 'my point exactly

<`nigel> kender thing how interesting it be to be eatin alive
<`Ryu> (now your getting in to the right mood)
<`nigel> (not realy he wants to see him eaten alive)
<`Ryu> (its nice to know he is beloved by all)

Another famous last word . . .
* Alcar shrugs "I will go . .I can heal, and hopefully talk the goblins into a peaceful settlement."

<`Kari`> "I find it interesting, though, that nobody ever seems to want to spar with a woman."

<Khard> "How much for that legbone there?"

<Kyrra> you reach the spot you are going to camp without anything unusual happening
<Kyrra> >>>> your DM is too tired to think up something really nasty. >>>>
<Khard> ((LOL... good))

<Keith`> sparkie's great
*** Sparkie` sets mode: +o Keith`
* Keith` thinks he likes sparkie all of the suden

<Sintaqx> Baliadoc head two: "Don't mind me, just wondering where that purple rabbit came from."
* Baliadoc thinks to himself... "Time to get that thing removed"
<Sintaqx> Bali, what's that strange growth on you
<Baliadoc> I ask myself that every day Sin... sadly enough, i get a reply
<Sintaqx> and what does it say?
<Baliadoc> Oh it goes on and on... "You don't respect me this, and you don't appreciate me that..." of course i don't! It's a second freakin' head for crying out loud!
<Baliadoc> And whoever thought up that stupid saying about "Two heads are better than one" hasn't talked to this idiot over here

<Jeramias> That Which Does Not Kill Me, Makes Me Want To Die
<Baliadoc> now THAT's a saying to live by!
* Baliadoc gives a meaningful look to his other head

<Jeramias> ((um... I told them, but nobody ever listens to the psycopath :) ))

<Jeramias> ((blood squirts out of Jer's body, getting in Nigel's eyes, blinding him for life :) ))

* Jeramias smiles, playing in a small pool of blood.
<Alcar> Tirien looks ar Jer. "Parents never gave you a sand box when you were younger?"

<Baliadoc> (Blast!! Doesn't she have a room for magic stuff?)
<Baliadoc> (or a golf bag full of staves and wands?)
<Alcar> (bali - no golf bag . . the chimmney has the wands and staves :p)

* Baliadoc muses to himself... no wonder these people are supposed to be legends.. they get killed, so they aren't around to talk about it later

<Zan`Tu> "The elder's worries are based on assumptions she pretends are truths"
<`Brak> "Why are they scared of it if they don't know what it is?"
<Zan`Tu> "We all fear the unknown, Brak. And a tiger knows when to be worried"

<Keersa> you could change while loving. 2 shift point extra cost though
<`Brak> loving???
<Keersa> moving
<`Brak> Well, it works the other way too......

<Alcar> but it's a little furry animal!
<Alcar> it's cute, and cuddly and . .
<Baliadoc> and deadly!
<Baliadoc> i can just tell by the way it's written
<Baliadoc> it'll turn into a big daddy terrasque when it's mad
<Baliadoc> gets like 40 attacks a turn, -20 ac

<mopdez> need food?
* mopdez pulls a dead spider out
* mopdez eats it
<Alcar> Tirien laughs. "I am fine."

<Jeramias> 'We came, we saw. Let's leave."

* MorCu stares down into the clear water at the struggling nigel
* `nigel comes out quickly
<Alcar> ok. A 7 year old nigel comes out of the water . . .
* Baliadoc blinks
<`nigel> bad idea
<MorCu> ohh im glad i took some of the water
<Alcar> Tirien stares, then starts laughing, unable to help himself
<Baliadoc> "Nigel?"
<`Kari`> "Is is just me or was that an incredibly stupid idea?"
<MorCu> nigel you look so.... small
* MorCu trys not to laugh
* `nigel chuckles

* `Kari` grins at the happy grunts coming from her belt pouch

<Alcar> LOL
<MorCu> ROFL
<MorCu> ((Its not often you have that happen Kari))

<MorCu> "Oink oink grunt oink squeel : Trans:- whats wrong with Tirien?"
<Alcar> ((other possible translations are not permitted in a non-XXX chan))
<MorCu> ((ROFLMPAO))
<MorCu> (Trans:- roll on floor laughing my pink ass off))

* Kyrra places the bandage over the wound
<Kyrra> the bandage burns worse than the poison
* Zandir clenches teeth together
<Khard> (Kyrra is actually an assassin sent to kill you)

<Khard> (can i shoot.. say, oil.. through the flame of this lantern, and have it come out the other side?)
<Kyrra> >>>> high risk of having the flame enter the container >>>>
<Kyrra> >>>> as in 75% chance >>>>
<Khard> (hmm... okay, just getting some ideas here)
* Khard flamethrower idea is now thrown out

<Sparkie`> "But how do u use weapons? I thought all elves were goodness incarnate?!"
<Alcar> ((lol. uhm, that was me, not spark :p))
* Reeve_Kevistial Jaise glares at the greater being of fire... "Thanks!"
<Alcar> ((LOL))
* Sparkie` raises a fire languidly . . You're welcome

<Alcar> You see the odd looking figure of an elf laying in a hammok strung across the back of a small cart. Pulled by a old nag wearing a well used but highly fasionable looking ladys hat. The two of them seem to be having an argument.
<Galhalee> "You were the one who wanted to navigate!" **Whinny** "Don't tell me you can't read. I've seen you do it before." **Snort** "I know how to fold a map you don't have to tell me." **Niegh**
<Galhalee> "No I don't see these ruins anywhere on the map. I told you not to make that left turn." **Snort** "Oh sure, blame the map maker." **Snort** "Ofcorse it's hard to fold. You don't have any thumbs! It wasn't designed for horses to read!"

<Galhalee> "Hmmf, well Good day lad. I hope your parents have stronger harts then I do."
<Galhalee> "because you nearly stoped mine."

Galhalee holds up a bag a spices, "Last chance to speak up if you don't like yours spicy"
* Gemithain says "Your not using any of your magic to cook are you Galhalee?"
<Galhalee> "Hmm, never thought of doing it that way before. might be fun."
* Gemithain says "NO! Dont.."
* Gemithain says "ahhh.. i think it tastes better without."
<Galhalee> "Oh, well alright. Still an iteresting idea."

<`Teri`> Sparkie's an indescriminate bitch
<`Teri`> Sinbot just dicriminates :)

<Galhalee> ((hehe, I'm still enough of a munchkin to find my self wondering what tresure table a posionus bunny falls under))

<Alcar> Gem - wisdom check
<Galhalee> ((drat, let me guess, he has no dish washing proficicy))
<Gemithain> ((you would make it WIS wouldnt ya!))
<Galhalee> ((he's gona leave spots all over my tin plates isn't he))

* Sparkie` DOES want an apology for the "fuck that sparkie" comment first :p
<Sparkie`> Kholgaran rolls 1d20: ( 6 ) - ogre1
<_dungeon_Master_> thats why i said fuck sparkie !

* Sparkie` won't roll higher than 11 until he gets that apology . ..
<_dungeon_Master_> i apolo.... the hell with it !

<_dungeon_Master_> you EAR BELDORN SHOUT ! about time ... By moradin power and mighty hammer of might ! i call down lighting !
<Kynan> (( .. By moradin power and mighty hammer of might ! i call down lighting ! -- can bel call down his god if his grammer isn't correct? ))

<_dungeon_Master_> you see the light opening the clouds ...and a huge dwarven hand .. pick up the one eyed hill giant !
<_dungeon_Master_> and crushes it in its hand ... before letting it fall helpless to the ground
* Kynan looks at Beldorn. "What was that spell?! Bigby's hand, the final frontier?"

<_dungeon_Master_> let me explain what appends next
<Kynan> it suffers a massive heart attack from exertion?
<Kholgaran> believes itself to be a shapeshifter, and decides the only way to kill it is to cut out it's heart, bury it, then cut off it's own head?
<_dungeon_Master_> LET ME TALK !

<Kholgaran> "I shall avenge my crossbows demise!"

<Kholgaran> that's what happens when things come from other planes... they have to pass through tin hair
<Kynan> LOL
<Kynan> dandruff and all?

<_dungeon_Master_> the dogs are running at the skeleton warrior getting there before you
* Kholgaran stops, doing the dwarven dance of bounteous dog summoning
<Kynan> "Are they looking for bones to bury?"
* Kholgaran looks at kynan and takes out his ACME catalog, ordering a large portable hole to take care of the hill giant
<_dungeon_Master_> but you guys have never seen this before
<Kynan> ((Not at 6 am, no.))
<Kholgaran> ((all encompassing evil being attacked by hungry dogs? i've NEVER seen that alcar!))

<_dungeon_Master_> is eyes are now flashing red !
* Kynan recommends a good eye-doctor . ..

<Galhalee> ((all I seem to do in these games is cook and burry people :))
<Galhalee> ((hope there isn't a connection))
<Reeve> ((lol, you shall soon have your liver cooked and your body buried in an indiscriminate grave))

<Alcar> (gal . . save for the slippers getting worn out :p)
<Galhalee> (whaa Gal misses Milly!)
<Galhalee> (save vs sliper wear dosn't seem to be on my sheet :)

<Reeve> (do they have a golem for everything?)
<Galhalee> (I havn't ment a pizza golem but give me time)

<Galhalee> ((let me get this straight. I said we could be killed, you say life is not with out risk, then sudenly every one runs away))
<Alcar> ((hehehhe . . .. . . . apparently, yes))
<Reeve> ((lol... i'm just going to do my job :) ))

<Alcar> (the fire is about 5 minutes away from the river . . on this side of the river is 12 of the acres)
* Galhalee backs off and looks around studing the fire and country side. and looking for keith.
<Keith`> "i'm starting to lighting it!!"
<Galhalee> (your what?)
* Keith` uses his fire building skills to set a bunch of small brush fires then useing a burnning bush to start others along the stream
<Keith`> (the back burn if they are fair enought down they should beable to keep ahead of me)
<Keith`> "and i'm out of fire ball spells"
<Galhalee> (because he wants it to be dramticly close when we finally do stop it?)

<VVarner> now you have me thinking about creating a race of NBA stars :)
<VVarner> gets +1 bonus with all basketball like weapons and a tendancy to run around in shorts :)
<VVarner> they could make their living picking fruit from tall trees :) like dwaves do with their mining
<VVarner> and an obsesion with endorcing foot ware :)
<Alcar> and get no penalty if they switch classes but return to their oringal class later
<Alcar> hm, they shuold also be able to retire from adventuring life and return unlimited times . .. .
<VVarner> as long as their origenal party reforms :)

<Alcar> The lich walks away, after blasting the skeletons to pieces for being there with a lightning bolt
<`Reeve> "Guess i wasn't the one who had a bone to pick with them"

<Alcar> "I was a bloody lich, you idiot! The skeletons gained rheir flesh we all came back to life and the dead the necromancers killed there all rose. Now what the hell happened?!"
* `Reeve gasps... then grins
* `Reeve starts laughing
<Alcar> "This is not a laughing matter! What did you do?!"
<`Reeve> "You've got me, my friend made it work, it amplified his power beyond anything i've ever seen"
<VVarner> (out of the frying pan into the bon fire)
<`Reeve> "Look at the bright side, now you can say you were the only lich to ever be human again"

* Snake`-- mumbles to him self "pear power..."
<`Reeve> (pear power?)
<Snake`--> (try sounding it out my spelling is crap)
<`Reeve> (hehehe, just teasin' ya... sounds like fruit runs the universe ;) )
<Snake`--> (it does)
<`Reeve> (uh huh... and next you'll be saying that bill gates is the most powerful man in the world)
<Snake`--> (no i am)
<VVarner> (carefull snake, a claim like that could bring gal's insesant questions down upon you)
<Snake`--> (LOL true)

<VVarner> looks like the wizards of the coast know whats wrong with ad&d. they probably played it as kids :)

<VVarner> I've heard hasbro is gona buy em out. they buying TSR or all of wizards?
<Alcar> shudder . .nasty idea
<VVarner> whats wrong with hasbro? other then not knowing anything about RPG's? well I'd think that would insure that they'd keep the ones who do working with em :)
<Alcar> hehehe. we hope :p
<VVarner> true, never underestimate the raw power of stupidity
<Alcar> it's too powerful . .can't resist . . .. barbie . . .is not . . . the tarrasque . .
<VVarner> why do I think your about to add that to your quotes? :)

<Ryu-Freatherfoot> "your still red in the face but looking better..."
<Alcar> Tirien nods "I heal . .quickly."
<Ryu-Freatherfoot> "yah.. i got a cut on my finger once.. took a week to heal"
<Ryu-Freatherfoot> "must be nice...."

<Jeramias>"Ok, but you never told me I was weak."
<Baliadoc> "Yeah i know... you're not weak!!! That's why i didn't say it!"
<Jeramias> "I still haven't figured out your secret code of blinks."

<Snake`--> "your as old as the wars of magic... i'm a man of my word the item will be yours"
* Shadron nods slowly to snake "I thank you then . . . what did you wish in return?"
* Gemithain sighs at snakes words
<Gemithain> ((ask for your soul back snake :)))
<Snake`--> ((LOL))

* Sintaqx continues digging the spike-filled pit
<Sintaqx> >>>> oops >>>>
<Alcar> ((lol!))
<Alcar> ((you weren't suppossed to tell them!))
<Sintaqx> >>>> that was supposed to be a notice >>>>
<Galhalee> (push snake in so we can have a snake filled pit :)
<Snake`--> ((LOL))

<Galhalee> it's funny how a party will be more protective of a good cook then it will of it's wizard :)

<Alcar> <Alcar> you find you're healed
<Alcar> By Shadron, it must have been'
<Gemithain`> bastard!
<Alcar> you find you're healed
<`Brak> thanx.....
<Alcar> Shadorn must have done it
<`Brak> Damn......

* Burnard throws a racoon at the drunken vilager and charges right back at him
<Burnard> (wonder if racoons count as grenade like missles)
<RavenMoonsinger> (only if they are decomposing)
<Robin`--> (umm when they are pissed probubly so)

<SinBot> Burnard 1d20, < 20 > Racoon! I chose you!
<Alcar> A racoon flies into his face, causing him to shout in shock "Ah! A familiar!"
<Burnard> double racoon damage!
* `Seraph` watches in amazement at the racoon tears the guy's head off
<Alcar> uhnm, he falls backwards with a cry and hits the ground, face gouged and bleeding . . .his eyes are missing and he's not moving
<Alcar> It looks as if the raccoons claws tore right through his eyes intro his brain
* `Seraph` makes a mental note not to piss off that racoon
* RavenMoonsinger shouts "dammit jim im a druid not a raccoon!"
* RavenMoonsinger notices the raccoon putting away a switch blade

* Burnard takes a long drag off his pipe and checks his racoon for wounds
<Alcar> the racoon is fine. A little startled, but fine . . . and it looks hungry . .
<Alcar> (racoon now has fetish for eating eyeballs :) )
<Alcar> the racoon playfully tries to claw one of Burnard's eyeballs out
<Burnard> "Hey quit that, eat your peanuts"
<Burnard> "I hate it when Racoons turn carnivorus"

<Alcar> nothing evil or nasty happens during the night, at least not to any of you . . . Burnard is happy to see he still has eyes the next morning
<RavenMoonsinger> (mutters the words of a spell before faling asleep and drifts off to the sound of burnards screams for mercy as the raccoon, convinced he has walnuts in his pockets, continues to molest him)
<`Seraph`> Burnard is happy to see, period.
<Burnard> (get your mind off my nuts :P)

<Burnard> "Eeew, I hate mushrooms. They give me gas"
<`Seraph`> <<no Burnard! not by sparkie!!!!!>>

* Burnard is feeding and playing with his Racoon by tosing it and catching it. If you didn't know better you'd think he was testing a weapons balance.
<Burnard> (wonder if one can specialise in Racoon tossing)
<`Seraph`> << there is a throwing proficiency.... >>
<Robin`--> (just as one can specialise in a choke hold i would amagen)

<`Seraph`> << my character is waking up, her player is falling asleep >>

<_ReALiTy_> bali you almost done ?
<Baliadoc> here i come reality
<Marcus_Fenway> <Baliadoc> here i come reality ??? Where have you been Bali?
<Baliadoc> LOL!
<Baliadoc> don't ask Marcus, don't ask

<Thundor> ok, some quick notes...
<Thundor> - try not to split up, its too hard to keep track of and its easier to kill people then to keep track

<Keith`> you find some intoresting grass growing in one of the cracks in the floor
* Avern examines the grass
<Silva_Atalanta> (oh great, my healers gonna get high)
<Keith`> it looks like a grass your mom use to use in dressings
<Keith`> as you recall it helped with the pain but not much else
<Silva_Atalanta> (lovly, i'm getting healed with asprin)

* Silva_Atalanta runs in a blind panic
<Keith`> you quickly find your selves out side of the ruins
<Silva_Atalanta> (oh there I am. I was wondering where I had put me)

<Barismon_Desidio> HELP!!!all the elves turn into monsters and an old man is makeing me drag a pot to the lake to fill it with healing water and the monster are gonna eat me and i'm too pretty to die !

<VVarner> hmm, aparently it's not ok to covet the DM's anything unless it's his wife :)
<Alcar> lol
<MarcFen> Please take her ;)

<Zorr_GM> "you're not guards, but I believe the three of you can do what my men can't
<Athena_Valice> "Be nice to people?"
* Tellan_Harthwood grumbles, "yeah, uphold the law"

<Zorr_GM> the only lead we have is that the killers escape into the sewers
<Zorr_GM> "some of the tunnels are narrow"
<Athena_Valice> (Tran...the rats needs a small snack)
* Tellan_Harthwood thinks, shoving the girl in the sewers, why didn't he think of that before, will keep her quiet
<Athena_Valice> " dress is going to get ruined!!"*agasht*
<Tellan_Harthwood> "ruined? I thought it was ruined now, you mean it always has looked like that?"

<Halthar> "I could see my way to freeing her, but only if I could be sure she would walk the paths of good."
<Kman> "some times what is best for a kindom isn't always what one would consider lawfull"
<Alcar> She looks at Halthar, incredulous . ."You clerics, always seeing things in black and white . . . "
<Halthar> "The world is full of greys... what is your name?"
* Halthar will not let her leave until he finishes a lecture :-)

*Johnathan glares at the wolf, umarmed
<Johnathan> "Go away from us!"
* Johnathan gestures for it to shoo away, kind of hoping it might . ..
<^Pana^^> (you want that as an action?^^;)
<Johnathan> (yup)
<Johnathan> (weaponless now . . don't think I'd have a silver ball point pen on me . .)

<Remar`Deminos> We're only concerned with Pallas.."
<Johnathan> 'I see. Who's pallas?"
<Remar`Deminos> "Our ward, our friend."
<Johnathan> 'I see. Where is she?"
<Remar`Deminos> "She was the doll."
<Johnathan> "A doll. As a friend." John looks at Remar in concern 1 "You can have . . real friend also, you know. Not . .dolls."
<Johnathan> "Must be a teddy ruxpin complex . .. sad."
<Remar`Deminos> <LuckBlade> .oO(Can I kill him?)
<Remar`Deminos> "No..."

<Sparkie> Heya all! I'm Sparkie. (do ! commands or (help) for info)
<``Kailyn``> HI Sparkie! I'm Daniel the Fireman and this is my 500 gallon pressureized water tank and attatching nozzle!

<Shadron> ((You're all freee to turn on horror music (or even country) to enhance the mood))
<Reeve``> ((how about Metallica? the Unforgiven 2? :) sooo symbolic of this meeting))
<Mysterious_Girl> << country might make it too scary.. this isn't ravenloft, you know. >>

<Alcar> Knort shrugs, turns around,a dn thros=ws the dagger through Shadron's head and out the other side
<Reeve``> "Why did you do that? God... now i have to kill you..." *groans*
* Gemithain` says ''Now that kill was justified''
<Reeve``> "It was cold blood Gem... there was no reason for him to be killed..." *coughs*
* Gemithain` says ''It was Shadron you realise right''
* Gemithain` says ''Noone will morn that death''

<^^Clark^> "What do you want your tombstone to read Reeve?"
* Gemithain` says ''Shut up Clark''
<Reeve``> "I may be a fool, but at least i kicked some ass" *that was a direct reference to horseboy*
<^^Clark^> "bite me Reeve"

<Alcar> Knort side steps, watches you swing, blocks with the ckicken leg and gives you pointers on how to hold the sword
<Mysterious_Girl> << The pointy end! use the pointy end!!!! >>
<Alcar> ok. His hose leg hits your sword, knocking it from your hand
<Alcar> He steps back, and waits
<Reeve``> ((no wonder my palms are bleeding...))

<Alcar> Knort moves, fast . . .
<Alcar> Knort sighs, looks up from the smashed body
<Alcar> "Next?"
* ^^Clark^ points to Sparkie
* Mysterious_Girl volunteers Sparkie

<Gemithain`> i have some buzzle poison, all we need is a hit
<Reeve``> no thanks, i'm full
<Gemithain`> ((not for you!))

* Reeve`` sails into Knort, blades swinging
<Mysterious_Girl> (( there can be only one! ))
<Reeve``> ((Reeve... I am your father... well, okay, i don't have the paperwork to back that up, but how about this? *BOOM* *POW* *BANG*... Reeve... who's your daddy now!?))

<Mysterious_Girl> I found a problem with an OOC quote list
<Alcar> what?
<Mysterious_Girl> hard drive space

<Sparkie> Reeve`` rolls 1d20: ( 18 )
<Reeve``> BAH!! SPARK!!!
<Mysterious_Girl> (( spark's a bitch :P ))
<Reeve``> (ooo, hear that spark? sin just called you a giiiirl!)
<Mysterious_Girl> (( nope.. I called him a derogitory form of a female dog :P))

<`Drake`> "Excuse me... K?"
* K`- blinks his eyes and shakes his head "yes??"
* ``nanoc chest busts his will hers now shirt reviling a 44 dd chest
<Alcar> The priest looks over blearily. "Looks fine t'me. Fit as a fiddle."
<``nanoc> i feel
<``nanoc> wierd
<`Drake`> "Um... something seems to have happened to your apprentice... mainly he's turned into a young lass"

<`Drake`> "I see. Well K, that's quite an intresting young... one you have there"
<K`-> "i do bleave my apprentace can't handle the drink"
<`Drake`> "Interesting reaction... i usually just fall over laughing"
* K`- glares at drake

* K`- points a finger at drake "you lay a hand on nanoc and you will have to come thought me and my swords first"
<Scarth> "Well, guess i'll be ofta me room , by the way , which room was that young woman in? Wouldn't want to wander in by mistake."
<K`-> "the locked one Scarth"
<`Drake`> "K! How could you think i'd do anything to her-im?"
<K`-> "nanoc is my apprentace and the way you have been hitting on the pour waitress all night is appalling"
* `Drake` smiles
<K`-> "besides i know the ways of a salor. any port in a storm!"

* K`- sees the door kicked in and starts pulling ppl out of nanoc's room and tossing them aside
<`Drake`> "Yes you are, as you're supposed to be... you're a bit wild m'dear"
<K`-> "Excuse me. pardon"
* ``nanoc sees K
<`Drake`> "... You did this to get sex? I kicked down a door so you could ask K for sex!?!?!"
* K`- looks about checking his things apprentace tied up strange man in apprentaces room.... apprentace is a woman...
<Scarth> "all that commotion cuz she's in heat?"
<Alcar> Other residents are coming out of there rooms, wondering what in the name of the gods is going on here . . .
<`Drake`> "My money... all that money... the door, the wall... my money..."

* `Drake` at least retrieves his rope, still mortally wounded.. wonders if he'll actually die this time, once he sees the bill
* K`- is doing his best to keep nanoc at arms langth
<`Drake`> "And now you let her free?! You're slipping old man! What're you doing!?"

<Scarth> "where did you get that apprentice ?"
<K`-> (what was the citys name again?)
<Alcar> (uhm . .. . Erbi, sounds good :) )
* Scarth makes a note to go to erbi one day

<``nanoc> what am i?!?!?!?!
* K`- bends down slowy and picks up the key and unlocks the door
<`Drake`> "That would be a female, lad... i see you've come to your senses"
<`Drake`> "Mornin' K, it seems your boy's come around mentally at least, good think alcohol isn't permanent, eh?"
* K`- grabs the blanket off the bed and tosses it to nanoc
<K`-> "alright i don't know what halponed last night but nanoc had close on the last time i had seen him.. her what ever!"
<``nanoc> i alwas sleep in the nude
<``nanoc> i need some coths plz
<`Drake`> "Aye... he.. er.. she.. er... had em off when i came in, you think the lad was only after you?"

* K`- starts asking ppl which way she went and hurrys after her
<`Drake`> ((yes, my name is K... do you have my ulcer ready for pick-up?))
<K`-> ((that or heart attack))

<Seahshan> "I am Seashan to my friends... I don't know what my enemies call me.. they have never told me."

<Sylia`Stingray> <LuckBlade> .oO(Look.. the wrath of man!)
<Artemis_Galvanos> <Peter>(Shutup! He's doing more than you do!:P)
<Sylia`Stingray> <Remar Deminos> "....such a bad pun..."
<Artemis_Galvanos> <Peter>(You let a bunch of little girls push you around like a wussy little rapier..)
<Brody`> (lookit me! i'm luckblade! i look pretty and talk silly! *the funnybone of man*)

<Sparkie> Brody` rolls 2d10+6: ( 18 )
<Brody`> (hope that does it!)
<Brody`> (hello?)
<Sparkie> Hello what? Do you need an echo? I'm still here being ignored.
<Brody`> same here spark
<Artemis_Galvanos> The bot dies..

* Sho-Chan <Tisa Furrow> sits and blinks...listening to unseen whispering voices, then tries to stand. "We've a boat.... near the stone peer...."
<Brody`> "Aye, road in on it with Yui"
<Sho-Chan> <Tisa Furrow> <Glares at Brody> "And just WHY didn't you SAY that when I was suggesting we needed a way OFF this rock?!"
<Artemis_Galvanos> Becuase he's from CA:P
<Artemis_Galvanos> Californians have to act so strangly from other people..
<Brody`> "Um... we had other problems?"

<Brody`> "Anyway... we were looking for some rooms, and perhaps a bite to eat"
<Artemis_Galvanos> <Man>"Yea the cliche deal coming up"*yawns*
<Brody`> "Cliche deal? I was just curious if you took American Express"
<Artemis_Galvanos> <Man>*pulls out a sign that says we only accept Visa*
<Brody`> "It's everywhere you wanna be..." *roots through his wallet, pulls out a Visa*
<Brody`> "Wait a minute... you know Visa!?"
<Artemis_Galvanos> <Man>"...Did it take you that long to ask that question?"*rolls his eyes*
<Brody`> "Wow... you don't mind if my account is on Earth, do you?"

<Hastur^> I hate brain collectors!
<Hastur^> I stay away from it
<Hastur^> I need my brain though I dont use it it could come in handy
<Duloth> <Another similar thing flies overhead, moving incredibly fast>
<Hastur^> OK is the Brain Collector away from the crater?
<Joran_Cedin> "The bugs are falling!" get away from the crater, unless there is anything else in it, like a baby bug?
<Duloth> <It isn't a brain collector. Its a 20ft. tall black metal-looking spider that is heading for Shadow-Dale>

<Duloth> (You get three pieces of a TWO-HANDED sword + 6)
<Hastur^> I can repair that baby!

<Duloth> <The cylinder has "DK-4 Pistol" written on the side
<Hastur^> ?
<Joran_Cedin> ((can we even read the language?))
<Hastur^> Apparently we can
<Hastur^> I examine the cylinder keeping it pointed away from me
<Hastur^> Hey I found a Peistul
<Joran_Cedin> "A what? Isn't that as disease?"

* jeff`````` sighs going up to syl
<jeff``````> hi i am jeff you are?
* Sylistrai looks confused, with good reason as anyone walking into this conversation halfway through it could attest

* Snake`--- leads the way and gets the groop on the movie after making sure the fire is out
<Reeve``> (what movie are we watching Snake? :))
<Sylistrai> << robin hood, men in tights, of course >>

<`Drake`> "That's what i mean... any idea why things seem to be going weird around you, or why that voice came from around you?"
<Compatapry> "Um, because, maybe, uh, Fleres, uh, wanted to play, uh, paper, rock, scissors with me?"
<`Drake`> "And why would he want to do that, friend?" *voice getting cold*
<Compatapry> "To, uh, get back at you for calling her a him?"

<Alcar> YOU WIN . . . THIS TIME
<Compatapry> When can we play again?
<Compatapry> (( ithought this was a symbolic game. I choose stone, stones rain from the heavens killing everone. scissors - poeple get cut in half. :) ))
<Compatapry> considering that I'm not a psi, I hear voices in my head all the time. Isn't that odd?
* Alcar grins How DO you tell the catain you played paper, scissors, rock for the fate of his ship? :p

<`Drake`> "Why were you hung upside down?"
<Compatapry> "... for praying to Fleres and L'tolsh"
* Compatapry stares at his feet
* `Drake` blinks
<Compatapry> "I'm sorry! I thought that the DM would realize it was just a joke!"
<`Drake`> "What!? You prayed to them, and you have some other.. Dark Master?"
<Compatapry> "Yeah, he goes by alcar. He tells me to do things."

<`Drake`> (alcar, how do the men reply??)
<Asheferd> (they paint the words HMS Bounty on the hull)

<Corpse```> It's not everyday the dead rise up. just every other day

<Fleres_Preist> I'm at the bottom of the sea, and I'm still in the game :)
<Fleres_Preist> damn, and I was hoping that I had died

* `Drake` gasps for air suddenly
<Asheferd> "damn"
<`Drake`> "S... s... stop"
* Asheferd backs up
<K`--> "Kinda tingles the first time doesn't it drake?"
<`Drake`> "T...t...third.... K..."
<Asheferd> "why won't anyone stay dead around here"
<K`--> "oh well yah kinda starts to sting then"
* `Drake` slams another fist into the deck, pushing himself up
<`Drake`> "yeah... K" *grins weakly*

* Fleres_Preist crusies around for mermaid chicks
<Alcar> you see 1 :P
<Fleres_Preist> "Hey baby, what's you sighn?"
<Alcar> "Pices" (of course :))
<Fleres_Preist> "Well, my horoscope said that I'd have luck with you."
<Fleres_Preist> (really, today is like theonly I've ever read it too.)
<Fleres_Preist> Capricorn - you will have luck in your love with Pices
<Fleres_Preist> the rest doesn't concern me alot does it?
<Fleres_Preist> I mean, I am dead

<`Drake`> "Wait, so because a pirate commits treason and is killed... you take it upon you to destroy property (the longboat rigging), and jump into the water to save a dying man. Then when i row out to save your ass, you try to force me out of my boat, run me through, threaten me at point blank the entire way back, run me through again, and expect me to treat you nicely?"

<Alcar> ash . .nothing much happening, you see what looks like Comp on the back of a mermaid going by the porthole in the distance is about all
<Fleres_Preist> (he's not joking, btw)
<Fleres_Preist> (I found the big breasted women I was told about)
<Alcar> (well, you're undead so you don't really care . .to heck with getting a spleen to work, you can't get anything, uhm, else to . .shes pretty in an absract, living kind of way)
<Asheferd> Could an undead creature use Viagra, would it make them even more stiff?

* Jess`-- goes to clearing the table and pats avern on the shoulder 1"just take my word for it sweetie"
<Jeramias> 1d100
<Sparkie> Jeramias rolls 1d100: ( 82 )
<Jeramias> dang
<Jeramias> ( i was checking to see if avern would spontaneously repoduce assexulally
<Avern> ROFL!!
<Jess`--> (LOL)
<Jeramias> could make for an interesting game

<Kari``> "I don't think nigel should go that way...."
<Baliadoc> "I think nigel needs a good beating... why do you say he shouldn't go that way?"
* `nigel hears this
* `nigel starts back to bali
<`nigel> a good beting hey?
<Baliadoc> (so you hear that!?)

<Kari``> "All kender legends are one-liners. They can't remember anything more complex."

<Ryu`--> "umm.. lisha... whats it like to be scared?"
<Kari``> "I think I can answer that, Ryu."
<Ryu`--> "oh ok umm so whats it like?"
* Kari`` grins
<Kari``> "Well... you know the feeling you get when you really need to visit the latrine?"
<Ryu`--> "umm yah..."
<Kari``> "It's completely unlike that."
<Ryu`--> "oh ok.."
<Jeramias> "Your heart beats faster due to certain cemicals that you body puts out. You'll sweat."

* Kari`` kisses Jer to shut him up
* Jeramias stops suddenly
<Kari``> "There... now ask, Bali."
<Alcar> <<< now its heart attack time :p >>>
* Jeramias turns pale and stumbles back
* Kari`` waits for Jer to recover
* Alcar was joking, jer.
<Kari``> << yeah, he just wants some CPR >>
<Jeramias> "Was that... what I thought it was?"
<Kari``> "Depends on what you thought it was."

<Jeramias> "Why is Balidoc the leader?"
<Baliadoc> "I'm not looking to lead, or to follow. I now go where my feet take me"
<Kari``> "Whether or not his brain follows is another matter."
* Baliadoc grins at Kari

<Baliadoc> "So now what, Lisha? What is your purspose in life?"
<Alcar> "I . . .do not know" For a moment she looks normal, then smiles coldly "But it will be fun"
<Jeramias> "Does anyone mind if I cut off her head?"
* Ryu`-- hops up placing him self between jer and lisha
<Ryu`--> "I MIND!"

* Ryu`-- gets a brite idea witch is normal a bad sign for the party

<SilvaAtalanta> "Hold still you thrice cursed son of a flatulant furbie!"
<Alcar> The little creature laughs mockingly, easily evading the arrows . .it looks very amused

<Alcar> You get a message . . I'm sorry, you reached the Divine Assistance Bureau . .You're god is unavaliable to take your prayer at this time. At the tone,. please leave name, current locastion, amount of last tithe and how close you are to dying. Prayers wil be answered in order of importance. Have a great day! *BEEEP*
<SilvaAtalanta> ((hehe, heaven has an answering service))
<Tyler_Carver> Yes, and it's always on the fritz
Sparkie> Tyler_Carver rolls 1d100: ( 62 )
<Tyler_Carver> Doh, It's definitely not answering today.

<Zacten> "I must go back someday though."
<Alcar> "He would kill you, Zacten . . he is evil . . . he . ." She stops, too afraid to continue, the says soflty "I saw him skin a person alive ones, for walking in his shadow . .the poor child was turned inside out, and never died . . . " She shudders
* Zacten begins to cry softly
<Zacten> "I guess we can't do anything then."

* K`-- puts his hand on her shoulder
<K`--> "you want to hear i need you... but your mistaking need for want..."

<Jeramias> "Wars are stupid, they don't solve anything"
<Ryu`--> "not so... the war of the lance had a perpose"
<Ryu`--> "drove the dark dragons and there dark queen back to where they came from!"
<Jeramias> "Wars only solve problems for stupid, incometent people. What is the other 3% of the population supposed to do?"
<Alcar> < Lisha > "The other 3%?"
<Jeramias> "The ones that aren't stupid, or incompetant."

* nigel` closes his eyes but nothing else happens
<nigel`> hmm
* Baliadoc blinks, waiting for the dramatic end

* nigel` hole body shakes and turns to dust only a head remains
<Baliadoc> "Nigel!?
<nigel`> could you pick me up
* Ryu`-- picks nigel up and carrys him under his arm
<Ryu`--> "always wanted a talking head under my arm...!"
<nigel`> bali you carry me plz
<Baliadoc> "That's one way to put it..." *makes a retching noise*

* Ryu`-- idely wonders if any one will cry when he dies but figurs this isn't the time to ask
<SilvaAtalanta> (Ryu, they will if you owe them money :)

* Ryu`-- skips along south now minus one box of nigel

<Baliadoc> "Being scared is more of a way of knowing danger is around"
<Ryu`--> "oh..."
<Baliadoc> "If you are scared, you probably have a reason to be. Such as being in a dark cave with a small torch, and knowing the next turn might hide some danger"
<Ryu`--> "no.. thats just fun"
<Baliadoc> "Most of us dread that turn, while it's in your nature to want to see what's beyond it, even if it is the Three-Eyed Sloth-Slayer of Kvardinov"

* Baliadoc the voice of the EarthMan comes down... it's Psycho, dude! get out! get out! reee reee ree ree!)
<Alcar> (what?)
<Jeramias> ((lol))
<Baliadoc> (lol... someone from earth just warned me that i'm in the movie "Psycho" :))

* Loran`-- gets up and gathers her things from her apartment and has a slight headake (not a big one)
<FatHead```> con check loran:)
<Loran`--> (if its fitness pass other wize... i'm on the floor)
<FatHead```> ((you die))

<Jeramias> ((the man sprouts fangs and bites Avern))
<Jeramias> ((there's you vampire:)j/k))
<Avern> ((avern would make a BAD vampire))
<Jeramias> ((yeah"AAAAAaaahhh!!! don't bite me!""Ok, sir, I'm sorry to disturb you."))

<Baliadoc> you weren't angry, you just wanted to kill her... er something

<VVarner> the gaurds don't waist any time.the chief makes you all march double quick time thru the city
* Kynan nods"Good. Will man who pushed me be there?"
<VVarner> the chief grins, "We can only hope"
<VVarner> hmm, anyone need a poty break? I gota find something
* Gwin` looks at a guard
<Gwin`> you want to goto the bathroom now?

<Gwin`> chief can i takeman throw some walls to get head start?
<VVarner> He looks at you as if you just asked if you could swap heads with him just for fun

<VVarner> you see one of the salesman stop and turn around.he looks suprizingly peacfull for some one with a arrow sticking out of his chest
* Gwin` throws a dagger at the stuck pig
<VVarner> ok now he has a arrow and a dagger sticking out of him.but like some used car salesman he refuses to go away.

* `Reeve` waits for gem to come around up front, and hops down, glad for the rest
<Galhalee> (IT'S a SMALL TWO WHEEL CART!! not a wagon!)
<Galhalee> (don't overload my poor Milly)
* Gemithain climbs through the mages stuff and gets lost in a closet
<Gemithain> ((jk))

* Galhalee whaps shadron with his staff "You try moving a gross of lucky rabits feet in a depressed economy!"

<`Reeve`> "Why would you suspect Miiri anyway? Just because she's out of her tomb?"

Galhalee> "Say, you know.there is nothing wrong with this still has water, it's on the trade rout.We could make a mint selling deeds to property here"
<Baliadoc> ((let's make it our stronghold!))

<VVarner> of all the tresure I ever picked up in my years of ad&d playing a whole trade city must be at the top of the list :)

An addition to the famous Last Words . . .
<Drake``> "Uh huh. Well then, you're quite a brave young lady, Krystal. For that, you are more than welcome on this ship, and i promise you that as long as I and my crew live, you will not be let into that mage's hands"

<K`---> "i could be rong but i would try and avoid it ramming us"
<Krystal`> (lol allwas good idea)

* K`--- contenplates long lost loves long dead friends... how easy it would be to rule the world
* K`--- spends more of his time thinking of the first two
<Alcar> (the DM is happy about that . . .)

* Ryu`-- leans heavly on his hoopak and looks at lisha then back to the nuts dwarf
<Silva_Atalanta> (I still find it hard to accept a Kender named after a street fighter charictor :)
<Ryu`--> (he isn't he is named after the main charicter in the breath of fire games)

<`Tomorth_hammerforge> (if you stand on me its not yur strength that counts its your wietgh:)
<`Tomorth_hammerforge> )
<Silva_Atalanta> (don't get tecnical with some one who's holding you at sword point)

<Baliadoc> (if you're making Jer the base of Sanity... i'm like the God of Reality :))
<Ryu`--> (hell i'm the god of reality compared to jer right now)

* MarcFen Summons a Deity and Echo's it ;)
<VVarner> wouldn't that be taking the Deitys name in vein? :)
<VVarner> no paradox so complicated it can't be subdigated to a bad pun :)
<VVarner> "I'm here already WHAT?"

<Galhalee> "Welcome to the City of Beriz.We are having a population problem just now but the land is going cheap so that shouldn't be a problem for long"

<Galhalee> well, now I have the grey plague, a city of undead, and the sun to fix.At least no ones asking me to save the soul of a lawyer yet

<VVarner> Now i know how Dr Frankenstein feltThe dope smoking druid that I worked so hard to give a personality gets his name taken away by his raccon'

<Seahshan> "Never leave four women alone for more thanweeks...."
<Drake``> "Ouch! How could you? You have the will of a thousand men!!"
* Seahshan chuckles
<Seahshan> "I wouldn't go quite that far"
<Seahshan> "I heard some of the commotion going on, on occasion.Everything alright?"
<Drake``> "Really? You're still in one piece, so you must have the energy of those thousand men too. I think your soul is renting out space"

<Zacten> "Do you have anything that one might use to buy back another's friendship?"
<Alcar> The womna looks up "Ah, yes, we have whatb we call a Valentine Special, named after some famous merchant who shot arrows at people he loved . .killed most of them, but thats life."

<Alcar> uhm, you want to be seen by the guard, Zacten?
<Zacten> ((I have nothing to hide, just because I fit that desrcition exactly doen't mean smeg))

* ^Talia^ shakes her head at all the drunken sailors
<^Talia^> "Scores of ugly and short men and me still sober....."

* Zacten wonders how much more beatiful the girl must look with Drake's beer gogles
<Drake``> (she's a cute serving girl, she has to be thin blond and busty!)
<Krystal`> (ahhh new something was wierd its the gandma:P)

<Drake``> (hey! i'll stay if i like! i got woken up out of a good drunken stupor!)
<Alcar> (heh . . and sobered really fast i might add)
<Drake``> (exactly! that's like blasphemy to a pirate!)
<Drake``> (i need to repent my sins)
<Seahshan> << repent, or repeat? >>
<Drake``> ((repent! i can't repeat going sober so fast, the pain would be unbearable!))
<Drake``> ((i could never be a pirate again!))

<Keith`> realy doesn't matter to me i wouldn't mind giving the gnome a run or burning a forest down again
* Shaariithessda watches Keith spend the nextyears searching for a forest
<Keith`> forest town graslands it all burns the same
* Shaariithessda watches Keith spend the nextyears searching for anything in that list

* Man_In_The_Cloak_And_Hat purposely misses one guard to bring his sword up and cleave another down the middle :)

<Baliadoc> "That's great! Did you find yourself a cook?"
<Alcar> "Yes we did." (introduces Bali to Chef Boyardee)
<Baliadoc> "A pleasure, Sir Boyardee"
* Baliadoc can't believe he just said that
<Ryu`--> (thats right up there with asking Ryu "are you all right")

* Baliadoc wishes there were a faster way to catch up, since he doesn't run too well on his little halfling legs ;)
<Alcar> its downhill . .bali can roll :p
* Baliadoc turns into mist and evaporates into the heavens, to suck your blood for that remark!!!!

<Keith`> RP with out the confines of most the laws or reality is just down right bickering of two children

<Baliadoc> (now i just have to forget to die the Final Death, so i can be a Vampiric Lich Halfling)

<Ryu`--> "easy jer we have more inportant things to worry about..."
<neo-Alcar> < Lisha > "You freaked the guards, drove some of them blind . . . and we had to kill them."
<Jeramias> "More important? I'm a mass murderer...."
* Jeramias begins to sob
<Jeramias> "Something is wrong with me."
<neo-Alcar> < Lisha > "there is something REALLY wrong if you just figured that out."

<Jeramias> "In the pasthours, I've blanked out, turned into a dog, and killed 20 poeple. I'm not stupid enough to let it happen again."

* Ryu`-- rams a silver lock pick in to docs back right about where his heart should be and gives it a good twist be for pulling it out
* neo-Alcar Lishas lunges, stabbing a silver letter opener into his arm
< Jeramias notes that there is a bit of tension between members of the party

<Krogan> This is retarded. We've been at this for over half an hour and we haven't gone to a dungeon, met any NPCs, or killed any monsters.
<Krogan> That's it, I'm gone. I'll come back when people really want to roleplay.
*** Krogan has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)

<Padraig> ok . . so we're heading down the path with a scorched and half cracked box of ladies undergarments . .

* Padraig is vowing to kill any bard who turns this into any kind of song
<Keith`> (just at that time you see Ralf the wondering bard pop out of a bush and start singing song so womens underwear and aside spitting bugs)
* Padraig kills the bard
<Keith`> (you sudneing realize as you kill the bard that you just killed the most phames bard in the world)
<Johan-S> (it's bad liuck to kill a bard now you must throw salt over your shoulder)
<Padraig> oh well. He deserved it
* Padraig throws the bard over his shoulder and walks away :)

<VVarner> heroism is in the eye of the beholder :)
<Seraph``> then who's heroic to a blind person?
<Kynan> a guide dog

<Seraph``> (the person who discovered caffiene should be made a saint... either that or casterated with a blunt object)

<VVarner> how far does a PC move inhours?
<Timbalin> (depends on how far away the treasure is)
<Kynan> (I can thrown my IBM fairly far, VV :))
<Gnomish> (try chucking thei have you probubly can't lift it)

<Leafeimmo^mosseis> (vv how am i supposed to find them when im miles behind still around the camp vasinity?)
<Timbalin> (the laws of PC Gravitation ;))

<Leafeimmo^mosseis> (you told me to give it abilites)
<Leafeimmo^mosseis> (so i did)
<VVarner> (abilites a Racoon might have)
<VVarner> (your teaching it tricks not sending it to coledge)

* Seraph`` marvels at the proponderance of typo demons about tonight >>
<Timbalin> ((i need to play a Typo Slayer sometime))
<Timbalin> ((only gains experience by typing perfect messages ;)))
<Seraph``> <<tempting, tim.. very tempting>>

<VVarner> leaf finds no trouble getting into a fight with any of the half drunken thru the experance might be a bit more difficult.

<`Reeve`> (hmm... the changling is like windows... has assimilated the building... it's "bugproof?" look at the signs, keith, and beware!)

<Darkomen> (let me know whenminutes has gone by.)
<Galhalee> (( minutes go by and sudenly a bell goes ding near darkomen :))
<`Reeve`> ((the darkomens done! who wants a leg?))

<Alcar> ok, Reeve has a sleeping tiger with him. Does reeve want to put his head in her mouth and pull it out for a circus trick? :)
<`Reeve`> yeah!
<`Reeve`> woohoo!
* Sylistrai nibbles on reeve's cranium
<`Reeve`> (and can someone come up behind her and yell reall loud?)

* Galhalee looks up from a book entitled 'wizards spelljamming field book'

<Sylistrai> << as all the players depart, pieces of the ceiling selectively fall on the departing characters>>

<VVarner> shit, alcar the cercumference of the earth is only 24,000 miles this spell would fry it 4 times over!
<VVarner> the more i did the math on this spell the more I thought about the new special effect added to the new edition of star wars when the death star blows up :)

<Daeramondt> the joys of being captain
<`Drake``> ((hey, it wouldn't be so bad if i wasn't a PC... then my ship wouldn't be the target of everything evil in the world :)))

<Daeramondt> "I dabble in magic.But my real passion is bad poetry.Want to hear some?"
<Krystal`> could you give me a good reson not to kill you?
<Daeramondt> "yes."
<Krystal`> what?
<Daeramondt> "Yes, I can give you a good reason not to kill me."
<Daeramondt> "May I go now?"

<Krystal`> whats the reson?
<Daeramondt> "oh."
* Daeramondt sighs
<Daeramondt> "Gimme a little, I gotta think of a good one."
* Daeramondt plops down on the deck
* Daeramondt looks up
<Daeramondt> "How long do I have?"
<Krystal`> count of 30 seem far?
<Daeramondt> "could you make it 60? my mind is a bit slow today."

<Daeramondt> I think this has been the most entertaining character so far.... too bad such entertainment tends to be short lived....

<`Drake``> ((night, thanks for the game alcar, fun as always :))
<Alcar> ((hehe. if a little insane))
<K`-----> (half the party dead due to party disagreements.. ok thats more then a little nuts)

<VVarner> one of the kobalds becomes a quiet entertaining light show for a'd love to see this trick in the dark.that is if you have the stomac for this type of disemboulment
* Seraph_Darkwings smiles grimly and turns her attention to another kobald
* Kynan watches it, looking happy like a child watching a new toy work
<VVarner> (gosts he cant stand.but turning a kobald into a xmas tree is ok with him)
<Kynan> ((yup . . . it was neat))
<Seraph_Darkwings> (( the smell of overdone christmas roast fills the air ))
<Kynan> (though the roast smell makes him hungry :))
<Seraph_Darkwings> (( tim gets odd culinary ideas ))

<VVarner> if you have ranged weapons go ahead and attack.but if you don't put out the fire you're gona takedamage this round
* Kynan charges at the kobalds, ignoring the fire
<VVarner> a large flaming barbarian comes charging at the kobalds.and no he's not gay :)

<Alcar> Sannin looks around . . . the walls are unchanged . . . the stone has done nothing but there is a feeling of holiness in the air as usual
<Sannin> "grrr"
<Sannin> (i can only think of one thing to do!)
<Sannin> (kill my self and visit my god but thats only in desprite times)

<Darkomen> (I think I can,, hmmm maybe get it's head next time,, Wonder if Jeff needs a haircut)
<jeff````> (i need the dmg dark)
<Darkomen> (lol, s&m?)
<jeff````> (no hes psi:P)

<Alcar> They're waiting for the captain etc. to come out :)
* Daeramondt comes out
<Daeramondt> "Yes, I am gay."
<Daeramondt> <oops, wrong coming out...>

<The1stMate> (A vote for me is a vote for more raping and piliging:)
<Drake``> (Vote First Mate: Building a brighter future by torching more towns :))

<Alcar> The crew look nervous but are coming into port fairly well anyway . .the ship misses an iceberg,mine fields and sails through the straits of gilbralter (sp) unharmed. You land.
<The1stMate> land?
<Alcar> come into port.
<Daeramondt> dock
<The1stMate> (crap after all that we run aground)

* The1stMate is having a hard time dealing with this. his first command and he gets two people killed and gets a moron to find out who killed them.
<The1stMate> "I'm gona go lie down" he says and wanders off to his old bunk
<Drake``> ((HAHA! Now you know why i quit ;))
<Zacten`> ((we want a captain not a something that rymnes with captain))
<The1stMate> (um and that would be?)
<Drake``> (we want a captain, not tough actin' tinactin?)
<The1stMate> (charlatain?)

* Drake`` is fast asleep, beating his player counterpart to the punch ;)

<Morganse> we should go back and get the gaurd.. use him as a pack mule and then let the kitty eat him.))
<Zandir> ((hehehe))
<Morganse> What? I'm serious. :) ))

<Zandir> "Thank you for getting me out. I am in your debt."
<Laura`------> "for men your not compleatly useless"
* Morganse looks at Laura and raises an eyebrow.. "And for a woman, ..." He just smiles and goes back to checking their surroundings.
* Laura`------ looks at morgan
<Laura`------> "you still have a lot to learn about your place in the world though"
* Morganse smiles at Laura again and nods.. "We all do lass.. we all do."

<Laura`------> "hay watch where your putting your hands!"
<Morganse> I am.
* Morganse smirks and moves his hands to a decent place.
<Laura`------> "you better or your going to find your self with out them"

<Saibot_RP> Tommorrow or the next day I will fly in as a hawk, let the guy out and fly out as a hawk.
<Saibot_RP> I am neutral good... and letting a guy starve to death just does seem right...
<Saibot_RP> Of course since the traditional punishment is the loss of a hand for theivery and since he was with such a bad gang I might toss him a tinder box and make him use the bedings to badly burn one of his hands before I will let him out. That way he can't jump me and justice is served without my having to risk myself by escorting him out.

<Jeramias> ((I've learned that after you hear a girl say she hates being huged, is always a good time to comfort her by giving her a hug))
<VVarner> Jeramias I've heard that that kind of thinking is what leads to date rape trials :)

<Ryu`--> "umm that reminds me any cure to turn a vampire back to normal?"
<Jeramias> "Cut off it's head and it will be a normal dead body."

<Alcar> Ricardo's stomach rumbles, nearly giving him a heart attack but he hears nothing else
* `Ricardo` slays his evil and vile stomach :)
<Alcar> (hehehhe . . .it counters, and casts Heartburn!)
* `Ricardo` falls over, activating his transdimension Med-Alert bracelet

<VVarner> as you stand to leave you notice a prominate statue of the god of the harvest compleate with a basket full of coin
* Kynan takes the basket j/k
<Timbalin> (Kynan has a delusional attack and thinks the statue is a kobold... we never see Kynan again :))

* Timbalin has decided to see what Gnome tastes like when it's roasted over an open fire j/k ;)

<Kynan> (sheesh . .and its so easy to recall . . )
<Timbalin> (no it's not! no one names their person after the descriptive of their race blast it!)

<Timbalin> spark's a bit eccentric at times, don't hold it against him though
<VVarner> I don't. I hold it against his scripter :)

* Kynan heads to the temple, cursing his "hary thong."
<Kynan> (and no, he doesn't wear thongs . .)
<VVarner> kynan finds himself wearing a hairy thong wich is riding up on him :)
* Kynan scream, attacks the evil Thong and kills it . ... how much exp? :)
<VVarner> the thong dies a horable death but not before swearing revenge. kynan gains 1xp and finds 2 cp :)

<Leafeimmo> "dance for the ladys ermine"
<VVarner> the coon does a little dance gyrating in rythmic and sugestive manners
<Kynan> ((Ermine does that dance he picked up in a seedy bar, and the cloistered nuns run screaming, cursing the racconn . .))
<VVarner> the ladys giggle uncontrolablely
* Kynan makes a mental note to ask the coon for tips, then waits to see what the healers do

* Gnomish grumbls some thing about less oxegen the higher up one goes

<VVarner> kynan is dirrected to the item reciving room. he is told to keep an eye on his coin while he's there
<VVarner> kynan the fuzzy barbarian, finds himself face to face with the most dangerous nemises he has ever encountered. Kip the Kender!
<Timbalin> (sweet mother of Jesus... when you said watch your coin, i didn't think that that implied watching your soul too!)

<Alcar> ((all short, pink skinnned cannibals are cute . . . one of those laws of nature))

<Snake`---> "its your choice reeve but you do it on your own"
<`Reeve``> "Snake, it's kinda hard to cut off my own arms"
<`Reeve``> "I just want you to do a couple quick swings. They'll grow back in a bit"

* Galhalee gets out a book entiled "cook book for exotic anatomys"
<Galhalee> subtitled "Special kender edition"

<Galhalee> having made many since we ran into a certain power amplifying magic item
* `Reeve`` tucks a certain amulet under his shirt and whistles innocently
* `Reeve`` Gal just reminded me!
<Galhalee> that much power and he just up and forgets it
<Galhalee> wonder if Clinton has days like that

<`Reeve``> "Hey Gal, could you help me out? Remember that amulet i acquired?"
<Galhalee> (uh oh)
<Galhalee> "Yes?"
<`Reeve``> ("Well Gal, i want to put your soul in it, that's all")

<Galhalee> "If we want to rechage that amulet were gona need the blood of a virgin dragon"
* `Reeve`` blinks
<`Reeve``> "Oh alrighty"
<Galhalee> "Alrighty?"
<Galhalee> "You can't actually be considering it"
<`Reeve``> "Don't worry, when we come across some dragons, i'll take care of it"
Even MORE last words . . . hard to keep track of them all here.

<`Reeve``> "Hey, it's a chance to catalogue a virgin dragon... are you complaining?"
<`Reeve``> "Maybe we can get an interview"
<Galhalee> "It's a chance to catalogue the inside of a mothers stomac"
<`Reeve``> "So we eliminate the mom, and you have a new pet"
<Sannin> (oh right count me out)

<Snake`-----> (so we doing the next day thing?)
* `Reeve`` refuses to let the night end!!!
<Sannin> (no!)
<Sannin> (let the day end for god sakes let it end!
<`Reeve``> (hey alcar, i'm going to inspect this area in a ten mile radius, a centimeter at a time!)

<Galhalee> you should know this could turn into a deal buster for Gal
<Alcar> a certain jewel could get you back :)
<Galhalee> yes but my shop could go to hell while we find it
<Alcar> can't kip run things?
<Galhalee> a KENDER?!?!

<`Reeve``> what jewel is Gal looking for??
<Alcar> i was merely pointing him to a jewel that neded virgin dragon blood :)
* `Reeve`` but it's mine! It's my precious!

* Alcar notes hes never sicked a dragon against pcs . .don't even have them on most worlds just out of principle .. but this was too fun to pass up. Should note it'll be a really NASTTY Dragon. tho :)
<`Reeve``> well if it's old, and a virgin!? hell, i would be too

* Galhalee takes off his hat, "Sigh, I'll need to change my outfit"
<Snake`-----> "no need to gal"
<Snake`-----> "ill just tell them your well not all there"
* `Reeve`` falls over laughing at that
<Snake`-----> "realy your dress is fine"
<Galhalee> "Not all there? you sure they'll buy that?" he asks in all serousness while standing there in bathrobe and bunnyslipers with his hat in his hands

<Galhalee> "Dear diary, you aint never gona belive what I am about to write down on youz"
<Galhalee> ((hehe quoted right out of Cow & Chicken :))
<Snake`-----> (gezz)
<Alcar> (gal's lost it :))
<`Reeve``> (what're you talking about? The Cartoon Network is the only source of true knowledge and enlightenment these days :))

<Drake``> "How'd you get it off him?"
<Zacten> "I just barrowed it."
<Zacten> *mumbles* "Off his dead body"

* Gin`N`Tonic dies a horable death leaving his bar tab to Zacten
<Zacten> (lol, you were an npc anyways, so stop your bitchen')
<Gin`N`Tonic> (NPC's got rights too!)
<Gin`N`Tonic> (I'll sic the SPCN on you)

<Alcar> nope. have him as whatever race etc. you want :)
<VVarner> So I could make him a chipmonk? :)
<Alcar> LOL. one of the main ones, please :)
<VVarner> main ones, ok Alvin, Simon, or Theodor? :)

<Jeramias> "art thou also from Earth?"
<`Sanchez`> "Uh... Earth?"
<`Sanchez`> "I'm from a place that has earth on it... but most places do... it's either that or water"
<`Sanchez`> "Is there a place called Earth?"
<`Sanchez`> "That sounds rather simple for most people i know"
<`Sanchez`> "Then again..." *shuts up, thinking about the ruler of this Britain being named British*

<`Sanchez`> ((huh. explorer has returned))
<Avern> ((it explored part of Britain for the pcs? :p ))
* Avern wants to know what it told us
<`Sanchez`> ("Hi. I cause people aggravation. Dragons and other nasties tried to kill me, but couldn't get me to die fully on account of a 'Fatal Error' message i just kept flashing... so they killed themselves. Whatever. i'm going to eat a hard drive now. Good day")

<VVarner> having a psionist do your white washing is quiet a status symbol :)

* Timbalin will do the talking. with me... maybe 10 minutes to get a ship. with gwin, 4 hours, two sex scenes, and something to do with the Ed Sullivan Show

* Timbalin is stabbed in the back by random npc #423

<VVarner> the rumor is making its way back to the starting point. you'd better book pasage before you turn into serial killers that like to rape kittens

<Bethor_Nosgoth> Maby sparkie the omnipotent can help me get laid. :-P
* Sparkie doesn't make rolls that high :)

<Kayne> KISS MY ASS Sparkie!
<Bethor_Nosgoth> lmao
<Bethor_Nosgoth> Though, i imagine Sparkie has heard worse from other gaming sessions.

<VVarner> I like munchkin PC's some times. it's munchkin players I can't stand

<Sannin> "gal now had the mentality of a 4 years old"
<Sannin> ((lets leave him like this for a while it could be entertaining))

<`Reeve``> (feeblemind. the bane to wizards with an entire arsenal of self-invented weapons of mass destruction)

<VVarner> (Your out gunned but your ship seems to be faster)
<VVarner> (out gunned if you discount the horable things PC's can do to NPC's that is)

<Leafeimmo> "my racoons gone"
<Kynan> "It on ship?"
<Leafeimmo> "yes its on the ship!"
<Kynan> 'If pet on ship, not lost. Know it on ship."
<Leafeimmo> "you idiot it can still be lost!"
<Kynan> "It know it on ship. Know where it is. Not lost."

* Leafeimmo drops his sword
<VVarner> the captain jumps down and kicks leafs sword back into his head, "Problem?"
<VVarner> er hand not head

<Gnomish> "your supos to brake the door down see"
<gwin```> why?
* Gnomish points at it having drive a rather large weadge in the door sealing it tight

<gwin```> yup no sence of hummor so no more jokes while on ship....ok?
<Gnomish> "fine fine but do some thing about the person crying out of help what did you do chain him to the anker?"
<gwin```> ok let the wegde out
<Gnomish> "umm i can't your goign to have to brake the door down"

<Kynan> (not many people lock themselves IN the brig . .)
<VVarner> Kynan you have to admit he found away to get in trouble even in there

* Leafeimmo rus alone the shore after it( gwins boat)
<VVarner> you realize a ship moves faster then you run
* Leafeimmo runs by it fast!
<Leafeimmo> im casing gwins ship not pirate!
<VVarner> gwins ship moves faster then you run
<Leafeimmo> damit
* Kynan takes Ermine to the side of the boat and shows him Leaf. "See leaf run,. Run, leaf run."

* Zacten looks around the wilderness longing for something to steal, er, barrow
* `Drake`` takes Zacten's "Kender for Dummies" book :)

<`Drake``> "Trust me, Luther, some secrets are best left untouched" *winks*
<Alcar-DM> Nanoc feed milly, still loooking oddly at Zactebn
<`Drake``> "Secrets like what i have to do to the cart that made it cost 80 gold"
<`Drake``> (damn! that's the third time milly's eaten! we're not going to have anything left!!)
<LutherH> ((should've taken boat, boats don't eat))
<`Drake``> (trust me, you don't wanna take the boat)
<VVarner> (since when does Milly have a tape worm?)

* Galhalee holds out 2 gp, "This is Milly. She is my friend. Take good care of her and I'll give you two more of these when I leave. If you don't I'll turn you into something your fathers liable to eat for dinner mistakenly"

<VVarner> see what you miss when you don't show for your own games? :)

* `Drake`` pulls out "Grammaticon," the +5 long sword vs. Typo Demons, and "Slowbane," the +4 dwarven throwing axe vs. lag monsters, and just sharpens them, looking about

<Alcar> ok, It's edible . .nto TImbalin stypler but its edible
<`Drake``> (jesus! Alcar, duck!!)
<Alcar> (huh?)
* `Drake`` takes a flying leap over Alcar, striking repeatedly with Grammaticon

<`Drake``> (i have a feeling spark doesn't want me to live)

<Alcar> A young girl, about 17, with spkied black hair, black eyes, pale skin and no weapons is standing their. She has a black cloak that looks oddly like wings.
<`Drake``> (Miiri, the teenage years?)
<`Drake``> (*knows Sin would be proud*) :)

<Resu_Fer> ((leave it to ad&d players to, when faced with a omen fortelling of danger and evil to try making a pass at her))

<Resu_Fer> ((It's all dead! Now go thru it's pockets and look for lose change))

<Resu_Fer> ((alcar i'm kidding. I don't really think chicks are atracted to monsters with long tenticals either :)

<Resu_Fer> ((Elvis isn't dead. He's just one of the DM's NPC's now))

<Resu_Fer> ((PC's are the only thing I know of that can sleep all night undistirbed and wake up disapointed))

<K`---> "well this centory is turning out realy bad...."
<`Drake``> "You're just sore because you're a better dancer when charmed"

<Alcar> (the game trail you're following skirts the farm (a good 200 yards away). You all see a small hut, a garden iwth lots of well growing veggies and no one in sight
* Baliadoc looks over, figuring they went inside to.. uh... do some zombie thing
* Baliadoc either that... or... ewwww!!!

<Baliadoc> (let's see, a city of eternal night, a paved road, the city ruled by blood-suckers with zombies for citizens... if my calculations are correct, we're just outside LA)

* Leafeimmo yells screw it and drops the bow and attacks the lich barehanded
<Alcar> leaf, its floating 15' in the air with a dragon flying at it . .

* Darkomen picks up the figurine of the dragon and drops it in his pouch
<Baliadoc> "That's evil"
<Darkomen> "No Doc, I have good intentions for this."
<Baliadoc> "What? Part of a collection?"
* Alcar wonders if Darkomen plans to paint his new minature dragon?
<Darkomen> (hmm, nice canary yellow would be kewl
* Baliadoc and then use him as a figurine when he plays roleplaying games back home with his elven friends!

<Zacten> ("Aaahhh! Someone have sex with me!")

<Warner> I thought kenders killed tarrasque with indigestion

<Warner> it's an unrealistic attepmt to make an unrealistic game realistic.

<Baliadoc> but anyway, the point is he was also just making sure you were dead. sometimes you can never tell how strong your opponent is until you've made him a pile of dust

<Warner> Gwin you have been passed out in your room on the wavechacer. your brewing herbs have aperently given off a strong sedative gas.
<MikoriTim> Gwin tokes up :)

<MessiahX> "I have a ring of invisablility"
<Gnomish> "hay PERFECT!"
<Gnomish> "i can borrow it?"
<Timablin> "No Gnomish, it's his Precious :)"

<Warner> the crew helps tim with the chow wagon and soon has it on the meach
<Warner> beach no meach
<Warner> arg
* Warner takes a gun and shoots his english teacher

* leafimmo hits the dirk
<Warner> leaf dies a horable death and then comes back to life when the DM realizes he ment to hit the dirt not the dirk :)

* MessiahX being invisable walks over to a solder and uses burning hands in his face
<Warner> messiah the face is never the same. but the soldier dosn't seem like he'll mind since he's now dead

<Warner> comon 20
<Sparkie> gwin```` 1d20: 11 shadow walk
<gwin````> (YES!!!)
* Warner slaps him self. the DM isn't suposed to root for the players

<Sparkie> Warner 1d100:12 1
<Warner> wow
<Kynan> what'd THAT do?
<Warner> well I was rolling to see how many NPC's still felt like fighting
<Warner> I can't let it end like this: the citys army comes pooring into in the dark!

<Warner> Mop I don't have it figured. But every one who shows up on time next week will get some :)
<mop|dm> cuming through what or should i ask?\
<Warner> I've decided the way to make sure people show up on time is to hand out xp at the start of the game :)

<Warner> one of the hardest to deal with is coming up with a good idea that your PC would never think of.

<ringo``````> elven:"i am ringo i been wondering around in these woods for a long time. and you are?"
<Galhalee> (Ringo Star?)
<ringo``````> (plz hold the ringo jokes:))

* ringo`````` removes the hood showing a big head with large eyes and ivry skin
<Alcar> When ringo removes his head, the x-files theme song plays for a bit :)
<Alcar> head = hood
<Sannin> (its sould better with head)
<Galhalee> (the scary thing is the xfile theme song made more sence when he was removing his head :)

* Galhalee servers up the fondu while handing Shadron a dish rag. (I don't care if he is a demi god he can clean his own plate)
<Alcar> Shadron hands the clean dish back to Gal. Gal notices the dish is not of the same set that he handed to Shadron and looks brand new :)
<Galhalee> "You lazy bastard. Give this back to who ever you stole it from and clean your plate"
* Galhalee grumbles, "I try so hard to have nice things. And he wants to stick me with a missmatched set just because he dosn't feel like washing his dish"

<Galhalee> ((Oh my god. Gal is starting to sound like my mother))

* Alcar notes theres a nice pile of plates near the tree Shadron went behind :)
<Galhalee> you really are a bastard :). Some poor woman is going nuts some where.

* Galhalee shoves the sling back in shadrons hand, "Look you find out who you took this from and you give it back to them if you have to walk the whole face of the planit"
* Galhalee storms off in a sanctomonous huff
<Galhalee> "Or no soup for you!"

* Galhalee looks around for tracks before telling his player, "Damit Warner I'm a Wizard not a Ranger"

<Galhalee> "This world is only so big. What ever you leave behind you you will eventualy trip over again. Leave good things behind you and you'll find them again. You should know this better then anyone. When you harm humanity are you not harming your self?"

* Sannin needs a heat self spell
<Alcar> (not sure if there is one . .you can always find out if Gal knows one :))
<Sannin> (yea or i could always make one)
<Galhalee> (I hope your not refering to fire ball)

<Resu_Fer> (An undead unicorns horn would easily go next to the +4 short sword as a bidding item)
<Resu_Fer> (It would start bidding higher. I could see this easily becoming the material component for making an artifact)
<`Drake``> (yeah, the Dark Sword of Virgin Slaying... for when you just don't want to let the Hero save the Princess you took all that trouble to kidnap)

<Resu_Fer> "He should be fine once he dies. Dosn't look like he's going to enjoy it though."

<Ryu`---> "lets say some thing that should have been dead 50 years ago comes along and kills your boyfriend"
<Silva_Atalanta> "BOYFRIEND?!?!"
<Silva_Atalanta> (you guys actually trying to help her or you just fucking with her mind?)
<Ryu`---> "girlfriend what ever slip of the tounge"
<Silva_Atalanta> "GIRLFRIEND?!?!!!!!!"
<Jeramias> (lol, silva is a girl ryu!)
* Silva_Atalanta slaps Ryu`--- hard

* Silva_Atalanta eats meat hartally figuring plants have no less a right to live then animals. They're just easier to catch.

* Gnomish is trying to calm the raccoon down
<leafim> "do you know how to handle him?
<Gnomish> "i have a rat and a dog for a pet i'm sure i can handle a raccoon"

<VVarner> (Fools teliport in where angels fear to fireball

<Marcus_Fenway> Bad Tempered - Character must make a Wisdom/Willpower check when insulted. If check fails, the chracter will insult the person back.
<Marcus_Fenway> Irritating Personality - A sucessful Wisdom/Willpower check is required in social situations, or the character must roleplay their irritating personality qualities.
<Marcus_Fenway> ... Is that a good Combo?
<Baliadoc> so that's what alamar did for Brak!

<Silva_Atalanta> "Isn't a skeleton just another word for bones?"
<Merzon> " Not if it's walking around on its own "

* Jeramias walks until he either dies in a trap, or makes it to the other side
<Darkomen> "Jer's body will suffice as a trapfinder."

<Silva_Atalanta> (Darkomen I used to just say, "Don't give the DM ideas" I think I'll have to say the same thing about giving kender ideas now :P))

* Silva_Atalanta looks more and more confused and annoyed the more the party talks about wampers
<Alcar-DM> Lisha: "Vampire's well . . . most of them drink people's blood to live, silva . ."
<Darkomen> "That's V as in victim Silva."

<Alcar-DM> that was fun . . never sicked a vacuum cleaner on pcs before :)
<Silva_Atalanta> hehe
<Silva_Atalanta> you should make up a new dragon entry. Call it "Hover Dragon" :)

<Jeramias> I'm thinking of calling my game "Copyright Infringment" :)

<Galhalee> (lets see, a 30'radius fireball directed at a specific body part. might work if you, say fighting GODZILLA!)

* Sannin talks to his hores "so you like grass"
<Alcar> Giant 2 falls over, clutching at his stomach and screaming in agony
<Sannin> (dam typeos! that sounded bad)

<Sannin> "so gal what feist do you have for us this time?"
* Galhalee makes a special treat today. Grilled chease sandwiches :)
<Galhalee> (hey, back in the medevial times a griled chease sandwich would be a big thing :)
<Sannin> (then beans and sausages would be a dish for a king)

<Galhalee> ((Running at breakneck spead in a ad&d game just gives the DM ideas about breaking your neck))

<Resu_Fur> (You know your out of it when you find your self wondering how long it would take to burry the world if our fingernails never decomposed)
<Resu_Fur> (Save us from immortal toenails! :)

* Zacten starts to chop down the wall
* Zacten changes his mind and tunnels through another wall because it is a great stress reliver (really! try it sometime)

<VVarner> nothing is impossible. but many things might as well be :)

<Jeramias> I got the book of carnal knowledge for a reason and I'll be damned if I never use it!

<Galhalee> ((Of all the excuses I've ever thought I'd be using for being late I never would have thought I'd use "I was argueing with a orge"))

<ThurmBald> the voice is being magically enchanced throughout the cave (Young adventures I have been watching you with great interest, it is hardly what I imagined)
<Timbalin> "What's that sposed to mean?"
<`_Gwin_`> its very comical isnt it?
<ThurmBald> (It was foretold to me by my crystal of your comming ... yet your opposition to my plans is hardly a joking matter)
<Kynan> 'Neat crystal. It do tricks?"
<Timbalin> "Huh. I would take it you don't like us. What plan are we opposing? You're being alone?"

<Warner> in its place you see a room filled with bubbling concoctions books and a water cooler? (Have the prop man fired this piece isn't period!)

<Timbalin> (today on Mr. Wizard, i'm going to show you how opening your soul to Satan, the master and supreme being of all the universe, can let you bring back your family in the form of skeletal zombies)

* Gnomish grabs rat by the tail for laffing at him and throws rat at the mage
<VVarner> the rat bouces off the sphere
<`gwin`> (its going to bounce off:))
<Gnomish> (yah but mabe it will quit laffing at me for my mistake)

<Jeramias> screw memorizing all of those rules :) just avoid complicated things like combat, treasure, and role playing

* Timbalin goes back and finds the wand, breaking it in two
<Gnomish> (oh fuck....)
<Kynan> (uh oh)

Quote <Gnomish> (umm doc you do know what braking a magic item does don't you?)
* Timbalin note: Tim knows hardly anything about magical items, and is in a thoroughly pissed mood.
<Gnomish> (ok i can see i'll be whiping bits of tim off of me for a month)

<Warner> (wait a sec, some one broke the wand?)
<Timbalin> yes. i rememberd it and was in a bad mood, so i walked back and broke it. PC and player not knowing much about magical items :)
<Timbalin> technically i'd still be in a bad mood about the mage, but now i have the feeling i'm not going to survive long enough to have emotions much longer :)

<Warner> 1300 for the skelitons. 1000 for making the nasty evil mage go away. Kynan gets the 200 xp prize for most percistant basher and best suporting roll with his sword being the lead actor.
<Warner> Tim gets 300 for the glass and the chemical lobing. and gnomish gets 250 for most creative use of a skeleton with his sheild bashing :)
<Warner> tim gets his posthumously I guess :)
<Baliadoc> hmm... Tim has a floating level up, if he gets ressurected
<Gnomish> )tim gets the gold for the new use of a wand on your own party(

<Warner> hehe what the hell im not sleepy lets here them :)
<Baliadoc> you mean you actually want to hear my recipes?
<Baliadoc> or the quotes?
<Warner> LOL I ment the quotes!
* Baliadoc breaths a sigh of relief

<Warner> I mean psi becomes like nukes. if they have them you have to have them. as soon as you use them though they fuck every thing up.

* Billanallianolas pulled a short sword out of a belt pouch
<Billanallianolas> apperantly nobody finds this odd
<Darkomen> (That's normal, around here.)

* `Reeve`` doesn't really know what else to do at the moment. Reaches into gal and heals him?
<Galhalee> ((INTO???))
<`Reeve``> (i might be able to do it *shrug*)
<MessiahX> ((heheh youv been violated gal))
<Galhalee> (Sorry big boy, I'm not that kind of elf :P)

<Darkomen> (Why do cats look at you like your fungus?)
<Galhalee> (because they don't know the differance?)

<`Reeve``> "You need to take it easy Gal. The little lady pegged you fairly well with a couple of gold coins"
<Darkomen> "I think I see the stamp on the coin, still embedded in your forhead."
<Darkomen> "That'd make a nice tatoo, Gal. For a merchant such as yourself."

* ``````ringo````` goes on realy leting milly do her thing since its preety well trained
<Galhalee> (She, and shes not trained. She's educated. Some times she seems smarter then Gal does)
<Darkomen> (milly can read maps.)
<Galhalee> (just not exceptionally well :)

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