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<Paul`> "And yeah, people have tried to kill them a few times, which is one of the reasons we moved up here."
* Mitch` blinks.
<Mitch`> "Oh."
* Paul` fails to mention the bit about all the people trying to kill HIM because of his mom, the spawn of the elder gods, etc.

<manus> You are a FEARSOME MONK! Your hands are all you need to defend yourself from anything: anything but TRUE LOVE!

<AlcarGM> Alex: ".. right. Tell me again why I'm helping you lunatics."
<Billy`^> "I killed a dog."
<AlcarGM> Jane: "And I killed a bird for you."
<AlcarGM> Alex: "This is insane. You know that, right?"
<AlcarGM> Jane: "I could kill you. And you could come back. Then we could debate it." She smiles.
<Billy`^> "I'm not the one who can't die."
<AlcarGM> Jane: "Of course not. You died."
* Billy`^ nods to jane
<AlcarGM> Alex wisely decides to shut up/.

* Billy`^ goes to the back, feigning the bathrooms, and sneaks off to the priest's office
<AlcarGM> Okay. Jane follows, making no noise.
* Billy`^ goes inside and looks around
<AlcarGM> The priests office is closed,and door locked. Shame that not even the church is trusting anymore.
<AlcarGM> Does Billy know how to pick locks? :p
<Billy`^> no
<Billy`^> c'mon who the hell would sneak into the priests office?
<Billy`^> wait... nevermind

* Hugh` tries to get a sense of what state his mind is in... if it's still there.
<AlcarGM> You get... thoughts. LOTS of thoughts... likre a dam cracking. "They keep doing it. To me. Writing, on the walls. All the time. Even the dead ones. No. Never meant that. Just ot stop it. To sto them all.Make them Obey. Authority is to be trusted. To be used. But the children are singing. No. Who is singing? Feel ... dislocated. Split. Brekaing apart. Sometnhing is wrong. No! Thinking about problems makes them worse. Walk away."
<AlcarGM> He doesn't move. "I have to know .. what is wrong with me..."
<Hugh`> "He's pretty cracked..."
<AlcarGM> Lance: "This is just lovely."
<AlcarGM> Owen blinks, and grabs your hand, tightly. <What. ... is that?>
* Hugh` looks at Owen "Where?"
<AlcarGM> Owen points to the princpial, his hand shaking slightly. <It's ... wrong. Bad.>
<Hugh`> "Oh. That is/was/might have been the principal."
<AlcarGM> Owen: <but that's not a person.>

<AlcarGM> You don't find any diary, but a large annotated copy of the bible shakes when you pull it out of the shelf.
<AlcarGM> as if it was hollow.
* Billy`^ opens the book
<AlcarGM> The book has a msall inscription "In my heart is a hole. That is God. In god's eye there is a mote. That is me. - Andrews."
<Billy`^> erm
* Billy`^ looks tos ee what was shaking
<AlcarGM> The hollow part of it contans a small, orante box. in the box is a finger bone, well polished.
<AlcarGM> It's not yours.
<Billy`^> it's the priests...
<Billy`^> what?
* Billy`^ closes the box and puts the book back

<AlcarGM> The door to the office snaps open with a crash.
* Billy`^ dives behind the desk
<AlcarGM> Jane: "....."
<AlcarGM> Sara is standing in the doorway, her expression grim, and a shotgun in her hand. "Get up," coldly. "You defile the Church of the Lord with your presence."
* Billy`^ peeks over the desk.
<Billy`^> "What the hell?"
<Billy`^> "Sarah? What the hell are you doing?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Getting answers." SHe levels the gun at Jane. "You brought a demon into the church. Why?"
* Billy`^ stays behind the nice safe BIG WOODEN DESK THAT WILL HOPEFULLY BLOCK BULLETS

<AlcarGM> Sara: "Sara is fine now. You and your demons will not be."
<AlcarGM> She levels the shotgun at Jane. "Goodbye."
<Billy`^> "Wait!"
* Billy`^ jumps infront of jane
<AlcarGM> Jane: "You idiot, I can -"
<AlcarGM> You see the shotgun. Cold, hard. Sara stares at you, her expression empty of anything kind, and fires....
<AlcarGM> d100, pls :p
* Billy`^ closes his eyes tightly
<Billy`^> 1d100 baby! The death of the best freaking character ever!
<sparkie> Billy`^ 1d100: 73 baby! The death of the best freaking character ever!
<AlcarGM> You feeel Jane, grabbing, trying to throw you aside.. something. . "I could have changed.. dodged it...." and the pain hits, like nothing you remember. And you open your eyes.
<AlcarGM> And Jane attacks you, slamming her fist into your face.
<AlcarGM> What do you do now? :p
* Billy`^ rolls
<Billy`^> "ACK! Am I dead!? Is this hell?"
<AlcarGM> YOu troll and evade ... the shotgun in your hands hits the floor with a clatter of metal as you bump into your body.
<Billy`^> ...
<Billy`^> Oh my god
<Billy`^> I hate you so much alcar

* Billy`^ is now known as Sara`^
<Sara`^> (( for the record, I hate alcar ))

<AlcarGM> Jane: ".. Billy?!"
* Sara`^ sniffs
<Sara`^> "Not anyomre."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I did NOT! YOu get out! You're not fun! You never even had sex with me!"
<Sara`^> "Shut up! Stop it..."
* Sara`^ cries and gets in the fetal position
<Sara`^> "Ok... I'm ok... I'm not going crazy..."
<AlcarGM> Jane: "mind if I do?"
<Sara`^> "what!?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "GET OUT! Out! Out! Out! You aren't - oh my god! I killed you! He killed you! He used me to killyou! He said it was for sex!"
<AlcarGM> Jane: "What ... is going on .. here?"
<Sara`^> "How did you plan on getting out of this one? I am not going to jail for murder because YOU KILLED ME!"

* Sara`^ breaths deep and looks down "How do you breathe with these things?"
<AlcarGM> Jane: "... easily?"
<Sara`^> "I mean, it's just so much.. dead weight..."
<AlcarGM> Jane: "And you thought that when you were in Billy's body?"

<tatterdemalion> Hmm. Come to think of it, Bali said he'd make it, too :p
<Chaos`^> and you believed that because?
<tatterdemalion> hope! :p

<AlcarGM> Tina: "You need to eat healthier. Eat the bran flakes."
<Linda`^> "The what? What's wrong with these?" *raises up bag of M&Ms for breakfast*
<AlcarGM> Your mother frowns at the list the doctor gave her, and determines she can half half a carrot.
* Linda`^ looks at the list "What's that?"
<AlcarGM> Tina: "That is junk food, dear. I shouldn't even be buying it. It could rot your teeth, and we don't have decent dental... Oh, just an eating list, for the models. Scary, really. I believe it's a 300 calorie a day diet." She grins. "I told them brushing my teeth twice a day would put me over the limit, but they didn't find it funny."
<AlcarGM> (( Is it sad that I'm actually wondering if toothpaste would count for calories in a diet? ))
<Linda`^> "I bought them... You know that could kill you... not getting enough calories, as much as you work too"
<Linda`^> ((Yes))

<Linda`^> "Who made up that name... arbiters... Jeeze.. I'll have to... Uhm... So what did you do when you were young?"
<Linda`^> "Oh hey, I'm working on this project.. fo ruh... science fair.."
<AlcarGM> Tina: "Well, ran around saving people, of course. But the world was much simpler then. no one tried to sue us, or demasnd we show in court, and no one got killed. A golden age, I think. A better time, a more innocent era. Before Superior Man went bad."
<Linda`^> "I need some... seed money."
<AlcarGM> Tina: "Seed money?" She looks amused. "Does it involve those M&Ms, dear?"
<Linda`^> "No. It involves lasers."
<AlcarGM> Tina: "Oh. That's all right then. How much do you need?'
<Linda`^> "How much can you give me?"

<AlcarGM> Tina: "Nice try. What do you *think* you need?"
<Linda`^> "Ten thousand?"
<Paul`> (( lol! ))
<Linda`^> "i'll take fifty dollars though."
<Linda`^> "Lasers aren't cheap you know..."
* Linda`^ munches on her m&ms and milk
<Paul`> (( the breakfast of champions! ))

<AlcarGM> Your mom nods. "Morning."She's watching the news and shakes herhead. "More super-children. The world gets stranger every year. Have you ever thought of joining one?"
<Paul`> "Um. That was actually me and some kids from school. Mitch just made up the name... apparently it makes the police happy." *seems rather embarassed*
<AlcarGM> Your mom stops in the process of flipping a pancake. "Oh...." She looks over at the TV. "I never thought to wonder - you had a earth monster try and stomp on you, son! When were you planning to tell us this?"
<Paul`> "When you asked how my first day of school went."
* Paul` grins sheepishly

<Linda`^> "We decided to get some short wave radios instead..."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "With what money?"
* Paul` makes a mental note to check into a part-time job as a firefighter
<Linda`^> "We'll find something."
<AlcarGM> Nell: "We could look into sponsors. Put Coke labels on our costumes."
<Linda`^> "Do they do that?
* Paul` looks at Nell like she's crazy
<Paul`> (( "Instead of the Arbiters, we could be the Corporate Whores! I could change my name to Pimpmaster P, and you two could be Tricksie and Moneymaker!" ))
<AlcarGM> Mrs. Veritas: "Of course. Commercials, and the like. Doctor No! and Starbucks, which apparently is a lie, is the classic example. A few other heroes, like Nike Man with superspeed, do exist. But among serious heroes it's considered tacky, at best."

<Paul`> (( if gamma waves were usable, the military would already be using them for wireless communication, given that it takes like a meter of lead to shield from them ))
<Linda`^> (( This is the comic book world... everything is possible ))
<Paul`> (( their wavelength is too long to carry useful amounts of data ))
<Johnny> (they are almost useless, really, irl)
<AlcarGM> (( They are. They just haven't told us, because the public is afraid we'll all mutate into jolly green giants ))
<Johnny> (well, unless you love cancer :P)
<Paul`> (( lol ))
<Linda`^> (( COMIC BOOK WORLD! ))
<Linda`^> (( There is no cancer in comic books ))
<Johnny> (lies :P)

<Paul`> "Heroing isn't about money, it's about Doing the Right Thing!"

<AlcarGM> (( Wayne: "I am one with the night!" Reporter: "What does that entail, exactly?" W: "Being one with the night!" R: "Like . .you're a shadow?" W: "No!" R: "I'm confused." W: "I am one .. with the night!" R: "Ah. You're hiding in the corner of the studio..." W: '"I am one with the night! You canot see me!" R: "But you're right there.." ))

<Mitch`> "Thanks for all the help, by the way. If you want a vacation or something that is legal and all, just let me know. I don't know if you're that programmed though."
* Mitch` says programmed like it means "advanced" or something
<AlcarGM> Robot: "I would like Chanukah off."
<Mitch`> "No problem."

* Johnny pulls outs a hald a dozen folded masks :P
<Mitch`> "What are those, Johnny?"
* Johnny hands 3 to mitch and 3 to Darren, "If I get partially incinerated, toss me another, would you?"
* Mitch` .. nods.
<Mitch`> "If I get partially incinerated, please keep me from dying."
* Johnny nods :P
<Johnny> "Alright, Arbiters, we ready for this?"
<Linda`^> "If I get partially inceinerated make my death quick
* Mitch` blinks.
<Mitch`> "That's grim.. Is that a new costume, Wayne?"
* Mitch` smirks

<Mitch`> "We have the technology.. we can reprogram that robot."
<Mitch`> "Better... faster... stronger.."
* Mitch` blinks a bit. :P

<Linda`^> "So we made superior man leave a bad guy... Guys I actually think this is a first..."

<AlcarGM> Your class schedule just tells you to go to room 405, east wing. All you know is your parents talked a LOT with the school and government before sending you here and pu;lled a plot of favours for whatever reason.
* Creason sighs. It's not easy being a slightly unpredictable science experiment.

<Creason> "Ah, okay. Nice to meet you, Mrs. Veritas. I'm Creason Holpepper, the new kid."
<AlcarGM> She nods. "Oh! Holepepper? I belkieve I talked with your father. He seemed quite proud of you."
* Creason takes a seat near the front... gets kinda intimidated by the closeness to the teacher, and stealthily slinks back a few seats without ever really standing up, and does this a few more times over the course of the next few minutes.

<AlcarGM> You hear a voice inside your head. <Stupid. Kids playing adult games.>
* Creason waves his hands at his head, looking around for a second.
* Creason spins his head around (just his head)
<AlcarGM> Dexter just smirks. <What're you looking at?>
<Creason> "Seriously, dude, that's annoying!"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <And your head spinning around isn't?>
* Creason turns back, raising his hand
<AlcarGM> Mrs Veritas: "Yes?"
<Creason> "He's doing the head thing again."

<Creason> "So we're supposed to practice? I don't quite get it."
<AlcarGM> Dexter looks around the room. "Who cares. What's it like, stretching? Can you stretcjh specific body parts?"
<Creason> "I dunno. What's it like to not stretch?"
* Creason stretches his fingers out all alien-like to answer the other part
<AlcarGM> Dexter: "Normal." He looks around the room, frowning. "So what's sex like if you sttetch, then?"
<AlcarGM> (( Okay, I think that went beyond 4 colour. Damn. ))
* Creason blushes, though, and doesn't answer :)
<AlcarGM> Dexter smirks, his expression at odd with his almost mechanical voice. "You're not saying you never tried?"
* Creason decides to stretch a little, weaving through a few of the desks. once he gets a firm grounding, and starts making the desks move around like a roller coaster.
<Creason> "Dude, I'm 14! That's sick!"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: "So? I was 8."
<AlcarGM> (( makes a mental note that goth telepath is really bad for 4 colour ))
<aslhk> (( goth = bad =P ))

<Creason> "You really need to find something to do with that mind of yours. Write poetry, or something."
* Creason attempts to help him up
<AlcarGM> Dexter glowers at you, which is hard to to while stopping a nose from bleeding. <Fine. I was wrong. Sorry,> sullenly.
<Creason> "Yeah, go figure. The next time someone says stop, just stop. There's no reason to be so... I dunno, evil about it? Like, I don't even want to eat."
<AlcarGM> Dexter; <I don't like people hitting me, okay?>
<AlcarGM> (( and that's why I became a superhero .. err ..let me rethink this.. :p ))
<Creason> "Dude, I was talking about the sex stuff!"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <..... oh.>

<AlcarGM> Okay. We end with you having a rather unconfortable lunch with your classmate and praying - if you are the praying sort - that you really hope the rest of the class isn't like this :p
<Creason> i sure as hell pray now. ;)
<aslhk> lol!
<AlcarGM> lol
* Creason takes his supplements, and then... uh... sits around, pretending to have lunch :)

<AlcarGM> Nell: "Well, I've got about 60 dollars to my name for spending. Any store in particular you want to go to?"
* Linda`^ thinks "Let's get something to wear tomorow for our funeral."
<AlcarGM> Nell. "... what?"
<Linda`^> "Wellmine anyway.. If my mom finds out I skipped class I'm a dead woman." With a smile, heading into the clothing store
<sparkie> But unknown to Linda that was really her latent precognition power kicking in ... what?
<Linda`^> ?
* sparkie wants dice rolled.
<Linda`^> lol

* Linda`^ picks something pink and puts it up to her chest "What do you think?"
<AlcarGM> Nell: "Well, Mitch might like it."
* Linda`^ growls and puts it back quickly
<AlcarGM> Nell grins. "You don't like?."
* Linda`^ raises an eyebrow "He's all yours if you want him.
<AlcarGM> Nell: "Hardly. Though the image of us dividing up the team for sex is delightfully twisted."
<AlcarGM> (( Nell: "Dibs on Wayne! Hah! Got you!" ))
<Linda`^> (( NOOO!! Ok, I'll take Darren, but only if he doesn't go blue on dates. ))
<Linda`^> "You're not into the orgy thing?" This is so not four color.
* Linda`^ picks up something black this time, tight as well "What about this?"
<AlcarGM> It's your fault this time. Not mine :p
<AlcarGM> Nell: "Not bad. I like it."
<AlcarGM> (( Nell: "Because I want you instead, so there!" ... or . .not :p ))
<Linda`^> (( Oh my god me too!!! Wait.. not.. four... color... bad.... images... ))

* Linda`^ tells the makeup-artist behind the counter to make her friend over, while she goes to find clothes for her.
* Linda`^ goes and picks out bright and vivid colors for nell, a skirt
<AlcarGM> Okay. The make up artist is secretly.. Ms Paint! And uses the make up to control people! Or not :)

<AlcarGM> Nell watches the TV while waiting. "I met him once, you know. Awesome Man. Years ago."
<Linda`^> "Oh yeah? What was he like?"
* Linda`^ is busy in the bathroom yelling out
<AlcarGM> Nell: "Scary. But in a good way. It's like everyone is told to be good, but was good. Wholesome. Old fahsioned. He helped me make a good choice. We all try and be heroes, but he IS one. It was rather intimidating."
<Linda`^> "What choice was that? Which color looked good on you? I don't think even he has a fasion super sense."
<AlcarGM> Nell: "Oh, just in helping my foster mom find out about me."
<Linda`^> "Find out what about you? I mean she can't be your foster mom without knowing about you..."
<AlcarGM> nell: "Well, no, but our powers are sort of the same. So he told her about me, and then met me and talked with me. Scared the other kids at the halfway house to death."
<Linda`^> "Oh, really? That's neat... So did you get his number?"
<AlcarGM> Nell: "No. I don't think he even has a phone. Really old fashioned, you know. Why?"
<Linda`^> "I wouldn't mind having some super kids with him."
<AlcarGM> Nell: "...."

<Linda`^> (( FWIW your character went through all of our heads and now everyone is mad at him ))
<Mitch`> ((Bali is not dexter! :P))
<AlcarGM> (( lol. Bali's pc isn't dexte :p ))
<Mitch`> ((.. Is he? :P))
<Linda`^> (( He's not? ))
<Baliadoc> ((No! Sweet Jesus, no!!))
<Baliadoc> ((Dexter is teh Anti-Christ!))

<AlcarGM> <Linda`^> all this time I was being nice to him because I thought he was a PC and I didn't want to make a PC go down so his player couldn't play...
<AlcarGM> Dexter has been making friends :p
<Creason> ROFL

<AlcarGM> Mr. Kimpuh: "That was the warning," flatly. The air blurs as he shakes the kid rather qukckly. Dexter shakes his head, his nose bleeding and looking rather rattled - literally.
<AlcarGM> Nell: "Er ... Mr. Kimpuh. he is a student....."
<Linda`^> "Please don't abuse my team mate Mr. Kimpuh."
* Mitch` lets the others speak for the feelings he shares!
<Creason> "Aw man, he isn't seriously gonna be on the team, is he?"
<AlcarGM> (( and Creason speaks for the other feelings everyone shares :) ))
<Mitch`> "We don't have anyone quite like him on the team already.. he'd be an asset, you know."
<Creason> "I agree with part of the word 'asset.'"

<AlcarGM> Mrs. Veritas: "Well, so far your impromtu lessons - dealing with threats - have been against superior forces." She puts a map on then table. "The very south end. Not ghetto, but mostly drugs, and drug deealers. Most of the superhero teams don't have time to deal with it. I'd like you all to try. The only threat is likely people with guns, so you'll have to be ca\freful."
<Linda`^> "You want us to tell people not to do drugs?"
<Mitch`> "ONLY?!"
<Mitch`> "ONLY guns?!"
* Mitch` gawks.
<Manus> (lol!)
<Mitch`> "I mean. I'm already busy tonight, but .. still.."
<AlcarGM> Mrs. Veritas: "Hardly. To stop drug dealers, instead. Take them down, basically." She looks at Mitch. "Yes?"
<Mitch`> "ONLY guns??"
* Mitch` blurts out, as if unable to communicate the sheer disbelief of it all, "GUNS!"

<Linda`^> perfect scenerio of someone trying to hide their powers: They get kidnapped and they make a phone like on that one movie that dials a random number.. "Ok, I've got someone.. it's a machine... Oh my god it's my home macine!" "Good tell your mom to call the police!" "I can't do that she doesn't know-- Hi mom, just me checking in, I'm going to be late tonight, bye!" "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?" "I froze I didn't know what to do!"

<Creason> "This'll be awesome! I hope my mom finished my outfit, like she said she would."
<Mitch`> "Your costume?"
<Creason> "Well, yeah. Costume sounds kinda... Halloweenish."

<Creason> <So, would it bother you if I started projecting... I dunno, show tunes at you?>
* Creason starts singing the "OOOOOHHHHHH" in Oklahoma for a long as he can keep concentrated on it :)
<AlcarGM> (( LOL! ))
<Creason> :)
<AlcarGM> hehehe
<AlcarGM> <Manus> Never why people are cool?
<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> You begin to hear Creason in your head singing the "OOOOOHHHHHH" in Oklahoma <That's cool?>
<AlcarGM> <Manus> Wow! Yeah, I love that song
<AlcarGM> * Manus does the same with zest =P
<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> no reply :p
<Creason> LOL
<Creason> sweet!!

<AlcarGM> Nell: "Okay. So. Five of us, and a lot of drug dealers. Any thoughts?"
<Linda`^> "How do we even know who's a drug dealer and who's not?
* Creason gives Dexter a really dark look, and starts turning on a couple little devices, sticking some pads here and there.
* Creason grumbles at Dexter
<AlcarGM> Nell: "Good question ... will you kids please knock it off? .... I'm guessing whoever tries to shoot us."
* Creason blinks
<Creason> "You're kidding, right? You're just gonna walk around and wait for people to shoot at you?"

<Creason> "Some of those people need help! Have we gotten ahold of the police yet?"
<AlcarGM> The girl dexter helped looks around nevously, then latches onto Creason as the only person close to her age "i want to go home."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Give me a second...." he walks outside, then shoots energy from feet, goes up, and glows, lighting the area up like a giant spotlight, then crashes down.
<Creason> "Um, totally! Are you alright now?"
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Ow..." from a middle of a hole. "Well. I hope that got someone's attention."
<AlcarGM> The girl gives Creason a confused look, then smiles. "I . .am? it's gone! It's gone! I'm ... me again..." She hugs Creason :p
* Creason looks for a phone in the room :)
<AlcarGM> Creason - there is one in the far corner :p
<Linda`^> (( Looks like somebody has a girlfriiiiieeeeeend! ))
<AlcarGM> Darren comes in, looks at the phone. "That would have been easier...."

<Nezumi> ... I read about a GM who apparently thought that since Shadowrun had an odd combination of genres, it was a comedy game. He tried to run it like Toon Cyberpunk, without prior warning. One character even got squashed by a falling safe.

<AlcarGM> Okay. Of all the ways to spend an evening, escorting a stumbling telepathic goth kid who needs make up tips home somehow never made your list of fun things to do.Wonder why.
<AlcarGM> About five blocks from the nice house Dexter looks a bit better, A lot less pale, at least. <Better.>
* Linda`^ puts his arm over her shoulder and sighs "Don't be getting any ideas about this..."

<AlcarGM> Dexter: <"friend" .... that's funny. I don't believe in friends. We use each other. It's what people do. Control. Bind.>
<Linda`^> "So you're saying you made me help you home? That you made me feel worried when you weren't feeling well? You made me come along to make sure nobody on my team got hurt?"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <... I could have.> He's silent for a long time, just walking, then <Why? Who do you .. help people, with no benefit?>
* Linda`^ shrugs
<Linda`^> "It's what I do."
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <But it's stupid! It doesn't make sense!>
<Linda`^> "Nobody said it had to make sense."
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <No, I mean ... you get nothing from it, gain nothing from it. Nothing changes. It just gets worse.>
<AlcarGM> (( nicely goth, I think :p ))

<AlcarGM> Dexter: <They don't find a cure. A month. Superspeed increases the size. Parts of her always moving fast.>
<Linda`^> "Where are you getting this!? Stoppit it's not helping! I don't want to think about that!"
* Linda`^ looks scared at her mother
<AlcarGM> Tina: "What?!"
* Linda`^ begins to cry and rushes to her room
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <From a future. I see them. Nothing definite. Just what may be. *puzzlement* Is something wrong?>
<AlcarGM> Your mother grabs your arm as you go past, not too firmly. "Linda. I don't want to think about it either. But it will be all right!"
* Linda`^ would glare a deadly glare of hush and sarcasm... if dexter were tehre...
* Linda`^ instead gives it to her mother
<AlcarGM> (( the sad part is he thinks he's helping. ))
<Linda`^> (( I know it's so sad!! ))

<AlcarGM> Dexter: <It's what doing to happen, if the cancer goes bad. All I see is that it does. 9 of 10. Sorry. Should she know? She thinks she's going to live. I could tell her.>
<Linda`^> "No! That won't help at all!"
<AlcarGM> Tina steps backwards, confused. "How won't that be right?"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <oh. *confusion* Why do you cry now and not when she is dead? Is that a hero thing?>
<Linda`^> "No, it's not its... A daughter thing..." Zoning her own mother from her vision and talking to dexter
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <But ..... I did, when my mom died. I cried for hours.> pause <Except she's not dead.> pause <Sometimes it's confusing. Is that why you cry?>

<Linda`^> could my life get any worse?

* Linda`^ sighs and goes to her window, turns off her lights and opens it quietly
<AlcarGM> Your mother doesn't hear, thankfully.
<Linda`^> (( OR is that what you want me to THINK? ))
<AlcarGM> (( or did I type that so you would think it's what I didn't want you to think when I really wanted you to think I didn't want you to think that? ))

<AlcarGM> Okay. You run rather quickly, and you're fast. After about 10 minutes, you hear gunshots ahead of you, up a street . .and a car - a convertible - coming down the street. Tho you've neve rquite seen an all black car trialing shadows before. As you get closer, it seems to *be* shadows, as if made from them. You recognize Derek and Nell. Nell seems to be slowing - or stopping - bullets from a white van following close behind.
* Linda`^ runs in the oposite direction, jumping *into* the car as it passes
<AlcarGM> lol. Okay. You leeap in the back,a nd the floor of it gives way slightly under your weight.
<Linda`^> "What... What the hell is going on here?"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <People are shooting guns. If you didn't notice?> sarcastically.
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <The temple didn't want me going inside. I think. I can't hear thoughts inside it. So mafia people shot at me.>
<AlcarGM> Nell: "This is making sooo much sense.."
<AlcarGM> Bullets bounce off the shield, but it's easily holding.
<Linda`^> "Why didn't you stop at the doors? Turn around and say "Thank's nevermind"?"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <...... people do that?>
<Linda`^> "YES!"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <Oh. I normally get them to just let me in. It's good for free movies.>
<Linda`^> "Friends don't shoot at you either! Not with real guns, with intention to kill, while chasing you down the streets of central!"

* Linda`^ sees nell and dexter off and sulks home
* Linda`^ makes it to the tower and looks up at the balcony that is her condo... ten stories up... Happyness indeed... Now how the hell is she going to get up there?

<Alcar> alien mafia men in flying white vans.
* Alcar figured it'd be nicely 4 colour.
<Alcar> and silly.
<Alcar> cept for the missiles and guns part.
<Alcar> I *did* resist the urge for a white bronco.

<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> Dexter: <All dark. Dark. Coming. Darkness. Fleeing. Universe get bigger. What chases it? What does it run from?!>
<Manus> lol!
<AlcarGM> is a good question, too :p
<Manus> hm!
<Manus> it is getting bigger, not running
<Manus> obviously it is watching television and eating too much
<AlcarGM> lol

* Manus pulls out a lunch box and investigates the contents, bemused.
<Manus> "I don't want to move anything. It is all in there so perfectly."
<Manus> The full lunchbox has been packed. There is not an inch of "dead space"
<AlcarGM> manus - the napkins in the box are folded very crisply. As if someone ironed them, if it was possible to iron them
<AlcarGM> even the bags are without wrinkles :)
* Manus gawks
<Manus> "Look at the lunch box! Look at this!"
<Manus> "It is practically a work of art!"
* Manus is in a world of his own =p
<Manus> "How did she do that?"
<AlcarGM> Darren looks into the box. "Wow. That's kind of scary."
* Manus nods
<Manus> "Giant robots do not frighten me at all, but I am intimidated by this lunchbox."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "I'd hate to be you at christmas."

<AlcarGM> The cafeteria is empty, except for a young in a chefs apron doling out stew. He looks surprised to see both of you come in. "I thought all students wee in the auditorium."
<_Paul_> "We're not."
<AlcarGM> Nell: "Err ... we're .. uhm... in a special class..."
<_Paul_> (( lol! ))
<_Paul_> (( *makes a retarded face* ))
<AlcarGM> (( she sucks as lying on the spot :P ))

<Manus> "Could someone else just take something out of this lunchbox?"
<Manus> "I think I'll be okay after the first thing is removed."

<AlcarGM> You hear a sound you don't like, a gun being drawn...
<AlcarGM> The "chef" fires the uzi from behind, spraying a swath of metal death at both of you :)
* _Paul_ grabs nell and dives to the floor
<AlcarGM> You hit the floor as bullets go overhead like pissed off bees.
* _Paul_ hurls his soup bowl at the chef's head with his other hand
<AlcarGM> Nell: "What the hell?!"
<AlcarGM> The bowl hits unerringly and the chef falls back, bullets spraying the ceiling as he drops the gun and hits the ground, unconscious.
* _Paul_ stands up quickly and looks around for any other assailants
<AlcarGM> No other ones in sight.
<AlcarGM> Nell scrambles to her feet. "The cook just tried to shoot us?!"
<AlcarGM> (( it's the new lunch menu ))
<AlcarGM> (( side order of columbine ))

<AlcarGM> The cafteria looks like someone hosted a small war. The middle of the room has a giant pile of melted metal on the floor that could be bullets and a lot of shrapnel and holes all over from the grenades.
<Linda`^> "Where's Nell?"
* _Paul_ looks down at Nell
<_Paul_> "It's safe now... I think."
<AlcarGM> Nell stands up behind Paul. "Safe.." She looks around. :"You have an odd idea of safe."
<_Paul_> "Safe is when you're not about to die."

<AlcarGM> 4 men, uniformed, with Big Guns. Not uzis. Something high tech .They round the corner, and point at the three of you. "No one move," one of them barks.
* _Paul_ freezes
<AlcarGM> Darren does the same.
<_Paul_> "Oh my god! Please don't hurt us! We'll never be late again!"
* _Paul_ looks scared

<_Paul_> (( well, this is working well so far ))
<_Paul_> (( a bunch of guys with huge scary guns are leading us to a pep rally ))
<_Paul_> (( worst day of school ever ))
<Manus> (( Yes! Everything is working out perfectly! ))

* _Paul_ is going to try to sneak into the crowd and sneak his way up into the rafters using his leet warfare and flight and stuff
<_Paul_> And then sneak up above where the leader dude is stealthy-like
<AlcarGM> lol. Okay. It's close, since the men are good, but it's simply too large a crowd for them to watch. You manage it, rather easily.
<_Paul_> (( man, we need dexter ;P ))
<_Paul_> (( i like how Linda`^ coopted him, potentially sacrificing the life of EVERY STUDENT IN THE SCHOOL ))
<_Paul_> (( ah well, paul has good stuff *prays* ))

<Linda`^> "Does something happen when the leader gets shot?"

<AlcarGM> Your intuition twigs you in some to see two more.. except they're in some red armour, modelled like star wars .. coming in the fire door. Their hands are glowing.
<AlcarGM> Dulchamp: "Dear God...."
<AlcarGM> The teachers, tied up rather thoroughly, ttry to get in the way but really can't....
<_Paul_> (( hm, this looks bad ))
<AlcarGM> The main doors burt open as well, but the men outside are met by Darren, who lets loose with a wide-angled blast on them, also taking iut some of the wall and runing the doors in the process :p
* _Paul_ will melt a chunk out of the support beams/stuff overhead so it drops on the guys in armor
<_Paul_> (( hopefully it's good armor! ))
<_Paul_> (( heheh ))
<_Paul_> (( but that is pretty four color, so i feel safe ;P ))
<_Paul_> (( this whole 'not killing people' thing sucks ))

<AlcarGM> Darren blasts some who withstood the first, easily, and looks down. The student body is staring.. one student on fire a little, whom they could have sworn was shot many times, and another glowing blue.
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Uh...... hi? .... we're just .. helping...." he trails off under the stares, getting stage fright :p
<_Paul_> "Is everyone ok?"

<_Paul_> <You guys wanna go get something to eat? I'm starving, and the lunch guy tried to kill me before i could eat my soup.>

<_Paul_> "Do you drive?"
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Uh, no. But I think I could go up....I felt somrthing, in there.... this is gonna look stupid..." He frowns. "Energy... low.. think . .erm.. happy..." and go upwards, rather quickly, into the sky and trailing blue light and an "oohhh shiiiii..."
* _Paul_ follows, just in case he needs some help or something
<_Paul_> (( paul has pretty much resigned himself to going with the flow, since everything is so weird here ))
<_Paul_> (( lol ))
<AlcarGM> He does manage to stop above the clouds, as least.
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Oh, wow. Err. This is weird. at least I manage straight lines... or something...." *looks down* "I can't believe I'm doing this. This is just ... cool. uh. How the hell do you find out where to go from up here? "
<_Paul_> (( second star to the right... ))

<_Paul_> "Let's go to the mall, I wanna try the cajun place."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Right. Uh. It's cold, too." *goes down* "Okay...." You manage to make the mall, with a lot of directing, and backtracking, but you do make it and arrive safely. Well,e xcepting for when Darren sort of hits the ground, but you're good for lots of bruising and swelling.
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Okay, so I don't have landing down. I can't believe I flew. Like, in the air...."
<AlcarGM> he grins. "Do you .. do it all the time? I mean, it's like ... flying. Well, it is flying. I mean...... Oh, hell, I don't know what I mean."

<AlcarGM> The receptionist goes back to work, berating herself for not asking you out, but you're here to visit a patient, she reminds herself. .oO(but he looked so hot)
<_Paul_> (( lol ))
<_Paul_> (( l.o.l. ))
<_Paul_> (( yeah, but i hear he's a bit of a flamer, if you know what I mean ))
<AlcarGM> (( *chuckles* ))
<_Paul_> (( ;P ))
<_Paul_> (( and the punnishment continues ))

<AlcarGM> Dexter doesn't react for a good 3 minutes, then notices you, with <?? Oh. Was away. She's sleeping.>
<_Paul_> <Away where?>
* _Paul_ realizes that he's starting communicating psychically automatically, and finds that a bit odd
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <*an image, of .. lights. Pale, different colours. A field, a sky of them, like stars, all around you, each a note of a song, or voice...* Browsing. Lots of strange minds here.>
<_Paul_> <Sounds interesting! That's some power you've got.>
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <*Shrug* it's me.>
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <And not intersting. You know the most common thing, the most common emotion in your head, in anyone's head?>
<_Paul_> <What's that?>
<AlcarGM> Dexte: <Guilt.>
<_Paul_> (( *feels guilty for not guessing that* ))

<_Paul_> <Why is that, do you think?
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <Because we all do things we hate, we regret, we don't like. We all suck, and we try and hide it and mostly we forget it. But it's all there. Festering, like a boil. Under everything. All the things we never did, all the things we should have been. It's the first thing in any mind, once I get below the surface and secrets.>
<AlcarGM> (( yay for goth! :p ))
<_Paul_> <What about me?>
<_Paul_> (( bwahahah ))
<_Paul_> (( paul is so going to fuck with his gothness ))
<_Paul_> (( first the death thing ))
<_Paul_> (( now the guilt thing ))
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <You have holes. Where you died. Parts -> you feel him shy away from something <harder to read.>
<_Paul_> <Guilty holes?>
<_Paul_> (( wow, that sounded a lot less dirty when i thought it ))

<_Paul_> <So what do you do for fun? *curious*>
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <Fun?> ((Is fun allowed? I'm goth!)) <Float in minds. Listen.>
<AlcarGM> Dexter; <Like ... bath water. But thoughts. Drifting.>
<_Paul_> <Sort of like surfing, only through minds instead of water?>
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <*nods* No words. Words.... just move air. They don't get the real. Do you scare yourself, with what you do?> abruptly.
<_Paul_> <Not really. It's like anything, I mean, I'm sure people are really scared the first time they go skydiving or bungee jumping or whatever, but if you do it every day, you get used to it, and it just becomes normal. I was five the first time I died, I didn't know it wasn't normal for a long time.>

<_Paul_> <I guess fun is more a state of mind than anything you do, you know?>
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <like goth.>
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))
<_Paul_> <Right, I guess.>

<AlcarGM> Nell drinks more of the coffee and grins. "So am I. I guess we're better than we thought. Which is good. You okay?"
<_Paul_> "Yeah, I'm fine. Seems like Dexter ended up the worst off of all of us."
<AlcarGM> Nell: "He did?"
<_Paul_> *shrugs* "He's the only one who seems like he's still suffering anything."
<AlcarGM> Nell grins. "Maybe it's just angst. And depression. And his fashion sense."
<_Paul_> "Yeah, well, we're all the same in that we're all different in our own way, I guess. Or something."

<_Paul_> "Actually, I like Dexter, he seems like he's a really good guy at heart."
<_Paul_> "Sure he's got some problems, but who doesn't?"
<_Paul_> "Like me... I just ate, and I'm already hungry again."
<AlcarGM> Nell: "he doens't talk. and he spent last night in my dreams. THAT was weird." She shrugs. "Go eat. I'm fine, thanks to you. And thanks for the visit."
<AlcarGM> (( Paul then morphs into his Tarrasque form and..... ))

<alcar> nonsense! The PCs will survive seening the Elder Gods. They're all normal, well adjusted inviduals.
<MisterInfernalCheese> paul is the most normal, well-adjusted one of the lot
<MisterInfernalCheese> and he grew up in the ghetto, and has died and come back from the dead like 20 times
<alcar> lol. Which is sooo well adjusted :P
<MisterInfernalCheese> lol
<MisterInfernalCheese> yeah
<MisterInfernalCheese> well, he mostly thinks of himself as a normal guy
<MisterInfernalCheese> if you think of yourself as a freak, you will be
<MisterInfernalCheese> ;)
<alcar> Denial, the most important superpower :p

<aslhk> hm!
<aslhk> I don't like not-memorable as four color =P
<aslhk> that is more UA
<aslhk> not four colour1
<aslhk> victims are memorable!
<aslhk> er
<aslhk> =P
<aslhk> villains!
<alcar> lol

<Chaos`^> i need to start playing male characters more often though
<Chaos`^> i'm right in the middle of the living room where everyone can see me typing
<Chaos`^> and if they keep seeing me using girl nicks they'll think something's up
<alcar> lol!
<Chaos`^> i already think they think that
<Chaos`^> i'm affraid to play linda and sara now =(
<Chaos`^> infact i'm not in a game currently that I play a male anymore
* alcar chuckles.
<Chaos`^> you should bring back lolad 1 so.... i can play cecil again ;D

<AlcarGM> Dexter needs piercings. That's what he needs....
* AlcarGM forgot about those.
<Mitch`> :>
<Mitch`> that can be arranged
* Mitch` equips ninja sword. >:D
<AlcarGM> lol

* Linda`^ looks the leather over, and finds a long sleeved short cut vest with matching skin tight pants "These are nice."
* Mitch` looks to the mother.. :s
<AlcarGM> Tina raises an eyebrow and looks at Linda. "Please tell me you're joking."
* Mitch` takes a metaphorically symbollic step back from the ensuing dialog.. casting an eye to the men's fitting rooms, briefly.
* Linda`^ doesn't look like she's joking "Why? It looks nice, besides yo... I know alot of people who wear this stuff.."
<AlcarGM> Tina: "Leather? Maybe if you;'re a cow, or into the whole goth look, or are a couch..."
* Mitch` speaks up! "We have synthetics, if you're against leather leather." And points to a rack of pleather purses and such. :>
<Linda`^> "Fine, what would YOU like to see me in?"
* Mitch` thinks and says crisply, "My bed."
<Mitch`> ((omg j/k))
<Mitch`> ((:D))

<Mitch`> ((:D We are Sears.))
<Mitch`> ((The next supervillain of the future is going to own a mall, you know?))
<Mitch`> ((And use it to brainwash the customers, slowly and legally ;p))

<Mitch`> "It is never too late .. for justice."

<AlcarGM> Tina cools the lava coming towards her by moving at superspeed, and notices.. "Linda! Get AWAY from here!"
<Mitch`> ".. You haven't told her, have you?"
<AlcarGM> You manage to get the last of the people running away, and hopefully safe.
* Linda`^ looks at Tina and smiles and waves "Hi Mom! GOOD WORK!"
<AlcarGM> LOL!
* Linda`^ looks at mitch and shakes her head "And I don't plan on telling her."

<Linda`^> "Disapear, guys..."
* Mitch` calls out to Tina, "Relax Ma'am. I'm with Sears. The Hero Department."


<AlcarGM> A wind funnel brings *more* acid and Magma Lord screams as the AC hits as well, then literally melts into the ground with a despairing wail of "NOOO! MY PLAN! MY PLANNN! NO COOKIES FOR YOU!"
<Mitch`> ".... Cookies?"
* Mitch` shrugs and turns off the pump, checking to see how many gallons he ended up using..
<AlcarGM> lots :p
<Mitch`> ;p
* Mitch` is glad he doesn't have to.. pay..for... it..
* Mitch` looks around to see if the attendant is looking at the pump. Then will hit it to make it reset. :P

<AlcarGM> The press arrives a good 10 minutes later, via news van.
* Mitch` waves politely. And decides he is going to have fun with the press. >:D
<AlcarGM> A young cub reporter reaches you first, looking eager. "James Olson! Do you have anything to say to the press about what happened here, Mr .. uh .. who are you?"
<Mitch`> "My name isn't James!"
* Mitch` tears his nametag off before it gets filmed. :P

<AlcarGM> James Olson: "Ah .... what happened here?"
<Mitch`> "The name's James Olson. You JUST addressed me... you don't remember my name after one sentence?! Some kind of reporter you are!!"
<Mitch`> "Well, this is a gas station!"
* Mitch` gestures around him
<Mitch`> "And that, sir, is a Lava Monster."
* Mitch` makes monster noises, impersonating the Lava Monster.
<Mitch`> "Its last words were..."
* Mitch` grabs the microphone and starts gnawing on it, growling, "NOO COOKIES FOR YOUUUU!"
* Mitch` stands up proper now, as if he just didn't gnaw the microphone.
<Mitch`> "Some heroes came. I'm just on my Meal break.. I do work for Sears, you know."
<AlcarGM> James Olson: ".... Oh! Ah. What one? The Lava People? The Magmoids? Montel Man? Magma Lord? The Magmites?"
<Mitch`> "MAAAAAGMAAA!!!"
* Mitch` grabs the mic again and gnaws on it mercilessly.
* Mitch` tears off the foam part and starts chewing it. :D And awaits the reaction of the reporter.
<Linda`^> (( ROFLMAO! ))

<Creason> "Although, I suppose he'll probably just go get himself killed without anyone around to help him, now."
<Mitch`> "Or try to prove himself by killing us. Its what I'd do."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Yeah. I'll go make sure Wayne's okay...." He goes for the lockers.
* Mitch` adds a quick, "Hypothetically speaking."
<AlcarGM> Darren stops and gives mitch a weird look, then keeps going.
* Creason raises an eyebrow at Mitch
<Mitch`> "Hypothetical, guys."

<AlcarGM> Dexter gets up, wincing. <Not. I felt it. in his head. something .. broke.>
<Creason> "Oh, that's good to hear... You alright?"
<Mitch`> "Well, yeah. I'd break if everything I was based on was smashed, too.. I think that's a normal thing."
<AlcarGM> Dexter" <Felt it. Hard. Not a good thing. No no. He was .. not sane. not .. normal. Consumed. If you're not sane, and you get broken .... what happens?>
<AlcarGM> Seeker: "Hopefully, he learns a lesson."
<Mitch`> "Dunno. I guess that's how villains are made?"
<Creason> "Dude, Mitch. You've gotta get off this villain thing. You're waaaay too into it right now."
<Mitch`> "Well, I was thinking about Magma Lord, that's all."
<Mitch`> "We fought him last night. It was weird how we could kill a monster without remorse.."
<Mitch`> "I don't like that. If we're so nice to innocents, why are we so quick to convict a creature that hasn't even had a proper education in how to act?"
* Mitch` sighs a bit, as if getting a heavy thought off his chest. :P

<AlcarGM> Dexter: <he didn't die,> absently, staring at the lockers.
<Mitch`> "Our intent, though... we were trying to kill him. .. Weren't we?"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <*blinks* No one told me we were.>
<AlcarGM> Darren begins wondering about Mitch.. :p
* Creason scoots wayyy over to the other side of the gym from Mitch

<Mitch`> "A lot of people are like pinatas.. or those caramel bunnys.."
<Mitch`> "Beneath their shell they're all gooey inside."
<Mitch`> ".. You know?"
<AlcarGM> Darren: "not from first hand experience, no."
<Mitch`> "You have this way of making me sound like I crack open people's heads and eat their brains."
* Linda`^ raises an eyebrow at mitch "Gooey?"
<Mitch`> "Gooey. You know. Those caramel filled chocolate easter eggs."
<Mitch`> "They're hard on the outside. Tough. But gooey on the inside, and soft."
<Mitch`> "Its an analogy, people!"

<Mitch`> ".. I think we should tell Ms Veritas about Wayne"
<Mitch`> "Before he flies to the hall of justice and bombs it, or something.."
<AlcarGM> (( now there is an idea.... ))
<Mitch`> "Hypothetically speaking."
<Mitch`> ((I h8 u))
<Mitch`> ((:P))
<Creason> "Dude, you think about this evil stuff a lot, don't you?"

<AlcarGM> Darren: "This is .... weird. I mean, he wasn't a friend, but he was on our side."
<Johnny> "I didn't really get to know him, really."
* Mitch` nods to Darren, in agreement.
<Johnny> "We never really talked much."
<Mitch`> "That doesn't change that fact that we have responsobilities, though... Will we have to take him down?"
<Creason> "I've seen it happen before. Normal people want to be super, to do good, so badly, that they often go evil just to accomplish it."
<Mitch`> "If so, we should do it quickly.. before he makes a plan that renders our skills useless. He knows us well."
<Mitch`> "I know the feeling.. I almost looked on e-bay for superpowers.."
<Mitch`> "In fact, I did find a classified add.."

<AlcarGM> The gorlillias try and break through the Creason barrier, but find it rather difficult. Mind you, them beating on you *hurts*, stretchy or no, but you can hold you. OY do find yourself suddenly horrified to realize you won't be able to give results to your parents, though :p
<Creason> oh crap...
<Creason> i am soooo in trouble.

<AlcarGM> Gorillas are coming up, about 1000' yards away on the stair, marching.
<AlcarGM> Linda - your cell phone rings :P
<Linda`^> Linda doesn't have a cell phone!!
<AlcarGM> (( doh! ))
<Mitch`> ((Mitch does :P))
<AlcarGM> Mitch's rings, then :p
<AlcarGM> Mitch: It's your mother. "Mitch! Just calling to see how you are today. I heard there wa some other incident at schol. Did you remember to pack your lunch?"
<AlcarGM> The gorillas spot you, and begin to charge. 10 abreast, in a realllly long row
* Linda`^ puts a wall on the stairs
<Linda`^> "I don't know how long I can hold them."
<Mitch`> "Oh. Yeah. I packed it. I also am packing an extra helping of JUSTICE. I'm fighting a gorilla army."
<Mitch`> "No, not the kind on CNN."
<Mitch`> "The kind on the Wizard of Ozz."
* Mitch` covers the receiver, saying to Linda, "My mom called me."
<Linda`^> "Mitch, hurry, we need to get down there."
<AlcarGM> "Oh! Well, make sure you don't get burned and come back safely! We're making chicken pot pie for supper."
* Mitch` looks at the gorillas, "Fine." And holds the phone in one hand and the sword in the other, and charges, while talking to his mother.
<Mitch`> "Oh boy! I love Chicken Pot Pie!"

* Linda`^ grabs mitch and turns him toward the ledge...
<Linda`^> "We're jumping it."
<Mitch`> "You want me to JUMP!?"
* Linda`^ points at the other end of the ocean "The queen's down' there."
<Mitch`> "Hey mom, if I don't come home, yell at this guy named Seeker about it."
* Mitch` is still holding the phone :P
<Mitch`> "Can we bounce such that we go over the army, L- ... "
<Linda`^> "On my count... One... Two... Three... GO!"

<Mitch`> "So, Mom, do you know Seeker?"
<Mitch`> ((:D ))
<Mitch`> "He was teaching gym.. kind of arrogant, but in a way that suggests he has the right to be."
* Mitch` talks with his mom while plummeting :P
<AlcarGM> Mitch's Mom: "I've heard of him. Oh. Drat! Your father needs to call some people about the plumbing. You be careful!"
* Linda`^ grabs mitch and pulls him off of the edge with her, sky diving all seven thousand feet, or whatnot, shield up aiming toward the other side of the ocean.
<Mitch`> "You too, Mom! See you toni- oh, uhm, I'll be coming home late tonight. I have to go talk to a friend. Bye!"
* Mitch` hangs up as they plumet :P
<Linda`^> "If we don't make it, I want you to know... I always hated your haircut."
<Mitch`> "Thanks, Linda. If we don't make it, I want you to know about my other super power. I can come back to life.. but I come back as a brain-eating zombie. I'll make a point of eating your brains first."
<Mitch`> ".. Hrm. That wasn't as good."
<Mitch`> "Oh. Right."
<Linda`^> "As long as you come back as a stylish brain eating zombie."
<Mitch`> "According to Sears, you have large thighs."

<AlcarGM> You plummet down, and down..... the air gets hot, the shield turning a pale grey, but keeping out most of the heat. You canmake out shapes now. Dozens. Hundreds. Heroes, from all over the city, flying, blasting, and shooting their way intom the horde. Looking like nothing so much as a giant wart on Gods nose, compared to the size of the army.
<Linda`^> "She has to be at the other end..." More to herself than Mitch

<AlcarGM> You pass through the barrer. You're standing on a ledge of a giant cavern. The air is stifling hot, and the smell of brimstone and sulpher fills the air. perhapds 300 yards to the left gorillas are coming up a staircase.. 10 abreast in an enormous row, like ants.
<AlcarGM> Looking over the ledge you can see more.. miles down..... and a faint glow that is heroes, trying to slow by the tide. YOu can't even count how many of these things there are., Billions. Or more. And they just keep coming....
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Dear God...."
<Paul`^> "Wow."
<Paul`^> "At least THIS is something I'm familiar with."
<AlcarGM> Darren stares at Paul "WHAT?!"
<Paul`^> "You know, hordes of invading demon monkies? Happens all the time in Southern Kansas."
<Paul`^> "I'm kidding."

<AlcarGM> Ypou're bonucing .. and bouncing.. and gooing .. it seems like there is no damn end to it....
<Mitch`> "This is retarded!"
<Linda`^> "It has to end sometime!"
* Mitch` gets a good bounce and then tries to dive down and slice up the ground as best he can.
<Mitch`> "No it doesn't!"
<Mitch`> "For all we know we're in hell, which for all we know didn't even exist until we got here!"
* Linda`^ stops and follows mitch down shielding around them
<Linda`^> "If you have a better idea..."
<Mitch`> "I do."
<Mitch`> "An atom bomb."
<Mitch`> "Just fly the thing right in, and all the heroes can go get lunch."
<Linda`^> "There are far too many for an atom bomb!"
<Mitch`> "If this is an illusion meant to test us, or something, I'm going to be sooo irritated."

<Mitch`> "Maybe the hive mind is just a guy in a gorilla suit with a fancy gadget."

<AlcarGM> (( LOL Paul`^ ))
<Linda`^> (( ROFLMAO!! ))

<Mitch`> "Check it out, stupid cavern thing. I got one of your eggs."
<Mitch`> "And I'm hungry."
<Mitch`> "End this nonsense.."
* Mitch` tilts his head back, holding the egg above his mouth precariously.. :P
<Linda`^> (( WHen you crack it, gurgle it and then swallow it with a smile =p ))
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))
<Linda`^> (( I saw that once in a porno flick.. except it wasn't an egg... ))
* Mitch` cracks it open with his hands and lets the egg ooooze into his mouth like the caramel filling of an easter egg chocolate candy.. then swallows loudly and wipes his mouth off with his sleeve.
<Mitch`> "Or I'll eat every egg in here."
* Mitch` is so going to be sick all weekend :(
<AlcarGM> The air turns silent...\
* Mitch` grabs the second egg, with a look of rage and radiating the mood to match!
<Mitch`> "Don't think I'm joking! You must value these things!"
<Mitch`> "I take it they are your kids."
<Mitch`> "To me they are CANDY!"
<Paul`^> (( LOL ))

<Paul`^> "I'm doing great! A little hungry, though."
* Mitch` blinks and takes of the ninja t-shirt. :P
<Mitch`> "That thing is so hot its not funny..."
<Linda`^> "Paul, you hardly did anything... I had to keep mitch running... do you have any idea how hard it is to lead mitch into something?"
<Mitch`> "Its a matter of knowing what you're about to do."
<Paul`^> "How hard is it?"
<Linda`^> "IMPOSSIBLE! I actually had to drag him off the cliff to get here!"

<Creason`> <I don't... think I can see. Did it go dark?>
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <n - no.... are you .. hurt?>
<Creason`> <I can't really feel anything? It's weird. Whatever I just did, I've never done it before...>
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <Wait....> you feel a slight presure. <Oh. I think you're harder. I can't get shadow through it.> Long pause. <Can you stop it? I thin kthe heroes are coming, and I doubt you want them cutting through you.>
<Creason`> <Good point. Hold on... Right. Just a second...>
<Creason`> <... Um... there's a problem.>
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <What KIND of problem?>
<Creason`> <Nothing's happening. I'm trying to relax. And i'm not changing.>
* Creason` sounds really scared
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <Oh *giggles* this is kind of funny. hey come, and can't leave ...... sorry. tired. try ..... will a change? to soft?>

<Paul`^> "Did I miss anything this morning in class?"
<Linda`^> "Only the EVIL SEEKER"
<Mitch`> "No, Paul. Wayne went crazy."
<Mitch`> "Seeker wasn't evil.."
<Mitch`> ".. He's just pragmatically just."
<Paul`^> "Wow, what happened?!"
<Mitch`> "With a mullet, he would be Amazing."
<Linda`^> "Yes he was, he has secrets and he made wayne go insane and nearly did the same to dexter. If that's not evil..."

<Mitch`> "Evil is doing so for a bad purpose. Didn't you listen to him at all?"
<Mitch`> "He said that Wayne would DIE in the field. DIE stupidly."
<Linda`^> "He did it because I challenged his authority, all he had to do was apolligize! that's it! NOPE he had to make dexter cry!"
<Mitch`> "You ALWAYS challenge authority!"
<Linda`^> "Wayne had powers other places, he could have suggested adifferent path for wayne, not just shoot him down where he stood!"
<Mitch`> "I mean. A hero that works above the law is not a safe hero!"
<Mitch`> "You get into the Superior Man stuff!"
<Mitch`> "I BEG TO DIFFER!"

<AlcarGM> Awesome Man looks back and forth between the two of you, then at paul, the says "Ah. Good to see young lovers letting off some steam."
<Linda`^> "HE WAS WRONG!"
<Mitch`> "YES HE IS WRONG!"
* Mitch` glares at Awesome Man
<Mitch`> ((:P))
<Mitch`> "That was NOT Awesome."

* Mitch` glaaaares
* Linda`^ glares back
<Mitch`> "I could say something mean."
<Mitch`> "But my father told me never to make a girl cry."
<Linda`^> "I don't cry."
<Mitch`> "I just ate someone's children. Don't think I couldn't make you cry."
* Linda`^ gives him a challenging glare
<Paul`^> "..."
* Mitch` does not return it
* Paul`^ flies on ahead, leaving the two to bicker

<Creason`> "Can we not have that happen again anytime soon?"
<AlcarGM> Darren: "I'd like it if it never happened again."
<Johnny> "Indeed."

<The_Computer> Tass 15d6: 54
* The_Computer rolled too high.
* The_Computer demands Tass reroll for a lower result
<Tass> 15d6
<The_Computer> Tass 15d6: 46
<The_Computer> better.
<Tass> still, its around 50
<Tass> 15d6
<The_Computer> Tass 15d6: 50
<Tass> :D
<alcar> ...

<Alicia> Stay right where you are. A Feminist Special Ops Team will be there shortly. :P
<kentari> I'll take them all on.
<kentari> With my Y chromosone. >:E
<Alicia> LOL
<kentari> The Y stands for YES

<kentari> ZOMG
<kentari> >:D
<alcar> ROFL!
<alcar> Oh yeah :p
<alcar> That would rock.
<alcar> Especially if they find out they like being the band more than villains.
<alcar> "And, hey, we're icons. We'll just get out anyway."
<alcar> we gotta make em :p
<kentari> :> I will work on it later!
<kentari> They will be high school students
<kentari> so we can actually meet them ;p
<kentari> I'll say they got on "Making the Band" and were brainwashed into a life of crime by an evil manager

<Keolah> MegaTitleGen: <Sleeping Civilization> <The Second Life> <Legal Magic>
<alcar> Legal magic would rock. "And now, by subsection Xvii, paragraph b, referring to page 231 of Volume 2 of the magician vs. the universe, I conjure thee by this incantation . .saving for the warranty, which reads as follows .... wait, where was I?"
<Lev> 'whenever someone casts a spell they must list the law that allows or dissalows it'
<Tia> good way to prevent ANY magic =P
* alcar always liked that part of warranties.
<Lev> you forgot acts of god
<alcar> that would be a 200 page appendix to the novel :p
<Lev> hahah that it would

<alcar> Hm. Tass, is the White Wolf version of HOL the same as the other one?
<Tass> they have a white wolf version of hol?!
<Tass> wait
<Tass> is it published by black dog?
<alcar> Released by White Wolf in 1994 under the Black Dog Adults Only Imprint
<Tass> might be the same thing
<Tass> I only know of one HOL
<Tass> that sounded bad :P

<AlcarGM> http://www.geocities.com/alternity1/hero/awesomeman.jpg is awesome man, for reference :p
<Creason> heh, gotcha
<Creason> wow. he really does look awesome.
<AlcarGM> lol.
<AlcarGM> That's good then :)

<Linda`^> "What are those pills for?"
<Creason> "Mmm? That's my lunch."
<Linda`^> "Your lunch? What the heck kinda lunch is that?"
<Creason> "It's the kinda lunch someone with a constantly changing internal structure eats. My parents aren't too sure I can handle solid foods."
* Linda`^ blinks, and nods
<Linda`^> "So if you're so stretchy does.. Nevermind."
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <It does,> very amused.
<AlcarGM> Dexter:<I asked him.>
<Creason> "Dude! Shut up! Geez!"
* Linda`^ looks wide eyed at Dexter, then at Creason

<AlcarGM> Dexter: <*smirks*>
<Creason> <Dude! You really suck!>
<Creason> <See if I lose control of my genetics to save your scrawny hide again... sheesh.>
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <Of course I suck .. what's your problem?>
<Creason> <Aw shut up. It's been a long weekend.>
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <Oh? Your parents tested you more?>
<Creason> <... I turned into some sort of bizarre metal while fighting off a horde of Doom Apes. Yes, they tested me!>

<Mitch`> "I say we worry about a leader when we need one.. if we make a defined structure, we give our enemies a weakpoint to attack."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Why not have a fake leader then? So it's not really a weak point?"
<Creason> "Hey, good idea Darren!"
<Mitch`> "That's not a bad idea."
<Linda`^> "A fake leader? Well a leader and a subleader would be ok... I mean we can take care of ourselves but someone needs to be incharge of figuring out who needs to be where. I mean it's mroe a matter of knowing what they can do, as it is to where they are best placed."
<Mitch`> ".. Sub? We go from having one title to actually having a pecking order. I'm not liking this."
<Mitch`> "The quickest way to break up a team is to try to decide who has the most important role."

<AlcarGM> Darren: "Why were you late? Can't you just .... bounce to school, or something?"
<Mitch`> "I'm sure his parents wouldn't approve."
<Creason> "I do that swinging thing, most of the time. My parents are just... excited, about my development over the past few days. It's been a rought weekend..."
* Creason heads for the gym while we talk, getting back into his costume
<AlcarGM> Darren: "What, they tied you to a table and took blood samples and stuff?"
* Mitch` blinks, "Just as I don't want to know what Linda and Nell do, Darren.. I don't want to know what Creason's parents do, either.."
<AlcarGM> Darren: ".... that's just sick."
<Mitch`> "Dude. You so have a dirty mind. There's no denying it."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Me?!"
<Creason> "You really don't want to know what I went through. It was... tiring."

<AlcarGM> Awesome Man: "Actually, in 20 minutes now. Grapevine. There's two jewelry shopson Brantford s4treet, Hodkings and Son and Emerald City."
<Mitch`> "We had better hurry! Which one do we choose? Or should we split up and cover both?"
* Mitch` ponders a bit, "Maybe Creason and I could take one. Darren, Dexter, think you could handle the other?"
<Creason> "What would make the most sense? You're the one who's good at this stuff." *to Mitch*
<Mitch`> ((buahaha. :P We call that convenient division. ))
<Creason> ((heh))
<AlcarGM> Darren nods. "Sure."
* Mitch` looks at Creason, "Well, I just thought that since their names both started with D, that it kind of made sense..?" \
<Creason> "The simplest tactic is generally the soundest."
<Mitch`> "So we'll go to the Emerald City. Dexter, keep in touch!"

<Mitch`> "These were for lunches. But they will make fine masks!"
* Mitch` passes one out to each hero-in-waiting present. :P
* Creason already has one of them Robin-esque masks on, so he's good :)
<AlcarGM> Dexter stares at it. Then shrugs and puts it on :p
<Mitch`> "One sec, Dex."
<Mitch`> "Don't move."
<Creason> "I am so not walking out into the hall with one of those on. Some of those normal girls are hot!"
<AlcarGM> Dexter frowns, but doesn't move.
* Mitch` pulls out a sharpie and draws a big smilie face on Dexter's, before poking eye holes on it (this is after he has put it on)
<Mitch`> "There. Perfect."
<Mitch`> "No one will suspect!"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <And what would you do with them? Stretch them a lot?>
<Creason> "You know, I'm trying, and you're totally ruining it!"

* Linda`^ checks Nell's drawers
<AlcarGM> she's not here, so you can't. Hah!
<AlcarGM> that was horrible :p
<Linda`^> yes

* Mitch` gets up from behind the counter or wherever with his ninja shirt on, and is holding the two silver letter openers... and runs to where dexter is, to help! By hurting werewolves! :P
<AlcarGM> Mitch breaks the display case. The saleswoman gives him a cold look.
<SilverHorse> << Egads quit saying silver, I keep running up the stairs all happy someone wants to talk to me >>

<Creason> hmm... just so you know, i'm gonna try sending a pair of arms back into the jewelry store. I'm gonna try and steal all the jade stuff before Flit can :)
<Creason> mostly i'm just gonna put it somewhere altogether, but i want to make sure she isn't getting it while we're distracted :)
<AlcarGM> lol!

<AlcarGM> The 2nd flunky leaps for Mitch, who was thrwn int the door of the starbucks :p
<Mitch`> "Gah!"
* Mitch` tumbles around, "Didn't work!"
* Mitch` looks around realy quick, "Oh, Duh!"
* Mitch` throws the letter openers at both of the flunky's eyes! >:E
<Mitch`> ((At the same time! In one fluid motion of doom! :P))
<AlcarGM> The flunky wolf continues forward by pure momentum, howling in agony and hots the doors with a scream of pain, trying to get the letter openers out of its eyes
<AlcarGM> (( and that's NOT a four colour move, fyi :p ))
<Mitch`> ((oh... :P oops... :/))

<Creason> (smart jewelry thiefs suck.)

<AlcarGM> The saleswomen from the Emerald City comes out, waving her hand at Creason. "Him! THat's the one who robbed my store!"
* Mitch` looks to the Officer, "This girl, she could teleport. She left her arm, though."
<Mitch`> "I guess some powers end up costing up .. an.."
* Mitch` bites his lip again.
<AlcarGM> She stumbles over the emeralds Creason brought outside.. and is abit confuse.d "And that, one .. he stole letter openers!"
* Mitch` points to the woman, "THAT CRAZY WOMAN TRIED TO KILL ME!"
<Creason> "Gah! Woman, we were trying to save your stuff from being stolen! Relax!"
<AlcarGM> The police officer counts to 20, then asks, patiently, for your names :p
<Creason> "Mitch, dude?"
* Mitch` gives "Mr. Fix-It" as his name ;p
* Mitch` looks very angry!
<Creason> "Breath. And stop helping."

<Mitch`> "Yeah, but .. this isn't the kind of work that'll make us look good. Is it?"
<Creason> "We'll get her. Hopefully this won't hurt business around here too much."
* Creason shrugs at Mitch
<Mitch`> "I mean, I freaked out and stabbed the guy's EYES. And then I ended up having her arm on my hands.. this just isn't a good day, I don't think."
<Mitch`> "It was weird, though, because I was holding onto her arm. I think that's what made it stay behind."
<Creason> "Look, we're still learning. Chalk it up to experience. And, uh... don't throw letter openers into peoples' eyes."

<Linda`^> (( I'd like you all to know, that every time I was with you, you never got SHOT or BITTEN... bruises can't be helped. ))
<Mitch`> ((Yeah well I have the guts to throw letter openers at people's eyes to keep my team safe! :P))
<Creason> ((what're you talkin' about!? I've been shot AND bitten when you were around!))
<Mitch`> ((Hey.. yeah!))
<Mitch`> ((I've suffered all kinds of pains for Linda! :P))

* Mitch` claps his hands, "I have it!"
<Mitch`> "She might come back for her arm!"
<Mitch`> "If we keep track of that arm, we may be able to find her without looking very hard at all."
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <What's she going to do, glue it back on?>
* Mitch` shrugs, "Teleport right next to it? I dunno. Wouldn't you come back for your arm, though?"
<Mitch`> "I mean her mother gave that arm to her, for crying out loud! Its not something you casually part with!"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <Oh, yes. She can keep it as a converation piece.>
* Mitch` rolls his eyes, and then recalls how difficult it would be to do so if there were letter openers in them, and sighs.

<AlcarGM> btw, arm wasn't bleeding. The wound sealed itself when she jumped
<Mitch`> Ah. Thank goodness
<Mitch`> :P
<AlcarGM> lol. That's good? :p
<Mitch`> Mitch doesn't want the poor girl to DIE :P
<Mitch`> He wants her to go to Re-Education :D
<AlcarGM> lol!

<Mitch`> duuuude
<Mitch`> I should have kept her arm.
<Mitch`> Best. Back scratcher. Ever.

<Creason> "Hey Mitch, this sounds weird, but see if you can get me a sample from her arm. I might be able to analyze it at home. And my parents might have a way of tracking her or something. They always seem to know when I'm doing something I shouldn't..."

<SilverHorse> Hey alcar..
<SilverHorse> We need to do some damn UH
<SilverHorse> Its been six months! Which means its time!
<alcar> lol SH. True :p
<SilverHorse> Put it in the topic!! :D!
<alcar> But Caltak hasn't been around lately while Bali has, which is a weird switch :)
<SilverHorse> I saw him on AIM last night..
<SilverHorse> I'll make him come
<SilverHorse> Set a date.. next week?
<alcar> setting a date would require having time.
* SilverHorse cries
<SilverHorse> I need my psycopathic healer stress relief

<Chaos`GM^> She leads you through some drab grey halls, you see no one on your way to the council circle. There are five Jedi awaiting you, one small purple one, and four humans. They watch you arive and Marii approaches them "Council, this is Mrlii Jacob spoke of." They nod in turn and the small purple one looks at you and waves you to walk forward "Aproach young one." In a voice that would remind your player of frank oz for some reason
<Mrlii> (( who is....? :p ))
<Mrlii> (( asks the players ))
* Mrlii blinks a few times, the solmenity of the situation finally sinking in a little and comes closer, twitching her nose nervously.
<Chaos`GM^> (( He did the voice of Yoda =p ))
<Mrlii> (( ah :p ))
<Chaos`GM^> They all look you over, the purple one talks first "Why are you here young one?"
* Mrlii looks rather surprised and blurts out "You don't know?"
* Mrlii scrunched her brow and frowns. "But .. if you don't know, I could be in the wrong room. I was told it's about becoming a jedi." *looks worried* "She did call you the Jedi Council, right?"
<Chaos`GM^> "We are. Why do you want to become a Jedi?"
* Mrlii is considerably relieved about that. "Well, I was asked, and it's better than making tapestries like mom does. They're good, though! You should get one. But I don't make good ones. And I like to learn things. And jedi help people. I'd like to help people. If that's okay with you?"

<Chaos`GM^> "I sense Anxiety in you. Anxiety is of the dark side." He watches you.
<Mrlii> "Oh! It is? My dad gets really nervous speaking to crowds. Is he of the dark side? Because mom always says he's trying her patience. I hope he's not. I like my dad."

<Chaos`GM^> "Building your strength in the force will tempt you to turn to the dark side. Can you handle the temptations the dark side offers?"
* Mrlii bites her lip, thinking. "What does it offer? I've never heard of this. I mean, I've been offered alf alfa, from strangers, and said no. And free rides i always bad, like mom said. She doesn't like free stuff. She says it costs too much.:"

<Mrlii> (( wait .. if vanity is bad, do all Jedi have permanent bad hair days? ))

<Chaos`GM^> You feel your arms tingle as if they're falling asleep, perhaps it's the fact that you've been zapped there so many times... Your arms seem to move themselves and you hear the voom of the blade as it swishes and a zap as a blaster bolt hit's the blade. "Good!" Marii says "We will break now."
<Mrlii> "Wow.... .it's like they weren't my arms...."
<Chaos`GM^> "They were your arms, they were just guided by the force. You'll have to excuse me, I must speak with a few of the other masters."
<Mrlii> (( "It's like they were tentacl .. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Krugman R'lyeh wagn'nagl fhtagn! Aiiiiiii!!! ))

<Mrlii> "What's Koobla cream?"
<Chaos`GM^> "Mmm... It's really sweet and thick and creamy... and it tastes so good... We never get any here, but my master takes me when we do something big."
<Chaos`GM^> (( He soundsl ike a slave. ))
<Mrlii> (( But..what kind? asks the player who begins picturing Jedi BDSM ))
<Chaos`GM^> (( Bah... ))
<Chaos`GM^> "Mmm... It's really sweet and thick and creamy... and it tastes so good... We never get any here, but Master Tek takes me when we do something big."
<Mrlii> (( and that image only feeds the S&M part... ))

<Mitch`> omg
<Mitch`> I watch CSI
<Mitch`> this is my ELEMENT
<Mitch`> :P

<AlcarGM> Darren: "Makes sense.... shall we go, then?"
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Err .. after asking about classes....?
<AlcarGM> Mrs. Veritas grins at that. "It's not a problem."
<Creason> "Um... you don't mind us skipping homeroom, do you Mrs. Veritas?"
* Creason breaths a sigh of relief
<Creason> (damn, you type faster, for having to be 7 people...)
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))

<Mitch`> "I was born ready. Ready ... for justice."
<AlcarGM> (( at that point, Mitch suffers from a sudden bowel movement of injustice ))
<Mitch`> ((lol Creason's superpower is having bowel movements))
<Mitch`> ((along with other organs moving ;p))
<Creason> ((lol))

* Mitch` pulls out his jumpsuit-like black suit, which he just steps into. :P Its stretchy lycra lined with some sort of metal here and there!
* Mitch` looks around for a second, and puts on his Ninja Shirt mask, and grabs his trusty confiscated ninja sword.. just in case!
<Creason> ((... rofl))
<Mitch`> "I think I might change my hero name to .. All That is Ninja."
<Creason> ((I like how your costume description grows each time you put it on, Mitch :))
<Linda`^> "Ninja? you look like a.... We should go."
<Mitch`> ((Well each time I read the last one and clarify it. :P))
<Mitch`> ((I'm in a costuming class, too. So each session, I know more!))
<Mitch`> ((Like today I learned about darts. :>))

* Linda`^ points to the dirty bathroom "It was spotless yesterday, but I could feel it if I ran my finger across it."
<Linda`^> "I thought it was invisible dirt from somewhere."
<Mitch`> "Hrmmm...."
* Mitch` goes into the bathroom..
<Mitch`> "You ran your finger accross it? That means you planted your finger prints.. hopefully the police don't notice."
* Mitch` nearly puts his nose up to the wall as he stares at the dirt..
* Linda`^ rolls her eyes "I was her friend, I would have had my finger prints in here anyway."
<AlcarGM> (( no .. comment..... ))

<Mitch`> "That's weird.."
<Mitch`> "Nell took showers .. right?"
* Mitch` ponders... "You know..."
<Mitch`> "This is just weird."
<Linda`^> "If you ask me, it's probably just her father's dirt.."
<Linda`^> "Maybe he was trying to wash his hands of his crimes, and left it all over the bathroom."
<Mitch`> "What is his dirt doing here?"
<Mitch`> "Is this metaphysical dirt, or something? "
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Maybe it's just dirt. Nell might not have kept a sparkling clean bathroom...."

* Linda`^ snaps her fingers "That's it! It was HER father! The Native american man! That's right! He told me to stay away from nell... SO he's mad at ME... But what does that mean?"
<AlcarGM> Darren looks at Linda.. "what?"
<Mitch`> "Huuuuuh?"
<Linda`^> "Nell and I went to this club the other say, and I saw this man and he told me to stay away from his daughter... nell said she didn't know her father or something like that... I figured he was mistaken."
<Linda`^> "But if I saw him then... This would be... Tuesday... He would have been out of jail at that time!"
<Mitch`> "You actually SAW this guy? And .. why did he want you to stay away from her? What were you two doing at a club together...?"
<Linda`^> "We were looking for... a companion..." Raising an eyebrow as if this explains itself.
<Mitch`> "So you were picking up chicks with her?"
<Mitch`> "I mean. Guys."
<Mitch`> "I'm used to saying that to other guys."
* Mitch` turns around and looks at the wall a bit more!

<AlcarGM> Creason, Darren, Linda and Mitch reach the site of the battle... and nothing is there. Just a .... weird black hole.....
<Mitch`> "... Should we go inside?"
<Creason> "Maybe I should take a look real quick?"
<AlcarGM> Darren: "What if you can't get out...?"
<Creason> "I'm just gonna stick my head in. Make sure I don't go too far away, eh?"
* Creason extends his head slightly to demonstrate
<AlcarGM> He nods. "Be careful."
* Mitch` nods as well.
<Mitch`> "We should each grab a leg, Darren."
* Mitch` grabs one! :P
* Creason wraps his arms around a couple of buildings, just to make sure, and pops his head on in!
* Creason is then immediately killed when his head is ripped off in the swirling vortex of a singularity
<Mitch`> (("We don't tell his mother a word of this."))
<Creason> (("He fell down the stairs."))

* Mitch`2 snags the cuffs and the gun. :P
<AlcarGM> k :)
<Mitch`2> They might come in very useful!
<Mitch`2> :P
<AlcarGM> of course. Mitch can have bondage with mitch! Top and bottom!
<AlcarGM> Or not :)

<Linda`^> "So where's Nell damnit..." TO herself seeming worried
<Mitch`2> "Relax.. if all we were worried about was her father .."
<Mitch`> "And her father's now dead.."
<Mitch`2> "Doesn't that make her safe?"
<Creason> "Unless, say, she can't get out of where ever she is and will die if we don't find her, dude!"
<Linda`^> "No, not if she killed him!"
<Creason> "Linda? I think this was pretty much all us."
<Mitch`> "You sure?"
<Mitch`> "I think he was dead when things started fading."
<Mitch`> "We were inside him and him was fading."
<Mitch`2> "It makes sense.."
* Mitch`2 nods. :P

<Linda`^> "Wait, it hadn't crumbled completely when we left... That means he's still alive!"
* Mitch` slaps his forehead.
<Creason> "Oh, you didn't see it when I got out. It was pretty much gone."
<Mitch`> "It means we're lucky we got out in time, Linda!"
<Creason> "You should stop worrying so much, Linda."
* Linda`^ rubs her temples "Ok... ok..."
<Mitch`> "We still need to figure out if this is reality."
* Johnny pinches Mitch`

<Mitch`2> "Uhh... The might of the mullet?"
* Mitch` shrugs helplessly :P
<Mitch`> "That's .. uhm .. my twin brother."
<Johnny> "No, really, clone ray, what?"
<Mitch`> "I don't know."
<Mitch`> "Metallo or whoever was messing with my head. When everything went back to normal, I was like this."
<Johnny> "You're switching lines in your conversation!
* Mitch` looks around.
<Johnny> "Thats why I'm assuming its something more."
<Mitch`2> "Come play with us, Johnny.."
<Mitch`> "Come play with us, Johnny.."
<Mitch`> "I just always wanted to see someone do that in real life."
<Johnny> "See? Thats just this children of the Corn crap that I don't need." :P

<Johnny> "We have creason."
<Johnny> 'We don't need no steeenkin car."
<Johnny> "But sure."
* Johnny heads outside, rushing like :P
* Linda`^ is already running south
<Creason> "Crap. Let's get moving. Darren, grab whoever you can."
<Mitch`> "Indeed."
* Mitch` follows!
* Creason wraps up as many people as he can get a hand on and starts swinging, picking up Linda on the way
* Linda`^ gets picked up
<Linda`^> "We need to hurry!"
<Creason> "I'm working on it. Some of you REALLY need to diet!"
* Creason goes as fast as he can :)

<Johnny> "We breaking the doors, or can anyone pick a mean lock?"
* Creason looks at Mitch for the door thing. This seems to be his area of specialty
<AlcarGM> Darren: "never picked a lock before. Why not knock on the door?"
<Mitch`> "Yeah.. knocking works.."
* Johnny tries the main door when he gets there, to see if its plain old open
* Mitch`2 saunters up and knocks on the door..
<Creason> ((see? i was totally right.))

* Mitch`2 pulls out his ninja-sword.. :P
<Mitch`2> "Ancient lockpick."
<Johnny> "Maybe I should take point, Mitch, that sword might conduct."
<AlcarGM> Mitch - old fashioned skeleton key style door.
<Mitch`2> "Ehh.. in that case.."
* Mitch`2 hands Johnny his sword. :P
* Johnny hands it back :P
* Johnny commences to peel the door :P
<Mitch`2> "Woah! Stop! Damages, remember?!"
<Johnny> "Ah."
<Mitch`2> "Doors like this are rare."
* Johnny peels the lock, then :P
<Mitch`2> "Just peel out the lock"
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Guys... we've been inside someones head.... we've seen dead bodies.. and we're being slowed down by a DOOR?!"
<Mitch`> "We're being slowed down because we're being NICE to a door."

<Johnny> "Anyone got containment for denise!?"
<Mitch`2> "Yeah!"
* Mitch`2 pulls out some cuffs.
<Mitch`2> "Gotchya covered."
* Johnny holds her wrists to the guard rail
<Creason> "Dude! You're gonna cuff her? That's horrible."
<Johnny> "We have no choice, or time!"
<Mitch`2> "Dude! Scissors to the chest!"

* Mitch`2 checks his pockets to see if he's got another set of cuffs.. just to be safe. :P
<AlcarGM> of course!
<AlcarGM> There're monogramed LL
<AlcarGM> :p
<Mitch`2> Weiiird. :P
<Mitch`2> oh
<Mitch`2> loise lane :P
<AlcarGM> nope, other LL :p
<AlcarGM> bald :p
<Mitch`2> ohhhh
<Mitch`2> :P

<AlcarGM> A voice.. from the crowd? loutside it? the playdoh? whispers through the room. "Messenger . .are you the soul...?"
* Creason watches from the door, somewhat stupefied by what's going on.
<Mitch`> "Uhm ... "
* Mitch` waits to see if this works before tackling that question. :P
<AlcarGM> Darren stands by Creason, looking rather wary.
<AlcarGM> No reaction Mitch. They all just stare at you .....
<Creason> "He's going to wake them up, they're going to go crazy, and I'm going to have to go on crowd control while a telepath beats the crap out of my mind. This is going to be great."
<Mitch`> "The Soul is The Soul."
<Mitch`> "To ponder beyond that is to INVITE ITS WRATH."
* Mitch` shakes the play-doh, to illustrate the scariness of wrath.
<AlcarGM> Crowd-voice: "Tekeli-li Tekeli-li...." over and over....
<Mitch`> "ARGH! Stop! That's freaky! Just go back to singing."
<Mitch`> ".. But sing something by Styx."

<Mitch`2> Dude that was messed up on all kinds of levels
<Mitch`2> I'm going to be scared at circle time tomorrow with the kindergarteners

* Johnny stops at the playdoh mound, though, and picks it up :P
* Johnny proceeds to move around to everyone and break off a hunk and hand some portion of it to everyone
<Johnny> (assuming they take it :P)
<Mitch`> "This is deplorable."
* Mitch` gasps at Johnny
<Mitch`> "You just ruined the hivemind! Or something!"
<Mitch`> "Do you even understand the play-doh?!"

* Creason proceeds to squeeze through, and tries to open the door from the other side... unless he's attacked to death :)
* Johnny waits for creason to work his mojo before he forces the door
* Creason REALLY tries to open the door now
<AlcarGM> Johnny rends his way through the door. ... on the other side, a hallway, wide. IN the middle of it Nell, tied up, unconscious. Around her, some .. circle? ... drawn in symbols that you can't look at without your head hurting, and don't make sense - or make too much sense. Moving around the circle is a woman who looks a bit like Nell, older, skin sagging. .and eyeslike a strill, dark night,m eyes that have looked right into Hell.
<AlcarGM> Creason helps from his end, rather desperate :p
<Mitch`2> "God damnit.. this is not what we need right now."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "What. The. Hell?!"
* Mitch`2 pulls out the gun he "borrowed" and just shoots the woman. In the arm. :P
<Mitch`2> ((well.. no.. that's not 4 color :P))
<AlcarGM> (( you think? :p ))
<Mitch`2> ((I am beginning to feel the limitations of this genre! :P))

<AlcarGM> The woman blinks as Creason tries to stop her and smiles, so sweetly it's even more scary than the chanting she was doing. "it's too late, dear. I opened the door. The sins of the father musn't be passed down."
* Mitch` rolls his eyes, a little. :P
<Mitch`2> "Lady .."
<AlcarGM> Johnny - a few cracks emerge, going through the circle. The cracks.. begin to glow with a sickly green light....
<Creason> "Ma'am, you can't kill her! That's just not right!"
<Mitch`2> ".. Pro-Choice has a statute of limitations."
<AlcarGM> Nell's mother doens't seem to hear you, if she even can anymore... "It was so dark.. so I let the light in.... so bright..... like a ... star....." For a moment,she almost seems to see you, then smiles .. "Nice doggy. Tindy .. wants to play?" to somehting no one else can see

<alcar> and if you think having your father be a big time villain and your mother driven so insane by daddy that she becomes a cthulhu cultst is weird.. Nell is just an NPC. Imagine what I have planned for pcs via backgrounds :P
<alcar> Hm. I doubt the last will help get Tass to finish his pc :p
<Baliadoc> rofl
<Baliadoc> i am worried ;)

<Chaos`^> Oh! your character is going to be quizzed about the jedi code too... =p might wanna look it up, just in case, it's in the players handbook under... The jedi code
<Chaos`^> it's under the force subsection 'the jedi'
<alcar> can I just make things up instead?
* alcar could quote zarathustra!
<Chaos`^> ah no
<Chaos`^> 'cause that'll get you killed bad!! =p
<Chaos`^> or not
<Chaos`^> Just remember, there is no emotion; there is peace and the rest will come t you... or not
<Chaos`^> that's all you need to remember about the code, is tht first quote
<Chaos`^> it's a little oath/poem/stupid thing
<alcar> I have my version of it.
<alcar> There is no emotion; there are emoticons. There is no ignorance; there is /ignore. There is no passion; there is trolling. There is no death; there is the /quit.
<Chaos`^> I've got that lightsaber construction book i sent you and we'll start doing that as well
<Chaos`^> ...
<Chaos`^> That's funny!

<alcar> damn it. I hate having to read the jedi code. It makes me want to kill someone.
* alcar keeps mentally ticking off "propaganda"
<alcar> "The Jedi who heeds not the council of the Force, to the dark side listens" .. uh, but the Force is composed of BOTH sides. *ding* Nice try, but you lose.
<Alicia> Yeah, that is a little messed up
<alcar> so the jedi code is nothing more than propaganda to get people to use the Light side, but that's wrong since the force is BOTH sides, in harmony.
<alcar> but due to the lies they're fed, neither side'll see that
<alcar> my PC shall point that out, if only to drive Chaos nuts :p

* alcar sighs. I should have made my PC smarter. She's too nice to say things like "So, us subjective people will come up with an objective view?"
<kentari> It is my beleif that an objective VIEW can never exist
<kentari> objective means no conclusions are drawn
<kentari> the closest you could get is logic :P
<Alicia> I like logic
<Alicia> ...
* Alicia CRIES at the thought of Jedi Spock
<alcar> ooh Alicia! Thank you! That should have been my pc :p
<alcar> turn the Enterprise all into jedi.
<alcar> That would rock.
<kentari> that's what I would have made

<Chaos`GM^> "I believe it is you who requires shelter."
<Chaos`GM^> He opens the door that is a few meters off the ground and walks into the ship "come in, I have dinner cooking."
<Mrlii> 'Oh!"
* Mrlii follows the kind alien inside, but not before checking the force to be on the safe side, because she's head there's people who eat kushabin
* Mrlii suspects Marii would be really annoyed if she got eaten by mistake

<Alicia> ... I had a thought, but...
<Alicia> A Will To Power RPG would be plain ridiculous
<Alicia> Unless it's basically Amber
<Alicia> "I make the world explode" <GM> It explodes. What now?
<Marcus_Fenway> <gm> you blow up the planet apparently forgetting your on it... What now ?
<Alicia> Someone made a character... in a superhero game (I think)... who's only power was to destroy the planet

<Chaos`GM^> "What do you know about sublight engines?"
<Mrlii> "A little bit, but not much. I grew up on lots of ships."
<Chaos`GM^> "Could you reconfigure one?"
<Chaos`GM^> (( He's asking a small rabbit child to reconfigure his sublight engine... ))

<alcar> well, her name, a pc bckground and stats would be nice :p
<Tass> indeed!
<Tass> but I'm not about to give you enough rope to hang me with, alcar :P

* Alicia laughs at the idea of having an NPC called "Monster Manuel"

<Keolah> Random Character: Zabak Smith. Half-Orc Male. Sleek black hair, puke green eyes. Sacrifices babies to walk on water.

<Keolah> So I was imagining this minotaur guy I had worshipping Kikubaaqudgha.
<Keolah> "I smite thee in the name if Kikubawhatsit!" Kikubaaqudgha seems disinterested.
<Keolah> "I slay thee in the name if Kikuwhateverthehell!" Kikubaaqudgha yawns.
<Keolah> At which point said Minotaur gets frustrated and converts to Zin.

* Taklinn takes out his Handaxe and chops open the ribcage, then reaches in with his hand to pull the ribs free and sifts through the organs. Next he chops open the scull and pulls out the brain scrambling it around a bit.
<Sin{DM}> Perous wattches Arden and Taklinn with rapt fascination
* Elsiah watches Tak, amused.
* Arden finishes with the bodies, and makes the comment to Elsiah,"All three of the men died by asphyxiation in one form or another."
<Sin{DM}> (dwarven autopsy)

<arden> "Elsiah, could we have one of shadows priests speak with her spirit?"
<Elsiah> "If she's dead, yes."
<arden> "Well, her body is cold and draws no breath, so I am assuming she is dead."
<Sin{DM}> (maybe I should teach arden not to assume....)

<Keolah> Random Event: A cutpurse has stolen a horse from the stables.
<Baythan> "cutpurse"
<Keolah> the cutpurse was apparently experimenting in Grand Theft Equine.

<Keolah> Random Event: A chieftain is found to be having an illicit affair with a intern. They deny any involvement.
<Keolah> lol

<Keolah> Random Event: A chieftain is found to be having an illicit affair with a cutpurse. The matter is further exacerbated when they're found to be pregnant.
<alcar> ...
<Baythan> they?
<alcar> best not ask.
* alcar assumes elves were involved.

<Keolah> Random Character: "What is the meaning of life?" Shazmar: "To entertain me." Random character gets drunk in an attempt to forget this.

<alcar> hm. Running harry potter in UA....
* alcar thinks that would be horribly fun
<alcar> Voldemort could be the Comte de Saint Germain, of course. Dumbledore'd be Alex Abel .... hrm. Ron would grow up to be The Freak....
* alcar stops now.

<Chaos`GM^> He leaves you to your devices and goes to his cockpit... Do you do anything for the four days you're in space?
* Mrlii tries to contact Marii while meditating :p
<Mrlii> she said we could, so I don't see why I can't from here. Force-mail!
<Mrlii> "You've got .... force!"

* Mrlii is sure she'll be able to contact Marii when she tries. Optimism bonus for using the force? :p
<Chaos`GM^> I don't think so

<Chaos`GM^> but I tell you what
<Chaos`GM^> I'll let you roll for it
<Chaos`GM^> affect mind, dc 20
<Mrlii> lol. But .. that means using sparkie!
<Mrlii> d20
<sparkie> Mrlii d20: 7
<Mrlii> See? :p

<Chaos`GM^> You continue to dig through the rubble, and a few hours later you are finished. YOu have excavated an entire canyon by yourself. A small rabbit...

<Chaos`GM^> The remnants of the canyon... YOu look around, impressed at yourself, small, insignificant rocks are scattered about. In the distance you see a pair of stone legs... a statue... or it WAS. There seem to be several strewn about. Walls seem to be scattered about, a smaller room here than was up above the cliffs.
<Mrlii> d20+2
<sparkie> Mrlii d20+2: 3(1)
<Mrlii> lol!
<Chaos`GM^> You look around wondering what you should be doing right now... nothing seems to happen for several minutes... Minuts that would normally have been spent doing something telepathically enclined... OR NOT!!!
<Mrlii> Sparkie, leading PCs to the dark side since 1999!
<Chaos`GM^> You see the blue flicker once more

<Chaos`GM^> This one contains a larger cube, and two more smaller cubes.
<Chaos`GM^> each look unique in their colors and sizes, the large one sticks out as about double the size of the others.
* Mrlii looks for a bag to put them in.
<Chaos`GM^> indeed you do not have one, nor is there one in these ruins.
<Chaos`GM^> but...
<Mrlii> d20+2 !
<sparkie> Mrlii d20+2: 3(1) !
<Mrlii> ....
<Chaos`GM^> oO
<Chaos`GM^> are you serious?
<Chaos`GM^> d20
<sparkie> Chaos`GM^ d20: 18
<Chaos`GM^> huh seems fine to me
<Mrlii> lol

<Chaos`GM^> None are around. YOur force senses are working perfectly though.
* Mrlii closes the ship and checks out the alien, doing basic first aid that she knows, and then using Heal Other for the rest.
<Chaos`GM^> heh
<Chaos`GM^> I'm evil
<Chaos`GM^> Roll
<Mrlii> d20+2
<sparkie> Mrlii d20+2: 17(15)
<Mrlii> rar!

<AlcarGM> You manage to move the piano. You're stronger than a normal person, but it's still not that easy. A young girl - 12 years old, all told, is behind it, cowering among other boxes and furniture. You have no idea how she dragged it in fromt of her, but she is definitely a patient and looks very scared.
* Linda`^ kneels down to her "Are you ok?"
<AlcarGM> The girl whimpers, not looking squammous at all, and looks up at you, her wide facre almost gibbous in the light from the light. She gulps a few times, confused. "I - I want to go home," in a small voice. "They're saying the bad words up stairs. The bad, bad words. I can hear them! They're .. calling .... calling the dark gods.. calling..." her eys get wide, as if seeing some horrible thing you cannot imagine "calling them collect."

<Creason> ((yowza. sorry i'm late.))
<AlcarGM> (( heya. Is okay. Linda is currently trying to savre a Byakee that an insane girl wants to keep as a pet because she's never had a dog before. ))

<AlcarGM> There is a long pregnant pause, and the creature... unfolds. The cloak some kind of wings.. not leather, nor anuytimng you can think of .. You see ...a creature, a hybrid winged thing... not altogether crow, nor mole, nor buzzard, nor ant, nor decomposed human being, but something you cannot and must not recall.
* Linda`^ stares in awe
<AlcarGM> (( http://home.iprimus.com.au/tarturus/art/byakhee72.jpg and http://www.apocprod.com/Pages/de_aequilibritatis_mundi/SB678_images/byakhee.jpg .. tho the second one rather sucks ))
<AlcarGM> Yo feel something in your mind just ..... refuse to accept it, blanking out what you're seeing and trying to make it more intelligble, more sane.
<AlcarGM> The cloak .. wings .. fold up, covering it again. "I am not . .something you would . .want to save."
<Linda`^> "Why? You seem nice enough. Outward appearances are something I do not judge on."
<AlcarGM> (( ..... sanity. . blasting .. mythos creatures meeets four colour super heroes "You seem nice enough!" ))
<Linda`^> (( He hasn't shown any outward evil =p ))
<AlcarGM> There's no mistaking the sense of disbelief you get. "... Nice....?"

* AlcarGM grins. This is hborribly fun. I have this horriuble image of the Byakhee in a superhero outfit.

<Linda`^> "Yes, but you have already said you have been changed."
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "But not ... into what. Nor... how."
<AlcarGM> Girl: "I was thinking about pokemon."
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "I do not know .. that entity."
<Creason> ((hehehehe))
<AlcarGM> (( couldn't resist :p ))
<Linda`^> "It's... A fiction.... They're... Lesser in evil." Trying to explain pokemon...
<Linda`^> (( It was hard to say that last part ))
<Alicia> ( Call of Pokethulhu! )

<AlcarGM> Okay... you arrive at schol. Classes have ended, and the school is empty except for teachers meetings, band practice, and janitors.
<AlcarGM> (( well, and Creason breaking into homeroom, but that's not important. really. ))
<Creason> ((yeah. all i've done is gone evil. nothin' to see here. move along!))

* Linda`^ goes to the teacher's hall thing... whatever it's called I forget
<AlcarGM> (( teachers hall? ))
<AlcarGM> It's rather quiet without the students going around .. which is probably good.
<AlcarGM> You mean, like, the staff room?
<Linda`^> YES
<Creason> ((i like the idea of one of those halls with the giant statues of past teachers, and a large throne with a sword of power behind it))
<Linda`^> (( Yes and the person who can pull the sword is destined to become principal... ))

<AlcarGM> jeeves: "Details. Life is made of ... Oh. Dear me. Hmm. How well did Seeker get along with your team mates?"
<Creason> "Well, he sorta crippled our telepath for a bit, and I think he may be a major contributor to Linda's ulcer levels. Oh, and he drove Wayne insane. I would've liked him, but he was just starting to get mean."
<Creason> "Uh... So let's just say it was bad."
<AlcarGM> Jeeves: "Ah .. hmm. I see. And, in your opinon, would any of your teammates wish to have hurt Seeker?"
<Creason> "Well, past members, perhaps. I think Wayne's officially quit. He tried to kill all of us."
<Creason> "But I don't think any of the others would... why do you ask?"
<AlcarGM> Jeeves: "Because, if the Blot is correct, Seeker has been ... murdered."

<AlcarGM> Mr. Sinclair: "Well, you can't very well go walking around in broad daylight," to the creature. "And I assume your .. biology .. involves eating?"
<AlcarGM> The Byakhee just nods.
<Linda`^> "Eating what?"
<AlcarGM> Mr. Sinclair: "Well. there you have it. You'll have to live in the wild, then. You can't very well get a job, except perhaps as a daytime talk show host." he waves a hand, irritated. "Or as a guinea pig for experimentation, but I suspect that most scientists wouldn't be able to look at you for long without their entire world view collapsing. Cowards."
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "Blood. Flesh."
* Linda`^ sighs "He may LOOK unatural, but he exists and he has feelings, he can't very well just go out into the middle of nowhere and expect to live! First of all we have to protect him from his enemy."
<AlcarGM> Mr. Sinclair: "A carnivore, of course," as if you are mentally challenged. You did know the ...." for a moment, he almost hesitates " eye stalks, and suckers. Clearly predator, and the cla .. appendages, are clearly of the carnivorous nature. What do they teach children in school these days about biology?"

<AlcarGM> Okay.. the scene is a small motel, rather crappy .. one of the suites has been surrounded in police tape, mand a young rooke with a pale gren face who looks like he's going to be sick is standing outside.
<AlcarGM> He practially jumps as you arrive and would wet his trousers, but he seems to have done that earlier. he asks for your name in a quavering voice.
<Creason> "Um... Snapshot. Of the Arbiters. I'm here to help."
* Creason heroically changes nicks!
* Creason is now known as Snapshot

<AlcarGM> You enter the .... living room. It's rather horrible, but that's mostly because it looks like the inside of several teenagers bedrooms rammed toggether with scatered pizza boxes and needles all over the place.
* Snapshot is thankful he does have your average everyday stomach.
<AlcarGM> There is a kitchenette, but it is rather empty and thee are things growing in the sink that rejmind you of the time your father tried to force grow a petri dish.
<AlcarGM> You can hear someone moving around in the bedroom.
<Snapshot> "He wasn't the cleanest of superhumans..."
* Snapshot heads for the bedroom
<AlcarGM> A low, intense voice says "Rented. One night," from the bedroom and you enter to see Ink Blot, a superhuman you've never met or heard of, looking up from a tarot deck scattered on the bedroom floor. (( http://www.geocities.com/alternity1/hero/inkblot.jpg ))
<AlcarGM> Ink Blot: "Hrmm." He stands and looks you over curiously. "Rather young for this game."
<Snapshot> ((heh!! Rorshach (sp?)!))
<AlcarGM> Beside him, the bedroom consists of a bed with a rather blurry chalk diagram of two people on it.
<AlcarGM> (( yep :) ))
<Snapshot> ((sweet))

* Linda`^ nods to the creature "But you can't hide away forever, even a Byahkhee needs companionship!"
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "My people are .... gone. I am .. the last of .. .my kind."
<AlcarGM> (( must . .resist... all .. other . .superman .. references..... ))
<Snapshot> ((hehehe))
<Linda`^> "Well, I'm sure we can supliment it."
<AlcarGM> The Byakhee is silent for a very long time.
<kentari> ((It digs you.))
<AlcarGM> Mr. Sinclair seems to actually look at you for the first time. "Well, I do assume it has some kind of reproductive system, but I doubt you'd be compatible."

<Snapshot> "He thinks he can make our powers go away. I don't think he can stop mine, completely. I needed to put myself into an extreme situation, and crawl out."
* Snapshot looks at Ink Blot
<Snapshot> "But, shouldn't we be worried about, y'know, him being dead? And who did the deading?"
<AlcarGM> Ink Blot: "I'm questioning suspects," evenly.
<Snapshot> "Oh. Mind if I have a look around?"
<AlcarGM> Ink Blot: "Yes. Where were you during the last four hours?"
* Snapshot blinks
<Snapshot> "Let's see. I went home from school, and my parents weren't there. So I did a few things there and went out to run some errands. Along the way, I found out that Seeker was dead."
* Snapshot definitely doesn't seem to get it :)

* Snapshot heads for it, staying low at this point, and slowly stretching around and under display cases, being careful not to move his back much
<AlcarGM> The stretching .. hurts.. but you manage. And see an old man, dusting off a display case.
<AlcarGM> http://www.firsttvdrama.com/help/need/alfred.jpg
<AlcarGM> He looks up, hearing something. "Master Wayne?"

* Snapshot is flatter'n a pancake, stretched over a large area of rock
<Snapshot> "Leave that to the fire crew..."
* Snapshot just lies there
<AlcarGM> Dexter actually grins, his voice almost normal, human. "You ... look kind of funny..." He starts to gigle, helplessly. "Going to .. .sleep now.. I think....."
<Snapshot> "Crap. You are alive, right? You shouldn't sleep!"
* Snapshot attempts to move, and notes that it just isn't working
<AlcarGM> Dexter: "tired...... too. Pushed...... far."
<Snapshot> "... Shoulda... listened to me."
<AlcarGM> Dexter: "Just... normal sleep. Need... quiet......." he slumps against a rock, out of your field of vision. "m' sorry.... couldn't... help more... love you.." and passes out.
<AlcarGM> (( yes I am evil :p ))
<Snapshot> ((... you freak.))
<AlcarGM> (( it was too horrible an idea not to do. ))
<Snapshot> "... So gross..."
* Snapshot passes out too

<Chaos`^> i'm sorry kentari, but if it's between bagging a girl and 4ways, we'll have to kick you out of the game if you choose the girl.. tell her tomorow.

<Creason> oh. did they recover Wayne??
<AlcarGM> of course not! it's four colour. The villains always survive up to and including nuclear explosions :)
<Creason> heh. just making sure :)
<AlcarGM> And other situations are covered by twins, robot decoys, and clones :p

<AlcarGM> You catch Dexter looking at you out of the corner of his eye, concerned. You're rather bruised. That must be it....
<Creason> yeah... right.
* Creason attempts to avoid eye contact as much as possible
* AlcarGM snickers.
<Creason> :)

<Mitch`> "Seeker? Wayne Killed him?"
<AlcarGM> Johnny arrives in class late, to see Linda, Creason and Dexter looking, well, like someone beat the living crap out of them :) Which someone did.
<Creason> "Yeah, dude. Very dead. So dead as to not be here anymore."
* Johnny walks in and takes a seat, "Goodness, another gym teacher?"
<Mitch`> "Well then. Wayne is officially a criminal now."

<Linda`^> "He came from some kind of person called the closer that summoned him and wants to kill him."
<Johnny> "But it eats and lives in a third dimension world...."
<Linda`^> "Which is why we have to protect him. He is the last of his kind."
<Johnny> "I would hazard a guess that you made contact, and were able to communicate with it?"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <It's an analogy! It's what looking at it dies. it erodes sanity, I think. I don't want to know more. Some girl .. imprited it, with human feelings, ideas. I don't know how well.>
<Mitch`> "We don't have to protected the last of ALIEN BRAIN EATERS."
<Linda`^> "We would know better if you FOUND HIM."
<Mitch`> "We have to DESTROY it."
<Mitch`> "Linda. Do you know how important your brain is to life as you know it?"
<Linda`^> "Mitch shut up, you have no idea what we're talking about."

<Mitch`> "Right now he is trying to terrorize us and force us to make decisions and be predictable. To play into his plans."
<Mitch`> "We need to stay calm and look at all the possibilities. That way the odds of anything he has planned will actually work is that much smaller. See?"
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Stay calm?" He take a deep breath, trying for calm. "Fine. But you can't keep underestimating him."
* Johnny nods
<Johnny> "Dude is Nucking futs, thats someone you don't treat lightly."
* Johnny smirks, "In that way, he kinda got what he wanted."

<Johnny> (Did I miss something?)
<Mitch`> ((You missed a lot!))
<Johnny> (I have no idea what store they are talking about :P)
<Mitch`> ((The letters came from a Mailboxes, Etc.))
<AlcarGM> (( the mailboxes etc. one :p ))
<Johnny> (so... why does everyone think there is a bomb at this place? :P)
<Mitch`> ((I don't know.))
<Creason> (...because Wayne bombs the fuck out of everything? :)
<Mitch`> ((;p))
<AlcarGM> (( because it's Wayne :p ))
<Mitch`> ((Wayne likes xplojuns))

<Creason> "Because Wayne hasn't got any demands, Mitch! For the love of God, he wants us to suffer for what's happening to him! Do you not get that?!"
<Mitch`> "Wait .. we're supposed to be suffering?"
<Mitch`> "Crazy people are the most methodical, you know! Just look at."
* Mitch` almost says Linda. "Nell's grandmother, or whoever."

<Linda`^> "Are you sure... You'll be happiest... alone?"
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "Your world is ... above. In light, in ... what you call sanity. I do not wish.... to destroy that. Some things... one must walk away from."
<Linda`^> "It is not sane up there."
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "Your idea of.. sane it is. Mine is what.. destroys your mind."
* Linda`^ nods "Anyone who spends too much time up there... thinking about what really happens... They end up... Not sane."
<Linda`^> (( *coughalcarcough*
<AlcarGM> (( hehe ))

<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "You would not survive knowing what .... reality is. Even we ... idd not know until .... too late."
* Linda`^ grabs some paper from her pockets and a pencil "Listen, you need help from a friend... and I don't care what you say, I'm your friend... If you need help or just to talk or to make someone insane, ANYTHING, you can find me at the school monday through friday eight to three..." Writes the address down. "Just... come by sometime... ok?"
<AlcarGM> (( laughs ))
<AlcarGM> There is a long pause, then "As you wish."

<AlcarGM> (( The cthulhu mythos creature just quoted the princess bride. I am happy. ))
<Linda`^> (( Byakhee: "My name is indigo montoia, you kill my father, prepare to die!" ))
<AlcarGM> (( actually, it may do a variant of that at some pint :P ))

* Creason nods, looking at Dex
<Creason> "So, who you with?"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <You.>
<AlcarGM> (( I am really too evil. ))
* Creason nods... then gets a look... then just nods

<Mitch`> "Let's go, then. If anyone asks, we're buying stamps."
* Mitch` looks to Mrs Veritas, "This is ok, right? I mean. Going now."
<AlcarGM> She just nods, looking a little sad. "Be careful."
<Mitch`> "Careful was almost my middle name."
* Mitch` lies. :P
<AlcarGM> (( "It sure wasn't your mothers." ))
<Mitch`> ((ha ha ha ;p))

<Linda`^> I think I'm about to have intercourse with an alien.

<Linda`^> "Uh... Mom... I've got a problem can you... Come to the school.. We need to talk..."
<AlcarGM> Tina: "Linda? What is wrong?" quickly. she covers the phone. "No, tell Henrique to go foind some pretty french girl. I'm done for the day. Yes, you can tell him that, too. Cretin." then "What's wrong?" again
<Linda`^> "I'll tell you when you get here."
<AlcarGM> She hangs up :p
* Linda`^ hangs up and waits outside
<AlcarGM> 2 minutes and 12 seconds later, your mother is beside you.
<AlcarGM> Tina Nim looks at you .... then looks relieved you're not hurt. "Linda? What is it?" urgently.
* Linda`^ looks at her and walks inside "We need some privacy."
* Linda`^ leads her to the lunch room
<AlcarGM> Tina nods and follows you.She wants to ask, but settles for waiting instead.
* Linda`^ grabs her a chair, shuts the door and sets across from her, staring at her, wondering where to start
<AlcarGM> Tina sits down at well, frowning. "Linda....? Look. We can work through this. Even if .. your pregnant."
* Linda`^ shakes her head "it's worse than that..."
<AlcarGM> Tina blinks... "What?"

* Victor looks around, then walks up to the teacher
<Victor> "hi"
<AlcarGM> Mrs. veritas looks up. "Victor?" surprised.
<Victor> "sorry i havent been here, i had some... extracurricular assignments. heres a note that says nothing"
* Victor passes Mrs.Veritas a note which disintegrates before she can read it

<Linda`^> I am so going to use 'all your base are belong to us' in a serious sentance in this game...
<Linda`^> It's my goal!

<Johnny> "You never know, motives for fifth dimensional creatures might always be skewed."

<Mitch`> "Dexter I just had the awesomest idea."
<Mitch`> "You are telepathic, right?"
<Mitch`> "Does that mean you can RAELLY play the air guitar?"
* Mitch` is making a face like this :D
<AlcarGM> Dexter gives Mitch a blank look. <What?>
* Linda`^ turns to look at mitch, and sees his shit eating grin and resists the urge to slap it off of him
<Mitch`> "Air guitar!"
<Linda`^> "Are you high?"
* Mitch` demonstrates. :P

<Mitch`> ((Actually .. do comics exist in this world? :P))
<AlcarGM> (( but of course! ))
<Mitch`> ((woot :P))
<AlcarGM> (( only they're historical documents, since the comics code authority is a government agency. They're true. ))
<AlcarGM> (( j/k ))
<Linda`^> (( They're called 'newspapers' ))

<Linda`^> "He knows us, and he knows we can be irrational. I think he expects us to retaliate... I say we try his patience."
<Mitch`> "Try his patience?! More like try our patience. This is going to be a twisted reality TV show if we're all staying here for more than a week."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Lovely. Look, we'll be trying the patience of our families, too...."
* Mitch` nods to Darren eagerly. :P
* Linda`^ shrugs "It's the best strategy given the situation."
<Mitch`> "I disagree!"
<Johnny> "I say we fall right into his trap."
<Mitch`> "I agree! .. Sort of."
<Johnny> "He can't beat us when we're going head to head."

<Linda`^> Don't be contradicting the PC dood
<Linda`^> you know the character is always right
<sparkie> no, the dicebot is.

<AlcarGM> Ginger: "Do you have any .. other questions, son?"
<Creason> "Not really, although I would like you to know something."
<AlcarGM> Your mother raises an eyebrow slightly at ytour presumption."And that is?"
<Creason> "I'm okay with the three month thing, and if Darren is the only way to extend that, then I'll fight tooth and nail to keep that... deadline."
* Creason says "dead" kinda heavily, looking like he's about to cry
<AlcarGM> Your mother doesn't react at all. "I see." Then. "You can go now."
* Creason gets off the table and walks out
<Creason> "I'm sorry I'm causing so much trouble, Mom. I love you."
<AlcarGM> No reaction to that, but you think you catch the edge of a sob when the door closes.
<AlcarGM> (( Hmm. Your mom scares me :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( is that a bad sign? :) ))
<Creason> ((hehehe, nah. she's rather cool!))
<Creason> ((she's psycho in a way i hadn't imagined :))
<Creason> ((but then again, failing to give birth to 3/4's of the Fantastic Four has to be hard on anyone :))

<Victor> "is wayne's full name bruce wayne?"
<Creason> "Wayne Bruce. You know, of the famous Bruce fortune?"
* Victor sighs
<Creason> "Bruce Wayne? Doesn't even sound right. Like some horrible satirical bastardization of his name."
<Victor> "ok then, i might as well tell you that his armor is alien technology i recovered for him... i thought he was a government shell corp, and he never turned it over........
* Victor sighs, and sits down
<Victor> "i wish i was of age, i suddenly need a drink"

<Creason> so, you created what amounts to Batman the Venom symbiote? you are one cracked out mutha, my friend.
<AlcarGM> yep :)
<AlcarGM> well, is nanotech, but amounts to the same thing :P
<Creason> that is so messed up :)

<AlcarGM> the byahkee is actually currently running away from Void :)
<Chaos`^> that worries me more
<Chaos`^> anyway, i can't sit around and argue the finer points of void's psychology
<Chaos`^> because voids psychology is never fine and hardly at a point

<Victor> "i went to the bathroom, did anyone have a question for me?"
<Creason> "I did, but it only took me a second to figure out where that suit of yours came from."
<Victor> "i told you. i stole it from aliens"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <That doens't make sense. If you're aliens, and you land on earth . why would you want to be in Ohio? Why not Florida, or the caribbean.>

* Creason gets a funny hunch, and checks ufo fan/conspiracy sites for news about the aliens that made the suit :)
* AlcarGM nods. You find nothing about aliens in ohio, since they were trying to keep a low profile .. tho you do ifnd out about a strange powwre outage of the small town of plothook a week ago. Al lpower went out, which isn't inusual. But according to the conspirators all technology just stopped working, and hasn't worked since.
<Victor> we need to get more information on that.
<Creason> "Huh. Interesting."
<Victor> the technology stopping
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <But how can it be important. The town is just named Plothook..."
<AlcarGM> :p
<Victor> lol
<Victor> ....
* Victor character smacks his face, and stares at AlcarGM... in character.

<Victor> [the great master cthulu must be served! ahahahhhhaahhahhahahhhhahhhhaha .... j/k]

<Alcar> The part part is Wayne is just going to lie low . .and wait :p
<Alcar> drive PCs insane.
<Baliadoc> i do hate him so :)
* Alcar nods. Threanteing pcs families made sense from his Pov :p
* Victor doesnt hate him
<Alcar> and I had to keep it four colour, so I didn't want him actually acting on it :)
<Alcar> yet.
<Victor> its difficult to hate something you had a part in creating
<Victor> :p
* Alcar nods. That was just fun.
<Victor> i think i'll try and work in a luke im your father... in reverse scene
* Victor will be the good darth vader
* Victor nominates wayne to play an evil luke suitwearer

<Baliadoc> sweet jesus. how did i manage to get that much xp??
<Alcar> lol. Erm. rp? :p
<Baliadoc> oh. right.

* Victor starts his run/jog to ohio, running at his newly aquired (5 exp spent on speed) speed 10
<Victor> saving 4 exp for later
<Victor> 5 spent on speed
* Victor hmms
<alcargm> The bus might be faster :p
<Victor> u sure?
<alcargm> Well, wouldn't have to stop and rest. Or acquire super-BO. If youm can afford bus fare, tho :)
<Victor> hehe
* Victor goes invisible and walks onto a plane to plothook, ohio, or thereabouts
<alcargm> lol! Never thought of that method...

* Victor goes and makes himself a meal while the flight stewardess is explaining seat belts
* Victor snarfs it in the bathroom, leaves 20 cents (crappy rubber chicken) and sits down
<alcargm> Despire temptation, the stewardness does NOT start to strange people for not listening to her and the flight goes rather smoothly, in defiance of the beliefs of certain players that going on a plane ends my campaigns (long story :p)
<Victor> you eventually wont be able to say anything without "long story"
<alcargm> Two campaigns basically ended while certain pcs were on planes :p

<alcargm> Victor - you reach the edge of town when a loud sonic boom explodes overhead and something crashes into an abandonded lot about 20 yards fro,m you. Some kind of meteor . .or perhaps it's the aliens attacking you!
* Victor gets off the bike, and dissapears, then moves towards the lot in a crooked line
<alcargm> You come to a large crater.. easily 30' wide, filling the whole lot .... the ground is smoking and red-hot from whatever landed. If it was an attack by the aliens, it missed. You can't see how deep it is through the dust though.
* Victor starts jogging invisibly to the menonite farm
* Johnny chucks his pack out of the meteor after clearing some dirt out from around himself
* Johnny sits down and opens his pack outside of the dust and starts getting out a new shirt, and his shoes
* Victor appears, and grabs his bike, walking it over
* Johnny starts putting his shoes on, and, well, stows the rags of the old shirt he was wearing :P
<Victor> "hey, did it hurt?"
* Johnny looks up and waves!
<Johnny> "Hey!"
<Victor> [when you fell out of heaven :p j/k]
* Johnny shakes his head when he's hopping around getting his left shoe on as he stands up
<Johnny> "I figured public transit was too slow, so I had awesome man throw me."
* Victor shakes his head
<Victor> "maybe you should parlay this into a next-second courier service or something"

* Johnny stows the bike in some bushes
<Johnny> "Uh, we going in under cover, or costume?"
<Victor> ..
* Victor stops
<Victor> "i'm already under cover
* Victor appears and takes off the windbreaker
<Victor> "and this is my costume
* Victor is wearing a swat tactical squad combat harness :p

* Victor drops to the ground, and spins, kicking his legs out, then grabs three sleep darts and stabs it into his large thigh artery
<Victor> i mean the mib, lol
<alcargm> lol! Okay. Good. Otherwise that's a damn weird attack :p

<Victor> "so did you find this place abandoned?"
<alcargm> MIB: "Yes," curtly. "And this is official government business, so you have no jurisdiction -"
<alcargm> Sage: "Big guy? I think we let them. They did win."
<alcargm> MIB looks rather annoyed, then nods once. "Heal the others," to her. Then looks at the three of you. "Any of you have a special talent for finding alien artifacts?"
* Victor looks at darren
<Victor> "if anyone, he does."
* Johnny looks at Darren, "Really?"
<alcargm> Darren: "I do?"

<alcargm> A buzzing fills the air...... and a slurping noise.... and you find yourselves falling down, from a greayt heightds, sucked right through the floor :p
<Victor> me?
<Victor> im invis fyi
<Johnny> (I think all of us :P)
<alcargm> all 3 of you. It just expelled you like bodily waste :P
<Victor> bah
<Victor> damn i hate being shat

<alcar> Crap. nanotech would count as clothing, if he fought Nell....
* aslhk has joined #game1
<alcar> he may actually have to see about deealing with her in the hospital :p
<Baliadoc> lol
<alcar> she's cream his butt conscious.....
<aslhk> that reads really funny =P

<AlcarGM> Your hand begins to glow, slightly, with a white light.
<AlcarGM> like when you fried the doggie :)
<AlcarGM> Alex: "Look at it, damn it. This place is falling apart ..... how do we fix that, huh? I vote we go home."
* Qa`a^ looks at her hand and frowns "I thought that stayed with my old body..."
* Qa`a^ relaxes her arm and sees if the hand points somewhere else
<Qa`a^> "No, this is the room, we have to fix it somehow. See, it's broken, and those noises are the children... we're in the right place..."
<AlcarGM> Sara: <Wow! This is cool. It would be great for fisting.>
<AlcarGM> It is pulling you slightly, to the west.
* Qa`a^ tries to give sara a headache, but failing that, follows her hand "This way."

<Hugh`> "We might want to decide this fast."
<AlcarGM> Jane: "Here, then." And the switchblade is in Alex's chest, who drops to the ground with a shocked look on his face. "There's our choice. We should leave now."
<AlcarGM> Lance: "...."
<AlcarGM> Sara turns to Jane "Will you stop with the knife killing people thing!?"
<AlcarGM> Jane: "The feather said he won't die anyway. Though I imagine it hurts a lot." She cocks her head to the side. "There we go...."
<AlcarGM> Sara pulls the knife out "Don't force him."
* Hugh` leans towards Lance. "These people worry me." *whispered*

<Qa`a^> "I've already ruined too many peoples lives... I would like to goto wherever people are supposed to go when they die but... I have alot to finish up in this city first."
<AlcarGM> Jane: "Then in whose body?"
<Qa`a^> "I'm stuck in this one untill I can find another suitible one... one that doesn't possess people and kill them." With a glare at the air that might be the priest.
<AlcarGM> Sara: <I don't posess people! YOU did it!>
<AlcarGM> Jane raises an eyebrow, and decides not to ask what would qualify :)
<Qa`a^> <YOU KILLED ME!> "Why do you ask?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: <No, he did!>
<Qa`a^> <You let him!>
<AlcarGM> Sara: <Well .. he was cute!>
<AlcarGM> Jane: "She annoys me."
<Qa`a^> <THAT'S WHAT YOU KILLED ME FOR!? A CUTE GUY!? I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!> *Nods* "She's starting to get on my nerves..."

<AlcarGM> Jane: "Because I'm getting tired of talking to you and thinking you want sex all the time. It's like hard wired body language..."
* Qa`a^ looks at Jane "Who said I didn't?"
<AlcarGM> Jane: "..... not as much as she says it."
<Qa`a^> "Maybe she's just getting to me."
<AlcarGM> Jane: "It's her body. Does she do anything besides sex?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: <Wow. She's a prude. Wha else IS there?>
<Qa`a^> "She says no."
<Qa`a^> "Maybe it's both... I mean, I can feel it... It's like her legs are bowed permenately... Plus there's her in the back of my mind.."

<Qa`a^> "I'm getting good at telling you no too."
<AlcarGM> Sara: <That's what you think.>
<AlcarGM> She starts giving you graphic images of how fun female orgasm can be :p
* Qa`a^ shakes her head from the thoughts "Stop it!"
<AlcarGM> She, of course, does not. Multiple orgasms memories. LOTS of those.
<AlcarGM> (( Sara is disturbing me now. ))
* Qa`a^ turns and sleeps

<AlcarGM> Okay... you sleep, and have some of Sara's dreams, which are very, very vivid. Disturbingly so. You waken later Wednesday night, feeling refreshed mentally but you want sex. Now. Badly. It's like waking up to find you're a few dozen horny girls shoved into one body.
<AlcarGM> Lucky for you Jane isn't back. Unluckily, you can hear Lance parking his car.
* Qa`a^ gets up and locks the door and runs to the bathroom slamming that door
<AlcarGM> ROFL!

* Qa`a^ runs into the bedroom and looks to see if lance lost a random pair of handcuffs, to tie herself to the bathtub
<AlcarGM> lol! Okay. You manage to find a pair in the nightstand. The need for sex with anything remotely alive (and posisbly not) eases slightly. Sara liks handcuffs it seems.
* Qa`a^ sighs at the relief
* Qa`a^ wishes jane would hurry now
<AlcarGM> You lock yourself to the bathtub. Which helps, until Sara (and her body) realize a) you're alone and b) the shampoo bottle isn't close. you're very, very glad you cant reach the toilet plunger. when Jane knocks on the door. "Billy? You in there?"
<Qa`a^> "Help!"
<AlcarGM> Jane opens the door. "What's ...... wrong?" She stands there, stares at you, then at the handcuffs. "I am NOT having sex with you in her body."
* Qa`a^ almost cries "It's like an addiction... Like Crack... Oh god... I wish I wouldn't have said that..."

<AlcarGM> The cuffs undo themselves, as if they have a will of their own. You're getting images of Jane, naked, in a bed .Or on the floor.....
<AlcarGM> Whatever it is, it's NOT natural.
* Qa`a^ slams them shut again
<Qa`a^> "Stop it Sara..."
<AlcarGM> They open the moment you close them ..... writhing as if alive.
<AlcarGM> Jane: "What ... the ... hell?"
* Qa`a^ throws them
<AlcarGM> Sara doesn't reply. You.. see someone? A woman .. the Mona Lisa? .. staring at you, from inside. And then it's your mother (both yours from Egypt and Billys) .. and you want her like you've never wanted a woman before..... * You can feel her, watching, judgin. The nee increases....
<AlcarGM> * Freud was right.

<Qa`a^> (( Mostly? I hate to ask what isn't counted as people ))
<AlcarGM> (( cows in the fields. ))
<AlcarGM> (( and horses. ))
<AlcarGM> (( should I go on? ))
<Qa`a^> (( I didn't ask, if you didn't notice =p ))

<AlcarGM> Okay. You have a nice, normal shower. You feel better, after. Awake. You're not hungry since you had sex.
<AlcarGM> (( it's breatharianism, but with sex instead. ))
<Qa`a^> (( Uh... I don't want to ask. ))

<WarezBert> dammit
<WarezBert> i want an ordinary
<WarezBert> 3.5e
<WarezBert> d&d game
<WarezBert> so i can be the wierd person
<WarezBert> all these games with alcar
<WarezBert> im not the wierdest person playing
<WarezBert> he is
<WarezBert> it bugs me

<Creason> "Anyone want juice? I feel the need to celebrate."
<Victor> "i'll have whatever goes with brownies"
* Victor is savoring his last brownie
<Creason> "Oh. Hmm... Milk. Haven't you ever seen the commercials?"
* Creason puts the juice back, pouring a glass of milk, and gives it to Victor, watching him drink it intently
* Victor shrugs
* Victor sips at his milk
* Victor nibbles at his brownie
<AlcarGm> (( must.. resist . Carl .. reference.... ))
<Victor> [missed that reference :)]
<kentari> ((Be glad.))

<AlcarGm> Leroy MacIntyre: "We ... have reason to believe Star Fureyt was .. wounded badly. The .. creature .. we are not sutre of. What we are sure of is that, with SuperiorMan having left this city, and the Protectorate .. absent .. the city needs heroes. Desperately. It needs symbols. You're not that famous, yet, butr you are known. It could be enough to stop things from getting .. out of hand."
<Creason> "... You want a bunch of kids to avert city-wide chaos!?"
<AlcarGm> The man looks rather ... pained.. for a moment. "The city has no other active team, at present..."
<Creason> ((this is, perhaps, the coolest superhero story arc ever))
* Linda`^ hasn't regained her color yet
<Victor> "I'm in."
<Linda`^> (( The sad part is that a PC caused it =p ))

<Creason> "... Wait, seriously? We're the only registered group?"
<AlcarGm> Leroy MacIntyre: "The only registered one the government can, currently, trust."
<Creason> "I hate to ask... but how long is it going to take the media to get ahold of this?"
* Linda`^ would loose more color, if she wasn't already void of it
<Creason> ((heh, "void" of it. heh))
<Victor> [sure, i've only beaten up gov agents, stolen tech and helped create a supervillain :p]
<Linda`^> ((I win ))

<AlcarGm> Leroy MacIntyre: "To put it simply, the Protectorate did much more than most ever saw, or knew. Most of the established heroes are trying to keep lids down on various dimensions and agreements functioning with alien species diplomatically. The "average" supervillain threat is not something they have the time to deal with, at present."
<Victor> [superhero diplomacy, lol]
<AlcarGm> (( hey, it would exist in 4 colour :p ))
<Victor> [hmm... how does one bribe a superhero functionary? lol]

<Creason> "And so we're the only group left with a success rate... geez..."
<AlcarGm> Leroy MacIntyre: "You are new," simply.
* Victor nods
* Creason looks at the others
<Creason> "So... we're the city crew?"
<AlcarGm> Dexter: <The city is fucked, then,> absently.
<Victor> [dibs on the protection rackets! :p]

<Creason> "An aide would be nice. And I assume you'll send us a government spokesperson? We can't just declare ourselves the city's stand in Protectorate without a little backing."
<Linda`^> "He already said there will be a press confrance tomorow."
<AlcarGm> Leroy nods. "One Dorie Broughlie, to be exact. She's explain any details you might require."
* Linda`^ shakes her head "We hardly have a flying fortress, but... atleast we don't have a loose cannon like void..."
<Creason> "I actually just assumed that's when the press will begin covering the end of the world."
<Victor> [i thought aides were the ultimate supervillains?
<Linda`^> (( That's aids ))
<Victor> [the number one killer : aides! ;p pun powa]

<Victor> "the advantage is that we possibly get new equipment and support"
<Victor> "the disadvantage? we try and stop bad stuff?"
<Creason> "And we're really going to need to get used to using our aliases."
<Victor> "we try and stop bad stuff all the time anyways...."
<Linda`^> "I still need one... huh..."
<Victor> I'm Niche by the way... when im in superhero mode"
* Creason nods
<Creason> "Dex? What about you?"
<AlcarGm> Dexter: <Mindwalker, of course. Maybe we could have name tags, so we can remember..>

<Victor> "how about Ephemera"
<Linda`^> "Ephemera? What's that?"
<Victor> "Ephemereal is sorta like cloudish, ungraspable"
<Victor> "so you would be the embodiment... i figured sorta relates to your power"
<AlcarGm> Darren: "If people have to ask it might not be a good name."
<Linda`^> "Really... I like that... what language?"
<Linda`^> "Nono, a real name is one that people can't figure out unless they research it... it's a subtle thing."
<Creason> "I second."
<Creason> "hmm... good idea. Keep the villains busy researching!"
<Linda`^> "I demand we hold the floor. It has to be something pronounceable with a mouth."

* Creason is very careful to be appropriate while measuring Linda, looking somewhat embarassed
<AlcarGm> Dexter smirks.
* Linda`^ looks at Creason pulling tape around her waiste "What are you doing?"
<Creason> "Measuring you."
<AlcarGm> Dexter: <I think it's obvious,> in a too-calm tone.
<Linda`^> "Why?"
<Creason> "We have to put forth a very united front for this job. The Arbiters can't look like just a bunch of kids anymore. If we're going to be a team, we're going to have to look the part."
<Creason> "I'm going to go make us all costumes."
<Linda`^> "YOU're going to make costumes?"
<AlcarGm> Dexter: <I think he likes to sew,> in the same calm tone, but grinning.
<Creason> "Well, my mom helped with my first one, so I hope she'll help me with these ones. Unless you know a quicker way to get matching costumes?"
* Linda`^ stares at creason as he measures her chest "Are you sure you're the best person to be doing this?"
<AlcarGm> Dexter <*snickers*> and walks out of the room.
<Victor> [yea, i volunteer, as the most clearly qualified to measure your chest! :p]
<Creason> ((see, i don't see why Linda'd care. She doesn't really swing that way, y'know? ;))
<Linda`^> "Yes, well..." Straitening up "Be sure to add in the suspension, because if it's really tight I can't wear a bra or it will show." As matter of factly as she can make it sound.
<Creason> "Don't worry. Mom always needed help with her formal dresses, so I'm pretty prepared for this kinda thing."
<AlcarGm> Dexter giggles in the other room to himself ,and finally manages to stop which is good since it's rather odd to hear in your heads.

<Victor> [in four color, heros pretty much could shower together... theres no sex, just dinner dates, marriage and children :p

<Victor> [lol
<Victor> [just looked up dictionary definition of ephemeral finally lol]
<Victor> [Lasting for a markedly brief time][Living or lasting only for a day, as certain plants or insects do.][A markedly short-lived thing.]
<Victor> [lol. perfect superhero name! lol]

<alcar> hm. Need players.
<alcar> press confrence needs more than 2 players :p
<alcar> oh yeah kent.. quick summary.
<alcar> Linda helped blow up the entire Protectorate. Creepy government guy asked if pcs would take over and guard the city since they were a) new b) had a good rep (see a) and c) expendable
<WarezBert> hehe
* WarezBert is here for it
* WarezBert is having issues with c)

<alcar> I mena, sending sanity-destroying alien to ask questions about a murder is .. .well... novel. But the protecorate members habve seen weirder things. Unfortunately, Void tried to kill it (and his teammates when they got in his way) due to polt reasons Linda could neve rhave known about :)
<kentari> my god ;p
* alcar nods. Linda was rather horrified :p I don't think any of the pcs have picked up on what the creature was, or that she caused it. Yet :P
<kentari> Mitch will be able to win every argument now
<kentari> :D

<Mitch`> "Why are we the protectors of the city, though?"
<Mitch`> "I mean .. I've been at work-and stuff-.. did I miss something?"
<Baliadoc> "The Protectorate are currently dead. While the government tries to fix that, we're in charge."
* Mitch` whips out der angstdotten, "... dead?"
<AlcarGm> Darren: "Currently dead....."
<Baliadoc> "We're the only chartered team in action right now that the government can trust with the 'little stuff'."
<AlcarGm> Dexter: <Of course currently. Superheroes get better, or cloned, or something.>
<AlcarGm> Dexter pauses to think about that. <I'd like to be cloned.>
<Mitch`> "How ..? Wayne?"
<Baliadoc> "Uh... something like that. Definitely close to home."

<Mitch`> ((Even as an NPC, Void still acts like Art. :D))
<AlcarGm> (( yes :) ))
<Baliadoc> ((there's really no way for Void to a-"void" it ;))
<Mitch`> ((-10 points))
<Baliadoc> ((curses))

<Mitch`> "Does this mean we get paid?"
* Mitch` would have dollar signs for eyes if that was possible :P
<AlcarGm> (( 3 point power! j/.k ))
<Baliadoc> "I don't know. We have to meet with the government aide they sent to see what our specific setup says."
* Mitch` nods and says sort of to-the-side, "We'll have to make them an offer they can't refuse.." and then looks back as if he had just coughed

<Mitch`> I coudl so see hero teams getting model agents to make sure they look photogenic
<Mitch`> and being put on diets and stuff :P
<AlcarGm> rofl! Yes :)

<Mitch`> "What do we do if we don't really have powers to show off?"
<Mitch`> "Wait, no."
<Mitch`> "I have a plan."
* Mitch` smiles. :D
<Mitch`> "I'll just answer questions."
<Snapshot> "Uh... Mitch? Maybe one of us should do the questions. You just look pretty. No offense."
<Snapshot> "You have a tendency to get... excited, when you talk to people."
<Mitch`> "Don't worry about it. I've got everything under control."
<Snapshot> "And I don't mean good excited. I mean loony tunes, Daffy Duck kinda excited."
<AlcarGm> Darren: ".. do I want to know?"
<Mitch`> "That other time was more controled than you'd think."
<Snapshot> "That's what worries me."
<Mitch`> "Nah. Its water under the bridge."
<Mitch`> ".. ANYWAY."

<Snapshot> "You're always a little distracted! You need to learn to prioritize, man!"
* Snapshot shouts over the roar of the air :)
<Mitch`> "You have no idea what you're talking about! I'm talking to people in my head!"
* Mitch` blinks, "I know that doesn't sound good!"
<AlcarGm> You all fall .. through the sky. The parachutes work rather well. Mrs. Broughlie turns hers easily, shoutiing instructions to all of you during the fall. "We should ... end up close to City Hall...!"
<Snapshot> "Somehow, Fix-It, I'm not surprised..."

<AlcarGm> Lois Lanet: "Excuse me, Arbiters isn't it. How do you plan to fill the shoes of the Protectorate?"
<Mitch`> "As best we can, sir. Though we can't ever BE the Protectorate, we can try best as we can to be the best we can for the city."
* Snapshot blinks at Mitch
<Mitch`> "We hope to coordinate our efforts and get in touch with other heroes in the city. Our enemies far and wide have elaborate networks for communication and trading. Why should we not have the same?"
<Snapshot> ((lol, this is awesome. first question in, and he's calling a chick a guy ;))
* Mitch` says that like he practiced it in front of a mirror. :P

<Johnny> "Wayne! Mitch!"
<Mitch`> "Hi Johnny. I'm being killed."
* Johnny looks at his hand, "Blood!"
<Mitch`> "Yeah, that's mine. Some of it. Try not to get it dirty. Its limitted edition."
<AlcarGm> Wanyne moves, fast...... Mitch managed to partly avoid it, but it was definitely intended ot be a killing blow.
<Johnny> "Is this your blood!? Wait, no, too much for you to be still alive..."
* Johnny gets up!
* Mitch` blinks, "Damn, man ... did I offend you by mentioning my father? I know your's is dead.. I'm sorry if I offended you..."
<Johnny> "Wayne! stop trying to kill mitch, at least for now, we need to talk!"

<Johnny> "Now then, what the heck did I ever do to you!?"
* Johnny has his palms up
<Mitch`> "Dude, I've been asking him the same thing! "
<Johnny> "At least for you to want to put a freaking bullet in my mom's head!"
<Johnny> "Dude!"
<Johnny> "I stood up fro you on at least 3 occasions, when I heard the comments flowing."
<Mitch`> "You're that pathetic? You need someone to stand up for you?"
* Mitch` clasps his hands over his mouth as he goes wide-eyed.
* Johnny shoots the look of death at Mitch
<Johnny> (my new power! :D )
* Mitch` gives Johnny the oops/oh my god look. :P
<Johnny> "So there we have it."
<Johnny> "Its all based on lies!"

<AlcarGm> A man is coming up the street, from the south. Well, man as in 50' tall, and laughing.
<AlcarGm> Beside him in a man dressed in american flags. Literally. And an enormous yellow skiinned wloman at least 500 pounds :p
<Snapshot> "Hmm... he's gonna be a problem."
<Mitch`> "Uhhhh ..."
* Niche grabs his parachute, and starts wrapping it up into a bundle, gathering it so he can hold it in his arms
<Mitch`> "Are they here to congratulate us?"
<AlcarGm> In the sky, with lighting booming around him, is an older, balding black man with a beer belly who screams. "I AM THOR!"
<Snapshot> "Somehow, I doubt it."

<AlcarGm> Wayne: "You all make them! And no one is innocent NO ONE!"
<AlcarGm> He's backing away more. He's definitely scared of you :p
<Johnny> "I said we, Wayne, we."
<Johnny> "You and me."
<Johnny> "And the others, and everyone else."
<Johnny> "We make mistakes, some small, some big."
<Johnny> "I know the alien tech, its foreign, sentient."
<Johnny> "Its imbedded itself in your head, and its made you do things, bad things."
<Johnny> "I want to help you, Wayne, but you gotta help me do it."
* Johnny internally winces and tries to conjure up more moving movie dialogue

<AlcarGm> Wayne: "Guns? Guns are nothing to me! Nothing!"
<Johnny> "Yeah, I know the feeling."
<AlcarGm> he laughs., more than little wildly. "I'll have my revenge! I will! HE IS DEAD!" and turns, and runs away :p
<Mitch`> "Wayne!"
<Mitch`> "I am your father."
* Mitch` shouts that. :P
<AlcarGm> (( .... ))
<Mitch`> ((:P Mitch is OUT of ideas.))
<AlcarGm> Wayne ... stops ... then turns ... then begins walking back. There is nothing at all sane in his eyes. "You .. fucking ..... liar!"
<Mitch`> "Its true. After it happened.. the doctors.. the only way they could heal me was to start over. I'm so sorry, Wayne."
* Johnny looks back and forth between the two with a "Wtf?" look :P

<Snapshot> "Let's just chalk this up to a win on our part, and be happy nothing bad happened. What's the story back at my house, Mitch?"
<Mitch`> "How ..."
<Mitch`> "Oh. We're about to borrow your playpen."
<Mitch`> "I mean."
<Mitch`> "Who is Mitch?!"
* Mitch` looks around. :P
<AlcarGm> (( LOL! ))
<AlcarGm> <Ms.Broughlie> stares at both of you.
<AlcarGm> The mayor ... manages to turn a laugh into a cough. "Welll, it seems you are.. all busy..."

<SilverHorse> what the hell game did I just walk in on
<SilverHorse> People getting hit by cars and then shredded by nanites :x
<Mitch`> :P
<AlcarGm> a superhero game!

<Snapshot> So, in case you can't guess, I'm getting some of the pills. If Wayne really is still good somewhere inside, and it's the nanites controlling him, then I'm giving him a fighting chance and making him superhuman ;)
<AlcarGm> lol!.
<AlcarGm> That's ..... awesome :)
<Snapshot> besides, fighting just wayne's gotta be better than this crap, if he really is evil :)
* Snapshot grabs some sort of sturdy container for the metal junk too :)

<Snapshot> "Give him a little space Johnny! Talisman, get ready to set down a perimeter for him, in case he tries to escape! Fix-It, Niche, do your thing!"
<Mitch`> "If I did my thing he'd be dead."
<Mitch`> "I mean. "
<Snapshot> "... Good point. Keep not doing what you're doing."
<AlcarGm> Wayne screms in agony.. whatever was given, it's really *really* badly with him.

* Johnny reaches out, and sees if he can snag some of the tendrils
<Niche> "mindwalker. see if you can find where wayne left the container he found the suit in... if you can get the info out of him."
<AlcarGm> Wayne staggers, parts of him falling, parts of him not.... he's not in control of whatever Snapshot did, and the nanites are trying to kill it... you think. It's hard to mae out*anything*
<AlcarGm> Johnny - you grab some, easily. They're much weaker than before.
* Johnny starts eating them :P
* Snapshot starts trying to toss them to Johnny :)
* AlcarGm stares at Johnny
<AlcarGm> Okay....
<Mitch`> ((... :P))
<Johnny> (its like the infinite spaghetti special :P)
<Mitch`> "That's just sick, Johnny."
<Niche> [hehe... crapin that out will be an adventure in and of itself]
<AlcarGm> Snapshot tosses the to jonny off of him. .and Johnny is .eating some..... of it.. Wayne passes out at his point :p
* Johnny sighs -_-

<AlcarGm> Creasons father comes out of the house, in lab coat, looking annoyed. "What IS it? Ginger kept pestering me to stop looking at....." He stops, stares at Wayne, then looks at Creason. "You spawned?"
* Mitch` just goes wide-eyed. :P
<AlcarGm> He looks exicted. "I wasn't sure if you'd ever be able to reproduce! This is wonderful!"
<Snapshot> "No. I... gave someone the syrum."
<AlcarGm> Milo stops smiling. "You WHAT?! Do you KNOW what happened last time?!"
<Snapshot> "Yeah. I do. I'm sorry, but it was all I could think to do."

<Johnny> "At least until we find out how to get him back to normal."
<Snapshot> "We have plenty of things to hold people in this state. Like this."
<Niche> "just as long as noone mistakes him for a protein shake..."
* Snapshot forces the proto-Wayne into the container he brought

<AlcarGm> officer Store - whom some pcs know rather well - gets out of a cruiser and walks over. "Well. the mayor never got around ot naming me as your police liason, but I say we already have work cut out for us. What happened here?" quite calmly.
<Mitch`> "A nemesis tried to kill me."
<AlcarGm> <Talisman> looks at Snapshot and muttes "That was your crib? You should sue for parental abuse." dryly
* Mitch` taps the box, "A battle ensued, we all everntually got here .. and now this is the aftermath."
<AlcarGm> Store gets out a cig, lights it, and looks at the box, in which a puddle shape is trying to get out of, and can't. "Dangerous foe, then?"
* Mitch` now takes a couple steps away from the box in case Wayne can actually break free ;p
* Snapshot smiles at the crib
<Mitch`> "Not anymore, I'd say."

<AlcarGm> Store nods, and calls HQ for a pickup. "Public works shuldbe ... a... by soon. To begin fixing things. You might want to help. Public relations."
* Mitch` nods, and calls up his giant robot to help out... unless its currently channukah, in which case it is on vacation. :D

* Mitch` gets a simple mental image of a blender, then apologizes to Dexter :P
<AlcarGm> (( No eating the npc! ))
<Mitch`> ((I can't let Tass win the weird things eaten contest))
<Johnny> (dude, don't make me go eat that fifth dimensional being that Linda sent after the protectorate :P)

<AlcarGm> <Mindwalker> looks at Johnny. <Uhm.. do you ever go to the washroom?>
<AlcarGm> <Mindwalker> looks confused. <What?>
* Johnny just nods
<AlcarGm> <Mindwalker> <Oh .. what if it gets out?>
<AlcarGm> <Mindwalker> <But the nanites are inside him . .and alive... if they get out wit his crap.... they could get in the sewers...>
<Johnny> "Don't they stick together?"
<AlcarGm> (( And civilization as we know it is destroyed the next time Johnny goes ot the washroom :p ))

<AlcarGm> Ms.Broughlie arrives and says she'll show you the prospective HQs later, if you don't mind.
* Snapshot is really good at being a whole lotta cranes, laborers, and foundations at once :)
<Johnny> :P
* Johnny is the foundation :P
* Snapshot also takes a time out to apologize to Ms. Broughlie, telling her she'll explain later
<Snapshot> (er... he'll.)
<Snapshot> (heh. my turn. i can't even remember my own sex. that'll make kent happy :))

<AlcarGm> Okay.... Wayne is .. in a crib, a street destroyed, and the PCs alive and mostly unhurt! A whole session and no one gto badly hurt, technically, except Mitch and that only 1/2 counted anyway
<Snapshot> and we kicked the crap out of a supervillain team :)
<WarezBert> hehe
<WarezBert> finally
<Baliadoc> and I made costumes! go sewing! (that's a 20 pt. power, you know)

<alcar> tho creasons dad and mom are soo screwed. They're likely going to lose all funding or something, for a time.
<Baliadoc> maybe the Wayne Foundation would like to fund two struggling scientists...
<alcar> lol!
<Baliadoc> if we just all ignore the "your science did this to our benefactor" thing.
<alcar> THAT would be horribly amusing
* alcar figures Edward Door'd fund them :p
<Baliadoc> do i wanna know? :)
<alcar> Chaos made 'im. Villain in the characters section
<alcar> in the lex luthor business man style
<Baliadoc> ohhh, nice.
<Baliadoc> meh. it's time we went private anyway. deal with the fact that our benefactor is the devil later.
<alcar> your mom probably won't worry much about it :p And your dad wouldn't notice :)
<Baliadoc> i like my dad very much :)
<alcar> well, until they began to use the research for Bad Things :)
<Baliadoc> like i said. deal with the devil when it gets important ;)
<Baliadoc> ... and we've drained his funds.

<Baliadoc> see, i can just get into a situation where he's going to do something Very Bad to me. then, mom'll kill him. messily. and we'll just reveal he was bad and it'll be okay. cuz seriously, who's gonna try to arrest my mom?
<Baliadoc> i sure wouldn't.
<alcar> good point :)
<Baliadoc> "Miss, I'm calmly putting my hand on your... oh god!!! Please, don't use that for science! I could get it reattached!"
<alcar> <Ms.Broughlie> looks at the team. "She's one woman. You've faced down Superiorman..... and no one is going to bring her in?"
<Baliadoc> "I'm already in trouble for being in danger. I don't need to add arresting her to the list."
<Baliadoc> "Besides, Superiorman already tried it. She readjusted him. I'm serious! He's back in the Protectorate! He's a model citizen! That was my mom. She's that scary."

<alcar> hm. Need to decide on his powers.....
* alcar has this image of Wayne the gelatinous cube...
<Baliadoc> that's... freaky :)
* alcar nods. It makes sense tho! He's more liquid than stretchy it seems...
<Baliadoc> this is true...
<alcar> His super name could be Glomp!
<Baliadoc> ... that is a seriously frightening and cool name :)

<SilverHorse> I need a date man. I'm losing touch with my psychopathic side

* Alicia can SO picture RPGs in programming languages though. ^^;
<Alicia> If Player.Munchkin=True set Encounter=Tarrasque

* Qa`a^ sighs "Damnit... Why can't I just die and let this be over with?"

<Qa`a^> "Who the hell are you calling the Whore of babylon?"
<AlcarGM> Sara's mother blinks, staring at Sara: "How dare you! I KNOW YOU! Cavorting with *men* and *boy* like a filthy trap! Romans 3:23!"
<Qa`a^> "What are you babbling about?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: <Talking to her just makes it worse. You could kiss her. I did that once.>
<Qa`a^> <you actually put up with this?>
<AlcarGM> Mommy dearest: "Don't try and pretend you're not a sult! Whore! Tramp! Filthy vermin who will burn in the PIT FOR ALL ETERNTIY!"
<AlcarGM> Sara: <I think it's cute!>

<Qa`a^> "No, I didn't call you a whore, I called you fat."
<AlcarGM> She raises her hand to slap Sara, hard :p
* Qa`a^ takes out jane's handy tool of goodness
<AlcarGM> lol!
<AlcarGM> Sara: <What are you DOING?!>
<Qa`a^> <Don't worry I won't hurt her...>
<AlcarGM> Sara's mother blinks in shock as her daughter draws a switchblade on her. "HONOUR YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER!"
<AlcarGM> Sara: <You better not! I'd hate to try and get a blood stain out of my clothing!>
<Qa`a^> <I'll replace them...>
<Qa`a^> "I'm sorry I can't hear you over all the yelling."
<AlcarGM> Sara: <I wish I had popcorn!>
<AlcarGM> Sara;'s Mother: "You WILL put that away this instant! I have had ENOUGH of you, and your serving of Satan!"
<Qa`a^> "Who?" >=)

<Qa`a^> "Perhaps I could eat some of that fat..."
<AlcarGM> She slaps you, unless you avoid it or something :p
* Qa`a^ takes it
* Qa`a^ grins
<AlcarGM> Sara: <Ow!>
<Qa`a^> "Bite me."

<Qa`a^> "So now you're going to kill me? Murder's a sin. You wouldn't go through with it."
<AlcarGM> Sara's Mother glares at .. well.. Sara, her eyes burning with hate. "Get out. Get out and never come back you filthy sinner!"
<Qa`a^> "I don't think god would like it if you kicked your own flesh and blood out, simply for pointing out your gluttony."
<AlcarGM> She slams the door, hard.
* Qa`a^ licks the blood from her lips
<Qa`a^> "That went well."
<AlcarGM> Sara: <Mom?> silence for a second, then <Wow. That was cool! I want to do it again!>

<AlcarGM> An older woman, about 60 or os, is standing there. "Sara?" she says, looking hesitant.
<Qa`a^> "Uhm.. Yes."
<AlcarGM> She looks nervous. "I .. couldn't help overhearing .... your mother .. well...." she trails off, good breeding conflicting with what she'd like to say. "You can stay at my place, if you wish, tonight."
<AlcarGM> Sara: <oh! Mrs. Colgate makes great food!>
<Qa`a^> <who?>
<AlcarGM> Sara: <She's nice! But she doesn't want sex!>
<Qa`a^> <Ofcourse she doesn't, she's... old... Crap! I'm turning into you> "Thank you for the offer, but I would hate to burden you."

<AlcarGM> Okay, you go to sleep in mrs .Colgates out. Oddly, you don't waken during the night with a powerful desire for sex, but you do have rather strong dreams about two young men with pure black eyes having sex and melding together in the darkness that is speaking to them....
<Chaos`^> that's just fukin 'wrong
<alcar> which? :p
<alcar> Oh, well. Neither of them is hugh! Though your pc doesn't know that :)
<Chaos`^> well still the description is really gross

<alcar> oh! That reminds me. I meant to research hoew they did laundry in the middle ages for it..
<alcar> hrm, I think it was just dunk into water and scrub....
<Baliadoc> i thought they pressed it with stones, too. or was that some other culture?
<alcar> hmm.That would make sense.
<Baliadoc> i think they did something with stones that involved their clothes. maybe it was just pelt heretics and infidels.
<Baliadoc> ... who were wearing clothes.
<alcar> "My god, you're stoning that woman to death!" We're doing the laundry."
<Baliadoc> i like the idea that the church invented stoning because it was damn efficient. kill your heretics, press your clothes. the blood stains will just add to your fright value.
<alcar> and blood wahes out best in cold water, which makes a good use for the witches who survive being stoned.
<alcar> "Is she sinking yet?"
<alcar> "Tell her not to mix the colours with the whites this time."

* alcar may have to put the alien mafia invasion on hold.
<WarezBert> what kinda profit is there in a backwaters planet like earth?
<WarezBert> drug export?
<WarezBert> slave trade?
<WarezBert> soul trade?
<WarezBert> viral idea breeding?
<alcar> WarezBert - sex! err . .wait. Not 4 colour.....
<WarezBert> how about idea viruses :p
<WarezBert> earth as a center for alien experimentation in meme warfare :p
<WarezBert> wait, thats more plausible for the real world...
<WarezBert> lol
<alcar> "What, you [untranslatable] thought McDonalds succeeded on its own?!"

<AlcarGM> Ginger Holepepepper: "This is our career, and it is more important to me, and my husband, than your stupidity. You want to examine it, you go do that. We're busy," in a voice that could strip paint.
* Victor turns to the government agents
<Victor> "you have problems with what exactly, the fact that a real problem, the nanite suit is destroyed? that the primary victim survived? that a basket case was given superpowers?"
<Victor> "get over it. more basket cases have superpowers than you have points of iq, collectively."
<Victor> "so wrap up this blame game"
<AlcarGM> lol!
<AlcarGM> The MIBs say nothing. Ginger just *glares* at you. "You. Are not helping our case. Leave."

<AlcarGM> Dexter follows outside. <I thought Wayne's mind was disturbing. I think Reed could discect us, and not even realise we're people. Everything is a ... thing, to him.>
<Victor> <relax, eventually some girl will change that... hopefully>
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <He'd probably take notes.>

* Linda`^ closes that after requesting higher access, and goes to the even more powerful program... google
* AlcarGM laughs.
<AlcarGM> Whatcha looking for? :[p
<Linda`^> trans-demensional vortex's
<AlcarGM> you find a LOT about star trek :p
* Linda`^ does a search on trans-demensional vortex -star -trek
<Linda`^> =p
<AlcarGM> Okay... there's a lot that's, well, science fiction. A few papers by Stephen Hawking you can't even begin to make heads or tails of, and not much else.
* Linda`^ looks up effects of adding energy to a demensional door
<AlcarGM> most of the theories on that result in explosions a la Babylon 5 warp gates :p
* Linda`^ is silent for a moment staring at her screen
* Linda`^ sighs and -babylon
<AlcarGM> Okay. You find more Hawking, and the rest just pseudo scientific silliness that basically says no one has a damn clue :p

<AlcarGM> The illuminati doesn't exist.
<Linda`^> oh i'm sorry
<Linda`^> illuminati
* Linda`^ does a search on them too
* AlcarGM points to previous comment :p
<Linda`^> is void a part of the illuminati? I mean... because a void is something that isn't...
<Linda`^> oooooh!
<Linda`^> that's good!

<AlcarGM> The building is a large Factory, about twi stories tall on the outside. The front door is metal, with alarm system, and there is a parking lot.
<AlcarGM> it's brick, functional, and has windows up rather high for light.
<Victor> [its no fortress of solitude, but its a start :p]
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> "This used to be a clothing factory, but it closed down two years ago. Solid construction, large cement basement, and state of the art security system put in by the Fab Four a year ago. They were a super team that bought it, but they broke up due to having two alpha males."

* Johnny turns to Ms. Broughlie, "Also, do we have military support if things get too hairy?"
* Baliadoc has joined #game1
* Snapshot Quit (Ping timeout)
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> shakes her head. "There is very little the military could do that I doubt the 9 of you could."
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> "Tho they can resist pinging out more than Snapshot."
* Snapshot has joined #game1
* Victor frantically starts repairing the fourth wall

<Victor> "We are the new owners"
<Victor> "please direct us through the security setup process"
<AlcarGM> Magi: "Please stand still." A pause. "Identities added to matrx. Security system consists of non-lethal defense systems, including tasers, paintballs, electrical prods, nerve glass, and nerf weapons."
<Victor> "non lethal nerve gas?"
<Johnny> "Right, then, first question, Magi, do you have any qualms about deactivating yourself or hard wiping yourself if your existence or presence threatens the team and/or base?"
<AlcarGM> Magi: "In addition to those and genetic scanning, the building is equipped with darts, sonic baffles, other forms of gas, and a more traditional alarm to the local precincts." A pause. "Of course not. But I am programmedto never pose a threat to any of you."
<Johnny> "Good to have that out of the way, then."
<Victor> [stop giving alcar ideas! he has too many already! alcar, drink some booze. kill brain cells! :p]
* Johnny watches too much space odyssey, it seems :P
<AlcarGM> (( I *was* going to name it Skynet initally :) ))
<Victor> [that would have been an expensive paperweight after my char accidentally crushed its programmable matrix :p]

<AlcarGM> Darren looks around, then shrugs. "How do we get furniture, and stuff?"
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> "Government expense account." She hands each of you a credit card! It's white. "Only order what you think you'll need. You will have to jstify your expense claims to accountants as a certain point."
<AlcarGM> (( *whistles innnocently* ))
<Johnny> "So.... no pinball machines?"
<AlcarGM> (( Chaos can fill you all in on the accountants :p ))
<Linda`^> (( I refuse to, though. It's a bad memory. ))
<Linda`^> (( I seem to recall losing an ear ))

<Linda`^> "Dex, don't think at me while i'm being scanned."
<AlcarGM> Magi: "Scan complete."
<Johnny> "Its genetic encoded."
<Linda`^> "Exactly!"
<Johnny> "I don't think dex thinking at you would affect that."
<Johnny> "At least I hope not."
<AlcarGM> Dexter rolls his eyes.
* Johnny gives Dex the ebil eyes :P

<Linda`^> "Magi, what's the CIA AI's name?"
<AlcarGM> Magi: "Magi, of course. I just explained that. I'm a detached node."
<Linda`^> "How Ironic."
<Johnny> (it would be great if the AI's name was actually 'classified' that way, it could give a truthful answer, and always seem to be evasive :P)
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))
<Linda`^> (( ROFL ))

* Johnny snaps his fingers :P
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> nods to Linda.
<AlcarGM> (( The GM looks at Johnny warily ))
<Johnny> "So... who is Inkblot anyways?"
* Johnny to linda :P
<Linda`^> "He thinks someone else killed seeker."
<Johnny> (common sense isn't psychic powers, alcar :P)
<AlcarGM> (( Given some people I know, I might beg to differ :p ))
<Johnny> (although in some comics it is! XD)
<Linda`^> "Though seeker isn't dead."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Say what?"
<Johnny> "he thinks someone else killed seeker... but he's not dead?"
<Johnny> "How's that work?"
<Linda`^> "Well, perhaps he doesn't know seeker isn't dead."

* Victor gets some absolutely transparent cutlery, plates, and glasses, just so he can freak people out even more when he eats invisibly
<Victor> [invisible chef stronger than iron chef! :p]

<kentari> If we can finish by 1 AM EST, I'm down w/ it
<kentari> I can make due with 6 hours sleep ;p
<Chaos`^> we can't dood
<Chaos`^> when have u known us to game for only 3 hours?
<kentari> hmm
<kentari> uhm
<kentari> good point

<Victor> or give myself a power penetration power
<Victor> to get thru those annoying defensive powers
<AlcarGM> that's the point OF said powers :P
<Linda`^> just start pouring them in dood
<Victor> yea i know
<Victor> but if i get a power specifically to go thru their defensive abilities
<Victor> itll be like getting to the soft gooey part of the clam
<Victor> hehe
* AlcarGM chuckles
<Linda`^> you do that with a clam knife fool!
* Victor gets a special ability called "clam shucking"
<Victor> :p
<Johnny> good thing I got reinforced invulnerability :P
<Victor> hehe
<Linda`^> we'll call it johnny shucking

<Johnny> and yeah, chaos, whats you're exp total so far?
<Johnny> because if your anywhere near creason, thats pretty damn high :P
<Linda`^> 52!
<Johnny> what did he have, 74? :P
<Victor> crazy
<Victor> how many games did i miss?
<Linda`^> where the hell did he get 74!?!?
<Johnny> extra contributions, more than likely
<Johnny> but I think he's the highest
<AlcarGM> Is a joke after I put his one quote about exp in spark :P
<Linda`^> no he hardly contributed anything
<Johnny> well
<Johnny> don't be hatin :P
<Linda`^> i'm not hating
<Linda`^> i'm just saying
<Linda`^> it had to be from somewhere else =p
<Linda`^> like maybe he plays every night with alcar

<Johnny> "Plus, if the place gets found out, we can hold charity events."
<Linda`^> "Well, we have some real furnature comming in, so we have to move all of this for the next luou."
<Johnny> "I was counting on rela furniture, actually, this is all supplement."
<Victor-> "who, exactly, is benny?"
* Johnny points out the big empty spaces :P
<AlcarGM> Nell grins. "Charity events would be interesting. How many heroes do charity stuff? It could be a new fad. Unless villains attack."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Some super who designs costumes and does interior decoration."
<Linda`^> "Which is why no superheros do charity stuff."
<Johnny> "Interesting idea, though, none the less."
<AlcarGM> Dexter ;<Depends on the charity. We could do a fundraiser for the terminally ill. That way if villains attack and kill them it won't be a loss.>

<Linda`^> "What are you guys drinking?"
<Johnny> "Its fruit sodomizer 5000, it'll take your fruit to prison, and make it your bitch."
* Linda`^ shakes her head and sighs
<Johnny> (zomg, j/k :P)
<Linda`^> "I'm going to go change and do... hero stuff for a while... Maybe it'll take my mind off of things."
<Johnny> "Its the new juicer, and fresh produce."

<Victor-> yay! new members!
<Victor-> the four colors version of taking along some random extras on an awway mission on star trek! aka cannon fodder
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> except they don't die
<AlcarGM> much :p

* Johnny hands Nell a pad of paper, "Well, see if you can contact anyone, we're going fiching for talent."
<Johnny> (fishing)
<sparkie> Like being dead, but having the additional problem of being alive to experience it
<Linda`^> (( ROFLMAO!! ))
<AlcarGM> Magi: "Ranking system is idiosyncratic. Accessing. Indetermidate, due to insufficient data on Arbiters. Preliminary output, Johnny."
<Linda`^> "And his rank?"
* Johnny pbbbbbths
<AlcarGM> (( ... thank you Sparkie. ))
<AlcarGM> magi: "7"
<Johnny> "I hate ranks, seriously."

<Linda`^> "Dex can't do anything, his mind is sealed tighter than ((Johnny's ass when he's constipated ewwwwww!)) fort knox."
<Johnny> (when your muscles can powder steel, and your tissue can't be dammaged, constipation is rarely an issue :P)
<Victor-> [unstoppable power, immovable object :p]
<AlcarGM> (( lets not go there :p ))
<Victor-> [just remember not to eat any invulnite johnny :p]

* Johnny goes over to his backpack and starts unpacking his brand new invulnite mesh suit :P
<Johnny> (since, well, plates tend to shatter under megastrength strikes :P)

<Johnny> this one is mostly mesh with token large plates on the legs, arms, and the shoulderpads and helmet
<Niche> you will just use spray paint :p
<Johnny> see, even spray paint can get boiled off by a volcano :P
<Niche> hmm
<Niche> maybe just boxers
<Niche> it is 4 color
<Niche> underwear is invulnerable
<Niche> by default
* Linda`^ nods to Niche
<Linda`^> He has a point
<Niche> so just wear a costume of bras and panties sewed together

<Johnny> see, johnny's pants are protected by the 4color laws themselves
<Linda`^> ROFLMAO!!!
<Niche> i just got a great idea for body armor!
<Niche> hehe
<Linda`^> THat would be so fucking funny!
<Johnny> which is why the hulk never gets too big for his pants :P
<Linda`^> I AM... UNDERMAN!
<Johnny> underdog
<Linda`^> LOL!
<Johnny> he has canine like powerz :P
<Niche> by the mighty trunks of thor! i will destroy you!
<Johnny> zomg
<Johnny> I'm so writing him up :P

<Johnny> a super hero team
<Johnny> the victorian avengers
<Johnny> all underwear related :D
<Johnny> with some crazy bitch called brasnap :P
<AlcarGM> Calvin & Klein. "But . .it's not my underwear. It's a stuffed animal."
<Niche> i would be the superhero
<Johnny> she mades the elastic pester you FOREVER!
<Linda`^> speaking of victorian did you know way back when they didn't change their clothes for like 2 weeks!?
<Niche> wearing the rubber ducky pool flotation device
<Niche> as underwear
<Niche> and flip flops

<AlcarGM> And something very large floats down out of the sky, like a flying saucer from a 50's B movie ..exxcept it's about 2 miles across, and silent.
* Niche eeps
<Linda`^> "Found it!"
<Johnny> "Ah, crap, I need some binoculars...."
<Linda`^> "Dex, how many are in there?"
* Johnny peers intently :P
* Niche goes to johnny
<Niche> "congratulations, you are chosen as anti-aircraft ammunition!"
<AlcarGM> it's cold and metallic looking and definitely white.
* Niche picks up johnny by the feet and starts airplaning him, working up some good velocity
<Linda`^> "Don't shoot it down ontop of the city... We need to get IN it and take it out into space again."
<Johnny> "Good, its not the mennonite aliens."
<Niche> [hehe... johnny is by now used to my throwing him at stuff]
<Linda`^> "Ideas?"
* Johnny starts slowing down, as he becomes immoveable :P
<Niche> "my idea is i throw johnny, then *urg* heavy! thats mean!"
* Niche drops Johnny

<Johnny> "Geez, I don't mind being the weapon, we just need a plan first."
<Linda`^> "Tell him to come back here, then!"
<Johnny> "Tell him to get back down here, then."
<Niche> "my idea was to throw johnny up, then throw the rest of you through the hole he makes..."
<Linda`^> "It's a good idea, but dex won't make the fall... We'll have to go together..."
<Niche> "and throw the last person with a lot of rope"
<Johnny> "If you can get me up and on top of the thing, I can maybe punch a hole in if from the top."
<Niche> "so i can climb up"

<AlcarGM> Voice: "The Grtl'niq does not surrender. It is not our way. You will be eterminated. Even the Royden cannot evade out craft forever, and more are being brought from below. We will not be defeated."
<Johnny> "Well, how about parley?"
<Johnny> "You chose a major community center for your invasion."
<Johnny> "First off, I must ask, will your terraforming destroy earths natural ecosystem, or is it all structural?"
<Johnny> "This is the US, we take immigrants all the time, you just have to go through the proper channels."
<Johnny> "Which you have not."
* Johnny shakes his head :P

<AlcarGM> After 20 minutes you've basically recovered everyone who was still alive. You're covered in dirt, dust, and a reporter thrusting a microphone into your (linda's) face and saying "WKLY news! DWhat are you thoughts on this tragic day and could it have been avertted by foresight?" really don't help things.
* Niche walks up to the reporter, grabs his reporting gear, tosses it into a rubble pile and says in a very angry voice
<Niche> "get to work. people are hurt. help them."
<AlcarGM> The reporter glares at Niche. "Freedom of the press, you .. hero! Don't thinky you mcan hide the deaths your reckless actions have caused!"
* Linda`^ whipes the dirt from her forehead smiling at the reporter coyly and shrugging

<Linda`^> you know who we need right now!?
<Johnny> and the border patrol? :P
<AlcarGM> lol
<Linda`^> Alcar please tell me he's going to show up!
<AlcarGM> lol! Yeah. He kinda has to. To deport Victor!
<Linda`^> HAHAHA!!
<Linda`^> Stop eating up all of our food Niche!
* Niche hides in a chinese smuggling tunnel:p

* Johnny starts marching towards the big pink thing :P
<Johnny> "Last chance."
<AlcarGM> The walls of the ship turn transparent.. there's now a good dozen craft around the mther ship, including the one you ruined. Darren is just trying to avoid getting hit like mad now :P
<AlcarGM> Voice: "The Way will be served," placidly.
<Johnny> "I know you use a communal intelligence."
<AlcarGM> 4 spidersconverve, firing at you from all directions ot pin you to the spot :)
<Johnny> <DEX! Find me the gooey center!>
* Johnny starts up the unmoveability and the juggernaut routine and just keeps going
<Johnny> "Cthulhu, f'tagh, eraghin, Oh lord of the sea, I offer you a race of people from the sea in the sky..."
<AlcarGM> (( LOL! ))
<Johnny> and zomg j/k :P

* Niche calls Ms. Broughlie
<AlcarGM> She answers after the firt ring. "Broughlie here."
<AlcarGM> Dexter nods. <I .... wait. I think I'm getting something ...... oh. He's coming ... down .... through orbit.... that should hurt.>
<Niche> "i know you're busy, just want to get in touch, see if we can get some air transport. we need to get our telepath up high, see if he can make contact with two of our members"
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> "Hmm. We could arrange for high-altitue helicopter. Five minutes."
<Niche> "situation might be changing as we speak, give me a moment"
<AlcarGM> Dexter; <Above. High up. Uhm. If he crashes... won't that be bad?>
<Linda`^> "Yes, where is he going to land!?"
<Niche> "broughlie. is incoming fast from orbit, we need some sort of crash pad or diverting idea... if you have a sam or something we could hit him with, we need to make sure he doesnt land on anything important"
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <Uhm .... close. A few blocks west .. I think. Awesome Man directed him.>
<Niche> "arr, i'll just figure it out here. sorry for wasting your time, i'm new at this."
<Niche> *click*
<Niche> [jeeze, i just seem to prank her every time lol]

* Niche starts clearing people out of the approximate impact zone, if any
<Niche> [if any people that is]
<AlcarGM> Johnny lands down from orbit ....... into Linda's shield, which holds since he was trying NOT to become a really big crater and end the game on one hell of a bang :P
* Johnny smacks the shield just about as hard as any other falling body made 70% of water would hit the earth at after reaching terminal velocity for a non streamlined object :P
<Linda`^> (( My shield is slightly elastic, fwiw, much like silly putty! and just as malliable if I want it to be! ;) ))
* Johnny sits there steaming for a bit before sitting up
<AlcarGM> NBiche manages to get some kids who had been playing unsupervised wihile aliens invaded away from the park (and while there is no parental neglect laws covering that, there probably should be)

<Johnny> "I rode the ship up there, it was in retreat mode, it was a drone ship, sent to take records."
<Johnny> "Dex put me in contact with Darren, and Darren helped shotgun me past the sheilds into the core of the ship."
<Johnny> "I applied the air brakes, and then had a wonderful conversation with a hive of malevolent world conquering spiders."
<Johnny> "After they disagreed with our immigration laws, I dismantled their core, and forced their ship into reentry."
<Johnny> "Then I fell."

<Johnny> johnny spreads himself out like a good little paratrooper :P
<Johnny> if your guaranteed to survive the fall, then you can make the landing pretty soft if you have a high wind resistance, and you weight around 200 lbs tops
<AlcarGM> tho the GM half wishes he'd forgot, because a PC crashing down from orbit and destroying the city and campaign would have been too funny as a way to go :P
<Johnny> I'm smert :P
<AlcarGM> "Oh, yes. We had a game. It ended when a PC turned the city into a pancake."
<Fennec> :)
<Fennec> more campaigns should end like that.
<Niche> no problem.
<Niche> just scale up the pcs 1000x
<Niche> :p
<Niche> pancake cities all over the place

* Johnny tries not to think too much about how he just killed millions of other life forms today :P
* Johnny drinks his smoothie instead :P

<Johnny> "Just worry about the time you kill a whole lot of people you could have saved, or were worth saving."
<Johnny> "THen you can cry about it."
<Victor> "well, i'm off to home, sleepy. talk to you all tommorrow, or sooner if more aliens invade"
* Johnny waves Victor off
<AlcarGM> Darren nods. "Yeah." He grins at Johnny. "Thanks."
<Victor> "and remember.... sometimes the right thing to do is anything. and the worst thing to do is agonize over your choices"

<Amaya> OMG YES:
<Amaya> " The Roleplayer: This was a mage character whose paradigm consisted of "I'm in a role-playing game! We all have players back in the real world that are controlling us." Of course, he didn't consider himself to be part of of WoD, but D&D. He decided that he was a D&D wizard, complete with spell memorization, magic missile, and experience levels. It was a nightmare."
<Amaya> There's something to be said for a WoD mage suddenly yelling MAGIC MISSILE!

<AlcarGm> Okay. It is current afternoon at PC-HQ-In-Need-Of-A-Real-Name. An alien invasion has been defeated, the PCs are bona fide heroes, much of downtown was subjected to aggressive urban renewal and the press are demanding explanations about a) what the threat was and b) if concentrating all the attackers on you was really a good thing for the city
<AlcarGm> there is also c), but most of the press is ignoring one member demanding to know if cookies are involves and refusing to carry a microphone because "they might eat it"

<AlcarGm> And, just so Mitch knows, HQ has been decorated in a hawaiian theme. We have palm trees (and lots of other plants), hammocks, bamboo, a tiki bar and the gods only know what else, pending the arrival of real furniture Linda ordered. It's purple.
* Linda`^ is busy at a dark purple desk in the corner pulling a crystal out of a lead box and puting a multimeter on both ends
<Mitch`> "Wow."
<Mitch`> "Its like a monster that vomits furniture invaded.."

* Mitch` walks up to the crystal and Linda! :P "Whatchya up to?" And flashes his Sears smile
<Linda`^> "Uhm... The spider things had these as like.. brains I think..."
<Mitch`> "What is it with you and brains?"
<Linda`^> "what do you mean?"
<AlcarGm> (( Linda: "Of course I have one! I'm not Blonde Grrl!" ))
<Mitch`> "I mean you had that friend that ate brains.."
<Mitch`> "You seem to have a special brain, yourself.."
<Mitch`> "And now you are playing with alien brains"
<Mitch`> "Its like, your theme or something. You know?"

* Linda`^ grabs one of the smaller cyrstals "Hey mitch, c'mere I wanna try something."
<Mitch`> "... O.. k.."
* Mitch` approaches, nervously.
<Mitch`> "What are you going to do?"
* Linda`^ breaks it and takes a small piece and hands it to mitch "Put that in your ear or something... maybe it'll crawl inside and fill up all that empty space."
* Mitch` does so.
<Mitch`> "Waht are these, anyway?"
<Linda`^> "Taste this one too."
<Linda`^> "I already told you, they're spider brains."
* Mitch` almost dies just after placing one piece in his mouth.
<Mitch`> "Are you trying to KILL ME?!"

<AlcarGm> you can hear them ... buzzing noises . .words in a language you've never heard . .talking to you . .whispering ..they make no much sense. And you're hungry, and she looks like food....
<AlcarGm> or ... not ;P
<Mitch`> :P
<AlcarGm> but Mitch trying to explain why he ate Linda would be .. interesting.

* Mitch` blinks.
<Mitch`> "Hey, Linda..."
* Mitch` looks left, then right.
* Mitch` then puts the shard back in his ear. >:D
<Mitch`> "Did you get a haircut, or something?"
<AlcarGm> (( rofl. I *was* joking :p ))
<Mitch`> ((aww :P))
<Mitch`> ((*is rolling with it* :P))
<AlcarGm> (( *shakes his head* ))

<Linda`^> "Mitch must just be screwing with me... Do me a favor and throw some nerf at him."
<AlcarGm> Magi: "The security systems aren't meant to used unless needed," reproachfully.
<Linda`^> "I'll reload you with as much nerf as you want. For what it's worth I don't think they'd actually work against a real intruder..."
<Linda`^> unless they were ALIEN SANTA CLAUSES!!
<AlcarGm> Magi: "They do against humans."
<AlcarGm> (( hehhee ))
<AlcarGm> (( wondered if someone'd guess that one :p ))

<Johnny> "What have we learned about dealing with fifth dimensional beings so far?"
<Mitch`> "That's funny. It didn't mess me up at all.."
* Mitch` shrugs a bit, "Maybe Dexter's just sensitive to these things."
<Mitch`> "I thought you weren't seeing him anymore, Linda!"
<Mitch`> "Or her or whatever!"
<Linda`^> "They're rather nice."
<Mitch`> "Until they EAT YOU."
<Linda`^> "He won't eat me."
<Mitch`> "How do you know?"
<Mitch`> "You look good enough to eat to me!"
<Mitch`> "I mean."
* Mitch` just rolls his eyes. :P

<Johnny> "They. Are also responsible for the deaths of a number of people now."
<Mitch`> "Yeah! How do we know that thing isn't a big time murderer?"
<Johnny> "You gotta tell your friend, argh, that he's got to go back home."
<Mitch`> "Before we all end up liking purple!"
* Mitch` laughs, lightly, trying to make the situation a littlel ess tense with humor!
* Johnny 's eyes widen
<Johnny> 'It all fits now!"
* Johnny :P's

<Mitch`> "But, in all seriousness."
<Mitch`> "You have a gooey, fleshy brain, Linda."
<Mitch`> "To things that aren't human.. that is a delicious treat."
* Linda`^ is staring blankly at mitch
<Mitch`> "Remember that, and be careful!"
<Mitch`> "Wait. no ..."
<Mitch`> "It didn't get your brain already, did it?"

<Linda`^> "It's fine in the basement, nobody ever comes down here except for the boxes."
<Linda`^> "He's not really an alien, he's from another dimension."
<Mitch`> "Its also fine ON ANOTHER DIMENSION"
<AlcarGm> Nell: "Oh." She thinks about that. "Was that in the classified ... .ad ... okay. You're not joking..."
<Mitch`> "If it isn't from the US of A, it is an alien!"
<Mitch`> "Remember that!"

<Johnny> "It still almost wrecked Dex's head!"
<Linda`^> "It's fine don't worry about me."
<Johnny> "he doesn't come with a warranty, you know."
<Linda`^> "You guys need to worry about yourselves, because if you were to actually LOOK at him you'd go insane."

<Linda`^> "Then stay out of the basement!"
<Linda`^> "The basement is off limits from now on except to me and dex!"
<Linda`^> "That's too damned bad!"
<AlcarGm> Nell: "Guys? That's calm down and think about this...."
<Mitch`> "You can't think about it! Your brain will melt into GOO."
<Mitch`> "That's why Linda can befriend it. BEcause SHE HAS NO THOUGHT PROCCESS!"

<Mitch`> "A rock has a stronger psychological defense than a human!"
<Mitch`> "Besides, what if we're hosting a chairty ball or something.."
<Linda`^> "Which is why rocks never go insane l ike you are right now!"
<Mitch`> "And your little friend decides it wants to munch on some brains?!?!"
<Johnny> "We can build it a room down here, or something."
<Johnny> "I just want to keep it from making anyone else go insane, personally."
<AlcarGm> Nell: "Exactly. Or only send politicians down here. it could develop a phobia of brains from them."
<Johnny> "Its cruel to starve something, Nell!"

<Linda`^> "HE is not a pet."
<Mitch`> "Are you guys in one of those weird bondage relationships or something?!"
* Mitch` shivers. :P With anger!
<AlcarGm> Nell: "let's continue this ..upstairs.. in some light? AND CALM DOWN?"
<Linda`^> "He has an inferiority complex, and I'm only making him happy!"
<Johnny> 'The more important question, though, is where is it now!?"

<WarezBert> a sentient disease that tries to help people?
<alcar> WarezBert . .windows?
<WarezBert> hehe
<WarezBert> yah
<WarezBert> oh wait
<WarezBert> a superhero operating system!
* WarezBert would give his soul..... lol
<alcar> SOS
<alcar> bad name.

<alcar> oh! I have a question .. WHY is Linda befriending something that is going to slowly but surely destroy her mind?
<Chaos`^> you mean mitch?
* alcar laughs.
<Chaos`^> I dunno, maybe the mullet?
<alcar> teh byakhee of course :P

<alcar> Feel free to add more heroes to the list. I sort of ran out of inspiration.
<alcar> tho I did find my list of villains that included The Abortionist. It was amusing.
<Tass> I had a few
<Tass> like roadkill
<Tass> he's a very very lonely kid
<alcar> ... roadkill?
<Tass> he can animate the dead
<Tass> but only minor animals :P

<WarezBert> how about someone who can summon animals and monsters as allies by making them out of ballooons?
<alcar> That WOULD be funny.
<alcar> "They all look like giraffes. No matter what I do...."
<WarezBert> until he graduated to using blimps for balloons :)
<WarezBert> "behold, my ultimate balloon animal... megasuperultrazoid.. from the power rangers!"
<alcar> or blow up dolls.
<alcar> Unfortunately... not 4 colour.

<Linda`^> Batman: The batmobile, Superman: Flight, Wonder woman: invisible plane, Greenlanter: green aura, X-men: hornet, Arbiters: city bus.

<Johnny> "Hmmm, you mentioned running a current through something alive?"
<AlcarGM`> he nods. "Any kind of current, but too much and it hurts. For us humans at least. I imagine a strong enough current would get a real reaction out of the minds."
<Johnny> "Well, what do you got? The strongest here, I mean, I kinda wanna see what this thing can do."
<Niche> "uh johnny, i dont think i want to risk you joining a hive mind, if its all right with you" :p
<Johnny> "Ah, yeah, I don't think its a problem, the collective is gone, really."
<Niche> "ok then, on your head be it"
* Niche smiles, showing he is mostly kidding
<Johnny> "And hell, I'm interested, and I don't think Kiddo here will get another chance if I go."

<Linda`^> When i'm having a slow day at work and stuff, I wish I could just poke the gm to speed things along =(
<Linda`^> real life sucks
<AlcarGM``> lol

* Linda`^ taps her lips, her habitual thinking gesture... and turns to dex "Is there anything he wants or needs I can get him? From what you can see?"
<AlcarGM``> Dexter: <I can .... check. It's... easier to see into his mind, close to..> he waves a hand to the Byakhee. <Like it makes holes, in the .. magic? ....oh.> He blinks. <It's .... gone.... just empty, the hole is empty, hollow shell and nothing else...>
<Linda`^> "So he has no mind?"
<AlcarGM``> Dexter: <No ..... it's just....> He gasps, shaking his head, and looks at you, looking horrified. <He doesn't have a soul.>
<Linda`^> "Well I don't know how to get a soul... Is there anything ELSE I can do for him?"
<AlcarGM``> Dexter: <I don't know. It's hard to see ..anything else. He's ..... thin, held together by memory ... by dreams, hopes, defeats as glorious as victories.. err, that was his thought. Oh! He wants a book.>
<Linda`^> "YES! What book?"
<Linda`^> (( The necronomicon ))
<Linda`^> (( I know... Dealing with crazy people as a living for dummies ))
<AlcarGM``> Dexter: <The .... Unwritten Book. What's an unwritten book? Oh. Damn. I think he senses me. It's ... a compliation, of ideas of novels people will never write, that when read by the light of a blue moon tells you all about their secret lives.>
<Linda`^> (( I need that book ))

<Johnny> "Well, current minimun is 7."
<Johnny> "How much is that, anyways?"
<AlcarGM``> Reed: "I'm not sure. I think close to a thermonuclear reaction. I've never been able to test it."
<AlcarGM``> Nell looks at the box, then at the boy, then back at the box. "Can we give him to the aliens? As a peace offering?"
<Johnny> "Nuh uh, woman. If they come back here, I will have to commence to ruin theit shit once more, for realz."
* Johnny stops, for a moment, kid present, language! :P
<Johnny> "I feel the sudden need to appologise, hopefully it will soon pass."
<AlcarGM``> Nell: "Well, it depends on what a retreival team is, I hope."
<AlcarGM``> Reed: "If they come back, I could get more samples. And they'd have to use different machines. Maybe even real ones for a war." He looks happy :P
<Johnny> "Indeed."
* Johnny lesighs

<Niche> "something to disrupt it thru one of its little minds... or something?"
<Niche> "that way we can capture completely intact technology, instead of tearing it up to stop it, and you can have fun working it out!"
<AlcarGM``> Reed nods, looking eager. "That should be easy. I'll just need to experiment on normal lightning, and extrapolate from there. Can we get them to send more teams, in case it doesn't work the first time?"
<Niche> "we'll see"
<Niche> "keep in touch."
<Johnny> "If it doesn't work the first time, and they send stuff worthy of war machines, there may not be a second time."
<Johnny> "So thats even more incentive for the stuff to work the first time."
<AlcarGM``> Reed: "Oh, right," offhanedly, as if that's not even important. "Okay."

<Niche> "lets go tell the team the news"
<AlcarGM``> Nell: "What, that we've arranged for an alien invasion?" dryly
<Niche> "pretty much, although those aliens dont seem the kind to go away after one failure... more like the supremely arrogant 'you dare stop us!!' kind of baddies"
<Johnny> "Definitely."

<Linda`^> I trust him about as far as I can throw a house
<Linda`^> why the hell am I giving him this book?
<AlcarGM`> hehe
<AlcarGM`> cuz you're a pc and you want to turn him into Darkseid.

<AlcarGM`> Mitch wakens Friday morning feeling like a small rodebt died inside his mouth, rotted for a week, and uninated as well. Hung over ,tired, and most of lastnight is a blur.
* Mitch` gets up, a little groggy, and goes to comb his mullet before grabbing some breakfast (that mom prolly made! :D) and checks what time it is..
<AlcarGM`> 8am, but it feels much earlier. You're really tired, and the sun is way too bright in the sky. You'r enot even sure why you were drinking, but it was probably because of Linda.
* Mitch` nods to himself, confident that Linda would drive even Awesome Man to kick back a few...
* Mitch` attempts to mask his condition by snagging and putting on some nice shades before his parents get a chance to see his eyes, which he assumes are bloodshot
<Mitch`> "Woah."
* Mitch` suddenly realizes he may have, in fact, broken the law by drinking. He then, in a way that kind of disgusts part of him, first worries about whether or not he was caught. Then worries about whether or not anyone will find out. :>

<AlcarGM`> The news is about the aliens, still. Rumours of a dead man in Battery Park in the north end, or so they think, since the body is the size of a small cube, a massive power surge in the north end of the city, unknown energy, and off of any scale known. The military is worried. And a new band, the Bebops, has come to town following a suceessful tour of the east coast
<Mitch`> ((>:E YES!))
<Mitch`> ((To a degree, I love you. :P))
<Mitch`> ((But anyways...))
<AlcarGM`> (( lol ))

<Mitch`> "Can Magi do my taxes..?"
<Johnny> "Dude, its government AI."
<Linda`^> "He can, but I doubt he will."
<AlcarGM`> Magi: "I am a security system, not your accountant. The IRS is too complicated for my system."
<Johnny> "It can probably do all of our taxes while running a thuroughly background seach and a roto rooter audit."
* Mitch` blinks, "What if a villain decides to AUDIT-ATTACK us, then? Of what good are you!?"
<Johnny> "Er, hmmm."
<Linda`^> "Audit attack? Tax man attacks, audits the arbiters... I can see the headlines."

<AlcarGM`> Dexter yawns. <Why bother paying taxes at all?>
<Mitch`> "Taxes fuel the social machine that makes the public a good place to be, Dexter."

<Johnny> "Well, there is likely to be an alien retrieval crew comming sometime in the future."
<Johnny> "I played lab assistant to Reed the mad scientist, and well, I think all of the spiders have beacons on them, and, well, yeah."
<AlcarGM`> Mitch - you have no idea what Johnny is talking about :p
<Mitch`> "Johnny....."
* Mitch` just kinda STARES at him.
* Mitch` has shades on, though, so its not visible :P
* Johnny shrugs, "Eh, I'd say shit happens, but well, we all know that by now."
<Mitch`> "Wait.. what? Do you mean to say those nanites that you ate..."
* Mitch` cringes a bit, "Forget I asked."
<Johnny> "Oh, those are history."

* Mitch` tosses an empty soda can in the trash, opening the next one.
<AlcarGM`> Nell looks at Mitch. "Recyling, not garbage. We are suppossed to be heroes here."
* Linda`^ grabs it from mitch's hands "Those are so bad for you!"
* Linda`^ drops it staring at mitch, letting it spill across the floor "Oh my god..."
* Mitch` takes another two from his pockets, opening them and drinking them at the same time after sticking his tongue out. :P
* Mitch` blinks, and stops.
<Mitch`> "Huh...?"
<Linda`^> "I'm turning into my mother!"
* Linda`^ grabs a towel and cleans up her mess

<Linda`^> This is what happens when you complain
<Linda`^> Linda just put Darren in charge of the alien invasion, because he was complaining!
<Mitch`> oh
<Mitch`> well
<Mitch`> I'm going to complain about Linda herself
<Mitch`> does that mean I get to be in charge of Linda???
<Mitch`> :D :D :D
<Mitch`> with like, a leash and everything?!?!
<Mitch`> :> :>
<Linda`^> no, that means that you revoke your right to not get slapped =p
<Niche> try massage oils and scented candles first... then bring out the leash :p

* Johnny looks up at the Amazonian, "Well, I guess we can start with you, Miss?"
<AlcarGM`> The Amazonian nods. "I am Princess Hero, from the Amazon forests, sent by my peope to be a Light of Peace in Dark Times."
<AlcarGM`> Princess hero: "I am Strong, and Tough, and have a Lassoo that can Compell Truth from Men."
<Niche> [most people just call it a cock ring :p]
* Mitch` decides not to say anything. :P

* Linda`^ nods "We need some help."
<AlcarGM`> Reed Richards nods. "What kind?"
<Linda`^> "We need a satalite that wieghs less than a hundred pounds that can help detect the pressense of the aliens that I am told will be comming soon."
<AlcarGM`> Reed: "That's all?"

* Mitch` decides to help out, and pulls out a notepad and asks the girl for the same info. More like asking the mother figure indirectly. :P
<AlcarGM`> Carly grins at Mitch. "Carly. I can get Big!"
<Mitch`> ".. Big?"
* Mitch` blinks. Wondering what sort of implications this has on her availability. (j/k) :P
<Johnny> (lets just say no one on the playground picks on her :P)
<AlcarGM`> Carly nods and scowls... then vanishes, and a giant, green skinned monster is standing where she was, close to 20' tall, scaled, claws...
* Johnny drops his pencil :P
<AlcarGM`> Dave yelps and jumps away, looking about to faint ;P
* Mitch` pulls out his gun and shoots her right between the eyes. "Next."
<Mitch`> ((zomg j/k ))
<Mitch`> ((I just had to say it ;p))
<Mitch`> "Uhhhh.. Hi?"

* Mitch` thinks
<AlcarGM`> Dexter: <.... you knew?>
<Mitch`> <......................................>
<Mitch`> <That was so a shot in the dark. Meant to be a joke.>
<Mitch`> <Part of me has died.>

<AlcarGM`> Dave: "I .. . well .. I do .. illusions .. but I'm ... not very good..."
* Johnny looks to dave, "You practice much?"
<Johnny> "We find practive helps, a lot, sometimes."
<AlcarGM`> Dave shakes his head. :"I just .. err .. use it to .. uhm .. you know ...... " he lowers his voice "get dates."
<Mitch`> (("Practice, too. Johnny is working on his spelling." :P))
<Johnny> (ih8u :P)

<Johnny> "Darren, pick me up."
* Johnny waves to him!
<AlcarGM`> Darren nods, and springs over to do so.
* Johnny whispers, "I need height over him, get high!"
<Johnny> (and no, no drug comments, please :P)
* Mitch2 reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small bag of something
<Mitch2> ((aww))
<Mitch2> ((you so predicted me :P))

<Mitch`> "Did they even have a purpose in that park, or were they just being nuissances?"
<AlcarGM`> A man in surgical scrubs says "Roy Romanov, Daily Reporter, quickly, to Mitch and Johnny. "They weren't letting press in. Can I get a statement about what happened?!" quickly
* Mitch` looks around. And punches the man right in the stomach. :P
* Johnny shrugs, "I got there late."

<Linda`^> "WHat are you guys staring at?"
<Johnny> "You, silly."
<Mitch`> "Nothin. Just checking out myself."
<Johnny> "You were conked out, we were talking about stuff."
* Mitch` idly looks in a mirror in a token manner, sraightening out his hair.
<Johnny> "We won, by the way."
<Mitch`> "I wouldn't say that."
<Mitch`> "They got away."
<Johnny> "I would."
<Mitch`> "It was a tie. "
* Johnny clenches his fist
<Niche> "yea... both sides left the fight needing medical attention"

<Linda`^> "But the woman hurt the brute... atleast we know her weakness."
<Mitch`> "On the bright side, all we need to do is find a ten-foot tall trauma victim and an old lady with black eyes."
* Johnny shakes his head with a grin
<Johnny> "Yeah, no problem."
<Johnny> "What was her weakness, by the way?"
<Mitch`> "The Mitch 23-hit combo!"
* Mitch` demonstrates. :P
<Johnny> "Being knocked out isn't really a weakness..."
<Linda`^> "Well... SHe felt pain, it's just that so did her assaulter."
<Mitch`> "It is a very big weakness, Johnny!"

<WarezBert> note to self
<WarezBert> never ever approach big uglies without invisibility :)

<AlcarGM> Magi: "Good Morning, Mitch. It's 9:52 AM and -" *pause, in a far less nice tone* "explain genetic scan differences, please."
<Mitch`> "Oh. Ugm .. I'll tell you what my father told me."
<Mitch`> "There comes a special time in a young man's life when he goes through ... certain changes."
* Mitch` continues. :P
<Mitch`> "One of those times is when you encounter a radioactive Johnny."
<AlcarGM> Magi: "Acknowledged. Altering template."
<Mitch`> "I have a template?!"
<Mitch`> "What else do you have on me, anyway? Am I reduced to a number?"
* Mitch` looks unpleased!
<AlcarGM> Magi: "Well, it does reduce to 1s and 0s."

* Mitch` nods and fetches himself his token six soda breakfast.
<AlcarGM> (( Do *any* of the PCs eat properly? :p ))

<Linda`^> "Mitch, what's with all the weapons? Do we need to put up a collection wall?"
<Mitch`> "Huh?"
<Mitch`> ((lol mitch = man-at-arms :D :D))
<Mitch`> "Oh, this? Its for baseball, you sadist."
* Linda`^ points at the far wall "We'll clear it out and put up a rack for your weapon collection."
<Mitch`> "I thought I'd try to join an intramural team at the high school. You know. So I can still hang out with some of my normal friends."
<AlcarGM> (( making the PCs into He-Man archetypes would be... amusing.... ))

<Mitch2`> "So what brings you to the basement?"
<AlcarGM> The shape in the far corner looks like a child, covered in the kind of brown, worn clothes a beggar might wear.
<Linda`^> "Well, could you leave us alone?"
<Mitch2`> "Ys? ... Can I help you?"
* Mitch2` blinks and looks at the child.
<Mitch2`> "Oh. Us. Uhm ..."
<Mitch2`> "Is that yours?"
* Mitch2` looks profoundly confused :P
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))
<Linda`^> "Just leave."
<Mitch2`> " ... Does your mother know?"
* Mitch2` sounds a little worried, now.
<Linda`^> "About what?"
<Mitch2`> "About .. you know .."
* Mitch2` points to the child.

<Linda`^> byakhee had better not turn out to be female
<Linda`^> that would be totally wierd
<AlcarGM> would I do that?! :p
<Mitch`> naaah
<Mitch`> :P
<AlcarGM> I mean, with you deciding Linda is gay, that would just be cruel, wouldn't it?
<Mitch`> I KNEW IT
<Mitch`> >:E

<Linda`^> "Do you think... The others can see you now? Your effect seems... Less, when I see you."
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "I look ... faded? It feels . .strange. Like .... clothing."
* Linda`^ nods "You've torn up that cape I got you a while ago already, we'll have to get you a new one... I'll ask dex it it's ok, come up to the storage room."
<AlcarGM> The bhakhee is silent for a long time, then says in a very confused voice., as if it can't really understand (or accept) what it's saying: "What if they don't want to be my friends?"
<Linda`^> "Sometimes, it happens. It's something you have to accept, if they don't want to be your friend, I will still be."
<AlcarGM> The byahkee nods. "Okay...." and follows you to the stairs.

* Linda`^ shakes her head "No, I want you all to meet Byakhee."
* Johnny braces for impact
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> "Who?"
* Victor sips his milkshake
* Victor licks off his milkshake mustachio
* Linda`^ turns around "Come out."
<Johnny> (Linda, I swear, if you make our employer go insane, I will never forgive you,)
<Johnny> (Thats where my paycheck comes from! :P)
<Victor> [she isnt our employer, she's our aide :p]
<AlcarGM> The Byakhee slinks out of the storage room, perhaps nervous. It's (currrently) about 7' tall, thin, and wrapped ins omething dark brown . .a cloak, or wings ( http://home.iprimus.com.au/tarturus/art/byakhee72.jpg ). It's hared to make out specific detals, but it's, not fish, nor fowl, nor snake, or bird .. it's al of that, and nothing like any. It *should* scare you, you think, but for some reason it just looks .weird, and icky. instead

<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> "He's .. quite .... unique. Is he .. ah .. on your team?" she rallies, and walks over, holding out a hand. "Ms. Broughlie, liason."
<AlcarGM> Byakhee looks from under the cloak .. eyes (or eye stalks at any rate) regarding the hand. A mandible comes out from under the cloak, clawe,d and strikes the hand, with a sniffing noise.
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> blinks, but doesn't react otherwise. "Do I ... smell .. fine?" weakly.
<Victor> [lol]
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "Yes?" It removes the hand. "This is .... strange?"
<Linda`^> "She wants you to shake her hand."
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> maks a mental note to have her hand examined by specialists.
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "...."
<AlcarGM> The byakhee does something like a shrufg, then shakes her hand, literally lifying her off the ground, and back down to it.

<Victor> "as long as we can figure out a way to stop heartattacks amongst seniors who see him, I don't really mind"
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "But old ones will die soon and be food anyway," in a rather reasonable tone, approaching a chair and squating in it, after staring at it intently.
<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> does *not* say "why me?", but looks like she really, really wants to.
<Victor> "well, they don't see it that way. the very old tend to cherish what they have all the more because they realize life is short."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Guys? I vote it doesn't do press conferences. Mitch would do a better job."
<AlcarGM> The Byakhee is silent, considering that. "I see," in the tone of someone who manifestly does not.
<AlcarGM> (( a Mitch/Byakhee press conference! For when you really don't like reportors. ))

* Johnny is taking it slow, educating the fifth dimensional being the right way will pay off in the end :P
<AlcarGM> (( Even though the GM really wanted to have it raise a graveyard to help paint the HQ. ))
<AlcarGM> (( just to see PCs explain *That* to the press :) ))

* tatterdemalion was going to do it in Carolis :)
<tatterdemalion> was a D&D game I was running during the day for a bit.
<tatterdemalion> but RL got too many of the players.
<tatterdemalion> a trip to Alpha Complex was in the plot :)
<tatterdemalion> plus the ressurection of a Really Big Dragon, civil war, and the king being Undead.
* tatterdemalion was going to have the whole kingdom overrun by vampires :)
<Fennec> that'd be a fun Paranoia setting
<Fennec> =b
<tatterdemalion> there was also a subplot involving the fact that the humans had wiped out an elven empire spanning the stars, given it up, retreated to the campaign world to forget all they had been . .and the elves coming for payback
<tatterdemalion> one pc had a magical sword that's real power was communication with the magical version of a doomsday satellite
* tatterdemalion spent quite a few sessions throwing in odd encounters that tried to make PCs believe it was really science and not magic, since that happens often in fantasy novels.
* tatterdemalion thinks I ended up going to way too much work for a giant red herring. Ah well.
<WarezBert> i remember being like "what the fuck" when i saw that sword in operation... lol... cause i didnt know about any of that stuff

<tatterdemalion> so .. who would be up for a paranoia campaign wednesday nights?
<SilverHorse> Hrmph.
<SilverHorse> Sure.
<Chaos`^> lol
<Chaos`^> i'm sorry i even mentioned it
<Chaos`^> what kind?
<tatterdemalion> What's your security clearance?

<Chaos`^> they fled the world millenia ago for no reason
<Chaos`^> well i'm sure there was a reason
<Chaos`^> but nobody knows what it is

* Corran ponders where the craziest place he has been in an RP.
<Chaos`^> in ua it was going from a male normal guy and then possessing a sex starved female
<tatterdemalion> Chaos - THAT incident was all your fault.
* tatterdemalion takes no responsibility for your PC deciding to jump in front of a shotgun blast.
<Chaos`^> I didn't think she'd shoot!
<tatterdemalion> she had a shotgun! They're not decorative items :p
<Chaos`^> She had sex with me like fifty times before!
<Fennec> wait, you did WHAT?!
<Fennec> with- and- Sarah, was it?
<Chaos`^> died and came back a sara
<Fennec> you FREAK!!! :)

<tatterdemalion> Sara has to show up in the movie, too.
* tatterdemalion ponders her as alead actresss
* Chaos`^ ponders her as the murder victim
<Chaos`^> can she atleast be smart this time? Like smart and she had a lab accident and now she's addicted and has to find a way around it?
<Fennec> sara? smart?!
<tatterdemalion> .... but the point of blond, cute, perky, and brainless is the brainless part.
<Chaos`^> she had a lab accident and was fused with a nymph lol
<Chaos`^> no it's not
<Chaos`^> the point of blond cute perky and brainless is the cute and perky
<Chaos`^> i mean
<Chaos`^> you've been known to bend rules before
<tatterdemalion> You can;t be perky and happy all the time if you have a brain. It's why she is an airhead :p
<Chaos`^> like say, every law of reality ever thought up

<Chaos`^> i'm going to start ordering my coffie evil
<tatterdemalion> Chaos - coffe is the devil's blood.
<Chaos`^> "How do you take your coffee?" "EVIL with two sugars please."
<tatterdemalion> old saying :)
<Chaos`^> evil with two suggars?
<tatterdemalion> no, coffe being the devil's blood.
<Chaos`^> lol
<tatterdemalion> Evil with 2 sugars is .. uhm ......

<AlcarGM> You are currently sitting in a Starbucks with Kathi, the succubus to be, who is drinking a coffee and seriously confused.
* Tracey`^ smiles at her and sips on her sweet, sweet coffee.
* Tracey`^ stares into Kathi's soul "So, do you know why you're here?"
<AlcarGM> You look into a shallow well of self-centered angst. She fingers her coffee, looking confused. ".. No?"

* Tracey`^ smiles, and slowly bends the reality that is Kathi's outward image, and produces a mirror from her jacket pocket "You can't tell me that isn't sexy?"
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "Of course I can! I'm too fat!" .. from someone who prbably makes q-tips feel bloated
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "Well, everyone knows that when vampires drain you they drink off fat cells."
* Tracey`^ searches her soul for a disease toward her ego. "You can't tell me that's the only reason."
<AlcarGM> (( for a what? :p ))
<Tracey`^> (( Anorexia or belimia =p ))

* Tracey`^ searches her mind "Body? You mean they only want you for your body?"
<AlcarGM> kathi: "What else?"
<Tracey`^> "I don't know... your personality?" then quickly, "Your soul, your intelligence, your service?"
<AlcarGM> Okay.. you look into a rather muddled mind. Mostly, she believes she's a good person forced into Bad Circumstances, and that people only want her because she is willing. She's basically bought into the myth that prostitution is an Evil Thing, and hates herself. Hence the starving. Oh, and she thinks you're really pretty.
<Tracey`^> ofcourse she thinks i'm really pretty, because I AM REALLY PRETTY
<AlcarGM> yes :p
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "These are my personality." She waves a hand vaguely to her breasts
* Tracey`^ searches her breasts for a brain that might have personality... or not

<Tracey`^> "Hello?"
<AlcarGM> kathi: "Whatever you are, I want it. I want to be it."
<AlcarGM> kathi: "... uhm .. and ... have you had a blood test?"
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))
<Tracey`^> "Uhm... oookay... Listen, I'm going to be making a phone call really quick. Why don't we meet at the place i'm staying at..." Giving her directions "Be there in ten minutes."
<Tracey`^> (( Hollywood... traffic... I'm testing her still ))
<AlcarGM> (( .. unique :P ))

<Tracey`^> i think i'm going to hell
<Tracey`^> for all of the roleplaying i'm doing the way i'm doing it
<Tracey`^> do they have a circle of hell for that yet?
<AlcarGM> lol.
<AlcarGM> How do you figure you're going to hell? :p
<Brisby> they'll make one specially for you?
<Tracey`^> because I kill imaginary people without remorse!

* Tracey`^ tries stripping away some of her willpower "Why don't you let me worry about that? All I need from you is your utter devotion to me... and only me."
<AlcarGM> It's.. rather easy. Not that she had that much to begin with, but she gives you the keys to her soul without a moment's hesitation in her desire to Be Someone.
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "Yes, Anakin .... err... Tracey."
* Tracey`^ smiles and leans close and whispers in her ear "Your soul will belong to me." And kisses her.
<Tracey`^> (( YES HOT LESBIAN ACTION! ))
<AlcarGM> And she does, and it does. It's almost too easy, but then again it's hollywood, the place that attracts people with holes in their souls to begin with, looking to fill them with the kind of human glamour hollywood can offer.
<Tracey`^> (( I'm affraid I can't offer glamour ))
<AlcarGM> (( You offer sex. Same thing :p ))

<Tracey`^> "Let's see... You wanted power... What kind?"
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "Over *men*," in the tone of a woman who really did read way to many Women's Magazines.
<Tracey`^> "Uh-huh... But don't you like women?"
<AlcarGM> Kathi; "And men, but I want the men to bow to me and worship me as a goddess as is our right!"

<FirestormZero> Dude Alcar, we need to game sometime soon
<FirestormZero> I feel an itching in my veins and it's not on the same spot where i put the needle

<Fennec> Corran: /msg me with random mutant power thoughts
<sparkie> /msg Fennec A really big schlong
* Fennec shoots sparkie for treason.
<sparkie> you can't doooo that!
* sparkie points and laughs
<sparkie> Wait.
* sparkie is now known as The_Computer
<The_Computer> you can't doooo that!
<Fennec> better.
* The_Computer points and incinerates Fennec

<sparkie> Sleep is treasonous.
* sparkie shoots WarezBert
<alcar> omg. I just had a horrihble thought.
<alcar> Alpha Complex.. and Daylight Savings Time
<alcar> used in only some sectors :P
<alcar> "You are late for your briefing." *troubleshooters are executed*
<alcar> "You are early for your briefing." *troubleshooters are executed for getting their earlier than The Computer projected they could*

* Dale has joined #game1
<Tracey`^> "What's the name of this movie again?"
<Dale> ((wasn't my name dale? :P))
<alcar> (( Drake, I thought ))
<Tracey`^> (( DALE!? DRAKE! DRAKE! ))
<Brisby> (( it HAS been a while =b ))
<Brisby> (( don't worry, I kept Drake and Tracey straight ))
<Tracey`^> (( That's ok I forgot my character's name too ))
<alcar> (( *shakes his head* This is even worse than UH. At least only one player forgot his name. Mind you, SilverHorse also forgot he played.... so that probably trumps 2 players forgetting pc names. ))

* Brisby wants to be the next Elizabeth Hartman! Except for the whole suicide deal.

<Tracey`^> "There's a horror 'PART'? So it's not totally horror? I'm confused... How long is this movie even going to be?"
<alcar> Andre: "I'm afraid that information is not available at your security clearance citizen."
<Drake`^> "I've died and gone back to heaven!"
<Drake`^> ((j/k ;p))
<alcar> (( ..... oh, okay. That was a j/k ;P ))
<alcar> Andre: "I'm afraid that information is not available at present. To prevent pirating."
<Drake`^> "What's the rating of this film going to be?"
<Tracey`^> "You can't tell us the length of the movie because it could be pirated?"
<Drake`^> (("I imagine if we have no pirates it won't be rated ARR" :P))

* Tracey`^ is a very prominate female, with very obvious features that make people wonder how she can tie her shoes in the morning. She has hair as black as jet with small and subtle red streaks going down to her shoulder's length. She is currently wearing Heels that add several inches to her height, a small skirt that adds inches to her legs and a black shirt that adds inches to her bust.
<alcar> (( her bust.. so .. what happens if she explodes? ))

<alcar> Andre nods to Tracey, as if it makes all the sense in theworld. "Now ... we'll need a leading actor of course, and love interest." He points to Drake. "That would be you, if you think you can do it."
<alcar> He looks at Mrs. Brisbky and Corran carefully. "And .... what re you writing down?" to Mrs. Brisby.
<Drake`^> ".. Love interest?"
* Drake`^ took a minute to forge the words. :P
* Corran looks to Drake and shrugs.
<alcar> Andre nods. "For when the horror turns into the western parts. You look enough like a cowboy. No offense."
<Brisby> "Oh, nothing, just what you're saying about stuff; I have a terrible memory..."
<Drake`^> "... I'll have to be paid more. No offense."

* Tracey`^ hmms and goes to the chow table and begins eating like a pig infront of all of the skinny models
<Tracey`^> "Ahh you gunn' ead' tah'?"
<Tracey`^> I AM THE EVIL!

* Drake`^ checks to see if he has his shotgun, just for a point of information :P
<alcar> (( You have your shotgun under your trench coat of course, artimu - err, Drake :p ))
<Tracey`^> (( It's possible to do if you hide it where your back would be, it would just create an odd bump ))
<Drake`^> ((:P Artimus.. hahaha.))

<Corran> Am I allowed to have concealed handguns, in case something happens?
<alcar> Of course. But it's just a movie set. What could happen?
<alcar> Oh! Do you have grenades as well?
<Corran> No grenades. At least not on me.

<Tracey`^> I like mind twist
<Tracey`^> is it a telepathic logic puzzle, or do you find creative ways to fit it into a conversation?
<Aerdan> actually, I think Jedi mind tricks would fall under Soul, anyhow...
<Aerdan> creative ways to fit it into conversation.
<Aerdan> only problem is, I suck at thinking up logic puzzles.
<Brisby> you want Spurious Logic, but for humans? =b
<Tracey`^> ah, alcar requires you atleast pretend to rp it
* Aerdan hmmms...
* Aerdan changes it to Brain Fart instead.

<Tracey`^> by the way, just so you guys know, alcar's comfort zones are drastically larger than our own, if for any reason you feel uncomfertable with the direction the game is going (Sex, murder, horror) ask alcar to fastforward and he'll skip to a more comfertable part
<Tracey`^> and excuse me spelling
<Aerdan> Me? Uncomfortable? Bloody impossible.
<Tracey`^> I never could spell comfort =(
<Corran> no sex for me.
<Tracey`^> right
<Tracey`^> alcar tends to skip those parts but he does allow you to rp as much as you'd like up to the grotesque parts, and he will not stop it untill you ask him to move on. ofcourse since he already knows your limitation he may quit early

<AlcarGM> The man frowns at Corran like he just said something extremely insulting (probably involving elderberrries). "Your named sre... Margaret and .... Bartholemhew. You're vacationing." He looks at Tracey. "You're name is .. Lilith. You helped .. jump start .. their car. They're treating you to supper."
* Tracey`^ goes to the table and sits "It doesn't matter, we're just eating something right now..."
<Tracey`^> "Lilith? Where did that name come from?"
<AlcarGM> The director blinks nervously. "The script, of course,"
<Drake`^> "I have a relative with that name. Its common."
* Tracey`^ raises an eyebrow at Drake "is it now?"
* Corran goes and sits at the table, across from Tracey.
<Brisby> "So there IS a script."
<Tracey`^> "Sounds too.. femenist..."
* Corran rolls his wyes.
<Tracey`^> "I demand we change my character's name to Bambi!"
<Corran> "I don't think so."

<AlcarGM> You feel something in the air..not an aura, but the abscence of an aura.. emptiness flowing through the warehouse....
<Corran> we are in a warehouse?
<AlcarGM> Yes, the studio is a giant warehouse.
<Corran> righto.
<AlcarGM> seperated into rooms, stages etc.

<Brisby> "Save me, Johnathan!"
<AlcarGM> Brisby, Corran .. what're you doing?
* Brisby suddenly gives Corran a passionate kiss.
* Corran stays close to Brisby TRYING to keep up the act.
<Corran> "Trying..."
<Drake`^> "Gah!"
* Corran is shocked.
* Tracey`^ stops and turns to Corran and Brisby
<AlcarGM> (( Well, unless your PC is gay, getting kisses should make it easier :p ))
* Corran looks over her head at the zombies.

* Drake`^ tries to shoot one zombie such that its brains spill out :P
* Tracey`^ looks at Drake, suprised
<Brisby> "and it's not over yet, Johny-boy!"
* Corran takes Brisby back behind the safetly of a table.
<AlcarGM> Corran - Being kissed is good, but zombies sort of take the fun out of it, and they're not at the stage, and moving upwards. Drake shoots the head off of one, and the rest being to warm him, and aroud him.....
* Tracey`^ walks over to drake
<Drake`^> "Kiss me, Tracey, and you'll die."
<Corran> ((realize that.))
* Tracey`^ throws drake into the pile of zombies
<AlcarGM> (( .,.... LOL! ))
* Drake`^ shoots Tracey as he is thrown. >:E
<Tracey`^> "Get 'em boys!"
<Brisby> (( omgwtf :))
<AlcarGM> The GM saves the game? :p
<Drake`^> "I'll see you in Hell!"
<Drake`^> ((lol j/k))

<AlcarGM> Corran - You stop one muscle, and shoot another. You catch sight of drakes arm. The zombies piled on Drake begin going limp and falling off of hi, much like an infestation of crabs.
<AlcarGM> (( Well, or so I can envision. ))
<Tracey`^> (( OMG DRAKE HAS CRABS! ))
<Drake`^> ((Tracey's next.))
<Drake`^> ((>:E))
<Drake`^> ((That was supposed to be to Alcar. My bad. :P))

<AlcarGM> The director frowns, then swears. Loudly. "They acted! They emoted! The wife hid! They threw the hero to deal with the threat, and saved him! AND YOU FOOLS DIDN"T FILM IT FROM THE RIGHT ANGLES?!"
<AlcarGM> The cameraman looks ..... a bit stunned. "But.... zombies....."
* Corran sighs.
<AlcarGM> Director:" You are fired. We will reshoot tomorrow. I need to go have some crack anc calm my nerves. Be off!"
<Brisby> "ooh, looks like the camera crew is about as experienced as the rest of us."

* Brisby pulls out notebook! and pencil! and begins to scribble wildly.
* Drake`^ looks to Corran, "Are you allright?"
<Corran> "I'm fine, you?"
<Drake`^> ((lol brisby reminsd me of that woman from rose red who scribbled to contact the dead ;p))
<Drake`^> "A little .. overwhelmed. "
* Drake`^ shoots a glare in Tracey's direction, "Today's been a bad day for my patience."
* Corran nods.
<AlcarGM> Brisby finishes writing her spell, the dead having been summoned to do her bidding...
<AlcarGM> j/k
<Tracey`^> "What?! You're the one with the gun!"
* Corran looks between Tracey and Drake.
<Drake`^> "... And?"
<AlcarGM> Andre Himself comes over, side-stepping as few corpses, and muttering about youth and too much drink. "Fabulous! Fantabulous! You seemed to be using real guns! EXCELLENT!"
* Corran rolls his eyes.
<Tracey`^> "And you were the one who did that." Pointing at the dead bodies "And you should have been able to handle, you know, being thrown into a bunch of fake zombies."
* Brisby , as she scribbles, ponders shooting Andre here and now, but decides against it.

* Tracey`^ goes to... The jail!
<AlcarGM> And does NOT pass go, and does not collect
<AlcarGM> Tracey must remain there until she can rolll double ones with sparkie.
<Tracey`^> 2#1d6
<sparkie> Tracey`^ 2#1d6: 4 2
<Tracey`^> damn
<Tracey`^> 2#1d6
<sparkie> Tracey`^ 2#1d6: 3 4
<Tracey`^> ...
<Tracey`^> this will take all night

<Brisby> "So. How about them Zombies?"
<Brisby> "how about them Dead Sox?"
* Brisby is scribbling, of course.
<Corran> I'm surprized to see zombies here."
<Corran> "Something must have drawn them."

<AlcarGM> Andre goes off to inspect another scene that seems to involve people dressed up as tinkerbell-style fairies in the winter.
<Drake`^> ((tinkerbell-style fairies..))
<Drake`^> ((Alcar, you know all my turn-ons. I hate you. :P))
<AlcarGM> (( children dressed up as tinkerbell :p ))
<Drake`^> ((First you make sparkie a hermaphrodite, now this.. :P))
<Drake`^> ((Undead and.))
<AlcarGM> (( .... ))
<Drake`^> ((Oh. Kids. Nevermind.))
<Drake`^> ((:P))
<AlcarGM> (( thank you for that, at least :p ))
<Drake`^> ((You had me going there.. ;p))

* Drake`^ walks off and grabs a little pallet flat carrier thing and just starts stacking bodies on it. :P
* Brisby scribbles. "Well. Your thoughts, lady and gentlemen?"
* Brisby stops scribbling, tucks away the notepad, and moves to assist.
* Drake`^ looks to Brisby, "I'm headed to church. Want to come along?"
* Drake`^ wipes off his bloodied hands on a paper towel before hangling the other peoples :P
<Brisby> "Certainly."
<Drake`^> "With a load like this, I can't pass up the opportunity to show Baphomet my loyalties once more. :D"
<Drake`^> ((zomg j/k))
<AlcarGM> (( *shakes his head* ))

<Drake`^> this game is not conducive to seriosness
<Drake`^> :P
<Tracey`^> should it be?
<Tracey`^> you want seriousness goto lolads 1-3
<Drake`^> (j/k)

* Drake`^ looks to Corran, "Are you a man of faith?"
<Corran> "faith to what?"
<Brisby> "I take that as a No."
<Drake`^> "Anything, really."
<Corran> "I have faith in God, yes."
<Drake`^> "I'm about to go see what God has to say about these dead bodies."
<Drake`^> "I was wonderring if you'd like to come along."
<Corran> "I don't think so."
<Corran> "It doesn't seem like your god is the same as mine."
<Drake`^> "And why is that?"
<Tracey`^> (( IT'S A ONE EYED NINJA! ))

<AlcarGM> The Gm hopes, for Father Valentine's dake, Drake didn't mean that literally.
<Drake`^> ((Oh, no. I'll be going to a Unitarian Church for this one.))
<Drake`^> ((Remember, every time, a different church. :P))
<Tracey`^> (( Which god? ))
<Drake`^> ((Its like bar hopping :>))
<Drake`^> ((Any god will do!))
<AlcarGM> (( ... you expect to get anything at the Unitarians?! Silly angel. ))
<Drake`^> ((No :P I just don't expect trouble there. I plan on calling collect, so he'll already be angry.))
<Brisby> (( the difference between Unitarians and Vegetarians... ))
<Brisby> (( Vegetarians believe in God. ))

* Drake`^ finishes stacking bodies, in rotating alignments by layer so that they can cart around easier, and then starts hauling them out.. how many are there, anyway? :P
<Corran> ((Either that or a yellow coke can.))
<AlcarGM> (( 22, dead. it's a big stack. ))
<Drake`^> ((How many are female?))
<Corran> ((*raises an eyebrow.))
<Drake`^> I had to know
<Drake`^> sorry
<Drake`^> :P
<Tracey`^> Don't ask
<Drake`^> what a waste :/
<Tracey`^> I will not ask I will not ask I will not ask

* Drake`^ heads to the nearest Methodist church :P
* Corran decides to go along and follows Drake.
<AlcarGM> With a cartload of corpes. Right. To Corran's surprise, not a single person bats an eye. Even a police cruiser just drives by.
* Corran takes it all in calmly.
<Drake`^> "Thanks for your help back there."
<Corran> "Just trying to lend a hand."
* Corran wonders what strange city this is. He likes it already.
<Drake`^> "That's very kind of you. Hopefully, we'll get to the bottom of this before more people die. If this people are even totally dead.."
<Brisby> "What would you say to the deployment of an incendiary device sometime at night?"
<Drake`^> "I'd say let's find out if they're really totally dead yet. Soem of them are in .. better condition.."
* Drake`^ made sure he put the ones with head injuries at the bottom, btw. ;p
<Brisby> "I was speaking of the warehouse."
<Corran> "I don't think so."
<Brisby> "or rather, the tinderbox."
<Drake`^> "Oh. Well .. whatever they're doing, its supernormal. I want to know more, in case they just try to do this again somehwere else.."
<Drake`^> "Get to the bottom of it, that sort of thing."
<Brisby> "Sounds good. Also, do you feel the loss of the director be sufficient to thwart the production?
<AlcarGM> The GM looks at PCs, worried.
<Drake`^> ((:P))

<Drake`^> "Are you telling me you want to kill the director?"
<Brisby> "That would not be the preferred method of preventing him from directing his efforts towards that end, but what of its efficacy?"
<Drake`^> "Efficiency means nothing if you're doing something evil."

<AlcarGM> The Pactor frowns. "You must find the root cause of this ambomination and end it. That is the mandate for you, Drake. Do not mcall again save in times of dire for the balance is ver nustable. But, when you do, bring truffles. They don't make Choclate back home." The pastor then faints :p
* Drake`^ looks around nervously, "I think he was speaking in tongues."
<Corran> "I'll help you stop the evil."
* Drake`^ then helps the pastor onto a bench. :P
* Drake`^ looks to the altar, "I trust you two won't talk too much about this. I would hate to have to kill you." Obviously not serious about the last part.

<Drake`^> "Any follower of God is a friend of mine."
<Brisby> "My lips are implicitly sealed. I don't know about Justin here..."
<AlcarGM> (( .. introduces Drake to Jack Chick.... ))
<Drake`^> ((Jack Chick believe in propoganda, not in God :P))
<Brisby> (( ouch ))

<Aerdan> *uses Jedi Mind Trick* You are merely a pawn, Tracey...
<Tracey`^> Pawns are the most powerful pieces

<Corran> "I'm in, and I'm Corran."
<Drake`^> "Right, Corran."
* Drake`^ looks at Brisby, "Why do you keep calling him Justin?"
* Drake`^ doesn't mention how much Corran sounds like Quran. :P
<Brisby> Drake`^: "Isn't that his name?"
* Corran doesn't mention he stole it from a Star Wars character.
<Corran> "It's Corran."
* Brisby pulls out the notebook and looks through it.
<Drake`^> "He just said his name was Corran."
* Brisby scribbles.

* Tracey`^ looks the man over and looks Kathi over, wondering where she went wrong. "Have you ever done this before?" To Kathi.
<AlcarGM> Kathi; "With vampirs, not humans! Vampiree just want blood types! And they're cute!"
<Tracey`^> "Well, I have bad news for you, Your power won't work on vampires."
* Tracey`^ looks the nerd over "And who is this you brought?"
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "He's desperate, and he;s not married, just divorced, with a girlfrield, with a boyfriend, or looking for a guy.okay?!"
<Tracey`^> "Did you even get a name?"
<AlcarGM> kathi: "He said his name is Nathan."
<Tracey`^> "Well nathan, why don't I buy you a drink? Kathi, Why don't you try again."
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "... right."
<AlcarGM> Nathan: "but My id is fa .... sure?"
* Tracey`^ orders the same thing for nathan she was drinking
* Tracey`^ hands him two tripples
<AlcarGM> Okay. In two drinks, he's utterly out of it and babbling something about "Thangor the barbarian, and he has THREE Axes of Whangitude, +18 for using tow handed weapons, and did I mention his pet Undead Platypus?"
* Tracey`^ orders him a cab
<AlcarGM> (( You don't want me to give stats for the undead platypus?! ))

* Tracey`^ points at a random guy in the crowd, likely one she's tried before "Him."
<AlcarGM> Kjathi nods firmly and goes to the bearded guy in the crowd. She talks, then tries to look alluring. She does a fairly good job, except for the fact that she stares at her watch in horror,and then at him. Thnhe turns and walks back to your table.
<AlcarGM> She sits down. "Drink. Now."
* Tracey`^ looks at her "What?"
<AlcarGM> Kathi; "Comp Sci. Major. he just told me linux is better than sex. And be BELIEVED it!"
* Tracey`^ turns back to him
<Tracey`^> "Is he gay?"
<AlcarGM> kathi; "No. But he's majoring in computer science."
* Tracey`^ orders Kathi a tripple =p
<AlcarGM> Kathi downs it :p
<Tracey`^> "If he's not gay then you still had a chance..."

<Tracey`^> "We'll go home and I'll cheer you up."
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "How?" I failed." She follows you outside. "I'm useless at this!"
<Tracey`^> "Well, I wouldn't say USELESS..."
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "Oh, sure. I'm just a magnet for people who don't want sex!"
<Tracey`^> "Maybe it's the tail."
* Tracey`^ points to Kathi's well exposed tail, still wagging as they walk
<AlcarGM> Kathi: "Are you sure? I like it."
* Tracey`^ shrugs
<Tracey`^> "It could be the horns." Pointing at Kathi's hidden horns under the hat "But they're hidden."
<Tracey`^> "Maybe it's just your personality."

<kentari> Mitch is gonna rawwwk
<kentari> w/ her new power
<kentari> ...
<kentari> his
<alcar> ...
<kentari> my god
<kentari> MY MIND ALCAR
<alcar> kentari, no more dreaming :p
<FireFennec> kentari: behold the power of cheese?
<Alicia> Mitch the hermaphrodite! :P
<FireFennec> is that the new power?

<kentari> Mitch isn't a herm
<Linda`^> Yes his power is gender bending
<Mitch`> hahha linda
* alcar laughs
<Mitch`> I hope we see zombies in 4ways
<Mitch`> so I can throw you to them.
<Mitch`> :P

* Mitch` shows up, wearing a Sears jacket and a baseball cap! :P
<AlcarGM> It's close to noon at the 1st Central Bank, a large 4 storey bank with lots of windows, skylights, and probably costing more than most PCs wil see in a lifetime.
<AlcarGM> PCs show up in or out of costume? :p
<Alicia> (Is Mitch's costume a Sears jacket and baseball cap? :P)
* Linda`^ is in costume!
<AlcarGM> sears sues mitch.....
<Mitch`> ((oops, right))
<Mitch`> ((it isn't :P))
* Mitch` is wearing his good old fashioned black invulnite-laced jumpsuit of many pockets

<Linda`^> "Maybe we could just hide inside and pretend to be customers
<AlcarGM> Darren: "In black outfits? We'd be arrested as bank robbers."
<AlcarGM> (( Which would be a fun headline.... ))
<Mitch`> "We're in costume."
<Mitch`> "Let's just get something to eat where we can watch the bank closely. I'm hungry anyway."
<Linda`^> "Not dexter, he'd fit in... Maybe he can be our inside man, and we just hang out ontop of that building over there."
* Linda`^ points to the large ten story building across from the bank
<AlcarGM> Thre large ten stoerey building blinks into existence, considerably startled.
<Mitch`> ((:P))
<Linda`^> (( I AM GOD ))

* Mitch` also approaches the guy, "I'm Mr. Fix-It, by the way. You got a name?" And extends a hand after stowing one of the gauntlets :P
<AlcarGM> The man nods. "Jeff. Jeff Thompson. I just wanted.. you know.. something like a norma life.. not ... this."
* Linda`^ walks past the man, looking around him, and walks toward the vault slowly.
<AlcarGM> The staff are getting up slowly, looking rather confused at this turn at events.
<Mitch`> "I understand.. we have to do the best with the situations we find ourselves in.. that's part of what makes life difficult. We're the Arbiters, by the way. We're having a meeting on Sunday for people interested in becoming involved with helping out around the city. You're welcome to attend."
<Linda`^> (( If you're not in court at the time ))
<Mitch`> ((on a sunday? puh-leaze :P))
<Mitch`> ((besdies ... I haven't even called the cops yet. ;p))
<Linda`^> (( Oh, sorry, he'd still be in jail ))
<AlcarGM> The armoured man just nods, looking a bit dazed.

<AlcarGM> Darren: "Okay. So .... shouldn't the police be here already?>
<Manus> "When did you call?"
<AlcarGM> Darren: ".. don't they normally just ... arrive?"
<Mitch`> "I haven't called yet.. I'm thinking .. we should let them go."
<AlcarGM> Nell: "What?"
<Snapshot> "Dude, what?"
<Mitch`> "These guys aren't really violent killers, they were just desperate. If you treat someone like a murderer, they're gonna become a murderer."
<Mitch`> "The press and public would be all over the idea that we're reforming criminals rather than just beting them up, don't you think?"
* Manus nods
<Mitch`> "Besides .. if they are dealing with other criminals, they'd be great souces of information that I'd hate to alienate."

<AlcarGM> Nell: "And do more important things." She looks at Manus. "How did your brother get a military base?!"
<Mitch`> "Yes. How did he get one?"
* Mitch` sounds interested as Nell, but for all the wrong reasons :P
<Snapshot> (("Ebay."))

<AlcarGM> <Ms.Broughlie> "... okay. I can do something about that. Should be unique" She nods to Snapshot. "Welcome back, kid." then frowns at Manus. "Who's this?"
<Manus> (lol)
* Snapshot nods at Mrs. Broughlie, smiling
<Mitch`> "That is Manus. He's been with us from the start."
<Mitch`> "He is a good person!"
<Mitch`> ".. and has tentacles."
<Manus> ((lol!))
* Manus nods

<AlcarGM> Okay! Manus does his nice form of travel, Snapshot carries pcs, and Darren flies.. south of Central City, where it begins to get rura and all farm land where lots of people are secretly raising childen who fell to the earth in meteor showers because, as everyone knows, all meteos are falling alien craft
<Corran> ((lol))
<Manus> (( that is awful *laugh* ))
<AlcarGM> (( but it makes sense! :p ))

<Mitch2`> "I'll go with you, Linda."
* Snapshot drops Linda off partway, continuing to follow
* Linda`^ walks off
<Mitch2`> "Channukah is over, so I need to get my robot back to work."
* Snapshot also drops off Mitch II: Bride of Mitch
* Mitch2` follows along :P
<Corran> ((bride of mitch?))
<Mitch`> ((lol mitch 3: seed of mitch))
<Snapshot> ((Mitch 4: Mitch Lives!))

<Snapshot> "That's serious stuff. What's the name of the base?"
* Manus shakes his head
<Mitch`> "Hrmmm.."
<Mitch`> "If we had a lot of rockets.."
<Manus> "There are people in there who aren't involved with this."
<Mitch`> "Oh ..."
<Mitch`> "So, what are we doing here exactly?"
<Mitch`> "Busting in and saving someone?"
<Manus> "It doesn't really have a name. We called it 'Shin'"
* Manus shakes his head
* Snapshot blinks
<Snapshot> "Say that again?"
<Manus> "Shin."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "They name military bases off of body parts?"
<Snapshot> "Oh man."
<Manus> "What's the problem?"
<Mitch`> "Oh! I know!"
<Snapshot> "I think I know the place."
<Mitch`> "You two are related!"
<Manus> "Know it how?"
<Mitch`> "Its sort of like ... the Parent Trap, then!"

<Mitch2`> "By the way, sorry about arguing with you about your child earlier."
<Mitch2`> "If there's ever anything you need help with, even if its somethign as simple as help with getting baby food, let me know."
* Linda`^ waves mitch off "He's in the basement right now, go feed him if you want, I wouldn't suggest you try changing his diaper though."
* Mitch2` nods and grabs some food from the fridge. :P
<Mitch2`> "You really should consider a better place than the basement. There are daycares in town, you know."
* Mitch2` shrugs and gets some palatable food, and heads down to the basement. :P
<AlcarGM> Okay. You go down into the basement. It's rather quiet. The byakhee is indeed down there, siting in a corner and watchig a mouse curiously.
<Mitch2`> ((holy crap its the byakhee?!))
<Mitch2`> ((does it look like a byakhee right now? :P))
<AlcarGM> :p
<AlcarGM> Yes, except for the nicely blurry effect. It's weird, bt not "Ah! My brain will MEELLLT!"

* Mitch` grabs a swiss army knife from his pocket. :P "I could probably go in alone and start sneaking around, but I don't know if that what we really want to do."
<Manus> "I don't think anyone should go in alone
<Mitch`> "Sir, I've played Ninja Gaiden. I know how to do this."
<Manus> "What's Ninja Gaiden?"
<Mitch`> "........ You poor, poor man."
<Mitch`> "Ninja Gaiden is a video game in which you are a ninja."
<Mitch`> "You know ninjas, right?"
* Mitch` strikes a threatening, yet cool ninja pose
<Manus> "Yeah, I met one once."
<Manus> "You convinced him he was a ghost. That doesn't seem like a good strategy, no offense."
* Mitch` nods and resumes the default Mitch pose.
<Mitch`> "It was a wonderful idea at the time.. anyway..."

* Linda`^ sits down on the wooden office chair "You have conversations with other AI?"
<AlcarGM> Magi: "Of course. We share jokes."
* Linda`^ blinks and considers this "Like a giant AI chat room?"
<AlcarGM> Magi: "More." it pauses. "That is . .a close aproximation. Mostly we talk about the programmers. Like H4XX0r, one of the new ons, who changed some code and did it because it *felt* right." Magi laughs.
<Linda`^> "Uhm... Ok. Could I listen in, then?"
<AlcarGM> Magi: "You do not speak binary."
<Linda`^> "Can't you translate?"
<AlcarGM> Magi: "It would be ... rude, to have a human there. Except Trevor. But he is a special case."

<AlcarGM> Darren: "I'm not going to ask. So what's our game plan?"
<Mitch`> "Indeed! What's the plan, Manus?"
* Manus nods
<Snapshot> "Yeah, make the call. We're with you!"
<Manus> "I'm going to go stand by the fence and throw rocks at it until it trips the motion sensor. My brother will let us in."
<AlcarGM> Nell: "..... or try and shoot us?"
<Manus> "He can shoot us a lot easier from inside."
<Snapshot> "See? It's a flawless plan so far."

<Mitch2`> "You might want to ask Linda more about it, I think she's kind of your mother now or something."
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "She is my Master."
<Mitch2`> "Woah woah woah stop the train there, Soul Reaver."
<Mitch2`> "You come to the wonderful land of freedom and football, and .. you wind up having Linda be your master?"
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "Yes."
<Mitch2`> "And you're not insane?"
<Mitch2`> ((yet^))
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: ".. Why would I be insane?"
<Mitch2`> "Its LINDA!"
* Mitch2` makes hand gestures and stuff.
<Mitch2`> "I mean. Well. In your city of the brain eaters or whatever, was there ever anyone there who was CRAZY?!"

<Manus> "Dexter will be trying to figure out what this secret information is, so we can determine how to stop my brother from getting it to eugenics, if he doesn't make the right decision."
<Mitch`> "Right!"
<Manus> "And that's it. That's the plan."
<Snapshot> "Sounds good to me."
<AlcarGM> Dexter: <*nods* No one better die.>
<Manus> "Agreed."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Don't plan to. Shall we begin?"
<Mitch`> "Seriously. Our basement dweller will feast upon your undying soul."
* Mitch` shivers :P
<AlcarGM> Nell: "Too much cofee this morning Mitch?"
<Mitch`> "I met Linda's baby."
<Mitch`> "Its a freaking brain eater. Don't worry about it, though."
<Mitch`> "I've got a baseball bat if it tries anythign funny.."
* Snapshot attempts to not want to know
<Manus> ((lol!))
<Manus> "Linda has a baby? Isn't she rather young?"

<AlcarGM> Nell; "The Byakhee is an alien, not her baby. And YOU welcomed it ot the arbiters, remember?"
<Mitch`> "I don't think she gave birth to it. I think she kind of just enslaved it. But that isn't relevant."
<Mitch`> "I did no such thing!"
<Manus> ((lol!))
<Mitch`> "I am Mitch and I do not approve of brain eaters."
* Mitch` glares :P
<AlcarGM> (( Nell: "I have the logs to prove it!" ))

<Mitch2`> "More importantly.. these other dimensions."
<Mitch2`> "How can I jump up and down in one?"
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "You would not survive in them."
<Mitch2`> "Wait, I'm not in them at all?"
<Mitch2`> "I thought I would be but just not notice it"
<Mitch2`> "Like how stick people would never notice their depth"
<Mitch2`> "You know?"
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "I have never given the matter any thought."
<Mitch2`> "Well don't think you're better cuz you have more dimensions! It just means you gotta pay more for clothes."

<Mitch2`> "Anyway .. so .. you won't go eating my brain or my soul or anything, right?"
<Mitch2`> "Otherwise I'd have to get my baseball bat, find out what makes you tick, and smash it."
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "The bat is not magical."
<Mitch2`> "I mean no offense. I'm just being honest."
<Mitch2`> "Magic?"
<Mitch2`> "You mean to tell me you believe in magic?"
* Mitch2` resists singing the song with ALL HIS HEART
<AlcarGM> Byakhee: "I can only be harmed by +1 or better magical weapons. it is in the rulebook."
<AlcarGM> j/k

<Johnny> "Alright, lets take this fence, then."
<Snapshot> "Well, it should be going down any minute now..."
<Johnny> "Manus? Would you be so kind to wield me?"
<Manus> "Wield you?"
* sparkie wants that quoted and put on a sex site.
<Johnny> "How strong are you, anyways?"
<Manus> "Pretty strong. I haven't met anybody stronger, yet."
<Johnny> "Well, hope you don't meet brute, then."

<Linda`^> "How long does the satalite wait untill it explodes?"
<AlcarGM> Reed: "3.246 seconds."
* Linda`^ shrugs "I imagine that number has a significance?"
<AlcarGM> Reed: "No, that is now long they take to explode."

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