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<alcar> He walks over. "I'll need names and addresses, as witnesses to the event. We'll be able ot keep her overnight, at the very least."
<Hugh`> "My cousin here will probably be leaving tomarrow, but I can give you my address."
<alcar> :Lance: "I'll need his address anyway, and phone number for our records." He looks at Boy #2. "Are you all right, kid?"
<Hugh`> (( "Uh... these arent the droids you're looking for?" ))
<alcar> Boy #2 regards him warily, not liking the gun smell, and just nods, moving closer to you.
<alcar> Lance: "I'll need your name, and where you live."
<alcar> (( poor lance :p ))
<Hugh`> "He's... mute, unfortunately."
<alcar> Lance looks surprised. "Dead as well?"
<alcar> .. err.. deaf :p
<alcar> (( Lance pulls out his gun. "That wasn't a typo. Damn GMs..." ))
<alcar> Boy #2 shakes his head.
<Hugh`> (( "Why, yes, actually... if death certificates are to be believed. Which they aren't." ))

* Hugh` heads for home, feeling unsatisfied by the lack of aliens. Unless they fireflies really were aliens. In which case I'm sad I didn't get to communicate with them.

<alcargm> Okay, Hugh goes to sleep. Sometime around four am boy #2 stops outside the door, stares at it, remembers you're not his brother, and finds some blankets and curls up on the couch, wishing the shadows would stop telling him about his brother and hoping the scuttling noises aren't real. For the first time in his life (that he remembers) he find himself wishing the sun would come up.
<alcargm> and - end of session - :p
<alcargm> unless you feel like doing sunday morning stuff, or something.
<alcargm> Tho you're missing a crow girl in an oak tree.
<Hugh`> (( oh wait, you meant the front door, right? ))
* alcargm had meant the bedroom one :p
<Hugh`> (( with the locking ))
<Hugh`> (( cause the bedroom door I leave ajar. ))
<Hugh`> (( oh no, Im not smart enough to lock that one. ))
<alcargm> Oh, my. Okay, we'll sa he doesn't come in anyway, just because rping the result would be, well, weird :P
<Hugh`> (( so feel free to have me be raped to death, or whatever. ))

<alcargm> and I have not run attempted sedduction by 10-14 year old boy of a half alien at least 10 years his senior before, tho. And, come to think of it, I never planned on it. Should be weird.
<alcargm> TGho, for the sake of collective sanity, this night will be him just wanting comfort while trying to sleep, Normally.
<Hugh`> (( so long as we agree cannibalism and beastiality are ok, we're all set. :P and no, I dont know what thats supposed to mean. ))
<Hugh`> (( nighty night. ))
<Hugh`> (( dont let the Boy 2 bite. ))
<alcargm> Just sleeping beside a warm body, for comfort. Rather than other things :)

<alcar> Yeah. Amber is fun, but it's not a beer and pretzels rpg
<aslhk> *laugh*
* aslhk nods
<aslhk> that was before the celebrations began
<alcar> Well, not if you want to have friends.
<alcar> "But you just stabbed me in the back!" "This is Amber. You're lucky you even know it was me."
<alcar> "But I thought we were freiends!" "This is AMBER. I already told you that. A friend here is an enemy you haven't discovered yet."
<aslhk> alcar: the proper response to that is, "We *are* friends!" +P
<aslhk> alcar: "It was for your own good!" =P

<AlcarGm> Okay.. we left off with Hugh having gone to sleep and not locked the door to his bedroom. For some odd reason, he didn't feel any need to.
<AlcarGm> As the GM is feeling benevolent, Hugh is NOT killed in his sleep. Or anything else'd in his sleep, for that matter.
<AlcarGm> Hubert Brown wakens from a decent nights sleep to hear some birds chirping, sunlight coming in the bedroom window and most of the sheets on the other half of the bed, in a large lumpy shape curled up next to him.
* Hugh` wakes up, and is actually surprised that he's not alone in his bed.

<AlcarGm> Boy #2 comes out of the bedroom just as you've finished doing up dishes (or stacking them on the counter to evolve into new lifeforms).
<Hugh`> (( cleaning. ))
<Hugh`> (( Hugh's tidy. ))
<AlcarGm> (( Megan: "I know you're not human. No high school bachelor keeps a clean house!" ))

<AlcarGm> Fiona McCall: "George Bailey? Good enough. Joe is .... well, you'll hear soon enough. He's dead, son."
<GeminiRai> (( "So he won't be in to fix my window?"))
<Billy`^> "He's what? Oh my god! That's terrible! How did he die?"
<AlcarGm> Fiona McCall: "We don't know yet. The coroners office is still examing the body."
<Billy`^> "Oh... Well I'll watch the paper to see what's happened.. Thank you, goodbye."
* Billy`^ hangs up quickly
* Billy`^ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<AlcarGm> Hung up way too quickly.

<AlcarGm> Debbie: "What did you do to Marc?", taking a step towards you. Alex grabs her arm and squeezes it warningly as she clenches her fist.
<Hugh`> "Oh, Marc. I didn't do anything to him. He started acting strangely at about the same time that wild dog attacked the party."
<AlcarGm> Debbie: "A wild dog doesn't cause someone to lock themselves in their bedroom!"
<AlcarGm> You notice Alex start slightly at the mention of the dog, almost guiltily (if that's even a word)
<Hugh`> "Perhaps he's afraid of dogs? Maybe he's gotten into drugs? ((Maybe he has some weird black hole in his head that almost killed me?)) I don't know, I barely know him."

<Billy`^> "Hey, how are you this morning?"
<AlcarGm> Jane considers that thoughtfully, then grins. "Alive. It's such a fun feeling."
<Billy`^> "Oh, I know how that is... So you weren't alive before?"
<AlcarGm> Jane: "Of course. But not awake. It's better, being awake." she waves a hand out to the street. "That's the best thing about the world. We don't matter."
<Billy`^> "What's the best thing? Being awake? So you're saying you're asleep?
<AlcarGm> Jane grins ."No, knowing that we don't matter. All this. The world, everything. It keeps on going, if we're here or not. It doesn't matter if we live, or die." She smiles slights. "That's the real miracle, you know. The only one. We're allowed to experience being alive."
<Billy`^> "Well, actually I don't, but that's ok.. Right? Because I don't matter?"
<AlcarGm> Jane frowns. "You don't think you matter?"
<Billy`^> "You just told me I don't matter."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "But we do matter, in our own stories. But the story goes on without us. We get to be part of it, to add our song to its, to be a spark of being. What else is there?"

<AlcarGm> Marc finally manages to pull the bed away, breathing heavily, and looks about to start and stops, looking for the knife in confusion.
<Hugh`> "If you're not going to talk to me, I'll have to try to find out whats going on with you the other way. Which is definately a bad idea, but *shrug*"
<AlcarGm> Marc holds his hand out for the knife, as if seriously thinking you'd, hand it to him. Blood and sweat have mixed on his face, but if it hurts he's not reacting at all.
<Hugh`> "Okay then, have it your way. And if I die this time, I'm blaming you."
* Hugh` goes brain-delving.

<Hugh`> (( ok, this is bad. Marc is essentially protecting a Very Evil Thing from some other Very Evil Thing. Splendid. ))
<AlcarGm> (( Well, the thing in the Hole scared away the Voice. That might be good. ))
<AlcarGm> (( and you did kill the Revenant inside your shadow, which ruins a great subplot involving your shadow going out and murdering people :p ))
<Hugh`> (( well, it seems a bit scary when the thing you're protecting scares the thing you were protecting it from. ))
<Hugh`> (( LOL! ))
<Hugh`> (( thats almost as bad as me being a clockwork. ))

<Billy`^> "Well, stealing is wrong... But some people do it anyway... *cough*likeme*cough*
<AlcarGm> Jane: "it's wrong?" She stops, looking astonished. "Why?"
<Billy`^> "Well, because people who have worked for it don't have it anymore. Then they worked for YOUR money... so that makes it wrong, and makes them mad."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "But what if they don't work for it, like ... bosses? Or pirates?"
<Billy`^> "Well, Pirates steal, and bosses DO work, but it's called easy work..."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "But they get paid more than those who do hard work." she frowns. "That is stupid. You're all slaves."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "But you have ice cream, so I guess it's all right."
<Billy`^> "Yeah, but I'll only buy if you give me the play by play of what happened in the tent with the demon."

<AlcarGm> marc is very frusterating NPC wise. This is his idea of being open with someone....
<Billy`^> lol
<Billy`^> <AlcarGm> Marc regards you warily, distrustful, then abruptly sits down on the bed, not looking at you.
<Billy`^> that's open?
<Hugh`> of course
<AlcarGm> for him, yeah :P
<AlcarGm> He's an introverts introvert :)

* Billy`^ shrugs "I mean... I didn't really ask for the gorey details, I just want to know how you knew there was a demon.. and when it came.. and what it did... I don't care what it looked like.."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "Oh, that's easy. Demons always want bodies. It's their fetish. And she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time." Jane shrugs lightly. "it could have been something else, I guess."
* Billy`^ shrugs
<Billy`^> "That's half of what I wanted... So maybe i'll get you half an ice cream."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "That's just silly. I've never understood the human drive for answers. Why can't you ever understand that sometimes there is no answer, that the world would be boring if everything was known and explained?"
<Billy`^> "Well... The other half was when did this happen, I mean... Whatever... You don't have to get pissy."
* Billy`^ walks over to the ice cream guy and orders a sundae
<AlcarGm> Jane sticks out her tongue at you. "I didn't know, because I didn't want to. I don't want want a demon invading my personal life either."
<AlcarGm> The ice cream guy nods sagely. "I had an ex wife like that."

* Billy`^ takes the ice cream and give it to Jane
<Billy`^> "Where to next?"
<AlcarGm> Jane takes it, licking it off carefully. "Wow! Oh, wow!"
* Billy`^ sits down and waits for Jane to finish
<AlcarGm> Jane: "This is ..... and baskin robbins have over 30 flavours?!" incredeously. "Why do you people look for enlightenment when it's right here. This is good!"
<Billy`^> "And you yell at me for wondering too much."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "30 flavours. What more is there to need?" .. and you're not sure if she is joking :p
<Billy`^> "Let's go on the faris wheel, I wanted to try that out last night, never been on one before."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "That sounds fun, though it might be a letdown after heaven. Why didn't you get one?"
* Billy`^ shrugs "I'm not sure."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "The ferris wheel can wait," firmly.
<Billy`^> "I guess I'm trying to watch my figure. If you indulge yourself too much you could end up like that." Pointing to a fat woman walking by "People don't tend to like that. You have that hourglass figure right now, so You gotta watch out."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "but she's pretty. She's full of life."

* Billy`^ shrugs "'These humans' as you put them, only see her body."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "What else are you suppossed to see?"
* Billy`^ shrugs
<Billy`^> "They have different tastes than you, and it can hinder your abilities too, letting yourself go."
* Billy`^ gets up and orders a sundae for himself
<Billy`^> "The real trick is pacing... If you go too fast your heaven can turn into hell like" snaps fingers "That."

<AlcarGm> Nope, Alex is outside, waiting at the car .. and talking to Lance, of all people. Alex looks annoyed.
* Hugh` curses inwardly.
* Hugh` tries to slip away down the street without getting spotted.
<AlcarGm> <Lance Christensen> turns, as if feeling your presence, and smiles. It's not a nice smile. "Ah! Hubert. I tried to call you eariler, but the line wasn't working. Oddly enough, I had a friend at the grocery store call and he got through just fine." He looks at Alex. "You'd best have witnesses to say you were at the party Friday, Mr. Anderson. Good day." He walks over to you. "How is your.. cousin?"
<Hugh`> "Ah, he was a bit shaken up afterward, but he ended up sleeping fine."
<Hugh`> (( "In my bed." *cough* ))
<AlcarGm> (( best not go there :p ))
<AlcarGm> <Lance Christensen> nods. "I've been meaning to come by your place and ask you some questions about early last night. I can give you a lift, if you'd like."
<Hugh`> (( grr... it sucks how trying to knock him unconscious with a rock would probably go over badly. ))

<Billy`^> when'd you guys start... nine?
<Billy`^> we've gone 6 so far
<Billy`^> another 12 would be 18 ><
<tatterdemalion> yeah :p
<Billy`^> omg
<Billy`^> Let's do it
<Billy`^> When'd this start? Anybody keep a time log?

<AlcarGm> <Lance Christensen> "When will your cousin be available to ... answer more questions?"
<Hugh`> "He won't. His parents picked him up this morning. I told them about it, but they said they didn't want to get involved."
<AlcarGm> <Lance Christensen> raises an eyebrown. "That's against the law, you know," calmly. "Do you have a number I can reach them at, or do you want to be brought in for aiding and abetting?"
<AlcarGm> (( *snickers* ))
<Hugh`> (( ok, police hate has been reinstated. ))

<AlcarGm> The ferris wheel has a long lineup, naturally, mostly older couples.
<AlcarGm> One old man is saying somethig about "$5 for a ferris wheel ride? Since when did nostalgia become so expensive?!"
* Billy`^ looks in his pocket for
<AlcarGm> His wife pats his arm. "Inflation, dear."

<AlcarGm> <Lance Christensen> "You know, I'm starting to believe there are no parents," very calmly, with that creepy smile on his face again. "Something was off about him, you know. Black eyes."
* Hugh` folds his arms. "Who?"
<AlcarGm> <Lance Christensen> "He had black eyes," with the same unnerving smile. "And he looked afraid. So, I'm left to wonder if he's homeless, and alone, and you're a kind stranger who beats him, to get the black eyes, and keeps him at your place."
* Hugh` smiles condesendingly. "You're eyes don't literally turn black if someone hits you, they get purply around the edges."
<AlcarGm> <Lance Christensen> "That's what I was referring to," carefully.
<Hugh`> "So, that whols theory is preposterous."
<Hugh`> "...Oh."
<AlcarGm> (( and somewhere, the GM laughs very evilly ))
<Hugh`> (( bastard! ))

<tatterdemalion> Jane kisses you again, on the lips, when you reach the top of te wheel. It's a rather hesitant, unsure kiss, and she pulls bck from it to watch your reaction worriedly
* Billy`^ smiles at her "Well, you're getting there." warmly
<tatterdemalion> Jane: "Could we ask her for tips?" looking down at a seat 2 chairs behind you.
* Billy`^ doesn't look "Sara is special."
<Billy`^> "You could ask, but you'll get a more straight answer than you want..."
<tatterdemalion> Sara is there, with an ex-football player, making out. ...

<Hugh`> (( I'll just kill him later. ))
<Hugh`> (( rather than here on the street. ))
<tatterdemalion> (( he's harfd to kill. Witness his many incarnations throughout worlds :P ))
<Hugh`> (( that just makes him an archetype of sorts ))
<Hugh`> (( not necessarily hard to kill ))
<tatterdemalion> (( masterless man, so would be. j/k ))
<Hugh`> (( I want my next pc to be Masterless Man ))

<tatterdemalion> <Lance Christensen> 's smile widens, almost shark like. "Very well. But, on gronds of ethnic neutrality, I'd say that you can't wear shades in the room answering the questions we give you. Reading eyes is always important. So, we can do it this way, or you can take me to him and we do it the easy way. Either way is fine by me, boy."
<Hugh`> "Fine. But not right now. Is 6pm fine by you?" *with more than a hint of malice*
<tatterdemalion> <Lance Christensen> "Why then?"
<Hugh`> "Because I'm busy."
<tatterdemalion> <Lance Christensen> "Doing what, hiding evidence?"
<Hugh`> "That's my business. 6pm, take it or leave it."
<tatterdemalion> <Lance Christensen> stares at you carefully, then nods once. "So be it."
<tatterdemalion> He calmly waks away, humming "We are the champions" to himself.
* Hugh` wishes for a sniper rifle.

<AlcarGm> <Alexander> pulls down your road, heading towards your place. "What about you? being alone can't be healthy, unless you're a mad bomber?"
<Hugh`> (( "Damn, you figured it out... Hey, what's your address again?" ))
<AlcarGm> (( hehe ))
* Hugh` shrugs. "I'm used to it."
<AlcarGm> <Alexander> "Sure you are."
<AlcarGm> <Alexander> pulls to a halt at your driveway.
<AlcarGm> <Alexander> "When you're ready to join the human race, give a call."
<Hugh`> "Thanks." *jumps out*
* Hugh` (( makes a note to call him up later and ask to be taken to their leader. :P ))

<AlcarGm> The bar is not too crowded, since it's noon and most people wait until later to have drinks. Jillian is there, and drinking some imported beer from Magonia, wherever that is.
<AlcarGm> Shawn O'Malley is there, serving drinks to some regulars from the normal bar, talking to strangers cheerfully, and refusing, firmly, to serve drinks to a young kid who looks a bit like George and you place as his younger brother, Harry, after a bit.
* Billy`^ walks over to her, and sits infront of her
<Billy`^> "So do you charge anything?"
<AlcarGm> Jillian: "The liver is evil. It must be punished. Have a drink."

* Billy`^ goes to the kitchen and fixes lunch thinking
* Billy`^ goes to his room and gets in his best looking outfit
<AlcarGm> You make lunch easily, without dice rolls. You eat, answer natures calls. And then you get dressed, put on your best vest. You look very nice. Like extreme rice.
* Billy`^ goes to Jill's work
<AlcarGm> (( the last part of that was an obscure Jer tribute few would know about ;) ))
<AlcarGm> What does Jill do for work? Does she work hard or shirk?
<AlcarGm> You know I'm drifting when I'm trying to do everything as rhyming.

<AlcarGm> You find Sara at the fair with ease. She's still at the Ferris Wheel, others would call her a tease. There's a lineup a quarter mile long and lots of laughter at love's siren song.
* Billy`^ looks at sara... "FUCK.."
<AlcarGm> Sara is on the ferris wheel, with half the football team. It's kind of surreal. She's the me in team, it seems.
<Billy`^> ok alcar
<Billy`^> this neesd to stop

<AlcarGm> The sundae man smiles his cones melting in the sun and greets you warmly
<Billy`^> This man is pissing me off
<Billy`^> Can i punch him in the teeth?
<Billy`^> This fucking smile!
<Billy`^> it's like on those commercials
<Billy`^> where they smille and hand you a melted cone
<Billy`^> and they have the sparkle
<Billy`^> and all you wanna do
<Billy`^> is kick their ass
<AlcarGm> never seen em :p
<Billy`^> me either
<Billy`^> but I can imagine

<Billy`^> "I want... An absenthe sundae cone..."
<AlcarGm> He pauses a while, wishing for cheery blossoms, and blinks at you. "Are those legal here? Not that I really care, mind. B ut it's a drink for spring."
<Billy`^> "It looks fucking springy to me.. GIVE ME THE FUCKING CONE!" or not
* Billy`^ sighs "Well, give me whatever you got, then."
<AlcarGm> "We have chocolate, and mint fresh from the garden. Even vanilla. Do you like them all? We offer a large sundae for these muggy days."
<Billy`^> "Whatever. Yeah, give me a large... banana split."
<AlcarGm> he hands you the food feeling sad for banaads ripening too fast.
* Billy`^ takes it and gets away from the freak as soon as he can
* Billy`^ looks at the split and eats it, savoring every last bite
<AlcarGm> he waves bye to you, wondering if it's the heat: noone likes haiku

<AlcarGm> You eat the food, ad the GM promses to stop with poetry prose, or even purple prose.
<Billy`^> prose i can do, poetry, no
* Billy`^ is eating his banana split
<Billy`^> "Damn clowns."
<AlcarGm> The sun has past it's zenith and the children are laughing, their shrill cries filling the air like the last whisper of a dying Hyena. Clowns file past, their faces gone with greasepaint, eyes hollowed out mockeries of cheer, grins stapled on even now like christmas sales associates holiday smiles.
<AlcarGm> (( that sort of thing :p ))
* Billy`^ looks at one and goes south of the fair tossing his trash in the nearest waste basket
<AlcarGm> You finish the split easily. And its surprisingly good, or maybe you're just hungry. The sound of the styrofoam container striking the bin evokes images of starving children in a place you've never been and can't be bothered to care about. Time is passing, but you feel like you're standing still since you're now on a deadline.
<Billy`^> ok
<Billy`^> I lied about the prose

<alcar> Hrm... I think I snhould have slept more.
* alcar is having visions of an abortion clinic where they put the babies back in. Or at least babies, at any rate...
<alcar> I mean, imagine waking up one day and your baby is there trying to crawl back inside you
<aslhk> lol
<alcar> And, for best effect, you're the father. "Daddy, I want to meet my brothers that never were."

<Gemm> well, first you are your own drug alcar, and now I believe you are your own disease.

<Hugh`> "Oh well, guess we'll just have to hope we can get your brother to take out his agressions on him instead of me." *smirks*
<alcargm> Boy #2 bites his lip. <I could try and .. make it stronger, but your house doesn't like that.> Then blinks, surprised, thinking about his brother returning, and you get hope.exlectation/fear/desire/terror mingled together under that. <Oh. I never thought of that,> and under that, the thought that you could be more like boy #1 than you seem, and .. it might be bad?
<alcargm> Followed by a great deal of confusion, since he's never thought of his brother as bad before. <It won't stop him.>
<Hugh`> "Who, Lance, or your brother?"
<alcargm> Boy #2 <My brother.>
* Hugh` nods. "Yeah, we really need to figure out a way to get him to stop being mad at me..."
<Hugh`> (( "I mean, all I did was convince his obedient slave and source of power to kill him... you'd think he'd cool off by now." ))

<Hugh`> "Well, could always try religion, then. I mean, the whole notion of a soul is a religious belief anyway, so he could try praying for one."
<alcargm> Boy #2 looks interested at that. <To who?>
* Hugh` shrugs. "God. Allah. Buddha. Satan, even. I don't think it matters that much."
<Hugh`> (( Can you tell Im athiest? :P ))
<alcargm> Boy #2 brightens at that, looking happy. <I was called Satan once! Can he pray to me? I'd give him one.>
<alcargm> (( You forgot Bob Barker :p ))
<Hugh`> "Wait, who called you Satan, exactly?"
<alcargm> (( and Elvis. ))
<Hugh`> (( "You don't secretly have cloven feet, do you?" ))
<alcargm> Boy #2: <People,> and you get an image of a house, somewhere.... mountainous? and it dissolving, into nothing, and a crowd of screaming people, and guns....
* Hugh` blinks. "Ah."
* Hugh` was slightly worried for a moment. :P

<Hugh`> "Well, I'm not sure... Dieties tend to be invisible, by necessity. It takes a lot of fanatical belief to pray to a god who is actually of flesh and blood."
<alcargm> Boy #2 mopes and just nods, dejected.
<Hugh`> "Plus, I'm fairly sure it doesn't work so well if you boss around your dieity on a daily basis..."
<alcargm> (( If all else fails you can build one.... ))
<Hugh`> (( what, a soul? ))
<alcargm> (( god :p ))
<Hugh`> (( oh, drat. ))
<alcargm> (( Boy #2: <But people do that all the time, what with praying and demanding results> .... except it's not him :P ))
<Hugh`> (( "yeah, but they usually don't get those results, do they? I think I've made my point." ))
<alcargm> Boy #2: <It would?> anxiously. <Could you be his god? Then he wouldn't kill you!>
<alcargm> Boy #2 waits a bit then squirms, as if trying to prevent something, then says <Much>
<Hugh`> "Well, he'd have to worship me for me to be his god, and if he wants to kill me, he probably wouldn't."
<alcargm> (( Boy #1 reads about christianity and then Hugh is screwed :p ))
<Hugh`> (( "Uh, whats with the huge cross in my yard? Hey, wait a second..." ))

<Hugh`> "Well, who knows, maybe all you guys need is to be be blessed or baptised or something, then you'd be more human."
<Hugh`> (( Even if we cant figure this out, hopefully we could distract Boy 1 with an offer of "Ill help you keep trying to get a soul, if you don't kill me." :P ))
<alcargm> Boy #2 blinks at that, surprised. <Can we?! Can we?!> eagerly.
<alcargm> (( True :p ))
<Hugh`> "It's probably worth a shot."
<alcargm> Boy #2:<WHEN?> then <Sorry. Loud.>
<Hugh`> (( several hours later: "How was I supposed to know you'd burst into flame? You said crosses didn't bother you..." ))
<Hugh`> (( "Waitr a second..." *sniffs, glares at the priest* "Since when do you baptise people in gasoline?!" ))

<Hugh`> (( lol, like I said... unitarians first, they tend to be more accepting. Plus, if the guy is/was a satanist, he might be better suited to this dilemma. ))
<alcargm> (( 20 minute walk through woods to edge of town, where it is. Unfortunately, walking along with someone wraps in blankets might confuse people, if they see you. Not too likely, since everyone is likely at the Germaine Family Circus ))
<Hugh`> (( I can always say he's possessed, or something. But then, the catholic church would be better for that :P ))
<alcargm> (( Yeah :p UBt better in a more permanent way :p Their Exorcist method would be gun to the head :) ))
<Hugh`> (( wow, I really dont want to go there, now :P ))
<Hugh`> (( "You say the lad doesn't have a soul? *chuckle* Why that's silly, everyone has--" *stares at Boy 2* "Sister MArgret, please hand me my shotgun." ))

<alcargm> <David Brown> "Oh. Look, I didn't mean to offend i - you," to boy #2. "This is just.... how does he talk to you? or does he at all?"
<Hugh`> "Oh, well, it's just a little trick of mine. But yes, we can comminicate."
<alcargm> <David Brown> "Who else can he ..... communicate with?" He staring at your sunglasses, wondering what is under them....
<alcargm> Boy #2 finally pulls away, still looking hesitant, and sits down again.
<Hugh`> "His brother. We're the only two."
<alcargm> <David Brown> "And where is his brother?"
<Hugh`> "Well, he's currently dead, in a way, but we expect him back tonight."
* Hugh` says that as if he had said he's at a friend's house, or something :P
<alcargm> (( ...... you know, here I was expecting "out of town," or somethng, I dunno, rational.... ))
<alcargm> <David Brown> "...."
<Hugh`> (( I'm being frank with this guy; more likely to get results. ))
<alcargm> <David Brown> "Dead? In a way?"
<alcargm> (( or drive him into an asylum :P ))
<Hugh`> "Yes, they don't seem to die in any sort of permanent way."
<Hugh`> (( well, yeah, but if he's nuts, he'll be more likely to try more unconventional methods to get these guys a soul :P ))

<alcargm> <Hugh`> "You'll feel better in a second." *holds up a hand, and tries to hold him in place against the wall* .. .that's suppossed to help?!?! :p
<Hugh`> It keeps him from punching Boy 2 in the face.
<Hugh`> Or, say, running to the phone and calling the police.
<Hugh`> Plus, I figure Boy 2 can help calm him down.
<Hugh`> Besides, its my alien nature showing through. :P "This wont hurt a bit... well, after a second anyway." *insert probe*

<Hugh`> (( its sucks when sun burns you, but shadows scare you. ))

<alcargm> <David Brown> is silent for a few moments, and then slowly walks back to the chair, by an effort of will, and reminding himself that compassion is the most important quality a man (or woman ) can have, taking his fear and putting it away inside his head.
* Hugh` sits back down in his seat.
<alcargm> <David Brown> "Thank you," very quiet;ly, and you're the only other person who knows what it costs him to say that
<alcargm> Boy #2 looks surprised, and nods shyly, looking away and feeling really confused that there isn't a mob yet.
<Hugh`> (( <You'd have to make the church vanish first, for that.> ))

* alcar grins. The other options would be very weird. And hey, it could well be that it's just sex and nothing else happens.
<alcar> Really. It could.
<Caltak> Yeah but then I'd be a child molestor. Regardless of how much he wanted it. Funny, how that works.
<Caltak> UNless he's secretly really old, then its okay.
<alcar> Yeah. But that's assuming boy #2 is a child, or even human. it could be beastiality.
<Caltak> Or he could be several hundred years old, and its necrophilia. :P
<alcar> well, he has died a few times :P
<Caltak> yeah
<Caltak> and this is a funny conversation :)
<Caltak> espeically at 6 am
* alcar chuckles.
<Caltak> no, It ake it back. Its completely appropriate for 6 am

<Gemm> What kinds of ingredients would you say would be needed to make stones into gold?
<Gemm> ok, crazy ingredients
<alcar> bear droppings the size of the stones, or kindney stones.
<Gemm> better :P
<alcar> Or the stomach of a small child forced to swallow the stones, ripped out of him whole and placed into, oh, a washing machine on spin cycle.
* alcar nods. Tho, in my mind, it'ds done, and fails because it's then put into the dryer and the gold gets too hot and turns into raisins or fools gold
<alcar> just for the horrible realization that it actually worked, and then you ruined it :)
<Gemm> But what if they made it again and just took it out of the wash and didn't put it in the dryer?
<alcar> Then they'd have gold.
<alcar> I guess.
<alcar> but evil gold! Since it wan't done on gentle cycle, which is far more humane.
* alcar is disturbed that that actually makes sense to me.
<Gemm> Don't worry, it makes sense here too.
* alcar is having images of babies stomachs in a laundromat and some old lady saying "I'm using them all! All of them!"
<alcar> And, tho it's not UA, I could so see her being subconctracted by leprechauns to get the gold that goes into their pots at the end of rainbows

<alcargm> Okay, Hugh and boy #2 are off to the southern edge of the Forbidden Forest to visit the wonderful witches of Millhaven, though the forest is really government land and the wonderful part is up for debate. It's 2 pm or so, and the sky is getting a bit cloudy and it semlls like it might rain soon.
* Hugh` hopes Boy 2 doesn't secretly melt when it rains.

<Hugh`> "Ah, yes. David Brown suggested we come here."
<alcargm> She frowns, then brightens. "Oh, the nice young man at the church. I don't go there much anyone, ever since Harold passed away." She walks over to the gate. "What do you want?"
* Hugh` almost blurts out the answer, but remembers about using some subtlety. Whatever that means. :P "Well, my friend here had a bit of a problem, and Mr. Brown thought that you might be able to help us."
<alcargm> "Your friend?"
* Hugh` gestures to the lump of blankets.
<alcargm> Boy #2 gets up and the woman looked at the walking blanket. She blinks, and looks at you. "I hope this isn't about his fashion sense."
* Hugh` smiles and shakes his head. "Not at all."

<alcargm> The blankets nod. The Gm notes that an npc who can't speak is interesting, but hard to npc when wrapped up.

<alcargm> Moonstar grins at boy #2. "Would you like to go on a date?
<alcargm> Erica: "Dear, he isn't human," weakly.
<alcargm> <Amythest> tries not to laugh. "You did raise her to be independant."
* Hugh` smirks.
<alcargm> Boy #2's jaw drops and he stares at the girl as if she's speaking a foreign language, then stares at you in shock.
<alcargm> He gives you a pleading look :)
* Hugh` chuckles.
<alcargm> Moonstar: "Wow, you're shy. I'll start. I'm Moonstar. And my mom isn't even a hippie. The moon was out and there was his falling star. So what's your name?"
<alcargm> Boy #2 backs away from her, really confused now, and gives you a really, really pleading look.
* Hugh` tries to form a connection with him.
<alcargm> You manage it after a minute. You get a serious amount of confusion from him :p
<Hugh`> <She likes you.>
<alcargm> Moonstar: "Hello? Geeze, it's not like I'm ugly. And I'm not even a witch yet, so if we break up it's not like I'd put boils on your -""
<alcargm> Erica: "Moonstar!"
<alcargm> Moonstar: "Nose, mom. I was going to say nose."
<Hugh`> "He can't speak, dear."
<alcargm> Boy #2: (very confused) <Why?>
<Hugh`> <She finds you attractive, I guess.>
<alcargm> Moonstar: "Oh, the silent type. That's great. Most guys talk to much anyway."

<alcargm> Moonstar: "Oh, the silent type. That's great. Most guys talk to much anyway."
<alcargm> Boy #2 frowns intently, then <She can't hear me.>
<Hugh`> <Yeah, which is a shame.>
* Hugh` contemplates trying to form a connection between them, but decides that melting her brain by accident might get the witches ticked off...
<alcargm> Moonstar: "Well, you could nod or something? Oh, I bet you like guys. Mom's husband did."
<alcargm> Erica: "Moonstar!"
<alcargm> Moonstar: "What, he did. It could be like Karma."

<Hugh`> <You know, she wants to do that thing you and your brother did. But, not till she's older, of course... plus, she's a girl, so she probably wouldn't admit it or go directly to it. You have to build relationships with them, first.>
<alcargm> Boy #2: <She wants to eat light?>
<alcargm> (( this could get horribly graphic :p ))
<alcargm> Erica: "He's not human, Moonstar. And you're too young to date."
<Hugh`> <No, the other thing, when you two were... together.>
<alcargm> Moonstar: "Am not. And besides, he was human. He smells like it." she looks at you. "Even he smells human. Sort of. It's like a sixth sense."
<alcargm> <Amythest> "Actually, smell is one of the five senses."
<Hugh`> "See, I thought he might have had a soul at some point."
<alcargm> Boy #2: <But she's female> *Puzzled* <My brother said they can't> vivid mental image, s&M <and he tried. With glass bottles. They kept breaking.>

<Hugh`> <Well, you have to do it a little differently with girls.> *projects an image of standard M/f sex that he saw one time*
<Hugh`> (( not in person, on a video. ))
<alcargm> Boy #2 blinks and gives you an astonished look. <Oh!>
<Hugh`> (( just to get the record stright ))
<alcargm> (( Oh, come on. You mean Hugh never spied on Sara? She lives down the road :p ))
<Hugh`> (( when you get vivid emotions from halway down the street, there's no need to spy. ))
<alcargm> (( good point :) ))

<Hugh`> <Well, you'd have to wait until she asks you, I guess. Kind of hard to communicate with just nodding.>
<alcargm> Boy #2 nods. <I know>
* Hugh` looks for a flower nearby.
<alcargm> Moonstar: "You nodded! That's good. Is that a yes?"
<alcargm> There are a lot of them on the table, in a vase.
<Hugh`> <Here, go hand her one of those flowers.>
<alcargm> Boy #2: <But they're dead. People want dead things to say yes? They have a lot of squirrels here. I could kill one of them.>
<alcargm> (( this is horribly fun. ))
<Hugh`> (( back. Yeah, I cant believe Im setting him up on a date. ))
<alcargm> And Hugh giving dating advice is just... scary.
<alcargm> (( his brother might go right through the roof :) ))
<Hugh`> <No, it's just that flowers look pretty, dead or not-- well, as long as they're not wilting. And girls like pretty things.>

<alcargm> Boy #2 goes over to the table and gets a flower from the vase, looking at it curiously, then hesitantly goes over to Moonstar. <Here. It's dead, and for some reason that's pretty as long as it's not wilting. Dead corpses would last longer, and don't wilt. But Hugh says you like flowers.>
<Hugh`> <As a rule, they don't like dead animals or people...>
<alcargm> Boy #2. <Oh. But they eat dead animals.>
<Hugh`> <Yeah. Curious, that. When its cooked and prepared and doesn't look like an animal anymore, people don't seem to mind. But a dead deer on the road grosses them out. Go figure.>

<alcargm> Boy #2 puts it on and follows you. The van is WITCH1 and parked beside the farmous near the back where the driveway ends.
<Hugh`> (( does it have cool art painted on it? ))
<Hugh`> (( would have been funny if it was painted like the MYstery machine, come to think of it. ))
<Hugh`> (( OH! Misery Machine, painted in same scheme but with black and grey instead of bright colors. ))
<Hugh`> (( that'd be so awesome ))
<Hugh`> (( too gothic for this crowd, though. :0 ))

<alcargm> Steve, coming out of the shelter with the blanket, drops it and stares at the van in horror.
<alcargm> He screams and runs inside.
* Hugh` backs out, then switches to forward and peels out, apparently. :P
<Hugh`> (( what, did I lift it, too? :P ))
<alcargm> You're going fairly fast. You must be getting the hang of this :p
<alcargm> (( yep :) ))
<Hugh`> (( ROFL! ))
<Hugh`> (( oh man, thank god for that circus... ))

<AlcarGm> When last we left our, uh, Hero, he was effortlessly driving a van through the north end of Millhaven and planning to go to the library, yes?
<Hugh`> (( what, you don't think I'm a hero?! ))
<Hugh`> (( and I think its more like "piloting" at this point :) ))
<AlcarGm> (( Depends on perspective :p ))
<AlcarGm> (( But Hugh doesn't now that, yet :) ))

<AlcarGm> It's 6:45 pm, and there is one customer, and otherwise aside from the pretty sound the rain makes on the tin roof the library is empty.
* Hugh` mutters. "damn..."
* Billy`^ leans close to Hugh "Are you the one with the answers I'm looking for?"
* Hugh` (( jerks back. "Yes, if the answer is a Tic-Tac..." ))
<Hugh`> "Pardon?"

<Hugh`> <So? What's the plan?>
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 blinks and looks up. <I don't know,> quietly. <I feel all ... weird ... inside. Scared. Like I don't want to see him again.>
<Hugh`> <Understandable, given his past actions.>
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 <It's like .... like.. something in my stomach.> He frowns. <Butterflies. Someone told my brother he had them in his stomach, but he was lying. There was just gross organs. And it smelled bad. But I feel like that."
<Hugh`> (( he always says these things to creep me out x_x ))

* Billy`^ leaves and goes droopilly toward a pet store
<Billy`^> i'm guessing the demon wanted me dead
<Billy`^> so i'm jetting asap
<AlcarGm> (( you think? :p ))

<Billy`^> "Hey there big guy..." Holding the white one
<Billy`^> "Do you have a name?"
<AlcarGm> The kitten purrs and looks at you wide-eyed
* Billy`^ stands and walks over to Marc "I'll take this one."
<AlcarGm> Marc looks up, grunts. "Want litter? Box? Food? Dishes? Gonna need a collar."
* Billy`^ looks up "Hmm? Oh, get me a collar."
<AlcarGm> He nods and gets you a nice, thin red one. "4 bucks."
* Billy`^ digs in his pocket for the money and smiles at the man "I have everything else, thanks."
<AlcarGm> He nods. "Whatever."
* Billy`^ walks out holding the kitten in his arms
<Billy`^> "Well then..."
<AlcarGm> The kitten meows indignantly at the rain, and glares up at you, offended.
* Billy`^ sighs and places the cat in his shirt
* Billy`^ goes home, to the oak
<AlcarGm> The kitten is purring happily in your coat by the time you reach home, and alien larvae are not burrowing through their host into your skin.

<Hugh`> "You're the one who made him scared of you. If you didn't then he'd love you completely."
<AlcarGm> Boy #1: "'sall your fault." He pouts. "Not mine. I didn't want to die! Nuh uh."
<Hugh`> "Then why didn't you leave with your brother? I suggested it to you, but you didn't listen. *sigh* Even so, I'm sorry."
* Hugh` walks over. "Listen, can't we all just put the past behind us, and be friends?"
<AlcarGm> Boky #1: "I'm too late for sorry I'm like a clock. I go coo koo. All the time. I tock, instead of tick. Like a puzzle, put together by a blind watchmaker in the hours before the first dawn, in a beach where every grain of sand was a tear drop, and a world. It's ..... funny."
<AlcarGm> Boy #1: "I think I'll kill you now. But it's raining. And I might get wet."

<Hugh`> (( this sucks, every game that I have a PC try to befriend an NPC who has obvious lonliness issues, Alcar never lets it work. Bleh. ))
<Billy`^> (( Alcar is kind of that way... besides, he has lonliness issues for a reason ))

* Billy`^ walks inside the house
<AlcarGm> Jane looks at the house. "But that's a .... place with walls. House. They're ... cramped. Small."
<Billy`^> "It's ok, c'mon in. It's not too small, if I do say so myself."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "It's a trap. They're all traps, from the world, from experiencing it. They're prisons you make yourself. Do you have coffee?"
* Billy`^ nods "We do."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "Okay, then." She follows you inside.

<Hugh`> (("Hmm, might need some more psychic duct tape..."))
<AlcarGm> (( lots :p ))
<Hugh`> oh, that'd be a cool UA item. Duct tape that literally can fix anything. Just stick it on a broken engine, it melds into it, and viola! Its fixed.
<Hugh`> could even work on mental problems :)
<AlcarGm> lol

<Billy`^> "Right... How much sugar?"
* Billy`^ grabs a cup and pours the coffee in and grabs a spoon and sugar waiting
<AlcarGm> Jane: "3 spoons."
* Billy`^ shrugs and stirs in the sugar and brings jane the coffee "Let's go to my room."
<AlcarGm> Jingo raises both eyebrows.
<AlcarGm> Jane: "I like the tree better," with a shrug, sipping her coffee.
<AlcarGm> Jingo coughs and sprays coffee all over the counter.
<Billy`^> "Well, it's still raining."

<Billy`^> "I did say I would... I looked into these cruel ones you told me about... They're lost from what I'm told."
<Billy`^> "Any other ideas?"
<AlcarGm> Jane rubs the kittens stomach. "Lost?"
<Billy`^> "Is that a no to the dating thing."
<Billy`^> "Yeah, some crazy kid who told me he was darkness said they were no where to be found..."
<Billy`^> "Well he used more words."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "Crazy people know too much, so they don't know much at all."

<Billy`^> "... Would you answer my question?"
<AlcarGm> Jane: "Why would I? I don't know you. You don't know me."
<Billy`^> "That's why you date."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "Why not just be friends?"
<Billy`^> "Because I'm attracted to you."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "That's because I'm female. You're male. It's one of those biological things, like the platypus."

<AlcarGm> The front door opens and a woman's voice says "What is a man doing in our home?" in a voice filled with hatred, possibly more than even boy #1 could have managed. "Men .. more than one!"
* Hugh` looks over.
<Hugh`> (( "Oh, are you the lesbian I heard about?" ))
<Hugh`> "Well, they're more 'boys' than 'men.'" *stands up, and bows* "My name is Hubert Brown. Rachel and Amythist and Erica know me."
<AlcarGm> Diane Walters is standing in the doorway, a tough, angry woman in her early 40s who wants you dead, because you're male. Boy #2 and #1 throw her for a bit of a mental loop, but she dosn't cxae wjhat it looks like. All men want to destroy women and make them submit - and they will all pay.
<aslhk> ((Especially gay men. They don't even LIKE women))
<Hugh`> (( yeah, but we cant help it, its genetically ingrained in us. ))

<alcar> Hrm .... Hugh's confrontation w/ the psycho witch should be fun :p
<Caltak> yeah
<Caltak> I fear for his life.
<Caltak> Mainly because he doesn't want to hurt her, cause the other witches wouldn't like that.
<Caltak> Hmm, it occurs to me (randomly and unrealtedly, I promise) that, knowing that she hates straight and gay men, I wonder how she feels about men who get a sex change?
<alcar> they're spies :p
<Caltak> makes a twisted kind of sense, I suppose.
<Caltak> Or, they could be refugees! But she does seem like the genocidal general nazi type.

<AlcarGm> Diane looks over at boy #1. "Bindings," she hisses. "The only thing that can bind your kind is death." And smiles, or at least her mouth moves. "I can kill him."
<Hugh`> "We've tried that already."
<AlcarGm> That almost causes her to pause. "I will do it, then, and she steps forward, giving you as much space as possible :p

<Hugh`> I thought of a terrible spell Diane might want to develop someday: A spell that transforms a man into nothing more than their sex organ. That way, they wouldnt be able to try to enslave women, and the reverse would be true. They'd just be a living sex toy. :) Quite disturbing, but effective, if she could get it to work.
<AlcarGm> lol! Yeah.

<Hugh`> (( Im almost ready to refuse to use Spark anymore. ))

* Hugh` looks back at Boy 1, and smiles slightly, despite himself. "Now, darkness begone!" *places his hand on Boy 1 head like a faith healer, and tries to push it all out again with the pure light.*
<Hugh`> d100
<The_Computer> Hugh` d100: 96
<Hugh`> (( X_X ))
<Hugh`> (( *explodes* ))
<AlcarGm> (( pls reroll :p ))
<AlcarGm> (( just so I don't have to kill Hugh now in areally horrible manner inolving a visit to a certain city :) ))
<Hugh`> d100
<The_Computer> Hugh` d100: 2
<Hugh`> (( damn, 1 woudla been nice. But damn, thats one bipolar bot! ))

<AlcarGm> <Lance> shakes his head. "You're not good at lying, boy. I'm a cop. That doesn't mean I have to be your enemy in this."
<Hugh`> "What if you don't like my answers, though?"
<AlcarGm> <Lance> "I prefer those to lies."
<Hugh`> "Allright then. I'm telling you, though, the truth doesn't make any sense."
<AlcarGm> <Lance> "Besides, you'd be surprised what I believe. I believe that we have free will, that the illuminati exist, that our world was created less than five hours ago, that life is eternal, that death is the end, that there is bein and unbeng and there is no other mystery than that, that the one qustion all philosophy boils down to is "why is there something, instead of nothing" and that it is also rendered "What, me worry?"
<AlcarGm> I believe that one person can make a difference, that the world is more complex that we understand, and that simple things are as complex as we make them."
<Hugh`> "Do you believe in magic and space aliens?"
<BrooklynKnight> (Only Alcar..........only Alcar...)
<AlcarGm> (( what? ))
<BrooklynKnight> (only you could come up with that lol)
<Hugh`> (( everything but that "our world was created less than five hours ago" comment works for me :P ))
<AlcarGm> <Lance> "I know magic existgs. Aliens, well, they're just another kind of magic."
<AlcarGm> <Lance> shrugs "magic is an easy term to use. Miracles are magic. Life is magic, Birth is magic. Advertising is magic. Repetition is magic. Names are magic. Most things are. Weird, on the other hand. Most people don't like to believe in weirdness. Real aliens, like the little grey men, that's weird."
<AlcarGm> <Lance> "So is flying vans. Magic, you see, is tricks. Real or not, it's all just tricks. Fooling an audience, even if that audience is the universe itself. Weird stuff, well, it happens and doesn't give a shit."

<Chaos`^> it should be interesting
<Chaos`^> if he manages to stay alive untill then
<alcar> well, yeah, his mom could kill him before then, but I doubt it ;p
<alcar> I mean, Billy has just met the weird dogs. Oh, and the demon tried to get boy #1 to murder him, but still....
<Chaos`^> I want you to know
<Chaos`^> this is the first pc I have had that has gotten out of 2 bad situations in a row without fighting
<alcar> Hugh, otoh, has been forced into fighting. (something about sociopathic kids who sick darkness with tentacles on you for taking their brother from them does that) And Sparkie hates him, so he invariably gets screwed :)

<Alicia> Hmm... so I can make up NPCs more or less at will..?
<alcar> Yep.
* Alicia is SO tempted to have there be an SCA nut NPC
<alcar> Tho, so far, the weirdest NPC is Marcie Dollins, a member of PETA (Peope for the Extreme Termination of Aliens), whom believes she is a good alien sent to the world to save mankind.
<alcar> So far she's only tried to kill pc in the belief that he was serving incestoid aliens.
<Alicia> Incestoid?
<Alicia> Not insectoid?
<alcar> err, insectiod.
<alcar> tho incestoid would be intereting.
<alcar> oh, wow.and MPD is (sometimes) caused by incest. All those step-fathers really as aliens.....
<Alicia> Wow, the Incestoids!
<alcar> It could be done. It would be a bit callous, tho :)

<Gemm> How's this for an Incestoids "song?" :P
<Gemm> Hi, we're the Incestoids (hi)
<Gemm> Hi, we're the Incestoids (hi)
<Gemm> Hi, we're the Incestoids (hi)
<Gemm> And we're playing in an incestuous band (we're playing in an incsetuous band)
<Gemm> We're having a good time (we're)
* Alicia laughs
<Alicia> And I know the original
<Gemm> We're having a good time (we're)
<Gemm> We're having a good time (we're)
<Gemm> Figurin' out which ones our dad (Figurin' out which ones our dad)
<Gemm> lol, yeah?

<alcar> Hah! It does work.
<alcar> (in my paints, put it in my pants)
<alcar> Where have all the cildrren gone
<alcar> and why don't you love your dads?
<alcar> You're my little Herclues
<alcar> And together we'll fight the odds.
<alcar> You can spend the night with my fiery steed?
<alcar> During the night I keep you silent, your scream
<alcar> some of what I need
<alcar> I need a child
<alcar> I'm holding out for a child 'til the end of the night
<alcar> etc.
<alcar> well, sort of :)
<alcar> incestoid song 2 :p

<SilverHorse> Actually..
<SilverHorse> A nazi-esque soldier tossed into the side of good..
<alcar> hmm, that could work.... why would s/he serve good, tho?
<SilverHorse> Because if everything was evil, he wouldn't have anything left to fight, would he? ;)
<SilverHorse> lol, thats a bit of a stretch

<alcar> You know, I just realised I really cool villian in a D&D game would be one who ssicked creatures from Magic at PCs. It would be quite funny.
<alcar> Evil Magician: "I clall the. . red orcs!" PC: "Whatt's be doiung?" PC2: "Tap dancing. It's now he does magic. He taps."
<Farthes> youre a sick, sick man
<Alicia> LOL
<Farthes> dont encourage him Alicia!
<alcar> it could work, though!
<Farthes> well, in your games anything can work
<Farthes> =p
<Farthes> IE: Space travelling rednecks exploring time in a portapotty
<alcar> Farthes - But that was fun :p

<AlcarGM> Boy #2 relaxes, a little. <I felt him, there. Something....> he shakes his head, looking lost. <Even when he *hurt* me, he was still .... but ...> He looks at you pleadingly <How? He's *GONE!* He's not in me, not together, not...>
<Hugh`> <He's not gone completely. Once we see if Charlie can maybe give him a soul, or we at least find some way to keep the darkness out for good, then I can probably fix him. It'll take a long time, but... eventually, I'm sure he'll be all better.>
<AlcarGM> Boy #2 shakes his head. <He's not....> and you get something, like a lost arm feeling, but deeper ..... and loss .... and the analogy breaks down breaks down completely. Just a "missing" feeling. Boy #2 blinks. <I can't .. I can't hear him. Can't feel him...>
<Hugh`> <Well, even so... I know he's all you had for a long time, but you don't *need* him, really. You can be your own person, like everyone else.>
<Hugh`> (( hehe, I like how weird that last sentance sounded. ))
<AlcarGM> Boy #2 gives you a blank look, like you'd told him to grow wings. <But the rest of me is gone.>

<Hugh`> "It... turns out you were right, something took him. But it was glowing, and coming from the sky, apparently."
<AlcarGM> Boy #2 gives you a puzzled look. <Glowing?>
* Hugh` nods. "That's what she said."
<AlcarGM> Boy #2: <That doesn't make sense. We don't like the sun. It took him?>
<AlcarGM> Boy #2: <Will it keep him?>
<Hugh`> "I'm not sure. So, you have no idea what it could be?"
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head. <But he's gone, in here ...> he trails off. <I don't know where he is. He's not in the dark. He's not here. He's.. gone.>
<Hugh`> "Maybe it was aliens, then. Though why they'd show up randomly like that..." *shrugs*
<AlcarGM> Boy #2: <There are aliens? I've never met one.>
<AlcarGM> (( hello? They're always random, like with cows :p ))
<Hugh`> "Well, I think there probably are."
<AlcarGM> Boy #2 <Oh. They can't have him,> firmly.
<Hugh`> (( thats not random! Its important scientifi research. You know, like the anal probing. ))
<AlcarGM> (( best not tell boy #2 about that part, or he'll be sure he's alien :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( actually, that makes for an amusing logic.... ))
<Hugh`> (( X_X ))

<Alicia> Then again, denying them that strongly would probably make them adepts (read "fucked in the head") anyway
<alcar> heh, depends on what they deny, really.
<alcar> I mean, someone could deny, oh, that the Holocaust happened, and live just fine. Some people can have no emotions, and live ..well .. probably not fine, but fuctional (and enough hardened madness notices basically does shut emotions off)
<Alicia> People do deny that the Holocaust happened. x.x
<alcar> Yep :)
<Alicia> It's pretty hard to deny that it happened to the extent that adept-hood would need anyway, even if it could grant adepthood
* alcar worked with someone who did that, It was quite interesting talking to her
* alcar nos. It could be done, as a paradox, if, say, the person believing that was a Jew, and their parents died in a concentration camp.
* alcar isn't sure if it would warrant aschool, or just being insane, tho :p
<Alicia> By the time you reach adept-level denial of something, it's the adepts that are the LEAST scary
<alcar> yeah :)

<Alicia> Wisdom through ignorance. How's that for a paradox?
<Alicia> I don't even know what it'd do
<alcar> that'd be a great paradox :)
<Alicia> Taboo: Learning things
<Alicia> ... damn, that makes character advancement hard
<alcar> lol. It's impossible to *not* learn things :)

<Alicia> How do you discard the *ENTIRE* beliefs of society? (I don't even know what the entire beliefs of society even are)
<alcar> hrm, could do it for all beliefs contrary to youtr oewn. But you'd be in jail very quickly :P
<Alicia> But unless the <odd belief> is specific to the character, what would it be?
<alcar> "But of could my son wanted me to have sex, sex is God's way of making sure we enjoy our time on earth, and I think we hould be allowed to whenever we wan .. what? your objection is that he is 3? What kind of silly objection is that?!"

<AlcarGM> Jane: "Who is the blessed virgin. Your sister?"
<Billy`^> "Uhm... I don't think so, I think it has something to do with their religion."
<Billy`^> How old does jane look?
<AlcarGM> 16 or so.
<Billy`^> how old is billy? ><
<Billy`^> i forget =p
<AlcarGM> ....
<AlcarGM> Uhm, 17 or 18, I think.
<Billy`^> 16-18 don't remember

<AlcarGM> Skinner: "What do you mean, what do I want? It's monday, or have you forgotten you have students," his voice dripping with sarcasm
<Mac> "Are you sure its Monday? Last time I got up it was Sunday."
<AlcarGM> Skinner: ".. Well, there are students here. O'Rye is planning to hold a funeral, for a dog, at noon. So yes, it would be monday. Too much drinking again?"
<Mac> "Alright, alright. No need to go starting rumors. I'll be there shortly."
<AlcarGM> Skinner hangs up in reply.
<AlcarGM> He doesn't like you much. Then again, he doesn't like anyone much.
<Mac> That makes me feel better. Almost. Were it not you saying that. :P
<AlcarGM> Okay, you gather yourself quickly, and get to school without breaking the speed limit, barely :p
<AlcarGM> It's about 5 minutes before classes and a few of your more eager students are already in class, waiting for you.
<Mac> While setting my things down, and getting ready speaks off towards those already here.
<Mac> "So, I got a call from the vice principal this morning. Apparently it isn't Sunday."
<AlcarGM> A few of them give you confused looks.
<AlcarGM> One of them - Roy - says "But it is Sunday.."
<AlcarGM> j/k

<Mac> omg, Sara has a sister now?! When did this happen? I thought she only had daughters and sons and granddaughters/sons, etc.
<Billy`^> sara can't get pregnant i don't think
<Billy`^> OMG!
<Billy`^> austin powers meets sara
<Billy`^> Powers: "Do i make you horny baby?" Sara:"No, but let's have sex!"
<Hugh`> You can't make someone something they are constantly.
<Billy`^> I don't think she does it because she's horny, i think she does it to entertain herself... like going to the movies
<Billy`^> or watching tv
<Billy`^> replace every time she says 'sex' with 'tv' or something she would actually sound normal
<Hugh`> I liked it more when she did it to make trees.

<Billy`^> "Moire... Where do you come from?"
<AlcarGM> Jane: "Here."
* Billy`^ whipes himself down and walks out the door.

* Billy`^ goes to the office to tell of his uh... visiting realative...
<AlcarGM`> Okay, Maureen Brown is at the office, since she's the secretary. She smiles at you. "morning, Billy. Can I help you?"
<Billy`^> "My uh... Mother's father's sister's brother's aunt's nephew's daughter is visiting from uh... Utah... today. There should be a note that she'll be going to classes with me her family is looking into... moving here...."
<AlcarGM`> Maureen: "Your .. what?"
<AlcarGM`> Maureen: "What does that make her?"
<Billy`^> "She's my Great Aunt." turning red.
<AlcarGM`> Maureen & Jane: "What?"

<AlcarGm> VP Skinner comes on the PA system to inform everyone that lunch is being held outside today behind the school. "Professor O'Rye has asked for, and been granted permission, to bury Biko on school grounds. Attendance at the funeral is mandatory," flatly. "You may eat lunch during it. Thank you."
<Billy`^> (( LoL! You may eat lunch durring the funural >< ))
<AlcarGm> (( yeah :) Skinner is special:p ))

<AlcarGm> Computers is easy, mostly because most of the students in the class spend their time thinking in code, or about rpgs, and firs tperson shooters using the school as a level.
<Hugh`> (( Ive actually thought about all three of those. ))

<AlcarGM`> You are, luckily, the only person who catches Sara wondering what sex with dead people would be like.
<AlcarGM`> make that unluckily. She has very good visuals.
<Hugh`> ewwwww
<AlcarGm> yeah :P

<AlcarGm> The cafeteria is about half full., and surprisingly quiet for a change. Mr Skinner, doing the lunch duty, is wondering if killing someone every day wuold keep students quiet.

<AlcarGm> The old cafeteria ladies you're sure aren't triplets but you can never tell apart give you the sandwich. You'tre almost sure you don't hear thoughts form the sandwich, begging you not to eat it.
<AlcarGm> It does actually taste edible, at least.
<Hugh`> (( Im almost sure I dont? hear it? :P ))
<AlcarGm> (( yeah. It could be a figment of your imagination :) ))
* Hugh` looks at the inside before eating it, at any rate.
<AlcarGm> it's a normal sandwich. Egg salad :p

<AlcarGm> Your afternoon classes are mostly a blur, since you're busy trying to digest the sandwich, and the teachers and students are mostly thinking about the funeral, and the death of Handyman Joe. No one has officially said anything, but his head wads found in the fountain in the garden of the mayor's residence last night....
<Hugh`> (( !!! ))
<Hugh`> (( wow, random murders abound. ))
<Billy`^> (( The fun part is that no one cares ))
<Hugh`> (( lol! ))
<Hugh`> (( that's so mean. ))
<AlcarGm> (( lol. The community does. Is going ot be demonstrations tonight, and everything :) ))
<AlcarGm> (( unfortunately, that's not really going to catch the killer :p ))

<AlcarGm> Mrs Colgate left an apple pie, which boy #2 is staring at curiously. Also a note saying "Hubert - came by, but you must have walked home. I saw your houseguess in the living room and he let me in. He was shy. I could have sworn I've seen him around before?"
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 looks up when you enter, and loooks at the pie and blushs.
<Hugh`> "Ah well, I guess if you were going to break a rule, she was the best one to break it for."
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 loosk down at his feet, and nods.
* Hugh` smiles. "Besides, free food is good."
* Hugh` cuts a slice and puts it on a plate, then goes and calls up Mrs. Colgate to thank her.
<Hugh`> (( Mrs. C: "What pie? What are you talking about, dear?" *Poison kicks in...* ))

<AlcarGm> Okay. You walk outside. The air is fresh and clean, Sara is having sex on the roof of her house with two college guys. Saras mother is screaming "GET DOWN, WHORE OF BABYLON!" from below, with a broom in one hand.
* Hugh` hurries past.
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 stops for a bit to watch, curious, then follows you. <Smells like rotten grapes.>
<Hugh`> "Wine?"
<AlcarGm> Boy #2. <Dead things. Rotting, but looking pretty?>
<AlcarGm> You catch Sara asking her mother, sincrely, if she'd like to come up and join them.
* Hugh` continues on.

<AlcarGm> The rest of the walk is rather pleasant, as far as the woods go.
<AlcarGm> The town is mostly quiet when you arrive, since anyone who can make it is at the fair.
<Hugh`> (( god I love that fair. ))
<AlcarGm> (( yeah :) Keep thinking that :P ))

<AlcarGm> You enter and notice some grafittii on the door, bright red
<AlcarGm> You have NO Soles![crossed out and Souls! written under it]
* Hugh` nods. "Yeah, with drugs. Drugs are hell."
* Hugh` looks at the grafittit for a moment. "Hmm. These vandals know too much." *muttered*

<AlcarGm> The poster says..
<AlcarGm> Women don't belong in cages
<AlcarGm> 80% of imprisoned women are inside for poverty-realted offenses
<AlcarGm> 90% of aboriginal and 82% of all women in prison are survivors of incest, rape or physical assault
<AlcarGm> The number of women in prison increased 200% in the past 15 years
<AlcarGm> Prisons are the real crime

<SilverHorse> Alcar.
<SilverHorse> Schedule a UH session soon.
<SilverHorse> I need to get in touch with my inner psychopathic healer.

<Dawson> Maybe I should look up some therapists or something... I've seen a bit too much violence for my own good.
* Dawson recalls dismembered animals, stabbing a close friend, watching horrors....
* Dawson shivers.
<AlcarGM> (( and the day isn't over yet! ))
<Dawson> (( lol... wait until i open the door to my room ))
<Dawson> (( the walls will be like made of bleeding flesh or something. ))

<Dawson> "What the--'
* Dawson looks around stunned
<Dawson> Where am I standing? Anything special on the floor?
<AlcarGM> The world looks normal. Almost obscenely so. Nothing around you strikes you as odd, or unusual. Not until you notice the large black dog at the far end of the hallway, watching you, it's eyes looking like banked fires. You have no idea how it got there.
<Dawson> And how's Debbie... haven't seen her since the party... and what about Sara... she didn't even talk to me there... and WHAT THE HELL
* Dawson looks at the black dog.
<Dawson> (( THE GRIMM! ^_^ ))
<Dawson> "Alex?"
* Dawson draws his gun.
<AlcarGM> The dog looks back at you, and starts. Then growls, low and deep.
<AlcarGM> (( lol. No :p ))
<Dawson> "Security!"
<Dawson> "Puppy... puppy?"

<Dawson> "Uh. It looks kind of smart. Not like entirely viscious. Sentient."
<Dawson> "I don't know if that's good or bad."
<AlcarGM> Reid: "Bad."
* Dawson looks around.
<AlcarGM> He points his gun at the dog. "You - dog. This is a gun. It tends to hurt."
<Dawson> I'm rich. I probably have silver around here somewhere.
<AlcarGM> Well, yeah. You notice the candlestick about 5' in front of you attached to the wall is silver :)
<Dawson> Could I rip it out?
<AlcarGM> The dog growls at Reid and begins advancing towards both of you, stiff-legged.
* Dawson rips it out.
<Dawson> "Look. One step closer it'll be Dawson, In The Lobby, With The Silver Candlestick."

<AlcarGm> Charlie beckons both of you over with a wave of his hand. "Sit. it does the chakras good."

<Hugh`> "So, it's up to him now, is what you're saying?"
<alcargm> Boy #2 <Where did you go?> to the air. <Crying, But you never heard me. You never heard us.>
<alcargm> <Charlie> nods. "Something happened to him, to change his eyes, to change him. The shock removed his soul, or some of it. He needs to find the courage to find it, and his own past."
<alcargm> <Charlie> "The rest is window dressing."
<Hugh`> "Ah, I see."
<alcargm> Boy #2 raises a hand, as if touching something. <I thought.> He stiffens, scrambling to his feet and covering his ears. <NO! No! Nononononno! Dead. You're dead. He's dead. Both of them dead, gone. Go aeway...> he steps back to the edge of the circle and stops, unable to leave it. <Stop saying that!>
<alcargm> <Charlie> looks at the circle. "Well, mostly window dressing," calmly.

* Hugh` steps in front of charlie, and pulls the flashlight to himself, switching it on and aiming it at the approaching darkness.
<alcargm> <Charlie> takes a few steps backwards. "Everyone has a mother. Theresa. Diana. Dionne. Olgi. I invoke thee...."
<alcargm> Boy #2 jerks his head up, as if listening to something, and screams <NO! GO ..... you're not my mother. Not my ... not..... daddy.. not my...> and he collapses.
<alcargm> The light hits the pool of darkness.. .. there is a hissing noise, perhaps darkness fading, perhaps something in it hissing at you, cat-like... and the pool vanishes....
<alcargm> the building trembles slightly, like a minor earthquake rocked the area.
<alcargm> <Charlie> "By the ... oh."
<alcargm> <Charlie> looks at you. "Good idea."
* Hugh` grins, nodding to Charlie. "Sometimes the simplest answer is the right one, I guess. Light destorys darkness."
* Hugh` runs over to where Boy 2 collapsed.
<alcargm> <Charlie> "Not always. The darkness is always there, when the light goes away. And in the dark places, where there is no light, the light makes them darker still."
<alcargm> Okay, youcross the circle. Boy #2 is curled up in a fetal position, sobbing and screaming inside his head. You get <no ...> <hurrt..> <but we ..> <daddy? you're nt my mummy. not my....> and nothing except a very loud scream after that, that doesn't show any signs of ending.
<alcargm> <Charlie> dusts rosemary off his hands. "That went well. How is he?"

<Hugh`> "Let's head home for now."
<alcargm> Boy #2 <It didn't work?>
<alcargm> He nods once and follows you outside
<Hugh`> "Oh, it worked a little, but it didn't come all back at once. We'll have to try it one more time, but I'll do it with you, so it should be better."
* Hugh` starts heading back home.
<alcargm> Boy #2 follows. <But you could get ... hurt.>
<Hugh`> "Nah, we'll bring this flashlight again, and Charlie can hold onto it, so he can make the darkness go away if it comes."
<alcargm> Boy #2: <But that's just the darkness outside of the head.>
<GeminiRai> (( He can shine it in your ears ))

<alcargm`> Okay, you walk home. People are returning form the fair since it's close to 8 pm and they have to bring kids home. Oddly, thee is a lot more traffic than you'd expect foir downtown Millhaven on a Monday night. a lot of pamplets up, with slogans like "Don't let your child be next!", "Smnall towns shouldn't have big crimes!", "Elect a mayory who doesn't had dead men's heads in her fountain!" and "Take back the night!"
<Hugh`> (( 1) why does the order matter anyway? It'll happen eventually. 2) That's naieve. 3) Good luck finding one! 4) Did we ever really have it? ))

* alcar grins. Sometime Tuesday morning teh aliens are going to buzz Hugh's :p
<alcar> it should be fun.
* alcar was going to have the abduct Sara, but that would be mean to them.
<Caltak> indeed
<Caltak> unless they're really horny aliens.
<alcar> she'd make them into horny aliens.
* alcar would feel to bad for them :)
<alcar> "So you're saying this girl stopped the alien invasion?" "Yes, sir." "Isn't the president giving her a medal?" "He's, ah, talking to her in, uh, private right now."
<alcar> "Oh, dear. Does his wife know?" "She's in there taking notes."
<Tass> mmmmmmmm... probed...
* alcar nods. Yeah. I have this image of anal probing aliens coming to earth and needing help because they can't reproduce :p
<alcar> not UA enough, tho.

<Chaos`^> someone help me find the off-hand modifier for two weapons
<FirestormZero> uh, it's under combat i think
<Iota> yes.
<Iota> if they're the same size and not light
<Iota> it's -4/-4
<Iota> if one is light, it's -2/-2
<Alcar> and if one is extra light, with half the calories, it's -2/-1
<Iota> no :P
<Alcar> should be :p
<FirestormZero> :) no weilding that new C2 drink

<Chaos`^> two weapon fighting says that the penalties are lessened two for the primary hand and six for the off hand
<Iota> Chaos`^: that's 3.0.
<Chaos`^> i'm reading from the srd
<Chaos`^> how the fuck would I know?
<Iota> now people are automatically ambidextrous
<Iota> :P
<Alcar> lol. automatically? :p
<Alcar> that's silly.
<Alcar> Funny tho.
<Alcar> "Wow, you're ambidextrous too? Do you know the odds of .. wait, we all are? This is spooky..."
<FirestormZero> -2/-4
<Chaos`^> but i thought I was ambidextrous?
<Alcar> but you only have two arms.
<Chaos`^> who the hell wrote this shit!?

<FSZGM> <Angie> gives a bucktooth smile at you. "Morning, where are yah headed today?"
<Amber`> "South. Got a load they want me t' take, you know how it is. hey, you know a quick way to the I-37 from here without going through town? I was told on the CB there was one, but Big Hank'd forgotten the rest."
<FSZGM> "Yeah, you could take Route 67."
<Amber`> (( "Not 666?" ))
<FSZGM> At the mention of route 67 an old coot gets up from his chair, with a drunken swagger.
<FSZGM> <Drunk Coot> "AAah Route 67, you know that roads a-haunted *hic*"
<FSZGM> <Drunk Coot> "Crazy things happen there..." his eyes widen, pupils obviously dilated.
<FSZGM> <Drunk Coot> "They say people disappear and never come back!"
<FSZGM> <Angie> "Uh. I take it to work every day Ernie..."
* Amber` looks at her map, then flips the book to the side, and frowns. "You sure it's shorter? I'm already late after dealing with a psycho bitch in Des Moines. Was triving a doritos truck, and she held it up, saying she had enough of her diet and damn near ate most of the mercnandise in one sitting..."

<FSZGM> She leans over to point at the map, you can quickly see down her shir-- she leans up
* Amber` drops a fiver as a tip and heads outside.
<Amber`> (( oh, wait then :p ))
<FSZGM> (( ^_^ ))
<Arnold`^> (( Amber's a female right? ))
* Amber` grins, then sees the time. "Ah, shoot. I really do have to go."
<Amber`> (( yep. ))
<FSZGM> (( lesbian trucker! ^_^ ))
<Arnold`^> (( Oooh.. lesbian truck driver... that is so hot... ))

<Arnold`^> "i'm getting..." Starts unbuttoning his shirt "Hot.."
<FSZGM> <Maiya> "Ummmmmmmmmmmmm.... why don't you keep that on mr."
<Arnold`^> "But I'm so... HOT..."
<FSZGM> <Maiya> sighs.
* Arnold`^ whips his sweaty hair around his head flinging water everywhere with a smile
<Arnold`^> "Do you have anything... to... drink?"
<FSZGM> <Maiya> "Yeah sure." she gives you a canteen of water.
* Arnold`^ grabs it and drinks the water
<Arnold`^> "That was so... wonderful... Is there anything I could do to.. repay you?"
<FSZGM> The water feels refreshing and clean.
<FSZGM> <Maiya> "Buy deodorant?"
<Arnold`^> "How erotic."

<Amber`> "First, how did we get here? And where are we? And why does this feel like a Indiana Jones movie?"
<Arnold`^> (( i can't help but think of arnold with a really bad conery accent 'yesh tatsh wonderful.' ))
* Hgoth points north
* Amber` crosses her arms and waits for more explanation than that, but does look north.
<Hgoth> "See those hills? They block the path to the obelisk if we were to travel any further east. There's a sun temple literally where we stand to connect the pyramid to the southeast to the web."
<Arnold`^> "No worries, hot women always excavate ruins.. it's a rule."

<Arnold`^> "Do we expect to meet somebody at this abandoned temple that nobody goes to?"
<Hgoth> "Nobody? There's always somebody."
<GeminiRai> (( You're here, aren't you? Maybe you'll have to fight off an army of angry truckers )))
<Amber`> (( teh union :p ))

* Hgoth ponders for a second, holding out a 3.5" disk.
<Hgoth> "How does one access this? My technology is not compatible."
<Hgoth> "It seems to magnetically hold a very small amount of data. Very primitive."
* Amber` looks at Hgoth, and says "You insert it into the rectal cavity."

<Arnold`^> "Let me see it."
* Hgoth hands it to Arnold carefully.
* Arnold`^ grabs it and looks it over "You would need a computer."
<Hgoth> "I have access to your world's networks, but there is no receiver in this desert."
* Arnold`^ puts it in his chest pocket "I'll show you later."
<Hgoth> "Right."
<Hgoth> "In the meantime, I'll hang on to it."
<Arnold`^> "Onto what?"
<Hgoth> "It."
* Hgoth points at the human's chest.
<Arnold`^> "It?"
* Arnold`^ looks down
<Arnold`^> "I'm sorry, I don't really.. have those types of relationships with aiens..."
* Hgoth opens his eyes widely, staring at Arnold as they start to glow (still black)
<Arnold`^> "Whoa... is this a mating thing... I'm male of my species you know that right?"

<Hgoth> now i can send spells through email
<alcar> and spam!
<alcar> spam is the important thing.
<FSZGM> lol, spam is more dangerous
* alcar nods. I have a proxy ritual in UA that makes sure someone else gets all your spam :p
<FirestormZero> lol alcar
<alcar> for the infomancers to use on people who *really* piss them off.
<FirestormZero> that's slick

* alcar thinks pirating spells would rock.
<Rinsei> Go alcar!
<FirestormZero> yeah i like that idea
<FirestormZero> :)
<Chaos`^> "I want to download a penis enlargement spell..."
<Rinsei> "Gah! My fireball was hax0red!" =P
<FirestormZero> lol what about spells that were given fake names?
<Chaos`^> lol
<FirestormZero> like penis enlargment.spl
<FirestormZero> is actually
<FirestormZero> penis-shredder
<FirestormZero> :0

<Hgoth> "Egypt, child."
<Makoto> "He jipped who?"
<Makoto> "I really should be telling that attendent the trial is finished..." '-';
<Hgoth> "East of Amarna."
<Makoto> "Eased off a what?"

* Hgoth makes a profession (research on sedated humans) check
<Hgoth> 1d20+14 ish :P
<LegendDice> Hgoth 1d20+14: 18(4) ish :P
<Hgoth> (oops)
<Wade_Whitehouse> (:P You actually have that...)
<Hgoth> (no, i have physical sciences, life sciences, research)

<FSZGM> Ok, so Wade, Amber, and Makoto are exploring around a bit more, Hgoth catches up to them.
* Hgoth cracks open his skull and takes some brain readings, then eats the brain.
<FSZGM> You are pretty deep in.... woah.
* Hgoth goes and catches up with the party after the meal.
<FSZGM> Hgoth, it's definitely a tasty treat.... the drugs add that special seasoning.

<Amber`> "I just want to phone work. Do they have relics in the shape of, oh, cell phones?"
<Makoto> "You seem pretty intent on inspecting these places."
<Makoto> "That's nice Mr. Exploring Monster."
<Hgoth> "That is why I am on this planet."
<Makoto> "But I still need to check in at home!" >_<
<Hgoth> "You can go home afterwards.":
<Hgoth> "I can make myself look human enough."
<Amber`> "Afterwards. I might not have a damn job. Shouldn't you have a phone? You know, E.T. Phone home?"
<Hgoth> "Eatey?"
<Hgoth> "..I am full, thanks."
<Makoto> "What's a phone?"

<AlcarGm> The TV screen has turned from test pattern to static as well.
<Hugh`> "Well, it looks suspiciously as though something is somehow jamming all forms of communication. But it might just be a coincidence."
<Hugh`> (( and suddenly my voice changes to static... :P j/k ))
<AlcarGm> you notice that the old VCR has the same thing .. .instead of te numbers blinking on and off at 12:00 they've change to 3:33 on thei rown, and look all fuzxzy, but you've never heard of a vcr being staticy...
<Hugh`> "Ok... that's freaky."
* Hugh` unplugs the TV and VCR.
<AlcarGm> The static on the TV screen continues... if anything, it gets louder, filled with a buzzing sound, a chainsaw.
<Hugh`> "Ok, yeah, that's definately not normal."
* Hugh` pinches himself a few times.
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 knows enouggh about the tv now to know it shouldn't be working now and pokes it with his finger. Nothing happens. He looks up at you, confused, and pinches you as well, seeing as how you seem to want it.

<Hugh`> "Ok, so I'm not dreaming." *looks out the window*
<AlcarGm> You see a fucking flying saucer. In your backyard. It looks like someone lifted it from A B movie.
<AlcarGm> http://www.unc.edu/~alanj/images/Flying%20Saucer.JPG
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 looks at it, then at you disbelievingly.
<Hugh`> "Um. I thought we determined I wasn't dreaming..."
<Hugh`> (( with the flag on it, too? :P ))
<AlcarGm> (( yep :p ))

<AlcarGm> Lacy Stucco comes up to the front door, briefcase in hand, still angry and wondering why the hell Lance dragged her out here ot repay the damned favour anyway.
<AlcarGm> She knocks on the door firmly, almost pounding on it.
* Hugh` opens it right away, smiling. "Hello."
<AlcarGm> lacy Stucco doesn't smile. She forgot how to after the 3rd year of broken homes. Her glare doesn't sofen as she *stares* into you, as if willing herself to see what evils you've done. "Lacy Stucco, child services," crisply, handing you her badge. "May I come in?" in a tone that suggests if you say no, there will be a swat team here within the hour

<AlcarGm> Shockingly, you don't find Sara at the ferris wheel. A lot of children, and their parents, though.
* Billy`^ scratches his head
<Billy`^> "Odd... Let's look around..."
* Billy`^ looks for a phone booth
<AlcarGm> You find one with a homeless man in it, looking for loose change. He's currently peeling his shirt off and looking at his bare chest sobbing "But I'm Superman. Superman."
* Billy`^ knocks on the door "Can I use that phone?"
<AlcarGm> The homeless man looks up, confused. "I guess.. I can't use it. I try, but I can't. I just can't even fly anymore..." he stumbles out of it.
<AlcarGm> (( and yeah, videomancers are fun :p ))
<Alicia> ( Woah, that's an actual adept? )
<AlcarGm> (( no, it was superman. brought over by a 13 year old adept a few months ago. ))
<AlcarGm> (( real life hasn't suited him at all. ))
<Hugh`> (( poor Clark. ))
<AlcarGm> (( clark didn't come :p ))
<Hugh`> (( ah, even worse. ))

<AlcarGm> <Lacy Stucco> frowns at you, as if you are stupid, then says "Then what are you?" to boy #2.
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 stares at her, then shrugs. The air changes, subtly, and his eyes get wider than eyes should, then return to normal.
<AlcarGm> <Lacy Stucco> turns a dirty shade of white.
<AlcarGm> boy #2 gives her an apologetic look.
<AlcarGm> <Lacy Stucco> "Lance is..." hoarsely. She recovers rather quickly, though. "I'll need your name, date of birth, address, and everything else. What relation do you want him to be?"
<Hugh`> "Oh, cousin or something, maybe. That's what I originally told Lance." *gives the other info*
<AlcarGm> She nods, taking it down on a legal pad and not looking at boy #2 anymore. She just wants out of here now, and this freakshow. But if she ever figures you're hurting - wait, it's not human - even so ... and the image that followes is her .. eating you .... literally.....
<AlcarGm> and you know she's done it before....
<Hugh`> (( uhhhhhh--- ))
<AlcarGm> (( eating as in killing, and devouring your body. ))
<AlcarGm> (( to make it clear :p ))
<Hugh`> (( yeah thats a little clearer. But still. ))

<Billy`^> "Ok, then that's one person we've helped... who next?"
<AlcarGm> jane shrugs. "I'm not sure. Your mother seemed stressed."
<Billy`^> "You want to go make ammends with her?"
<AlcarGm> Jane: "You don't think she would?"
<Billy`^> "Well, getting a call from my gym teacher, plus jill.. She's going to be rather ticked.."
<AlcarGm> Jane: "Oh. So I should stay in the tree tonight, then?"
* Billy`^ shrugs "You can try to make up to her... the only way you'd be able to stay in my room is if you convince them you're only a friend... and if you wear clothes..."
<AlcarGm> Jane blinks. "In bed? What would be the point of wearing clothes in bed?"
<AlcarGm> A passing mother covers her sons ears and hurries past after giving the two of you a dirty look.
<Billy`^> "To not piss my mom off?"

<Hugh`> <Hey, you've seen me eat the stuff, think you can pretend, just to make her happy?>
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 is staring at the food in horror. He senses the link and looks up. <I can try.>
* Hugh` nods to her. "Of course." *serves them each a peice*
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 watches her intently following her in picking up the fork. The social worker looks a bit confused but has a bite anyway.
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 has one also, then looks confused. <Where do I put it?>
<Hugh`> <Uhh... your mouth doesnt connect to anything?>
<AlcarGm> <Lacy Stucco> takes another bite of the pie, belatedly realising youmshould be heating some too because this could be a plot for you to kill off her and your "son"
* Hugh` gets himself a peice silently.
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 blinks. <Connect to something?>
<Hugh`> <Yeah like, we have a tube that goes down our neck into a big organ in our torso, and that's where the food goes.>
<Hugh`> (( this is why he needs schooling. ))

<AlcarGm> Boy #2 tries to swallow, then looks panicked. <I don't do that.>
<AlcarGm> (( and, in retropsect, that makes a terrible out of context quote ))
<Hugh`> (( yeah, it does. ))
* Hugh` starts eating his piece.

<AlcarGm> The toilet flushes.
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 comes back. <I put the wite paper in too,> proudly. <You do that too, right?>
<Hugh`> <Uh, how much did you put in, exactly?>
<AlcarGm> Boy #2: <Only half.>
<AlcarGm> Boy #2: <Was that not enough?>
<Hugh`> <Of the roll?>
<AlcarGm> he nods.

<AlcarGm> <Lacy Stucco> "You don't like pie?"
<Hugh`> <Oh, and she noticed you werent swallowing.>
<AlcarGm> Boy #2 blinks, looking at her warily as if expecting a trap, then shakes his head.
<AlcarGm> Boy #2: <Oh.>
<AlcarGm> <Lacy Stucco> What do you like to eat?
<AlcarGm> <Lacy Stucco> 'I assume you hav e food in the fridge he likes?"
<Hugh`> (( why didnt I jsut let her leave? dear god why... *weeps* ))

<AlcarGm> Mary Flan: "You ..... sleeping with a girl, in your bed! Skipping classes QUITTING the football team! Leaving the toilet seat up!"
<Billy`^> "Whoa, that last one was dad."
<AlcarGm> Mary Flan: "Don't change the subject, William! I have had enough of this! Tomorrow, you are seeing a psychiatrist! And that ... woman .. isn't allowed in this house, ever again!""
<AlcarGm> Jane: "What about the oak tree?"
* Billy`^ elbows jane
<Hugh`> (( you should both go live in the oak tree ))
<AlcarGm> Jane "What? Not that it's really yours any ....."
* Billy`^ clears his throat
<AlcarGm> Mary Flan, a little derailed, says "Not on our property, at all! I'll get a retraining order!"
<AlcarGm> Jane, not wanting to be elbowed again, says nothing.
<Billy`^> "Will you deny my lover from my own house!? Do you not love ME!? I can't believe you! I am leaving WITH JANE and if you see me again, maybe we'll talk sensible!"
<AlcarGm> Your mother glares at you. "You're what?"
<AlcarGm> Jane: "You're what?"
* Billy`^ grabs Jane and hauls ass out of the house
<AlcarGm> Mary Flan: "COME BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!"
* Billy`^ runs... fast
* Billy`^ is now known as Chaos`^
<Chaos`^> I"m gunna regret this later

<AlcarGm> lol. One pc is running away from home witha girl from an oak tree and another is standing in front of a fridge with a social worker who is trying to gdet boy #2 ot eat food, since she thinks he's anorexic.
<AlcarGm> Good ending...

<Alcar> that was fun :)
<Sintaqx> hehe, yup :)
<Alcar> tho, admitedly, rather hard to explain to people.
<Sintaqx> What's there to explain? All I needed was the testical of a fire elemental to create a permanent solid flame?
<Sparkie> who was also the dicebot *sulks*
<Sintaqx> Happy conincidence
<Sintaqx> Coincidence
<Sparkie> Hah! u cant eben speel it!
<Sparkie> Sorry, I was possessed by aslhk.
<Sintaqx> If it makes you feel any better, Krys is still looking for ya ;)
<Sintaqx> Even still have the Greater ice elemental dagger ;)
<Alcar> that was one of the weirder games we played....
<Alcar> especially the plates that killed people.
<Sintaqx> hehe. yeah
<Sintaqx> When the characters are hunting down the dicebot.. in game... yeah, that is kinda wierd.

<Tass> I was curious though
<Tass> what was up with the white fire?
<Tass> the crap at Carl's parents house
<Alcar> That was time itself :P
<Alcar> And leakage from winter at a few points.
<Tass> wierd
<Tass> even though you said that
<Tass> it still tells me nothing :P
<Alcar> lol.
<Tass> like, why was time burning me like fire? :P
<Tass> or w/e :P

<Alcar> ooh..
<Alcar> President Bush defended his decision to invade Iraq even as he conceded on Monday that investigators had not found the weapons of mass destruction that he had warned the country possessed.
* GeminiRai nods
<Alcar> wow. He admitted it...
<GeminiRai> yay
<Alcar> Allowing Iraq to possibly transfer weapons capability to terrorists was not a risk he was willing to take, Bush said.
<GeminiRai> Now we can go on to invade all those other little countries that are just askin for it.
<Alcar> lol. Yeah.
<GeminiRai> You know, assuming this situation were some kind of rpg, who do you think the heroes would be? ^_^
<Alcar> "Well, Canada shares a border with us, so we were justified in bombing Toronto to remove the threat. It was only afterwards that we discovered Ottawa was the capital."
<Alcar> lol! I never thought of that..... I don't think there would be any :p

<Alcar> The Evil Empire is destroying other smaller nations in a trade war, a war that has increased after the summer palace of the Emperor was destroyed by a group of "villains" ... and the PCs know them, and know they were adventurers as well and it's a smear campaign so try and clear their names and get embroiled into a war against said empire.
<Alcar> there :p
<Alcar> running that would be fun just to see how long it would take players to realise it's the US and Iraq. The Emperor would be a druid of course.
<GeminiRai> a druid? lol
<Alcar> bush :p

<GeminiRai> That would be cool. If you run it u haev 2 tell me so I can watch or something^_^
<Alcar> lol. I probably never will, but it would be funny to try.
<Alcar> especially for ranting about spells of mass destruction and the Emperor holding up a copy of the Epic Level Handbook and saying "We know these spells exist!"

<Tass> !fix
<Tass> :P
<Tass> stats(5)
<Sparkie> Tass, arrange these stats to taste: 16 16 15 14 14 13 (88)
<Tass> stats(5)
<Tass> stats(5)
<Sparkie> Tass, arrange these stats to taste: 16 16 15 14 13 12 (86)
<Sparkie> Tass, arrange these stats to taste: 16 16 16 14 13 12 (87)
<Alcar> it's !rig, actually.
<Tass> oh
<Alcar> tho sparkie seems to love you anyway :p
<Tass> holy shit!

<Billy`^> what's hugh doing?
<Hugh`> Well, definately not naked with an old guy and a child, I'll tell you that.
<Billy`^> ...
<Billy`^> you are one sick man alcar
<AlcarGm> me?
<AlcarGm> Why me? :p
<Billy`^> You made him do it!

<AlcarGm> Jill screams "What the fuck are you going on about?"
<AlcarGm> Jane: "The truth, of course. Or a truth. You can refuse to accept it, if you want to, but that doesn't change the facts."
<AlcarGm> Jill: "Shut up!"
<AlcarGm> She raises her hand to slap Jane and there is a switchblade in Jane's hands. Her smile is sharp, and her eyes cold.
<Billy`^> "No!" quietly
<AlcarGm> Jane (almost purring) "No one hurts me, anymore. No one."
<AlcarGm> Jill backs away: "You .. you're insane!"
* Billy`^ runs at jane, tackling her
<AlcarGm> The switchblade has vanished from Jane's hand as if it never existed and you run, and encounter empty air. She side-steeped you, but seemed to step sideways further than a person should, as if vanishing for a moment.
* Billy`^ tumbles and rolls
<AlcarGm> Jill screams "Billy! What the fuck are you playing at!" She's crying, with anger, and love, and a lot of frusturation.
* Billy`^ stands and stares at Jane
<AlcarGm> Jane shakes her head. "No one is playing, girl. Give a bird wings and it will fly away."
<Billy`^> "What are you playing at Jane? Why did you pull a weapon on her?"
<AlcarGm> Jane: "She tried to hit me," as if it should be blindingly obvious.
<Billy`^> "She tried to hit you with her hand, not a knife! There's a differance!"
<AlcarGm> Jane: "A weapon is a weapon," patiently.
<Billy`^> "No, Jane, it isn't. Jill, go home."
<AlcarGm> Jill: "Go home! Go home! I've had it with you! You're coming home *right now* or I swear to God I'm calling the cops and getting this bitch charged!"
<AlcarGm> Jane: "I don't need charges. I don't do magick."

* Billy`^ holds her arms "Jill. I am not going home."
<AlcarGm> Jil: "You *gasp* need *struggle* Help!"
<Billy`^> "If anyone needs help here, Jill, it's you."
<AlcarGm> Jill: "I don't think I'm a dead person! Let me go!"

<AlcarGm> Frank Tiller, one of the two night officers of the Millhaven PD, gets out of his squad car. "What seems to be the problem here.... Barry? Barry Downing? You have .. batmen boxers?"
* Billy`^ laughs
<AlcarGm> Good Samaritan: "Uh, they're my son ..... uh ... someones.... Look, this .. boy . .was trying to rape this girl, Frank!"
<Billy`^> "Batman came at me with a shotgun... That would make a T-shirt.."
<AlcarGm> Frank's voice, above you, no longer amused. "Is that so?"
<AlcarGm> Jill's voice: "Uh ....." in the tone of someone who is realizing that this may not, in fact, have been the best idea, even if her brother is bonkers. "Yes? Yes. Yes! he did."
<AlcarGm> Frank: ".... right."
* Billy`^ just stays quiet
<Billy`^> "I guess an orange suit is better than a white suit with long sleeves..." TO himself... and jill...

<AlcarGm> Charlie walks over and says "Be still,"and stabs Boy #2 in the heart.
<AlcarGm> Then things get weird.

<AlcarGm> He walks over to Jill, with his notebook. Jill is looking around for Jane, confused, and then begins answering questions, hesitantly. She looks over at you a time or two and then looks away again quickly.
<AlcarGm> abot 5 minutes later Frank comes back to the car and goes into the front, driving ot the station. There is protective glass between the front and back and he isn't lowering it, but from time to time he stares at you in the rearview mirror with a look of loathing that makes you feel like the scum of the earth, even though you did nothing
<Billy`^> Nah, it's cool
<AlcarGm> cool? :p
<Billy`^> Jill feels guilty
<Billy`^> enough to make her stomach rumble
<AlcarGm> You do know that blaming the woman is the rapists first defense, right?

<AlcarGm> So, one pc just astrally killed an npc and is now in his memories, and another is in jail for raping his sister....

<Billy`^> "SO, are you going to take me out back and shoot me?"
<AlcarGm> Frank: "Oh. Too bad." he shoves you ahead of him and into the police station, stepping on your heels painfully along the way.
<AlcarGm> Frank: "Not today. We should. It'll kill your mother when she finds out what you did, you fuck."
<Billy`^> "Maybe everyone would feel better if I were dead, right? Isn't that how it works?"
<AlcarGm> Frank: "Oh, no," softly. "You'll get to go to jai. With prisoners named Buff and Butch and be their little girl."
* Billy`^ laughs
<Billy`^> "Yeah, probably. It's better than Hastings I supose."
<Billy`^> (( hastings being the town where the mental institution in nebraska is ;))
<AlcarGm> The office is empty, except for Maureen Brown, the school secretary, who works here nights. Maureen stares at you, looking sadened and rather sickened.... a look in her eyes of broken hopes.
<AlcarGm> (( lol. Just one for the state? :p ))
<Billy`^> (( Hai Low population means less crazy people =p ))
<AlcarGm> (( But I have a town in Nebraska now! The crazy people number is lots bigger now :p ))
<Billy`^> (( Indeed, they may need another town to hold your town ))

<AlcarGm> There is a small window, at head height. You can pull off the bars and crawl out. Well, you could if this was D&D. Unfortunately, you could only crawl out if you were a deformed fetus being shot between bars.

<AlcarGm> The old man nods, then doubles over and throws up on the floor. He sits back up a few moments, later, wiping his beard and face off, not very well. "I'm .... David," with almost a question on the word. "I'm not drunk. They just think I am. I'm shober. It's my twin brother who's drunk."
<Billy`^> "Right. So that's why you're here?"
<AlcarGm> David: "His name is dave," speaking to your left shoulder.
<AlcarGm> The old man pauses a long time, then says "That's my name too," as if just discovering the fact. He looks horrified.
<Billy`^> "How ironic."
<AlcarGm> David: "No. No iron involved," firmly, as if a bit hesitantly.
<Billy`^> "That's unfortunate. So are you your own twin brother?"
* Billy`^ goes back to his bench
<AlcarGm> David sways slightly, turning a sickly shade of lime green. "Fucker... won't stop drinking. Thinks he's Dion, he does. My head......." He cradles his head in his hands, whimpering to the tune of It's A Small World After All. The first seven notes. Over and over.....
<Billy`^> "Dave, it's getting late, you better sleep."
<AlcarGm> David: "Told you. Not dave. He's the ... drinker. I need something to eat," hoarsely. "Like rat poison. Show him who's the boss, yeah......"

<AlcarGm> About 10 minutes later, she returns and tosses an apple through the bars.
<AlcarGm> It hits the bed and bounces onto the floor.
* Billy`^ stares at it...
* Billy`^ looks at Jane and smiles sweetly
<Billy`^> "So..." Quietly "How do you eat without hands?"
<AlcarGm> You are still cuffed. You now wish you'd tried bobbie for apples at the Circus :p
<AlcarGm> Jane: "With your teeth?"

<AlcarGm> Your mother walks down the hallway to your cell, her expression indecipherable.
* Billy`^ clears his throat and goes to the bench and sits
* Billy`^ looks at her, keeping a poker face
<AlcarGm> Mary Flan walks over to the cell, looking horrified at the vomit in the other cell. She stops and stares at you, searching your expression for something. "Billy?"
<Billy`^> "Can I help you?"
<AlcarGm> ....
<AlcarGm> Mary Flan: "..."
<AlcarGm> Mary Flan: "Pardon?"

<AlcarGm> Mary Flan looks up. "Jill said you don't even think you're my son anymore!"
<AlcarGm> She looks stricken and confused.
<Billy`^> "That doesn't make me hate you."
<AlcarGm> Mary Flan: "Then why make up such a lie?!"
<Billy`^> "What else did Jill tell you?"
<AlcarGm> Mary Flan: "There is more?!"
<Billy`^> "More to what?"
<AlcarGm> Mary Flan: "Sjhe said you think you're some .. some person from egypt, a king." She laughs, unconvincingly
<Billy`^> "listen, Currently I"m up on criminal charges for attempted rape, incest and as much as frank likes me, Likely resisting arrest. I'm the on who should be asking questions here!"
<Billy`^> is there even a charge for incest?

<AlcarGm> Amanda looks you over, and at some paper on her desk. :"It seems you are here because you believe you are not Billy Flan, correct?"
<AlcarGm> amanda: "Tell me about yourself."
<Billy`^> "uuh... I go to school.. I used to be in football, but I decided it wasn't for me... Lately I've been hanging around the fair, but other than that I'm usually at home."
<AlcarGm> amanda: "No, no what you do. Tell me about who you *are*."
<Billy`^> "I'm affraid I don't understand."
<AlcarGm> Amanda: "Those are things that you do, not things that you are. They're not *you* Billy. You're not defined by them. Try again."
* Billy`^ simply stares at her
<Billy`^> "You DO have a degree right?"
<AlcarGm> She points to the wall by the door. She does.

<Billy`^> "Let's skip that question."
<AlcarGm> amanda: "Why?"
<AlcarGm> amanda: "What about being you bothers you so much?"
<Billy`^> "It's not that it bothers me, it's that I don't know the answer you're looking for."
<AlcarGm> amanda tsks. "I'm not looking for answers for me. You're looking for answers for yourslf. Who are you? Or, perhaps, are you?"

<AlcarGm> She looks at you. "Why do you believe you're Qa'a?"
<Billy`^> "Why not?"
<AlcarGm> amanda: "That isn't an answer, that's an evasion."
<AlcarGm> She waits.
<Billy`^> "I'm sorry I thought we were in phylosophy still..."
<AlcarGm> She continues to wait calmly.
<Billy`^> "Well, let's see.. I seem to recall sitting five thousand years in a tomb... This was back when they didn't leave a deck of cards in tombs you see, I got rather bored... It's hard to forget that. I seem to have his memories... You know, the fun stuff as well as the bad stuff..."
<AlcarGm> Amanda: "And what do you believe happened to Billy?"
* Billy`^ shrugs
<Billy`^> "What happens to people when their souls are destroyed?"
<AlcarGm> Amanda pauses for a moment, then says "I think only God could answer that one, Billy."

<AlcarGm> Amanda: "Why do you believe Billys soul was destroyed?"
<Billy`^> "I don't know what happened to his soul."
<Billy`^> "That just seams the easiest to explain."
<AlcarGm> Amanda: "Then why do you think it was destroyed?"
<Billy`^> "Because it seems the simplest solution."
<AlcarGm> Amanda: "To what?"
<Billy`^> "To your question."
<AlcarGm> Amanda: "And because it's simple it's the right one?"
<Billy`^> "Your question was, what do I think happened to billy. The right answer would be that I think only god could answer that one, Amanda."
<AlcarGm> "But you believe his soul was destroyed? How does that make you feel?"
* Billy`^ shrugs
<Billy`^> "It's a pretty shitty existance to not exist..."

<Billy`^> "I'm being accused of trying to rape Jill, after I wouldn't go home with her last night she decided that would get me home. She was wrong, it landed me in jail with a few battle scars from friendly frank." Pointing to his matted head, still smeared in blood
<AlcarGm> Amanda nods slowly. "I see. According to the report, you resisted arrest?"
<Billy`^> "According to the report."
<AlcarGm> Amanda: "I see. Did you try and rape your sister?"
<Billy`^> "No."
<AlcarGm> Amanda: "Why would she have said you tried to?"
<Billy`^> "So that I wouldn't run away."
<Billy`^> "Keep me in jail, keep me in town."

<AlcarGm> Amanda: "Do you think that cost her or hurt her?"
* Billy`^ shrugs "I don't know Jill all that well, perhaps she's enjoying her time away from me, perhaps she feels bad, perhaps she doesn't really give a shit. I really couldn't say."
<AlcarGm> Amanda: "Do you think she could have done it out of love for her brother?"
<Billy`^> "I can think of better ways to get me to stay in town. I'll never be able to show my face without getting a dirty look again, even if the charges are dropped."
<AlcarGm> Amanda: "What other ways could you see someone having used?"
<Billy`^> "Well, calling me in as a runaway, for one. The least she could have done was corrected herself when the police came. Maybe just simply screaming."
<Billy`^> "I almost got shot by a man in batman boxers."

<AlcarGm> Amanda: "I see. Do you feel any remorse for what you've done, Mr. Flan?:"
<Billy`^> "What have I done?"

* Billy`^ looks at his watch "Don't I get an hour?"
<AlcarGm> "We can book extra time next session."
<Billy`^> "Uh-huh... We'll see about that, Amanda."
* Billy`^ stands
<AlcarGm> She raises her eyebrowns, but says nothing to your implied threat, just "Good evening."

* AlcarGm is tempted to email bali with a game update for his pc he never played :p
<Keith> LOL
<Keith> and I thought I was being a bitch lately!
* AlcarGm grins. I'm tempted to for the sheer fun of it :)

<Billy`^> I call bullshit
<Billy`^> Lance is a bad liar
<AlcarGm> lol. Oh? :p
<Billy`^> he tried to skip town with me
<AlcarGm> he did?
<Billy`^> Yeah
<Billy`^> that's what those symbols were for
* AlcarGm looks innocent
<Keith> lol
<Keith> your as innocent as a drug needle in a crack house
<Billy`^> LoL

* AlcarGm doesn't know 3.5 and never plans to :p
* Keith nods
<Keith> I looked over charicters from .5 they basicly had to buff up like half the classes to get closer to balanced
* AlcarGm nods. The 3e sorcerer sucks, balance wise :P
<Keith> barbs in the end gain higher resistance and something else along the way, realy not much change from what I could tell
<Keith> lol yah don't remember what/if anything they did there
<AlcarGm> but I seldom care about balance anyway :)
<Keith> yah a drunken master succubie tends to scream that
<alcar> lol. Yep.

<alcar> being minor nobility is [possible], but why the pc would ever go off adventuring would have to be worked out since there is no reason to do it :P
<Chaos`^> an evil emperor took over the castle and now I have to play the hero and get it back?
<alcar> No evil emperors.
<alcar> the baronies do fight each other, but the duke adjucates and his word is final :)
<Chaos`^> what the hell d&d game doesn't have evil emperors?
<alcar> one that is NOT having a battle between Good and Evil, that's what :p
<Chaos`^> what the hell kind of d&d game doesn't have a battle between good and evil?
<alcar> one that is also not set in the middle ages and does not having everyone as white :P
<alcar> I.e. one that is eschewing stereotypes for fantasy games :)

<AlcarGM> The dog takes two steps backwards, looking confused, and then it's eyes get wide and it springs *into* the wall, and vanishes .
<AlcarGM> Reid: :"Interssting. Back to back, watch the walls."
<AlcarGm> Reid doesn't sound worried, or alarmed at all.
<AlcarGm> You keep wondering what happened to the walls, and a small part of your mind is wondering how to exlain the candle-holder to the cleaning staff, since "I ripped it off to hit a dog" doesn't make sense, not that much does lately)
<Dawson> "Alright"
* Dawson does as he says, gun drawn obviously.
<Dawson> "What about the floor?"
<Dawson> (( i shouldn't have said that. ))
<AlcarGm> Reid: "... Good point. Keep an eye on it, I'll watch the ceiling."

<AlcarGm> And the the wall in front of you opens, like a seam splititng, and the dog comes out like a fetus aborted froma womb, all blood, guys and mucus, torn into pieces of raw flesh and bone skewered with shards of bloody glass
* Dawson looks left and right, peripherial scans, keeping his eyes moving, guard ready.
<Dawson> (( That was very... colorful alcar.))
<AlcarGm> The carcass falls to the floor with a meaty thud, the head rolling towards your feet
<AlcarGm> (( thank you :p ))

<AlcarGm> The carcass falls to the floor with a meaty thud, the head rolling towards your feet
<Dawson> "We-well damn that's-- sick man... sick..."
<AlcarGm> Reid turns, keeping an eye on the walls, his gaxe trying to look everywhere at once. "Is it dead?"
<Dawson> "I'm gonna guess yes."
<AlcarGm> the head comes to a stop, and you notice the eyes have been removed, replaced with small pieces of yellow paper pinned into the cavities neatly with little pins.
<Dawson> "Well, I think we all know who did that."
<AlcarGm> The sound of footsteps reesolves itself into Karl, barrelling up stairs and gasping a little for breath. He's holding an uzi.
<Dawson> "Howdy."
<AlcarGm> Reid looks at you, curiously, perhaps warily. "We do?"
<AlcarGm> Karl: "What is," he pauses to get his breath "Going on .. here?"
<Dawson> "I thought it was Karl, but apparently not..."
<Dawson> (( TEH BUTLER!!! ))

<AlcarGm> Karl looks around, then sees the body, then stares. "What. The ...." His gaze snaps up, hard and unamused. "What the fuck happened here?"
<Dawson> (( Sorry... I broke the candle holder. Oh, the corpse? ))
<AlcarGm> Reid just smiles slightly, amused by your joke., and waits, keeping an eye on the walls.
<Dawson> "Another Dog."
<Dawson> "It went into the walls... but didn't last long"
<AlcarGm> Karl: "Where did it come - " he stops. "It went into the walls?" he considers something, then says "The kitchen., now. I think you need drinks, and I'd rather not remain up here. Reid, take care of the body."
<AlcarGm> Karl puts his gun away and walks back towards the stairs. If you didn't know better, you'd think he was shaken.
<Dawson> (("Good idea, let's drink to... A FUCKING CORPSE OF A DOG ON THE FLOOR!"))

* Dawson chews his breakfast heartily, savoring the possibly homosapien flesh as he munches.
<AlcarGm> (( homosapien? Surely you jest. They had free dog. ))
<Dawson> ((OH GOD NOT LASSIE!))
<AlcarGm> (( Lassie: The wishbone years.... ))

<AlcarGm> Your first period passes largely with people in shock, and alot of them asking when you're next party will be, since the last one was cool.
* Dawson keeps informed, talking about it but not sharing his personel involvement, and promising a party in a few weeks.
<Dawson> This time to be held at perhaps a hotel, or less troublesome spot.
<AlcarGm> (( a hellmouth. ))
<Dawson> (( yeah, that sounds like less troublesome :) ))

<AlcarGm> Professor O'Rye begins speaking, and while it's hard to hear him through the crowd, you do see's crying. Quite a frw people near him are as well, and he's obviously moved, and devastated. Slowly, people actually begin to shut up, and many students look confused, since this is the first real death they've seen in their sheltered lives, and the grief is too raw for them to accept.
<AlcarGm> About half way through the lunch break, O'Rye finally stops speaking and buries the dog. Most of the students hurry away as quickly as possible, unnerved or confused. A few are angry about the wasted period.
<AlcarGm> You overhear someone saying Sara would likely celebrate it by doing sex doggie-style with the class.
<Dawson> (( Oh, that's tasteless.... I bet i know who said it too... ))

<Alcar> but, realistically, all you'd be would be wizard/fighhter or monk, for practical purposes.
<Chaos`^> But can you honestly keep a secret a secret for a long time? What if this is from way back in the day.. you know.. ancient chinese secret?
<Alcar> secrets work best when they aren't secret :)
<Alcar> There is no point in having a secret police, for example, if no one knows they exist

<Chaos`^> sorcerer hit die is so small...
<Chaos`^> i wonder why they have hitpoints at all
<tatterdemalion> ciuz of the hp cost for spells :p
<Chaos`^> thank god
<tatterdemalion> is on teh site.
<Sintaqx> *points to map* "See this spot? That's where Denethor went splat."
<Chaos`^> there's a site?
<tatterdemalion> yes!
<Sintaqx> http://www.geocities.com/alternity1/kiaeb/
* tatterdemalion sobs

<FSZGM> Grains of sand sweep around the large stone tiled floor, combing over the bodies of several prisoners. Everything else here seems to be destroyed, or need a key to enter, and Makoto` has been missing from her village for quite some time.
<FSZGM> (( I just got off the phone with the cutest chinese girl ever, if you guys can't make it worth that i'll kill yah ))
<Amber`> (( Did she accept your take out order? ))
<FSZGM> (( Amber`, that's reaaall bad man :) ))

* Hgoth retrieves a large metallic cone-shaped device and flies over towards Makoto` a little closer.
<Makoto`> "You never told me why we came here, snotmonster." '-'
<Hgoth> "We're here for a book. Now hold still."
* Makoto` swings and bats him away with sheathed sword
* Hgoth whizzes around and tries to dodge while administering some technological magic.
<Hgoth> "Stay still! It will only take a second!"
* Amber` grins at the snotmonster image and keeps an eye out for more guards or things.
<Makoto`> "Stay away, Mr. Monster or I'll be sure to make you a bit shorter." '-'
<Amber`> "I bet you say that to all the girls."

<FSZGM> Amber, roll :)
<Amber`> d20+2
<FSZGM> bring in dice, mine are dead :(
<Amber`> oh!
* Sparkie has joined #Legends
<Sparkie> Hi! I'm Sparkie, the Fire Elemental. Type !help for help and stuff. Here's what others have to say about me: <Bloodheart> are you actually sitting there rolling a die?
<Amber`> d20+2
<Sparkie> Amber` d20+2: 5(3)
<Amber`> ...
<Makoto`> NOOOooooooooo!
<Amber`> canI find different dice? :p
<Makoto`> Not Sparkie!

<Hgoth> "I suppose this -small- catch will do. Let's leave."
<FSZGM> With the spider turned off, the temple starts to shake..
<Hgoth> "Faster."
<FSZGM> You can see the exit door closing in the distance...
<Amber`> "Shit. Now we're in a damned Idiana Jones movie!"
* Hgoth starts zipping outside.
* Amber` runs fpor the exit :)
<Hgoth> "Make sure not to touch anything. All the traps start working about now."
<Hgoth> "In fact, that's why we designed these pods."
<Amber`> "Does that include the floor, you idiot?"
* Makoto` follows Amber '-'
<Hgoth> "Yes."
<FSZGM> On Hgoths voice, a flamethrower trap is triggered.
<Hgoth> "There should be traps all over it."
<Hgoth> "Oh, forgot about that one."
<FSZGM> Luckily, it aims to high
<FSZGM> too
<FSZGM> Makoto` wisely follows the sanest member of the party out

<FSZGM> <Elder> is an old wisened woman, about Hgoth's height.
<Amber`> "I'm confused."
* Makoto` poses valiantly, holding up the Sacred Blade =P
* Amber` is holding up a probably not sacred uzi.
<FSZGM> <Elder> "That you did, that you did my child, ah."
<Hgoth> "He was in a chamber which I was collecting chemicals from, on some errand to find a sword."
<Makoto`> "He?" '-';
<FSZGM> <Villagers> look at Amber curiously, combing over the uzi.
* Hgoth shrugs
<Hgoth> "She?"
* Hgoth shrugs again
* Makoto` prepares to stab Hgoth ^_^
<Hgoth> "I was never interested in that part of humans."
<Hgoth> "I like what's on the inside more."
* Amber` puts it away, a bit sheepishly, but keeps her hand close to it in case they do want to eat her.
* Hgoth flashes a smile around.
<Makoto`> "Start learnin' snotmonster."
* Hgoth considers.
<Hgoth> "Indeed. These forms are full of all sorts of unpleasant goo."
<Makoto`> "You're weird, Mr. Monster."

<FSZGM> "Hello, 911 Emergency Dispatch, how can we help you?"
<Amber`> "You must have a facinating afterlife. mytholo .... Oh my god. Someone answered? Someone answered! Uh. Hello. This may sound really strange, but what 911 is this, what year is this, and wher are you? I'm lost."
<FSZGM> "Your call has been traced to a location... outside of city limits. By a few million miles. What the hell are you doing?"
<FSZGM> "It's 2004, We're on earth, where are you?"
<Amber`> "Outside of city limits... thank god! I don't know!"
<Makoto`> (Dispatch "I just spoke to intelligent life in space!")
<Hgoth> "He's in about 329 BCE, 120 miles south of Alexandria."
<Makoto`> (Dispatch "...They have cell phones, too!")
<Amber`> (( Dispatch: "I wonder how big the bill is going to be..." ))
<Makoto`> ( Dispatch: "Bitch better not have called collect, I'M not paying.")

<FSZGM> <Operator> "Hold on, tell us who won the world series of 2004! We here at the precint are betting against the firefighters next door!"
<Makoto`> "Remind me of a book I read once... Th'Time Machine." n_n
<Amber`> "Uh ..... I srort of .. left ... before it ... when am I?"
<Makoto`> "It was kind of confusing though..."
<Makoto`> "I mean... Why'd they build windmills in the first place.. if they didn't go out there they wouldn't have been eaten." '-';
<FSZGM> "Well, your messages are taking a few thousand negative years to get here... and, hold on, the Press are here, president wants to get on with you..."
* Amber` whimpers slightly. "This is a joke, right?"
<FSZGM> The phone cuts out
* Amber` stares at it.

<FSZGM> <Elder> "Hmmm. Messages to the past..."
* Amber` tries again.
<Makoto`> "Tell them to invent the clock!"
<Hgoth> "...Weird call."
<Hgoth> "Now to try mine."
<Makoto`> "I'm fascinated with it in that book!"
<Amber`> "The past? That'd my fucking present damn it! I HAVE A JOB! I need to get back to work!"
<Makoto`> "Miss?"
* Makoto` peers at Amber
<FSZGM> Amber`, your getting a busy signal, sounds like... the kind you get during earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or world war 3.
<Amber`> "hell, I have rent due soon! My mother might have cancer, and I never called her, and I don't know where my ex husband is, but we were going to get back togther and god damn it I want my life back"
* Amber` shuts the phone off.
<Makoto`> "If you can move in time, why hurry to go when time has no bearing on when you return?"
<Makoto`> "...Or something like that."
* Makoto` rubs her head like she's stricken with a migraine
* Amber` stops and looks at Makoto. "Oh," very slowly

<FSZGM> And you all fly behind Hgoth as the desert is turned to glass behind you.
* Amber` blinks, then firs, at the ground in front of the villager to slow them
<FSZGM> you tear the villager apart with Uzi fire.
* Makoto` whimpers a bit then steps forward and does a frontflip, leapfrogging over "Auntie"
<Amber`> (( was aiming to miss! ))
<FSZGM> (( oops :) ))
* Makoto` chases down Hgoth and his precious disc on foot, running like mad, or on speed or something
<Amber`> "Oh, fuck .. " in a very small voice.
<Makoto`> "Wahhhh! All my village has gone insane T_T
<FSZGM> (( hahahaaha, i love this game. ))

<Makoto`> I have a fancy sword =P
<Makoto`> And a tail and skirt
* iota has a sexy gun and all kinds of tools that don't actually do anything.
<iota> like that cone.
<Makoto`> Hmm
<iota> it just takes your temperature.
<Makoto`> And I think I increased my base landspeed
<Makoto`> By roleplay =P
<iota> heh
<iota> i thought you were on a disk

<AlcarGM> Lance drives past the station. There's 3 newsvans, 1 of them state, other 2 local from Broken Bow, and some older women with signs aying "Take Back The Night" "Give Rapists What They Deserve!" and the like.
* Billy`^ doesn't say anything
<AlcarGM> He pulls in around back and shuts the car off. "I don't recommend leaving via the front. This on top of recent events is sort of the last match on a giant keg. People want answers, they want someone to blame."
<kentari> :P Is it wrong that I read rapists as baptists?

<Billy`^> "Well, that's not the only reason I ran, it's just the most imediate. My family also thinks I'm crazy, Jill wanted me home so that I could see the psychiatrist in the first place."
<AlcarGM> <Alice Henderson> "Why do they think you're crazy?"
<Billy`^> "They say I've been acting strangely for a while."
<AlcarGM> <Alice Henderson> "Why are they saying that?"
* Billy`^ clears his throat
<AlcarGM> She waits.
<Billy`^> "I told Jill that I"m an egyptian pharoh."
<AlcarGM> <Alice Henderson> blinks.
<AlcarGM> <Alice Henderson> stares at you. "And .. why did you tell her this?" carefully.
<Billy`^> "Well... I really don't want to talk about it so easily.. It's not something I just flaunt around."
<AlcarGM> <Alice Henderson> "I can't imagine why not."

<Billy`^> "Your sarcasm doesn't make this any easier."
<AlcarGM> <Alice Henderson> "Doesn't make what any easier, Mr. Flan? Contrary to popular belief, people do not get off on insanity pleas. They end up locked up in hospitals."
<Billy`^> "Easier to tell you about it... Anyway, that's what happened."
<AlcarGM> Your lawyers listens.
<Billy`^> (( That was my conclusion...))
<AlcarGM> (( UA pcs so don't mix well with the "real" world :) ))
* Billy`^ looks at her "I'm not going for insanity."
<Billy`^> "It just kind of... came along for the ride."
<AlcarGM> <Alice Henderson> 'Then what *are* you going for?"

<Billy`^> "So because I"m crazy, that makes me guilty? I don't get it?"

* FirestormZero has joined #Game1
* FirestormZero is now known as FSZ-GYM
<Alcar> fsz, the female gm.
* Alcar sees through the secret code
<Alcar> And I am willing to accept your RL absence last night sinc becoming a woman must be a trying experience.
<FSZ-GYM> ...
* Alcar is sorry for giving away the secret? :)

<Tass> some powers are just cool, though
<Tass> like, "Look out!" and some precog, and bam, suddenly, fighter dude avoids a telling blow :P
<Tass> or w/e
<Caltak> or "look out!" and figher gos "huh?" ad is crushed by a giant boulder anyway.
<Kitsune-chan> Caltak's one is more likely =P
<Kitsune-chan> Third scenario is dodges the precogged only to walk into a wall and fall back onto it or something
<Kitsune-chan> Damn my lack of peripheral precgnitive vision...
<Alcar> "Look left! No, I meant ... my left.... oh, that looks like it hurt....."
<Kitsune-chan> Enemies carrying mirrored weapons/shields really screw with him
<Kitsune-chan> "Right!..No left! No, right! *WHACK* ...I'll get it next time, I swear!"

<Kitsune-chan> If you're drunk do the visions come blurry?
<Alcar> "I see the love of my life!" "But .. she's 300 pounds.... " "That doesn't matter!" "And a hippo .. how much did you drink?"
<Kitsune-chan> "...Banana! Duck, parfait, the almighty cheesy noodle bequeths you to rigomorte!"
<Kitsune-chan> "I can't tell if he's ordering dessert or telling us we're going to lose."
<Kitsune-chan> Certainly make it hard on wagon salesmen
<Kitsune-chan> "We have a lovel--"
<Kitsune-chan> "Axle will snap."
<Kitsune-chan> "Well, how about that--"
<Kitsune-chan> "Canvas is worn."
<Kitsune-chan> "And--"
<Kitsune-chan> "Wheel will fall off if pushed far enough up a slope."
<Kitsune-chan> "I hate you."
<Kitsune-chan> "I already know."

* Sheena`-` turns her head slightly to the left "You summoned?"
<AlcarDM> Voice: "Yes. Yes, I did." Silence. "It has been a long time since I have. I wonder why, and what makes you special. You did not excel at training, were not a protege, and yet. And yet. And yet you were the one I saw, to go out, to travel."
<AlcarDM> The voice gets deeper, reflective. "I am the Oracle, if you would have a name for me. By law, you may ask of me one question that I will answer."
* Sheena`-` pauses to think befor speaking
<AlcarDM> The voice, the Oracle, just waits. Something is out there, but it's a presence more than person, and watching you.
<AlcarDM> (( Oracle: .oO(I wonder if she'll sleep with me. I'm lonely down here.) ))

<Sheena`-`> "Tell me this then, How was it that I came to this place? Children are never birthed here and yet this is the only place I've ever known."
<AlcarDM> Oracle: "Ah. The oldest question children ask. Tell me, this, first, to quench my own curiousity. Wold it matter to you to know where you came from, to know who your parents were, or are? Would it change you?"
<Sheena`-`> "Perhaps not, Ignore the question I shell pose another at a later time."
<AlcarDM> Oracle: "Ah. Perhaps wisdom then. I never did understand that question. Two people in the right or wrong place at the right time, and you are born. Hereditary things, no more, and yet we always believe we belong to them, when we only belong to ourselves. Only that, and few manage it.... ask your question."

<Sheena`-`> "Tell me, Is there an odd one out around here. Lives where most dair not travel."
<AlcarDM> She frowns slightly. "Odd one out, my dear?"
<Sheena`-`> "Makes time with the animels and plants rather then other people."
<AlcarDM> She blinks. :"You mean the druid, girl?"
* Sheena`-` nods
<AlcarDM> "Oh, well, back the way you came from. The woods. Somewhere in there, but he rarely comes out anymore. Daft old bugger, really, but no one does anything to them trees if theyt have any sense at all, if you get my meaning."
* Sheena`-` nods
<Sheena`-`> "A small camp fire should sufice then, Thank you and good day."
<AlcarDM> (( lol ))
<AlcarDM> The old woman blinks, figures she mishead you, and watches you go away shaking her head slightly.
* Sheena`-` after a momments pause turns and heads back for the woods.

<AlcarDM> You hear him getting into the bed, and then "What is that?!"
* Sheena`-` rolls over to see what he is talking about, "What?"
<AlcarDM> He's sitting up and staring at the katana. "That. Who'd you steal it from?"
<Sheena`-`> "nobody, Its mine, always has been sence it left the forge."
<AlcarDM> Quinton: "Dog piss. No one makes weapons for women."
<Sheena`-`> "Its rare even where I come from."
<AlcarDM> Quinton snaps: "Where's that?"
<Sheena`-`> "Do you want to die?"
<AlcarDM> Quinton frowns. "Is this some kind of request for sex?"
* Sheena`-` laughs
<Sheena`-`> "Hardly."

* Sheena`-` grabs who's evers it is wrist and kicks them in the side (or tries too)
<AlcarDM> Okay, yhrere is a loud "Oomp!" as you kick quinton in the side. He staggers and falls.
* Sheena`-` rolls out of bed and hits the floor a Kukri in her hand and looks around to supise the situwation.
* Sheena`-` shakes her head when she sees Quinton on the floor and puts the Kukri away "I worned you."
<AlcarDM> Quinton, sprawled on the floor and confused, looks up at you in a state of shock.
* Sheena`-` starts dealing with stashing her weapons on her body again.
<AlcarDM> He gets up slowly, wincing. Then stares at the weapons. "You don't ever want a man in your bed, or something?"
* Sheena`-` as she finishes up "Whats that got to do with anything?"
<AlcarDM> Quinton: "Why else kick people in the side?"
* Sheena`-` sighs "I warned you, now why did you wake me?"
<Sheena`-`> "Didn't break anything did you?"
<AlcarDM> He winces, then shakes his head. "No. I probably would havbe if a man had hit me, though."

<AlcarDM> He looks about to say something, then catches himself and nods. Once you finish he leaves the tree ."We'll find it tonight again. It sort of moves around."
<Sheena`-`> "What does?"
* Sheena`-` sets the bowl on the table and follows Quinton out
<AlcarDM> Quinton: "The tree house."
* Sheena`-` nods
<AlcarDM> (( The DM awards himself one point for bad punning ))
<Sheena`-`> (yep vary)

* Sheena`-` draws her katana and drops down from the roof
* Sheena`-` slices into the south bandit something fearce with her Katana and then yanks him from his mount
<AlcarDM> Perhaps sensing something at the last moment, then bandit redirects his attempt at picking his nose for reaching for a knife but it's too late as you cut into his side through cheap armour. He falls off his horse with a scream of pain, trailing intestinal tract

<Keith> you know.. I avaraged a kill a round for that <EG>
<alcar> lol
<alcar> yeah
<alcar> The druid killing was bad, tho. He doesn't want people (specially his master) to know he can do that :p
<Keith> yah
<Keith> but with out the added help I likely wouldn't have come out alive
<Keith> fucking lucky critical hit...
<alcar> yeah :(
<alcar> and therwe wouldn't have been one at all if I hadn't recalled that ss's crit on 19-20 :p
* alcar had to look it up to be sure
<Keith> ouch
<alcar> yeah :)
<alcar> The moral of this story: someones it's better when your DM doesn;'t know thesystem that well :)

* Keith just noticed something...
<alcar> what?
<Keith> I forgot the added dammage for sneak attack on that first bandit
<alcar> lol.
<Keith> would have killed him
<alcar> bandit: "Wait, I feel ... augh!" healer: "Wha the hell? Aftereffects?:
<Keith> would have been 14 dammage if you take the roll I had there.
<Keith> mistic ninja delaid sneak attack effect!

<Chaos`^> Well, he IS going to be an assasin
<Alcar> Well, locals knowing of the sorcerer part would be reason enough to = a quick move...
<Chaos`^> so, he can't have much value on other's life... probably didn't save some kid that fell down a well
<Alcar> So, he killed mom and dad for practise? :p
<Chaos`^> not evil, just not good
<Alcar> "We took him in because his parents died at a young age. In retrospect, we should have wondered about that."
<Alcar> Ah. Human, then :p
<Chaos`^> indeed
<Chaos`^> they threw him out because he was human

<Chaos`^> Can I make up a village name?
<Alcar> Sure.
<Alcar> Oh, wait, no! :p
<Chaos`^> what!?
* Alcar laughs.
<Chaos`^> too late, i'm halfway through my background!
<Alcar> I actually think it would be damn funny if a dm refused to allow that....
<Alcar> confusing, tho.
<Alcar> "Wait, I made the setting and you can't name anyone! Not even your pc!"
<Chaos`^> so you're not serious?
<Alcar> uhm, no :p
<Chaos`^> whew ok
<Alcar> Tho your pc is named Fredrel, now.
<Alcar> or not.

<Alcar> He has Jet black hair held back by lard and deep brown eyes that travel over every personís body that he passes.
* Alcar hopes that was a typo.
<Chaos`^> which?
<Alcar> Jet black hair held back by lard
<Chaos`^> it was a joke
<Alcar> I don't think 150lbs is THAT fat
<Chaos`^> ah
* Alcar thought it was a typo for large :P
<Chaos`^> I meant grease
<Alcar> oh. lol.
<Tass> he meant to gel his hair, per say :P

<AlcarDM> barry icks up his dropped weapon as you and Edgar do the Sparkie-Hates-Us dance.
<AlcarDM> you're go :p
<Marcelo`^> Isn't that an Aoo? I hope it is, atleast ;D
<Tass> (it is :P)
<AlcarDM> (( it is? ))
<AlcarDM> (( that's ..stupid. ))
<Naruto> (If you're doing nothing else, that's lame o_0)
<Keith> (yah he would have to end up in a prone posstion to pick it up)
<Tass> (beinding down to retrieve something off the ground when someone can take advantage of kicking/slashing you in the face? :P)
<AlcarDM> Okay, for sone reason as Barry spends the round picking up his weapon, you can make an attack while he is, uh, stopping to tie his shoelaces and ignoring you....
<Marcelo`^> (( Yeah, I think him bending over to grab a sword makes him a wide open target ))
<AlcarDM> so do aoo :p

* Marcelo`^ does the I love sparkie dance
<AlcarDM> unfortunately, that only helps you evade his half-hearted slice of his sword.
<Marcelo`^> 1d20+3
<The_Computer> Marcelo`^ 1d20+3: 6(3)
<Marcelo`^> except I don't
<AlcarDM> barry backs up, evading you, and...
<AlcarDM> d20+3
<The_Computer> AlcarDM d20+3: 8(5)
<AlcarDM> missing you, again. He's starting to look afraid.
<Marcelo`^> I think I have the advantage... wanna call it quits and just say I win so we don't do rounds rolling dice?
<AlcarDM> (( hah! He could win. Ask Keith :p ))
<Marcelo`^> 1d20+3
<The_Computer> Marcelo`^ 1d20+3: 5(2)
<AlcarDM> d20+3 - go npc!
<The_Computer> AlcarDM d20+3: 4(1) - go npc!
<Marcelo`^> indeed not!
<AlcarDM> ... screw this

<AlcarDM> Old Man: "Welcome to the wood. I trust you are not with them and this wasn't a dispute?" mildly, but his eyes aren't friendly.
* Marcelo`^ nods and cleans his mouth on edgar
<Marcelo`^> i.e. spit =p
<AlcarDM> (( okay. That's better tha the mental images it conjured up ))

<AlcarDM> Barry: "he hit me with lightning!"
<Marcelo`^> "Can druids do that?"
<AlcarDM> Arden: "Druids don't do that. Besides, it takes time.. Not that I have done it, but i saw it done once at a Druid Expo up north. Facinating really."
<Marcelo`^> "Expo?"
<AlcarDM> Arden nods. "Druid gathering. Very rare. I was an apparentice during the last one, but weather working takes time, and is rather obvious." He frowns. "Tho did see storm clouds yesterday. I shall have to ask Quinton about that. Perhaps he saw them."
<Marcelo`^> "Who?"
<AlcarDM> Arden: "My apprentice."
<Marcelo`^> "You said you didn't have one."
<AlcarDM> Arden: "Pardon?
<AlcarDM> Barry looks .. well .... horrified.
<Marcelo`^> "You just told Barry you didn't have an apprentice."
<AlcarDM> Arden: "Of course I do. He's my son. He's 14 you know. Probably should marry soon, but most druids never do. My wife married me, though."

<AlcarDM> The druid blinks. "I don't move it. That would be silly. It walks."
<Marcelo`^> "Your house walks? What is it made of?"
<AlcarDM> He starts walking south. "Well, it mostly crawls these days. It's getting old. And tired, I suspect. Eh? Wood. It's a tree house. Roots too. My wife quite likes it."
<Marcelo`^> "Your tree moves!?"
<Marcelo`^> "Would it move fast enough for you to lose it?"
<AlcarDM> Arden: "Well, no. I don't think so. It may not have moved at all today. But I walked a lot."
<Marcelo`^> "So YOU'RE lost!?"
<AlcarDM> Arden: "I used to do that with Elize, before she died. We'd just go walking and see what the woods would show us ....." He stops and glowers at you. "I might be. But we're all lost, anyway."

<Marcelo`^> "So you know where it is?"
<AlcarDM> Arden: "Yes. I believe I said that."
<Marcelo`^> "Then let's go!"
<AlcarDM> Arden: "Why hurry? It will still be there. Or close by."
<Marcelo`^> "I was kind of hoping to sit down sometime.."
<AlcarDM> Arden: "Oh! We can do that now, if you'd like. I don't think Quinton is home yet, anyway. besides, he's with a woman. They might want quality time."
<Marcelo`^> "A woman?"
* Marcelo`^ sits down on a random log
<AlcarDM> The driud sits down on another, and drops the bandit beside the log, who groans but doesn't wake yet.
<AlcarDM> Arden: "Well, yes. Spirited thing, too. Reminds me of my wife. Except for the not being dead part."
<Marcelo`^> "Yeah, that can make them seem differant."

<Marcelo`^> "Not many women warriors these days..."
<Marcelo`^> "So.. Is she any good?"
<AlcarDM> Arden: "None, in point of fact. Silly mistake, but she seemed determined to remain." He shrugs. "I doubt it since she's a woman. But having see mothers protect children, I think she could be., Give a mother a child to defend, and they'll be unbeatable."
<AlcarDM> Arden: "I once suggested it to my wife. Just tie a baby to their backs, or to a shield, and send them into war. She didn't think it woulod be practical though."

<AlcarDM> You find the horse and stream a few minutes later. A rather thin horpse is by it, currently eating grass. Lots of grass. And looking to be in horsey heaven (the one with the glue, that is)
<Marcelo`^> (( Are you saying he looks dead, or happy? ))
<AlcarDM> (( very happy :p ))

<Marcelo`^> I think i like the senile old man better
<AlcarDM> heh
<AlcarDM> thgan?
<Marcelo`^> the angst filled young kid
<AlcarDM> hehe. he's just angry. Most of the time.
<AlcarDM> for some good reasons, mind you. I just wanted a pissed off druid for a fun change
<Marcelo`^> fun change?
<Marcelo`^> you've never HAD a druid, how can you change it?
<AlcarDM> lol. Well, the idea of druids then :)

<AlcarGM> Marc shakes his head, then whispers "Shadows with legs," quietly, as if the words are being dragged out of him. He stares off into space, somewhere above your left shoulder, not looking at you.
* Dawson takes a quick glance behind him, checking for something he knows he cannot see but is there, like atoms.

<AlcarGM`> The creature desn't blink and raises one hand, in a peace sign a la Star Trek. You notice it has 3 fingers, oddly jointed. You're not sure if it's metal or flesh. The voice that comes out is strange, accentless and without sex.: "We-are-here-for-the-subject.-Stop.-Please-hand-it-over.-We-can-offer-coupons."
<Billy`^> "What? What subject?"
<AlcarGM`> Thue creature lowerss it's hand and steps backwards, staring up at you in silence. "We-are-here-for-the-subject," it repeats, a little louder. The TV turns itself on again behind you, except there is no static, just smoke coming out of the back of it.... and the smell of burning plastic
<Billy`^> "The tv?"
<AlcarGM`> The creature stands, unmoving. "No-Stop-The-Other-One-We-Seek.-Stop-Not-Human--Question."
<Billy`^> "Could you speak clearly, I can't really understand..."
<AlcarGM`> "User-Interface-Is-Unacceptable-Question."
<Billy`^> "I said.. What do you want from me?"

<AlcarGM`> She nods. "We could go out. I like pool. I won these clothes in it." She grins. "And money, which is nice, even if it is made from trees."
<Billy`^> "It's not."
<AlcarGM`> Jane: "it's not?"
<Billy`^> "Not trees, but plants... cotton."
<AlcarGM`> Jane: "Well, that makes it better then. It's not like plants feel pain, after all," dryly.\
<Billy`^> "You're saying they do?"
<AlcarGM`> Jane grins, then slowly stops grinning and stares at you. "You're saying they don't?" in a baffled voice
<Billy`^> "Well, no.. BUT if they did, then why don't they tell anyone?"
<AlcarGM`> Jane: "Something has to tell you it's in pain for you to feel it?" She gives you an astonished look. "I think I understand romance now."
<Billy`^> "yeah."

<AlcarGM`> Jane shrugs. "I don't know. O'Malleys bar has pool, I was told. But they play better there. How well do you play?"
<Billy`^> "I don't."
<AlcarGM`> Jane stares at you. "Why not?"
* Billy`^ shrugs
<Billy`^> "Just never tried it."
<AlcarGM`> Jane: "Chess?"
* Billy`^ shakes his head
<AlcarGM`> Jane frowns. "What about from Egypt? What games did you play to follow the ways of Heaven?"
* Billy`^ shrugs "Pharohs didn't play games."

<Alcar> "We-are-here-for-the-subject.-Stop.-Please-hand-it-over.-We-can-offer-coupons." was my favouritre line from the session. Aliens trying consumerism.
<Alcar> Ah well. Pretty soon they're going to start to try and convert people. Then things will get weird.
<Alcar> "You-Must-Understand-That- We-Are-Right-Stop-We-Are-lIving-Proof-Of-Our-Way-Stop-Please-Join-Us-Or-Else-Question-T hank-You-For-Your-Time-And-No-Comma -We-Are-Not-Jeohvahs-Witnesses-Hyphen- Or-Puncutation-Of-Your-Choice-We-Never-Met-Him."

<AlcarDM> Quinton: "How do you plan to get them out?"
<Sheena`-`> "Depends on the situwation, may need a distraction."
<Marcelo`^> "I am really only here because I think these are the people that I was following earlier."
<AlcarDM> Quinton: "Like what?" grudgingly
<Sheena`-`> "Nothing biblical if thats what your asking."
<Marcelo`^> "Biblical?"
<AlcarDM> Quinton: "What's that?"
<Ceseth> (( "What's a Biblic? sounds scary." ))
<Sheena`-`> "Just don't turn anybody into pillers of salt and we will be ok."
<Sheena`-`> "Just don't turn anybody into pillers of salt and we will be ok."
<AlcarDM> Quinton looks offended by that. "Druids don't do that sort of thing."
<Marcelo`^> "Trees."
<Kell-> ((At least not in public))
<AlcarDM> (( Of coure not. but it's great during sex. ))
<AlcarDM> Quinton: "Uhm, or that. Most of the time. I think."
<Ceseth> (( I bet the horse would like the pillar of salt. ))

<Sheena`-`> I just trealized the perfect Kender formilar would be a pack rat.
<Marcelo`^> haha!

<Sheena`-`> 1d20+5 (attack if needed)
<Sparkie> Sheena`-` 1d20+5: 7(2) (attack if needed)
<Sheena`-`> damn good thing that wasn't realy needed
<AlcarDM> lol.
<AlcarDM> yeah, coup de grace and all that :)P

<AlcarDM> Quinton frowns. "How long is she going to take? It's, what, a dozen tents? Maybe she got lost."
<Ceseth> (( Nah man, its men that get lost. Women always ask for directions. ))
* Marcelo`^ shrugs "She has to keep quiet too, so the guards don't hear her."
<Ceseth> (( its funny how slow it seems to go when you're watching the clock for when you have to leave. :P ))
<Kell-> ((I don't think many women would ask directions in the middle of an enemy camp.))
<Kell-> ((Then again....))

<AlcarDM> inits!~
<AlcarDM> 1d20+2 - jansen
<Sparkie> AlcarDM 1d20+2: 21(19) - jansen
<AlcarDM> (( ooh, happy day! ))
<Ceseth> 1d20+3
<Sparkie> Ceseth 1d20+3: 22(19)
<Ceseth> (( HA! ))
<Marcelo`^> 1d20+3
<Sparkie> Marcelo`^ 1d20+3: 23(20)
<AlcarDM> (( *blinks* ))
<Ceseth> (( LOL! ))
<Marcelo`^> eheh
<AlcarDM> (( what the hell?!~ ))
<Kell-> (*checks sparkie to see if he's sick)

* Marcelo`^ sprints off into the canyon
<AlcarDM> Where's Marcelo running to again? :p
<Marcelo`^> canyon #2 south
<Kell-> (around in circles)
<Marcelo`^> South
<Marcelo`^> away
<Marcelo`^> far far away
<Kell-> (Confusion tactic)
<Darkkin> (yeah confusing Sparkie)
* Marcelo`^ yells back while running "Listen, just give up the kids and we'll let you go!"
<AlcarDM> 6 of the 10 bandits split off to chase Marcelo and Ceseth, the others going towards jansens body, and Kell :incidentally.
<Ceseth> "It doesn't work when we're the ones running!"
<Marcelo`^> "If you *huff* surrender now *huff* you'll make it out *huff* alive!"
<Ceseth> "Seriously, you know nothin' about intimidation..."

<FSZGM> Amber out the window you can see large radioactive mushroom clouds on earth.
<FSZGM> Looks like the President was right about the WMDs...
* Wade_Whitehouse slams hard on the brakes, "Whoopsies, almost missed that sonofabtich."
<Makoto> "Wowww, fireworks!"
<Makoto> "Is this for us?" :D
* Amber` stares
<Amber`> "What the fuck is that?!"
* Makoto blinks at Amber. "Fireworks, don'tcha know!?"
<Amber`> "No, it's not! Someone is nuking the planet! I could lose my job!"

<aslhk> also, the formula is far too simplistic!
<aslhk> it doesn't take other factors into account!
<aslhk> like dice rolling ability!
<The_Computer> And me.
<SnailSlug> 20#1d20
<The_Computer> SnailSlug 20#1d20: 10 16 1 2 11 19 4 3 16 3 8 10 6 18 12 9 13 6 3 7
<SnailSlug> Was that not a fairly random distribution of rolls?
<The_Computer> that wasn't in a game. A game is where I screw a PC over for every session except the last two, give him two crits, one of which nearly kills him.
<The_Computer> No rules take into account whimsey of the dice :)
<SnailSlug> In simpler terms: "No rules take into account the whimsey of God."
<The_Computer> Oh. Well, if you want to put it like that, sure.
* The_Computer is god.
<SnailSlug> A god, perhaps. God, no...
<The_Computer> There is only ONE god, and The_Computer is His Name!
* The_Computer smites SnailSlug for blasphemy
* The_Computer could get used to this.

<AlcarGM> When last we left Hugh, he'd gone to sleep after a very, very weird day, completely exhausted.
<AlcarGM> You waken about midnight, or close to it, from something that wasn't quite a dream, but neither real. A memory, of Edgar, who died in the war. Who everyone knew you were going to marry.Christmas, they said. He'd be back by them. And you waited. And waited. And his brother came, for a visit. You had sex. No excuses. It could have been love, God knows it hurt enough to be. But they he went too, into the war. And died.
<AlcarGM> You waken to see yourself looking at Emma Colgates face in the mirror, pouring scotch ... but you're not her.
<Hugh`> ...
* Hugh` (( implodes. ))

<AlcarGM> Owen frowns at the map, then points at the school. <That.>
<Hugh`> "The school? What about it?"
<AlcarGM> Owen: <I can't feel it.>
<Hugh`> "Oh. Well, there was some weird grafitti that showed up on its own one night, so maybe something weird's going on with it. Plus they buried Mr. O'Rye's dog there, and I bet that might have added to any weirdness, if anything."
<Hugh`> "Want to... go with me? Take a look?"
<AlcarGM> He nods. <And this place,> and points to the Diefenbach estate, aka Dawsons place. <There's other places that are hard to feel, like this place. Protected. But those are just ... different.> He looks surprised. <I could?>
<Hugh`> "Well, I guess. We could tell the office we... umm... wanted to let you take a look, while we decide if we want to see about enrolling you, or getting private tutoring. Or some BS like that."
<AlcarGM> Owen: <I'd like that. To see what it is. I've never not felt a place. It's like it's not there at all. Just a hole.>
<Hugh`> "I'm sure some of the students would agree with you on that one."

<AlcarGM> Okay. The hallway is blessedly quiet., thankfully. You're not sure why you'r enot geting much from inside classrooms but not about to wonder in case you start to :p
<Hugh`> (( Psychic Lead Paint, of course. ))
* Hugh` just walks silently to the nurse.
<AlcarGM> The nurse - Mrs. Sparano - is in her station and nods to you wne you enter. "Good morning. have you been here before Hubert?"
<Hugh`> (( Im more or less just glad Im not picking up ghosts or the Overmind of the School itself, or some such. ))
<AlcarGM> (( not yet :) ))
<AlcarGM> (( give that a day or two :p ))

<AlcarGM> Over a century of grafitti - the normal kind - adorns them, but they are metal, and well built.
<Hugh`> "Aha! Suspicious! Well, no time for that now." *tries to clear his thoughts and pick the padlock WITH HIS MIND!*
<AlcarGM> Marc: "crowbar?"
<AlcarGM> The door grates slightly, as it rocked. Marc steps back. "It's getting out?"
<AlcarGM> You've cleared the tylenol from your system, but the door still remains locked.
<Hugh`> "No no, that was me. Stupid lock..."
* Tass is now known as Tehn
<Hugh`> "If we had a crowbar, that would be good..." *looks around*
<AlcarGM> Oddly, the school doesn't keep crowbars by locked doors, but there is a janitorial closet down the hallway. Unfortunately, people will be comingout of classes soon.
<AlcarGM> And explaining why you're taking a crowbar to a stairwell might take awhile.

<Hugh`> (( this is so sketchy its rediculous, but Hugh really doesnt want the evil children from hell eating his brain today :P ))

* Hugh` runs for the janitor's closet, intending to hide them in it until people get to their classes.
<AlcarGM> Marc follows, hoping you know what you're doing.
<AlcarGM> The door to the closet is locked, of course, but after a good minute of focusing you manage to open it.
<AlcarGM> Inside, a sickly sweet smell greets you and the corpse of the janitor .. or something skinned alive at least, stares at you, eyes open and wide. "Help.. me...?"
<AlcarGM> j/k
<Hugh`> (( X_X ))
<Hugh`> (( jesus dude, that made me jump. ))
<AlcarGM> (( *grins and bows* ))
<AlcarGM> (( Have enough on your plate without walking skinned corpses :p ))
<Hugh`> (( well, thank you for the gesture of mercy there, Alcar :P ))

<AlcarGM> The students - the normal people - all go back to the class as the uber shy kid with a hole in his head and the half alien prepare to break a door down in the school.

<AlcarGM> You feel . .something.. down the hallway, around the corner. It wasn't there before..... and it's not human.
* Hugh` grips the wrench like a Holy Avenger or something, and heads down the hallway.
<AlcarGM> Marc just walks, moving a bit uncertainly.
<Hugh`> (( the Ghostbusters get proton packs, but Real Men fight ghosts with wrenches! ))
<AlcarGM> The hallway is dark when you turn, and you instincively watch the shadows, but they don't seem to be containing anything. Ahead of you, in the middle of the hallways, is a black door, darker than the shadows. It's over your waist height, build like a pony, and growls very softly.

<AlcarGM> You feel . .something.. down the hallway, around the corner. It wasn't there before..... and it's not human.
* Hugh` grips the wrench like a Holy Avenger or something, and heads down the hallway.
<AlcarGM> Marc just walks, moving a bit uncertainly.
<Hugh`> (( the Ghostbusters get proton packs, but Real Men fight ghosts with wrenches! ))

<AlcarGM> The hallway is dark when you turn, and you instincively watch the shadows, but they don't seem to be containing anything. Ahead of you, in the middle of the hallways, is a black door, darker than the shadows. It's over your waist height, build like a pony, and growls very softly.
<Hugh`> (( door or dog? ))
<Hugh`> (( cause a growling pony door would be freaky. ))
<AlcarGM> (( dog :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( one of those weird errors... ))
<AlcarGM> (( <-- makes a note to add growling doors ))

* Billy`^ sighs "Now I really do want to know your thoughts."
<AlcarGM> Jane: "It's not your affair, Billy. He killed my sister. So I will kill him, somehow, before the end of the world."
<Billy`^> "If you don't want me to know about it then stop thinking out loud."
<AlcarGM> Jane: "It's simple, really. I plan to kill God."
<Billy`^> "I'm not listening. It's not my affair, remember?"
<Billy`^> "I need more alcohol..."

<Billy`^> "I need to get drunk.. Maybe it's all a dream..."
* Billy`^ trips and falls on his newly heald hand with a scream
<Billy`^> "Damnit.. that felt real..."
<AlcarGM> Jane helps you to he rfeet, shaking her head. "Don't you know by now that everything is real?"

* Billy`^ walks in and looks around teh place for aliens
<AlcarGM> You see no aliens, thankfully :)
<AlcarGM> well, if you can call aliens creatures who have not yet mastered the doorknob principle.
* Billy`^ unplugs all appliances, locks the door, turns out the light and goes to bed

* Billy`^ reaches out for a plot but falls short, and walks outside instead

* Sheena`-` mutters to her self and stops "Anybody know the way?"
<AlcarDM> Kell smiles slightly, amused by the outlanders. "I do," simply. "Where are you going?"
<Ceseth> "Like I said, Talos'd be a good place, an' it's closer."
<Sheena`-`> "Returning thies people to there village."
<AlcarDM> The desert man shrugs. "Fine, then." and starts walking.
* Marcelo`^ follows
* Marcelo`^ follows BEHIND ceseth =p
<AlcarDM> (( ah! The joys of inter-party trust beginning ))
* Ceseth follows along, gradually heading over to where Joan is, unless, say, confronted by some paranoid person, or something.

<AlcarDM> A young boy detailed to warn of bandit attacks sees your arrive and runs back to alert the village. The barons men who'd been musteing are rather disgruntled by this but the one Knight with them, Sir Perfluous, greets all of you warmly.
<Ceseth> (( lol ))
<Ceseth> (( puns... heh ))
<AlcarDM> <Sir Perfluous> "Well, it seems you saved us all a journey!" clasping your hands warmly in a knightly and non sexual manner, if it pleases the court. "I am Sir Perfluous, knight of the Baron. May I have the names of the heroes -" he stares at Kell warily - "I have the singular honour of addressing?"

<Sheena`-`> "We had best wait at the edge of the woods for Mercelo."
<AlcarDM> Quinton lookis over from his own thoughts, as if surprised you're there, and nods. "I guess."
* Sheena`-` finds a tree to lean against
* Sheena`-` looks in the direction of the village while waiting "So now what?"
<AlcarDM> Quinton shrugs. "I dunno. I guess sex is out of the question?"
* Sheena`-` slowly turns her head to give him a cold look.
<Sheena`-`> "Have you ever even meet a woman befor?"
<AlcarDM> Quinton: "Pardon? I've met quite a few. My mother was one, you know," sarcastically

<AlcarDM> (( notice check ))
<Sheena`-`> (genral wis or spot/listen?)
<Sheena`-`> 1d20
<The_Computer> Sheena`-` 1d20: 12
<AlcarDM> (( spot ))
<Sheena`-`> (spot/listen both are +7 so..)
<Sheena`-`> (k so a 19)
<AlcarDM> (( used UA by mistake :p ))

<Marcelo`^> I don't trust poloticians
<Ceseth> you dont trust anybody
* AlcarDM chuckles
<Marcelo`^> southerners are so.. wierd... how can I?
<Marcelo`^> I trust sheena
<Ceseth> frontal labotomy.
<Marcelo`^> she knows what the north is all about
<Ceseth> trees and mountains? :p
<Marcelo`^> it's more than that
<Sheena`-`> much much more
<Marcelo`^> it's about... mountains... and trees!

<Marcelo`^> "So what brings you out here in the middle of nowhere?"
<Kell_> "Bringing enlightenment to the uncivilized in these lands."
<Marcelo`^> "Uncivilized?"
<Ceseth> (( you go, Missionary dude! :P ))
<Kell_> "Who but an uncivilized man would seek to destroy their own past, and their own knowledge?"
<Marcelo`^> "Of what? You're confusing me?
<Ceseth> (( Isolationist Nutbags. ))

<AlcarDM> Sheena hops down from the tree and cuts Marcelo's head off? :)
<Ceseth> woot!
<Marcelo`^> aww how sweet
<Sheena`-`> love bite/wound!
<AlcarDM> lol! Yes! S&M love, fighter style....
<Marcelo`^> brb, might have to start some rice pudding... mmm rice pudding
<Ceseth> WHip of Cure Light Wounds.
<AlcarDM> fireball of love
<Sheena`-`> shackles of regenoration
<AlcarDM> actually, that one would be great for tortuerers...
<AlcarDM> remove the eyes again . and again....
<Sheena`-`> yah
<Sheena`-`> damn it whats this wet spot, shit, boss stop he is enjoying it
<Ceseth> Always entrust your vital secrets to masochists.

<AlcarDM> After a good 20 minutes you find yourselves at a rather large oak tree, a good 30' wide at the very least. An old man in a plain brown cloak is outside it, smoking on a pipe with one hand and bandaging a birds wing with the other.
<Ceseth> (( what you dont know is that the bird broke its wing when he hit it with a golf ball. ))

* Ceseth goes and climbs a tree.
<Kell_> (Get down! it'sa treant, not a jungle gym!)

* Marcelo`^ nods and finds a nice bush to sleep under
<Kell__> ((Marcello finds out soon enough that that nie bush is actually an assassin vine)

<Dragon_child> The first was about half-ice elemental hezrou being hit by a critical spirited charge flaming burst +1 lance, I think
<JDigital> Surely that's simple.
<Dragon_child> It brought up questions on how half damage, DR, elemental resistance, and multiplication stack.
<JDigital> oh yeah.
<Dragon_child> JD, Hezrou take half damaeg from attacks, and have DR X/+2
<JDigital> I had a fire-resistant white dragon in my game :)
<Dragon_child> You will not find the order of operations listed ANYWHERE in the book.

<aslhk> the answer to that question is patently obvious!
<aslhk> Any rules which are not explicitly covered in the rulebook are left up to dm arbitration!
<Dragon_child> Sadly, you're right
<aslhk> That is the official rule!
<Dragon_child> There IS no answer
<aslhk> that *is* the answer =P
<aslhk> it is just that there is not an answer that is consistent across campaigns!
<Dragon_child> Its hard to tell if you're being sarcastic
<aslhk> indeed!

<Dragon_Child> Hmm. Does it give coherent politics sorta stuff? Most medieval politics don't work in D&D, at all.
<aslhk> how is it that medieval politics don't work in d&d? =P
<aslhk> Are you suggesting feudalism doesn't work!???????????????????!?
<Dragon_Child> Fuedilism just don't work in superhero games.
<Dragon_Child> Once you reach level 5, you're freaking superheroes. :P
<aslhk> If your gm sucks, perhaps!
<Dragon_Child> I love your sarcasm
<Dragon_Child> It makes me angry
<Dragon_Child> because people DO say that stuff

<AlcarGM> Holmes: "I asked you a question," patiently. He waits. He looks at you. "Is something wrong with - " he looks down at his notebook - "Marc?"
<Hugh`> "He's rather introverted."
<AlcarGM> Holmes: "That does not mean you don't answer questions, young man." Marc looks up and, well, through him. Holmes blinks, a bit disconcerted. "What did you hear?"
<Hugh`> (( Aren't we a pair? :P ))
<AlcarGM> He waits for a good two minutes for a reply, then starts looking very annoyed. He turns to you, keeping calm by reminding himself that smashing students heads into desks isn't proper procedure. "How old were they, and why did you think there would be kids up there?"
<AlcarGM> (( yeah :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( tho it's quite good. He hasn't even thought about asking why you're wearing sunglasses indoors :P ))
<Hugh`> (( if I wanted to be difficult, between us, they'd really lose any desire to question us. Between Marc's general freakiness, and my responding to things unsaid, it would be great fun. :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( oh yeah :) ))
<aslhk> (( it is not a good idea to freak out teh police =P ))
<Hugh`> (( sez j00! ))

<Billy`^> he's more hard to keep on topic about anything than sarah about absetnance.
<Hugh`> Whats that supposed to mean? I hear Sara can hold quite the conversation about abstinance; specifically how stupid it is.
<Billy`^> no, she'll tell you it's stupid then tell you she doesn't like talking about it
<Billy`^> all you'll end up doing is have her repeat herself... over and over and over and... then she'll jump you
<Hugh`> You know what would be evil? Stealthily fitting her with a chastity belt she cant remove herself :P
<Billy`^> ...
<Billy`^> I'm in
<Hugh`> I'm sure you are, but that hardly gets us closer to accomplishing that. :P

<Hugh`> (( we need Sara here to scare off the evil monsters with her SEX! ))
<tatterdemalion> (( lol ))
<tatterdemalion> (( Sara: "Cthulhu! Darling! You never write, you never call!" Cthulhu: "No! Not her!" ))

<tatterdemalion> Ahead of you, before the stairs, is . .something .. like a man, made of razor blades of glass .. just standing ...
<Hugh`> "Oh good..." *looks back at where Holmes dropped his gun*
<tatterdemalion> The gun is gone .. the dog .... is .... shreeded, like someone stuck it in a blender and pureed it into strips of flesh and bone and blood, stretched out over the ground like a butterfly would be, collected.
<Hugh`> "Oh, even better." *Heavy sarcasm*
* Hugh` tries to supress his urge to vomit from fear. :P
<tatterdemalion> The thing of glass blades moves towards the three of you slowly, as if swimming through the air.
<Hugh`> "My kingdom for a brick!" *thrusts his hand toward the thing and tries to shatter it with a sudden strike of psychic force! (yeah right)*

<Hugh`> "Lance, Holmes and Marc are in danger, upstairs."
<AlcarGM> Lance looks at you. "Lead the way," without hesitating.
<AlcarGM> He practically runs out after you. "Your arm?"
<AlcarGM> Students are staring, and at the sight of his drawn gun leaping out of the way. You catch thoughts like "Woah!" and "Hey, I thought it was students who got to shoot people in schools!" "Hah! My piece is bigger than that wimpy gun" "Oh! Someone new to have Sex with!
<Hugh`> "Later." *rushes back to the scene*
<Hugh`> (( "DAMN IT SARA!" ))

<AlcarGM> Jillian: "Find the feather of a bird. A live one .Kill the bird, marinate the feather in the blood of the bird and then dry it under the sun for four hours, saying "Jimekiya toy toy toy" 5 times. If you succeed, the feather will seem normal, but dowse you to one touched by the ritual."
* Billy`^ clasps his hands together "Yay! My first spell!"
* Billy`^ frowns and looks at Jillian "Why do they all involve blood?"
<AlcarGM> Jillian: "sooner or later, it all comes down to blood."

<tatterdemalion> The wound *hurts* by the time you reach your place, and the adrenaline has worn off, leaving you achy and tired, but surprisingly not with a headache
<Hugh`> (( who'd have known the cure for headaches is near-death experiences and curing the insane? ))
<tatterdemalion> (( the people who made aspirin. It's a closely guarded secret and your knowledge of it means the next time Hugh goes to a pharmacy he'll be given a lethal dose of certain illicit drugs ))

<Billy`^> "I don't know, hey do you know any magic?"
<tatterdemalion> Lance: "With sigils, lots of will, and a gift given to me by someone who doesn't exist. Why do you ask?"
<Billy`^> "I'm looking into creating a ritual."
<tatterdemalion> Lance stops halfway to the car and turns around. "Are you INSANE?!"
<Billy`^> "I've been told that be experts, yes."

<tatterdemalion> Lance: "Magic isn't some .. some toy you change around. rituals are *old*."
<Billy`^> "That's not what i've been told."
<tatterdemalion> Lance: "Oh? And suddenly you're an expert?"
<Billy`^> "Well... How many experts do you know?"
<tatterdemalion> :Lance: "There are no experts. No one knows, not really. But rituals work,because they do, because of patterns. Onl a mental midget changes those without a damn good reason."
<Billy`^> "What if the universe was about to end?"
<tatterdemalion> Lance: "Then let me know so I can rack up my credit card bill."

<Billy`^> "So I'm thinking if we boil water, that's three elements there... so if we both chant at the same time that we want information say... six times... We should get an avatar of information."
<tatterdemalion> Jane: "Uh huh.And why do you think this?
<Billy`^> "I don't, I'm just hoping."
<Billy`^> "I mean... it's not much different than the bird ritual."
<tatterdemalion> Jane; "besides having no bird, no feather, and no blood of one?"
<Billy`^> "There is no death involved in this one, so I'm thinking we should get an avatar of life... since water is the source of life too."
<Billy`^> "See, it's all this math stuff."

* Billy`^ breathes deep and begins chanting over the boiling pot.
<tatterdemalion> Okay. You both chant. And try again. Nothing happens at all :(
* Billy`^ thinks...
<Billy`^> "The cats should join us... Maybe their mewing can help."
* Billy`^ sets the cats on the counter and tries again
<tatterdemalion> Jane: "...."
* Billy`^ looks around the cupboards for some noodles
<tatterdemalion> Uh .. okay.. you have boiling water, kittens on a counter, and you find noodles.
<tatterdemalion> jane is looking distincting unimpressed
* Billy`^ puts the noodles in the water and lets the cats down
<tatterdemalion> JaneL "We could try what she suggested?"
<Billy`^> "Huh? oh right."
<Billy`^> "Hungry?"
<tatterdemalion> Jane: ".... please tell me this is just food, and you don't plan to chant over it, too?"
* Billy`^ looks at the water "It's food."

<Palin^Majere> neone do dragonlance 3rd or 2nd edition?
<Alcar> Hrm, played it rarely. Had a few kender - Keith's pcs - in games. About all.
<Palin^Majere> this is neat
<Palin^Majere> i been looking for a gaming place for a while
<Palin^Majere> ima be back :P
* Palin^Majere Quit (Quit: K guys, I'm out, cyall laterz. Peace.)
<aslhk> O_o
<Alcar> wow. First time someone mistaking the channel for warez was useful.
<Keith> would have never figured somebody would have desided to start showing up becus of ryu

* tatterdemalion is making up a superhero rpg 4 colour game using Amber rules.
* tatterdemalion is currently trying to decide if getting super powers by Mail Order is okay.
<tatterdemalion> wait! I know! Radiation!
<tatterdemalion> Low Sperm Count Lukemia Man!
* tatterdemalion sighs. This is why I can't do 4 colour comic book worlds....

<Alcar> Arden: "But enough. We may never know, eh? And if we're lucky, we never will. Are you hungry? My son makes excellent fried mushrooms."
<Ceseth> "Mushrooms? Eh... well, sure, okay."
<Alcar> Arden: "I don't know how it does it, but they're magic too."
<Alcar> j/k
<Alcar> Though it could explain a lot....

<AlcarDM> Arden walks south quickly, making no noised and leaving no trail or smell save that of the wood itself. He seems to know where he is going and sings softly under his breath for a bit. "Haven't been there in a long time, you know. Lost it."
<Ceseth> "Oh?"
<AlcarDM> Arden: "It should be hard to lose one's heart, but it's easier than you'd suppose. Easier still to give it away to someone, to hope they'll take care of it and give you yours, or return it little worse for wear. But a heart that hasn't been broken isn't rreally a heart, just a clock. Some things can't be fixed until they get broken, so they can be stronger once mended. Have you ever been loved?"
* Ceseth nods.
<AlcarDM> Arden smiles softly. "I remember it, as if it was yesterday. Sometimes, I think it was, or that it still is. But time is beyond magic. She was .... everything to me. You understand that? She made me into someone better, helped me become who I should. Some thing can never be repaid. Nor should they." He chuckles.

<Ceseth> "So... what should I tell them? Just that 'Something new or something old is coming?' Is there something a little more specific?"
<AlcarDM> Arden: "Hmm. No. They might thing it meant I was conspitated. Let's see. Ahah! Tell them: The sacrifice was in vain. They have found us aqnd the time of choosing is at hand. Oh, damn it. I've planned it for years, to be on the safe side. I'm sure it sounded much better than that."
<AlcarDM> Afrden: "Err, it's from the tell them to time of choosing part. The thing you need to tell them. They will understand. Unless, of course, they don't, but there is no helping some people."
* Ceseth blinks for a second, but then just nods.

<AlcarDM> Arden: "You ask few questions."
<Ceseth> "Every time I ask a question, I get an answer that just raises more. So I figure I'll just quit while I'm ahead."

<AlcarGM> FKI, both PCs get 20 exp!
<AlcarGM> I'll workout exp tomorrow or after the game tonight for amount over that for each :)
<Billy`^> gawd
<Billy`^> I don't think i distributed exp from LAST time

<Billy`^> "Ok.. How about.. we go to that tree outside... and you fly up there and grab a bird or something?
<AlcarGM> Jane stares at you, then nods once. "Fine. Wait here." And walks outside.
<Billy`^> "What? What's wrong?"
<AlcarGM> Jane: "Nothing."
<AlcarGM> in the way that means something is wrong but she won't tell you what it is because you should know via male telepathy or something.
<Billy`^> "Ok."

<AlcarGM`> Okay, you finish draining them and putting them in plates when Jane returns with a small robin in her hands.
* Billy`^ looks at it "It's so cute... I can't just... KILL it. It's so innocent."
<AlcarGM`> Jane drops it on the table. "It's okay. I lured it into my hands and broke it's neck. Rather easy. Her name was Reil, if it matters to you."
* Billy`^ just stares at Jane
* Billy`^ walks slowly to the other side of the table across from Jane, still staring at her
<AlcarGM`> She looks back at you without expression. "No blood lost yet. So if you have a frying pan we can get to it."
* Billy`^ hands her the empty pot from the noodles
* Billy`^ continues to stare
<Billy`^> "Do you hate the pet shop birds?"
<AlcarGM`> Jane: "Why would i have met shop birds?"
<Billy`^> "Is that what this is about?"
<AlcarGM`> Jane: "What what is about?"

<Billy`^> OMG
<Billy`^> So, I was reluctant to do it, but she told me to toughen up, when I asked her to do it she gets pissed about me wanting to do it

<Billy`^> alcar, can I make a skill called male telepathy? =p
<Billy`^> I wanna put 20% in it ><
<Billy`^> soul, or mind?
<AlcarGM`> Soul, of course. No mind skill is high enough to understand the female psyche
<Billy`^> there, that makes distributing my exp easier... it all went to one skill
<Billy`^> Now when does it take effect? =p
<AlcarGM`> What, you thought it would work?! :P

<Billy`^> it's an ex
<Billy`^> I figured it out alcar
<Billy`^> she has an ex in the pet shop
<AlcarGM> hm?
<AlcarGM> lol!

<AlcarGM> Lance: "Funny. What did you do to the nurse then, hmm?"
<Hugh`> "Well, I did nothing, myself."
<AlcarGM> Lance: "So you're saying with you and Mister hole in his head in the same office, nothing at all odd happened like she told me?" dryly
<Hugh`> "It might've been the freaky laughing kids."
<AlcarGM> Lance: Fine. What are they? Why did no one know about them and why in the name of God do you have to get involved in every damn weird thing?"
<Hugh`> "I don't know, I don't know and I dont--- er... Because."
<AlcarGM> Lance: "Because what?"
<AlcarGM> Owen: <He's reminding me of my brother. Mean. I don't like him.>
<Hugh`> <He's just stressed.>
<AlcarGM> Owen: <Oh.>
<Hugh`> "Just because. But in seriousness, it's because I sort of feel... responsible, at times. Plus I think it tried to eat my brain, or something."

<Billy`^> I'll either intimidate it, or get attacked..
<Billy`^> either way something cool happens

* tatterdemalion got into the idaes of supers marrying earlier. That's just bad all around.
<tatterdemalion> Stretch Man marries Multiple Girl. Daughter (or son, but then the stretching idea is a bit gross) becomes a porn star, since it's more lucrative than being a super hero.
<tatterdemalion> multiple bodies, stretching, sex.

<tatterdemalion> superfish! Superfish: "I can breath water AND air!" Sidekick: "Doesn't that make you an amphibian?" Superfish: "No! I have powers!"
<tatterdemalion> Sidekick: "I'm sorry. But he's .. dead. He told me. "I a superfish! I can breathe . .vacuum!" And he did. For about 3 minutes. Or he tried to. It was so horrible, seeing him go out that airlock like a fish out of *cough* water. Bastard neve rpaid me, treated me like an intern ...... but it was an accident!"
<tatterdemalion> actually, now I am wondering about pay rates for sidekicks, and laws limiting their working hours like child exploitation laws...
<GeminiRai> It's okay to exploit sidekicks. They don't have powers.
* tatterdemalion is consdering the ramifications of a superhero team all with sidekicks using them for a child porn sex ring.
<aslhk> lol
<tatterdemalion> Which is about as un 4 colour as one can get, I imagine.
<aslhk> tatterdemalion, you are really bad at four colour

* alcar shakes his head. I'm having images of safe sex for superhumans. "Remember to wear extra-sttrength condoms, especially those of you with super strength. A pregant girlfriend is bad enough, but if the baby kicks and kills her the parents are likely to sue."

<Sheena`-`> 1d20+5 F&RT
<sparkie> Sheena`-` 1d20+5: 14(9) F&RT
* AlcarDM is only hoping that's not a mistyping of fart.
<Sheena`-`> yah I noticed that my self after the fact
<Sheena`-`> no its Find & Remove Traps

<AlcarDM> poor kell :p
<Kell_> *sigh* Trying to educate these barbarians....
<Kell_> Now I know how an arab in dark-age europe felt... :p
<AlcarDM> what, being conquered by invading armies? :p
<AlcarDM> that can be arranged!
<Kell_> I think it already is :p
<AlcarDM> "What, smart? So, they invented 0 huh? And that's special? Any idiot can invent nothing!"

<Kell_> "You know, your views are almost identical to those of Corinth."
<AlcarDM> Quinton ignores the female. "Who's corinth?"
<AlcarDM> He leaves the "he sounds intelligent" part unspoken :)
* Kell_ smiles, though it's hidden by the sand mask
<Kell_> "Depending on who you had asked, Corinth was a bloodthirsty murdering warlord, or a golden-hearted defender of his land.... He lived anddied around 700 years ago."
<Sheena`-`> "So what did he do to earn such titles?"
<AlcarDM> (( Door to door salesman ))

<Kell__> Kell can identify a crab den from 100 yards, but can't tell the difference between a chipmunk and a carnivorous flying squirrel :)
* AlcarDM grins. He will once he meets one :P

<AlcarDM> You spend the day walking, following the desert man, talking sometimes. Conversation tends to become scare as the day goes on, as if the desert was sucking up th words you might have said, because they are meaningless in the middle of the vast nothing of the desert Walking. Through heat, and emptiness. Other places are that are quiet, and hot, but nothing like the desert.
<AlcarDM> Here, the emptiness calls out to you, formlessness inviting form, almost compelling you to think of things you never have in years, old friends and others you knew, memories you'd thought forgotten. It's said the desert people are mad, and by the time you stop for the evening, you imagine you understand a little of it.
<Kell_> ((We aren't mad, we're sane, really.))
<Kell_> ((You mean you don't hear the voices?))

<AlcarDM> * Kell_ touches his chest and says, "Kell."
<AlcarDM> <AlcarDM> (( You know, what would be great is if that was "Kill me" in its tongue.... ))
<AlcarDM> <Kell_> (( Nah, I don't want to have to kill it... yet :) ))
<AlcarDM> <AlcarDM> The creature mimics the gesture, a trifle warily.. "Poitrine"
<AlcarDM> was the best. Poitrine is chest in french.

<Lisa> And I just had the most stupid Superhero idea EVER
<Lisa> A character who got D&D-related powers (??!!) by being hit by a radioactive PHB. See? I told you it was stupid
<alcar> rofl!
<alcar> omg. I so need to do that for an npc
<alcar> "I hate this world! I hate it! I killed a dragon and got 10 exp. 10! I'm never levelling at this rate!"

* Quickflash`^ slows down and walks out from behind a wall
* Quickflash`^ puts on her hard hat and looks over at the foreman
<AlcarGM> Hank blinks, says "You're late," a sort of private joke, and grins. "Sorry. No job. Boss cancelled it." He spits. "Said there was some zoning law."
<AlcarGM> [1] 3 cheers for the comics code authority

<tatterdemalion> oh! I know. How much exp will yo give me ot NOT meet ninja turtles Chaos? :p
* tatterdemalion can create a new system of gaming by pcs giving up exp for less insanity
<Quickflash`^> LoL
<Quickflash`^> I'm not giving you exp to give up a unique experiance

<tatterdemalion> The light is still glowing below, so he's not dead. You can make out his words, if you shift your perception to superspeed.
<Quickflash`^> why wouldn't I then? =p
<Quickflash`^> so what's he saying?
<tatterdemalion> Okay, you get "Oh, cool. Okay. It's working. Wow. What a rush .. I think I'm going to barf ..... focus. Come on Clay, you can do this. Think positive. Think, it's just heat. Think you like heat ..... oh God, I'm talking to myself in third person!"

<tatterdemalion> Okay, you move and the world around you slows to a crawl, the pieces falling like snowflakes in a storm you step between without much effort. From the hole, a creature is coming up, rising out of the ground in a gout of hotmagma . .it looks like a man, made out of lava, and it's voice sounds like rocks grinding together. "Alive! I am alive! Magma Lord has returned from the Backwards Dimensions!"
<Quickflash`^> "Backwards Dimensions?" to herself
<Quickflash`^> "Hey, Hot head!" Comic book cliche pun... "What are you doing here?"
<tatterdemalion> Magma Lord rises out ofthe smoking crater, 4 arms, 1 head, and dripping hot lava. "Even Superior Man could not banish me. I shall reunite the Lords and the world will tremble!" He's waving Lightbulb around in one arm. Saving that lightbulb is a) no longer glowing, b) smoking slightly and c) stark naked

* tatterdemalion DID resist this thought: "I am Magma Lord, Here to Cunquer the World!" *smashes PCs around* "but first, I need a beer."
<tatterdemalion> it was so tempting though :)

* Linda`^ doesn't want to be fasionably early so she goes to check her makeup or whatever chicks do in girls bathrooms
<AlcarGM> Snort crack?
<AlcarGM> Oh, wait. Four colour. Four colour.....
* AlcarGM hits himself.
<Caltak> (( smoke? ))

<AlcarGM> <Mrs. Veritas> "We will take up this issue later in the course. Suffice to say that not all those with powers are heroes, or villains. Now, to get a beter understand of how you can work together, I'd like you all to list what powers you hate - or think you have - and how they work."
* The_Computer can roll dice and decide the fates of mere mortals. but since you don't NEED a dicebot (no, no one seems to need me anymore) I can burn you all to cinders and dance in the ashes of your pathetic world.
<Johnny> "Well..."
* Johnny looks around, "Maybe I should demonstrate."
<AlcarGM> <Mrs. Veritas> nods. "As long as nothing is damaged outside this room, that is fine. The walls are reinforced with invulnite, and sound proof to conventional hearing."\
* Johnny gets up and walks over to the teachers desk and picks a paperclip off of the desk
* Johnny motions to the paperclip, much like a magicians helper
* Johnny straightens it out
<AlcarGM> (( "I have superstregth! I can bend paperclips" *sits back down* ))
* Johnny wiggles his fingers and holds it daintily in one hand, and then reaches up to his right cheek, pulls it down slightly exposing much more of his right eye and then jams the paperclip into his eye
<Linda`^> (( ROFLMAO! ))
* Johnny screams, "AAAARRRGGH!!!"
* Johnny doubles over
* Johnny stands back up with a laugh and grins

<Johnny> "I have a real hard time getting hurt."
* Johnny ticks off on one finger
<Johnny> "I also am prety hard to push around, I can kinda fall kinda slow, too sometimes."
<Johnny> "And most importantly of all, I can program a VCR."
<AlcarGM> <Mrs. Veritas> smiles slightly at that. "Do you know how tough you are? Have you ever been shot?"
<Linda`^> "That's not a power!"
<Johnny> "With a bow, yes."
<Johnny> "No gun, however."
<Johnny> "I have been hit by a bus, though."
<AlcarGM> <Mrs. Veritas> nods.
<Linda`^> "What were you doing to get hit by a bus?"
<Johnny> "Paper route."

<Johnny> "I, well, I was taking a shortcut, and I wasn't really looking."
<Johnny> (those damn homicidal busses, just waiting in a back alley to jump you.)
<Linda`^> (( did it demand tokens? ))
<AlcarGM> (( The Magic School Bus. Once, it was just a bus. Now it wants your screams. ))

<Baliadoc> this is not what i expected the UA game to be like :)
<AlcarGM> lol., Isn't ua. Cal left so had to cancel ua since the plot involves his and chaos's pc meeting :p
<AlcarGM> ua involved angel feathers, dogs made out of retarded children and singing children.
<Baliadoc> that's what i thought. phew.

<Marcelo`^> omg alcar
<AlcarDM> yeash?
<Marcelo`^> i realized that all of the superhero games i've played i've played a female
* AlcarDM understands. I, too, have always wanted to be Wonder Woman.
<Marcelo`^> actually
<Marcelo`^> the last two i've left up to sparkie on a coinflip
<Marcelo`^> so
<Marcelo`^> i think it's sparkie that wants to be wonder woman
<Marcelo`^> fwiw sparkie decided my characters fate from the begining
<sparkie> no comment.
* sparkie hids his lassoo of truth and refuses to comment on the stories of using it for autoerotic asphyixiation.
<Marcelo`^> ich
<Marcelo`^> that's a deadly fetish
<sparkie> You never saw superman snork kryptonite after Lois left him, then.

<Kell_> "These bandits have help. They are that way." *Gestures off to the distant cactus*
<AlcarDM> Quinton: "Of course. Don't know why I didn't spot that myself. Obvious, really."
* Kell_ moves down the dune a ways and then heads around it, to keep out of view of anyone watching the dune crests.
<Marcelo`^> "Spot what? The cactus? Why would a cactus give away bandits?"
<AlcarDM> Quinton: "Maybe they're hiding under it."
<Kell_> "The spines on one side are broken off. It's a directional marker."
<Marcelo`^> "Could be... don't you think the spines owuld hurt them?"
* Marcelo`^ follows kell
<Marcelo`^> "What? How can you tell, I can barely see the cactus."
<AlcarDM> Quinton mutters "Maybe he's just making it up."

<Marcelo`^> "Are you sure those broken spines aren't from the last camp that went through here? How do you know it's current?"
* Kell_ makes his way cautiously in the direction of the marker
<Kell_> "Because of the traps that have lined the trail so far."
<Marcelo`^> "Traps? You mean we could have been killed? Why didn't you tell us?"
<Kell_> "I didn't want you to worry.
* Kell_ grins
<Kell_> "Just step where I stem and you will be fine."
<Kell_> *step

<AlcarDM> But you don't hear anything on the other side of the door. The door seems to be wood, but it's rather cold to the touch, and strong.
<AlcarDM> And seems to have no lock or hinges on this side.
<Marcelo`^> "Well?"
<Kell_> "No way in... nothing on the other side that I can hear. Let's go see what's down the tunnel."
* Kell_ heads toward the light down he main tunnel
* Marcelo`^ pushes the door
<Marcelo`^> (( No hinges on this side mean it's a push door >< ))
<AlcarDM> The door doesn't move.
<Kell_> ((I'm a barbarian, not an architect))
<Marcelo`^> (( heh ))

<tatterdemalion> The light at the end of the tunnel, when you reach the end, is .. well. That has to wait a moment, because from the end of the tunnel as you appreach it, you hear voices. People. Singing. Drunkenly. Something about a kings aunt from years back and her affair with a shetland pony
<Kell_> (Elves!)

<Marcelo`^> "Where are we?"
<AlcarDM> Quinton: "Not in Kansas. You know ,the barony....?" j/k
<Kell_> "Underground."
<AlcarDM> (( makes a note to name a place kansas in a future game just for that. ))
<Kell_> (heh)
<Marcelo`^> "Oh, I would have never guessed."
<AlcarDM> (( "We're not in kansas." "Why do you keep saying that? We've never BEEN there!" ))

<tatterdemalion> Marcelo - the door refuses to budge
<Kell_> (Damn english oak!)
* Marcelo`^ growls at it, and follows quickly after kell
<Kell_> (The door is unimpressed by the growl)
<tatterdemalion> (( the door sticks out its tongue at you ))
<Marcelo`^> (( I stick my toung out back so =p ))
<Kell_> (Make a note: Include a sentient talking door in kansas in the next game.)
<Marcelo`^> (( That's alice in wonderland dood =p i don't think wizard of oz fits with alice ))
<Kell_> (I was thinking more along the llines of Xanth)

<tatterdemalion> Okay, you head back to the door that won't open .... only to find that it is open now.
* Kell_ frowns
<Kell_> (Any light?)
* Marcelo`^ looks inside it
<Marcelo`^> "Maybe it's an animated door." quietly
<Kell_> "Maybe it's hungry too." *q*
<tatterdemalion> no light seems to be coming from inside.
<tatterdemalion> Quinton: "Better and beter..."
* Kell_ re-lights his torch
<Marcelo`^> "I'll go inside, you stay out here."
<tatterdemalion> Quinton: "Much better."

<tatterdemalion> The walls are warm, and seem to give slightly nuder your touch.
* Marcelo`^ pushes on them
<Marcelo`^> "Something in here..."
* Kell_ Quit (Ping timeout)
<tatterdemalion> Kell pings out. What do you do now, huh? :p
<Marcelo`^> I continue to push the walls to make sure they're solid
<Marcelo`^> and Kell__'s right there
* Marcelo`^ points
<tatterdemalion> You push the walls. .and your hand sinks into it slowly, like firm jello....
* Kell__ waits to see what happens to Marcelo
<Kell__> (or a great big mouth)

<alcar> supervillain with babies ties to him for armour so no one hits him.
<alcar> Alas, the four colour aspect of that is...
<alcar> well.... very small :p

<Caltak> All day I've been imaging possible events involving my character, and the sort of "Culture shock" that's going to occur. For instance, if anyone ever gives her a bouquet. :P
* alcar grins. But of course. She can have a boy #2 moment :p
<alcar> "But .it's a gift ...... why are you crying? They're flowers!"
* Caltak imagined a few different outcomes. One where she's horrified, one where she explains that the understand the concept but its still really morbid to her, and one where she offers to give an equivalent gift... a buch of human hair and the severed limbs of small children. :P
<Caltak> though, you know, the last one was just for fun.
<Caltak> since its so non 4 color :P
<Caltak> its more... CoC :P

<Caltak> hmm... cross-over game: 4 Colors of Cthulhu! :P 4CoC :)

* Kell_ looks at his weapon and gently presses it against the wall
<AlcarDM> Marcello: "Wait.." He throws one of his stones, which goes through the blue light ... you don't hear it hit the other side... "Huh."
<AlcarDM> Kell - close to the stones, or?
<Kell_> In the center of the glowing part
<AlcarDM> Okay. Your sword touches the blue light, which fractures like broken glass and goes out.
<Kell_> "Very strange."
* Kell_ touches the same area with his hand
<AlcarDM> It's cool to the touch, while the rest of the wall is slightly warm.
* Kell_ touches another portion of the wall, about 3 feet away, with the sword.
<Kell_> (Look, I gave it a cold sore :) )
<AlcarDM> Nothing happens, that you can tell.
<Kell_> ( I hate it when DMs say that... usually because I know what I mean when I say it. )
<AlcarDM> (( *grins* ))

<AlcarDM> chaos - Kell is doing the magickal equivalent of playing with matches in a room flled with gasoline. quick summary.

<AlcarDM> Kell - you manage to drag the door open after a two tries. Desite it being rather old it opens soundlessly into a small room filled with bones on the floor. Old bones, polished by time. Corpses, of people.
<Kell_> "To quote the druid, this keeps getting better and better."
* Kell_ enters the room

<AlcarDM> The bones rattle as you step into, and over, a few. The centre of the room seems to be a table of some sor, a square made out of bone, but nothing is on it.
* Marcelo`^ checks the bones for valuebles
<AlcarDM> Marcelo - you find some facinating calcium depostits, if that's what you had in mind.

* Kell_ ponders on the way down if this was pre-planned by the DM, or if he's making it up as he goes
<AlcarDM> (( you even have to wonder? :p ))
<Kell_> (Nope, I'm pretty sure it's the latter :) )
<Marcelo`^> (( He's just winging it =p ))
<AlcarDM> Okay. You follow the stairs down, into another room. This one is round, with two doors (north and south) made of metal at the far ends. The room is as black as a merchants heart, except for the pale yellow lights n the walls, at intervals, all over the room. Ceilings, floor, walls...
* Marcelo`^ takes the rubies from the floor and looks around
<Kell_> (You can tell when a DM is winging it because suddenly the tunnels grow to insane lengths)
<Kell_> "These look like stars."
<Marcelo`^> (( Or if they give you the rock test ))

<Elana-Silvereye> whut you play?
<AlcarDM> D&D
<Elana-Silvereye> o_O
<Elana-Silvereye> you?
<Elana-Silvereye> Alcar doesn't Do D&D!
<AlcarDM> yes
<AlcarDM> blame Keith.
<Elana-Silvereye> you is lying to me ¨_¨
* AlcarDM points to the DM part of his nick :p

* Sintaqx has joined #Game1
* Sintaqx is now known as Kell__
<AlcarDM> Marcelo - the parchment is bound together as a book, dsave that the pages are blank. The other book is a spellbook, of some kind, but very old. The title - once you use teh Read Magic - says "300th Slain"
* Kell_ Quit (Ping timeout)
<Kell__> (301)

* Marcelo`^ looks at the blank pages of the blank book
<AlcarDM> The blank pages of the blank book are blank.

<AlcarDM> The walls are rather normal, but when you touch them your hand sinks *into* them.
<Sheena`-`> how so, as if they are soft or if they are illisions?
<AlcarDM> As in like jello.
<Marcelo`^> (( Firm jello.. like a geletinious cube that is waiting to digest you ))
<AlcarDM> (( shhh! :p ))

<Kell_> "Marcelo, bring m the box."
* Marcelo`^ hand's kell the box "I hope you don't plan on opening it..."
* Kell_ opens the box
<Marcelo`^> "Nevermind, what do I know? It's not like I've studied magic my whole life or anything."
<AlcarDM> Inside the box is an amiercan express card.
<AlcarDM> or not :)
<Kell_> "Oh...."
<AlcarDM> Inside it is a small necklace, more like a collar tha anything else, and very sharp. It looks to be made of diamond and metal woven together.
* Kell_ removes the necklace
<Marcelo`^> (( It's a magic collar to tame your pet dragon ))
<Kell_> (or your pet human)
<Caltak> (( nah its a magic S&M device ))
<Kell_> (goes along nicely with the manacles of regeneration)

* Sheena`-` eyes the sand for patterns for as best as she can see
<AlcarDM> You manage to make out one. Just the word "404" j/k
<Sheena`-`> (LOL)
<AlcarDM> You manage to make out one. Just the word "Error." Over. And over. Writing itself in the sand.

<AlcarDM> Voice: "You will leave, little creature. Curiousity kills the cat, but they see more than the dogs never will. You see, and that I can understand. Learn the crimes, and be judged. For the light is coming back, little human. And nothing will stop it. This is not your world. You do not belong."
* Sheena`-` chuckles
<Sheena`-`> "It is human nature to be cought between two greater forces there that of our own. To bask souly in light or shadow leaves one blind to what is truely going on."

* Sheena`-` eyes the crystals in the sand "Hay Quinton do you supose its thies stones that are keeping this.. thing chained?"
<AlcarDM> Quinton: "Maybe..... I think they kept it dead."
<Sheena`-`> "How many do you supose theives stole over the years?"
<AlcarDM> Quinton: "Who knows?"
* Sheena`-` points to the stones "it does"
<AlcarDM> Quinton: "Why, you want to take one?" sarcastically
<Sheena`-`> "The idea accured to me but then I realized it would likely be more advantagus to return the missing ones."
<AlcarDM> Quinton just shrugs, looking around uneasily.
<Sheena`-`> "You have a better idea?"
<AlcarDM> Quinton: "Getting out of here and never coming back comes ot mind."

<Sintaqx> What's the fun of having unimaginable evil around if you can't share it? :)
<alcar> evil? Who said anything about evil? :p
<alcar> It just wants to eat people. Is that sooo bad?
<Caltak> Evil is subjective. Thats why we removed alignment.
<alcar> And alignment sucks :p
<Caltak> That too.
<Caltak> And Alcar: as one who has played multiple character who want to eat people, I can say no, it isn not so bad. :)
<Sintaqx> D&D Alignment: The over-abstraction of an esoteric an philisophical subject

<AlcarDM> The tavern is about half full of locals. Farmers, farmers wives, the local merchant, 3 soldiers who probably should be out exercising instead of drinking ale. THe only non-loca is a young girl oin blue wizxards robes, with ponty hat and staff, sitting by herself in a corner. She's reading a book.
<AlcarDM> One of tbe farmers recognizes you and hails you with a shout about heroes and shoves a tankard of ale into your hands.
<Ceseth> (( THe Joy Of Magic? :P ))
<AlcarDM> (( no :p ))
<Ceseth> (( The Idiot's Guide ot Cantrips? :P ))

<Kell_> "We're here to hunt bandits. Are you a bandit?" *pointedly*
<AlcarDM> Dale: "Hunting ..... there's over 30 of u - them!"
<Kell_> "That's what I thought."
<Kell_> "Come on. Let's go back to the hole. See what else we can find."
* Kell_ stands and heads back to the staircase
<AlcarDM> Dale: "... That was thirty. Not three. Thirty." He follows, muttering something about lunatics.
<Kell_> "Yeah, I saw most of them already."
<AlcarDM> Dale: "There's just two of you! You can't expect to fight and kill them all!"
<Ceseth> (( "We're PCs. We count as like, 5 people each." ))
* Kell_ climbs up the staircase, past the golems, to the mossy room, and back to the hole he carved.... providing the DM hasn't done something to alter this :)

<AlcarDM> Dale: "because we - they - would kill you? No one is that good."
* Kell_ pauses a moment and looks at Dale
<Kell_> "You are certain of that?"
* Kell_ heads through the hole
<AlcarDM> Marcelo follows, trying not to laugh at the (former) Bandt's worried expression.
<Ceseth> (( "Listen, I eat babies. Of course I can kill them all." ))

* Ceseth thinks.
<Ceseth> d20+1 (Int :P)
<sparkie> Ceseth d20+1: 5(4) (Int :P)
<Ceseth> (( heh... no. ))
<AlcarDM> (( rofl ))
* Ceseth doesn't end up thinking too well, it seems.
<AlcarDM> you don't need to roll the dice ot think ::P
<Ceseth> (( Yeah I do, just cause you told me the nature of the misundestanding doesnt mean my PC would figure it out. :P ))

<Ceseth> "Well, he said the next nearest was in Talos, so that's why I came back..."
<AlcarDM> The wizard in the corner flips a page of her book, not looking up from it. "Heroes," in disgust. "I would imagine he meant the barony, not the town."
<AlcarDM> (( resists the urge for her to turn the book sideways and oogle a poster ))

<Kell_> "I suppose this is the way out then?"
<AlcarDM> Dale: "What in....."
<AlcarDM> The two green men nod in unison.
<Ceseth> (( its a trap! ))
<Kell_> (duh.)
<Ceseth> (( mave Dale go first :p ))
<Kell_> "My thanks."
* Kell_ steps through the doorway
<AlcarDM> fort save :p
<Kell_> 1d20+7 Fort
<sparkie> Kell_ 1d20+7: 12(5) Fort
<Kell_> (maybe from now on you should assume 12 for my saves... no matter what the bonus, that's what sparkie gives me :p)

<AlcarDM> The farmer finishes his ale and headshome, returning about an hour later with a rather study horse, a good 17 hands tall. Cross betwen a word horse and a thoroughbred, really. The horse is prancing along, and half dragging him off his feet.
* Ceseth goes out to meet him. "Ah, a very fine-looking steed indeed."
<AlcarDM> The farmer nods. "Bred with oe of the Barons own steeds, but a bit of a handful. He's 3, not a gelding. We tried, and, well, the barn was damaged pretty badly."
<Ceseth> "Ha! Sound very spirited."
<Ceseth> (( its probably a good thing that getting thrown and/or kicked and/or trampled wont kill me :P ))
<AlcarDM> (( very much so :p ))
<AlcarDM> The farmer nods. "His name is Blok."
<Ceseth> (( x_x ))
<AlcarDM> (( huh? ))
<Ceseth> (( nothing, just... nothing. ))

* Ceseth looks at the farmer. "Oh, might I be able to buy some food for him from you? A few vegetables, maybe, or whatever you think he'd like. I don't know too much about horses, to tell you th' truth."
<Ceseth> (( "Except that they usually don't taste that great." ))

* Ceseth looks at the farmer. "Oh, might I be able to buy some food for him from you? A few vegetables, maybe, or whatever you think he'd like. I don't know too much about horses, to tell you th' truth."
<AlcarDM> The farmer nods and sells you a good 2 weeks of dried rations for a copper piece.
<Ceseth> "My, you certinaly are generous. Thank you again."
<AlcarDM> The farmer thanks you, saying it's the least he can do for your helping the village
<Ceseth> (( silly broken-record NPCs :P ))
<Ceseth> (( "Hey, mind if I kill you?" "Why certinaly! Its the least I can do for helping the--*gack!* *dies* ))

<AlcarDM> Okay, you step over the dunes. After a good minute of two the sands suck you underground, which is a bit more disturbing since you get to imagine *how* you're being sucked in.
<AlcarDM> You land on your feet in the original 20' by 20' tunnel you arrived in. It's pitch black, but you can hear the bandits up ahead, drunkenly singing about wizards in bathrobes
<Kell_> (is my moss still glowing? :) )
<Ceseth> (( its frikken irradiated. Of course it is. ))
<AlcarDM> What Ceseth said :)
<Kell_> hehe

<Ceseth> *after a pause* "Oh, by the way, my name's Ceseth. Not sure if I told you yet."
<AlcarDM> She looks over. "Ah. Desdemona."
<AlcarDM> (( first name that came to mind for goth wizard :p ))
<Ceseth> "Quite a pretty name."
<Ceseth> (( its fitting ))
<AlcarDM> She nods. "I hate it."
<Ceseth> "Ah, I see."

<AlcarDM> Desdemona just relaxes by the tree, studying the stars and noting just how like tears they look and wondering if they've all burned out long ago just like her heart.
* Ceseth climbs up the tree from the other side, and reclines on some sturdy branches.
<AlcarDM> (( please kil her? :p ))
<Ceseth> (( no! :P ))

<alcar> staggered arrival times at the class makes for good excuces for pc arrival times!
<alcar> And the teacher can get sarcastic, too.
<aslhk> and a pc can actually be late one day! =P
<alcar> yeah :)
<alcar> "Well, thank you for joining us. Tell me, if -and this seems to be a big if - if you become a superhero, will you show up late for patrolling? For saving people? Will you apologize to grieving windows that you stayed up late and forgot to set your alarm?"
<alcar> Though, that would make some sense ....
<aslhk> "Crime doesn't work on a clock. I will work two minutes longer for every minute I am late!"
<aslhk> =P

<kentari> LEt me know if anything doesn't fit your campaign idea
<kentari> :P I don't want to hand you a problem, I want to hand you a solution

<aslhk> I am playing Tentacle Guy!
<kentari> oh my god!
<aslhk> Yes!
<kentari> I am playing Tentacle Woman
<kentari> :D
<kentari> <3
<aslhk> lol
<aslhk> :(
<aslhk> you are getting my hopes up with your LIES!
<kentari> hey
<kentari> beauty is only a light switch away

<AlcarGM> The first two classes of the day pass normally, buy as you are getting ready for lunch at 11 am you find notes in your lockers!
<Mitch`> "!!!"
<AlcarGM> "Have powers? Want to use then and be a hero? Don't want people to know? Come to Room 405, east wing, at 11 am. A new class is starting."
* ManusClapper eats the piece of paper and heads to room 405.
<AlcarGM> Typewritten, no signature. A few other students in the row of lockers seem to have gotten them, because they're laughing and throwing them in the garbage. One of the students, Earnest Peabody, throws his on the ground, a clue to his future career as Litter Man that goes unnoticed.
* Mitch` checks his watch, which is attached to his wrist with rubber bands, and proceeds to casually head to the room, looking here and there.. :P

<AlcarGM> Mitch - a few of the girls are looking at you when you go past, but that's likely because you're male, not fat, and breathing.
<AlcarGM> And possibly because of the Mullet.
* Mitch` seemingly ignores them! :P And folds up his paper, placing it in a jacket pocket.

* Mitch` slyly pulls out a cleaner looking foil wrapper from someone's lunch, makes sure its clean, then folds it up into a small square and slides it in his jacket without so much as a word. He then enters the classroom.
<Mitch`> ((:P Instant wiring!))
<ManusClapper> ((lol!))
<AlcarGM> (( .. right :P ))

* Mitch` looks to the teacher, "Is this the right classroom?"
* Mitch` walks up to her with a sheet of paper that could pass for a schedule, but is really the circulated letter!!!
<AlcarGM> She looks up at Mitch and smiles slightly and nods. "Yes."
* ManusClapper sits up straight in his chosen desk and says nothing.
* Mitch` takes a seat. Near the back. :P
<AlcarGM> The brooding student studies both of you intently, as if memorizing you for future reference.
* ManusClapper is as close to the center of the room as he can manage =P
<Mitch`> ((We're already the perfect team! :P))

<ManusClapper> "May I ask Wayne Bruce a question, please?"
<AlcarGM> Mrs. Veritas: "of course you may. No need to raise your hand."
* ManusClapper looks discomforted by this revelation!
<ManusClapper> "Excuse me, I am still learning about super heroes, but isn't vengeance traditionally in the super villain realm?"
<AlcarGM> Wayne looks outraged. "Are you saying I am a villain, you refuge from a Paris fashon show?"
<AlcarGM> Wayne: "My parents were murdered, and the crimminals of the world will for that." A glint comes into his eyes. "They will learn to fear me!"
<ManusClapper> "No, no, of course not! I apologize for the misunderstanding. I am simply trying to better my understanding of super heroes in general. So if you could please explain, I would be most grateful. I understand if the subject is painful for you, and implore you not to answer if this is the case."
<ManusClapper> "Oh, I... see."
<AlcarGM> Wayne: "My vengeance is pure as driven snow," as if that explains everything.
* ManusClapper is obviously confused and somewhat disturbed =P

<Mitch`> "It depends on the situation. I just use things around me to solve problems."
* Mitch` points to his watch, "Like this. The band broke, so I used a rubber band I found."
* Mitch` shrugs, "Not the most impressive example, but that's what I do."
<AlcarGM> Wayne doesn't control his snicker, this time. "That's a power?" scornfully.
<Mitch`> ".. I made the rubber band myself."
<ManusClapper> (lol!)
* Mitch` says this truthfully. :P
<AlcarGM> Wayne hesitates, then rallies magnificently. "From what?"
* ManusClapper can't help but be impressed by that, as pointless at it seems.
<Mitch`> "It happened at breakfast in the cafeteries. I used maple syrup and a few things lying around to make a rubber-like polymer."
<AlcarGM> Wayne stares.
<AlcarGM> Mrs. Veritas does look impressed. "Unique talent."
<Mitch`> "School food. It almost takes a super hero to digest."

* Mitch` looks to see if the cafeteria has an ice machine. :P
<AlcarGM> Mitch - nope. The frigde is too old, but there are ice cubes in the freezer
* Mitch` will prepare himself a nice tall glass of ice water (in a Sonic cup he pulled out of his bookbag) and heads out :P
<AlcarGM> And, I am proud to say, no frozen body parts, though I was tempted.
<Mitch`> ((:P Come on, lend me a hand here!))

<Mitch`> "I wonder where Wayne went."
<ManusClapper> "I am endeavoring not to wonder things about Wayne."

* Mitch` looks for eyes or pilots on the robots. :P
<AlcarGM> Mitch - no pilots that you can see. Just 12 robots, marching at you. One of the robots pauses, and rips a mailbox out of the ground one handed, hurling it at you. (("You've got mail!"))
* ManusClapper parries the mailbox with the car, and starts to angle himself for the following shot:
* Mitch` takes this moment to get an idea. And attempts to dodge the mailbox.. taking note of the range of motion on the robots. Could they touch their heads? :P
<tatterdemalion> Darren: "Damn. I can't think of any witty stuff to say...."
<ManusClapper> "They're robots."
<ManusClapper> "Wit would be wasted!"
<tatterdemalion> Darren: "Oh, yeah! Good point!"

* ManusClapper intends to toss a car into a robot and have them both end up inside one of the buildings close by =P
<tatterdemalion> Manus - easily done :)
<ManusClapper> Thus creating Rocks, a hero's best friend!
<Mitch`> ((:P))

<AlcarGM> The four remaining robots begin throwing rocks at Mitch and Darren :) ((Rocks, also the villains best friend :))
<ManusClapper> (( of course! =P ))
<ManusClapper> ((Rocks do not discriminate!))

<AlcarGM> Okay. THe vents are a very tight squeeze, but you do make it in them. After wiggling a food 3 feetr you look into the cockpit and see a young, dirty kid wired into the robot, using it to control the others he seems. He's laughing, nastily. "Won't met ME mow their lawns, will they? Let's see what they do now.... heroes! Hah! I'll smash them into pulp!"
* Mitch` ponders. :P And tosses the boomerang at the kid, aiming to slice as many wires as possible.
<Mitch`> ((around the head region ;p))
<AlcarGM> Hrm. You can't toss it easily in the vent, but you do manage to throw it! THe kid screams as the wires are cut, loudly, and turns, painfully .. he's wired right into the robot .... literally.
* Mitch` decides to make his dramatic entrance and bash through the vent and cutting more wires with a polite swing of teh lead pipe.

* Mitch` dashes up to the cockpit now, lead pipe in hand. :P This guy is getting removed.
* Mitch` will grab is foot as it starts running :P
<AlcarGM> lol!
<AlcarGM> Okay. You climb back up, easily. The kid is in it, trying to get it to work and charge. So far, it;'s working. The cockpit smells of burnt wire, ad he's cryig, sobbing about his "Vengeance on them, on them all. Vengeance, as pure as driven fire.." he doesn't even notice you.
<AlcarGM> But he IS wired, right into it. Someone *built* his body right into the robot, grafting them together
* Mitch` heads inside, if possible... and whips out a cell phone (deactivated :P found it in the trash?) and the thing of foil.. if the kid is hysterical and doesn't notice, he tries connecting some of the broken wires to the phone and starts punching numbers, trying to override his controls

<ManusClapper> "Take out its legs, if you could be so kind!"
<AlcarGM> Darren braces himself and blasts the robot, trying to halt it without breaking it.
<AlcarGM> Darren: "What if I harm the pilot?"
* ManusClapper is attempting to jump inside the smoking hole.
<ManusClapper> "I'll get him out."
<AlcarGM> Okay, you leap onto the head of the robot and start digging through wire and metal. INside the robot you hear a cell phone start rinning, and the pilot screaming as if someone is cutting off his testicles
<AlcarGM> (( oops. Not very 4 colour :p ))

<AlcarGM> The EMTs look rather impressed. One of them asks who are you.
* ManusClapper had not considered this question before
<ManusClapper> "I'm," pause, "uh, tentacle guy."
* Mitch` hops out of the robot, putting a cell phone away. He's wearing a tinfoil hat. ;p
<Mitch`> "Well.. that's all I can do for the big one."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "I'm D - uh ... " He frowns, then brightens. "Talisman."
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Tentacle Guy?!"
<AlcarGM> Darren: "What kind of name is Tentacle Guy?!"
<ManusClapper> "What's wrong with Tentacle Guy? It's descriptive!"
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Err .. yeah .. but .... hentai. I mean, think about it. Though I'm trying hard not to."
<ManusClapper> "I'm sorry, I don't know what hentai means."
<Mitch`> "That's horrible."

<aslhk> my pc leaves the planning up to other people =P
<aslhk> he just beats things up
* Alcar nods. Yeah. Darren leaves it to others cuz he's afraid of screwing up :)
<Alcar> it's my response to superheroes with lots of self confidence :)

* Alcar grins. I'm going to sick somethng powerful on pcs, soon. Just so they fight a foe they need to outthink :)
<aslhk> tough! =P
<Caltak> But I havent gotten to fight any foes where I didnt have to think T_T
<aslhk> you can't seriously expect pcs to think!
<aslhk> Caltak, play tuesday =P
<Caltak> Oh, I intend to.
<aslhk> then you will get to fight something stupid!
<Caltak> you?
<aslhk> I won't be there =P

<alcAr> yay! I have made superheros. Only my brain is somewhat not four colour.
<alcAr> Father Justice - A hero, to some, a villain to others, Father Justice hunts down the women who leave their husbands for no reason and destroys their lives. When not doing this, he metes out justice on other evildoers and, while he seldom kills, he can make people wish - and think - they were dead.
<alcAr> Raphael - An Angel of the Lord, or so he claims, the man known as Raphael may or may not be an angel, but he is powerful, and takes a very direct approach to sin. A double-barreled shotgun he called "The Right Hand of God, Or What It's Holding. Get it?" And then he kills people. Mention ninja turtles and sinner or saint, your ass is his.
<alcAr> the 1st comes from a stephen lynch song. The second was, well, angels with shotguns being homicidal maniacs just makes sense.
<WackyFunster> yeah
<WackyFunster> you're not very four color

<Tonitrus> Think up your own damn catch phrase.
<alcAr> hmm.... "Believ in the Lord, and He shall Deliver. But you have confused God with Dominos."
<Tonitrus> Too long.
<Tonitrus> Maybe just...
<Tonitrus> Dominos won't deliver you from evil
<alcAr> "Burn motherfuckers!" Tho, not very angelic :p
<Tonitrus> It's short, and nearly nonsensical.
<Tonitrus> See... and you have the "won't deliver you from evil" that an angel might say.
<Tonitrus> And the "Dominos won't deliver" that a maniac would say.
<Tonitrus> I think it's good, but I'm tired.
<alcAr> but its pcs in a game. SOmeone will be like "Wha abot pizza hut?" and the poor angel will be there for an hour going through pizza chains and saying no to each one.
<Tonitrus> ... No?
<Tonitrus> He's a maniac with a shotgun.
<Tonitrus> He will only have to list as many chains as there are pcs.
<Tonitrus> 1 less, if he says it after they die.

<alcAr> he'd be mighty annoyed at pcs who won't stay dead, then.
<Tonitrus> Probably take it very personally.
<alcAr> "So," *reload* "I have to wonder" *blam" "if this coming back" *reload* "makes you the anti christ" *Blam* "But me," *reload* "I cans keep this up a long time" *blam* "and maybe" *reload* "i'll let you answer" *blam" "someday"
<WackyFunster> god ran out of bullets long ago!
<alcAr> I mean, coming back or no, getting shot and returning repeatly just couldn't be healthy :p
<alcAr> "I saw the white light.. it was like my brain in speed dial. Oh, here it comes again."
<Tonitrus> Just have the number of deaths affect his long-term recovery time.
<alcAr> "So, what is your greatest fear in the world?" "Shotguns." "But you can't die...." "Shotguns."

<Eltanan> I dunno D&D stat systems
<alcar> hrmk just rol the d10 :P
<alcar> 6#d10 - 6 or higher for <insert stat here> is good
<sparkie> alcar 6#d10: 2 4 5 5 3 5 - 6 or higher for <insert stat here> is good
<alcar> Which would be more fun admittedly if Sparkie didn't hate everyone.

<GeminiRai> is this really important?
<GeminiRai> can't you just, like, fake it?
<alcar> Well, it's like playing pretend. one needs rules to prevent "he said" "he did not" "You can't do that" etc.
<alcar> and then, once you know the rules, you fake it. Or at least I do :)
<GeminiRai> If that happens, we can just blow up the world, and the arguments will be moot.

<alcar> actually, if I did UA D&D I'd cross it with Kult...
<alcar> The PCs are godwalkers, and don't know it, The gods incarnate in the world, and they're just waking up .. and looking around at the world at what they have created....
<alcar> each pc a different species and creator of said species, or something.
<alcar> and throw in cthulhu mythos for added fun.
<alcar> then the pcs realise there is only one spot open left ot become a god, and fight for it amber-style.

<Dawson> AlcarGM, any great spots in town to store them? Don't suppose running into my mansion bringing world war 3 with me would be wise.
<Dawson> "I don't suppose they'll fit under my bed."
<AlcarGM> Actually it would probably be prudent. But you could always store things in one of the grain factories outside of town, or rent from Andrews Rent-Storage.
<Dawson> I'm rich, I have guns -- Hell, I scream Republican. Let's check out Andrew's place before bringing them home.
<Dawson> Going THE SPEED LIMIT

<AlcarGM> A boy, perhaps 10-14 (it's hard to tell) is tied up, and mouth duct taped shut, in the trunk of your car. He wearing a pull-over, hooded shirt with a sort of gray checked pattern and jeans. His skin's olive-colored and he has curly, medium-length brown hair. He's been blindfolded as well.
<AlcarGM> He's trying to get out of the ropes, and failing.
* Dawson unblindfolds first, black eyes?
* Dawson remembers what hugh told him about kids with black eyes.
<AlcarGM> The boy looks up . .and yep. They are coal black. No pupil. No iris. Just two staring orbs reflecting the street lights, liquid pools of darkness glittering with fury.
<Dawson> "Ayte, I'm going to unduct tape your mouth. This will hurt. On the plus side you won't have to shave for a few days or years."

* Dawson lifts him up, puts him back in the trunk, and slams it. :)
<Dawson> "Off to Hugh's it is then, maybe I can keep the guns there."
<AlcarGM> seriously? :p
<Dawson> Seriously.
<Dawson> "I'll try not to bump around too much, ayte?"
* Dawson drives off towards Hugh's!
<AlcarGM> Okay,you put himin your trunk. He glares at you malevolently when you do so, looking furious, but he is a kid, and black eyes or not, it doesn't seme to come with the strength to preak well-tired rope.
<AlcarGM> (( tied, even ))
<Reykemias> (freud, anyone? :P)
<aslhk> ((LOOOL))
<Dawson> (( ^_^ ))
<Dawson> Alcar, if it's that bad we can quit soon man :)

<Dawson> "I'm going to bring in a few packages, I'll be right back."
<AlcarGM> You bring in the guns? :)
<AlcarGM> (( Damn. I'd LOVE for lance to find them. "So,Hugh .. I'm sure you're not popular, but you know that most kids take one gun...." ))
<Dawson> Lol
<Dawson> Yeah, I bring in the guns :)

<aslhk> those are cool powers
* alcar nods. The latter one is mostly a wild card. And to really confuse her.
<alcar> "I can.. uh .. cure acne...."
<alcar> Entire school charges her :p
<alcar> "I have other powers too! I do!"
<alcar> .. like getting crushed by the resultant mob

<Mitch`> omg
<Mitch`> a female character?
<Linda`^> OMG!
<Mitch`> is she like, human?
<Linda`^> a mullet!?
<Mitch`> This is going to MESS WITH MY CHARACTER'S HEAD
<Mitch`> :P
<Mitch`> dude the mullet is not to be ignored
<Linda`^> it's to be made fun of
<Mitch`> ((If you want to die. :P))

<AlcarGM> Nell, the new girl, is a short (5') girl with long black hair, black eyes, and a slight tan, courtesy of her mexican grandmother. She is rather plain on the eye and doesn't wear make up or care much for prettying up her appearance. She generally wears jeans and t-shirts.
<Phoenix``> (( dyke woman? ))
<Phoenix``> (( ;) ))
<Phoenix``> (( wow, she could have some really fun powers, too ))
<AlcarGM> (( heh ))

<Linda`^> she's a villian in disguise!
<Mitch`> I think Mitch is in love
<Mitch`> ;p
<Linda`^> better be with nell
<Mitch`> no
<Mitch`> Its with Mrs Veritas

<Linda`^> i already decided a costume..
<Mitch``> I think my costume is going to be like Wayne's
<Mitch``> only solid white
<Mitch``> just to tick him off
<Linda`^> roflmao!!!!
<Phoenix``> (( lol Mitch`` ))
<Phoenix``> (( he is going to snap ))
<Phoenix``> (( i can see it coming ))

* Phoenix`` is just watching, seeming a bit out of his element
<Mitch``> ((your element is FIRE))

<AlcarGM> You snag his sword as the Ninja does a spinning twist flip contortionist kick into Phoenixc's side. Which, while impressive, will have him crippled with arthiritis in 10 years.
* Mitch`` looks around.
<AlcarGM> (( it's why Ninja Mastes never go out much. They're in too much pain. Little known fact. ))
* Linda`^ grabs a spoon from the table and smacks the second ninja in the nose
<Phoenix``> (( lol ))
<AlcarGM> (( with . .a spoon? :p ))
<Linda`^> (( SPOOOOOOON! ))
<AlcarGM> (( good point :) ))

* Mitch`` pockets the stars, and looks to the second one, holding the sword to his head as he removes anything covering the mouth
<Mitch``> "Who do you work for and what are you doing here?"
* Mitch`` sounds eerily sadistic. :P
* Phoenix`` sits down and wipes the blood off his face
<Phoenix``> "Does this kind of thing happen often?"
<AlcarGM> The second ninja laughs "Ninja die before betraying their clan!"
<Phoenix``> (( lol! ))
<AlcarGM> Darren: "I don't think so. I mean, I'm sure someone would have told the students... rigth?"
* Mitch`` laughs.
* Mitch`` looks at the ninja.
<AlcarGM> Mrs. Veritas: "I always thought it was rats..."
<Mitch``> "Are you telling me you want to die?"
<AlcarGM> The second ninja: "Err. Hey, man. It's just something we say! Lets not do anything hasty here!"

* Mitch`` presses the blade lightly against his forehead, making a small papercut type injury, "Start talking."
<Mitch``> ((his being the ninja :P))
<AlcarGM> (( Good idea. Otherwise it would be a rather weird form of persuasion. "Talk! Now! Or next, I break MY FINGER!" ))

<Mitch``> "Give me some answers, or I'll send you to whatever God you please..."
<AlcarGM> Ninja #2: "My mother makes great brownies, and I once caught a fly in my hand and... oh. Well. Err. We are on a mission."
<AlcarGM> Ninja #2: "For the invasion."
* Mitch`` raises the sword up a little with a glimmer in his eye that he consciously makes go away by blinking a bit
<Mitch``> "What invasion?"
<AlcarGM> Ninja #2: "The Ninja invasion! The Night of the Ninja, where we will attack and defeat you american pigs so that you do not enter the war!"
<Phoenix``> "Which war?"
<AlcarGM> Ninja #2: "World War Two."
<Phoenix``> (( lol ))
<Phoenix``> "Isn't that one over already?"
<Mitch``> ((world war two already happened, right? :P))
<AlcarGM> (( uh. Yes :P ))
<Mitch``> "World War Two? ... News flash. We won."
<AlcarGM> Ninja: "What? Really. Shit. I wondered why HQW had been silent for 60 years. We thought it was a precaution."

<tatterdemalion> Mrs. Veritas nods and goes to call the police. "I'll need you for a witness. The rest of you had best go. No sense in getting others involved., if we can avoid it. Find out if there are more, around the school."
<tatterdemalion> Darren: "Uhm ..." He watches the teacher walk away. "How do we do that?"
<Phoenix``> "Well, I heard them moving through the vent..."
<tatterdemalion> Darren: "So you want to crawl thought vents looking for them?"
<tatterdemalion> Nell grins. "Here Ninja, Ninja, Ninja..."
<Phoenix``> "I was thinking more of walking around and listening... but there has to be a better way."
<tatterdemalion> Nell: "The PA system?"
<Phoenix``> (( All ninja, please report to the principals office ))
<tatterdemalion> (( yeah :) ))
<tatterdemalion> Darren: "Uh ... and say what?"
<Mitch`> "We need to find the ninja?"
<tatterdemalion> Nell: "It was just an idea! Paul .can you heat all the ducts, or something?"
<Mitch`> "Well, what made them attack us?"
<Mitch`> "I'm sure we could lure them out."
<Phoenix``> "Um, maybe, but I don't think the students would like that much."
<Phoenix``> (( let's sing pirate chanties! ))
<tatterdemalion> Nell grins. "I guess not. But .. .they think they're fighting for world war two.. are we sure they'll just stop even if they lost already?"

<tatterdemalion> The ninja awakens, muttering something to himself in Japanese, and then wakesn, and attempts to stab Phoenix in the eyes with his fingers!
* Phoenix`` blocks
<Phoenix``> "Hey. Stop it."
* Mitch` looks at the Ninja..
<tatterdemalion> The ninja blinks. surprised you stopped him. "English? American .... I am in Hell?"
* Mitch` approaches him and duct tapes his hands behind his back. Pronouns galore.
<Mitch`> "No. You are in purgatory."
<Mitch`> "You must perform a vital task to gain entrance to heaven."
<Phoenix``> (( lol! ))
* Mitch` winkwinks to Phoenix. :P
<Mitch`> "My name is Saint Michael. You weren't Shinto, were you?"
<Phoenix``> (( i'm liking your character ))
<tatterdemalion> (( .... .... ))
<Phoenix``> (( mine is just a naive nice hero guy :P ))
<tatterdemalion> The ninja looks confused. "Saint.. michael?"
* Mitch` nods, and awaits the answer about the whole non-christian thing :P

<tatterdemalion> No ninja exist in the real world.
<Caltak> They did. And there are today people who practice ninjitsu, though they tend not to assassinate people or spy all that much.
<tatterdemalion> ninjitsu isn't the same thing :p It's some cheap, invention you take classes in and get stupid diplomas for :p
<Caltak> Its the same art, but yeah, it did get changed a lot.
* tatterdemalion nods. It's like saying sitting zazen is zen :p
<Caltak> But yeah, the stuff about how ninjas were is true. I know this since I have MyBrains around who had occasion to think about ninjas, and as with all other things, he anal-retitively looked up and cross-checked all the "Accurate Info" he could.
<Caltak> He gets annoying with that sometimes. :P
<tatterdemalion> ...

<tatterdemalion> Johnny arrives late for schoo, to find the classroom empty but Darren and three people he does not know in the lunch room, with a ninja tied down to the table. One of the people is on fire.
<tatterdemalion> This likely violates the school fire code.

<Mitch`> "Do you have a specific name that you use, or a protocol, when speaking on 'ninjaware'?"
<tatterdemalion> The ninja frowns "Of course. I am .. Zim."
<Mitch`> "Do you wish to receive absolution?"
<Caltak> (( this gets sillier and sillier ))
<tatterdemalion> The ninja nods.
<aslhk> (( Silliness is the Key to Longevity ))
<Mitch`> "You must journey outside this school and walk among the living. The sensitive will sense you. Warn them of the fallacies of evil and bad deeds. If you wander this Earth for five human years doing this noble service, you will gain entrance to the noble gates of Heaven. "
<Mitch`> "... Once you leave this building, it will turn into a normal school. Such are our ways of splendor and mystery."
* Mitch` nods sagely. :P
<Mitch`> "If not ... the fire of absolution will ravage you for all of eternity..."
* Mitch` sounds threatening. And looks towards Paul. :P
* Phoenix`` makes the flames in his hand grow and flicker menacingly
* Phoenix`` tries not to grin
<tatterdemalion> The ninja nods. "I shall try."
<tatterdemalion> Nell is covering her mouth and trying, very hard, not to laugh
<Mitch`> "Then go, noble Zim, and right your wrongs."
* Mitch` points OUT THE DOOR. :P
<tatterdemalion> Zim nods, and opens the door, walking past Darren and staring at Johnny intently. "Do you sense me?"
* Mitch` sits down and heaves a HUGE sigh of releif. :P

<Manus> "What is a ninja, anyway?"
<Johnny> "So... ninja's in the vents."
<Mitch`> "Kind of like a boyscout, only with weapons and Japanese."
<Johnny> "Do you think exterminators cover this sort of thing?"

<tatterdemalion> Nell: "I can animate things."
* Mitch` shows Johnny his awesome plan sketch like a kindergardener would show someone the alphabet. :P
<Mitch`> ((that is to say.. WITH PRIDE OVERFLOWING))

<Johnny> "Now then."
<Johnny> "How hard do you think it would be to fake a japanese invasion of the school?"
* Mitch` shrugs a bit, "We should probably get to work, before Zim finds his superiors and tries to convert them."
* Mitch` looks to Johnny, pointing to a little picture of some stick figures wearing triangle hats, "It would probably be easiest to make it look like a trap has already been sprung and a group of ninja is asking for reinforcement."
<Johnny> "How many are captured, then?"
<Mitch`> "Because Zim's group is out.. and they're expecting war, anyway. We have three."
<Mitch`> "One of them is wandering around thinking he's a ghost."

<Mitch`> "I'm not sure how many ninja there are.. so we should make sure we can round them all up. Perhaps give them to the fire department, when they arrive?"
* Johnny shakes his head
<Johnny> "THey need to be deported!"
<Johnny> "They are here illegally, you know."
<Mitch`> "The fire department can do that, can't they?"
<Johnny> "Although, 60 years?"
<Mitch`> "These are probably old ninja."
<Johnny> "They could apply for citizenship..."
<Mitch`> "Which explains why they suck."

<Mitch`> ((Is the costume guy still around? :P))
<tatterdemalion> Yeah. He's in the classroom drawing Waynes "Costume" on the blackboard and making alterations, muttering to himself about aerodynamics. A ninja is spawled behind him, unconscious, andwrapped up in a pink dress.
<Phoenix``> (( lol! ))
<tatterdemalion> Benny, The Costume Designer (which isn't much of asuperpower, but he is paid really well) Looks up. "Yes?"

<tatterdemalion> Okay,to make this short and sweet... You all wait, armed, powered, and heroes!
<tatterdemalion> And . .two ninjas .. come out of the ducts. Two of them :p
<Mitch`> ... :P
<tatterdemalion> (( you rreally shouold have asked how many were in the school ;P ))
<Phoenix``> (( do they have more ninjas inside of them or something? ))
<Mitch`> ((I realized that ex posto facto))
<Manus> ((nope =P ))
<Mitch`> ((and decided it was irrelevant!))
<tatterdemalion> No. The rest of the invasion is in other buildings :)
<tatterdemalion> (( lol ))
<Mitch`> ((whether one or one million, we were getting them deported :P))

* Audrey_III turns to Seven. "Oh... I'm Audrey. Nice to meet you. *seems a bit confused* Isn't Seven a number, though?"
<tatterdemalion> (( "It's really Sven." ))
<Seven`> (( LOL I actually had that as his name for a bit :) ))
<Seven`> "Well, yeah, my first name is Jason... but since my last name is Seven, and I'm the Seventh person named Jason Seven, the name Seven kind of stuck."
<Seven`> "Anyway, have you been to school yet?"
<Audrey_III> "Oh, I see. Well, I'm the third one named Audrey. But nobody calls me Three."

<tatterdemalion> The ground trembles beneath your feet and a manhole 4 blocks down the street erupts upwars into the sky in a pillar of magma!
* Audrey_III blinks. "Are they... supposed to do that?"
<Seven`> "Well, you called that one. No... that's not normal."
<Seven`> "Well around here maybe. But in general, no."
<Seven`> "Wanna go check it out?"
<tatterdemalion> The road buckles and erupts upwards, a hand rising out of the ground made of lava and smoking in the spring air. A voice like rocks grinding together bellows "Tremble Mortals! For Magma Lord Return ..... Oh Sznich! I'm Stuck?!"
<Seven`> "Ok. Even for here that's not normal."
<Audrey_III> "That guy's made out of melted rock..."
<Seven`> "Yeah. Should we go help him?"

<tatterdemalion> A second arm erupts out of the street as Magma Lord tries to pull himself to the surface. "This is Not Fair! This Is My Return! They .. Said .. My Abs Were Better!"
* Seven` walks towards Magma Lord.
* Audrey_III follows a bit behind Seven.
<Seven`> "Those Ab belts really don't work buddy."

<tatterdemalion> Magma Lord: "Your world shall perish in Fire! And Lava! And I will rule over the ruins of your lives!" He pauses. "BUt first, I need a beer!"
<Seven`> "Wow. Yeah, really tall."
<Seven`> "Say, you don't happen to have the perfect method of stopping him handy do you?"
<Seven`> "Like some kind of water blast?"
<Audrey_III> "Huh?" o_O
<Seven`> "I mean... sometimes I get lucky like that. Nevermind."
<Seven`> "Or do you have any poison handy?"
<tatterdemalion> Magma Lord: "I must have .. beer! ALE! LIQUEURS FROM THE BLOOD OF VIRGINIANS - err, VIRGINS!"

<Seven`> "Woah, this guys pretty messed up. And I'm going to be late for school..."
<Audrey_III> "Oh right! My first day! Yes, we should probably find a way to get there."
<Seven`> "Yeah."
<tatterdemalion> Magma Lord hurls a gout of magma towards a helicopter trying to get close. "This world will be runed under my molten fist! Too long have I been denided my rightful place in the cosmos - for too long have others scorned my power!" He looks down. "Do you mind? I am making my speech! I do hope you are recording this."

<Seven`> "But I have some advice!"
<tatterdemalion> Magma Lord pauses. "Advive?"
* Audrey_III turns back to the giant lava guy while Seven talks to him.
<Seven`> "Today there is a lot going on, and your return might not get the news coverage it deserves! If you want the grovelling you can and deserve to get, perhaps you should rise again tomorrow!"
<Seven`> "And spend today practicing!"
<Seven`> "Good luck!"
* Seven` walks off, not letting Audrey leave him behind.
<tatterdemalion> To the surprise of everyone except Seven, who is used to this, and Audrey, who doesn't know enough to be surprised, he actually does that.

<Seven`> "Ever been to a mall?"
* Audrey_III looks a bit disappointed at the prospect of not going to school. "No, I've never been out before."
<Seven`> (( hehe, I'd take her to the gardens but that's not PC :) ))
<tatterdemalion> (( hehe ))
<tatterdemalion> (( take her to a flower shop. ))
<Audrey_III> (( :D ))
<Audrey_III> (( :( ))
<Seven`> "Well, the Mall is where all the people from school will be now that schools out..."
<Audrey_III> (( Alcar, can you ever switch off the sadism? :P ))
<tatterdemalion> (( what sadism?! :p ))

<tatterdemalion> overhead, the sky is briefly darkened by Awesome Man as he flies at awesome speeds to avert yet another crisis on the noninfinite earths.

* Seven` 's teeth broaden in a smile.
<tatterdemalion> The rest of Seven's mouth, horribly, forgets to.
<tatterdemalion> Or not :)

<tatterdemalion> Seven - Jake waits until youve ordered and you're both waiting for food. "Kind of lucky, meeting you here boy."
* Seven` smiles. "How so?"
<tatterdemalion> Jake shrugs. "Just was. But you've always been lucky."
<tatterdemalion> Jake: "someday, I want to know how you survived it. And this." He walks back to the table, with food.
* Seven` smiles.
<Seven`> "Someday, I'll learn how I survived it, and I'll tell you."
<Audrey_III> (( Hmm... Ominous. ))
<tatterdemalion> (( *grins ))

<FirestormZero> he could be evil though :)
<alcar> well, he destroyed his world :p
<alcar> well, timeline. That's never good :p
<Caltak> Thats why I like the Alternate-Universe creating past changes. Where you go back to your time and nothings changed for your reality.
<alcar> hehe. he did tho :p
<alcar> His reality never happens, now.
<alcar> well, not most of it. Problem with time travel is that he knows some of it. Kinda screws free will if you KNOW you'll be at place X at time Y
<Caltak> but if you know you'll be there, what if you go somewhere else?
<Caltak> you know, intentionally.
<alcar> but you know you didn't :)

<aslhk> the nice thing about high strength is that most things don't really hurt. The bad thing about most things not really hurting is that you end up in front of things that do =P

<AlcarGM> Darren: "That was .... weird. I mean, ninjas is bad enough, but convincing them they died...." He shakes his head.
* Paul` looks away at that comment
<Paul`> (( "Well, technically he did..." ;) ))
<AlcarGM> (( That would not go over well :p ))

<Paul`> "I heard that this city was... um... exciting. I didn't expect ninjas, though!"
<AlcarGM> Darren: "none expects us... err. them.." j/k
<Paul`> (( lol! ))
<Manus> "Nor did I. I'd never even heard of a ninja before today, but they seem, well, silly."
<Paul`> (( "Yeah, I thought ninja were primarily an invention of american cinema and suchlike!" ))

<AlcarGM> The walk south is rather, well, boring. A few bses go on the expressway overhead and the buildings become more run down and listeless as you walk, empty husks like monuments to dead gods. (Or, something like that.)

<AlcarGM> Graffiti gets more vulgar, and then nonexistennt. By the time you can see Central Mall, which looks like a giant elephant amond the other empty buildings the streets are eerily empty save for a few prostitutes, one of them a ghost. Or perhaps a see-through girl. Another is, disturbingly, a girl who lok slike a monkey, As if someone crossed a person and monkey and came up with her.
* Manus looks somewhat discomforted by the animal-people =P
<Paul`> (( damn, now I want to play Darwin-Man ))
<Paul`> (( that would be a cool character: can make things evolve and crap ))
<Paul`> (( and inflame christians ))

* Manus lifts the car, using it as a shield, and makes his way over to Paul
<Manus> ((Provided there is no baby in the baby seat =P
<AlcarGM`> (( lol. Nope, no baby in it. ))
<AlcarGM`> (( but there are bones, if you look. Oh, wait, not 4 colour. Damn. ))
<AlcarGM`> (( so they didn't eat the baby. ))

<alcar> "Your beasts are so big." "Those are breasts." "But . .they have teeth and are snarling." "Uh .. they can't DO that. This game is 4 colour. Where is that GM?"
<FirestormZero> the game world does have more than 4 colors, in a literal sense right?
<FirestormZero> or is my wardrobe going to be really limited?

<alcar> There's lots of religions in Central City. Even Satanists :p
<alcar> Tho modern satanism doesn't believe Satan exists.
<FirestormZero> satanists aren't 4 color!
<alcar> They can be! if they don't sacrifice ppl :p

<alcar> lol. But there IS a captain planet. well, the one from Aftermath :p
<Caltak> Doesnt mean he's the only one allowed to fight for nature-related causes.
<alcar> Oh, no. That he's a schitzo lunatic with 6 minds :p
<alcar> slowly being poisoned by the air and wanting to exterminate the human race.
<Caltak> ...yeah. Exactly.

* Audrey_III looks curiously over at a shop marked "Charlenes Flowers"
<Seven`> "Ah... that's a flower shop... maybe we should go check out Nord-Macy-Bon-Burdines?
<Audrey_III> "There's something... wrong about that place. I don't think the flowers are being treated well." *seems concerned*
<tatterdemalion> (( "Why is she breaking the window to that shop and carting manure and dirt in?" "Uh, it's okay! She's a superhero!" ))
<Audrey_III> (( "Ok, bouquets are outlawed. In fact, no more cutting of any kind. Flowers in pots with soil, or nothing at all!" ))

<AlcarGM> You both see a rather pretty older woman tidying up displays. She has a pair of shears in one hand and is studying the plants critically.
* Audrey_III starts to look over...
* Seven` takes Audrey's hand!
<Audrey_III> (( get on the stick there, distraction boy :P ))
<Seven`> "Come on, let's go!"
<Audrey_III> (( there ya go ))
* Seven` pulls her over into Bon-Macy-We-don't-know-what-we-are-anymore's
<Audrey_III> (( hey, that'd be a fun sidekick. Distraction Boy. ))
<Seven`> (( lol, write him up ))

* Audrey_III sort of picks up random things and feels the fabrics, occasionally trying something on breifly.
* Seven` shines and offers glowing reviews of everything!
<Audrey_III> (( "It's really big... but it's fluffy and soft!" "Yeah, that looks.. uh, great... *rolls eyes*" ))
<AlcarGM> (( "You look fabulous in that!" "It's the clothes rack." ))
<Audrey_III> "I dunno, there's just so many neat things here... What do you think?"
<Audrey_III> (( Its a shame you're making an effort to avoid the lingerie. I could see her going "Oh, let me try that one on." *starts removing shirt* :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( Ahem. Four colour superheroes never remove clothing. ))
<Audrey_III> (( thats why I said start. I'm sure I'd be stopped in time. ))
<Audrey_III> (( hey wait a sec, you put in a naked nympho superhero. ))
<Audrey_III> (( I almost forgot about that. ))
<AlcarGM> (( Err *coughs* .... must have been someone else... ))
<aslhk> ((I know his blog password))
<Audrey_III> (( it can just go in the Adults-Only issue! ^_^ ))

<aslhk> I don't think my pc can really pull off a secret identity =p
<tatterdemalion> Yeah. And Cal has almost no hope of it :p
<tatterdemalion> But the other pcs can.
<tatterdemalion> Nell probably wants to keep hers, just because she doesn't like publicity.
<tatterdemalion> Wayne .. hrm ... is insane. Could go either way :p
<tatterdemalion> PC: "But .. wayne .. how can you keep your ID secret if you wear youre costume to school?" Wayne: "What costume?" PC: "..."

<Alicia> "Characters in WFRP think they're in D&D but slowly discover they're in Call of Cthulhu."-Jody McGregor
<Alicia> "In Exalted you can take a starting Solar into a room, spout Jules' lines from Pulp Fiction verbatim, and then kill everything in the room, twice. In on round. And it makes sense.
<Alicia> In D&D a starting character can be killed by your average sized house cat in one round. And this is High Fantasy." - Random Code

<Tass> johnny's special attack?
<Tass> "Someone needs a hug!"
<alcar> lol!
<alcar> Damn. A Care Bear Stare would rock as a power....
<Tass> and its just a normal hug :P

<alcar> Deathwake is nasty. But limited, really. Johnny would have *no* vulnerabilties, for one thing :p
<kentari> oh
<kentari> you're mistaken
<alcar> hm?
<kentari> everyone has one crucial vulnerability
<kentari> duct tape.
<kentari> I mean
<kentari> I'm gonna buy a power, with 20 points
<kentari> all its gonna be called is "duct tape"
<kentari> with no description or anything
<kentari> its just the raw mightiness of duct tape :P

<kentari> darren could handle being wrapping in duct tape
<kentari> but I don't think he can handle breathing through duct tape
<kentari> and the whole battery thing, too
<kentari> mitch wants to use him for a power source :>
<alcar> He's be a wicked power source :P
<alcar> several alien species want him for that same purpose.
<alcar> "Hi, perpetual energy source. You're our new cost saving mechanism. Please don't resist, or we'll nbe forced ot do painful things to you."
<kentari> well I just want to put a light bulb on him
<kentari> that is wired to his head to light up when he's thinking about something
<kentari> for utter irony :P

<AlcarGM> We ended last issue with sirens, blown up buildings, drug dog faces and Manus comforting a girl with the face of a money....
<AlcarGM> err ... that sounds more like UA than suspect it should.

<AlcarGM> So! The four of you - including Fran - are standing beside the one ruined building, second floor currnetly burning merrily from an exploding gunman and surronded by a ruined volkswagon and lots of smoking holes from energy weapons. And a police car is coming down the street, lights flashing insistently like some really useful metaphor that is not sexual at all.
<AlcarGM> Fran is looking both awed and afraid, understanding why Manus's brother seems to fear him so for the first time and in a state of shock to boot.
* Paul` just waits in his trenchcoat... he's done this before :P
<Manus> "We should straighten this up with the police."
* Paul` flashes the policecar as it aproaches (J/K)
<AlcarGM> Darren: "I guess I should have put that costume on, or something. Damn."
<Paul`> (( Ok, so we were just out for a walk after school, and these guys jumped out and tried to shoot us and then they exploded ))

<AlcarGM> The police car comes to a halt with two officers inside. The younger officer is looking around in a state akin to Fran's, the older one just gets out and looks around calmly, lihting a cigar. "'morning."
<Manus> "Good morning, officer."
<Paul`> "Good morning, officer."
<Paul`> (( lol ))
<Paul`> (( "I see you, too, have done this before!" ))
<AlcarGM> (( *shakes his head* ))
<Manus> (( lol! ))

<AlcarGM> Officer Store frowns, then nods. "And the building...?"
<Manus> "Two of the men had bombs wired to them."
<Paul`> "They had bombs that they set off when things were going badly for them." *seems rather disturbed at the whole suicide bombing thing*"
* Manus does too =P
<Paul`> (( lol ))

<AlcarGM> Officer henderson regards you all nervously, as if you might grow fangs at any moment. He looks rather jumpy, which isn't helped when the flames trail out of the building and fglow into Paul like a pet being called home.
<AlcarGM> Darren: "Okay. Now that is neat."
<Paul`> "I've never tried that before."
* Paul` is rather happy that he has found all sorts of new things to do with his powrs
<Paul`> (( wow, the typo demons are strong today ))
<AlcarGM> Store looks at the building. "Nice. Ever considered being a fire fighter on your days off from saving a planet?"
<Paul`> "I am now!"
* Paul` considers
* Paul` needs a part-time job to make some moneys, anyway
<Paul`> (( lol ))
<Paul`> (( how hilarious ))
<Paul`> (( Fireman by day, pyrokinetic superhero by night! ))
<AlcarGM> (( hey, more superheroes should be able to use their powers productively :p ))

<Manus> "Fran, I don't think those men were looking for me. They seemed to be after you."
<tatterdemalion> (( Fran: "They were" *preens* "Well, my rates are rather reasonable, eh? You remember those, big boy?" ))
<tatterdemalion> Fran: "But .... why?"
* Manus shakes his head
<Manus> "I don't know, but they had no way of knowing I'd come through here. I didn't even know it until about an hour ago."
<tatterdemalion> Fran: "You should go! I don't want to endanger you!"
<Manus> "It's no bother at all, I assure you."
<tatterdemalion> Fran: "But ....." She looks around, the building pointing out in a subtle smug building way that it;s trying to be a metaphor for her life her, and not just scenery. "But then I must ..do something for you, as well. Do you need a maid? Housekeeper?"
<tatterdemalion> (( "sex slave?" ))
<Manus> (lol!)
<Manus> (four colour =P)
<tatterdemalion> (( today is a bad day for the 4 colour apect methinks :p ))

* Manus leads the way to his Treasure (!) his Closet!
<Manus> (( he dresses flamboyantly =P ))
* Paul` looks for something that doesn't looks THAT bad
<Manus> There are many things which do not look THAT bad
<Manus> the trouble is finding two that do not look THAT bad together =P
<Manus> Good luck with that! Please make a spot check.
<Paul`> (( well, i guess paul can live with looking a bit flaming ))
<Paul`> (( HAHAHAHAHAH ))

<AlcarGM`> Outside the Mall, you see 3 .. things. Like golems, made of earth and clay. They;re takking apart peopls, by virtue of ripping them into pieces.
<Paul`> (( how not four color ;P ))
<AlcarGM`> oops.
<AlcarGM`> I mean cars, not people.
<AlcarGM`> my mistake :p
<Paul`> oh
<Paul`> lol
<Paul`> lol
<Paul`> wow, that makes a little bit of a difference ;P
<AlcarGM`> yeah :p
<AlcarGM`> Except to insurance companies!

<Manus> "Your empty thrats mean nothing to me!"
<Mitch`> "Get that one wet ... we could make bricks out of it."
<AlcarGM`> The golem charges Manus!
* Mitch` whispers to Manus. :P
<Manus> (better whisper fast =P)

<AlcarGM`> Wayne: "I told you what to do," to Mitch, calmly. "You going to order pizza?"
* Mitch` looks to Wayne, "With a side order of Justice."

<AlcarGM`> The Big Golem seems to make up its mind about somehting. "Vehicles.. are not enough. The owners must be extinguied, the plague of huamnity removed from the world!"
<AlcarGM`> It heas for the mall!
<Mitch`> "Uhm .."
* Mitch` looks around, "Hey, Golem!"
* Johnny is back, and whoa, so is an errant SUV! At a good 90+ mph, at that!
* Paul` interposes itself between it an the mall
<Mitch`> "You know, Cars are good."
<Mitch`> "Global warming will cancel out Nuclear Winter. We're actually looking after the earth, you know."
* Mitch` kind of smiles, nervously. :P

<AlcarGM> Okay. Manys and the robot manage to hold, and push .. the golem falls into the hole and sewer with an explosion of water and a scream as it begins to dissolve into mud.
<Mitch`> "Buahahah!"
<Mitch`> "Throw it in the air."
* Mitch` looks to Wayne with a smug grin. :P
* Johnny winces at that evil laugh :P
<AlcarGM> Golem: "No! The earth is mine .. .MY POWER! YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT ME!"

<Mitch`> "Well.. uhm..."
* Johnny nods, "Nice work."
<Mitch`> "We broke a lot of stuff."
* Mitch` instructs Robot to start putting the place back together as he hops off of it
<Johnny> "Well, yeah, but they were breaking stuff before we got here."
<Johnny> "Alright, guys!"
<Johnny> "Lets look for wounded!"
<Manus> "Yes!"
* Johnny starts heading off, looking for people who might be hurt, still on fire :P

<AlcarGM> Officer: "Well. At least some of them got costumes. You with the blue guy and the flaming kid?" To Mitch.
<Mitch`> "Yeah. This is my costume."
* Mitch` points to his piecemeal outfit.
<Paul`> (( lol! ))
<Mitch`> "In reality, I am a stylish modern business-man to-be."
<Mitch`> "But I can't reveal more. Secret identity. You know how it is."
<AlcarGM> The officer raises an eyebrow. "Funny. So. What the hell happened here? We have EMTs on their way."
* Johnny ties up his face with whats left of his shirt :P
<Mitch`> "I don't know. I got here late."
<Paul`> (( "Yeah, this is my costume, too. In day to day life I'm a middle-aged black woman who makes a living telling fortunes over a 900-number hotline ))

<Mitch`> "All I know is that ecoterrorist golems were ravaging the area, and that they're gone now and we're looking for hurt people."
<Paul`> "Yeah, that pretty much sums it up."
<AlcarGM> The police officer chuckles. "That's why I like this city. The peace and quiet." He walks towards the others, sidestepping some holea dn car remains. "So, you kids have a name yet?"
* Mitch` looks around, "The Arbiters."
<Mitch`> ((j/k))
<Paul`> (( works for me! ))
<Mitch`> ((;p it was the name of a superhero team in a rpg a lot of us were in awhile back))
* Mitch` looks around
<Mitch`> "My name's Mitch."
* Mitch` smacks himself in the forehead.
<Mitch`> "No it isn't!"
<Mitch`> "That's my public identity."
* Mitch` nods sagely, feeling stupid.

<AlcarGM> The officer stares at Mitch, then shaks his head. "Officer Store. I belive some of your friends know me already, from the exploding people incident. and now Golems...."
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head.. "Arbiters, eh?"
<Mitch`> ((that was a j/k :P))
<Mitch`> ((Unless no one has reservations))
<Manus> (not any more! =P)
<Mitch`> ((I think its an awesome name :D))
<Paul`> (( fine by me! ))
<Caltak> (( at least they arent the kind that jump arond in skimpy loincloths and eat live fish. ))
<Manus> ( I have the opposite of reservations! I demand it! )
<Mitch`> ((:D See Tass.))
<Mitch`> ((And you wanted us to be the baselines.))
<Mitch`> ((*scoff* :P))
<Manus> ( I was thinking "Tentacle Man and His Mighty Crew" )
<Caltak> (( "Non Cthulhu Non Hentai Tentacle Crew?" ))

<Paul`> "This is the weirdest first day of school ever."

<AlcarGM> The PRESS arrives, in the form of Lois Lane ... t. .. Yes. Lois Lanet! She shoves a microphone in Manus's face. "Sir Lois Lanet, Chronoice reporter! Do you have any comments on the evens tat transpired here?!"
<Manus> "Public transportation is a valuable asset to any city! Please support your local bus system!"
<Manus> (no, just kidding! =P)
* Manus freezes and stares blankly at the camera
* Mitch` looks and quickly puts a shirt around his head, like the shirt ninja, and walks up to Manus.. :P
<Mitch`> "My friend has taken a vow of silence in the name of justice. I'm afraid he can't comment."
* Manus nods mutely.
<AlcarGM> Lois shoves her microphone in Mitchs face instead, a sight that has terrified more heroes than even the dreaded tentacles of the Hentai! (which need to be an alien species..). "Do you have a comment, sir?'

<Mitch`> "As you can see, we helkped dispatch these .. terrorists. But our role in today's society is a debatable one."
<Mitch`> "Some call us terrorists. Some call us vigilantes. Some call us saints.."
* Mitch` looks around, with a sigh.
<Mitch`> "You can call us whatever you want."
* Mitch` looks at the camera
<Mitch`> ".. Just don't call us late for dinner."
* Mitch` winks.
<AlcarGM> Lois: "... please don't tell me you rehearsed that beforehand."

<AlcarGM> Lois: "Uh huh. Fine. We'll make up the rest at the office. Quote for beginnng, end. We're done here."
* Manus nods solemnly
<Paul`> (( FOR GREAT JUSTICE! ))
<Manus> (lol, a vow of silence, for justice!)
<AlcarGM> She leaves, noting to herself that journalism is a lot like rape. In, out, make up the rest at work. (Or something like that.)
* Mitch` makes a note to check out the news report.
<Caltak> (( The Paparazzi arent supposed to realize how evil they are! ))

* Mitch` decides to have the ninja sword showing, along with the shirt ninja hat. :P What a perfect cover identity.
<AlcarGM> The people at the fast food outlets are a bit confused, and one of them frowns at mitch darkly, wonder if he is like the ninja they found frozen in the meat locker this morning
<Johnny> ( :[ ] )
<Johnny> (so thats what they use when they run out of cats)

* Mitch` takes one. "What kind of help are you offering, Mr Wainwright?"
<AlcarGM> Ronald Wainwright III smiles thinly.. "Public relations, my dear boys. A more ... positive spin on events."
<Johnny> "Awesome!"
<Mitch`> ".. Spin? What if we don't want to be public figures?"
<Mitch`> "I mean. We're not villains. Do we have to -prove- that? I thought our actions spoke for us.."
<AlcarGM> Ronald Wainwright III chuckles dryly. "Of course you have to, my dear boy. The public is ruled by soundbytes, by what the press tells them. And you do not want to make an enemy of the press. And .. " He looks pointedly outside. "That is hardly the work of people not wanting to be public figures. Unless you are hiding like Elvis is, who appears every week on tabloids."
<AlcarGM`> Ronald Wainwright III: "If that is not the case, I willing to offer my services for you, pro bono."
<Mitch`> "How much will that cost us..?"
<Mitch`> ((:D))

<Manus> "Someone to handle the press would be nice. That Lois lady is rather intimidating."
* Mitch` looks to Ronny, "Well .. I'd be interested, but there are others of us who aren't here right now..
* Mitch` thinks of Linda. And how she'd like it if he made a decision without asking her.
* Mitch` winces a little

<AlcarGM`> (( You know, this isn't 4 colour .. but if someone is invulnera ble, they wouldn't have bowel movements, would they? I mean, they could get seriously constipated and never knew.... ))

<Mitch`> "Costumes, huh?"
<Mitch`> "I don't like the idea of costumes."
<Mitch`> "Maybe if they have utility."
<Paul`> "They help to avoid unwanted attention in daily life."
<Paul`> (( who would guess that the innocuous Mr. Phoenix was actually... The Phoenix?! ))
<Mitch`> "Its not like they couldn't get your height or something.."

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