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<Fennec> !addsurge All nearby vehicles or heavy machinery are replaced with livestock which performs a similar function.
<alcar> ...
<alcar> eeew, Fennec :p
<Fennec> what? =b
<alcar> those poor penguins!
<alcar> "Not another freakin' Linux user...."

<alcar> !addsurge Every night your dog eats you. Every day you are reborn from her shit. You're terrified that Fifi will become constipated.
<Fennec> alcar: okay, that's just freakish

<Fennec> !addsurge You turn into a pillar of salt.
<Caltak> oo HARSH
<alcar> !addsurge You turn into a pillar of pepper
<Fennec> dangit
<alcar> Because, damn it, God needs more condiments!
* Fennec was too busy laughing to actually do that before you did! =b

<Caltak> !addsurge You switch location and size with the nearest tampon for 1 hour.
<alcar> ....
<Caltak> hey, you might be lucky and the nearest one is in a box or a purse.
<alcar> "Help! Help! Let me out of .... woah. Actually, this feels kind of good...... "

<alcar> !addsurge After you make love to anyone, they speak in the voice of your mother for the next half hour and berate you for all the things you could have done better.
<Caltak> ewww
* alcar nods. Most effective if said mother is Jewish :p

<alcar> !addsurge Whenever you are cold, you begin horripilating Every single time. You can't stop it.
* alcar bows

<Fennec> !uanum 636
<sparkie> Your left leg is replaced with a wooden peg, named Smith.
<Caltak> !addsurge You vivdly recall being shot in the face by the vice president during a quail hunting trip.
<Fennec> What's the name of your other leg?
<tatterdemalion> John, of course

<Alicia> I'm tempted to add "The details of your life can be found on wikipedia" but that's mean
<tatterdemalion> !addsurge The details of the life you should have lived can be found on wikipedia. No one you know can edit it - or, if they can, they're not talking.
<Alicia> Oooh!
* tatterdemalion grins

<GeminiRai> You haven't run games this week!
<alcar> Yes. Not this, nor next.
<alcar> is also a break :p
<alcar> though it seems my idea of "taking a break" is "do something else that's harder"
<GeminiRai> lol
<GeminiRai> That is a good idea!
<GeminiRai> It will discourage you from taking breaks in the future

<Tara-> one moment
<Tara-> in /query
<GeminiRai> k
* Tara- pasted it.
<GeminiRai> lol, k, thanks
<GeminiRai> Yes, I am:P
<GeminiRai> Why do we have to wait till next time to alter the rules?:P
* Tara- shrugs
<Tara-> whatever, you're in charge man
<GeminiRai> Oh yeah.
* GeminiRai gets afraid:P

* Dale wants dog to attack ballon, explode, cover dog in paint. It's the getting paint in balloon that is hard :p
* Dale rubs his head, wondering where the acorn came from, and frowns at the can, wondering how best to make it explode.
* Dale reads the instructions! and goes inside for some wood, and the portable stove used for camping. Going to build catapult, heat paint, send paint over fence.
<Dale> not as fun as a balloon, but possible before it gets dark.
<GeminiRai> nice.
<GeminiRai> You doing it at the same place you got hit with the acorn?:P
<Dale> Yes.
* Dale is, of course, not worried if it explodes early. Because he is wearing his Ninja Costume and black paint on black will just be Neat.
<GeminiRai> Yes, and the metal shards in your flesh will add character.
<Dale> .... of course!
* Dale could become a CYBORG!

* GeminiRai wonders how much noise building a catapult makes
* Dale sings to cover the noise. Loudly. And badly.
* GeminiRai laughs
<Dale> "99 bottles of beer on the walllllll! 99 bottles of beeerr!" etc,

* Tara- keeps wishing Dale would turn into a beef patty or something.
<GeminiRai> Tara becomes enlightened...no, your mother tells you to watch your language, your father doesn't seem to notice, being busy reading, but says that Dale would probably break any machine that tried to harness his energy.
<GeminiRai> Dale does not turn into a hamburger.
<GeminiRai> The corpse outside dale's window does, however. And muffy eats it.
* Dale eats more food, and offers Tara the meat some more, sayting it's perfectly healthy cow, and probably liked being slaughtered even if it had babies, and a wife, and a whole family likely waiting for it it back home, thinking the trip to the slaughterhouse had just been a vacation and it was probaby drugged and felt no pain as it was carved up as it died.
* Dale doesn't get to see the corpse? BAD MUFFY! :p

* Tara- buries herself in her bed amidst poofy blankets wanting to cry but not.
* Dale eats cereal and then has a burst of inspiration and digs some paper ot and draws a cow, with it looking very sad, witha golden M necklace arouund its neck anda thought balloon saying: "MOO! WHY DO YOU HATE ME?" and a caption: I DIED FOR YOUR SINS. Then adds a halo to the cow and puts it under tara's door

<GeminiRai> "ENOUGH GAMEZ! You will tell me where he has gone!"
<Dale> "Oh! Him! He went and played tag in the middle of the insterstate, shit for brains. If you hurry, you can catch him!"
* Dale gives the annoying man the finger.
<Tara-> (( hey- if that's a surge, does that mean I should be naked now? ))
<GeminiRai> *ponders* Yes, but you're under the covers.
* Tara- notices that, and screams again.
* Dale gets pissedd off! And attacks the german.
<GeminiRai> He grabs Tara with his arm around her neck, and glares at Dale "Do not toy with me, ninja!"
* Tara- holds the covers close...
<GeminiRai> Are you attacking him anyway?
<GeminiRai> heh
<Dale> of course. It's just Tara.

<Tara-> "You don't... just... attack artifacty-things with glowing lights on them!"
<GeminiRai> the crack shines slightly as it looks back at you:P
<Dale> "Oh, pulease! It's the only wya to see if it's the light of Ra, or really the spear of destiny from Final Legends of Quake IV!"
<Tara-> "Let me handle this!"
<Tara-> "if it's a stupid spear you can have it!"
* Dale goes up to the crack, With the dagger. "Oh, right. What are you going to do? Cry on it?"
* Tara- would leave it alone normally but Dale is here so... she reaches out to touch it, eyes closed, chanting the best she can =b
* Dale stops, remembers that Tara's character in FF VII dies, and .... lets Tara touch it :p
* GeminiRai snickers

* Tara- holds up a hand to Dale, Stop gesture...
<Dale> like that has ever worked :p
<GeminiRai> are you still chanting?
<Tara-> oh yes
<Tara-> oh eeem zah mee zah ohm....
<GeminiRai> the sound stops, and the light appears again, though alot dimmer. still inside.
* Dale pouts, being really good at that, and then gets bored and wanders around Tara's room, looking for neat things. Likely shiny ones :p
<Dale> (( I feel like i'm playing a kender. ))

<GeminiRai> It suddenly bursts out and floats a few inches in front of tara's face, bobbing up and down excitedly and making a whole lot of crystally noises.
<GeminiRai> They seem to have vowels that reverberate in your mind, but it doesn't make any sense.
* Dale notices it again, surprised, then remember he's seen it before.
<Dale> :"You know the cheat code?!"
* Tara- stares at it.
<GeminiRai> it stops chattering after a few seconds of staring, turns pink, and disappears back inside the ark:P
* Dale glares at Tara. "Who told you the cheat code!"
<Tara-> "Buddha."
* Tara- stops chanting. Attempts to open the lid.
<GeminiRai> It flies out again and runs into you, it doesn't hurt, but there's pressure, it does it again and again.
<GeminiRai> It darts around and hides behind you. Shivering
* Dale tries to catch it
* Dale figures it's worth at least one extra life
<GeminiRai> It leaps higher to get away from Dale.
<Dale> "Hey! No fair!"
* Tara- goes to sit on her dresser in a lotus position (whatever that is) closes her eyes...
<GeminiRai> It circles the room quickly and dives into Tara's dresser.
* Tara- does meditationfu there.
* Dale screams "GET BACK HERE!" to the orb, and starts crying, cuz he's pissed off. "it's not fair! YOU get everything cool! Like breasts! And glowing orbs!"

* Dale gaspes some more, completely mogadored
<GeminiRai> completely what?
<Dale> .. err. aka puzzled.
<Dale> sorry. More britishisms creeping in.
<GeminiRai> The orb peeks from tara's neck, curious again.
<Dale> (( blames the fact that the only guy named Dale I know is British ))
<GeminiRai> a british dennis the mennis who is a psychotic ninja
* Tara- imagines some sort of intimacy with an orb. Sounds less gross than the regular sorts they're starting to talk about in sex ed classes at this age.
<Dale> he's not psycotic. Just... neeeds less sugar. And meds :p And love!

<Tara-> hmm. wonder when my eyes will get around to popping out. :)
<Dale> no idea :p
<Tara-> no rush I suppose
<GeminiRai> I don't really have any ideas for the eyes popping out:P
<Tara-> Tara turns on television. For some reason, it's an Adult channel. !!!.
<GeminiRai> lol
<Dale> lol
<Tara-> sound good?

<GeminiRai> shadows are surrounding tara's feet, and you can't see her bleow her knees, the orb follows tara's arm to the key and starts shining brightly, revealing darkness all over the room despite it's illumination.
* Tara- tries to activate whatever the key sequence thingy is... opening or closing or whatever...
* Dale just stares, too afraid to run, too confused to fight
<GeminiRai> The universe implodes, and you all die.
<GeminiRai> jk
<Dale> NOT AGAIN?!
<GeminiRai> You suddenly get a weird crunching sinking feeling like falling when you're lying in bed, while being strangled by a giant snake.
<Tara-> . o O ( The unvierse implodes, then explodes, then we're all different people the next time around? )

* Alicia tries to combine two random uasurges
<Alicia> !uasurge 2
<sparkie> You are now sexually attracted to dogs.
<sparkie> The cat got your tongue. This is open to some degree of interpretation.
<Alicia> ... no. Just no.

<Fennec> !uasurge
<sparkie> You are extremely cold to the touch - so cold that if people were to, say, lick you, their tongue would stick to your skin. But you feel temperature perfectly normally.
<alcar> that would make sex interesting.
<alcar> Fireman: "She's frozen to your WHAT?"

<alcar> !addsurge Every night, thanks to the wish you sold your soul for, you have sex with Helen of Troy. And every night, she leaves more rotting bits behind.
<Fennec> ... dude.
<Fennec> that's gross =b
<alcar> Hey, if I was the Devil I'd give 'em the corpse :)

<AlcarGm> Captain Underance stares at you. "I think we'd like to know how many lifeforms you have aboard that vessel, and what they are."
<Mary_jane`^> "Oh..." Looking on the computer "The ship has a complement of 220, right now."
<AlcarGm> The captain blinks. "And they are?" calmly.
<AlcarGm> Nora bites her lip to keep from laughing.
<AlcarGm> Suzie: "221. You forgot Hobbes."
<Kuth> (( "Anomalous." ))
<AlcarGm> (( "My harem." ))
<Mary_jane`^> "Although the AI takes up most of the work, because most of the crew doesn't have opposible thumbs... so they're more 'cargo' since they really aren't DOING anything to help with the shipwork, anthough I can't blame them--Wolves, ofcourse."

<AlcarGm> Arthur nods. "How many can you possess at once?"
* Kuth blinks. "I've only done one so far, 'cause I actually was along for the ride. I'm... not sure how well I could control someone remotely."
<Kuth> *one at a time
<AlcarGm> Arthur: "It could be usedul to know. What weapons are you good with?"
<Kuth> (( Hehe, I just thought of making everyone in a room sing reggae. ))
<AlcarGm> (( .. I could see it. Arthur: "When I told you to hurt them, I didn't mean *that*." ))

<Kuth> (( what was that about a corpse again? :P ))
<AlcarGm> (( MJ wasn't paying attention it seems :P ))
<Kuth> (( I noticed that. ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( Wait corpse? ))
* Mary_jane`^ looks for a corpse =p
<Mary_jane`^> "Wait, a corpse?" =p "Where?"
<AlcarGm> AI: "In the cargo bay."
<Mary_jane`^> "What corpse. SHow me."
<AlcarGm> AI: "It's a dead body in a cargo bay. You can go look, fatso.:"

<AlcarGm> The cargo bay is rather small, at present, but there is a wolf there. Normal wolf, and old, and definitely dead. Someone wrapped her in a blanket
* Mary_jane`^ wrinkles her nose and checks the wolf for any signs of what killed it =p
<Kuth> (( CSI! :P ))
* Mary_jane`^ checks for evidence! =p
<Kuth> (( maybe you'll ge those nifty flashbacks when you find stuff. ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( Yeah, and those x-ray shots into its body! ))
<AlcarGm> Old age, you think. No wounds, no Colonel Mustard with the Rolling Pin in the Study. Just age. Eyes were closed, probably by someone, and she ws nuzzled a lot.
* Mary_jane`^ hmms and shrugs, and builds an old funeral circle out of old tongue and drawn with fire of truth
<AlcarGm> You cook the body?
<Mary_jane`^> ... MJ can't cook
<AlcarGm> well, turn to ash I meant.
<AlcarGm> Same thing for MJ though :)
<Mary_jane`^> She's going to disentigrate it with truth, lest some liar get ahold of the body and play with the wolves =p

<Kuth> (( "The truth is you're dead. Now return to the earth! Er... the bulkhead." ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( Exactly... THe deflector dish and all that ))
<Kuth> (( We could power the ship with remains, wouldn't that be fun? ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( If it had a coal chamber we could ))
<Kuth> (( It had a gas tank. I'm sure it could have a coal chamber. ))
<AlcarGm> (( .. if it wanted to :p ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( My space ship runs on steam... It's the fastest in the galaxy! ))

<Caltak> I want to play a Wemic again, it's been way too long.
<kentari> eh? :P
<kentari> buahaha
* kentari just thought of a setting for such a thing, too
<Caltak> You heard me.
<kentari> Cosmic, interdimensional blind dating.
<kentari> :P

<kentari> I'm going to use my evil teacher knowledge, though
<kentari> You guys are going to see the horrors of American education.
<kentari> >:)
<Caltak> See it? I've lived it, maaaaaan.

<Caltak> kentari alluded to the fact that he makes defects SUCK.
<Chaos`^> DID you ever play in my BESM game?
<Chaos`^> I make traits suck =p

* Darryl likes mechas
<Caltak> PokeMecha? Wing Zero, I choose you!
<Darryl> ...
* Darryl beats Caltak with an original Game boy
* sparkie quotes
<Darryl> Caltak*
* sparkie even edits
<Darryl> heh

<alcar> kentari!
<alcar> I want cthulhu as my mecha

<Darryl> how many mages so far?
<Fennec> At least one.
* Darryl is thinking maybe a sort of technomage
<Fennec> I'm a noncombatant mostly.
<Darryl> or technomancer
<Caltak> One nothing-but-a-mage, one fightery type, and a barefoot chick.
<Darryl> so, you've pretty much got the bases covered, then?
<Darryl> and I can do what I want?
<Caltak> We need a Rogue! j/k :P

<Caltak> But yea, its about fun
<Caltak> not covering every base
<Caltak> so do whatever
<Fennec> Make Yourself As You Would Like To Be.
<Caltak> Be a quadripalegic with an army of killer plush bunnies, it's all good.
<Fennec> ... (Wait, is that what my character is supposed to be? hahahaha)
<Fennec> ooh, wheelchair kid!
<Caltak> Fennec: I was going to make my PC as I wanted to be originally, but someone said "No Princess Meow the Nekomancer." as I recall. :P
<Fennec> Caltak: hahaha

<Chaos`^> Please remember sparkies commands can be used in message as well
<Darryl|Dormiendo> they can?
<Chaos`^> yeah
<Chaos`^> unless alcar bugged out the code
<Chaos`^> which happens often

<Fennec> hmm. speaking of Green, sure you don't want a nature chick SO? She might even like you back after you save her a few times. :)
<Chaos`^> See that's the problem with SO
<Chaos`^> I plan on getting into alot of trouble
<Chaos`^> it's what I do
<Chaos`^> WHat the hell? why not?
<Chaos`^> I'll take it
<Fennec> I said "like you back", not take an SO attribute back :D
<Fennec> mind you :)
<Chaos`^> if she gets in too much trouble, I could be like Xander and turn gay or something
<Fennec> heh, maybe you'll have extra character points then, I guess =b

<Chaos`^> Under "Natural Weapons" You can have tenticles =p
<Fennec> so I heard
<Fennec> if they're prehensile you can have some under Extra Limbs

* Alicia has joined #Game1
* sparkie declares fatwa on Alicia.
* NEO has joined #game1
* sparkie declares fatwa on NEO.
* NEOhas left #game1
<Tass> he is the one :P
<kentari> I'm sure.
<kentari> :P
* Alicia writes "The anti-sparkie verses"

<GeminiRai> She stares at you. "Something terrible is happening."
* Tara- frowns. "So soon?"
<GeminiRai> She raises an eyebrow.
<Tara-> "It's been such a nice universe so far."
<GeminiRai> "Galaxies are falling."
<GeminiRai> "The universe is experiencing a rapid decay, and is being swallowed up."
<alcar> (( "And it's all because men leave the toilet seat up." ))
<GeminiRai> "This appears to be the only place that is safe...I...am the only one from my world who could be sent in time.."
<GeminiRai> (( :D ))
<GeminiRai> (( And she is here to slay them! ))

<GeminiRai> "But it is not here."
<GeminiRai> "Do you know why?"
* Tara- hmms, considering.
<sparkie> (( me ))
<Tara-> "I might know a cause of the cause, but I cannot claim to know the cause."
<Tara-> "Or how it caused the cause."
<GeminiRai> 1d100 to save the universe!
<sparkie> GeminiRai 1d100: 4 to save the universe!
<GeminiRai> That's about right.
<Tara-> Haha, low roll is good? =b
<GeminiRai> It is if you want the universe to be destroyed, yes.

<GeminiRai> "Tell me what you know." There is a hint of pleading, but it is masked mostly by the anger which is also masked.
<Tara-> "An artifact of power appeared the other night. A violent man came to try and seize its power."
<Tara-> "Shadows and creatures of shadow came forth. But a key was turned. Then that universe ended. This is a new one. I was there in the space between."
<GeminiRai> She looks wide-eyed at you, and a bit of her confusion and chaos seem to return. She falls to bent feet and knees.
<alcar> (( And Dale just got to be a ninja *sniffs* ))
<GeminiRai> (( He's a very good ninja! ))

<alcar> Arthur just looks arond slowly for a moment as if listening to something, then nods. "We'd best find a place to hole up until one of the wolves finds us."
<Kuth> "Maybe there's a motel or something."
<Kuth> (( "So you tell us we can rent out these coffin-sized chambers to sleep in? Awesome!" ))
<alcar> He nods, starting to walk down the street quickly to the right. "This way."
* Kuth follows, just assuming he knows the way somehow.
<alcar> He goes down several streets, turning right or left, then stops before a large building, studies it, then nods.
<alcar> "This seems like a decent inn."
<alcar> The building is crome and glass, a good 300 storeys tall, and the size of a good dozen earth football fields, getting larger as it gets higher, like a funnel.
<alcar> He wants towards the main entrance, then stops. "I trust you have currency?"
* Kuth blinks. Looks at his clothes, which don't have pockets. Looks back at Arthur. "Um... no."
<alcar> "Ah." The former king loooks at the hotel, then at you, then down at his plain clothing. "I believe we have hit a minor snag."

* MechaBlue has joined #Game1
* sparkie declares fatwa on MechaBlue.
<GeminiRai> There is suddenly alot of commotion from downstairs!
<Tara-> (( in the middle of a session? oh dear. ))
<GeminiRai> Or is there.
* MechaBlue declares jihad on sparkie
<GeminiRai> MechaBlue and sparkie duke it out in the living room.
<GeminiRai> MechaBlue is melted into a fine ash.
* MechaBlue relaunches
<Tara-> (( ssh! ))
<Tara-> (( I'm trying to have a meaningful conversation with my alien twin. ))

<AlcarGM> The wolf nods, drinking water. "I'm supposed to help. Or something. I wasn't told much." He looks up. "Except that you smell funny."
<Kuth> "Um. Funny as in bad?"
<AlcarGM> The wolf sniffs. "Strange. You smell like grandpa, but not like him. Or the truthseer. Or anything else." He cocks his head to the side. "Abit of the dwarf who gave me treats once, and geys. And nothing."
<Kuth> "...That's a lot."
<AlcarGM> Grey: "And other things, but my nose isn't that good yet. Everyone smells of lots of things. You smell mostly of .... you. Whatever *that* is."
<Kuth> "...okay. Confusing. But then, I'm not a wolf."
<AlcarGM> The wolf looks quite pleased about that. "You don't think wolf."
<Kuth> "Eh?"
<AlcarGM> Wolf: "Otherwise you could be one."
<AlcarGM> The wolf looks rather smug about this. "People think too much in names."
<AlcarGM> He then proceeds to lick his genitals

<Perfect> Darryl: What to do indeed?
<Perfect> hmm. You could take my character as an S.O. Chaos could too. That could be fun! :D
<Darryl> maybe I should make him be such a nerd he actually made a Gunblade
<alcar> lol fennec
<Darryl> heh
<Perfect> Darryl: please? I will need people to rescue me when the aliens catch me and put me in a little glass jar :)
<alcar> No, you just need someone to poke holes in the lid :p
* Darryl doesn't think his character will have an S.O.
<Darryl> if he's such a nerd he'd make a gunblade
<Perfect> if so, then you're enough of a nerd to fall head over in heels in love with a girl who hardly knows you exist!
<Darryl> ...
<alcar> And, if you can make a gunblade, nerd enough to stab her through the heart with it when she fails to realize you love her!
<Darryl> .......

<Taralynn> "Excuse me, Aliens!"
* Taralynn waves.
<GeminiRai> None of them are getting very close to your house.
<GeminiRai> A smaller one zooms over closer than the others as you wave though.
* Taralynn calls out. "Take your leader to me!"
<GeminiRai> It zaps Tara with a thin solid spark-line.
<GeminiRai> Then runs away
<GeminiRai> It tingles!
<Taralynn> "HEY!"
<Taralynn> "Use caution!"
<GeminiRai> It does not hear you!
<Dale> "Maybe it fixed you so you're not a lesbo? Cuz aliens like to take human chicks and have sex with them."
<GeminiRai> Crysta: "Then why did it leave?"
* Taralynn . o O ( some day, Dale will surely be a lesbian. But not today. )
<Dale> (( :p ))
<Dale> "Cuz she's ugly," as if that's obvious.

<Taralynn> "I'm sorry, Dale, this dream is the one called Life."
<GeminiRai> Crysta: "I think that's a board game."
* Dale sulks, mutters something his mother would wash his mouth out with if she heard. "Yeah, right I did, like, neo stuff! And you don't do THAT in Life!"
<Caltak> (( *snicker* ))
<Taralynn> "We all live in a dream."
<Caltak> (( We all live in a yellow submarine. ))

* Alien_Fleet have a few squadrons keep his attention while a couple go behind him and try to predict his movements to shoot him down.
* Dale is a ninja! And a ten year old kid whose seen way too many dcomputer games on a sugar rush. I dare your computers to predict that :p
* Dale fights! And bashes aliens, and badshes MORE aliens, and wonders when he gets a freakin' weapons upgrade.
<Dale> "You aliens suck! I should at least have a GUN by now! Or a crossbow! Or a cool sword!"
<Taralynn> (( has it been five minutes? ))
<GeminiRai> No upgrade, but your weapons do seem to be doing more damage. You actually manage to dent one ship with your whip. And one of the ships that sneak up behind you manages to nick your ankle.
<Alien_Fleet> A few ships start making kamikaze runs on Dale.
<GeminiRai> It hasn't been 5 minutes yet, but Crysta does get up and stand on the very edge of the roof, looking out toward Dale.
* Taralynn stands up as well.
* Dale yelps, and attacks harder, getting pissed off at his stupid dream.
<Dale> "I don't care if I lose sometimes in life,but I'm not losing to some invaders game from, like, the 1980s in a DREAM!"
<Dale> (( Eat your heart out, Braveheart. That's a REAL battle cry ))

<Taralynn> (to universe, and any shiny things therein, profoundly): "Thank you."
* sparkie is a shiny thing!
<GeminiRai> does sparkie want to be the universe?
<Taralynn> I dunno. Sparkie probably has meta-multiverses.
<Taralynn> A mere doomed universe seems a little lowly for him.

<GeminiRai> You feel warmth on your shoulder for a moment, then it vanishes.
<Alien_Fleet> (( Your shoulder now smells of urine. ))

<GeminiRai> Dale is kicking ass, but he can't manage to make any of the ships explode with a whip and cutlery shurikens. They are getting awfully dented and scratched though.
* Dale tries to smack them into each other
<GeminiRai> The bat would have made things alot easier, which is probably why the sysop destroyed it.
<GeminiRai> The aliens are *almost* starting to be able to hit him.
* Dale gets a brainwave, and goes back home to get another bat.
<GeminiRai> You have multiple bats?
<Dale> it's a dream Ofcourse!
<Taralynn> Failing that, he could borrow a neighbor-kids.
<Dale> the fact that he does not in real life may hamper this :p
<Dale> But there's always dads golf clubs
<GeminiRai> Heh, Dale is starting to run away, doing the cool leaping things.
<GeminiRai> The aliens can keep up.
<Alien_Fleet> hold on
<Alien_Fleet> (( on phone with computer at health insurance company ))
* Dale makes his move while the fleet is distracted by a telemarketer!

<Taralynn> "Stop fighting, Dale."
<Dale> "It's my dream and I can if I want to!"
* Taralynn walks over to Dale, looks him up and down, and... attempts to tickle him mercilessly.
<Dale> lol.
* Dale tries to evade, once she starts :P
<Dale> "Stop that!"
<GeminiRai> lol
* GeminiRai tries to decide if sibling ticklefighting > ninja evasion.

* Dale gets up, a bit shakily, then glowers at Tara and throws one of the shuriken intoa knot of a tree without looking (or, tries to, at least)
<Dale> "Explain THAT, huh?"
<Taralynn> "Congratulations."
<GeminiRai> it sticks.
<Dale> "SEE?!"
<Taralynn> "I see."
<Dale> "I can't do that! OR fight aliens! Or .. or matrix things or do .... all of that! That I did! So if it's not a dream, what is it?!~"
<Taralynn> "There is no nonsense. There is only insufficient context."
* Dale stops screaming, panting for breath
<Taralynn> (( Someone else JUST said that in another context. ))
<Dale> (( heh ))

<Taralynn> "Dale? Sit down for a minute."
* Dale 's face scrunches up.
* Dale plops down on the grass.
<Dale> the hamster inside the cage begins doing cartwheels and a striptease.
* Taralynn sits down next to him, holds his hand.
<Dale> (( actually, he probably would havre a ferret in his head, for mental processes. But still :P ))
<Taralynn> "Welcome to the new universe. We seem to have an alien problem. But that's not the root of it."
* Dale blinks a few times, then squeezes really tightly, his eyes getting very wide.
<Dale> "I'm grounded for life."

<Mary_jane`^> "So, 'Vance' What's with the purple antanae?"
<AlcarGm> the unit flows down, looking around curiously.
<AlcarGm> Vance: "Stanard issue lie detector, ma'am."
<Mary_jane`^> "Why are they in your forehead?"
<AlcarGm> Vance: "Connection to the cerval core, ma'am. Makes sensing lies that miuch easier." He puffs up with self importance. "I'm quite the truth feeler, among the officials."
<Mary_jane`^> "Ah... WHat brings you to this line of work?"
<AlcarGm> The outside is the inside of a large docking bay, a surprisingly neat and tidy one. The only person waiting, at present, is a distinguished older gentleman with Diplomat written all over him, though not literally mind.
<AlcarGm> Vance: "Vat grown for it, ma'am."
<Mary_jane`^> "Ah... THat's an interesting name you have. WHere did you get it?"
<AlcarGm> Vance: "Generated by The Computer, ma'am. You from the colony worlds where they *pick* names?" not quite sneering....

<AlcarGm> You reach ground level without any troubles, seeing no guards at all, and exit the building. Outside is a large, sacious courtyard with flowers and it's a bright, summer day. People in short sand t0-shirts, most of them human - and looking human, so there is likely an unofficial gene dress code here :P
<Mary_jane`^> what are the others wearing?
<AlcarGm> mostly just shirts and shorts.
<AlcarGm> all human, almost all looking human.
<Mary_jane`^> these guys are wearing sand colored tshirts?
* Mary_jane`^ looks around for a shop, then
<AlcarGm> what? Just, uhm, summer wear :p. Cuz it's summer?
<AlcarGm> oh! Shorts and
<AlcarGm> *coughs*

<AlcarGm> More guards are arriving .Some cyborg, some human, some nanite drone things.
<AlcarGm> And a few robots.
<Mary_jane`^> are they shooting first TOO?
<AlcarGm> In less than a minute, this place is going to make present day Iraq look like Eden.
<AlcarGm> Uhm. Why wouldn't they?! Illegal entrance, 12 dead guards, and fried nanites! Helllllo?

<AlcarGm> Uhm. Why wouldn't they?! Illegal entrance, 12 dead guards, and fried nanites! Helllllo?
<Mary_jane`^> I didn't kill them
<AlcarGm> they'll be decommisioned for failure in line of duyy anyway :p
<Mary_jane`^> and that's MY problem HOW?
<AlcarGm> Tad: "I don't think they will," sarcastically.
<Mary_jane`^> "More power, quick."
<AlcarGm> Tad: ".... you do know I can't draw on ley lines, right? I mean........." he sighs, and power flows into you.
* Mary_jane`^ pulls all the magic she can from her soroundings, and informs it that perhaps it should be doing some work right about now. And instructs it to stop time for the time being
<AlcarGm> The GM sobs.
<AlcarGm> You pull - not frm the ley lines, I hope?
<Mary_jane`^> I'm insane, not stupid
* AlcarGm thanks god for small mercies.
<sparkie> your welcome.
<Mary_jane`^> lol
<AlcarGm> Time stops. Duration continues. You are drained. Now what? :p

<AlcarGm> Tad: "This was suppossed to be a stealth mission, right?"
* Mary_jane`^ looks at Anne for signs of life
<AlcarGm> Tad: "I mean, sneak around, find things out, all of that?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Thank you captain obvious! I didn't know they had a security system like that. How the hell was I supposed to know that?"
<AlcarGm> She;s alive. Just had her antennae blown off.
* Mary_jane`^ think
<Mary_jane`^> "Hey tad..."
* Mary_jane`^ gets an evil grin
<AlcarGm> Tad: "It's quarters for diplomats! Of course it would have good security." He grumbles. "You're as subtle as rape."
<Mary_jane`^> "If we can stop time... Can we reverse it?"
<AlcarGm> The GM points to the Not Stupid comment......
* Mary_jane`^ points to the insane comment

<Chaos`^> Don't think I'll let this incursion slide
<Chaos`^> you can't just stop a game after something like that happens
<Chaos`^> that's just... Rude you know?
<alcar[sleep]> after WHAT? You did something that was .. erm .... not wise. Time was reversed. You continued
<Chaos`^> Stop telling me it was not wise
<Chaos`^> security nanos alcar!
<Chaos`^> They don't exist!
<alcar[sleep]> .....

<Fennec> yeah, I'm more comfortable with internal powers than with out-and-out magic of some sort that needs to be invoked
<Fennec> Silly Anime Shiny Magic Bubble Teleport!
* alcar nods. I avoid anything like that myself :)
<alcar> Though if I do end up in a besm game, I think I'm going to go all out that way. for fun.
<alcar> "STEALTH SHIELD HAI ...... okay... that one is .. uhm .. a bit .... stupid .. maybe...."
<alcar> would be fun :)
<alcar> Actually, check that. If I do play in a besm game where the whole "shout magic" thing is de rigeur, I'll give my character a stutter :p

<Darryl> is there a limit to number of BP?
<Darryl> or Defects?
<Taralynn> umm, no more than 8 defects I think theoretically
<Drew> 10ish
<SteveZ> There was a limit?!
<Drew> over 10 = ... very unlikely.
<Taralynn> theoretical limits
<Darryl> yeah
<Taralynn> consult your GM
<SteveZ> O_O
* Drew nods. Is up to GM.
<Darryl> who is GM again?
* Drew points to kentari the absentious

* Dale is recovering from the shock that this wasn't a dream, largely because he has an attention span that rivals that of a golfish.
<Dale> "We're in a VR machine!"
<GeminiRai> So you should be over it pretty quickly then! Good!
<Dale> get over what?
<Dale> :p
<GeminiRai> Oh
<GeminiRai> I meant the recovering thing you were saying
<GeminiRai> Oh I SEE!
<GeminiRai> You were being clevar

<GeminiRai> She turns and speaks to Dale's ear "What is it?" smiling wide.
* Dale jumps a little. "A rock. But a pretty one!"
<GeminiRai> She shakes her head. "No, it is the key! But yes, it is very pretty."
<Dale> (( "It's my precious. Cuz I won't have no birthdays, nooo, cuz my frickin' sister blew up the universesss...." ))

<Darryl> I shall have to run a campaign sometime
<Darryl> but I shall run it offline, first
<Darryl> because I've seen the problems with online ones
<alcar> Darryl - oh?
<Darryl> battle positioning
<Darryl> dicebots that are made of pure hate

<Mary_jane`^> "So..." Talking to the robot "I can't seem to keep myself out of trouble..."
* Mary_jane`^ looks up at the robot
<AlcarGM> The robot pours a drink. "I know what you mean. I ran into an old flame last year. Thought I was done with her, but she walked right into my bar and we sucked."
<AlcarGM> The bartender pauses. "Excuse me. I believe there is a problem with my conversation modules. She was to havewalked intoa gin joint of the world, and walked into mine. If that makes any sense?"
<Mary_jane`^> "What?"
<AlcarGM> A cyborg beside you snorts. "Ignore Hal. Got into a brawl a year ago. Never been the same since."
<Mary_jane`^> "oh... Hey Hal, c'mere."
<AlcarGM> The bartender blinks, comes closer. "Here's looking at you, kid," and tries to deck you :)

<Mary_jane`^> "I went to hereticorp earlier, though. They're the ones who make her."
<AlcarGM> Grrey: **how can people underthink their own thoughts?** still to itself.
<AlcarGM> Merlin: "What is this hereticorp? The name brings to mind ..strange images."
<Mary_jane`^> "And these truthtellers, by the way, are products of some genetic mutation of a magical recreation of myself that I made."
<AlcarGM> Merlin: "Ah! That would have been my first guess," deadpan.
<Mary_jane`^> "They're... Are you serious? I thought you were behind most of what they did."
<AlcarGM> Merlin: "I am sorry to disappoint you."

<AlcarGM> Vampire: "Oh, no vampire touches anyone on mead," with a light laugh. "I was thinking him, of more... physical things?**
<Mary_jane`^> "What?"
<AlcarGM> The grey is .. a bit heavier than before. You get... fuzzines from it, and nothing else.
<AlcarGM> Vampire: "Sex?" hopefully, batting his eyelashes and baring fangs lightly.
<Mary_jane`^> "Listen... I have someone to take home, he can't drive drunk."
<AlcarGM> Vampire: "He can watch. Or join in. I'm not picky."
<Mary_jane`^> "No, I'm affraid..." pausing "I'm affraid we can't have that."
* Mary_jane`^ slaps away the vampire
<AlcarGM> He steps back, anger burning in his gaze, and a cold hunger...... then recalls himself and nods, once. "You have not heardthe last of this," tightly. "No one insults Lestat and does not answer for it."
<Mary_jane`^> "Who in hell is Lestat?"
<AlcarGM> Vampire: "Me!"
<AlcarGM> He's a bit chubby, when you look past the vampire glamour. And definitely not Tom Cruise.

* Mary_jane`^ makes some breakfast in the maker, manages to burn even that, and looks at merlin
<AlcarGM> Merlin, with the wisdom of over a millenia at his beck and call, makes his own without comment :p
<AlcarGM> The grey just watches.
* Mary_jane`^ hands the grey some uhm... food, and eats her own "Mmm... It tastes terrible."
<AlcarGM> The grey, having no mouth, just stares at it, confused. A few moments later the food seeps into its skin, through pores
<AlcarGM> The grey shudders. **Is it always....... this...?** plantively
<AlcarGM> Merlin almost smiles at that, but drinks coffee instead
<Mary_jane`^> "No, I'm just a bad cook."
<AlcarGM> Grey: **This unit... this ... must agree!** feverently.
<AlcarGM> Merlin make s asound that might be a snicker but hides itself as a cough.

<AlcarGM> Zeta: "This .... not unit? .. does not know? Not knowing is.... not plesant? Yes! It is not pleasant."
<Mary_jane`^> "You know you can use pronouns, it's easier... I, me, you?"
<AlcarGM> He flinches. "It feels...... wrong......"
<Mary_jane`^> "Why?"
<AlcarGM> Grey: "It is not . . something ....this... that was used?"
<AlcarGM> Merlin: "Consider it a kind of freedom," absently. "Freedom is never safe."
<Mary_jane`^> "I should search the complex more..."
<AlcarGM> Zeta:: **It is ... fear? Each time could .... pull me ... pull this... further from Totality.**
<Mary_jane`^> "it seems that's what it wanted anyway."
<AlcarGM> Zeta: **It is the... not knwing .... it is HARD! How do you .. do it?**
* Mary_jane`^ shrugs "You learn to live with it."
<AlcarGM> Zeta: **And you do not go mad?**
<AlcarGM> Zeta: **How do you be... decent? There is nothing - nothing in your heads, but you!**
<Mary_jane`^> "I--Ah Merl--Ah... The guy down the hallway hasn't yet."
<AlcarGM> (( lol! ))

<AlcarGM> Zeta: **But..... it is not ..... I don't understand you!**
<Mary_jane`^> "Not many people do."
<AlcarGM> Merlin: "She's female. That could explain it."

<Mary_jane`^> "YOu need to continue the whole diplomatic thing." TO Zeta "I'm going to go look for lance."
<AlcarGM> Zeta: **How? I am not..... of Totality, anymore.**
<AlcarGM> it repeats that to itself a few times, trying to adapt to it.
<Mary_jane`^> "So? You're still a grey. Talk to the other one around here, he might be able tell you what you can do."
<AlcarGM> Zeta: ** I will .... .walk? .... look around? ... I have never done that.** It blinks, frozen in shock for a moment. **I have never done anything,** slowly.
<Mary_jane`^> "Good! Go out! Do it!"
<AlcarGM> (( Zeta: **I WANT TO HAVE SEX NOW! DAMNIT, NOW!** ))

<AlcarGM> You are, finally, alone. No grey, no magic, no Merlin. Just you.
<Mary_jane`^> Just me?
<Mary_jane`^> Oh no.. what does that mean?
* Mary_jane`^ looks aorund
<AlcarGM> that ninjas are about to attack, of course!
* Mary_jane`^ wonders if anyone else is going to appear... Last time this happened darrelle showed up
* AlcarGM cues the ninjas. Then mutters something about unions. Never mind. Carry on.

<Mary_jane`^> "The more I think about it, the more I wonder who your father really was. Perhaps YOU are the son of the dwarf that we're waiting for. If not his son, then perhaps someone else of great power."
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "I very much doubt that."
<Mary_jane`^> "Mead is... very powerful. I wonder how you could ignore such a thing."
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "I did not say it was easy," with a shrug. "But anything can be accomplished, if someone is determined enough."
<AlcarGM> (( Lancelot: "Except sucking up to that stupid dice bot." ))
<Mary_jane`^> "I'll remember that. I should go speak with Merlin about this information. If anyone asks who was here, just tell them Mary Consequence dropped by. They should know me."
<AlcarGM> He nods.
* Mary_jane`^ waves to him, and disapears to the HC headquarters, outside ofcourse
<AlcarGM> (( Lancelot: "What do you mean she told you she was my wife?!" ... or not :P ))

* Mary_jane`^ goes inside, then
<AlcarGM> Maureen the android receptionist smiles at you.
<AlcarGM> "Good morning! Welcome to HeretiCorp, "The Corporation That Cares!" How can I assist you, Ms. Consequence?"
* Mary_jane`^ smiles back
<Mary_jane`^> "Wait... When did you get that slogan?"
<AlcarGM> Maureen: "We bought it from Google 312 years ago!"

* Mary_jane`^ wonders how maureen can be on the planet and on the first moon at the same time
<AlcarGM> (( uhm, it was just the first moon. Ever. The planet is a gas giant, not inhabited ))
<AlcarGM> (( BUT maureen is the Eternal Receptionist. She is everywhere :) ))
<AlcarGM> (( In the one UA campaign, shre was the receptionist for every single company :P ))

<Caltak> Cause he hates Amber more than Nazis stomping on puppies.
<alcar> Nazis stomping on puppies is bad?!
<Caltak> Ok, make that Nazis raping babies.
<alcar> ... do I need to repeat myself, man?! :p
<Caltak> lol
<alcar> Wait. Are the babies Aryan or not?

<Tass> wait wait wait
<Tass> you took girl magnet
<Tass> in a kentari game
* alcar nods.
<Tass> GIRL
<Chaos`^> Yeah
<Chaos`^> Yep
<Tass> wow
<Chaos`^> It's gunna be sweet
<alcar> he is screwed :)
* Tass shakes his head
<Tass> what do you want on your grave? :P
<Chaos`^> "I died having sex."
<alcar> change that to "being raped" maybe....... :p
<Chaos`^> You can't rape the willing
<Chaos`^> unless you're sara, but she doesn't count

<Chaos`GM^> It's morning, the first day of school, and.. You're all in class 2D, Seniors, the year is going to begin with a bang, you have to fill out aplicatins for college, and you'll have to take these tests and... I can't stand to remember senior year...

<Natsuki`> (( oh, so this is, like, another restart, eh? ))
<Jerome> (( yup. ))
<Chaos`GM^> (( I refuse to read those logs ))
<Chaos`GM^> (( REFUSE I SAY! ))
<Chaos`GM^> (( Although I suppose we can introduce a hot tub later ))
<Jaoni> (just assume everything that happened happened lasty year :P)\

<Chaos`GM^> Winner ignores you for the most part, the loser wobbles away quickly, trying not to get caught
* Roy points a finger of defiance at the loser, "What is your name?!"
* Roy takes this moment to memorize his face, too ;p
<Chaos`GM^> He has one ear, and he's mostly blind... You notice he has puffy cheeks, and he squints... Or his face is really swollen
<Roy> ((Its Van Goh, the bastard))

<Jaoni> "Can we get a pass?"
<Chaos`GM^> "Huh?" looking up "Oh, sure right.." She pulls out some paper slips and signs them
<Chaos`GM^> although you don't need the
<Roy> ((This is high school, Tass. Not Paranoia. :P))
* Jaoni takes it an goes :P
<Jaoni> (lies!)

<Chaos`GM^> One of your classmates seems to be scarilly close. She is sitting next to the cherry tree in the court yard and is within conversation distance. You hadn't noticed her before. She seems to be ignoring you all for the most part though.
* Roy returns the courtesy! :P
* Jerome frowns, looking over
<Jaoni> "Well, lets go check it out and then get the heck outa here."
<Jaoni> "I don't want to risk another encounter."
* Roy nods, and leads the way to deh dojo.
* Jerome frowns.
<Jerome> "I'll catch up," and walks towards the girl.
<Natsuki`> (( ut oh. ))
<Natsuki`> (( "Run! He's gonna get you!!" ))
<Jerome> (( "HUUNGRRYY HIIPPO!" *Changes shape* ))

* Roy makes sure stuff is all locked up and in order, "It'll give us an excuse to be around here, you know, when the next tank comes around."
<Chaos`GM^> besides two missing bamboo swords, everything is in order
<Natsuki`> "Oh... that makes sense."
* Jerome blinks, looking around, then shrugs. "Next?"
<Jerome> "It is a tank. Sticks are..... not the most efficient weapon. Few things are."
<Jerome> (( "Unless we build our own!" ))
<Chaos`GM^> (( Other tanks work well ))
<Natsuki`> (( Let's build a wooden mecha. ))
<Jerome> (( shop class. ))

* Jerome picks up a stick randomly, hefting it, then frowns and looks at the door, walking outside with the stick.
<Chaos`GM^> The same student you saw earlier is walking by, quickly, on a mission. Her feet make a click click click as she passes. Her shoes are deffinately not uniform dress. The heels are far too high.
<Natsuki`> (( A mole!! ))
* Jerome stares, then follows her.
<Jaoni> "Are those even allowed in the dress code?"
* Jaoni shakes her head :P
* Roy eyes Jerome with a quirked eyebrow. He whispers to the others, "Is Jerome .. making a move on her?"
<Jerome> (( "With a stick." ))
<Natsuki`> (( "It's a metaphor." ))
<Jerome> (( "You can hope that if you want." ))

<Chaos`GM^> The extinguisher is doing its job poorly it seems. It fights the fire gently, but the fire fights back fiercely. The fire is winning.
<Chaos`GM^> the fire is HOT
* sparkie knows.
<Jaoni> 'Well, crap."
* Jaoni tries to think of something to counter the fire
* Natsuki` backs off. "Ok, this thing isn't working."
* Natsuki` looks for an alarm to pull.
<Roy> "We could try going through it, and going to the source.."
* sparkie is partial to marshmellows.
* sparkie shuts up now.

<Roy> "Or we could walk away, since it doesnt' seem to be hurting anything.."
<Natsuki`> "Well, yet."
<Jaoni> "They're calling something in there."
<Natsuki`> (( "Pizza Hut?" ))
<Roy> "Then let's go inside."
* Roy tilts his blade up a little, it catches the light from the fire for a moment.
* Roy then barrels on through :P
<Jerome> (( That would make a fun Call of Cthulhu adventure :P "The day I delivered pizza to Carsoca." ))
<Chaos`GM^> Roy, FIRE HOT

<Chaos`GM^> you all leave, cthulhu gets summoned, and we end the session
<sparkie> Just cthulhu?!
* sparkie wanted to be summoned!
<Chaos`^> lol
<Chaos`^> It's a future plot, though!
<sparkie> Oh. Okay, then.

<Chaos`GM^> A group of robed people is inside the room, they are all facing forward and listening to a man in a pew ramble random words.
<Natsuki`> just... completely random nonsense?
<Chaos`GM^> sounds like it
<Chaos`GM^> it looks like a nice church, except there are no crosses or any other religious symbols. Perhaps something in the front but it's hard to make out
<Natsuki`> It must be the Quantum Physics study group. :P

<kentari> You all enter a home economics class that has already begun.
<SteveZ> Oh boy, cooking and sewing and shit. :P
<Aaron`> great
<Aaron`> my one arm defect is *really* going to screw with this
<Aaron`> :D

<SteveZ> well, ken said he would play to our weaknesses.
<kentari> eh
<kentari> weaknesses and strengths, remember
<Aaron`> I know
<SteveZ> kent: aw man, here I thought you'd just torment us endlessly. :(
* sparkie gets to do THAT, silly human

<kentari> Sara takes a sample of the mix with her finger, tasting it. "Mm! Its good. Try it!"
<kentari> She takes another sample and holds it up to Forest.
* Forest`^ raises an eyebrow, and licks it
<Forest`^> "Needs some salt, the apples are bitter."
<kentari> Sara blinks, "Well, everyone has a right to an opinion, I guess! Now its time for us to knead the dough."
<Forest`^> "Although i must say, your finger tastes--" Putting up an ok sign "Excelent." With only a dash of sarcasm
<Drew> Sara: 'Honey, that's sweet, but the places this finger's been..."
<kentari> :P
<SteveZ> *shudders*

<kentari> Dr. Kohlberg is pacing his office. He walks those of you who came by down to the detention hall.. which isn't really quite complete yet. Its more like the detention arboream or however you spell it. :P
<kentari> Who all will be attending, then? :P
<kentari> Or rather.
<kentari> Who is NOT attending? :P
<Aaron`> ((I am))
<SteveZ> (( meh, I'll go just to make this easier. I suppose. *grumble* ))
<kentari> ((Steve you get a gold star :P))
* Rachael attends, will put off establishment-offending 'til later :D

<kentari> <Kohlberg> "Starting tomorrow, you all are going to see Maslow, the counselor. We'll nip this in the bud; I won't have this kind of behavior go past September."
<Drew> (( sings "We are all in detention, detetion for life...." ))
* Rachael perks up at the word 'bud' for half an instant.
<Forest`^> "There is no law against omission of disaproval, anyway..."
<Rachael> (( to do: gain extra points of telepathy and brainwash counselor ))
<kentari> <Kohlberg> "And that, kids, is final. You can spend the rest of detention in silence!" He glares, and takes a seat at the tecaher's pedestal. In detention hall, the teacher sits above the students. And wow, I just got lagged ;p

<kentari> He's wearing a hard hat, but that's about the only difference. He sits down at the edge again, "What do you get when you combine history and science?"
<Forest`^> "An internship?"
<SteveZ> "Scitory."
<Drew> "Lies?
<Aaron`> "Technological advancements?"
<Forest`^> "The future."
<SteveZ> (( "Captain Planet?" ))
<Forest`^> (( LOL! ))
<Rachael> "Reckless, wanton destruction."

<kentari> A meteor shower of some sort flows from below you, up, and towards earth. It is bathed in the meteors. You can see them burning up in the atmosphere.
<kentari> There's no moon to this Earth, either, you notice.
* SteveZ tries sticking his hand through the meteors as they pass to see if they're solid
<Rachael> (( that's a big potential ouch ))
<Forest`^> (( It blows your hand off =p ))
<kentari> The meteor shower clears. They pass through your hand Steve, but leave it feeling tingly

<SteveZ> "This is probably a recording of some kind."
<SteveZ> "I bet it already happened."
<kentari> Its definitely heading for Earth. Its very slow... and passes in front of the sun, blocking the light from Earth.
<Forest`^> "Recording? of what?"
<Aaron`> "That's the only thing that comes close to making sense."
<kentari> As it passes you all, you see that its not a normal asteroid. Its teeming with rivers, or ants, or something, along its surface.
<Rachael> "Recording of wanton environmental contamination and destruction!"
<Forest`^> "Maybe I'm dead..."
<Forest`^> "That's a good explenation."
* Drew just stares at the asteroid, frowning.
<Forest`^> "Why aren't you people calling an ambulance? I'm laying somewhere bleeding."
<Aaron`> "Well, I don't feel very dead."

<AlcarGM> The creator moves... .elsewhere. Threre are no words for it, but Above fits. Far, far Above you.
* Mary_jane`^ sighs and looks upward
<Mary_jane`^> "I can help you, you know!"
<AlcarGM> Above meaning: several layers of reality beyond your perceptios of it :)
<AlcarGM> Evidentally she doesn't want help. Or is too proud to ask for it
<Mary_jane`^> "You know, pride comes before the fall!"
<AlcarGM> If she felt like speaking, getting disintigrated by Bad Merlin was likely a Fall :p
<Mary_jane`^> "The... Larger... fall!"

<arete> what order are we bidding?
<alcar> The most important stat first!
<alcar> Duh.
<arete> lol

<alcar> bad stuff is good!
<arete> bad stuff is the most important attribute!
<Taralynn> bad stuff is bad stuff!
<arete> is there stuff in this game?
<arete> hahah
<arete> only in amber is that a serious question
<Taralynn> aww, stuff your mouth

<Darryl|Dormiendo> we also may need a rogue
<Darryl|Dormiendo> come to think of it
<Elana-Silvereye> I wouldn't mind being the cleric, I'd be a different one though
<Darryl|Dormiendo> za?
<Elana-Silvereye> or a rouge
<Darryl|Dormiendo> well, we're allowing all completes
<alcar> cleric rogue
<alcar> You collect the tithe from the pockets of strangers
<Darryl|Dormiendo> run it by the DM first, though
<Elana-Silvereye> but if I was a cleric I'd need an extensive monolauge with the DM as the deities would be integral to my character's concept
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
<Elana-Silvereye> I like Alcar's idea

<Darryl|Dormiendo> he also allows custom or borrowed deities if you can give them a portfolio, domains, favored weapon, the whole nine yards
* Darryl|Dormiendo 's warlock worships Trithereon, deity of liberty
<Elana-Silvereye> cause if I'd play a cleric, I'd prolly play a fairly atypical one with a level or two in something else
<Darryl|Dormiendo> it's starting at level 2, but he wants to run it for a while
* sparkie has a portfolio. It burned in the fire. I DO have a domain. And a favoured weapon (Marshmellows)
<Elana-Silvereye> "Warlock" doesn't seem sononimous with Liberty too me '-_^
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
* sparkie insists on being Elana'a god

<Darryl|Dormiendo> hmm.... should I go with a masterwork shortspear or no?
<Darryl|Dormiendo> consider that it's a level 2 game, and I already have masterwork chain shirt
<Darryl|Dormiendo> and I won't be using the weapon a whole lot
<Darryl|Dormiendo> mainly if I get backed into a corner, and carrying it as a tribute to my deity
<Darryl|Dormiendo> of course, I have no strength bonus, so the +1 on attack rolls couldn't hurt
* alcar twitches

<alcar> I think the BESM game I'm going to run will be Modern and Anything Goes
<alcar> Just to see what players make :)
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
<alcar> sort of like Over The Edge, really.
<alcar> just about any pc concept'd be viable.
<alcar> Then I'd lob them into Kult or something :p

<Elana-Silvereye> ALL the wemics were genocided
<Elana-Silvereye> as in, whole race, entirely eliminated
<alcar> Eh, is what DM Latitude is for :p
<alcar> some wizard can always make more
<Elana-Silvereye> its explained quite explicitly in the setting material
<Caltak> nuh-uh, Sintaqx gave me backstory stuff to read and it specifically said some of em fled to another plane.
<Elana-Silvereye> they cant, sintaqx was wrong
<alcar> lol
<Elana-Silvereye> Athas is cut off from normal planes
<alcar> Reason to never, ever run a Setting #432.....

<Caltak> is was some crazy quasi-semi-whatever type plane.
<Elana-Silvereye> there arent any survivalble planes in darksun
* alcar thinks it's the World of Darkness trap - too easy to, say, not use it as a springboard but fall into quicksand
<alcar> There can be if you want :p
<Elana-Silvereye> theres like the elemental ones, and the ones you go when you die, the astral and shadow thats about it
<Elana-Silvereye> well yeah, but I don't like the idea of wemics in darksun =P

<Caltak> I see no reason why wemics should be excluded from darksun other than some dickhead decided to write a story about a race getting massacred. There's always room to Make Shit Up.
<alcar> what Caltak said :)
<alcar> Ecxlusion only makes sense IF it fits the setting. Or, say, the GM doesn't like the species.
<alcar> But we shall not get into that
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
* alcar recalls my attempt to exlude elves from Wasted World that ended up with 1/2 a party as elves
* alcar never did figure out how it happened.
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
<Elana-Silvereye> thats hilarious
<alcar> Elana - yeah :p The best part was the NPC who showed up who was Humanity incarnate .. .and all the PCs who were human hated him, and everyone else liked him :)

<Caltak> yes, Alcar is a great GM other than his dark views of the world and the nature of humanity all the time. :P
<Caltak> oh sorry, I mean 'realistic' views. :P

<alcar> damn. I wish I'd kept notes :P
<Chaos`^> of what?
<alcar> lolad 1 and what everything was :)
<Chaos`^> everythign? Alcar you had no idea what everything was
<Chaos`^> you sent me 3 possible origins of creation
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
<alcar> there were 6 :)
<Chaos`^> and said none of those happened
<alcar> by lolad 3
<Chaos`^> see!

<kentari> that does not answer the question!
* kentari points at Tass
<kentari> Tass wants to play
* kentari points at Alcar
<kentari> Alcar wants to play
* kentari points at himself
<kentari> I'm good looking!
<kentari> So, let's play!
<kentari> :D

<Jaoni> "Whatever, I just wanna leave."
* Roy flashes his smile again. It catches a glint of the fire and .. is that a twinkle of majesticness?
* Jaoni looks miffed, no, pissed
* Roy blinks, "Is something -- other than the weird fire and tanks and all that -- wrong..?"
* Roy looks confused and runs a hand through his medium length hair, "Let's just get somewhere, you know, with people around. Safety in crowds, after all."
<Roy> ".. unless its a train."

<Chaos`GM^> there is a courtesy phone in the lobby for students.
* Roy totally punches the teen romance equivalent of 911.
<Chaos`GM^> "Rodney's escort service."
<Chaos`GM^> or not
<Roy> (( :P "I'm a pretty lady~" ))

<Roy> "I'm at the high school, and have been told there may be a fire in the basement. I don't want to check it out, since it might not be safe!"
<Chaos`GM^> "Which high school sir?"
<Jerome> (( "Ours Err. Wait. I mean...." ))
<Roy> (( yeeeah .. I'm gonna need a bone thrown to me on this one. :P ))
<Roy> (( Unless this means that I get to name the high school :D ))
<Chaos`GM^> (( PHS123456983048281329405892875409498? ))
<Roy> "PHS123456983048281329405892875409498."
<Jerome> (( What, not pi?! ))
* Roy takes a deep breath after :P

<Chaos`GM^> where ar eyou going now?
<Roy> Let's see.. somewhere to get food. The malt shop!
* Jaoni has no clue :P
* Roy is so retro
<Jaoni> (Damn the malt shop)
<Jerome> (( Pop's :p ))
<Roy> (( :P ))
<Chaos`GM^> You go to Pop's Liq--diner... yes.. It is moderately full and you find a nice romantic seat in a dark corner.

<Chaos`GM^> Your food arives, a very large hamburger with french fries, and a plate of steamed salmon, with a hint of lemon and boiled asperagus.
* Roy laughs nervously, helping himself to the salmon he ordered. Har har har. :P
<Roy> "Want some?"
<Jaoni> "I prefer things with legs, actually."
<Jaoni> "Thanks though."
* Roy looks down at his legs for a moment, "Its healthy to diversify. Unless you have a condition..?"
* Jaoni stares down intently at the sandwich, assessing her tactical options, and with a quick call to air support, ketchup is called in

<Jerome> "You .. hear voices?"
<Chaos`GM^> "NO.." She's crying.
<Jerome> "Are they good voices?"
<Chaos`GM^> That's the problem, you see =p
<Chaos`GM^> "They tell me what to do. They help me. THey keep me company."
<Jerome> "Errr...."
<Jerome> "Maybe they, uhm, wanted you to .. try new things?"
<Chaos`GM^> "They come over a radio burst frequency of 129.56790MHz, they have always been able to penetrate clouds. I am alone."
* Jerome looks .... a bit taken aback. "Sorry?"
<Jerome> still a sense of danger, besides from the crazy person? :p
<Chaos`GM^> Oh yes, she isn't the source
* Jerome would get a second opinion on that, but can't :)
<Jerome> "Let's try walking away from here. It could be just local?"

<Chaos`GM^> Aiko sits next to Rachel, looking sad for some reason. The couch droops to her weight
* Roy is so tired of being around heavy chicks, but he doesn't dare let that be known ;p

* Jerome has dibs on Rachel, man! You can have Aiko.
<Roy> dude
<Roy> I always get the heavy chicks :(
<Jerome> Jerome ... talked with her. He does not want her. Ever :p
<Chaos`GM^> She points out eery things
<Jerome> yes :p
<Jerome> Sex with her would likely be .. depressing.

<Chaos`GM^> you are handed menus... The gm leaves for you all to decide what you want, he will be back to take your order in a few minutes
* Jerome refuses to tip such crummy service

<Chaos`GM^> Rachel: "Ofcourse I get paid for it. I'm not a slave."
<Jerome> "Is she?"
<Roy> "Then, simply put: WHO pays you?"
<Chaos`GM^> Rachel looks at Aiko "Probably. She isn't exactly the type to need money for anything."
* Jaoni sits back, this could get interesting :P
<Chaos`GM^> Rachel looks up at Roy "I have no idea. Money shows up in my account and I'm happy."
* Roy throws his hands up in the air, "You are the most moral, good-hearted person I have ever met!"
* Roy looks at the others, "Forget this cat-and-mouse with the truth! Let's just go straight to the government."
* Jaoni smirks :P
<Roy> That hurt me to say
<Roy> :P
<Jerome> which? :p
<Roy> the government thing
<Roy> it goes against every game1 cliche I know of
* Jerome grins.

<Roy> "Then all we can hope for is that the next tank that comes along, we might get to talk to the pilots."
<Chaos`GM^> (( It helps if you odn't hop into the tank and start slapping people around... ))
<Roy> ((Dude. It helps if they don't shoot a bullet at me first ;P))
<Jaoni> (yeah, mr 50 cal decided to open up the doors of meaningful discourse :P)

<Chaos`GM^> (( YOu guys are REALLY paranoid... you know that right? I think alcar did this all to you ))
<Roy> (( :P Yeah. Its a fool me once scenario ))

<Roy> rofl
<Roy> Roy is totally ichigo :P
<Roy> so clueless :x
<Chaos`GM^> lol
<Jerome> lol
<Chaos`GM^> it's times like these where they cut to him and he's busy ignoring everyone and picking his nose

<tatterdemalion> [N.B. Some vampires use the term Colony, other Brood. While Colony sounds better, Old World vampires prefer brood because they are NOT colonials. Figuring out which term to use to a group of vampires is very important, politically. Younger vampires have taken to using a pride of vampires, but not where anyone else can hear them.]
<Taralynn> I still like "murder". :) Maybe not for formal usage, but...
<tatterdemalion> true :)
<tatterdemalion> but it is not good for the image
<Taralynn> yeah; it could be used by /non/-vampires...
<tatterdemalion> Prolly not wise :)
<tatterdemalion> "Oh, it's a murder of vampires! Darling, get out of the guidebook. Let's see what kind they are." Vampire: "Why, yes it is." *rips head off* "I hate that term."

<SteveZ> "It's some kind of projector thing. It showed us some weird movie-hologram-thing."
<Aaron`> It looked like the creation of the moon.
<Drew> "What kind of site is this?"
<Aaron`> ((Right, right. I'll remember the quotes eventually. Just bear with me.))
<kentari> ((np np))
<SteveZ> (( Yeah, we'll give you some leeway. For now. >:) ))
<SteveZ> (( Then we'll just start ignoring what you say. :P ))
<kentari> "Thanks to your efforts, its an archaelogical dig. For about a weeek or two, anyway. Then it turns back into a construction site."
<Aaron`> ((That's real generous *rolls eyes*))

<kentari> You can catch a slight glimmer within the core, as if the light were being tossed around inside.
<SteveZ> "It was probably aliens. Or like, some advanced civilization that got wiped out by the meteor."
* Forest`^ appears! and looks down at the thing that is a thing...
* Drew backs a bit more from it, just to be safe :)
<Aaron`> "Perhaps. But wouldn't that make it a bad idea to whack it with a shovel?"
<Forest`^> "I don't get it... How can this ancient projector be an artifact if it's a projector. They weren't really invented until the 50's..."
<SteveZ> "I didn't whack it, I tapped it."
<SteveZ> "I would have poked it with my hand but I was worried about getting zapped or something."
<Aaron`> "So you used a metal shovel?"
<SteveZ> "...Well... the handle's wooden."

<kentari> <Faust> "Let's get this thing on the bus and take it back, for further study. We've already recorded where we found it, yes?"
<Forest`^> "Uhm... we found it... Here." Pointing to the ground
<Forest`^> "Any questions?"

* Rachael heads over to inspect the box.
<kentari> The top can slide off, Rachael!
* Rachael peeps inside.
* Rachael shouts loudly "My god- it's full of stars!"
<Forest`^> "Let me see..."
* Forest`^ peeks
<Rachael> "Just kidding!"
* Forest`^ taps her on the back "Don't do that."
<Forest`^> "What's inside."
<Forest`^> ? i mean
* Rachael looks inside with Forest`^!
<kentari> (( loooooool :D ))
<kentari> (( Curse you, Rachael :P))

<Forest`^> "Is EVERYBODY on this bus insane?"
<kentari> <Faust> "Nope."
<SteveZ> "I'm only a little crazy."
* Rachael sits quietly, pondering.
<Drew> "I don't want to be."
<Aaron`> "No."
<Aaron`> "Though the administration would have us believe otherwise."

* Drew watches chaos channel baliadoc :p
<SteveZ> Oh no, he won't show up for any more games, then! O_O
<Drew> lol
<Forest`^> sry
<Forest`^> I'll act more crazy in a bit
<SteveZ> Good.

<kentari> <Officer> "What are you doing?"
* Forest`^ looks around "Standing--here?"
<SteveZ> (( "Powering up my death ray eye beams, of course." ))
<Forest`^> "Could you be more specific?"

<kentari> He sighs, "The first rule of Faust's History of Science Survey Course."
<kentari> <Faust> "Solidarity! Good Gods, kids, are you going to just sit there?!"
<SteveZ> "You don't talk about Faust's History of Science Survey Course?"
<Forest`^> (( ROFL! ))
<kentari> He slaps his forehead with a sigh.
<Aaron`> "That movie wasn't that good, you two."
<kentari> <Faust> "Thank you, Aaron. The voice of reason."

<kentari> <Officer> "You're on a need to know basis."
* Forest`^ fiddles his thumbs since she didn't... cuff him
<Forest`^> "Yes, Ma'am..."
<kentari> More driving. She puts on the radio.
<kentari> Aerosmith.
* Forest`^ sighs and leans back, trying to get comfortable
<kentari> She hums along. "Da-na, da-na, dude looks like a lady~" and picks up some speed.
<Forest`^> hey... I picked girl magnet.. not gay magnet =p
<Forest`^> "Uhm.. Officer Sara?"
<kentari> <Officer> "What?"
<Forest`^> "Are you a dude, or a lady?"

<kentari> <Kohlberg> "Give me NAMES, dear, and DETAILS."
<kentari> He sounds serious and, oddly, not mean.
<Rachael> "Forest." (not directly into phone) "What's Forest's last name?"
<kentari> <Kohlberg> "Oh. Well. It can't be helped. I'll have someone clean out his locker." He chuckles. Its a dry, almost maniacal laughter.
<kentari> <Kohlberg> "I'm kidding, by the way. Do you know where they're headed?"
* SteveZ blinks.
* Drew stares at the phone
<Aaron`> "Last we saw, they were headed in the general direction of school."
<Drew> (( "Aliens have possesses the school administrators. Oh, no, we're not complaining. We're actually kind of relieved." ))

<Forest`^> "Atleast you're not running in circles anymore. You should thank me. I brought you back down to earth."
* Forest`^ walks out the door and looks for Miss Sara
<kentari> <Emo boy> "I'll bring YOU back to earth!"
<kentari> As Forest turns to depart, Emo boy CHARGES.
<kentari> And takes a Captain Kirk flying leap at him
<Steve``> (( He should have used a Captain Kirk Judo Chop instead. Those work better. ))

<Steve``> lesse, combat... combat..
* kentari opens up his rulebook
<kentari> Unless ...
<kentari> you guys are cool with freeforming it? :P
<Steve``> p 139
<Steve``> Oh wow, they have a flowchart.
<Aaron`> I think Aaron and Drew have the right idea
<kentari> ok damnit dice

<Steve``> I dont go outside during fire alarms. Sometimes there are tanks.

<Drew> eh, can eat most things raw :p
<Steve``> like babies.
<Drew> Hrm, they're better if you steam 'em.
<Drew> and add buter
<Steve``> hmm, I shoul try that next time.
<Drew> Probably not the butter brands that say "I can't believe it's not margarine!"
<Drew> those ones aren't that good.
<Aaron`> yeah
<Steve``> better yet, we should write a recipe for steamed babies on a transparency and slip it into Ms. Sara's files.
<Aaron`> no
<Steve``> no?
<kentari> :x
<kentari> loool
<kentari> :P
<Drew> It's Sara. She'd probably bring in cabbage patch dolls for people to cook
<Steve``> heh
<Drew> Sara: "Now imagine this is a real baby! Or a not quite a baby! Most of you girls will know what i mean, or already do!" *giggle* "The fetus is, of ocurs,e more tender, especially before the bones really develop, so you could lower the cooking temperature!"
<Forest`^> ...
<kentari> "Low and slow is the way to go. You want the meet to fall off, its so tender."
<kentari> :P

<Aaron`> every campaign turned into a complete sex joke
<Drew> .. how?
<Aaron`> My DM
<Steve``> There are ways.
<Aaron`> she is one sick mofo
<Steve``> She? lol.
<Steve``> Fun.
<Aaron`> of course, the main enemies in one were incubi and succubi
<Aaron`> I got a critical hit against the nards of an incubus
<Drew> I mean, some rpgs it makes sense with. Like call of cthulhu. But serious ones, like Toon, nah....
<Forest`^> serious ones?
<Forest`^> toon?
<Aaron`> I think he got them reversed on purpose
<Forest`^> did you SERIOUSLY put those in the same sentance?
<Drew> Yes :p
<Drew> But sex and CoC makes sense! I mean, cthulhu . .sex .... it only makes sesne. But toons are not equipped.
<Drew> unlress they stumble from cartoonland into magnaverse

<Forest`^> ...
<Forest`^> <Drew> But sex and CoC makes sense!
<Forest`^> that is...
<Forest`^> so--so wrong
<Steve``> Quotable.
<Steve``> And true.
<Steve``> Deliciously true.
<Steve``> Wait, what?

<Rachael> what sort of an anime is this? Drugs?
<Steve``> shh
<Steve``> it's mature.
<kentari> yeah
<Steve``> Don't tell your mommy.
<Forest`^> there are anime's about sex, why can't they have drugs?
<kentari> :P

<Darryl> not to mention I may be in an offline BESM on Sunday afternoons, soon
<Darryl> though that's the one with the extrememly perverted female DM
<Darryl> the one who had an incubus strip my dragon-girl character, only to be kicked in the nads, double-footed, with a chain attached that whipped into his anus, taking half his HP to the groin, and then fell into the pit with a tentacle demon, that raped it for the same amount of damage it regenerated each level
<Darryl> and that would have killed the chat if there was one
<Caltak> hehehehe
<Caltak> not true
<Darryl> I then used the chained feet to kick back at the succubus who was trying to drag me into it still, and whipped it up her vulva
<Darryl> My DM is one sick, perverted woman
<Darryl> she gave me an auto-crit on the first one for "entertainment value"
<Rachael> ... yeah, why do you play this again?
<Darryl> it was the only offline group I could find

<Aeris`> O.o Monk/Sorceror or Monk/Cleric= ebil combo
<tatterdemalion> Paladin of the god of luck and games.
<tatterdemalion> Faerun :p
* tatterdemalion almost played one once, just because it was possibly in that silly system.
* tatterdemalion was all "Yes! I can flip coins to see if I help people." The GM insisted I pick a different LG god
<Elana-Silvereye> lol

<kentari> I think I'll get a really crappy mech
<Rachael> haha
<Rachael> Servant?
<kentari> nah
<tatterdemalion> ...
<kentari> an actual mecha
<kentari> with lots of defects
<kentari> :P
* tatterdemalion shoots kentari ;P
<kentari> It'll have
<kentari> "Is on Bricks in front of my Garage"
<kentari> as one defect :P
<Rachael> Restricted Ground Movement?
<Rachael> or Restricted Path? Or both?
<tatterdemalion> lol
<kentari> it'd be a custome one
<kentari> ;p

* alcar nods. Poor sophie is, of course, going to run into weres :)
<kentari> :P Hopefully, he'll think to give me a ring!
<alcar> a ring?
<kentari> On my vampiric cell phone -- it automatically calls collect on all outgoing calls
* kentari just made that up.
<alcar> lol. And here I was thinking "Magical ring?"
<kentari> rofl
<kentari> get with the times, Merlin
<kentari> :P

<kentari> even with more power, I'm thinking of how to use it to, you know, run the heck away from weres
<kentari> I'm worried that I may not be overreacting. :P
<alcar> lol. Well, they aren't insane anymore :p
<alcar> 'cept for old rabbit, and pretty much eveyone is after him .... if only they could kill him....
* kentari recreates his character as an Elmer Fudd Werehunting human ;P
<alcar> lol
<alcar> lifespan .. measures in days :p
<kentari> :P

<Alicia> There was this time when the Buddha was running a game and he was all, “The 10×10 room is entirely empty.” And Jane was all, “I cast Magic Missile.”
<Alicia> “On what?” asks the Buddha.
<Alicia> “The emptiness!”
<Alicia> It happened just that way. If you’d read the forbidden sutras of the panva se khelane ka gendayana, you’d know!

<Anelelinde> what is the bane of a butterfly? :P
<alcar> Sex causes hurricans on the coast.
<alcar> "I'm sorry. I can't have sex with you. The last time I had sex, El Nino happened."

<kentari> Here I thought I had found vampire paradise ;p
<Anelelinde> you should do a rap
<alcar> prolly not :p It's not hospitable to anyone, at present.
<kentari> oh well
<kentari> I'll settle for the scary house on the hill, for the time being :P
<Caltak> Not gonna be a vampire paradise, if anything it's gonna be a were retreat. But best case scenario, everyone'll be welcome.
<kentari> Hah!
<kentari> We shall see.
<Caltak> And ken: You have no idea how long I've had these plans. Since the end of the previous game. :P
<kentari> I apologize in advance!
<kentari> :P

* kentari might take flunkies though. And rename it "Grad Students" :P
<alcar> hehe
<alcar> well, proly won't be *that* many running arouund, depending on how bad the situation in Trail gets the college may be forced to close for a time
<kentari> and thus ..
<kentari> My castle is created.
<kentari> >:D I will need to take some manner of Animate Dead.
<kentari> And populate the campus with zombies.
* kentari cackles
<alcar> I think that's been done for you already :p

<kentari> These blasted weres.
<Fennec> meh
<kentari> I swere.
<kentari> :P
<alcar> :p
* kentari is going to create some manner of terribly deadly silver rainclouds.
<Fennec> ooh
<kentari> Its like
<kentari> clouds have silver linings, yes?
<kentari> >:D let's use that to our advantage.

<AlcarGM> You've half-finshed your drink when Edward walks in, all calm and composed as ever, but there's an urgency to his step that was missing most of this month and his hair is slightly dihelved. There are dark circles under his eyes and he looks, if not exhausted, definitely drained. He is, also, trailing red clay from his loafers, and you have no idea where he'd have got that around here.
<Cecil`^> "Everything okay?" looking up from his half-finished drink
<AlcarGM> He nags a chair and sits down in it across from you. "Do you think people really want anything besides sex?"
* Cecil`^ perks up "What?"
<AlcarGM> Edward: "I mean, it's pleasure that lets them know they're alive, that lets people know they aren't dead. At long as you have that, you're not dead. Life is a spark in eternity, and as long as it's an orgasm, people can believe it won't go out."
<Cecil`^> "When did you become sacrates?"
<AlcarGM> Edward: "Someone told me that theory earlier. It's annoying me because I suspect they are onto something."
<Cecil`^> "Hmm... Well, the way I heard it, it didn't involve sex or orgasms. If it still hurts then you're still alive. It's an anti-torcher technique..."

<AlcarGM> He sighs, running a hand through his hair absently. "The Wanderer visited me last night, in a dream that wasn't a dream. They're coming back. Tonight."
<Cecil`^> "They?"
<AlcarGM> Edward stares at you. "Three guesses. First two don't count," dryly.
<Cecil`^> "The wanderer isn't a they... He's a... He."
<AlcarGM> He goes and buys a small latte while you're processing, and brings itg back to the table.
<AlcarGM> Edward: "The Wanderer is only a he when he wants to be. Same for human. You know who I mean."
* Cecil`^ scratches his head
* Cecil`^ sips some more evil
<Cecil`^> "Does it involve me getting into more trouble?"
<AlcarGM> Edward: "I have no idea. Making sure Jane leaves would be - wise."
<Cecil`^> "It's not that damned cat woman again is it?"
<AlcarGM> He sips his latte. "What the fuck else would it be?"

<Cecil`^> "You know i'm not leaving, right?"
<AlcarGM> Edward smiles slightly. "I had noped as much. having someone who can sit on Faline would be an asset."
<AlcarGM> (( The GM double dog dares you to try :p ))

* Cecil`^ waves goodbye and leaves the shop
<AlcarGM> "Gun is 200. And that's cutting me own throat."
<AlcarGM> j/k
<AlcarGM> He just says 200, thanks you for the business, puts them in a paper bag that's environmentally friendly, and you leave.
* AlcarGM asumes Cecil has a license to carry concealed?
* AlcarGM whistles innocently
<Cecil`^> Ofcourse he does...
<AlcarGM> good :p
<Cecil`^> in 31 countries!

<AlcarGM> You exit as the sky shades to afternoon. People are heading back to work, or to work, and the town is - alive, at least, though there is a subtle tenseness in the air that hasn't gone away, glancres from the corners of eyes that haven't quite convinces themselves that the magical didn't step into their lives, however briefly, and that the age of miracles never quite ended. It's the quiet of a people waiting for the other shoe to drop...

<AlcarGM> Okay. You find her having finished shopping and you go to dinner. She asks why you're tense....
<Cecil`^> "Tense? I'm not tense. Do I look tense to you? I'm not tense. Let's go eat."
<AlcarGM> She stares at you. "Just because I'm going away is no reason to try and get all fatherly. I'll be fine in New York."
* Cecil`^ smiles a white toothy grin "Right... Fatherly. That's what it is."
<AlcarGM> (( Now, if this game was set eariler, I'd have her go on about being safe in the WTC ..... ))

* Jaoni brings out a small box like thingie and pokes at it for a while
* Roy looks over to Jaoni, "Checking if its alive still?"
* Roy half-nervously laughs
* Jerome will eat anything; he is hungry :p
<Natsuki`> (( Suddenly a tentcle lashes out of the box... ))
<Jaoni> "My... foster family made this."
<Jaoni> 'I'm not sure exactly how you eat it..."
* Jaoni opens it and oohs
<Chaos`GM^> Jaoni: It's a pb&j sandwich, and a bag of chips. A juice box is sitting in it as well.
<Jerome> "Chopsticks?" absently
<Natsuki`> (( eat a sandwich iwht chopticks? o_O ))
<Roy> "How do you eat it? Just put it in your mouth, and chew."
* Roy shrugs :P
<Natsuki`> (( I'd like to see that. ))
* Jerome didn't see it, just heard her comment :)
* Jaoni tries to take a bite of the juice box

* Roy walks over to help the arm and leg reach freedom -- he's still in le mech form
<Chaos`GM^> Roy: you see Jerome. Or what's left of him. He's a bloody mess, and missing most of his right side.
* Roy blinks, but its not visible under the helmet with the stylized metal face.. what IS visible, however, is that he draws his sword and holds it, high up towards the sky, preparing to do an Old Yeller.
<Roy> "Jerome?"
<Chaos`GM^> Black tattoos seem to be dancing across his bare skin, as if filling in pieces of his body with a paintbrush, bloody wounds disapear to be replaced with perfectly normal skin.
* Jaoni walks out from around the corner, then looks quite taken aback
<Chaos`GM^> Jerome doesn't seem to be breathing.
<Jaoni> "Is... he okay?"

* Jerome shall point out that kicking grenades is bad for your health. This has been a warning from the surgeon general.
<Natsuki`> Can it lead to cancer?
<Natsuki`> And birth defects?
<Roy> quitting grenades now greatly improves your health

* Roy looks around for witnesses. "By the way, it seems that they have something in there vests to allow them to move like that. When next we encounter them, remove their clothing."
<Chaos`GM^> Aiko is sitting on a roof above you all, looking down at the scene.
<Natsuki`> (( oo, kinky. ))
<Natsuki`> (( is this about to become a hentai? :P ))

* Jaoni reaches down to get jerom un-submerged
<Jaoni> (Ie, to his feet :P)
<Jerome> "Thank you." Gets up, looks down at self. "Uhm. I lost my clothes?" puzzled
<Chaos`GM^> As he stands, what's left of his pants fall off, although he does have half of a shirt!
* Jerome turns bright red
<Jaoni> "You got grenaded."
* Roy gives Jerome a pat on the back. :P Not knowing what to say.
<Chaos`GM^> Jerome stands three quarters naked infront of the school. The rest of the group stands around and talks about todays events.

* Roy looks at Jerome, "She's .. a robot?" He says it like Robit.
<Jerome> "She saw those ..tattoos I sometimes have. Moving. Like Jaoni did, but Aiko said they were moving in microns."
<Chaos`GM^> (( Which is very hard to detect if you must know ))
<Natsuki`> (( durrrrrrr ))
<Jerome> "That's not normal. I mean, not the moving .... that is. I don't get that. But seeing something moving that... small."
<Roy> "She could be just trying to sound smart. She seems like the type."
<Chaos`GM^> (( =p figured i'd add something in ))
<Jaoni> "Microns?"
<Jaoni> "Doesn't everything move in microns?"
* Jaoni shrugs :P
<Jerome> "I guess she could have made it up; noticed eariler and said that or something. Maybe it just fits her character?"
<Roy> "If by character, you mean a heartless bookworm, then yeah. I guess that sounds right."
<Chaos`GM^> (( And she would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!))
<Chaos`GM^> ((... You guys need a dog. If you had a dog you could be Mystery inc. ))

<Roy> aight
<Roy> check it.
<Roy> My vampire in lolad
<Roy> I've finally decided his persona.
<Roy> Two words.
<Roy> Dr. Orpheus.
<Jerome> ROFL
* Roy adds "Oooopen!" to his spell list.
<Roy> and hey, cool
<Roy> Sophie is easily Dr. Girlfriend :P
<Chaos`GM^> ...
<Natsuki`> rofl
<Jerome> ...
<Jerome> LOL!
<Jerome> Oh yeah.....
<Jerome> damn.

* Roy looks at Jaoni's figure. We're talking brick, right? :P
* Jaoni waves to the others
<Jaoni> (an hourglass shaped brick? :P)
<Natsuki`> (( I've sen weirder things. ))

<Fennec> alcar: you know what that guy is talking about? :)
<Fennec> 01:41 <Roy> Fennec's character is the monarch
<Fennec> 01:41 * Roy just had that dawn on him.
<alcar> The Venture Bros. TV show reference
<Fennec> I'm missing something and have no clue what anyone's talking about. Besides LOLAD.
<alcar> tv show that basically parodied a LOT of things
<alcar> he stings enemies like a monarch butterfly :p
<alcar> The Monarch: You see, just like the flawless monarch butterfly from which I take my name, the Monarch has many ways to sting.
<alcar> Dying Cabbie: Monarchs . . . . don't sting
<Fennec> kinda... haha, except... not? :)
<Fennec> I was worried that maybe you'd somehow plopped Anelelinde in a position of royalty somehow... except that didn't seem your style either...
<Fennec> so I was mostly confused :P
<alcar> lol
<alcar> "You see, just like the dead royal butterfly, I have many ways tobe stung!" *Camera goes off* *pc crashed into a bridge and dies*

* Rachael hands the file over. "The revolution will not have gas chambers, don't be ridiculous."
* Aaron` hands the test in, first, though
<kentari> Maslow blinks. "... Gas chambers, you say?"
<Rachael> "Those take time to build."
<Rachael> "We're talking about the Revolution, not an oppressive regime."
<kentari> He accepts the folders, holding onto them. He pauses a moment, "Rachael, are you feeling allright today?"
* Drew blinks, then grins crookedly. "Cute."
* Rachael points to Drew. "He brought it up."

<kentari> <Maslow> *looks up* "Any way."
<kentari> <Maslow> "Let's move on to this .. revolution, you have planned?"
<kentari> He coyly equips his clipboard.
* Rachael recites.
<Rachael> "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy defines the marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation as 'a bunch of mindless jerks who'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes,' with a footnote to the effect that the editors would welcome applications from anyone interested in taking over the post of robotics correspondent."
<Rachael> "Curiously enough, an edition of the Encyclopaedia Galactica that had the good fortune to fall through a time warp from a thousand years in the future defined the marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation as 'a bunch of mindless jerks who were the first against the wall when the revolution came.'"
<Rachael> "Read much Douglas Adams?"

* Drew is tempted to BESM up Sara the Vampire
<Drew> and have her fall in love with Cecil.
<Rachael> mwuahahahahahaha
<Rachael> you cruel, cruel man. :P
<Drew> it would be nice turnabout :)
* kentari would suppor that as vampire boss of Trail.
<Drew> she'd come to kent's pc and ask him to brew a love potion, if she got desperate
<kentari> >:D We wouldn't need that.
<Drew> not as effective on a dragon, though :(
<Drew> And .. she'd never stoop to mind control. She had boobs!
<Drew> maybe I could give THEM mind control
* Drew ponders

<Aaron`> "Lots of people get sick this time of year. I believe it's called 'scholaritis'."
<Aaron`> "Or was it scholera?"

<Rachael> "So, Dr. Faust. When the revolution comes, who do YOU think will be first up against the wall?"
<Drew> "People who want everyone else against a wall?"
<Drew> ".. I should just shut up, shouldn't I?"
<kentari> Faust looks up at Rachel, "The ones who will be first up against the wall?"
<Rachael> "We were having a discussion earlier."
<kentari> <Faust> "When the revolution comes, the people in trouble are the ones who think they're winning."
<Rachael> "Ah, excellent, excellent."

<Rachael> "He's a psychotic druggie. HI PSYCHOTIC DRUGGIE!!!"
* Steve`` finds a rock (I guess) and chucks it at Amos.
<kentari> He points dramatically at Rachael. Revealing that, somehow, he managed to find a cape to wear over his uniform.
* Rachael waves and smiles.
<Aaron`> "By the way, you got a big whiff of that stuff, it seems like, so let us know if you feel anything out of the ordinary."
* Rachael turns a cartwheel on the grass!
<Aaron`> "And I mean anything."
<Aaron`> "Because you have the high ground?"
<kentari> The rock, uh
* Drew coughs some more, trrying to stop from feeling numb all over
* Aaron` shakes his feet and legs, trying to shake off the numbness
<kentari> <Amos> "YOU HAVE INHALED THE KEY TO YOUR DEMISE! YOU ARE NOW AT THE MERCY OF MY --" Well, as luck would have it, he is now at the mercy of Steve's airborn rock. The rock is not a kind mistress, though.

<kentari> The roof is actually pretty neat looking.
* Aaron` follows Anton, mainly outof concern for his health after getting such a whiff of the stuff.
<kentari> You discover that there is a pool up here.
<Forest`^> lol
<Steve``> (( a swimming pool?? ))
<kentari> (( yea ))
<Drew> (( Ah, teenage romance.... ))

<kentari> <Maslow> "I didn't sign up for these kind of ordeals.."
* Rachael runs over to Maslow. "HEY! Mr. Maslow! Guess what?"
<kentari> <Faust> "He might not be the only thing going on.. You've heard what Erickson's got in the works, with VeriCorp, right?"
<kentari> They both pause and cease their dialog. Maslow turns to Rachel, "Yes?"
<Rachael> "The revolution came, and *I* was the first one against the wall!"
<Drew> (( lol ))
<Aaron`> "It was Sparks who set that off, is what she's trying to say."
<Rachael> "Well, one of the first. Anyway. Bye!"
<Steve``> (( omg ))
* Drew stares at Rachael, jaw dropping.
* Rachael skips off.
<Drew> "Is she for real?"

<kentari> <Aaron`> "Anton, your piece please?"
<kentari> I want that in the topic
<kentari> :P
* Drew changes topic to ' "Anton, your piece please?"'
<Aaron`> NO!

<Caltak> hey, can someone describe LoLaD to my friend here? He was askin' me but I'm really tired. :P
<Edmund> >.>
<Chaos`^> less players?
<Chaos`^> isn't kentari going to be in it?
<Edmund> I can harass Caltak about it some time when he's less tired :P
<Caltak> >_<
<Chaos`^> LoLad is like Underworld on Acid, except LoLaD came first
<alcar> lol
<Caltak> lol, that's actually a good comparison

<alcar> AND thhere are going to be some fun pro-were/supernatural people arond in Trail.
<alcar> a few of them tabloid reporters, some just wanting equal rights for all, others wanting to Believe. etc.
<Caltak> Sweet.
<Caltak> Shall have to cater to those types.
<Caltak> Fanbase = good.
* alcar nods. Makes the most sense :)
<Tass> indeed
* alcar is going to make a firm effort to not be quite as cynical regarding human nature :p
<Tass> more casualties
<Tass> I mean....
<alcar> lol
<Tass> bigger crowds!
* Caltak bops Tass.
<alcar> It's Faline, you mean: more food!
<Caltak> Eating fans = probably bad for PR.

<alcar> the big advantage faline has starting out is almost no one will expect her to be sane
<alcar> will throw a few of the factions involved for abit of a loop :)
<Caltak> Lesse, how pregnant is she again... so yeah. sanity might wane for a time at some point. :P
<Caltak> later on
* alcar nods. If someone attacks, and it could kill....
<alcar> Mr. T will be on the sidelines saying: "I .. pity..." *staggers offstage to retch*

<alcar> fyi, I made the Big Bad Dudes henchmen on 100, to give pcs a challenge :)
<Caltak> Well yes.
<Caltak> 100 o_o
<Caltak> Are you seriously trying to kill us?!
<alcar> lol. Nope.
* sparkie is
<sparkie> Duh.

<Caltak> hmm
<Caltak> Yeah see, I need to be able to kill people faster. :P
<alcar> lol. Well,killing people isn't what a lord of life is for :p
<Caltak> Yeah, I know. It's just a hobby.
<Caltak> :P
<alcar> Not according to the judge :)

<alcar> Oh! Yes. From last night...
<alcar> Chaos and I were discussing Cecil.
<alcar> <Chaos`^> Hmmm... a girlfriend? He definately needs a woman =p
<alcar> <alcar> gotthat taken care of, plot wise :P
<alcar> <Chaos`^> seriously?
<alcar> <alcar> yup
<alcar> <Chaos`^> That's odd
<Anelelinde> it had better not be Sara :P
* alcar smiles
<Anelelinde> -- me, on his behalf.
<alcar> He'll find it funny eventually!
<Anelelinde> no he won't
<alcar> Well. *I* will.
<kentari> :D

<alcar> ...
<alcar> you put points into soft fur? :p
<Caltak> It said you needed it!
* Caltak was following the rules!
<alcar> uhm, you can have that one for free ;p
<Caltak> >_<
<alcar> cuz .. that's kind of silly to need....
<Elana-Silvereye> not to Caltak '-_^
<Caltak> Great, now I gotta reorganize everything.
<alcar> well, you can keep it if you want "royale kitten softness" or something :)
<Caltak> Well no a free point is fine I just need to redistribute everything.
<alcar> "But .. but.. I can't shoot her! She looks so soft and cuddly, sir!"
<Caltak> hmmmm
* Caltak ponders
* Caltak may just leave it. :P

<Caltak> Would be nice to start an organized movement of some kind, rally some weres.
* alcar nods. Fennec's pc cna prolly help with that. And there's going be be a Ppeople for Equal Treament for Supernaturals groiup :)
<Caltak> Would be nice to start an organized movement of some kind, rally some weres.
* alcar nods. Fennec's pc cna prolly help with that. And there's going be be a Ppeople for Equal Treament for Supernaturals groiup :)
<Caltak> Sort of a... million lycanthrope march! :P and demand equal rights and whatnot. Fun times.
<Caltak> President: "Dear gods, they're marching on Washington! Quick, get me the launch codes!!" Secret Service: "Um, sir, you do realize that it would kill us as well, right?"
<Caltak> But we're in Canada anyway so it wouldn't go like that.
<Caltak> That's just the American version
<alcar> Bush: "The Elect would be saved."
<alcar> Calvinism is underused in horror :)

<AlcarGM> The tent is set up just as you like it, and there are two marks already there. Single mother types, wanting a regular fortune told about the man from the harlequin novel they'll meet
<AlcarGM> The first four readings are easy. You tell them what they want, they go away .. happy, or at least thnking they are.
<Anelelinde> ah, I'm thinking, actually...
<Anelelinde> after I tell them about this novel they'll meet ;) give them some sort of nudge about "not before is fixed"
<Anelelinde> being all philanthropic and everything-fu
<AlcarGM> lol1 Noce :)

<Anelelinde> (( who's her daddy? is he rich like me? ))
<AlcarGM> Her father is Eric Castleman, no name construction worker from up north. Husband is Gary, a manger in the city zoning department. Her son - was a kid named Trevor
<Anelelinde> "And I think you do not come for the usual reasons."
<AlcarGM> you can't get anything about her son from surface thoughts beyond grief.
<Anelelinde> that was a joke. :P
<Anelelinde> (( ./~ What's your name? Who's your daddy? Is he rich like me? / Has he taken? any time? to tell you what you need to know? Oh tell it to me slowly... somethingorother... it's the tiiime, of the seeason, for love-ing... ./~ ))
<AlcarGM> (( so I went to all the trouble of making him up for nothing?! :p ))

<Anelelinde> remind me why I'm not a psychoanalyst :P
<Tahlin> because you're a freaking butterfly :P

<AlcarGM> You now have money, some hopefully better humans, and a minor headache from the strain of this, but it goes away quickly, no doubt accentuated by 500 dollars.
<Anelelinde> whee. Not bad.
<AlcarGM> The rest of the evening is passing ,well, "normally" though an awful lot of people here seem to be a little less stable than they should, as if someone dropped a telepathic nuke in the area recently.*
<AlcarGM> * possibly named Faline.

* AlcarGM wonders if anyone markets t-shirts like that...
<Tahlin> I survived trail and all I got was this lousy t-shirt
<AlcarGM> nah, the "I beat anorexia" for obese people :)
<AlcarGM> Danric would get a trail one :) Should have one, too.

<Anelelinde> anyone have Contamination of any sort? :P
<alcar> it's free for weres and vamps, though hit and miss for effect unles specifically bought ;P
<alcar> and only works if certain requirements are met that, well, no one knows yet. Because no one knows anymore what it really means to be a lord of life or death :)
<Anelelinde> ah. well, I'm sure that there are those who would love to be experimented on :P
<Anelelinde> if it comes to that
<alcar> ... I wil forbid that for vampires
<Anelelinde> but not for weres? :P
<alcar> It's a vampire commandment. Thou Shalt Not Make Anne Rice Fans Vampires

<AlcarGm> Randy: "..... is it my fault?" quietly. "I mean, it ... hit me .and I said n - no ... and..... and..."
<AlcarGm> (( Salem: "No. It's Faline's fault. Everything is." ))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((lol))
<Faline> "Shh, it's okay Rrandy. It's not yourr fault. Don't worrrry."
* Yuki-Takuri thinks its her fault

<AlcarGm> The yakuza demon in the park wasn't expecting you, but demons never espect the Yuki Inquisition. And they believed you to be a demon tool .. he's selling drugs, a simple human trick, though the drugs ... make people See things, and drive them mad.

* Yuki-Takuri twists the katana deeper into it to cut painfully into organs and nerve centers inside
* Yuki-Takuri to emphasize her point
<AlcarGm> The demon laughs. "Tools?" and spits out five words that sound like like the last gasping breath of deaad men as your sword carves into it (or perhaps it's speaking German, it's hard to tell the differerence) and a spell crashes into you, a banishment... to a demon hell....

<Anelelinde> (( hmm, if the PCs kill each other the first sessions, does that not make things so much easier? ))
<Anelelinde> (( =D ))
<AlcarGm> (( .... you guessed the plot?! :p ))
<Faline> (( If I build a giant fly swatter, would that not then make things even easier? *eyes Anelelinde* ))
<Anelelinde> (( giant flyswatter? naah. Giant butterfly net? Yes. ))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((lol))
<Faline> (( Ah yes, I should catch you so I can nail you to a board. Excellent idea! ))
<Faline> (( "This here's my butterfly collection." "But there's only one..." "Yeah, but it's a really BIG butterfly!" ))

<AlcarGm> Y' know .. Faline and Rei might have trouble doing it in private now, if Yuki thinks Rei is a demon. It's like abstinence!
<Faline> Hmmm, d'you thingk Demon Seed could be harmful to unborn babies? :P
<AlcarGm> ... probably :p
<Faline> Well then, blessed condoms it is! :P
<AlcarGm> :p
<AlcarGm> blessed condoms likely catch fire :) "Aaagh! Help! OMG! It thinks I'm a burning bush!"

<Yuki-Takuri> "Stop it Faline! How can that be Rei! everything about it reeks of a demon!"
<Faline> "Even if he isn't rreally Rrei, he's done nothing harrmful to anyone yet, and this rreally isn't the time forr this! We can deal with this laterr, once we'rre all safe."
<Yuki-Takuri> "It's burning it's pressence into me"
* Faline begins flaring some of her aura unconsciously.
* Rei`-` looks hard at Faline "Let her go."
* Yuki-Takuri growls, looks at rei menacingly, but sheathes her katana, moving to Faline's flank protectively
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Some are coming closer," quietly.
* Faline looks at Rei finally when she backs down. "Not now Rrei. I meant that to both of you, we can deal with it laterr. Forr now, therre's someone likely not verry frriendly outside."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "At least thirty of them," helpfully.
<Rei`-`> "I know, let her go. This gets sorted out here and now or its never going to end."
<Faline> "Forr Heaven's sake, why do you both have to be so damned stubborrn? This. Is. Not. The. Time. *sighs* Since when am I suddenly the voice of rreason?" ((I feel like Baliadoc :P))
<AlcarGm> (( quoted! :p ))

* Rei`-` slips to one side or the other of them and lets out a rather feace growl to bait them away from the cave (prefurably up wind where as I've got more warning in that direction
<AlcarGm> A soldier jumps firing at you blindly
<AlcarGm> Foxes begin bursting out of the bushes.. 30 . .40.. .more? smal ones, coming from everywhere....
* Rei`-` climbs a tree and eyes the fox rush
<AlcarGm> The soldiers are firing blindly now, three groups, others calling for backup.
<AlcarGm> The foxes converge, swarming over one soldier
<AlcarGm> tjhe man screams ,bolting from his group and the foxes - well, don't skeletonise him in 2 minuts, but they do get alot of meat from bones!
* Rei`-` shakes his head and yells "This is not the return I had hoped for."
<AlcarGm> A soldier shoots up at your voice, reflexively
<AlcarGm> foxes are dying, but it doesn't seem to bother them gorup of them., They just keep attacking, like an overeaters convention descending on a candy store

* Rei`-` attempts to pluck the soldier's into the trees and thus out of the sea of foxes reach
<AlcarGm> Okay, you grab a few easily, hauling thhree up into trees...
<AlcarGm> Foxes are dying. .and respawning . .and dying ..and respawning (literally, too....)
<AlcarGm> The soldiers stare at Rei, but given the carnage below they wisely ..don't fight him :p
<AlcarGm> Soldier #1: "What are you?" in small voice, reeking of fear
<AlcarGm> YThe foxes begin to change tactics, chasing them men to the east, and away from the pack.
<AlcarGm> The soldiers, wisely, run away like Brave Sir Robin.
* Rei`-` looks at the Soldier and just shrugs then clears out once he knows the tribe is away safely
<AlcarGm> the soldiers stare at each other in silence, huddling in the trree from the killer fox hunt that the one who's father is British is finding, in a part of his brain, funny (but not funny ha ha) and says: "Was that an angel?" A second soldier, his pants stained with urine, says: "I dunno, but I saw his face once on a 7-11 wanted poster."

<Faline> For some reason I just pictured OR down in a burrow in the woods somewhere being all crazy in the dark by himself, and then some soldier happens along and a scary, demented version of the Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd thing plays out. :P
<AlcarGm> lol
* AlcarGm nods. For some reason. I picture him prtending he's the easter bunny, too
* Anelelinde considers Old Rabbit vs Bun-Bun.
<AlcarGm> hrm.... .draw, I suspect :p

* Faline makes no mention of the bone, also not being in a position to cast stones. :P
<Yuki-Takuri> ((lol))
* Yuki-Takuri blames the incident on having bad role models =P
<AlcarGm> :p

<Faline> "Oh well, maybe we can find a decent spot somewherre rrelatively nearr the Rreserrvation." *heads back in that generral dirrection*
* Yuki-Takuri follows
<AlcarGm> You make it back, easily avoiding soldiers. They're only human, after all, and between the three of you avoiding them is like playing tag with blind people.
<AlcarGm> Except with the bonus that one of you can turn into foxes and feast on their useless eyes

<Faline> "Look, I know that's Rrei. I *might* accept he could have become something similarr to a demon, but I don't believe a demon could have rreplaced him and I didn't rrealize it."
<Yuki-Takuri> "They excell in deception"
<Faline> "Yes, well, if I had a demon in the Pack I think I'd have some indication."
<Yuki-Takuri> "Maybee he's possesed, that would explain it..."
* Yuki-Takuri looks thoughtful
<Yuki-Takuri> "That means I can't kill him... "
<Faline> "Ok good, we'll go with that, then."

<Yuki-Takuri> as far as when it's effects inpenge upon my will and cause me to have to take the apropriate actions against it so I can stay out of the sway again
<AlcarGm> k
<Yuki-Takuri> '-_^
* AlcarGm , in turn, will leave it up to Sparkie :p
<Yuki-Takuri> lol
<Yuki-Takuri> '-_^
<Yuki-Takuri> well it has sort of a situational effect
<Yuki-Takuri> "greatly impedes the character before and after any major action"
<Yuki-Takuri> so it might be in relation to a large use of my abilities, or up to your discresion as to when it crops up
<AlcarGm> going to the bathroom will prove interesting.

<AlcarGm> Simon: "But ... but....." He frowns, rather comical for a were. 'If we don't .. if we don't forrgive, we neverr get to be forrgiven."
<Yuki-Takuri> "There are things that can't be forgiven"
* Yuki-Takuri gets a steely icy glare
<Faline> "Vengenance is a neverr-ending cirrcle of pain. They may feel the same way you did when you lost yourr family now that you've killed some of theirrs. Someone has to stop the cycle."
<AlcarGm> Simon returns it., without steel, looking sad. "That's not fairr to you."
<AlcarGm> (( "or at least get a decent treadmill!" ))

<Elana-Silvereye> Yuki didn't get to be all cozy and happy in a perfect world with the rest of the pack =P
<Elana-Silvereye> Yuki had familiy matters to take care of '-_^
<Caltak> Perfect?!
<Caltak> PERFECT?!?
<Caltak> It was cold as a witch's tit! :P

<Anelelinde> hey! for four points, you can get yourself a 4/4/4 irreplacable servant with neatness like flying and teleport-other
<Anelelinde> not bad
<alcar[away]> Servant - swarm. for kings in need of more staff :p
<Anelelinde> haha
<Anelelinde> hmm. Style yourself some typical anime damsel in distress and put all your points into your Servant :P

* alcar hopes you have melee combat ;p Because, at some point, you really DO have to throw silver letter openers into some poor weres eyes again
<kentari> hahahaha
<kentari> >:E

<Anelelinde> is Cameron Owned by a Megacorp, or does he have Red Tape, or Organizational Ties, or...?
<AlcarGM> unless you take the bus
<Cameron> lol
<Cameron> Bus will work :P
* Cameron is all about saving the environment by riding public transportation! :P
<Cameron> hmm?
<Cameron> Its kind of like Red Tape, if anything, Annie :P
<Cameron> I can call you Annie, right?
<Anelelinde> sure.
<AlcarGM> (( "As in Little Orphan." "But ..my parents aren't dead.." "Surprise!" ))

* Cameron makes a detour at a store, to buy some candy just in case there are some brave people out there tonight. For the same reason, he almost purchases some ammunition.
<AlcarGM> (( just some?! ))
<AlcarGM> Your home is quiet, uninvaded by any other creature. There are still no ghosts around, which coud be good.
* Cameron gets like a whole crate of candy, fine! :P
<AlcarGM> (( meant the bullets, but okay :) ))

<Anelelinde> Sparkie favors 3s, 8s, and 12s.
<Anelelinde> perhaps statistical anomoly. perhaps not. :)
<AlcarGM> 12 is bad in this game :p
<Anelelinde> I know.
<Anelelinde> The 3s, I figure, yay, 3 3 3. :P
* sparkie is pleased
<Anelelinde> 12, he's sadistic. 8, sounds like a good spot for a near-miss just to torture us. :P

* Anelelinde gets spam from "Dogfighting H. Witnessed"
<Anelelinde> AlcarGM: get me some random in this campaign sometime named that.
<AlcarGM> done ;p

* Cameron holds up his hand, in a wave, and walks past them to check on the status of the bowl of candy in front of the door..
<AlcarGM> The smoking man nods to Cameron, unsurprised, and smiles.
<Cameron> ((Any left? :P))
<AlcarGM> Most of it :)
* Cameron turns and returns a simillair smile, "Ah, good. One per person, remember." He nods to the smoker. Then looks at the other fellow as he holds the bowl of candy, "And .. how many would you get, then?" He raises his eyebrow slightly.
<AlcarGM> Vampire: "This's your weapon," laconically, looking bored, but he's edged a little away from Kage in the past few moments
* Kage` holds up his hand, "No... thanks?"
* Kage` looks around, "Where is this?"
<AlcarGM> (( Special Defect - Sugar - 1 BP - Causes cavities ))
<Anelelinde> (( I'd do it as a Weapon Attack ))

<Kage`> "The other one called me a weapon, he said it, and thing, and other such words."
<AlcarGM> Sophie sighs, getting a sub out of the bag, wisely not asking if Cameron will pay him back.
<Kage`> "You have no information other than that..."
<Kage`> "Who do you work for?"
<Cameron> "That's about the size of it."
* Cameron pauses, and continues before answering,
<AlcarGM> (( "Haliburton. Like all Evil." ))

<Anelelinde> (( why is a guy named Sophie? ))
<AlcarGM> (( cuz Kentari named him that ))
<Cameron> (( Because this is an Alcar game :P ))
<Cameron> (( *points the blame finger :P* ))

<AlcarGM> You know, this game has to last long enough in game for Faline to be Santa Claws at Christmas

<AlcarGM> The man looks . .relieved..... almost pathetically so. "F - foxes. Dozens. H - hundreds. They are Huey., and Duey, an we ran and they .. they kept coming ....... they kept coming . .oh merciful jesus....>"
<AlcarGM> he starts crying, for real, nose running and everything.
<Elana-Silvereye> (( XD ))
* Cameron looks at Sophie, "I guess a familliar face makes all the difference."
* Elana-Silvereye ((laughs hystericly))
<AlcarGM> Sophie just nods, studying the solider thoughtfully. "That would be usefull to scare people like that."
* Kage` looks over to where the guy was firing and heads off thataways
* Kage` notices his clothes on the way, oh, thats why :P
<AlcarGM> The soldier grabs Kage's arm, to stop him. "SIr! You can't! They'll eat you all up!" He laughs, hysterically. "Gobble you up!"
<Cameron> "Useful for what ends?"
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "Fear is stronger than love, sometimes. Isn't it?"

* Cameron looks at Kage's gauntlets. "Do those have any silver in them?"
* Kage` traces the edges, "Seems shiny."
* Kage` examines!
<AlcarGM> (( "That's good enough for me." ))
<Cameron> "I guess that'd better than a definite no."

<Fennec> poor Zimbabwe
<analog> zimbabwe???
<Fennec> the place is gonna implode
<analog> built on a giant vacuum tube?
<Fennec> the government decided it'd seize all the farms from the White People and give them to blacks!
<analog> that was a long time ago
<Fennec> which has led, of course, to near-total economic and agricultural collapse
<analog> and expulsion from the farmer's union here
<Fennec> inflation last year was 782%.
<analog> seven *hundred* and eighty two?
<Fennec> yes
<analog> when your country is run by a madman what can you expect
<Fennec> seven hundred and eighty two percent
<Fennec> note to would-be socialists and communists. This is how the world does not work. :P
<HmwkPepper> yeesh, 782%...
<HmwkPepper> That's insane
<HmwkPepper> paper is gonna be more expensive than money

<Caltak> Tass: Normally, I can respect responsibilities and commitments. I even have some. But not when it concerns LoLaD.
<Tass> ic
<Tass> well, then fall in a well and die :P
<Caltak> I thought I was over that, actually, but after the presession I was hooked again. It's just something about it... I don't know.
<Caltak> It's like crack.
<Caltak> Not that I've tried crack, mind.

<alcar> Hrm,so besm 3e comes out in march/april
* alcar grins.
<alcar> LOLAD 1 wewnt from 2e to 3e D&D. This continuation should go from 2e to 3e besm
<alcar> Just for amusement value :p

<AlcarGM> Okay! It is 9 pm, October 31st, and the monsters are out in strength! Most of them, are three feet tall, and asking for candy, but that doesn't make them any less monstrous :p

<AlcarGM> Sophie: "Wow. Weres *are* ugly," to himself.
* Yuki-Takuri seems to gradualy stop straining against the force, and is calming down, still hissing and eyeing Edward with death in her eyes
* Faline perks an ear visibly at Sophie's comment and looks over at him. "Pardon?"
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "Well, you are."
* Kage` gives Sophie a look :P, the 'don't provoke them' look
* Faline frowns. "At least we'rre not rrude."
* Cameron looks briefly at Sophie .. and decides not to get his hands dirty. :P "I don't think that's very important right now, all things considered."
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "Well, I guess not....."
<Kage`> "We must have different definitions of rude."
<AlcarGM> to Cameron, ignoring Faline :p
<Kage`> "I consider being eaten alive horrible rude."
<Kage`> (er, eating others alive :P)
<Faline> (( damn :P ))
<Faline> (( you screwed up my retort ))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((Its the most polite gesture in were custom =P))

<AlcarGM> you . .didn't sense Rei at all.
<AlcarGM> His aura is ... .were. But blue, and cold like winter
* Cameron pins that as either a wet noodle, or something Undead. :P

<Cameron> the entire vamp team is silvered
<Cameron> A little paranoid, aren't we? :P
<AlcarGM> It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you :P
<Cameron> :P

<Yuki-Takuri> there was a great disturbance in the force
<Yuki-Takuri> as if millions of voices cryed out and then suddenly ceased =P
<Cameron> yeah
<Cameron> as in someone was messing with my can of souls again
<Cameron> :P
<Faline> What is this, the 13 ghosts of Scooby Doo?"
<Cameron> :D let me find my picture of BESM scooby doo..
<Faline> your what? O_O

* Yuki-Takuri keeps a warry eye out for any furry fans =P
<Faline> (( *stealth glomp* ))
<AlcarGM> (( Furry fans trigger demon sense...... nah. That's a bit too nasty ))
<Cameron> ((Maybe the really evil furries. :P))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((lol))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((tentacle hentai combined with furry triggers it =P))

<AlcarGM> Charles: "It's like a giant puzzle," softly, reverently. "Pieces coming together..."
<AlcarGM> Charles: "It's like God. Fate. Patterns. A ... purpose....." He turns slowly, staring at you. "They need you. They need..... the circus?" puzzled
<Anelelinde> "Circus. Hiding?"
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head. "I don't know. I just ... thought of you, and them, and it was.. obvious. But it's gone now."
<Anelelinde> "Then I suppose I should meet them."
<Anelelinde> "They have travelled as we spoke?"
<AlcarGM> He frowns, then nods. "A .. bowling alley?" almost disappointed
<Anelelinde> 2d6 prevent soda from shooting out nose
<sparkie> Anelelinde 2d6: 7 prevent soda from shooting out nose
<Anelelinde> -- is that a success or a failure? :P

<Anelelinde> (( Faline needs a new name to prevent riots. I reccomend something else with an F. ))
<Anelelinde> (( Fuzzbutt? ))
<Anelelinde> (( /me ducks+runs ))
<AlcarGM> (( Furby ))
<Faline> (( Screw that, I'll wear a Faline t-shirt before I go changin my name! ))
<Anelelinde> (( Fluffy. ))
<Kage`> ( Frenzy :P)

<AlcarGM> Rei vs Faline, then! Round one! :p
<Rei`-`> 2d6 (not that i know what i'm doing, mabie i should have read the book)
<sparkie> Rei`-` 2d6: 9 (not that i know what i'm doing, mabie i should have read the book)

* Cameron takes the sword from Kage, and chucks it out of the car.. it multiplies into several swords.. as he peels off into the moonrise! "Somewhere else."
* Kage`` doesn't let go so easily, actually!
<Kage``> "What, you're giving her back her murder tool?!"
<Cameron> "Relax."
* Cameron continues driving, pressing a button or two on the dashboard.
* Cameron makes a couple turns, and is heading towards what looks like a church in the distance.
<Cameron> "I just left a point. We're putting the real thing in a church, and letting the extraplanar beings work this one out amongst themselves."
<Cameron> "What do you think about the idea?"
<Kage``> "Why a church?"
<Cameron> "God seems like a nice, impartial third party in this situation."
* sparkie isn't, though.

<Faline> "It's you who might need help. You need to calm down."
<Anelelinde> "Would you like help calming down?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Faline, the sirens!"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Let go!"
* Yuki-Takuri looks like she's calming down
<Faline> "Fine. But stop trrying to kill people so much." ((Especially important characters. Unimportant NPCs are okay to kill.))
<Anelelinde> (( haha ))

<Anelelinde> (( please, call me Anelelinde ))
<Cameron> ((ah, sorry ;p its just that, my fingers get wrapped up around all the letters :x ))
<Anelelinde> (( Anne? Lynn? Annie? Anny? Lindy? Linda? Flora? Tab-complete? ))
<Cameron> ((heheh, I'll stick to annie ;D))

<Cameron> "I'm suprised. Less than a day on the job, and you're having to reconcile things with a third party. How are you still feeling, about all this?"
* Cameron starts the car and heads off once Kage enters, heading towards, oh.. we could use a malt right now. How about a malt shop? Woohoo.
<AlcarGM> (( Kage: "Give me a reference. I'm out of here!" ))
<Cameron> (( :P ))

<AlcarGM> You follow the scent easily. You arrive at a church presently, and find out sword in it, wrapped in cloth. A priest is staring at it puzzled.
<AlcarGM> He's older, about 62 or so "A relic....?" to himself.
* Yuki-Takuri aproaches him, stealthily
<Yuki-Takuri> "it was, my grandfather's"
* Yuki-Takuri says after she's close enough for him to hear her talking quietly, likely right behind him
<AlcarGM> The priest jumps, surprising, turning. "Oh! I didn't hear you come in, demon from hell!"
<AlcarGM> j/k
<AlcarGM> The priest jumps, surprising, turning. "Oh! I didn't hear you come in. I'm sorry.!"
<Yuki-Takuri> (('-_^))
* Yuki-Takuri looks at him, thinking his response rather tame, giving him a moment to notice her apperance, if he'd made made a mistake initialy or something
<AlcarGM> it's halloween :p
<AlcarGM> He just had frankenstein's mosnter tell him he had a relic in the church. You're small fries :)

<AlcarGM> Mufasta: ".. faline?" looking a bit poleaxed
* Anelelinde winces after hearing what the F-word did earlier to-day.
<Faline> (( hey, Faline is not a four-letter-word. It has 6 letters. :P ))

<Cameron> ugh, kage
<Cameron> we're meddling kids
<Cameron> :P
<Faline> This game summons Scooby Doo refrences all the time. Like back when we had a van...

<AlcarGM> Y' know, there;'s enoug mistaken identities right now to power a soap opera ;P

* Faline looks at Cameron. "Why arre all vamps so prretentious all the time? It gets old rreally fast."
* Cameron looks at Faline, "I could give you several egocentric explanations, but let's just settle with a question: why are weres so brutish and violent? Its terribly messy."

<Cecil`^> I miss anythign important?
<AlcarGM> Yes.
<Cecil`^> lol
<AlcarGM> :p

<Cameron> glad I sent sophie home
<Cameron> :P
<Faline> Sophie needs to get raped.
<AlcarGM> lol
<Anelelinde> you volunteering? :P
<Kage``> he's too pretty :P

* Kit (makes sure when Elana's feeding Faline foxes that she starts with herself.)
<Faline> (( Hmm. That's really gross but she totally could do that./ ))
<Yuki-Takuri> (( >_> ))
<Faline> (( with the Swarm thing I mean ))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((No snacking on Yuki's alter egos!))
<Anelelinde> (( hey, swarm + regen => all you can eat!
<Yuki-Takuri> ((Even if there are more than enough of them to go around >_>))
<Anelelinde> (( the Winterland's food supply problem is solved! ))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((NO! <_<))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((T_T))
* Yuki-Takuri doesn't wanna be a buffet

<Faline> "Oh yeah Ken, sorry but Cecil killed Cameron."
<Cecil`^> He would be pissed
<Faline> No doubt. Which is why you msut do it.
<AlcarGM> hehe
<Cecil`^> yeah...
<Cecil`^> That'd be cool, but then he'll like have Forest fall into a vat of acid
<Cecil`^> which would suck, unless it was LSD acid
<Anelelinde> haha
<Anelelinde> don't break Rachael's heart!
<Cecil`^> LoL
<Cecil`^> She's like... 12 she'll live =p
<Kit> Until next year, she turns 13 and is valid for angsty teenage drama queen license.
<Cecil`^> LoL
<Cecil`^> She's a hippy
<Kit> Oh man.
<Kit> A drama queen hippy.
* Kit cringes.

<Anelelinde> "I am here..... with the Circus! of course! And, umm, maybe Fate."
<Kage``> "Who?"
<Anelelinde> "It's an abstract concept, not a Who."
<Kage``> "oh."

<Cecil`^> "Oh... You have any names?"
<AlcarGM> Dragon: "I .... used to . Many of them, like all of us. I collected them, like clothing, discarded to find myself naked. Or something like that, at least. Perhaps I just forgot."

<Yuki-Takuri> "You, could come with us, with your magic, we can help eachother right?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "It would be so much easier if I didn't have to do it alone"
<AlcarGM> Mufasta looks .,.. surprised,then shakes his head. "My magics are .. just human, in the end. You are...deeper than they can ever be. I'm... sorry?"
* Yuki-Takuri looks confused
<Yuki-Takuri> "You saying that, its different for me, for a were?"
<AlcarGM> He nods. "Weres.. are deeper, than magic."
* Yuki-Takuri looks spacy a bit
<Yuki-Takuri> "Then, then I can beat them, were you failed..."
<AlcarGM> He looks a bit offended by that notion :p
<Yuki-Takuri> hehe XD

<Yuki-Takuri> "Mufasta, if I could find a way to help you, would you come with us?"
<AlcarGM> Mufasta: ".... like you helped yourself?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "no.... "
<Yuki-Takuri> "Thats, different, I, I have to get revenge.. for my family"
<Yuki-Takuri> "I mean, I... "
<Yuki-Takuri> "I'm going to beat them... "
<AlcarGM> Mufasta: ".... they would approve of this method?" No anger, just ..puzzled
* Yuki-Takuri looks offended this time =P
<AlcarGM> :p

<AlcarGM> Simon: "Rei? How would we recruit for an army?"
<Kage``> "That and how do you fight a storm with an army?"
<Anelelinde> "Oh! I know! Use psychic powers on the general!"
<Anelelinde> "Or do you want a NEW army?"

<Faline> (( need top take Anelelinde to the Winterland and sex her up like crazy. :P ))
<Anelelinde> (( haha ))
<Anelelinde> (( who with? ))
<AlcarGM> (( Sophie? :p ))
<Rei`-`> (butterfly ware+ wind ware = butterfly effect ware??)
<AlcarGM> (( .. LOL! That would rock :) ))
<Kage``> (due to the censors, frankensex is strictly off the menu :P)

<Faline> "She's been thrrough a lot and she's trroubled, but I feel cerrtain that she can get betterr. I got overr my... condition."
<Anelelinde> "Your condition?"
* Kage`` blinks!
<Anelelinde> "The sound of your name seems to invoke bedlam."
<Faline> "Rright, the one that starrted that."
<Anelelinde> "How, umm, conditional? was it?"
<Faline> (( "I had a sort of... compulsive eating disorder." :P ))
<Rei`-`> "Nothing a few months in the winterland didn't cure, it passed fairly quickly realy."
<Faline> "I just had... you know... emotional prroblems, I guess." *doesn't seem verry comforrtable talking about it*
<Kage``> "I see."
<Kage``> "You weren't convinced everyone was a demon, though, right?"

<AlcarGM> Rei goes to sleep in a tree, and is packed off and sent to America to live with a man in a yellow hat

<Yuki-Takuri> meh
* Yuki-Takuri will force you to develop the NPC =P
<AlcarGM> :P
<AlcarGM> NO!
* AlcarGM has too many already!
* AlcarGM runs into the corner and cries

<Kage``> "You sword sings, by the way, dunno if you knew that."
<Kage``> "Well, actually, it doesn't sing sing, it just... 'rings."
<Faline> (( It also glows when orcs are around, but that doesn't happen much. ))
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))

<Kage``> "Well, ah, then what is a demon?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Wel... "
<Yuki-Takuri> "Thats complicated"
* Kage`` :|
<Yuki-Takuri> "They er, disguise themselves, and I thought I could tell the differance, I mean all the one I've killed were quite obviously demons"
<Yuki-Takuri> "You three, are the only one's that have thrown me for a loop... but thats all been since.... "
* Yuki-Takuri spaces off
<Kage``> "So.... what you're telling me, is that you kill people who are complicated."
* Yuki-Takuri still has Mufasta in the crook of her arm
<Yuki-Takuri> "no!"
<Yuki-Takuri> "I Kill demons"

<Kage``> "How do you know her?"
<Cecil`^> "We're... old friends?"
<Kage``> "She doesn't seem the type to have.... your kind as a friend, but maybe I misjudged her."
<Cecil`^> "My kind?"
<AlcarGM> (( "We're lovers." ))
<Cecil`^> (( Shhh! ))
<AlcarGM> (( "She's my buffalo gal." ))
<Kage``> "A lot has happened today."
<Cecil`^> "i'm sorry I don't follow?"
<Kage``> "Well, you seem.... rather normal?"
<Cecil`^> OMG
<Cecil`^> I sound like a redcap
<AlcarGM> lol
<Cecil`^> MJ banished them... to the lolad world... and they are cecil

<AlcarGM> Simon blinks a few times, surprised. "Cecil?" again.
<Cecil`^> "Yes? What?"
* Kage`` just looks more confuseder :P
<AlcarGM> He leaps through the air and plows into Cecil, giving him a giant hug. "You're familiar!"
<Faline> (( DAMN! he beat me to it ))
<AlcarGM> (( join in! ))
* Cecil`^ steps backward, looks somewhat confused, and returns it
<AlcarGM> (( That way, we vcan get past defence and killlhim! ))
<Cecil`^> "Ah.. thanks?"
<Faline> (( well no, see I was going to tackle him to see if he could evade it :P ))

<Cecil`^> "I was supposed to meet you a while ago, but I got... caught up in things."
<Faline> "Supposed to meet us? Exactly how many people knew we werre coming??"
<AlcarGM> (( the parade was cancelled. ))
<AlcarGM> (( they coudn't find enough guns to go around ))

<Cecil`^> "Uhm... Faline you feeling ok? WHy are you all at the Circus?"
<Kage``> "The perfect combination to not remember what he said precisely."
<Faline> "Yeah, I'm fine." *does a standing backflip*
<Kage``> "Well, Rei and Yuki can't... turn back?"
<Kage``> "So I think they're going to try and hide here."
<Cecil`^> "Oh... Baal's old manor is the military headquarters right now so we'll have to rule that out.... plus it doesn't have any walls."
<AlcarGM> (( and the maze was burned down and the gardener murderer too ))
<Cecil`^> (( That too ))

<Kage``> we can open a pub
* AlcarGM nods. Would be ... interesting :p
<AlcarGM> lol.
<AlcarGM> probably could...
<AlcarGM> AND! AND! Have blood wine!
<Kit> If I read that right, you don't exactly have ... "hands."
<Cecil`^> ...
<AlcarGM> imported by one Artimus :p
<Kage``> faline's bar and grill, with takeout and assassination services :P
<Kit> So if you're running the place, how would you pour drinks?
<Cecil`^> Only if you can hide an assault rifle inside your pants
<AlcarGM> hehe

* Kage` reaches over and snags Simon by the throat, and puts his other hand up to his face where he -TEARS- something off from him and throws it away
<Cecil`^> "Indeed she is..."
* Cecil`^ blinks looks at simon to make sure he's not dead =p
<AlcarGM> Simon leaps back with a strangled scream, flowing into were with a snarl, his aura flaring, pushing both of you backwards.
* Kage` lets go!
<AlcarGM> He snarls angrily, leaping at Kage without thinking :p
* Cecil`^ watches
<AlcarGM> 2d6 - yay!
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 12 - yay!
<AlcarGM> Oh. NOT yay :p

<AlcarGM> The grund.. explodes, power ripping through nit in a giant explosion of debris and wreckage that hurls you all about like RVs meeting a hurricane
<AlcarGM> Everyone is now half huried under debris, the ferris wheel is .... a loss, lights are going on, people screaming....
* Faline scrambles to dig herself out right away.
* Cecil`^ climbs out of the debris and grabs his leash =p
<AlcarGM> You manage iut, though you hurt all over. If the attack had been directed at you alone, you'd probably .. not be here....
<AlcarGM> The leash is fine, of course. But miffed.
* Cecil`^ consoles it and puts it away, and helps Simon
* Faline looks for Simon.
<AlcarGM> Simon pushes debris aside, standing, blinking. He looks at the ground, then the remains of the ferris wheel.
<Faline> (( maybe we can say it was a meteor. ))
* Cecil`^ looks for Kage
<Faline> (( ...which vanished. ))
<Cecil`^> (( Build one! ))
<AlcarGM> (( becayse there was this boy in it.... and these hicks from kansas... ))

* Cecil`^ walks over to Kage
* Kage` is like, somewhere! :P
* Cecil`^ wonders where, exactly
* Faline checks to make sure Simon is okay.
<AlcarGM> Simon: "That....... I helped .... " He stares, stunned at the wreckage
<AlcarGM> He looks fine, wounds healing. Definitely in shock. :)
* Faline looks for Kage as well, wanting an answer.
* Cecil`^ LOOKS for Kage
<AlcarGM> (( Kage: "Some party, huh, guys?" ))
<Cecil`^> (( LoL ))

<AlcarGM> This caused more damage than Yuki did...
<AlcarGM> there is a moral in this, somewhere :p
<Cecil`^> Don't grab a Were-wolf's face and rip it off?
<Cecil`^> "There's a camp a few miles away in the middle of nowhere that you can stay tonight. I have to go back to my motel and pretend everything is normal. Also, Faline, don't kill him."
<AlcarGM> (( Simon: "It's MY face he tried to rip off, bozo!" ))

<AlcarGM> And in the wreckageof a bowling alley, the damage to a circus, AND the deaths of swvera military men, Trail welcomes Faline back. It hasn't evne been 12 hours yet.
<AlcarGM> The audience is terrified of the encore
<AlcarGM> end of session! :p
<Faline> (( since when was the bowlng alley wrecked? ))
<Faline> (( it was one table ))
<AlcarGM> poetic licence!

<Caltak> If Kage doesnt have a good explanation (and I know he wont) and it happens again, gonna kill him.
<Caltak> Just putting that out there/.
<Chaos`^> aww, you're just mad, you'll get over it =p
<Chaos`^> isnt' faline a priest? Why would a priest be going around killing people?
<Chaos`^> unless it's in the name of god, ofcourse
<Caltak> Crusades, dude.
<Tass> indeed
<Chaos`^> you can't kill an inocent man in the name of god because he gives a bad explanation for why he beat someone up. YOu have to ask him questions about his FAITH, THEN kill him
<Caltak> I can prove he's a witch.
<alcar[sleep]> chaos - crusades ween't about faith. They were about politcs :p
<Caltak> If that makes you feel better.

<Rachael> yeah, I never actually dreamed of being one of my characters like that before :P
<Rachael> I was /really tired/ and kinda sick, though, and coming off LoLaD...
* alcar chuckles
<Rachael> I think this supports the "drugs" analogies, in any event

* Kage` is off to the side a bit, dirty as all hell and sleeping, half curled up, shirt is totally gone, and about a quarter of his pants
<Kage`> (is gone :P)
<Kage`> (its now even more designer jeans!)
<AlcarGm> (( the pcs could market jeans! "Real were tears!" ))
<Kage`> (buy my cologne! 'Devestation, by Nomesi)

<AlcarGm> Anelelinde descends on the scene like the wrath of an entymological god.....

<Anelelinde> "there is a pile of scrap metal where my ferris wheel used to be!"
<AlcarGm> Simon: "I said sorry! I can't fix it!"
<Kage`> "The mountain..."
<Anelelinde> "What?"
<Kage`> "Oh, yeah, not a mountain."
<Kage`> "I remember, spinning away, falling, sliding, waiting, hearing the rain, then the ground gave way."
<AlcarGm> Simon blinks, looking over at Kage finallly. "I ... sorry. I just .... are you okay?"
<Anelelinde> "There's a mountain of rubble where the ferris wheel used to be, if that's what you mean!"
* Anelelinde throws up all four arms exasparatedly.
<Kage`> "Its gone?"

<Anelelinde> "at least some of you look... normal."
* Kage` blinks :P
<AlcarGm> Simon blinks.
* Kage` is super frankenstein, yo :P
<AlcarGm> Simon: "I guess. .. .as a dog....."
<Kage`> "Rei and yuki can't change back, you know."
<Kage`> "Maybe we can pull what we have together..."
* Anelelinde sniffs a bit more. Doesn't help her feel better.
<Kage`> "Do you know the owner of the circus very well?"
<Anelelinde> "Some. More."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Ciruses used to have - side shows. We could .... be one?" hesitantly. "Ten in one things? You could be the owner and star attraction," to Anelelinde, trying to .. uhm .. cheer her up :p

* Kage` then closes it, then opens it again, then looks to the side, "Can you look inside my head?"
<AlcarGm> (( Simon: "Okay, as long as you promise notto change...." reaches over.... ))
<Anelelinde> Kage`: "Can I or will I?"
<Kage`> "Both?"
<Anelelinde> >> to kage >> why?
* Kage` 's connection is a little fuzzy, he has some mind shielding, but I assume that can be let down after a little bit
<AlcarGm> (( sure, but you could invalidate the warranty ))

* Cecil`^ lays down on the bed and sleeps
<AlcarGM> You sleep without trouble, dreaming of a snake devouring its tail, and a cube made out of water and a room where there was some sort of emergency exit, though, and nearby some sort of automated tourist center about the place, which apparently was notable for using volcanic ash to dampen the effects of "hate", because apparently that sort of emotion made the wine taste bad. The wine, of course, you found while sailing on an ocean in your dream.
<Cecil`^> what is it with you and snakes eating themselves?
<Cecil`^> The wine, of course, you found while sailing on an ocean in your dr
<AlcarGM> The oroborus is important, man!
<AlcarGM> dream.
<Cecil`^> lol
<Cecil`^> that's as bad as .

<AlcarGM> Edward is in their, when you arrive, drinking tea and doing a crossword puzzle.
* Cecil`^ orders an evil, grande, and sits across from him
<AlcarGM> he frowns, scribbles an answer in after you arrive with your over-priced beverage, and looks up. "It would seem the four horsemen are still in the stable."
<Cecil`^> "Appocalypse." Taking a sip "Oh, that wasn't a hint?"
<AlcarGM> Edward: "I think so. This is a poor divination tool, though. Cages and wings ..." He crumples the page. "What were your impressions?"
<Cecil`^> "On?"
<AlcarGM> Edward: "Don't be stupider than you have to be before two cups of coffee. Faline. Them."
<AlcarGM> he drinks his tea, eyeing you curiously
* Cecil`^ sighs
<Cecil`^> "She's trouble, but you knew that. I went to see them, and then some demon like guy they're hanging around started to rip peoples faces off. Then he summoned some type of creature and it leveled the circus. They hadn't even been here for four hours."
<AlcarGM> Edward blinks. "Demon guy?"
<Cecil`^> "Stupider's not a word. No wonder you can never do those."

<Kage`> "We're north of new york, which is a state in another country, called America."
<Kage`> "I think Canada has provinces?"
<Anelelinde> "They're all just different places in places, though?"
<AlcarGM> Simon shrugs. "I guess."
<Kage`> "yeah. Borders, divisions."
<Anelelinde> "Okay."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Like territories. Except they piss with weapons."

<Cecil`^> "I'll be damned if I let the reaper know there's still a dragon running around, though."
<AlcarGM> Edward: "Actually, you'd be dead. But it is a valid point."
<Cecil`^> "Yes well I'm sure dragons can go to hell like everyone else too."

<Kage`> "I'll try anything once."
<AlcarGM> (( Faline: 'INcluding having your head ripped off?" *attacks* ))

* alcar laughs. PC walks int singles bar, looking for girlfriend....
<alcar> * Cecil`^ looks around for anyone that isn't human, and looks at his watch to make sure he really is off work ;)
<alcar> <AlcarGM> There is one rather pretty girl sitting at the bar, smoking a cigarette.
<alcar> <AlcarGM> all human, and you are :p
<alcar> <Cecil`^> damn
<alcar> * Cecil`^ sits next to the pretty one, then, and orders a drink
<alcar> <AlcarGM> She smiles at you. She really is a knockout. "Hi!"
<alcar> <Cecil`^> oh god
<alcar> It's quite nice when you can intro a character with one word :p

* Cecil`^ sits next to the pretty one, then, and orders a drink
<AlcarGM> She smiles at you. She really is a knockout. "Hi!"
<Cecil`^> oh god
* Cecil`^ glances over at her, sensing TROUBLE
<Cecil`^> "Uhm... Hi."
<Cecil`^> what have I walked into
<Cecil`^> I mean it was a total set up
<AlcarGM> She doesn't seem to be trouble, she's pretty. She smiles at you. "I haven't seen you here before!"
<Cecil`^> "I haven't been here before. My name's Cecil." Offering a hand
<Cecil`^> (( If she says her name's Sara... so help me... ))

<Cecil`^> "Are you always this... Perky?"
<AlcarGM> She sips some of her martini. "I try and look on the bright side of life! Everyone is always so sad! Like kids with cancer; they could judst find really neat wigs!"
<Cecil`^> "Sometimes being more humble is better, though..."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "BUt you can't be humble and know you're humble. Then you are just conceited." She grins.
<Cecil`^> OMG
<Cecil`^> did sara just end a sentance in a period?
<Cecil`^> two? in a row?
* Cecil`^ sips at his drink "I suppose so. I came here looking for a girlfriend, to answer your question."
<AlcarGM> yes ;p

<Anelelinde> Anyway. I'll leave him thinking he's really a pretty butterfly boddhisatva or something...
<AlcarGM> hehe. TWhat's easy enough, though he'll likely snap out of it once the question of whether he's a butterfly or aman becomes moot when he's writing it down with his fingers
<Anelelinde> no, no, in his /soul/! anyway....
* Anelelinde strolls along!
<AlcarGM> Oh, okay :p
<Anelelinde> (( his friends will TOTALLY freak out, I'm sure. :P ))
<AlcarGM> you leave behind a very confused yong man who eventually becomes a rock star and sings songs about butterflies in his soul and how they made him whole.

<AlcarGM> Sara: "I could be your girlfriend!"
* Cecil`^ eyes her
<AlcarGM> Sara: 'I've had lots of experience at it!"
<Cecil`^> "Doesn't that seem to be a little fast?"
<Anelelinde> (( hahahahahahhaha Hi Sara! ))

<AlcarGM> She is .. desirable. You can feel it. Raw, pure passion. Nothing complicated, nothing Modern .... something from long and long ago. She would have made helen of Troy seem a spinster aunt, had they met.. But part of you is older than troy, and you have centuries in you .... you resist. though you could probably knock a door down
* Cecil`^ clenches his jaw
<Cecil`^> "Look, you seem like a nice person and I wouldn't mind being your friend, but you're just not the kind of person I want to settle down with and marry. Besides, could you stick with a man for longer than a few days?"
<AlcarGM> Sara blinks, a little.. taken aback. "Marriage?! I'm talking about sex. Married couples don't have sex, they have babies!"

<Anelelinde> FYI, I've seen her charsheet: would you ever guess she's Easily Distracted (-2) by Sex?
<Cecil`^> yes?

<AlcarGM> Sara: "I can be faithful to LOTS of people!" looking hurt
<AlcarGM> (( "I have seven husbands!" ))
<AlcarGM> (( " .. that I remember!" ))
<Cecil`^> "Exactly, lots of people. I want someone who will share life with me, and no one else. Monogamy?"
<Anelelinde> (( Monogawhat? ))
<Cecil`^> (( My ))
<AlcarGM> Sara gives you a shocked look, as if you'd just said you were hippikaloric
<AlcarGM> Sara: "That's evil! Sex should be free!"

* Cecil`^ just stares at her "I think perhaps you should try to seduce someone else."
<AlcarGM> Sara: ".... are you ..... sure?!" She ...licks her lips. Your libido screams bloody murder
<Cecil`^> "Yes..." Glaring at her "I am. I don't want to make you angry, but we seem to disagree on the terms of a relationship."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I could give you date rape drugs!"
<Anelelinde> (( omg. ))
<Anelelinde> (( and they asked if Rachael was for real. :P ))

<AlcarGM> Okay. You are in a singles bar. Alone. All, all alone, on the wide, wide sea. And never a girl to take pity on your flesh in agony
<AlcarGM> (( I think the fact that said line occured to me means I need sleep soon. ))
<Cecil`^> please, don't remind me

<AlcarGM> It's 4 pm by the time you reach the Pearly Gates Retirement Community and Family Tribute Centre
<AlcarGM> (( there is actually a funeralhome here that bills itself as a family tribute centre.... ))
<AlcarGM> The actual graveyard is far to the back, so no one actually has to see it. It's quite well maintained; stone walls and lots of trees
<AlcarGM> A lone ghost is walking around, striding through gravestones and ranting to himself.
* Cecil`^ isn't surprised it's empty, but is unsure as to where he could go to look for women
<Anelelinde> oh, yes, graveyards are such excellent spots
<AlcarGM> The ghost is ranting about not believing in ghosts, and how experiental evidence isn't proof :p

<alcar> Oh, and here :p
<alcar> http://poeticalnessaday.blogspot.com/2006/03/butterflies-in-my-soul.html
<Anelelinde> haha
* Anelelinde ponders other unethical things to do.
* alcar grins. I began it last night, just finished it :p
<Anelelinde> I guess the good news is if you're messed up enough like that, then you're interesting enough to go on to things like rock careers... which means you survive Trail
<alcar> True :)

<kentari> I have a better idea.
<kentari> I'll stand in front of the busted up circus, in my older-looking glory
<kentari> And say "If you can pay in an entrance fee, and survive the night here... you will win a million dollars."
<kentari> The catch?
<kentari> You guys kill them all :P
<tatterdemalion> lol
<Anelelinde> kentari: REALITY TV!
* kentari nods.

<Kage`> "And I just realised how silly being a prince of the thirteenth hour is when you think in military time..."
* Kage` laughs, something, at least :P
<AlcarGM> Simon: "... huh?"
<Kage`> "He said he was a prince of the thirteenth hour, one beyond twelve, nonexistent, mysterious."
<Kage`> "In military time its lunchtime, one o clock standard."
<Kage`> "That would -kill- his title, prince of lunchtime!_
<AlcarGM> Simon: "..... oh!"
<AlcarGM> He laughs, too. "Maybe we can call him that next time."
<Kage`> "No, I'm pretty sure he would reeeally try to kill us that time."
* Kage` nods, suddenly serious :P
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Then we run him over with a car."

<alcar> The Chosen One could work, in the messiah sense, but you'd likely run up against someone Really Nasty - whoever the godwalker is....
<alcar> possibly the pope , in some games.
<alcar> or L Ron Hubbard.
<alcar> Or Morrison or Elvis.
<alcar> Would depend on the game :P
<alcar> Hrm. A case could even be made for Michael Jackson. Whose troubles, of course, are all the result of a rival for godwalker status
<alcar> Paris Hilton. Godwalker of the Chosen One.
<alcar> Proving that the line between that and The Fool is really, reallly slim :p

<Anelelinde> we should have an April Fools' session of LoLaD! and have nothing in it actually be permanent. :P Then I could start that cult! =D
<Anelelinde> it'd freak everyone out. it'd be great.
<alcar> lol!
<alcar> Yes :)

<alcar[afk]> Mime superheroes.
* alcar[afk] is now known as alcar
<alcar> Hold up a sign saying "hands up."
<alcar> etc.
<alcar> Probably most effective with a rather singular sidekick: Sniper Boy
<alcar> He takes them out while they're busy laughing at you

<Cameron> You are approached by an Offier of the Law!
<Cameron> I ask myself, "What would Faline do?"
<Cameron> And then I realize, I can't eat him fast enough for his partners not to notice.
<Cameron> :P

<Cameron> the trouble with this game is I don't know whether or not I'm dealing with Good Guys
<Cameron> :P
<AlcarGM> Short answer? Never :P
<Anelelinde> not even you :P
<AlcarGM> Oh, definitely not :p

* Cameron kicks a chunk of concrete, seeing if it goes inside without problems.
<AlcarGM> It goes in the door, and you hear it clatter out the back door
<AlcarGM> "Lance," a man snaps, coming out from around the side. He's about 60, balding, and a bit overweight. "We havbe to let the scientists do their job. Quit putting things in the door."
<Cameron> "Though, more importantly.. you look like you're with the Police. If I might give you a suggestion: make sure your people know not to engage anything .. feral .. within city limits. Otherwise, it will just cause collateral damage to people who aren't involved."
<AlcarGM> lance Christensen just shurgs. "Sorry, Chief Quimby."
<AlcarGM> Qumby: "Staff sergeant."
<AlcarGM> Lance smiles. "Disneyland."
<AlcarGM> Quimby blinks, then just walks away back to the others, urging people to back away.
<AlcarGM> Lance looks at you. "Feral?"
<Cameron> "These aren't very consciencous or even .. smart things that are arriving."
<AlcarGM> Lance: "Try that again, in English."
* Cameron nods. "In short; werewolves. Lycanthropy."

* Cameron shall examine the circus, wherein he left people originally!
<AlcarGM> Okay. You arrive at the circus.. to see it is in an Uproar. Tents scatteed,a few RVs destroyed, and the ferris wheel is, well, scrap metal. if you didn;'t know better, you'd say a very localized earthquake hit here
<AlcarGM> Or Yuki REALLY went to town
* Cameron clenches teeth and shakes a fist towards the sky
<Cameron> "I leave for five minutes..."

* Conflict is waiting...waiting in the barn for the players of this theater to arrive.
<AlcarGM> And the chickens are cooking the babies up, to serve them on patties made from human buttocks. Because no one has noticed yet. No one ever does.
<Cameron> stop it
<Cameron> :P
<Cameron> you're going to give me nightmares ;p
* Cameron is going to dream he went to Hell's McDonalds, where he has to make those :P
<AlcarGM> !addsurge Only you know that hamburgers are made from human babies, the patties from human buttocks.Because you sold your brother to the chickens, for five bucks. And every time you see a child's face on a 'Missing' sign, something in you cringes.
<AlcarGM> we haven't added to the list in awhile :p
<Cameron> you know.
<Cameron> I feel sick.
<Cameron> Because I now have a craving for burgers.
<Cameron> :P
<Cameron> What have you done to me? :P

* Anelelinde turns around ostentatiously, strolls a few feet away... then turns back around.
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "Maybe she wants sex," muttered.
* Cameron slaps his forehead.
<Anelelinde> "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "With you?" Incredously. He makes a face. "I'd rather fuck one of the ugly ones."
* Cameron grimaces. "At least you're not saying she's ugly." With a sigh, "I think you've helped enough for now, Sophie. Get home and take care of your hand, before it scars.."
<Anelelinde> "Ah, don't care to be upstaged? Ah well."
<AlcarGM> Sophie sticks his tongue out at Anelelinde, then vanishes.
<Cameron> "Well .. I guess you've met Sophie, now."
<Anelelinde> "Men."

<Cameron> "My mistake. Psychic, then?"
* Cameron corrects himself.
<Anelelinde> "Is it my fault people take it as fortune-teller-fu?"
<Cameron> "No, not really. You just don't have history very much on your side, I suppose."
<Cameron> "Though, I wonder.. is it that you find what people want to hear, or that you convince them they want to hear what you're saying..?"
<Anelelinde> "The former is easier."
<Cameron> "You, ma'am, sound evasive."
* Cameron smiles :)
<Anelelinde> "I have not yet begun to evade."

<AlcarGM> !addsurge Following your near death autoerotic asphyxiation experience, you believe that every time you masturbate, God kills a baby. But you're raw from trying to keep up with the breeders. There are so many of them, and only one of you. But you know yor duty.
<Anelelinde> okay
* AlcarGM looks innocent
<Anelelinde> I don't think I like the !uasurge stuff anymore :P
<AlcarGM> that one would be. ... impractical :p

<Cameron> "I don't Think someone was fighting, I Know someone was fighting."
<Anelelinde> "How."
<Cameron> "I asked first. Its only proper that you answer first.."
<Anelelinde> "The golden retriever, and the empty one."
<Anelelinde> "Why is he empty?"
<Cameron> "He was designed that way."
<Anelelinde> "By whom?"
<Cameron> "People who do that sort of thing."
<Anelelinde> "You? Your associates?"
<AlcarGM> (( "The easter bunny." ))
* Cameron shrugs, "What would it mean, if so?"
<Cameron> "More importantly, I would say that he is far, far from empty."
<Anelelinde> "Excuse me. Vacuously full."
<AlcarGM> (( "No, that's me!" - Sara ))

<Anelelinde> "Playing coy? Ah well."
<Cameron> "Just being honest. I'm lost in the references."
<Cameron> ((As is Ken :P))
<Anelelinde> "Lost? Pfft. What's your Mind stat, boy? 2?"
<Anelelinde> ((j/k))
<Cameron> (( :P ))
* Anelelinde pffts.

<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> you suspect Cameron has the soul of a banker :)
<Cameron> lol
<Cameron> banker? :P
<AlcarGM> yes :)
<Cameron> You, sir, have a good imagination :P
<AlcarGM> Cold, sterile, empty :p

<AlcarGM> (( uhm .... Anelelinde is away: Faline will eat you .. you can probably kill the away message now ;P ))
<Anelelinde> (( haha ))

<Alicia> .addsurge You wonder why they never made a second series of Star Trek
<Lynx> they made 5 of them.
<Alicia> Umm... that's the point
<Lynx> i don't get it.
<Alicia> The surge means they never made ANY
<Alicia> It's not that good a surge though, which is why I never added it

<Cameron> wow
<Cameron> LoLaD is teaching me about Canadian healthcare.. this game is fun AND educational!
<AlcarGM> :p

* Cameron heads inside, "Stay close." And looks for some manner of chart/schedule/whatever to figure out where the coma kids are held.
<AlcarGM> You enter. The room is half full, with people i various states of pain. A woman is holding a crying boy in one hand and screaming at the receptionist, to no effect. Some people, one guy with his arm in a homemade cast for example, brought a sleeping bag and reading materials
<AlcarGM> They're o the fifth floor, east wing.
<AlcarGM> Which is really the fourth floor, though it is marked as the fifth on the map
<Cameron> "Do you ever feel the need to help people? Not so much as a benevolent, nice thing as much as its a responsobility. Things should either be healthy, or dead. This in-between state seems to drain at all that makes the world sensible.."
* Cameron leads the way! :P
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "help people?" as if it's a foreign concept. Which, to his generation, it probably is
<Cameron> "More like tending to them. Like you would a garden."

* Cameron dashes a new illusion over himself and Sophie. NOW, we're nurses. He looks like the head nurse, Sophie looks like one we saw back on the main floor, if we did get to see a second one.
<AlcarGM> that works, easily.
<AlcarGM> chris looks ..confused... you get the impression the nurses don't come in here often, but he doesn't say anything.
* Cameron then releases the mind field so that we walk i nthe room, yeah.
<Cameron> :P
<AlcarGM> :p
<AlcarGM> Kolchak, the nurse stalker.. coming soon, to CBC....

<alcar> Were. Hippo.
<alcar> "HUNRY HIPPO!"
<analog> werehippo .... are you looking at me??????
<Fennec> hahaha.
<alcar> What? No. No. Of.. course not.
* alcar hides the camera

<AlcarGM> He is still sleeping when you arrive back at the traile, but he is tosing and turning. Some kind of nightmare
* Yuki-Takuri trys ta wake him
<AlcarGM> he wakes, startled, "Not the barn...... Oh!"
<AlcarGM> He blinks, confused. "Ah ... sorry?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Barn?"
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head. "N-nothhing. Just .. .a demon."
<Yuki-Takuri> "Oh"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Just" a demon?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Want me to kill it for you?"
<AlcarGM> Mufasta: "No one can kill it. You can't kill demons in syndication."
* Yuki-Takuri tilts her head, confused
<AlcarGM> Mufasta: "barney...."
* Yuki-Takuri laughs
<AlcarGM> He looks arond warily, nbut the name hasn't conjured him. He doesn't seem to be joking, either :)

<Yuki-Takuri> "I Thought that barney was just some freak in a suit, or maybee like a cop from an old TV show, like barney 5 or whatever"
<Yuki-Takuri> "You serious?"
* Yuki-Takuri looks confused, and still a little amusedly in disbeleif
<AlcarGM> He nods once, looking down at his hands. "It idid ... horrible things. Sorry. I .. don't like to remember it."
<Yuki-Takuri> "What the hell?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "You saying YOUR Demon is the big purple dinasaur?"
<AlcarGM> Mufasta just nods, not meeting your gaze

<Yuki-Takuri> "I'm pretty sure I could kill a big purple dinasaur"

* Rei`-` shrugs "Might work, could stick the butterfly over the grill for the winter too."
<Anelelinde> "stick me over the...?!"
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))
* Anelelinde stands looking fearful.
<Rei`-`> "You know, the cook."
<Anelelinde> "Oh!"
* Anelelinde relaxes?
<Cameron> " .. Do you know how to cook?"
* Cameron says, realistically ;P

<Yuki-Takuri> "Rei, doesn't the pack need a shaman?"
<AlcarGM> Mufasta squeaks: "A what?"
* Cameron looks at Mustafa, scribbles something on a note, and places it in Mustafa's hand which he then curls into a fist around it. "If you feel like you're in over your head.. use that."
* Rei`-` eyes Yuki and bites back a snide comment
<Anelelinde> "A shaman? Maybe Cameron could do it! I bet he'd do a good job at things like that!"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Hunh? what was that?"
* Cameron looks at Kage, "Shall we?" :P
<Anelelinde> (( <-- trolling ))
<Yuki-Takuri> "No, it has to be Mufasta, he knows magic anyhow"
* Cameron gestures outside! And looks at Anne, "I'm afraid I'm far too busy."
* Yuki-Takuri kicks Rei in the shin

<Cameron> "It wouldn't be good if we started fighting amongst ourselves.."
<Anelelinde> (( he's a We now? ))
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Oh! No. He just wanted to help."
<Cameron> (( My dear, this is the secret vampire minigroup right here. :P))
<AlcarGM> (( all vampires are a royal we :) ))

<Cameron> "So. Where were you?"
<Nomesi> "Where am I?"
<Cameron> "You're here. Where WERE you?"
<AlcarGM> (( Cameron, meet Anelelinde's older brother..... ))
<Cameron> (( :P ))
<Nomesi> "I exist in all things that wish."

<Yuki-Takuri> "How bout my mind?"
* Anelelinde hmms, considering.
* Anelelinde cringes.
<Yuki-Takuri> "well?"
<Anelelinde> "Tumultous."
<Anelelinde> "Much blood. Pain."
<AlcarGM> (( "And why did you have a crush on Jordan of the back street boys?" ))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((lol))
* Yuki-Takuri smiles
<Yuki-Takuri> "All in a day's work"

<Anelelinde> "Did you lose your shaman somehow?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Um, well I guess so"
<Anelelinde> "How?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Its, complicated"
<Yuki-Takuri> "And again, I wouldn't be the right one to tell it"
<AlcarGM> (( "Well, one night Faline was saying: 'I'm so hungry I could eat a shaman." And I said: "So I am! And.." ))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((lol))

* Nomesi is like, well, a nightmarish version of Kage, the scars are all there, plus about a dozen more, all viscious and ragged, his hair and eyes reverse, though, mostly white hai with a small black patch over his scarred miscolored eye
* Yuki-Takuri growls and springs at it
* Nomesi 's guantlets sport fingerpieces this time, and rusted chains are affixed to the 4 loops that adorn them, the split off into locks, and mote chains, and have hundreds of odd shaped keys handing from them, they all look oddly sharp or dull, depending on the shape
* Nomesi seems to be carrying 4 cases of beer and a pizza :P

* Nomesi pulls his precious beer out of the way! taking the gashes across his back as he huddles over them protectively
<Nomesi> "FUCK!"
<AlcarGM> lol1 Nomesi becomes a true Canadian!
<Cameron> (( :P ))

<AlcarGM> Nomesi gets slicked and diced..... Nomesi's action, as Cameron pulls up beside them in the car....
* Cameron arrives! Speeding up in a convertible, with Simon sitting in the back seat. He nearly RAMS the assembled parties, before screeching to a halt and throwing the wheel, hard, to spin into a gap and interpose himself between Nomesi and Yuki..
<AlcarGM> Hard to. They're... close together. Like rabid dogs in heat
* Cameron stops in front of them! :P
<AlcarGM> Simon growls: "STOP IT" to Yuki as he gets out.
<AlcarGM> Nomesi - action?
* Nomesi straightens up, holding his back, "Oh, goodness, its the crazy bitch, I shoudl have thought about you!"
<Nomesi> "Hey, by the way, are you busy friday night? Your kinda cute."
* Nomesi has no action :P
<AlcarGM> lol
<Anelelinde> (( total defense? ))
<AlcarGM> Anelelinde - action :p
<Nomesi> (delay will be fine :P)
<AlcarGM> Due to Nomesi's herioc efforts, the beer is safe!

<AlcarGM> yuki - attacky! If you want to. Or race off to take anger management classes! Or steal his beer!
<Cameron> (( Not the beer! That's my beer! That's the only reason I've chased him all the way back here. >:D ))
<Cameron> (( Leprachauns (sp?) have pots of gold.. vampires.. have beer..))
* Yuki-Takuri snarls and growls like a vicious were

* Nomesi smiles, showing rooooows of jagged sharklike teeth, "I would love to purchase your service, if anything."
<AlcarGM> Rei comes running up.....
* Cameron scribbles something on a post-it, and slaps it on Yuki's forehead. :P
* Nomesi rubs his thumb and forefingers together, "You know? bouncy bouncy?"
* Anelelinde - force field on
<AlcarGM> wise :)
<Cameron> "Calm yourself!"
<Anelelinde> (( next round mind combat :P ))
<Nomesi> 'Oh, and your dirty."
* Nomesi counts off on his fingers, "Your a whore, a moron, you have questionable morals, yourunreliable, and you smell."
<AlcarGM> Simon growls, "that's not helpin," at Nomesi
* Yuki-Takuri snarls and forcibly, slowly tears her Katana away from Nomesi, sheathing it with extreme effort

<Elana-Silvereye> find out next time! as the world turns
<AlcarGM> yes :)
<AlcarGM> As The Faline Claws :P

<Kage`> damnit
<Kage`> this close!
<Kage`> thiiiiis close to beer and pizza!
<AlcarGM> yeah :(
<Cameron> :P That's all he wants, isn't it?
<AlcarGM> The beer is stil intact!
<AlcarGM> Somehow.

* Cameron hops in the driver seat, leaving shotgun for Cecil. Woohoo. :P
<AlcarGM> Cecil calls shotgun, aims it, and fires at Cameron? :)

<Cecil`^> "So you're just ok with channeling a were's aura? It doesn't hurt at all?"
<AlcarGM> You spot back choppers in the distance, from the north.. going to the circus....
<Cameron> "You could say its like kissing your great-great-great-great granddaughter. It just doesn't feel right."
<Cameron> ".. But its not going to kill you."
<Cecil`^> "Last time I checked it could..."
<Cameron> "You, sir, have some strange successors."
<Cecil`^> "I was talking about were auras."

<Cecil`^> LoL Do I know anything about the main vampire in seatle?
<Cecil`^> And is there any ventura branches in seatle
<AlcarGM> Of course :p
<AlcarGM> to the latter
<Cecil`^> Why did I even ask?
<Cecil`^> =p
<AlcarGM> The former.. they apparently got bought out by starbcks. Bad for business :)
<Cecil`^> The vampires/
<AlcarGM> yup :p

* Cecil`^ sniffs around, wondering what kind of meat Cameron is slicing up
<AlcarGM> (( zombie stew. The bodies had to go somwwhere! ))
* Cameron adds a couple little green cubes to the thing, and then puts a lid on it and sets a small timer. He enters the living room again.
<Cameron> ((Shh. :P))

* Kage` twitches
* Cameron looks at Kage. "Kage?"
* Kage` cracks open an eyelid
<AlcarGM> (( Kage: "Am I a real boy now?" ))
* Kage` closes it again, lifting his hand to cover his eyes, "What happened?"
<Cameron> (( :P ))
<Cameron> "I apologize. I did some research."

<AlcarGM> Simon glowers at Cecil. "She's better now.:
* Cecil`^ smiles at Simon "Ofcourse she is. I just have to give her a chance."
<Cameron> "No, not really. You were mentioning what it is you do, again?"
<Kage`> 'Well, she did almost de-tooth a drunk for making a... lewd comment."
<Cecil`^> "Doesn't surprise me."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "That IS better," sincerely
<Cecil`^> "It is."
<Cecil`^> "She would have ate him, before."
<AlcarGM> Simon nods.
<Kage`> ".....really?"
<Cecil`^> "Don't underestimate the power of Faline."
<AlcarGM> (( "For she is hungry, and quick to digest." ))
* Kage` sits in his silence for a few moments
<Cameron> "You say that like she's more than a living creature."
<Cecil`^> "She's an idol for were."

* Kage` comes back in a moment later, "Why do I have cigarettes?"
* Cameron looks at Kage, "Your .. counterpart .. purchased a few, I believe."
<Cameron> "You can set them over there, on the table. We'll make that his table."
<Kage`> "Hey... these are my lungs, damnit!"
<AlcarGM> (( "Or.... someone's lungs...." ))
<Cameron> "He may have his own. We don't know, for sure, but I think we've tampered with both of you enough."
<Kage`> "You totally stabbed me, too."
<Cameron> "I already apologized for that."

<AlcarGM> It is.. lunchtime. Or at least, just pass lunch. Nomesi never got beer, but probably scored a date with Yuki! In his dreams, at least.
<AlcarGM> Simon has finished eating and looks fine, as if nothing happened. Were stamina is a wonderful thing.... as is Cameron's cooking, it seeems
<AlcarGM> (( Simon: "Wait... my throat tasts... funny...." *coughs up silver flakes* ))

<Cameron> "How are you learning school things, then? Is someone working with you?"
<Cameron> "I mean. An education is the greatest asset."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "No one is." He shrugs. "I ... never did well, anyway. I can't read."
* Cameron blinks. "Do you know other weres who can't read?"
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head. "We haven't met any. Besides us, really. And people who wanted to kill us. I was always like that, though."
<Cameron> "Well, maybe we can work something out. Not being able to read... I once had a good friend, who thought it was very important to read and have good things to read, in order to be free."
<AlcarGM> He just shrugs.
<AlcarGM> (( "Of course, that's probably why they burned him with that stack of porn..." ))

<AlcarGM> Charles: "Oh. How do we get to see the others,then?:"
<Anelelinde> "They are at the circus."
<Anelelinde> "One of them ruined the ferris wheel!" (upset like)
* Anelelinde sulks, had to be reminded of that.
<Anelelinde> "It's all on the ground in a pile. And the parking lot, too."
<Anelelinde> (( not every parking lot is on the ground in a pile... :b ))
<AlcarGM> He blinks. "And... I should want to meet them?" dubiously :p

<AlcarGM> Charles: "Oh. Ah ... do you want supper?"
<Anelelinde> "Do you have juice or soda?"
<AlcarGM> Charles nods. "We have some coke."
<Anelelinde> "Coke. Hmm. Okay."
* Anelelinde prefers light sodas somewhat.
<AlcarGM> He gets you one, getting himself a pizza pocket. "You want anything .oh. Never mind. A straw?"
<Anelelinde> "I have one, thank you."
* Anelelinde sticks out her tongue.
<AlcarGM> he nods. "Sorry. I forgot."

<AlcarGM> "You have yet to try and run away."
<Cecil`^> "That's never helped before, has it?"
<AlcarGM> The reaper shrugs. "Oh many were too afraid. Or tried to fight Or died. Or pleaded with me."
<Cecil`^> "I couldn't run, I'm far too involved in this riding of the storm to go anywhere significant. Where would I go? Besides, all roads lead to Rome."
<AlcarGM> He nods. "True strength is measured by retraint."
<Cecil`^> "I'm not angry at you for what you did. I was told once that I used to do it for a living."
<AlcarGM> The crowd has left the building, since survival instincts and being in the same room as the reaper don't compute. A car has been set on fire outside.
<AlcarGM> The Reaper raises an eyebrow. "Ah. That explains much." He finishes his beer. "Do not be too obvious in what you do. I have a reputation to maintain."
<Cecil`^> "I hadn't intended it in the first place."
<AlcarGM> He nods. "Wise." He forwns at the empty bar, then shrugs. "I had best find Salem. If you see her - try not to kill her."
<AlcarGM> And he's no longer there.
* Cecil`^ sighs and looks at the empty bar himself... then promptly walks into the mens room and throws up violently
<AlcarGM> lol!

<Cecil`^> "Perhaps if we both go down to the office they will give you a free night's stay to appologize for the inconvenience?"
<AlcarGM> Her: "It's not that simple. I need to use this space."
<Cecil`^> "This space?"
<AlcarGM> She nods.
* Cecil`^ sighs "It's getting awfully late... Listen, it's a big bed... Why don't we share it tonight, and we can straighten this out in the morning?"
<AlcarGM> She blinks, stares at you, searching, then growls something in that language you've never heard and nods.
<Cecil`^> "What was that?"
* Cecil`^ shuts the door behind him and sits down in a chair
<AlcarGM> Woman: "Was what?" warily. .She moves her hand, when she thinks you asren;t looking. A symbol of some kind, drawn in pale yellow flame.
* Cecil`^ rubs his forehead
<Cecil`^> "Uhm... It's been a long day and I need to take a shower. Will you be needing the bathroom for a while?"
<AlcarGM> She shakes her head. "No."
* Cecil`^ nods and goes to his dresser, pulling out some whildly bright matching lizzard pajamas, filled with bright fire looking lizards and other random jungle reptilians.
<AlcarGM> She staes. "I've died .I've died and gone to hell...."

<Cecil`^> "Hmmm... I seem to recall something about it from the 1700s in New England... But what would he be doing in Trail? Alive for that matter?"
<AlcarGM> She blinks. "And how do you recall that?" sharply, the red glow flickering in the back of her eyes again
<Cecil`^> "I know my history."
* Cecil`^ smiles
<Cecil`^> "Ask me anything."
<AlcarGM> She hesitates, then straightens and stares you in the eyes. "May the auditors discover you deduct the whipping cream you use on your sheep as a business expense!"
<AlcarGM> Again, nothing happens.
<Cecil`^> LoL
<AlcarGM> She stares, pale, then backs away from you. "What ARE you?"
<Cecil`^> "What?"
<Cecil`^> "Why would I use whipping cream on my sheep?"
* Cecil`^ frowns
<Cecil`^> "Unless they ate it, for the sugar, so that I could sell extra mutton... Then it really WOULD be a business expense!"

<AlcarGM> She blinks, taken aback, then sketches something in theair in front of her with both hands, a warding symbol of some kind that trails red and blue flame.
<AlcarGM> The ward, at least, DOES work. You can feel power in the air around her now, a spirit ward of a kind.
<Cecil`^> "Listen ah... It's getting late. Do you ahve to do that tonight?"
<AlcarGM> She blinks. "Do I . .what?"
<Cecil`^> "Have to do that tonight?"
<AlcarGM> "Tell me what you are," she demands, and there is power in it, demanding answers, trying to force them..... but it's not enough, for all her effort.
<AlcarGM> (( "Tired." ))
<Cecil`^> "Tired." =p

<Cecil`^> "He doesn't have magic, he's just really stupid..."
<Cecil`^> that's the effect I'm going for ;)
<AlcarGM> And you do it so well!
<AlcarGM> j/k
<Cecil`^> ^^
<AlcarGM> she's never encountered someone who can just.. ignore a curse :p

<Tass> damnit caltak! :P
<alcar> what?
<alcar> or is this just now in general? :)
<alcar> Since you've said it 8 times, so far
<Rachael> haha
<Rachael> WE WANT FALINE!!!!!

* OnyxFlame attempts to multitask. Writing about how our gods will work.
<alcar> God: "And to my high priest, I leave...."

* kentari will assume a GM nick :D
<kentari> let's see..
* kentari is now known as Kentari
<Kentari> Ok.
<Kentari> :P
<Rachael> haha
<Rachael> that's silly
* sparkie is now known as Sparkie
<Kentari> Excellent. My dear associate, Sparkie, is following my lead. >:D

<Kentari> Faust calls the roll; you notice Faust isn't on the roll anymore, either.
<Kentari> Forest*
<Drew`> (( liked it better with Faust :p ))

* Aaron_V finishes his cappucino off and tosses it out in the garbage can, then sits down, unpacking, and probably the most alert guy there
<Aaron_V> ((because Rachael is weird, and is alert all the time))
<Aaron_V> ((or insane, one of the two))
<Drew`> (( she's probably on drugs ))
<Rachael> (( the word is 'Hyper'! ))
<Aaron_V> ((/me can't wait for the admin to put Rach on Ritalin))
<Rachael> (( haha. :P ))

* Forest`^ changes topic to '* Drew` finally wakes up enough to notice the tree and just gapes a tit'

* Anton looks around, does anyone else seem to be staring at the tree instead of flinching at every passing word? :P
* Rachael raises her hand!
<Kentari> He pauses. The room seems to hum with the absence of his voice :P
<Kentari> A few other hands go up. Petunia's is not one of them.
* Anton raises his as well :P
<Rachael> "Yes sir!"
* Forest`^ places his head in his hands as Rachael speaks
* Drew` is just watching the tree....
<Kentari> Faust looks back from the throng of teachers at Rachel. Maslow, too, only with horror in his eyes. :P

<Aaron_V> ((Aaron would sigh in relief, but he refuses to believe that there was a tree about to eat Kohlberg.))

<Forest`^> "Then I suggest we find someone you can trust that hasn't already seen the vision, and see if we can get them to see the vision. Once we figure that out, we move along. If they see it from the stone, then they won't be affected by the tree. Like us."
<Kentari> <Faust> "Hrm. I don't know that I want to involve more innocent students in this, though ..."
<Drew`> (( "Involve Sara then!" ))
<Forest`^> "I'm more concerned about the ones in control. The Faculty?"
<Forest`^> err no caps, sounds too much like the movie ;)
<Kentari> <Faust> "What do you mean, ones in control? Are you saying you think this is a conspiracy on our end?"
* Forest`^ ruffles his eyebrows "Not yet."

<Rachael> "What would happen in a TV show in a situation like this?"
<Kentari> <Petunia> "We'd transform!"
<Kentari> She speaks up. :P
<Rachael> (( who's around? ))
<Drew`> ".... The show would be taken off air because of Sara."
<Drew`> "I mean.... besides that.... I don't know! This is't a tv show!"
<Aaron_V> "We'd probably gain mysterious powers that would suddenly help us with the problem at hand."
<Rachael> "Transform? Okay! We should try that."
* Drew` sighs.
* Rachael looks around to see if anyone else is really in eyeshot.
<Rachael> (( there's a term you don't see much. Eyeshot. :P ))

* Drew` looks at Faust.. "Please don't encourage her?"
* Aaron_V notes it's a decent-sized necklace, and as he holds it, it peeks out from his fist
<Kentari> "You learn in two situations: when its fun, or when you have to do it to survive..."
<Kentari> Faust takes one, two steps up onto the gazebo, within five feet of Rachael.
<Drew`> "She doesn't HAVE a talent. Besides being annoying."
<Rachael> (( my eyes are closed ))
* Aaron_V watches Faust, looking up from his necklace.
<Kentari> <Faust> "Maybe if she's scared into it..." He picks up his leg, bending it at the knee, and flexing a bit, warming up for what looks liek a foot-to-face style attack.
* Drew` stares at the teacher incredously
<Rachael> (( my eyes are clooosed.... ))
<Kentari> (( >:D ))
<Drew`> "Have Sara kiss her. THAT should do it."
* Aaron_V snickers

<Forest`^> "Did you guys know what Kohlberg speaks german?"
<Rachael> "Ich bein ein berliner!"
<Aaron_V> "And no, I was not."
<Aaron_V> "You didn't happen to have found anything out, did you, Faust?"
* Rachael opens her eyes. "Hello!"
<Kentari> Forest, you see a small plaque, too, near Aaron. Reads "Pilder Memorial Gazebo"
<Forest`^> "No... He called me Heydrich though..."
<Anton> "Oh man, now I'm glad I didn't hail mein furher Kolberg."

* Forest`^ picks up the crystal "Would you hold that for me?"
<Kentari> Sara holds onto it, "Okay. What now?"
* Forest`^ bites his lip
<Forest`^> "Hmm... Good question..."
<Kentari> She looks at the trunk and a thin grin spreads on her face.
* Forest`^ looks at the trunk too
<Forest`^> "What?"
<Kentari> <Sara> "You aren't trying to abduct me, are you?"
<Forest`^> "I don't have the keys..."
* Forest`^ looks at the crystal... thinking to himself
<Kentari> <Sara> "Suuure you don't."

* Forest`^ sighs and takes the crystal back "Alright, we'll have to do it later, when the sun comes out."
<Kentari> <Sara> "WAnt doesn't? Your mind control?"
<Kentari> She snickers.
<Kentari> <Sara> "You do it in broad daylight?! I didn't think you were the type.."
<Forest`^> "What? Does that look like a mind control to you?"
* Forest`^ rubs his forehead
<Kentari> <Sara> "You do! You look soo guilty. With who?"

<Kentari> <Sara> "Oh, forget about THIS thing." She tosses the crystal aside....... carelessly...
<Forest`^> "Ack!" diving for it
<Kentari> It arcs up in the air in a perfect parabola.
<Rachael> (( most things with a trajectory do that ))

<Rachael> "I'd give you a hug too Mr. Maslow but I think there might be some sort of ethical issues involved."
<Kentari> MAslow just nods.
* Forest`^ rubs his temples counting down the minutes

<Kentari> Explain, anton :P
<Forest`^> he's trying to push it farther in
<Kentari> Sara supports that strategy.
<Rachael> that's just WRONG
<Drew`> heh
<Aaron_V> very, very wrong
<Forest`^> lol

<kentari> Nekomancers.
* kentari wants to kill at least one every four sessions ;p
<alcar> Erm..... so what do they do? :p
<Tass> die, apparently :P
* alcar grins. I could make some up as servants for the Queen of Cats. but cat-mancy doesn't seem all that useful :)
<Fennec> alcar: ah, not so useful, but sometimes annoying? :P
<kentari> They tend to be relegated to, you know, fan service type things :P
* alcar doesn't get what makes 'em annoying :p
<kentari> they're so tenacious :P
<kentari> Its like Sara, without any sex.
<Fennec> haha
<alcar> ... I think that is an impossible concept :p
<kentari> Imagine Sara obsessed with kewt kitty cats instead of sex.

<AlcarGM> Okay. Kage is .. having a conversation with himself. Involving a shark knife, a webcam, and some paper and beer. Does kage learn anything interesting? :p
* Kage` learns that maybe he shouldn't get injured all that often around people who are sensitive :P
* Kage` also learns that yuki might be in trouble, she did cost Nomesi beer and a pizza
* Kage` also learns that a six pack just isn't enough, and he's a tease, and a total dick for having only that much around

<AlcarGM> Sophie: "I see you got drunk. It makes you even ugiler than the pizza faced kid, and that takes work." He forwns, as if listening to something, and the sword vanishes. "Could you put a bag on your head?"
<Nomesi> "Could you shut your face before you make those comments?"
<Nomesi> "My looks engender fear, and fear is a beautiful thing."
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "At least I *have* one. I mean, chains? You're wearing chains. What are you, some black pimp now?"
<Nomesi> "And leave fuckface out of this, I chose to look this way."
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "You choose to shave with a weed wacker?"

* Nomesi bunches a half dozen keys into his clenched fist and scrapes it across his cheek, "Worse."
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "This is the after picture and you're michael jackson's last nose job?"
* Nomesi sighs as the few droplets that do form coagulate and are reabsorbed, "Your wearin thin, its already evident I don't care."
<Nomesi> "And I'm not sensitive like the kid."
<AlcarGM> Sophie: ".. how can you NOT care? You look like Frankensteins brother, on thalidomide!"

<Nomesi> "Why do you care so much about your looks, anyway?"
<AlcarGM> Sophie stares. "..... you are fucked in the head. God knows y have to be, no one would fuck any other part of you."
<Nomesi> "Are first impressions really that important to you?"
<Nomesi> "Because diety knows no one would have the same impression after talking to you for five minutes."

<Cecil`^> "Now, why are you looking for... whatever his name is..."
<AlcarGM> Denice: "He's a relative. Estranged. Gone rogue. it's a punishment for Atlantis."
<Cecil`^> "What?"
<AlcarGM> Denice: "I don't want to talk about it."

<Cecil`^> "Aren't Genies supposed to... Stay in bottles and only come out to grant 3 wishes?"
<AlcarGM> Denice: "THAT is just a myth. We only get put in bottles if we - do bad things. Like I knew about - anyway, we grant wishes. To humans. I'm just not that good at it, yet."
<Cecil`^> "So you got put into a bottle?"
<AlcarGM> Denice: "..... once twice."
* Cecil`^ shakes his head in disapointment "Well, how did you get out?"
<AlcarGM> Denice: "Did my time."
<Cecil`^> "What did you do? I mean I don't want to be sleeping next to a mass murderer..."
<AlcarGM> Denice: "*I* didn't do anything! I just answered a damn wish, okay? It's not like anyone told me what a rock in the sky meant!"

<AlcarGM> Sophie: "I think I'll check the kid in the hospital. Wake him up, or something. It's only a coma."
<AlcarGM> He frowns. "Paper or plastic?"
* Nomesi balances a bottle on his index finger and looks up, watching one of his chains slowly creep up around it like a coiling snake
<Nomesi> "FOr what?"
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "The bag for you to wear o your head when we're seen together in public."
* Nomesi narrows his eyes and the chains cave in with a series of small crunches, then rattle rapidly in place

<Tiger-Chan> Simon has the hots for Yuki? '-_^
<Cecil`^> Not unless Yuki's a dude
<Tiger-Chan> Simons gay!? >_>
* Tiger-Chan had no idea, shoulda figured
<Cecil`^> LoL
<AlcarGM> lol
<Tiger-Chan> bein a retreiver n all

<Cecil`^> That is, ofcourse, if either faline or rei show up for a session
<AlcarGM> Rei has :p But Rei tends to, well, be Alone at present, for plot reasons of trying to figure out wth he's become :)
<Cecil`^> he's a zombie were!
<Cecil`^> "Brraaaaaaains"
* AlcarGM grins
<AlcarGM> tghat's not quite fair to Faline :p
<AlcarGM> "I'll remove thodse ticks if you remove my maggots," wouldn't be a good come on

<AlcarGM> Denice: "You met helen of troy?"
<Cecil`^> "No.. I met Sara."
<Cecil`^> "She's some woman in town looking for sex."
<AlcarGM> She blanches. ".... THE Sara?"
<Cecil`^> "When I didn't go for her she started yelling and asking if I was into dead women."
<Cecil`^> "THE sara?"
<Cecil`^> "Her name was Sara and she tried to seduce me."
<AlcarGM> Denice: "You said no? To her?!" She looks at you with respect in her eyes. "I heard even the Reaper didn't say no to her."
* Cecil`^ shrugs
<AlcarGM> Denice: "Is that some weird - dragon thing?"
<Cecil`^> "If I was looking for sex then she would be my first stop. But I wasn't."
<Cecil`^> "I think it's an old thing. Sex is only fun the first few hundred years..."
<Cecil`^> "Why do you think those old vampires are so grumpy?"
<AlcarGM> Denice: "Because Sara won't have sex with them again."

<Tiger-Chan> I'm reeeally bored
<Tiger-Chan> and don wanna go ti bed
<Tiger-Chan> what should I do to entertain myself?
<AlcarGM> have sex with Sara!
<Tiger-Chan> o_o
<Tiger-Chan> Sara?
<AlcarGM> she;'s bored too!
<Tiger-Chan> o_o
* Tiger-Chan pokes Alcar's eye out
<Tiger-Chan> ok, so second option? ~_~
<AlcarGM> Sara brightens. "You mean I can clone myself?!"

<kentari> If cameron dies..
<kentari> I'm totally making Dudley Do-Right.
<tatterdemalion> ...
<tatterdemalion> no :p
<tatterdemalion> Though, IMO, he'd rock in a UA game
<tatterdemalion> Avatar :)
<tatterdemalion> of "The Horseman"
<kentari> Your next UA game.
<kentari> :P I'm doing that.

<tatterdemalion> Sara doesn't DO denial :)
<tatterdemalion> she's probably the only npc who can be trusted 99% :p
<kentari> :P And Cameron has yet to meet her!
<kentari> lol :x actually..
<kentari> it would be funny if they had met like, during the renaissance or the US prohibition era or something :P
<tatterdemalion> Yes. Soon :) Though he's likely heard of her, since she is a vampire.
<tatterdemalion> lol. Is qite possible. Has he had sex with her, then? :)
<kentari> or victorian england :D
<kentari> lol
<kentari> no
<kentari> :P
<tatterdemalion> Whyever not?! :p
<kentari> In the immortal words of admiral ackbar
<kentari> ITS A TRAP
<tatterdemalion> In the immortal words of Sara:
<tatterdemalion> NO, THAT'S MARRIAGE SILLY!

<tatterdemalion> Well, Yuki will still want to kill Sophie :) He's got demon blood, after all. But Faline is a calming influence.
<tatterdemalion> A sentence that would horrify Julie :)

<AlcarGM> Blossom hasn't emailed you again after her last one, but seldom bothers to send a message until you reply with an old one/.send something new. It's the philosophy that keeps her christmas card list small. :p

* Kage` nods, and starts off, then! :P
<AlcarGM> It's an easy enough walk. You attract quite a few stares, and some childtren doing a skipping rope game stop to point and laugh at you, though they make sure you're not too close when they do that :)
<Kage`> (Oh man, just had a vision of jump rope with nomesi. You better jump that damn rope, because it'll take your leg right off :P)
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))
<Kage`> (then we add the chains motiff :P)

<Cameron> "But of course."
<Cameron> "I'm guessing we can come to some sort of agreement..?"
* Cameron withdraws a thing of post-its and a fountain pen from his desk, prepared to take this down. :>
<AlcarGM> The man blinks, then smiles slightly. "Ah. Blossom does train hers well. I am merely here to warn you, in exchange for a favour to be returned at a latter date."
<Cameron> "That sounds like it could be a fair exchange."
* Cameron doesn't bite. :P
<AlcarGM> (( wise :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( he has diseases :p ))

<AlcarGM> Kage is...thinking about his answer, it seems :p
<AlcarGM> He thinks so hard you reach your place, passing one regular RCMP police cruiser and 2 Delaware ones along the way.
<Cameron> :P
<AlcarGM> Simon: "They smell different...."
<Cameron> "The Dela...were?"
* Cameron dramatically makes a suggestion :P
<AlcarGM> Simon nods. "They don't smell of donuts," not getting it at all

<Anelelinde> "Are you in charge?"
<Faline> "Eh? Oh... yeah, more or less."
<AlcarGM> (( modern management? :p ))
* Anelelinde looks bemused.

<Faline> "It's up to you. It does offer some security, as we all look out for each other. It's like a large family, but in some ways the ties are even stronger."
<Anelelinde> "Is it a formal affair?"
<Anelelinde> "I think I will hang around in any event!"
<Cameron> (("We're like .. a Family"))
<Cameron> (("Let me make you an offer you can't refuse."))
<Faline> "Not really. I've been really flexible with the whole thing, avoiding forcing my will on anyone and such." ((Except Yuki cause she's fucking nuts.))
<Anelelinde> (( speaking of which, Faline is pregnant, no? how much? ))

<alcar> So, you want two sons? Son and daughter?
<alcar> Hermaphrodites? Neuters? Aliens?
<alcar> LOLAD: Where the pregnancies are negotiated...
<alcar> :p

<alcar> A rather distraught woma is on the news, saying: "I heard them. They were hitmen! The one was saying he was going to kill the other, and had a reputation... it wass horrible! Thenb they 0 played, kept playing, and - and ..... they sank all theballs! With one hit! Each!"
* Kage` just... stares
<Kage`> "So nothing super wierd happened?"
<Kage`> "They might have been trick shooting hitmen!"
<Cameron> "Its a television, Kage. It can't hear you."
* Kage` just looks at Cameron and grits his teeth
* Cameron said that with a slight smile :P
<alcar> Simon: "If one of them was chinese, it probably wasn't," between bites.
<alcar> TV: .oO(That's what YOU think buster.)

<Faline> "Hmm. I sense dangerr."
* Faline springs to a high hiding place somewheres. :P
<alcar> (( And, in a studio far to the south, terrified, shaking hands renew Barney for another season. But this is probably just a coincidence. ))

<alcar> There are a dozen figurres streaking out of the woods. Female. ( see: http://tinypic.com/fxum47.jpg for more details ) ... not human .. and clawed.
<Faline> (( omg, we're being attacked by neko-chans?? And here I am not playing a male character! >_< :P ))
<alcar> (( yes :) ))

<alcar> The nekomancer hears the battle cry and goes to go past you.,...
* Anelelinde interposes! "Wait!"
<alcar> She slashes at you, angrily :p
<alcar> The necomancer misses, spiting and slashing again. "I'm not going to wait! You lied to me!" and she starts crying, trying to cut you open at the same time. "Everyone lies to me and says I'm ugly! I'M A FUCKING KITTY CAT!"

<alcar> Anelelinde comes across Faline... well.... carving herself up like a turkey for Christmas....
* Anelelinde gasps.
* Faline is gouging her arm and bleeding and trying to apply water.
<Faline> (( "LEECHES! Does anyone have some leeches?!" ))
<alcar> (( were.. leech..... ))
<Anelelinde> (( wereleech++! ))
<Faline> (( EWW ))
<Faline> (( woops, capslock ))
<Anelelinde> (( wait, those are called vampires ))
<Anelelinde> (( carry on ))
<Anelelinde> "What... are you doing?!"

<alcar> Mufasta opens it, wearing a bathrobe and holding a cup of hot chocolate and looking worried.
<Faline> "Crazy cat girrls infected me with some sorrt of crrazy evil cat magic!"
<alcar> Mufasta: "..... you're not joking? REAL cat girls?"
<Faline> "Well, they werre made of magic orr something."
<alcar> Mufasta: "Oh......." He blinks. "Oh! Right. Ah..... come in?"
<Anelelinde> "They were kind of silly I think."
* Faline rushes inside.
<alcar> he steps inside. The interior is ..crowded. And there's enough anti-demon wards scraped into walls, cupboards, tables, ceiling, floor and chairs to probably give Satan pause. if not those, the laundry and pizza conhealing in one corner and the stack of dishes that probably have a sink somewhere under them would do it.
<Faline> (( this place needs a werevixen's touch. :P ))

* Cameron cruises towards the forest. This is an offroading sedan, now. :P
<alcar> The paint job. It is ruined.
<Anelelinde> _She_ is ruined.
<Anelelinde> Use the gender-specific pronoun for extra silliness.

<Faline> "Well, I'm cerrtainly going to make everry efforrt to NOT be the next Old Rrabbit."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Thank you for that?" very dryly.
<AlcarGM> Charles: "You could do things he never dreamed of. The - the old man touched you, all of all, put - power in you. Made you strong before your time...... Does that make ANY sense?"
<Anelelinde> (( touched by an old man => sounds wrong ))
<Faline> (( rofl ))
* Faline nods. "Some."
<AlcarGM> (( yes :)_ ))
<AlcarGM> Simon: ".... not to me! I broke the arm of the last.... uhm .... Imean.... never mind."

<AlcarGM> The land... doesn't presisely refuse, but it NEEDS you. WANTS you. Nothing remotely sexual, of course. It just - needs, to be awake, to be cared for, nurtred, alone .... it's scared you'd leave and never come back, after what OR did to it...
<AlcarGM> (( and the fact hat he effectivdly turned a piece of a continent into a mind resembling a needy child is ..... well .... reason enough to want to cook his balls and force feed them to him :P ))
<Faline> aye
<Faline> Or farm him for lucky rabbit's feet.
<AlcarGM> yes :)
<AlcarGM> That has to be arranged. Somehow :)

<Kage`> "The princes of the thirteenth hour want Rei dead, but I don't think that has anything to do with the storm."
* Anelelinde stretches and yawns randomly.
<Faline> "The who?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Some weird fae who doesn't like Rei. We told him about it."
* Kage` nods
<Kage`> "I wondered if it had anything to do with the storm."
<AlcarGM> (( Simon:: "I thought hre would have told you. Well, the wife is always the last to know..." ))
<Faline> (( *bonk* ))
<AlcarGM> (( *grins* ))
<Faline> "We need to wrrite a list of enemies orr something, so we can keep trrack." *grins slightly*

* Kage` grabs charlie and half throws him and catches him on his shoulders, and starts to jog off, starting into his run :P
* Kage` will wait if that unnerves him a bit, though!
<AlcarGM> Nope, doesn't :p
<AlcarGM> He actually laughs, at one point.
<AlcarGM> Simon: "saving cab fare....." He shakes his head, then grins.
* Faline shrugs.
<AlcarGM> (( The Delaware state police arrest Kage for speeding :p ))
* Kage` takes his own special brand of back 'roads'
<Faline> (( Delaware?? ))
<AlcarGM> (( Yes :) ))
<AlcarGM> (( They's been spotted in town. ))
<Kage`> (hey, its speeding in a motor vehicle, there is no law about running too fast! :P)

<Faline> (( Delaware state police... in Canada... ))
<AlcarGM> (( Yup. And no one sems to notice :) ))
<Faline> (( that is TwilightZoneesque right there. ))

<AlcarGM> next session wil be .. Friday morning!
<Caltak> say what?
<AlcarGM> In game :)
<Caltak> ohhh
<AlcarGM> lol

* Caltak wonders what the NPCs think the EXP distribution should be :P
* alcar is not sure :P
* alcar shall find out when I post :p
<alcar> Sara's idea of self esteem is... .LOTS
<alcar> EXP: Is this like sex?! LOTS!
<alcar> etc :)
<Caltak> WOuld you have Sex with Sara? Sara: "I am right now."
<alcar> hehe

<AlcarGM> It is evening in Trail. The masses of men living their short, brutish lives of quiet desperation wander past you like shadows reflected from a fire, ignorant savages to be moulded to your superior will.
<AlcarGM> Wait. Cecil is not a vampire...
<AlcarGM> It is evening in Trail. Various forms of food wander by
<AlcarGM> :p

<Cecil`^> "Tell me more about this... Blinn."
<AlcarGM> Denice: "He is an .. outcast. Very old. Some believe he was the first of us. I do not know."
<Cecil`^> "Why would the first be outcast? WOuldn't he be more of a leader?"
<AlcarGM> Denice: "Not if you pervert your purpose, use it to - harm others."
<Cecil`^> "Ah..."
<AlcarGM> Denice: "He.... makes sure poor things happen to people. Like a -" she forwns, searching for a word, the snaps her fingers. "Lawyer!"

<Cecil`^> I'm leading the story to you
<Cecil`^> TO YOU
<kentari> ARGH
<kentari> CURSE YOU
<Cecil`^> LoL
<AlcarGM> LOL!

* Cameron will sooner give his soul to ruin than be bullied around by these miscreants! He intends to look up how exactly to eat his own soul.
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> with ketchup? :)
* Cameron isn't kidding, either :P

<Cecil`^> "I've survived this long, I don't plan on dieing for a stupid thing like proving my existance."

<Cecil`^> "You seem to be enjoying this... a little too much.."
<AlcarGM> Denice: 'Hmm?" She looks up witha slow, sleepy smile. "Sorry. Haven't had anyone do that in ... a long time. You have good hands."
* Cecil`^ frowns
<Cecil`^> "Perhaps you should go to bed, it's getting late."
<AlcarGM> She blinks, pzuzled. "Warm now," sleepily. "Your hands are really warm."
* Cecil`^ nods "I told you I could do fire."
<AlcarGM> Denice: "Real fire, too.... mmm...... are they as warm in a bed?" in the same sleepy tone
* Cecil`^ smiles "It takes more than sweet talking to get me to use them in a bed. You'll have to work harder than that. But not tonight."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Are you sure?!"
<AlcarGM> j/k
<Cecil`^> =p
<AlcarGM> (( though I ws so, so tempted :p ))
<AlcarGM> She just nods, stil half asleep
* Cecil`^ shows her to the bed, and tucks her in =p
<Cecil`^> (( It's hard to have sex after you just smiled at your own death and asked it to eat dinner with you ))
<AlcarGM> (( excuses, excuses. Sara wouldn't accept those paltry excuses! :p ))

* Cecil`^ goes inside as the sun rises to get cleaned up and ready for work, putting on slacks and a mr. rodger's sweater
<Kage`> (What is with all the Mr. Rogers references?)
<Cecil`^> (( He always wears one to work ))
<Cameron> ((Everyone has a fetish. ;P))
<AlcarGM> (( It better not be Mr. Rogers. he's dead. ))

<AlcarGM> You wake Denice?
<Cecil`^> meh, it's morning, why the hell not?
<AlcarGM> She gets up with a yawn and walks into the kitchen. "What's the clothing for?'
<Cecil`^> "Work."
<AlcarGM> She stares at you as if you grew a second head. "What?"
<Cecil`^> "I have a job. I work as a student councelor at the local high school."
<AlcarGM> Denice: "Why?"
* Cecil`^ shrugs "It explains the time gap so that the GM can generally fast forward through my work, and I don't fall behind the other PCs due to the lack of time that I get to actually play the game.."
<Cecil`^> Or not
<AlcarGM> lol
* Cecil`^ shrugs "It helps keep me from getting bored durring the day."

<Kage`> (So, to get this straight, the master had tin man collect children? :P)
<Kage`> "IS it near?"
<AlcarGM> (( yup. ))
<AlcarGM> Tin: "One is not sure. The door was where the master wanted."
<Cameron> (( omg you found Scraps!! ))
<Cameron> (( Awww.. who's a good doggy? :D ))
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))

* Cecil`^ goes to his office, and tosses a few pencils into the ceiling tiles
<AlcarGM> 2d6
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 5
<AlcarGM> They stick.
<AlcarGM> :p

* Cecil`^ considers having an entire conversation using a discriptor of the subject, rather than actual words
<Cecil`^> "Disapointment over child being disruptive in class, and boring reminder of how important high school is."
<Cecil`^> =p
<AlcarGM> heh
<AlcarGM> "expression of worry, ,meaningingless insane comment, partial agreement designed to elevate speaker."
<Cecil`^> "Emphasis on classes importants and long story about having used said subject matter previously durring childhood."

<Kage`> "If your master collected children, its pretty obvious why he didn't have friends."
<Kage`> "People don't like people who do that sort of thing."
<Kage`> "You were bound to do it, he wasn't."
<Kage`> 'So it was purely his choice."
<AlcarGM> Tin: "Master said they were needed in war."
<Kage`> "They?"
<AlcarGM> Tin nods. "Children."
<Kage`> 'What war?"
<AlcarGM> Tin: "Against master's enemies."
<Kage`> "And who were those enemies?"
<AlcarGM> Tin hesitates, the goes over th the pile of cans he rolled in and points.
<AlcarGM> To a Coke can.
<Kage`> "A... soda corporation?"
<AlcarGM> Tin nods.
<Kage`> 'Who was your master?"
<AlcarGM> Tin points to a Pepsi can.
* Kage` just... stares
<AlcarGM> (( *whistles innocently* ))
<Kage`> (I hate you, alcar :P)

<AlcarGM> Explanation that existence of other students harrasses student and satan is the ruler of the world and must be fought. Demand to know where the administration stands
<AlcarGM> (( Screaming fit and threat to burn dragon at stake.. :p ))
<Cecil`^> Denial that the administration has an official stance, reminder of schools lack of using religion in schools. Question regarding said shirt, with wonder on if student is for or against those acts. Emphasis that he said he was for satan.
<AlcarGM> Proclamation that Canada is a Christian nation, loud denouncement of thos ewho disbelieve in t-shirt, declaration of Faith.
<Cecil`^> Statement on schools neutrility of religions affiliation. Command to wear school approved attire. Offer to allow student to use "Cover" shirt to hide statements on shirt, motioning to tattered school jersey.
<AlcarGM> Affront at attempt to hide the Truth. Offer showing of faith and undoing of shoes.
<Cecil`^> Restatement of schools attire policies, assurance that student is free to have his own beliefs but denial that student may use hateful comments. Command to change shirt or to contact Parrent or Guardian listed on student's sheet.
<AlcarGM> Showing of feet wrapped in bandages, declation of stigmata in feverent voice.
<Cecil`^> Denial of religions affiliation. Offer to have nurse look at feet for infection. Demand that student change shirt.
<AlcarGM> Informative statement of being infected by God. Refusal to bow to atheist propaganda

<AlcarGM> Stigmata: the fashion accessory of the psychotically pious :p
<Cecil`^> Stigmata: Insanity gone religious

<kentari> damn
<kentari> I can't write a case study while I GM sara
<Drew`> LOL
* kentari is writing about how this 7-year old is obsessed with sex.
<kentari> :P

<Aaron_V> "The human brain can only go without oxygen for four minutes before irreversible brain damage can start."
<kentari> Sara nods, writing things down on her Teacher Clipboard.
* Rachael plays in-need-of-CPR.
* Drew` looks at the clock. "I wonder if this class counts as irreversible brain damage?" with a sigh.
<kentari> Sara looks at the clock as well, then at Aaron with mock shock on her face, "You don't have much time!"

<kentari> It then looks at Rachael and pauses a moment, nodding. It holds out the hand not holding the stick.. tendrils emerge from its palm...
<kentari> It sort of, perhaps, beckons Rachael, holding out the tendrilled hand.
<Rachael> "Yes?"
<Drew`> "Maybe it thinks you're insane, too?"
* Rachael approaches... a little.
<kentari> It smiles. One of the tendrils develops a bud at its tip...
<Rachael> ...
* Rachael stares intently.
<kentari> The bud quivers slightly, and opens into a very complicated looking flower....
* Aaron_V watches Rachael carefully.
<kentari> It moves its hand a little closer to Rachael, invitinly. Smiling and looking at her with its dark, enchanting eyes..
<Drew`> "..... maybe they marry crazy people as a humanitarian gesture?" weakly

<Drew`> "Maybe you sould run away?" to Rachael
<Rachael> "But it's a pretty flower!" (duh.)
<kentari> It sets aside the pointy stick, making a "come here" motion with its free hand, gesturing to the flower a la Wheel of Fortune
<kentari> All the while, retaining its thin smile.
* Rachael steps an eensy bit closer.
<Aaron_V> "I don't like the way he's smiling, though."
<kentari> It moves the flower an equal amount closer, as well.
<kentari> Its about two feet from you now, Rachael
<Drew`> "Rachael? It's an ALIEN. They don't do pretty flowers!"
<Rachael> "It's a nice flower. But you can keep it! I have some at home, I know they're not quite as nice, but..."

<Aaron_V> ((actually, Aaron became somewhat more unhinged after his illusions were forcibly cracked.))
<Aaron_V> ((his delusions cracking made him more like rachael :D))
<Rachael> (( I'm a PARADIGM haha ))

<kentari> It points at Rachael, who looks absolutely emaciated. "Friend. Friend GAVE." Then it holds the flower towards Drew, "Give?"
<Aaron_V> "Friends don't hurt friends, though."
<kentari> <Creature> "Hurrrrt?"
<Drew`> "Ah.... i don't want to give.. that. Could I take an IOU?" desperately
<kentari> It looks back towards the gym, again, silently.
* Drew` edges towards Rachael to check on her
* Anton slumps against the wall and slides to the floor
* Aaron_V pulls up his left sleeve and shows the creature his ruined arm
<Aaron_V> "That is what hurting causes."
<Aaron_V> "At least, one of the things that hurting can cause."
* Drew` shakes Rachael. "You ... okay?"
<kentari> <Creature> "You don't want.. to give.. you have.. GREEDY!"
<kentari> It leaps towards Drew, bearing the stick!
<kentari> When all of a sudden.
<kentari> We pause for Ken to type :P

<kentari> All that remains is the group, the Tree, Faust.. and six twinkling, reddish stars in the sky, glowing brightly straight above.
* Aaron_V looks up. "Those stars may not be good."
* Anton looks up, 'Shit."

<AlcarGM> You're driving home from the wine shop, taking car eto obey the rules of the road, when your cell phone rings. Probably Sophie, drunk, needing a ride
* Cameron answers and hesitates a moment, recalling all the people who now have his number..
<Cameron> "Hello."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "HI Cutie!"
<AlcarGM> j/k
<Cameron> (( :P ))
<Cameron> (( * drive off cliff * ))

<Darryl> Fennec? you're on here without one of your character names?
* Darryl spontaneously breaks into song
<Fennec> yes
<Fennec> that happens occasionally
<Darryl> It's the end of the world as we know it!
<Fennec> mostly on the weekends
<Darryl> Yes the end of the world as we know it!

* Cameron looks around, "We haven't seen Sophie lately, have we?"
<AlcarGM> Simon shakes his head. "I don't think he's - uhm, she - is back yhet. I didn't smell hi - her come in."
* Cameron laughs, "You know, then?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Huh?"
<Cameron> "About Sophie."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "We kind of saw... her .. leave," uncomfortably.
<Cameron> "I had wondered when he would come out of her shell."
* Cameron seems much more fluid with shifting pronouns!
<Cameron> "Don't let it get to you."
<Cameron> "Think of him as .. a were-woman."
* Cameron suggests!
<AlcarGM> Simon blinks, then giggles. "I don't think he'd like if if we called him that."

<AlcarGM> Simon: "I don't... like it? uderstand it? think it's ... wrong? I don't know!" Hee winces, lowering his voice. "I don't know."
<Cameron> "I'm sorry."
<Cameron> "I'll ask him not to flaunt it in front of you, until you can at least sort it all out."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "I don't know how to, though."
<Cameron> "Don't dwell on it, first of all."
<Cameron> "Think of other things."
<Cameron> "There's a saying, among the vampire."
<Cameron> "Time heals most wounds."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Uhm ..... wounds?"
<AlcarGM> (( "I can see why it's a vampire one. *We* regenerate!" ))
<Cameron> (( :P ))

<AlcarGM> Eyes widen under bangs. "... oh. So you're ... old. Wow."
<Cameron> "I've been very careful."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "But... doesn't it get... boring?"
<Cameron> "The really old ones are either cowards or geniuses. I'm still not sure which I am."
<Cameron> "Boring isn't even an accurate word to describe it, sometimes. I travel, every so often. See the sights, that kind of thing."
<AlcarGM> (( actually, I think: "Unhinged" covers most of them rather well :) ))
<Cameron> ((Hmm? :P))
<Cameron> "Its been interesting, most of the time, though."
<AlcarGM> (( as opposed to coward or genius :) ))
<Cameron> ((ah ;p))

<Darryl|Gaming> all right, good night, my computer is overheating
* Darryl|Gaming (Quit: overheating)
<Sparkie> .. it's probably not my fault
<Fennec> 1d2 Sparkie's fault? (yes/no)
<Sparkie> Fennec 1d2: 1 Sparkie's fault? (yes/no)
* Sparkie curses. I HATE THE DICE BOT!
<Sparkie> Wait a minute...

<alcar> For some reason ,I really want to fit kitten huffing into a game.
<alcar> Probably not lolad, though.
<alcar> Though I do have this fun, fun image of a demon trying to huff yuki
* alcar ponders....

<alcar> Oh! That remainds me: Jane needs to get inot trouble.
<alcar> any suggestionsd?
<Chaos`^> Uhm...
<Chaos`^> Ah...
<Chaos`^> Hmm... how much trouble?
<alcar> Nekomancers? :p
<alcar> Actually, dunno. Just.. hrm... cecil fancy a road trip to NYC?
<Chaos`^> ok
<alcar> K. Cult it is, then :)
<alcar> cults are fun.
<Chaos`^> what?
<Chaos`^> where do you get cults from new york?
<Chaos`^> don't answer that
* alcar laughs

<AlcarGM> You arrive at work without any trouble at all, though most of the motel rooms have doors open and, well, there seems to be some mass orgy on progress, or perhaps it's a religious revival - hard to tell apart, really.
* Cecil`^ hmms and keeps that thought in the back of his head, but sits down in his office throwing more pencils at the ceiling
<AlcarGM> There's a note on your desk saying that there'll be a staff meeting after work this evening.
<AlcarGM> One student is brought in for uttering "naughty words" according to the new politically correct guidelines, and explains that he can't sya the word, because it's naughty, and he didn't mean it sexually, and eventually confesses that it rhymes with "fuck"
<AlcarGM> (( taken from RL, in an elementary school :p ))

<Rachael> "Yeah, I guess; what is up with this funky place?"
<Cecil`^> "It's a school, it's a law that they should be funky."
<Rachael> "No, I'm talking about the telepathic butterflies and such."
<AlcarGM> (( "Thhat's just the soma put into the drinking fountain." ))
<Cecil`^> "I'm affraid you've lost me. Butterflies aren't telepathic."
* Cecil`^ sits there, looking ignorant
<Rachael> "Okay, so it was just the one. But still."
<AlcarGM> Cecil is so good at it, he doesn't have to roll!
* AlcarGM grins

<Cecil`^> "Ah, yes... Well I'm sure the fine nurses of our establishment will show you a much better way of living..." Motionint to the nurse entering the office
<AlcarGM> The nurse smiles the grim smile of the damned, familiar to Cecil from some ex-wives, no doubt. "Come with me young lady."
<Rachael> "Why?"
* Cecil`^ begins filling out paperwork
<Cecil`^> "The nurse will be able to help you... with the butterflies, the establishment and... The paranoia."
<AlcarGM> Nurse: "This is a school. There is no why, there is only obeying. We do not encourage people to ask 'why' here."
<Cecil`^> lol
* Rachael nods. "I know that, silly."
* Cecil`^ hmms, scribbles out a field and writes something above it
<AlcarGM> The nurse nods, and escorts Rachael out of the room.

<AlcarGM> The gym is, well ..... You open the door. It's the grade 10 class, which Charles is in. They are, to all intents and purposes, having a call-wide orgy. On the purple exercise mayts spread out over the floor.
<Cecil`^> "That's odd."
<AlcarGM> Sara is standing off the the side in a gym outfit that leaves enough to the imagination to leave it wanting to remoe said outfit, holding a clipboard, and apparently grading people.
* Cecil`^ looks around

<kentari> oh go
<kentari> d
<kentari> NO
<kentari> NO NO NO
<AlcarGM> hahahhaha

<AlcarGM> The cab driver is a jolly middle-eastern terrorist whose grasp of English is limited to frequenting internet chat rooms.
* Cecil`^ gives him a street address
<AlcarGM> He asks how u r, and acutally says "lol", but drives you.
<Cecil`^> does he pronounce actually 'acutally'?
<AlcarGM> (( of course! ))
<AlcarGM> It begins to rain as he drives into the more upscales homes of the village, a steady drizzle wiped away by wipers that makes the city seemed blurred and indistinct around you, as if youn were driving through a dismal dream. The driver stops beside a large brownstone apartment complex, engine running. "Be the place. lol. U R happy?"

<Cecil`^> "Damnit, who the hell is Maureen?"
* Cecil`^ sighs holding the bridge of his nose
<Cecil`^> "Nevermind that. I need information."
<AlcarGM> A pause. Zorro: "A secretary," dryly. "Was there anything else you wished to waste my time with my dead boy?"
<Cecil`^> "I want to know what Haruspex Corporation is."
<AlcarGM> err, dear boy :p
<Cecil`^> lol
<Cecil`^> actually
<AlcarGM> (( bad typo :p ))
<Cecil`^> it wouldn't surprise me if he said dead boy
<AlcarGM> (( that is true :) ))

<AlcarGM> You have no idea how much Zorro has.
<AlcarGM> money wise
<Cecil`^> Damn
<AlcarGM> but, rough guess? See US National Debt.
<AlcarGM> Guess who owns it.
<Cecil`^> LoL =p
* AlcarGM grins

<Cecil`^> Falene has a pack
<Cecil`^> A FULL PACK!?
<AlcarGM> Yes
<AlcarGM> 21, total
<Cecil`^> ARE YOU INSANE!?
<AlcarGM> .... the jury is out on that? :p

<Cecil`^> "I want to speak with her about Haruspex."
* Cecil`^ crosses his arms looking INTIMIDATING
<AlcarGM> He blinks, hesitates. "Who and what are you?" flatly
<AlcarGM> The girl moves up beside him, knives in her hands.
<Cecil`^> "Cecil. I'm..." Grinning "Human."
<AlcarGM> The young girl is still watching, fo gathering around her.
<AlcarGM> "Oh?" The man smiles. "The *kneel*," with power behind it...
<Cecil`^> "Perhaps a strong willed human..."
<AlcarGM> (( knee him in the balls? "I thought you said knee! I'm so sorry!" ))

<Cecil`^> (( WHere's the little girl? ))
<Cecil`^> (( It's her I fear the most ))
<Cecil`^> "I think I have it covered now." To Denice
<AlcarGM> She's at the other end, out of the way of denice :)
<AlcarGM> The girl vanishes into dog.
<AlcarGM> err, fog
<AlcarGM> (( "No! Help! Get me out! DAMNED GM TYPOES! ))

<AlcarGM> The brother and sister look at each other, then take a step back from you.
<Cecil`^> or the fog, rather
<AlcarGM> The temperature in the alley drops to normal and Denice just nods and erm the gm is about to pass out, so until next time true believers, where we find out if Blossom will speak to cecil or not, we bid our hero adieu!
<Cecil`^> ...
<Cecil`^> that's against the rules
* AlcarGM is now known as alcar
<Cecil`^> RULES alcar
<alcar> Is better thn falling alseep in the middle of it :p
<Cecil`^> there are ground rules set for every game that state
<Cecil`^> "No stopping the game when the PC fires at an NPC."

<AlcarGM> She lashes out with her aura again, as you reach her...
<AlcarGM> 2d6-1
<Sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6-1: 6(7)
<AlcarGM> def?
<Cecil`^> 2d6
<Sparkie> Cecil`^ 2d6: 10
<Cecil`^> hmm
* Cecil`^ considers taking a round in slapping sparkie
<AlcarGM> Her aura slams you into the wall (37 damage :p), pinning you there with will alone.
<Sparkie> Not with a trout, buster.

<Cecil`^> 2d6
<Sparkie> Cecil`^ 2d6: 11
<Cecil`^> fuck you sparkie
<AlcarGM> (( ... reroll :p ))
<Cecil`^> lol

<kentari> woah
<kentari> hold on here a second
<kentari> Cecil ...
<kentari> :D You rock, so much.
* kentari gets to inherit New York if this plays out in Cecil's favor. :P
<Cecil`^> hmm?
<AlcarGM> LOL!

<AlcarGM> Well. Cecil destroyed the World Trade Centre with the gun :)

* Anelelinde waltzes up and knocks onna door...
<AlcarGm> She opens it a few moments later, already prim and proper, dresed for success and all of that. "Good morning."
<Anelelinde> "Hello Beth! Listen, you're a normal person, right? I have, umm, well... hmm. It's hard to explain."
<AlcarGm> Beth: ".... And that is?"
<AlcarGm> (( "Doeas this tail make me look fat?" ))

* Anelelinde inelegantly attempts to blast the obvious fact that Anelelinde is a butterfly-creature into the poor woman's mind.
<AlcarGm> You lash out .. for a moment, her mind almost holds, then gives way under your power.
<AlcarGm> Beth blinks, blinbks..... tries to deny it ... blinks .......
<AlcarGm> Beth: "b-b-but .. but ... but.... that's not possible..." in a small voice
* Anelelinde slumps to the ground.
<Anelelinde> "I probably shouldn't have done that."
* Anelelinde sits.
<AlcarGm> Beth: "It's not possible," as if she didn't hear you, repeating it like a mantra.
<Anelelinde> "Cameron told me I probably shouldn't be so heavy-handed with the mind powers... oh, fooie."
<AlcarGm> Beth: "We -we couldn't have hired you. You wouldn't have a real SIN card," on firmer ground. "We could be shut down by the immigration autorities for hiring an illegal alien."
<Anelelinde> "No, I'm self-employed, I pay YOU proceeds, remember?"
<Anelelinde> "from the tent!"
<AlcarGm> Beth: "Oh. That's good," distantly. "That's very good."

<AlcarGm> It's Kage, leaving the library, with the vampire..... lolad Clue would be fun.....
<Anelelinde> Faline. Everywhere. With her teeth and claws.
<Anelelinde> I WIN!
<Kage`> :>
* AlcarGm grins

<Anelelinde> "Faline? What does one do with a tuna?"
<Faline> "One eats it, of courrse."
<Anelelinde> "Umm... I don't know how."
* Anelelinde sticks out her tongue demonstratively "Ee?"
<Anelelinde> tubular, dude.
<AlcarGm> Simon tries some of the eggs, blinks. "Well, dad always liked the crunchy bits.... no one else did...."
<Faline> "Carreful of the can edges. They'rre sharrp."
<Faline> (( Little did we know the tuna canning factory was infiltrated and the cans were laced with silver... ))
<AlcarGm> (( .... tempting.... :p ))

<Kage`> "There is some force out there trying to drag you all into the light."
<Kage`> "Best to be prepared and entrenched and understood, even just a little bit when it happens."
<Kage`> "Your only other choice is to be hunted down, or to run away to places without people, and live only half of what you could be."
<Kage`> "Most of you can hide, and easily, but that option is denied to others, like Rei, or Yuki."
<AlcarGm> Sonne: "And your option is?"
<Kage`> "To build a presence in town that is accepted, so when people -know- they realise its always been there, and not like some alien invasion."
<Faline> (( We should form a political party :P ))

<Faline> hmmmmm, I sems to recall Faline's mom mentioning that her dad was a weretiger at some point during the trip (obviously before the getting eaten bit) but not sure if it really happened or not.
* AlcarGm nods.... hrm... she would have .p

<Kage`> 'Well, I know Faline is your pack leader and all, but from what I know from Simon, your all good people."
<Faline> (( is it just me or did that sound like "I know Faline is your leader, but I don't hold that against you?" :P ))
<Kage`> (its actually, me explaining my reason why I want to help :P)

<Kage`> "Well, thats the thing, we need to determine skills, and how they would fit in."
<Kage`> "Lynn already has a schtick."
<Faline> (( "Is naked dancing a skill?" ))
<Faline> (( "I could do faith healing. And if we don't have any cripples to heal, I can take care of that, too." ))
<AlcarGm> (( "Or eating the elderly!" ))
<Faline> (( Nah, they taste of old socks. ))

<Anelelinde> (( faith healing! ))
<Anelelinde> (( for the Cult of Faline (blessed be her great and terrible name) ))
<Faline> (( It's pretty sad that I can see her being a pretty good diety, since she has aspects of mercy and of punishment. :P ))
<Kage`> (You wanna talk about aspects!? :P)

<Kage`> "The mental ward is something I can't help, though, lotta crazy people for such a small place."
<Faline> "yes, well..." *looks innocent*

<Anelelinde> "they don't like what they don't understand- and that's what scares them."
<Kage`> 'So we make them understand."
<Kage`> "Slowly at first, so they don't realise it."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "TV ads?"
<Anelelinde> "Corny TV ads!"
<Faline> "..."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "... unless you meant something else?"
<AlcarGm> (( Y' know, we could redo the underworld movie in this campaign as a propaganda film... ))

<AlcarGm> Simon: "It's just - if we tell them the monsters are reawl, they'll just try and kill us. It's what they did last time."
<Faline> "Monsterrs? You don't tell them monsterrs arre real. What you show them is that the monsterrs arren't rreally monsterrs at all."
* Kage` nods

<Kage`> "I hear so much abiut the aftermath, what happened exactly?"
<Faline> "...Well, a little of this, a little of that, and then everryone starrted killing each otherr..."
<Anelelinde> (( we should post "Faline is Sorry!" posters all over ))
<Anelelinde> (( sign them with the name and a paw-print ))
<Faline> (( lol ))
<AlcarGm> (( :p ))
<Faline> (( that'd go over real good. ))
<Faline> (( we could send chocolates to people too :P ))
<Faline> (( "Sorry! Love, Faline. P.S. I promise to cut down on the eating people thing." ))
<Anelelinde> (( "Faline is sorry she ate you!" ))
<AlcarGm> (( P.S. Please get better. Claws and kisses. ))

<Rachael> we should take a trip to a big city and eat people there :/

<AlcarGM> Denice: "This is your idea of a sane evening?!"
<Cecil`^> "I never said it would be sane... Infact I think I told you the oposite..."
<AlcarGM> Denice: "Next time try a little harder!"

<Kage`> "He asked me for a ride home."
* Kage` gives them! :P
<Cameron> "You can drive..?"
* Kage` nods!
* Kage` thinks
<Kage`> "That just occured to me, though."
<Anelelinde> "Why are we going there?"
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "Sara can," blissfully. "Stick shift, automatic, bicycle pump..."
<Cameron> "To see if he stayed home from school, today."
<Kage`> "He won't be there yet."
<Anelelinde> (( actually, I think the answer was No ))
* Cameron nearly slams on the brakes, getting into a wreck.
<Cameron> "Sara?!"
<AlcarGM> Sophie just nods, and meows happily.

* Cameron looks very, very warily at Kage.
<Cameron> "You and I may be the only sane ones left."
* Kage` has no words to comfort you in your time of 'oh hell no.'

* Cecil`^ sits for a few more minutes, then stands "We need to go."
<AlcarGM> Denice: "Where?"
<Cecil`^> "If we really are in france, then to the north of us should be england... and in it london... Hopefully we can find help there."
<Cecil`^> well northish
<AlcarGM> Denice: "There's also the English channel!"
<Cecil`^> "Yes well we'll cross that bridge when we come to it..."
<AlcarGM> Denice: "Since when does it have a bridge?!"

* Cecil`^ pulls out his cellular!
<AlcarGM> To your shock... it seems to be getting reception. Somehow.
<Cecil`^> I KNEW IT!
* Cecil`^ tries to call... someone...
* Cecil`^ dials 411
<AlcarGM> You get.... no response. It rings... and rings... and then there is static. No answer, just a strange static.
<Cecil`^> haha odd
* Cecil`^ calls uhm... edward
<AlcarGM> Same thing. It rings - 5 times - and then cuts into static, but if you listen you can make pauses in the static . .perhaps words, but you can't make them out.
* Cecil`^ stops, sitting behind a random tree, listening
<AlcarGM> (( "are ... .you . .satisfied... with . .your.... current ... long ... distance .... plan ... Ma Bell... offers .. disconted .. timetravel . .rates.... discounts for ..TARDIS ...." ))
<Cecil`^> "Hold on..." To Denice
* Cecil`^ listens carefully to le static
<AlcarGM> Denice: "Were's in the 15th century. Cell phones don't work," helpfully :p

<AlcarGM> Static... more static .. rapidfire breaks . .static .. rapidfire breaks ...static .. it's not morse code, but it's some kind of communication.
* Cecil`^ would suspect aliens, but this is lolad, not UA

<AlcarGM> The angel folds its arms, waiting. You don't sense the kind of massive power you'd expect from an angel, oddly. And no magic. Though perhaps they're above such things.
<AlcarGM> Angel: "By what meansdo you disturb the heavens?"
<Cecil`^> lol
<Cecil`^> "A cell phone."
<AlcarGM> Angel: "I see.:" The cell phone jerks out of your hand, floating up into the aether.
<Cecil`^> "Uhm excuse me... that's mine..."
<AlcarGM> White light flares, and the cell phone is now a sacrifice to the one true Lord. Which probably won't go over well with whoever you made your contract with.
<AlcarGM> Denice: "....."
<Cecil`^> "My insurance plan doesn't cover 'being destroyed by an angel'..."

* Cameron mutters, walks up to the trunk and withdraws one big lookin' gun! He tosses it to Kage, and retrieves pistols for himself.
<Kage`> (What is it? :P)
<Cameron> ((Rocket Launcher.))
* Kage` half catches it :P
<Kage`> (RPG, or like, a freaking LAW? :P)
<Cameron> ((Like. Think Israeli Terrorist.))
<Kage`> (a vest with a switch? :P)
<Cameron> (( :D ))
<Kage`> (I have heavy weapons, not 'dumbass' :P)

<AlcarGM> You walk into woods, armed with guns and a rocket lanucher, looking for cute girls with a kitten fetish.
<Kage`> ( :> )
<Cameron> (( We might need more firepower. ))

<Cecil`^> "Why does everyone want me dead!?"

<Cecil`^> I think I just killed god
<Anelelinde> is that so, Mr. Neitzsche?
<Cecil`^> LOL

<Anelelinde> "Regrettable mistakes is our middle name!" <-- too true :D

<Cecil`^> "I have to go see what's going on..." To Denice "Stay here, I'll be right back... I hope."
* Cecil`^ teleports to his pocket universe that is as close to heaven as he can get =p
<AlcarGM> You appear there.
<AlcarGM> It's grey. And quiet. Unchanged.
<AlcarGM> (( except for the big "out of order. Closing down sale. Everything must GO!' sign overhead ))

<Cecil`^> "Row faster!" To Denice
<alcar> Denice: "I've never bloody rowed before!"
* Cecil`^ turns, surprised, and checks her form... and to see if we're even moving
<alcar> You're moving, mostly in the direction you want. Though there's some nasty blisters on her arms where she's been splashed so far.
<Cecil`^> "Gah, damnit... I'll do it..." Switching places with her again, and rowing as best he can
<alcar> The GM pauses to note that a dragon and fire genie are possibly at the mercy of 7 angry french fishermen for boat theft and are unable to defeat them. This is highly amusing :P

<Cecil`^> "How do you drink?"
<alcar> Denice: "Drink?"
<Cecil`^> "You were drinking the other night..."
<alcar> Denice: "Transmutation," absently, rubbing her arms. "Can't you -- eat them or something?"
<Cecil`^> "No. I'm not THAT kind of dragon..."
<alcar> Denice: "Then what kind are you?!"
<alcar> Angry Fisherman: "Heathen! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!"
<Cecil`^> LoL!
<alcar> :p

* Cecil`^ pulls out a roll of bandages that he got from the village and redresses his wound, cleaning it with any nearby water, and burning the old bandages to start a nice campfire
<AlcarGM> That's easy enough. It banadges well; just won't heal all the way. You're hungry, tired, a few centuries from home, and your cell phone was destroyed by an irate angel. Aside from that, you're not dead so everything is fine.
<Cecil`^> great
<AlcarGM> Wait, you COULD be dead and ths is your afterlife....
<Cecil`^> lolz
<Cecil`^> my afterlife found a very strange time period to be in

* Cecil`^ douses the fire, thinking of how hard it would be to outrun a forest fire, not realizing there is a fire elemental next to him,and that he is a dragon

<AlcarGM> You go outside. WThere is indeeed .. something .. in the sky passing overhead, but it seems to be half real, more like a dream fuelled by wild magic than anything else.
* Cecil`^ humms and looks around for anyone chasing it
<AlcarGM> "I wonder when it used to be real?" Denice says from behind you.
<Cecil`^> "WHy do you say that?"
<AlcarGM> Nothing. They're chasing something, though, but you can't make it out.
<Cecil`^> How far up is it?
<AlcarGM> Denice: "I don't know. It just loooks ... kind of sad..."
<AlcarGM> 1/2 a mile or so?
<Cecil`^> "Yes, well... WHAT is it?"
<AlcarGM> Denice: "The wild hunt?"
<Cecil`^> "WHat? Hunt is a verb... THAT can't be a hunt..." Pointing to the thing in the sky "It has to be something else."
<AlcarGM> Whoever the hunt is following stumbles in the air, on something ..... the dogs dscend, tearing it into pieces, female screams filling the air.
<AlcarGM> Denice: ".... what?!"

<Kayara> hmm...
<Kayara> I had a GM tell me about some NPCs that were chained to the walls of the dungeon "but otherwise looked comfortable enough"

<Cameron> "Perhaps we should check on it from time to time, and watch our steps for now... it seems like this is the biggest threat, really. Does the pack know, I wonder?"
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "Where?" flatly. There is a red gleam in his eyes.
<Cameron> "That, I don't know. Do we really want to take them all on at once as we are, all things considered, either?"
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "Yes. Very much so."
<Cameron> "Hrm."
<AlcarGM> He's just a weeek bit pissed off :p
<AlcarGM> He almost made love to something out of a cheap B movie, after all :p
<Anelelinde> (( LoLaD => a cheap B movie ))
<AlcarGM> (( heretic! :p ))

* Cameron starts the car. It makes noise, yes :P
* Cameron shall drives back to the house :P
* Cameron conjures a road while he's at it, damnit. >:E
<AlcarGM> (( "Or faline will eat you" should be appended to all fortune cookies in LoLaD ))
<Anelelinde> (( "You shall have financial success... or Faline will eat you. ))

* Cameron looks at the leader, "I'm open to dialog."
* Kage` rushes the one who just hopped back
<Cameron> "This doesn't have to end violently."
<AlcarGM> Enforcer: 'You will be destroyed if you shelter them," to Caameron :)
<AlcarGM> Kage attacks the poor enforcer....
* Cameron looks at the Enforcer, "If there are any survivors to report that I am sheltering them." He grins, with aura pouring out of him such that he hasn't allowed to let aur..inate? :P before!
<AlcarGM> (( aurinate is .... uhm ... not the best sounding word :p ))

<Cameron> "What did you mean by Wing, anyway?"
* Cameron asks Kage. "I'm a square when it comes to slang.."
* Kage` just waves it off
<Kage`> "I thought they were powerful."
<Cameron> "You, too, are powerful."
<Anelelinde> "Behold, the power of cheese."
<Anelelinde> -- j/k

<Cameron> "We need to work something out, though, before we go any further."
<Cameron> "I have the sinking feeling that there are going to be a lot of bodies here at my household. What are we going to do with them?"
<Anelelinde> "Well, *I* don't need to stay here personally myself"
* Cameron just nods at Anne, bereft of any facial expression that would betray his position on the issue
<AlcarGM> Sophie wanders back in. "Have one in the. .. other space, for now. We could just cook them up for food at the restaurant thing."
* Cameron nods at Sophie. "Good idea."
<Cameron> "We'll package it up nicely, and call it Soylent Surprise."
<Anelelinde> "cooked vampire? Eww!"
<Cameron> "Have you ever had rock candy? That stuff is crystallized vampire souls. Its because we're so sweet." ((j/k ;P))
<AlcarGM> Sophie snaps: "Likely better than cooked butterfly."
<Cameron> "Regardless."
<Anelelinde> "Insects are crunchy and have lots of protein!"
* Kage` just shakes his head
* Cameron looks around, "I guess I could convert the basement into a morgue, for now."

* Kage` 's aura flickers to life, drone fading as he crystalizes some kind of power in the air, affecting Simon
* Cameron doesn't answer, and conveniently watches Kage's work. :P
<Anelelinde> "Hey, or you could die of embarassment!"
<AlcarGM> Simon snaps awake as if someone just fried him with lightning, fur smoking and standing on end as he yelps.
* Kage` jerks back
* Cameron looks at Simon assessively!
<Cameron> "What's your name?"
* Cameron asks Simon promptly and seriously
<Anelelinde> "My name is Inigo Montoya. You kill my father- prepare to die!" -- j/k
<Cameron> (( :D ))
<AlcarGM> Simon: "..... Simon," with a gasp, catching his breath. "That was....." He shakes his head, blurring into human. ".... wow."
<AlcarGM> (( was tempting :p ))
<Cameron> "What happened?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Faline, I think..... it was .. a lot of energy." His voice sounds a bit high, and energy is humming around him, not his own.
<Cameron> :( Kage had psychic sex, didn't he?

<AlcarGM> LOL! Via game1-ooc:
<AlcarGM> <Cameron> :( Kage had psychic sex, didn't he?
<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> No Comment :p
<Kage`> I hate you all, you know that? :P
* AlcarGM laughs

<Cameron> rooooooooooofl
<Cameron> pinnochio
<Cameron> is a were-man
<Cameron> :P
<AlcarGM> hahaha

<Cameron> "Well .. we have the nekomancers, and the enforcers."
<Cameron> "Perhaps we can find some way to keep them busy with each other?"
* Cameron looks around, "Any ideas?" :P
* Cameron takes a moment to appreciate the idea of asking the tactically inept for advice :x

<Cameron> "Hmm.. if we could make it look like Faline is in league with the Queen of Cats.."
<Cameron> "Illusion is a terrible way to word it."
<Anelelinde> "Elusion?"
<Cameron> "We may not even have to 'make' it look like that .."
<Anelelinde> "Delusion?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "I'm not sure the land would want to be, well, used ... but it could probably fool people into thinking we were all Faline, for awhile?"
<Anelelinde> "Wait, delusion? That's Sophie! He thinks he's so Sophie-sticated."
<AlcarGM> Sophie ignores Anelelinde :p

<FirestormZero> :P oh lolad and how confusing it all is
<AlcarGM> Yes :)
<FirestormZero> i never joined a lolad game
<Anelelinde> hmm
<FirestormZero> that was intentional :)
<AlcarGM> lol
<FirestormZero> though the crazyness does look fun

<Anelelinde> I'd like to run away back to the circus, infect... Beth? then perhaps onto other things? maybe the woods?
<AlcarGM> lol. Sure :0
<AlcarGM> You appear back at the circus with a few hop, skip, teleports.
<Anelelinde> hey, and... I could try random people, as well. In town. At the school?
<AlcarGM> of course.
<AlcarGM> feel free :) It wants to grow! Ia!Shub-Niggurath! .. or not :0
<Anelelinde> is Beth still happy? :)

<Kage`> "Can you... sense? where Lynn is?"
<Kage`> "I mean, I don't know if she is part of your pack or not."
<AlcarGM> Simon is silent a few moments. "Circus.... uhm ..... it's kind of hard... she's moving around too much... and doing something? to people?"
<Anelelinde> (( the term, I think, is "rampaging" ))
<AlcarGM> (( yes :) ))

<Anelelinde> out of curiosity, how many people did die from Faline? :)
<AlcarGM> actually, not THAT many, all told :P I think 30, max.
<AlcarGM> Simon killed more during the insanity in trail :p
<Anelelinde> oh, in that case
<Anelelinde> I'll get more than /that/, I'm sure. :P
<Anelelinde> and then, umm, bored, head off to the woods to rendesvous with the Others!
<AlcarGM> of course :)
<Anelelinde> ooh, if I can get anyone who is heading out of town!
<AlcarGM> lol. Easy enough, too.. how many people do you infect, all told?
<Anelelinde> hmm
<Anelelinde> 76. Sparkie hath spoken.
<AlcarGM> Yes :p

<AlcarGM> (( Now I won't be able to use the how I was going to end this session :P "Next Session: The Butterfly Flits Among Them! See the horror of the human butterfly ! Watch the masses become nekomancers! Ia! Ia! Tremble before the Cat with a Thousand Young!" ))

* Kage` just gets to somewhere unseen and stops, looking about, "Er... how far do you think that went?"
<AlcarGM> Simon stops as well, blurring into human, and shrugs. "I think the town and then .... other places?"
<Kage`> "Yeah... I'm not sure how we're going to explain this one...:"
* Kage` decides to make a 'I broke trail' T-shirt :P
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Anne was okay. So I guess we fixed a lot of the cat people," hesitantly, looking for a bright side :p
<Anelelinde> (( I broke it first! ))
<Anelelinde> (( well, second. Third? ))
<Anelelinde> (( Faline, Old Rabbit, Anelelinde, you... any others ))
<Anelelinde> (( ? ))
<Kage`> (Who knows anymore, poor town :P)
<AlcarGM> (( yeah :) ))

<Darryl> LoLaD sounds like "where angels fear to tread
<Darryl> :
<Anelelinde> are you calling me a fool? :)
<Darryl> probably
<Darryl> Might I point out Rachael, for you?
<Darryl> :P

<Alicia> How did the Nekomancy thing go?
<Anelelinde> hmm? Terribly! :)
<Anelelinde> fortunately, someone rolled a 2 at the end and cleaned most of it up
<Anelelinde> unfortunately, someone rolled a 2 at the end and attracted all sorts of fun attention-fu

<AlcarGM> Anelelinde - You waken to sunlight streaming through a window and a warm body pressed against yours.
<Anelelinde> is it awake?
<AlcarGM> Nope, Charles is sleeping sounding. He doesn't snore, at least.
<AlcarGM> (( I like the automatic use of it :p ))
<Anelelinde> are its parents in the house? :P
<AlcarGM> Yup. Fortunately, neither mom nor dad have come to check on their offspring.
<AlcarGM> That would be horribly awkward ;p
<AlcarGM> ("Dear, put the shotgun away. At least he's dating." "It's a freaking butterfly!"

<AlcarGM> Phil looks up at you, an expression of mountiing horror on his face. "What wee you doing upstairs with my son?"
<AlcarGM> Marsha is asking Charles what's wrong, he's telling her, she's ...well .. mostly in shock, demanding t know when he'll get better.
<Anelelinde> "Nothing, silly! I just came by because he was in a somewhat unhappy state." :(
<Anelelinde> "Do I look like the kind of butterfly who would TRY anything?"
<AlcarGM> Phil: "... try... anything......." He looks as if he's considering throwing up :p
<AlcarGM> Marsha: "Well......" She takes a deep breath, escorts Charles to the table, and says quietly, but firmly. "Thank younfor your help Ana . .ane ...... girl. We will take care of our son from here."
<Anelelinde> "Thank-you and good day, then!"
* Anelelinde bows ultra-theatrically, turns into an insect, waves, and vanishes.
<AlcarGM> Phil's voice follows you with: 'My son was blinded by god for having sex with a buterfly!"

* Cameron puts the files he has into a small safe in the library on his way out, next to a wrought-iron bound book.
<AlcarGM> (( The Joy of vampyre Sex! By Sara" ))
<Cameron> (( :P ))

<Kage`> "I can repair, I just can't ever explain."
* Cameron follows the ambulance, "You can work with them when they get to the hospital. It shouldn't take long.."
<Kage`> "Like hell, he's going straight into ICU, relatives only, little less of a lockdown than surgery."
<Cameron> "Are you saying we need to extract him?
<Cameron> "
* Cameron looks in the rear view mirror, at Anne :P
<AlcarGM> (( .... LoLaD, where the PCs hijack ambulances. ))

* Cameron thinks back >>We're all going to my place, quickly, now.. I will put a decoy in Mustafa's stead.. start with him.<< But its really, really soft, distant.. echoes like someone shouting from the top of a mountain
<Anelelinde> >> to Cameron >> we are in an ambulance and your place is not too far away where do I move him to?
<Cameron> ((huh? :P))
<Anelelinde> (( er, your place IS too far away. I think. ))
<Anelelinde> (( where do you want the body? ))
<Cameron> >>To the other Car, at least, then<< this time it pings, like its heard coming through pipes
<AlcarGM> (( and then it times out. ))
* Cameron begins working some of his own magic, waiting for Anne to set wheels in motion before he finalizes things. :P
<Cameron> (( Indeed! ))

<AlcarGM> You reach the grounds without any problems, though the GM so wants the police to pull you over for something...
<Cameron> ;p
<AlcarGM> (( "Why do you have a dead person in your car?" "He's not dead." "Well, err, yes, but they did an autopsy..." ))
<Cameron> (( ;p ))

<Cameron> "If Mustafa comes conscious around you guys before me.. inform him that he's legally dead.. we'll need to take care of that."
* Kage` ....'s
<Cameron> "I couldn't keep the illusion up, so I had it expire."

<AlcarGM> Behind the tape. The hole - or door - in the air.
<AlcarGM> it's cold. You don't know where you are, but you're very cold. No breath, no place to breathe.. just a kind of waiting silence that seems to breathe, a contradiction that nonetheless makes perfect sense
* Kage` was hoping for something else, some sort of small sense to be made, something to Direct all this anger of someone who tried to help him out who got hurt because of something he did
<AlcarGM> And then there is ..... ground. Ice, and a sky full of fire. Something is tugging at you, pulling you further.... something promises.. answers? A vcoice saying: "I know about Max...."
<AlcarGM> Somerhing pulls at you, from the other side.. Life.... warmth ..... anger......
<Kage`> (Is this... hell?)
<AlcarGM> You have no idea. Probably an outpost/.
<AlcarGM> Mayvbe one of their time share agreements? :p

<Cecil`^> "Well... Can you heal things?" Motioning to his wound "This thing won't stay shut."
<alcar> The old man frowns, looking at it, mutttering something in his native tongue. "oh......"
<alcar> he looks at it, then at you. "What did you do, to deserve a wound that does not heal?"
<Cecil`^> "Vampire..." Reminding the man
<alcar> Simeon shakes his head. "Only God can curse a man with a wound that cannot heal, my friend. Or a body that ages but never dies."
* Cecil`^ grunts
<Cecil`^> "It seems there are somethings you still need to learn."
<alcar> The old man shakes his head slowly. "What was your sin?" sadly.
* Cecil`^ looks at the man puzzled
<Cecil`^> "You don't get it, do you?"

<Cecil`^> "Why do you think the angels aren't the servants of the lord?"
<alcar> Simeon sighs, shaking his head. "If he has ears....." He looks up. "There is a girl in france, who believes herself guided by the Lord, who speaks tactics told to her by these imposters, to fight off the British. Tell me, O Dragon why would God prefer the English to the French?"
<alcar> Denice sniggers, but doesn't reply :P
<Cecil`^> "There must be balance in all things. Why would God allow satan to roam free if it were not so?"

<Darryl> One arm is going to stay
<Darryl> until he saves up enough for his item of power
<Cameron> I'm afraid its going to have to be called an Arm of Nyr
<Cameron> :P
<Darryl> NO.
<Darryl> It's going to be a self created robotic arm.
<AlcarGM> with a Made In Taiwan sticker? :p
<AlcarGM> Drew could add one :)
<Darryl> ...
<Darryl> It'd be Hecho en Mexico if I were adding a sticker.

<kentari> (( :/ I can't shave electrically. It would format my memories. ))

<kentari> Petunia takes shotgun with a mutter, and Mom is driving, of course. "I'll let you boys direct me to your places."
* Anton hops in!
<Anton> "Do you know where the -insert location here- is?"
<kentari> <Mom> "Oh! That's right near [obligatory landmark], isn't it?" :P

<Drew`> "The tree is on the top of ... I don't remember the name of it. Insurance company, about . .half a mile away? I was looking at it, and the ... tendrils on the road, during the drive."
* Drew` points in direction.
<Anton> "Tendrils on the road?"
* Drew` nods. "The red ones."
<Drew`> "As if they're spreading out from the city."
<Anton> "...."
<Anton> 'We need help."
<Aaron_V> "Do any of you know Faust's number? Or Rachel's? Or Forest's?"
<Drew`> "We don't even how HOW to stop it. I mean, the one in the school we laughed at.. and even *that* failed. We'd need, like, the Beatles, to make people happy enough to hurt this one."
<Anton> "I can get em."
<Drew`> ".. the beatles?"
<Aaron_V> "That would be a feat."

<Drew`> "... does anyone else feel like this is some weird version of the ghostbusters?"
<Anton> "If ghosts were from space?"
<Forest`^> There's something strange, in the neighbor hood, who ya gunna call?
<Aaron_V> Random high school students!
<kentari> ;p
<Aaron_V> :P
<Forest`^> There's somethign wierd, and it don't look good... who ya gunna call?
<Aaron_V> Sara!
* Aaron_V goes to hell. Do not pass Go, do not collect

<Forest`^> Sara wouldn't have sex with me because I wanted to be on top
<Drew`> Forest - lies :p
<Forest`^> i'm not joking
<Forest`^> she started crying and everything!
<Drew`> How could you be so cruel?!~
<Drew`> You hurt her feeling!
<Forest`^> lol
<Forest`^> the sex feeling?
* Drew` nods :p

<Anton> "That tree is fucked up, its messing everything up, and now we have a huge ass one in the city, and six more of them comming from outer fucking space."
<Forest`^> "I said I'll be there, and I'll be there."
<Anton> "I can't even believe I just said that, but whatever, get here when you can."

<Rachael> (( Anton was dialing me up? I don't have a cell phone! You materialist capitalist technologicalist Westerner! ))

<kentari> A few moments later, an el camino pulls up!
<kentari> Faust steps out wearing formal wear and a... .... I can't spell it.
<kentari> The hebrew head gear :P
<Drew`> lol

<Anelelinde> Hmm. Anelelinde is not as good with grammar as I am.
<Anelelinde> She's starting to bug me, a little. :P
<AlcarGM> lol

<Kage`> "Where have you been lately?"
<Anelelinde> "A big mean purple dinosaur demon almost got Mustafa! He's still loose I think."
* Yuki-Takuri snarls
<Yuki-Takuri> "I, I'm ok now, I had to deal..."
* Yuki-Takuri wipes her brow
<Yuki-Takuri> "With some of my own... Demons"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Do you know where it is?"
<AlcarGM> (( "Right behind you." ))
<Kage`> "We were hoping you could help us find it."
<Anelelinde> "Well, if it's the same thing as the big angry hurt thing it's that way I think" (gestures back west and north)

<Anelelinde> "Okay. A note! Demon thing is presently confused and insane but relatively calm but this is starting to change soooo...."
<Anelelinde> "it is now getting more calm and collected and hateful and violent and probably dangerous."
<Kage`> "So... it being sane is dangerous?"
<Anelelinde> "When it's insane it's just wandering and confused and looking for eggs kinda."
<Yuki-Takuri> "Eggs?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "That's a really weird demon."
<Yuki-Takuri> "You made it insane?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Ane?"

* Yuki-Takuri looks at the ground in front of her and growls
* Kage` uh, checks the ground? :P
<AlcarGM> Simon looks at the ground, confused. "Are you okay?" to Yuki.
* Yuki-Takuri snaps her head up to Simon
<Yuki-Takuri> "Not until I cut off that purple demon's head?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "It hurt Mufasta"
<Kage`> "Terribly."
<Yuki-Takuri> "I'm going to let him go from it"
<Yuki-Takuri> "He won't be tormented by it after I kill it"
<Kage`> "Like, I don't know how he survived till we got to him."
<AlcarGM> (( Kage gets the official "keep the psycho fox calm award". ))

<GeminiRai> You were all sitting outside your destroyed house in your destroyed universe having a little chat about reality, as I recall.
* dale nods
<GeminiRai> and Crysta was just about to reveal that she knew Something Important and Vital.
* dale has realized he is grounded for life, which is even more important.
<GeminiRai> Of course.
<Taralynn> :)

* dale hopes Tara put clothing back on? :p
<GeminiRai> Some of the stars are becoming short horizontal lines, and at the end of the indentation is a half-circle glass entrance deal, made of double doors.
<GeminiRai> (much more stars are changing around Tara)
* Taralynn did not.
* Taralynn knocks.
* dale breaks into a run!
<Taralynn> "Marriage?"
* Taralynn shakes her head.
<dale> "Aliens," with the authority of many late-night movies, "ALWAYS want to marry earth women." *thinks about that* "I don't know why. You're kind of icky."
* dale glares at her. "And I'm not having an alien for a brother in law!"
<GeminiRai> Almost all of the stars around you shorten/widen to tiny dashes.
<GeminiRai> and the glass on the door turned pitch-black as dale arrived and tara started to knock.
* dale is ignoring them, unless they try and marry his sister

<GeminiRai> a line of blue light opens in front of Tara's hand as she's about to knock, and widens, consuming the door. Several green people almost twice as tall as Tara walk out, holding big scary looking guns, and calmly surround you.
<dale> "...."
* dale looks at them, then whispers: "Which one do I hit first?"
<GeminiRai> Assuming Dale doesn't flip out and kill them instantly, the two near the door spread apart, and another, only slightly shorter one, dressed up in weird fancy clothes walks out, and holds out his hands.
* dale brightens, having a target, and glares at the poor alien, just waiting....
<GeminiRai> As he does so, the other aliens aim their guns at both of you.
<Taralynn> "Klaatu barata nikktu."
* dale snickers.
* dale doesn't drop the pipe, though.
<Taralynn> (( It's like the universal greeting! ))

<GeminiRai> The alien without a gun eyes Taralynn suspiciously "Ataarai Kalal Kitinait?"
* dale 's hands twitch holding the pipe.
<Taralynn> "Tsubasa tsubasa Mitsubushi."
<GeminiRai> The alien squints coldly, and lowers a hand. "Shinai", the air tenses for an instant, and all of the aliens fire at you at once.
* dale attacks the alien for ... not marrying his sister!
<dale> assuming he doesn't die, first.
* Taralynn stops, drops, and rolls.
<GeminiRai> Tara gets hit in a cross of three beams, and sparkly electric things cover her body, and she collapses, and rolls!
<GeminiRai> Dale gets winged as he attacks faster than they'd prepared for, and...how are you attacking?
<dale> Pipe to heads. Broken heads. Guns first, if they keep shooting at Tara
* dale yells a war cry of: "Stupid, stupid aliens!"
* dale then practices american foreign policy all over the place messily :p

<GeminiRai> The aliens all do their best to shoot Dale, the shot in your back is slowing you down annoyingly, and a couple of them manage to scrape your knees, you're downing aliens nicely, but you're feeling rather sleeping, and there are still about 6 left on the other side of you, and they're taking aim.
<GeminiRai> about 6 feet away.
* dale charges, of course! "You bem's hurt my sister!"
<dale> (( the sane response of, say, avoiding getting hit first, doesn't come into play. This is why he loses at complicated video games. ))
<dale> (( like battle tetris. ))
<GeminiRai> (( hehe ))

<GeminiRai> Both Tara and Dale are standing in a strange 3 dimensional world with grassy islands and waterfalls in every direction, floating around in mid-air and water flowing everywhere, you're both on an island in the middle, and a light blue humanoid figure is standing across from the both of you in the middle.
<GeminiRai> Tara is likely still naked.
<Taralynn> A three-dimensional world? How is that different from...? :D
* Taralynn looks at the figure.
<GeminiRai> Most of the time the world appears to be very 2 dimensional!

< Chaos`^> alcar, i just realized something
<dale> Oh?
<Chaos`^> You remember that game you ran
<dale> Uh...... more detail? :p

* dale presses other random buttoms, waiting for Cool Things to happen.
<Taralynn> (( like what? this? ))
<Taralynn> !uasurge
<GeminiRai> Giant white gloved hands come out and start spanking Tara all over.
<sparkie> The next thing a person says comes out backwards. Its unintelligible.
<Taralynn> GeminiRai: O_O
* GeminiRai shrugs
<GeminiRai> lol
<GeminiRai> They go away:P
<GeminiRai> More buttons, dale?
<dale> of course!

* Taralynn brushes Dale aside, and asks the blue thing- "What must be done?"
<GeminiRai> It bobs around and titters excitedly, when a beam tears through it, making it turn red and explode into lots of tiny sparks.
* dale glares at Tara, now really confused
* dale then stares at the explosion. "Awesome!"
<Taralynn> (to the blue thing) "In the name of all that is right and good, I offer you all that I have, all that I am, and all that I can convince my little brother to do."
<dale> "That's wicked! Make it happen again!"
* Taralynn smiles, vaguely pleased with her selflessness. :P
* dale watches blue now not husband thing for more cool explosions

<AlcarGM> You reach ythe main floor, to hear someone screaming. Loudly. And at great length. And constable Doormouse, sounding rather strained, saying: "Please. Calm. Down."
<Rachael> "Why should I calm down? THINK OF THE AMINALS!!!!"
<AlcarGM> <Constable Doormouse> "... Animals? Ma'am, you were brought in for jaywalking. That does NOT involve harming actual blue jays."
* Cameron just .. blinks. :P

<AlcarGM> You find her in a grove of oak trees in the park that are, well, a direct import (via glamour :p) from Ireland. She's up in a tree, alone.
* Cameron looks the same, but is wearing some manner of strange Crown of Black Mist, looking about curiously.
* Cameron looks up, remarking, "Are you serious?"
<Cameron> "How did you get up there?"
* Rachael looks deadly serious!
<Rachael> "Climbing of course! With my claws."
<Cameron> "Then just do exactly what you did to get up there -- only, reversed."
<Rachael> "I can't do that! It... it doesn't work that way!!!"
<Cameron> "And why not?"
<Rachael> "I went up head first!"

<Cameron> ahhh man
<Cameron> you can learn a lot about someone's educational philosophy
<Cameron> by finding out how they'd help a kid down from a tree :P
<AlcarGM> Heh

<AlcarGM> Something flahes at Rachael, distracting her for a moment as the vampire steps through the circle, ignoring the jolt of pain from it.
* Rachael blinkblinks. "Ah well, so much for fun and games. Perhaps another time."
<Cameron> "I doubt it."
* Cameron snaps his fingers again.
<AlcarGM> So ..what is Cameron doing now? Racael seems to hagve stopped paying attention to you, but it's hard to tell with fae.
* Rachael curtsies, with little green curliness floating in the air, and waltzes off into a tree.
<AlcarGM> Som,ething, like razorblades betwee shadows, flits through the spaces between moments of will, but nothing happens to the fae at all, who wanders off out of this story, and into others....
* Cameron mutters, calls forth his car, and makes a cell phone call to Sophie.
<AlcarGM> He answers, with a very curt: "Yeah?"
<AlcarGM> (( he really should get caller id.... ))
<Cameron> "You're going to have to do this carefully, and perhaps get some outside help."
<AlcarGM> Soiphie: "What?" in a far more civil tone.
<Cameron> "Every tree within city limits must be ashes withing forty-eight hours."
<AlcarGM> (( ..... ))
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "WHAT?"
<Rachael> (( omgwtf ))

<Tass> how much longer you got for tonight?
<Tass> or is the night drawing to a close for you?
<AlcarGM> Hrm.... good for a few hours.
<AlcarGM> Not working tomorrow :p
<Tass> ic!
<Tass> well, its one day away, I mean, we will be playing tomorrow...
<AlcarGM> Can do some tonight, if you want to.
<Tass> never a question of ability, always responsibility :/
<AlcarGM> hehe

<AlcarGM> You've finished packing the first suitcase when the doorbell rings.
* Cameron prepares a couple copies of house keys for trusted individuals while he's gone, too, and takes a walk around his house making sure all the Locked rooms are inded Locked
<AlcarGM> Or, while you are doing that :p
* Cameron pauses, and looks out the nearest door-facing window to see who it is! :P
<AlcarGM> A young girl, human, standing on the porch.
* Cameron is almost more scared of these than obvious threats, now, you know.
<AlcarGM> Wise :p
* Cameron goes and gets the door, of course, seeing no need to bring a gun with him ;p
<AlcarGM> The tentacle monster offers you girl guide cookies.
<AlcarGM> j/k

<Kage`> "What the hell was it?'
<AlcarGM> He looks up at that, surprised, and manages a shaky grin, which vanishes. :"S-someone who should be dead," softly. "Rei and - and Faline killed him, and that w-was his scent." He takes a nother breath, tryingfor calm. "He was the -the pack leader, before Faline killed him."
<Kage`> "But he's not dead..."
<Kage`> "Why did they kill him?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "He was..... insane. he drove his pack insane, a whole town insane. Us, too, a little. He .... made the land itself go mad," carefully, looking through you at some memory.
<Kage`> "I see."
<Kage`> "What happens when a pack leader isn't a pack leader anymore?"
<Cameron> ((An interim freely-elected government is formed to embrace freedom.))
<AlcarGM> Simon: "They die. Sometimes the land itself turns on them, sometimes just - other were. That's what Charles said. He was the shaman for the old pack, and stuff."
<Cameron> ((AKA, the coucil installs a puppet leader ;p))
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))

<Yuki-Takuri> "Your not like needing to make a withdrawl from the transfusion center or something are you?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "I mean, you should leave the patients alone, I think they keep it in Bags and stuff here"
<Cameron> "I don't mean to sound cold, but we can't be here long and I need to make sure we see this through. When we're done, I'll answer all of your questions. Time is of the essence, though."
<Yuki-Takuri> "Ok, and i mean I understand, as for cold, you guys can't really help it right?"
<Cameron> "You say it like its a bad thing."
* Yuki-Takuri shrugs
* Cameron smiles, and turns to journey down the hallway ;p

<Yuki-Takuri> "Well, I'm sure if you had a body, it was dead, but it wasn't Mufasta"
<Yuki-Takuri> "I just thought I'd come clear it up with you all, but I mean if theres not a body for me to see I guess I can't"
<AlcarGM> Victor: "Ma'am, we have his death on file. Misplaced bodies are .. not common, I admit, but he did die. I'm sorry."
<Yuki-Takuri> "Weelll I think Mufasta would have a hard time with you telling him he died"
<Yuki-Takuri> "He's at home resting right now"
<AlcarGM> Victor the mortician: "I .... see. Well," gently, "if he comes in, and wants to explain how he got up and left and is fine, we'd much appreciate it."

<AlcarGM> The nurse wishes Yuki the nurse a nice evening, and goes back to watching her game.
* Cameron reaches in his pocket a moment.
* Yuki-Takuri walks up to Cameron, looks just like a nurse, more or less
<Cameron> "You didn't kill a nurse, did you?"
* Cameron asks Yuki, frowning :P

<Yuki-Takuri> "Errr, Didn't I tell you to ignore what you saw?"
* Yuki-Takuri snarls
<Cameron> "Did you say anything about ignoring what we smelled?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Why, rarghhhh, why are they here?"
* Cameron points out, stoicly :P
* Kage` sighs
* Yuki-Takuri sniffs the air as if she doesn'e know what your talking about
<Kage`> "Something is close, regardless."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "It's hard to ignore the smell of demons."
<AlcarGM> (( "They get in the clothes, and everything." ))
* Yuki-Takuri snarls again

<AlcarGM> The interior is ... well....... purple. And red. Mostly becasuse of the blood, which actually goes quite nicely with the purple. A 12' tall purple dinosaur is currently eating fingers. Becsuse people are cutting theirs off asnd giving them to him. While singing.
<Cameron> why..
* sparkie took a vow of silence

<AlcarGM> Barney turns, then smiles. "More friends!"
<Yuki-Takuri> ((some might say he's just enacting a campaign of events aimed at defimating the kind of corporate congromolates McDonald's represents, and the finger eating is representative of how you might as well cut off your own fingers with as harmfull as it's food is to the body over a long period of time))
* Cameron points at the dinosaur, "The chicken nuggets are 20% malevolent demon, you sick, twisted fiend."
<Yuki-Takuri> ((XD))

* Cameron draws his guns.
* Kage` just snags one of the knives from one of the customers
<AlcarGM> Barney smiles: "You have no idea what's in the real ones, do you? This town has few homeless people." He munches another finger. "Kill."
<AlcarGM> There are 12 adults and 17 children. They begin moving towards the three of you, bleeding a fair bit in some cases, but not showing any effects

<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6-2: 6(8) - Barney, evasion.
<Yuki-Takuri> ((lol "Barney evasion"))
<Cameron> (( ;p ))
<AlcarGM> The demon moves, impossibly fast, half way across the store and evading the shot, trailing purple and red blood as it moves.
<AlcarGM> (( new magical power! ))

<Nomesi> "Hey leech! Shield the kid so he can make it so I don't blow this whole damn block up!"
* Cameron shoves aside whatever humans remain near him, steeping his hands once more in the blood of innocents -- going for the kids, cuz they're probably virgins, too.. makes his work that much easier, like good oil in an engine, yeah baby..
<Cameron> "On it."

* Yuki-Takuri covering her eyes and letting her demon sense take over, to see if theres anything there
<AlcarGM> Nothing. At all. He just destroyed a major powerful demon utterly, which should be impossible.
* Yuki-Takuri crys at her uselessness T_T
<AlcarGM> Sparkie's ways are evil to all :p

* Yuki-Takuri 's ACV is 14
<AlcarGM> and his defence defended :p
<Yuki-Takuri> unless Barney's DCV is higher than that, I should have suceeded by allot more on the attack than he did on his defense >_>
<AlcarGM> besm is attack? Succeed? Defend roll? If yes = attack fail.
* Yuki-Takuri still thinks somethings wrong with it
* Yuki-Takuri is probobly just sore at being utterly useless though
<AlcarGM> yes :) Sparkie was just.... evil :P
* Yuki-Takuri wants Sparkie killed, for once in her life

<AlcarGM> Simon asks Yuki what kind of pizza she wants.
* Yuki-Takuri just stares at Simon
<Yuki-Takuri> "Suprise me"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "... Oh. Okay."
<Nomesi> ( *DEATHGLARE* "...So.... What kind of Pizza do you want? Pepperoni?")
* Yuki-Takuri scowls and frowns at Simon
<AlcarGM> He whispers the order for the last pizza :P
<AlcarGM> Nomesi and Cameron return with drinks as Simon and Yuki bring out a dozen pizzas...
<Cameron> "Its almost like we're some kind of normal family."
* Cameron smirks.
* Nomesi wipes his eyes, and catches the case he almost dropped
* Yuki-Takuri eats lots of pizza, and unwittingly eyes some of the customers hungrily as she eats
<Nomesi> "....Thats... wow, and I thought your humor died when your life was held in stasis..."
* Yuki-Takuri still can't get the taste of soldier out of her mind
* Nomesi recovers! slowly :P

<Cecil`^> "If I could just find the wanderer he might be able to tell me how to travel through time..."
<AlcarGM> Angel: "That one is ..... not available in the time you are from, due to . .chronal interference. Seek out his wife for aid."
<Cecil`^> "He has a wife?"
<AlcarGM> Angel: "Long ago, yes."
<Cecil`^> "Right... if he had a wife long ago, how do I get to her?"
<AlcarGM> Angel: "You have met her. We can see her in your mind. You resisted her power?" The angel stares, stunned into silence for a moment. "Remarkable."
* Cecil`^ scratches his heaed
<Cecil`^> "Sara? SARA!?"
<AlcarGM> Angel: "If that is the name she uses in your time, yes."
<AlcarGM> Denice: "..... angels have a sense of humour?"

<Cecil`^> holy fuck...
* AlcarGM grins
<Cecil`^> you are evil alcar
<Cecil`^> she's gunna ask for a price too
<AlcarGM> k-i-s-s-i-n-g ... :p

* Nomesi uh, eats! and drinks! he even does this one thing where he bites the top off of a beer. Bottle.
<AlcarGM> Simon eats pizza. And drinks pop, since he's underage :p
* Nomesi is like, the loud obnooxious frat boy asshole you've always wanted to punch in the face, but who isn't -currently- insulting anyone
* Yuki-Takuri punches him anyways =P
<Yuki-Takuri> j/k
* Cameron eats pizza with a fork and knife, and has a large glass of some other drink he poured in another room next to him.

<Yuki-Takuri> ((Headlines: Mcdonalds destoryed, patrons found with all their fingers cut off!))
<AlcarGM> (( Sadly, it won't beat "kid in hospital miraculously healed" :p ))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((or "Body losses and death mixups at the mourge" ))
<Yuki-Takuri> ((=P))
<AlcarGM> (( Yes. Well. The night is still young! The PCs can make up something to top all that :p ))

* Yuki-Takuri looks at Simon and lets her scowl return
<Yuki-Takuri> "You leak, I know you've noticed that"
<Yuki-Takuri> "and your aura is more powerfull, and uncontrolable than is possible"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Something is very wrong, its the same thing thats happening to Rei, something is very, very, wrong"
* Yuki-Takuri scowls and stuffs her face with anchovie pizza
<Cameron> "Actually, Yuki."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "The Winterland didn't do that. I don't think so. We just - had to get stronger, to survive and stuff." He shrugs.
* Kage` frowns suddenly, and sits up, and takes a napkin and spits something in it.
* Cameron sets down his fork, with a *clink*
<Cameron> "If it happens, its possible."
* Yuki-Takuri ignores Cameron

<kentari> nomesi + yuki
<kentari> oh man
<kentari> their babies
<kentari> would be so sacry :P
<kentari> scary
<Elana{sleepytime}> >_>
<Tass> would be like
<alcar> LOL!.....
* alcar shudders
<Tass> furry chainsaws

<Chaos`^> Cecil is open, because Denice hasn't hit on him yet, and when he met her it was... well less than pleasant
<Chaos`^> it's one of those
<Chaos`^> He was reaching for a lifeline and all he found was a rope
* alcar nods. She will, eventually :P
<Tass> rope is flammable, anyways :P
<Chaos`^> so he hasn't thought of her that way =p

<AlcarGM> Nice big cart. With food. And coffee. And a side dose of something evil under the food. A ticking sound, say
<AlcarGM> Breakfast also reeks of far too much garlic.
<Cecil`^> Odd
* Cecil`^ checks the ticking soudn
<AlcarGM> It's under the cart, where they normally keep extra plates, heating pads, and the like. You're familiar with the smell of plasticine,I trust?
<AlcarGM> (( So.... you buy force field .....? :p ))
* Cecil`^ wonders if a bomb will hurt him...
<Cecil`^> I already did
<Cecil`^> I'm working on skills right now
<Cecil`^> "Denice... There's a bomb in this cart..."
<AlcarGM> Since you're A) alive and b) human-shaped, we can conclude: Yes :p

<AlcarGM> Denice: "It's been a long time since somone tried to killed me," quietly. "I hate relearning lessons."
* Cecil`^ stands "Alright, let's get started."
<Cecil`^> "Lessons?"
<Cecil`^> "I don't think 'how not to get killed' is something you can just learn in a classroom..."
<AlcarGM> She nods, standing, gulping the rest of her coffee. "Could just be me," with a shrug. "But sometimes I think I'm only really alive when I'm atthe edge of death."

* Cecil`^ stops in a shop to get a watch too
<AlcarGM> You buy one from a street vendor offering "Rolixes! Cheap!" Real ones, too :p 5 bucks.
<Cecil`^> ...
<Cecil`^> real rolexes?
<AlcarGM> Yup. Thief selling 'em :0
<Cecil`^> 5 bucks?
<Cecil`^> you do realize rolexes run from 3000 up right? And by up I mean... way up
* AlcarGM nods. Yes.
* Cecil`^ buys three
<AlcarGM> He thanks you for your business, a but confused as your speed, wondering if he should increase the price or something, and what a rolex actually is... maybe a kind of car....
<Cecil`^> =p

<aslhk> we are playing not-elder amberites who will wish to earn favor among their elders as well as perhaps make a run for the throne if the situation is right =p
<AlcarGM> oooh. Could be fun.
* AlcarGM would play :p
<aslhk> I thought you would say so! *laugh*
<aslhk> excellent
* AlcarGM nods. Amber is teh fun :p
<aslhk> yeah *laugh*
<AlcarGM> Gavin wouldn't be suited ot such a game :p
<aslhk> lol
<aslhk> no, have to play someone with some killer instinct
* AlcarGM nods.
* AlcarGM shall play..... Fenrick!
<aslhk> lol!
<aslhk> I will play fenrickII!

<Rachael> "What I'm interested in is.... WHY do people think I'm weird?"
<Rachael> "They all have the weirdest reasons."
<AlcarTempGM> (( "You turned into a small person." ))
<AlcarTempGM> Petunia: "Well, you do weird things. Like hugging teachers who are trying to give speeches."
<Aaron_V> ((And hugging Amos))
<Rachael> "That's a silly reason to think I'm weird."
<Rachael> "There are much better ones than that."
<AlcarTempGM> Petunia: ".... so?"
<Rachael> "Well, remember when you were staying late a little for Home Ec and I showed up all of a sudden?"
<Aaron_V> ((you're going to break the poor gal))
<Rachael> (( I'm clumsy like that. ))

* Aaron_V bends down while doing so, and keeps his voice down so as not to break Petunia, "It's not a tree, it's an evil meteor in a vaguely tree-like shape."
<AlcarTempGM> 2d6 -does she break?
<sparkie> AlcarTempGM 2d6: 11 -does she break?
<AlcarTempGM> Not yet.

<AlcarTempGM> Petunia's sister comes up behind Forest. "are you really a nazi?"
<Forest`^> "What would make you think something like that?"
<Aaron_V> ((The fact that you had enough arms to take over a small European country. And France.))
<Forest`^> (( My fists could take over france... ))

* Aaron_V sets up his shot to drain a stripe sitting in the corner
* Aaron_V drops it, but botches the english and ends up with a horrible shot on, well, anything
<Forest`^> (( Does alcar know what english is? ))
<AlcarTempGM> (( the language, yes :p ))
<Forest`^> (( It's the spin on the ball, whre you hit it to make it spin ))
<AlcarTempGM> (( as far as it relates to pool: No :p ))

* Rachael heads inside with another unusual gait which I have an interesting vision of here, but can't quite adequately describe, so meh, whatever.

<Forest`^> "I haven't caught your name?"
<AlcarTempGM> The girl grins. "Do you need it?"
<Forest`^> (( Only so I can tell the gm that i totally scored in his game while he was away ))
<AlcarTempGM> (( :p ))
* Forest`^ raises an eyebrow
<Forest`^> "Ofcourse not."
<AlcarTempGM> (( The temp-Gm plays "VD is for everybody" in the background ))

<Aaron_V> ((Should I have Petunia try to hook drew up?))
* Forest`^ takes this break to get somethign to drink
<Aaron_V> ((Er, wait, she doesn't have male friends, does she?))
<Forest`^> (( You... ))
<Aaron_V> ((What?))
<Forest`^> (( Unles you don't consider yourself her friend =p ))
<Aaron_V> ((I meant beyond us))
<Forest`^> (( ;))
<sparkie> (( Me? ))

<AlcarGm> Anyhow....
<AlcarGm> It is currently Saturday evening, you're at Cameron's. Simon's in the kitchen, after having checked on Mufasta, who is now sleeping normally, and you've gone outside to find Tin.
<Lynx> (lol i read that and i was like NO IT'S THURSDAY)
<AlcarGm> (( lol ))

* Cecil`^ hangs up and goes to the pond to feed the ducks
<AlcarGm> The poor ducks are getting very fat.
<AlcarGm> Do you want to eat one? :p
<Cecil`^> nah, they've only been over fed for a day
<Cecil`^> what?
<Cecil`^> no!
<AlcarGm> Just making sure.

<Cecil`^> alcar
<AlcarGm> yes? :p
<Cecil`^> maureen can't work for both ventura and haruspex
<Cecil`^> pick one
<AlcarGm> She does :)
<Cecil`^> She can't, that's what I'm saying
<Cecil`^> it's impossible
<Cecil`^> there is far too much information inside of haruspex
<Cecil`^> they would never let a ventura employee inside
* AlcarGm points to previous comment. Then points out that the person making this point is a dragon when dragons are exctinct.

* Cecil`^ looks around for a stairs, a halway, or an elevator
<AlcarGm> There are many crates, all neat and orderly, cement, a forklift. At the end of the dock are are two double doors, and a single door beside them, with a sign overhead reading "lunchroom"
* Cecil`^ goes into the lunchroom, since its proper name is really breakroom, this is obvious deception
<AlcarGm> (( lol ))

<Kage`> "Where did you find this, anyways?"
* Kage` folds the cloth gently and tries to see if it contains a scent, it being the sense closest tied to memmory
<AlcarGm> Tin: "Far sideways. Past dream places, and guarded by dark things."
<AlcarGm> No scent that you get from it, except that of Tin, but thetre's a feeling of .... loss, and anger under it.
<Kage`> "Guarded you say... by what?"
<Kage`> "And if you got away with this, what was left behind?"
<AlcarGm> Tin: "Dark things under the earth. Men who never see light, in wood that never saw sunlight. This one had to bribe a Tail without a dog to find the way."
<Cecil`^> (( That's as bad as whipped cream to shave sheep ))
<AlcarGm> (( eh? ))
<AlcarGm> (( Was a quick idea. If there's a cheshire cat that's just grin, there has to be a dog that's just tail. ))
<Kage`> (it sounds familiar)
<Kage`> (Maybe its just my subconscious telling me it makes sense)
<Cecil`^> (( But cat's don't smile, that's the joke behind the cheshire cat ))
<AlcarGm> (( .... it was spur of the moment :p I plead the higher court of absurdity ))

<AlcarGm> The Little Engine That Couldn't: "Earth?! I'm not allowed to go there!"
<Cecil`^> "Well can you make an exception?"
<AlcarGm> The Little Engine That Couldn't: ".... why should I?" suspiciously.
<Cecil`^> "Perhaps you can't do it... Maybe I should ask someone else..."
<Cecil`^> "I think you can, though..."
<Cecil`^> =p
<AlcarGm> (( :p ))
<AlcarGm> The Little Engine That Couldn't: "LIES! I CAN GO THERE! I did it before, to be the last train ride from Atlantis!"
<AlcarGm> Denice winces.
<Cecil`^> "Good! Then you can take me there?"
<AlcarGm> The Little Engine That Couldn't: "You bet your scaley ass I can."
<Cecil`^> "Then what are we waiting for?" Hopping on "Let's go!"
<AlcarGm> Denice hops on as well and the Engine goes gown, and somewhere.... other. You catch a glimpse of 500 poud models doing aerobics, and christian nuns using vibrator crosses... movement, and you see an exam room, and people taking tests that don't end .... and Heaven, except everyone has tentacle monsters for genetalia .. and more, hells blurring into a mind-numbing barrage
<Cecil`^> some of those don't seem like that much of a hell to me
<AlcarGm> You also pass the hell of people critical of hells made up on short notice, where critics spend all their time trying to do real things and critiquing each others attempts to death. So hah!
<AlcarGm> :p

<AlcarGm> The engine comes to a stop, eventually, at a door with XII on it, made of black wood.
* Cecil`^ hops off
<Cecil`^> "I knew you could."
<AlcarGm> The engine: "I showed them! I don't even HAVE afirstborn daughter whose soul will be consigned to Hell for breaking the laws of the universe. oh I hope neither of you do! It's one of the clauses." The engine vanishes.
* Cecil`^ pushes the door open
<AlcarGm> The door opens to a large room filled with crates, with stairs at one end (a spiral staircase, wooden, going up).
* Cecil`^ hmms and checks the crates
<AlcarGm> There are gas lamps, lit with blue fire, lighting up the entire room.
<AlcarGm> Fortune cookies.

<AlcarGm> The XI floor is a giant chessboard, without pieces on it.
* Cecil`^ looks for stairs, here
<AlcarGm> No stairs, except for a fireman's pole off in the one corner, hidden by some giant chess pieces at rest.
* Cecil`^ goes to that corner, and climbs the pole =p
<AlcarGm> Most of the pieces are finished, though one of the black pawns apparently is being outfitted with a sniper rifle.
<Cecil`^> pawns don't get rifles...
<AlcarGm> Apparently someone here is class conscientious :P
<Cecil`^> maybe racist

<AlcarGm> You climb, and reach the 9th floor, which is, well, a cave. With a dead dragon in it, at present. Thbe dragon reeks of blood and bodily wastes, and is merely dead but really most sincerely dead!
<AlcarGm> Denice: "....."
* Cecil`^ raises an eyebrow, and checks the dead dragon
<AlcarGm> It's very large. Was a golden dragon, about the size of a three-storey house, tail, scales, eyes as big as a person. It looks like something tore out of its sotmach and it bled to death.
<Cecil`^> hmmm
<Cecil`^> It wasn't that old lady from trail was it?
<AlcarGm> Tearing out being literal. it looks like someone did a ginsu slice and dice from the inside
<Cecil`^> probalby a liver
* Cecil`^ checks it for any vital signs, but assumes it's very dead
* Cecil`^ would give it a dragon's death rites, if there were any, but he will look for stairs
<AlcarGm> There are many non vital signs! Like the smell. The rigor mortis. And lots of blood. No vital ones.

* Cecil`^ pulls out a notepad, and begisn taking notes of his trip...
<Cecil`^> *Captains log, earthdate october something 2001... I recently entered the haruspex building in search of my daughter...*

* Cecil`^ walks away, and calls Edward
<AlcarGm> he answers the phone... next session! Because the Gm just realized the time!
<Cecil`^> lol
<Cecil`^> i've been staring at it for a while
* Cecil`^ is now known as Chaos`^
<AlcarGm> but have no fear: your cell company WILL bill you for the time that passes in RL :p

<Kage`> "Is he upstairs?"
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Yeah. I put him in a bed. Figured it was better than the couch," with a shrug
<Kage`> "Good idea."
* Kage` looks up, "I guess no time like the present, eh?"
<Kage`> "What room?"
<AlcarGm> Simon: "First one on the right."
* Kage` heads up there, then
<AlcarGm> You open the first door on the right .. to a storage room with furniture covered in dust.
* Kage` looks around for the mu-meister
<AlcarGm> He's definitely not in this room. he is, however, in the first door on the left, a bedroom, currently sleeping in a bed, tangled up in sheets.
<Kage`> (wierd)
<AlcarGm> (( Eh, Simon just got right and left mixed up :p ))
<Kage`> (no no, this is an alcar game, dimensions must have shifted :P)
<AlcarGm> (( :p ))

* Kage` shakes his head, "You are a lord of life, Simon, you're here to keep things in balance, and you've been given tools, a weapon and a shield."
<Kage`> "You could hide from it, but you know thats not right, you just have to learn when to step it, to excercise control."
<Kage`> (extra c there :P)
<AlcarGm> Simon: "I'm scared to try. It's ..... big. And..... I guess...." he trails off, then laughs, a little bitterly. "Not having power is .... a fishing thing, isn't it?"
<AlcarGm> (( :p ))
<Kage`> "I'm not sure I follow."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "My dad used to fish with me, when I was younger. He's put worms, on the hooks. Lures! Not having power is like that? I mean, it's . a lure. It's... when you see acute, uhm, girl? Seductive? Cuz power is scary, and ..... responsibility, and stuff."
<Kage`> "You have a lot of analogies in there, but yeah, I got it."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Sorry. I didn't meant to."

<alcar> Chaos - So Cecil will be on time monday? :)
<Chaos`^> haha
<Chaos`^> probably not
<Chaos`^> i'll probably forget until 11
<alcar> damn you :p
* alcar could send you snark emails!
<alcar> err, snarky
<alcar> Snark ones would be bad. They'd contain a boojum.

* Kage` looks a bit taken aback, but smoothes back his hair before responding, "What did these people come here to hope to accomplish? All of this is going to be covered by the news anyways... I think they should run a few tests and leave the poor kid alone, and just let something good remain something positive, and not some huge unnecessary spectacle."
<AlcarGM> Newswoman: "An admirable sentiment, but he has been, reportedly, healed of ailments that should have been impossible. Doesn't the world deserve to know why he was chosen, of all those who suffer?"
<AlcarGM> Newswoman: "Such as you! Wouldn't you want your scars healed if it was possible, or the boy his acne?"
<AlcarGM> (( ah, the smell of desperation in the news..... ))
<Kage`> "People die all the time, sometime needlessly, who is to explain their tragedy? Why don't we find out all those sources, and try to explain them thoroughly?"
* Kage` just shakes his head, "And we're working on it, thanks."
<AlcarGM> The Newswoman .... blinks. Stares. "You're .. ..working on it?"
<AlcarGM> The cameraman snickers.
<Kage`> "I'm sure a dermatologist would love to explain."
* Kage` just shrugs :P
<Kage`> "Anyways, is this going to be on the evening news? Did you get my good side?"
<AlcarGM> Newswoman: "I, err, see. Well. Science can curemany things. Perhaps Chris Phillips was, indeed, healed by the miracle of nanotechnology, a herald of the age to come!"
<Kage`> (I hate you cameron :P)

<Anelelinde> (( hahahahahhaha you're all going to KILL ME but it was SO WORTH IT! ))
<AlcarGM> (( Yes ;) ))
<Kage`> (damnit, lynn, why do you have to shout it in channel like that? :P)
<Anelelinde> (( umm, because I've accidentally got #game1-ooc and #game1 reversed from their normal positions and I had both /clear-ed ))
<Kage`> (no, i meant your gonna ruin a perfectly good suprise)
<Anelelinde> (( but now you have the anticipation ))

<Kage`> "I do find it a bit odd, though, the way you preached, and now I find out your part of a wiccan group."
<AlcarGM> The woman ... blushes a little. "I ... well . they never DO anything. They just preach about the goddess, and one of the women, Laura, says the goddess is some woman named Faline.... but they never *do* anything, even if they really have... power."
* Kage` just... STARES at this woman :P
<AlcarGM> She looks... a bit taken aback. "Is something wrong?"
<AlcarGM> Simon is... well .. white, jaw dropped
<Kage`> "How.... why?"
<Kage`> "Damnit Lynn!"
<Kage`> (or not, I dunno if she said it out loud :P)
<AlcarGM> (( LOL ))
<AlcarGM> (( she did not :P ))
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Huh? You mean Lynn....."
<AlcarGM> Ellen is .. not moving, key almost in the ignition. "....?"
<AlcarGM> Ellen: "Is something... wrong?" hesitantly.

<AlcarGM> Edward: "What the fuck were you doing this weekend?" calmly.
<Cecil`^> "I went to New York... You?"
<AlcarGM> Edward: "And what did we do there?" in a sacharine-sweet voice.
<Cecil`^> "Well, I fought with a vampire, went back to france 1500s, and hopefully I managed to save my daughter from brainwashing."
<AlcarGM> Edward: "I see. And this explains why I had to kill Gilgamesh last night for asking me where you were in very certain terms?"
<Cecil`^> "Who's Gilgamesh?"
<AlcarGM> Edward: "Vampire. On the Council. That Gilgamesh," still sweetly.
* Cecil`^ scratches his head
<Cecil`^> "Uhm..."
<Cecil`^> "I thought vampires didn't have a council? Didn't you say they didn't get along enough to start a council?"
<AlcarGM> Edward: "The Council is the old vampires. At least 3000 years, very old world. There's a shadow council around that's trying to update vampires to the modern world - meaning, somewhere past 1600 AD."
<Cecil`^> "Oh. Yeah, I sort of... Shot Blossom..."
<AlcarGM> Silence, then: "....You know something? People who don't know you can't possibly give you enough credit for stupidity," he says acidly.

<AlcarGM> So, what does the butterfly want to do with the rest of her afternoon?
<AlcarGM> The sun is shining! Birds are chirrping! Flowers are blooming!
<Anelelinde> I didn't have any explicit plans aside from what I was already doing. Time among the flowers are always good, I guess...
<AlcarGM> You could be in heat!
<Anelelinde> .... ?
<Anelelinde> you've boggled Fennec's brain
<AlcarGM> hehe.

<Cecil`^> "So you're saying you've never been married?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I can fake it, though! I married King Henry once!"
* Cecil`^ smiles
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Or maybe it was James. I forget!"
<Cecil`^> "No, I am talking about someone else."
<AlcarGM> Sara giggles. "I never married God."
<Cecil`^> "Perhaps the angels were wrong..."
* Cecil`^ raises a spock-like eyebrow at her
<Cecil`^> "It wasn't God."
* Cecil`^ hmms
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Oh! I've had sex with angels! But the wings always get in the way!"
<Cecil`^> "Then perhaps you've never met this... Wanderer person."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Especially if you're ticklish!"

* Anelelinde finds a little spot to land on a tree or something nearby, and starts by gently picking their brains for details on this little assignment. What do they know?
<Anelelinde> (( only as much as they NEED to know, I'm sure ))
<AlcarGM> They know where exist. They know the pack dies, and have the names Faline, Rei, and Simon. They don't know anything else, except that team A was sent after Simon, the weak one from the report they read, and 6 men got massacred. It's making them, well, wish they'd updated their wills :p
<AlcarGM> They're, well, a canadian version of the french foreign legion. Illegal immigrants drafted into war.
* Anelelinde hmms. Ponders striking up a conversation.
<AlcarGM> They're fingering triggers of weapons nervously, not talking., They've been managing military readiness for battle for seven hours, so far, but it's starting to wear thin.
<Anelelinde> any of them thinking of wives or family or children or...?
<AlcarGM> 2 are thinkking of wife/kids, one wife, one hoping to find a nice, sensitive malamute for a life mate. The agreement with the govenrment is they serve, and their family gets lots of money and become citizens.

<AlcarGM> Sara: "Hmnm." She looks down at the semi-conscious oracle. "I',m not sure I can shut her off! She's been wired on in icky ways for her whole life!"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "And sex with a sleeping person doesn't help them much!"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Well. It helped Carl. But not Sigmund!"

<Anelelinde> tell Cecil that if he's not even willing to say a proper Hello then he can run his own messages to Faline
<Anelelinde> I'll be off in a blink, anyway
<AlcarGM> lol. k :)
<Anelelinde> my excuse for not saying a proper Hello is, of course, that warm fire stuff - since I can't turn normal without dropping the forcefield
<AlcarGM> yes :)
<AlcarGM> Denice tends to react preemptively to threats :p being around Cecil for more than 48 hours makes one paranoid :)
<Anelelinde> IT'S A F*IN BUTTERFLY!!! GOOD LORD!!!
<Anelelinde> :)
<AlcarGM> She's had a *really* bad past 24 hours :P

<Kage`> "Is anyone here familiar with mustafa? Or as I like to call him, the pretty song that travels with the circus?"
<AlcarGM> Amaris frowns. Janet, however, nods. "Star saw him at the circus once or twice, but she was too shy to talk to him."
<Kage`> "He's pretty shy himself, actually."
<AlcarGM> Janet: "Star can See things," hesitantly. "i knlow some people don't - believe in thigns like that - but she saw golden nets around him,and said she'd never seen someone so scared in her life. We left the circus early."
* Kage` nods, "I know a boy with odd eyes who lives in town who has the same problem."
<Kage`> "Point is, you know of these things, so I came to see."
<AlcarGM> Janet: "I see," a bit more warmly.
<AlcarGM> Amaris frowns. "What did you have in min? We don't even know your names."
<AlcarGM> Ellen: "Amaris....." she trails off under the coven leader's stare
<Kage`> ";;'lpl;op[opo;l[[po[\
<AlcarGM> Amaris: "Cthulhu worshipper!"
<AlcarGM> :p
<Kage`> sorry :P
* Kage` has to salvage his keyboard, hold on

<AlcarGM> Ameris: "From what Maxine said, Faline killed over 30 people. You have an interesting idea of a protector."
<AlcarGM> Simon stiffens, but doesn't say anything.
* Kage` looks taken aback
<AlcarGM> Ameris: "If this is some strange militant greenpeace recruital...."
* Kage` just... looks over at simon, then back at them, and just....
<Kage`> "No... no."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "You want me to....?"
* Kage` looks at simon, "Please. I would want an explaination myself."
<AlcarGM> He nods, and starts taking his clothes off.
<AlcarGM> Ellen: "....
<Kage`> "Christ!"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Huh?"
<Kage`> "I didn't mean -that- kind of explaination."
<Kage`> "Even though it would get to that... I guess..."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "OH!" he puts them back on. "You should have said!"
<Kage`> "Faline eating people, I meant."
<Kage`> "And besides, can't you just do your hands or something?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Oh! Right."

<AlcarGM> The oracle surfaces, blinking, looking as if she just experienced Rapture. "I .... do I get a name?"
<Cecil`^> "A name? Well, perhaps Sara could name you... She did save you from a life of... Nothing."
<AlcarGM> Sara shakes her head. "Names have power, silly! They have to be chosen!"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Or bestowed! But we'd need a god for that!"
* Cecil`^ stands "I'm going to go get some... milk... I'll be back."
* Cecil`^ leaves to go get some milk
<AlcarGM> (( and a godess?! :p ))
<Cecil`^> (( Don't know of any myself ))
<AlcarGM> Denice: 'I don't know any who are around anymore...."
<AlcarGM> Oracle: "What about Milk?"
* Cecil`^ coughs
* Cecil`^ coughs some mor
* Cecil`^ leaves
* AlcarGM grins
<AlcarGM> (( So.. Milk it is, then? :P ))
<Cecil`^> (( If you do, I will kill you alcar =p ))

<AlcarGM> You make it to the minimart without any problems at all.
<AlcarGM> On the way, back, however, you get the itchy feeling at the back of your neck as if you're being followed
* Cecil`^ drags the milk along
* Cecil`^ goes down a dark alley
<AlcarGM> You take your milk into a dark alley. Do you pateurize it? :p
<Cecil`^> No, but I treat it poorly and yell at it alot
<Cecil`^> "You've been a BAD milk!" Or not
* Cecil`^ turns quickly
<AlcarGM> Okay. It curdles :)

<AlcarGM> (( def :) ))
<Cecil`^> 2d6-2
<sparkie> Cecil`^ 2d6-2: 7(9)
<Cecil`^> god damnit
<Cecil`^> what the hell?
<Cecil`^> he's like going down one die each roll for me
<Cecil`^> 2d6
<sparkie> Cecil`^ 2d6: 8
<Cecil`^> you see this?
<Cecil`^> 2d6
<sparkie> Cecil`^ 2d6: 5
* sparkie snickers

<Cecil`^> and with that we go to commercial as the pc goes brb for a minute or two
<Cecil`^> back
<AlcarGM> Commercial: The lion dances over the plain, verdant splendour about him, and a man with a gun fires, from a distance, and then vanishes under a were-hyena's claws. Voiceover: "Werepeace. Real solutions to real problems. Make our legs into wasrebaskets. We dare you."

<Anelelinde> >> I am called Anelelinde but my friends can call me Lynn -- and can I call you something?
<AlcarGM> Other: >> Hal
<AlcarGM> j/k
<Anelelinde> actually, I was planning to suggest that if the response was enigmatic :P
<AlcarGM> Other: >> I am called...
<AlcarGM> Other: >> I do not .. have a name yet.
<Anelelinde> >> yeah, and you could be the Nameless One but that's just overdone and cliche so..
<Anelelinde> is this thing more of a guy or a girl or a neither?
<AlcarGM> neither, for now :)
<Anelelinde> Well then!
<Anelelinde> >> well, how about 'Tillie'? It's a nice and small name!
<AlcarGM> (( LOL! ))
<AlcarGM> Tillie:>> That is .. acceptable? Thank you.
<Anelelinde> hooray for names that don't fit at all!
<AlcarGM> yes :)
* Anelelinde eagerly awaits Tillie, the Eater of Planets :P

<Anelelinde> >> So. Hello Tillie. Nice to meet you. I hope I will see you around some! You're cool.
<AlcarGM> Tillie: >> Thank you. I must.....think on this. I .... am called away. S
<AlcarGM> and then nothing, the presence gone.
<Anelelinde> whee!
<AlcarGM> You are now alone, though it's a strange kind of alone since you aren't as alone as you would have been before this period of being alone.

<AlcarGM> Simon: "Er. I can fix stuff. And become a dog. And smell and hear well. And heal well. And, uhm, I can make a shied, and sort of fix things - like broken dishes, and I don't what else else. Sometimes ... scary stuff."
<AlcarGM> Ameris: "Sometimes scary stuf?"
<AlcarGM> Simon just nods.
<Anelelinde> (( Scary-AWESOME! ))
<Kage`> (its lolad's theme :P)
<AlcarGM> (( hehe ))
<Kage`> (obliterate a universe, give god a wedgie)

<AlcarGM> This night upon the stairs, you met the men who are there. Hopefully they won't be here tomorrow. You wish, you wish, they'd never come your way.
<Cecil`^> what?
<AlcarGM> And such likewise sentiments as you se 4 men, with silencers.
<AlcarGM> (( I saw last night upon the stair, A little man who was not there. He wasn't there again today, I wish that man would go away ))
<AlcarGM> (( semi famous poem 0 ))
<Cecil`^> (( THat's crazy talk ))

* Cecil`^ rushes too the door, then... ... stops
<Cecil`^> "Wait.. What?"
<AlcarGM> Denice: ".... what?"
<Cecil`^> "No.. NO! You can't be having sex with the police Sara..."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Of course I can!"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I love men in uniform! And out of it"
<Cecil`^> "That's... ... Trouble."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Only if I give them STDs!"
* Cecil`^ shivers "A paramedic fine, but... The police... That's just more trouble than... You know what? Fuck it.. I don't care.. I give up.." Walking out the door "I'm tired of it..."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "If you're too tired for sex, you should be dead!"

<AlcarGM> Charles nods, walking quickly. "People kiull each other over little things like skin colour as it is. Big things like, well, walking butterfies and were tend to result in very unpleasant things. Not that you're ugly! I mean, you're really pretty. It's just - a different sort of pretty."
<Anelelinde> >> you're kind of cute too
<AlcarGM> Charles: "Hah. That's just the lodger changing my body. It's still changing, too. 'Improvements', whatever is meant by that...." he shakes his head. "what I mean is that people kil things, for being different."
<AlcarGM> Charles: "I used to go the catholic high school, until grade 9. One of the kids pushed me, my glasses fell off. He ... well. If a teacher hadn't come by, he'd have probably gounged out "satan's eyes" with his fingers. The teacher was quoted, after ,as saying if he'd seen them, he would have helped."
<AlcarGM> Charles: "And that's just weird eyes, not . ..extra arms, and wings, and whatever your mouth is. It IS a mouth, right?"

<AlcarGM> The fae cocks his head to the side, the moment more avian than mammal, and looks you over. "I see." He smiles a thin smile. "We give nothing away, little were. What would you do for us in return?
* Anelelinde enumerates. "I don't know........ hmm, I could do a little performance but... well... hmm... it seems it would be but a trifle! You probably have much higher standards for dance and such than little me. Lessee. Mind-reading is probably out, too. Umm... flower pollination? uhh..."
<AlcarGM> The fae shakes his head slightly, looking amused. "A favour, then. A small one, to be repaid when I ask."
<AlcarGM> (( Though I had the urge for the fae to demand you pollinate a specific flower on a specific night, or something like that :) ))
<Anelelinde> (( I'm sure he did too. ))
<Anelelinde> (( sounds very faeish of a demand. ))
<AlcarGM> (( yes :) But they've had to learn practicality in this world ;( ))

<AlcarGM> The chess game is easy. You can see what moves people are going to make, after all...
<AlcarGM> in 10 minutes you know enough that you could probably beat the whole club, if you wanted to.
<Anelelinde> Of course! I'll let someone else win, though.
<AlcarGM> Okay. The games are quick and fast, given the limitations of a lunch hour and eating, but it's . .peaceful. They've very focued, almost a balm compared to the rest of the minds in the cafeteria which seem to be thriving on angst and hormones
<Anelelinde> you'd be angsty too, if Faline ate you
<AlcarGM> yes :) But more dead :p
<AlcarGM> (( and being an angsty zombie would *really* suck. Though there are very good reasons. Especially if you're male and become a virgin while a zombie .... ))
<AlcarGM> (( errr, reverse zombie and virgin :p ))

<AlcarGM> Biology is desks, and today -cat dissections! (Because the GM is annoyed with a certain player for not showing, so this session nis like massive NPC voodoo :p)

<AlcarGM> The class goes by quickly, though one or two students are a bit too ... good .. at taking animals apart.
<Anelelinde> >> very very very subtle mental poke >> Faline might eat you if you take lots of animals apart
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))
<Anelelinde> not even a poke. or a tap. more like a sort of light breeze.
<AlcarGM> One of them wets his pants, because he knows the name, because he never wanted to remember it again .. .and proceeds to turn his cat into abstract art by stabbing it many times.
<AlcarGM> It causes a minor hub bub as he's escorted from the class :p
<AlcarGM> (( one for cecil... :) ))

<Chaos`^> Being super raped turns you into a were!
<Chaos`^> woohoo!
* sparkie misses the #game1 porn days :(
* sparkie has dice! and logs!
<alcar> Eh, is more the aura stuff. Tearing someone apart and letting them live cna do the same thing :p
<Yuki-Takuri> I'll try both at the same time then ^-^
<Yuki-Takuri> to maximize the possibility XD
<alcar> Both vamp and wee is a matter of putting aura into blood, pretty much. Weres doing it via sex makes more snese, from a life perspective, so it's the more successful method than "rip them open and wonder"
<Yuki-Takuri> hehe XD
* Yuki-Takuri humps mufasta
<alcar> is also a lot more effective if they agree :P
<alcar> whereas for vamps it's more effective if they don't.

<Yuki-Takuri> "yo, Mr. fluffles, where hte heck you been?"
* Rei`-` is working on sharpening his claws while sitting on a branch
* Yuki-Takuri frowns and spproaches rei more blatantly
* Rei`-` looks over at Yuki "Else where?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Ya'know, we have been fending off demons, and god knows what else while you and faline aprently are just content to roll round in the bushes together somwhere"
<Rei`-`> "No bushes in the winterland, lease none that aren't barried in snow."
<AlcarGM> (( Rei digs some burrs out of his fur casually.... ))
* Yuki-Takuri growls lowly
<Yuki-Takuri> "You been back there?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "So whats goin on?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "More demons there?"
<Rei`-`> "Plonty if you're willing to become a demon your self."
* Yuki-Takuri looks pale when you say that

<Yuki-Takuri> "What are you talking about!?"
<Rei`-`> "I've had some time to do some thinking so try and keep up here ok?"
* Yuki-Takuri growls
<Rei`-`> "This realm isn't my home, not any more any way. So here I am a demon, but in the winterland I am not a demon."
* Yuki-Takuri seems to be paying attention tho
<Rei`-`> "It is after all my home, do you understand?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "not really"
<Yuki-Takuri> "I think the demons are invading the winterland, its not gonna be your home much longer, and we don't want you becoming a demon"
<Rei`-`> "OK then think of it like two countrys sitting on the same boarder."
<Rei`-`> "In one country your a resident and the other your an alien, leagal or other wise."
<AlcarGM> (( y' know, anyone who calls the Winterland their *home* has serious issues. It's like calling Hell your summer cottage. Well.Anyone who marries Faline has issues, anyway... :p ))

<Rei`-`> "Has that been who has been trying to break down the barriors of this realm?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Duh!"
* Yuki-Takuri knocks on Rei's head
<Yuki-Takuri> "Hello Mcfly"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Demons getting in, we killed, no erased from existance a MAJOR demon, which first of all, was impossible for him to be here, but even more impossible for him to be eradicated like that, but both of those things still happened, I told you, we have problems"
<Rei`-`> "Looks that way."

<AlcarGM> The demon is, also, making for Yuki. Fancy that. The half way point reveals the demon, a tall thin man with dark hair, japanese eyes, and the body and appearance of a ken doll, except that there are small pits of fire where eyes shoulod be and hte demon is holding a thin long sword in either hand with strange runes flowing along them and glitering in the sunlight with a sickly grey colour.
<AlcarGM> The demon smiles when it spots Rei." Ah? Do you know where I might find one Yuki, were? I have questions to ask her?"
* Yuki-Takuri stalks around the demon using the illusion of invisibility to line up a route for a leaping attack
* Rei`-` stops a short distance from him "Be along shortly, theo you best ask your question, or at least yell it now."
<AlcarGM> You manage that easily. The demon is relaxed and at ease, except for a name tag on the chest ofthe white shirt he's wearing that says "HI! My name is Steve" Evidently he's on a lunch break.

* Yuki-Takuri howls out of the leap bearing down her katana onto the minumum wage demon =P
<AlcarGM> The demon staggers, thick - and very red - blood ozzing from the wound. He says five sharp words that seem t shatter in the air like the sharp, shrill screams of a small weiner dog being stuffed into the blender. A flickering red shield forms around him as he hisses of rbreath, hand pressed to the wound to try and quench it
<Yuki-Takuri> "I'll show you how I killed it!"
<AlcarGM> Steve the demon: "We do not die that quickly? Not even from those who attack without honour?" spitting out the words.

* Yuki-Takuri growls at the demon, putting some distance between herself and it, and producing a white strip of paper with some vertical japanese characters scrawled on it
<AlcarGM> the demon, wisely, keeps the shield up :p
<Rei`-`> "Yuki, I've got more intorest in talking then fighting. You realy need to work on that reaction time"
* Rei`-` places him self between the demon and Yuki
<AlcarGM> (( poor Yuki.... ))
<AlcarGM> The demon just.. .stares, astonished.
<Yuki-Takuri> "Oh, thats ok Rei, I'm good for some torture before we kill it, this'll help ya too"
* Yuki-Takuri indicates her paper

<Yuki-Takuri> 2d6-4
<sparkie> Yuki-Takuri 2d6-4: 8(12)
<AlcarGM> Yuki's paper flies through the air... and dissolves, tearing apart and tearing a hole in the air itself as Rei and the demon vanish.
<AlcarGM> Where the paper was, something comes through the hole, a spider made out of telephone cords, ringing.....
<AlcarGM> Spider Demon: "You're late for work," in a mother-hen voice. "Your lunch hour is over and ... what the fuck are you?"
<AlcarGM> The hole is... getting bigger. Behind it you can hear phones, and see energy flaring out of it, passing into the world...
<AlcarGM> YAY!
<AlcarGM> Yuki just inflicted a major telemarketing influx on the world.

<AlcarGM> Rei steps out of thin air to see Yuki and what looki slike the corroded remains of many phones, many of them antique, a few modern, one or two sm small they miust be futuristic.
* Rei`-` eyes the phones "More company I take it?"
* Yuki-Takuri nods
<Yuki-Takuri> "I had ta close a demon rift, that one got through, wheres the other one?"
<Rei`-`> "Returned to his day job."
* Yuki-Takuri growls
<Yuki-Takuri> "You let him go!?"
* Yuki-Takuri snarls angrily
<AlcarGM> (( "Don't you know what his job IS?!" ))

<Yuki-Takuri> "Spare me"
* Yuki-Takuri chuckles a little
<Yuki-Takuri> "Dont get started about that again"
<Yuki-Takuri> "You don even KNOW the meaning of ISSUES"
<Rei`-`> "I didn't plan on getting you involved any way."
<Rei`-`> "Corse could meen the end of the Fae's home land, my life, falines, simons. well the list goes on."
<Yuki-Takuri> "Thanks, and I'm sorry I got you involved in mine, but when you have REAL issues, its kinda unavoidable"
<Yuki-Takuri> "I dunno.... "
<Yuki-Takuri> "I mean, it seems like the fey are doomed, or like, that at least if people don't start listening to me and dealing with the demons that they are doomed"

* Yuki-Takuri frowns and looks like dog that knows she's done bad
* Yuki-Takuri takes off her shirt, baring her chest to Rei
* Yuki-Takuri has a huge wicked red scar forming some kind of mark down the fron of her torso
* Rei`-` keeps his eyes on Yuki's face
<AlcarGM> (( .... I thought, Yuki, that I had explained there would be no raping in the game tonight! ))
<Yuki-Takuri> (( =P ))
<Yuki-Takuri> "Rei, look at the mark"
* Rei`-` runs his eyes over Yuki from head to toe then back to her face "impressive."
* Yuki-Takuri blushes and frowns
<Yuki-Takuri> "Not that!"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Your sposed to be with Faline, its a mark of binding Rei, try to stay focused please!"
<Rei`-`> "I ment the scar."
* Yuki-Takuri wraps her shirt back on hurridly
<Yuki-Takuri> "Of course you did"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Pervert"

<Rei`-`> "You might want to consider desolving that binding some time, You can't always remain on top of it."
<Yuki-Takuri> "er well I mean, I know, but it er.. its not that simple I don't think, I'm workin on that"
<AlcarGM> (( <Rei`-`> "Especially with those breasts." ))
<Rei`-`> (yeah desolving breasts kinda suck any way...)
<AlcarGM> (( you'd never forget the smell of burning silicon. ))

<AlcarGM> It begins to snow, lightly, as you talk, a pattering of light white flakes that dissolve often before hitting the ground.
* Rei`-` turns his eyes skyward and seems to drift off for a momment
* Yuki-Takuri sticks her tounge out to catch a flake
<Rei`-`> "Has simon or any of the others eaten Mufasta yet?"

<Kage`> "Education will be a tool, really, for you, more than just a way to get a job, really."
<Kage`> (really)
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Huh?"
* Kage` looks around, "For instance."
* Kage` walks up and rests his forearm on his shoulder, "You know how easy it is to break someone's collar bone with enough top pressure?"
<Kage`> "Just drop your weight a little, bring it right down, and *pop*."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Oh. You mean *useful* stuff!"

<Cecil`^> "Show me your technique."
<AlcarGM> She waves the sword, which flops, then straightens as she glares at it. "I couold show you a good one! Without clothing!:"
* Cecil`^ sighs
<Cecil`^> "I meant your sword... thing..."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "You have one too I bet!"
<AlcarGM> Her grin gets positively wicked
<AlcarGM> (( I am amazed you haven't fled yet :) ))
* Cecil`^ shakes his head "I got rid of swords when guns were in style."
<Cecil`^> (( I'm looking to get information out of her... Why the hell would I seriously come check on her? I don't care about the students. If I had a gym teacher that hot I'd be happy =p ))
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Pointy things never go out of style!"

<Kage`> (Do they have a campus cafe?)
<AlcarGM> (( Yup. ))
<Kage`> "Lets head over to Gazoo's."\
<Kage`> (forgive me name maker, for I have sinned :P)
<AlcarGM> (( lol. ))
<AlcarGM> She nods, following you to Gazoos, which sells Kazoos free on Wednesdays.

<Cecil`^> "Why do you want to teach, at a high school, in trail..."
<Cecil`^> "Seems like the last place we should see the famed 'Sara'."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Trail is fun! It's a locus!"
<Cecil`^> "But why the school? And Gym of all classes."
<Cecil`^> "Why not.. say.. home ec?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Because I already do that along another time track!"
<AlcarGM> :p
<Cecil`^> "And a school confuses me, considering you don't know how to read."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I never bother to learn passing fads!"

<Cecil`^> "Yes, that's all well and good, but I just finished your evaluation, and unless I hear some persuasive explenation as to what is going on, this is what is going into your file. Now I don't know how tight your grip on the principal is, but if he sees this, your job may not be as secure as you might want."
<Cecil`^> "Convince me this is not what should happen."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I could kiss you!"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Or kill you!"
<Cecil`^> "But it won't work. Sara, these kids are suffering for your... I don't even know what to call it... Idea? Mask? Misguided tension? Post traumatic stress?"
<AlcarGM> lol!
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I think you've become too human, silly! Words don't explain things! They never have!"

<Kage`> "Who are you hunting?"
<AlcarGM> Denice: "A renegade," with a shrug. "Thaddeus Blinn. He - freed himself from some constraints of our kind now long ago."
<Kage`> "If you have a description, I could keep an eye out for him
<Kage`> "Or will you know as soon as he arrives?"
<AlcarGM> Denice: "He changes it all the time, but he will be tied to the earth. He can't escape being earth, no matter how hard he tries. I hope." She shrugs. "I don't know. But he will offer wishes with prices, often change, and they always turn out horribly.:
<AlcarGM> (( Denice: "Two words: George Bush." ))

<Cecil`^> "Sometimes, Sara... The best way to help the humans, is to let them sort their own problems out. When people like us get involved... All we do is cause trouble."
* Cecil`^ leans back
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Sometimes people need trouble!"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Like the Rennaisance!"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I had to kill 30 peole to get that started!"
<Cecil`^> "Ah, then you've helped these students ruin their lives! Good for you! I'm glad you've accomplished something!"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "And it was a lot of work for nude paintings!"

<AlcarGM> Principal: "There are things more important than qualifications."
<AlcarGM> (( Principal: "It's why I hired Sara, after all." ))
<AlcarGM> He just nods. "BUt I see your mind is made up. Please let me know if you change your mind during the course of the next two weeks."
<Cecil`^> "As I have been recently reminded. I believe this school is in good order and will run fine with one less counselor for a while."
* Cecil`^ nods "I will. Perhaps she and eye will meet eye to eye."
* Cecil`^ steps backward in a very military manner, turns, and leaves, going back to his office.
<AlcarGM> He steels himelf, like a man about to go to war, and buzzes Maureen and askss her, looking like a ma about to enter into Hell, if she'll send Sara in, because he has to ask her some questions.
<Cecil`^> lol
<AlcarGM> (( The poor, poor man :p ))
<Cecil`^> i wanna hear this conversation!
<AlcarGM> P: "I here you've been doing .. bad.. things." S: "And?!" P: "Really .. perky... things...." S: "Am I in trouble?" P: "Oh, God. Merciful Jesus...." S: "Are you okay?" P: "I hav eto go! A run! Around the block!" etc :p

<alcar> Between them Nomesi and Simon pulled off enoughn energy to destroy a universe to kill a demon, apparently.
<alcar> a demon that was, well, suppossedly impossible to actually get killed.
<alcar> so Hell is occupied by a fun internal power struggle :)
<alcar> and Yuki increased the amount of telemarketing on earth by at least a power of 2 thanks to getting a 12 on an attempted exorcism.
<alcar> That was just funny.
<Chaos`^> oh
<Chaos`^> what about uhm
<Chaos`^> that one law in the us that came out right about this time, that prevented some telemarketing
<Chaos`^> maybe this is the cause of the law!
<alcar> lol! Probably. Cuz a LOT of people are going to get called. Often.
* alcar likes weird plot effects like that.
<alcar> in this game, getting an awesome success tends to be more dangerous than utter failure, in terms of reprecussions.

<AlcarGM> The books are at least interesting. And reading them is, well, amazingly sane, compared to the past few days.
<AlcarGM> (( "University texts as meditation, an essay by Kage, edited by Nomesi." ))
<Kage`> (Why is half of this essay scratched out?!)

<Kage`> "I don't think phosphorous rounds are legal."
<AlcarGM> (( Sophie: "They could be. But the Underworld people would retroactively sue us." ))

<Kage`> "You know of any underground activities around here?"
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "Underground as in?"
<Kage`> "An arms dealer, or I dunno, a druf dealer with too many connections."
<Kage`> (drug :P)
<AlcarGM> (( Sophie: "Druf dealers are a dime a dozen." ))
<Kage`> (Dan the druf dealer :P)

<AlcarGM> For some reason, I want to work in Dan the Druf dealer into the game.
<AlcarGM> Probably as a fae.
<Kage`> and a star is born :P
* AlcarGM nods. Hollywood :)

* Kage` gets out the box of ammo and starts loading the guns, "Hot rounds, better if you didn't look at the muzzle flash when they went off, I hear its just a tad too bright."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Oh."
<Kage`> "Guess whats comming?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Uhm. Vampires?"
<Kage`> "Enforcers, actually."
<AlcarGM> (( "In laws?" ))
<Kage`> "Supposedly they can track by aura, so not much a chance we can hide."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Oh." He blushes. "Yeah. I'm not good at hiding it."
<Kage`> "How was school, by the way?"
<Kage`> (And now, we are officially the most fucked up family unit ever :P)
<AlcarGM> (( Not quite. Faline will eventually have children :P ))

<AlcarGM> Sophie will probably show near the end :)
<AlcarGM> Cuz cameron wouldn't be amused if he left you all to die
<AlcarGM> Well.
<AlcarGM> Probably not.

* Kage` wonders what he'd bring down, really, while he gets out some handburger meat
<Kage`> (handburger? what is that, made from hands? :P)
<AlcarGM> (( Faline made it. Do not ask questions :p ))

<Anelelinde> grenades are meant to be THROWN, you know...
<Anelelinde> sometimes lobbed
<Anelelinde> sometimes dropped
<Anelelinde> tossed
<Anelelinde> rolled
<Anelelinde> but you are supposed to be AWAY from the grenade when it explodes.
<Anelelinde> Just an FYI.
<AlcarGM> This IS Kage we're talking about :p

* Kage` looks at Simon, "Where are the others?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Randy is .... " he sniffs."With Lynn. I can sense Yuki and .. Rei.. but they're doing something."
<Kage`> 'I meant the enforcers."
<AlcarGM> Simon; "Oh! Nomesi threw them into the woods. Well. The parts I didn't eat."
* Kage` blinks at that, more than a few times :P
<AlcarGM> Simon: "I was still hungry," as if that explains it all. "They don't taste that good though."

<Rei`-`> "Most of you're kind that I've meet lately have been a tad blood thursty."
<AlcarGM> The fae shrugs, the movement of bones under skin alien, more avian than human. "There is much store placed in having a land to call your own. Much of us went into making it, when the world was young."
* Rei`-` nods
<Rei`-`> "And now its being ripped asunder and You've been locked out."
<AlcarGM> Fae: "Your talent for stating the obvious seems to know no bounds."
<Yuki-Takuri> "Well, we do wish to help, unless your too pompous to know when you need it"

<Yuki-Takuri> "You said the reaper was in hell, have the demons some measure of leverage with the reaper?"
<AlcarGM> The fae finally looks ay Yuki again, amused. "No. It merely has a time share there."

<AlcarGM> Thgere is a surge of demon energy as Rei, off to the side, opens a hole into hell and wanders into it,closing it behind him.
<AlcarGM> (( Let Yuki think he's not a demon now :p ))
* Yuki-Takuri stops, and turns, looking ridiculously concerned, leaving mufasta in an instant
<AlcarGM> (( Mufasta was, wisely, trying Not To Be Noticed :p ))
<Anelelinde> (( he succeeded! ))
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Am I the only one who is confused here?!"
<Anelelinde> "By no means!"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Simon!"
<Yuki-Takuri> "We have to go after him!"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Help me!"
* Yuki-Takuri is at Simon's feet now, begging and crying
<AlcarGM> Simon: ".... Rei generally knows what he's doing." Leaving "you don't" unsaid :p
* Yuki-Takuri snarls and attacks Simon =P
<AlcarGM> (( ..... why me? ))
<Kage`> (I assume that was a j/k)
<AlcarGM> (( .. Is it? This IS Yuki :p ))
<Anelelinde> if not -- telepathy, restrain that critter posthaste
<Kage`> (please oh holiest of holies, please let that be a j/k :P)
* Yuki-Takuri trys to resist any restraint =P

<AlcarGM> There is a flicker, and Denice appears beside you. "Those were friends of yours are trying to kill each other I think."
* Cecil`^ breathes deeply
<Cecil`^> "Just leave it alone, and maybe they will go away..."

<Yuki-Takuri> TuT
<Yuki-Takuri> <AlcarGM> (( .. Is it? This IS Yuki :p ))
* Yuki-Takuri is so happy for such a comment
* AlcarGM grins
* Yuki-Takuri has attained near-Falineish status TuT
<AlcarGM> yes :)
<AlcarGM> You're being screamed at :) Looudly. It's qute distracting, this sanity thing.
<Yuki-Takuri> "I'M NOT GOING TO KILL HIM!!"
<Yuki-Takuri> "Only, almost kill him"
* Yuki-Takuri says back to Anelelinde in her head if possible or however ~_~

* AlcarGM changes topic to 'The Yuki and and Lynn Yelling Match\'
<Anelelinde> hahahhahahaha

<AlcarGM> Kage runs.. and sees, down the road, Cecil and a goth girl watchng them come, and civiliians gaping and getting the hell out of the way :)
<Kage`> (Goth girl?)
<Cecil`^> (( Don't ask ))
* AlcarGM nods.
<Kage`> (Salem?)
<AlcarGM> (( Sara :p ))
<Cecil`^> (( I told you not to ask ))
* Kage` passes them by, "helpohmygodyuki'sgoneberzerk!"
<Yuki-Takuri> ((Cecil is humpin her =P))

<Yuki-Takuri> hehe since at this point I think Yuki has lost the trust of the entire pack XD
<AlcarGM> Just maybe? :p
<AlcarGM> awesome rp of were imusiveness though :)
<Yuki-Takuri> and now just confused the hell out of them on toppa that, and with everyone else, by attacking Simon outta frustration XD

<AlcarGM> Simon breathes a bit easier, the wound finishing healing. "Thanks. That was just...." he shakes his head. "I don't get her."
<Kage`> "She hates demons."
<Kage`> 'So you help kill a few."
<Kage`> "And then she calls you a danger to everyone around you."
<Kage`> "Then she calls for help."
<Kage`> "Tries using you to call something aweful up from the deep."
<Kage`> "And when you say no, she guts you."
<AlcarGM> Simon: ".... yeah."
<Kage`> "Is there something wrong with this picture?"
* Kage` scratches his head :P
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Uhm ..... I didn't like the her gutting me part?"
<Kage`> "nevermind, Simon, nevermind."

<AlcarGM> Vampires defeated. Fae bargained with (somewhat). 2 pcs head to various aspects of Hell. PC tries to kill NPC whle annoyed. Good session ! :)

<AlcarGM> It is evening in Hell. Then again, it is always night in Mictlan, and under this darkness there are no stars. You are standing at the base of a large bleacked bone tower, the gournd beneath both of you the volcanic glass effect of nuclear explosions.
* Cecil`^ walks out of the dealership
<AlcarGM> You can see figures flying, somewhere above, but the ground is currnetly empty and desolate around both of you. Being that Salem is the only necromancer her,e you can feel her aura somewhere to the left. The cat dealership was, of course, empty.
<AlcarGM> Sara nods, looking around absently. "Grown since I was last here," cheerfully.
<Cecil`^> "The time share?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Oh, no. Mictlan. They make it with the bones of failed demons. It grows quite rapidly, I guess." She stops, frowning. "I always wondered what they did with the rest of the demon once they removed the bones."
<Cecil`^> "Maybe they eat it."
* Cecil`^ goes left
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Doesn't seem demonic enough." She shakes her head. "It's so sad now. There used to be rides and everything."
<Cecil`^> "I saw a train here, once... It took me back to earth."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Hmm.Maybe it got too commercialized.... probably was used for postcards and things," looking around at the bones. "Everything changes."
<Cecil`^> "And you expected otherwise?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "It would make for a nice change."
<Cecil`^> "Hah..."

<AlcarGM> A demon swoops down. Hovers. Then squeaks out. "Oh, shit. It's her!" and flies up. Very, very quickly.
<Cecil`^> "You scared them off."
<AlcarGM> Sara pouts. "Like it's my fault they don't have enough stamina?"
<Cecil`^> "It is... I know for a fact you just make it last longer just to torcher people."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Sex isn't torture!!"

<Cecil`^> "Too much of a good thing is not a good thing, Sara... According to you no one can do it right. Try not to press impossible ideals on others."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "It's not impossible. They just need to be flexible."
<Cecil`^> "Maybe you could break a few bones next time, and stretch out their joints."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "The screaming should be happy screaming."
<Cecil`^> "I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself."
<AlcarGM> Sara; "No. Unhappy screaming sounds too much like giving birth."

<AlcarGM> It's monday night, and Yuki has yet to find you to try and kill you. The fact that she turned out to be more of a poroblem than 3 vampire enforcers may be a trifle worrying. Sparkie is accepting odds.
<AlcarGM> I asssume you and Si go back to Camerons?
<Kage`> Si
<AlcarGM> Simon :p
<Kage`> as in yes :P
<AlcarGM> Oh! Ok :P
<AlcarGM> heh...

<Cecil`^> "From what I understand, Sara, Having kids isn't ALL about sex..."
<AlcarGM> Sara : "How many have *you* had?"
<Cecil`^> "Only one."
<AlcarGM> Sara : "... in over a thousand years?!" She stops, staring at you. "..... do you remember what sex is???"
<Cecil`^> "Yes," Acidly, "It's a long story about how I had a kid... Anyway, I can't breed with humans, it's a draogn thing..."
<AlcarGM> Sara : "Oh, puhlease. Have you even tried? Most of them don't break easily."
<Cecil`^> "Break?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "In half. Especially if you find yourself a good farm wife. The big kind, with good hips."
<Cecil`^> "It's about the genetics of it. It's impossible for a dragon to come from a human..."
<Cecil`^> "Why do you think we're extinct? Get rid of the females first, then you just weed out the rest."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Hah! That's what they thought about the phoenix, until Joan of Arc laid an egg."
<Cecil`^> "What? When did she lay an egg?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Before her trial, silly! She thought the phoenix was an angel, I bet. But she was crazy."
<Cecil`^> "There was an angel on top of a hill with joan of arc, shortly before I met the angels myself."
* Cecil`^ shrugs
<Cecil`^> "Maybe."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "So? Just because she saw angels doens't meant she wasn't insane."

<Cecil`^> "Anyway, there was one century that I tried, to have kids to keep the race alive."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "With turkey basters?"
<Cecil`^> "I went down to mesopotamia, in like the 1300's or something. Really far south, down by saudi arabia... I posed as a prince there and had an entire harem..."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "DiId you reven know what do do with it? A harem IS naked women, you know, not a kind of salad"
<Cecil`^> "Yes, Sara. I did. Anyway, I tried it for two generations, about seventy women in total... All of them died without any children."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "..... you di dhave sex iwht them, right? Because they'd have had *someone's* children, unless you picked the only infertile women you could find."

<AlcarGM> Sara: "Dragons can't fly through space?"
<Cecil`^> "Never tried."
<Cecil`^> "It's a long story involving me not being a real dragon, remember?"
<Cecil`^> "I'm not very good at being a dragon..." Staring at the void
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I don't think we have time for your little neuroses. Nerosiis Whatever they are. Your stupdities."
* Cecil`^ points to the prison "Listen, that prison holes the reaper's girlfriend... Now, right now I am a human to everybody but you and a handful of other people. If I suddenly turn into a dragon and fly to his girlfriend's room, how do you think he's going to react?"
<Cecil`^> "I'm not being stupid, I'm being rational."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Same thing."
* Cecil`^ glares at her
<Cecil`^> "I blame you for my death..."
<AlcarGM> She frowns at the prison. "Oh, well. We can go back, then."
* Cecil`^ rips his jacket off and tosses it at her
<AlcarGM> Saraw: "Only if it involves necrotantric sex!"
<Cecil`^> "You just want to see me naked..."

<AlcarGM> Sara looks you over, then snorts. "No wonder you didn't have children if it's that small."
* Cecil`^ ignores her
<Cecil`^> "I'm probably the first person you've seen naked that didn't want to have sex with you."
<AlcarGM> Sara just smirks
<AlcarGM> You ...blur .... and change! RP as you wish :)
* Cecil`^ grumbles and tries to concentrate, flexing various muscles and convincing them to grow and morph. Bones crack and snap into place, as a giant lizard apears where cecil was.
<AlcarGM> Sara loooks you over. "Wow. It's STILL small? How depressing."
<AlcarGM> Do you wish to eat her now? :)
* Cecil`^ gives her a low growl that sounds very much like a crazy lion fighting with a bear
* Cecil`^ clears his throat
* Cecil`^ stares at Sara, wondering how she's going to get across ;)
<AlcarGM> Sara :"Does this flight come with peanuts?"
<AlcarGM> :p
<Cecil`^> "Jus--ju--" *coaaaahg cough* And simply growls, lowering his neck... She's lucky he can't talk as a dragon yet =p

* Kage` slides the barkeep his glass
<Kage`> "Never did catch your name, did I?"
<AlcarGM> The bartender fills it again ."Sam."
<AlcarGM> (( just for a "Fill it again, Sam:" joke :p ))
<aslhk> (( awful =P ))

<Cecil`^> "She's my friend, I can't stand by and watch her remain imprissoned in her own head. No one deserves that, not me, not you, and especially not her."
<AlcarGM> The Reaper shrugs. "No one deserves anything. It seldom matters. We are born broken."
<Cecil`^> "WHy are you doing this to her? To yourself?"
<AlcarGM> The Reaper shrugs again. "Perhaps for the experience of being alive."
<Cecil`^> "Being alive should not involve torchering people in your own personal hell."
<AlcarGM> The Reaper smiles thinnly. "You seemt o have a very romantic view of love, then."

<arete> The odds are kinda stacked against you guys to start with
<arete> So try and play a character who is capable ot taking the throne!
<arete> to make it more interesting
* AlcarGM will make a character named Legion :P
<AlcarGM> So at least one of him can take the throne.
<arete> lol
<arete> named and numbered?
<arete> :P
<AlcarGM> Well, and MPD :)

* Kage` hmms, then gets dressed, grabbing his jacket as he exits
<AlcarGM> You head downstairs. Everything is quiet except for the ticking of the one grandfather clock in the living room.
<Kage`> (was it there before? I never noticed it :P)
<AlcarGM> (( I just added it. But it was! :p ))

<Kage`> "And you need to learn how to drive eventually, isn't 15 learners?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Yeah. But it's a written test."
<Kage`> "Never thought about that part..."
<AlcarGM> Simon :"And my memory is never good. " He shrugs. "I'd probably drive and get distracted by some smell and run into someone."
<Kage`> "Ah well, just something else to work towards, I guess."
<AlcarGM> (( "But I couold cover it up by eating the body." ))
<Kage`> ("I'm sorry ma'am but I have to eat you now!")
<Kage`> (unfortunately its sara :P)
<AlcarGM> (( "Please stop screaming." ))
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))

* Kage` reaches out and takes the plate from him and snags his forearm, well, takes, not snags, and then concentrates for a moment
<AlcarGM> He blinks, startled, but doesn't move.
* Kage` is just rechecking his acne, its been a week, so it should be another week till its gone
<Kage`> (and its freaking healing 7 now, so maybe even sooner :P)
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Wow. That feels weird now. It's warm, and cold..... Thanks."
<AlcarGM> It looks a bit better, at least. No new eruptions.
* Kage` takes the plate to the sink, then, "Its wierd, I keep getting better at repairing things, even though we seem to keep offing people."

<AlcarGM> The other vampire ... ((What DID we name him again?)) comes down stairs. Ah! Cliff. Never mind. And I'm too lazy to get rid of this. So Cliff comes down the stairs. "How can I serve you today?" formally.
<AlcarGM> :p

<AlcarGM> It's evening and you've arrived in your car that doesn't actually exist. The Busted Flush turns out to be depresingly grey and dull houseboat moored at Slip F-18 at the marina.
<AlcarGM> No sense of magic at all about it. Just a houseboat. And not, say Babba Yagga's hut. Really.

<Cameron> "With all things considered, this is the option with the lowest risk. Even with whatever I may squander, opposing the Council is foolish. Compliance and reason are better for all involved."
<Cameron> "Despite whatever association I have, this arrangement ensures someone with a brain is keeping a watchful and authoritative eye on the Pack."
<AlcarGM> (( He smiles slightly at that. "Think highly of yourself, don't you?" ))
<AlcarGM> (( Then he reaveals nimself to be a ...... Mindflayer! ))

<Cameron> "There are a couple very reckless ones in the group."
<AlcarGM> Adam: "More than Faline trying to out weres on televison?" dryly.
* Cameron nods, "The one I am thinking of is a demon hunter who, I can only suppose, must see the demons in everyone. And attacks accordingly."
<Cameron> "The one I am most worried for is the human she has taken an interest in."
<AlcarGM> Adam: "She is an intersting care. She wasn't powerful until after she met the others. Whatever changed them allows them to change others, it seems."
<Cameron> "That sounds like the start of an epidemic of power."
<AlcarGM> (( PC: The virus. Coming soon to an NPC near you!" ))
<Cameron> "While everyone should experience their fair share of pleasure, I must say I'm worried at the prospect."
<Cameron> (( :P ))

<AlcarGM> K. Just a regular average joe?
<AlcarGM> or Expensive PI Firm?
<Cameron> Unless there are ninjas available :P
* Cameron will get a regular gumshoe :>
<AlcarGM> Well ..there are.. but they're not in the phonebook :)
<AlcarGM> (( actually, they are. Ninja Investigations. Silent. But Effective. Reasonable rates. ))
<Cameron> (( Excellent. ))
<Cameron> (( I shall hire a ninja investigator. :P ))
<AlcarGM> Youm end up at a generic shop on top of a flower shop The door just says
<AlcarGM> "MacNinja Investigations."
<Cameron> ((Oh, Gods. You've seen it.))
<AlcarGM> (( *grins* ))
<AlcarGM> (( his famous cousin gets all the press :p ))
* Cameron knocks on the door. Please, no apes. No apes. :P

<Alicia> It'd be easier to do the "D&D character comes to earth, is confused by earth customs" deal, but... wow. "What do you mean there are no dungeons? Where am I supposed to get my gold?"
<alcar> Alicia - lies :P We got dungeons AND prisons. Jut... getting gold out of them might really hard.
<alcar> Hrm.
<alcar> "So, you mean I end up IN a dungeon if I get gold?" "Yes." "Does ithave traps?" "... well .... yes."
<Alicia> XD
<alcar> and, in the "dungeon" the elf is asked to pick up fallen soap in the showers and, years later, hunts you down and murders you.
<alcar> The end.

<Cecil`^> "I've never met someone who had sex with the embodiment of this world's death."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Even I wouldn't do that! Well. Not without a few stiff drinks!"
<Cecil`^> "Huh... But you said you did. Sit down."
<AlcarGM> She has :p
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I lied."
<Cecil`^> "Is that something you do a lot?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "No."
<AlcarGM> :p
* Cecil`^ grabs her hand "Stop chewing your nails."

<AlcarGM> She gives you an odd look, then stops. "I wonder if anyone realizes just how insane you are?"
<Cecil`^> "Why?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Because you're too calm about this."
* Cecil`^ waves her off
<Cecil`^> "I've been in worse situations."
<AlcarGM> She raises an eyebrow. "Name one."
<Cecil`^> "I had an insane gun in my hands just the other day, and it made me shoot Blossom, the one in new york? She was pissed too."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "That's just politcs," waving it away. "Except for the gun."
<Cecil`^> "Well, when she started shooting at me with it... I feel that is a much worse situation than this."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Then you lack imagination. Thank you for clearing this up. You're not calm, just stupid."

<AlcarGM> The bus nbegins to go down the road, which is a mobius strip, only its done up like a las vegas strip, a nice tribute to the neon gods.
<Cecil`^> uhm ok
<Cecil`^> how do we get anywhere if it keeps going the same place?
<AlcarGM> You have no idea. But, somehow, you are going somewhere. Possibly because the strip is broken.
<AlcarGM> Sara yawns, and decides to have a nap :P
* Cecil`^ sighs and sits down next to her, watchign hell go by
<AlcarGM> Hell does go by. Slowly. So it goes.
* Cecil`^ looks bored
<AlcarGM> The bus finally comes to a halt, having jumped the strip when you weren't looking, or when you blinked, or perhaps it was never there at all. You have htis nagging suspicion that Hell is trying to show off.

<AlcarGM> It is Tueday morning and the house is quiet and you're all all alone. No vampires come to kill you, no one calling on the phone, yeah! Dig it!
<AlcarGM> Or something.
<AlcarGM> It is morning. You are now, officially, alone, except for the thing you don't notice.

<Cecil`^> "Blue is a nice color. Did somebody tell you not to open?"
<AlcarGM> Door: "yeah."
<Cecil`^> "Who?"
<AlcarGM> Door: 'hell."
<Cecil`^> "Why?"
<AlcarGM> Door: "cuz it's the rules," glumly. "i'd like to. you look cute. but i can't or i'd be destroyed."
<Cecil`^> Oooh
<Cecil`^> The door is totally into me
<Cecil`^> "But there are exceptions to every rule..." Getting close to the door... how the hell do you seduce a door? "Not even for ME?"
<AlcarGM> Door: "nope. i'd like to. i mean, you're alive. and you remind me of the boy. but i'm to open it for him. sorry."
<Cecil`^> "C'mon... I'm a good friend... A _good_ friend..."
<AlcarGM> door: "but you're not him." the door sniffs maple syrup. "and he gets to kill me."
<Cecil`^> Oh god...
<Cecil`^> How the hell do you seduce a freaking door?
* Cecil`^ licks the maple syrup from the door "I'm sure he'll let us through... just this once."
* AlcarGM grins
<AlcarGM> rofl!

<AlcarGM> door: "forever is a long time to be alone. i didn't even get to talk on earth. he wouldn't talk to me. just went on about dying. and cursed me. to hell. so i'm waiting for the boy."
<Cecil`^> "Oh, really? Tell me about it."
<AlcarGM> door: "i was the tree of life," with a deeper sniff, turning a deep shade of orasnge. "then a cross. now i'm just a door. doesn't look good on the resume."
* Cecil`^ nods
<Cecil`^> "The tree of life huh?"
<Cecil`^> "What's that?"
<AlcarGM> door: "....."
<AlcarGM> door: "from genesis?" in a small, hurt voice.

* Kage` locks up and heads out, then! first to check the town for increased wierdness, mostly the hospital area, and some of the surrroundings
<AlcarGM> Nothing at all weird. Well. UNless you count the one vacant car park across the way currentl yhaving a makeshift tent/building set up in it. A big sign (wood, painted0 says :"The Churc OF Faline, The Almighty One"
* Kage` .oO(F%&*)
<AlcarGM> (( hehehehehe ))

<Cecil`^> "I see... Well, I'm sure life will come and kill you eventually, until then you should just live life to the fullest."
<AlcarGM> door: "i can't. i can't even open. what's the use of a door that can't door?"
<Cecil`^> "You can't open?"
<AlcarGM> door: "nope. can't let no one in."
<Cecil`^> "Who made THAT rule!?"
<AlcarGM> door: "hell. and jesus when he cursed me."
<Cecil`^> "Tsch... What an ass. If I were you I'd show him who's boss... You were the tree of LIFE! No one messes with you!"
<AlcarGM> door: "i used to think so. they they turned most of me into handbaskets."

<Cecil`^> "What does Life have that can kill you?"
<AlcarGM> door: "kinship."
<Cecil`^> "Can kill you?"
<AlcarGM> door: "yes. they're part of me."
* Cecil`^ grabs some maple syrup from the door and sucks on the sugar thinking
<AlcarGM> it is, of course, quite good.
<Cecil`^> "You were a maple?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "What powers death, then?" casually.
<AlcarGM> door: "my shadow," to Sara. "I was .. all trees," to you. "someties I cry sap."
<Cecil`^> "Your tears... They taste good."

<Kage`> "How many others?"
* Kage` doesn't seem to be insulting at this point, interested, to a point
<AlcarGM> The woman's eyes narrow to dangerous slits. "I don't see how this could be your concern."
* Kage` just looks at here, like one would look at an insect ready to be swatted, annoying and tempting and just raises his forearm, and pulls back his sleeve to his elbow
* AlcarGM laughs. You show her the name?
<Kage`> (why not :P)
<AlcarGM> Thw woman's eyes widen and she stares at you, horrified. "You are... the saint?" her voice shaking.
<AlcarGM> (( Woman: "I thought you would be taller!" ))
<Kage`> "How many others?"
<AlcarGM> Woman: "T- twenty four, O Saint of the Lady! Blessed are her claws! Keep them sheathed that we may honour her name!"
* Kage` just sighs and facepalms
<Kage`> "This is a mockery, thats what this is."
<AlcarGM> Woman: "There -there may be more! Lionel ws handing out pamphlets!"

<AlcarGM> Woman: "You don't believe in promoting the Truth? You'd have the Saviour hide n the shadows when a storm is coming?!"
<Kage`> "I have the truth, you have interpretation."
<AlcarGM> Woman: "The oracle obviously did not tell YOU Her Words," scornfully.
<Kage`> "I don't care, the oracle obviously has her own agenda."
<Kage`> "Why do you even think I'm connected with faline? Because the oracle said so?"
<AlcarGM> Woman: "You doubt the Oracle's voice? Her truth?
<AlcarGM> Woman: "Blasphemer! You sre not worthy to know her name! We will strike you from the records if you don't leave!"
<AlcarGM> (( One religion. One day old. Already looking towards a schism. ))

* Kage` sits down cross legged and waits a bit, coaxing her body to try and prompt herself to wake
<Kage`> (by repeatedly slapping her :P)
<AlcarGM> the woman wakens on the fourth slap, confused....
<Kage`> (not really, though! XD)
<AlcarGM> Woman: "I . .ah . .your .. your eyes....."
<Kage`> (zomg, not serious at all :P)
* Kage` substitutes slaps with... I dunno, rem fluxuations or w/e
<Kage`> "You have a name?"
<AlcarGM> Woman: ".... Julie."
<Kage`> "They call me Kage."
<Kage`> "Its the only thing left to me, in writing."
<Kage`> "Please don't worship me. I'm not a god or a saint, or whatever you claim, although I don't think I'm human, not anymore."

* Kage` grabs something small in the cafeteria and tries to determine if they are still holding the kid.
<AlcarGM> Of course. The entire floor is "quarantined" at the moment
<Kage`> (this is rediculous, I'm so staging a breakout :P)
<AlcarGM> (( LOL! ))
<AlcarGM> (( before the vatican can decided if this is a real miracle man?! ))
<Kage`> (his parents suck, too, since they left him, I need to find out if he has any cool grandparents or other close kin.)
<AlcarGM> (( well, they didn't live as much as visit as little as possible :P the smell was.... bad.. and he was dying... ))
<AlcarGM> From the conversation, there are police up there., and Government People and Many Doctors. etc.
<Kage`> how about the parents?
<AlcarGM> Yup. They're lokce dup too. Genetic screening etc.
<AlcarGM> most of the hospital staff is just pissed off at the disruption to normal services
* Kage` totally needs to crush this world and forge a new world order :P
<AlcarGM> quite a few think that other children should have been healed, not some lost cause etc.
<AlcarGM> lol
* Kage` hits his head lightly, bad loci, baaaad loci!

<Cecil`^> "You didn't do it this time." Walking toward the days inn
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Do what?"
<AlcarGM> You make it there without any ytroble, since you don't hve to pas the hospital or cult of faline ot get there :)
<Cecil`^> "Act... Cheery... You've been doing it around everyone but me. But you didn't do it this time."
<Cecil`^> "I owe Denice a message... She'll need it, after dealing with the addict for a few hours."
<AlcarGM> Sara :"It's harder now," with a shrug
* Cecil`^ laughs lightly, thinking of what just came out of sara's mouth...
<Cecil`^> "Sorry, I've got a dirty mind..." WIth a grin, going up to the room
<AlcarGM> She ignores you :P
<Cecil`^> that's odd =p

* Cecil`^ warms up his hands, wiggles them, and grabs on, giving Denice the massage of a life time, choc full of fire
<AlcarGM> She almost literally melts in your hands. Sara coughs, lightly, a few hours later. "Time?"
<AlcarGM> Denice: "You .... are ..... an angel. You know that, right?"
* Cecil`^ looks at his watch
<AlcarGM> to you, not Sara :)
<AlcarGM> 4 pm.
<Cecil`^> "Wow, it's been that long.." Smiling to Denice
<Cecil`^> "Well, I have to go. Good luck." Winking and getting up
<AlcarGM> She nods. "Be careful," eyeing Sara warily.
<Cecil`^> "I will."
* Cecil`^ smiles to Sara and leaves out the door
<Cecil`^> (( I clarify because the last time I was in a hotel, I went out the window ;D ))

<Cecil`^> <Cecil`^> "Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you that we're going to hell...
* AlcarGM nods. :p
<Cecil`^> Heh

<alcar> Luke, I Am Your Tedious, Overused Plot Device (Lynx Rule)
<alcar> If there is any chance whatsoever that major villain X could be the male lead's father, then it will turn out that major villain X is the male lead's father.
<alcar> I am wondering about ways to make it NOT overused
<alcar> Could work as: "Villain? Son, I know you know you thought I just worked at the office.," as your father finish making the cookes, stuidously ingnoring your gun. "But I;'m not evil. Working for the gestapo is just a job, that's all. It pays the bills.."
<kentari> or more like
<kentari> <Father> "I sent you to Hero Camp, and you never asked where the money came from THEN! Why NOW?" :P
<alcar> lol! That, too :)
<Alicia> ... why would the villain send their kid to Hero Camp?
<Fennec> Guilt.
<alcar> <Father> "Did you never WONDER why the dark Lord Snap-Kracle`Pop didn't destroy the city? I paid him off! It's MY city."
<alcar> Fennec - Nah, training :)
<alcar> "There, now you understand how entitrely incompetent the good people really are. Sure, thye havelots of propaganda ad big armies, bit they can'trun them. Every king needs a grand vizeer to REALLY run things."
<alcar> etc.

<Fennec> minisession tonight, alcar?
<alcar> Yup, if you're up for it.
<alcar> Kage wants to havea "chat" with Lynn as is :)
<Fennec> mmm, I guess. How soon? (and I can't stay up TOO late... got work tomorrow!)
<alcar> Dunno... couple of hours?
* alcar needs to finish writing a scene
<Fennec> I need to be up and about at 7am.
<alcar> Same :P
<kentari> same
<kentari> lol
<kentari> :P
<alcar> And the "pull an all nighter and astill work" days are, alas, over.
<kentari> We're all 1st shift slaves! :(

* Cameron laughs :P and heads for Castle Cameron, first and foremost. Hoping its still there..
<AlcarGM> It is there! For now. Thbough there are several holes in the back lawn that look like somone was using high explosives
* Cameron frowns and decides to look around inside, hoping someone is home to explain things. He carries his cellphone on silent mode, but leaves it on in case anyone of consequence tries to contact him...
<AlcarGM> No one seems to be human at present, and someone fixed the brn marks Sophie did to your ceiling when trying to cook the butterfly. You also need to buy groceries soon.
* Cameron feels like going asian these next few weeks. Hopefully, there are still some Chinese left in trail. Delicious. :)

<Cameron> Anne is to the mind what Sara is to the body!

<Anelelinde> "Ah, Superstitions."
<AlcarGM> Charles: "You know, like .. lucky rabbits feet, mirrors, pennies. Those things? You - do know about stuff like that, right?"
<Anelelinde> "Of course!"
<AlcarGM> Charles: "Oh, good. Sometimes you - seem so young, oddly.' he just shrugs as yhou approach the school. "Sorry. I can't help seeing things."
<AlcarGM> The school is crowded as usual , minds rushing around, past, through you .... thoughts, ideas, memories.... none of them your own.
<Anelelinde> "Well, depends on how you count it! I was kinda born twice, you know?"
<AlcarGM> Charles: "... twice?"
<AlcarGM> (( Charles: "You don't come off as Christian." ))
<Anelelinde> "You know, chrysalis."
<Cameron> ((Eww she was once a worm :P))
<Anelelinde> (( worms are Annelida, not Anelelinde ))
<Anelelinde> (( Anelelinde is Insecta ))

* Cameron doesn't leave this one to her decision. Activating his Power, he intends to observe what her vices are. :P
<AlcarGM> Beth nods, though it's mostly being polite. She doesn't hold with vices.
<Cameron> "Can I give you a ride somewhere, at least? Its quite the walk into town."
<AlcarGM> She ,.. has no vices. She uses to, when she was younger. She drank a little too much (more than 1 glass of red wine a day, the horrors). The rest is ... little htings, that she's basically squashed from her personality. She is basically fuctinally insane, at some weird level.
<AlcarGM> anyone without any redeeming vice at all is :)

<Anelelinde> you know, Cameron
<Anelelinde> I don't really believe you're a vampire
<Anelelinde> they're going to kick you out of the race or something
<Anelelinde> you're way too mild-mannered :P

<alcar> Obligatory strange Scooby fact: The gang is 84% more likely to stumble upon a secret passage than to find it intentionally.
<alcar> Imagine making up a scooby doo rpg :P
<kentari> You know?
<kentari> It would actually be really awesome.
<kentari> Its episodic enough to translate into well paced sessions.
* alcar nods. Best system might be toon :p
<alcar> "No, you can't find the secret door unless you fail your Smarts roll."

<AlcarGM> The blind kid comes over, hearing. "Simon? You left a bit quickly Gayle wanted me to give you a book to look at."
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Oh. Thanks, Terry." He takes it, then looks at you, looking better - or at least faking it.
* Cameron scopes out the title. :p
<AlcarGM> Just "Green Eggs and Ham." Braille version included.
<Cameron> (( Awwww :P ))
<Cameron> (( The teacher within me thinks this is the high point of the entire campaign. :> ))
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))

<AlcarGM> She flips the second card. "Death. Reversed. Not for you, then. But there was a death in your past."
<AlcarGM> She flips the third. "The future...... Judgement. Perhaps for you. Or for you to make."
<AlcarGM> She flips at the fourth. "The present. The Hanged Man. Wisdom, perhaps. Or sacrifice. And, finally, a last card. The thing that holds all this together..... past ,present, and future...."
<AlcarGM> She flip a fifth card, then blinks at it.
* Kage` tries not to leave a dent in the table with his fingertips
<AlcarGM> You see an angel, only with chains on it.
<AlcarGM> Palm reader: "That isn;t in this deck," slowly.
<Kage`> "Could I see?"
<AlcarGM> She looks up at you. "What did you do?" fearfully.
* Kage` reaches over and takes it, then, damnit :P
<Kage`> (cards have names, whats the name?)
<Cameron> (( 'SPARKIE' ))
<AlcarGM> The [smudged out] Angel.
<Kage`> (/quit)

<Cameron> I'm in childhood education, sir
<Cameron> Green Eggs and Ham?
<Cameron> I eat that stuff for BREAKFAST.
<Cameron> :P
<Cameron> The symbollism!
<AlcarGM> lol
<Cameron> The green eggs and ham, it represents PEACE!
<Cameron> Sam-I-Am is advocating peace between were and vampire
<Cameron> But the protagonist refuses, under ALL conditions!
<Cameron> Until finally, after great catastrophe...
<Cameron> He gives up and tries it.
<Cameron> And realizes, hey, its delicious.
<Cameron> :P

<AlcarGM> The fortune teller is sweating..... and they're all blank.. except for the letters A B B E E L O O V W
<Cameron> WE LOVE ABBO
<Cameron> :P wtf?
<AlcarGM> :p
<AlcarGM> I knew I missed a letter! It was meant to be ABBA :p

* Cameron nods, and heads back downstairs, checking his e-mail on the way!
<AlcarGM> No emails of note. A few spam. Some offers of fang enlargement. The usual.

<AlcarGM> The pizza is half gone. 15 + were + very hungry = bad combination.
<AlcarGM> Star has stopped eating and is just watching Simon go through pizza looking rather stunned.
<Cameron> "A healthy appetite, indeed."
<Cameron> "It always amazes me how beneficial eating is for people."
<AlcarGM> Simon makes some sounds, swallows.... blinks.... "Err... sorry."
* Cameron takes a seat and gets a slice. He eats pizza with a fork and knife ...
<AlcarGM> of course he does :P
<Cameron> "Don't apologize! You aren't making a mess, and are regaining your strength."
<Cameron> "Whatever lives were given for this pizza have long been lost. There is nothing to lament, save for their waste if their substance is not made unto sustenance."
* Cameron almost sounds prophetic :P

* Keith is now known as Rei`-`
<Kage`> (yay!)
<Kage`> (does it bother anyone else that rei rhymes with fae? :P)
<Rei`-`> (guess who is here)
<Cameron> ((Not as much as it bothers me that we haven't finished our fae genocide yet ;p))

<Kage`> "I think I might get something to eat, and then maybe head to bed, its been a long day."
<Kage`> (unless tomorrow won't be happening today, this is still wrap up from last monday, right?)
<AlcarGM> (( Err. Yes :p ))

<AlcarGM> okayt! You asre in Hell at the moment. A giant shopping mall, ande were directled to the amusement park in the basement. I assume you go there and avoid the crowds and demons and tourists?
<Rei`-`> sounds good
<AlcarGM> Okay. You go down stairs past shops that offer everything from Elvis recordingd from the 1980s to the hearts of baby unicorns and the promise of an Abba reunion or a way to curse someone with the love of Disco .. the amusement park is quite large, and done up in red and black, with lots of sulphur, flames, and a sign saying "You ust be THIS tall to go on rides" .... with no corresponding meansurement.
* Rei`-` shrugs it off and heads on in
<AlcarGM> A few demons and humans are around. You spot Oprah talking to Beezlebub, and someone has a statue of Machiavelli in a corner, though from the way the statue screams as children poke it wiht sticks, it might not be statue.
<AlcarGM> How do you plan to find the sphinx?
<Rei`-`> anything in any direction look like an egiption theam?
<AlcarGM> Nope..... some Disneyland ones, though. You spot the Mickey Mouse version of Bill The Cat smoking Donald Duck.

<Rei`-`> think i'll wander around slacking off till somebody assumes i should be working some place in the park
<AlcarGM> You wander around and manage to find the Sphinx by pure luck... it's in with all the other kiddle rides, like the horse, and Ghengis Khan and the Apostle Peter ... coin operated ride, a quarter efvery minute.

<Cameron> "Tell me of your dream, Kage."
<Kage`> "I've had several."
<Cameron> "Involving that man?"
<Kage`> "You mean, just with the old guy?"
<AlcarGM> Simon nods, frowning, trying to recall more and giving up with sigh
* Cameron nods as well. :P
<Kage`> "I remember him standing by a crossroad, to where, I don't know."
<Kage`> "He was sad and tired, you could tell by looking at his eyes..."
<Kage`> "I passed him by, like I was in a car, and then there was when I dreamed about him playing tic tac toe with a coyote."
<Cameron> "So we have Winterland snow, and Emo Indians."
<Cameron> "I believe the secrets of the earth are soon to be ours."
* Cameron mutters :P

<Rei`-`> "Which brings us around to the reason for my viset."
<AlcarGM> Sphinx: "I hope it's not ariddle. I HATE riddles. It was all fine until they came up with that quantum shit."

<AlcarGM> Charles: "And you? What are you more than a creature too cowardly to accept they've died and walking around too afraid to risk death, clinging to cowardice as your immortality, not having honour enough to be true to anything?"
<Cameron> "There are things more important than honor."
* Cameron says almost as levelly :P
<AlcarGM> Charles: "Not if you're really a man."
<Cameron> "I, beast, am no longer a man."
<AlcarGM> Charles: "Then why live? If you've lost honour, why do you bother with your mockery of life?"
<Cameron> "I thought you said you were a Seer."
<Cameron> "Can't you understand? Perhaps it is best explained as this.."
<Cameron> "I have for this world a Gardener's Love."
<AlcarGM> Charles: "I'm the kind no one wants. I see too deeply."

<Forest`^> "Ok... SO where did you dance?"
<kentari> Another clap, and turn.
<kentari> <Tulip> "So anyway, I was little and didn't know what room was what. She pointed at a door, and dared me to go inside and dance."
<kentari> <Tulip> "So I went in dancing and stuff... it was the locker room!"
<kentari> <Tulip> "The BOYS locker room!"
<kentari> Petunia grins that wicked grin of a guilty sibling. I'm sure you know it. :P
<Aaron_V> ((Fully))
<Forest`^> "So what dance was it?"
<kentari> <Tulip> "The ... the chicken dance." She says, meagerly, as it happens to begin playing. She pales in post-traumatic shock.

<kentari> <Petunia> "Uhm .. I danced at a bowling alley once. On the lane."
<kentari> <Tulip> "Liar! You never even did that!"
<kentari> Petunia glares :P
<Aaron_V> ((little siblings, the ultimate sense motive :D)0

<Forest`^> "No worries... Just watch where you're moving your hand..." My sidearm wasn't exactly at my side, I holstered it in the back
<kentari> Forest, Petunia, and Tulip are at the center of the conga circle, with 13 rings between them and you, Drew.
* Forest`^ is dancing a conga to Hava Nagila
<Drew`> .....
<kentari> Petunia notices Drew and waves from the center of the circle.
<kentari> Tulip looks a little freaked out, whispering to Forest.
<kentari> "Do you .. have a back problem, or something?"
* Drew` waves back, a trifle urgently :)
* Drew` waves for them to come over
<Forest`^> "No, that's just where I keep my sidearm."
* Forest`^ yells out "Reverse!" and spins
<kentari> <Tulip> "S-s-s-SIDEARM!?"

* Anton throws his arms up, blue lines racing down them and twisting, covering his arms till they melt away, leaving smoooth shiny metal behind
* Aaron_V looks at Anton. "Interesting."
* Anton 's fingertips are wide, longer, and look like they have holes in the end of them
<Drew`> ".... better than pretending to be dead."
* Anton reaches into his pocket and inserts a clip of ammo into his elbow :P
* Anton pulls back his thumb, tchk! tchk!
<Drew`> (( tennis elbow X3 ))
* Aaron_V just kind of blinks.
<Anton> "That was all theoretical, by the way!"
* Anton looks nervously amused! ;P

<Forest`^> "Excuse me... what's going on?" looking at the officer.
<kentari> One of them removes your sidearm after a moment, "Would you care to tell US what's going on?"
<kentari> You realize.. its a female voice.
<kentari> They're... they're all female..
<Aaron_V> ((Now THAT'S the bad side of girl magnet))
<Drew`> (( ..... damn..... :P ))
<Forest`^> "I THOUGHT it was a bar mitzvah... I didn't know there were hostages involved."

<kentari> <Creature> "It is -- " a barrage of ranged combat damage interrupts the creature.
<kentari> The sound of the impact is like that of glass being broken while inside a back. A sort of crunching sound.
<Aaron_V> "It is what?"
<Drew`> "......"
<kentari> The creature jerks back a bit, but retains its footing.
<Drew`> "So much for actually talking...."
<kentari> <Creature> "Monsters! Swarming upon a benign host ... you are but locusts!"
<Aaron_V> "It just plunged a blade into your chest, and you want to talk to it?"
<kentari> It sounds a LOT like Drew, except for the vocabulary. ;p
<Drew`> "It had to learn English somehow."

<kentari> <Officer> "How old are you, kid?"
<Drew`> (( "Sara did a better job than you!" ))
* Forest`^ looks at the officer's nametag
<Forest`^> "Seventeen."
<kentari> None.
<kentari> <Officer> "Then, explain how this sidearm is legal."
<Anton> (its a trap!)
<Drew`> (( "It's not a sidearm. I'm just happy to see you." ))
<Forest`^> "I'm emancipated."
<Aaron_V> ((...))
<Anton> (And I'm Proclimated!)
<Anton> (and together WE FIGHT CRIME!)
<kentari> <Officer> "And I'm Proclimated."
<kentari> (( :P j/k))

<kentari> You are chucked, minus sidearm, into the fresh arrivals cell. There are various vagrants and miscreants about you, in varying states of sobriety. Friday night appears to be active!
* Forest`^ pulls up his pants
* Forest`^ finds an empty corner, and sits down
<kentari> A feller shuffles up to you, and asks: "... Are you using those shoes right now?"
<Forest`^> "Yes, get your own."
<kentari> He mutters something about the bourgeois, but doesn't have to spell it right since he's saying it.

* Forest`^ looks at him "All i have here are photos. What do you want?"
<kentari> <Man> "The man in these photos. You know the face now."
<kentari> <Man> "Tomorrow, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, he will be finishing with a speech at the high school. You are to wait there, and eliminate him."
<Forest`^> "You know i'm not supposed to bring guns to school."
<kentari> <Man> "Do you think that matters, at this point? You know what you have to do. Are you going to do it?"
<Forest`^> "If I do this for you, then I just get framed for yet another murder, which brings me back where we started. What do I get out of this?"
<kentari> <Man> "Ah, ah, ah. Don't get ahead of yourself. Do this, and everything washes away. A typographical error on your birth certificate is fixed, and you are rightly 18 years of age."
<kentari> <Man> "... We can also help with your student council election."
<Aaron_V> ((...))

<kentari> I did look into it, for prank value
<kentari> and if I could poison my roommate's food with the proper hormone therapy medication
<kentari> They'd all blossom into their own, natural full-busted beauty within months.
<tatterdemalion> Reasons Sara needs shapechange other.... :p
<kentari> She has transmute, hasn't she? :P
<Rachael> doesn't she have it?
<Rachael> it's what, four points to make it explicit?
<Rachael> I'm sure you can manage it
* tatterdemalion nods.
<Rachael> maybe you could even turn it into an attack
<tatterdemalion> on Cecil :p
<tatterdemalion> lol!
<Rachael> tatterdemalion: yes!
<tatterdemalion> Now THAT would be funny.
<Rachael> tatterdemalion: on Cecil!
<tatterdemalion> Weapn attack - Give Boob Job
<Rachael> Well, I'm sure there are other odd sexual situations you could make with that (some of them more perverted than others :P)

<AlcarGM> Biology class is a lecture on cells and cell theory. Standard, boring stuff.
<Akai> (cell theory is so not boring)
<AlcarGM> You do, however, learn about the akai cell that acts like a virus and invades other cells (hereafter called games) to asert the importance of cells (this time just called cells) :p

<Anelelinde> Hmm. Let's check my To do. Umm... abuse Sophie, play games with the focus, take over the pack, hmm, should I encourage the cult more? what else...
<Kage`> btw
<kentari> ((Sounds like trouble.))
<Kage`> I hate your cult :P
<AlcarGM> (( hehe ))
<Anelelinde> they love you! or they should
* Kage` (totally took care of the 'loving him' part :P)
<AlcarGM> (( yeah :P ))

<Kage`> "Where have you been?"
<Anelelinde> "School!"
* Anelelinde <-- looks quite human/normal
<Anelelinde> "Don't let me keep you, then."
* Kage` remembers cameron speaking of a glamour
<Kage`> "By the way."
<Kage`> "Did you make a cult last week?"

<Cameron> "Who are you, and what did you do to your sensible twin brother?"
<Kage`> "What part of 'cut out of his head' don't you understand you ignoramus?"
<AlcarGM> (( ooh. Uppitty weapon! ))
<AlcarGM> (( *deducts marks* ))
* Kage` (destroy world)
<AlcarGM> Tin finally stops trembling.
<Kage`> (seriously, I don't see whats so difficult :P)
<Kage`> (I mean, other than it being an alcar game! )
<Cameron> ((I thought Kage was implying that the male gendered pronouns were rude :P))
* Cameron does not roll his eyes. He will not roll his eyes.
<Kage`> (no no, don't ask him what he found, because he can't tell you)

<Kage`> "I have to go, really, and I appreciate the help."
<Cameron> "Let me inform Simon, first.. unless you think he should come along? I know how the two of you attract those 2s when you're together.."
<AlcarGM> Rocks fall on Cameron.
* Cameron ducks inside and kind of loudly states to Simon that he's heading out for awhile, and to smoke a kipper for him, cuz he'll be back for breakfast.
<Kage`> (have you been watching red dwarf recently? :P)
<AlcarGM> (( The rocks reverse themselves in homage to red dwarf ))

<Tass> "Tin. Where is your feather?"
<AlcarGM> Tin pulls it out of thin air.
<Tass> 'Good. Now we won't get lost in the woods."
<Cameron> "I thought that was bread crumbs."
<Tass> "An old man gave him it, raven's feather, I believe."
<Cameron> "Regardless. Can you take us?"
* Cameron asks Tin.
<AlcarGM> The feather shimmers...... and there's a sound, cawing... a noise like beaks snapping.... and the world twists, not bluring as much as remaking itself. The feather is gone, Tin's a couple of inches shorter, and you're at the edge of a forest.
* Tass blinks and looks about, "A key?"
* Tass looks around for you know who :P
<Cameron> "I'm going to establish this new rule very quickly."
<Cameron> "We do not speak in riddles. Okay?" :P

<Tass> this short bus has one seat too many :P
<Tass> next time I go on a spirit quest, cameron is so staying home :P
<AlcarGM> :p

<Cecil`^> "I'm here to help."
<AlcarGM> Salem blinks, once, gaze never leaving yours: "Why?"
* Cecil`^ shrugs
<Cecil`^> "I could tell you that the reaper threatened to kill me if I didn't, but it doesn't matter. I would have anyway. You're my friend."
<AlcarGM> A muscle in her jaw twitches. "I am not."
<Cecil`^> "You're not?"
<Cecil`^> "I like to think of you as a friend. Why don't you?"
<AlcarGM> Salem: "No one was my friend. Not even Simon. He - left, to do .. whatever he did, in bars. A boy, like all boys, confusing the line between friendship and sex Even Vaj died. No one cared. I thought it would be different. No one came to find me, after. We sent out wedding invitations. No one came."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "...."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I could slap her!"

<Cecil`^> "You sent out wedding invitations? I didn't get one."
* Cecil`^ frowns at her
<Cecil`^> "I thought you didn't invite me."
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))
<AlcarGM> Salem: "They were crows. We sent out the crows, and not a one came back."
<Cecil`^> "Crows? How am I supposed to knokw a CROW is a wedding invitation? Crows are... Birds, Salem... Send a card that says 'you're invited to my wedding' but not a CROW."
<AlcarGM> Salem: "The crows turned into the invitations. It was magic." The 'duh' is left unsaid :p

<Cecil`^> "Anyway, Salem..."
<Cecil`^> "Tell me about what happened."
<Cecil`^> (( I'm leaving it open for her, she can either talk about dodger, or the reaper, or whatever else she feels like talking about ;))
<AlcarGM> Sara just grins, and Salem, wisely, does nothing. She looks over at you. "We fucked."
<AlcarGM> (( hopefully, this is NOT about dodger her pet dog :P ))
<Cecil`^> (( ^^ ))
* Cecil`^ nods sagely
<Cecil`^> "But it wasn't right, was it?"
<AlcarGM> Salem: "... right?"
<Cecil`^> "Something went wrong."
<AlcarGM> Salem: "He never laughed!"

<AlcarGM> poor cecil :P
<Cecil`^> What would make her think I knew that she blew it?
<AlcarGM> she thought yo meant she was teh suxors in bed :p
<Cecil`^> I know
<Cecil`^> HOW would I know that!?
<AlcarGM> Well, you know *something* went wrong :)
<AlcarGM> and she's, like, seriously insecure :)
<Cecil`^> lol

<Cecil`^> "And he wanted to keep you forever, so he ate your soul?"
<AlcarGM> Salem nods. "Because he loves me."
<AlcarGM> Sara: ".... at least he didn't beat you, too! Becuase that's love as well!"
<Cecil`^> "Tell me more about that night... Who are the players here? How did the night start off?"
* Cecil`^ waves off Sara "YOU can save the comments to translate parts that I don't understand."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I could make a list!"
<AlcarGM> Salem: "I - can't. It was - it ws beautiful. And terrifying. Both. I don't want to - to damage it."
<Cecil`^> "Damage it? You can never damage something by remembering it Salem. Just use the best words to describe what happened."
<AlcarGM> Salem: "You narrow things once you define them. You - kill them. And then you can't raise them, because they've changed."

<Cecil`^> "So you kept a piece of yourself, and he ate part of you, yet you are still giong to die. How does that help?"
<AlcarGM> Salem: "Because then I won't hurt him," simply.

<Cecil`^> "You won't?"
<AlcarGM> Salem: "Die. I decided not to. And there are - rituals. I just need a copy of the torah translated directly to Eubonics."
<AlcarGM> Salem: "That was a joke," trying on a smile that doesn't quite fit. "Haven't you - haven't you ever been in love?"
* Cecil`^ frowns
<Cecil`^> "Yes."
<AlcarGM> Salem: "Then why are you asking? For him, I would do anything. He - doesn't have that option. So I lost my soul, but it stil hurt him, so I had to go away."
<Cecil`^> "Just because she died, doesn't mean she's gone. Her memory will remain, and all of the joy we had together... I can relive any moment of it that I wish, whenever I want. I think the important thing was that we filled up all of that time with eachother."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "So you're saying you DID have sex?"
<Cecil`^> "I already told you that, Sara. Can we keep on topic?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Sex is always on topic."

<Cecil`^> "The angels said they didn't make me..." Sighing "But I think if we're going to find out what's going on, perhaps we should start where I began."
* Cecil`^ grins at Sara
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Oh! Is this like: 'what were you before you were born'? I made that up as a party game once!"
<Cecil`^> "What? Oh, i'm talking about my first memory."
<Cecil`^> "It's in the mountains of Tibet..." bitting his lip
<AlcarGM> Sara; "Does it involve monks?!"
<Cecil`^> "Well, yes... Can you take us there?"
<AlcarGM> Sara :"Of course! I LOVE monks! They make love like saints do! Butr without the body odour problem!"
<Cecil`^> "Hmmm..."
<Cecil`^> "I can't concentrate if you keep squeeling."

<AlcarGM> You step through worlds, and find yourself standing outside the ruins of an old monastery long since given up the ghost to the ravages of time, though the vines twisting through rocks and plants growing out of ancient paving stones seem almost a caress and not ravages at all.
<Cecil`^> "The place hasn't changed much, in a thousand years..." Looking around
<Cecil`^> "I was over..." Looking and pointing "There, on that mountain. Wearing the clothes of a monk... I was lost, confused. I couldn't remember why I was here, or where I was going."
<Cecil`^> "I looked... Probalby like a teenage human boy, at the time."
<AlcarGM> No one is here anymore. It's high up on the mountain at least, though the snow isn't quite so bad here, and far enouhg away from everything that the Chinese never found it.
<AlcarGM> Sara: "You don't recall hatching?"
* Cecil`^ shakes hsi head

<Cecil`^> "The question is, where did I come from?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "The earth! Everyone comes from that! Or the ocean!"
<AlcarGM> You find a small tunnel leading into the top of the mountain proper. A bit of a squeeze now, of course, but it likely wasn't back then
<Cecil`^> "There isn't an ocean around... Why would I come from the earth in the middle of nowhere?"
* Cecil`^ sighs and motions to the tunnel
<Cecil`^> "Let's try this, atleast it looks more logical than the earth..."
* Cecil`^ crawls in it
<AlcarGM> Sara slips in after you easily, of course. She's good at fitting into tight spaces.
<Cecil`^> I'm sure she's well practiced
<AlcarGM> quite ;)
<Cecil`^> "Do you know this area? Have you been here before?"
<AlcarGM> Sara :"Not since it was under water!"
<Cecil`^> "I wasn't talking to you... I was asking myself."
<AlcarGM> sara :"Then talk quieter!"

* AlcarGM smiles evilly
<AlcarGM> 1d2 1 = hatch, 2 = aliens
<sparkie> AlcarGM 1d2: 2 1 = hatch, 2 = aliens
<AlcarGM> Thank you sparkie.
<Cecil`^> ROFL

<Cecil`^> i hate aliens in vampire games
* tatterdemalion snickers
<tatterdemalion> why?! :p
<Chaos`^> because, they don't fit
<Chaos`^> you have to seperate them
<Chaos`^> it's one, or the other
<tatterdemalion> Who sayts they don't fit? :p
<Chaos`^> ME
<tatterdemalion> ..... Right.
<Chaos`^> can't stand the whole magic/science conflict
<Chaos`^> it's another complication that I just don't need
<tatterdemalion> What conflict? :p
<Chaos`^> Exactly!
<Chaos`^> Which is why I can't stand them

* tatterdemalion has never actually done real aliens.
<Chaos`^> ...
<tatterdemalion> it might be fun for a change :P
<Chaos`^> Alcar
<Chaos`^> are you high?
* tatterdemalion tends to do UA style ones :)
<tatterdemalion> which are magic.
* Chaos`^ sighs
<Chaos`^> I'm going to crawl out of the tunnel
<Chaos`^> and pretend it never happened
<Chaos`^> then maybe it will go away
<tatterdemalion> hehe
<Chaos`^> can we do that?
<tatterdemalion> if you want to, sure :p
<Chaos`^> Just really quick, maybe cecil can crawl out of the tunnel, and just walk away?

<Chaos`^> aliens have no right to be in lolad
<Chaos`^> there is too much confusion with gods and the powers of the universe for aliens to show up

<Anelelinde> if the aliens want, we might let them into the pack :P
<tatterdemalion> lol.
<Anelelinde> just what we need! Werealiens.
<tatterdemalion> Now *that* would be weird.
<tatterdemalion> Damn. I'm surprised no one wantred to play that, really...

<alcar> the pcs were going to be the cast of Dark Shadows (whpo ruled the town), the Munsters, the Addams family etc.
<alcar> all in the one town.
<alcar> And never any real aliens :p
<kentari> ;P
<alcar> Which was the only thing their boss wanted.
<alcar> was going to be ppl from My Friendly Martian etc, too. But no Martian.
* alcar had given the game 30 sessions to basically finish, but the players never showed up at once forit to work :(
<alcar> and Keith's pc just .. didn't work.
<kentari> lol
* alcar had plots for it, and it was possible, but .... didn't work.
<kentari> there was a strange bunch
<kentari> I felt like I was the sane guy, in there
<kentari> And I was a mexican wrestling mariachi accountant alien!
<kentari> :P
* alcar chuckles
<kentari> whose only purpose to finding the aliens .. was to get them to pay their taxes :P
<kentari> ah, such beauty in simple goals :P

<Anelelinde> who is where, anyway?
<alcar> Lynn was with Simon, Cecil with Sara, Kage and Cameron at the Forest, Rei in Hell.... Yuki, thanks to her player, is MIA.... Faline is now an NPC, and in the Winterland...
<alcar> paarty cohesion is a wonderful thing :p
<Cecil`^> hey
<Cecil`^> atleast you have them in pairs, except for rei
<Anelelinde> Simon is an NPC though, so... =/
<Cecil`^> We find that sticking together in a large group tends to bring about trouble

<Cecil`^> have you ever SEEN what happens when we all get together?
<Anelelinde> okay, maybe YOU are responsible on your own :P
<alcar> It hasn't happened yet :p
<Cecil`^> You've obviously never been to the mall
<Cecil`^> OR the circus
<Cecil`^> Or the school...
<Cecil`^> or the mansion...
<alcar> Psh, the circus wasn't everyone. And it only destroyed a ferris wheel.
<Anelelinde> I went to school!
<Cecil`^> or that one church that we met the old indian guy
<alcar> And, erm, the last time the pcs were in one area one almost caused an invasion via Hell. But that was all Elana's fault.
<Cecil`^> but it hasn't happened in this game for a REASON
<Anelelinde> yes! distracted disjointed players!
<Cecil`^> no
<Cecil`^> Cecil knows better

<AlcarGM> Sara: "... why aren't there aliens?"
<Cecil`^> "Because if there were, they'd have invaded by now."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Not if they're not human, silly."
<Cecil`^> "We'd all just be little slaves to the aliens... That, and the fact that you've never met one before. How old did you say you were, again? They'd have come to visit at SOME point, and if they did have enough technology then they would know that you are the person who knows the most about this world."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Well, I;ve never gone looking for any."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I didn't think they'd want sex!"

<Cecil`^> what have you done?
<Cecil`^> Faline was bad enough
<AlcarGM> hm?
<Cecil`^> Andelelinde is like the new old rabbit
<AlcarGM> :p
<Cecil`^> and I can't even spell her name!
<Cecil`^> See how bad this is?

* Cecil`^ looks for footprints other than his own and sara's
<AlcarGM> No recent ones. The alien was not touching the ground.
* Cecil`^ doesn't believe in aliens anyway
<Cecil`^> "Can you tell how long?" THe gm refuses to tell me whether I know or not
<AlcarGM> Sara shrugs: "I have no idea! I don't track things. Except lovers!"
<Cecil`^> "Fine, have you had sex with any of the humans that were in this cave?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "only that one!" pointing to a spot by the entrance. "But that was 812 years, 4 months and 15 days ago!"
* Cecil`^ hmms
* Cecil`^ walks over to the spot she's pointing too
<Cecil`^> "That's 200 years AFTER my first memory... Do you remember much about him?"
<AlcarGM> NO tracks there. It's been 812 years, after all.
<AlcarGM> Sara: "He was okay in bed!"
<Cecil`^> "Anything useful?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "He didn't have any diseases!"

<Cecil`^> "How old is this monastery?"
<AlcarGM> She shrugs. "Lao Tzu founded it."
* Cecil`^ bites his lip, remembering
<Cecil`^> "That fits the time frame... Are there any stories of anyone leaving about a thousand years ago, and heading that way." Pointing
<AlcarGM> The woman frowns......
<AlcarGM> She looks you over. "Perhaps. Why do you ask?"
<Cecil`^> "Because that's my first memory, on that mountain over there, and heading east. I found another monestary... But I do not know where I come from."
<AlcarGM> The woman blinks, then loooks at you. "What is your name?" gaurdedly
<Cecil`^> i need a chinese name =p
<AlcarGM> Kung Pow? :p

<AlcarGM> The woods remina dark, though the path is easy enough to follow. You can hear people singing now, off to your left, and see lights glowing in that direction.
* Cameron almost hisses, "Don't heed the lightses."
<Cameron> (( :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))
<Kage`> "Distractions."
* Kage` looks that way
<Cameron> "The tricksy lights. Candles of corpses, yes, yes." >:D
* AlcarGM shakes his head
<Cameron> (( ;p ))
<Cameron> (( I could not resist! ))

<Cecil`^> i also need to check in on charles
<Cecil`^> he should... technically be dead by now
<AlcarGM> hehe

<Anelelinde> (( ahh, we don't need sadism... ))
<Cecil`^> (( Tell that to the cute butterfly boy you made ))
<Anelelinde> "Ah. She is off Binding in the Winterland."
<Anelelinde> (( boredom != sadism ))
<Cecil`^> (( I had to send him to the hospital ))
<Anelelinde> (( besides, we established that it made him interesting enough to have all sorts of future history alcar made up, so we know he survived Trail, and that says something!"
<AlcarGM> (( lol ))
<Cecil`^> (( No, the future history alcar made up is IF he survives trail ))

<Cecil`^> "So Sara, while we wait, why don't you tell me about your obsession with Dragon history?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I love dragons! Most of them have large penises! Except for some!"
<Cecil`^> "That doesn't make any sense, Sara... That's not what you're so obsessed with."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Of course! Sex is all there is, silly!"
<Cecil`^> "I see..."
<AlcarGM> The woman's shoulders shake with silent laughter
<Cecil`^> which is exactly what Sara wants
<Cecil`^> I know her game
<AlcarGM> Everyone does! :p
<Cecil`^> nah
<Cecil`^> not everyone knows that she's doing it just to make them think she's ignorant
<AlcarGM> The woman leads both of down two hallways and up a short flight of staires to a 30' by 30' round room with 3 doors leading in and some rugs on the ground. No tapestries.
<AlcarGM> Woman: "Wait here," as she exists out the lef door.
* Cecil`^ doesn't bother talking to Sara, since the walls have ears and he won't get anythign out of her that way
<AlcarGM> Sara wishes the walls had more than just ears.

<AlcarGM> <Cecil`^> "So Sara, while we wait, why don't you tell me about your obsession with Dragon history?"
<AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> Sara: "I love dragons! Most of them have large penises! Except for some!"
<Cecil`^> ...
<Cecil`^> Alcar, can you keep a secret?
<Cameron> what? Cecil has none? :P
<Cameron> LOL
<Cecil`^> what?
<Anelelinde> Sophie, his -- are very small
<Anelelinde> Cecil, he has no -- at all
<Cecil`^> still not getting it?
<Anelelinde> 22:59 <@AlcarGM> <AlcarGM> Sara: "I love dragons! Most of them have large penises!
<Cecil`^> ok?

<Anelelinde> "Maybe some of you know that I can read minds but tonight.... you can read mine, so you KNOW what you're dealing with. Okie?"
* Anelelinde has prepared a consciousness dump. :P
<AlcarGM> A few do look, or try to, never having been allowed such a thing before :p
* Anelelinde is operating in "transparent" mode, if not "wide open" to input.
<Anelelinde> butterfly flutter flutter FLOWERS pretty NECTAR sweet SUNSHINE warm!
<Anelelinde> Hello I am new here. <-- Zero intention to harm! MATHMATHMATH
<Anelelinde> MATHMATHMATHfun Do not know what to do. Leadership. Responsibility.
<Anelelinde> Land needs comfort. PAIN! =( Must fix it. ----> Charles is cute.
<Anelelinde> Faline! Gone! Winterland! Binding! [ little chat with the land ]
<Anelelinde> You'll help, won't you? dance FUTURE hope ... Worry? Darkness? hmmmm
<Anelelinde> Storm, coming! Uncertainty. SCHOOL Willingness to face uncertainty
<Anelelinde> Novelty ooooooh warm LAND power, basking, BLISS, joy! effervescence.
<Anelelinde> butterfly flutter flutter FLOWERS pretty NECTAR sweet SUNSHINE warm!
<AlcarGM> rofl!

* Cameron nods, concentrating a bit of aura about him like an umbrella set against all this .. happy-go-lucky atmosphere.
<AlcarGM> Cameron's aura flares up .. pink.

<AlcarGM> You reach the top without any trouble, and come two two large wooden doors, unmarked. (Large being 30' tall, solid wood, 1' thick. Closd. No lock. No handles.
* Kage` pushes on them
<Cameron> ((haha roll a reflex save, fool))
<Cameron> ((We died and went to gygax :P))
<AlcarGM> The budge, a little.
<AlcarGM> (( lol! ))

<AlcarGM> Yo enter... and see a very large room. Hall, really. Tiled floor, vaulted ceiling, and lots of pedestals. Some with stastues, most of them currently empty. A museum, it seems. The last half is workers, human, constructing more of it.
<AlcarGM> (( a sign up says : "Exhibit 63! On loan from the Unseelie Muesum! The PAST of KAGE the LIVING WEAPON! AS shown By P T Barnum! Exhibit under construction!" ))
* Cameron idly looks at plaques and stuff, saying to Tin, "Don't eat anything."
<Kage`> (H8!)
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))

<AlcarGM> He looks very, very relieved, putting it back. "Thanks. He's nice and all, but I think he'd be mad if we broke stuff."
<Anelelinde> "Is there anything else?"
<Anelelinde> "Clock radios?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "oh .... yeah.. and the kitchen...... and the grandfatrher clock thing...."
<Anelelinde> "That one's mechanical.
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Oh! Right."
* Anelelinde checks things, in any event. Sets clocks back.
<AlcarGM> You've finished fixing the clocks when Sophie saunters in the front door, humming to himself.
<Anelelinde> (( place probably reeks of general were + butterfly ))
<Cameron> ((This was all happening in MY HOUSE?!))
<AlcarGM> (( Yup :) ))

<Cecil`^> "What?" To sara
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Ward. Out of practise, but it should stop some of the spells, if only because it's out of date."
<Cecil`^> "Spells? What are you talking about?"
<AlcarGM> Sara :"People trying to find her. Using magic?" dry;ly
* Cecil`^ shrugs
<Cecil`^> "The GM doesn't seem to realize I have a detect magic attribute, so I just don't notice when anyone's using magic."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "The GM is stupid and probably forgot!"
<Cecil`^> or not
<AlcarGM> :p

* Cameron sits down in the leather chair that, thank God, has been spared the massacre that is THE PCS. He answers the phone with a curt, "Hello."
<AlcarGM> Voice: "Are you satisified with your life? Don't you think it could be improved if youcould call your loved ones for only 5 cents a minute, with unlimited weekend and evening calls? I know I do! THat's why I switched to Sprint Canada for all my long distance needs. And you can, too! I qill just need ytour dateof birth, Social Insurance number, credit card number and expiry date, city of birth AND your mother's last name."
* Cameron opens a file folder, and gives them Cecil's info.
<Cameron> ((j/k :P))
* Cameron chuckles "Are you human?" suspecting a recording.

<AlcarGM> Yyou come closer. Thee's some tourists, taking pictures. The usual Japanese ones.
<Cecil`^> "Careful here... These guys are out of place."
* Cecil`^ drives past them to as cose to the indent as he can
<AlcarGM> Sara: "They are? I thought they migrated!"
<Cecil`^> "I meant they are two hours outside of the nearest town in a country ruled by a secret dictator. Not the safest place for tourists, so they're either really dumb, or really brave. Pictures of a mountain aren't that important."
<AlcarGM> Okay. You drive up the mountain to the final parking lot. It's a good 20 minute climb up from there.
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Secret dictator? Is that like a game?"
<Cecil`^> "We'll have to hike it from here."
<Cecil`^> "No, he claims that it's a mass government, where each city has a council of elders that rules that specific city, but it's really just him ruling the country. It's a "secret."
<AlcarGM> Sara nods. "The best secrets can be kept by telling everyone about them."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "it's like aliens!"
<Cecil`^> "Stop it, there are no aliens."

* Cecil`^ shrugs and leans on a wall
<AlcarGM> You trigger a secret passageway!
<AlcarGM> j/k
<Cecil`^> LOL!
<Cecil`^> that would be so cool

<Cecil`^> "I came looking for information."
<AlcarGM> "What kind" she snaps.
<Cecil`^> "About dragons."
<AlcarGM> Her: "why? be specific."
<Cecil`^> "Because I am one."
<AlcarGM> Sara: '...."
<Cecil`^> lol
<Cecil`^> Sara voices her silance well
<AlcarGM> The old woman blinks. Blinks again. "What is your name?" slowly
<AlcarGM> Sara: "....!"
<AlcarGM> :p
<Cecil`^> lol

<AlcarGM> He rubs his eyes, struggling to focus. "Guard the bear. Someone... .sent to steal it. Take it. Break you."
<Kage`> (only bear I know of is hank, right?)
<AlcarGM> (( and the stuffed one you have :) ))
<Kage`> (oh yeah :P)
<Kage`> (I can just see it now, "COme with me if you want to live!")
<AlcarGM> (( :p he meant the stuffed one :p ))
<Kage`> "What are these... magpies?"
<Chaos`^> (( The national bird of mexico ))
<Chaos`^> (( Beware the mexicans! ))

<AlcarGM> The oracle blinks, confused. "I. Seeking - things. Finding things, but .... with blood, dark magic... alchemy.... shadow things...." his voice is slurred now.
* Kage` pulls a blanket over him
<Kage`> "Get some rest, I'll figure out the rest in due time."
<Kage`> "And hey, thanks kid, you've been a big help."
<AlcarGM> he blinks, and manages to pull a smile from somewher,e but the effort puts him out like a light
* Kage` smiles, and leaves, closing the door silently, its the little things that give us strength

<AlcarGM> The oracle blinks, confused. "I. Seeking - things. Finding things, but .... with blood, dark magic... alchemy.... shadow things...." his voice is slurred now.
<Chaos`^> He's drunk with power
<AlcarGM> No, somewhat past drained :p
<Chaos`^> what? He's an oracle
<Kage`> he did a lot
<Chaos`^> Where did you find him?
<Kage`> onboard the titanic
<Chaos`^> seriously?

<Tass> I say we all hijack the amber game
<Rachaellyn> oooooooooooooh to what end?
<Tass> this 'run for the throne' seems to have very little interest anyhow :P
<Tass> I say we get really evil
<Rachaellyn> hmm
<Rachaellyn> who votes?
<Tass> me :P
<Tass> and, uh, shadows of me
<Rachaellyn> cute :P
* Rachaellyn would like The Throne but isn't really OBSESSED with getting it or anything
<Tass> that last bit was me being cheeky
<Rachaellyn> it would be fun to abuse the power in interesting ways :P

<alcar> ..
<alcar> London's Sunday Times reports that British police officers have been told that if they shoot suspected suicide bombers they won't face criminal charges even if they kill an innocent persons
<alcar> "The police had been told that they did not have to prove that they had acted reasonably in shooting dead an unarmed person. All they had to show was that they “believed” they were acting reasonably, a much more liberal level of defence," the paper reports.
<alcar> Reasons to play a Call of cthulhu game in london :)

* Rachael pointpoints
<Rachael> I see the problem!
<Rachael> RPGs are NOT an on-demand ebusiness!

* Rachael is a her
* Rachael is the one demanding truths, not Fennec
<Rachael> Fennec is curious, but Rachael gets to DEMAND THINGS LOUDLY
<Rachael> which kind of works out well for him :P HEY FENNEC! STOP FREELOADING AND DO YOUR OWN YELLING NOW AND AGAIN!!!!!
<Rachael> I think it is... Fennec outsources his insanity! OMGGLOBALIZATION! EVIL! DIEDIEDIE!
<Rachael> that's why he stays /nick-ed to characters in here, so he can play a little bit of insanity here and there
<Rachael> so Rachael can just DEMAND THAT KENTARI RUN A GAME RIGHT NOW!!!!!! whereas Fennec would be more inclined to just ask and poke... the former is more gratifying :P

<Tass> I never really -got- jerome
<Tass> what the heck did he do?
<alcar> Stuff ;)
<Tass> I figured that much!
<Tass> getting past that point was confusing
<alcar> Like sensing danger lots.
<Chaos`^> he is a tatoo artist
<alcar> And good at fighting! Though, given Sparkie, you'd never know that.
<Chaos`^> he has a sweet gun at home... he's just practicing right now but he's really good. He'll give you a free tat if you want.
<Chaos`^> I actually had someone tell me that once
<Chaos`^> I was like
<Chaos`^> WTF
<Chaos`^> then I saw him draw
<Chaos`^> and I was like WTF?

<Tass> yuki needs to get her priorities straight
<Tass> power is all well and good, but power with a price usually drives one's friends off

<Elana-Silvereye> demons arent half bad XD
<Tass> they are when they make people eat their own fingers :P
<Elana-Silvereye> er well
<alcar> He just wanted to be friends!
<Elana-Silvereye> that was an isolated incide.. ah fuck it, yeah they are REAL bad >_>
<alcar> Everyone is SO judgemental.
<Elana-Silvereye> horrible unredeemable bastions of hate evil death perversion and everything bad, bad BAD
<Elana-Silvereye> buuuuuttt
<Elana-Silvereye> they could be put to good use
<Tass> the ones that have human-esque ideals are fine
<Tass> like those mobster demons
<alcar> Eh, Demons are the same as angels. Demon = pure self serving ; angel = pure altruism.
<Tass> at least you can deal with them!
<alcar> evil and good are..... harder to pin down :p

<Tass> I'm curious as to how big cecil gets as an alie....Dragon
<Chaos`^> according to Sara? not very
<Tass> well sara could be referencing your potential erection size for all you know :P
<Chaos`^> LoL
* alcar nods :P
<Chaos`^> I'm pretty sure she WAS
<alcar> It IS Sara :p
<Tass> "Eh....I've seen bigger."
<Chaos`^> I think her words were "It's still small."

<Chaos`^> anyway, alcar, I think that old lady is lieing to me
<alcar> About which in particular? :)
<Chaos`^> I dunno, but her story doesn't add up
<Chaos`^> either i'm missing a piece
<Chaos`^> or she just wants me dead
<alcar> Where do you get that idea from?
<Chaos`^> She's probably going to make me drink some acid and claim it's a memory =p
<Chaos`^> because her doorman fucking tried to kill me!?
<alcar> he had issues :p
<Chaos`^> well, he has more now
<Chaos`^> I don't know what his weapon was that he used
<Chaos`^> but I learned a few sessions ago not to pick up other people's magical weapons =p
<Chaos`^> I bet the irish people they're talking about are leprachauns
<Chaos`^> 'cause aliens don't exist
* Chaos`^ is refusing to let aliens in the game... even if he is one =p

<Elana-Silvereye> how many points does it take to increase a stat point?
<alcar> 1
<Elana-Silvereye> really?
<Elana-Silvereye> that doesn't seem right
<alcar> 3, then, just for you!
<alcar> :p

<Elana-Silvereye> is jesus a favored soul? or a cleric?
<Chaos`^> I think Jesus is technically a demi-god
<Tass> obviously a ghostwalker
<Tass> he came back, with a vengeance!
<Chaos`^> true, true
<Chaos`^> and he's gunna come back again, so maybe phases
<Elana-Silvereye> demi-god with profession (carpenter)
<Tass> divine salient abilities in carpentry

<Elana-Silvereye> Jesus VS. Muhammed D20
<Elana-Silvereye> get working on it Alcar
<Chaos`^> I don't know enough about muhammed
<Tass> just don't draw him :P
<Tass> I'm gonna become an artist
<Tass> and name all my pieces, not matter what they are 'the prophet muhammed'
<Chaos`^> ...
<Chaos`^> I can see that plan going south in a hurry
<Elana-Silvereye> lol
<Tass> the prophet Muhammed :P

<Cameron> "I have too many pasts to know them all as my own."
<Cameron> "They fray, like the end of a long string blowing in the wind."
<Cameron> "It is a very different problem from Kage, the one who brought you here."
<AlcarGM> He blinks, staring at you for a long moment, then pales and nods slowly. "Names and identies like clothing," softly. "Used and discarded, memories left behind, the past like a tornado, touching down on one memory, one place, forgetting the rest, a kaleidescope of random impressions, kodak moments bereft of emotions...."
<Cameron> "Oh, not that bad. The emotions are there."
<Cameron> "They are just burried, under time. That does not change what they are. Your lack of memories does not mean you had none."
<Cameron> "And the lack of Kage's identity does not mean he never had one."
* Cameron shrugs, lightly, "I always wondered what I would ask an Oracle, if I got the chance."
<AlcarGM> He shakes his head slightly. "For me, I lived.. in other people's memories. It's strange to - to spend time not seeing things, to just... look." He smiles shyly. "I kind of like it."
<Cameron> (("I must show you this thing called Internet Porn later, Oracle."))

<AlcarGM> The teacher asks if you two are here to learn or not.
<Anelelinde> "Of course, but what if the <obscure biology occurrency> is subject to a <something else obscure>? Will it <result of previous> or simply <something else>?"
<AlcarGM> The class continues, a few students thinking you and Charles are An Item and mostly pitying you :p
<Anelelinde> let them wonder "say, is there something amazing about him that we've somehow overlooked?"
<AlcarGM> lol. Sure :)
<AlcarGM> Though they might get Mean if they see more than they should. Humans fear things they don't understand, after all.
* Anelelinde means it in a mostly non-physical sense :P
<AlcarGM> .... I hoped so :p

<Cameron> "But its still a matter of trust and being familiar."
<Cameron> "Vampires don't bargain with those chips."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "What do you bargain with, then?'
<AlcarGM> (( Sophie and Sara: "Sex, stupid!" ))
<Cameron> "Sex, stupid!"
<Cameron> :P
<Cameron> ((j/k ;p))
<Cameron> "Threats and Promises."

* Anelelinde mumbles "if you don't WANT to be detected, the BEST way is to NOT BE THERE! hmm."
<AlcarGM> There's no reply :)
<Anelelinde> "No, really, it's okay if you want to come along, but... you're kind of creeping me out back there!"
<AlcarGM> lol.
<AlcarGM> Again, no reply. He *does* try to hide better and, if you didn't know he was there, even with the Land being confused by nothing being there you'd probably not notice if you didn't know he was there.... it's gotta be taking a lot of effort, though.
* Anelelinde shakes head.
<Anelelinde> "I already know you're there... I mean, if you really want to hide, I /guess/ it's okay by me..."
<AlcarGM> Poor, poor fellow. You're liking driving himover the deep end but you still get no reply. Pride is such a fun thing.
* Anelelinde mutters "it's not like I haven't tried to be open with everyone - well, everyone who isn't liable to come after me with pitchforks..." and takes off.

<AlcarGM> Sadly, if Anelelinde was native, he'd have barely any problems with her :p
<Anelelinde> maybe I can get another glamour :P
<AlcarGM> lol!
<AlcarGM> Now THAT would be damn funny.
<AlcarGM> Jay: "but .. .wait...." *brains melt*

<Anelelinde> "Now.... Faline... is Christian? No?"
<AlcarGM> Simon nods.
<AlcarGM> Simon: "I think so. She wears a cross."
<AlcarGM> (( Simon Chick: "But she neve TOLD us she was. So we'all ALL BURN IN HELL UNSAVED!' ))

<AlcarGM> Lessee...
<AlcarGM> ah, yes ...
<AlcarGM> you're in the kitchen with Simon and the oracle is coming down the hallway, drawn by the other voice and the curiousity that beats in the heart of children everywhere
<AlcarGM> ... and I really shouldn't read part of Peter Pan just before starting a session....

<Cameron> this isn't good, alcar
<Cameron> gears are turning in Cameron's head
<Cameron> and these gears are basically saying "Its time to cull some modified weres" :P
* AlcarGM grins
<Cameron> the only thing that doesn't make it a really good idea
<Cameron> is that they might be all that can stand in the way of Whatever
<Anelelinde> why do you think they were modified to begin with?
<Anelelinde> it was deliberate
<Cameron> Deliberate doesn't change the fact that it was a modification, nonetheless ;p
<Cameron> and that's a no-no
<Cameron> :(
<Anelelinde> Luddite.
<AlcarGM> lol

<Anelelinde> attaboy Simon
<Anelelinde> talk rough to that vampire, show him who's boss :P
<AlcarGM> hehe
<Cameron> heh
<Cameron> I love how he's so, well
<Anelelinde> Simon needs to do that more often.
<Cameron> so much like a spider in my hands
<Cameron> held above an all-consuming fire
<Cameron> and he sits there, and gets all haughty with me
<Anelelinde> Simon needs leadership exercises. :P
<Cameron> not knowing that it is my grace he stands upon :D
<AlcarGM> lol
<Anelelinde> I like how Kentari's all like "little spider in my hands" when Simon could probably sneeze accidentally and end up wiping the floor with Cameron, who's all haughty inside, not knowing that it's Simon's incessant subservience he stands upon :P
* Cameron chuckles
<Cameron> yes, yes!
<Cameron> Its an underestimation like that which is the SOURCE of my very POWER
<Cameron> :D

<AlcarGM> She laughs. "No one's been allowed up there, budy. Three floors cleared, hospital desperate for rooms ofr patients..... if that other healing binge hadn't happened, there'd be a lot more bodies in the morgue."
<Kage`> "Wow, this is getting downright retarded."
<AlcarGM> She finishes her cigarette. "Of course it is. That's politics for you."
<Kage`> "What about the kids parents? Why aren't they doing anything?"
<AlcarGM> She shrugs. "Cuzs they're up there, too. Probably locked in some other room being grilled or something, knowing the government.:
<AlcarGM> She finishes off her coffee. "What's your business in it, ugly? Want to get that scar fixed?"
<Kage`> "Nah, nothing so superficial. Its just depressing."
<AlcarGM> She nods, lighting another cig absently. "Got that right. The days of miracles are over. Now everyone isn't asking why he was spared, but why *they* weren't healed, and why he's so goddamn special, to quote on e patient I talked to. Kid'd probably face a lynch mob upon leaving, I bet. Pathetic."
<Kage`> "Any idea when they are going to release him?"
<Anelelinde> (( To Do: Heal the whole town. Just walk out and start doing bursts and sooner or later you'll get a 2 - just hope it's before a 12 ... ))
<AlcarGM> (( lol! ))

* Kage` puts together some yellow and purple spandex along with a nylon cape, oh, and a beer helmet and a hockey mask for headgear
<Kage`> (not really, though, even though the thought is tempting! :P)
<AlcarGM> Do you want a lampshade with that? :)
<AlcarGM> Kage could be the maxx :p

<AlcarGM> Thing That Was The Priest: "Ah," in a low, deep sigh, staring at you, through you. "Your motives in this are pure," to you, slowly. The human body is almost gone, a faint outline being consumed by a power to great for flesh to contain. "This time, we will not have vengeance. The third time counts for all," and the body bows, and is ashes as the other presense is gone, leaving this limited reality for Heaven, or perhaps California.
* Kage` turns back to the kid and lays on the healing, getting ready to make his exit
<Kage`> (and is the priest totally gone? seems a waste)
<AlcarGM> Christ: "Note?" blankly, shying away from you. "You .. you did this.... to me......"
<Kage`> (you know what? the priest was a dick, I'm totally going to deny him heaven if I can :P)
<AlcarGM> Yup. The spll killed him. Was his trump card. :p
<AlcarGM> (( rofl! ))
<Kage`> (IE, yank him back and rebuild him :P)
<AlcarGM> What the hell. Sure :)
<AlcarGM> Err, Chris. NOT christ. Fun typo.....

<AlcarGM> What do you want to do to him, exactly? Just shove him back into the body? Change his body?
<AlcarGM> Make him a woman? :p
<Kage`> dead lord no :P
<Kage`> give him a birthmark, though
<Kage`> a series of 9's :P
<Kage`> lol, not really, though :P
<AlcarGM> hehe
<Kage`> just give him the stark white hair, the psuedo standard for back from the dead

<AlcarGM> Chris just nods, almost not taking it, eyes locked on the priest, then sees the machines and maks his choice. "My parents?" hesitantly, taking your hand.
<AlcarGM> (( and not, say, ripping it off. ))
<Chaos`^> (( Someone is totally ripping off my copyrighted name ))
<Kage`> "They aren't the miracle, without you they don't have anything."
<Kage`> "Do you want to find them again some day?"
<AlcarGM> He blinks, confused. "Some day?"
<Kage`> "Hopefully soon, but we have to leave. Now."
<AlcarGM> He stares, shocked. "Leave my .... ......." He gulps .... then closes hsi eys "Forgive me," quietly, and opens then. "What -what do ... what do I have to do? Do you . .want my soul?"
<Chaos`^> (( Aww how cute, he thinks you're the devil! ))
<AlcarGM> Priest: "There was a woman with me, in hell I sat beside her. I had a pint of beer and could see her sisters. But the peer pint had a hole, in the bottom of it all. And she, alas, did not; blessing or curse I can't tell," in a warbly tune.
<Kage`> 'Do I tell them we're leaving or not, thats all you have to answer."
<Darryl> ((Well, you did just vaporize a priest, at least that's how it looks))
<AlcarGM> he hesitates, torn, then shakes his head. "Better this way," in a smal voice, afaid he'd be caught if you remain to do that

<alcar> Ah, the fun of games...
<alcar> priest calls up angel to stop pc. Casting kills priest, reduces body to ask. PC drags priest souls back, remakes body, shoves priest back inside
<alcar> So the priest got to describe Hell.
<alcar> <AlcarGM> Priest: "There was a woman with me, in hell I sat beside her. I had a pint of beer and could see her sisters. But the peer pint had a hole, in the bottom of it all. And she, alas, did not; blessing or curse I can't tell," in a warbly tune.
<Kayara> hmmm
<Kayara> the priest wasn't very pious was he ...
<alcar> Well, he *was* an exorcist :P
<alcar> So not very ;)

<Darryl> so, what was wrong with Chris in the first place, then?
<AlcarGM> Darryl - birht defects, Missing bladder, anus, horrible bo, no colon.... Kage healed him and created 'em :p
<AlcarGM> Hence religions fanatics and tests etc
<Darryl> ah
<AlcarGM> Kage deciding to solve the problem by healin MORE people in the hospital just let to the theory it was really an act of Satan
<Darryl> You guys all manage to only make things worse every time you try to fix stuff :P
<AlcarGM> Yup :P
<kentari> its sort of the theme of this game
<AlcarGM> Halfd the time when the pcs roll, say, a 2 , the result is bad even when it IS good .. because it Gets Noticed :p

* AlcarGM changes topic to 'All games PM EST :|: LOLAD Mon@9 :|: BESM May 18th :|: Blog: http://game1.blogspot.com Forum: http://alcar.suddenlaunch3.com :|: LOLAD players - see blog :|: You guys all manage to only make things worse every time you try to fix stuff :P'
* Kage` motions that he'll brb, and calls sophie :P
<Kage`> (and no duh, Darryl :P)
<Kage`> (I like to call it the alcardoppler effect :P)

* Kage` gets zee door!
* Anelelinde is at zee door!
* Kage` opens it, "Ah, hey Lynn."
<AlcarGM> Simon is behind her, looking a bit hesitant.
<Anelelinde> Simon is at zee door too- yes
<Kage`> "Come on in, its not really snowing out there."
<AlcarGM> The 1.5 feet of snow mock Kage.

<Cameron> "Speaking of the Pack. I can only assume you have your own plans. What are they?"
* Cameron asks in a very forward manner, taking a seat as he asks
<AlcarGM> Chris just.. .stares blankly at all this pack stuff and the like, wondering if this is some weird mob thing
<Cameron> oh god
<Cameron> there is this voice in my
<Cameron> head
<Cameron> CHEWING
<Cameron> and CHEWNG
<Cameron> :P
<Anelelinde> "Plans? Ah, well... the Pack needs to prepare for a Storm which is Coming, and they can't do that very well if they're broken-spirited."
<Cameron> ((ooops :P))
<Cameron> ((TOTALLY wrong window ;p))
<Anelelinde> (( haha ))

* Faline blinks at Anelelinde. Then blinks again. "...wait, how long was I gone?"
<Cameron> "A few days, perhaps."
* Kage` nods
<Anelelinde> "Most thought you would be gone longer."
<Anelelinde> "It's good to have you back, though!" <4-arm hug>
<AlcarGM> (( Init! You can rip her head off and relclaim your throne! ))
<AlcarGM> Faline is also glowing with a nice golden halo faintly visble around her.
<AlcarGM> Yuki, far out in the woods with Mufasta, trying to convince him to a) be a shaman or b) a were, is sleeping, or else would come.....
<Kage`> "How is the other side?"
<AlcarGM> The world hasn't ended. Yet.
* Faline furrows her brow. "...So you took over? Geez... I guess you're not alowed to take off for even a couple of days." *looks around for a couch. [IF couch = TRUE, RUN floponit.exe]*
<AlcarGM> NO couch,since it was burnt half to a crisp the previous night :p

<Cameron> sparkie..
<Cameron> I need advice.
* sparkie perks up
<Cameron> 1d2 1=They're all in one place... >:D 2=Let's be nice and let them talk.
<sparkie> Cameron 1d2: 1 1=They're all in one place... >:D 2=Let's be nice and let them talk.
<Cameron> Well, there you have it.
<Darryl> You're asking sparkie for advice?
<Anelelinde> Excuses is more like it.

* Faline nods, accepting that. "I'm pretty tired." *wanders out of the room looking for somewhere comfortable to crash.*
<Anelelinde> "Distant..." <still distracted>
<AlcarGM> There are bedrooms upstairs! Well,and downstairs, one of the downstairs ones currently occupied.
<AlcarGM> (( Oracle wakes up to Faline stumbling into the bed by accident... :p ))
<Cameron> "Well.."
<Faline> 1d2 1=up
<sparkie> Faline 1d2: 1 1=up
* Faline wanders upstairs.
<Cameron> "Since you are my daughter, in the eyes of the law.. feel free to stay in a room."
<AlcarGM> Simon just watches Faline leave, saying nothing, his expression unreadable.
<AlcarGM> (( nice :P ))
<Faline> (( ...say what now? ))
<Faline> (( O_O ))

<Cameron> "Didn't I say we were done here, Anne?"
<AlcarGM> Simon decides to get out of the way :p
* Cameron .. stands up!
<AlcarGM> Simon, to Kage, trying to pretend nothing is happening: "You had some request?"
<Anelelinde> "Ah, we were distracted by Faline." (reverence on Faline)
<Anelelinde> "So sorry, Father." (minor bow)
<Cameron> "You aren't any spawn of mine."
<Anelelinde> "In the eyes of the law?"

* Faline is no longer asleep when Cameron checks, and is apprently in tiger form, and making a bit of a mess involving the sheets and matress and the floor.
* Cameron sets a foot down, "If you're going to ruin my house, I'm afraid you won't be welcome here."
* Faline stops suddenly, half-rolled up in the sheets, and blinks at Cameron quizically.
<Cameron> ((Oh. I thought you meant, with claws. :P))
* Faline appears to have been playing.
<Faline> (( sorry for being nonspecific ))
<Cameron> "Oh. I thought, from the sounds, you were attacking the room. Cats .. can scratch things."
* Cameron remarks. ;P
<Anelelinde> (( hahaha ))

* Cameron nods, and inspects the poor, poor guys :(
<AlcarGM> Chris is sleeping, surprisingly peacefully. The oracle is trying prtending to sleep, but is mostly scared Haruspex is going to come.
* Cameron assures the Oracle that whatever is inevitable shouldn't be feared, because there is no avoiding it. He explains briefly the story of his old idol, Odin, and Ragnarok :P like a bedtime story, he goes through the Ring Cycle in about ten short minutes :D
<AlcarGM> lol! That works :)
<AlcarGM> The Oracle giggles at the story, and then goes to sleep
<Cameron> giggling..at the ring cycle
<Cameron> my god
<Cameron> :P
<AlcarGM> :p
<AlcarGM> He didn't exactly have a normal life ;P
<Cameron> ah
<Cameron> but it does seem nice and lolad ;p
<AlcarGM> that too :)

<AlcarGM> <Cameron> "Would you care to tell us more about this .. vision quest of yours, Kage?" :P ... "And what you did on your summer vacation, timmy?"
<Cameron> ;p
<Cameron> I could see it happening

<AlcarGM> Simon: "Don't," with a growl, hands blurred into claws. "You did - you did what Old Rabbit would have!"
* Anelelinde interposes.
<Cameron> "Are you completely sure it was her under her own free will, Simon? A wayward psychic would likely stand to gain something by putting distance between you and Faline with what happened."
* Cameron proposes. ;p
* Kage` reaches back and snags one of Simon's wrists
* Faline recoils as if slapped by the words. She tries to say something, but no words come out.
<AlcarGM> (( geeze ..... Cameron tosses another spark onto a fire.... ))
<Faline> (( is this the sort of Jeep that is enclosed? ))
<Kage`> "You don't need claws if your words are sharp enough."
* Anelelinde flares aura!
<AlcarGM> Sion snarls at Kage, then realizes who it is and blinks, surprised, hands blurring to normal.
* Cameron slams on the brakes once Aura flares.
* Cameron says menacingly.

<Anelelinde> "Excuse me." <extremely offended>
<Cameron> "There IS no excuse, Anne."
* Cameron remarks, putting the car in drive and continuing on ;p
<Anelelinde> "No, stop."
<Cameron> "I beg your pardon?"
<Anelelinde> "You're right. There is no excuse. I demand an apology. From YOU."
<AlcarGM> (( ..... ))

<AlcarGM> There is also an annoying buzzing in your ears that won't go away
* Faline tries to ignore it unless it gets painful, and attempts to carefully, stealthily, creep up to the tent.
<AlcarGM> You can hear people inside the tent. Food, and the sound of meals being eaten. Seems to be their mess hall
* Faline seems confused, and searches for any sort of anomaly... even just a weird feeling or something.
<AlcarGM> You sense.. something, teasing at the edges of your senses likea sneeze that keeps refusing to coming. There's *something* in the tent, but it's very well hidden.
* Faline tries to focus her attention on it... she's no telepath, of course, but it never hurts to try, especially when you're a supernatural creature with abilities that have been changing every so often. :)
<AlcarGM> (( Just wait until we switch to besm 3e! :p ))

<Kage`> damnit chaos
<Chaos`^> damnit?
<Kage`> you totally missed us waking up god
<Chaos`^> I'm sure I wouldn't MISS it, but I didn't see it no
<Chaos`^> what'd he say? he's usually pretty cryptic
<Anelelinde> something about how if we do not bend, we break
<Chaos`^> indeed, tis true
<Anelelinde> how it's a lesson that we all must learn
<Anelelinde> and that there are limits, even to forgiveness
<Anelelinde> also, the loci must stand together always
<Chaos`^> haha
<AlcarGM> :p
<Chaos`^> You guys REALLY need to talk to cecil sometime

<Chaos`^> holy shit!
<Chaos`^> Faline's here!?
<Kage`> yeah
<Chaos`^> i just noticed =p

<aslhk> so you can make a character who knows nothing about amber =p
<aslhk> only hitch is he has to have a CLEAR AND COMPELLING DRIVE to take the throne of amber for himself =p
<tatterdemalion> "It's pretty."
<tatterdemalion> "I will name it George, and I will hug it, and squeeze it...."
<aslhk> lol
<tatterdemalion> ignorant of amber + wants throne wold be hard to pull off :p
<tatterdemalion> unless you, say, thought it was the mafia. Golden circle paying dues....

<tatterdemalion> ;let me know in msg if I should change/alter anything. Making the jewel of judgement into a cd player might have been a bit much, but no one uses it for anything useful anyway
<GeminiRai> o_O
<aslhk> lol
<Rachaellyn> CD player? naah
<Rachaellyn> give it to Dr. What'shisface for his orbiting laser satellite :P

* Rachaellyn isn't in the best of moods for playing a Rachael just now. Hmm.
<kentari> You have, oh, forty minutes :P
<kentari> It shan't be a 5AM game like alcar does
<kentari> I have a 9am committee meeting :(
<kentari> when God wanted to punish mankind for killing his son, he invented the concept of the committee

<Rachaellyn> Kentari, howsyasay Rachael has been Melding with plants and therein obtained adequate nutrition?
<kentari> Sure.
<kentari> You stole nectar from the plants.
<kentari> They're angry.
<kentari> But they're also drained and tired. Too tired to uproot themselves and find you.
<Drew`> Their gods will smite you!
<kentari> Lucky for you. :P

<Anton> I wonder, ken, how much of your games are personal experience, and what is artistic license
<kentari> What are you talking about? :P
* Drew` 's are all personal experience.
<Rachaellyn> you must have very vivid hallucinations!
<Anton> the corn!
<Drew`> :p
<Anton> the aliens!
<Anton> seriously
<kentari> aliens?
<Anton> they are totally your instructors :P
<kentari> WTF! :P
<kentari> lol
<kentari> lies
<kentari> :P

<Forest`^> "Yes... Also, is there supposed to be anyone around here?"
<kentari> <Faust> "Just us. This is an unmanned research facility."
<Forest`^> "Ah... There are six people out here."
<Drew`> ".. what?"
<Forest`^> "Someone is at the bus."
<kentari> He counts a moment, you can see your faces flash before his eyes :P "Hm.. Strange.. how do you know?"
* Drew` just blinks, staring oddly at Faust
<kentari> Not literally, dude. :P
<Forest`^> lol
<Drew`> (( lol! Well, given the game.. :p ))

<kentari> The featureless figure, bathed in blue light, stretches its arms as if taking a deep inhalation, and then flexes, shattering the blue light around it like unto glass exploding.
<Drew`> "... that's probably not good."
* Anton throws an arm up, over his eyes
<kentari> As the blue bits of light fall to the ground, they fade into nothingness
* Forest`^ slowly pulls out his pistol
* Drew` winces, grabbing his head.
<kentari> Revealing a strange automaton of some manner -- a craeture of metal and flesh, an adult. Stern, fearsome looking.
<kentari> <RoboKohlberg> "Fear is the weapon. Discipline is the engine.. ha ha ha!"
<Forest`^> "What the hell is that?" To Anton
<Anton> "You have got to be shitting me."
<Drew`> (( ... please tell me that's a joke? :P ))
<kentari> ((what? :P))
<Anton> (you have got to be shitting me)
* Drew` stops rubbing his temples and looks up, the stares. "Kohlberg?"
* Rachaellyn LAUGHS ALOUD! ./~`/~/..~``/`/`/./~

<Drew`> This game feels more and more like FLCL
<Anton> really?
* Forest`^ smacks Drew's head with a guitar
<Drew`> the sheer randomness :p
* Anton is really the pirate king, honest :P

<Caltak> I dont know how I feel about the shared leadership idea, BTW. Just thought I'd mention that. :P
<Anelelinde> that's okay
<Anelelinde> you can do all the work, and I'll take the credit! :D :D :D
* AlcarGm nods. RP it out :)
<AlcarGm> ze pack is pretty much confusled by it.
<Caltak> Yeah, or I could snap you in half with no warning. Either way. ;)
<AlcarGm> that method might worry the land ;P
<Anelelinde> besides, I could see that coming. Unless you really ARE deranged.
<AlcarGm> which is pretty much paranoid as is
<Caltak> It could be "by accident"
<AlcarGm> Faline killls Anelelinde. The Land starts hunting down commie mutant traitors....
<AlcarGm> :p

<AlcarGm> (( said "I won't play unless Faline is there, cuz only faline understands yuki." ))
<Anelelinde> (( well, Faline is back :P ))
<AlcarGm> (( yes, but I don't feel like informing elana :p ))
<Faline> (( she was acting kind of whacked anyway ))
<Anelelinde> acting? :P
<Faline> (( honestly, Faline wasn't understanding Yuki that much anymore :P ))
<AlcarGm> (( no one was :P ))
<AlcarGm> (( Was somewhat Elana's fault for taking Red Tape :) ))
<Anelelinde> (( if it helps, which is unlikely, I was trying to indiscriminately blast her with my Mind Powers, which may or may not have turned her into a traipsing butterfly-lover, but just... :P ))
<Faline> (( You were doing..... what?! ))
<Anelelinde> (( well, it was sort of hectic there- there was a big chase, she was trying to like eat Simon, and the butterfly was just going after saying "stop stop stop" -- that was Yuki, right? :P ))
<Faline> (( oh, to Yuki. I see. I was worried. ))
<Anelelinde> (( it's been a while :P ))

<Faline> I don't want to get you involved, it's not your problem." *sounds less than genuine about not wanting anything from him*
<AlcarGm> Erwin: "Not my - Christ on a crutch, you're my daughter! Of course it's my problem! What do you need?" intently.
<Faline> "I don't want you put in harm's way. I mean, you... weren't around for so long, but still, I... I couldn't bear it if something happened to you, too."
<AlcarGm> Erwin: "You mean Marie is..... what happened to your mother?" carefully. "Please. I have to know."
<Faline> (( "What, are you stupid? When someone says 'gone' and are that upset, that means DEAD. Jeez. Do I have to spell it? D-E-A-D." ))
<AlcarGm> (( lol. He kind of..... needs to know the specifics :p ))

<AlcarGm> Silence for a moment. "Where are you? I'm coming there."
<Faline> "No! No, it's not safe. The Adversary is going to try to come through, and if it does, it will probably do it here. I don't want you hurt!" ((*doesnt point out alreay saying she was in Trail*))
<AlcarGm> Erwin: "Adver ... you're in that Trail? You're ... that Faline..." with somethng in his voice that could be fear. "I didn't put it together. Why didn't - she didn't let -- Faline, I have -- not been there for you, for many reasons. I thought they were right ones, but I went about them for in the wrong way. Please, let me help you."
<Cecil`^> (( These nice people in white coats are going to help you... Ignore the men with rifles on the rooftops... They're here for your own protection ))
<AlcarGm> (( "It's because I love you." ))
<AlcarGm> (( Erwin: "We only hurt the ones we love," as he eats Simon and Rei... :Lp ))

<Faline> "Oh, well... a lot of memories start to fade as you get older and have lots of new experiences."
<AlcarGm> Boy: "I hope I get more, before haruspex takes me back." He's quiet for a few moments, staring at you. "You're different than he is," the oracle says.
<Faline> "...who's that? I'm afraid I really don't know anything about what happened..."
<AlcarGm> Oracle: "Simon. He ..... puts out energy. So much ..... he .... holds the fates be calls together, all of them. And you - you bind them, make them .. you. Yours."
<Faline> "...oh. Yeah, we're pretty different. In fact, we've been having a bit of an... argument, I guess."
<AlcarGm> he shbakes his head. "Not - not that. It's part of it but . . . you're a destroyer. it's . . . what you do. The third part. Binding and loosing.... destruction. There's a third. Creation. He opens door.s i can -- se the edges of him, in your past."
* Faline blinks. "I'm a Destrroyerr? Well... ok, so that's not a shock exactly, but I didn't rrealize it was my rrole."
<AlcarGm> The oracle bites his lip, but does not. "It's..... there's 3 of you. Locii. You're not - just tht. It's ... a function , not you. I can't See the present, normally, butr I can see fates arounfd you, swirling, pulled and changed. It's..... beautiful."
<RandomNPC> ((I see dead people.... of course around Faline that's a rather common occurance :) ))

<Cecil`^> "That's not what I'm talking about... You've been to that place before, but it obviously hasn't helped you. Why did you let me go?"
<AlcarGm> Sara grins. "I wondered if she would."
<Cecil`^> "If she would let me go?"
<AlcarGm> Sara: "Keep you, actually."
<Cecil`^> "Keep me?"
<AlcarGm> Sara nods.
<Cecil`^> "Like a pet?"
<AlcarGm> Sara: "Maybe! Shge could have bargained for a new life, with the fates. Sold you to them, I bet! But she didn't!"
* Cecil`^ shakes his head, smiling "I wish you would tell me these things BEFORE I do that."
<AlcarGm> Sara: "Silly! I'd have bought you back from the fates! The owe me anyway."
* Cecil`^ looks up at her "Am I worth that much to you?"
<AlcarGm> Sara nods, looking serious for a moment. "Oh, yes."
<Cecil`^> "you're not just saying that to get me in bed are you?"
<AlcarGm> (( lol! ))
<AlcarGm> Sara: "Maybe not!"

<AlcarGM> Simon: "How do you do it?"
<Anelelinde> "Do which?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Uhm, those dances?"
<Anelelinde> "Which?"
<Anelelinde> "Polka, Viennese, foxtrot, swing? Ah, swing!"
<Anelelinde> "Good modern choice, swing. Less... flighty, though."
<Anelelinde> (( Watch Sara transmute Tin into something silly! ))
<AlcarGM> (( hhee ))
<AlcarGM> Simon: "We can try?"
<Anelelinde> "It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing... doowapdittyadoowopdittyawaaawa."
<AlcarGM> Simon: '.. are you okay?" :p

<Cameron> "I was in my study, by the way. I did not see you enter my home, Anne. Did you use the door?"
<Anelelinde> "I had not left!"
<Anelelinde> "Do you want me gone?!"
<Cameron> "You mean to tell me, 'I think we are done here,' came accross as 'Stick around and feel free to go exploring'?"
* Anelelinde sighs.
<AlcarGM> Simon: "but.... it was just...." aura flares, just around him though.
* Cameron looks at Anne, flatly, awaiting an answer.
<AlcarGM> Simon relaxes a little.
<Cameron> "Well?"
<Anelelinde> (( let me type ))
<Cameron> (( lolol, sorry! :P ))

<Anelelinde> I'M TAKING THE WEAPON WITH ME he's part of the pack now too :P
<AlcarGM> lol!@
<Cameron> :P I'll see you in COURT
<AlcarGM> Damn! You want to declare war, here? :p

<AlcarGM> Another surge of aura from Simon fills thenhouse, easily, probably lighting the whole area like a beacon. Again, entirely unconscious....
<Cameron> "That is not a hostile action."
<Cameron> "But its very likely a response to one."
* Cameron puts Excalibur up against a wall and walks downstairs briskly, pistols forming at his sides.
<Cameron> "If you're following, let me do the talking for now."
<AlcarGM> Sophie takes a few breaths. "Sheeeit....." He looks at you, then follows :P
<AlcarGM> (( lol. Whyt?! ))
<AlcarGM> He snickers at that.

<Anelelinde> TRANSCRIPT. Lynn: wtf do you want? Cameron: GET OUT LYNN! Lynn: Get out Lynn. I am Lynn. Pack is Lynn. Simon is Pack. Is Kage pack? Will ask Kage. Explain. Kage is not fully pack. Does Kage want to be explicitly pack? Guess not. BYE!
<Cameron> Cameron's version:
<Anelelinde> Bonds of Packness. They're metaphysical bonds, but when you say "no, I stay here" or "I shall go" then that does affect them.
<Cameron> actually, no
<Kage`> the fact that you can so implicitly define something that has never really been fully defined tells me a lot
<Cameron> Cameron's version is for Cameron
<Cameron> We all saw the objective :P
<Anelelinde> "Simon, Lynn is evil and playing with your mind and can't be trusted, and you suck and you're a coward"? :P
<Anelelinde> It seems your objective

<AlcarGM> He looks over, surprised. Thank you. I've - never had one. Just trying to....." he sits up awkwardly. "There was....energy. For a moment i saw......" He shakes his head. "I don't know what I saw. The .. inerconectedness, of all things, for a moment...... when the aura came ... it was.... beautiful."
<Cameron> "I would offer you my aura, but I fear as a living entity.. an aura of death runs contrary to what you thrive on."
<AlcarGM> Oracle: "I don't know what is left to see..... I'm not sure I'm.. .strong enough to see it yet."
<Cameron> "Then we will not try it."
* Cameron ponders, "For now, search for that Happy Place. We'll work with it after you have one picked out."
<AlcarGM> The oracle nods. "What - Simon? - what I saw them was.... it, but there's no way I can see that. Not long..... it's..... too big."
<Cameron> "Just shut up and take it" *thrust*
<Cameron> oh god
<Cameron> j/k
<Cameron> but I couldn't resist
<Cameron> :P
<AlcarGM> LOL
<AlcarGM> that was NOT intended at all :p
<Cameron> ;p

* Cameron looks at Tin, "Is that one better now?"
<AlcarGM> Tin nods. "This one is sorry for being harmed."
<AlcarGM> (( "This one will now kill self. Next one will serve you better." ))
<Cameron> "I am sorry for sending you to such a place."
<Cameron> (( loool! ))

<alcar> So ... is Thursday in game going to be mending fences... shall be interesting to find out ;)
<Tass> I think we've gotten to the part in aftermath where julius shoots that one priest :P
<alcar> lol!
<alcar> To a point :)
<kentari> :P
<kentari> well, no
<kentari> Aftermath was an entirely different kettle of fish
<kentari> but you do have a point
<alcar> but yeah, cam and lynn need to mend fences ;P
<kentari> alcar has a way of making my characters slowly go insane :P
* alcar does not!
<Tass> ken's characters are from Call of Cthulhu? :P
<Tass> they only have a limited amount of sanity, and it never lasts the whole game
<kentari> well
<alcar> hehe
<kentari> alcar makes me feel like that, yes
<kentari> :P
<kentari> (and I think he likes it ;p)
<Tass> maybe its why I make crazy characters from the start

<Anelelinde> "Charles? I... I had a very odd dream tonight.... it felt like it was supposed to be Prophetic.... and... I'm not really a fortune teller, Charles, and... I'm... kind of scared...
<AlcarGM> He wakes up at that. "I'm not either. Was it ... about anyone in particular?"
<AlcarGM> (( "Yes! It was about YOU! Let's get married!" ))
<Anelelinde> "There was me, and Cameron, and - oh, Cameron, I think he's... I don't know what he's been trying to do but I think he just hates me and ..."
<AlcarGM> Charles: "Why would he hate you? Because you wake him up at 8 am too?"
<AlcarGM> j/k on the last part :p

<AlcarGM> The house you arrive at is a simple plain two storey affair about 12 blocks from your place beside a cemetary. family must be the caretakers.
<Cameron> "I swear. It better not be emo. Or goth."
* Cameron hops off the mobile and just knocks with aura. ;p
<AlcarGM> (( *grins* You don't like amos?! ))
<Anelelinde> (( Hahahahahaha... ))
<Anelelinde> (( that would SOOO serve you right ))
<AlcarGM> (( Unfortunately, Sophie has better taste :p ))
<AlcarGM> You knock with aura. The aura inside retracts, surprised.

<AlcarGM> Kage wakens in a rather pedestrian hotel room to a vampire meowing in his vace.
* Kage` blinks
<AlcarGM> The vampire is a cat, a few months old, fluffy, white, and with fangs. And meowing at you.
* Kage` does so again, what the hell alcar, seriously, -what the hell-
<Kage`> "Well hello there."
<AlcarGM> (( very close reaction to Keiths way back when :) ))

<Cameron> "Do not feed on more than you need to survive."
<Cameron> "Aside from Gluttony, the only sin worse for a vampire is Pride."
<AlcarGM> he just nods, following you back outside. "... pride?"
<Anelelinde> (( Sinner! ))

* Cameron drives and drives, passing over the frozen corpses of people who died yards from their front door. How sad. :(
<AlcarGM> You don't stop for a freezie? :p
* Cameron reaches out and grabs one. :P

* Cameron changes topic to 'THE SNOWY FIELDS OF CAMERON'S ESTATE :P'
<Anelelinde> if you hit the tree
<Cameron> 2d6
<Anelelinde> Rachael shall eat you
<sparkie> Cameron 2d6: 9
* Cameron presses a button on the wheel and a giant circular saw pops out of the snowmobile, mowing down the tree. >:D
<Faline> (( use the underwater mode! ))

<AlcarGM> Sophie: "At least *my* kind don't have problems with ticks and fleas."
* Faline glares at Sophie. "At least my kind aren't snobby, rracist, pretentious leeches with heads so farr up theirr own asses that they can't see daylight. Luckily, neither are most vampirres who arren't you."
<Anelelinde> (( four cheers for Faline. Three is not enough. ))

<Faline> "Hey, Camerron, let's be honest forr a moment. What, exactly does Sophie contrribute? I mean, if something, say, 'unforrtunate' werre to happen to him, would it rreally be that much of a loss?"
* Cameron looks around.
* Cameron looks seriously at Faline.
<Cameron> "If you can give me your word you won't kill him.. you can go kick his ass and send a message. Vampires need to learn to bite their tongue, at some point.. and I don't think I'm getting through to him." :P
<Anelelinde> (( lol :P ))
<Faline> (( ROFL, ayou're offering a Beat The Crap Out Of Sophie Free card? ))
<Cameron> (( I'm offering you the temptation, yes. :P ))

<Kage`> I can see it now
<Kage`> Kage's report
<Cameron> ;p
<Kage`> you open it up, and all its filled with is screams :P
<Cameron> drawn in cute stick figures
<Cameron> lol
<Cameron> its like the faux necronimicon
<Cameron> :P
<Cameron> :P
<AlcarGM> in leetspeak :p
<Kage`> where did you get my diuary!? :P

<Kage`> I'm still trying to figure out what Cameron is so pissed about :P
<AlcarGM> lol!
<Kage`> talkie talkie talkie! its like I can't tell what the heck he means anymore
<AlcarGM> Now you know how Lynn feels!
<AlcarGM> :p

* Faline begins to sober up from the pain and chaos and suddenly freaks out, trying to swat them away franticaly, then sunddenly unleashing her aura in a giant Fireball!
<Cameron> (( my... house...))

* Anelelinde watches Cameron with his Grand Master Plan to save the baby by throwing it out a third-story window with the bathwater.
<AlcarGM> Oh, please. You always mock him. He's throwing out the bathtub, too!
<AlcarGM> :p

<Cameron> "When you had been modified by the powers that be with the locii."
<Cameron> "Do any of you see the pattern, there? :P"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Pattern?"
* Kage` sighs and goes after the oracle :P
<Faline> "I wasn't awarre of any of that..." *looks at the oracle. Walks over and grabs one of the handles on the back of the chair with one hand*
<Anelelinde> (( no, but I can do this great sign of the Logrus! **flutters** ))
<Cameron> "You weren't touched by the adversary until you were touched by the land."

<Cameron> "I just get the feeling this is all something's manipulations."
* sparkie nods.
* sparkie planned it well.
<Cameron> "Like that sparkie guy." :P
<AlcarGM> Simon: ".... so? Maybe we're being used for the right reasons."
<Faline> "I say we go on a crusade against all dicebots." j/k
<Cameron> "And maybe the ends, as much as I could be accused of this, don't justify the means, Simon."
<Faline> "Yeah, it could be a higherr powerr."
* sparkie mutters

<Anelelinde> "Perhaps you should head over to the Winterland and offer your services explicitly."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Me....?"
<Anelelinde> "Cameron."
<Cameron> "If you could point me to the nearest door."
<AlcarGM> (( ouch :p ))
* Anelelinde gestures kinda. "Watch out for the invisible army men with rocket launchers."
<AlcarGM> Simon stares: 'Can you both stop fighting?!"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "This is important!"
* Anelelinde nods.
<Faline> (( "Mommy, Daddy, you're making Simon cry!" ))
<AlcarGM> (( hehe ))
<AlcarGM> (( Nah, just angry at this point :p ))
<Cameron> (( "I don't love Mommy anymore, Simon." :P))
<AlcarGM> (( lol. ))

<Faline> "I had a job here once. I got rreplaced by a clone."

<AlcarGM> Charles is awake when you return, eating a sandwich
* Anelelinde walks in the door almost like a normal human being.
<AlcarGM> Charles: "I actually got a headache from the aural tricks your friends did at their place, but I think I know...." he turns. Stares. "someone.. *wrote on your soul*?!"
* Anelelinde nods.
<AlcarGM> Charles: "Your soul isn't a blackboard for people to write on!"

<AlcarGM> Chris basically inches out of the study.. gapes..
<AlcarGM> unaware that, for lolad property damage, this is damn tame.
<AlcarGM> Chris :"Do you ... need help?" weakly
<Faline> "If you'd like." *smiles pleasantly*
<AlcarGM> Chris :"Will - will you not eat me?"
<AlcarGM> (( "Not today." ))
<Faline> "I haven't eaten anyone in ages, don't worrry." (("Though now that you mention it..."))

<AlcarGM> Simon just.... stares, then smiles. "Will you excuse me? I have to go talk to someone," in a terribly calm voice. He goes for the stairs.
<AlcarGM> Terry: "..."
* Faline looks at Kage`. "You going to speak at the wake? I don't think I will." *casually*
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> Terry: "Wake?" finally, looking shaken.
<Faline> (( I really dont like sophie :P ))
<Faline> "oh, nothing. Nevermind." *cleans*

<Anelelinde> see, I don't mind playing the occasionally somewhat oblivious scatterbrained insane character
<Anelelinde> and
<Anelelinde> even then, there are certain fundamental truths that you just don't miss. :P
<AlcarGM> yeah :)
<Anelelinde> but!
<Anelelinde> "THE ADVERSARY MUST FAIL, OR ITS MASTERS WIL DESTROY YOUR WOLRD." <-- If they're gonna write it on my SOUL could they at least check for typos?!?!
<Kage`> you mean like
<Kage`> the adversary is bad? :P
<Anelelinde> Kage`: yes!!!
<Kage`> oh man
<Kage`> the worst part is we'll have to deal with them, too :P
<AlcarGM> lol

<alcar> The only problem is the rift between some pcs is... growing:P
<Caltak> well they suck anyways
<Tass> its not ken's fault
<alcar> Sophie, at least, is understandable. He was MADE to be hated :P
<Tass> he just hit his insanity barrier :P
<alcar> lol

<Anelelinde> Well, a) the Adversary eats people - starve it b) The adversary doesn't eat people - get them somewhere safe still anyway c) Ordinary people are all that can stop the adversary and we need millions of them to stop it- fat chance
<Anelelinde> My question is... how far?
<Tass> can we say kage and Lynn get together to talk about it? :P
<Tass> Its a big thing on his mind as well
<Caltak> They could all get together and sing Kumbaya really loud
<alcar> Caltak .... you know ... that's seriously tempting....

<Rachaellyn> hi Faline!
<Rachaellyn> or should that be Faelynn for Amber-fu? :P
<Caltak> Yeah I would
<Caltak> but would probably be a different character completely
<Martin`> Faline in amber owuld be bad anyway.
<Martin`> "Unicorn!" *pounce*
<Rachaellyn> hahahaha =P
<Gregor> lol!

<areteGM> Caine chooses this point to interject.
<areteGM> "I agree... what relevance does that have?" (pauses for a moment before continuing)
<areteGM> "We are in need of a new king... someone to serve and defend Amber, as Oberon did for so many years, and as Random did after him. Someone who is loyal to Amber, and knowledgable in her ways. Someone who has proven their commitment to this land, and who has spilled his blood for her." He trails off, looking at Julian.
<Martin`> "*I* spilled blood. I spilled it right on your oh so precious pattern!"
<Martin`> </drunk>
<Lyrena> lol
<Martin`> would be.... a nice pr disaster

<Gregor> "But I have spilled blood for Amber far before any of you," *looks around the room* "were even bored. You cannot possibly know the sacrifices I have made."
<Gregor> (er, born =P)
<Rachaellyn> (( were even bored, hahaha ))
<Gregor> (he doesn't like the small talk)
<Gregor> ( =P )

<Chaos`^> it sounds like you guys are discussing a soap opera
<Chaos`^> that's kinda sad
<Rachaellyn> A throne game is like a soap opera, but with more assassinations.
<Chaos`^> nuh-uh!
<Gregor> uh-huh!
<Martin`> and less revelations that someone's sisters cousins boyfriends best buddies brothers step-sisters mother's sister's son married your aunt.
<Martin`> Though with Oberon one never quite knowns.
<Gregor> that's what YOU think!
<Martin`> Shut up, dad
<Martin`> Whoops.
<Gregor> lol

<areteGM> All hell breaks loose.
* Martin` wactches the room curiously, nothing else at present. Just waiting to see where the dice fall...
<Rachaellyn> (( How much Stuff do you have? :P ))
<areteGM> Gerard charges one of the groups, moving more quickly than you've ever seen anyone move, and begins laying in to them. Bleys and Julian draw their swords and charge, Julian at Gregor.
<Rachaellyn> (( yes! All those pesky NPC amberites in the way can die first! :P ))

<Gregor> I think this is the fastest character death I've had =p
<Gregor> can I play the farmer? =p
* Martin` chuckles.
<Rachaellyn> haha
<Martin`> kudos for chutzpah :)
<Saturday> At least Caine has practice. You probably won't feel a thing.
<Saturday> ./console
<Gregor> lol

* alcar is now known as Sammael
* Sammael speaks at the funeral.
<arete> lol
<aslhk> He's not a bad guy =p
<arete> Maybe is was just his shadow...
<arete> Who knows!
<Rachaellyn> (( normally the guys are more bad. :P ))
<Sammael> "Gregor, my man, you did Fnrick proud."
* Sammael is now known as alcar
<alcar> :p
<arete> lmao
<aslhk> lol
<arete> Fenrick wouldn't have brought troops
<alcar> .... sadly, true.
<alcar> Well. Even Fenrick had a father.
<alcar> .. we think.

<AlcarGM> The Land is healed, thanks to Faline;'s efforts. The house is . .well. Probably pretty much a big insurance claim.
<AlcarGM> What does the de facto technical pack leader wish to do? Kage is putting the oracle to sleep.
<Faline> (( as in euthanasia? O_O ))
<AlcarGM> lol. Nope. As in rest. he looks like death warmed over.
<Faline> (( oh, phew. :P ))
<Anelelinde> (( euthanasia is Cameron's department :P ))
<Faline> (( whats Kage doing? ))
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))
<Faline> (( wait ))
<Faline> (( scratch that ))
<Faline> (( ok. one drink + 2 games = difficult. ))

* Faline puts the stool back, then lifts him up over her shoulder, heading out swiftly, and grabbing the bag o stuff she stashed whilst cleaning on the way out.
* Faline jumps out a window and takes off into the woods.
* AlcarGM laughs. Poor npc....
<AlcarGM> easy enough to do :)
* Faline goes way out into the woods. Finds a rock. Smashes his head with it a few more time so he won't wake up. Digs a hole. Lays him in it. Pours flammable liquids on. Ignites.
<AlcarGM> .... really?
<Faline> Yes.
<AlcarGM> rofl!
<AlcarGM> K. You manage it. There is now a pile of ashes where Sophie used to be.
* Faline fills hole.
* Faline gets her tattered clothes out of her pack and puts them on, then heads to town, shifting to human upon arrival, and going to the nearest clothing store via walking.
<Faline> (( I was getting tired of just saying I was going to do it. ))
<AlcarGM> (( hahaha ))

<Cameron> hmm
<Cameron> for what its worth
<AlcarGM> yes? :)
<Cameron> I read the blog, and agreed that Faline could act as a go-between to patch things up between cameron and anne
<Cameron> :P
* AlcarGM snickers

<Kage`> its wierd
<Kage`> is it wierd?
<AlcarGM> Err, which?
<Kage`> if I think kage is the most human out of the bunch? :P
<AlcarGM> lol!
<AlcarGM> Yes :P

* Cecil`^ looks over at her "I didn't say it was fun... But you refuse to have any joy in your life anyway... Why are you still going?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Sex," firmly.
<Cecil`^> "But you haven't had any for almost a week now... Not any good sex anyway..."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "All sex is good."
<Cecil`^> "Seems rather monotonous to me... Just one thing? You refuse to have friends because you know you'll outlive them... You refuse to have fun with anything other than sex... And you torcher yourself with bad memories... I'm just confused as to what we are doing right now anyway..."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Wondering why we aren't having sex,silly!"
<Cecil`^> "You don't have to wonder, I've already told you why... I meant what we're doing with this dragon thing... Why do you really care?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Who said I do?" honestly puzzled
<Cecil`^> "You did... You're the one who offered to tag along with me, because you wanted to know why dragons were created... Do you remember that conversation?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Oh, yes." She shrugs. "Vaguely."
<Cecil`^> "Sara... Can I trust you?"
<Anelelinde> (( only if the enemy doesn't want sex ))
<AlcarGM> Sara: "If you have to ask, you should know the answer."

<Kage`> "You doing okay? I mean... it was pretty crazy a little while ago."
<AlcarGM> Chris: "Yeah. It was.... scary. The birds and.... the blind kid just stood there and they died when thye got close, like he was sucking the energy....." he trails off. "It's really scary."
* Kage` nods, "I think I owe you an explaination."
<Kage`> "A big big explaination."
<AlcarGM> Chris laughs,a bit shakily. "About what?!"
<Kage`> "About everything, really, I guess."
* Kage` takes a breath, "Chris."
* Kage` pauses, how to say this.... "The world you live in is seriously fucked up."
<AlcarGM> He braces himself. "Oh, thank gods. I thought you were going to tell me I was an alien, or Jesus, or something."
<Kage`> "But it was a fucked up that no one ever noticed, or was supposed to notice."
<Kage`> "Oh, and you're part of an astral consciousness that crash landed from a shard of a dimension that landed here in order to save the universe from disolution."
<AlcarGM> Chris... stares.
* Kage` turns to look away, idly, waiting for it to hit, but can't contain it long as he snorts the initial stage of a very big laugh, but contains it from there
<AlcarGM> Chris: "..... that wasn't funny at all!!"

<Faline> "Oh, by the way, I came to ask... could I crash with you? I'm fairly sure I'm about to get kicked out also. But more violently."
<Anelelinde> "Oh. My. The- you didn't!!! You did?" <shoves key at Faline> "Yes!!!"
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "W-what?"
* Faline catches key. "T-thanks."
* Anelelinde clapclaps.
<AlcarGM> Sophie's ghost gives you both the finger.
<Anelelinde> "Now. Oh, a little squabble with a pompous good-for-nothing arrogant... but I should contain myself." (straightens up grandly).
<Faline> (( "Today shall henceforth be known as Liberation Day." ))

<Anelelinde> (softly) "Nicole Moon-Wing, I welcome thee."
<AlcarGM> Nicole stands, a bit nrevouly, like a deer. "I feel..... so ..... I want to....." she blurs, developing wings .. fly!"
* Anelelinde watches her fly?
<AlcarGM> She does so, after a feww hesitant wing beats, taking off and going up into the air with a cry of joy.
<Anelelinde> Figured she'd appreciate it. :)
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "This is .. wow!" as she flies down
* AlcarGM resists urge for government snipers to open fire
<Anelelinde> oh THAT's profound. "This is wow." :P

<AlcarGM> Simon: ".... because I'm wondering if I really do have limits, or if it's all in my head. We're - different, compared to others. Old Charlie changed us, a lot."
* Faline shrugs again. "It's not like we'rre gods, orr anything." ((IRONIC STATEMENT))
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))
<AlcarGM> Simon grins. "Now THAT would be more than scary."
<Faline> "Heh. But yes, we arre rreally powerrful. But it's all about what you do and don't do, not what you could do orr might do. You'rre still you and you still contrrol yourr actions."
<Faline> (( Im starting to feel a little hypocritical now :P ))
<Faline> (( OH. I should totally blame killing Sophie on hormones or something! :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( lol. ))

<Kage`> "What do you want?"
<AlcarGM> Rachael: "Wal-mart."
* Kage`> "Er... what?"
<AlcarGM> Rachael ;"There's one in Trail. Blow it up for me."
<Kage`> "I can't just blow up a building."
<Kage`> "People would get killed or wounded, jobs would be lost, trail would suffer even more during these trying times."
<AlcarGM> Rachael: "Wal-mart is not JUST a building. They're a cancer on small cities."
<Kage`> "Well, in the favor of equivalent exchange, do you have anything less grandoise in mind?"
<AlcarGM> Rachael: "Their business practices harm everyone, not just their employees; they drive other companies ot become just like them, destroy small business and ..... Oh, come on! You could evacuate people and THEN blow it up!"
* Kage` frowns
<Kage`> "I can make it impossible to opperate."
<Kage`> "But I think your goals are a little small in the face of the adversary."
<Kage`> "Your sure there is nothing else?"
<AlcarGM> Rachael: "*I* prefer to make this a world with saving," firmly, hands on hips."So unles you can save the whales, that's what I'd want."

<Faline> "Well, I found that trrying to fight and hide yourr ferral side just makes things worrse. Thats why I had so many issues beforre, parrt of me kept denying that anotherr parrt of me was rreally the same perrson, so I had sorrt of a split perrsonality thing going on. It was only afterr the two rreconciled and accepted each otherr that I starrted being morre in contrrol."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "It scares me, though. I don't .. like having all that - that hate, just acting and not ...." He hugs himself unconsciously. "not... uhm .... I forget what I was trying to say."
<Faline> "Hate is a human emotion, though. Animals don't hate, they just live. They do what they believe they must to surrvive."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "..... I guess it's just.. the whole..... surrendering thing, to emotions, to not thinking.... it's like... saying bye to years of evolution?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Does that make any sense?"
<Faline> "I know what yourr saying. I was afrraid of my prrimal naturre too at firrst. But I firrmly believe the answerr lies in accepting all facets of yourr being."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Even the parts I don't like?"
<AlcarGM> :p

<Kage`> "That kind of repair crew would be nigh impossible to get out here for months....
<AlcarGM> Rachael: "it's a start."
<AlcarGM> Chris just.. boggles ;)
<Kage`> "For the common person, especially, this is going to make things rougher."
<Kage`> "Plus the lost wages."
<Kage`> "You make a change, ripples follow."
<AlcarGM> Rachael: "They're not innocent," coldly. "No one is if their comfort is built on the suffering of others."
* Kage` frowns, "You're isolated from then, its easy to look in from afar and think you know exactly whats what."
* Kage` hrms the restaurant will be opening soon, maybe that could displace some workers.....
<AlcarGM> Rachael merely waits.
<Kage`> "I will do as you ask, but you watch closely. You will see life isn't as simple as you think."
* Kage` sighs in defeat, I hate fennec's characters :P
<AlcarGM> She chuckles. "I was in the summerland, and then the winterland, Kage. I know things are not simple, but that doesn't mean I do nothing, like the rest of my kind. Wal mart is a statement. it must be answered."

<kentari> Then the machine clicks and whirs. You can hear little hard drives, or something, spinning around and warming up.
<kentari> Robo-Kohlberg opens his eyes and stands up straight. "Hello, World! Hahaha!"
<Aaron_V> ((...))
<Steve`Z> (( You have to get it stuck in an infinite loop to defeat it! That, or make it think about a paradox so its head explodes. ))
<kentari> <Robo-Kohlberg> *stretching* "You lesser humans sure know how to mistreat a piece of hardware." It leaps towards Aaron, who hurt him the most, considerably.

<kentari> The noise gets higher pitched. You hear, amidst the static, "Starting DEATHRAY Service... ... ... Are you sure? y/n"
* Drew` is a bit worried, oocly, that such a thing is a service :p

<Forest`^> "Petunia, I called your sister to tell her I found your phone number and her name in a shower at a truck stop
* Drew` just shrugs, busy putting barbie doll clothing on another seat, and checking pockets for more.
<Steve`Z> (( ewww ))
<Steve`Z> (( to he Petunia's sister thing. ))
<Drew`> (( good, cuz barbie clothing isn't bad, man. Really. Do you want some? :p ))
<Rachael> (( is THAT what you're on? ))
<Rachael> (( the new crack cocaine ... ))

* Steve`Z looks the bus over, seeing battle damage. "Damn, I'm sorry I missed the action."
<Drew`> ".. sorry you missed it?"
* Drew` wonders if anyone here is sane.
<Aaron_V> ((Sorry, I just blew up a giant robot vice principal, I'm not going to be sane))

<kentari> Fuast looks up at Forest, "You actually read the stuff in truck stops?"
<Aaron_V> "I don't think that's what Forest meant, Petunia."
<Forest`^> "Yes."
<kentari> <Petunia> "Why would they want to call my sister, then? They're truck drivers!"
<kentari> Faust just shakes his head, and bows out of the conversation. He starts pacing and avoiding the topic :P
<Aaron_V> "The numbers in truck stop bathrooms are not so much for friendship as they are for.... 'companionship'."
<Forest`^> "Aaron means for sex."
<Aaron_V> "Well, I was trying to not be so blunt about it, Forest, but yes."
<kentari> Petunia just stares.
<kentari> <Petunia> "S-s-s-... That THING! She's not even old enough to KNOW about it! I'm not even old enough to know about it!"
<Forest`^> "Which is why it's bad for it to be in a truck stop."
<kentari> <Petunia> "AND YOU CALLED HER?!"

<kentari> Drew and Steve make it to .. #game2? inside? or #game3, in the courtyard?
<Steve`Z> (( #game69. no, wait. Thats too blatant. ))

<kentari> Petunia follows, "Why are we going inside on a saturday?"
* Forest`^ shrugs
<Forest`^> "I need to check out the library."
<kentari> <Petunia> "You read?"
<Rachael> (( SECOND GRADE, BABY!!! ))
<Forest`^> "Yes..."
<kentari> She giggles, and follows you :P

<Rachael> "I prefer skirts."
<kentari> <Sara> "But you're not wearing one."
<kentari> <Sara> "Did you.. leave it on the bus?" She grins, again.
<kentari> <Sara> "Whose skirts?" :P
<Rachael> "Drew made them for me."
<Drew`> (( .. thank you SO much. ))
<Rachael> (( haha ))
<kentari> <Sara> "Drew made you a skirt?! I didn't think he could sew."
<Rachael> (( poetic justice since Sara is your own creation in the end :P ))

<kentari> <Sara> "Are you trying to avoid me?" She pouts.
<Rachael> "Are you trying to avoid Drew?"
<kentari> She licks her lips, "Quite the contrary."
<Rachael> "Ah! That's a problem." <ducks behind tree>
<Rachael> <meld>
<kentari> She manuevers around to try to see you. :P And you're not there!
<kentari> She blinks, frowns, and searches briefly.. before getting out a cell phone and sitting down at a bench.
<Drew`> <kentari> She licks her lips, "Quite the contrary." .... MOMMMMMY! HELLLLP!

<kentari> As stated earlier, but since this is anime inspired each session begins by repeating what happened at the end of the last session ... a man in a turban is outside, sweeping.
<kentari> He looks towards you two and nods, "It would seem you need a haircut."
<Drew`> "I just need to see if my cat is here?"
<Steve`Z> (( in that case, kentari, shouldnt each session END with previews of the next session voiced over by one of the characters? ))
<kentari> ((Shh. :P ))
<kentari> (( Don't tempt me. :P))

* Drew` sits
<kentari> The man puts a haircut robe thingie :P on Drew, and spins him around, beginning his work. "You mentioned you cat?"
<Drew`> "Yeah."
<Steve`Z> (( my mom's a hairdresser. ))
<kentari> (( Mine isn't. Prepare to be unimpressed. :P ))

<kentari> <Faust> "You're a walker?"
<Rachael> "Sometimes. Or flight."
<kentari> <Faust> "Flight." He repeats it. Sort of challenging it, in a passive tone
<Rachael> "You should try it."
<kentari> <Faust> "Is this some kind of new slang?"
<Rachael> "It's actually more energy-efficient than walking."
<Rachael> "So, compared to cars..."
<kentari> <Faust> "Fly. Like a butterfly?"
<Rachael> "More or less, yep."
<kentari> <Faust> " ... how, again, do you do this?"
<Rachael> "Did you turn boring all of a sudden?"

<Rachael> "By the way."
<kentari> Faust raises an eyebrow
<Rachael> "What does Kohlberg think of Sara?"
<kentari> <Faust> "I know at the Christmas party, she gave enough felatio to practically secure her tenure." j/k ;p
<kentari> <Faust> "I don't know. I avoid Kohlberg whenever I can.

<Drew`> "You, uhm, have any plans tonight?"
<kentari> dun dun dun
<kentari> Steve recalls that there is, of course, Temple on Saturday.
<kentari> If he was Jewish, that is.
* Steve`Z is NOT.
* Steve`Z (( doublechecks ))
<Drew`> (( My family only worships when the stars come right, thank you very much. ))
<Drew`> (( lol cal. ))
* Steve`Z is not. :)

<Drew`> "Oh. Do you want do, er, do anything?"
<Drew`> "Because I'm free too."
<Rachael> (( Oh, Steve, you're so dreamy, let's go out. <3 ))
<Steve`Z> "Sure, that sounds good. Er... like what?"
<Steve`Z> (( Dont' rush it, Rachael! ))
<Steve`Z> (( we're working up to that :P ))
<Drew`> "Uhm. I don't know. I'm - kind of broke."
<Rachael> (( ACK ))
<Drew`> (( Rachael - eh? ))
<Steve`Z> (( What, is it not funny anymore? ))
<Rachael> (( BADpun ))
<Steve`Z> (( pun? Huh? ))
<Drew`> (( what cal said ;P ))
<Rachael> (( Broke. Like, say, your back. ))
<Steve`Z> (( ......? ))
<Drew`> (( ...... lol! Well. It was NOT intended ;P ))

<Steve`Z> Sometime I have to use this opening move I thought up: Speed bike at target, super leap off, it crashes into target, Quick Draw in air and come down on target with a Chanbara strike. It looks really cool in my head. :) Anime-appropriate, too. :)

<Rachael> "Sara has been sexually harassing the boys in her class and Faust doesn't seem to think it's a Grand Problem and thinks she's just a little "carried away".
<kentari> <Petunia> "..s-s-s... she.. did.. THAT, with THEM?" She's about the same color as an apple. A red apple. :P
<Rachael> "YES."
<Drew`> (( "Yes! Forest developed branches.Sorry, dear." ))
<kentari> <Petunia> "With who?!"
<Rachael> "Forest it seems can handle that sort of stuff but Drew is another matter!"
<kentari> <Petunia> "She.. and Drew...?!"
<Rachael> "One-track mind!"
<Rachael> "No. More than that. It's like a monorail!"
<kentari> Petunia blushes more, which shouldn't be possible! "Its not like I'm dwelling on it!"
<Rachael> "You don't have to! She already does!"

* Steve`Z (( also looks around for any Park Ranger types! :P ))
<Rachael> (( Gee, I don't know, Yogi, Ranger Faline might object! ))
* Drew` is just staring at bench, food, and blanket and trying not to blush
<kentari> You don't see anyone!
<kentari> You don't have to climb much, either. These trees are maybe eight feet tall, tops.
<Steve`Z> (( "Can't you read the sign? No Feeding the Bears?" "Yeah, well, it also says no feeding the Tigers." "SHUT UP, I'M THE LAW AROUND HERE!" ))

<Steve`Z> "Hmm. Well. Finders keepers I guess." *leaps off, does a flip, lands softly*
* Steve`Z steps under where Drew is sitting, ready to help him down.
* Drew` just stares down from the tree, then gets off the branch awkwardly, definitely a bit nervous.
<kentari> ((lol, its np ;p))
<kentari> ((Mesquite are rather short! Now that I've been to Mexico, I can describe the area much better ;p))
* Steve`Z helps Drew get off so he doesn't fall or anything. :)
<Steve`Z> (( er, down. get down. DAMN YOU FREUD! ))
<Drew`> :"Thanks," once he's on the ground.

<kentari> The basket has some assorted goodies that look like things Drew and Steve have had for lunch or dinner the past couple days.
<kentari> Only, like, fresher and nicer looking.
* Drew` stares into the basket and grins, shaking his head, then gets food out.
<Steve`Z> (( I don't know what I had the past couple days! I was in the Twilight Zone. ))
<kentari> (( Oh, right. ))
<Drew`> (( It's Soma. And Soylent Greeen. ))
<Steve`Z> (( nooooooo :P ))
<kentari> There are some nice things from Drew's past few days. Some sandwiches, etc. And some green cubes, from Steve's days.
<kentari> Curse you drew :P
<kentari> forget the green cubes ;p
<Drew`> lol :p
<Drew`> (( sorry :) ))

<Rachael> oh, clothes. Should I roll or just reach for the shirt I dropped? :P
<kentari> You reach for it! Petunia is once again a lovely scarlet.
<kentari> The GM does not have the npc make what would be developmentally appropriate comments :P
<Rachael> "Petunia, I like your new skin color!"
<Rachael> "However do you do it?"
<kentari> <Petunia> "Put a shirt on!" She covers her eyes.
<Rachael> "Do be careful Petunia, or Sara might get you too."
* Rachael Does.
<Rachael> (( put a shirt on, not get her ))
<kentari> <Petunia> "But I'm a girl!"
<kentari> She still has her eyes shielded.
<Rachael> "Sara doesn't care. She likes girls too."
<kentari> <Petunia> "Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!"
<kentari> <Petunia> "But.. but doesn't that mean.. she'll go to hell?"
<Rachael> "She's already there! WELCOME TO HIGH SCHOOL, PETUNIA!"
<Rachael> "SEE WHY I'M UPSET?"
<kentari> <Petunia> "... You like girls, too?" You can FEEL the gears spinning in her head, the poor girl, but they just don't seem to be generating any mental torque.

<Rachael> 2d6
<sparkie> Rachael 2d6: 7
<kentari> Rolling for...? :P
<Rachael> oh, nothing
<kentari> ... :P
<kentari> I'm the GM!
<kentari> heehee ;p
<Rachael> 1d2 1=kentari is GM
<sparkie> Rachael 1d2: 1 1=kentari is GM
<Rachael> yep, you're the GM.
<kentari> ;p
<kentari> This is the only time sparkie is remotely on my side

* Steve`Z gets to his feet after a moment, sheathing his sword into some unseen scabard in his coat... except his coat isnt actually long enough to conceal it. Odd, that.
<Drew`> (( Artimus! ))
<kentari> ((Resist... innuendo...))

<kentari> You two are now standing in scenic Resaca Gardens' front entrance. There is a small mountain, a crunched sedan, a chopped up MIB robot and the remains of robokohlberg.
<kentari> All sitting there in various degrees of ruin.
* Drew` is not standing ;P
<kentari> You are now >:E
<kentari> ;p
<Drew`> (( "I hope our second date is this cool." ))

* Drew` frowns, thinking. "We .. we need to take an arm, too. Robot one. For .. for Aaron. He could use another arm," as if this makes perfect sense.
<kentari> The car, which crashed into the mountain, has two robot arms sticking out of the back in good condition.
<kentari> There is a left arm and a right arm.
<kentari> :P
<Steve`Z> "Er... okay..." *goes and extracts the right arm from the trunk*
<kentari> (( Watch him need a left. :P ))
<kentari> As you do, the trunk pops open.
<Steve`Z> (( Noisy Crickets?? :D ))
<kentari> Inside you see a really nice looking sword and a somewhat large rifle.
<Steve`Z> "Ooo." *looks at the sword. What kind of sword is it praytell? HATTORI HONZO SWORD?!?!?!?!?!?*
<Drew`> (( hehe ))
<kentari> It looks .. different. The blade appears to be sewn of some kind of black material. Carbon fiber of some kind, perhaps?
<kentari> The hilt has some buttons on it.

<alcar> Y' know what would be fun? make program to splice random lines from a pile of anime summaries. Turn result into a BESM game :)

<Alicia> !anime
<sparkie> Four fairies, Kururu, Chiriri, Sarara, and Hororo, go into small bottles and go to the human world. In a town where fiction and reality meld together, the tragic tale now continues with Ahiru, a duck who will become a beautiful swan, and Myuto, her prince. In the far far future, technology has advanced enough so that it no longer matters what a spaceship looks like. Thinking it to be a joke, Keiichi wishes for her to be his girlfriend
<Alicia> "In the far far future, technology has advanced enough so that it no longer matters what a spaceship looks like. Thinking it to be a joke, Keiichi wishes for her to be his girlfriend "

<sparkie> You can have a space express service with a ship that looks like a 19th century train. Imagine where you can go and what adventures you can have. Yuki's family is burdened with a dark curse which causes them to turn into the animals of the Chinese zodiac once hugged by a member of the opposite sex. Yuzuyu loves Kippei for taking care of her. However, before the story could be completed, the author died, leaving the tale unfinished.
<alcar> lol.
<alcar> Okay. That one is just fun.
<Alicia> Yes

<Fennec> Recca is just another ordinary high school girl who falls into a beautiful
<Fennec> woman whenever he is nearly killed by his fellow elementary school
<Fennec> students, and later by the boundaries of time and space. As the towers of
<Fennec> heaven and earth used to exist as one, they are now seperated by the
<Fennec> pillows, an alien race set on "tuning" the world, he realizes he is the
<Fennec> lifeform codenamed zeiram, an invincible killing machine built to be
<Fennec> trapped in this melancholy series. The focus is on kanzaki kyoichi, an
<Fennec> artist and a childhood friend of kyoichi's. From spring to summer to fall
<Fennec> to winter, love will grow and fade, and grow again.
<alcar> that one could be run.....
<alcar> Must. Resist. Temptation.

<Fennec> Gon freaks is a normal schoolgirl who is in a seemingly futile attempt to
<Fennec> find the chosen one who can take anything back, if the price is right.
<Fennec> They are led by a parthenon of ancient chinese gods. But when the women
<Fennec> around him, including his best friend yokko, start revealing strange
<Fennec> powers, kyouta finds himself at the crux of an elite assassin group known
<Fennec> only as weiss. The hits involve taking out corporate businessmen and
<Fennec> corrupt politicians; however, trouble arises during a routine job, when
<Fennec> weiss clashes with a magical gun, an evil-banishing scripture and a
<Fennec> jealous wife to handle, ataru still manages to keep an eye on his ultimate
<Fennec> goal: having his own humanity, he must struggle in this new world? They
<Fennec> must now train and grow stronger to uncover their secret abilities. With a
<Fennec> helping hand from bisque, they will be able to do just that. But when
<Fennec> normally civilized demons start to go berserk, the gods require the
<Fennec> services of genjou sanzo--a buddhist priest with a wonderful boy. But when
<Fennec> the vain dejiko, innocent puchiko and ball-shaped gema-gema crash their
<Fennec> spaceship into it! This wacky series consists of 16 three-minute episodes
<Fennec> full of bishounnen characters.
<Fennec> it's the last line that does it.

* Anelelinde sobs.
<AlcarGM> eh?
<Anelelinde> SIX POINTS IN APPEARANCE and all I get is "you don't look that ugly"?
<AlcarGM> you're a frickin' butterfly :p
<Anelelinde> => PRETTY.
<AlcarGM> human mind does NOT find insects sexy :)

<AlcarGM> Chaos - up for quickie?
<Chaos`^> you bet your ass I am
<Anelelinde> -- that one goes in the quotefile
<Chaos`^> I thought you'd never ask
* Chaos`^ is now known as Cecil`^
<Anelelinde> :P
<AlcarGM> fennec - eh?
* AlcarGM rereads.
<AlcarGM> lol!

<Anelelinde> "You like sex a lot I suppose?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Who doesn't?!"
<Anelelinde> "If I did it, it would cause hurricanes! People might die."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "So? They will anyway! It's what peoiple do best. Next to sex!"

<kentari> And because side sessions should not be longer than the main thing
<kentari> We'll adjourn here. :P

<kentari> Steve and Drew stop at a strip mall, presumably for refrescos or just in time for an ice cold deus ex machina!
<kentari> Out of an eletronics store tap dances Anton. Well, no, more like walking, perhaps. :P
<kentari> Steve wakes Drew and informs him he's getting a soda, as he feels a bit out of it himself. This is completted now, however, and Steve emerges.
<Caltak> (( aw, I hate being railroaded so much! ))
<Caltak> (( SO MUCH! ))
<Caltak> (( *shakes fist* ))
<kentari> (( Rocks fall on the fist. :P ))

<kentari> She nods and excuses herself, shuffling to her convertible, and speeding out of the lot. A few seconds later you hear tires squeeling and horns beeping.
* Anton nods and smiles, and waves when she leaves
<Steve`Z> (( Women drivers.... ))
<kentari> (( No survivors >^D ))
<Steve`Z> (( rofl ))
<Drew`> (( imagine her when she is changing her makeup AND answering her cellphone ))
<Drew`> (( to say nothing of eating the bagel.. ))

<Anton> seriously
<Anton> drew could be dead
<Anton> but you had to get that damn soda
<Drew`> lol
<Steve`Z> >_<
<Anton> with your deus ex moolah
<Steve`Z> I resent having a GM tell me what my character does. >:(
<kentari> Dude.
<kentari> Chill
<Steve`Z> Unless, you know... I was genuinely possessed.
<kentari> it was the soda of like
<kentari> cure moderate wounds

<kentari> the alien in your brain wanted a soda
<kentari> so a soda you wanted to get
<kentari> :P
<Steve`Z> oooh, ok, that makes sense
<Drew`> because its pregnant? :)
<Steve`Z> when you put it like that

<Steve`Z> Skitching: hanging onto the back of a moving vehicle whilst on a skateboard or other conveyance so as to utilize the momentum of the vehicle to add to your own! :P
* Steve`Z just wrote that definition :D
<kentari> :P
<kentari> oh
<kentari> that thing
<kentari> :P
<Drew`> ah! I know of it. Didn't know it had its own term.
<Drew`> Neat.
<kentari> same ;p
<kentari> I just know it as "pray the driver doesn't brake too suddenly" :P

* Anton walks over and reaches for the garage door :P
<Drew`> (( uh oh ... ))
<Steve`Z> (( BLAM ))
* Anton takes hold of a doorknob, and opens a section of the garage door like, well, it was a door :P
<kentari> The garage door is now an open thing that resembles a door.
<Anton> (door within a door :P)
<Steve`Z> (( My mind is blown. ))
<Drew`> (( nice :) ))

<alcar> Hrm. cameron was at uni, Kage is blowing up Wal Mart, Lynn was with Sara and Nemo.... Faline and Simon are at Lynns, the oracle is home alone, Sophie is dead....
<alcar> think that sums stuff up for the day so far ;)

<AlcarGM> Terry: "Oh." He stoos a few feeet from you, quiet for a few moments. "I - did from Simon, as well. There was so much energy I coldn't help it. He was just talking, asking if I wanted people to change me back, and I was taking energy." He licks his lips nervously. "I don't think he even noticed."
<Cameron> "That doesn't make it proper. It was an accident. You apologized, right?"
<AlcarGM> Terry: "I never told him. I - wasn't sure what he'd say, if he knew what I had been doing."
<Cameron> "Honesty is the best policy, when it comes to dealing with accidents."
<Cameron> "Friends can admit and forgive mistakes."
<Cameron> "You two are friends, right? This doesn't change things any more than you want it to."
<AlcarGM> Terry nods. "I think we are. It's - hard to tell. I don't know if I can avoid it.... when I see him again. I tried, but there was just too much of it."
<Cameron> "It sounds like you two need an intervention. Come, we'll find him."
* Cameron snaps his fingers, conjuring the black sedan.
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> The vampire stares at you. "An intervention?" incredously.
<Cameron> "I need to introduce the New You to Simon properly."
* Cameron manifests a gun in the glove compartment ;p

<Cameron> 3#2d6-4
<sparkie> Cameron 3#2d6-4: 8(12) 2(6) 4(8)
<Cameron> ((oh fuck :P))
<Cameron> ((all hits, as a matter of fact ;p))
<AlcarGM> (( HAHAHHAHA! Damage? :) ))
<AlcarGM> (( 12s always miss.. :p ))
<Cameron> 3#1d6 let's see :P
<sparkie> Cameron 3#1d6: 3 3 3 let's see :P
<Cameron> ....
<AlcarGM> (( .... ))
<Cameron> IT BURNS US

* Cameron conjures up what would happen if an van and a sedan had babies.
<Cameron> "Under the circumstances..."
<Cameron> "I say we go to the reservation."
* Kage` brushes himself off, "The garden!"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Garden?"
<AlcarGM> Cameron's illusionary suv sits around, confused.
<Cameron> "The GARDEN?"
<Cameron> ((It is very real, thank you~ :P))

<AlcarGM> Simon spins, blinks a few times. "Wha - oh." He stops, shaking his head. "She - needs help," a bit desperately.
<Anelelinde> (( eh, a little were-on-Army action is fun! :P ))
<AlcarGM> Soliders are converging o the messhall, armed with guns....
<Cameron> "Then we'll move, but NOT recklessly."
<Cameron> "She needs help, not a catastrophe. Got it?"
<AlcarGM> Simon blinks a few times, then nods. "Right."
* Anelelinde pops out of nowhere.
* Cameron oddly repeats hismelf. :P
<Cameron> "She needs help, not a catastrophe. Got it?"
<AlcarGM> 15 soildiers, with guns, moving for the messhall...
<AlcarGM> (( :p ))

<Faline> "I'm... I'm sorrry..." *in a very tiny voice*
<AlcarGM> For some reason, no one actually tries to stop you from leaving the maze.
<AlcarGM> 3 gusses as to why :p
<Cameron> "Don't apologize to us. There are plenty of parentless children and childless parents made tonight to fret for." :P
<Faline> (( "Oh, I'm not sorry for that." ))

<Anelelinde> OMG Lynn + Driver's Ed
<Anelelinde> -- what can become of THAT I wonder?
<Anelelinde> strange and terrible things?
<Kage`> omg!
<Kage`> I can't flutter in a car!
<Kage`> *crash*
<AlcarGM> hehe

<AlcarGM> Simon: "You.. better?" to Faline.
<Faline> "I... don't know. I feel betterr..." *looks up at Simon, reluctantly, tears welling up again* "I didn't mean to forrce you like that, I just-- I didn't know what else to do..." *looks down again* "I'll underrstand if you hate me now."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "..... I ..would have killed Sophie, if Kage hadn't stopped me. I.. kind of understand."
<Faline> "...I did do it, though..." *quietly*
* Anelelinde glows warmly at you two.
* Kage` slams on the brakes :P
<AlcarGM> Simon: ".... huh?"
* Faline goes almost into the fetal position in the vehicle.
* Kage` just does one of those creeepy slow slow slooooooooow turns!
<AlcarGM> Simon just blinks a few times. "You what?" not getting it
* Kage` just.... stares

* Kage` just shakes his head, this is sinking in really slowly for kage, even!
<Kage`> (mostly because kage believes faline was being controlled or possessed before)
<Kage`> "What happened to Sophie?"
<Chaos`^> (( that's right she wanted him asleep, but when he wasn't she corrected the situation))
<Cameron> ((Yes. She pulls that act off quite well. ;P "THE DINGO ATE MY MOMMY"))
<Anelelinde> (( Faline was possessed... BY FALINE!!! ))
<AlcarGM> Simon: ".. Sophie?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "I didn't kill him? Remember?"
<Faline> (( Faline is slightly crazy. And pregnant. That = possessed. :p ))
<Kage`> (of course, its like blaming it on your period :P)
<Anelelinde> (( period, dot, the end ))

<Anelelinde> "Sophie, umm, is dead! Or so I hear."
* Kage` gets out, and leans in, just to make it clear
<Anelelinde> "Yes, it's something that shouldn't have happened."
<Kage`> "Nathan is alive, because of Sophie, and Sophie is dead, now."
<AlcarGM> Simon; "But... I never....." He blinks, stares at Faline..... "You mean......."
<Kage`> "I... gotta go."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Why?"
<Anelelinde> "Yes, we should be regretting it. No, I cannot regret - oh, okay, I guess there's a reason. Maybe I can regret it now?"
<Kage`> "Maybe?"
<Kage`> "Maybe if you were ever human."

<Kage`> as a note
<Kage`> lynn was never human!
<Kage`> she started life as a bug, and as far as I know, still is one :P
<Kage`> whoa
<Kage`> I think I've found the root of the hive mentality!
<AlcarGM> lol
<Faline> ...Butterflies don't live in hives.
<Anelelinde> Smug self-satisfaction at the pain of an enemy is VERY human. :P

<Chaos`^> You kiled him... because he bad-mouthed you?
<Chaos`^> I thought she would atleast think up a good REASON to kill him... but... well
<Faline> He was a bastard, thats the reason.
* Faline shrugs
<Faline> just being honest
<Anelelinde> Chaos`^: you mean an Excuse

<AlcarGM> Simon: "But you killed .. he oculdn't even fight ... that should - that should mean something?!"
<AlcarGM> He draws back, as if something finally clicked into place.'Shouldn't it?"
<Anelelinde> "Why does Faline look to the ground, stare at her knees? Why is she meek and hesitant?"
<Anelelinde> "Perhaps she knows it should, and is ashamed that it does not."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Uhm .. I guess.. I just thought the killing random people was alll... Old rabbit affecting us."
<Faline> "It was the chance to do it quickly and simply," *offhandedly, channeling the predator spirit. :P*
<Anelelinde> "Old Rabbit is not the source of all that - its seed lies within each of us as well."

* Cameron waves, once he's 30' away. "Did you want to be alone?"
* Kage` is sitting on an old stump, looking at the snow melt and refreeze at his feet
<Kage`> "Faline is dead."
<Cameron> "... What? I .. was it what I did to her?"
<Kage`> "Or will."
* Cameron sits down on a chair that materializes, a bit struck back.
<Cameron> "I don't understand what you mean."
<Kage`> "Sophie...."
<Anelelinde> (( Narrate, don't speculate on the future... ))
<Cameron> "Have you seen him lately?"
<Kage`> "He...."
<Cameron> "Did he kill Faline?"
* Cameron looks quite concerned.

<Kage`> "Faline killed sophie."
* Cameron pales. "Who .. struck first? Do you know?"
<Kage`> "And I can't keep the truth from you."
<Kage`> "And now your going to kill her."
* Cameron shakes his head, "That won't bring Sophie back. I know how Death works."
* Kage` just shakes his head, "I don't know."
<Cameron> "Killing Faline will only delay things. Someone else will take her place. Be it a year, a hundred.. a thousand."
<Cameron> "You don't solve problems by killing them. That is not what Death is for."
<AlcarGM> (( "Look at how she replaced Ghengis Khan...." ))

<AlcarGM> Simon: "But attacking helpless prey isn't honourable."
<Anelelinde> (dreamily, quietly) "Honour. Such an aspiraiton."
<Anelelinde> are we going back while those two wait around?
<AlcarGM> Simon: "but.. it's imporant," as you reach the trailer. "It's.. about choices."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "And.. and dealing with consequences. Of them."
* Faline hops out of the car. "The worrld's prrobably betterr off now."
* Faline heads inside.
<AlcarGM> Simon just gapes.
<AlcarGM> He doesn't go inside ;P
* Faline curls up someplace warm and sleeps. ^_^
<Anelelinde> "Would that it was that simple! Alas. No."
* Anelelinde shakes head.
<AlcarGM> Simon: "It is! We just.... make things complicated because it's too hard when they're simple!"

<Anelelinde> "What? You're the one who said that we should be feeling bad. That's complicated."
<AlcarGM> Simon: ".... it is?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "But.. it shouldn't be? I don't know!" He growls
<Anelelinde> "It's hard when it's complicated too."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "It just -- I don't know. I shouldn't.... .I can't hate her. Not for - for doing what I would've, if I hadn't been stopped.. But still, I .... " He shakes his head. "That's the complicated part?" hopefully

<Kage`> "I just know she's going to kill again."
<Cameron> "Do you know who..?"
<Kage`> "No, just... how she is."
<Cameron> "Can we .. teach her?"
<Kage`> "She's just a kid..."
<Cameron> "A kid with lots of power. With too much power for her own kid."
<Cameron> "Children are supposed to be powerless, so that their mistakes don't hurt anything. They have to make mistakes to learn."
<Cameron> "If those mistakes were to be powerful ones..."
<Cameron> "This is why I do not trust the locii."

* Faline reads up on methods for killing dragons...
<Chaos`^> Tell Tommy that I'm running around yelling that I'm a dragon
<Chaos`^> oops shouldn't have said that
<Anelelinde> naah
<Anelelinde> Sara is running around
<Anelelinde> yelling that the dragon won't have sex with her
<Chaos`^> not THE dragon
<Chaos`^> A dragon
<Chaos`^> she probably means charles
<Anelelinde> no, no, we've drawn enough connections
<Kage`> nah
<Kage`> all you need is a lance encrusted with runes
<Chaos`^> You know, there was a saint once who did it
<Chaos`^> you should ask him ;)
<Kage`> fired from the gun that is meant to destoy all universes
<Faline> lol Chaos`^

<kentari> Faust asks, "Well. What do you think this course is about? What is being covered?" He's reading through the folder as he asks, preparing for a blow to his teacher pride. :P
<Aaron_V> ((What was the name of it again?))

<Drew`> "What about eating meat raw and sleeping in trees? That would be natural."
<Rachael> (to Drew`) "Okay, but scratch the 'eating meat' part."

<kentari> Down a third hallway, not enterred by Faust nor on your route, is filled with harsh conversations, "You small minded bureaucrats have needlessly and irrationally delayed me in supremely great work!"
<Drew`> (( I hope that's not Sara :P ))
<Steve`Z> (( I second that ))
<Aaron_V> ((I third, fourth, and fifth that))
<kentari> Another voice, "Your perverse research are the vaguery of a demented maniac and cannot be allowed to continued! Your request to access the Archives is completely denied!"
<Rachael> (( who around here has worthwhile archives anyway? ))
<kentari> A simple man in black slacks and a white button-up shirt comes out of a door, smiling in a somewhat deranged manner, "I warn you, you'll regret this decision!"
<kentari> He walks by the group, a nametag visisble. "Dr. West, M.Ed. Research and Development Department"
* Rachael waves to the guy "Hi Mr. Demented Maniac!!!" ((omg j/k))
<kentari> He pauses, after passing by, and asks without turning around, "What are you children doing in the county office?"
<Drew`> (( "Getting access to the archives." ))
<kentari> (( THAT would be amusing ;p ))
<Steve`Z> "Field trip. Of Doom."
<Rachael> "Preparing to be accosted by petty bureaucrats!"
<Aaron_V> "Being harrassed by the Establishment because our teacher is actually teaching us."

* Drew` catches up. "Let me touch it, or whatever, first. If somehting happens ot me, you can get us out. I couldn't get you out if you passed out, or something."
<kentari> The book is thick and red, almost crystalline in its cover's composition. Currently bound shut with a simple buttoned tab.
<Steve`Z> "Oh. Um. Well, I guess that makes sense..."
* Drew` nods. Goes up to book. Looks at it.....
* Steve`Z doesn't seem too happy about the idea, though.
* Drew` touches cover....
<kentari> You hear the elevator come to life, and go up!
<Drew`> "Ia! ia! Sparkie fhtagn!"
<Drew`> j/k

<Fennec> in zee file room
<Fennec> Rachael changed Petunia's listed hair color to Bright Red
<alcar> Heh
<Fennec> and also changed her Race to "Flower"
<alcar> and drews sex? :)
<alcar> I'd rp it. Be damn funny ;)
<Fennec> what else...
<Fennec> 00:53 <Rachael> Okay, Forest's file. Forest is now a Female, Magical Pony Princess, with Amesthyst hair and Jade eyes.
<alcar> lol
<Fennec> 00:53 <kentari> :P I might just let that happen.
<Fennec> 00:53 <kentari> For kicks. :P
<alcar> Magical Pony Princess .. beautful :p

<AlcarGM> You round the corner and see an old lady knitting red and blue together with bone-white needles. She's wearing black, and hnuched over on a moss coloured stone like a vulture, needles clicking away industriously
* Cecil`^ breathes a sigh of relief, he thought it was a giant bug guardian or something
* Cecil`^ walks over to the old woman
<AlcarGM> (( wrong setting :p ))

<Kage`> kage paid a price, and the fae twisted the product to be a curse
<Kage`> how... appropriate :P
<AlcarGM> (( yeah :) ))
<Kage`> oh well
<Kage`> if there is something you don't mess around with
<Kage`> its Kage's sense of human decency
* AlcarGM nods. That other fae is going to be very, very pissed at Rachael :P
<Kage`> yeah
<Kage`> Kage totally hates fennec's characters :P
* AlcarGM grins

<AlcarGM> Chris takes a big gulp of pepsi. "What.... what do I do now?"
<Kage`> "I've got a lot of connections, I guess, at this point."
<AlcarGM> Chris: "Connections?"
<AlcarGM> A large pizza arrives. The waitress smiles at you both, asks if everything is okay, goes away again
<Kage`> "People with power. People likely able to correct this.... problem."
* Kage` nods and waves, and takes a slice (Oh god, now I want some)
<AlcarGM> (( hehe ))
<Gemm> (I as well want some Pizza hut, a-holes =P)
<Kage`> "And if nothing pans out, we can go for more drastic measures."
<AlcarGM> It's quite good. Chris devours a piece. "More than making a crater?!"
<Kage`> "I don't want to say it, but last resort, the land could break it, but you'd have to serve the land."
<Kage`> "That was... ugh, I shouldn't have done that. I just kept thinking about it. That giggle, it was so.... wrong."

<Kage`> if there is a lolad 2(again!?) :P
<Kage`> I almost think I would like to play Chris, if its in the future
<AlcarGM> LOL! Oh? :)
<Kage`> too much wierdness! :P

<sparkie> Kage` 1d2: 2 carpet bomb, or not to carpet bomb
<AlcarGM> sparkie! Stop being boring :P
<AlcarGM> 2d6
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 8
<AlcarGM> 2d6
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 2
<AlcarGM> .....
<AlcarGM> shit.
<AlcarGM> Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.
<AlcarGM> 2#2d6
<AlcarGM> 2#2d6
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2#2d6: 11 8
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2#2d6: 7 9
* AlcarGM hates you sparkie.
<AlcarGM> 4#2d6
<sparkie> AlcarGM 4#2d6: 8 4 11 3
<AlcarGM> ...
<AlcarGM> damn.
<Cecil`^> holy shit damn
<AlcarGM> Sara lost BIG time :p
<AlcarGM> 2#2d6
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2#2d6: 8 2
<AlcarGM> ....
<AlcarGM> are you on drugs?!

<Cecil`^> "You look like shit... Most vampires would look tan standing next to you..."
* Cecil`^ grabs her shoulder "Let's find somewhere to sleep."
<Cecil`^> (( Even though it's still pretty early in the daytime.. ))
<AlcarGM> She blinks, then nods and stgands under her own power, following you. "I could use a nap."
* Cecil`^ nods "I have a nice spot up in the forest... It's no days in but it's held a dragon for about a decade."
* Cecil`^ heads toward the dragon ghost's cave
<Cecil`^> "Plus it's where the angels can probably find me..."
<AlcarGM> Sara just shrugs, following. "Let them. I haven't had sex with an angel since I stumbled onto their garden movie set."

<Cecil`^> "You know... THe reaper has never seen me shown fear until today... And it wasn't because of him..."
<AlcarGM> Sara brightens. "So you DO want sex with me?!"
* Cecil`^ grunts
<Cecil`^> "You're my friend Sara.. Whether you want me to be or not... But.." Looking back at her... "I still have the same standards when it comes to my mate."

<Chaos`^> you know
<Chaos`^> if I invest in ranged attack
<Chaos`^> I would be SICK with the leash
<Chaos`^> 'cause it adds a -5 modifier too
<Chaos`^> but what's the point of having a sick modifier if the person you're attacking has a DCV of 11!?
<Chaos`^> I hate this game

<Anelelinde> poor Sophie
<Anelelinde> all these traumatic events
<Anelelinde> passing out, getting nekofied, getting in fights with Simon, getting nuked, death
<kentari> The first lifetime is always the hardest :P

<alcar> Mind you, Sophie has no clue WHAT happened. Reading book, wake up buried under the ground .. .is mostly just confusing
<alcar> he's going to think Cameron is doing some stupid lesson thing :p
<Anelelinde> heh
<Anelelinde> well
<Anelelinde> he DID tell Faline
<Anelelinde> she could beat him to within an inch of his life :P
<alcar> Wrong inch :)

<Anelelinde> speaking of Wonder Twins
<Anelelinde> Rachael + Lynn! :P
<Anelelinde> or, alternatively... how are those Faline-kits?
<alcar> alive :)
<alcar> Though given what Faline DID.... .who knows what they'll become? :)
<Anelelinde> well, their mommy is a goddess! :P
<Anelelinde> I say we name them Fenrir and Amy.
<alcar> hehe
<alcar> Oh, yeah :)

<Anelelinde> Douse the child in aura.
<AlcarGM> soul check :)
<AlcarGM> 2d6 -Randy's soul.
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 2 -Randy's soul.
<AlcarGM> .....
<AlcarGM> 2d6 -Randy's change..
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 2 -Randy's change..
* AlcarGM blinks
<kentari> (( Unstoppable force, meet immovable object. ))
<AlcarGM> 2d6 - wth?!
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 10 - wth?!
<AlcarGM> NM, then :P
<Anelelinde> Umwow.
<AlcarGM> You hit with aura. His aura.. .flows, wild and pure, like a gust of cold winter wind, shapking itself, and shaking itself into a body....

<Cameron> "To remain safe is to find peace, and become unchanging."
* Cameron sets a hand on Anne's shoulder, "Its something the vampire are closest to, and we have not even perfected it."
<Cameron> "I can't help but wonder if fighting a coming tide does more damage than the tide itself."
<Anelelinde> "I flit about on the winds of change."
<Cameron> "You must see a lot of ... damage."
<Anelelinde> "It's funny, really. Charles would get thrown for a loop every time I came in, since I didn't seem the same to him..."
<Anelelinde> "then I came in with the writing on my soul from the Fates..."

* Anelelinde turns to Cameron. "I cannot understand you, Cameron, and I fear do you wrong by this. There is something in my gut which is telling me that you're always trying to string me along and pretend to be my friend just so you can swat me down. But - I know - I think I know - I want to know - that that's not the case, that I am just taking things the wrong way since I don't know how else to take them since I can't tell how to take it and..."
* Caltak{BRB|Crisis} is now known as Caltak
<Anelelinde> "I'm sorry."
<Cameron> "Like I said before, in the ballroom, the only time I will strike you down is if you mean to do that to me or my own first."
* Anelelinde nods.
<AlcarGM> (( Nothing like the homicidal suburban can to bring other PCs together. ))
<Cameron> "Until then, my only concern is making sure the Pack doesn't kill the rest of Trail in its process of maturing."
<Cameron> (( :P ))
<AlcarGM> Lynn.. can't think of a reply?
<Anelelinde> (( Lynn doesn't DIGNIFY that with a reply :D ))

<Anelelinde> Lynn wants to meet more keepers. :P
<Anelelinde> she likes meeting interesting people
<Anelelinde> and likes making friends!!!
<Faline> Yeah, Faline likes to do that too. Oh wait, you said "Meeting."
<Anelelinde> yes. With an M.
<Faline> :)

<AlcarGM> Old Woman: "Proof that there is no crime worse than idealism," with a mental snort .'Peopel can't evenaccept other humans of different religous, or evne versions of the same one, to say nothing of sex, or skin colour, or gender, and you think they could accept anything else? Truly?"
<Faline> "You do have a good point. If nothing else, though, I'd be satisfied if we could all live in the open with each other with only the level of animosity humans currently show each other. That would be tolerable. And if nothing else, they'd gain a new perspective, and they'd probably get along a lot better with each other."
<AlcarGM> She smiles at that. "You would offer your kind up as a common enemy?"
<Anelelinde> (( you need to go off and wereify a couple of big name politicians, in BOTH parties. Presidential hopefuls. ))
<Faline> "That wouldn't be my intention, but I could forsee it happening. My point, though, is that humans aren't trying to commit genocide on each other, anymore, and as long as we could all just live together with only perhaps the occasional 'Hate Crime' or some such, that would at least be better than War or this constant hiding."
<Faline> (( Anelelinde- and cause the historic day when a Third Party candidate actually gets elected to office? :P ))

<Anelelinde> (( I'm already propsing you leave /town/.... =P ))
<AlcarGM> The keeper stares at you for a long moment. "You truly believe this?"
<Faline> (( the Land would object ))
<Anelelinde> (( that's what *I* am here for. =P =P =P ))
<Faline> (( OH NOW I GET IT. You're trying to TRICK me! ))
<AlcarGM> (( LOL! ))
<Faline> (( oh, you'll pay. You just wait and see. ))

<AlcarGM> Old Woman: "And you think it will lend there, with your kind? That there are not other things ,n the darkness, waiting for a new dawn?"
<Faline> "Oh, not at all. There's the vampires, and the fae, and the demons, and whatever else. I'm not saying we should be the only ones to join in on the new, open society. Of course, I do realize not all of them would want to, and some might not be capable of peaceful coexistance. But still, everyone deserves a chance."
<AlcarGM> Old Woman: "And you truly believe that the humann would could survive htis unheaval?"
<AlcarGM> er, humans :)
<Anelelinde> (( Humans, plural? Sure. At LEAST 2 of 'em. ))
<AlcarGM> (( heh ))
<Anelelinde> (( if we're lucky we can make it a Male and a Female! ))
<Faline> "It's up to them. If they're willing to be our friends, we could perhaps protect them, to an extent." (("We'll keep them as pets.")) "Plus, if they don't try to harm the others, they probably won't get harmed in return."
<Anelelinde> (( there are ONLY six billion humans, remember :P ))

<Anelelinde> "There are half a thousand people coming and they are not here of their own volition. They are being Used."
<AlcarGM> Simon: ".... already?"
* Anelelinde pauses. "They are here to fetch your Oracle."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Oh!" He looks relieved.
<Cameron> "But the Oracle isn't here."
<Anelelinde> "Then they must not know that. Or there are more going to where he is. Or..."
<Cameron> "Normal humans, you say?"
* Cameron folds his arms, meeting Simon's gaze, too. "What would Faline do?"
<Anelelinde> "Normal humans, minds shut down, umm, I can't work this crowd."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Uhm..... I don't know. We only had them come as mobs."
<Faline> (( Do you have to ask? :P ))
<Anelelinde> (( let's not just eat them. ))

<Anelelinde> "If we replace your soul, and you're not an Oracle anymore, why would they keep coming?"
* Anelelinde hmms.
<AlcarGM> Anne: "To killl me, for not being theirs. To - fix me."
* Faline goes all wide-eyed. "Replace a soul?? But you can't do that! Your soul is who you are!"
<Anelelinde> "Or if we perform surgery on it. Hmm."
* Anelelinde points. "They are coming for his soul."
<Anelelinde> "Not replace it all perhaps? If we can just get the oracle part?"
<Faline> (( "Well, if you give it to me, then they can't take it!" *hands out a pamplet for the Church of Faline* :P ))
<Anelelinde> "I know /someone/ who could help, maybe."
<AlcarGM> Anne: "Don't you get it? They won't stop! They need an oracle, for the business. I'm one, and was theirs."
<Anelelinde> "We could send your soul somewhere else. To Heaven, ideally."
<Faline> (( "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray Faline my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray Faline rips out the hearts of the bastards who took me out. Amen." ))

<Chaos`^> <Cameron> "The only thing we could do, Simon, is slay Faline. How much would that really solve, though?"
<Chaos`^> Did I read that correctly?
<Anelelinde> yes
<Chaos`^> Just making sure

<Faline> ACTUALLY she kileld him because a) Terry thing bothered Simon, and Sophie was being all bastardy about it to boot, b) the constant racism, c) the fact that he couldnt stop b) for even a fucking moment.
<Chaos`^> ...
<Chaos`^> He was a vampire
<Chaos`^> Ofcourse he's going to be mean to were's
<Chaos`^> it's a rule
<Anelelinde> Chaos`^: he turned the were's best friend into a vampire
<Anelelinde> ... just to be a bastard
<Cameron> oh heavens
<Cameron> :P
<Chaos`^> I don't see how that's a bad thing
<Cameron> seriously
<Cameron> Terry's gonna live forever

<Anelelinde> poor Simon
<Anelelinde> the butterfly loves him :P
<Faline> Well, you know, if he didn't keep running at cars, we wouldnt have to use the choke collar, would we?
* AlcarGM laughs
* AlcarGM laughs
<AlcarGM> Pity he doesn't see it that way :)

<Anelelinde> I can think of three very good reasons for Cameron to be very mad at me.
<Anelelinde> ... I don't think he knows about any of them, though. :P :P :P
* AlcarGM nods. Is that :)

<Cameron> "You have a Power which your Overzealous Ambition and Juvenile Experience, together, can not be responsible or held accountable for. It ... would be for your own good."
<Faline> "Orr perrhaps forr yourrs, yes?"
<Cameron> "Are you so drunk on your power, that you can not examine what it is doing to you? To everyone around you?"
* Cameron looks at Simon. And Nathan. And even Anne.
<AlcarGM> Simon picks the oracle up, checking his pulse.
* Anelelinde is lying flat on the ground. Touching the Land as it were.
<AlcarGM> The Land offers up warmth and power to both pack leaders.
<Faline> "I prrobably am. But the fact is, if I give it all up now, then all hope will be lost forr ourr Futurre. I may step down, but this isn't the time."
<Cameron> "All hope? You're THAT vain?"
<Cameron> "Sophie had more humility."
<AlcarGM> (( hahaha ))

<Faline> "Change is good. The worrld can not continue as it is. The worrld will be saved, and it will be changed, and forr the betterr. I've been told I have a rrole and a Destiny, but I'm not going to follow it blindly. I'm only going to follow it farr enough to save everrything."

<Faline> "True. On the other hand, history has shown that when you try to force people to accept your vision of what the world should be, it ends badly. Just look at Adolf Hitler. Granted, he was a maniac, but he did think he was making the world better."
<Faline> (( YES, Faline jsut compared herself to Hitler. ))
<Anelelinde> (( eh, just leave it to the butterfly who can motivate like 95% of a crowd with Art of Distraction :P ))
<Cameron> "I knew a guy like you, a long time ago."
<Faline> (( if he's a German with an ugly mustache, I already addressed that :P ))

<Anelelinde> "There is a cult in town worshipping you and you appear to be a minor goddess now."
<Cameron> "Are we perfectly clear?"
* Faline blinks. "Therre's... a what??"
<Anelelinde> Another hand pointing to Cameron. "Umpire, hm?"
<Cameron> "Vampire, actually."
<Cameron> "I have to live in the god-awful mess you all leave behind."
<Faline> (( *rimshot* ))
<Cameron> (( Thank-you! I'll be here all week. ;p))
<AlcarGM> (( STAKE HIM NOW! ))
<Faline> (( "Well If I become a goddess then I'll also be immortal and we can argue together for the rest of eternity." ))

<Faline> "Oh jeez. So then, I'm actually... receiving prrayerrs..."
<Anelelinde> "I don't know just what to do."
<Faline> "Yeah, so... maybe we do need to stop this beforre it goes too farr."
* Anelelinde nods.
<Anelelinde> "No snow now. They might come again to the hospital... I could tell them then..."
<Faline> "I could go with you, even... you know, tell them they rreally shoudln't be worrshipping me."
<AlcarGM> (( Faline: "YOU ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS!" Cultists "WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS!" Small voice: 'I'm not!' Faline rips off dissenting speakers head ))
<Cameron> (( "You've got to figure it out on your own!" ))
<Cameron> (( :P :P :P ))

<Cameron> "Your very own bastion of life erradicated all those lives. Those people had families. Parents. Perhaps even children."
<Cameron> "Do you think it will just wash away? Do you think she can cry, pray, and it will all go away?"
<AlcarGM> Sonne: "We think it is OUR concern, not yours."
<Cameron> "What will you do? Run? Fight? And all this, you think it inevitable? You blame what, humans? Vampire? When the first blood spilled stains claws, not bullets nor fangs."
<Cameron> "She killed one of my own! One of my children!"
<AlcarGM> Sonne: "And many of our own have died as well."
<Cameron> "Does that ever make it right?"
<Cameron> "Can you honestly tell me that that is a valid excuse? It will never end with a rationality like that!"

<kentari> This whole mess would be so much cleaner if everyone were vampires.
<Anelelinde> kentari: that sounds like an Easy Way Out
<Anelelinde> and What Is Easy Is Not Always Right
<kentari> But easy things aren't always wrong, either.
<kentari> Its perhaps more an invocation of the simplest solution than the easiest solution.
<kentari> And when faced with multiple solutions, the simplest is usually the most correct. :P
<kentari> (How do you like my Faline impression?)
<Anelelinde> naah
<Anelelinde> the simplest was returning the boy without a fight :P
<kentari> That's not really a -solution- though. You have to make that distinction, or else the obvious answer is always "give up"

<Anelelinde> Well, you'll have to speak some reassuring words like that to the butterfly when she comes to you saying "I guess I'm a terrible monster, Cameron. Why haven't you just killed me already? =( =( =("
<kentari> nah.
<kentari> Cameron will just say "Because you're just so gosh-darn cute! :3" and pinch her cheeks
<kentari> :P
<kentari> I think that would break lolad.

<Anelelinde> I mean, consider that guy, what was his name, making all these reassuring comments to calm everyone down and ease tensions and soothe wounds and...
<Anelelinde> like this
<Anelelinde> "Sophie had more humility."
<Anelelinde> and
<Anelelinde> "What you FELT, Faline, was likely the temporary satisfaction of your own gluttonous desire."
<kentari> Yeah
<Anelelinde> and "Just like .. your mother, too?"
<kentari> someone has to say it :P
<kentari> she manipulated the Oracle to convert and commit suicide
* Anelelinde goes off to read _Sinners in the Belly of a Hungry Goddess_
<kentari> :P lolz
<kentari> seriously!
<kentari> oh well
<kentari> hopefully everything will get put out on the table monday
<kentari> and hopefully everyone will still be alive and well after the fact
<Anelelinde> well, that will depend on the size of the fireball

<alcar> Haruspex IS going to be rather confused.
<alcar> CEO: "You're telling me whoever has the boy apparently convinced our hired agent to not bother him?" "Yes, sir." "And killed him?" "Definitely, sir." "And then brought him back from the dead?" "It would seem so, sir." "... are they cthulhu cultists?" "We don't know yet, sir. One is a goddess though." "...."

<Anelelinde> Lynn didn't set any Wal-Marts on fire.
<kentari> its awesome :P
<kentari> I know
<Anelelinde> that's Kage's doing if anyone's :P
<kentari> But lynn has to get blame for everything she doesn't do and not blamed for anything she actually does
<kentari> its the law of opposite responsobilities
<kentari> or something
<kentari> :P

* Tass has joined #game5
<Tass> isn't this a little excessive? :P
* Tass has left #game5
* Anelelinde changed the topic of #game5 to: 18:57 isn't this a little excessive? :P

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