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<Anelelinde> I'm sorry if I seem overly agressive OOC
<Anelelinde> I think it's just Fennec making up for playing A SWEET TINY LITTLE INNOCENT PERFECT LITTLE HARMLESS BUTTERFLY :D
<Tass> I'm sorry?
<Anelelinde> ... which is mostly fun :)
<Tass> is this the same butterfly that made some dude chop his friends head off? :P
<Anelelinde> but not much of an outlet for agression or frustration
<alcar> Tass - That was a DIFFERENT butterfly. She's reborn each day from the coccoon man!
<alcar> Actually that would be kind of cool....
<Tass> mayfly curse and reincarnation? :P
<Tass> would definitely be wierd
<Anelelinde> Tass: well, he was trying to chop MY friends' heads off :P
<alcar> Tass - Yeah.....
<alcar> were mayfly....
<alcar> "See you tomorrow. Well. Actually. Not." *drops dead*

<Kage`> "Like I said.... I think... you were chosen to preserve because its in you, the desire to protect."
<Kage`> "The instinct, I guess."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "I guess. i just don't like being.. used. Even by it. Not that I have a choice, but it's still.... scary. I don't like being scared of myself, too."
<Kage`> "Better scared than angry."
<AlcarGM> Chris: "Anger is just fear in disguise. The nurses used to tell me that."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Being angry is ... worse. When - when Cameron stabbed Kage, I would have.. if he had... I'd have tried to..... eve though he's put up with - lots ..... "
<Kage`> "They would say something like that... they would want to connect the two. You know why? TO control."
<Kage`> "There are many kinds of fear and many kinds of anger."
<Kage`> "The purest of either knows neither."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "..... I don't think I get that."

<Anelelinde> good afternoon Caltak
<Caltak> ^_^
<Anelelinde> the butterfly sends her regards
<Anelelinde> incidentally, I'd like to apologize for any sort of OOC hostilities and such; playing a sweet innocent carefree little butterfly makes Fennec a bit competitive, frustrated, and hostile sometimes. :P
<Anelelinde> though I really ought to direct that extra-specially-more to kentari and Tass I suppose
<Caltak> lol
<Caltak> I don't recall any hostilities.
<Anelelinde> mmmk :)
<Anelelinde> it tends to be more towards the butterfly-hater crowd
* Anelelinde pokes Kage? Cameron? :P
<alcar> <Sophie> incidentally, I'd like to apologize for any sort of IC hostilities and such; being a sweet innocent carefree little vampire makes Sophie a bit competitive, frustrated, and hostile sometimes. :P
<Caltak> lol

<AlcarGM> The doberman regards you warily out of intelligent eyes. Her aura isn't strong, and her mind isn't human at all. YOu vcatch echoes of a smlel, and pain, and hurt.
* Anelelinde will sit down, in what kindergarten teachers call Indian style (once upon a time before PCness) and nod.
<AlcarGM> her name's Mura, now, named by.... someone she thinks of as the weird-good smell. She pads over, blurs, and becomes a small french poodle.
<Anelelinde> A dog/dog ... interesting.
<Alicia> (LOL)
* Anelelinde offers a petting, if the poodle seems interesting.
<AlcarGM> Yup :)

* Cameron looks to Sonne, "I apologize. You didn't need to see any of that, from the start."
<AlcarGM> Sonne: "It should not be possible... even for the, surely, to fool the land?"
<Anelelinde> (( /me notes this down on the calendar. Cameron apologizes!!! ))

<AlcarGM> You exit.....
<AlcarGM> 2d6
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 7
<AlcarGM> Lynn doesn't attack you all yet.
<AlcarGM> Next?
<Cameron> ;P
* Cameron looks around, deciding to inspect the monument first.
* Anelelinde uses Divine Relationship (Faline) and rolls that one again!
<Anelelinde> 2d6
<sparkie> Anelelinde 2d6: 7
<Anelelinde> (( Feh. j/k ))

<AlcarGM> The city is quiet this night, filled weith the sound of water falling into sewers and a few children out, late, playing, making boats and sailing down empty side streets. Snow is melting that was never real and aside from the sirens that are cities it's quiet - tonight.
<AlcarGM> (( just felt like thowing something in along your way :) ))

* Faline looks up at the trees. Then jumps up into one, and looks around. :)
<AlcarGM> Faline sees the park, lord of all sur surveys! She doesn't land on a fae, at least.
* Faline looks around in the tree itself. :)
* Anelelinde will wait until you all clear out to the perimeter.
<AlcarGM> it's an oak tree. A few squirrels, if she's hungry? :)
<Faline> (( FAE'S DISGUISED AS SQUIRRELS MAYBE? *munch!* :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( Fae: "My nuts! Someone protect my nuts!" ))
<Cameron> (( Part of me is laughing. ))
<Cameron> (( And part of me died, inside. ))
<Faline> (( hehe ))
* Faline looks down. "They hide rreally well."

<AlcarGM> It's.. well.... you've sene documentaries about cows and the like, back in classes in another life... it's like that. Pens, breeding areas.... rather compact, reeking of wastes and vermin....
<AlcarGM> everyone, evne the babies, stops crying when you come down, the smell of fear filling the air, heady and almsot overpowering
<Faline> "Oh come now, this is a bit excessive." *to whatever unseen fae is running this. She steps over to the pents and starts unlocking and opening them all.*
<AlcarGM> the humans cower from you, terrified.
<AlcarGM> "The future often is," an unseern voice whispers. "This is one."
<AlcarGM> "Do you think," it conitnues, almost clinically, "that youn are exempty from the madness of daschau?
<Faline> "You're all frree to leave," to the illusory people, offhandedly. She starts walking back upstairs. "Yes, well, not a likely one, since I plan to be rather strrict about things like this."
<Faline> "Since I've neverr hearrd of that beforre, I'm not surre I can answerr."
<AlcarGM> The fae laughs, delighted. Definitely a female voice, now. "Ohk you don't even know your own history. How very sad; how do you plan to escape the mistakes of those people? Of the other gods who came before you? Of inquisitions done in the name of a God of Love?"

<Faline> "If I am to continue being a God, which, by the by, I wasn't rreally planning on rright now, then I intend to be a bit morre hands-on than Him, to make surre followerrs don't do crrazy things like Crrusades orr Witch Hunts."
* Faline rips a pew out from the church to smash down a sction of that barbed wire with so the fake prisoners can escape.
<AlcarGM> Fae: "It is different after you die. There are.... laws..... limitations ... and few who can truly believe, once a god has died...."
<Faline> "I was underr the imprression that Gods tend to be immorrtal."
<AlcarGM> Fae: "Everything with a soul is, in the heavens, but not on earth," sadly. "You tarry only a little while here."
<Faline> (( "Yes, well, we'll see about that. My player fully intends to spend points on stuff to change that." :P ))

* Faline silently walks up, holding a No Parking sign, and simply sticks it into the ground, next to the grove. :)

<Cameron> "Hmm. I doubt you're a free agent. Who are you in league with?"
<AlcarGM> Blok: "If you can prove any worth to this, some of us will give aid, even now. The wild hunt could be freed, even in this world." He smiles to Cameron. "The queen of air and darkess."
<Kage`> "Can you sense the loci?"
<AlcarGM> The fae nods.
<Kage`> "Its amassing its forces, drawing things here."
<Kage`> "Just remember, if you wait too long, it may be too late."
<AlcarGM> Blok: "Perhaps it always was," the fog vanishing entirely.
<Kage`> "Cornered and desperate have always been good fghting partners."

<Cameron> feh
<Cameron> I'm about to have a faline moment ;p
<AlcarGM> lol!
<Faline> lol... define that for me? :)
<Cameron> its where you flip out, kill everything, and then blame something and wash your hands of all responsobility
<Faline> Hey, I only did that... a couple of times, maybe. :P
<AlcarGM> Every lolad pc, escepting Rei and Danric, did it at least once iirc :p
<Chaos`^> I don't recall killing everything
<Faline> Chaos`^: Boredom can kill.
<AlcarGM> lol caltak :)
<Faline> ;)

<Cameron> "If the oncoming storm is to be a flood, I am perfectly willing to make sandbags out of these impudent fairies."

<Cameron> "Oh, Faline, by the way ..."
<Cameron> "I'm charging you with murder, for every single one of those men."
<Cameron> "If you can flaunt yourself in front of the cameras, surely you can show up in the courtroom?"
<Faline> "Yes, well, we can add them to the list, I suppose." *offhandedly, continuing to walk*
<AlcarGM> (( ouch ))
<Cameron> "You .. really don't care, at all, about those lives?"
* Anelelinde sort of tries to stand in between those two being a BIG OBSTACLE with those WINGS in the way.
* Cameron nods at Kage, "Perhaps the adversary is already here.. do be careful you aren't not much liked by Faline in the future."
* Faline continues walking.
<Faline> (( "They were just NPCs, anyway." ))

<Cameron> "Does being a were let you get away with being a serial killer, as well?"
* Cameron asks Anne. :P
<Cameron> "I'm seeing a lack of accountability, here."
<Faline> (( "Of course it does, it's in the handbook." ))
* Anelelinde is mostly blinkblinking.
<Cameron> "Does it? Does being a Pack Leader mean you can kill as you please? Does being a Fae mean you can shirk whatever you wish? I can respect chaos, but this goes well beyond the scope of whimsy."
<Chaos`^> (( Hey it's good to get respect ))
<Anelelinde> (( haha ))
<Faline> (( "I work in mysterious ways." ))
<Cameron> (( :P ))

* Cameron swiftly draws a pistol with 'VERITAS' etched on the side, and takes aim. "And shepherds we shall be, for thee my lord, for thee.."
<Cameron> 1d2 1=totally j/k :P
<sparkie> Cameron 1d2: 1 1=totally j/k :P
<Faline> (( lol... now whos not taking accountability? ))
<Chaos`^> (( OOH! PC FIGHT! ))
<Cameron> (( :P ))

<Cameron> oh
<Cameron> I need to meet up with cecil
<Cameron> :P
* Cameron has a meal planned for him.
<Chaos`^> I only eat virgins
<Chaos`^> and they have to be on a stick, so I don't have to mess my fingers up with their messy juices
<Cameron> I took that into consideration.
<Anelelinde> um.

<Faline> I think Alcar should let chaos play when he shows up without worrying about when the game will end, but with the understanding that whenever it *does* end, Chaos's session will end abruptly as well.
<Faline> but thats just my opinion
* Anelelinde leaves it up to AlcarGM and Chaos`^
<Cameron> pfft
<AlcarGM> is lmostly a cast of that, when Chaos arrives, there;s generally 3 things happning at once and the GM isn'tmentally up to splitting mind to another by then :p
<Cameron> I saw la fin.
<Cameron> They can't end it, anne.
<Cameron> They get started
<Cameron> and its like sex, or something.
<AlcarGM> LOL
<Cameron> They just can't stop till its done.
<Faline> lol Cameron
<Chaos`^> too true, too true
<Faline> Lolad was originally like that.

<Faline> "I've been shown wherre my path leads, and by severral differrent sourrces. I have a prretty good idea."
<Cameron> "What's to say abdication isn't part of that? Why do you refuse it so?"
<Faline> "Because, frrankly, I don't trrust yourr advice on the matterr."
<Cameron> "Yet you trust 'the future'"
<Faline> "No, I trrust that I will find my own way."
* Cameron waggles his fingers, highlighting the nature of his opinion.
<Cameron> "And how many more have to die to pave the path?"
<Cameron> "You're far too self-absorbed for the Power you've happened upon."
<Anelelinde> "Three thousand, three hundred and thirty-three." ((j/k))
<AlcarGM> (( you guessed?! ))

* Steve_Irwin opens a window, conjuring a van at the base. He jumps out, in a somewhat acrobatic routine, landing beside the driver's seat. He starts the car in preparation :P
* Steve_Irwin holds out his hands, "I'll catch her, hurry!"
* Kage` throws her :P
* Steve_Irwin catches Faline, jumps in the car ... and speeds off.
* Kage` :[ ]
<Faline> (( YOU DUMB FUCK ))
* Kage` looks back, and grabs simon, and runs away :P
<Faline> (( CHASE HIM ))
<Kage`> (working on it!)
<Faline> (( I cant believe you fell for that, you MORON ))
<AlcarGM> Simon just.. follows... looking like he's having yrouble keeping up with this :)
<Faline> (( HONESTLY! ))
<Kage`> (yes.... fell for it.... thats it :P)

* Steve_Irwin stops the car by the side of the road. It dissolves as his hands flicker with shadow, a grave look overcoming his face that he is glad no one has to see. He reaches out for Faline's throat, and squeezes with a strength that could lift small cars.
* Steve_Irwin just keeps squeezing, not saying a word.
* Steve_Irwin can't contain himself, "Damnit! Why! Why! Children are supposed to be powerless, for their own sake!
* Steve_Irwin lifts and bashes the head a few times, taking care to leave the sticky note on her forehead!
* Steve_Irwin reaches into his pocket, withdrawing a curvey looking silver dagger. Still squeezing with one hand, he begins to decapitate with the other, his eyes watering, but no tears falling.
<AlcarGM> The ground.. shudders underneath you and something deap and powerful says "YOU WILL NOT KILL HER!"
* Steve_Irwin holds out the hand with the dagger, it fades into a rusty blade, perhaps still flickering, "She will kill us all to save us all! You chose WRONG!"
* Steve_Irwin impales through the body and the land, pouring all that makes him the embodiment of Death and Destruction behind it. Perhaps a grave sadness, too.
<AlcarGM> Well.

<Steve_Irwin> Let me know when the Divine Spark fades.. :(
* Steve_Irwin has a radio call to make. ;p
<AlcarGM> She's dead, Steve.
<Steve_Irwin> god damnit
<Steve_Irwin> you know what?
<Steve_Irwin> I made a promise, "I will not be the first Game1 PC to kill another Game1 PC"
<Steve_Irwin> and here, I broke it :(

<AlcarGM> RP this to whatever hilt you like :)
<AlcarGM> yyup :)
* Faline sends a weak message through pack link, to Simon, before going. "Goodbye. I'm... sorry. For everything..."
<Faline[RIP]> oh, fuck.
<Faline[RIP]> >_<
<Faline[RIP]> I just remember the damn kids.
<Faline[RIP]> TT_TT
<AlcarGM> .....
<AlcarGM> you know... so did i....
<AlcarGM> oh, shit.

<Gemm[Batman]> so, is this the end (or near end) for this lolad?
<Chaos`^> not hardly
<Chaos`^> The pc's are just fighting

<Faline[RIP]> (( This isn't the end you know. Cameron will pay for this. Seriously. ))
<AlcarGM> (( LOLAD: The curse of the Tiger Pearl. ))
<Faline[RIP]> (( Cameron is totally getting the Satan role in my religion. ))

<Kage`> fine, lets start with the kids
<AlcarGM> they DO need to be in a body..
<AlcarGM> closest are you, simon, or lynn...
<Kage`> oh god :P
<AlcarGM> yes :)
<Kage`> lynn is the only one with the proper physiology
<AlcarGM> On the plus side it doesn't matter who gets what, to the magic.... at this level biology means nothing.
<Kage`> I think Lynn would be honored :P
<AlcarGM> feel free to ask via msg, or channel :)
<Kage`> we're good to go! :P
<AlcarGM> Both of em?
<Kage`> she lays eggs, it'll be fine :P

<alcar> June 26: Faline dies. 16 AP to everyone.
<Tass> :[ ]
<alcar> (( I was going to make it as many years as Faline lived, but took 2 off for the kids :) ))
<alcar> And no, don't expect AP again unti... august. At the earliest :P

<Tass> you know
<Tass> the more I hear about faline's revenge
<Tass> I think less of her as an ascendant goddess
<Tass> and more as an angry ghost who can't move on
<alcar> that shall be worked out as well :P
<Chaos`^> no, a demon that was too bad for hell!
<Caltak> At least Faline died when she was still young and nubile so she can continue to appear as such forever. :P
<Caltak> silver lining, I guess
<Tass> oh man
<Tass> faline -is- the adversary :P
<Caltak> SHHH
<Tass> were you planning this?! :P
<Chaos`^> LoL
<Caltak> It was supposed to be a secret!

* Caltak changes topic to 'Welcome to the Church of Faline. Please leave your baby in the collection plate. Praise Be to the Lady of Claws!'

<Anne> Defects:
<Anne> Dead (6BP)
<Caltak> lol
<Anne> only 6?
* Caltak didnt see that in the book! :P
<Anne> Caltak: Unique Character Defect. (Unique? Lots of people are dead. Ah, but they aren't all characters!)

<Caltak> Its a shame Mind Shield doesnt help against things like Exorcism or Spirit Ward
<alcar> Erm ,Your a goddess. Exorcism on gods is.... difficult :p

<Aaron_V> "All right, this time, we avoid Dr. West."
<kentari> <Faust> "Rachael, I'm not sure I understand where you're coming from on that."
<Steve`Z> "At all costs!"
<kentari> <Faust> "You're saying something's happened since we left...?" He sounds .. doubtful.
<Drew`> "*Very* much so," firmly. "He's .... insane."
<Forest`^> "Wait, so did we go FORWARD in time?"
<Drew`> "Or maybe not. Which is probably worse...."
<kentari> ((It would appear so, Forest.))
<kentari> ((The sun is higher up in the sky. Its warmer out.))
<Steve`Z> (( ...we did? ))
<kentari> Indeed!
<Forest`^> "Wait..." Looking at his watch "I can't be here... I have a mayor to blow up... I can't be waisting my time with commissions!"
<Rachael> "./~`/!?@#!``~~/../~~~~\.../`/!/`/~/1/!/!?~/`\\\/~~~~./~./~./~"
* Rachael chimes.

<Rachael> this is all quite excellent
<Rachael> I can now more safely apprentice myself to Sara
<Drew`> ....
<Rachael> sorry
<Drew`> and you thought Drew breaking the Pact was evil!?
<Drew`> :p

<kentari> Forest is definitely tripped, though he manages to not fall completely on his face. A few errant steps forward, and his balance is regained.
<kentari> The receptionist looks up once you go for the doors, "Do you all have appointments?"
<Forest`^> "How the hell would I know?"
* Forest`^ is busy glaring at steve
<Aaron_V> "We're here with Faust."

<Rachael> "You're NOT listening to me. You've already decided what I'm saying. I don't really care. But Kohlberg's policy of detention for sneezing wrong didn't stop the gas attack or the kids spiking the Home Ec ingrediants with drugs, it hasn't done anything to help ANYBODY, and if it goes on, well, any student with half a brain is going to leave town for another school district."
<Aaron_V> "Forest, Rachael, why don't you two quite bickering like an old married couple while the good doctor here is trying to find out about Faust's classes?"
<Forest`^> "What does THAT have to do with no child left behind?"
<Steve`Z> (( I think we should lock the two of them in a small room until only one remains. ))
<Forest`^> (( That would be a bad idea, because forest has explosives and Rachael has swarm ;D ))
<kentari> Dr. Chamot looks slightly overwhelmed. :P
<Steve`Z> (( ok, a small, armoured, sealed room. ))
<Drew`> (( ... coming right up.. Everyone leave the office. The Dr. is a small price to pay. ))

* Aaron_V keeps his eyes out for anyone who will stop their sacred quest, to undo the pact-breaking.
<Drew`> (( sounds likely epic fantasy when put that way :) ))
<Steve`Z> (( I know! fun! ))
<Drew`> (( this place IS a good mount doom ))
<Rachael> (( pumice++ ))

* Aaron_V waves to Ed as they pass, then goes into the elevator. "Good morrow Ed. We'll just be in and out real quick. Important business. Sorry I can't tell you about it."
<kentari> <Ed> "... You three look pretty young."
<Steve`Z> (( ... Good Morrow? You're getting into the Epic Fanasy thing a bit too much! ))
<Aaron_V> "It's amazing what yoga can do, isn't it?"
<kentari> Ed just blinks, "Don't get into trouble." He continues sweeping.

<Forest`^> "Faust, why are we here?"
<kentari> <Faust> "We were here for the interviews, and now we're finished."
<Forest`^> "Why?"
<Forest`^> "THis makes no sense, nobody ever interviews students."
<Forest`^> "If they do they do it locally. Like, at the school."
<kentari> <Faust> "How DO you know, Forest?"
<Forest`^> "Why are we here, in this... Public office?"
<Forest`^> "Because you have to have a release form signed to leave the school."
<kentari> He pulls out a pocket calendar, "I seem to be missing the date that you became a Genius of Everything."
<Forest`^> "Too much trouble."
<Steve`Z> (( LOL nice one, Faust! ))
<kentari> <Faust> "Oh, I could pencil it in." He sounds just a little ticked, "There's nothing that can't be moved around."

<Forest`^> "Nobody reconginzes the true geniouses.."

<kentari> He hands it to Forest, "Here, since you're such a great and wise sage, why don't you teach? I'm finished. Forget this. I didn't sign up to save the depressed or fellate egos."
<Forest`^> "Your sarcasm doesn't answer my question, though."
<kentari> He shakes his head, "I'm taking a two-week vacation, effective immediately. I'm not being paid, I don't even have to pretend to listen to your questions."
<kentari> He walks out the front door, in a fury.
* Forest`^ raises an eyebrow
* Forest`^ looks at Anton "Bets he got put on probation?"

<kentari> <Ed> "Don't make a mess." He goes back to sweeping, "Cleaning up after people is always better when they're careful with their stuff." He works in the direction of away from you all, slowly, whistlig a tune.
<kentari> If you're cultured, you recognize it as The Pilgrim's Chorus. :P
<Drew`> (( Drew isn't. He was successfully innoculated against that particular disease. ))

* Aaron_V scans around to see if he can see any cameras in the area
<Aaron_V> ((visually, as in looking.))
<Steve`Z> (( as opposed to visually, as in licking. ))
<Aaron_V> ((...))
<Aaron_V> ((I meant as in he doesn't have scanners yet.))
<Steve`Z> (( yeah Im saying the statement was redundant ))

<Celosia> first thing
<Celosia> we get an urn for whatever ashes are left
<Celosia> stop by at Casket World or something
<Celosia> (omg Casket World is really the name of a real place)
<alcar> (( ... wow. Thatr IS sad ))
<Celosia> they're out of business now
<alcar> (( Faline could have kept them in business :) ))

<AlcarGM> So.
* Anelelinde opens WTFaline.txt
<Kage`> wow
<Kage`> you have a document like that, too?
<kentari> I deletted mine last week. :P
<Anelelinde> mine is new since Monday
<Anelelinde> it's about 4 kilobytes
<Kage`> oh

* Anelelinde places a finger in the ashes and draws a little cross upon her top-left hand. Then upon her other left hand.
<Anelelinde> ... and the other two hands. And the feet. And the wings. And finally the forehead.
<Faline[dead]> (( eww ))
<Faline[dead]> (( thats gross ))
<Anelelinde> (( religion is gross. ))
<Faline[dead]> (( Yeah well, I dont taste like crackers anyway. ))

<AlcarGM> Simon blinks, stares...... and you reach.... it's.... easy, with permssion. Not even tiring. There are cracks, but the focii has filled it, an energy that feels deeper than Old Charlie, wilder, and far older... for a moment, something in you stirs, the beginniings of your own, truly waking, then you can't sense it at all.
<AlcarGM> Perhaps 10 minutes pass, in the real world, before you feel you're done...
* Kage` lets go, arms dropping to his sides
<Kage`> "We have no idea what wonders are hidden in the people around us."
<Kage`> "We have a big battle ahead of us, Simon, I just want to know that this isn't all for nothing, that all of you can shine to your fullest."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "I feel..... different..... not different but ... different."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "... that sounded stupid."
<Anelelinde> (( more things change! more things stay same! ))
* Kage` nods :P
<Kage`> 'Plus I fixed your acne."

<AlcarGM> Simon: "Cameron?" barely making it a question
<Kage`> (Simon is fun :P)
<AlcarGM> (( *grins* ))
<Kage`> "He left... I felt his presence fade. He might be at his house, although... I'm not sure he headed straight there."
<Kage`> "I'll have to go there to check on Chris and Nathan eventually, regardless."
<AlcarGM> Simon nods. "I - can't help wanting to - to ask why. Even if - if no reason can be good enough."
<Kage`> "I hate to be sarcastic, but welcome to my life."
* Kage` shakes his head, 'Sorry. That was uncalled for."
<AlcarGM> Simon blinks, stares at you, the laughs, rather taken aback by the sound, as if it was disrepectful.
<AlcarGM> Simon: "I think, maybe, everyone's life is like that, sometimes. Like, right now, I could - I could walk down the street and meet myself and I'm not sure I'd know them?"
<Kage`> "Yeah..."
<Kage`> "I think I might have known what you mean, somewhen."

<Anelelinde> you know
<Anelelinde> it's a danged good thing you put those children where you did
<AlcarGM> oh?
<Anelelinde> well, you've eliminated the suicide potential.
<Kage`> oh, those are grenades
<kentari> ... >:D
<Kage`> I just call em 'My babies."
<kentari> :P
<kentari> You're terrible.
<kentari> :P
<Kage`> don't cough to hard, you might pull the pin :P
<AlcarGM> lol!!

<AlcarGM> The world remains perfect. Serene. The Best Of All Possible Worlds.... then you begin to hear a soound, and hissing....
* Faline[dead] raises an eyebrow, and looks for the source, curiously.
<AlcarGM> IIt's from.. below you. Far, far below.. younsee something, through the ground. A shape,a cloud..... it reminds you, oddly, of something ..a dream you never had, of.... you, in some strange wwy, or part of you... and there's something in the cloud, calling, glowing. A small apart.. a universe. Home...
* Faline[dead] dismisses the illusion of SF to get a better view.
<AlcarGM> Creation . doesn't go away :)
<AlcarGM> This is, on the whole, probably a good thing.
<AlcarGM> Your viewpoint, however does shift. Smaller area. Something pulling. Voices, howling....
<AlcarGM> They did this when Old Rabbit died, and before... so long a time... marking change, sorrow and joy .. the cry of the newborn mingled with a dirge for the dead....

<Kage`> "So. What do you think?'
<AlcarGM> James: "I ... I don't know. I was.... I thought..... she had children..... someone loved her..." the latter a bt disbelievingly ;)
<Anelelinde> Love. That'll do.
<Kage`> (score)
* Anelelinde stops trembling into phase-spaces and just breaks down into tears.
* Kage` nods gravely, "It was a war.... James, no... just a bad moment in history.... Sparked by something else."
<AlcarGM> He just nods.
* Kage` looks around at the rest of the reporters
* Anelelinde whispers "Why, Faline, why did you have to go?" through tears
<AlcarGM> he would cry, but he's a man and tears are weakling pain, so he can't show it - or, perhaps ,being male, can only deal with it by denying it...
<Caltak> (( <Faline> "Because I was STABBED." ))
<Kage`> 'So what'll it be? Awesome story for tomorrow's newspaper, or are we all decent enough here to let some indescretion slide?"
<AlcarGM> (( Faline: "They have free hagen daaz ice cream up here!" ))
<Kage`> (HELL YEAH <Kage` commits Seppeku. )
<kentari> (( .. :P ))

<AlcarGM> 1d12 - 12 = Faline returns as godzilla
<sparkie> AlcarGM 1d12: 12 - 12 = Faline returns as godzilla
<AlcarGM> ....

<kentari> I just love how like
<kentari> the same people who rend and stitch together life
<kentari> have to wait the whole 10 minutes for the pizza :P
<AlcarGM> kentari - always fun :)

<alcar> Basically, he has to keep the town safe for Cameron. He KNOWS he's not strong enough on his own.....
<alcar> so he recruits. Quite massively.
<kentari> Great.
<kentari> Every emo and goth in Trail
<alcar> lol. No.
<alcar> Sophie isn't that stupid :p
<kentari> Why don't we just make KINDLING vampiric, and save the trouble? :P
<alcar> Besides, the vampires have a long standing law that Anne Rice fans can't become vampires
<alcar> :)
<kentari> LOL
<kentari> :P
<kentari> that goes in quotes ;p

<Anelelinde> whoa
<Anelelinde> How did it get to be 2:31am?
<Anelelinde> we're not even playing a game!
<sparkie> making me work IS a game!

<kentari> his flaw, you see, is that for the first few sessions
<kentari> His mind will be utter play-doh. :P
<Rachael> Kids love play-doh
<Rachael> and Lynn is just a kid
<kentari> lord help us ;p

* Travis scratches his trans-dimensional forehead, confused. He takes a few notes... "Strange.. its all mixed up."
* Travis decides to go fuuuuuurther. These matter-based lifeforms are probably just simple plantlife, like on the other planets nearby. They won't notice.. :>
<AlcarGM> You go down, and something else notices you, sending a torrent of the pure energy into your ship from all around you, searching for something......
<AlcarGM> *HELLO* the voice says, loudly.
<AlcarGM> :P

<AlcarGM> Voice: *YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE LAND?* with a strong wavelength of uncertainty
<Travis> "... Land? You mean, the terrain?"
* Travis sets the ship to hoooooveeerrrrr, for now. Advancing .. may seem hostile!
<AlcarGM> Land:: * I mean _Me_* and, well, you're hit with a concept your brain doesn't have a damn clue HOW to parse :P
<Travis> "Gaaah!"
* Travis gets the swirly eyes. @.@
<Travis> "Do you just have .. a name?"
<AlcarGM> Land: *I AM THAT I AM.*
* Travis scratches his head, nervous. Is this thing coming in over speakers? What the heck! These three dimensional people usually don't .. aren't .. this gosh-darned loud.
<Travis> "Okay, Thatiam, can I visit? You are the dominant lifeform here, right? You give the permission, yes?"

<AlcarGM> Thatiam: *....here* .... and it pulls your ship towards the ground.
* Travis hands over controls! Wow, they have automated landing systems now?!
* Travis disables cloaks, since those get in the way of these very helpful little automated systems. Yes.
<AlcarGM> Well. They have automated systems. And any landing you crawl away from is, technically, god.....
<AlcarGM> You make a very big hole in the surface of the planet at you land. Apparently it didn't take mass into account. Or the sysatem is a little faulty. Or perhaps both.
<AlcarGM> (( I doubt Travis would think it wanted to kill him? ))
<Travis> "Hmm!"
<Travis> (( :P nah ))
<AlcarGM> (( didn't think so:) ))
<Travis> (( I hope it really didn't! Now you have kentari worried. ;p ))

<AlcarGM> You are.. well. The ship is a loss :)
* Travis makes a note on his clipboard, Their landing service still has some kinks.
* Travis frowns. This took like, a whole HOUR to conduct!
* Travis puts his hands on his hips and, with a sigh, draws the Stuff of the Ship back into his Ethereal Cache of Stuff.. deciding its time to SCOUT! And .. find Customs and Immigration..

<AlcarGM> You exit the hole, Various amulatory lifeforms are exiting the general vicinity. Perhaps to find customs. The lifeform you sensed initally halts at the edge of the hole, wrapping energy around itself in a red haze. "..... what .. the ..... hell?"
* Travis holds up his hands, and gives the greeting he was told was used last time. "Klaatu, Verata, Nikto!"
<AlcarGM> (( hahaha ))
<AlcarGM> The lifeform stops.... stares..... "Uhm... I've heard that before..... I think. Damn it...." It jumps down into the hole, saying something about "guarding," to another lifeform - The Taker - who moves away. Energy from the firstr lifeform fills the hole, preventing egress.

<AlcarGM> Sophie wakens .. .and energy leaps at you....
<AlcarGM> mind check pls :p
<Travis> (( :P Weee. ))
<Travis> 2d6 Travis has paranoid mind control, but who knows what this is versus?? :P
<sparkie> Travis 2d6: 2 Travis has paranoid mind control, but who knows what this is versus?? :P
<AlcarGM> .... you got a 2. Does it matter? :)

* Travis tilts his head sideways, "What is this 'sex'? I .. have it?"
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "That isn't a demon."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "You would know, wouldn't you?"
* Travis checks the folds of his petals (pockets :P)
<AlcarGM> Sophie's eyes narrow dangerously .. .then starews at you. "Would you like to?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "...."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "What the hell? This is a ... a .. who knows what!"
* Travis frowns, "You two .. are fighting?"
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "Oh, do shut up fuckface. You're probably the only person I know who looked better with a severe acne problem, you know," brushing past. "Now, then, what's your name?" to you.
* Travis says his name! Full name, with all the wondrous little syllables.
<AlcarGM> Sophie: ".... did your gargle first?"
* Travis then corrects himself. "Er ... Travis .. that is ... and you?"

<AlcarGM> Sophie: "Oh, fuck off. This is some other life form .... I wonder if Faline ate it... that would explain the body...."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "She's dead."
<AlcarGM> Sophie: Hm. Good riddance."

<AlcarGM> That was fun....
<AlcarGM> Sophie: "I'm back!" *Says insults* *almost dies again*

<Anelelinde> quote 123467890123456789
<sparkie> Sorry: We don't have a quote 1.23467890123457e+17.
<Anelelinde> haha nice :P
<kentari> ...
<kentari> wtf? :P
* sparkie blinks

* Travis says it slowly, like someone talking to someone who doesn't speak the language, "You can fix Sophie, yes? I can help, yes?"
* Travis walks towards the broken lifeform, deciding time is of the essence! He begins making the same stitches he did earlier.
<AlcarGM> It's.. not Healing, as much as crude bandaging, from kage's pov
<AlcarGM> It does work, but the lifeform doesn't waken this time.
<Travis> "No, no no! Its broken?"
* Travis looks over at Kage, expectingly.
* Kage` bites his lip
<Kage`> "Do you speak any other languages?
<AlcarGM> (( "Just Esperanto. I was given to understand it is your global language." ))
<Travis> "Yes."
<Travis> (( :P ))

* Kage` hrms, then seriously gets to work, "Can you speak a little in the other language you know?"
* Travis nods, and opens his mouth..
<AlcarGM> He beging speaking what sounds like two chihuahuas mating with flamingoes while being barbequed and stuffed into a blender. It's quite high pitched
<AlcarGM> Perhaps a dialect of hell? :)
* Travis bobs his head from side to side. Is he .. singing?
* Kage` just stops.......
<AlcarGM> Simon comes back, looking a lot more under control. Stops. Stares.
<Kage`> "Ah, you're vietnamese, then?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "... the higher pitches are.... neat?"
* Travis ponders that. Perhaps it would just be easier...
<Travis> "Yes." :P

* Travis answers Kage! "I'm not from around here ... you want to visit Home?"
* Travis :D
<Kage`> "Er..."
<Kage`> "Where is your home?"
<AlcarGM> (( Travis holds up a glowing finger.... ))
<Travis> (( :P ))

<AlcarGM> yui and rei live!
<AlcarGM> Just.. off camera for the moment :p
<Anelelinde> Outside of Hell.
<kentari> They're trying to melt the ice.
<kentari> With their fiery passion.
<Anelelinde> kentari: they BROUGHT the ice to begin with no? :P
<kentari> that was foreplay
<kentari> ;p
<Anelelinde> I don't think Faline would like the implications.
<Anelelinde> use caution
<Anelelinde> lest she eat you in your sleep

<Travis> "You're .. animal, too?"
* Travis looks at Simon, reaching out to peeet the doggie. :P
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Err... sometimes...."
<Kage`> (thankfully alcar never threw in the furries :P)
<Kage`> (or the furies)
<Travis> ((Don't remind him, damnit :P))
<AlcarGM> (( You didn't know about Travis?! ))

<AlcarGM> Simon blurs back into human, naked.
<Travis> "Your petals!"
* Travis exclaims at Simon, surprised.
<AlcarGM> Simon's jaw drops. "What?"
* Travis repeats himself, "Petals." and holds both hands out, "I can remake them?"
<Kage`> "Er... what?"
<Kage`> "I'm not like him.... we're not alike."
<Kage`> "I don't have an... animal part."
* Travis looks at Simon's animal part, "Not like his, anyway.." ((soooo j/k))
<AlcarGM> (( lol! ))

<Travis> omigod.
<Travis> I can see it now.
<Travis> We fly out to meet the adversary...
<Travis> <Travis> "That's no moon!!"
* Travis will seriously destroy you. ::P
<AlcarGM> hehehe

<kentari> :P You connect your fist to Drew face.
<kentari> Damage?
<Steve`Z> (( not the face!! ))
<Steve`Z> (( :P ))
<kentari> (( :P ))
<Anton> (73)
<Anton> (or not :P)
<kentari> Drews face is not there anymore
<kentari> Or not :P
<Anton> (17)
<kentari> You make a dent in Drew's jaw, which makes a cracking noise.
<kentari> <Evil Drew> "Hahahahaha! You think the pain comes back to me? He's DISPOSABLE!"

<Anton> "We need to get rid of the robo evidence!"
<kentari> Forest makes a snide remark about Faust saying he was going to be on vacation, which goes rather ignored by faust, at least.
<kentari> :P
<kentari> <Faust> "My contact at the museum is dead. Do you have any idaes?"
<Anton> "Head to Rico's"
<Steve`Z> "I'm a little lost, what's going on now?"
<Anton> "We'll make a new toaster out of it, no one will know."
<kentari> <Faust> "... A toaster."

<Alicia> I tempt fate and skirt danger
<Anelelinde> danger looks pretty in a skirt

<Anelelinde> Let them consider for a moment and possibly contest that.
<AlcarGM> Cultist #!: "The goddess is NOT dead. No one has proved it!"
<AlcarGM> Cultist #!! [might as well turn typo into theme :p]: "The paper LIED!"
<AlcarGM> Cultie #!!!: "... but even gods may die!"
* Anelelinde will appear in the back of the room as the Butterfly.
<Anelelinde> "The paper prints the truth, or some of it."
<AlcarGM> Cultie #!: "EEK!"
<AlcarGM> #!!: "The butterfly!"
<AlcarGM> #!!!: "Tekeli-li!" j/k

<Kage`> "You mentioned salt. Whats with salt?"
<AlcarGM> Janet: "Salt stops the dead, and the like. Some believe the fae can't pass it, but it's probably just a myth. I don't know about iron. OUr records tend to be - sketchy."
<Kage`> 'Iron works."
<Anelelinde> (( have you dumped Chris in iron filings? :P ))
<Kage`> (I've hit him with a metal club a few times :P)
<AlcarGM> Janet hesitates, looks at Chris.. who stares back, looking ... a little wounded.... then closes her eyes. "There is the old solution, too, that might even work with fae.The solution to stopping a magician's magic."
<Kage`> "Ending?"
<AlcarGM> Janet opens her eyes, stares at Chris, makes up her mindf.. "Kill the caster."
<Anelelinde> (( OMG RACHAEL NOOOOOOO ))
* Kage` cracks his knuckles, "There we go! A solution I actually like!"
<Kage`> (omg, j/k :P)
<Anelelinde> (( *cough* WELL, if it's good enough for FALINE... :P :P :P ))
<Kage`> (seriously, wwfd? :P)
<Anelelinde> (( let's just SPREAD THE LOVE ))

* Anelelinde is sure Chris would rather live like this then KILL somebody.
<Kage`> yeah
<Kage`> -chris-
<AlcarGM> hehe
<Kage`> good thing he's not making decisions :P
<Anelelinde> you're going to make him feel TERRIBLE forever y'know
<Kage`> nuh uh!
<Kage`> I just have to make something up :P
<Kage`> like
<Kage`> "I found her, and talked her out of it.... I had to do another favor though..."

<Anelelinde> Umm. Afterschooliness. I'll look for Cecil and Sara? :P
<Anelelinde> hmm
<Anelelinde> though I don't necessarily want to risk bringing in too many people to actually want to take the pack :P
<Anelelinde> I could use help
<Anelelinde> and that's more important.
* AlcarGM nods. You can find Sara easily.
<AlcarGM> She is, well,. thinking about Sex!
<AlcarGM> With, well, anyone who wants to be available ;)
<Anelelinde> ... Sara + OR. Um.
<AlcarGM> Heh
<Anelelinde> Maybe not.
<AlcarGM> I'd almost pity Old Rabbit :P
<Anelelinde> he's the one who wants to, umm, like rabbits :P

<AlcarGM> Sara is, well, at a brothel. Well. It used to be a small supermarket. Right now it's a mass orgy. Involving lots of foodstuffs
<Anelelinde> ......l.
<Anelelinde> .............
<Anelelinde> ..... are you trying to break Fennec?
<AlcarGM> No :p
<Anelelinde> you're doing a good job
<AlcarGM> Sara is dealing with issues in her own special way :)

<AlcarGM> Sara: "Why do you need me then?! You could have sex, too! Everyone should! It fights entropy!"
<Anelelinde> -- notes that down
<Anelelinde> "No, no, he's really quite distressingly Alive and Kicking and strong and, well, I think he really really needs it badly, and it would be great, if, tonight.... if he could have something to do all night. I think you'd be surprised. He'd last a loong time."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "No one lasts long enough though!"
<Anelelinde> "What's the record?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "111 years, 32 days, 7 minutes and 33 seconds," promptly.
<Kage`> ( Oh god.... and I thought hell was a fitting place for evil bastards)
<AlcarGM> (( hehehe ))
<Anelelinde> "... well, that's a tall order to beat. I wouldn't put it past him though."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Oh, he couldn't beat that in one go," very surprised. "Things got boring after vertebraes came along!"

<AlcarGM> Sara appears again, having vanished and looks quite happy now!
<AlcarGM> Sara: "I had sex! With real people!"
<Cecil`^> lol
* Cecil`^ opens an eye
<Cecil`^> "You left..? Sara do you really think it's safe to go wandering around in a weakened state?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "it made the sex more interesting! I actually got a bruise from it!"
<AlcarGM> She plops down on the ground. "Have tyou ever had sex with a rabbit before?!"
* Cecil`^ frowns at her "I..see..."

<AlcarGM> 2d6
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 10
<AlcarGM> 2d6
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 10
<AlcarGM> ....
<AlcarGM> 2d6
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 8
<AlcarGM> 2#2d6
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2#2d6: 6 6
<AlcarGM> (( .... some days... ))
<Kage`> "I haven't gone without shoes for a while.... feels good."
<Kage`> 2d6
<sparkie> Kage` 2d6: 9
<Kage`> (yeah :P)

<AlcarGM> Sara: "I am fine! I had sex, silly! Most people have sex and don't eally want children byt little mini-thems! Or dolls! Or pets!"
* Cecil`^ frowns
<Cecil`^> "I'm affraid our children may be... What's the word..."
<Cecil`^> "Anyway, the only reason I wold want kids is to repopulate the world with dragons... And as you already know... I'm not one."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Oh, that parts easy! I've been a dragon!"
<Cecil`^> "Atleast I don't think so... What made you think I was a dragon?"

<Cecil`^> "But you ahve sex with everybody... Even bad people... Why me, why are you trying so hard? I can't be the first person to refuse you...?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Oh, no. But you're - unique, silly! Without a fate, and not human, not dragon. There's nothing like you anyway, you know? You're unique, but more so! It's novel! Do you know how long it's been since I've met anything really novel?"
<Cecil`^> "Probably when you first met your husband... Or is he your Ex-husband now?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "There were a few after that! But lots less now!"
* Cecil`^ smiles "Well.."
<Cecil`^> "What makes you different from a street whore, though?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "What's wrong with street whores?!"
<Cecil`^> "I Don't have sex with street whores."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "We're not on a street!"

<Kage`> ugh
<Kage`> kage is either a saint
<Kage`> or with a bad author
<Kage`> a total pedophile :P
<AlcarGM> lol! oh? :)

<Cecil`^> "I told you... You're a friend. You obviously need this or you would have shut up about it. You're not the type of person to let something live this long without needing something out of it. YOu usually let things drop."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Not if they're stiff!"
* Cecil`^ raises an eyebrow
<Cecil`^> "This is more than just being anoying... You've been outright insistant at times... Your aura needs me for some reason too... You won't tell me and I respect that it's your secret..."
<AlcarGM> Sara laughs. waves a jhand. A ward, of some kind. "You really want to know?" quietly, not looking at you.
* Cecil`^ shrugs
<Cecil`^> "If you want to tell me."
<Cecil`^> "Listen, Sara... This friendship thing.. I know you're not into it or anything but it's kind of different from what you're used to. I want to do this for you, and I'm not going to require some payment. I won't quote the law of prices for everything because you know what? The payment that I get for helping you isn't something that you can give me. It's something that I make myself.
<Cecil`^> "Inside myself I feel proud that I helped someone, I feel glad that you're happy. It's the pleasure of our mutual friendship and that what I"m doing for you is strengthening that bond. So do I want you to tell me? Ofcourse I do. Do I require it of you before we do this? No."

<AlcarGM> Oh, yes. His human body has asthma by the by. The universe runs on irony :)
<Kage`> oh wow :P
<Kage`> as you stated before, with simon
<Kage`> permission is apparently a powerful thing?
* AlcarGM grins :)
<AlcarGM> also funny this way :p

<Chaos`^> I could kill sara and get... three billion ap!
<Rachaellyn> it's the years, baby, not the mileage. :P
<Tass> and besides, we know nothing can kill Sara :P
<Chaos`^> I do
<Chaos`^> but I wouldn't
<Tass> let alone satisfy her :P
<Chaos`^> Cecil likes sara for some... sick.. deranged reason
* Chaos`^ still hasn't figured it out himself
<Rachaellyn> Chaos`^: you should offer to have sex with her if she... KILLS HERSELF
<Tass> "I'm already dead, silly!"
<Chaos`^> I had to ask her to have sex with ME inside the circle
<Chaos`^> i can't ask a price for that NOW
<Rachaellyn> ...
<Rachaellyn> ... wtf does alcar come up with things like this? :P
<Rachaellyn> that's a where tf not a what tf

<Tass> hrm
<Tass> does it worry me that kage can blow up a small asteroid? :P
<Rachaellyn> you already got the Earthquake :P
<Rachaellyn> and blew up a ferris wheel
<Rachaellyn> and a parking lot
<Rachaellyn> a small asteroid isn't that much more
<Rachaellyn> than a parking lot
* Tass is just staring at the top end of the chart 'earth or venus'
<Tass> they have -rules- for blowing up a planet :P

<alcar> Lirk was my favourite NPC to act out ever.
<kentari> He was the best cybersex I've ever had.
<kentari> I mean ...
<kentari> :P
<alcar> lol!
<kentari> If I see that in sparkie
<kentari> I'm going to destroy you. :P

<kentari> omg.
* Anelelinde ?
<kentari> Travis gets an item of power
<alcar> lol ken
* Anelelinde <-- discordian?
<kentari> that can reduce things to rumble
<alcar> giolden apple? :)
<kentari> with its fel music
<kentari> no
<kentari> a DIScordian
<alcar> ....
<kentari> an evil accordian.
<Anelelinde> ...
<kentari> the polka of doom.
<alcar> I thought all accordions were evil.
<Anelelinde> kentari: you should stick to vampires :P

* Anelelinde ponders an all-Catholic-highschool-girls pack
<Anelelinde> Eep.
<kentari> yes.
<kentari> were-sluts.
<kentari> :P
<alcar> Sara would be...... quite pleased :P
<kentari> Ken supports the idea.

<Anelelinde> (( NOW, wings and arms. ))
* Travis hisses at Anne once the wings and arms are visible. "Mi-go! Mi-go BAD!" ((j/k ;p))
<alcargm> (( hahah ))
<Anelelinde> (( you want a short-lived character? :P ))

<alcargm> Chris and nathan are upstairs. Nathanis siting in a replica of the downstairs chair Travis is at, beside walker. Chris is.. standing... naked and sexless as a doll .. with six 2 meter tentacles coming out of its belly button and, well, freaking out :p
<alcargm> Chris: "yuh .. you.... me ..... wh .... "
<Travis> "I made new ones!"
<alcargm> Simon bounds up stairs.. skids to stop, claws scraping floor, and ..... stares, tail tucked between legs.,
<Travis> "They ... are too thick?"
* Travis stands back, putting his hands up in the air. :(
<alcargm> Chris waves a hand, confused, and tentacles mover as well, then slip inside the belly button.
<alcargm> Chris: "I... I .. it... just.. just...."
* Anelelinde lands "I DON'T THINK that was what he Meant..."
<Travis> "You don't need to thank me! I fix things freely, yes!"
<alcargm> Chris looks up at Travis, eyes a little wild. 'WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!"
<Anelelinde> "That was not a Repair that was a Replcaement and..."
* Travis says firmly, "I put them back. They were removed, yes? I fixed the scar, too, yes??"
* Travis tuuurns slowly to Anne, suddenly it all clicks. "Wrong .. parts?"

<alcargm> Simon grabs Travis and shakes him. "Stop doing things!"
* Chaos`^ has joined #game1
<Anelelinde> (( Chaos was already here. ))
* Sparkie rolled a 12.

<Travis> the very first thing Trevor does, instinctively, once he wiggles free of Whatever it Is
<Travis> is go insubstantial
<Travis> still visible
<Travis> but insubstantial
<alcargm> k >)
<Travis> retreating to dimension #4
<Travis> :P
<Travis> as in free of the rachael ;p
<Travis> omg
<alcargm> You;re fre. Simon .. smashed it to pieces. Without knowing what he was doing at all
<Travis> alcar that's the first time I've seen an evil smile
<Travis> :P
<alcargm> hehe

* Travis pokes Lynn in the..
<Travis> 1d3 face stomach arm
<Sparkie> Travis 1d3: 3 face stomach arm
<alcargm> (( stomach wouldn;'t go over well :p ))
* Travis pokes Lynn's arm! "...?"
<Travis> (( The tentacles would come out and get me :P ))
<alcargm> (( but of course! ))
<Anelelinde> (( Faline's babies are NOT TENTACLES ))
<Travis> ((About that...))

* Travis waves a hand in front of Lynn, "Lynn .. is Optimal?"
* Anelelinde nods weakly.
* Anelelinde stops, shakes head.
<Anelelinde> "Almost. Not quite."
* Travis considers. " ... What .." he finds a word, "hurts?"
<alcargm> Simon: "uhm... you might want to be careful...."
<alcargm> Chris: "Very," rubbing its stomach warily.
<alcargm> Chris looks at stomach, startled... removes hand. "They ... talk....."
<Travis> "Yes, they talk! They always talk."
<Travis> "... Are they fighting?"
<alcargm> Chris manages a rather glassy smile. "Not yet?"

* Travis sends Chris 5th a 5th dimensional re-assuring pat on the back
<alcargm> heh
<alcargm> the poor three dimensional entity doesn't even notice
<Travis> aww
<Travis> I thought the tentacles would make him aware
<Travis> oh well :P
<alcargm> they will when they mature and stuff )
* alcargm has never got to rp sentient tentacles before. This should be fun.
<Travis> :P

<alcargm> Nathan gets up, using the walker. "Sorry, but I don't want tentacles."
* Travis offers up, "They feel *really* good." and something ripples under his shirt. ((j/k))
<alcargm> (( Chris's stomach makes noises that *could* be food digesting in response :P ))
<alcargm> (( <-- would actually prefer to avoid GMing tentacle sex. ))

<kentari> <Petunia> "Anton didn't take me seriously!"
<Steve`Z> "Where did you last see her?"
<Steve`Z> "Ok, we're on it." *click*
<Celosia> (( wow SOME REASSURANCES there. ))
<Steve`Z> (( well I at least asked a constructive question :P ))

<kentari> 2d6-2 Drive skill, modifiers
<Sparkie> kentari 2d6-2: 7(9) Drive skill, modifiers
<Celosia> 2d6 because Sparkie isn't ALL bad
<Sparkie> Celosia 2d6: 9 because Sparkie isn't ALL bad
<Celosia> or is he?
* Sparkie cheers
<Celosia> 2d6 because he IS
<Sparkie> Celosia 2d6: 10 because he IS
<Celosia> OMG Sparkie kills people.
<Celosia> :P

* Anton takes robo kohlberg off to hide... it? yeah, a tarp will do for now :P)
<Drew`> (( I want kohlberg to show, asking why he's under a tarp.... ))

* Anton shakes his head, "Methinks this week is going to go well."
<Anton> (isn't!)
<Drew`> (( good change :P ))

* Celosia is a 3' tall girl who doesn't look entirely unlike Rachael and has wings! She is presently draped in a THICK NET and SQUIRMING UPHILL
<Celosia> The net is kinda red. :P
* Forest`^ aims his gun at the business man's heartish area
<Forest`^> the dot is kinda red too!

<Chaos`GM^> Random NPC, a nice looking Joe Q. Public walks over to Natsuki and asks her to dance
<Chaos`GM^> or is it john?
<Chaos`GM^> Yea it's John
<Chaos`GM^> John Q. Public
<Chaos`GM^> don't ask me wha the Q stands for
<Natsuki> (( Quincy ))

<Chaos`GM^> Officer 1 takes your shoulder and leads you down a quiet hallway. There is a room labled C, and inside is a table, and a chair. "Sit in here, someone will be in soon."
* Jerome does so, sitting calmly without fidgetting at all.
<Chaos`GM^> You're alone... The light above swings to a wind that isn't there... and you hear a whisper... behind you "Alone now, I see?"
<Jerome> is it just me that, on hearing that, I got to thinking that the ghosts that haunted Scrooge would have made good police officers?
<Chaos`GM^> LoL
<Jerome> crimes past, crimes present, crimes yet to come.... good correctional tool

<Chaos`GM^> Voice1, trying to sound intimidating. The voice is squeeky and high pitched: "You're on a planet where the people thing their star revolves around THEM! We know all about it. you ran to a planet of primates thinking we wouldn't know..."
<Jerome> (( ..... ))
<Jerome> "...." (( too ))
<jaoni> (( its revenge, alcar, sweet sweet revenge :P))
<Jerome> "Know which?" trying for calm still
<Jerome> (( *grins* ))
<Jerome> (( for what?! ))

<AlcarGm> The vampire nods. He's wearing an armani suit, tailor-cut, with sunglases, and hands you a wad of twenties. "You wished to know about Haruspex?"
* Kage` nods, "Some questions first."
* Kage` counts as he asks, "Where did you procur this?"
<AlcarGm> Cliff: "I robbed a bank."
<Kage`> "Seriously?"
<AlcarGm> He nods. "it's where they keep the money."

<AlcarGm> Agau: "Then I shall remove the keys from you," coldly, and it moves, trying to envelop you.....
<AlcarGm> you go firsT, cuz you was prepping!
* Kage` drops the bomb, per say :P
<Kage`> 2d6-2
<Sparkie> Kage` 2d6-2: 10(12)
<AlcarGm> .... good job!
<AlcarGm> Sparkie took this literally it seems :p
<Kage`> (lesigh)
<AlcarGm> (( using Intervention now or....? :) ))
<Kage`> 2d6-2 lets try that again :P
<Sparkie> Kage` 2d6-2: 4(6) lets try that again :P
<Sparkie> COWARD!

* Sparkie hates divine intervention
<Sparkie> Hates hates hates!
<Sparkie> There shouldn't be intervention FROM me!

<AlcarGm> Damn :(
<AlcarGm> Ifd not for your DR, Agau would have taken over Kage and then gone for Old Rabbit as a new host :)
<Kage`> damn?
<Kage`> yeah
* Kage` kisses his DR :P
* Sparkie glowers
<Kage`> I thought it was a neat idea, more of an afterthought
<Kage`> but wow
<Kage`> best
<Kage`> ability
<Kage`> evar

<Kage`> damn
<Kage`> I need food
<Anelelinde> you just ate
<Anelelinde> A SMALL PIECE
* Kage` is always hungry
<Kage`> yeah
<Kage`> -a- universe :P
<Anelelinde> and Cameron whined about *FALINE*

<Anelelinde> now when Lynn studies physics and invokes hypercubic dimensions, where to from there? :P
<AlcarGm> timecube!
<AlcarGm> :p
<Kage`> I hate timecube :P

<kentari> btw.
<kentari> Sophie needs to get drunk
<tatterdemalion> Oh?
<kentari> :P and make vampire watermelons and pumpkins
<tatterdemalion> haha.
<tatterdemalion> Yes :)
<kentari> that just .. roll around .. and groan :P
<tatterdemalion> suck back :p
<kentari> :P
<kentari> I'm being serious here
<kentari> it would be awesome :P
<kentari> wait wait wait
<kentari> vampire ... tomatos.
<kentari> that .. attack.
<kentari> and are killer.
<kentari> actually, no
<tatterdemalion> .... no :p
<kentari> Travis will handle that.
<tatterdemalion> ....
<kentari> "Ah! You have shock troops here?! ATTACK!"
<kentari> Tomatos zoom to life. :P

<SilverH[away]> I have a strange feeling I'm not going to live through the night.
<tatterdemalion> 1d12 = 12 ....
<Sparkie> tatterdemalion 1d12: 12 = 12 ....
<tatterdemalion> you're not.
<tatterdemalion> Sparkie has spoken :)

<kentari> We prepared the stage for your entrance! :P
<Alicia> o.o
<kentari> Travis totally messed up the television :P
<kentari> Erm ...
<Alicia> Oh wait, you actually DID prepare the TV, not totally wreck it?
* tatterdemalion is lost here
<Alicia> Okay, someone said that my character could pop out of a TV.. Cameron's at the time
<kentari> Yes
<kentari> It went bernerk
<kentari> not esplode
<Alicia> Ah, cool
<kentari> I wouldn't smash it, especially knowing that!
<kentari> :P Who do I look like ... Cecil?? :P

<Alicia> http://www.shiroitsubasa.com/shiroitsubasa/cover4.jpg has become my new character art (actual size, too. :P)
<kentari> lol
<kentari> its loading so slow
<kentari> but I saw the tips of cat ears
<tatterdemalion> ....
* tatterdemalion saw ears
<kentari> and deep-seated fibers in me
<tatterdemalion> that's worrisome enough
<kentari> were like "DESTROY"
<kentari> :P LOL alcar!
<Alicia> HAHAHA
<kentari> we both did the same thing ;p

<AlcarGm> Okay. Yo've had sex before. Even made love. Even been in love. This isn't like that. There's no metaphors about cells being deformed by passion*, or blood turning to butter, bones melting. It's union, of a kind that can't be called anything but holy.
<AlcarGm> If God is love, for a moment both fo you are God. If there's a word for it, you feel ... cherished.
<AlcarGm> * yes, I've actually read that used in a romance novel at work.

<AlcarGm> * was via flipping to a random page in some romance novels we got in. I snickered, and had to read it aloud to some co-workers :)
<AlcarGm> the context was her lips being inflamed as if her cells were being deformed by passion
<AlcarGm> which was a nicely horrid phrase :)
<Cecil`^> deformed by passion?
<Cecil`^> man
* AlcarGm nods.
<Cecil`^> Passion does some mean things to people
<AlcarGm> cellular decomposition.
<AlcarGm> "Did you murder her?' "No, officer, her cells were destroyed by love!" "book him.":

<Cecil`^> "I guess you're pretty good at that..."
<AlcarGm> Sara: "Everyone is," quietly, giving you a gentle smile. "Most people never know when to surrender to love."
* Cecil`^ laughs lightly
<Cecil`^> "Love... I didn't think you knew the meaning of the word..."
<AlcarGm> Sara grins impishly. "I just call it sex. People find that less worrying, you know."
* Cecil`^ shakes his head "There's a differance..."
<AlcarGm> Sara nods. "To most people it's less ... threatening."
<AlcarGm> (( Sara: "I ate your soul, too. Let me know if you noticed that part." ))
<Cecil`^> (( "Was that when you were doing that thing... With your tongue?" ))

<Chaos`^> I just don't like mixing genres
<Chaos`^> and I consider fantasy and aliens 2 seperate genres =p
* alcar does.
<alcar> eh, elves, humans, dwarves. Same thing.
<Chaos`^> Bah
<Chaos`^> It is not
* alcar mdoesn't see it as mixing genres, in that sense
<alcar> I think that's where our genre ideas clash :)
<Chaos`^> Unless the elves came form space

<Chaos`^> anyway
<Chaos`^> The other packs will come by looking for faline
<Chaos`^> find out that the old pack helped kill her
<Chaos`^> and then they meet lynn
<alcar> and be grateful :)
<Chaos`^> Ok, meeting Lynn is enough to make you hate the pack
<Alicia> Lynn seems nice
<Chaos`^> Lynn is a were
<alcar> LOL. There is nothing wrong with lynn :)
<Alicia> So?
<Chaos`^> LYNN IS A WERE!
<Alicia> SO?
<Chaos`^> That should explain it

<Chaos`^> Detect EVIl is a waste, because I wasn't thinking that alcar doesn't know what the term 'evil' means
<alcar> lol!

<Chaos`^> I have no idea how cecil WOULD get out of that situation
<Chaos`^> Probalbly trick him to kill somebody to prove himself! Yes!
<Chaos`^> alcar, Run it! I want to trick him to kill somebody!
<alcar> Chaos - is too late :P
<Chaos`^> bullshit! you just said 'It's ONLY 2am'
<alcar> Is too late for brain to function :)
<Chaos`^> I call bullshit on THAT one too... YOu can argue with me on the definition of evil, but you can't run a silly game?
<alcar> Actually, yes :)
* Chaos`^ pulls out his bullshit meter to stop the anoying beep

<Caltak> Faline did not heal the hospital to form a cult. Faline healed a hospital because everyone kept bitching about people getting killed and she was fed up. But yeah, her *player* did it for that reason, heh.
<Tass> kage had so much experience prior with the hospital, that he knew it was a baaaaaad idea
<Tass> which is why he kinda went for the nuke method, less face time that way
<Tass> I just find it depressing that people tend to die after they do good things

* alcar just had a terrible thought.
<alcar> Unknown Armies.
<alcar> Sara as an avatar of the Mother
<Caltak> O_O
<Caltak> ummm
* alcar nods.
<alcar> it would be so horrible.....
<alcar> Dress her children all skanky, run a brothel from home....

<alcar> Yay! Speedball didn't die.
<alcar> and that's all I need to know about marvel's civil war thing.
<Gemm> LOL!
<Gemm> alcar, you're priorities are at times funny.
<alcar> yes :)

<Anelelinde> (( do we have cable? ))
<AlcarGM> (( It's Cameron's place. Of course he had cable :P ))
<Anelelinde> "Cable television."
<Travis> (( Actually, Cameron had Vampellite. Piratted Sattellitte. I heard it happens in Canada a lot. ))

<Buford> "Do you mean, why am I burrowing through the ground, or why have I come down to this town?"
<AlcarGM> Land: ".. both!"
<Buford> "Well, I don't like to be followed or seen, and like I said. The wind told me to come."
<AlcarGM> Land: *randy?!*
<Buford> "Randy? No, my name is Buford."
<AlcarGM> Land: *.... why would you be randy? You aren't him!*

<Travis> "I tried to put Chris' .. parts back?"
<Anelelinde> "Yes, as for THAT bit... well.. umm... I don't know how to put it."
* Travis offers, "They were the wrong parts?"
* Anelelinde nods, wincing for a moment
* Kage` bites his lip
<AlcarGM> Cliff: "...."
<Anelelinde> >> to Kage >> (image of alf a dozen two-meter tentacles)
* Kage` slaps a hand over his eyes
<Anelelinde> >> to Kage >> and Chris is reluctant to have them removed because they are Alive and Sentient
<Travis> "Kage is hurt?"
* Kage` resists punching the wall, "Diety! If this is ever over, that kid's going to need some therapy."
<AlcarGM> (( Simon: "He can get in line." ))
<Travis> (( "I can therapy!" :P))
<AlcarGM> (( "We've given Faline first place." ))

<Faline> (( Everyone should start saying "faline" instead of Jesus! or etc. :P ))

<AlcarGM> Edward: "I'm afraid I can't allow this," calmly. He looks - tired, more than anything, now. "You weren't in his plans."
* Faline narrows her eyes. "Well, that's a shame. But I neverr did like you, and I don't carre who you worrk forr. You'd do well to just leave me alone."
<AlcarGM> Edward smiles wanly. "No one can afford to," simply, and his aura fills the room, mist more than anything els.e You can feel you - your power - diminishing.
* Faline tries momentarily to answer back with power, but realizing that is not going to work, she relies instead on physical power and goes for a nice acrobatic leap over him and running away type manuever. :P
<AlcarGM> You leap, and the exit .. is now a wall, and a rather hard one at that.
<AlcarGM> Edward: "This odesn't have to g this way, you know. You can't just - go out, withoiut thinking you fool!"
* Faline stares at him, all fury and defiance and wild desparation. "You'rre the rreason forr EVERRYTHING that's happened. YOU chased us from ourr home, YOU arre the rreason my motherr died, and now you hold me back when all I want to SAVE everrything.I'll NEVERR forrgive you, and I'll NEVERR do what you want." She lashes out both with whateverr powerr she can, and also with her body, trying to tear into him.

<Travis> "That was ... wind?"
* Anelelinde nods to Travis. "Randy."
<Buford> "And you would be, little miss?"
<Travis> "Travis."
* Travis nods.
<Kage`> "Thats Lynn."
<Kage`> "Who are you?"

<AlcarGM> Edward's voice is in your head, now. "And what arer you going to do, you, stupid git? YOU DIED."
* Faline ignores him. Since that is one of the three interactions she will perform concerning him.
<AlcarGM> lol
<Faline> (( the other two being Avoiding and Harming ))

<Travis> why did I read retriever as reindeer? :P
<AlcarGM> ....
<AlcarGM> that's only for were alcoholics ;P
<AlcarGM> nice red nose

<Anelelinde> okay, Miss Level6 telepath is over crying with the pack, and she never has been a big one for shielding her transmissions, so to speak, soooo....
<Anelelinde> passerbies beware? :P
<Anelelinde> hope I don't cause too many suicides or anything
<Kage`> kage's heart is forged from the dead remains of a collapses star
<Kage`> so good luck there :P
<AlcarGM> lol
* Kage` just had to say that, I'm sorry :P
<Anelelinde> it's an iron FIST in a velvet glove, not an iron heart, and...
<Anelelinde> ... since dead stars collapse into iron, of course.

<AlcarGM> you also get the grief of pack thing :)
<Travis> ((Dear Diary. They have Emo here. We're going to have to burn the place.))

<Kage`> this is... like, worse than zenmetsu
<AlcarGM> damage? :)
<Kage`> I hope simon is shielding the land, too :P
<AlcarGM> yup :p
<Kage`> it was theoretical, let me calculate :P

* Kage` looks over at Simon, then the energy mass
<Kage`> "Another.... visitor?"
* Travis pauses a moment. The mass surges, slightly, and then twirls and speeds up.. becoming invisible once more.
<AlcarGM> He's still got it in shield, for now. "I don't know!"
* Kage` looks at Buford as he asks that one
* Travis points to the stuff in the shield, "That is Faline, in there. She is .. back?"
<Kage`> 'Claimed..."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "..... she's dead you.... alien!"
* Something sighs, and touches the shield again.
* Travis glares at Simon, "THAT IS NOT DEAD WHICH CAN ETERNAL LIE!"
<Travis> ((omg, so j/k :P))
<AlcarGM> (( .. thank you :p ))

<Travis> Faline: Goddess of Consumption
<Travis> :
<Travis> :<
<AlcarGM> better than constipation!
<Travis> .... :P
<Travis> you're terrible ;p

<Something> ok just let me know when I can stop looking like whatever :P
<AlcarGM> amd we're bbbaccck!
<AlcarGM> youn can /nick Ed McMahon anytime!
<AlcarGM> Someone here MUST be a sweepstakes winner!

* Faline looks at Simon. "Yes, I did. But, I guess when you're a locus and therre arre people worrshipping you as a diety, you get a anotherr go." *smiles* "I'm not rreally the same anymorre, though."
<AlcarGM> he blinks, shakes, just.. stares.
* Travis tilts his head sideways and makes a chewing motion with his jaw, trying to get the feel for something. He purrs out, "Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrshipping?" questioningly.
<AlcarGM> Simon: ".. you...you're....." he blinjks. "I don't want to be a - a god!"
<AlcarGM> (( Lynn, otoh... :p ))
<Anelelinde> (( Sainthood is fine, thank you! ))
<Faline> "Well, don't do anything that would make people forrm a cult arround you, then."
<Buford> "How was it that you came to be dead in the first place... Faline?"
<Travis> "Firrrrrrrrrrrst.."
* Travis looks like he's practicing.

<Travis> "Camerrrrrrrron...? Who is Camerrrrrrrrrrrrrron?"
<Kage`> "So..... what now?"
<AlcarGM> Simon :'what now'?!"
* Faline looks at Travis. "You rreally don't need to rroll yourr rr's like that."
<Kage`> "He's learning how we talk."
<Travis> "But you rrrrrrrrrrrrrrroll them?"
* Travis blinks.
<Kage`> "He's from space."
* Kage` nods, oh man, I relish every time I have to say that :P
<Faline> "Yeah, that's just... something I do. Not surre why I still do, but... *blinks, looking at Kage`* Say what now?"
* Kage` points up!

<Anelelinde> (( we will remake him, better! In the image of perfection, too! ))
<Travis> :3
<AlcarGM> ....
<AlcarGM> bionic version :p
<Travis> the six million dollar rabbit
<Travis> :P
<Kage`> the energizer rabbit! REDUX!
<Anelelinde> but does it have an off switch?
<AlcarGM> "Six billion dollar rabbit." "I thbought it was million!" "The rest was therapy bills."

<Kage`> oh man
<Kage`> I can't stop seeing Faline's kids as those really fuzzy caterpillars, but with tiger stripes :D
<Anelelinde> haha

<Anelelinde> we need to, like, split up or something, too many people :P
<Travis> Anne and I will check the basement
<Travis> Kage, you and scooby look in the graveyard.
<Travis> :P
<Anelelinde> we're outdoors
<Anelelinde> the basement is... solid dirt
<Kage`> nuh uh
<Anelelinde> now, I have a little Meld power
<Anelelinde> dunno about Travis
<Kage`> I'm gonna go check out the van with sara :P
<Travis> You go do that.
<Travis> :P
<Anelelinde> and where does Simon - er- Scooby?
<Anelelinde> where does he do? :P

<Cecil`^> "You were... Dead?"
* Faline nods.
<Anelelinde> "Cameron killed her. Badly."
<Travis> "*Werrrrrre* dead."
<Cecil`^> "Who... Brought you back?"
* Travis corrects Cecil.
<Travis> "Brrought."
* Travis continues! Smiling :D
* Kage` looks at Faline! interested!
<AlcarGM> Simon blinks, that question having not occured, and looks at Faline....
<Cecil`^> "Wait... You're telling me no one bothered to ask this?"
<Cecil`^> "How long have you been back?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "I, uhm .... no?"
<Faline> "Eh? I just... came back."
* Cecil`^ looks worried "What's with the... Gold aura?"
<Faline> "Oh, that. I'm a goddess now."

* Travis moves his arms and bends and twists, sort of like a little dance. A shimmering batch of air begins to fill with a grey mist which kinda implodes into existence with a rush of displaced air roughly the size of a geo metro.
* Travis puts his hand on the side and a portal of sorts kinda just .. opens up in the side. "Inside! We can talk inside."
* Travis gestures with his hands, "Yes?"
* Cecil`^ blinks at the... whatever...
<AlcarGM> So, who goes in alien craft? :)
<Cecil`^> "Wait, wait..." To the four armed thing "i'm not going in THAT..."
<Travis> "You asked, I made it! Yes?"
<Anelelinde> "Why not?"
<Cecil`^> "Because I don't trust aliens."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "We did say up," with a snicker.
* Travis nods at Sara, "Up!"
* Cecil`^ glares at Sara
<AlcarGM> She's trying really hard not to laugh more :)
* Kage` hrms, stepping up to the entrance, and looking back at Cecil
<Cecil`^> "Listen, anything that does a rain dance to summon his car is totally not to be trusted.."

<AlcarGM> Nicole lands, a few moments later. "You're..okay?"
* Anelelinde nods.
<Anelelinde> "He was unmade. By... Travis. And Travis just got here. An... unexpected intercession."
<AlcarGM> Nicole: ".. a what?"
<Anelelinde> "An alien arrived from space this afternoon and managed to save us from a decades-old menace. This is surprising even for me."
<Travis> ((*takes a bite of the golden apple*))
<AlcarGM> That startles a laugh from her. "I'd be worried if it wasn't!"

<Travis> Where and what is he doin'? :P
<AlcarGM> Camerons. Chris :p
<Travis> oh god. :P
<Travis> You're not speaking metaphorically, are you? :P
<AlcarGM> Nope :P
<Travis> What shape is sophie in? x.x
<AlcarGM> quite good! :)
<Travis> I mean gender :P
<AlcarGM> Varying :)

* Travis hops in from outside, dismissing the snow with a wave of his hands.
<Travis> "Chris is ..."
* Travis searches for words.
<Cecil`^> "The adversary? Not likely."
* Travis sighs, "No! Not adversary ... I do not know how to say it. I will show you?"
<AlcarGM> (( ..... ))
<Travis> "I do not know who is winning."
<AlcarGM> (( hahaha ))
<Travis> "I think Sophie is?"

* Faline is vrey quiet and not talking and stuff! oooo!
<Buford> (obviously Faline doesn't want to upset anyone into killing her again. =P)

<Anelelinde> (( and somewhere in another Shadow, Lynn + Charles have butterfly-dragon-babies. ))
<Faline> (( eeek, wait until you arent pregnant anymore first >_< ))
<Kage`> (and thus, faerie dragons are born :P)
<Anelelinde> (( Faline - in another Shadow. :P ))

<Kage`> "And Faline... before you think about escaping like the Fae did....."
<Kage`> "Well, see where it got them?"
<Faline> "That's not what I'm saying at all. I neverr said that."
<Cecil`^> "What DID you plan on doing with it then?"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "They didn't escape. ,They stopped evolving. It's not an escape. Well. Not a good one."
<Kage`> 'The fae, they are a type of being, ones that shuld have guarded earth, I think."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Sex, now, is a good one!"
<Kage`> "Instead, they chose to be selfish, and it define's their entire being."
<Cecil`^> "Sara, not helping."
* Travis nods at Sara, slowly, recognizing an old story or two. Before the sex comment, of course.

<Cecil`^> "I could probably ask the reaper what he knows about this adversary, since he is likely very privy on information in the winterland, since it's his only true enemy right now, he may have more info than us... The problem is staying alive while doing it."
<Travis> "You fear dying?"
* Travis asks Cecil!
<Cecil`^> "I won't be much help if I'm dead."
<Travis> "You do not seem like much help now..?"
<Anelelinde> (( hahaha ))
* Faline smirks.
* Travis shrugs a little. He's been practicing!
<Cecil`^> "Tell you what." Turning to Travis "I'll kill you, and you tell me what it's like. How's that sound?"
* Cecil`^ doesn't sound like he's joking

<Kage`> "I have a friend who was really screwed over by a fae, and I need to find a way to break a glamour on him."
<Travis> "You mean about Chris?"
<Cecil`^> "Glamour is just an illusion..."
* Cecil`^ shrugs to kage
<Cecil`^> "A damn good one though."
<Travis> "They are tricky to unmake. It is risky to unmake them.."
<Cecil`^> "have you tried killing the fae who did it?"
<Kage`> "its real enough here on earth."
<Kage`> "I don't want to kill someone over it."
<AlcarGM> The craft! It lands!
<Kage`> ("What kind of -sissy- weapon are you!?")
<Faline> (( "See? SEE? I'm not the only one who resorrts to killing to solve prroblems!!" ))

<Kage`> look around for chris and nathan
<AlcarGM> You hear sounds from Chris's room.
* Kage` opens zee door :P
* Kage` just does it, he has an idea, stupid stupid sophie
<AlcarGM> Well, There are tentacles. There are making sounds. And there is Chris. And there is Sophie. And all are naked.

* Kage` knocks on the doorframe
<AlcarGM> Cjhris answers, a few moents later, looking norm,al. Well. naked, but minus tentacles,and not actually looking at you :)
<Kage`> "I found what I was looking for, we're going dimension hopping tomorrow."
<Kage`> "........"
* Kage` just nods and heads back downstairs :P
<AlcarGM> lol!
* Kage` is sufficiently disturbed :P

<alcar> If Drew dies, I so have to make a pc with a single ability.
<alcar> Ressurection :P
<alcar> it would be fun for a pc.
<alcar> utterly useless
<alcar> add personal items, so clothing etc. returns as well. And just... not actually die. No other ability at all.
<Alicia> Hehe
* Alicia makes a low health version with one huge powered attack that takes a lot of energy. RAN!
* alcar nods. That's what AP'd buy. One attack, one shot use.
<alcar> spend rest of AP on skills.
<alcar> It would be great fun.
<Fennael> waltz out in front of a bus
<alcar> Hrm. Probably add a level 1 teleport, to get out of coffins.
<alcar> make the pc goth :)

<Fennec> hahaha.
<Fennec> <Fennael> do you really hate my characters?
<Fennec> <Jaoni> dear lord fennec!
<Fennec> <Jaoni> friggin calcify some kinda barrier between these games and your core!
<alcar> LOL!
* Fennec was JUST asking

<Rachaellyn> tell me about Jaoni
<Chaos`GM^> She's an evil tenticle demon!
<Rachaellyn> with a guardian angel who is going to teach her magic?
<Jerome> angel is on the farm team.
<Jerome> anything to get their average up
<Chaos`GM^> YES!

<Chaos`GM^> "I fear for her... She may just be feeling these emotions because she was programmed to, but to her they are very real."
<Jaoni> "I mean... is there an ache in your heart? I'm not even sure if you have one, when you see what has happened to her?"
<Chaos`GM^> "I can't help her. She was never born, she was programmed this way. I can't fix that. I can't turn her human, and I can't interfere any more than as a voice."
<Jaoni> "Your avoiding the question."
<Jaoni> "I don't care if you can't interfere."
<Chaos`GM^> He sighs and nods "I shouldn't, since she's not human, but I do."
* Jaoni nods, then looking away
<Jaoni> "Angels were creations, too, and they got the shaft, since they were just tools, in the end."
<Jaoni> "If you can feel for a tool, maybe I can listen to you... But I make no promises."
* Jaoni takes a few steps back, "I think we're done, on that front, at least."\
<Chaos`GM^> He smiels at you "you're more human than you know.."
* Jaoni turns to open the door
<Chaos`GM^> The door opens, and it's still silent outside
<Jaoni> "Probably less than you would wish, though."
* Jaoni exits

* Jerome staggers into the After The Game Bar, muttering about 500 dollar fines
<Jerome> "And.. you know. I didn't even do it. GM made it. I never went there until after i went there and.. Faline never did that for eating people...." *gets another beer*
<Jerome> etc.
<Jerome> y' know, such a bar would be fun to rp :P
<Chaos`GM^> lol

<Jaoni> "For now, classes."
* Jerome nods.
<Jaoni> "We'll plan more afterwards."
* Jerome heads to classes....
* Jerome keeps an eye out for The Jerk of course.
* Jaoni walks over to help aiko up, "Even if it is a pain, and not seeming very important right now."
* Natsuki heads back to class.
<Sparkie> Everything is important. That's why I roll dice for it.
<Natsuki> (( then we should roll more checks in these games! :P ))
* Sparkie concurs.

<Jaoni> "Before the fire drill, I came in to school, and it was totally empty."
<Jerome> ".... even of cultists?"
<Jaoni> "Then I think I found god, or a god, at least."
<Jaoni> "And then we talked, and then I left."
<Jerome> (( "This is a conversion attempt? I was already born again." ))

<Chaos`GM^> The fish is good, the fries are old and have likely been sitting all day, and taste of blood sweat and tears... Someone was probably having sex on them.
<Jaoni> (gee, thanks :P)
<Natsuki> (( mmm, sexfries. heheh ))
<Jaoni> (Just like mom used to make!)
<Chaos`GM^> A woman, old enough to just be out of high school, walks over in a tight fitting uniform. Her body is built to enjoy and she shows it proudly, she has a nametag on, 'Sara' it tells you... loudly
<Natsuki> (( HAHAHA ))
<Natsuki> (( sorry, its just that... I was already thinking that, and then you actually did it... ))

<Chaos`GM^> Natsuki can attack now, if she so chooses
<Natsuki> (( im gonna actually attack this time ))
<Natsuki> (( ah, ok, good. ))
<Jerome> (( err, doing so? ))
<Chaos`GM^> we're waiting...
* Natsuki runs at the beastie, committing totally to the attack (TA, -1) but strangely she runs past him, jumping at a wall, then back off it (trick shot +2), and trying to pounce on him, now from behind (grab, -2)! :P
<Natsuki> 2d6-3 im fancy!
<Sparkie> Natsuki 2d6-3: 2(5) im fancy!
<Jerome> (( ... we're fighting for our lives and you're doing trick shots? Awesome :) ))

<Chaos`GM^> He flings a hand at Jerome
<Chaos`GM^> 2d6-3
<Sparkie> Chaos`GM^ 2d6-3: -1(2)
<Chaos`GM^> ...
<Jerome> ....
<Jerome> crap
<Chaos`GM^> d6
<Sparkie> Chaos`GM^ d6: 6
<Jerome> ....!
<Jaoni> :[ ]
<Natsuki> (( yeah, so, PC death is cool... I GUESS. ))
<Chaos`GM^> ...
* Jerome is a smear on ze wall now
<Natsuki> (( best GM ever *sarcasm* :P ))
<Chaos`GM^> He hits jerome, and jerome hits the wall, and becomes a smear on the wall now
<Chaos`GM^> (( I didn't force you to stick around while he was turning into super demon! ))

<Chaos`GM^> A man in a business suit comes by walking casually, but stops when he sees the scene "Oh my... What is this!?"
* Jerome is now known as Smear_On_The_Wall
<Smear_On_The_Wall> "Mr. James! I'm here for the appointment!"

<Chaos`^> How many GMs keep thier pc's up past their bedtime THIS LONG?
* Sparkie helped!
<Chaos`^> Not many!
<Tass> tomorrow
<Tass> is going
<Caltak> I don't see anything wrong with stopping a fight partway if needed
<Tass> to suck
<alcar> yes :p
<Caltak> ARGHHH!
<Chaos`^> Hey
<Chaos`^> Nobody said they needed to leave
* Caltak is now known as Caltak{notsleep}
<Chaos`^> and you all know i don't go to bed until forever

<Celosia> anyway, if Celosia disconnects, Rachael will still have the back-log-stuff, so unless you're /msg-ing, you won't need to repeat stuff...
<Aaron_V> is rachael going MPD?
<Forest`^> we will anyway though!
<Celosia> going? :P

<Forest`^> man
<Forest`^> forest missed the lesbian scene
<Rachael> no
<Rachael> no Men about it :P

<Tass> * Chaos`^ has put all of his charm into Forest
<Tass> am I the only one that finds this humorous? :P
<Celosia> I already remarked upon that
<Celosia> no

<Steve`Z> (( Let's just make Soylent Green. *eyes other students* ))

<Rachael> secret family recipe?
<Rachael> so the blue-girl is like family
* Drew` nods ;P
<Aaron_V> well, she is part of him
<Drew`> And, what better use for DS, really? :)
<Forest`^> Yeah, DS was totally made to make cabbage rolls look good
<kentari> hey man
<kentari> this is besm's version of the fight with OR
<kentari> :P

<kentari> Anton reveals a frikkin' huge bowl full of little two inch tall catgirls, all screaming for mercy.
<kentari> j/k :P
<kentari> Its a potato salad!
<Steve`Z> (( ROFL! ))

<kentari> <Girl> "I thought you said you were with her in the hospital! So .. you're here .. but she isn't! Not at all. No sir!"
<kentari> She scribbles down on the paper, "What's a phone number to contact you at?"
<Forest`^> "No, I never went to the hospital... We could both go now, though!"
<kentari> <Girl> "That would be skipping!"
<Forest`^> "Sara had to give her some CPR and I had to get some paramedics... Sara's not very good at CPR though..."
<Rachael> (( too much tongue ))

<kentari> Anton takes a slice..
<kentari> And a blue woman, covered in cake, leaps out at him. "Boo!"
<Aaron_V> ((As in a blue crystal woman?))
* Anton ftfo :P
<kentari> ((correct :P))
<kentari> ((ftfo? :P))
* Anton leaps back, 'GAh!
<Drew`> "in the cake?!"
* Aaron_V looks over. "Buh...."
<kentari> <Woman> "Oh! Drat .. you're not Drew!" She frowns at Anton.
<kentari> Steve .. gets a few slices ;p
<Aaron_V> "He's in here."
* Rachael looks at the blue girl.
* Steve`Z hands her a peice of baked Alaska also.
<Anton> (Best. Normal. Class. Ever. :P)

<Forest`^> "Tell the person in the closet I said Hi."
<kentari> <Girl> "There'snooneinthecloset!!"
* Forest`^ laughs
<kentari> She practically leaps for the door, throwing herself against it to interpose.
<kentari> Its a double-door, open outward type thing
<kentari> She's got one, I'm assuming you're still hanging around the other
<Forest`^> heh, i am now
<Forest`^> "Oh? Then what's so... important in there?"
<kentari> <Girl> "Uhm ... .... underwear? You're a guy, so you can't look! That's exactly what's in there! Underwear!"
<Forest`^> "Your underwear... moves?"
<kentari> <Girl> "Girl's underwear is complicated."
* Forest`^ blinks... and blinks again
<Rachael> (( she's just attracting him more :P ))
<Forest`^> "I've seen my fair share of girl's underwear. And I'm certain it doesn't move on its own."
<kentari> <Girl> "You're a pervert, aren't you?!"
<kentari> <Girl> "Or ..... are you a crossdresser??" Her jaw somewhere on the floor.

<Forest`^> "I'm neither a pervert nor a crossdresser. Women are just attracted to me. I can't help that they like to throw underwear at me."
<kentari> <Girl> "*I* don't want to throw my underwear at you ... ... ..."
<kentari> <Girl> "Honest!"
* Forest`^ raises his eyebrows
<Forest`^> "You're not..." Looking around and getting closer... Whispering "you're not into women are you?"
* Forest`^ gives her a knowing look

<Celosia> "Can he save the rainforests?"
<Steve`Z> "Can anyone? Captain Planet aside."
<kentari> <Power> "Uhm .. yes! If he puts his mind to it, he can do anything!"
<Drew`> ".... I what?"
<Drew`> "That's just silly. No one can do just anything."
<Aaron_V> ((Actually, if the dice love you....))
<Drew`> (( this IS sparkie :p ))
<Drew`> (( last night my one PC became a smear on a wall. It's tough love I think :P ))

<Drew`> what WOUD "saving the rainforest" even mean, really? :p
<Drew`> all the trees gain regenerate? :)
<Forest`^> Well
<Forest`^> If forest ever falls, it's raining forest
<Forest`^> so if you save the rainforest, you catch him

<Rachaellyn> kentari <Petunia> "Oh. I don't like to think about that part."
<Rachaellyn> kentari <Petunia> "Oh. I don't like to think <-- end it here? :)
<kentari> ;p ;p ;p

<Rachaellyn> why aren't people panicking?
<Drew`> Vora and coffee
<Drew`> you ain't got nothin' to panic us with :)
<Anton> DEAR LORD WHY!?!?
<Drew`> hehehehe
* Anton sobs
<Anton> Carl was THERE!
<Anton> at GROUND ZERO!

<Aaron_V> [01:59:40] <Aaron_V> "You broke Petunia, you get to cover the tab, Anton."
<Aaron_V> THat's going to be a new rule, isn't it?

<Rachael> >> Faust takes good care of students when he is not wiping their minds
<alcar> (( Wiping them is probably better than what the educational system wants to stuff into them :p ))

<Rachael> you hear that, Faline? Lynn has your kids. You should try to get to know each other. :P
<Drew`> Faline rips open Lynn to get them back...
<Rachael> hmmph
<Rachael> if it was THAT EASY
<Drew`> "A Butterfly Ate My Babies."
<Rachael> the why didn't Kage do it that way? :P
<kentari> Kage.. didn't know which hole was which.
<kentari> :P
<Steve`Z> Faline's kids get to have two mommies! :P
<Drew`> lol!
<Drew`> one has to be named heather then :)
<Drew`> For the heather has two mommies book :)
<Rachael> Fenrir and Heather? Heather and Amy? :P

<Drew`> "Kissing is .... fun."
<Drew`> ".. that sounded stupid."
* Steve`Z chuckles.
<Drew`> "It
<Drew`> "It's just so .. new."
<Drew`> (( "But I guess it's not for YOU, you slut!" ))
<kentari> (( <D lol.. ))
<Steve`Z> (( actually it is, but hes just a good improviser ))
<Drew`> (( :p ))

<AlcarGM> It's Saturday morning at Chez Kage (nee Cameron). You are currently host to a goddess, 2 vampires (one in process of moving), an oracle, a were-retreiver, a pack leader for said were's pack, an alien, and a finder, assuming Tin is in the recycling again.

<Kage`> "The only real opposition to the pack leadership is gone, and I think the land is finally starting to recover."
<AlcarGM> (( Lynn hears the land singing: *I'm singing in the rain....* ))
<Kage`> "If anyone's going to survive trail, we'll need the packs help, hands down."
* Anelelinde nod, nod, nod, nods.
<Kage`> "Plus it felt good to stomp out a useless twit."

<Kage`> "I have a small to do list, how about you?"
<Anelelinde> "Four kilobytes."
<Anelelinde> ((j/k))

* Kage` hrms, "What are you looking for, then? Now that the day that was yesterday is over."

* Kage` blinks, looking off to the left, "What was rachael doing?"
<AlcarGM> Nathan: "They don't.... see right. Seem right. It's all blurred, and fractured..... wrong. She was... making a cage, or opening one, or .... a puzzle? I don't know."
<Kage`> 'Building one, or making one?"
<Kage`> "I don't know if you can clarify at all, but try?"
* Kage` :/ 's
<AlcarGM> Nathan: "Both? Neither? I can't..... couldn't tell." He closes his eyes, frowning. "Shadows. Starlight," his voice droping to a weak whisper. "storm. Using what made - remade - a goddess? a Way. making a way, a place, a space. Paying favours ... hiding. Hiding. A hiding place? A last.. throw of dice? Hiding from ..... a place to hide from the seasons?"
<AlcarGM> Nathan: "Old," faintly. "Old magic. So - so old it's not magic, anymore. Like the.. a binding. Preparing. Doing magic. Bleeding. Bleeding power for it. She was.. was.... bleeding power into it, singing .... "
* Kage` hrms, and hopes rachael isn't working on some spell to sacrafice all of humanity to save the whales

<kentari> <Dad> "Steven! A good name. What do you think about the owning of firearms, Steven?"
<kentari> He leans back in his chair. Sam is .. silent. :P
* Drew` just shakes his head, resigned, and makes a mental note to invite Forest over sometime...
* Steve`Z tactfully replies "...I think it's the right of anyone who chooses to take advantage of it."
<kentari> The two of you, on your side of the table, see the kitchen from here. The window reveals a dark, rainy landscape.
<kentari> <Dad> "Ho ho ho! Spoken like a very careful man. You aren't an aspiring politician, are you?"
<Steve`Z> "No sir."
<kentari> And his belly does indeed move when he laughs like a bowl full of jelly.
<Steve`Z> (( NRA Santa... _ ))

* Drew` whispers "Good storm," to Power, returns the thumbs up, and goes back to the table.
<Steve`Z> (( Im just waiting for it to become a tornado and rip the house off its foundation and carry us all off. ))
<Drew`> (( Please don't tempt Sparkie :p ))
<Steve`Z> (( I just need 1 more ap... :P ))
<Drew`> (( eh? :) ))
<Steve`Z> (( so I can die ))
<kentari> (( :P ))
<Steve`Z> (( See I figure I'll be needing Reinc for when your dad blasts my cerebrum full of buckshot. :P ))
<Drew`> (( LOL. Yes :) ))

<kentari> The rain falling against the window is a noticeable blue tint. Like water ran through corroded copper pipes.
<kentari> Or water that's been injected with Cal-Mag fertilizer. ;p
* kentari hates the water system at work, some days. Can you tell? :P
* Drew` finishes drying the dishes, puts them away, then blinks. "The rain is... blue."
<Drew`> "We really need to do other colours."
<Rachael> (( we have RGB. We can make anything. :P ))
<Drew`> (( hehe ))

<kentari> You make it to Drew's room just fine.
<kentari> There's a large circular bed with leapord print sheets. It rotates slowly, on some kind of motor platform. Some Barry Manilow is playing.
<kentari> j/k
<kentari> :P
<Drew`> lol
<Steve`Z> (( rofl ))

* Drew` tries to figure something to say to fill the silence with, and comes up blank.
* Drew` tries again: "What's being a dragon like?"
* Steve`Z pauses momentarily to consider that. "I dunno, it's still pretty new for me. It's... different, but not in a bad way. Being able to fly feels pretty cool, though. I've been meaning to really try it out some time soon."
* Drew` nods. "It's so ... cool. Doing stuff, I mean."
<Steve`Z> (( "I've been having strange cravings, though..." :P ))
<Drew`> "Scary, but that sort of makes it worth it?"
<Drew`> (( "We're having sex NOW then!" ))
<kentari> (( :P ))

* Steve`Z takes his stuff out of his pockets and puts it in his bag, then reaches into his coat and pulls out a sheathed katana... followed by a bokken... followed by a weird tech-falchion (ask ken) and props them by his stuff, and takes his jacket off also.
* Drew` stares. "Where do you KEEP all that?"
<Steve`Z> (( "Up my... er, nevermind." ))
* Steve`Z blinks. Looks at the swords as though just realizing he has them. "I'm not sure."
<Drew`> "... oh."
<Drew`> (( "You have a bag of holding, don't you?" ))

<Tass> and get aberrant d10, not the d20
<Tass> the d20 stuff is not that great
<alcar> there's a d20 version?
<alcar> how ... sad
<Tass> they put a square peg ina round hole, really :/
<alcar> Tass -yeah, that d20 craze was silly. They even made D&D d20. Ruined the whole thing for me.

<Caltak> If I run a lolad game it will have explicit descriptions of sexual acts. So there.
* Sparkie perks up
* Sparkie wonders if dicebots are allowed to play in games?
<Caltak> And every PC will get raped on a regular basis.
<Caltak> Just warning you.
<Caltak> :P
<alcar> that's evil.
<alcar> Wait. I thought you meant rapped
<alcar> Raped isn't so bad.
<Fennec> Caltak: I'll play Chris! post-Rachael, pre-tentacles.
<alcar> lol
<alcar> But, man, rap music!
<alcar> that would destroy even Chris.

* Leah ponders names and such
<kentari> omg omg omg
<kentari> Lee and Leigh
<kentari> :3
<kentari> let's bring them back!
<Leah> if I used the name Sara, could you handle it? :P

<kentari> Fen.
<kentari> Let's take each other as SOs :D
<kentari> You aren't involved in the eyes of BESM unless your betrothed is a Flaw :>
<kentari> kinda says something for how the developpers think of love :x

<Denna> tass- do you hate Denna too? :/
<Tass> depends
<Tass> we'll see when we meet :P
<alcar> hehehe
<alcar> "Your eyes lock across the crowded room, and <tass pc> realizes that there is love at first sight, but that it has a companion hitherto unnoticed: hate at first sight. He stares at Denna ..."

* alcar is doing it with one npc - weapon attack style stuff :)
<alcar> make some absurd weapon, and have him be the "fuck THIS world!" type.
<Tass> oh man
<Tass> with low stats
<Tass> give him extra energy once, and like 6 different weapon attacks :P
* alcar nods.
<alcar> going to make it the only real "super" kind of bit; mostly the limit of what the PCs COULD do.
<alcar> all other threats are the regular human things. Police. Druggies. General urban decay. Tabacco companies etc :p
<alcar> people wanting to use the pcs and such'd be fun, too.
<alcar> corporations.
<alcar> mafia.
<alcar> police.
<alcar> HS alumni association

* Travis hmmmmms a moment, then with a flick of a wrist a small hole opens in the side of the ellipse. "We all go?" As he hops in.
<Luna_> "You'll need everyone you can take... I should come too."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "It's.. not your fight, though. You could get hurt."
<Luna_> "But, she's been killing people!"
<Luna_> "I can't let vampires run around killing whoever they feel like!"
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Sophie's a he. Uhm. Most of the time."
<Luna_> ("That's Faline's job.")
<AlcarGm> (( "Oh, no. Faline doesn't discriminate like that. She kills *everyone*." ))

* Luna_ lets her aura go, shaping it into too-big-seeming claws, slashing at one of the vampires
<Luna_> 1d6+8 I hope it's the same roll to hit ^^;;
<sparkie> Luna_ 1d6+8: 11(3) I hope it's the same roll to hit ^^;;
<Luna_> (Mmm... and autofire, too ^^;;)
<Travis> ((Its 2d6-skill ranks))
<Travis> ((Your target is your ACV))
<Luna_> (Oh okay)
<Luna_> 2d6 No skill ranks. Oops?
<sparkie> Luna_ 2d6: 7 No skill ranks. Oops?
<Luna_> (Hit though ^^;)
<Travis> ((Autofire gives a bonus hit for each point your roll goes under your ACV to a max of.. 5 or so))
<Travis> ((God, WHY do I remember this? :P))

<Travis> "We unmade Old Rabbit.. we hurt Sophie .. is all we do just to .. hurt the hurters?"
<Luna_> "... we STOP the hurters from hurting any more people..."
* Travis stands there, beside himself, though not literally. A grey twinkle in his eyes, perhaps the equivalent of tears for his people, is visible yet fading.
<AlcarGm> Simon: "The -the other vampires aren't hurt."
<Travis> ".. By hurting? We become hurters to stop hurters?"
* Travis slumps down to a seated position.
<Luna_> "... now I feel bad about it.."
* Faline shrugs. "Human law executes murderrerrs."
* Travis looks at Faline for a long moment, before saying.
<Travis> "You are not human nor are you law.. yes?"
<AlcarGm> Simon: "We've murdered too, damn it! Sometimes.. sometimes by accident.. or... I didn't want to kill him! I just... we needed to know what he was...." he turns, going upstairs.
<Faline> "I can be law."
<Luna_> ( <Faline> Actually, I am, since I'm a goddess. )

<AlcarGm> Sophie flows into existence, again, forming from atoms and back into the body minus heart Faline had either. It falls to the ground with strings cut, gasping ofr breath. Even with the heart removed, he's not quite dead...
<Anelelinde> (( sophie can have a change of Heart! :P ))
* Luna_ looks almost solemn
<AlcarGm> What's Faline doing now?
<AlcarGm> Sophien is curled up, making a low whining noise
* Faline lifts him up by the neck. "Don't come back this time, orr I prromise to make you rregrret it." She closes her eyes.
<Faline> 2d6 banish him to eternal torment!! :D
<sparkie> Faline 2d6: 9 banish him to eternal torment!! :D
<AlcarGm> (( ROFL! ))
<Travis> (( There are some things I never want to attempt in besm, because of the 1 in 36 chance that it somehow goes wrong. This is one of those things. :P ))
<AlcarGm> The air flares bright, rippling . .a note sings out, like a song you've never heard before, and for a moent the walls of the room dissolve, as if you were standing on an empty plain filled with stars..... and then the note ends, the rom, returns, and Sophie is no longer there at all.

<Yuki-Takuri> well violence begets violence
<Yuki-Takuri> in hell at least
<Travis> :P
<Yuki-Takuri> i mean you have to kill twelve people just to get a latte in the coffee shop in hell
<Anelelinde> JUST 12?
<AlcarGm> it's not starbucks :(
<AlcarGm> They banished it for being too evil
<Yuki-Takuri> and its not like I ordered a grande

* Travis repeats his question to Simon, in a stupor, "Why...?"
<AlcarGm> Simon: "I .... sometimes..... I DON'T KNOW! Okay? I don't know!"
<Travis> "I can not fix it ... can I?"
* Luna_ sighs, slumping. "No... I don't think you can..."
<AlcarGm> Simon punches a hole in the floor in frustration, then begins mending it with his aura. "People don't get fixed. Not by - by other people. Just by themself."
<Faline> (( I wonder, would it have been less traumatizing if I had just stood there and kept brutally murdering sophie clones until Travis got bored? ))
<AlcarGm> (( LOL! ))
<Travis> "Can Faline fix Faline?"
<Luna_> "... in time... I think so..."
<Luna_> "But... it won't be easy. It never is."
<Faline> (( Faline doesn't believe Faline is broken. :P ))
<Travis> (( :P The motion passes with opposition. ))

<Faline> going Away.. no destination. which could easily mean, oh.... the middle of a cult gathering, perhaps??? :D
<AlcarGm> You vanish, and appear. The air smells of catnip ....
* Faline stands there -- wherver there is -- for a moment, just reflecting on what happened... bu after many long moments, she finally looks around.
<AlcarGm> Two girls, 12 and 13, are wearing fake cat whiskers, ears, and tails, and sitting before a picture of you from the paper, having burned catnip, and incense, and chanted your name. .somehow calling you, though pure luck, to a bedroom decorated in hello kitty and pink.
* Faline blinks. Looks around again. Blinks again.

<AlcarGm> Girl1: "OMG! Faline?!!" She squeals excitedly.
<Faline> (( hehe... not exactly what I imagined, but... :P ))
<AlcarGm> Girl #2 crosses herself "Yea, though I walk through the valley of Death, I will fear no death .." ETC :0
<Faline> "Um. Yes. Hi."
<AlcarGm> Girl #1: "You're REALLY Faline? OMG! OMG! Can I get your autograph?"
<AlcarGm> Girl #2: "E nomine patri et filii espiritus sancti!"
<Faline> "Eh.. surre, I guess..."
<AlcarGm> Girl #1: "Oh, shup up Mel! This is so cool! We, like, have .... this...." she hands you paper, stares. "You're.... real?"
<Faline> (( they try so hard, they deserve something. :P ))
<AlcarGm> Something comes out of her into you. Energy, and strength...
<AlcarGm> belief.
* Faline creates a pen without thinking about it, and signs her name. She dots the i with a tiny heart, and as an afterthought, she adds a tiny little paw print at the end.

<Anelelinde> "Can I get your autograph?" "Sure!" <slices out heart> "The Faline signature touch!"

<AlcarGm> The witch blinks. "Faline? I thought you'd be taller."
<AlcarGm> j/k
<AlcarGm> The witch looks at you, looks again.... then bows.
<Faline> (( "What? I'm tall." ))
<Faline> (( "Oh, you mean the Godzilla thing. Yeah, I was all rready to do that, too, but the GM changed his mind even though it was clearrly meant to be." ))
<AlcarGm> (( hehehe ))

* Anelelinde finds someone, and blip-blip-blips 'em home to their bedsies!
* Anelelinde returns after the blippification. "There. One. But I am a butterfly. Not a bus."
<AlcarGm> Little Danielle is blip-blip-blip'd and appears in her parents bedroom. Though she spends her life denying what she ses in their, on her 1q8th birthday she geos to Disneyland and enpties a 12 gagues into Goofy because of "what he did to my mom!"
* Travis appears to have been staring at the spot where Lynn was very carefully.
<Anelelinde> ... that's someone else's issue :P
<Faline> (( Psychiatry is a very lucrative career in the world of LoLaD ))
<AlcarGm> (( yes :) ))

<AlcarGm> Okay. You appear to a boy who loves cats and wants t draw a cartoon about a killer cat with a chainsaw who hunts down PETA members, some were scattered over the globe, a university womyn's group....
* Faline tries to gently correct that boy's plan to be a bit more... friendly like, helps out the random weres as well as possible... not so sure what the womyn's group needs, though. o_o
<AlcarGm> you're a Symbolm of Womyn's Liberation from ther Patriaral chains that have tied down the feminine since the goddess weas banished from the trinity and relegated to the role of whore for God.
* AlcarGm thought that would be obvious! :p
* Faline realizes that there was the time when she did rise up against the patriarcal authority figures... not that it was the intent at the time, but it did happen.
* Faline spends the visit learning about their interesting take on everything, since she never really got to find out about this sort of stuff before!
<AlcarGm> Theyn attempt to convince you to dump Rei because all men are pigs :p

* Faline gently rebukes those arguments and tries to gloss over all the time he's been gone... though he did become increasingly distant ever since he got her pregnant... hmm. damn. maybe they have a point.
<Faline> (( "How could you abandon me like that??" "...I was trapped in Hell." "That's no excuse!" ))
<AlcarGm> (( nods :p "Think of the children!" "Are they all right?" "They're incubating inside a butterfly." ))
<AlcarGm> (( lol., Confusion is good :) Yuki should be back next session P She can catch upm with Faline :) ))
<Faline> (( "Yeah, so I'm a goddess now. How about you? Still batshit insane?" ))

* Travis walks to the toaster, and stops if/when the pack link tie thingie goes taught
<Travis> "Toaster. They say you are too loud."
<AlcarGm> Toaster: "DO you want some toast?!"
* Travis frowns. "Ask visually, not verbally. Yes?"
* Travis holds out his hand, the grey surrounding it as he TAPS INTO THINGS
<AlcarGm> Toaster: "What?!"
* Anelelinde is trying to adsorb your little cube over here, Travis :P or something
<Travis> "Without being *loud.* The others say you are Loud."
<AlcarGm> Toaster: "But .. I like giving toast! I *live*n for toast? You would unmake me?!"
<Travis> ((Lol! I dunno what it does ;p))
<Travis> "No!"
<AlcarGm> Toaster: "You're njust like Faline!"
<AlcarGm> j/k
* Travis cries :P
<Faline> (( roflmao ))

<Chaos`^> http://www.sing365.com/music/Lyric.nsf/Miss-Murder-lyrics-A-F-I-AFI/07FA0C4CDAD58FD14825715100068E8E
<Chaos`^> that is deffinately one of the characters theme songs
<Chaos`^> can you guess who? =p
<alcar> .... Lynn!
<alcar> :p
<Chaos`^> .. are you serious?
<alcar> lol!
<Chaos`^> did you even read it? =p
<alcar> yes :)
<Chaos`^> and you still thing lynn?
<alcar> hence the joke :P
<Chaos`^> So it was a joke? oh thank god
<Chaos`^> you were freaking me out

<Chaos`^> Cecil has to finish up..
<Chaos`^> Let's see
<Chaos`^> George, dragons, aliens, zorro, jane, blossom, salem, tommy, angels...
<Caltak> Plus I simply cant allow Faline to be an NPC because alcar can't play her correctly.
<Chaos`^> 9 subplots!
<alcar> chaos - Don't do that again.
<Chaos`^> 9!!
<alcar> it's scary when I see them in a row :p
<Chaos`^> =p

<Caltak> Hmm. What it boils down to is LoLaD = Faline, for me. Not sure if I can play LoLaD without Faline. So it's either stick it out or not play.
<Tass> hrm!
<alcar> The problem, game was, was RL got you for about 6-7 sessions.
<Chaos`^> Caltak: Lolad has always been about change, first we were traveling, then we stuck to trail and wierd things started happening
<alcar> So the focus shifted, to an extent, to other pcs.
<Chaos`^> Remember when Cecil invited edward in the house?
<Tass> lolad = Kage an friends :D
<Tass> for me, at least :P
* Tass looks for a theme song for the opening
* alcar nods. Ideall, every pc thinks they are the centre :)
<Chaos`^> Or that time Salem had her first orgasm simply by looking at a god?
<Tass> ideally!
<Tass> I like that word :P
<Tass> because its so true

<Chaos`^> IMHO, the character concept only really develops itself within the first few sessions, once you get to know the world you're playing in, until then you can't pre-set what your character is going to act like
<Chaos`^> I mean
<Chaos`^> Forest was supposed to be a soft spoken kid that attracted women
<Chaos`^> now he's loud mouthed sociopath
* alcar nods. Yes. I remember my alternity game with Charin, Who was meant to be compassionate and becamea chavinist pig :p
* Chaos`^ nods
<Chaos`^> character concepts get you only so far, from there you kind of have to find your place in the game

<Chaos`^> hey, when you get on, i have a character sheet to send you
<alcar> oh?
<alcar> send away
<Chaos`^> ok
<Chaos`^> before you open it i want to give you some background info
<alcar> it's a virus? :p

<Kage`> "And you know what I mean, right?"
<alcar> Sophie blinks, his aura flickering for a moment, then nearly out as more grey and red flares out,leaivng him drenched in sweat and gasping for air, doubled over inn the bed. "Fuck... you....." between gasps, crying from the pain. Evidently your assumption that he couldn't teleport was vert much right.
<Kage`> "You came real close to just plain not existing, from what I can see."
<alcar> Sophie: "Well. I killed her," simply.
<Kage`> "Who?"
<alcar> when he can actually talk normally.
<alcar> "Faline."
<Kage`> "Earlier?"
<Kage`> "She's fine, from what I know."
<alcar> Sophie: "Tried. She healed."
<Kage`> "Something is definitely not right with that girl."
<Kage`> "Cameron may have been right."
<alcar> Sophie stares at you, stunned, then manages a weak laugh, stopping when it starts to hurt, subsiding into weak giggles.
* Kage` shakes his head, "That doesn't cut you free either."

<Kage`> "You were obviously cream of the crop, so thats why he chose you, becuase he knew you would survive, and be able to handle it, and actually be able to carry out your duties as a lord of death."
<alcar> Sophie: "I was too. I only picked gorgeous people. Except the class." His brow furrows. "I .. don't know why I felt the need to turn catholic high school girls."
* Kage` taps his temple, "Its whats up here that makes a life of death possible, not apprearance."
<Kage`> "I don't even think six of them would have lasted."
<alcar> Sophie: "Maybe for were. Most vampires are NOT ugly. breeding counts."

<Kage`> "Power is at a person's core, its not something people give to you, not real power, not true power."
<alcar> Sophie: "There's more than one kind of power," scornfully. "I user what I have. Beauty is part of it. You, of course, can't understand that."

<alcar> Sophie: "I meant from last night, when you had your little fit."
<Kage`> 'Explain."
<alcar> Sophie :"The one with the tentacles?"
* Kage` crosses his arms, he kinda does that when he focused on listening :P
<Kage`> "Oh, Chris?"
<alcar> A nod.
<Kage`> "What about him?'
<alcar> Sophie: "You still have.,.. objections?"
<Kage`> "Of course."
<alcar> Sophie: "Why?" honestly surprised.
<Kage`> "Because he's been fucked more than most this last week, and I don't need to add you onto the pile."
<alcar> Sophie: "Sex never fucks anyone up."
<Kage`> "He'll grow attatched, and I don't think you want to break him more, or at least I hope not."
<alcar> Sophie: "... more than literally."

<Chaos`GM^> So, Jesse is quietly talking to Sara, natsuki booked it out of the alley and hasn't been seen since. Jaoni currently looks like a large demon, and Jerome is a smudge on a wall being eaten by what looks like a gynormous tape worm
* Smear_on_wall wants an oscar for this role.

* Sulk_on_wall tries to move some more. "Why aren't I dead?"
<Chaos`GM^> Still nothing answers you. You can barely move your one arm as it is, you cannot move anything else.
* Sulk_on_wall just.. waits, then.
<Sulk_on_wall> (( better be an oscar :p ))
<Chaos`GM^> Sorry but... there's only so much you can do when you're dead =p
<Sulk_on_wall> no peanuts?!

<Chaos`GM^> You have a bag of peanuts and are now eating them... You are also on an airplane, but you're not sure where to...
<Sulk_on_wall> ...
<Sulk_on_wall> really? :p
* Sulk_on_wall looks around!
<Chaos`GM^> It's a plane... Stewardiss's are handing out peanuts, a child is sitting in the seat next to you, it's a two seater and she has the window seat, you're not sure why you're sitting here with her. She looks up at you and gives you a very cute smile.
<Sulk_on_wall> .....
* Sulk_on_wall eats them, looking a little lost.
<Chaos`GM^> what?
<Chaos`GM^> Oh! the peanuts
<Chaos`GM^> thought you were eating people
<Sulk_on_wall> err, yes :P

<Sulk_on_wall> I bet the mysterious man is Santa
<Chaos`GM^> He has brown hair
<Sulk_on_wall> Dye.
<Sulk_on_wall> if I was santa, I'd want to disguise myself too
<Chaos`GM^> LoL
<Sulk_on_wall> The toy companies must hate him.
<Sulk_on_wall> hasbro hitmen

<kentari> we need to resolve some things before you two PCs are fit to travel.
<kentari> #game2, shall we, alcar and caltak? :P
* Drew` steps away from Steve's body, putting the knife away, eyes glowing red and giggles a little, licking blood from the blade, and probably getting some horrible disease. "next?"
<kentari> <Sam> "Lick this." She pulls back the trigger on her Rocket Launcher, since your home is *technically* under the occult horror genre. :P

<kentari> Faust chuckles, "I'm part of a ... Fraternity, as it were."
* Forest`^ takes the clip board back after everyone has signed
<Aaron_V> "That still doesn't explain it. Especially since Sara was also green."
<kentari> <Faust> "We were made to watch and to guide, to protect, but never interfere. We work in teams. I am reponsible, with Sara, for the Rio Grande Valley area."
<Aaron_V> ((The Watchers!))
<Forest`^> (( Yeah... Now we are gunna have to fight, because there can be only one... ))
<kentari> Faust nods, "Sara's our, erm, heavy hitter, so to say. When it hits the fan, I unlock her potential for a time. We're a two-person team, you see."

<kentari> <Faust> "Something wrong, Forest? More ... voices?"
<Forest`^> "No, just one..."
<kentari> <Faust> "What's it telling you to do?" He asks, gently.
<Forest`^> "Go up to the catwalk."
<kentari> <Faust> "And jump...?"
* Aaron_V mutters under his breath, "probably hug trees."
<Forest`^> "No, and get my petition signed."
<Forest`^> "Yes you did, you told me go to up there."
<Forest`^> "Listen, I'm not trying to argue with me, that's just how I understood it."
* Anton sighs :P

<Aaron_V> "Well, Drew, why didn't you ever ask Power what the Blues ate?"
<Drew`> "..... Oh. Right."
<Steve`Z> "Souls." *smirks*
* Drew` sticks his tongue out at steve
<kentari> oh, steve
<kentari> how right you are :P
* Drew` offers up Sam's :)

<Drew`> "what do you eat?"
<kentari> <Power> "I don't! Not like you do, anyway. You give me what I need!"
<Drew`> ".. how? I mean, the red eat hate.. do you eat.. nice? Like ..... uhm... when people are happy, you eat and get full?"
<kentari> <Power> "When you're happy, I'm happy!"
<Drew`> "But is it food?"
<kentari> <Power> "I guess?"
<Drew`> "... so you don;t if I'm sad?"
<kentari> <Power> "When you're sad... it rains in here. A terrible, lonely rain..."
<Drew`> (( "It's okay. Steve is my Rukia, Zangetsu." ))
<kentari> (( >:E *hiss* ))
<Drew`> (( I loved that bit, too :) ))

<kentari> <Faust> "I've decided part of our examination of the science of archeology should be, well, an socio-cultural look at just what popular myth and culture thinks archeology is all about. The legends, the stereotypes. The good, bad, and downright ridiculous."
<Anton> 'So we're going to be watching indiana jones?"
<Aaron_V> "So, like Indiana Jones and Lara Croft?"
<kentari> <Faust> "You'll all select a novel and, over the course of the week, read in the library. You'll keep a journal, and we'll meet up on Friday to go over what you learned about common conceptions about this most intriguing science."
<kentari> <Faust> "Indiana Jones..." You hear his teeth grinding, "Is not an archeologist." He sighs, "Such is the point of this study, though. If you can find a book about him, feel free."
<Anton> "I have a copy of the Dig, maybe that counts."
<Steve`Z> "He's got a whip and a hat. Doesn't that make him an archeologist?" *smirking again*
<Aaron_V> "That's actually what I was implying. Indiana Jones affected popular culture's view of archaeology."
<Anton> "And yeah, totally, he was so much more...."
* Anton fades off, in an admirable sort of way :P
<Anton> "Nazi's man! Nazis!"

* Rachael is attached to Anton with her best death-grip.
<Rachael> It's not really a very good death-grip. =/
<Rachael> but it will have to do.
<Steve`Z> (( what is with these girls and death grips? ))
<Drew`> "Power's still in my body, but I can get, well, thnigs if I need them, I think. Effects and whatever."
<kentari> You walk and walk. The gears spin, shift, and turn as you do, forming a path beneath you.
<kentari> A gear slows, and stops, a large door visible.
* Rachael is shivering, maybe. :P
<kentari> Plain, wooden.. a painted green border, with a knob of brass stylized to look like a flower.
<Drew`> (( it's Anton's 6 million dollar thing. Complete with pheromone job. ))

<Forest`^> damnit
<Forest`^> why is it that whenever I try to do something normal, I get in trouble?
<Drew`> Cuz you're a PC.
<Rachael> do something unusual :P
<Drew`> next silly question? :)

* Anton steers the boat where petunia told him to go
* Rachael frowns. "I don't think this is a healthy solution."
<kentari> The water churns and creates a large wake as the boat speeds forward. Petunia grips the boat, "Ahhhhhhh! This is faaast!"
<Rachael> "You can't just strap mystically a propellor on the rowboat of Life and expect to end up some place!"
* Anton makes it slower, then!
<Anton> "I'm the trip, not the destination."
<Anton> "Or maybe its the other way around?"
* Rachael looks "You?"
<Anton> "Its a very metaphysical place, if I explain, it means less."
<Anton> "We're taking petunia 'home' as it were."
<Rachael> "YOU are the trip? the destination?"
<Anton> "Oh, no, no."
<Drew`> "Everyone needs people to carry them sometimes,"absently. "If only as pallbearers."

<kentari> Well, walking, waiting, or running, everyone collects their things and heads to Maslow's group therapy!
* Drew` walks back in to get the book he was taking out and his bag and to go to class, distracted
* Rachael is in this class promptly.
<kentari> Amos and Maslow are already waiting, in the big comfy room.
<Drew`> (( of course. She needs it the most :P ))
<kentari> (( ouch :P ))
<Drew`> (( *grins* ))

<Drew`> Trying to understand him, the way Drew's managed a few times. Not know what he wants, just ore.. who/what he is.
<kentari> You jump over to Phil. He's resting. He turns a bit in his sleep, and you get a flashback..
<kentari> He's standing in front of a window in the middle of the night. Its raining, slightly, and a great shadow is floating through the air. Phil reaches out to it, curiously.. it pauses, notices him, and jets towards him with eery speed.
<kentari> It makes contact and knocks him back, and the vision ends.
<kentari> The thing looked almost .. fuzzy, up close there for a moment
<Drew`> what IS the shadow?
<kentari> the shadow knows
<kentari> BUAHAHA
<kentari> :P

<Anton> the trick is to pretend you know whats going on
<Anton> its seemed to work for anton so far! :P
<Rachael> exactly!
<Forest`^> I can do that!
<Aaron_V> And me!
<Forest`^> How do you think I get along in LoLad?
<Rachael> all my characters do that :P
<Anton> its a trend for game1 characters :P
<Anton> only I know I'm right
<Anton> always
<Anton> and never wrong
<Anton> ever :P
* Forest`^ finds it's easier to pretend you know what's going on, than to say... figure out what's going on
<kentari> lol
<kentari> lies
<kentari> Cameron was always thourough in his investigations before doing anything
<kentari> it made peaceful solutions easier to fnid ;p
* Drew` nods.
<Drew`> of course it did :p
<kentari> :P Don't you take that tone with me.

<Rachael> Lynn's recently developed a bit of an "I'm a terrible monster" complex - just a little. She ALMOST got a LOT of it. But Faline is back. So it's not the pressing issue anymore.
<alcar> heh
<Rachael> it's merely Lingering
<Tass> well damn
<Tass> I was hoping she would suddenly become responsible
<Tass> Faline is like, some kind of anti accountability magnet
<Rachael> she's doing her best :P
* Tass will capitalize on this with a phrase
<Rachael> well
<Tass> "Faline made me do it."
<alcar> "I was Falined. I'm not sorry. I can't be sorry. You understand how it is."

<kentari> firefly universe never really thrilled me
<kentari> but sin thrills me :D
* kentari watches that quote get taken so out of context

* Sintaqx has joined #game1
<Kage`> Hey sin
* sparkie murders Sintaqx
<Cecil`^> Sin!
<Kage`> its Tass
<Cecil`^> what's up!
<Kage`> we're about to lolad :P
* Sintaqx enlightens Sparkie about the philosophy surrounding the consumption of feces and subesquent and spontanious experation.
<Cecil`^> lol
<Cecil`^> telling someone to eat shit and die isn't exactly explaining a philosophy

<Cecil`^> "I really can't see how forgetting that I did bad things makes it all better. For a time I thought I was saint george... But then I realized that I was believing the word of some idiot tied to a tree..."
* Cecil`^ shrugs
<Cecil`^> "If it turns out I am a bad person, then the only thing I can do is make it right."
<AlcarGm> Sara: "How? We already *had* sex, silly."

<Cecil`^> "It is still a good idea to find out what I am... That way I'll atleast know what people are talking about when they start throwing insults around at me... Just like when I thought I was a dragon..."
<AlcarGm> Sara: "It's just a label anyway," dismissively.
<Cecil`^> "I'll also know my weaknesses... And how to avoid getting killed."
<AlcarGm> Sara: "That's easy. Don't die."

<Kage`> 'I need to find that genie."
<Kage`> "But I think Alcar is already heading that possibility off at the pass."
<Kage`> (you know you are :P)
<Kage`> "But she only grants wishes that you can't choose, but its worth a shot."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "He already did, but not because of that but to clear up a different subplot. Sorry."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "I'd wish for Faline ot get better, but there might be nothing wrong."
<AlcarGm> he laughs.
<AlcarGm> Simon: "I guess my life is good, if I can't think of anything to wish for for me."
<Kage`> "Guess so."
<Kage`> "Maybe thats the point?"
<Kage`> "I'd totally ask for X-ray vision."
* Kage` smirks :P
<AlcarGm> Simon stops. "..... that would be cool."
* Kage` just nods!
<Kage`> "Everyone wants it!"
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Except around old folk's homes."
<Kage`> "Its like, the most universally wanted comic book power, I think."
<Faline> (( so you will see bones and sometimes cause infertility? ))
<Kage`> "Granted."
* Kage` (stares at Lynn and faline :P)

<AlcarGm> Simon: "I just..... if I had a wish, about other stuff, it would be to .... have Faline explain things. Somehow."
<Kage`> "Maybe you'll get a cricket solo, if you do get it."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Huh?"
* Kage` empties his gun, and incinerates the shells
<Kage`> "Disney joke."
* Kage` loads some more into his .38 special
<AlcarGm> Simon: "oh."
* Kage` spins it, and loads it with a flick of his wrist
* Faline does the bright glowy APPEAR thing!
* Kage` reholsters and stands, taking aim
* Kage` reaims after he sees someone there, "Whoa!"
<AlcarGm> Simon yelps, jumps up, coming down with extra fur, claws, then relaxes.. a little. Shifts to human, keeps claws.
* Faline looks at Kage and Simon. "Oh! Hi guys. Did one of you need me?"
<Kage`> "Damnit Jimminey."
* Kage` smacks his forehead :P
<AlcarGm> Simon: ".... that's part of the joke?"
<Kage`> (Or however its spelled :P)
<Faline> (( when you wish upon a cat, makes no difference where you're at... ))

<Cecil`^> I suppose what I did to blossom is like burning down rome... I wonder if the vampire of Rome is still mad at the person who did that...
<AlcarGm> Nero was that vampire. Cleaning out some rogue nests, y' know
<Cecil`^> Who's Nero?
<Faline> lol
<AlcarGm> ... eh?

<Faline> "It's okay. I'm sorrrry. I'll be nicerr to everrybody, okay? I want to be nice."
<AlcarGm> He pulls back, wiping off tears. "why . why did you change so... so much?"
* Faline shrugs. "I didn't want to. It just hapened."
<AlcarGm> Simon gives Faline a blank look
* Kage` coughs into his hand
<Kage`> "When?"
<AlcarGm> Simon; "But things don't just.. we do things, and we .... live up to them?" he trails off, confused, unable to find words t fit whatever is in his head
* Faline sighs again, and sits on the ground, then lays on her back.
<Faline> "Rreally, I'm sorrrry, I mean it. I alrready agrreed to stop..."
<Kage`> "I didn't think this was negotiations."
<AlcarGm> Simon; "but.. don't you see it was.. was wrong?" confused. He shakes his head, giving up and looks relieved to let Kage talk
<Faline> "It's not negotiations, I'm just trrying to be nice to everryone frrom now on! Some people that won't worrk with, but niceness firrst frrom now on."
* Kage` looks at Simon, "I think this is a case of taking what you can get."
* Kage` shakes his head, "But I think I'm being rude. Simon wanted an explaination."
<AlcarGm> (( The Purple Book Of Prose, Vol 1, Verse III: "And Lo! On the day of th Appointged battled foretold by the First before the Summerland was e'er born, the Faline did stride out and offer t paryet with the AScversary, and was slain for Her efforts at being nice..." ))
<Faline> (( oh, the Adversary is the exception, he gets the ol' boot to the head from moment one. ))

<AlcarGm> Salem is wearing black, of course. Thgough it's more shadows than clothign, and definitely alive and IS her shadow, you think, her aira is the cold of the grave and her eyes are wide and bright, but empty of human longings. "Oh, yes." She smiles.
* Cecil`^ looks her over "You've changed."
<AlcarGm> Salem: "You haven't."
* Cecil`^ smiles "That's where you're wrong." Looking back at the sphere "I need to talk to your husband."
<AlcarGm> Salem: "Why?"
<Cecil`^> "It's about his body."
<AlcarGm> Salem: "You can['t have him! He's MINE!"
<AlcarGm> 2d6 - death bolt
<sparkie> AlcarGm 2d6: 11 - death bolt
<AlcarGm> j/k
<Cecil`^> ... DO it!
<Cecil`^> She totally rolled an 11!
<Cecil`^> =p

<AlcarGm> Simon just looks more lost. "You... have a religion?"
* Faline looks at Simon. "Uhm, you rrememberr the Goddess thing, rright?"
<AlcarGm> Simon: "Yeah, but I thought it was... uhm .... just.. from coming back."
<Faline> "No, see, I got into the Diety club because people worrship me."
<AlcarGm> Simon: "... why?"
<AlcarGm> Simon turns bright red. "I didn't mean it like that!"

<Kage`> "If you found the right person to die for you, it could be undone."
<Faline> "How's that?"
<AlcarGm> Simon: "huh?"
<Kage`> "There is a... rule."
<Kage`> "Something about divine executioners. They have power to create or destroy dieties."
<Kage`> "Maybe the same could be said for diety-hood."
<Faline> "...Destrroy doesn't sound the same as rreverrse."
<Kage`> "Above and below. The martyr has always played the trump."
<Faline> "When I said 'how they werre' I was referring to back when I was alive."

<Chaos`^> You're always so mean to me alcar, teasing me with a quick... 4 hour game....
<Chaos`^> =p
<AlcarGm> :p

<Kage`> damnit!
<Kage`> confliction!
<AlcarGm> eh?
<Kage`> destroy winterland, free death
<Kage`> freeing death means setting maybe thousands of loony dieties loose on earth :P
<AlcarGm> lol

<Caltak> Are you jealous of Faline?
<Tass> jealous.... is the wrong word :P
<Chaos`^> Tass thinks Kage is the most powerful member of the game
<Chaos`^> =p
<Tass> Tass doesn't think like you do, obviously, then :P
<alcar> Nah, Sophie is. Because he's beautiful.
<alcar> :p
<Caltak> Sophie is ugly on the inside.
<Caltak> Where it counts.
<Caltak> :D
<alcar> Eh, not always :)
<Caltak> SHHH
<Tass> I think it rattled sophie when kage decided to keep his scars :P
<Caltak> Don't spoil it.
<alcar> he was nice to Chris :p
<alcar> Tass - insanity often does :)
<Tass> lol
<Tass> thats awesome
<Tass> maybe thats why he kinda listens to kage :P

<alcar> y' know, it occurs to me that being a babysitter in Arkham would be difficult.
<Gemm> as in Gotham's Arkham Asylum?
<alcar> Not that wussy thing.,
<alcar> Lovecraft.
<alcar> "Johnny was into his little black book again. And he WASN'T calling his girlfriend this time, Mr. Morrissey. I demand a raise for having to use the Elder Sign. Again."

<Drew`> "And you need..." *frowns* "Clothing."
<kentari> Drew is holding a simple looking little blue dress.
<Steve`Z> (( with a stain on it? ))
<kentari> In the same stylings as the typical little black dress. :P
<Drew`> me hands it to Rachael without really looking at it.
<kentari> Folded, and such, ready to go!
<Drew`> "If we avoid him and skip, we can say it never happened tomorrow. Faust confused the hall monitors."
* Steve`Z shrugs. "Sounds good to me."
* Rachael looks for a spot with a little privacy to put it on.
<kentari> There's under the desk? :
<Rachael> -- not that it really matters, but still!
<Steve`Z> (( privacy? You're already nude ))

<kentari> <Red> "What is it about me that makes you act this way?" She asks Steve, "Is it my hair, my eyes? I've taken a lot of time to find out what is pleasing to you people." She winks, running a hand along her side.
<Steve`Z> "It's your nature, dear. We don't take kindly to those who enjoy it when we feel bad things."
<kentari> <Red> "But its .. Schaaadenfreude! People taking pleasure in your pain!" She sings, music beginning.
<kentari> j/k :P

* Drew` pssts to the knight: "You ever in a threesome?"
<Drew`> would be so, so horrible :)
<Drew`> kent's nice chart would implode?
<Steve`Z> funny thing here
<Steve`Z> is I was thinking about saying that oocly
<Drew`> hehe
<kentari> :P

* Drew` rubs his hands together, blue light flickering asround them. "Power can't look far here, so need to try something newe.... unless you can feel her, or anything?" to Steve and the Knight.
* Steve`Z shakes his head.
* Drew` tries a mental shout of "RACHAEL!" for good measure.
<Drew`> (( "Rachael doo, where are you?" ))
<Steve`Z> (( OMG, we need to get a box of granola and write "Rachael Snax" on it. ))

<alcar> All superheroes and villains fighting do is promote the status quo
<alcar> None of it makes a better world at all.
<alcar> It doesn't change anything that matters.
* Caltak shakes his head.
<alcar> You get people putting all their genius into devising suits of armour and Cool Weapons when they coudl be, say, working on cures for things, or a better space program and the like.
<alcar> So the net result is that the world is the samer as it always was. They don't make it any better ; at best they prevent it from getting worse.
<Caltak> Not all villains are made by heroes, so if they run unchecked then that hurts everyone. :P ALSO I seem to recall references to Reed Ricahrds and other super geniuses researching thgings like CURES for things in between the crime-fighting.
<alcar> Yes, but you never see any results OF such things, or at least almost never. But, really, without superheroes there would be no supervillains: they need each other to survive. How else do the villains somehow always manage to escape from superheroic contaiment facilities? I think there's like an underground smuggling ring arranged by the heroes :p

* alcar nods. Am all for Risus :)
<Tass> amber could work as well, since there is more narrative cover
<Tass> is there even a third?
<alcar> Hrm, Not that I can think of, off hand. At least not one that's simple neough
<kentari> Hey let's go GURPS :D
* alcar spent last night reading mutants & masterminds and cringing :)
* kentari takes the safety off the handgun ;p
<Tass> hold on
<Tass> I need to calculate my max G and turning radius :P

<AlcarGM> The creation does nothing, but the Toaster in the kitchen is practically begging for someone to make toast, and demanding peole eat toast, and explaining the virtue of toadt over all other forms of nourishment. Repeatedly.
* Luna_ sits on the table, back to her miniscule self, munching on a tuna roll. Toast doesn't have tuna, and is thus inferior
* Buford will make some toast if it will shut the thing up.
* Travis is currently inspecting a can opener carefully, brainstorming on possible improvements that could be made to the rather inferior looking contraption.
<AlcarGM> It offers to make even more toast. "Surely that wasn't enough? I love toast! I live to make it! Say you want more!!"
* Buford expands the size of his hand and smashes the toaster.
<Anelelinde> (( turn it into an anything-opener and let's throw about some portals ))
<Luna_> ( LOL )
<AlcarGM> Toaster: ".. maybe later?"
<AlcarGM> toaster: (smaller voice) "Or a bagel? Bagels are good."

<Travis> alcar
<Travis> STOP IT :P
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> it's YOUR fault. You improved the toaster :P
<Travis> hey
<Travis> society makes the crime, okay? :P

<AlcarGM> she's asking if you want sex now, or later :p
<Travis> The reply: What is Sex?
<Travis> :P
<Travis> Travis is the youngest of his people, remember!
<Travis> Blessed innocence, protect me :P
<AlcarGM> hahaha

<Travis> you would think a semblance of chaos would be right up the butterfly of chaos' alley :P
<Travis> yet, somehow, we aren't getting along with Chaos' pc
<Travis> I find the levels of irony impressive :P

<Luna_> "You can tell us, right...?"
* Luna_ looks cute.. terribly cute...
* Luna_ idly paws just below a catear. Cutely.
* Luna_ pouts, looking almost about to cry..
<Luna_> "You... won't tell us...?"
<Luna_> ( GIVE IN TO THE CUTE! )

* Travis slooowly removes his hand from Sara, and rubs his head where she had patted.
<AlcarGM> Sara just smiles wickedly at Travis, then vanishes, leaving behind a rose in a glass case.
* Luna_ just blinks. Cutely
<Anelelinde> who is still here? besides me and Travis and Luna?
<Anelelinde> anyone?
<AlcarGM> The tree of you, Randy, no one else.
* Travis inspects this glass case and rose a moment, then stands, "This is Sex?" to Luna and Anne, curiously, pointing at the rose.
<Anelelinde> (to Travis) "can you take him?"
<AlcarGM> (( Sara: "No, it's taming! Silly." ))
<Luna_> "... no, it's not."
<Travis> "I will need to research it.."
* Luna_ blushes a bit, nervously, not wanting to be the one to explain
<AlcarGM> (( I don't want to be around if Luna explains sex. "Well you have to power up, scream several japanese words..." ))
<Travis> (( There's this transformation sequence. You start glowing. :P ))
<Luna_> ( I'm not sure she COULD, but I don't want to find out )

<Anelelinde> you know what?
<Anelelinde> the only thing less effective than using NPCs as messangers?
<Anelelinde> using PCs.

<Anelelinde> "Am I broken?"
* Travis looks at Lynn long and hard.
<Anelelinde> "Then fix me, Travis. If you can."
<Anelelinde> "I am small next to a Planet."
<Travis> "You are not broken."
<AlcarGM> (( "Your player, on the other land..." ))
<Travis> (( ouch :P ))
<Anelelinde> What? :P
* Anelelinde bonks AlcarGM

<AlcarGM> Okay. YOu are not outside.. and, in the distance, above as certain mountain, something flies into the sky...
* Luna_ waits behind, looking confused
* Cecil`^ is currently flying slowly through the dark and snowy sky of the city, his polished silver scales reflect light into various directions comming up from the city. His face looks more like a described chinese dragon than any other culture. He is also carrying a Sara on his back, whos somber face seems to make her look more like a stoned cowgirl than her real self.
* Travis stands on a platform, hand on some new device forming from the floor as some kind of rod or tubes become visible on the outside of the ship. Concentrating, he follows.
<Travis> thoooooooooose would be weapons :P
<AlcarGM> hehehehehe
<AlcarGM> you firing at Cecil? :p
<Travis> not yet ;p

* Travis gestures with another hand, a strange sort of display of concentric circles hovering above the image of Cecil. For now, that is all that happens.
* Travis then holds up another hand, and the lights dim.
<Anelelinde> (( gonna blow him up? ))
<Travis> (( C-2. ))
<Travis> (( :D ))
<Anelelinde> (( You come here all the way from WHAT planet now and the best you can manage is C2? ))

<Cecil`^> "But I--I have all of the perks of some supernatural being, yet I also have all of the things that make people see me as mundane... I'm imune to the entropy effect, and the fates can't control me..."
<Cecil`^> "I have an aura... Can something engineered even have a soul? We can reproduce too, but only with our own kind... It all makes sense..."
* Cecil`^ looks at Sara smiling "I was MADE this way!"
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Well, I'm glad something does."
<AlcarGM> Sara: "Couldn' they have given you a bigger penis too?"
* Cecil`^ gapes at her and nudges her
<AlcarGM> The grey .. blinks.

<Kage`> "I can help randy. But this man must remain alive, and he is on the verge of dying."
<Buford> "Then heal him up right quick so I can get some more answers out of him."
<Kage`> "I understand he and his crew tried to kill randy, and would like us all to die, but believe me when I say he shouldn't suffer like this."
<AlcarGM> Simon looks at Buford, confused. "You'd .. torture him?"
<Kage`> "He and his kind think we are a threat, and fear, which is why they come. TO do this... is just wrong."
<Kage`> "He's already been tortured, he's going for round two."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "....."
<Kage`> "If we are to change anything, we mustn't become they things they fear, but the things they can understand."

<Cecil`^> "If we destroy the god, the masters will come, and I am to free you? Am I the only one that can do it? Did you make any other tools to help you?"
<AlcarGM> Grey: 'The genies, but they are .... flawed.The one we made.. Thaddeus . .went his own way, far away from what we wanted. He remains hidden from us."
<Cecil`^> "He is comming here... And Denise was here as well, another Genie..."
* Cecil`^ frowns
<Cecil`^> "But she can't touch water... That's her problem... It's snowing... Which is why I've been avoiding her, since she would only be able to stay inside..."
<Cecil`^> "Thaddeus is comming here as well... Denise was supposed to meet him... Is he the only other one that could help? Is there like a manual for me? Somethign that tells me all of these wierd things I can do that humans can't? I've always noticed them on my own and it's been hard to figure these things out you know..."
* Cecil`^ sounds entirely too excited

<Buford> "But do you suppose these people are going to reason with your flowery propositions?"
<Kage`> "As a whole? No."
<Kage`> "But I have more than enough strength to back myself up. Do not confuse compassion with weakness."

* Jaoni sighs
* Jaoni holds up a hand and speaks to her right, "You can't hear me when I think at you, can you?"
<Chaos`GM^> A waitress sets the glasses of water on the table "Are you ready to order?" Sara's voice can be heard from above you... you didn't see her comming
* Jerome closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, opens them..... looks at Jaoni.... "Ah.... in a little bit."
<Jaoni> "The how the hell are you talking to me?"
<Chaos`GM^> She turns, pauses for a second, then turns around "You! Are you stalking me!? First you ruin my life, now you're stalking me!? Listen, I like sex, but not with bastards like you!"
* Jaoni frowns, then looks at her menu, 'I might need a little bit."
<Chaos`GM^> Sara is saying this awfully loudly, for everyone to hear
<Chaos`GM^> luckilly it's not very full yet
<Jaoni> "Ignore him, he's fairly harmless."
* Jaoni looks at her menu! :P
<Jerome> lol
* Jerome jsut..... stares.

<Chaos`GM^> The waitress comes back with three plates, one of the wings, the other two of a steak meal, the steak is a tall and very juicy piece of meat, there is a baked potatoe and some veggies as well... "Compliments of the owner..." She sets them all down on the table
<Chaos`GM^> THere is a small envelope leaning on Jerome's baked potatoe
<Chaos`GM^> potato
* Jerome ... stares./
* Chaos`GM^ can never spell that right...
* Jerome opens it.
<Jerome> (( you and dan quayle, eh? :p ))

<Jerome> An entire clique of transvestite heroes WOULD be fun
<kentari> DO NOT WANT :P

<Chaos`GM^> The 2nd waitress comes over "Would you like any dessert?"
* Jerome shakes his head. "No, thank you."
* Jaoni hrms
<Jaoni> "Maybe a return on the note?"
* Jaoni writes something down, and shows it to Jerome, then initials it :P
* Jerome looks at it...
* Chaos`GM^ looks at it too
<Jerome> (( who says YOU can, buster? ))

* Jerome blinks, looks at Jaoni. "Can you put her up some place? I ... couldn't."
<Jaoni> "My parents.... I dunno, they're kinda living amongst their means as is."
* Jerome nods. "Then...."
* Jerome spins, slamming a fist into the nearest wall. Pulls it back. Blinks. "What can do we do?" calm, again.
<Jaoni> "There is Roy's place, but I can't make that decision."
<Jaoni> ("I don't want to turn this into Cameron's house.")
<Jerome> (( yeah :p ))
<Jerome> "How many others are here?" to Sara
<Chaos`GM^> Jerome's parents ARE foster parents... He could ASK them ;p
<Chaos`GM^> Sara snifs and looks at the floor "Three others like me... the others are... Hire help."
<Jerome> (( yes, but ..... well.... he's kinda on thin ice at the moment :p ))
<Chaos`GM^> (( Yep! he sure is! ))
<Jaoni> ("Hey mom! I brought home whores!")

<Jerome> "Do you want out?"
<Chaos`GM^> She looks at you, worried, excited, and torn
<Chaos`GM^> "I--You could do that? For us? All of us?"
<Chaos`GM^> She looks down at the floor again "No, we couldn't, he'd find us, and then he'd kill us for running..."
<Jaoni> "Who is he?"
<Jerome> "I ... don't know. I don't have any power, any means." Looks at Jaoni. "Can your friend do anything at all about this? help.. somehow?"
<Chaos`GM^> Sara: "The owner, he... He owns us... This building..."
<Chaos`GM^> she shakews her head
<Chaos`GM^> "He owns everything..."
<Chaos`GM^> She sounds like she's in awe, as if talking about her personal god...
* Jaoni hrms, "Sara, would you let our LORD SATAN into your life? To help you with your problems? You won't miss your soul, I promise!"
<Jaoni> and seriously, zomg, j/k :P
<Jerome> hahahaha
<Chaos`GM^> =p

<kentari> a 4color PC without the temptation of silver letter openers isn't really 4color, just naive ;p

<kentari> The TV flashes with a newsreel, a reporter in front of a dairy farm. "This just in.. EL CHUPACABRA has drained the cows! They've been sucked dry, TO THEIR DEATHS! We'll have more on this latest update very soon!"
<kentari> ((j/k :P))
<Drew`> (( "Silly talking head; it's really a vampiric kitten." ))

<kentari> you know fen
<kentari> I have to give you a gold star
<Rachael> so much for the melodramatic scene
<Rachael> kentari: ?
<kentari> for playing a 13ish year old in a developmentally appropriate manner.
<kentari> :P

<Forest`^> hey alcar
<Drew`> yes?
<Forest`^> Sara is showing everyone how to make a proper taco
<Drew`> ...
* Drew` would rather not imagine that.
<Forest`^> my thoughts exactly

* Forest`^ has joined #game2
<Forest`^> the (phalic) woods?
<Forest`^> wtf?
<kentari> oops
* kentari changes topic to 'SOME PLACE SAFE'

<kentari> Rachael's hair grows in length
<kentari> By roughly one and a half, perhaps two, feet.
* Drew` blinks, then nods. "I guess so. I don't think I want to ....." *blinks* "Err...."
<Drew`> (( What's Sam doing? ))
* Rachael gathers herself up neatly.
<Rachael> (( hmm. much of this and it shall be longer than I am! ))
<Drew`> (( create an imp to go behind and carry it above the ground.... ))
<kentari> Sam is staring, in disbelief and confusion :P
<kentari> (( lol ;p ))

<Anton> "I had a bad accident, a while ago, some.... nerve dammage, I guess you could say. Physical contact is just...."
<kentari> <Sara> "Its okay! I know some tricks. See, there's this thing you do.." She curves her hand, pantomining.
* Anton just shakes his head
<kentari> <Sara> "What happened...?"
* Anton leans back suddenly, and stands, "I just can't say."
<Anton> "Sorry."
<kentari> <Sara> "You know my secrets!"
<kentari> <Sara> "What's the harm?"
* Anton holds up the motor, "You tell me."
* Anton sets it down and hurries out, hand on temple
<Anton> (you know play doh? :P)
<Anton> (you know when you squeeeeeze it?)
<kentari> <Sara> "AM I THAT HIDEOUS?"
<kentari> She looks at what's left of the motor.
<Anton> (it makes that hand imprint shape, its a twisted hunk of metal)
<kentari> And swats it aside, angrily. It makes a small crater in a wooden cabinet nearby and she storms off in the direction of the hot tub.
<Forest`^> (( Oh thank god... I was affraid she'd follow me... ))
<kentari> <Sara> "Enough playing nice. I'm going rape every last one of them..." She frowns, pouring herself a martini.
<kentari> j/k
<kentari> :P sooo j/k

<Rachael> "But... the hair...
<Rachael> "Can you do it again? Make it longer? All the way down to my toes and beyond?"
* Drew` blinks.
<Drew`> "I can try?"
<Drew`> 2d6 - Hair. Gods, this feels like FSZ's game....
<sparkie> Drew` 2d6: 6 - Hair. Gods, this feels like FSZ's game....
<Drew`> pass :p
* Rachael nods. "As long as you dare and more?"
<Drew`> "Hm?"
<kentari> Your hands asplode.
<kentari> :P j/k
<Drew`> (( *grins* ))

<kentari> Oh say can you see Rachael's eyes, if you can (then her hair's too short!) :P
<kentari> Every hair Rachael possesses is doubled in length.
<Drew`> (( ..... eewww! ))
<Drew`> "......."
<kentari> Juuuust as Drew's pants belt out a musical ringtone of 'I feel Pretty'
<kentari> His cell phone. :P
<Drew`> (( he don't gots one :p ))
* Rachael closes her eyes and smiles for a moment? "Thank you..." and scurries off Homeward, carrying the stuff if necessary. :)
<Anton> (then your shoe is ringing :P)
<kentari> Indeed. Drew's shoe is ringing.
<kentari> It would seem someone made it a phone while he wasn't looking.
* Drew` stares
* Drew` takes his shoe off
* Drew` holds it up to his ear. "hello?"
* Drew` wants to see the phone company charge for this :p

<kentari> He sorta nods, a little confused, but doesn't want to ask.
<Anton> ("I filled it with putty." * Anton puts away the can of C4)

<Chaos`^> wow
<Chaos`^> so
<Chaos`^> uhm
<Chaos`^> there's no cats in that pc
<Chaos`^> wow
* Chaos`^ is just... at a loss for words
<Chaos`^> "So what's your superpower?" "I have a penis."
<alcar> hahaha

<Chaos`GM^> Sara comes first
* Jaoni helps from up top, and jerome from the bottom
* sparkie wants to quote that
<Chaos`GM^> yes, yes...
<Chaos`GM^> that would make a very nice out of context quote

<Chaos`GM^> The door to the lab is locked, so you can't really get out without breakign it... or picking the lock
<Jaoni> "Why the hell does a school have motion detectors?"
<Jaoni> (Or defense nannites :P)
<Jerome`> (( *grins* ))

<Rachael> Tass told me that one time I ought to get some sort of emotional barrier between myself and my characters. I was reconsidering his advice.
<Rachael> ... It might make my characters happier. :)
<Rachael> less angsty and such :P
<alcar> Heh.

<Tass> pyrocaninesis
<alcar> eh?
<Tass> the ability to set dogs on fire

<Rachael> it's quiet
<Rachael> toooooo quiet
<Rachael> waaaaay tooooooo quiet
* Rachael feels so alone! :P
<sparkie> Never fear, Sparkie's here!
<Rachael> yay sparkie
<Rachael> 2d6 Gimme a 12!
<sparkie> Rachael 2d6: 12 Gimme a 12!
<Rachael> mwuahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha!
<alcar> ...
* alcar shakes his head

<Alicia> ... you realise that I'm an eternal outsider, right?
<alcar[writing]> .. why? That's just boring :p
<Alicia> Politics is NOT fun for me
<Alicia> Because that's who I am
<alcar[writing]> RPG character != player.
<alcar[writing]> otherwise, well, it's just playing the same character over and over, really.
<alcar[writing]> with a new face on them.
<Alicia> Yeah, but I'm too much of an outsider to understand what not being one entails
<alcar[writing]> ....
<Alicia> At best, I'm the mascot
<Alicia> Seriously
<alcar[writing]> Well. There's this thing called acting. And these things called people. Sometimes they're in movies. Or books. or even real life. And you can pretend to be one! Especially if you're not. it's called role playing :p

<alcar[writing]> the whole "there has to be something more!" ... well, no, there doesn't. The belief that their does is just a humanocentric thing. Or self-centric. Our deep seated desire for answers, no matter how silly we make them.
<Alicia> Why bother doing anything, then?
<alcar[writing]> because we get to experience being alive.
<alcar[writing]> and that's always fun.
<Alicia> No it's not
* alcar[writing] shrugs. All depends on pov. It's interesting, at the least. It's a gift, and to squander it is poor use of such things.
<Alicia> It was never interesting to me
<alcar[writing]> Ah.
<Alicia> And I don't like my answer to "Why" being "Because God/Goddess/Eris/Fate/The cosmic RNG rolled a 12"
<Alicia> I do not wish to think that I am the result of the cosmic version of Sparkie!

<Alicia> "Shit happens for no reason whatsoever" seems inelegant, so I avoid such explanations
* sparkie is the reason.
<Alicia> That would explain a lot
* sparkie is liking this whole Creator gig. Even if it IS a step down.

<Tass> lesigh
<Tass> I fear
<Tass> that in all my days, in all my searching
<Tass> in all the internets anyone can muster
<Tass> that game1 will be the pinacle of internet based RP groups :/
<Tass> for me at least
<Tass> you know how depressing that is?! :P

<Tass> people confuse my name with tasslehoff all the damn time
<Tass> which is why I HATE kender
<alcar> lol

<Chaos`GM^> the one with the blue sword makes an assault on one of the red men, he thrusts in, and slices through the man, cutting him in half, but rather than the man falling over dead, he simple disapears, leaving a pile of clothes where he was
* Franklin_P_R_Esquire walks towards them, muttering about the lack of jedi funerals that, while saving on funerary expenses, does make charting the history of the order much more difficult
<Chaos`GM^> The other read team member, a man in a black robe with very pale features yells out "Commas! No! You will die for this Zane!" He begins an all out assault yelling in rage. The blue team's member (Zane) can barely defend from the assault
<Chaos`GM^> Zane: "You will not have him!"
<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> "And he died while being spliced. How very ironic. Are you both finished? I'd rather you didn't wake up the dean. He tends to be grouchy if he doesn't get a good 12 hours of sleep, in."

<Chaos`GM^> He sighs, looking frustrated, but uses a Jedi calming technique and smiles "He is in grave danger, it seems his most recent expedition dug up some valueble information for us jedi, as well as the sith lords. They would rather kill him and take the information."
<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> "I rather doubt it was valuable, since I didn't dig up anything of ntoe at that time. The records were, as far as I could discern, a cookbook written in a variant of huttese."
<Chaos`GM^> He breathes deeply, remaining very calm "So you *are* Franklin?"
<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> "As long as you are not actually wondering about the spending accounts from the side trip to the seven moons, yes. It was perfectly legal to change currencies in order to facilitate a dialogue with the natives."
<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> "The fact that their currencies were nubile young women is continually mentioned by the dean. Perhaps because he wishes I'd brought them back."
<Chaos`GM^> He clenches his jaw "Would you please grab your belongings and everything that you dug up from the expedition and come along with me."
* Franklin_P_R_Esquire goes back to roooms, fathering up three books, several notes..... "Hmm."
* Franklin_P_R_Esquire leaves a note for his assistant telling the one of this week, if the boy didn't quit like that last three did, though the one before them jumped out a window for some reason, to put his belingings into a storafge room for safe keeping owing to political circumstances.
* Franklin_P_R_Esquire gets some reading material as well, puts it and computer into case. "I believe that will be all. Unless you feel we need anything else?"
<Chaos`GM^> "We must leave..."
<Chaos`GM^> he turns quickly and heads down the hallway "Please hurry."
* Franklin_P_R_Esquire locks door, windows etc. and follows.
* Franklin_P_R_Esquire adda an 'out to lunch' thing onthe door, so the sith wouldn't break it down and ruin a good year of research

<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> "May I inquire as to how you became aware of this predicament?"
<Chaos`GM^> YOu're lead down the path to the parking lot where repulser bikes and cars are usually parked... It now houses a very large freighter starship
<Chaos`GM^> Zane: "The sith have notoriously loud mouths, bragging about this and that. It seems they dug into the mind of one of your assistants and found some sort of Jedi artifact from the old republic."
<Chaos`GM^> Zane pushes a few buttons on a data pad and a ramp lowers
<Chaos`GM^> "Get in, hurry."
<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> "I am amazed they found a mind in the boy in the first place. It undoubtedly lowered their IQ just to look. And, frankly, said assitant woudln't even know what an artifact was if it bit him on the ass. Which, come to think of it," as he gets in, "it did once."
<Chaos`GM^> The pilot inside tries not to laugh at the comment. He turns around, a young man in his early twenties wearing relaxed clothes and with a wide grin on his face "You found him?" He looks you over "The famous Professor Franklin Rothschild eh?" He laughs again "Where's Barad?"
<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> (( his last name, sir GM, IS Esquire :p ))
<Chaos`GM^> Zane gives the pilot a grim look and sits in the co-pilot seat closing the ramp doors. The pilot frowns "I see."
<Chaos`GM^> Oh
<Chaos`GM^> Then perhaps you should correct the pilot
<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> "My last name, friend pilot, is Esquire. For someone who claims that I am famous, you don't need to have managed to familiarize yourself with something that basic."
<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> (( I shall :p ))

<Franklin_P_R_Esquire> (( You know, every time I make a character like this I wonder how long it is before someone spaces them. ))

* Fennael hmms.
* Fennael is writing some documentation... and is including a little stub section to be filled out later.
<Fennael> == Troubleshooting ==
<Fennael> The computer is your Friend. If you see trouble, shoot it, Citizen. Have a nice daycycle.
<alcar> lol!
<alcar> Perfect :)

<Caltak> Let's play Low-Life so I can feel myself up.
<alcar> eh?
<alcar> that'd be a bit odd :p
<Gemm> I don't know if he's making joke or not.
<Chaos`^> you know
<Chaos`^> it's hard to tell sometimes
* alcar sees a song in that
<alcar> "They call me an intrersexual / but I'm really an extrasexual ..." etc
* Gemm is happy he can't find what alcar is talking about. =P
<Caltak> Why would I be joking?
<Caltak> I mean sure, it's nicer to feel someone *else* up, but when you got all you need, it's convenient for a quick grope.
* alcar nods.
<alcar> wouold make sense as a body modifcation of the future. "No need to worry about STDs with strangers! With one simple appiintment you will no longer be a strange to the oppsite sex ever again!"
* Chaos`^ can't believe he's even reading this conversation
<Tass> oh I can :P

<kentari> <Power> "I thought you were talking about her dress."
<Drew`> "..... why would I?"
<kentari> <Power> "Dunno! Its less strange than talking about, say, her breasts!"
<Drew`> *blinks* ".... why would I do THAT?"
<kentari> <Power> "Haha! Just testing you to see if you're awake."
<Drew`> "..... "
<Drew`> "Remind me to never give you coffee, okay?"
<kentari> <Power> "Coffee....? What's that?"
<Drew`> ".... you don't need it. Trust me."

<Aaron> I've come close to stealing my brother's car to go beat someone for playing WoW instead of gaming.

* Anton bursts in! out of drew's chest!
* Drew` looks back at Rachaellyn oddly, wondering why she hadn't ranted yet, then hopes that maybe she *has* changed.. or remembered to take her meds.
<kentari> He smirks, "You look young. Are you sure you're in the right place?" To Rachael ;p
<Anton> (or just in through the door :P)
<Rachaellyn> "thank-you." (beaming)
* Rachaellyn frowns.
<Drew`> (( Use the shoe, silly! :P ))

<Drew`> "Remind me to never give you coffee, okay?"
<kentari> <Power> "Coffee....? What's that?"
<Drew`> ".... you don't need it. Trust me."
<kentari> <Power> "I'll go get Aaron's coffee!" And you feel power leave you.
<Drew`> "Everything okay?" to Power
<kentari> No response!
<Drew`> (( I'm having visions of Vora here :p ))
<Drew`> (( damn. ))

<kentari> !generate female
<sparkie> kentari, your new name is PHILOMENA AKIM
<kentari> :P
<kentari> oh god
<Rachaellyn> nice name!
<kentari> where do these names come from? :P
<Rachaellyn> philomena was a saint
<Drew`> PHILOMENA is a name?!
<Anton> not phil
<Rachaellyn> chastity
<Anton> not phil
<Anton> not phil
<Drew`> kentari - 2000 US Census :p
<Anton> please
<Anton> dear lord
* Anton hates you, sparkie!
<Rachaellyn> Saint Philomena is an alleged 4th century saint and martyr of the Roman Catholic Church.
* sparkie is happy to be hated. Hate is the sparkie love.

<Aaron> 2d6 perhaps some inspiration for me as well?
<sparkie> Aaron 2d6: 12 perhaps some inspiration for me as well?
* Anton gets up and heads back into the shelves
<Rachaellyn> (( crunch. ))
<Aaron> ((F***))
<kentari> Aaron...
<kentari> Aaron finds, somehow, a Naughty Magazine. :P

* Anton opens zee book
* Anton pulls out an envelope!
* Anton hands it to the new girl, "If you would, Phyllis?"
<kentari> <Phyllis> "Okay.." She tears the envelope, in confusion, and reads...
<kentari> <Phyllis> "Hello, class. Its okay that you failed to find the right clue, because I prepared explosive runes to-" BOOM!
<kentari> j/k :P
<Aaron> ((.........))
<Rachaellyn> (( nice! ))

<kentari> <Power> "So back inside, right? Right!"
<kentari> <Power> "You mean INSIDE inside, right?"
* Drew` nods
<Rachaellyn> 2d6 Drew explodes?
<sparkie> Rachaellyn 2d6: 5 Drew explodes?
<Rachaellyn> (( hahahaha. j/k again of course. :P ))
<Steve`Z> 2d5 Rachaellyn shuts up?
<sparkie> Steve`Z 2d5: 9 Rachaellyn shuts up?
<Aaron> ((You'd have to roll a 2 for that, Steve))
<Aaron> (( :P ))

<Aaron> "Well, I kinda told Drew we'd wait for him before leaving the library. He was busy talking with Power."
<Rachaellyn> "Ah~ yes, you haven't met Power, have you, Philomena?"
* Anton just looks at everyone like they've lost their mind :P
<Rachaellyn> "Put that on your To Do list."
<Anton> "Hopefully not."
<kentari> Phyllis is inching towards Anton, staring at Rachael just like he is
<Anton> "Petunia was enough for my screw up list.
<Aaron> ((Remember, whoever breaks the NPC has to buy the next meal.))
<Anton> (luckily mine was on the house :P)

<Steve`Z> well you DID say you wanted me to have PROBLEMS. :P
<Steve`Z> [00:12:20] <kentari> When you turn back to human
<Steve`Z> [00:12:22] <kentari> You're missing, erm
<Steve`Z> [00:12:25] <kentari> Certain attributes.
<Steve`Z> [00:12:28] <kentari> Like that one dude in lolad.
<Steve`Z> [00:12:37] <Steve`Z> X_X
<Steve`Z> [00:12:48] <Steve`Z> you're talking about Chris aren't you? FUCK.
<Drew`> Spark doesn't like me trying to help people :p

<Rachaellyn> "I /suggested/ we head to the library but... I think she deliberately abandoned me."
* Steve`Z mutters, "probably got fed up."

<Anton> oh diety
<Anton> someone kill fennec's emo with fire
<Drew`> hehe
* sparkie could!
<Aaron> Fennec isn't the emo. It's Rachael.
<Rachaellyn> no! don't kill Rachael! :P :P :P
<Aaron> We must perform a Rachael-ectomy!
<Steve`Z> I concur!
<Steve`Z> Burn the fairy! Burn the fairy!

<sparkie> [20:19] <Aaron> You know what's sad? Sparkie is the least hateful dicebot I've ever seen.
<sparkie> [20:59] <Aaron> I'm sorry Sparkie! You are more hateful than Precis! Take it out on me, not the other players!
<sparkie> = happy dice bot :p
<Sintaqx> Hate != malice
<Sintaqx> I would say that 'Sparkie is the most malicious dicebot I have ever seen.
<Sintaqx> Hate, on the other hand, requires intelligence, which I am quite certain sparkie does not posess.

<tatterdemalion> the fun part is going to be collateral damage. Property always gets wrecked
<tatterdemalion> now, if I was being me and not doing it 4 colour, therte would be a super team who would only go into battle if officials signed legal waivers :p
<tatterdemalion> due to excessive property damage
<Chaos`^> lol
<Chaos`^> I still think a character whos super power is to fix things that super heros did would totally be an asset
* tatterdemalion nods. There's going to be one :)
<tatterdemalion> Repair Man!
<tatterdemalion> Who gets paid in favours.

<AlcarGM> The kid stares, then nods to himself, runs, and leaps, easily making it, leaving a rather large dent in the cement roof on the other side when he lands.
* Felix` moves back and gets a running start as well, leaping over the divide.
<AlcarGM> You make it with a few feet to spare, landing on your feet like a cat, and not damaging the roof at all.
<AlcarGM> The kid stands, flexes an arm. "I seem fine. You leap well."
* Felix` nods. "Thank you, you as well. I'm called Felix. What's your name?"
<AlcarGM> Him: "Alec."
<Felix`> (( "Ah, one of the Baldwins! I thought you looked familiar." ))
<AlcarGM> (( lol. ))

* Felix` shrugs. "I'm just worried for your sister. They might blame you for what happened. Do you... have any idea where we could try to find out where she was taken to?"
<AlcarGM> Alec: "I cannot look as she did; she could.... see things all around. I cannot. They most likely sold her."
<Felix`> "Oh. I... see. You two... aren't really alive?"
<AlcarGM> He doesn't seem worried about this, oddly. The police are leaving the land, Captain Courageous having flown down to ask what the matter is and away again in the service of peace, order, and good government.

<AlcarGM> The cats are still asleep, drugged to the gills. If they had gills. Which they don't.
<AlcarGM> Alec: "These are like you?"
<AlcarGM> he looks at your fur, the cats, then, then back at you. "Is the mother alive?"
* Felix` just makes them comfortable and gets something for them to drink (and for the not drugged ones). "They were living here when I found the place."
<AlcarGM> He nods. "You are not the father, then?"

<AlcarGM> (( "Perhaps Elana is the mother? This would explain .. many things." ))
<Elana-Silvereye> ((maybee? o.o))
<Elana-Silvereye> ((Mother of what?))
<AlcarGM> (( Felix's kittens. ))
* Felix` shakes his head.
<Elana-Silvereye> ((o.o))
<Felix`> (( they're just regular kittens! :P ))
<Elana-Silvereye> ((why cant they be my kittens? XD))
<Elana-Silvereye> ((I think they are, and I neglected to tell you XD))
<Felix`> (( _ ))

<JamesDallasEgbert3> !d10
<JamesDallasEgbert3> hmm... no dice bot
* sparkie doesn't do ! silliness
* sparkie just does real dice
<sparkie> like d10, and 2d5+3, and d5+1 and such!
<Chaos`^> d10
<sparkie> Chaos`^ d10: 5
<Chaos`^> 2d6
<sparkie> Chaos`^ 2d6: 2
<Chaos`^> OMFG
<JamesDallasEgbert3> d10
<sparkie> JamesDallasEgbert3 d10: 10
<alcar> lol!
<JamesDallasEgbert3> good role eh?
* sparkie bows

<alcar> It probably says a lot about our culture that we won't blink at slaughtering lots of people in channel but sex is a no-no :p
<Chaos`^> I think up to now we have all kind of kept below the threshold level of the other players
* alcar nods.
<alcar> Yeah. The important thing is, well, the games about RP. Sex in games generally is ... not.
<Chaos`^> sex is an intimate and private thing between two lovers... slaughter isn't very intimate

<alcar> A few totems flicker over people's heads, appearing and vanishing sporadically.. the archangel Raphael, a bald eagle, several glowing stones aroud someone's head, the ninja turtle Raphael, quite a few other animals and the like. Mostly during stress periods by the people and none of them seem to notice you.
<Davis> (lol @ the ninja turtle raphael :D)

<AlcarGM> The smiling middle eastern man named Hafiz at the mini mart hands you the candy - almost the last of his overpriced stock - and wished you a good evenin and that 'may you be in heaven a god hour before the devil knows you're dead', cheerfully.
* Robby`^ smiles and waves to him, hardly able to understand him through his thick accent and assuming he's saying good things
<AlcarGM> He mutters something about "Evelyone's a rittre bit lacist!," to himself.

<AlcarGM> A few elves, and more than a few harry pottter &Co. arrive later, then the older kids dressed as priests bringing along their little siblings to be altar boys and the people dressed in ordinary clothing saying they're serial killers or the president - typical high school kids, really.
<Robby`^> priests and alter boys huh?
<Robby`^> that's disturbing
<AlcarGM> The hours pass, and you begin to run low on candy as the clock strikes 11 when someone pounds on your back door, hard enough to shake the magnets off of it.
<AlcarGM> (( yes :) ))
* Robby`^ raises an eyebrow, wondering why they didn't use the front door, but takes the candy to the back door anyway
<Robby`^> 'kids probably got confused...' he mumbles to himself trying to justify the strange occurance 'lost... it really is a wierd layout...'
<AlcarGM> A young woman in her early 20s is standing there, wearing a black ninja style ccostume, only her left arm is droping real blood and there is a wild, panicked look in her eyes, like that in your co-worker, Zed, when he deleted the entire client list last September by mistake. She's panting for breath. "Sanctuary!"
* Robby`^ pulls up a bowl "Candy?"

<AlcarGM> The woman hisses softly, then croons: "The way of pain is the way to power, this is the time; this the hour. The last roll, to right all wrongs, final dance and final song..." She takes a breath, then another. "You should leave this room," mildly.
<Robby`^> "Let's... let's go to the bathroom... I'll fix up that wound..." It sounded better before he said it... anywhere but here has to be safe...
* Robby`^ grabs her and runs for it
<AlcarGM> Something hit sthe door, harder, and a voice screams, the sound eerily human. ... and a fist comers through the door, only it is grey, and scaled with claws on the end....
<AlcarGM> The woman doesn't move, standing as it rooted to the earth. The air begins to humm around her, like a beehive.
* Robby`^ stops and looks at her "What are you doing, we have to run!"
* Robby`^ grabs her by the waist to throw her over his shoulder
<Robby`^> defense nanos...
<AlcarGM> The thing on the other side burts in ... it's man-sized, thin, but grey.. scaled, with dark beady eyes and sharp, jagged teeth more kin to shark than man. There are slikes comiong off its back and nothnig human about the smarling noise it makes, drooling over your once-clean carpet in the process
* Robby`^ isn't worried about the carpet anymore...

<AlcarGM> Rico :"Shit. You get porn at least?"
<Robby`^> "Too expensive..." As if he's not talking to a young kid... and walking over to the bags Rico dropped and putting everything in its tidy place, making one for the candy bars
<AlcarGM> he mutters something under his breath and flops down on the couch. "What about playboy? Or playgirl? Or hustler?"
<Robby`^> "Too much risk of the kids finding it..." From the kitchen, reorganizing a cupboard for the candy
<AlcarGM> Rico: "Shit." He flicks the tv on through channels. "Wrestling. Perfect."
<Robby`^> "perfectly juvinile..." Mumbled from the kitchen
<AlcarGM> Rico: "Closest thing to sex I'm allowed. Fuckin' magic."
* Robby`^ walks out from the kitchen, having tidied it up "is this even real?"
<AlcarGM> Rico: "It's Wrestling. Nothing on TV is real."
<Robby`^> "They seem to think it's pretty real... But those kicks look awefully fake
<AlcarGM> Rico: "Yeah," dreamily. "But they're so cute. Like teddy bears on steroids."

<Robby`^> "Is that all you think about? YOu're what... ten? And you're already lusting after both sexes like a nympho on speed."
<AlcarGM> Rico: "Nature of the beast, you know? Wanting what we can't have," with a shrug, going to the kitchen for more candy
<Robby`^> "That stuff's gunna kill you! Clogged arteries when you get older!"
* Robby`^ sighs and rubs his temples, pretending none of this is happening
<AlcarGM> He comes back with a good hanful of them. "Won't," flatly. "You're lucky; older. I was ten when Larry found me."
<Robby`^> "So how old are you now?"
<AlcarGM> The boy shrugs. "22?" unwrapping another bar. "Maybe 23."
<Robby`^> "You know what? I'm going to take a nap... yes a nap..." Laying down on the other couch "Try not to make too much noise.."
<AlcarGM> Rico: "You go do that. It's okay. I can raise Larry alone. Really."
* Robby`^ clenches his jaw again, but resists the urge to ask questions... "Good... while you're out would you grab some more items for me at the store? The list is on the fridge..."

<AlcarGM> Rico: "You don't even buy chocolate milk. What kind of pervert drinks regular milk?"
<Robby`^> "Well, call it a learning experiance... You need to learn how to shop and eat healthy... Or you really will get fat and lazy. Well... You're already lazy..."
<AlcarGM> Rico eats another candy bar. "Need energy. Not easy to raise the dead even if they can't die."
<Robby`^> "Simple carbohydrates and sugars only provide energy for a short time. If you want real energy you'll go to the store and get those thins on the list... I'll cook up a nice veggie stew that will be sure to have you bouncing off the walls for a week."
<AlcarGM> He starts on another. "Drop dead," taking the other handful and heading outside.

<Robby`^> "Listen, YOU!" Pointing at the woman "you got me into this god damned mess, and I'll be damned if you don't get me out of it!"
<AlcarGM> Ghost: "Even Larry will pass the torch on, some day. I wished it was otherwise, and by choice, but sometimes our choices are made for us. We can only control controllables, not variables. If you wish out: close the gate. There is no other way."
<AlcarGM> She fades, moonlight falling through her.
<Robby`^> "I'm not closing anything lady I-- Where the hell doyou think you're going!?"
* Robby`^ grabs for her angrilly "Listen here now, I have nothing to do with this nonesense! You can't leave me here with all this trouble you caused!"
<AlcarGM> you hands pass through her. "It was not my choice," the ghost cries out, and the words echo, driving you back with their anguish. "But you are mine, across the gulf of years: blod ofmthose who served, lived, died. Be my redemption, if it is possible. Hunt, if only to save them from monsters....."
<AlcarGM> and she fades out, gone beyod the streets you know.
* Robby`^ growls "Just like every other woman in my life!"

* Travis looks back at any passengers -- namely, Luna, "I am curious ... do you know the person in your planet?"
<Luna_> "In my planet?"
<Luna_> "Do you mean the land?"
<Travis> "Below the land."
<Travis> "Planets have cores, yes? Yours .. is empty."
<AlcarGM> (( "Blames Jules Verne." ))
* Luna_ thinks, trying to work out if that should worry her

<Travis> "She is distracted by Cecil. I think we could distract her more with sex."
* Travis ponders, "Do you have any?"
* Luna_ just STARES at Travis. "I'm.. not like that."
<Travis> "Can we ..."
* Travis searches for the word.
<Luna_> "NO!"
<Travis> "Buy some at the store?"

<Luna_> "Oh. No, we can't."
<Travis> "I can make money."
* Travis offers, suggesting!
<Lynn> (( sex sells - not the other way around ))
<Luna_> "... it's... not something you buy..."
<AlcarGM> You see the local mini-mart down the road! But, alas, they do not seem to be offering sex for sale. At least, ot that Travis can tell....
<Travis> "Oh. Can we make it, then?"
* Travis turns around from the display. "It is all Sara can be alerted with."
<Luna_> "... maybe you should talk to Lynn... or Faline... or maybe Kage if you're that way."
<AlcarGM> (( just, please, not Simon :p ))
<Luna_> ( I'm SO glad she didn't think of Simon )
<Travis> "Are they the only ones who can make it...? Is it made of rare materials?"

<Travis> "I do not understand those symbols. What do you want?"
<Travis> ((btw! That question is a taboo among the aliens ;p))
<Travis> ((think Vorlon ;p))
* AlcarGM laughs. k :)
<AlcarGM> She doesn't seem to be alien ... but you can't get a reading on her at all.
<Travis> omg
<Travis> you have the shadows working on earth, don't you? :P
<AlcarGM> Moi?! :P

* Travis holds up his hands, stepping back, setting a hand on Luna, "You may tingle for a time."
<Luna_> "What are you doing?"
<AlcarGM> (( "It may be sex. You will have to report back to me." ))
<Travis> "Alien sex. I have already begun."
<Travis> ((j/k :P))
* Travis just closes his eyes and concentrates!
* Luna_ jumps back. "NO! NO WAY!"
<Travis> ((j/k j/k j/k :P))
<Luna_> (*coughs*)

<Travis> "I could not find Sara, but we did speak with the girl in the core of the earth."

<Luna_> "No-one's really told me much. I mean, I know that there's a little girl in a pink dress at the middle of the earth who's apparently the Harbringer of the adversary, and that this adversary is probably her father, who is trying to destroy the world, but apart from that, I haven't been told anything."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Uhm. I think that's it." He scratches his head. "And he's in the winterland, and stuff. The harbinger was... really strong. Stronger even than Kage, even."
<AlcarGM> (( writing that hurt my head :P ))

* Buford turns to Simon.
<Buford> "Just do as I am doing, don't think about it too much. Let everyone else worry about these things."
<Lynn> (( that's why you're not in charge! ))
<Luna_> "I can see the appeal."
<Buford> (I don't want to be incharge. =P)
<AlcarGM> (( Simon: "I don't either. Look what it did to Cameron!" ))
<AlcarGM> Simon: "But then Faline eats people. Sometimes. And things get .... really, really confusing."
<Luna_> "Wait, she does? Still?"
<Buford> "Well, that means you're dwelling on it too much. Just... wait. What the fuck?"
<Buford> "She does what?"
<Luna_> "I know she had a shady past, but..."
<Luna_> "I didn't know it was still going on..."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "Uhm. Sometimes. Mostly just a vampire, though."
<AlcarGM> Simon: "A .. .few times.... but he comes back."
<Luna_> "Oh... that's not so bad then..."
<The_Faline> (( I never ate him, I only burned him. Then dismembered him. And disembowled him. Etcetera... ))

<Luna_> "Welcome back everyone!"
* Luna_ laughs nervously a little
* Lynn mostly unconciously keeps her back to the wall and glances nervously at Faline. :P
* The_Faline smiles at Luna_. "Thanks!"

<Luna_> "Does anyone have any plans for how to stop the adversary...?"
* The_Faline raises a hand.
<Lynn> "The, ah, chairperson recognizes the goddess?"
<The_Faline> "Destrroy the Winterrland!" *and then a big grin, as though she had just revealed the total solution to Everything*

<Kage`> "If we can change the winterland, to something else, it might be used to serve our purposes."
<Kage`> "I've been looking into this a bit, actually."
<The_Faline> "...wait, waitwaitwait. I rremberr saying that! And everrybody was against me about it!!"
<Kage`> "I don't even remember what was said."
* The_Faline jumps to her feet. "This is total bullshit!! I totally said I wanted to change it and everryone was like 'OH NO FALINE, THAT'S A STUPID IDEA!'"
<Lynn> "What we have here... is a failure, to communicate." (half-imitating a voice she's heard before. :P)
<Kage`> "Are we going to worry abouty what happened, or what we are going to do?"
<AlcarGM> Simon: "So you were wrog then and right now?" to Faline
<Kage`> "By changing it, I don't mean turning it into your summer home, like you had planned."
<Kage`> "Make it less a place to be, and more of something we can use."
<AlcarGM> (( "Disneyland: The final frontier." ))

<The_Faline> "It's like you people all go out of your way to make me feel bad! If you hate me so much then amybe I shouldn't hang out with you anymorre! Maybe I should go make NEW frriends! Maybe I should go make frriends with... with... I dont know, the Adverrsarry orr something! MAYBE HE WOULD LIKE MY IDEAS!"
<AlcarGM> Simon just.... stares.
* Kage` waits a moment, then speaks to empty air, "The world doesn't revolve around you, I'm sorry."
<Buford> "Well, obviously goddesshood has hit her like a pack of hormones."
<Luna_> "... that's... not good."
<AlcarGM> Simon; "Maybe she's joking?"

<AlcarGM> There is a rock outside that wasn't there before. On it is written, in rather large letters: "Thou Shalt Not BE SUCH JERKS TO ME ANYMORE!!"
* Lynn will just wait a bit in this position. :P
* Buford reaaally wants to break that rock. ;P
* Kage` blinks
<AlcarGM> Simon: "uhm. She made a rock?"
<Kage`> "Yeah, I guess."
<The_Faline> (( Bible humor is always funny. ))
<Luna_> "Well... hopefully it just means that she's moody..."
* Kage` sighs, and walks over to it and splits it into chunks and commences hurling them into the woods :P
<AlcarGM> (( says the christian goddess, eh? ))
* Buford now looks happy.
<The_Faline> (( ohhh man, you guys really are asking for me to turn on you. ))
<Kage`> (what? you're littering :P)
<The_Faline> (( you cant litter with rocks. ))
<Kage`> (then graffiti :P)

<The_Faline> (( OH I SEE WHAT THE PROBLEM IS! I'm on anger.esper.net! :P ))
<Lynn> (( aye. ))

<Buford> "Have you learned anything more from that guy I brought back?"
<Kage`> "Not yet, I do have plans for him, though
<Kage`> "I'd rather you not be there, though, since I know he'd freak."
<Buford> "I suppose... But I would like to be close by in case something happens."
<Lynn> "You, ah..... damaged him with a most terrible severity!" (vaguely womanly-type distraught)
<Buford> ("The men are talking here. Shhh." =P)

<Luna_> "... oh... and... could someone explain sex to Travis some time... he seems to think it's something you buy at the store.."
<Kage`> "Uh.....pass."

<The_Faline> (( so no memory, then? ))
<AlcarGM> And, well, your mind feels like someone ran it through a seive.
<AlcarGM> (( you can't recall Rei at all. ))
<AlcarGM> (( rest of memory: fine ))
<The_Faline> (( okie dokie! ))
<The_Faline> (( also convenient. ))
<AlcarGM> (( *grins* ))
<The_Faline> (( oh wait, does that mean I can remember that I was pregnant but I cant remember why? :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( yup :) Score 1 virgin birth :p ))

<The_Faline> "Oh, pfft. I'm not scarred of yourr dad. Hey! You should totally come see the worrld with me, it's a lot prrettierr than herre. And therre's morre stuff. Like, fun stuff."
<AlcarGM> She looks alarmed. "I cannot leave. I am here as punishment, for my sins."
<The_Faline> "I doubt you could have done anything that bad. Besides, I'm like, a diety, so I can just forrgive youfor sins! Orr whateverr."
<AlcarGM> She blinks. "You can't for - forgive me. Only God can."
<The_Faline> "Prriests forrgive people on behalf of God all the time. It's sorrt of like that."

<AlcarGM> Simon: "It jhust.... it's like beating our heads against walls. Like.... I don't know. We're missing something?"
<Lynn> (( doors and keys! ))
<The_Faline> (( You Need The Red Key. ))
<Lynn> (( secret passages! <zelda-style notes play> ))

<The_Faline> "Prriests forrgive people on behalf of God all the time. It's sorrt of like that."
<AlcarGM> the girl shakes her head. "my sin was worse," sorrowfully.
<The_Faline> "What'd you do, then?"
<AlcarGM> She looks down and whispers somethng normal years couldn't catch. "I touched myself."
* The_Faline blinks. Blinks again. "And?"
<AlcarGM> 3 cheers for victorian prudery and a really screwed up father ;P
<AlcarGM> She looks up shocked. "And?!"
<The_Faline> "Listen honey, times have changed. People do that all the time now."

<The_Faline> "Um. Ok. So if touching yourrself is against the will of the Makerr, and I admit to having done it beforre, why exactly would the Makerr have allowed me to become a diety? Doesn't make sense to me."
<AlcarGM> Girl ;"Bvecause your powers come from the Devil."
<The_Faline> "The Devil. Yeah rright. So I guess rrepelling vampirres with a silverr crross and healing the sick and injurred are now demonic powerrs." *sarcasm*
<AlcarGM> Girl: "Your life only prove the sin of self - of touching - has corrupted your brain and drove you mad," serenrly. "Your entirel *body* is hairy, not just your plams. I trust the Lord can forgive you."

<The_Faline> (( Faline is a goddess because certain idiots think stabbing someone who is unconscious with a magic weapon is a good way to solve psychological problems. ))

* Faline glances around again. "Wherre is this?"
<AlcarGM> Grey: "A ....." It waves a hand. "room."
<Faline> "...less than helpful."
<AlcarGM> Grey: "It is a .. .there are no words.... soul trap?"
<Faline> "Ok then. But what business is it of yourrs, anyway? Since when do Grreys go abducting dieties?"
<AlcarGM> Grey: "Out of holy cows?" miserably.

<Cecil`^> "Anyway, you all need to know that there is a way to kill the adversary, but once he's dead his masters will come."
<Lynn> "But... but... well. 'If the adversary is not STOPPED its masters wil destroy your world.'"
* Lynn recites.
<AlcarGM> Simon: ".... that sounds bad."
<Cecil`^> "But before they do that we need to destroy the winterland."
<Buford> "Well, the news is wonderful."
<Buford> "Err... right. How do you suggest we destroy the winterland?"
<Faline> (( CECIL GETS A GOLD STAR! ))
<Faline> (( I say destroy it, Cecil says destroy it, so let's destroy it! ))
<Cecil`^> (( I thought you wanted to save it? =p ))
<Faline> (( that was a while ago ))

<Buford> Lies were just made up by the fae so no one would actually trust them.
<Buford> =P
<Cecil`^> lol
<Buford> do you understand? The fae aren't actually bad. They just act that way so no one will ever actually believe what they have to say.

<alcar> The dorm room consists of bedroom, bathroom, common eating area. The bedrom has two single beds, nightstands, dressers, two small closets then.
<alcar> You arrive at the campus bookstore to find it packed, as usual, ful of students trying to find the right books, right courses, and manage to pay for things...
<Tass> (lets make that separate rooms :P makes keeping it a secret a little more feasible )
<alcar> (( yay! Our first retcon! ))

<alcar> A thin, scarecrow of a man is piling his books in the far corner, taking out a calculator each time he adds one to the stag and mutters to himself as he puts the last one on the stack, looks around furtively, and pulls something out of his pocket. He and the books vanish in a crach of displaced air, leaving behind sizzling clothing and body hair. Teleporting device evidently needs tuning.
<alcar> The staff just shake their heads and someone checks the security tapes to find out who it was.
* Davis blinks, was that stealing, or intentional? :P
<Davis> (gotcha)
<alcar> stealing :)
* Davis memmorizes the face!
<alcar> A few freshmen - and some others -gape, but the staff seem used to such things.
<Davis> "I swear, stuff like that just drives up the cost."
<alcar> one old lady helping someone get books remarks about the incident 10 years ago when someone tried to stealmtheir courseboks with a giant robot. "poor thing couldn only read binary though," she says to a few dutiful laughs.

<alcar> You go down the hall. A few people are moving in, most with their parents. Quite a few first years, looking nervous and afraid and excited all at the same time, like happy puppies about to pee all over the floor

<alcar> Harry shakes your hand. "Nice to meet you. We're having a marshmellow roast at 10pm in the quad tonight, if you wanty to come.":
<Davis> "They're okay with fires in the quad?"
* Davis shrugs, "Sure, if nothing urgent comes up."
<`Ashok> ((And so passed Squishy Girl, the jet-puffed heroine of the campus.))
<alcar> He nods, waves to you, giving you the slight frown of someone who *expects* everyone to show, and heads off to accost someone else.
<Davis> (argh :P)
* Davis closes the door, and shivers slightly, as if he'd met teh debil himself :P

<alcar> so, what IS Davis's totem? Raven? Snake? Coyote? Wolf? Fennec*?
<alcar> * the fox :p

<alcar> You reach the car without incident, spotting a golden flicker i the sky as someone - possibly Power Lass - flies by over the town, probably en route to New York City
<`Ashok> "Huh .."
<`Ashok> "Did you see that?"
<alcar> (( Meanwhile, far above the earth .... Power Lass: "Oh, crap, I got a run in my..." *goes to fix it* *flies into a plane* .. perhaps not. ))

<AlcarGM> Kate opens the door, leaving the chain up. You can hear a shower running in the background. "Hello?"
<Robby`^> "Hi sweety, I'm here to pick you two up."
<AlcarGM> She grins, opening the door. "Okay. Nicole is late again; she always takes too long in the shower. She goes over to the sofa, picking up her bag and cane. "Mom is doing some charity work for hte local habitat for humanity, I think," as the shower shuts off.
<Robby`^> "That sounds like her... Has she gotten back into that new age stuff, that wierd religion?"
<AlcarGM> Kate: "Oh, no. She found Xenu and became a scientologist."
<AlcarGM> j/k
<Robby`^> ...
<Robby`^> I would hate you forever alcar

* Robby`^ grabs some ice, and leans against the wall, hidding in the little 'vending' cubby where all of the machiens are, so the girls don't see him
<AlcarGM> You do that easily enough.
<Robby`^> "God," Although he's not really religious he figures now is a good time to start, "You've really put me in a mess this time... Now the quesiton is, how do I get out of it... I'll take any help you could give me right now..."
<AlcarGM> the vampiric kitten is watching, you, of course, but is currently hiding in the ducts after seeing the aliens movies a week ago and wondering how to get acidic blood
<AlcarGM> Erwin meows. God has answered you! j/k

* Robby`^ sighs and looks down at the ground, and although his player is aware of the gm's sick sense of humar, Robby didn't really expect an answer, and only needed a few minutes to gather his thoughts
<Robby`^> humor
<AlcarGM> humour
<AlcarGM> :P

* Robby`^ walks in
<AlcarGM> They stop holding hands when you walk in, trying to look brave.
* Robby`^ sits the ice on the counter as if he didn't overhear them "Did you guys bring your homework?"
<AlcarGM> Nicole: ".. homework?!"
<Robby`^> "Yes, did you bring it?"
<AlcarGM> Kate just nods, fumbling her bag open and digging around in it, pulling out a book in braille.
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "but.. demons!"

<AlcarGM> Kate: "Dad?" moving her fingers off the page. "did you turn the ice machine off?"
* Robby`^ hrms and dumps out the water, putting more ice in his glass
<Robby`^> "No, why? It's always on."
<AlcarGM> The tinkling noise outside gets louder.
* Robby`^ peeks outside
<AlcarGM> You open the door, and see the ice is coming out of the machine, forming into a humanoid shape.
* Robby`^ blinks at the ice/human/thing
<AlcarGM> Kate: "It just sounded funny," puzzled.
<AlcarGM> The ice creature spots you and lets out a soundless roar, coming towards the door.
<Robby`^> "Uh... stay in here, I'll be right back..." And doing the horror movie cliche, rather than run, he approaches it
<AlcarGM> Whatcha doing? :)
<Robby`^> "Eep!" Running back in and locking the door

<AlcarGM> The door shudders, cracking. You hear: "I say, what is the .... oh, dear god, Maynard. It's a flashback!" and another man's voice: "There, there, dear. Vanilla ice wasn't that..... oh, my stars and garters." Followed by footsteps running away
<AlcarGM> The ice demon hits the door again, harder. it's lost the forearm of one arm so far, but the door is cracking.

<alcar> also depends on the vampire. Some come back if you spill blood in ashes.
<Chaos`^> see?
<Chaos`^> then you just need to find someone to spill blood on your ashes if you ever die
<Caltak> so have minions
<Caltak> and leave instructions
<Chaos`^> instructions: "Find ashes, cut self, spill blood
<alcar> "If this fails, find the right set of ashes you idiot."
<alcar> "Decapitate self and spray liberally."
<alcar> you know you have a crappy union when.....

<alcar> Thug1: "This is more like it, Dave. No more wasting it opening cans without a can opener, eh? Crap. I mean.. uh .. what name do you want to use?"
<alcar> Dave: "Just get the money!"
<alcar> Thug2: "No pigs yet," As Thug1 gets the bag of bills and coins. "This is so easy! First the grocery store, then the world!"
<alcar> Thug1: "..... you watch too many bad movies." Then, realizing people might be getting bold. "Everyone, stay down!"

<alcar> Thug1: "Who gives a about your truck?! Dave cut my *toe* off. It hurts!"
* `Ashok looks back, with a "We're totally not Security." look on his face.
<alcar> Thug2: "Shut up! Someone might hear us. Just wrap your foot up in your shirt."
<alcar> Thug1: "Dave's shirt! It was his fault."
<alcar> Dave can be heard throwing up.
* `Ashok looks at Davis further, "We're not doctors, either." A whisper.
<alcar> Thug1: ".... Or not."
<alcar> Thug3: "There. It's wrapped. Not quit whining. How much did we get, Earl?"
<alcar> Thug2 (aka Earl): "Still count .. ah. 753 dolllars and.... 42 cents."
<alcar> Thug1: "I get the change! I lost a *toe* here!"
<alcar> Thug2: "Shut up. That's 180 bucks for you, me, and Janet. Dave gets the rest."
<alcar> Dave: "I just want some aspirin. I feel sick."
<alcar> Thug1: ".... I could have sold my toe to science for more than this!"
<alcar> Thug2: "SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR TOE!"

* Davis whispers! "get security?"
<Davis> "It is life threatening, you know, if not properly dealt with. Earl might be going into shock if he lost enough blood."
* `Ashok nods! And takes a step or two back, quietly, to retreat to get security.
<`Ashok> "I'm pre-law. We make money off of sucking the life out of things."
* `Ashok departs on his quest! :P

<alcar> Old Guard can be heard, saying: "Probably this way," in the distance, and three sets of feet after him.
<alcar> Policemen. You'd recognize the blue and white donut totems anywhere
<Davis> :>

<alcar> The adrenaline rush fades away, but even so: you stopped someone: with help, of course, But yet - if worse comes to worse, maybe Davis could be your sidekick?
* `Ashok is definitely having his name listed first, this time. :P

<alcar> The adrenaline rush fades away, but even so: you stopped someone: with help, of course, But yet - if worse comes to worse, maybe Ashok could be your sidekick?
<Davis> hrm!

<`Ashok> "That was ..."
* `Ashok sighs, "That was DANGEROUS, man!"
<Davis> "Yeah...."
* Davis just shakes his head, "He was gonna seriously shoot that guy, though."
<`Ashok> "So ... you'd have him seriously shoot you instead?"
<`Ashok> "You're better use to humanity alive and intact, you know!"
<Davis> "What about you?"
<Davis> "You walked right in the front, and confronted the guy with the gun, face to face."
<Davis> "I just went for when I thought I had a chance."
<`Ashok> "But I had the law on my side. Its different."
* `Ashok pauses.
<Davis> "Is the law bulletproof?"

<alcar> Somene raps on the door as you finish putting the groceries away and are making supper.
<alcar> It's a rather firm, angry rap.
<Davis> "Crap."
<Davis> "If its the RA, tell him...."
* Davis sighs and puts stuff down, and makes for the door :P
* `Ashok ruffles his hair up a bit, and gets the door!
<`Ashok> "I'll take it."
* `Ashok says to Davis. ;p
<alcar> Howard the Ra is standing there, and his gaze l;ocks with yours, strange eerie circles radiating in his eyes. "You must come to the fire... you must mingle....."
<alcar> j/k

<alcar> A tall, stern blonde girl wearing coveralls stained with oil and her hair in a bun *glares* at you, adjusting her glasses. "Oh, good. Someone is in," icily.
* `Ashok waits for Davis to vanish into his room, first, of course.
* `Ashok answers simply, "Yes," still in the doorway. ;p
* Davis does so :P
<`Ashok> ((Oh! I forgot to post friends and such. Will do later! ))
<alcar> Girl: "Then I feel it is my duty to inform you of certain pertinent rules , regulations and minutae," each words clipped, precice. "To whit: you are not permitted to have an animal in this room, unless you or your romo mate are legaly blind. The dog was barking earlier this evening."
<`Ashok> "I see. Well, as much as I can, anyway. I'm afraid I didn't get your name...?"
<`Ashok> "Miss..?"
<alcar> She stares at you: "Sara."
<alcar> j/k
<alcar> She looks at you, sniffs. "Melanie Huthbert."

<alcar> She rallies. "Where is your dog? You are not permitted to have one."
* `Ashok holds the fabric out a bit!
<`Ashok> (( "I only see one bitch in here." :P))
<`Ashok> "I don't have one, since I'm not permitted to have one. You can stay over and look around, if you'd like? We're just about to make dinner."
* `Ashok smiiiiles the smile that suggests the appetizer may smell like chloroform. >:)
<alcar> She frowns,scowls, searching the room...
<alcar> the whirls about and leaves. She doesn't say: "I'll be back," or anything remotely villainous.. but she may well prove to be a worse threat than most metas.

<alcar> If things go well, Melanie will make the Big, Bad Villains look like chumps :P
<kentari> indeed.
<kentari> We'll have to use ancient college tactics on her.
<kentari> :P
<alcar> hehe
* alcar had to throw someone like that in for fun
<alcar> shall have to tie her into the other engineering student npc. Somehow.
* alcar snickers.
<alcar> I could see her getting kidnapped as a hostage.
<alcar> "Thank God you're here! Please! Take her away. it's been horrible!"
<Tass> yeah
<Tass> I do love those :P
<alcar> she's b e the perfect hostage. Right down to a T. And critique her captor for not knowing the proper geneva convention laws that apply to hostages.

<Cecil`^> wow, I make the session where I cried and begged for help sound so... heroic

<Kage`> "As we can attest with faline, Gods aren't omnipotent."

<AlcarGM> You are currently driving home from the Day's inn with your two daughters and not, you hope, being chased b an ice demon. You suspect your visitation rights may be non existent after this weekend, provided you survive.
<AlcarGM> Nicole :"Dad? You just ran a red light..."
<Robby`^> "Huh? oh... right..." Slowing down and watching the road... "Ah... Guys... Don't tell your mom about this... Okay?"
<AlcarGM> There is a long silence. Finally: "Which part?" from Kate in the back seat.
<Robby`^> "All of it?"

<Caltak> what game is that anyway?
<AlcarGM> Dunno :p
<Caltak> ......huh?
<AlcarGM> Sorta made it up on spur of the moment.

<AlcarGM> There are no fire trucks. No SWAT teams. Your home, when you turn the corner, is mas you left it, the same as it always used to be. no demons, no dead wolves, no ghosts. Though Mrs. Colgate's little dog crapped in the rose bushes again.
* Robby`^ swears and parks in front of the house..

<AlcarGM> Nicole: "It's not like it's important anyway," as she gets her bag and Kate's and gets out. "I plan to get my diploma from Indonesia anyway. It'll ony be two hundred dollars."
<Robby`^> "Well, we'll see if that gets you into college."
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "It will be college. I can get everything from social work to a PhD."
<Robby`^> "Then you had better start saving now, and do your homework."
<AlcarGM> Kate just shakes her gets and gets out, making her way to the house carefully.
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "Oh, please. Mom said you'd pay it. It's cheaper than helping pay for university."
<Robby`^> "Your mom told you that, did she?"
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "Well, not in so many words..... but she said you'd have to help, and only paying has got to be a deal."
<Robby`^> "With a straight face?"
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "Well, pay for university. It's not like I plan to tell her the details. I'll just, like, go travel, and say I went to university, an come back with the diploma."
<AlcarGM> (( sadly, the GM sometimes wishes he'd done that :) ))

<AlcarGM> He sighs, digs the remote out of his pocket, shuts the TV off and tosses it on the couch. "What do you do for a living, anyway?"
<Robby`^> "I'm an accountant."
<AlcarGM> Rico: "Damn, hunting." He plops down on the couch ang grins lewdly. "You ever had your palm read?"
<Robby`^> "Yes."
<AlcarGM> Rico rolls his eyes. "Not like this. Sit. Hold out hand."
* Robby`^ sits and holes out his hand
<AlcarGM> he takes it in both of his frowning. "No orgone left. Good. Probably." He starts rubbing his thumbs on your palm, moving in concentric circles from the middle out. Yur hand beings to tingle pleasantly, a liquid warmth flowing through you as if your blood had turned into butter.
<Robby`^> "Uhm... What are you doing?'
<AlcarGM> Rico. "Mmm. Nice." He blinks sleepily and the feeling fades, replaced by the tingling alone. "Getting you ready," too quickly. "Shut up."
<Robby`^> "Ready... for what?"
<AlcarGM> Rico: "What part of 'shut up' don't you get?"

<Tass> I would totally redo the rescue and then the bank heist, btw
<Tass> for the next character :P
<alcar> lol. That WOULD be funny :)
<alcar> Retcon the entire thing.
* alcar just might ;P
<alcar> actually, I will. Even if it makes no sense.

<AlcarGM> Rico stands quickly, mostly just so he's standing over you. "Where the hell are you getting it from?"
<Robby`^> "Getting *what* from?"
<AlcarGM> Rico: "The Vril. You're in a frickin' city!"
* Robby`^ frowns "What's Vril again?"
<AlcarGM> Rico: "....."
<AlcarGM> Rico: "I hate you."

<Robby`^> "I don't think it's that easy... I don't know anything about werewolves, and I have no idea what 'share your traits' would mean..."
<AlcarGM> Kate: "Just tell. Please?"
<AlcarGM> Rico gets water in the kitchen, not having the guts to see this go down :)
<Robby`^> "It was Nicole, she got in the way of the power, so it went into her."
<Robby`^> (( Rico is such a pussy ))
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "THAT'S NOT FAIR!"
<Robby`^> "Not.. Fair?"
<AlcarGM> She goes to stand, pulling free of Kate. "I shouldn't be the werewolf," firmly. "Fix it."
<Robby`^> "I-I can't."
<AlcarGM> Kate: "It's okay."
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "No it's not! You go blind, I don't. That was - that happens. But this is -- you should have go this. Not me! I don't need it!"

<Robby`^> "For what it's worth... However it judged... It saw Kate as strong."
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "It better have!" She glares at you, as if this was all your fault.
* Robby`^ bites his lip and looks away "It was going to go into her, but... Well, she is your sister you were only trying to protect her from something you didn't understand."
<AlcarGM> Nicole: ".... but....."
<AlcarGM> Kate: "It's okay," again, firmly.
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "But."
<Robby`^> "No buts, anyway, you will both share similar traits, so I suggest you learn what that is and how to share them..."
<AlcarGM> Kate: "Besides, mom doesn't like to yell at me. She's afraid she'd turn me into Hellen Keller. I heard her discussing that with somoene on the phone once," to the silence. that follows. "And she'd have reason to if I left fur all over the place. mom will make you vacuum up after yourself."
<AlcarGM> Nicole: ".... she'd ......" Nicole blinks. "But.... I'm a werewolf!"
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "I can't believe I just said that."

* Robby`^ hops in the bed between them, grabbing Kate
<Robby`^> "I need you to take care of your sister now, you thought she was wild before, now she's a werewolf..."
<AlcarGM> Kate: "You want me to *what*?"
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "..... what's wrong with me?!"
<Robby`^> "You think it's hard now, wait until she remembers there's candy in the kitchen... You're gunna have to tie her up..."
* Robby`^ smiles at Nicole "nothing sweety... Did you finish your homework?"
<AlcarGM> Kate is silent, staring at your face. "How?" a bit dryly. "Even if I could see, werewolves are strong aren't they?"
<AlcarGM> Nicole growls at you, a rather normal annoyted growl, but this time she blinks and turns white. "I.... "
<AlcarGM> kate tries not to giggle.
<Robby`^> "Well," Looking at nicole, but talking to Kate "You know her better than anybody, you spend more time with her than your mother or I even do..."
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "Homework!", practically fleeing the room.

<Robby`^> why do parents give their kids nicknames like they would give their lovers?
<Robby`^> sweety, honey?
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> now we know why Robby does? :p
<AlcarGM> That would be.. wrong. So very, very wrong.
<Robby`^> that's kind of sick =p

<AlcarGM> "So how do I become a wolf?"
<AlcarGM> "Well? Like, do I wish it, or...?"
<AlcarGM> She frowns.
* Robby`^ raises an eyebrow at her
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "Noting is happening!"
<AlcarGM> Kate: "..... you're trying inside?"
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "Oh." She gets up, heading out the back door.
* Robby`^ sighs and follows her
<AlcarGM> (( "Yes, insurance? Werewolf in the kitchen wrecked it." ))
<Robby`^> (( Why do you think I didn't call insurance when the demon went through the house ))

<AlcarGM> Kate: "Nicole?" from the door, making her way onto the patio
<AlcarGM> The wolf whines, shakes herself off, and trots over to the deck, looking up at both of you.
<AlcarGM> Kate: "Dad? I thought I heard her scream."
<Robby`^> "You did..."
* Robby`^ takes Kates hand and guides it to the wolf ont he porch now
<AlcarGM> Katge reaches out, touches fur. "Oh. Oh!"
<AlcarGM> The wolf quivers.
<AlcarGM> Wolf-nicole. .oO(Must mark territory.. Shoe. Fathers shoe. Not good marker....)
* Robby`^ sighs and squats down to Nicole's level

<AlcarGM> Katge: "But she does like the scented bubble bath things. Lavender, preferably. If that's okay?"
<Robby`^> "Aren't girls your age into clothes or something? Handbags?"
<Robby`^> "Oh," Sighing, "Fine, but I figured you'd pick something big since it's on me anyway."
<AlcarGM> Kate: "... it is?"
<AlcarGM> Kate: "Oh. I don't know, then." She walks, quiet. "Wal-mart has cheap DVDs?"
<Robby`^> "You think I'm going to give her money just because I turned her into a werewolf? No, you're both my girls so I'll let you buy some gifts for eachother if I damned well please!"

<AlcarGM> You make it back home without any problems, Nicole grining from ear to ear the whole way
<AlcarGM> Your home is still standing. This time.
<AlcarGM> Wait.
<AlcarGM> 2d6
<sparkie> AlcarGM 2d6: 7
<AlcarGM> Okay, yeah. It is.
<Robby`^> lol

* Robby`^ goes inside and watches TV, glad that today is normal
<Robby`^> once you've been chased by an ice demon, any day you're not is normal

<alcar> Okay. Most of the sixty of so people living in your hall have assembled outside in the quad. Harry the Resident Manager is currently feeding logs into a decent fire that a few peple are sticking marshmellows into. Everyone else is standing around, exchanging names and one ex-football player (build wise)_ is handing out free cigarettes to all and sundry.
* `Ashok accepts one! :P
* Davis declines! :P
* `Ashok looks over at Davis, "Got something 'gainst fags?"
<alcar> The guy gives Ashok a big, shit-eating grin. "Hope you like it. It's compliments of H V N. Awesome new company, man. They don't cause cancer."
* Davis shrugs, "Do they still stain the crap out of your teeth? Or give you aweful breath?"
* `Ashok nods at the guy, "Oh yeah? Quite good. Quite good." And returns a polished smile.
<alcar> The guy shakes his head. "Breath, yeah. People seem to like it." He shrugs, holding out a hand. "Martin."
* `Ashok then looks at Davis, "I wonder if they still hurt when they get stabbed into the eyes of non-smokers..." with a wicked look on his face. ((j/k))

<tatterdemalion> Mel: "Following the general council meeting of may 12, 1996, the rules regaarding personal fashion accesories were ammended to include lack of clothign in alien species thatg did not have any, ahem, issues, with themselves or, vis a vis, us a sa result of understandings, such as the Empire of Roe vs. Derrick Wade, in 1994."

<tatterdemalion> A froshie is dragged out of his room to be TPed on the lawn as you go inside.
* `Ashok passes him by!
<`Ashok> "Sometimes, I wonder how they can figure out who the freshman are."
<tatterdemalion> (( scent! ))
<tatterdemalion> (( well, room numbers really :p ))

<tatterdemalion> Zee room is empty!
<tatterdemalion> Since you don't have a dog and all of that.
* `Ashok looks around for hairs, idly. ;p
<tatterdemalion> There are some, on the couch. But, they could be human hairs. An awful lot of them, though, in the middle of the couch.
<Davis> "What the heck."
<Davis> "Is someone sneaking a dog in here?"
<`Ashok> "Come on. What are the odds?"
* `Ashok considers.
<`Ashok> "... Okay.. here's the plan."
<`Ashok> "From now on, one of us will always be in here."
<tatterdemalion> Mel appears behind you; "I KNEW YOU HAD ONE!" with klaxons in her voice
<tatterdemalion> j/k

<kentari> May nods, and her pants begin belting out some 90s club/dance song. She retrieves a cell phone and answers, proceeding to have a conversation. She's one of *those* types of people, it seems.
* Drew` hesitates. "If you're not busy?"
<Drew`> (( must.. not... melt.. phone. ))
<Drew`> (( "You think your phone is cool?" *points to shoe* ))
<Aaron> ((So... very... tempting....))

<Forest`^> "So where do you live?"
* Drew` waves to her, looks at Forest. "Oh!" *gives address; an X minute walk, where X is defined by K, and K is defined as kentari*
<kentari> :P

* Rachaellyn will, unless interrupted, just sit down on the bed in lotus position and hold Aaron's hand and close her eyes and try to drift off with him into an inner space!
<kentari> Lotus position....
<kentari> Oh, right, not sex.
<kentari> :P
<Drew`> (( "I bet you try this with all the guys." ))
<Aaron> ((yoga, you perv))
<kentari> You meditate and find your inner center.
<kentari> Its right between your eyes, a little behind your skull.
<kentari> :P

* Aaron blinks as he sees a Blue that looks just like him
<Aaron> Umm... Hi.
<Rachaellyn> umm, "s
<Aaron> ((Grrrrrr))
<Aaron> "Umm... Hi?"

<kentari> You get the contraband away. Mrs. Drew's Mom enters, its around 8 o'clock or so. Drew's older brother is ushured upstairs then Mrs. Drew's Mom puts on the evening news, waving to the group. "Ah. So nice to see friends of yours over, Drew."
* Drew` nods. "Hey. Mom, this is Forest. You met Steve already."
* Forest`^ waves to Mrs. Drew
<Aaron> ((Oh, but Steve is soooo much more than a friend.))
* Steve`Z greets Drew's mom politely.
<Steve`Z> (( Giggity giggity ))
<Drew`> (( yes, but mom knows how to shoot, too :p ))
* Steve`Z (( puts much skill into Ranged Defense... ))
<kentari> (( :P ))

<Warner> So these Japanese scientists are going to create a big bang? Makes you wonder what alien nerds created us. :)
<Alicia> God is a roleplayer. That's why he has so many names. :P

* `Ashok stands, and approaches the dor to extend a hand for handshaking to Harry who is in the office.
* `Ashok quickly, without moving his eyes, sees if he can discern the photocopies?
<alcar> he nods, shakes your hands.
<alcar> You can. They're a penis. Sent with his stationary, from this fax machine.
* `Ashok makes use of eidetics. For comparisons, later.. oh, god. :P
<`Ashok> "Erm ... Harry?"
* `Ashok asks.
<alcar> Harry: "Yes?" as he puts the coffee down.
<`Ashok> "I'm going to leave, and forgot I saw them, but .. what the hell is that in your outbox?"
<alcar> Harry: "What are you?" *He looks, stares* "What in......" He grabs one, stares at it, loooks at you. "Is this your idea of some joke?" keeping his voice even with an effort
<`Ashok> "That's not mine. You can check, if you really want."
<alcar> (( lol! ))

<alcar> You're half way through your salad when your phone rings, playing the themesong from Law & Order, or whatever your ringtone is :P
<`Ashok> :D Yes!
<`Ashok> Its that SOUND from Law and Order, over and over.

<`Ashok> "With the way you're talking about looking for reasons for forgiveness.... you aren't planning to go up against anything anytime soon, are you?"
<alcar> Dennis: "Do what?" with a start, and you get an echo of wariness, and fear from his find. There's anger under it, as was i his voice, but it doesn't have direction. Yet.
<`Ashok> "Well, look... let's say there's this thing, that's not good. And there's another thing, and you're pretty damn sure its what's right."
* `Ashok makes hand gestures, holding each side in a hand so to speak, to make it more visual
<`Ashok> "When you want to fight... you've got two options."
<`Ashok> "You go up against the Bad ... and, for all intents and purposes, you're no longer good when you're through."
* `Ashok holds up Bad hand. :P
<alcar> lol
<alcar> methinks Ashok's player has spent too much time with those fifth graders :P
<`Ashok> "Or you become what you want to see more of in the world. There's and old song, you know... how's it go.."
<`Ashok> :P Indeed.

<`Ashok> "Do you know the story of Job?"
<alcar> He looks up. "I just... some things.. there has to be an answer. A reply."
<alcar> He nods. "Job was stupid, though."
<`Ashok> "Let me give you a reply, then, on behalf of the rest of the world."
<`Ashok> "So that you don't become what you're fighting, when you look for it."
<`Ashok> "I, Dennis, am sorry for your losses."
<alcar> Dennis: "God asked for worship, for love, for fear.... just because He thought He deserved it. So Job was put through trials, and tortures, as if God needs us, like some - some rock singer, or parasite. I didn't stop praying, when I lost my legs. I did it when my parents lost everything. God just .. God seemed so hungry for flattery."
<alcar> Dennis: "What did they lose? They destroyed our lives!"
<`Ashok> "Are you still alive?"
<`Ashok> "Does your heart beat in your chest? Does blood run through your veins?"
<`Ashok> "Be glad you're not the son of the foreman, so desperate for an answer that you'd do what they did to you."
<alcar> He just nods.
<alcar> He blinks, stares, mouth open but no sounds emerge
<`Ashok> "The reason people sue is because they want an answer. A reply, as you say."

* Ashok sets his hand on Dennis' shuolder.
<`Ashok> "There's nothing wrong with being angry."
<`Ashok> "But ... there comes a time in everyone's life, where they have to confront their anger.. and outlast it."
* `Ashok beams with compassion, honest, and four colors. :P

<AlcarGM> Your daughter who very recently tore a vampire into many pieces and ate hits of it while a giant wolf, is asking you if she is still human.
* Robby`^ looks at her oddly
<Robby`^> "Well, you sort of turn into a wolf..."
<AlcarGM> She looks a little scared, arms wrapped around herself as if afraid she'll fall apart.
<Robby`^> "But other than that, yes."
<AlcarGM> Nicole gapes. "Other than that?!"
* Robby`^ sighs and walks over to her and wraps his arms around her "We'll get through this, ok?"
<AlcarGM> She shivers, then buries her fact inyour chest. "I'm scared, Dad."
<Robby`^> "It's ok, you're gunna be alright... I'm right here."
* Robby`^ looks to be deep in thought.
<AlcarGM> She pulls away and just nods, trusting you to put things right as children often do.

<Robby`^> "Huh..." Thinking "So, I guess we should go meet them?" To Rico
<AlcarGM> Rico blinks. "Why?"
<Robby`^> "Because they said they want to meet us."
<AlcarGM> Rico: "And they sent vampires. That isn't in the standard list of 'Hi! How do you do?' you know."
<Robby`^> "So then we go prepared for anything."
<AlcarGM> Rico: "You aren't prepared for anything," firmly. "You don't even know how to use the vril! I need to get more energy, and that takes time."
<Robby`^> "I do too know how to use it!"
<Robby`^> "I just choose not to."
<AlcarGM> Rico: "Run that by me again."
<Robby`^> "It's anoying. Can't stand it."

<AlcarGM> Rico: "You'd be surprised..... look, it's... it's nature, really. The world around you Changing it. Shaping it."
<Robby`^> "To do what? I'm happy with my life the way it is."
<AlcarGM> Rico: "... You are?! What, exactly, do you have to be happy about?"
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "Hey!"
<AlcarGM> Rico: "Besides your daughters," not missing a beat.
<Robby`^> "Everything, it *was* a good, normal life. I was happy. Now I have this vril to worry about and vampires being sent after me. The only thing I want to change is that I go back to my normal life. But Vril can't do that, so what good dose it do me besides killing vampires?"
<AlcarGM> Rico: "You were happy. Doing what, being a bean counter? Being boring?"
<Robby`^> "yes!"
<AlcarGM> Rico stops eating, stares at you. "That's the saddest thing I've never heard."

<AlcarGM> Rico nods, gets out, getting out a magazine to read along the walk. "Hostile or friendly?"
<Robby`^> "Doesn't look very friendly..." Evaluating the building, "White limos are always filled with mean people."
<AlcarGM> Rico: "Larry once said he figured they bred in Manhattan..." He shrugs. "I meant: do we kick ass and take names, or pretend we're just there for the party."
<Robby`^> "Well... I suppose a man bringing a ten year old boy out for a drink would be normal in a place like this."
<AlcarGM> Rico: "......"
<AlcarGM> Rico: "How not boring." He smirks. "Do you want to hold my hand?"
<Robby`^> "The sad part about that is I'm not joking."
<Robby`^> "That's ok..."

<AlcarGM> The bouncer looks at both of you when you arrive, says nothing. The door is closed.
* Robby`^ gives him his best smile
<AlcarGM> Rico does the same, and giggles.
<AlcarGM> The bouncer blinks, looks at you, then says: "What do you want?" coldly.
<Robby`^> (( Oh that's just nasty... ))
<Robby`^> "We want in, of course, isn't this the place?"
<AlcarGM> Bouncer: "For what?" staring at you as if you were scum.
<Robby`^> "A party?"
<AlcarGM> The bouncer looks at you, then Rico. "And the boy?"
<Robby`^> "He's comming too."
<AlcarGM> Rico: "I like parties. Are you the clown?"
<AlcarGM> The bouncer twitches. He opens the door without a word, looking as if he's itching to punch your face in :)
<Robby`^> haha

<alcar> Davis is not in the room, when you arrive. There is, however, dog hair on the living room couch, and someone seems to have eaten one of the steaks and left the dishes in the sink, unwashed. You'll have to talk to him about that
<`Ashok> "..... We have frikkin ghost werewolves, and they're eating our food."

* `Ashok proceeds to spend the next few minutes making his bed worthy of the likes of Monk.
<alcar> Your bed is very well made, indeed, with dog hair removed and you can bounce a quarter off of it now. It's a Super-bed!
* `Ashok actually does do the quarter test. :P
<alcar> Foe of short-sheeting everywhere! Defender of the wrinkle-free demeanour! Etc.

<Caltak> Query: In Medias Res?
<alcar> Oh. That's the odd short side term thingy chaos and I began one night
<kentari> in other words
<kentari> the next fin de siecle
<alcar> Nah.
<alcar> The plot is.... not intended for a long game.
<kentari> Three months from now.
<kentari> I'm going to quote this conversation to you.
<alcar> lol.

<alcar> (( "We're doing a hazing survey... please fill out the attached form...." ))
<`Ashok> (( That's how, like, over half of everything in every field is generated. Depressing, isn't it? :P))
<alcar> (( lol ))

<alcar> As Ashok replies (I assume) you hear a scream of tortured metal outside, followed by the sounds of people screaming and running about like chickens with the heads cut off.
<alcar> Which is, erm, not a very 4 colour image.
<`Ashok> "Ah. Sounds like Old Country on Chicken Sandwich day."
<`Ashok> ((j/k :P))
<`Ashok> "What the..."
* `Ashok peeks his head out the door.

<alcar> Foxfire leaps into the first, as if driven by the wind itself, and his axe comes down, slamming into the Robot car.... which falls over with a crash, but not falling apart. The robot begins to stand uyp, axe still in it, gears grinding.
<alcar> The robot is getting up, axe still in it, but slowly. the other two are ignoring it entirely busty demolishing cars.
* Foxfire plants a foot in the side, and wrenches the axe sideways, trying to widen the hole
<alcar> You wrench into it, using leverage ...and tear the dam thing in half, because Sparkie REALLY liked you.
<alcar> The robot halves flop on the ground, servros whining as it tries to move effectively and just flops about.
* Foxfire plants the axe in the ground and looks up
* Foxfire reaches out and plucks a small bag from the air, a shoulder bag, small, leather.
<alcar> The other two robots are tearing cars apart, not even paying attention yet. You suspect this will change soon :)
* Foxfire shoulders it and grabs the axe, and stoops low, and runs off, hopefull out of sensor range
* Foxfire will come in for another pass, soon
<alcar> Nice. Okay. You manage that easily enough, coming up beside the one robot on its blind side (the problem with making robots from cars :)

* Davis gets to his room and closes the door, locking it, then stands there for a moment
<alcar> Quite a few people have gathered in the lobby, talking with each other etc. The sun has officially set, and there is the ghost in your room, currently not ghostly at all and reading a copy of the wizard of oz on your bed.
* Davis 's sesnse of HOLY CRAP. and AWESOME. just snap and he does all those airguitar things minus the guitar that one does when they're sure no one is watching :P
<alcar> lol :)
* Davis stops when he notices her :P
<alcar> unfortunately, someone is, and she just looks at you oddly, not getting the reference. "Is that a rain dance?" politely.
<Davis> ".............."
<Davis> "No."

<alcar> we've managed to set a nice "short lifespan for a pc" thing, too :p
* alcar was so tempted to retcon and put cal's new pc through the exact same situation as previous one was in :)
<Caltak> lol
<Caltak> Grfoundhog Day
<Caltak> its a precedent :P
<alcar> :p
* alcar was going to, but the npc the other pc ran into was tailored to help that help, so it wouldn't work well :)
<Caltak> Things would be different though, let me tell you! More of a "Halt, fiend!" instead of the "ninja sneak attack!" thing
* alcar might have it happen sometime during the game anyway. Most likely ;)
<alcar> "You feel something entirely unlike deja vu."

<KayaraBlue> In superhero games, men and women with extraordinary powers and abilities (or fancy equipment) don colorful skintight costumes and team up to fight crime. Some were born with their gifts, while freak accidents happened to others. Now they bring hope to the hopeless, justice to the deserving,
<KayaraBlue> ... what I have so far
<KayaraBlue> and I need a snappy ending
<alcar> And heal the world through violence.
<alcar> Which IS the traditional superhero, really :)
<KayaraBlue> haha
<KayaraBlue> I don't think that would go over well ;)

<KayaraBlue> I probably shouldn't even ask for how you'd define "science fiction"
<alcar> That one's harder :P Superheroes, at least at the basic level, is easier. It's wish fulfullment fantasy stuff.
<alcar> sci fi is.. a lot broader.
<KayaraBlue> hehe
<KayaraBlue> yeah
<KayaraBlue> that's why I've been putting it off for as long as possible
<alcar> but, roughly, I'd say: "Using the future to shed light on the present"
<KayaraBlue> but sometimes it's present people going into the past
<alcar> :p
<alcar> then it's fantasy!
<alcar> REAL science doesn't allow for time travel
<KayaraBlue> haha
* alcar hides from annoying quantum stuff that no one really gets and, as you know Bob, says the universe is really entirely a 2 dimensional hologram anyway

<Darryl> Hey, if a girl wants to drag you out somewhere, Fennec, go.
<Darryl> That is a fully legit reason to miss gaming

* alcar grins. The villains of the first session are - well, they got kicked out of the IRA style right wing of PETA for being too militant. Shall be fun.

<AlcarGM> You slip through the back ways of the Zoo known to the staff and quite likely a lot of children who should be on drugs. You've caught a few trying to sneak into the lion cage to "pet Simba" as it was. Disney has a lot to answer for.

<Leon`> (( "This looks like a job for... SUPER BLACK AFRICAN GUY! NEGRO POWERS GO!" --- oh man I feel dirty typing that :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( Mean player made Oprah eat a cheesecake. ))

* LionHeart leaps out from behind stuff, landing in plain sight on top of... something. Dramatically! "Hold it right there!"
<AlcarGM> Two other people are in the gaping hole in the wall. A girl, goth, about 16 or so you think, who is chewing gum and looking bored, and a nervous looking man wearing glasses he's constantly adjusting and obviously not happy to be here.
<AlcarGM> The big guy blinks, stares at you. ".... what the hell are you?" in a more normal voice.
* LionHeart crosses his arms. "Asks the guy who busted down a wall and is shaking a ticket booth."
<AlcarGM> The man blinks, as if he has forgotten it. "We're on the side of the opressed animals, you freak. Whose side are you on?"
<AlcarGM> (( and Marvel sues for line used out of context..... :p ))

<Tass> .....isn't lionhaert one of the carebears? :P
<Tass> omg
<Tass> someone should sue for copyright infringement :P
<Tass> make it a 4color villain! :P
<AlcarGM> hahaha
<kentari> ...
<kentari> Its braveheart the lion.
<kentari> not lionheart.
<kentari> :P
* kentari works with the fans. He knows.

* LionHeart simply looks at the tiger and warns him not to start trouble. He promises that there will be food later. Then he simply looks over at the girl, smirking. "You really don't know who you're dealing with."
<Fennec> (( should have stuffed him in a PLANE! WITH SNAKES!! ))
<LionHeart> (( dude, I would totally go SAm Jackson on them. Foo. ))
<AlcarGM> The girl is.. well.. a fair bit away from the tiger cage. Good 200 yards. She waves to you, then frowns.....
<AlcarGM> she stops waving, wondering why you haven't been eaten yet
* LionHeart simply goes over to the door, produces the key that is in the pockets of the clothes he's actually wearing when magic isnt altering them, and lets himself out, locking it again.
* LionHeart proceeds to grab something fairly heavy but not overly expensive-looking, and return quickly to the scene of the fight, weilding it as a weapon!
<AlcarGM> Terramancer notices your arrival and responds with .. a ball of fire, throwing it at you with a "&*$^! My fingers! It burnt my fingers!"

<alcar> So! Thoughts? Ideas?
<Caltak> I think it was fun. I think I feel slightly awkward playing my character only because I'm not sure I have an understanding of how to play outside my race but then as soon as I think that I worry that I'm being racist in assuming that I would need to act a certain way because of race, and so it's all very complicated so I try to ignore it.

<alcar> <gidim> Which reminds me, I still want to get a copy of "Buy The Numbers...", a how-to on GURPSifying 3e.
* alcar whimpers
<kentari> Its ok
<kentari> you're safe
<kentari> this is a ken D&D game.
<kentari> :P
* alcar is scared!
<alcar> :p

* alcar nods. it's abad habit, but i normally push at systems when making characters
<alcar> is why I suck at system-oriented games.
<Kayara> hehe
<alcar> they spend so much time saying what you can do that they do a very good job of saying what you can't.
<Kayara> yeah, I guess there's really not that many people who would want to play a midget paladin on a dog
* alcar nods :)

<Chaos`^> who makes a risus character on rtf? =p
<alcar> lol. Saved it that by default ;) You can tell I thought it was txt, because there are linebreaks :p
<Chaos`^> ok, seriously
<Chaos`^> who makes a character sheet this small that still requires me to grab a dictionary
* alcar blinks. Dictionary?
<alcar> for which?
<Chaos`^> yeah
<Chaos`^> pugilist
<alcar> boxing.
<alcar> basically.
<Chaos`^> i know
<Chaos`^> I looked it up
<Chaos`^> =p

<Chaos`GM^> for the sake of sanity I will use modern english, please replace all dialog with crapy dark ages english as you wish
<Chaos`GM^> before we begin tell me about this library, public or private?
<Damien> if it beehoves thou, my liege, I will forsooth endevour to aquiesce to thy wishes.

<Chaos`GM^> "I'm affraid this area is off limits, you're just going to have to wait until we can allow you through." It's your only exit that you know of.
<Damien> "Why is it off limits?"
<Chaos`GM^> He stands straight "The King himself is come to visit our queen his dear sister."
* Damien leaves the 'to me' unsaid, though it's obvious it can be off limits to *other* people
* Damien considers that, opens his mouth, swallows comments about their childhood 'visits' that were a source of palace gossip second hand and just nods, and goes back to the library to do more research, wondering if he can workk a water spell ot loosen that bastards bowels
* Damien rubs his hands together, reflecting that such a spell, while messy, would be quite useful in dealing with any knights. As long as he was upwind.

<Chaos`GM^> "I came to ask Sir Parre to train me. I'm going to be a knight one day!"
* Damien stops. Looks at her. "I doubt the king woul wish to expend money making a breastplate just for a woman when you'll end up having to leave the battlefiend and give birth to children in any event," dismissively.
<Chaos`GM^> she glares at you "Just because i'm a girl doesn't mean I can't fight!"
<Damien> "Of course not," condscendingly. "But you're meant for having babies, not fighting. it's a waste of your natural talents."
<Chaos`GM^> She scoffs at that "I will be doing nothing of the sort. I can fight just as good as anyone in this room!"
* Damien snorts, and pats her on the head. "There, there. Everyone is entitled to dream."

<Chaos`GM^> you rush your way there and are breathing heavily and already regretting your choice of garments... People are standing around waiting for dinner, talking about a ball later in the night... The King and his sister the queen of this castle have not shown yet... Mostly just some nobles talking about... You are asked fo ryour invitation and given a number for a seat
* Damien goes to the seat, attempting to catch his breath
<Chaos`GM^> Mary prances up to you with a smile, she's in some white dress with a crown of weaved flowers. "Hi!" She waves, even though she's right in front of you "How are you?"
<Damien> Lectures about how a magician should train body and mind go through his head, mercifully stopped by the arrival of the demon child.
<Damien> "Alive. Yourself?"
<Chaos`GM^> "Oh! I'm wonderful! But I couldn't convince mother to let me join the Knights... she thinks I should mary some fancy knight or mage or prince... What do you think?"
<Damien> "Marrying a prince is always wise. Then you can become a declaration of war."

* `Ashok shrugs, and flips to some random channels until he finds either interesting news or hot chicks. :P
<`AlcarGM> you find hot chicks first, of course. Women's Nude Mud Wrestling.
* `Ashok flips on the VCR, for kicks. :P
<`Ashok> "Hey! Davis!"
<`AlcarGM> VCR? How ancient :p
<`Ashok> ((Nonono, the vicar.))
<`Ashok> ((I have a little priest the illuminates copies of tv shows.))
<`AlcarGM> (( Oh, okay then :) ))

* Davis looks around, "Maybe we have a third roomate, like in Real Genius."
<`Ashok> "So you're saying The Flying Dutchman comes in here, puts high quality meats in our fridge, sprinkles dog hair about our couch, and goes his merry way?"
* `Ashok heads for the closet. :P

<Davis> "I wonder if we can set up something to catch whoever this is."
<`Ashok> "What, video surveillance?"
<Davis> "Or something like that?"
<`Ashok> "I'm in law, not forensics.. I have no idea how to set up anything like that."
<`Ashok> "We deal in facts, not the truth. You know?"
* Davis just... looks a little poleaxed by that one :P

* Damien checks Merlin out some more, and prepares to spend a spell through the image. Fire.... give his clothing a nice charring, as a Statement
<Chaos`GM^> hrm, it wouldn't be easy, but with enough effort and time you could probably send a long distance spell
* Damien is going to, because if HE isn't happy, that smug git shouldn't be as well.
<Chaos`GM^> lol

<Damien> "We need to leave now. Your daughter is waiting."
<Chaos`GM^> the queen looks up at you "What?"
<Damien> "You. Leave. Now. With me. Is this difficult?"
<Chaos`GM^> She stands "Uhm... no... how?"
<Damien> "Come."
* Damien goes back to cell he was in, takes queens hand, swims up.
<Chaos`GM^> "Ack!"S he says as you pull her through rock and stone
* Damien swims up, and further than before, to surface outside palace
<Chaos`GM^> You swim your way up, and she apears fromt he ground, gasping for air.
<Damien> "We need to get moving. Your daugher will meet us at the inn of the spavined mule."
<Chaos`GM^> "What was that?"
<Chaos`GM^> She crawls her way up onto normal ground "Wait... WHat is going on?"
<Damien> "Magic," absently .... Stops. Looks at her. "A rescue?"

<Chaos`GM^> She crawls her way up onto normal ground "Wait... WHat is going on?"
<Damien> "Magic," absently .... Stops. Looks at her. "A rescue?"
<Chaos`GM^> "Oh... Right... Right I knew that! I'm a sorceress too. I completely expected someone to try that." She follows "I could see the future. I knew you were comming."
* Damien rolls his eyes "Then why did you end up in the cell?"
<Chaos`GM^> "Because I knew I was going to be rescued. I was... testing you!"
<Damien> "....."
<Damien> "I undersatand why he wanted you dead, then. You're almost as annoying as your daughter."

<Aaron> 2d6 hey, 7 again! whadda ya know?
<Sparkie> Aaron 2d6: 2 hey, 7 again! whadda ya know?
<kentari> 2 is good, right? :P
<Aaron> Not with the way you guys GM

<kentari> Aaron breathes life into a somewhat lifeless woman, her pulse steadies under her manipulation.
<kentari> During this time, the floor buckles and splinters as two large fig trees sprout up on either side of the proceedings
<Aaron> ...
<kentari> The GM is only the messenger.

<kentari> Something under Rachael's skin, near the tip of her rib cage, glows a bright blue before fading.
<kentari> <Red Creature> "Tch." As it fades, "Its already rooted..." It smiles at Rachael, "I will take it, then?"
<Rachael> "you could ASK?!?!?!"
* Rachael steps back some?
* Aaron steps directly between Rachael and Red. "I don't think he seems too amenable to diplomacy."
<kentari> <Red Creature> "Who are you?" To Aaron
<Aaron> "I'm her friend, and that's all that matters."
<kentari> <Red Creature> "And what can you do...?"
<Aaron> "This." *Punches Red in the face with his cybernetic arm.*

* Aaron backs up a little, and fires a lightning bolt at the creature
<Aaron> 2d6 ACV is 7 yo
<Sparkie> Aaron 2d6: 9 ACV is 7 yo
<Aaron> sparkie hates me in combat
* Sparkie just hates you. All the time.

<Aaron> "I'm sorry, Rachael." *Turns to the creature.* "You will have to heal her first."
<Rachael> "NO!"
<kentari> The creature tosses Rachael down casually, and holds out a hand.. the black sand of the place swirls around her and explodes outwards, revealing a healthy, normal looking Rachael in a matter of seconds.
* Rachael runs over and starts beating him up bare-handed.
<Rachael> and clutching for gems and such
* Aaron , as soon as he sees that Rachael is healthy, punches the red across the face. "Oh, did I mention that humans have a habit of not keeping their words?"
<kentari> The creature snickers, "That's why I didn't exactly *heal* her..."
<Aaron> "Especially when... what?"
<Aaron> dammit! and here I thought I was being clever!
<kentari> what's sad is I was typing the string dealio
<kentari> just as you punched :P
<Aaron> damn.

* Aaron moves back and fires an electrical blast at the Red. "Sorry if I hit you, Rachael, but this guy has to go."
<Aaron> 2d6 please don't be an ass, sparkie
<Sparkie> Aaron 2d6: 11 please don't be an ass, sparkie
<Rachael> (( we love you sparkie :D ))
<Rachael> (( with luck I'll turn into a bowl of jelly if he actually succeeds and makes me do something ))

<alcar> Her voice, beside your head: "Is there anything else you wish of me?"
<alcar> Moth: "We fae know things, if you wish to know them. It is why we are summoned."
<Robby`^> "Where does the magic come from, from the mages around this place? They don't use Vril or Orgone. What are they using?"
<alcar> "You really do know nothing," the cannibalistic fairy marvells.
<Robby`^> "I told you, two days, remember? Please be more kind." Pouting.

<alcar> "One only understands the things that one tames," she says. "And we become responsible, forever, for what we tame. It is both wonderful and terrifying."
<alcar> "And," she adds, "not something we want any part of."
<Robby`^> "I see... then perhaps it is best you keep your cold attitude before i get attached... then again, my ex-wife tried that too, and i married her."

* Robby`^ plays with fire in his hands, thinking of something important to use the Vril for... it'd help if the vril actually said what it wanted...
<alcar> it just seems to want to DO things. Bright, glorious.. to tell the universe it was alive, to be a bonfire and not a spark.
<Robby`^> "You know Kate, the more I use this stuff the more I can't stand it..."
<alcar> Kate starts from her thoughts. "Why - why not? It's magic!"
<Robby`^> "All it wants is... to attain greatness... It cares nothing for anything other than itself, it just wants to be used in a blaze of glory. Honor is nothing without anyone to realize just how important you are."

<Robby`^> "Heh... We're home."
<alcar> Kate: "Oh!" She waits until you stop the car, gets out. "I think I like cities better. At least I know what the sounds mean."
<Robby`^> "So do I... and so does my power it seems."
<alcar> Kate: "That's ... good. I guess?"
<Robby`^> "I"m not sure..."
<Robby`^> end here though would be nice
* Robby`^ gets out and heads for the house
<alcar> k :)
<alcar> Nicole is finishing the dvd as you go inside..... the house is calm. Normal. As if your life was perfectly, rationally sane.
<alcar> Nicole: "mom called."
<alcar> Or perhaps not :)

<Damien> "We have clothing. Your daughter, hopefully, managed to procure food, and we are likely to have people trying to kill us. You could help by explaining WHY?"
<Chaos`GM^> Morgan is silent for a little while as the sun goes down "We should probably leave the road at some point..."
<Damien> "That, I notice, wasn't a reply. King's don't normally want their sisters to be killed for treason."
<Chaos`GM^> "We've hated eachother for a very long time..."
<Chaos`GM^> Morgan: "I wasn't raised as a princess, and he doesn't like that I don't act more eligant around everyone. He's even gone so far as to start rumors about me being a barbaric woman that kills ona whim and bathes in the blood of innocent." With a sigh "Simply because i don't hold my pinky up when I drink my tea doesn't make me a killer."
<Damien> "...."

<GeeeeEM> Big John walks outside and unhitches a horse. "Take the horse next to mine. You do know how to ride, right?"
<Joe_C> "Of course. I've ridden many fillies in my time."
<Joe_C> "Though there was this one back in England - heh! Even moses couldn't have par - ahem. Well. Ladies present, but she wasn't no lady, that much I can assure you."
<GeeeeEM> He jumps into the saddle, "I ain't entirely sure what you're speaking of, but I suppose it's interesing."
<Joe_C> "Well, of course you're ot. I bet they don't call you Big John for kicks, eh?"
* Joe_C jumps into the other saddle
<Joe_C> "Never a good sunset to ride off into when you need one, is there." *Spits in the dirt*
<GeeeeEM> You both ride out to the mines, which takes a few hours time, but isn't too rough overall. Big John rides straight into the mining town, not too concerned about making his presence known.
* Joe_C follows, figuring he'll make a handy shield if things go south, even though they're riding east.

* Joe_C gets a large milk, glad he didn't have to waste time teaching this colonials real fighting since most of them don't learn much, what with trying to pick up all their teeth 'n all.
<GeeeeEM> A small glass of milk is put in front of Joe.
<GeeeeEM> Bartender: "we ain't got much of it, so don't complain."
* Joe_C frowns. "What d' you make white russians with, then?"
<GeeeeEM> Big John: "So, any news around town of some strange going-ons? Missing persons?"
<GeeeeEM> Bartender: "What in samhill is a russian?"
<Joe_C> "...
* Joe_C mutters something about colnies.
* Joe_C drinks to forget.. whatever it was he was drinking to forget
<GeeeeEM> The bartender ignores John and walks away.
<GeeeeEM> John: "Well, that wasn't very nice."
* D_Sanchez`^ just sits at the bar, ignoring them for the most part
* Joe_C just shrugs. "Nice doesn't get people that far in this world, you know."
<GeeeeEM> John lets out a thunderous laugh and slaps you on the back. "I knew there was something I liked about you!"

* Joe_C spots him and flips the table over. "YOU! What's going on in my mine?"
<GeeeeEM> Big John scratches his temple with his gun and walks over to the table that Sanchez is under.
* D_Sanchez`^ scoots himself back some "Er... Your mine sir?"
<Joe_C> (( aww, youd din't make him mute?! I was going to have fun demanding information :p ))
<D_Sanchez`^> (( Oh hell no... I can't DO mute ))
<Joe_C> "The mine, punk!"
<Joe_C> (( you suck :p ))
<D_Sanchez`^> (( Mute is entirely too hard... plus it's like a death sentance... and who the hell ever heard of a mut doctor? ))
<GeeeeEM> John: "Somehow I think my friend here will be doing a lot more harm to ya than I did to that poor fellow."
<D_Sanchez`^> "Uh... I odn't know... i'm only a doctor!" Hiding his face
<Joe_C> (( no one, so would be fun. Ah well. I shall, sometime :p ))
<Joe_C> (( Mute Doctor rubs patients stomach. "OMG! I'm pregnant?!" *Shakes head, points to throat, makes gagging motion* "I LOST THE BABY?" *Shakes head, rubs stomach, looks ill* "I.... have an upset stomach?" *nods happily, hands over bill* ))

* Joe_C shakes him some more, just to see if he has loose change, then drops him to the ground. "HOw long have you been the doctor here, then? No one telsl you about monsters?"
<D_Sanchez`^> "Monsters? no! I haven't heard anything about monsters in the mines."
<Joe_C> "How can we be sure you're not lying, doc?"
<D_Sanchez`^> "All i've heard is that there's wierd stuff going down in the mines... that's it..."
* Joe_C frowns. "Weird how?"
<Joe_C> "Weirder than John, here?"
* D_Sanchez`^ looks at John...
<D_Sanchez`^> "Er, yes?"
<GeeeeEM> John looks at Sanchez sternly.
<Joe_C> "You better be damn good with those guns," to John

* D_Sanchez`^ has not yet been set down, and is still dangling
<Joe_C> (( uhm, iu dropped you a bit back :P ))
<Joe_C> (( * Joe_C shakes him some more, just to see if he has loose change, then drops him to the ground. < - See? You have no cause - I repeat, NO CAUSE, to go all road runner and float in the air. So there. ))
* D_Sanchez`^ has been dropped then

<Joe_C> I think I need much sleep.
<Joe_C> Much more sleep.
<GeeeeEM> How much more could you need?
<Joe_C> enough to not make up this character? :p
<GeeeeEM> lol

* D_Sanchez`^ rushes one man with a loud cry of gaaaaaaaaah or (i'm completely insane for doing this)
<D_Sanchez`^> 1d1 trillian
<Sparkie> D_Sanchez`^ 1d1: 1 trillian
<GeeeeEM> The man jumps over Joe and takes a chop at his shoulder!
<Joe_C> "Damn it! Them froggies are always doing that."
<Joe_C> (( says the man who knows savate. ... :p ))

<alcar> magic is fun
* alcar is currently explaining how michael jackson is a magical version of nanotechnology
<analog> ....
<analog> surely that's nasotechnology
<alcar> lol!
<alcar> Good point :)

<Robby`^> "So who is he?"
<AlcarGM> Rico: "The Jersey Devil was his title, then. It's become one of the more famous ones. He's.. an old god. One of the last ones left in this world, really. We're his ... agents, for lack of a better term."
<Robby`^> "Cute... so... He's supposed to come to our rescue or something when the shit goes down, right? That's what you said..."
<AlcarGM> Rico: "Yeah. We call, he manifests through someone. Hijinks ensue. We try to avoid it these days, though."
<Robby`^> "Why's that?"
<AlcarGM> Rico: "Tunguska was the last time we did it. Stopped the invasion of furbies for a while, sure, but it was a little much."

* Robby`^ goes to the door and answers it
<Robby`^> "We have a doorbell you know."
<AlcarGM> Emily: "And you waste several watts of energy using it you know."
<Robby`^> "Hello Emily. Have you eaten dinner yet?"
<AlcarGM> She does smile, though, so it might have been a joke. You're never sure...
<AlcarGM> She shakes her head. "Not yet."
<Robby`^> "Ah, good, I just finished making some nice fish. Join us?"
<Robby`^> "You still eat fish right?"
<AlcarGM> She nods.
<AlcarGM> Nicole: 'They probably have to be free range."

<AlcarGM> Emily: "That was your entire weekend, then? Movies and a mall?"
<Robby`^> "What have you been doing this weekend Emily?"
<Robby`^> "yes, a normal weekend. We can't do something extraordanary every weekend you know."
<AlcarGM> Emily: "A Demonstration at the local park about the mayor's plan to build a wireless network at the Wardenclyffe beach on Saturday, and co-hosting a motivations seminar this morning. I *know* that, but you could at least make an effort to educate them - and yourself, at the same time. You don't have to spend your entire life as a drone to the vast machine."
<AlcarGM> (( *snickers* I doubt anyone will get that reference, but it was fun anyway :) ))

<Robby`^> "Nicole.. What are you doing?"
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "Getting dessert," sweetly.
<Robby`^> "And what is wrong with my fruit platter?"
* Robby`^ takes some fruit from his platter
<AlcarGM> Voice: "It's probably an animal thing, you know. Testing. Chafing at bonds. Smelling things about her mother she didn't know."
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "I don't feel like it."
<Robby`^> "You know..." Idly "I read the other day that chocolate can be poisonous to most breeds of canine."
<Robby`^> "Isn't that interesting?" To Nicole
<AlcarGM> LOL!
<AlcarGM> Nicole looks at the cupboard, then at you.... "Cute, dad."
<AlcarGM> kate grins.
* Robby`^ raises his eyebrows "Just making conversation."
<AlcarGM> Nicole gets a snickers bar anyway, starts eating it.
* Robby`^ will... Melt it ;)
<AlcarGM> The energy comes.. and the chocolate bar melts.
<AlcarGM> Rico ... chokes on his :p
<Robby`^> "Oh dear... is it *that* hot in here?" getting up and going to the thermostat
<AlcarGM> The Voice is.. a bit high pitched now, in your head. "You used Vril to MELT A CHOCOLATE BAR?!"

<AlcarGM> Nicole: "So, the bus goes right by here, you know, two streets over. You mind if we stay a couple of nights extra, Dad?"
<AlcarGM> Emily looks.... surprised. A little hurt, but trying to hide it.
<Robby`^> "Oh, no, I don't mind at all."
* Robby`^ looks at Emily
<AlcarGM> Rico: "It's my dimples," to your ex-wife, straight faced.

<Robby`^> "I'm just trying to show you how most people live... When you grow up and leave the house, live how you want, but for now, I'll try and show you what life with me is like."
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "Great." She stands. "Look, I.... I need to go for a run."
* Robby`^ bites his lip
<Robby`^> "We have to go into town and beat up some demon worshipers."
<AlcarGM> Nicole: "After?"
<AlcarGM> almost pleading.
* Robby`^ sighs "Alright, but be careful, there are some people out there tracking your scent."

<AlcarGM> Luna: "We're all commited. Sometimes to each other, sometimes just to our dominant hands. In this asylum, I mean," cheerfully, drinking coffee.
<Mary_jane`^> "Some days I just don't know... Luna should be a psychologist..."
<AlcarGM> Luna: "I should go," to the coffeepot. She turns, looks at you and Nora. "Oh, no. I have too much respect for witch doctors."
<Mary_jane`^> "Go," waving her off "Get good grades and whatnot..."
<AlcarGM> Luna: "Calling it science is an insult. But I should go to school soon. My advisor, Kholberg, is trying to get me to declare a major, and I'm not even in the army."

<Mary_jane`^> "I can't become a ninja... Besides, I don't know the first thing about cable."

* Mary_jane`^ grabs a jacket since it's likely still a little cold outside
<AlcarGM> It is, and the sky outside promises rain later, April being the cruellest month after all....
<Mary_jane`^> well sure, hell it even starts by making a fool of everyone
<AlcarGM> :p

<Mary_jane`^> "So you're saying I fight differently than a man of my skill?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Phil never said anything about that..."
* Mary_jane`^ hmms and unbuttons the top button of her shirt and flips her hair "Very well, we'll see how he fights against women."
<AlcarGM> Lancelot: "Men don't have breasts. It affects gravity."
<AlcarGM> he is, of course, not joking at all.
* Mary_jane`^ sighs at him

* Mary_jane`^ looks around the store for anything interesting
<AlcarGM> It's a wal-mart. This is the USA. You can get guns, but not vibrators. Which says a lot about the culture, but hey.
<Mary_jane`^> (( So you're saying you can buy vibrators at any department store in canada? ))
<kentari> ((Canadian Tire is notorious for such.))
<AlcarGM> (( I don't know if you can in canada. Never tried :p ))
<AlcarGM> (( was generic 'western culture comment' :) ))
<Mary_jane`^> (( I dare you to go into one and ask them if they carry vibrators ))
* Mary_jane`^ doesn't find anything interesting, then.
<AlcarGM> (( "And is it under electrical appliances, or home furnishings?" ))

<Mary_jane`^> "You don't crap dark matter do you?"
<AlcarGM> Tad: "..... not unless I'm constipated?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Just making sure, because I plan to go investigate it and if it's just dragon poo..." Idly "Do you know how far the dark matter is?"

<kentari> I seriously believe that, if GMed properly, Mary Jane would engage in an epic, reality-bending quest to go to the store and buy a loaf of bread.
* AlcarGM grins.
<AlcarGM> Luna probably does :p
<Mary_jane`^> any quest that is epic or reality bending is worth while
<Mary_jane`^> even if it is a loaf of bread
<kentari> My point exactly.
<kentari> :P

<kentari> is it bad
<kentari> <@AlcarGM> The truth flares.. and Jenny ripples as it washes over her, and the dark matter. She screams, and ceases to exist.
<kentari> that I immediately wanted to know..
<kentari> just what was going on with Jenny's nipples? :P
<Mary_jane`^> yes
<Mary_jane`^> that's bad
<kentari> and *then* I actually read the sentence ;p

<Mary_jane`^> "How did *you* get sick?"
<AlcarGM> Tyler: "I figured *you* did something," sourly
<Mary_jane`^> "Nope!" Walking in "That's really wierd."
<AlcarGM> He makes it back in, goes to chair and collapses in it. "Haven't been sick in years. Can't say I like it."
<Mary_jane`^> "YOu shouldn't get sick. It's not the way of things."
<AlcarGM> He looks at you. "Yeah? Well, tell it to the UTI."
<Mary_jane`^> "I should really check the library at Atlantis... SOmething's wierd... Atlantis? That's it! I could work at the museum in atlantis!"
<AlcarGM> He stares at you. "Good for you."

<AlcarGM> There is a pause. "You have come from 7200 years in the past, I believe.:
<Mary_jane`^> "Ah, I see!" Thinking "Uhm... I don't know if that's good... How far did I jump the last time I was here?"
<AlcarGM> Android: "That data is not available due to the Crash."
<AlcarGM> Android: "The Computer declared all fleshy ones commie mutants." There is a pause. "That is a joke."
<Mary_jane`^> "Ah, funny... Seriously though..."

* Mary_jane`^ looks up dark matter
<AlcarGM> the entry just lists: "Special matter variant; possible End Times sigh (cf: Barney, Disco, Goetica, Sparkie); exact nature presently unknown. Has been noted in 30% of universes, all at the same time."
<Mary_jane`^> now that's interesting...
* sparkie always is

* sparkie is abused :(
<sparkie> That's the real reason I hate you all. It's because of my mother. You're all my surrogate mother.

* `Ashok looks around, all shifty-like.
<alcar> Ashok doesn't need to roll for this. He is a lawyer. it comes naturally.

* Psimon RUNS! And kinda telekinetically allows himself to go from roof to roof. :P
<alcar> Your leap, and almost go overshoot the first roof. The next ones are easily, and you clear two dorms and a cafeteria, reaching the eingineering block. Five modern buildings, all 5 storeys, prettyish. The sixth one, at the back, is 7 storeys, and pre world war two. It's been slated for demolition for a good decade, but funds always run short. It's basically permanently closed.
<Psimon> "If I were a recovering villain..."
<Psimon> "Its almost *too* easy a choice."
* Psimon shrugs. Let's investigate the Old Building ;p
<alcar> (( Hullo? Four colour? :p ))
<Psimon> ;p

* Psimon hops down in front of the guards, a good ten yards away, so as not to seem offensive about it! :D
* Psimon has the domino mask, remember. A flawless disguise. :P
<alcar> One of the guards notices you when you Arrive, and looks.. surprised. "Ah... hello?"
<Psimon> "Greetings, citizens!"
* Psimon speaks in Hero. :P
<alcar> (( How.. very V of you :P ))
<alcar> Guard: "Can I.. help you?"

<alcar> One of them four - not far boy, but probably a friend, breaks cover to saunter over, faking casual except for a smile that would be better suited to a shark.
<Davis> (not far boy?)
<alcar> err, fat.
<alcar> (( Far Boy, a superhero whose special power is that, when he removes his glasses, he can't see things close to him! ))
<Davis> (Or he's always just out of reach)
<Psimon> ((I know far boy very well :( ))

<`Ashok> My attack this time is the image that I have torn off my shirt, revealing a dynamite vest, and have also ripped off a detonator and am about to depress the button. I may or may not be shouting allah ackbar.
<`Ashok> :P
<alcar> lol!!

<AlcarGM> Nora isn't here; probably spent the night at Gabe's, or keeping an eye on Tyler. Probably both.
<AlcarGM> (( Tyler: "Not only can I, a lowly hospital intern, heal the sick, I have this succubi stalking an alter ego I've never been. ... Can I get on Jerry Springer now?" ))

* Mary_jane`^ heads to the native american museum first
<AlcarGM> It is open, and there's an old native man at the reception desk/ticket booth who looks like just about every Old Indian Chief in hollywood movies, except for wearing sweats and a sweatshirt and reading a book.
* Mary_jane`^ asks him if the museum is hiring
<AlcarGM> he puts the book down and nods to Chaos`^. "Youn shouldn't be here. You know what alcar does with natives. You invented that as one of your things to avoid in his games. Have ytou forgotten everything you taught yourself?!"
<AlcarGM> or not :)
<AlcarGM> The old man looks quite surprised at that. "Can't say I know. I'll get the manager."

<AlcarGM> Albert: "I see." He smiles at you. "Do you believe in magic, then?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Of course."
<Mary_jane`^> "There's a truth in every lie."

<AlcarGM> It is earlier than 10 AM and you already have a job. Clearly, in a field with few available positions, the unvierse has chosen to favour you
<AlcarGM> Or put an ancient native burial ground under said native american museum.
<Mary_jane`^> Yeah, too bad atlantis didn't hire me!
<AlcarGM> You scare them :p

* Mary_jane`^ wonders why she would break a kid's knee using magic and not say... a baseball bat
<AlcarGM> cuz she's mj? :p
<Mary_jane`^> ...
<Mary_jane`^> That, sadly, makes sense

<Fennec> anyway. you are way too quick to dismiss all this stuff. I'd expect better of you. :P
<kentari> bah!
<Fennec> indeed bah!
<kentari> I'm only as cynical as alcar usually is :>
<Fennec> his is a more amused sort of perversion of everything :P

<alcar> * Alicia considers playing Oyashiro-sama, the Noble of Psycho Killing <- reasons to never allow Alicia to play Nobilis #23,312? :p
<kentari> alcar
<kentari> there are some lines that, like
<kentari> I just love you for. :P
<kentari> that's one of them ;p

<Fennec> time travel is NOT AWESOME
<Fennec> unless you're the one travelling!
<alcar> * Drew wanders off to slit wrists :)
<kentari> I'm going to make Drew suffer through something that Julius had to endure.
<kentari> >:E
<alcar> ROFL
* alcar is up for it :P
* kentari is slowly revisitting all sins on alcar, you see, starting with Sara. ;p

<Fennec> It's Mon Sep 11
<Fennec> let's do something terrible like run a one-shot on a doomed jetliner
<kentari> K.
<kentari> You are all playing yourselves.
<kentari> You are in Chicago O'Hara airport.
<kentari> For some reason.
<kentari> Flight 333, your flight, to Miami, is now boarding.
<Fennec> I wasn't REALLY serious :P
<kentari> A man, grumbling about some "shroomform" literature, shuffles on board.
<Fennec> omg kentari I am so not serious :P did I leave off a ;) or something? :P :P

<Alicia> You know what? D&D Wizards can be really messed up in the head
<Alicia> What sort of deranged mind decides that mixing owls and bears is a good idea?
<alcar> "Think of the fold outs in the playwizard magazine, dude." "Woah, you are so right."
<alcar> And a few drinks. And probably a bet.
<Gemm[Work]> heh, yeah
<Gemm[Work]> I don't think you could come up with that many strange creatures without some kind of influence.

<toaster> Ah. Fun ways to lower PC arrogance. Toss daisy cutters at 'em :p
<toaster> not quite nukes, but still handy.
<Kayara> hmm..
* Kayara pictures actual daisy flowers being tossed at an arrogant PC
<toaster> Nah .. 400' craters are more fiun :p
<Kayara> heheh
* Kayara pictures above image in a Toon game, that results in 400' craters
<toaster> lol. Yes :)
<toaster> A Toon game: Searcing for the Weapons of Mass Distraction
<Kayara> haha
<toaster> the Iran Giant Pie Maker :p
<Kayara> ooo
* Kayara pictures a giant waffle iron

<AlcarGM> The popcorn vapourizes, the air hums..... and a voice says: "Oh! A message. How .. quaint. We use email now, you know. We even have a web site."
<AlcarGM> Nora: "....."
<AlcarGM> Fate voice: "I mean, is is so hard to use the black pages and find us in it? And it's a demon spell! Do you KNOW what that is doing to my hair?!"
* Mary_jane`^ sighs
<AlcarGM> Nora: "We need," very carefully, "to talk to Lancelot. MJ's place. Now."
<Mary_jane`^> "Does anyone check their e-mail these days?"
<AlcarGM> Fate voice (older, now, with a bit of a rasp): "Of course. I delete them."

<Mary_jane`^> "They certainly wouldn't have expected them to teleport bombs under him... But they picked the worst time to strike."
<Mary_jane`^> "For former intellegince, they're awfully dumb..."
<Mary_jane`^> intelligence =p
<Mary_jane`^> there are several words you just don't mispell
<Mary_jane`^> intelligence is one of them =p
<AlcarGM> misspell, you mean? :p

<Davis> "What do.... do you -know- who's been in here!?"
<AlcarGM> Kachina says something rude in hopi, then: "Yes! He was eating out of the fridge! Naked!"
<Davis> "......"
<Davis> "Who!?'
<AlcarGM> Kachina: "Well, the tail is a dead give away," acidly.
* Davis covers his eyes, "I've been doing this for maybe a dozen days now, you think I have a roster of every twist of aether?"
<AlcarGM> Kachina: "... you ... don't .... oh."
<AlcarGM> She claps her hands over her mouth. "Oh! I shouldn't have said anything!"

<Davis> 'Rain rain go away, eh?"
<AlcarGM> Kachina: "...."
* Davis flips over the dog bowl and picks it up
<AlcarGM> Kachina: "You can't banish a god!" she squeaks out
<Davis> "You think this is his?"
<Davis> "Of course it is."
* Davis then looks in the fridge, for something that he didn't buy, or ashok."
<Davis> (nix the quote)
<AlcarGM> There's the beef jerky.
* Davis grabs a stick of that, then
<AlcarGM> Kachina: "...."
<AlcarGM> She takes a few cautious steps away from you
<Davis> "One. Two. Three. Its the rule of three. I remember it now."
<AlcarGM> Kachina: "This isn't some ... some ..... kibu, or sasquatch!"

* `Ashok grabs the bottle of the wine, and sniffs a little, tapping into his elitist connosiuer senses to decide how long its been "breathing" :P
* Davis was going to go for the wine as well, only a little more of a simpler test, he just wants to know if its warm or not :P

<AlcarGM> You head out.. and hear voices, down the hallway, and see a rather shaken Freshman, and a Security Guard
<AlcarGM> Your common sense begins to tingle.

<Mary_jane`^> "Corporal Steppenwolf, from the magic devision of Omega 13, saw a demon and now he's a five year veteran. He has no idea what he was supposed to do here, just... Kill people."
* Mary_jane`^ sighs and leans against the car looking at the hospital "Where is everybody?"
<AlcarGM> Jeeves: "I see." He looks down at the man. "I believe Nora is on the roof, keeping an eye in case more come. She blew up three helicopters, you know. Hevy ordinance, machines guns..." He takes another drag. "You people are really scary, you know that?"
<Mary_jane`^> "Maybe that's why they tried to blow me up with three very large bombs."
<AlcarGM> Jeeves: "Doubt it. Sniper would make more sense."
<Mary_jane`^> "That didn't work the last time someone tried it."
* Mary_jane`^ sighs "I'm going to go find Tyler and Gabe."
<AlcarGM> Jeeves: "It's what I'd do, in their sitution. Snipe you. If you live, then hit friends. Family. follow you around and kill people around you. The psychological effect would be worth it, and they've obviously no problems with killing civillians."
<AlcarGM> he gives the corporal a cold look. "I'd break some of his bones, but I suspect you could do worse."
<Mary_jane`^> "I already have."

<Mary_jane`^> i just thought about that
<Mary_jane`^> MJ has a staff
<Mary_jane`^> of two people!
<Mary_jane`^> haah!
<AlcarGM> so what about it?
<Mary_jane`^> but i'm talking more like she owns a business and has a 'staff' of people you know?
<Mary_jane`^> her business is in the justice department =p
<AlcarGM> ... how sad ;P

<Mary_jane`^> "Where's Lance?"
<AlcarGM> Nora: "Keeping an eye out for more of them." She looks up. "We put the guy in .. the ... trunk ....." She trails off, stares at you, then Jacob ...."What the fuck?"
<AlcarGM> Gabe: "Somehow, I think most resurrections would be better served by that reply."
<AlcarGM> Nora ignores him. "You . .what the ....?"

<AlcarGM> You drive back, and reach the house without any problems. Gabe falls asleep on the way back, but at least doesn't snore.
<AlcarGM> Wade is rubbing hsi shoulder and in shock. Nora is staring at Jacob and in shock. Jeeves is recovering his usual poise.
* Mary_jane`^ just drives =p
<AlcarGM> The car is wondering when it's going to get washed next, and it could use more oil, but no one ever listens to it anyway. It begins to play "You Don't Always Get What You Want" until you shut the radio off :p

<AlcarGM> Omega 13 is going to be .... confused :p
<AlcarGM> "Okay, let's kill the knight. Missed. The kid. Damn. He survived. Okay, the so called angel..... o.... kay. Big time coffee break now."
<Mary_jane`^> lol

<AlcarGM> A large brown dog is staring at you, and growls again. It's vaguely familiar..
* Mary_jane`^ squints at the dog
<Mary_jane`^> "Uhm... Hello?"
<AlcarGM> The dog woofs. His tail tentatively wags, and he looks rather puzzled.
* Mary_jane`^ raises an eyebrow at him
<Mary_jane`^> "How did you get in here?"
<AlcarGM> The dog cocks his head to the side, puzzled, and whines
<Mary_jane`^> "The bears haven't come back have they? Uhg... I swear I leave my head open for a day and the entire population moves in..."
<AlcarGM> The dog barks, wags his tail and just stares at you, as if waiting for something.
<Mary_jane`^> "...What?"
<AlcarGM> Another bark.
<Mary_jane`^> "Listen, have you seen any dragons around?"
<AlcarGM> (( Dog: .oO(Timmy is trapped in the well, you stupid bitch!) ))

<AlcarGM> The dog sits down and proceeds to scratch a flea. He then offers you a paw and grins doggy-style.
* Mary_jane`^ shakes his paw
<Mary_jane`^> "I'm Mary Jane... and you are?"
<AlcarGM> The dog woofs, shakes his head, and then brightens and attempts to draw something in the sand, a rather crude R. Perhaps the dog is a registered trade mark?
<Mary_jane`^> "R? Rover?"
<AlcarGM> The dog growls :p

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