The Underworld

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Main Characters

Adam "Flea" Bravo Legendary Bravo
Flea is a young kid, about 9 years old, with spikey blueish black hair and blue eyes. He seems to be in incredible shape for such a young kid, and has a surprisingly grown-up look on his face. Everyone knows him as Flea because he's probably the youngest and smallest Bravo in the guild at the moment. He's wearing a simple white tank-top, baggy black pants, and old worn boots. A faded red bandana rests on his head (likely keeping the hair up), and he's got armor made from a bunch of well-flattened and welded tin lunchpails of countless different superheroes

Max Griffon Fairy Mendicant
Childike Faerie boy, looking no more than 10. He has blonde hair, violet eyes, and dresses in black, with a penchant for Victorian clothes. His pointed ears and obvious Faerie wings (and tiny size) would mark him as one of the Sidhe of this world at a glance. He's generally a kind sort, and quite innocent.

Mogu Mole Person Sapper
Mogu is a short brown furry mole person that looks like half his brown color comes from having been digging in the dirt (nicknamed dust ball)

Theodore Bear Legendary Mendicant
Theodore is a typical-looking, slightly worn, teddy bear. Though he is worn, it is more like the wear a teddy bear would get if a child had it for many years, and not the wear one would get from being underground on its own. His button eyes sparkle with a friendly warmth.

Supporting Characters

Alice One-Hand Nomad Tagger
Alice is a short, almost petite woman with firm muscles and a cold, no nonesense look about her. She carries a blue-tinted sword strapped to her back and 2 cans of spraypaint by her side along with some throwing daggers. She wears pale jeans and a cut up leather jacket, and has blue eys. Her most striking feature is her spiky red hair with blue-white highlights. Lastly, she is missing her right hand from the wrist down and wears a glove on her left.

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