The Channel

#Game1 was founded many years ago (May 1st, 1999 - it's almost turned six as of this writing) when Alcar ran his first on-line adventure after having played in two or three to get back into the swing of gaming - and figure out how it worked online. [Or so he naively assumed. - Ye Editor]

After dealing with carnivorous flying squirrels and a murder mystery, two of the players never did return again. Sometime after that the first Wasted World campaign began. It was more a series of loosely connected one-shot games until there were enough regulars to turn it into a campaign of sorts. It ended during July of that year and a later Wasted World game (WW2) and the Callaran campaign lasted almost a year each.

Over the years a lot of other games have been played, from The Whispering Vault to Shadowrun to Alternity to D&D (2e, Skills & Powers, and 3e) to Unknown Armies and even some free form games and custom systems. Someday, Alcar might even carry through on his threat to run Toon [mostly because he was actually called on his one to run 1st edition D&D so can't use that one anymore - Ed.]. All you need to do to run a game here is get a free night, some players, and ops (temp ops for those running games are given via Sparkie; if Spark's not on, ask an existing op to op you.)

In December of 2002 the channel moved to due to DOS attacks on that caused the server to die for a good month. Since there'd been lag and split issues before, moving back hasn't really been too practical.

While I believe all the regulars know it, Jeramias (Jeremy Russell), a channel memeber from June or July of 1999, died in December of 2003 at the age of 18. He is missed.

Who's Who in #Game1

This is the ops list from esper, not dal. The webpages listed are the members own. Sparkie's is on this site and contains a more-or-lss up to date list of what the bot does.

Founder Sop Aops Bots
Caltak Alcar

Channel Rules

As some people have asked about channel rules (mostly if we had any) here is a rough working guideline:

  • Don't be too offensive. If someone is being offended by what you say, stop.
    (Not being offensive to someone's beliefs etc. during RPG sessions can be harder. If someone is really offended, ask them to talk to the GM.)
  • Never, ever type !list
  • On that note, never call Sparkie a stupid bot :)
  • Don't use annoying away scripts that repeat themselves in the channel. Ditto with colours.
  • Use common sense. That really covers everything else. We tend to be lenient.
  • Never ask/beg for ops. Ops were originally given to deal with !listers, but since Warner is on most of them time, that isn't really needed. Almost all current ops have been given to people who have GMed (or are going to GM) games in the channel.
  • Don't interrupt games in progress. As well, don't bug DMs about being allowed into games during games.

The usual don't flood etc. ones are common sense.

Op Rules

  • Kick anyone who asks for games using !list etc..
  • Try to not moderate (+m) the channel during games - if someone wants to ask questions, direct them to #game1-ooc.
  • Deal with other problems at your discretion.

Channel Quotes

The infamous quotes page can be found right here, actually.
There are currently over 4600 game quotes, 3500 non game (other irc) quotes and 3200 quotes from Alcar's collection of honest-to-gods quotations on it.

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