Odds 'n' Ends

The following pages contain odd stuff that is game related (or was at one point). Some of them are game logs, or humour, or (like the ways to kill Leaf) in jokes.

They will be reformated shortly. Honest.

  • The Dungeon Trap
    This is the a log from a game session where a PC ended up in a dungeon. The trap he faced was rather cool.
  • The Earth Game
    A small one shot game played a bit back that involved D&D, this planet and some really puzzled pcs.
  • Game Form
    Just a simple form made for players in Alcar's games to fill out. Nothing special. Honest :p
  • The Goblin Trap
    Just a nice Ios session to catch Baliadoc up ... and featuring the 3 Goblins of Doom! (Or, how 3 level 1 goblins can almost kill a level 5 dwarven fighter...)
  • A Journal
    A nice little journal by a PC I write while bored one day.
  • The #old_tales Game Log
    Just the log of the worst D&D session ever. Nothing else.
  • PC Creation
    A guideline by Alcar about making PCs.
  • Real Life AD&D. #game1 Style!
    A real life ad&d game, just like it says. Or what one might be. The following explains it:
    <Sintaqx> "Some form of ogre refuse, I gather. WE must be near an evil stronhold (high school)"
    <Alcar[away]> "It looks like . . poisoned food. See, the best before date was for last week! Its a trap to kill us!"
    <Jeramias_The_Sane> now you are scaring me
  • Things You Never, Ever Want Your Intelligent Sword To Say
    Just a list of Things You Never, Ever Want Your Intelligent Sword To Say Alcar made up. Salem_ added a few to the bottom.
  • Ways To Kill Leaf
    Just a list of ways made by players in a game to kill one rather annoying player. He never knew about the list, but it was kind of cool. Also interesting since we voted to keep him in the game soley for the entertainment he caused. Leaf's attempt to chase a boat along a coast by foot was rather memorable.
  • Random UA Effects
    A list of random UA effects we've been making. 977 of them in 3 days. Not all are really UA related: cull at will.

quotes page

This section of the site contains the quotes from various games in this channel over a space of 4 years, as well as non-game IRC quotes and a conventional quotes page. Most of the sources of channel in-jokes can be found somewhere in the game quotes, and they're often a fun read by themselves.
They're also the only reason people keep Sparkie around, so read 'em.

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