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The games here are listed in alphabetical order, with brief description of the game, any random thoughts about it, possibly quotes too to liven things up.

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Feb. 16/06 - Added the random UA thing from the !uasurge spree, and made the first real UA campaign visible.


4Lands: 4Lands was a D&D campaign set up with an alternative magical system and involving lands, one for each season, and racial wars. The magic system turned out to be far too powerful, but the setting did manage to cameo in hubris for a time.

<AlcarDM> Vekil's voice comes to you through the pain as you strike the ground. "Such a feast I have not had in millenia. Swear to me and you will live to revenge your clan!"
* Rhaet roars, and gives one mighty swing, crumbling his killers' head into it's lower intestine
<AlcarDM> The goblin's eyes widen in sick horror and it dies without a sound.
<AlcarDM> The other 2 back up, terror writ large on their faces.
<Rhaet> "Fine. You... have it."
<AlcarDM> Vekil: "Your soul?"
<Rhaet> *gives a bloody grin* "You're going to lose that girlish figure if you keep eating like this. Take it. Our people need all the help they can get. I'll sacrifice honorable death to give it to them."
<AlcarDM> The earth flows through you like a tidal wave of wild, dark energy. Forces unknown to you, of mind, body and spirit give way and new strength rushes through you, your wounds healing, honour winning out over all else.
* Rhaet jumps to his feet, torn armor hanging limply on his body, and grins
<Rhaet> "Guess who's back?"

Aftermath is the superhero game set after hubris (well, 20 years after, to be precise). It ended with alien invasion that was being halted by the one PC who wasn't a hero.

<Julius> "I've been turned down by others, so I was thrilled when Vesper said you'd be able to make it."
* Carl` doesn't like the idea of the arbiters being at the beck and call of rish bastards, but we'lls see how this one plays through
<Julius> (( :P ))
<Julius> "Of course, its your choice to make."
<Julius> "You're heroes, not vending machines."

Alternity: An Alternity Campaign set on Earth in the future, it remains the only Alternity campaign I've tried to run.

<Salem_> "when we get a safe distance out...can i take a gander of flying this golden goose?"
<The_Vertical_Horizon> "There is no reason not to. Do you have a valid MCSE?"
<Salem_> "you kiddin- honey- i can drive anything with wheels or wings- or what ever!"
<Sheerrow> "Need I point out that this has neither?"

Amber: Mono No Aware will be an Amber campaign, if and when it gets run. Currently it's being hijackd by aslhk and is on this list because it was on this site before I revamped it to hold old sites, so there. Oh, and it's an Amber game without Amber, cuz it got destroyed by Brand.
No campaign was ever delevoped, though it did get nicely hijacked by aslhk at one point :)

<Alc4r[GM]> You've just cleared the canyon yourself. Roll 1d20 to see if you get hit by the laser
<Hiro--> 1d20
<Sparkie> Hiro-- 1d20: 9
<Alc4r[GM]> Okay, you got a number, so you don't get hit.
<Hiro--> (( that was a close one ))

Axon: Axon was a D&D world where the PCs had been part of a force that destroyed an Evil Empire and were very high level, and now stuck with trying to rule it. Too many players and the DM saying "yes" to unsuitable PC ideas killed it rather early on though.

* Alcar expects it will be a fairly high power game. Then again, you'll need it :)
<Alcar> If I get truly bored a tarrasque could come sight seeing. :P
<Jeramias> We'll make sure that you don't get bored ;)
<Alcar> You see an enormous green behemoth on the horizon, with people screaming in terror. The black holes were its eyes are vanish magically as it puts away its sun glasses and drops it's bag of luggage, crushing 2 giants. The tarrasque gets out some sun tan lotion.
<Keith`> let it, do you know how much you could charge the thing in rental of the land its going to be sitting on?

The Lands of Blood:The Lands of Blood was a custom D&D world that remains one of the better developed settings I've ever made. Two campaigns ran in it, epic ones with the seond one having p;layers play jedi knights ,gods, and druken master succubi, among other things.

<AlcarDM> She smiles then, sadly. "I have seen worse, in my time. And caused worse. What you look like is nothing to what is inside me. We are all a birthing place for monsters.."
* Maranda`-` turns around to lookat Allegra and lets go of the fall falling to her knees "of course, people are monsters... more so then the monsters"
<Maranda`-`> "I'm... A little drunk..." *hickup* "ok... more then a little"
<AlcarDM> Allegra blinks "You tried to invade an imperial base drunk?" She shakes her head "Perhaps that explains the entire reason for it..."
* Maranda`-` giggles then hickups "I drink in battle, I drink to become stronger."
<Maranda`-`> "Sooooon. i'll drink to heal..."
<AlcarDM> Allegra mutters to herself "Well, that's a novel explanation if I've ever heard one..."

Callaran: My second online setting ,the Callaran campaign had most of the original #game1 players in it and lasted almost a year, ending with a giant undead army war and the vampire halfling killing a PC and NPC. Ah. the memories...

<Jeramias> "I still haven't figured out your secret code of blinks."

Continuum was going to be a settting for a one-player game. It was going to involve time travel and lots of very weird things. Due to various RL issues, it never did run. Someday I may actual run it, for the sheer insanity of time travel.

The Confederation of Worlds was a free form sci fi campaign that, while lasting only 3 sessions, was mined for ideals and characters long after it ended.

Crossing was slated to be a modern rpg heavily influenced by voodoo and the desire to make a simple rpg system. Well, at least the notes I made on voodoo were useful in my first nanowrimo...

Dystopia was a free form cyberpunk rpg. With dice. And Accountants. Some day I really should revisit the setting. The site was never completed.

Worlds Within Worlds wa a "humans travel to faerie" RPG (system and all) I ran for a few weeks before having to move, which ended the game. It proved to be an early testing ground for some of the ideas that ended up in my 2004 Nanowrimo, "Higher Ground"

After the End An unfinished post-end of the world game set up using Unknown Armies. Also one of my first experiments in making frames that, say, weren't *that* annoying.

Extra: The Victims RPG is a quick RPG I designed for a halloween themed game but have yet to actually run.

A free form game system, and the source of the first Unstrung Heroes campaign.

Hubris A superhero RPG using Unknown Armies as a system. It lasted six months before ending due to GM burnout and remains a favourite of some (and a source of really confusing plots to refer back to... never let someone play a hero and a villan at the same time. As the same person.).

Ios! The Perfect Fantasy World And, at present, my last D&D game. It was meant to cover all cliches possible and saw the return of Ryu from Callaran. It ended at part 1 (of a projected 3 [parts) due to lack of players. Well, and the GM pretty much getting fed up with D&D.

Kevren was a setting where everyone played one of a race of immortals during the last age of the earth. Had some of the best RP between Baliadoc and Keith. And the GM actually nuking the PCs at one point.

<K`-----> "its nanoc's blade now see he gets it would you?"
<`Drake``> "Just as soon as i kill you with this cute one right here, mate. Pick up the damn sword"
<K`-----> "Kill me if you want it would only be a favor"
* K`----- starts walking for the border yet again
<`Drake``> "God dammit! You self righteous bastard! Fight me like a god damned man, would you!?"
<K`-----> "we will some day but not now not here"
* K`----- keeps going
* `Drake`` just stares
<`Drake``> "You sound like you're in some god damned play! This isn't the stage, you know!"
<K`-----> "I KNOW THAT"
<`Drake``> "We're men! We fight real fights, live real lives. We don't just say catchy one liners and disappear into the night. Our problems just don't get put on hold! Gods!"
<K`-----> "look what are you going to do follow me around yelling at me for the rest of all eternity or not?"
<`Drake``> "You dwell on everything wrong in your life. You live in the past and hope for the future, but the moment means nothing to you! You're a stupid blind asshole! You're a hundred year old teenager!"

Kevren: The Return A second campaign, with non-immortal characters. Noted for an intelligent tarrasque, the PCs being two parties in the same group, and a total lack of party cohesion :)

Keith Is An Evil Bastard was a short lived D&D campaign after Ios about a world humans had colonized after abandoning a galatic empire, and was going to have The Computer (of Paranoia fame) show, as well as using magic that players mistakened for science. Died due to poor game time.

Lords of Life and Death began as a one shot game, with alcar telling Caltak that, if Caltak finished a were tiger pc, Alcar would run a game for it. It lasted six months, and was nicely insane. Used D&D 2e and 3e in a modern setting. Someday it really needs to finish properly, if players are willing ...

The second LOLAD campaign lasted for a time, but died because the players all fled the campaign setting instead of fighting the Big Bad and soon after the game time proved imcompatible with schedules.

LOLAD 3 was an ill-conceived marriage of LOLAD with post-apocalyptic setting and died largely because of that and the GMs schedule.

LOLAD: The Movie was a light-hearted take on the LOLAD idea, involving PCs in hollywood. The small amount of initial players led to it dying after two months even with new players rotated in.

Niarand was the first real setting I ever made. The overkill tmeline is all that remains of it online. Quite a bit of it made its way into Ios.

Earth: The Opening was a future day earth with talking animals, magic, and politics. It remains a cool setting, and one I meant to bring back but never did. It died because the GM ran a session while having a bad day and the plot fell apart as a result of it.

Paranoia, the best RPG ever. Awesomely insane, and The Computer is Your Friend.

Project-S was my first Unknown Armies campaign. It had telepaths, and sufers, and a telepathic alien buddhist cat.

Quotes Over 9000 quotes from games. I kid you not. Read 'em.

An attempted rpg way back when. Read if bored.

An attempted rpg. See the above for more information.

Space was a sci fi campaign that was going to be co-gmed but died before it was born. Many COW ideas ended up in it.

The dice bot has a part of the site all to himself.

Character Switch was an rpg conceived with each player changing character each session along with the Gm changing each session. We managed two sessions before time problems between the four players ended the experiment.

An Odd UA Game that never was titled (Save for "temp" in the folder name) it involved Disneyworld, mermaids, police officers and - drum roll please - the first appearance of Lance.

Unknown Armies Was my first, untitled, unknown armies campaign.

Faces in the Dark was the second Unknown Armies campaign I ran.

Unstrung Heroes was a one-shot game that remains, to date, the longest running game in #game1 history, though it has only managed 17 sessoons in 3 years.

Underworld was a campaign set in the RPG of the same name.

Urdu is an unfinished setting.

Utopia was a far-future RPG that never ran. The quotes are horrible. Just horrible. I went overkill, okay? Once I began the idea I couldn't stop doing it, since it would mess up the page.

The Whispering Vault campaign (set in the rpg) was a quick campaign that was nicely weird but ran into the limitations OF the setting early on, even without the Bad Guys around, and the GM lacked the time (and desire) to research enough timees for the game. Ah well.

Verise remains the most in depth setting I've ever done. Was adapted to D&D for a campaign that ended with a PC destroying the world.

The Wasted World was the first campaign I ever ran online, and at 2.5 campaigns, the longest series I've ever ran*. The 2.5 was due to, well, time travel in the third campaign causing the first campaign to never happen, along with some of the second.

* La Fin De Siecle remains tied with the Wasted World for number of campaigns, but by them I was getting tired of making sitesup for games (and it was a one shot game anyway* so I just ran it on the forum instead.)

** We tend to excell at turning one session games into multiple campaigns. It's not our fault.

Everything Else

the Random Unknown Armies event generator. Via us adding !addsurge to the list in sparkie. A LOT.

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