There are three basic methods of combat in this game I figure would work.

  1. 1. Fudge It
  2. 2. Compare Stats
  3. 3. Roll Dice

Fudge It
This method means that the GM makes up the results of combat as the game goes along. The problem with this method is its very arbitrary and killing players off becomes a game decision, not a result of random luck. This method is best used sparingly or in combination with the other methods.

Compare Stats
This method works simply. You compare stats and whoeverís stat is the highest wins. In other words, X has a speed of 45, and Y has a speed of 60. If theyíre moving towards each .... wrong example. Y goes first due to higher speed in combat. But one has to take situational modifiers into account. X is using a chain saw, has higher ground and is currently insane. For the psychological advantage, the Gm gives X +10 speed. Y is unarmed and not a martial artist, so the GM gives Y -5 to attack. Lastly, the GM decides that X described what her PC is going to do better than Y, so X goes first even though their modified speeds are now the same.

Weapon damage can be worked by adding strength or speed + the skill in it. If it beats the foes speed, you hit. Obviously this method favours PCs with good combat skills, but that canít really be helped since combat does tend to favour those who know how to fight.

Roll Dice I
The more cumbersome dice rolling method is to add ones relevant stat, skill and a dice roll together to try and overcome someone elseís same rolls. The die roll could be 2d6, 2d10, 1d20 or whatever people wanted.

Roll Dice II
The other method would be just adding skill + dice roll to get over a set number (difficulty) in order to hit someone. For example, using 2d10, a difficulty of 10 would be an easy task, 20 harder, 30 much harder and 50 for almost impossible stuff. As it adds a nice bit of randomness to the game, it might just well be the method Iíll pick.

Damage & Healing

How badly someone is hurt in combat is a GM prerogative, as is how much damage weapons do. PCs will find out how much damage theyíve taken though description only, not raw numbers. Healing also works along the same lines, with the GM having a rough idea how much PCs heal and working it out like that. Essentially, donít sweat it -- thatís the GMs job.

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