The Free Form Game

This is the introduction page to a free form game designed by Alcar. You like? Ok. Itís currently in working stages (as are all games) and is meant to be a simple system for PC creation. The various parts of the came are listed at the nice table at the bottom.

If you are playing Chaos`^ Outlaw Star game, you only use basic character creation. No magic or psychics or super heroic stuff in it. The confederation of Worlds game used the magic and psychic powers and the super hero game obviously uses the super hero section.

In the interests of saving space, Iím going to use this page for the super hero main page as well as the main page for any other games that get designed with this system in mind. Keep in mind that the system is subject to change and modification due to peopleís ideas, games played and general input.

Heros of the New Millenium

Yes, the title is grandiose but the PCs need good Public Relations! Seriously, this game is going to be set in the Lords of Life and Death and unknown armies world, but in 2004. The aliens have just arrived and weres and vamps have only been outed for 3 years. Many people still donít believe in them. Super heroes exist but are semi-mythical, like the infamous w-men in Ireland about whom little is known.

Setting: This game is going to be set in a rural, plains area like Kansas or Saskatchewan. The PCs live in a moderate sized town of about 6,000 people. 1 high school, a small college, 2 malls (plaza's, if you want to be particular like Chaos`^ does) ... nothing too excessive. A large city about an hour south so youíre mostly in commutersville.

PCs: The PCs should be in their final years of high school or have just graduated. 17-24 years old. If you want to be outside this basic idea, talk to Alcar.

Time: The game is going to begin just as summer vacation begins. Students are just finishing up their finals in June.

IMPORTANT: When making your PC, keep this in mind:

  1. The game is going to be heroic in nature. Good needs, some villains. Local stuff. No Dr Truly Despicable out to destroy the world. There might be some evil companies advertising Tobacco for the PCs to deal with, or drug running at school, local thugs, the occasional vampire, werewolf, alien, reporter or politician. The grassroots evil for grassroots heroes, in other words.
  2. PCs are expected to co-operate, or at least get along relatively well. Inter-group conflict is fine, as are conflicts within PCs families and the like, but this is supposed to be a group. Give your PC a good, valid reason for sticking with it. Loners won't work. Make a PC both independent and co-operative.
  3. PCs will not begin the game with their powers active, or if they do habe them they don't understand them, have suppressed them or use them very rarely. Lastly, talk to other players: decide if your PCs want to have secret identities or not and work that out.

Player Characters and non player characters are on the Players page. Some sample NPCs are there already.

New stuffInfo on the Town of Middlevile! For PC viewing pleasure.
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