Super Heroes

So you want to be a hero? Well, first you need a good agent, a catchy name and .... oh, all right. First you need powers. Then you need to survive having them, using them and being different. It might not be easy but what worthwhile thing is ever easy?

Powers are rated from level 1 to 5. A starting PC has 5 points to put into powers. A power can be made latent at half cost (don't round). Higher strength in a power represents a greater control over it and more varied uses of the power in question
New stuff   Clarification: PCs point points into the bought powers (like skills; with 10 as starting max normally) with an amount of free points equal to their (I.Q + Appearance)/ 2. A PC with just one power can begin with it at 15. These points can't be saved or spent on other stuff.

For rates of comparison with stats, a PC with strength 5 could lift up to 3 pounds easily, 5 with effort and a max. of about 20. A PC with a strength of 40 could lift 20 pounds fairly easily, 40 as average, 80 with some effort and 160 as their normal maximun. So stat wise you can lift 1/2 your stat easily, equal to it as average, double it with some effort and quadruple it as your normal maximun.


These are basic supernatural abilities. This includes things like enhanced senses, claws, sensing danger, and the like. Minor alterations to your body would fall under this. Most of them tend to be bizarre human mutations and could fall under the upper limits of a normal humans strength etc. Stats are doubled, power wise. Doubled stats that go over 100 may fall under level 2 powers as 100 is the accepted human stat maximum.


Bigger alterations to your body, such as wings (and flight), simple super strength, speed, shooting bolts of energy at people and the like. Stats are quadrupled for purposes of using ones powers. For example, a PC with a strength of 50 would have a strength of 200 and be able to lift up to 800 pounds.


Incredible healing rates, unnatural senses, truly superhuman abilities (toss cars, small buildings). Stats are times 10 for these powers. So my strength of 50 is now 500 and I could lift up to 2000 pounds.


Hulk/Thing etc. level strength, Flash style speed, energy beams galore. The really powerful abilities. Stats times 15 or 20 ish ... the heavy duty stuff.


Being invulnerable and like things. The truly munchy stuff. And no, Baliadoc canít pick Omnipotence as a power :) Also, all powers increase over time and are adaptive. As such, an invulnerable PC can die, it would just take something really odd (say, an alien weapon) to do so. The more the PC is exposed to such influences, the easier it is to use a power against it for defence and such.


What is a hero without a weakness or two? Weaknesses such as identity issues, families, dependants and the like = more skill points to put into the PC (the amount agreed on with the GM).
Weaknesses power related (i.e. green lantern's) can give a PC more initial power points to spend or (more commonly) reduce the cost of buying the power. Weaknesses MUST make sense and be applicable to the game.
Limitations such as always active powers can be decided with the GM. In general, a PC is capable of turning on and off powers mostly at will. Natural ones, like armour, invulnerability, strength canít be turned off, but you donít have to, say, shake someoneís hand and rip it off .... you can judge your strength. Note that powers will defend the user even if you donít want them to: survival is an important feature in being human.

Note: Weaknesses should not be added to a PC for weaknesses' sake only. They need to make sense and have a valid reason. If you want RP ones, give the PC a family, child, signifigant other etc.. If you need a weakness in order to give your PC more points (such as needing another power to make your idea for the PC work at all) that can be valid. Exercise common sense, use ideas from comic books and you'll be set.

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