Player Characters

Andrew McIntyre, played by Caltak.
Captain Canada, played by Elana-Silvereye.
Kent Clark, played by Baliadoc.
Jamie, played by Jeramias.

Non Player Characters

Greg Donalds, played by Alcar.

All Of Them In Order

Order will be alphabetical by first name.

Alter Ego:None Yet
Race:Human. Well, originally. Now he's more of a humanoid Puma. :)
Strength:20 / 92 / 47,407
Toughness:60 / 132 / 47,447
Racial Abilities:Your kidding, right?
Occupational Traits:Cram for tests at the very last possible minute. (+ IQ when try to learn trivial facts, but forget said facts a day or so after)
Do homework at the last minute and make it look like it was worked on over the span of a week.
Give 110% (push self really hard... some sort of + to Str occasionally ;) )
Skills:Knowledge (General School Crap): 4
Football: 6
Come at you Street Fighter style: 10
Computer Use: 5
Quirks:Good with Animals (Especially cats): 10
Stealthy: 10
Be Likeable / Seem Innocent: 10
Power (Rank):What It DoesSkill Level
Cat Senses (1)Andy's sence of smell and hearing are heigtened to a feline-level. Also, he can see in the dark.10
Cat Form (1)Andy has the capability to take on the form of a humanoid puma. This carries with it the obvious things like claws and teeth and such. Andy however does NOT yet have the capability to take on the form of a human. (In other words, this is a permanent thing. For now.)10*
Giant Size! (3)Andy is able to become giant-sized. I don't mean a D&D Giant, I mean Japanese monster movie type giant. 80' tall, to be specific. (But whos gonna have the nerve, or the ruler for that matter, to measure him? ;) ) However, his capacity to shrink is a good deal weaker. He can only easily shrink down to about 10' tall, and its is hard for him to supress his size. He can however shrink down to his origional height, but this takes a lot of effort and can only be done for certain periods of time. Also if he is rendered unconscious or for any reason stops trying to hold his size, he will return to (at least) the 10' size.**10
 * does this really need a skill level? 
 ** with practice it might get slightly easier for him to be small and for somewhat longer periods of time.
Weaknesses:Well, as far as the above powers, he can't become human again (under his own power, at any rate.) Also, when he's a giant, thats likely not going to help interactions with people either. Not to mention being a puma.... His size power also has sort of a "hair trigger" where he's basically making a conscious effort to stay small, and if theres trouble, well... let's just say there's going to be less free space. It's like his powers want to make him big, and its a conscious effort to not let it. Also he occasionally suffers from cat-ness. If you don't know what I mean, I'll clarify: he sometimes wonders exactly why he should care about other people (but this is only in the back of his mind), and he sometimes thinks those little creatures running around below might be fun to play with, and then after that :9.... well, you get the idea.
Weapons/Armour:Clothes. (if you count that as armor)
Description:Andy is your average High School kid, about 17. He looks like he might play sports, and just seems pretty agile. He has dark blonde hair, and odd amber eyes. He's pretty handsome and seems automatically likeable for some reason.
Height: 6ft / 10ft / 80ft
Weight:180 lb. / 833 lb/ / 426,666 lb.
Background:Andy always liked Cats. Well, his parents did have one already when he was born, and now have 4 of them . . . but he liked them more than just being accustomed to them. He sort of found himself relating to them occasionally. His cats also liked him. The two older females were pretty friendly with him, but it was the two younger male cats, that they had gotten as kittens, that loved him the most. They would hang out in his room with him when he studied or used his computer or watched tv, they would sleep on his bed with him, a lot of times they even seemed to be waiting inside the door for him to get home.
Andy played Soccer for a few years, and though he didn't become obessed or become any sort of "jock," he did enjoy the sport. He sometimes found himself associating going after the ball carrier with hunting, though only in his head, and it often confused him that he would think that. Even though he didn't have as raw muscle as some of the others, he was very quick, and often found himself getting adrenaline rushes and pushing himself just that bit farther where it was almost as if he was stronger than he really was. Sometimes these would be accompanied by his gear feeling a little tight... but he figured that was his imagination.
More recently, Andy found himself thinking he heard or smelled things that no one else did, but he also figured this was his imagination. Nights began to seem less dark. He also had a recurring dream where he was high above his town, falling... but he would never seem to get any closer to the ground. On the most recent occurance of this dream, he realized he wasn't falling; in fact had both feet firmly on the ground... and the fact that he was "high above" the town was because everything had become extrememly tiny! But he had eaten some day-old cold pizza the night before so he attributed the dream to that. However, one afternoon, he was walking home and spotted a mouse. Next thing he knew, he was staring at the mouse, who was in his hand. The mouse bit him and he dropped it, and he decided to try to pretend that hadn't happened.
Other than that, Andy was mostly a normal high schooler who hated school, hated homework, and yet put up with both simply because he had no choice in the matter. He realized he was getting more towards the years where he should know what career he intends to do, but he just could not decide. The fact he liked animals gave him the idea of a vet or such, but that would mean extra schooling... and park ranger or such isnt really all that great a career (from what he heard).

Captain Canada
Alter Ego:Captain Canada
Occupation:Former Royal Canadian Mountee, Presently a Super Hero and self proclaimed protector of Canada
Racial Abilities:None
Occupational Traits:As a Mountee, Captain Canada learned to track people thru dense and snowy Wilderness terrain with near perfect efficency. He is very adept at the riding and handling of horses as well as formally trained in Police Drving Tactics. Before and during his Mountee days Captain Canada played allot of Hockey and is still a very skilled Hockey player.
Skills:As a Mountee, Captain Canada learned to track people thru dense and snowy Wilderness terrain with near perfect efficency. He is a very skilled marksman though he rarely uses guns against his enemies. Captain Canada is well-versed in many forms of hand-to-hand combat. Captain Canada uses a Hockey stick combatively with lethal effect. Captain Canada can use Throwing stars with pinpoint accuracy.
Marksmanship (guns) : 9
Weapon Specialization (Hockey Stick) : 10
Weapon Specialization (Maple-leaf Throwing Stars) :10
Tracking (wilderness) : 9
Snow-sking :8
Quirks:Captain Canada is very single minded and stubborn. He is very Judgmental of criminals and uses very excesive force against them. Captain Canada hates American Bacon.
Power (Rank):What It DoesSkill Level
Super StrengthEnhanced strength caused by body building and steroids1
Weapons/Armour:Captain Canada wears little or no Armor. He wears a full-body red and white skin tight suit, the suit has thermal capabilities and many storage attatchments. Attatched and worn on Captain Canada's Person is one solid Titanium Hockey Stick, a storage pouch holding 20 Maple-leaf Throwing stars. Captain Canada also has a weapon he ussualy keeps in Storage at the Canada Dome, his Gauntlet of Maple Justice, The Gauntlet is made from mostly steel and titanium, it attatches to the lower arm and the outter facing part is a curved armor plate that comes to a point ahead of the fist. The Gauntlet has a Maple-leaf symbol on it and is white and red in color. It has a concealed front-firing Shotgun in it with an ammo capacity of 20, it has two slots that fire Maple-leaf Throwing stars at great speeds and a storage/ammo cache holding 100 maple-leaf Throwing Stars. The Gauntlet also has openings that fire four entangling cords that can be dispatched seperatly or together and another opening that can fire 30ft by 30ft cord net. He has a utility belt that holds his personal Maple- Leaf Throwing Stars, a small supply of asprin, an unfolding grappling hook, a flare that explodes in a red Maple leaf symbol, a first aid kit, and a small pack that deploys into two red&white snow-skis and two red&white snow-sking poles.
Description:Captain Canada wears a full skin-tight body suit Red and white in color with a Maple-Leaf Symbol on the chest and forehead. he carries a Metal Hockey stick on his back. His suit is complete with gloves, heavy boots, and a utility belt. His mask has a mouth/chin opening and eye-slits. Captain Canada is a tower of man at 7ft tall and is muscled to the point of disbeleif. His eyes are cold and critical and his expression is ussualy stuck in an almost humorous looking scowl.
Age: 38; Eyes: blue; Hair: shaved, light brown; Height: 7ft; Weight: 285lbs
Background:Captain Canada played Hockey thru most of his teenage years and his early twenties. Shortly after the end of his Hockey Career Captain Canada became a Royal Mounted Canadian Police Officer or "Mountee". Captain Canada was a well respected Mountee thru his twenties and most of his thirties until he was kicked of the force due to having methoads that were deemed "To extreme" and excessive use of Excessive force. Captain Canada now lives in the Canadian wilderness in an old abandonned observetory that Captain Canada has converted into his "Canada Dome" where he and his sidekick, Krazy Kanook, live as well as fight crime.

Greg Donalds
Alter Ego:None Yet
Race:Human (he hopes)
Occupation:Student (in last year)
Racial Abilities:Being an NPC
Occupational Traits:Pull all nighter
Consume lots of caffeine
Evade curfews
Skills:Punch You A Bit (5)
Tinkering with mechanical stuff (8)
Long Distance Running (7)
Computer hacking (5)
Quirks:Friendly with animals (5)
Understand Animals (5)
Be Unnoticed (10)
Power (Rank):What It DoesSkill Level
Shape Shifting (3)Greg can become any male shape he desires between 1' - 20' roughly. This includes people and animals. He can also become things like mailboxes, but its very uncomfortable for him to do. He does not gain the senses of whatever he becomes to a large extent.10
Danger Sense (1)His 5 senses are slightly enhanced so sometimes he senses danger just before it strikes.5
Blur Minds (1)Greg can cause people to think "No, that kid didn't become a dog." This basically enhances their desire to not believe what they saw.8
Weaknesses:Greg can change into animals and people so he feels a kindred respect for them and doesn't like hurting anything unless he is defending himself from attack. He is also very protective of his foster parents and dones't want them to know he's some sort of freak.
Weapons/Armour:Jean Jacket.
Description:Greg is a tall, dark haired lad with a perpetual slouch who tries to not be noticed.
Background:Greg has been hunted by agencies uin the past and has buried his powers and knowledge of them while he's been here (about 4 years). His foster parents are beginning to wonder if something is wrong with him since Greg eats a lot (his metabolism burns off a lot of energy), never seems to go to the washroom (metabolism again) and has yet to have any body hair of note (He forgot to that stuff when he took this form). Also, Greg has no idea what he might really look like or what shape he was born as.

Kent Clark
Alter Ego:Powerguy
Racial Abilities:N/A [Good resistance to suburns? :)]
Occupational Traits:N/A
Skills:Budding Journalism - 4
Acting - 5
General Knowledge of Stuff - 5
Subtlety - 6
Quirks:On-the-Fly Hair Stylist 10
Bad with Women 4 (this is a positive stat. believe me)
Good with People (Except bad ones) 7
Total Boy Scout 4
Power (Rank):What It DoesSkill Level
Enhanced Senses (1)s.e.?
Flight (1)s.e.?
Enhanced Strength (2)s.e.?
Ehanced Speed (2)s.e?
Weaknesses:Mercury (duh)
Weapons/Armour:Nothing of Note
Description:None Entered Yet
Background:Kent Clark was born Kal'Em, on the planet Mercury. His parents, both brilliant scientists, had created a sunblock powerful enough to keep them and their son from burning to a fine crisp, but had not, as of yet, convinced the rest of their race of the need to use good sun block. So, knowing their race was doomed, as they only had half a bottle of sunblock left, and spent too much time sunbathing to make more, they stuck Kal in a rocket and shot him to Earth, since it was relatively close, and they had heard that their friends off on Krypton had sent their son there, and he was having a positively wonderful time. To make the story short, he was found in a small town in Saskatchewan, and was raised by "Ma" and "Pa" Clark. They affectionately named him Kent, after their friends, who had a boy that watched their farm from time to time. Now, he goes to High School, with the intention of becoming a journalist like his "older brother" friend, Clark. It was recently revealed to him that he has an alien ancestry, and now he's trying to deal with it... yadda yadda yadda *insert story of Supes here* :)

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