Welcome to Middleville!
Welcome to Middleville, Saskatchewan, pop. 6,000 and still growing! Our friendly, quiet town has been voted “Most Quaint in the Province” for two years in a row recently. (Middleville has won that award in 1979, 1983 and 1998-9.) Only a one hour drive north of Prince Albert, this pleasant community is home to Middle Wheat as well as boasting a fine small museum dedicated to preserving the past that has shaped this town and made it what it is today.

Middleville was founded in the late 1800’s by entrepreneurs wishing to take what the land was willing to offer. A small town quickly built up in the area as the Hudson’s Bay Company established a small trading post there and shortly after Confederation the town began booming. The stock market crash and the decline of the rail road dealt strong blows to the community, but driven by the spirit of the west they refused to give in and set about finding ways to keep this town alive.
In 1935, Reverend Phillip Gaston invented Middle Wheat, a special blend of wheat capable of surviving and thriving in many climates as well as some special ingredients. Owing to “lots of free time since no one could tithe the church and I needed money to keep up the repairs” and “a dream given to me by the Lord one night” the farmer turned preacher managed to single-handedly save the town. Now almost everyone grows Middle Wheat and tourists come from as far south as Regina to see the place where Middle Wheat was born and raised.

Today, our town is a nice commuting community for workings in Prince Albert and home to the enduring Middle Wheat farmers, who say “No” to Government Subsidies and “Yes” to the Community. You can come and watch Middleville grow and grow with us, because the best is yet to come!

Middleville tourist brochure, 2004

SECTION A - LOCAL NEWSJune 19th, 2004Page 13
Mayor’s Speech A Hit
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with the crowd. Mayor Charles Haines got a sitting ovation from the crowd of paraplegics following his commitment to increase funding for special needs in the city.

“I am pleased and gratified to see that the mayor is taking an interest in our needs,” said Rebecca Drumdale, who organised the event. “On top of the mayor’s record so far this year, I can only say that I hope he is re elected next month.” On top of his already pristine record, the mayor seems a shoo in candidate for the needy of the city and his budgets during the past two years have been well handled and placed. Ms. Drumdale feels confident that the mayor will give such support even after the election, as his performance so far has shown.

The mayor brushed off questions that this was just a publicity stunt with his usual aplomb and wit. Reporters from the Sun asked if he would be donating as much on re election and Mr. Haines replied that he was merely helping out the people of the city, like he was supposed to.

Town Hall insiders expect the mayor to call the election officially sometimes early next week.
- Midddletown Staff


Loggers Plan Deforestation
Despite local protects, the Umberdale Logging Company is planning to go ahead with its new subdivision outside town. Their plan to drain the Boggis Swamp has created an minor furore among the local environmentalists but the have not been able to convince the company to preserve some of the swamp at all.

Open House
Theron Holmes, the reclusive bachelor living in the old springfield house is having his first open house for people to come and look at the historic landmark un the 22nd at 4 pm. 7 of the 15 rooms will be available for the public to browse and snacks will be served.

School Sale
The Middleville High School is planning its yearly inventory clear out. Old computers and school books will be sold to the public at discounted rates following the ending of the school year in the 23rd. The proceeds from the sale will go towards some new computers. As well, the grade 5 baking class from Middleville Elementary is having their after school bake show that day to raise money for a new podium. All are welcome!

Good Luck!
The staff of the Examiner would like to wish a hearty toast for students writing their finals. Believe it or not, we've been there also. Just remeber not to stress too much and don't cheat on your exam. After all, all life is a long exam of sorts. And you're passing that test with flying colours, class of 2004!

Complied by Middleville Staff

Best wishes on your summer vacations! Hope it's a summer to remember for the adults and a blast for the kids!

REPOSTING For those who did not read it yesterday, here is the bit that generated the controvery.

We made this world what it is today, it was Our work and Our efforts that make this world what it is. We took it from the Indians. Let the slaves try and take it from us. Yeah, and their friends too! Hitler is God. We will prevail against the scum of our world!
Yours sincerely, White Supremacist.

If you are not, go burn in Hell like your skin shows you will, heathens! You won't take our jobs!
Bits and Bites
(Items Sent By Readers*)

*Editors Note: Regarding yesterdays posting by W.S., and the indignant letters it generated, the editors would like to point out that we do NOT edit any bits or bytes in any way, shape, or form. Furthermore, we do not condone white supremacisism, threats to deface city architecture or racism.

As flies to wanton boys, we are to gods;
They kill us for their sport.

We know who you are. We know what you are. Ours is the hand that holds the keys, ours the one that opens the lock. Look within to know yourself. Look without to understand. Never give into fear.

"If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumber'd here
While these visions did appear.
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding than a dream."


We care for the weak too. They are sinful and rebellious, but in the end they too will become obedient. They will marvel at us and look on us as gods, because we are ready to endure the freedom which they have found so dreadful and to rule over them -- so awful it will seem to them to be free. But we shall tell them we are Thy servants and rule in Thy name. We shall deceive them again . . . That deception will be our suffering, for we shall be forced to lie. Join or or admire us or pity us.
W.S., your inquistor

Being human is not something you are, it is something that you earn

Single Pale Female seeking male companionship. Must be discreet, like long moonlit walks and have a love of history. Open mind a mind. Call 345-6789 and leave a message for Cathy.

If Only I Had Known What Evil I Had Wrought. If Only I Had Known That Evil Was Part Of What I Made. I Cannot Forget. I Cannot Be Forgiven.
I Cannot Be Damned. How Can I Damn Myself. Oh, The Sorrow. If Only Man Had Never Been.
Love, God.
P.S. Say Goodbye To Your [censored] Planet you stupid [censored] Apes!

You are your friends. Each reflects an echo of you, in order for you to like them. Thus you can not be friends with anyone who is not in some way like you. The same is true for enemies -- they reflect parts of ourselves we dislike or hide from. In fighting an enemy, you fight yourself. Wining or losing doesn’t matter, since both are inapplicable. Winning could well be denial of the you-that-is-them. Losing would be acceptance of that fact. It is the battle that counts, and more importantly the realisation as to why you are having this battle.

A wise man does not fear what he does not know -- he only fears what he knows and understands.

People might die, but the world goes on. One has to be philosophical. People killing each other is not globally threatening, like destroying the ozone layer. It was actually quite normal. But it tends to be inconvenient for those involved.

We were the most powerful free people in the world, and to possess power imposes the obligation to use it on behalf of the weak.
- William Thayer

I only hope that when the enemy reads the list of their names, he trembles as I do.
- Wellington, on examining the roster of officers assigned to him for the 1810 campaign in Portugal

There are many doors, if you can open your eyes and see. Truth has many faces, like a lie. Truth can be true, like a lie. Pick the truth that is true, not the pleasing ones.

No door opens both ways. You can't go home again, for you are not the same person and it is not the same home. Some roads have forks in them, this one has an eggbeater.
Why we hate the Upper Classes

Canadians as a whole have a deep distrust of those in a higher class strata that they are, especially those much higher, those in the upper classes: the rich. Why do we hate the rich? There is no easy answer for that. Some of it may be that they see a larger universe than most of us can or ever will. They can comprehend millions and billions of dollars while most can only do that if they envision themselves winning the Lottery.

Take a look at our society. Our delightful daytime soap operas. The point of them is simply to make the poor see the rich as scum, their lives ruined by their wealth. Almost everyone knows of stories about how lottery winners lives are ruined by their fame -- their family and friends treat them differently, they find long-lost relatives and a host of other ills. This is the part of our society that finds being rich distasteful, wrong. If you are rich, you got their through someone’s else’s work, by stepping on people and by being an evil person. A quote by Don Marquis says much about the ideas of western society: When a man tells you he got rich through hard work, ask him: "Whose?" We see the large business and fail to see the small one it grew from.

We blind ourselves to the reality that some of these people were once poor. Charlie Willie said that: "By idolising those we honour, we do a disservice both to them and to ourselves. . . . We fail to recognise that we could go out and do likewise." We do the same thing by hating them. They give us jobs and so we hate them for this “charity,” unaware that it is through our work that they keep this money. They are not hiring “lower” people out of pity but so that they can continue to be rich and make money. If you hate that, refuse to work for large corporations and start your own business. Of course, you run the risk of becoming rich also but that’s one of the risks entrepreneurs take. Live with it.

The rich are as dependant upon the lower classes as they are on the rich. Ambrose Bierce once said that distance is “the only thing the rich are willing for the poor to call theirs, and keep.” But this is true only to a certain extent for without the poor buying their goods and going to their stores, they would not be rich. It is that plain and simple: the rich are as dependant on the poor as they are on the rich. The English have a proverb: “God help the poor for the rich can help themselves.” They have more and thus more to lose. The more material gain one has the more they stand to lose. It is easy to become rich, in a sense, but it is much harder for the rich to become poor. Many claim the rich should be pitied for their wealth (and success, in essence) but this is wrong. Pity is to akin to hate and envy.

The rich as merely other people. More advantaged perhaps, but that is either an accident of breeding or due to hard work somewhere down the line. No family was born noble, someone had to earn that nobility, that right and some have argued that there is nothing more unnatural than nobility. All families started out as peasants but some rose above them and are now hated for it since they are beyond the norm. Is it not so much the money of the rich we hate as it is the fact that they succeeded where we did not?

It is said that it is about as hard for a rich man to enter Heaven as it is for a poor man to remain on earth. It is harder for the poor if they hate the rich since they are no better than what they disgust. And the reasons they feel disgust are envy, bitterness and pride. The poor are no better than the rich, its just that since their are more of them they can think that with impunity. And they can justify there pettiness and spite with the simple belief that they are speaking the truth. Granted some of it is true to an extent but it is not all true. (The rich fail to remember they were once poor and could be poor again. that is their idiocy and a topic for another day). Yet our society fears true wealth; that is what we, with our hatred of money and success, have turned our society into. Let’s all go burn some money and go home.

- Anonymous.

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