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"I's seen a lot o' things since my land lord kicked me out o' m' pad. people gettin' beat up, more drugs than I thought this fraggin' city ever had . . . Hell, I've seen enough crimes t' arrest half the damn people livin' on these streets -- myself among 'em. But I seen what I saw last night . . . "

"Jeff was getting beat up, for bein' too high clas fer this part o' town . . well, ya get the idea, it ain't nothin' new. But last night was a full moon and - and something happened, I'm tellin' ya! Jeff got all furry or fuzzy or sumpin' like dat . . it was . . was . . . He killed 'em all, faster than a speedin' bullet, like. It almost sobered me, an' I don' sober easily . . . but then 'e looked at me! His eyes, like fire and a wind blowing around me, warm but like lightnin' . . had me afeered, an' den I seen 'is face, like a bears, an' he was big, towerin' over th' street and he chased me when I ran, like some kinda animal huntin' me for fun."

"T'nights a full moon again. I can't see nowhere's t' hide. I ran, an' ran, an' got away, but I think sumpin' else is followin' me, cause I seen things we ain't meant t' see, stuff that no drink can make me drunk enuf t' ferget . . . an' I hears wings sometimes, likes a cold wind blowin' and see bats a-chasin' me in m' nightmares . . . Y' cen laugh, kids, but I don' think youse guys'll see me alive t'morrow . ."

The Lords of Life and Death

Welcome to the world of the Lords of the Living and Dead, where were-beings who can change into animals and animal-like things exist, hunting and being hunted by vampires. A world a lot like ours, but the stories and myths have some truth to them and magic exists in quiet alleys and hidden rooms, where those who are seen by humans open doors to other worlds, and gods and demons answer the call of those who follow them. This is a world of secrets, where men and things that might have been men fight silent wars, and children coming of age can do more deeds of good and evil than they can ever imagine, be things they never thought existed and maybe find a way to get a few drinks at the local bar with all this new power.

More information and character creation guidelines can be found in the F.A.Q.

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F.A.Q. ~ Players ~ Powers ~ World ~ Main

As a final note, the animator powers are based off of Laurell K Hamilton's excellent Anita Blake series adapted for Ad&d. Some of the werewolf and vampire power idea are also a result of the series, but the world of the game itself is not based on the novels. The animator stuff is used without permission so I really hope I don't get sued or something :)