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Player Characters:

Cecil: Dragon (Formerly - see below)
Cecil is a Fair looking male, he wears a grey jacket and grey pants shirt and Black boots. He wears sunglasses most of the time, but when they are off you notice he has grey eyes. He has black hair and looks like a chinese man from a moder kung fu movie.
Well, at least he was when the PCs first met him. He's now currently a tall black man who looks a lot like Wesley Snipes from Blade. And currently a school guidance councillor. Go figure.
Due to the crime of getting a life, Cecil's experience has been deducted and Chaos is now playing Cecil -- when he was an embryo. :)

Danric: Were Raven(s)
Danric Was a young man who appears to be about 19 years old. His dark black/blueish hair falls past his shoulders by a few inches, and he looks thing, yet well built. He is, however, fairly pale, and seems to have some form of weird designs painted in make up on his face. He struck the others as a definite goth but duriong the game found a skateboarder shop and . . took the Goth paradigm and shoved it where the sun don't shine. He now has spikey, short blond hair, and a nose ring and two earrings, and a raven tattoo instead of my facepaint.

Faline: Were TigerA pic of Faline is Here.
Faline is an attractive 17 year old high school girl. You know, the kind that seem to always be in a close little group of other pretty, popular girls. She is pretty tall, about 6' 3", and seems sleakly muscular (from what you can see). Her long hair is stark white and her eyes are brown. Around her neck hangs a necklace with a small cross dangling on it. She is wearing a t-shirt that seems almost too small for her (which is probably precisesly the point) which has a logo for Abercrombie and Fitch on the front. She is also wearing a pair of equally tight blue-jean shorts, but you can't seem to find any brand name on them. Strangely, she isn't wearing any shoes. On her back is an L.L.Bean backpack, mostly full with what you can only guess, but most likely not school books. There are various "Hello Kitty" and other cat-related stickers and iron-on patches on the backpack. Out of her pocket is sticking a large silver cross. Also, over her shoulder hangs a Native American style water skin.
Were: Faline now suddenly stands 7' 5" tall, and is covered from head to toe in tiger-striped hide. Her long hair is still present, but has black stripes running through it now, and the color of it is the same as that of a White Bengal Tiger. Her ears have taken on a more cattish appearance, and her nearly perfect teeth have quite visably changed into deadly fangs. She now also has a 3 foot long striped tail extending from her spine. Her fingernails have been replaced by long retractable claws. Her feet have become more like paws; she now seems to walk on her toes. Despite all this, she still remains highly attaractive. :)
Tiger: Faline is a large, fierce looking white Bengal tiger. She even appears large as tigers go. She would stand about 8' 3" if she were to stand on her hind legs, which she doesn't, being a tiger. She looks like she could easliy fight off a whole group of body builders without even breaking a sweat, and her claws appear like small daggers. Even a blow from her powerful paw might easily knock someone unconscious. But despite all the fierceness, in her very feline eyes lies the glimmer of human level intelligence.

Milenko: Fairy (Or so some think . . )
Milenko is very tall and slender at around 6'3" and 140 pounds. He has dark black hair that seems to look right no matter how it is. His deep blue eyes are in a perfect contrast to his flawless, slightly pale skin. His perfect teeth and broad mouth help to make a smile that would make you knees turn into jelly.
He has a friend named Kara who is almost as pretty but female. The other players know little of him as yet.

Rei: Were Tiger
Rei appears much like a tabex but not so he has fur is yellowish with brown stripes and a larg striped tail. He wears a red vest, and red baggie pants that are cut off at just below the knee. His boots have had the toes cut out and one can see his cat like toes. Under each eye is two brown strips going down under his chin. his ears are vary cat like in appearence. His "hair" is long, yellow, spikie, and pull back out of his face by a white headband.
Thanks to a special gift from a shaman, normal people don't notice Rei's appearancer as much any more and tend to forget him.

Salem: Human Animator
Jenny Green (who calls herself Salem) is a young girl of 13, with straight black hair- pale make-up, black clothes, a black shirt that reads "bite me" and silver Aunks and crosses- her has black eye liner with egyptian lines at the end of her eyes.

Vaj: Were Panther
Vaj is a tall dark figure dressed in a long black trenchcoat and widebrimmed had, obscuring his facial features from casual view

Yuki Takuri Were Fox A Pic of Yuki can be foundhere.
Yuki has short unnatural looking Orange hair. She wears a small short yellow belly-shirt with an Abercrombie & Fitch logo on it. She also wears some A&F cargo pants with a chain on it leading to her wallet. She wears a pair of Airwalk Skating shoes and some small fake rings.

Non Player Characters:

Simon: Werewolf
Simon is a short (4'7"), thin (85 pounds) 14 yr old with blond hair and dark eyes, enough acne to stare in his own acne commercial, is nervous around people and obviously very embarrased about his looks. He is shy and has a habit of staring at fire hydrants.

Elizabeth Blackstripe: Falie's Mom
Liz was a vibrant, assertive woman in her early 40's until her death being eaten at the hands of the party werewolf, Simon. Strangely, Faline wasn't that shocked, likely because her mom was under the control of Edward DeAth and had just shot her with a silver bullet.

Edward DeAth: Master Vampire of San Fransisco
Edward DeAth is a tall, commanding figure with dark hair and eyes and pale skin. He radiates a sense of authority most tend to respond to quickly, as his cold, lifeless eyes promise a quick death to those who anger him.

Erwin:Falines cat.
Currently a vampiric kitten immune to animator control and extremely fond of amusing himself. The fact that this vampire can becoem mist, hide and move fast says enough about the future (or lack of it) for the local bird and mouse populations. The fact that Erwin is a cat says everything else.

Old Charlie: Old Amerindian
Old Charlie is an amerindian who's over 100 years old, living in a small village in northern CA. Besides the fact that he was nice to the PCs, only Faline had a glimpse of who he really was.

Jane Senal: Scientist for Enviroment Canada. Really. Also Cecils daughter
Jane Senal is a young woman in her late teens to early 20's with an increnible appearance . . .she's often mistaken as a model and is wearing a very expensive suit and dress, nto casual at all. Her eyes have a strange look to them, as if shes staring into your soul.

IzayusThe gardener of the Maze at the estate the PCs have rented. An old man in his 60's carrying a vorpal shovel and armed with clerical spells, druid lore and partial control of the Maze itself.

Citizens of Trail:

Jeramiah: he's an older native american inn his 50's. His hair is black with some grey, pulled back in a pony tail and hes often seen wearing jeans and a t shirt. He's also the Shaman of the local tribe and well respected in the city.
Anna: A young woman in her 30's, Anna is Jeramiah's niece. She's indian, dark hair and eyes, wearing jeans and a plaid shirt. She's also in charge of taking down the old Catholic Church and is putting up a Unitarian one with strong native leanings in its place.
Trevor Camdell: The young bully who's soul Salem first took. It was returned to him by Simon and then Salem kissing him to shock it back into him (or something like that).
Beavis and Buthead: Trevor's fellow bullies who ran away from Salem's anger.
Larry Walker: A drunk who beat his wife. Was dealt with by Danric.
Helen Walker: Larry's wife. Has currently moved back to Ontario to become a cow farmer.
Bryan Donalds: The bully in the schoolyard whose throat Salem crushed. Is in a hospital unit and missing his soul entirely.
Bob, Rob, Jim, Joe: The other 4 bullies who's souls Salem took then managed to give back in the schoolyard.
Mr Prin: Principal of the J L Crowe High School.
Desk Clerk: The deskclerk of the hotel the pcs were at. He's Was mostly insane thanks to Erwin but Salem has likely convinced Erwin to leave him alone.
Baal Atam: Owner of the home that Danric wants the pcs to rent.
Father Jeffries: An old catholic priest the Desk Clerik knows who performs exorcisms. Charles Devane: Pudgy 16 year old who wears shades. His Dad - Jeff - beat him for having reptilian eyes, something that others have only been able to see about him recently. He sses things as they really are.
Bobby New child in the school, from a broken home.

Former/Missing Player Characters:

Marneus: Were Hawk
Marneus is a tall, meduim-built, 17 year old. He has surprizingly brown hair and dark, brown eyes, that seem to be costantly darting around curiously. He has a slight twitch in his eye and when he looks at you he squints, and it's almost as if he can see every little detail on you. He looks everyone suspiciously, yet at the same time he is drawn back, often in deep thought.

Maphesto: Human Mage
Mustafa is a sickly looking boy of 14 years wearing shakespearian clothing and looks to come right out of a play. He also has a wand and a bag he sometimes hides in.

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