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Those vampire bastards . . . why'd they have to claim America? Why not Russia, or Iraq, or wherever Transylvania is . . .?
I tried to picture the Statue of Liberty with vampire fangs . . .
- Found in a diary of a weretiger

First off, this world is earth. Same countries, same politics, same religions -- but with a twist. Here, magic is real, Merlin truly cast spells to aid his king, the greek gods toyed with the lives of men, a few clerics are gifted with the ability to heal with a touch, and certain races co-exist with man, hiding themselves as best the can. Here be vampires, and weres who can change their form, animators gifted or cursed with the magic to raise zombies from the dead.

In this world, many of our paranoias have some basis in reality. There are MIB's (or something like it), the existence of magic is very likely part of many government conspiracies, Elvis might just be a zombie raised somewhere and JFK's brain might have been removed to prevent him from being raised. Well, you get the picture :)

Add vampires and were-beings to this mix and you have a situation ripe for exploitation -- or simply to explode. Both the so-called Lords of Life and Death have remained largely hidden for centuries or millenia or even far, far longer. Of course, down through the years there have been many who refused to hide, such as the infamous Vlad Dracul line in Transalvania, which was terminated by other vampires and the witch hunts in Europe or the fox hunts in Britain that wiped the Were Foxes from that isle were the result of others refusing to hide their natures.

It is an accepted fact that despite the powers of vampires and weres in the world, if it came to them against humanity, they would surely lose -- humans have numbers, technology and a ruthlessness that even vampires have trouble match on occassion. For these reasons the hidden races have remained that throughout the years as best they could, with the exceptions generated by new weres and vamps fueling the Weekly World News and other such tabloids.

Due to the fact that the pcs only know so much about the world (and the DM can only reveal a bit at a time) information will be added in an alpahabetical list below:

Creation Myths (3 vampire ones)
Native Americans
A look at the Other World
The Were Quarterly - April 2001

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