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* Yuki-Takuri trys to find her companions, the ones that healed her and helped her fight off the demons from the boat
<AlcarGM> They left via something .. you find tracks the UN is looking at, tracs of a vehicle that reeks of demonic power
<AlcarGM> A demon vehicle is new for you, but this is the USA after all. It's probably some cheap american car

<AlcarGM> <Tommy> "What do you want me to do?"
<robin`> "First, keep your eyes, ears, and nose open. Don't ask around, though. I'll do that."
<robin`> "They'll probably send someone to try to kill me"
<AlcarGM> <Tommy> looks puzzled, trying to figure out if you don't want him to sleep (:p) then says "Why? You're human ......" then frowns "I think..."
<robin`> "So if you just keep an eye on me, you can follow that guy back."
<robin`> "They don't like people asking about them."
<robin`> "Most of the people killed in the inquisition were human"
<AlcarGM> <Tommy> "But that's stupid! Why would they kill other humans?"
<robin`> "They nuked a city block to get at one man."
<robin`> "Which reminds me. If you absolutely must get in a fight with a priest, don't kill him! Some of them have nuclear devices installed in their heads."
<AlcarGM> <Tommy> 's eyes glaze and he just nods, overwhelmed. "Oh."

<AlcarGM> <Charon> says "I''m running a business," slowly, as if talking to a child. He points to the sign."See?"
<Yuki-Takuri> "The only buisness Demons deal in are souls and death!"
<AlcarGM> <Charon> raises a bushy eyebrow. "My. Guilty of the last, I assure you, but not the former. Who can take souls? Why would we want souls? How can we own them or get them?" He shakes his head "What use ahve I for souls?"
<Yuki-Takuri> ((Is this one more like a devil?))
<AlcarGM> meaning?
<Yuki-Takuri> ((jus wonderin if theres a bit of a D&D cosmology link as far as the Demons&Devils here are concerned))
<AlcarGM> Hell no :p

<robin`> *chuckle* is there any particular protocol for Visiting the Unseelie Queen?
<AlcarGM> Just be really nice :p She's the oldest of the 3 unseelie queens (maiden, mother, grandmother) and - along iwth the seelie grandmother -oldest of the fae to survive coming to earth. The good news is that if she doesn't want you there, you won't find her place :)
<robin`> I don't know if that's really good news at all =P
<robin`> but I imagine she'll want me there, after all, I am extraordinarily charming

<AlcarGM> You round a corner and come accross an old cemetary, mostly covered in ivy. In the middle of it is ad ainty looking home, much like a cottage. Nice white paint (fresh too), a picket fence around it (ditto color and fresh). The gate is unlached, but a small sign beside it says "I can get to this fence in .03 seconds? Can you?" And has a picture of Cthulhu, with "Beware of *a black spotch*" on it
<robin`> "Don't trust that sign. I'm sure she can make it faster than .03 seconds."
<AlcarGM> The sign writhes, Cthulhu ... moving ... on it, as if that is really Cthulhu. Maybe it is :p
<robin`> "Well, it looks like she's expecting us. That's good. I guess."

<robin`> "Hello, grandma. It's been some time."
<robin`> "This is Tommy"
<AlcarGM> <Grandmother Beavis> looks at you carefully, the nods "So it has." She smiles. "Be welcome to my home, then." She turns around and goes inside. On the back of the apron is a picture of Chernobyl.

<AlcarGM> <Grandmother Beavis> "Price? Hmm. Price. What do you think is fair?" to you.
<robin`> "It's a tough healing, and, of course, your time is worth a lot. But it would piss off the priests *shrugs* I am sure there are some things you could use weres for. A year's service each?"
<AlcarGM> <Grandmother Beavis> thinks about that. "It has been a long time since I've had raunchy sex." She smiles prettily. "Top or bottom?" to Tommy. He looks horrified. She smiles. "This could be fun ..... "
<AlcarGM> This NPC disturbs me :p
<robin`> (( she's supposed to =P ))
<AlcarGM> Disturb me as well as the players? :P
<robin`> (( yeah! =P she's the oldest unseelie queen person =P))
<Than`^> (( aaaaaah!!! My eyes! my eyes!!!!!!!!! ))
<AlcarGM> <Grandmother Beavis> "But perhaps ..... Hm." She looks at Tommy. "Child." Her voice doesn't change, but he snaps hsi head up as if struck. "I .... see. A rare talent indeed. No master in you, but you can smell us ..... Your service then, forever." You hear a stress on the word forever that the were doesn''t :p
* robin` coughs
<robin`> "Rather expensive."
<AlcarGM> <Tommy> ,about to say yes, hesitates.
<AlcarGM> <Grandmother Beavis> looks at you carefully, her expression still mild and calm and serene. "Perhaps," in a very gentle voice.

* Cal needs all his character to have at least 14 wisdom :P
<LadyIslay> hmm?
<LadyIslay> really?
<LadyIslay> I have a thing about my characters needing high cha.
<LadyIslay> Probably has to do with the fact that the first time I ever played, I made a character, and I put the lowest stat in Cha. When I tried to join the party, they decided that they didn't like me, so they killed me off. :(
<LadyIslay> that was in highschool
<LadyIslay> guess the boys didn't want to play with a girl
<LadyIslay> I never played again until I came here a few weeks ago

<Andrew`-> "And um..." *looks at Greg* "You know, that's some really convincing shapechanging."
<Greg`> The wolf growls again and looks at Andrew .... hungrily .. then turns back to continue down the yellow corridor
<Silvran> "Greg.. Try and change back. Tell us what you are sensing. Or at least find me some food."
<Greg`> he seems to be ignoring you Silvran
* Andrew`- 'ears flatten and lets out a low scratchy growl (like pumas do) at the look, then blinks in surprise a bit at himself.
* Andrew`- looks at Clay and Silvran. "Wait, I think Greg's losing it."
* Silvran stops and turns around, starting to get angry.
<Silvran> "Lets just follow him."
<Andrew`-> "allright fine, but if we start making lost of turns, we're stopping and heading back."
<Andrew`-> (( I'd mark our path but that'd just be icky! :P ))
<Greg`> you could ... :p
<Andrew`-> (( yeah I know :P ))
<Andrew`-> (( "Ew what are you doing?!" "Hey, you'll thank me later when we get lost!" ))

<Greg`> They ketpad has the numbers 1 to 5 on it, but that's all.
* Andrew`- enters the code he used on the other numberpad
<Greg`> The door doesn't open.
* Silvran enters the code "4-3-1-1"
<Greg`> The door shivers, then opens abrutply witha sigh
<Andrew`-> "Oh, nice."
<Silvran> "Whoa."
<Greg`> A sexless voice chimes "Thank you."
* Andrew`- looks at Silvran. "How'd you know it?"
<Silvran> "I was entering a numeric 'Hello' without the O."
* Andrew`- thinks about that a minute.
<Andrew`-> "OH! I get it."
<Andrew`-> "But wait, isn't Hello with the O He-- you know what? Nevermind, I'd better not mention it."

<Silvran> (<( wake us up with some interesting way. )>)
<Greg`> You all awaken refreshed, full and alert. No one has tried to kill yuo and aside from some odd dreams induced by too much twinkies having to do with .. in Andy's case ... a dream about a big, big ball of yarm .. and the yarn was really intestines . .and he had to eat and eat eat ...
<Greg`> Silvran's is just a weird dream of him directing a holomovie involving foxes, an underwater ballet team, vampire horses and the movie psycho. Well, maybe not, but it was a weird dream
<Andrew`-> (( I like mine better! :p ))
<Silvran> (<( whoa, you just described my normal dreams :) )>)

<Greg`> you hear a female voice on the other side "anyone in there?"
<Greg`> it might be a government agent in disguise, but it does sound a lot like a young girl
<Greg`> Then again, Red Riding Hood was a young girl and look what happened to that poor, defenceless wolf arguing for his right to cross dress
<Andrew`-> rofl
* Greg` suspects my mind is reaching that hubris weird session point, just to warn you :)

<Greg`> Gwen pulls the door off, feeling .. odd ..strangely good and energized for some weird reason she can't explain, to see 4 men in a room full of twinkie wrappers.
<Greg`> And no, this is not a sexual image. I'm not sure how it could be construed as one, but you never know.

* Silvran is a young man of average size, about 5'7", sexy build (don't make me show you sexy). His hands have a slight glow to them, as do his eyes. He is wearing an outfit that is silver in color, but currently has pockets full of twinkies.
<Andrew`-> (( show me da sexy! ))
* Jayleena ((Wants ta see the Sexy!))
<Jayleena> (( is it.. Too Sexy!?))
<Andrew`-> (( NO! TOO SEXY! ))
<Silvran> (<( You want to see sexy? )>)
<Jayleena> (( Don Do it! is too Sexy!!))
<Silvran> ((http://www.freegaypix.com/pix/nonnude3/nonude309.jpg))
<Andrew`-> (( I was.. um... joking... an' stuff. ))

<Silvran> "Broke?"
<Silvran> "You tore it off!"
<Silvran> "Right sweetie?"

* Silvran throws a box at Gwen
* Gwen ducks
<Gwen> "Aieeeee!!!"
* Gwen gets back up and thrusts her arms downward
<Gwen> "What'd you do that for!?"
<Silvran> "Just seeing what you are good at. Try punching that wall."
* Andrew`- yells back. "Hey, play nice, all of you! Now let's go."
<Gwen> "Whatta you mean punch the wall!?"
* Greg` shakes his head, then says :"Which way? ... I don't remember the .... trip, much...." *shakes his head*
<Gwen> "You guys are a freakshow and on toppa that yer all mean!"
* Gwen pouts
<Andrew`-> "Well... I'm not mean, I just want to go..."
<Silvran> "You ripped a door off its housing and you call US the freakshow?"
<Gwen> "Grrrr I TOLD you I slid it open!!"
* Gwen growls a bit
<Greg`> <Clay> 's absent playuer gets a horrified look on his face and whispers "No, I don't want to have to play the rational pc again! not like Danric! Or Drake!"
<Andrew`-> (( yeah, Bali's funny like that. ))
<Andrew`-> (( no matter how hard he tries, his character ends up the most rational. He just cant compete with our insanity :) ))

<Gwen> "I dont even have any pants on!"
* Silvran stops dead in his tracks
<Andrew`-> "Well... you have panties at least, anyway."
<Andrew`-> (( what, did no one else notice that? ))
<Silvran> (<( can my super-clothes make more super clothes/ )>)
<Andrew`-> (( only if you rub them up against another pair :P ))
<Greg`> "Uhm, clothing. That could be good....." *frowns* "We could cut a sleeping bag up?"
<Andrew`-> "...but there were corpses in those."
<Greg`> "We brushed them out."

<aslhk> but a For Use In A Game Idea:
<aslhk> Creator God is Embarrassed About Some Object PC Refers To:
<aslhk> "Well, what about lightbulbs?" (referring to some situation)
<aslhk> Creator God Bursts Out, "Fine! I admit it! The Lightbulbs came out funny looking! I *never* get those things right! Why do you guy always have to rub it in!?"
<aslhk> Creator God looks embarrassed, bursts into tears, and disappears
* Alcar grins. "Yes, we have summoned you here, oh Deity, for the answer to our question ... " God: "I don't give otu the meaning of life one." PC: "Huh? No. I was wondering - Coke or Pepsi?" God: "...."
<Regulis7> Well, imagine this.........The second coming is actually an alien food harvest, what better way to lead the cattle to slaughter? They willingly go with open arms!

* aslhk envisions this God taking his Creation Test
<Alcar> Turing test :p
<aslhk> the lightbulb is the most important part of all Creations
<Alcar> "Are you really an intellient god?"
<aslhk> so he fails and has to try again =P
<|337C4Bb4g3> or cheat ;b

<Chaos`^> damn alcar, that's priceless, but it's too big to put in the topic ;)
<Chaos`^> <Alcar> So far Alex is after, well, Bali's pc. Bali's pc might want Than dead. Yuki likely wants bali's pc dead too. Err, caltak's as well likely. And caltak probably wants bali's pc
<Chaos`^> everyone wants everyone else dead =p
<Chaos`^> I think Than, the only one that I thought would try to kill everyone, isn't in the circle on the kill side
<Alcar> Pretty much standard campaign it seems :p Tho I am exagerating .. most of the pcs would likely make nice, especially since most of the threats are against Balis pc and, well, none of the others can kill him far as I know :)

<Alcar> telekinesis is fun that way :)
<Caltak> indeed.
<Caltak> espeically the kind that just works on its own, lucky schmuck.
* Alcar thought it was funnier that way.
* Caltak wonders just how much force it could stop >:3
<Alcar> Hmm, not sure. I just winged it :)
<Caltak> And with the death of Bali's PC, the looming threat of the universe coming to a grinding halt is no more :P
<Caltak> er, disregard that, just imagining :P

<Alcar> Pregnant mom enters battle, lightning bolt fries her to ash "YOU WERE WARNED"
<Alcar> A few moments later, a rather pissed off ghost screams "We don't have pregnancy tests you stupid ---"
<Chaos`^> she forgives them for not entering battle, but she never says 'don't'
<Alcar> Aww :p

<LadyIslay> what lives underground and tunels
<LadyIslay> and is generally..
<LadyIslay> semi intellegent
<aslhk> why else would they always be in the dungeons?
<Warner> coal miners?
<aslhk> dwarves? heh
<aslhk> and the underdark folk
<LadyIslay> but evil
<LadyIslay> and easy to kill
<Alcar> they're not evil! Having played an elf goblin, I can attest that they're just misunderstood.
<Alcar> People always have this irrational bias for hating things that look at them like food.

<Alcar> ah, umberhulk
<LadyIslay> I'll be those are too hard to kill ;)
* aslhk nods
<LadyIslay> for a level 1 party of four
<Alcar> Bosses are hard to kill. It's how they survive in the real world of dungeon management. "Screw the 5 year plan. I say We HOSTILE TAKEOVER them dwarves! Then THEY'LL be in the red! Blood Red!"
<aslhk> lol Alcar
<aslhk> you should do a pamphlet =p
<aslhk> I can see dungeon consulting becoming a viable job in a d&d world
<Warner> hehe dungeon consulting "No no no, you can't put the undergound river there, it throws off the whole map symitry we were going for"
<aslhk> "The negative energies on that snake pit will ruin us! Whoever made this obviously didn't study feng shui! Fire him!" =P

<Warner> I still say if you want semi inteligent underground denizens you can't go wrong with coal miners :)

* Alcar grins. I remember our old conversation on dungeons. ... would be fun. "No, you have to have an exit up to the town there, so the pcs mother's can be showing the orcs baby pictures of them when they round the corner for the final battle."
<Warner> Never leave the lid up on your pit to hell. all your kie energy will be sucked down it. very unlucky
<Warner> ((seriously I've read feng shui wants to keep the lid down on the toilet :)
<Alcar> Otherwise, feng shui becomes p u?

<Alcar> Actually, a feng shui npc with a party could be cool. "No, no, no! We can't have trap here! The door is facing north, it's all wrong! We'll need to move it." "The trap?" "No, the door."
<aslhk> i've always wanted to play the d00d who gets contracted to set up all of the traps in a dungeon
<Alcar> Dungeon Designer: "Well,m see, Mr. Mad King, you want a falling ceiling. That's well and good. But how to you plan to not trigger it when evading a coup?"
<Alcar> Dungeon Designer: "Stop making demands on me! I only have the adobe spellshop 3 here! It's not the best set of scrolls!"
<aslhk> "Falling ceilings are so impractical! Do you know how hard it is to put them back on after they've been sprung?"
<Alcar> lol! I could see one with a faulty spring... "You hear a crash, a sproing! sound, another crash,a sproing! ... as you round the corner you see a ceiling falling hitting the ground, bouncing back up and falling again.

<Warner> Naw, what you do is start a trap mail order service and make the kings men install it one site. You could sell: The Trespaser Hotel, PC's check in but they don't check out. :)
<Alcar> "Ok, you enter your room. Sad. You forgot to check for traps." Ok, the floor gives way.." Thief: "I was entering the room of the inn! Why would I check for traps?" "Well, you won't *now*, that's for sure .... let's see .. darts and spikes.."

<Alcar> aslhk - Yeah, but if a ruler was evil enough they might be tempted to let them get "found" in order to end his corrupt reign. Especially if he owes them money.
<aslhk> Alcar: well, if he doesn't pay then it would be a breech of contract, and they'd be under no obligation to keep his trap layout private
<Alcar> True :) but even if he did pay them .. an evil enougn ruler might tick them off and they'd want him dead too. If I was that sort of ruler (and what other one would be fun?) I'd have 'em killed in the interest of my sleeping at night.
<aslhk> Alcar: *laugh* but who would maintain the traps? Who would reset them when someone set them off?
<aslhk> someone has to know about them, or they'd only last through one attempt, and eventually he'd get killed
<Alcar> my trusted vizier who stole the plans from the trap setters before I killed them all of course!

* aslhk thinks a crazed trap-setter would be fun to play
<Alcar> An old man runs at the pcs "No! No! Don't step there! the floor will collapse! Do you know how long that takes to reset?!"
* aslhk envisions the crazed-trap setter setting up sleeping mats that capture the people who sleep in them and trying them out on the rest of the party
<aslhk> "Hey, it worked!"
<Warner> fly paper sleeping mats :)

<Warner> Anyway you can't have a trap that no one knows about. its rather pointless. if no one knows how to bipass it no one can go past it. it would be cheaper to just build a wall

<Alcar> hehe. Bathe pcs in some otyugh attractant perfume
<Alcar> or dragon attractant. Sell it as repellent for added fun.
<Warner> yeah something that makes em horny :)
<aslhk> that's just sick > =P
<aslhk> but would make a good trap!
<aslhk> or "repellent"
<Warner> "Oh palidin" "I'm not that kind of guy!"
<Alcar> Something green and white begins to come out of that hole you just relieved yourself in. in common, it says "Do I make you horny baby? Do I?"

<Alcar> Actually, aliens would be a fun fantasy world cliche too .... "The mechanical dragon is dead. The stranger tells you he needs to build a new one to get home." "I ask him how far away it is." "He tells you that it would take longer to reach than the lifetime of the elves." "Wow, an elf?" "No, the species. "Woah. I always knew the world was big..."

<Alcar> chaos - I want to know how the dragons KNOW it's a virgin :p
<Warner> he checks er virgins union card ;)
<aslhk> Alcar: virgins taste better
<ArtQ-Sleeping> He splits her legs and sniffs her
<ArtQ-Sleeping> or sticks his horn up there to double check
<aslhk> if it's an inferior meal, he knows it's not a virgin!
<Warner> gives her a VD test :)

<Alcar> ArtQ - who said it has to be a her? I think there'd be more virgin men than woman in a d&d setting
<ArtQ-Sleeping> because, males are the ruling sex
<aslhk> what does that matter to a dragon?
<ArtQ-Sleeping> in a fantasy cliche you never see a male sacrifice
<ArtQ-Sleeping> unless its a harem of really hot lesbian witches
* Alcar laughs. I just had this fun image of the villagers runing out of virgins and tying up the cellibate village cleric :p

<Warner> unicorns try to have sex with the virgins? thats a new one on me
<Warner> I knew the horn was a phalic symbol but sheesh
<ArtQ-Sleeping> what do you think the horn is for!
<Alcar> Warner - depends ... elves and all that...
<Tech-Sensei> well of course the unicorns are horny
<Alcar> aslhk - Hmm .... *thinks* Fosters spellsinger series?
<Warner> following virgin guys around and ruining their rep :)
<Warner> "Oh yeah I've been around. I went out with suzzy. She gives the best..." Whinny! "..get out here you stupid horned pony"

* Alcar always wanted to make a unicorn fall in love with a pc and make it it's life goal to prevent the pcs from not being a virgin. PC: "No! We're on the 35th floor! how'd it climb the stairs?" *sobs*

<Warner> my absolute faverite spell is "Corning Dramatic Spooky Weather" raises you're power level when casting evil or necromantic spells. but has the unfortunate side effect of atracting heros and mobs with burning torches.

<ArtQ-Sleeping> Leomunds Fantasic Mansion
<ArtQ-Sleeping> aka: Whore House on the Go
<ArtQ-Sleeping> Dude serioulsy

<ArtQ-Sleeping> Imagine a Pimp with a magic ring
<ArtQ-Sleeping> That opened a door into Leomunds Fantasic Mansion
<ArtQ-Sleeping> One that was permanent
<ArtQ-Sleeping> all he does is touch any door
<ArtQ-Sleeping> and it opens into the portable whore house
<Alcar> ArtQ-Sleeping - Wizards can't be pimps. There's something about spending years in musty libraries learning magic that makes getting laid psychologically impossible :p
<Tech-Sensei> wizards do have sex
<Tech-Sensei> that's what summon monster is for
<ArtQ-Sleeping> no no
<ArtQ-Sleeping> Mount!
<Tech-Sensei> mount doesn't actually produce something you could boink

<Cal> hmm a game where the PCs are mages familars
* Alcar has offered that to players, but no ones played one yet. I've always wanted a human pc with a cat, the human as the familiar.
<Alcar> would be cool for the rp. "Cast something!" "I can't!" "But you're a wizard!" "No, I'm the familiar. *Pulls a toad out of his pocket.* Do you speak toad?"
<Warner> can I be an infectious bacteria?
<aslhk> no, you're supposed to be playing the familiar, not the mage! =P

* Galin strides foreward 10', holding his holy symbol and chanting.
<Galin> "May the wisdom of gond guide and protect!"
<Reykemias> "Bah, you always were too caught up in your religion."
* Galin holds up the pistol
<Galin> "Shove this up your ass."

<SaMnMaX> my gods are small and weak, and they argue too much to work together
<Cal> gee sounds like ever D&D group I'm with

* Temera looks into the room
<Jester`^> Jester is looking at you with wanting eyes, nothing has changed inside
* Temera sighs. At least he's leavign the corpses alone

<Chaos`^> I'm about to play yol_tura in Iota's game >=)
<Caltak> what!
<Alcar> lol! WIsh I had time to play garon :)
<Caltak> You bastard!!!
<Caltak> you dirty triatorous bastard Chaos
<Caltak> thats the worst thing you could possible do as it means I cant play unless I play you-know-who and ic ant b/c Alcar cant play, and all in all it makes you a bastard. :p

<Alcar> Dwarves are easy to do, ditto with humans etc. It's the trolls that would be almost impossible to make fit both d20 and TP's idea of trolls .. I mean, they're basically walking rock almost impossible to hurt (except with another troll) and have a variable int score
<SaMnMaX> i know that too, i dont think they should be allowed, a troll in the hands of a smart person is a nasty weapon
<Alcar> trolls aren't smart, so it wouldn't happen :p
<SaMnMaX> put a block of ice on their head, and their fuckin einstien
<Sin{Away}> if they were male I think that would count as both sodomy and necrophilia
<Alcar> Yeah, but who would walk around with ice on their head? They'd get laughed at. Then they'd hurt people. Then Vetinari would have to suggest they remove the ice.
<Alcar> Sin - huh?
<Sin{Away}> <SaMnMaX> put a block of ice on their head, and their fuckin einstien
<Sin{Away}> Einstein is dead
<Sin{Away}> It's late, I'm going to bed now :)

<Marcus_Fenway> Would Kermit the Frog be Bilbo, and Big Bird be Smaug... Cookie Monster could be the Creature Golem.
<Sintaqx> seasame Street d20.
<Marcus_Fenway> Who would be Gandalf the Grey ?
<Marcus_Fenway> Bert ?
<Sintaqx> Elmo?
<Keith`> he is the human guest
<Alcar> big bird after picking up a smoking habit.
<Alcar> 'Grey? Oh, that's just my lungs."
<Marcus_Fenway> "Todays Session is brought to you by the number 5"

<Alcar> "ANd the last session will be brought to you by the d20? Can we say 1! One critical failure! 1! HAHAHAHA!"
<Marcus_Fenway> "Todays Session is brought to you by the letter 'Bong', and the number '5' as in, thats how many joints I smoked today."
<Sintaqx> G is for Goblin. 5 Greasy Goblins Gloat as they Gut you..
<Marcus_Fenway> "Today kids, The Wizards Vincent is going to show us what happens when you mix Acids and Bases when you roll a 1 on your Alchemy check"

<Sintaqx> Well, You could also have Southpark d20. :)
<Alcar> "666 votes for bu ... " payuse. "B stands for Bribes and Blackmail," in a singsong* then: "We now return to our secheduled counting. "999. 999 votes for bush."
<Chaos`^> Oh my god! kenny rolled a 1!
<Chaos`^> you bastard!
<Alcar> "Oh, my god, it killed kenny!" "Dude, it's a Tarrasque! It's going to kill us too!"
<Sintaqx> "I wanna taste it's succulant tail..."
<Sintaqx> "Come on, just one bite..."
<Alcar> "But look at what Satan is doing with it's tail..."

<Alcar> Actually, south part d20 could be amusing - if you make sure all munchins play kenny. "But I have a dex of 342!" "It doesn't matter, you stip trip and fall."
<Sintaqx> Gotta makes sure to give Cartman a bite attack and the Gluttony feat
<Sadisticality> Chef, "Hi children, hows it going?" children, "Bad." Chef, "Why bad?" children, "Because we just found out that when you die you come back as a clone of Michal Jackson."
<Marcus_Fenway> Cartman is Profissient with all small arms ordinance

<TheDice> Temera (1d20+6): 16(10)
<Jester`^> is that a search check?
<Jester`^> you can't do that till I tell you cause it screws me up, cause I haven't chosen a DC, but as I think about it, a 20 would be fair cause you have to search like some hundred thousand sq. feet to find what you're looking for if you're not being specific.. like you know.. the divination sectoin fo the library =p
* Temera whacks Jester :P
<Jester`^> Seriously, I figured you'd look in the classrooms and everything, is that not what you're doing?
<Temera> only places with high concentrations of scrolls and/or books
<Jester`^> Can I get your Cha. Sheet plz so I know what I'm dealing with here
<Temera> no ;)
<Jester`^> that complicates things then doesn't it =p

<aslhk> I think in any of your games with the standard players there's about a five percent chance per session of the end of the world being brough about by something a pc does
<aslhk> =P
<Alcar> lol
<Alcar> not that high, I hope :P
<Alcar> It's mostly a cummulative thing :)
<aslhk> hrm, no I think it's about five percent!
<aslhk> how many of your games have lasted more than twenty sessions? =P

<aslhk> but indeed, eventually one of the abrasives pcs is going to be stuck in the same area as an npc who has enough power to end the world on a whim, a pc with a bad temper (or with a player with a bad temper) is going to be given enough power to end the world accidentally, or, erm, the world will spontaneously combust!
<Alcar> But that happens in most games!
<Alcar> ... right?

<Andrew`-> "Well you never know, he might come in handy for something."
<AlcarGM> <Greg> "besides food?" seriously.
<AlcarGM> The man is staring at you all as if he thinks you're demented
<AlcarGM> He's now convinced this is a horrible nightmare
<Andrew`-> "Well, that counts as something, doesn't it?"
<AlcarGM> <Clay> looks at Andrew and Greg. "Enough joking. If Silvran kills him, we get nothing. So why not just lets get some stuff, if we can,
<and leave him if we can't?"
<AlcarGM> Geeze, poor bali. His pcs are the voice of reason even when he's not being them
<John_Doe> (( lol! ))

* Silvran concentrates on removing anything foreign out of the man
<Silvran> "He's.. full of something."
<Andrew`-> "Crap?" *smirks* "Seriously though, maybe he's on some kind of drug."
<Silvran> "There is a bunch of non-him stuff in him."
<AlcarGM> The man blinks, then looks horrified. Whatever Silvran removed isn't visible to any of you, but the man makes a choking sound and Silvran feels every vital part of his body going catonic. Whatever that was, it was keeping him alive .. Silvran can feel cells aging, dying, like a wierd version of lemmings.... all at once....
<AlcarGM> Its like his body is commiting suicide.
<Silvran> "I think I'm killing him.."
<Andrew`-> "Hmm, that doesn't look good." *in a detached tone of voice.*
* Gwen looks interested
<Andrew`-> "Maybe put it back?"
* Silvran looks at Andrew with a confused look on his face. "How?"

<AlcarGM> Ok, Silvran ... you're about half way back when you come to the source of that clacking noise .. a blue globe floating through the corridor with lots of mechanical tentacles coming off of it. it e its a dangerous looing glow and it's light is scouring the ground and walls and roof. behind it, where those men should be, there is no .. nothing. not even scraps of clothing.
* Silvran screams like a women and runs as fast as he can screaming "RUN!"
<Silvran> "RUN RUN RUN RUN!"
* Gwen Looks at it
<AlcarGM> The thing continues to come, scouring the tunnel as it does
<Gwen> "Why do you think it's dangerous?"
<AlcarGM> the dangerous looking glow?
<Silvran> "Gwen, its blue and it has tentacles. When AREN'T things like that dangerous?! MOVE IT!"
<AlcarGM> <Greg> "But they're not in my dreams. Err, wait..."

* Gwen stepa towards it, probobly to interested
* Silvran picks up the man and throws it at the globe
<AlcarGM> <Clay> looks at Gwen disblelivingly
<Silvran> (<( ...lol What if I hit gwen instead.. )>)
<AlcarGM> <Clay> looks at Silvran. "No." and the man stops in mid air, between Gwen and the Blue Thing. "We've done enough to him."
<Silvran> "Holy..
<AlcarGM> <Clay> looks at the man in mid air, then says "Ah, could you put him down now?"
<Andrew`-> "hey wait!"
<Silvran> "I'm going for the lesser sacrifice. Don't make me make it you."
* Andrew`- grabs the man out of the air. "Hands off, Silvran."
* Silvran is visibly extremely angry.
<AlcarGM> The thing movies closer to Gwen. Clay glares at Silvran. "You want to sacrifice him? Sacrifice yourself first!"
<Silvran> (<( ...I try to save Gwen... and somehow I end up being the bad guy.. )>)
* Silvran throws himself onto the blue globe

<John_Doe> (( lol, it's like watching a circus of retarded psychopaths ))

<AlcarGM> <Clay> "Wait!" Silvran feels something tug him back, too late, and hits the blue thing head on.
<AlcarGM> It stops moving abruptly and Silvran slides off of it.
<Silvran> (<( so am I dead or what.. )>)
<Silvran> (<( feel like im makin a porno.. "And he hits the globe head on.." )>)
<AlcarGM> nope,just have the wind knocked out of you, The blue thing just hovers there, not doing anything
<Silvran> (<( Darn. )>)
<AlcarGM> different reaction to being alive, but that works...

<Silvran> (<( silvran is pissed, do we have twinkies? Not really in an angry rping mood :P )>)
<Silvran> (<( the twinkies to calm him down, of course )>)
<AlcarGM> you have enough twinkies to feed a lot of people. And if sugar calms him down, I'm scared
<Silvran> (<( it makes him hyper, but takes away his anger. )>)
<Silvran> (<( silvran needs anger management, twinkie style ^_^ )>)
<AlcarGM> <Clay> hands Silvran a twinkie, daring the GM to destroy him for meta gaming, then looks at Gwen "Are you ok?"
<AlcarGM> makes a note to destroy bali...

<AlcarGM> The man is still laughing uncontrollably, perhaps because the people thay destroyed his squad, broke a perimetre fence as if it didn't exist and killed his commander ran in terror from a sanitation robot.
<AlcarGM> But that might be a coincidence.

* Silvran pulls underwear out of his mouth
<Silvran> (<( ... his being the guy of course )>)
<Gwen> "hey those were put ther for good reason"
* Silvran shoves a twinkie in. "Eat."
<AlcarGM> uh, I'm not sure who else we'd have thought it was :p

* Silvran closes his eyes and concentrates on flowers, medicine, and beer. "Don't be scared." Silvran touches the mans cheek lightly
<Andrew`-> "Hey, what're you doing? Didn't I tell you hands off?"
<AlcarGM> The man blinks, confused, then shakes his head and smiles a goofy, confused smile as Silvran pumps him full of enough happy drugs to keep barney going for a good week.
* Silvran takes his hand off the mans cheek and turns toward Andrew.
* Silvran shakes his gun and grabs his head.
<Silvran> (<( err.. )>)
<Silvran> (<( LOL )>)
<Silvran> (<( other way around )>)
<Andrew`-> (( uhhhh... :p ))

<Gwen> "Wow that was funky, you messed with his mind or sumthin"
<Gwen> "Wish I had some nifty power like mind screwing or cat-power"
<AlcarGM> <Clay> "You've got terminal stupidity."
<John_Doe> (( lol! Bali's pcs are great even when he isn't here ;b\ ))
<Gwen> What!?
<AlcarGM> <Clay> "Why else would you stand in front of an unknown creature?"

<Silvran> "I think I should refrain from thinking about alcohol when healing."
<AlcarGM> <Greg> "What about twinkies?"
<Silvran> "Hrm.."
* Silvran thinks about twinkies and touches the guy
<AlcarGM> ....
* AlcarGM kills his npc
<AlcarGM> The man doesn't change, except to have weird nightmares years into the future about falling into a big loaf of bread and drowning in white sauce. he eventually seeks councelling for this and is led to believe he's actually repressing his sexuality and eventually has a sex change and lives out his remaining years as "Juith"
<Silvran> (<( that means he survives this whole thing )>)
<Gwen> ((So long as he finds happiness))
<AlcarGM> but that's neither here nor there .... here, the PCs leave a rather weird scene and walk through the grey tunnels, with lots of food and water and twinkies and head for freedom as they eventually stop and sleep for the night

<WackyFunster> You guys have traumatized my PC
<WackyFunster> :/
<Caltak> well, good. We've done our job, then
<aslhk> d00d, you traumatized *me* > =P
<SilverHorse> If he dreams about twinkies when I think about them and touch him..
<SilverHorse> what if I think about porn..
<SilverHorse> LMAO!
<AlcarGM> .....
* AlcarGM whimpers
<WackyFunster> SilverHorse: You are a scary d00d
* SilverHorse can'ts wait for session 8 :D

<Caltak> You better keep you fool hands off that guy, or Andy's gonna have to put the smack down on you :P
<SilverHorse> You do realize that when you touch me
<SilverHorse> I will just think of naked old ladies
<SilverHorse> ;)

<Elana-Silvereye> Well I'm not sure if gwen fits in the rest of you murderous weirdos
<Elana-Silvereye> but she's trying
<Alcar> she's a murderer who doesn't think she kills and walks into danger without thinking.
<Caltak> Hey, we're not murderous! Well, just Silvran is. The rest of us are just disturbed in our own little ways :)
<WackyFunster> Alcar: indeed, she fits RIGHT in!
<Alcar> I'd say the others havea way to go to catch up to her :)
<WackyFunster> my character has killed a lot of d00ds, and he still thinks the rest of you are a bunch of fucking psychos ;b

<Tech-Sensei> I expect to have a good balance of character types. With a large group, you can have characters that have a more specific role. Example, WackyFunster has expressed interset in playing a pacifist bard. Boost the party, handle some negotiations, etc.
<ArthurQ> negotations? in your games? :-p
<Tech-Sensei> More liek "Delay the monster while the assassin slips around behind him."

* Alcar feels like a game
<Arth`Ba`Toch> Woah. That must feel weird.
<Arth`Ba`Toch> What does a game feel like, anyway?
<Alcar> I've never felt like checkers before. It's an interesting experience
* Alcar wants to be kinged
<Caltak> lol
<Caltak> I was lying on my bed staring at the TV and then my spider-sense started tingling and I looked over and saw out say you felt like I game so I went back to my computer ;)

<AlcarGM> <Greg> "They've got the door barred on the other side but don't seem to have weapons."
<Andrew`-> "Barred, huh?"
* Andrew`- tries to force it open anyway. :P
<AlcarGM> <Greg> nods. "Metal or something."
<AlcarGM> Ok. There is a screaming of tortured metal, abused by years of hard work and rust shivers and falls off it like tears as you yank on it mercilessly. There's another tearing, whatever was barring the door snapping like bones or a heart and the door crumples into ruins.
<AlcarGM> That was my white wolf moment :p
<AlcarGM> Oh, you rip it off it's hinges.
<Andrew`-> (( lol ))

<AlcarGM> Fortunately no one seems to be around right now, except a small stuffed bear walking around the corner of the street
<Andrew`-> (( Ah, a small stu-- wha? ))
<AlcarGM> yep
<AlcarGM> about 3' tall, furry, cuddly and cute
<AlcarGM> oh, and walking like a person

<ArthurQ> (A talking bear? *sigh* When the animals start talking you KNOW its an alcar game)
<ArthurQ> (have you guys ran into a spellcasting philisohical tarrasque yet?)
<Andrew`-> (( its not an animal, duh, its a STUFFED bear :P ))
<AlcarGM> it's not a bear, it's a stuffed bear.
<ArthurQ> (Bah! Talking plush animals! Even worse!)
<Andrew`-> (( hey, dont diss the plushies! :P hehe ))

<Silvran> (<( dude, I wanan find the sex toy! )>)
<Andrew`-> (( which, the nondescript one, or the metal one that shoots energy? :P ))

<AlcarGM> The bear looks at the two of you, then says "Maybe, but you don't belong. We can tell that, here. Our Maker allows that and draws others even to defy The City." he looks saddened. "But you're hunted, and not human, and there are dark things in you....." then shakes his head and looks rueful. "sorry."
<AlcarGM> The bear looks up, obviously happy. "She said you'd come back."
<Silvran> "I've.. been here before?"
<AlcarGM> The bear frowns, then looks at you carefully, assessingly, something ... not-bearish in his cute brown eyes. "Not yet."
<Silvran> "So this is my first time here, yet I have been here before. Too confusing. Lets keep hugging!"
<AlcarGM> The bear "Oh, you haven't been here yet. it'll be after you die. i was confused."
* Silvran shudders as thoughts of death fly through his head.. while hes still hugging the bear, nonetheless.
<AlcarGM> Bear: "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you sad. I just forgot that you've been here, but that will be later, and you die in this life to be here then in your past life which hasn't happened yet."

<Silvran> "So I'm going to die trying to save this place."
* Silvran looks around
<Silvran> "Wonderful.""
<Andrew`-> "Ah. I see."
<AlcarGM> bear: "Oh, no. You did save it. Then you die and become you."
<AlcarGM> Bear: "it just hasn't happened yet."
<Silvran> "Wait.."
<Silvran> "That would make this a loop.. wouldn't it?"
<Silvran> "If it hasn't happened yet.."
<Silvran> "But then it does..
<Silvran> "And I die doing it..
<Silvran> "Then become me...
* Silvran shakes his head hard
<AlcarGM> Bear: "But they you can die as you and become someone else."
<AlcarGM> Bear: "I don't get it either, nbut that's because I have stuffing for brains."

* Silvran whispers to Andrew. "Lets get a move on."
* Andrew`- whispers back "Get a move on to where?"
* Silvran whispers back "Anywhere but with that."
<Andrew`-> "I thought you liked him."
<AlcarGM> but it's nice and friendly! And a bear!
<Silvran> "Until it told me I was going to die. I'm going to rip it limb from limb if I don't get away from it soon."
* Silvran has went from content to a manic depressive, be warned.
<Andrew`-> (( well as long as you aren't muttering "I wonder if stuffed bears feel pain"... :P ))
<Silvran> "I wonder if stuffed bears feel pain.."
<AlcarGM> The bear looks up at Silvran, something in it's eyes you have no words for, then just says "Yes," simply. "Everything does. Most real wounds are in here," taps his chest with a furry paw. "To be forgotten, or ignored, or replaced by that fucking other bear that talked when you pullastringandgetlockedinacloset ... " takes a deep breath. "yes."

<Alcar> hehe. I have this horrible notion for your pc to somehow be some sort of prophet here :p
<SilverHorse> silvran is too stupid :P
<Alcar> Tha's not a disqualification :p
<Alcar> Bear: "And then he said . .he said .. "I wonder if stuffed bears feel pain.." It was .. wow. he opened me up, and he listened to me, and helped heal me."
<Alcar> as oppossed to 'I think he was considering killing me :p

<Alcar[miller]> quick, whats an "evil" miller god everyone knows of?
<Chaos`^> Alvar(evil), nemia(hate)
<Chaos`^> either of those
<Alcar[miller]> alvar .. alcar
* Alcar[miller] notices a similarity :P
* Chaos`^ practices looking inocent

* Chaos`^ hugs sparkie back only cause sparkie doesn't have a sex
<Sparkie> That's not my fault... That bitch Krysylyn found me.
<Sparkie> I still don't think there's a spell that calls for the left testicle of a fire elemental.

<Chaos`^> what does darth vader have to do with miller?
* Alcar[miller] grins
<Alcar[miller]> nothing.
<Chaos`^> you scare me sometimes
<Alcar[miller]> just sometimes?

<Alcar> what class?
<Tsume> my version of the ff lancer
<Tsume> in general terms, any fighter or soldier who wields a spear or lance
<Tsume> in ff, a character who uses lances, glaives, halberds and spears and gets the munchkiny jump skill
<Tsume> Jump really high; fall and do lots of damage..
<Firefly28> heh...I like that
<Tsume> Well, in FF, you're invincible for one round while off the screen =P
<Tsume> I left out that detail and made it a full-round action

* Tass wants to play a wolf were
<Tass> "I'm so angry right now I could go human any moment! Everyone run!"

* Caltak has a very well defined pc idea in mind.
<aslhk> Hah! The greater the definition, the more constrained the character!
<Alcar> Caltak - what?
<Caltak> Oh, well, you know me Alcar, and its my normal fare -- but I wanna play it anyway. Also I think I told you about it one time as a possibility for something else, but probably only a vauge mention in passing.
<Alcar> msg me it?
<Caltak> I think maybe I'd rather just make it and send it to you after I finally do, that way if you dont like it I can be all indignant :P

<Caltak> *sigh* why oh why do I spell it right 4 or 5 times then typo it once? :P
* Caltak needs to think while typing rather than letting my hands try to keep up with my brain.

* Alcar just wants some options that aren't the usual fare :)
<aslhk> I got that impression *chuckle*
<aslhk> could have some odd things into which a human can be initiated later on
<Alcar> life? :p
<Alcar> The illuminati!
<aslhk> I think they have that to begin with
<Alcar> The Truth.
<Alcar> nah, too evil.
<aslhk> but yes, I was thinking something along the lines of the illuminati *chuckle*
<Alcar> "You want the truth? Do you punk? Make my text! Yes, text! You can't handle the truth! You're just a figment of the imagination of some peron and live in a world that doesn't exist! You - and all of us - are characters in a role playing game!"
<Alcar> how about that truth? :)

<AlcarGM> <Quinn> "This part of it, this place is the boulevard of broken dreams." he smiles. "Some say it's what exists on the other side of every mirror, and in the eyes of anyone you love if you look hard enough. What have you lost?" gently.
<Andrew`-> "I don't know. My memories, if I even had any... though I don't think i want them back... Perhaps a purpose. But all I really want is a home, but I'm not sure I can say I lost one. *blinks* I think I'm rambling..."
<AlcarGM> <Quinn> frowns, then says slowly. "You shouldn't be here. There is no dream you have sought that has yet to be lost. Unless you wish to be normal.
* Andrew`- pauses for a moment, as if in thought. "...why?"
<AlcarGM> <Quinn> looks startled for a moment, then laughs. "Why indeed?" he chuckles, then shakes his head and smiles. "My apologies. But you should not be here. There are dreams about you, but you don't see them."

<aslhk> And while amber does indeed have "heroic" characters in that sense *laugh*
<Alcar> That would have been heroic stupid. I had cthulhuesque demons on that ship :p
<aslhk> The game is too dark, and the heroes are too bastardly
<Alcar> Real heroes are bastards.
<Alcar> Otherwise they'd get nothing good done :)
<aslhk> No, real heroes are ignorant fanatics

<Chaos`DM^> "We won't destroy it, we are going to rebuild it, it's already been destroyed, the people now are just stomping it into the ground!"
<Kirith> 'It is NOT Destroyed! Is is being destroyed by rabble rousers like yourself who are like jackals wanting to feed off the carcass of a person before they die!"
<Kirith> "You will prevent our kingdom from healing from this evil with your own words!"
<Chaos`DM^> "It IS destoryed! Why have they killed the last three kings in the last week? This is destruction at its best! there is no lower now than it is now!"
<Kirith> are rulers considered to have a divine right to rule here?
<Chaos`DM^> (( not at all, just a law and order sort of thing, the gods could care less how people run things ))
<Kirith> cowards :p
<Kirith> "Do you want to bet? Read history! At least we have rulers and arne't ruled by ignorant savages! Do you think the rest of the world would sit by and let us destroy ourselves without enslaving us before we can try and rebuild a system - a system that would be just like the one before, because that is what works!"

<aslhk> and your character is like Mister Clueless *laugh*
<aslhk> with all sorts of powers he doesn't know he has
<Kirith> Yeah :)
<Kirith> the funny part is that in most games getting all this wound be munchy.
<aslhk> and both pattern and logrus imprints *laugh*
<aslhk> that is rather funny *laugh*
<Kirith> in amber it's just going to be fun :)

<Chaos`DM^> "There is no next council, there are no laws for who comes after the ocuncil has died. The law has failed you, we must create a new law! We must find a new king!"
<Chaos`DM^> (( for being a part of the rebellion, you're awfully stuborn ;))
<Kirith> he's a guard :p
* Kirith looks at the man carefully for a long moment, then says "The law may have failed, but justice won't." and sheathes his sword and walks out :p
<Chaos`DM^> so you walk out.. to where?
<Chaos`DM^> is somebody mad they are wrong? =p
<Chaos`DM^> you bump into the captain as you walk out
* Kirith has spent his whole life serving this city, so yeah he's mad. its coming apart at the seams and he can't see how to stop it :p
* Kirith saulutes him expressionlessly
<Chaos`DM^> The captain looks down at you "Is something wrong Leutenant?"
<Kirith> "Not yet."
<Chaos`DM^> "You're not causing trouble are you?"
<Kirith> "Not anymore."

<aslhk> it'll probably be later in the game
<aslhk> heh
<aslhk> towards the end
<aslhk> well, towards the end of the evil cosmology plot
<aslhk> I figure after we get through that, if we choose to keep playing, the characters will have enough grudges and whatnot to make the game interesting without a huge plot

<AlcarGM> Outside the small grey house, Andy, Greg and Silvran are standing, their opponents having vanished into thin air as if they'd never been at all. The sky is a deep purple currently, but off to the south it seems to take on a darker tinge.
<AlcarGM> Corp Anderson, the unfortunate guard you captured, is currently in a coma. Silvran is covered in blood and rubbing his chest absently where he got stabbed through the heart by a sword
<Andrew`-> "Dammit, people are the same everywhere, it seems..."
<AlcarGM> <Greg> chuckles. "Most of them don't make swords out of thin air."
<Andrew`-> "Yeah, but they all would if they could."
<AlcarGM> <Greg> blinks, thinks about that, then says "I guess so...."

<AlcarGM> The young girl in red comes closer, then stops and waves. "Hello?" She doesn' look afraid.
<AlcarGM> The girl frowns at Andrew, then says "You look funny."
<Gwen> "And How"
* Andrew`- blinks. "Um. Well. Should I take that as a compliment or simply be offended?"
<Andrew`-> (( at least she didnt comment on the size of any of my features :P ))
<AlcarGM> she's 10! She's never... j/k
<Andrew`-> (( "What big--well, everything--you have." "All the the better to... um, wait, I'm confused, can we start over?" ))

<AlcarGM> <Jenny> "Everything makes sense, if you make it make sense. But you are not Mine, so .... go South, to where the road becomes a ruin and find a Boundary House. They offer sanctuary, even from the City, but at a price. I cannot offer that kind of sanctuary."
<Gwen> "You dont want to come with us Jenny?"
<Andrew`-> "What kind of price, exactly? Is it some hidden thin we regret losing later on?"
<AlcarGM> <Jenny> "Nothing of Mine can leave Hex, for many reasons. I do not know of the price of Boundary Houses any longer, just that it's best to ask up front and to bargain."
<Andrew`-> "Oh, super."*sarcastically*
<Gwen> "we could barter with the twinkies ^u^"
<Andrew`-> "Hopefully."
<AlcarGM> <Jenny> smiles at that. "You can offer things others cannot and are hunted by things other are not. Make what you can offer worth more than the wrath of the Protector."
<Andrew`-> "Well, I'm assuming that doesn't mean the twinkies, then. Unless they really, really like snack cakes."

* SilverH|Work is now known as Silvran
<Silvran> (<( BASTARDS! )>)
<Andrew`-> (( dude, I IMed you :P ))
<Silvran> (<( jerks assholes etc etc )>)
<Silvran> dude
<Silvran> (<( THE NAME WAS SilverH|Work )>)
<Silvran> (<( WHERE THE FUCK YOU THINK I WAS?!~ )>)
<Andrew`-> (( yeah I know but you SAID to IM you when we play, so I did :) ))

<AlcarGM> The door opens with a hiss of fresh air into a large room filled with plants growing under various lights and lots of tasbles set up with beakers and the like taking up the left side. The right one consists of a kitchen and large living area. Both sides have doors that must lead to the rest of the floor.
<AlcarGM> <James> "This is my area of the house. Feel free to explore the rest whenever you wish."
* Andrew`- walks in as well, looking around. "It's nice."
* Silvran explores!
<Andrew`-> (( woah... I read that as explodes for some unknown reason. ))

<Pike> (Can we please be the ones to anally violate drizz't?)
<Xenodice> (um... I only know he's a guy in a book... that's all I know about him...)
<Xenodice> (famous drow)
<Pike> (drizzit is a stereotype for good drow that has resulted in a lot of ::Whack:: dig dig dig. Two scimitars, chaotic good, yada yada)

<Seraphina_Resc> When last we left the Rescs they had more or less determined to travel north to liberate the funds a necromancer is using to raise an army of undead halflings in order to pay off their father's gambling debts.
<ArthurQ> (lol...you dont know how funny that sounds sin)
<Seraphina_Resc> (yes I do)

<aslhk> mostly you'd go for something which is a)intimidating, b)has good reach and natural weaponry, and c)is armoured
<Alcar> were steel wool sheep with nasty hooves!
<aslhk> could work
<aslhk> hooves would probably be weird
<aslhk> you probably wouldn't want to give up the ability to hold stuff
<aslhk> or manipulate things

* Jaro shakes his head
<Xenodice> (shakes his head no?)
<Jaro> (that's how shaking heads works

* Adwyn really, really, really, really hopes the castle is to the north, otherwise... he shys away from the thought that he imght have just had someone murdered if it is west.... and doesn't question Gos, too shocked by his own actions to think straight
<aslhk> The road began to the north and appears to run east and west. =P
<Adwyn> That's evil :p
<aslhk> *chuckle* benefits of bad stuff
<Adwyn> But I don't have any yet = technically! :p

<ArtQ-Sleeping> (i think you guys can call it a night)
<Xenodice> (but I wanna talk to jaro... :( )
<Pike> (uh art, we can keep going)
<ArtQ-Sleeping> (you have a REAL man in the next room, stop trying to get laid with a fictional character who's run by a 14 year old child :-P)
<Xenodice> (NO
<ArtQ-Sleeping> (yea you can)
<Xenodice> (JEEPERES)
<Pike> (So we're going to keep playing.)
<ArtQ-Sleeping> (feel free)
<Pike> (you can leave and be NPCed if you want)
* Xenodice is gonna tell on you for calling Rey a child :P

<Adwyn> "You shouldn't. You don't know what's she's like when mad ......" looks up. "She once told me that people should only get blamed for hat them mean to do, and if I do this it's because I mean to.... I don't want yu hurt. You've helped me. I trust you."
* Adwyn oocly goes tap dancing on the pattern...

<Adwyn> Now I'm trting to figure out what Amber humour would be ... two Amberbites create a bar and walk into it. The first one says: "Gee, that must have hurt." The second one ;ppls at the broken building. "I was fixing it! The shadow bulding doens't have shadow anymore!"

<Adwyn> Amberite1: "Knock knock!"
<Adwyn> Confused Shadow Person: "Who's there?"
<Adwyn> Amberite1: "Whoever I want to be there!:"

<Sintaqx> It's a basic fact that when abberations such as vampires and weres are introduced into 'normal society' some laws are not going to fit the mix.
<Sintaqx> OF course then you have Faline.
<Alcar> hehe. Faline was the bes example of an lolad pc, which makes it rather ironic that the other players (and often pcs) had issues with her. heck, her own player did :p
<Sintaqx> Conflict, Strife, and Unusual situations are the foundation of Roleplay Games. Hell, Who wants to roleplay a programmer who goes to work every weekday and plays D&D in his spare time?
* Sintaqx fears that he just made another Sparkie quote....

* Alcar is going to have lots of fun with the voodooish game I'm working on and the law .... I'm considering having the police KNOW about the supernatural to some extent, enough that hey want to arrest everytone involved.
<Sintaqx> The conflict/lawlessness of PCs in modern settings is why I tend to favor post-apocolyptic settings. Centralized government no longer works, and everyone is forced into a survival mode
<Alcar> "You're trying to stop a god from raising the dead? Ok, then. You're under arrest for interfering with religious freedom. And god, you too. I'm suyre the DA will agree that animating the dead is disturbing the peace. We might even have necrophillia charges to lay."
<Alcar> Sintaqx - yeah, but then that's just D&D mentality law with guns :p
<Alcar> I mean, that's really what D&D law boils down to. Little pockets of law, the rest wildnerness, and if you leave the city/country you're scot free most of the time.
<Sintaqx> RPGs in general are dominated by D&D mentality, no matter what the technological/supernatural situation

<Sintaqx> You ever noticed that D&D games have large orc villages, but no orc women and children? Same with goblins and kobolds.
* Alcar grins. I ran one of the first wasted world sessions involving a forest and 3 orcs. 2 men (1 a healer) a woman and her baby,. She was giving birth. The pcs saw they were orcs and killed them all. it was sort of my pc morality test, so an npc shapeshifter (blok) followed one pc around as an orc foetus ... one only he saw. The player did a credible job of rping going nuts, tho :p
<Alcar> in retrospect that was a bit too evil though.

<Alcar> question: who cares and why does it matter? :)
<Jon> They are weighted funny and hard to use!
<Iota> then they should be exotic, like gnome warhammers :P
<Jon> They are too common to be exotic!
* Iota turns light hammer into a simple weapon
<Iota> *poof*
<Alcar> and whips aren't, Jon? I mean, all well to do families would have one in the bedchamber. ..
<Jon> Whip is exotic as a weapon
<Jon> Not as foreplay!

<ArthurQ> how the fuck can a drow spot barbarians from a mile away, in thick forest, when they dont even have lanterns
<ArthurQ> how can ANYTHING
<Alcar> That's nothing. I want to know how dragons can breathe fire without burning their lips off thank you very much,.
<ArthurQ> Alcar: um...fire resistant skin?
<Iota> yeah dragons that breathe fire are generally fire subtype.
<Iota> in the same way djinn's can be on fire and not burn to death.
* Alcar finds it worrisome you took that serously.....
<Alcar> or gave a serious answer, for that matter
<Iota> well you're generally a twat so i just figure i'd explain it nice and slowly for you.
* Alcar suspects I should have asked how they do it and don't damage their lipstick...
* SaMnMaX becomes less serious
<Sin{Away}> No, the worrysome part was it was a game-mechanic based answer: )

<AlcarGM> Oma steps back abruptly, his eyes wide and tears trickling down his cheeks. "She speaks to you, now .. but...... :" he shakes his head slowly. "That is not .... possible..."
* Silvran looks up with tear-filled eyes. "Anything's possible."
<AlcarGM> Oma: "I felt her die," softly. "Not so long ago .... "He shakes his head abrptly, then says "Next?" almost savagely
<Silvran> (<( did i fuck her? :P )>)
<AlcarGM> considering she's ciurrently dead, I hope not :p
<Silvran> (<( You never know! I coulda healed her skin cells and ceased rigamortis.. )>)
<aslhk> ((judging from what I've seen so far of this character, I would not be surprised if he had done just that!))

* Gwen falls down to the floor and tries to push/crawl herself away from him until she finds a corner to curl up into a fetal possition and cry absolutely hystericly obviously intensely scared
<Gwen> "I, I, I dont k, know what they, why was there blood, I mean, I, I didn't I..."
* Gwen trails off into unintelligable sobbs and ramblings, words choked by fear and crying heaves
<AlcarGM> Oma blinks and shudders then cries out in a voice hard and cold and not his own "Go! Leave this place!" and jerks away with a sob. "Too strong .... too strong....."
* Gwen is fairly oblivious at this point to anything else happening around her
<AlcarGM> <Oma> shudders and says "One sleeping a tool, and traitors sleep in his mind." looks at andrew "No more gentleness." and Andew sfalls back as if someone punched him in th face and crumples unconscous.
<AlcarGM> <Oma> "No more! her .... the voice... :" he stumbles towards the elevatgor blindly
<AlcarGM> <Greg> stares at the fleeing old man then at Gwen "Maybe she killed too many people for him," icily.
* Gwen doesnt hear Greg, probobly for the best

<Alcar> "Yeah, it's interesting isn't it? It's not like invoking demons will help your social skills. I assume that the lack of social skills correlates with feelings of powerlessness and magick provides a potential route to power, not to mention validating fantasizing and private self-aggrandizement." - Mark Defrates
* Alcar has no clue why that is in the UA notes. I think it might be cool for an npc to say tho :)
<aslhk> lol
<Alcar> "Calm down man, Chill. You raised THAT so you'd get a prom date? Buddy, pal, how many hours did that take? THAT many? Fuck me, you could have bought a book on social stuff for 5 bucks dude! Wait .. what do you mean it takes things literally. I did't mean f -- ahh!"
<Alcar> Hmm
* Alcar suspects I should go sleep now

<ArthurQ> wtf is amber!
<Alcar> it's been different that's for sure :)
<ArthurQ> the way you guys talk about it
<ArthurQ> it sounds like a very bad girlfriend
<Alcar> Amber is an rpg based on Zelazny's novels (collected in The Great Book of Amber). It's one of the better fantasy series, and the rpg is just the best :)
<ArthurQ> describe the world to me
<DJ^Enfunkulator> ArthurQ: Hah!
<DJ^Enfunkulator> ArthurQ: You don't even get a good overview of the world after reading all of the books!

<Alcar> problem is somewhat inherent to RPG combat; there's one or two things your character is good at, and usually one thing that your character's gonna be good at right now, so in a given combat you make a choice and go with it unless something weird happens. Your only other choice, in most RPG combats, is to do something other than combat.
<Iota`> my char in sin's game always does other things during combat.
<Iota`> like study a magical aura emanating from a certain enemy or area in the middle of combat with a detect magic spell.
<Iota`> he'll throw around a magic missile here and there but he has other priorities.
<ArtQ-AFK> which is really fucking annoying!
<ArtQ-AFK> you might as well NOT be there for combat
<ArtQ-AFK> um...if he's not helping us kill the thing....then wtf..
<Cthulhu_Lunatic> he makes up for combat gods who may as well not exist during role playing situations :P
<ArtQ-AFK> :-p

* Gwen isnt comforted, for some reason ((;p))
* Andrew`- (( looks for a firehose ))
<AlcarGM> <Greg> looks at Gwen "I want to know what she did to him .. he was fine until he said that weird voice..."
* Silvran looks up at Greg, then back to Gwen.
<Silvran> "Gwen... Could I.. try to look in you?"
<Andrew`-> (( well to tell you the truth Iw as considering making my clothes tear when I got larger but I found out these things are really stretchy :P ))

<Andrew`-> man, it never fails... you put one naked giant monster into a game and theres always someone who just cant stop talking about its reproductive organs :P
* AlcarGM nods. Now you know How King Kong feels. He was hiding on the Empire Stateds Builing so people wouldn't point at his genitals and make rude remarks :p

* Silvran looks at Gwen. "Rip her head off."
* Tass is now known as Tass_Out
<aslhk> ((lol, these people are sick!))
* Silvran thinks to his clothes, "I'll be needing a pocket for a head."
<AlcarGM> As the woman has been bashed and crunched a LOT she does't look to be in good shape
<Gwen> "Screw you!"
<AlcarGM> <Greg> stares at Silvran incredeously
<Silvran> Hey, I don't like bitches. Dead bitches are good bitches."
<Gwen> "Sicko"
* Gwen runs back over to Andrew, half hiding behind him

<Silvran> make me see an army
<Silvran> that would be fuckin awesome
<AlcarGM> lol why? :p
<Silvran> like an entire army of city personell
<Silvran> so we can kill some more :D
<AlcarGM> LOL. No :p

<AlcarGM> <Greg> sighs and concentrates. The air ripples and he's holding another copy of his clothig. He staggers, shakes his head "That was .. tiring. Not air, next time.. " and tosses them to Gwen
* Gwen looks at them
<Gwen> "These are ugly"
<AlcarGM> They're a simple one piece grey suit
<Gwen> "I mean I guess you look ok in it ;p"
<AlcarGM> lol
<Andrew`-> (( lol ))
<Gwen> "Well less than ok, but I guess you cant do much about it"
<AlcarGM> <Greg> snaps "Just put it on."

<Marcus_Fenway> Alcar, You me and Sintaqx should send each other a Check for the same amounts. Then we could put Occupation of Game Master, and deduct our Books as a Business Expense :D
<Alcar> that would be evilly funny to get away with
<Iota> i am deducting my RPG books as taxes too
<Iota> i have spent at least...
<Iota> 1300 dollars on them.
* Baliadoc just counts his characters as dependants.

<Natalia> * Natalia drops the bomb (silent still fireball)
<Natalia> <Dungeon_Master_M> (( Whats the Radius ? ))
<Natalia> <Natalia> (20' radius)
<Natalia> <Natalia> (ref dc..... 19)
<Natalia> <Dungeon_Master_M> Ok... when the entire room floor to Ceilings and anyone standing too close to the hatch above are in range... is there Really a need for a Ref ?
<Natalia> <Dungeon_Master_M> Thats got to be a Situation Mod if insane Preportions...
<Natalia> I dropped a fireball in the middle of a small room... with everyone in it :)
<Natalia> Praying that people weren't already too seriously damaged

<Iota`> actually if tsu and aldenblade wake up i might do my surkh tonight.
<Elana-Silvereye> fun
<Elana-Silvereye> oh wait
<Elana-Silvereye> I quit that game
<Iota`> you quit? way to let me know.

* QuentinMasters heads down to the police station
<AlcarGM> Ok, you arrive there to find the usual bustle of people. No one had been arrested yet and Kyle Redord, one of the corporals, is currently the one one inside.
* AlcarGM considers those two sentences
<QuentinMasters> lol
<AlcarGM> he's the only police officer inside :p

<AlcarGM> Kyle blinks, and looks at you, then blinks again ... for a moment, his eyes deep to be deep and looking into you ..... and he whispers "shoes?" then shakes his head."Sorry. I haven't slept in two days."
<QuentinMasters> "Did you say shoes?"
<QuentinMasters> "Is this about the horses?"
* QuentinMasters looks very grave and serious
<AlcarGM> Kyle looks up "Huh? I did? Oh. Sorry. My mind was miles away..."
<AlcarGM> Kyle: "no, the horses shoes were fine,. I think. Someone has just skinned them. We still don't know how.. might have been some wacked out natives."
* QuentinMasters nods and looks relieved
<QuentinMasters> ((lol, now that is an odd emotion for this point in the conversation! =P))

<AlcarGM> hmm, be a few seconds. A pc is gettinhg messages from god right now :p
<Hugh`-> np ;)
<Hugh`-> oh and, which? :)
<Hugh`-> and I dont mean PC :)
<AlcarGM> lol
<AlcarGM> the god :p

<Alex> "Thank you very much, could you tell me a little about this town?"
<AlcarGM> "Let's see .. we've got some giant of a man walking off with tombstones, a stanic cult, a magician people try and murder and aliens who take their captives on a car ride to New York ... and . why are you getting out that cross?"
<Hugh`-> "It's just a pretty quiet little town. There's a mining family and a lumber family, and therein lies the main problem. They don't much like each other."
* Alex mutters something about those who do not love thy neighbor...
<Alex> "Has anything unusual been going on in town lately?
<Alex> ((That question is priceless))
<AlcarGM> occly points to his ooc comments

<AlcarGM> She nods, then says "Room 357 is available if you'd like."
<Alex> "Sure, I'll take it."
<AlcarGM> She takes your money and hands you the room key. The elevator is broken so you need to take the stairs
<Hugh`-> (( Where's your God NOW, punk?! :P ))
<Alex> ((Maybe he is stuck in the elevator.))
* Alex takes the stairs up to his room.

<AlcarGM> He gestures for you to sit down "Want anything to eat?"
* Hugh`- sits, holding up the soda and burger. "All set."
<Hugh`-> (( is my back to a window? ))
<AlcarGM> He raises an eyebrow "That's all?"
<AlcarGM> yes, because of the sniper
<Hugh`-> (( shit :P ))
<AlcarGM> not unless you want it to be :p
<Hugh`-> (( well I'd like it not to be personally :P ))

<Chaos`DM^> wait, an executioners axe is fine, just not your god's prefered weapon =p
<Baliadoc> well, true. but i personally like using what the god prefers as well :)
<Chaos`DM^> I'm sure if he had a second choice, it would be an executioner's axe.. or a sword..
<Baliadoc> i'm down with scythes, anyway
<Chaos`DM^> hmm.. executioner's sword...
<Kirith> noose!
<Kirith> Lassoo as an exotic weapon :)
<Baliadoc> lol, tempting :)
<Kirith> Throw, yank..

<AlcarGM> <Rinaldo> "You can tell us what they are capable of. And if the Protector need fear them. One of your genertion wiped the records and freed the others."
<Caltak> (( I bet it was him! :P ))
<Clay```> "One would assume he was a threat, then. Or you need better hired help."
<AlcarGM> <Rinaldo> "None of the ones you travelled with have that kind of power? To alter the minds of people and machines?"
<Clay```> "I haven't seen it happen. They don't include me on most of their outtings though. Being the voice of reason means being picked last for the team."
<Caltak> (( "That, and having a player whos and asshole and never plays when he's supposed to." ))
<Caltak> (( :P ))
<Clay```> ((well yes. but i like to think it's because i'm the voice of reason ;))

<Alcar> ghosts are way too powerful :p
<Alcar> Unless their stat drains all became temporary.... and even then they're nasty
<Darkkin> its better than playing a god :P
<Alcar> ghost of a god would rock :)
<Baliadoc> i dunno. i think i'd rather play a zombie of a god.
<Keith> zombie vampire god
<Alcar> The zombie shambles towartds you "Tiiithhhesss! Must have tiithhesss!"

<Alexander> "Knowledge is the root of all evil."
<Hugh`-> "If so, then why do you want to know?"
<Alexander> (nice)
<Alexander> "Because some knowledge can protect people."

* Hugh`- goes to Nicole's house :P
* AlcarGM nods. About to end in a few actully. And since I'm not sure if Nicole's dead or not. ... ior if she removed the corpse .. you'll need to reach there next session :)
<AlcarGM> She might have been made into shoes. Not sure yet
<Hugh`-> uhhhh

<Alexander> how much does alexander know about magick?
<AlcarGM> Alex just knows it's a took of Satan that some people can do if they sacrifice their souls and like to hold the still beating heart of a sacrificed puppy in their hands
<Alexander> nods, of course.

<AlcarGM> The door is opened by an older woman in her late 70's who looks at you, puzzled, then says "Whatever you're selling, we don't want it," firmly
<QuentinMasters> "I'm looking for Sue Water. I'm looking into the disappearance of her puppy, Sera. I wanted to ask her some questions."
<AlcarGM> The old woman nods slowly, looking sad. :"Tragic thing, to lose a puppy like that." She steps back. "She's sleeping. I'll get her up. Would you like a coffee?"
<QuentinMasters> "Yes, please."
<AlcarGM> She lets you into the kitchen, pours you a cup and goes upstairs, grumbling something about lazy granddaughters
<QuentinMasters> lol, if only she knew how industrious her grand daughter is when it comes to summoning demons! She would be proud! =P

* AlcarGM nods. Actually, the oddest thing so far this session was that one NPC entering Hugh's trailer, leaving him notes and doing his dishes. I have no freaking idea why the most evil thing in this campaign would break into someones place and do their dishes for them.
<tech-sensei> mess with their head?
<|337C4Bb4g3> AlcarGM: Maybe it likes doing dishes
<AlcarGM> It mseed with mine, and I wrote it :p
* AlcarGM does find it fun having NPCs develop themsleves but I'd like it better if my subconsciousness would explain this stuff.
<TexDKnght> Maybe he's a neat-freak and can't stand dirty dishes.
<AlcarGM> Well, it's not human at all, so that could explain it. Or maybe it was bored.
* AlcarGM could see washing someones dishes as the ingredient for some magickal ritual ....
<AlcarGM> Oh well. It might never even get explained.
<|337C4Bb4g3> AlcarGM: Sometimes it's more fun that way ;)

<AlcarGM> Hmm, I'm trying to figure out how burning a dogs crap, some of the dogs hair and some of the owners hair could be used to induce spontanous combustion....
<QuentinMasters> lol
<QuentinMasters> it's not spontaneous if it's induced!

<AlcarGM> <Nicole> "The Catholics are coming? That's bad."
<QuentinMasters> "Have you dealt with them before?"
<AlcarGM> <Nicole> shakes her head. "No, but you hear weird stories, about hit squads and things.." she shrugs
<QuentinMasters> "I thought they'd be better now."
<AlcarGM> <Nicole> "They've been arund 2000 years. I'd say they're much better."
<QuentinMasters> "That's not exactly what I meant."

* Elana-Silvereye is sick
<Iota> that doesn't sound very promising!
<Iota> so it's supposed to start in ten minutes?
<tech-sensei> Okay i've got pike ready
<Iota> who are the rest of the players?
<Iota> doesn't elana's game absolutely require rey be here?
<tech-sensei> If it does then we might as well call the campaign over because if rey hasn't shown for 3 weeks, it means it might as well be a single character campaign with a bunch of NPCs that spectators can control.
<tech-sensei> you see this is EXACTLY why I use the 'blob' format for my campaigns. Regardless of who shows, we can play.
<tech-sensei> Elana-Silvereye?
<Elana-Silvereye> yeah
<tech-sensei> Oh well
<tech-sensei> Game's not running.

<Xenodice> (Vol... do I know you?)
<Vok`Pol> (yeah, you left me to die on the mountain :P)

<ArthurQ> ...
<ArthurQ> How can Miller be off, he had a waiting list longer then the actual player list.

<Fern> "House Chanicut is not in my good books, as you may know." *smiles and pierces you with her gaze* "Besides, I think you want to tell me."
<Renard> "I've no business with House Chanicut."
<Fern> "You're denying it, then?"
<Renard> "The murder? Yes."
<Fern> "I see... well, I admit I'm disappointed."
<Renard> "Why!? I didn't murder someone! That's a good thing!"

* Corynn growls and kicks the couch over into the fireplace before walking out
<Vesthyl> "Perhaps we should not bring Corynn into the city. Seems he's picke dup the manners of a wemic."
<Vesthyl> (Caltak would kill me for that :) )

<Sin{Away}> Torrasque: the bastard child of the tarrasque and a tabby cat

* Vorrel`^ enjoys horses, but now is not the time

<Keith> your not to strict on alignment are you?
<Alcar> lol. Nope.
<Alcar> only for paladins
<Keith> k good cus a CG druid just doesn't work
<Alcar> Actually, it could explain the druids who've become martryrs :p

<FirestormZeroGM> It is a cold winter night, you are on your shift at Ninja Burger, the crisp beef patties sizzle behind you. Your ninja reflexes snap to action, before the phone even rings it is in your hands. The words "Hello this is Ninja Burger, How may I serve you" fly out of your lips like a thousand shurikens.

* Alcar still finds the whole idea of half-kender terrifying...
<Chaos`^> if kenders believe if it's not in your hands you don't own it...
<Alcar> yeah, but .... ewww .....
<Chaos`^> "Mine! GIVE! if you don't give up, i will pull it off!"
<Alcar> "My god! What's that kender doing!" "I told you not to eat that last sausage and let him borrow it..."
<Alcar> CE kender: Laurana Bobbit...

<Chaos`^> I sitll want to try a kender in a group of paladins
<Alcar> they'd all snap and slaughter you and become blackguards :p
<Chaos`^> that'd be worth a pc life for =p
<aslhk> definitely
<aslhk> Alcar: I don't know if slaughtering kender really counts as an ethos violation +P
<aslhk> I imagine most gods would approve!

<Adwyn> "Slanderer ......" trails off, then says reflctively. "I'm starting to wonder if everything is real...... all the stories, all the myths .. somewhere...." shakes his head slowly
<aslhk> Gos: "Even mine?"
* Adwyn blinks, then says "What is yours?" and looks embarrassed
<aslhk> Gos: "My novels!"
<Adwyn> "You write novels?" in shock, then quickly "I never saw you."
<aslhk> "I was *only* the best selling romance novel on Earth." He says, looking somewhat hurt.
<Adwyn> "......."
<aslhk> (novel = novelist)
<Adwyn> "What one?"
<aslhk> (lol)
<aslhk> (how awful, we'll play it.)
<Adwyn> lol
<aslhk> Gos: "Novelist! I meant novelist!" He snaps

<aslhk> Flora: "Eric took the throne the day you left. I am sure the others think you involved somehow."
<Adwyn> "He ..... oh. I thought it would be difficult, or something." looks at Flora. "Oh, I could see that ... just not what they think I could have done.."
* Adwyn shapeshifts into Corwin j/k
<aslhk> (lol)
<Adwyn> 'I fooled you again! You even thought I was your son this time!

<Cain`^> killing being a realative term where I'm incapasitated for longer than a day =p

<aslhk> "What is it now?" Eric states wearily in response to your knock on his door.
<Adwyn> "Me. Adwyn."
<aslhk> "Adwyn?" Eric walks quickly to the door and opens it.
* Adwyn nods. "I'm back."
<aslhk> Eric: "It is good to see you safe!"
<aslhk> Eric: "Where have you been?!"
<Adwyn> ... ignores my sleep deprived mind thinking of this as some weird sexual overtone thing.
<aslhk> ((lol))
<aslhk> ((now that would be interesting =P))
<Adwyn> It was the "I'm back" thing for some reason ..... *shakes his head*
<Adwyn> more like disturbing
<aslhk> ((two words for the same thing =P))
<Adwyn> hehe

* Adwyn sighs, I AM tired. You know how star trek has that fan writing that's all kirk/spock porn (or whatever it is..) I have this horrible image of am amber version of that.....
<Adwyn> "Oh, Corwin .. your endurance......" "Oh, benedict, those gorgeous arms!"
<Adwyn> 'Oh Dworkin your ... err... ....... oldness.."

<Tech-Sensei> Even if you don't have the 'capacity to be a perfect dm' you had a bunch of people who were more than willing to help you learn.

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Mar 30 23:22:50 <-- Caltak has quit (Quit: Anything too stupid to be spoken s sung. - Voltaire)

* Hastur profers the chair to Fern
* Fern imparts by her hands-on-the-hips stance that she requires an explanation of the unconscious Nosrep
<Hastur> (( Let it not be said about Hastur that he has no manners! ))
<Fern> "How many times this week has this man been beaten unconscious?"
<aslhk> Closer inspection reveals that he is, in fact, conscious
<Hastur> "Um *thinks*"
<Hastur> "I don't know!"
<aslhk> He is just not moving
* Hastur goes back to devouring the chair, since it seems that Fern has decided to pass up on this delicacy

<aslhk> Nosrep: "DAMN HIM!" Hastur can feel the angst in the air =P
<Hastur> (( lol ))
<Hastur> (( can I shapeshift other him into a less angsty d00d? ;P ))
<aslhk> ( lol )
<aslhk> ( I think shapeshift other primarily works on the physical level =P )
<Hastur> (( it was a joke! ;) ))
<aslhk> ( no such thing! )
<aslhk> (now high compelling... =P)
<Hastur> (( I didn't even TAKE shapeshifting! ))

<Greg> You all fall alseep. No little elves in a mushroom ring surround you and you don't wake up in the middle of a crop circle, thbough the latter would be really funny. Andy has a weird dream about eating a pillow and wakes to find Gwen missing .. or not :p
* Gwen has an odd dream of smashing A giant gummy bear to peices and wakes to find herself covered in andy
<Gwen> j/k ;p

* Drizzt` Quit (Quit: Bad GM!: But the A-bomb hasn't been invented yet!)

<Chaos`^> we could give them a holy avenger!
<Chaos`^> vorpal greatsword +5
<Alcar> lol. That might be too extreme :) A magical sword that i sheathed in flre/can glow would likely be enough to send most people fleeing - or inventing a fire extinguisher ....
<Chaos`^> hmm.. ice elementals are trapped in a prison of steel, they have a death sentance to be torn apart and to be thrown into a fire!!!
<Chaos`^> fire extinguishers
<Chaos`^> I wouldn't recomend a blade of fire in a world of black powder =T
<Alcar> Something flashy though .. singng dancing sword! j/k
<Chaos`^> maybe a sword made of chiseled ice or something
<Chaos`^> with a 'frozen touch' or something that deals xdx cold damage
* Alcar pulls out the blade and instead of a hissing from the sheathe you hear, "and a one, two, three, four.."
<Alcar> Yeah, that'd work. also help put out them fires :)

* Baliadoc shakes his head
<Baliadoc> Ryu is a god... this game is already starting out scary.

* Ryu-FeatherFoot wonders on up lisening to the voices
<AlcarDM> You can hear two women inside, one saying "Push! Push! Easy does it...." and another making gasping noises and crying
* Ryu-FeatherFoot looks about for a sorce of water
<AlcarDM> has a horrible image of kender births ... "You can't borrow that! That's the baby!"

* Ryu-FeatherFoot goes on over setting the bucket of water down next to the mid wife and takes on of the hands for the woman giving birth
<Ryu-FeatherFoot> "Its ok, Its going to be all done with soon..."
<AlcarDM> The house is a large clutter of brik brak, everyhing from stuffed heads to bottles to old swords all placed all oer the walls and ceiling and used as tables or chairs seemingly at random. There's a fireplace in one corner along with a kitchen table etc. and 2 doors to other rooms at the far end. The middle is dominated by a coffee-style table. An older woman is standing over a yong girl, who is on the ground and crying. She looks to be about 7
<AlcarDM> The girl looks up, smiling . "3 of them!" and holds up some kittens, then says "wait, you're not Jorge..... who are you?!"

* Ryu-FeatherFoot eyes the house a bit and the woman "Nice place you have here.."
<AlcarDM> She smiles and nods. "It's been in the family for a long time."
<Ryu-FeatherFoot> "Wow hole week? thats great!"
<AlcarDM> The woman looks at you, puzzled. "Pardon?"
<Ryu-FeatherFoot> "Its been in your family for a long time right.. that meens you've had it a week.. week and a half tops"

<Ryu-FeatherFoot> ACID kender kandy

<AlcarDM> <Hariet> frowns, then says "I see. So you remember .. nothing?"
<Ryu-FeatherFoot> "Nothing that doesn't seem to just be funny talk"
<AlcarDM> <Hariet> sips her tea "such as?"
<Ryu-FeatherFoot> "A halfling vampire" *chuckles a bit* "Thats a bit much wouldn't you say?"
<AlcarDM> <Hariet> almost spills her tea. "A halfling? As a vampire?" she chortles. "That is a bit much, they're all far too nice."

<aslhk> Adwyn notes the name Oberon a lot in his family tree =P
<aslhk> the man has quite a few kids!
* Adwyn eventually finds soe paper and begins writing down notes to try and figure it all out.... :p
<aslhk> Well, the tree is pretty straightforward
<aslhk> it's the times that are difficult!
<aslhk> Is adwyn trying to figure them out?
* Adwyn nods. Trying to figure them all out :)
* Adwyn mutters something about a vasectomy
<aslhk> According to Brillig, the exact time differentials of a number of births are under great contest
<aslhk> It seems that they varied oddly. There is some conjecture that Oberon did this to keep the line of succession blurry
* Adwyn mutters "No kidding...." *shakes his head, sighs, and just tries to get the names straight. "I could have grandparents younger than me...."

<aslhk> Closest to Amber is a clothing store which is obviously frequented by only the most wealthy residents of the city--its window shows a number of beautiful dresses
* Hastur approaches the store window, and looks at the dresses more closely
<Hastur> "These are nice!"
* Fern runs up to the window and peers inside
<Fern> "We're going in here, Hastur! You'll wait while I try things on, right?!"
<aslhk> There are three dresses on display, one black with white highlights, one varying shades of blue, and one a solid forest green.
<Fern> ( bwahahah, guys will NEVER do that )
* Hastur points to the black and white one
<Hastur> "I like that one!"
* Hastur looks over at fern, then back at the dresses, then walks into the store
* Fern enters the store and looks around
* Hastur walks up to the shopkeeper
<Hastur> "Hi! I want the black and white dress in the window!"

* Fern catches on to what Hastur is up to, and looks apalled
<Hastur> (( You never snuck and peeked in his wardrobe? :P ))
<Hastur> (( he likes nice dresses! give the guy a break! ))

* Hastur allows the servant to help *coughs* him into it
<aslhk> The servant helps Hastur into her new dress.
<Cain`^> (( *wrong* *wrong* *Wrong* *bad mental image* ))
<Hastur> (( bwahahah, you haven't seen anything yet, my poor gimpy friend! ))
<Cain`^> (( Who said I was gimpy? I'm fully healed! ))
<Fern> ( lol, Cain`^ )
<Hastur> (( I didn't mean physically! ;) ))
<Cain`^> (( I'm not gimpy! ))

<Cain`^> (( Fern, are you related in any way to cabbage and aslhk? ))
<Fern> ( thank god, no ;p )
<Hastrude> (( We went to the same HS ))
<Cain`^> (( You act so much like them.. it makes me wonder.. ))
<Fern> ( no offese, cabbage or aslhk )
<Cain`^> (( maybe it was the highschool then ))
<Fern> ( bite your tongue, cain )
<Cain`^> (( That would hurt =( ))

<Fern> "Let's go talk to Cain."
<aslhk> Mandor: "His chamber is just across the way."
<aslhk> He nods to the two of you
<Fern> "I saw this documentary on TV once about a dog that had a shattered pelvis so that it couldn't walk, and it had this device with wheels on it so it could move around, and it's kind of inspirational, you know? I want to tell him about it and wish him well soon."
<aslhk> Mandor laughs aloud
<Hastrude> "He must heal fast if he is awake already!"

<Cain`^> "Hmm.. I think I lost my sword in that fight.. that's too bad, it took me 100 years to make that sword.."
<Hastrude> "It melted..."
<Adwyn> 100 years? What did you do, quench it 100 times in the blood of still born puppies?
<Cain`^> "You were there?"
<Cain`^> (( ... Maybe? ))

<Hastrude> "Bye, Vorel! I hope you get better soon, and don't try to kill me again!"
<Cain`^> "Err.. sure thing.. I'll try.. Not like I remember last time.."
* Hastrude takes Fern's hand and half skips out of the room, smiling now
* Cain`^ falls asleep in his clean bed =p

<Adwyn> otyugh bard is just .....
<Adwyn> well, I suppose inevitatable. .... you're singing in the shower, then the toilet begins to accompany you...

<Warner> I know its been awhile str int wis con chr and what?
<Alcar> Warner - " what are all the stats in D&D again?" combined with " Im not gonna follow rules much, just gonna slap together the idea of a charictor " which was followd be: "canabalism, one of the most dificult forms of suicide" has me seriously worried :)
<Warner> Alcar the canabalism thing was just because you said "k. Off to eat myself" :)
<Alcar> Ok, ok. Now I'm relieved :p

<Warner> Alcar Im not done with my sheet yet but I have enough to get you started. shall I send what I have now?
<Warner> rather then make you read everything at the end
<Alcar> lol
<Alcar> Continuing in my own tradition of playing PCs who bring along way to much bagage ....
* Alcar expected players to write out their family, not bring them along on the campaign ;p
<Alcar> This should be fun.

<AlcarDM> You can easily go in through the broken door.
* Ryu-FeatherFoot heads in to search for Walter
<Ryu-FeatherFoot> "WALTER WALTER??"
* Ryu-FeatherFoot of corse in this case pockets something of intorest
<AlcarDM> You find him in the kitchen .. or, rather, you find what you assume to be him . .an old man lying crumpled on the ground, most of the bons in his body broken. The blood is fresh (2 hours dead, tops) and he seems to have been bashed to death with the kitchen chair and cut up by a sword.
<Ryu-FeatherFoot> "wow I didn't know you could use a kitchen chair like that"

<AlcarDM> The rain forms the face of an older human woman you've never seen, and then an arrow . .pointing north .. then it's wshed away savagely
* Orgg finishes quaffing his ale
* Ghenn blinks
<Orgg> "I go north!"
* Theliar`^ looks at Orgg "Orgg, we must go to battle... Tonight.. Will you come with me?"
<Ghenn> "Hmm. Don't see that every day."
<Orgg> "You may come with me, elf."
* Theliar`^ nods and looks at the others, and follows orgg
<Ghenn> "Heh. Wizards tricks. You're probably gonna get yourselves killed."
<Theliar`^> "My instincts tell me that the goddess of the land wants an execution tonight.."
<Orgg> "Everyone has a time to die."
<Ghenn> "Glad this ain't mine."

<AlcarDM> Does Orgg want to keep going to Stonywell or take his chances in the Dark Wood again?
<Orgg> AlcarDM: He's asking the rock!
<Sparkie> Orgg 1d2: 2 1 Stonywell, 2 Dark wood
<Theliar`^> "Let's uh.. let's go this way.. I know forests pretty good, let me lead the way.."
<Orgg> (going towards stonywell--the rock lied to him last time)
* Orgg picks up his rock again
<Orgg> "Which way?"
* Theliar`^ points down the dark wood
<Orgg> "You're siding with the rock?"
* Theliar`^ looks at the rock "They've never lied to me before.."
<Orgg> "Then let's go."
* Ghenn starts to wonder about how sane of a choice this was.
<Theliar`^> (( Ofcourse, I've never asked a rock a question.. so inessence, it's a true statement! ))

<AlcarDM> You all appear back in #game1!
<Orgg> Noooooooooooo!
<AlcarDM> int checks, dc 30, to notice the difference :p
* Ghenn hates teleportation
<Sparkie> Ghenn 1d20+1: 21(20) !
<Orgg> lol
<Orgg> he makes it!
<Ghenn> the crits always succeed thing?
<Orgg> Ghenn: 20 on check means +10 more or some such
<Ghenn> wow. can't believe i actually made it
<Theliar`^> he still makes it
<Ghenn> i feel i should take a point of Knowledge (Out of Character) now :)
<AlcarDM> lol. Sure :p
* AlcarDM will even let you roll it sometimes :)
<Theliar`^> yes, hunches are very cliche

<AlcarDM> The goddess likes people who think for themselves :)
<AlcarDM> and obey her orders, of course.
<Ghenn> of course
<Ghenn> blind obedience is free will!
<Ghenn> very 1984

* Theliar`^ looks on Orgg's person for any type of skin full of alcohol..
<Theliar`^> "Orgg, do you keep any type of alcohol?"
<Orgg> "Not for long."

* Theliar`^ grumbles and looks around the cottage for anything highly combustable...
* Theliar`^ thinks some more about how to kill a helpless old woman with a kender...

* Theliar`^ quicly takes off his blody wet robe and puts it over what flames remain
* Theliar`^ is a naked elf putting out a fire with a wet robe
* Ghenn falls out of his tree now
* Orgg moves over to Theliar`^
* Ryu-FeatherFoot shoves his hoopak where the sun don't shine
* Orgg allows him to finish putting out a fire before hitting him =P
<AlcarDM> <Hariet> regards the elf appreciately, and says something about wishing she was 40 years younger :)
* Theliar`^ finishes putting the fire out and puts his blackened robe back on
* Orgg wasn't expecting Theliar`^ to put on his robe, so his swing goes wild!
<AlcarDM> Orgg was expecting the elf to start frolicking? :p
* Theliar`^ falls backward as orgg tries to hit where he was
* Ryu-FeatherFoot misses as he bends as the elf bends over

* Theliar`^ chants something loudly outloud and forces negative energy to flow from his body, and onto the kender's skin
<Theliar`^> "Stop it! I need to talk to her!"
* Ryu-FeatherFoot lets out a scream
<AlcarDM> <Hariet> turns around, and says sharply. "That is enough! He is my guest, you ill mannered elf!"
* Theliar`^ looks at the woman "You do have an evil sense in you... Are you sure you're not evil?"
<Ryu-FeatherFoot> "Do evil people have house guests?"
<Theliar`^> "Most do, yes, atleast.. evil elves.."
<AlcarDM> <Hariet> stares at the elf for a long moment, then shakes her head. "And to think I was getting lonely with lack of guests besides Lelia..."
<Theliar`^> "All I know is that I was told to kill you by tonight... I mean, I don't want to anger the gods here, they might condemn my soul or something.."
<AlcarDM> Theliar finds himself distracted by Orgg :p
* Orgg punches Theliar`^ square in the face
<Orgg> "Using MAGIC in a fight! You coward! You pansy elf!"

* Theliar`^ gets hit in the face
<Theliar`^> "Ouch! Son of a kender that hurt."
<Theliar`^> "I didn't use 'magic' it is in no way related to nor considered magic at all."
* Ghenn blinks
<Ghenn> "He just got punched... and's arguing semantics!"
* Ghenn falls back out the window laughing again
<Orgg> "Don't lie to me, wizard! No servant of the Gods would burn someone's house down!"
<Theliar`^> "Ofcourse they would, if the gods asked them to..."

<Ryu-FeatherFoot> "OK thats it, its Hariet's house, we let her deside, do we hog die the elf and go find a pissed of badger or just toss him out into the rain"
<AlcarDM> <Hariet> closes her eyes and shakes her head, then begins pouring tea. "If someone could right the table, we could discuss this calmly. Though I do admit to liking strapping young men fighting over me."

<Theliar`^> "Hitting a man in the face while he is being held down by a kender.. that is cowardice."
<Orgg> "You call me a coward? Name your time, and we shall settle this!"
<Orgg> "Well, I am waiting!"
<Theliar`^> "As you will be for eternity.. We elves have patience, something you may not possess."
<Orgg> "If you continue much longer in this tone, you will not possess it either."
<Orgg> "Because you will be dead."

* Theliar`^ pulls out his amulet now
* Orgg quaffs his tea
<Theliar`^> "See, this means I'm a cleric.." *mumbles something*
<AlcarDM> The amulet does nothing - currently.
* Theliar`^ puts the amulet back on, and hides it under his robe
<Orgg> "Anyone can wear jewelry." *in a tone that suggest that only a certain type of person would choose to*
<Theliar`^> "Yes, but this jewelry means I'm a cleric.."

* Ghenn climbs into the window finally, still breathing heavily
* Ryu-FeatherFoot sees Ghenn come crawling threw the window and fall to the floor "Tea?"
<Orgg> "Ghenn Blacksteel! What are you doing here?"
<Ghenn> "Phew. No thanks. My stomach is in too much pain for food or drink. Thank you though."
<Ghenn> "I followed the two of you, figuring you'd probably get into trouble. And it was me who almost died laughing!"
<Orgg> "You have a strange sense of humour."

<AlcarDM> <Hariet> looks at Theliar. "And I think the king of person who would think an old lady was serious about poisoning people when he hadn't drankk the tea needs lessons in manners. You're a gues tin my home, and all you talk about is wanting me or some other poor old lady dead - for no reason!"
<Ghenn> "That was the funniest progression of events I've ever witnessed."
<Theliar`^> "You still freak me out.. You're pretty crazy.."
* Orgg laughs loudly
<Orgg> "She is crazy!?"
* Ryu-FeatherFoot gets up from the table and bissys him self putting the book shelf back in order and seeing just whats left of the scrolls
<Ghenn> "This coming from the man who set the house on fire, then jumped in it..." *snicker* "You're usually supposed to leave the places you set on fire... elf!" *guffaws into his arm*
* Orgg begins chuckling, then starts laughing progressively louder
* Ghenn stops the ground and forces himself to stop laughing, wiping away a tear

<Ghenn> "Well, I see. I can understand having something against elves. Especially when they try to burn you alive."

* |337C4Bb4g3 played a psychopath once
<aslhk> playing characters like that is creepy
<|337C4Bb4g3> It was in cyberpunk 2020, though
<|337C4Bb4g3> And there are tons of psychopaths in that game ;b
<aslhk> this one is serial killer style psychopath =P
<|337C4Bb4g3> So was my character!
<aslhk> he was a serial killer? =P
<|337C4Bb4g3> Well, he was a multiple murderer, I guess, not a serial killer, technically

<ElanaGM> and stats dont matter a whole lot, its loosely D20 based freeform
<ElanaGM> hmmm
<ElanaGM> actually
<ElanaGM> after thinking for only a moment
<ElanaGM> I think I'm just gonna make it freeform

<SnailSlug> stats(5)
<Sparkie> SnailSlug, arrange these stats to taste: 3 3 3 3 3 3 (18)
<SnailSlug> stats(5)
<Sparkie> SnailSlug, arrange these stats to taste: 16 15 15 13 12 8 (79)
<SnailSlug> And people say my dice are crooked...

<|337C4Bb4g3> a 10 strength char has a 50% chance to start drowning
<|337C4Bb4g3> with 4 ranks in swim (max for level 1), it's 30%
<|337C4Bb4g3> that's just STUPID ;b
<Alcar> could use a feat or two as well :p
<Alcar> there's a col (and munchy) FR feat that turns a cross clas int class skill and gives you +2 in it as well
<Alcar> Cosmopolitan
<Alcar> using it for Swim would be weird, tho :)

<Calimir> "ya, what sthe deal with these pictures anyways, we each have to pick a patron element and we recive power based on that element like some might morphine power ranger?"
<Dale> *to Calamir* "You're high as a fucking kite, aren't you?"
<Calimir> I mean considering theres 4 of us 4 elements"
<Dale> "Take my advice, and ease off the coke... that stuff'll kill ya."
* Dale takes a deep drag off his cigarette, stubs it out on the chair, and lights another."

<Xavier> "Well, what's my life in the scope of so many others? Even dying beats living in Huguenot like this.
<Dale> "Speak for yourself..."
<Xavier> "I do"
* Xavier looks to Mr. Jones
<Xavier> "Count me in. When do I start, and do I get to cheat, lie, and steal, all while looking good?"

* Alcar could run before work (which effectively means before 6 pm) if people really wanted...
<Caltak> Hey, that works for me as far as I know now, except for Wednesday when I'm doing an in-person D&D game. (*GASP!*)
<Caltak> Hehe I'm so used to IRC gaming that I actually suggested we have little hats or something, and take them off when speaking Out-of-character so we dont get things confused. I was shocked when a couple people actually considered it!

<Dale> Caltak: We used OOC symbols in my RP group
<Dale> Most people held up a closed fist to indicate OOC
<Dale> But the DM was evil
<Dale> So I held up a closed fist with one finger extended
<Dale> Some visiting guy thought I had tourette's

<FSZDM> ok, if you want to play just make a character concept
<FSZDM> i am going to be really lenient
<Pat> <FSZDM> i am going to be really lenient <-- famous last words :p

<Teddy> "Where'd you sissyboys learn how to fight, anyway?"
<LiamLlewellyn> "The Society for Creative Anachronisms churns out some of the finest warriors in the world, damn you! Like you're doing any better!"
<LiamLlewellyn> LiamLlewellyn's face turns bright red, and his grip on his blunt sword tightens.

* Teddy walks over behind the zombie, since it's distracted with the ninja's foot
* Teddy drops something down its tattered pants
<Teddy> 1d100 explosives
<Sparkie> Teddy 1d100: 8 explosives
<Teddy> "Y'all better run now."
* Teddy takes off running away from the zombie
* Murphy does as Teddy says
<Teddy> (( was a frag grenade, fyi ;b ))
<LiamLlewellyn> "What the fuck are you doing? Molesting the zombie?" *screaming as he runs*

<FSZDM> You can all hear dripping to your left...
* LiamLlewellyn moves away from the left, his sword ready
* Teddy looks over in that direction
* Murphy fires a shot in the dirrection he heard movement.
* Pat just realised Teddy blew up one of his throwing knives ..... and scratches him on the black list of customers.
* LiamLlewellyn drops into a fighting stance, and begins some practice exercises intended to ensure that both participants Fight The Safe Fight

<FSZDM> (You guys are seeking shelter. In the umbrella building AKA ZOMBIE HQ)
<Pat> do we know that, tho? :p
<LiamLlewellyn> (lol)
<LiamLlewellyn> (obviously not =p)
<FSZDM> (you don't know the last part)

<FSZDM> The building obviously ignores fire safety. Since the city is owned by umbrella compliance is lax.
<LiamLlewellyn> "Damn corporate pigs!"
<Murphy> "That isn't helping." to Liam.
<Teddy> "Anyone know how to fly a helicopter?"
<LiamLlewellyn> "sorry, man, sorry."
<LiamLlewellyn> "I played some flight sims..."
<Pat> "You could light a corpseon fire and stuff it's mouth with an apple if it makes you feel better," to Liam, absently
<LiamLlewellyn> "What?"
* LiamLlewellyn stares blankly at Pat
<Pat> "It's what they do to pigs. Stuff an apple in their mouth."

<FSZDM> The elevator music plays "What the world needs is love" softly.

<FSZDM> The zombies advance quickly
<FSZDM> (everyone who failed. act nutty.)
<Pat> "They won't pay their bills, they won't pay their bills, there's no zombie express card.." over and over
* Pat wraps his arms around himself and rocks back and forth

<FSZDM> You see a girl making out with some guy on the floor.
<FSZDM> she kneels over him and vigorously kisses him.
<Murphy> "Are they...ya know...dead?"
<Pat> "I hope not."

<Alcar> tho they do have a gurps cthulhpunk out....
* Alcar almost got it for the name alone :)
<aslhk> magic has no place in cyberpunk!
<Alcar> it's such a cool idea tho! Cthulhu + cyberpunk .....
<aslhk> I don't see how it could that much different from regular CoC *laugh*
* Alcar nods. Just a different setting.
<Alcar> "AH! My brain! I downloaded the necronimicon! Help!"
<Alcar> "No! It's not registering as a virus!"
<Alcar> "THE FOOL! He got a warezed version! He's doomed!"
<Alcar> "Hacking Cthulhu....."
<Alcar> "Oh, come on, it has a mind, and minds can be programmed. We just need some good hypnotists, some advertising and a psychic surgeon.."
<Alcar> "Jesus, Boss .. no! That's the barney personality!"

<aslhk> the cyber cthulu!
<aslhk> that could be cool
<Alcar> cyber WITH cthulhu :P
<aslhk> somebody makes cthulhu for the internet =P
* Alcar now has a horrible image of someone trying to cyber with cthulhu .... *whimpers*
<Alcar> 'No fair, you have more tentacles! I thought I had this program on max!"
<Teddy> "What the hell are you doing in here, and what do you know about what's going on?"
<Teddy> "In that order, if ya please..."

<Teddy> "I dunno, may them zombie things' contagious?"
<LiamLLewellyn> "Like in the movies..."
<Todd`> "Zombies now? Man, and I was thinking that thing was just some kind of genetically engineered freak, now there's zombies too..."
<Cody_Wilkins> "I thought they had to eat your brains first"

<LiamLLewellyn> I could see you as a psychotic gun toting d00d
<LiamLLewellyn> just completely out of his mind
<LiamLLewellyn> you don't really have to know much about guns!
<LiamLLewellyn> nobody really does =P
* Pat` would rp it much like my psycho paladin :p
<LiamLLewellyn> that'd be cool *laugh*
<LiamLLewellyn> short-lived, but cool
<Pat`> and replace every skill with guns.
<Pat`> Seduction (works at NRA conventions)' Diplomacy(*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*); Bargain (*click* 'how much?); Intimidation (s.e.); Leadership ("Do what I say or I shoot you"); gambling (*click* "A pair beats a full house - RIGHT?"); lock pick (gun with explosive rounds); Performance (*click* you like my singing, right?")
<Pat`> Survival (*Blam!* "lunch"); Stealth (How can they spot me if I shot them all sniper-style earlier?) and .. zoology ("What kind of animal is that?" *BLAM!* "A dead one.")

<FSZGM> (K status Hospital Hallway 1: Cleared. around 367 zombies = dead.)
<LiamLLewellyn> "That wasn't very sportsmanlike."
<Teddy> "That was properly, if I've ever seen it."
<Cody_Wilkins> "indeed"
* Todd` shakes his head at the undead parts strewn about. "Man. That's disgusting."
<Teddy> "Sportsmanship's for losers, son."
<Teddy> "And in war, the losers DIE."
<Todd`> "Or die again."
* LiamLLewellyn looks thoughtful

<Cypheriel> lol I'd like to see you try to explain the gun heal subskill
<Alcar> *BLAM!* "See? He's not hurting anymore."
<Alcar> or if the Gm won't accept that, use a gun with a long barrel as a splint or crutch :p
<|337C4Bb4g3> use gunpowder to cauterize the wound
<|337C4Bb4g3> it works!
<Baliadoc> Actually, to honestly use it as a healing skill (and not just more killing ;), you should say *BLAM!* "See? Now he's focused on that wound. It's like the other doesn't exist!"

* Biggs`^ puts the food on a plate and hands it and a fork to Holden, and grabs an HU (Holographic Unit) and puts the handheld into it so they can both see the presentation
* Holden devours the food without tasting it :p
* Biggs`^ enjoys his meal while watching the holo unit
<Holden> The unit shows the beginning of the movie The Ring... j/k

<Biggs`^> "I see.. alright.. Well.."
<Biggs`^> "I have good news and bad news."
<Holden> 'uhm?"
<Biggs`^> "Good news is I know who we're working for... and that we have an unlimited budget.."
<Biggs`^> "Bad news is, it's for two companies, and when this mission is over, we don't know who we're going to be under after that.."
<Biggs`^> "The other bad news is, I don't know where accounting is."

* Biggs`^ runs a thermal scan over his appartment quickly
<Holden> The scan turns up nothing.
<Biggs`^> (( You mean 2 people? ))
* Biggs`^ shows Holden his room
<Holden> « lol. Yeah, the 2 of you :) »

<Biggs`^> "What is my total up to?"
<Holden> "250."
<Biggs`^> (( GOd damn, I thought this would be easy come and go... The funny part is you're making it hard by giving me everything I want!! ))
<Holden> « LOL »

<Caltak> when someone dies or quits Ios, can I play? ...and does that answer change if I had anything to do with it? :P
* Alcar looks worried :)
<Caltak> oh um, dies in the game I mean, of course *nervoud laugh, looks around shiftily*\

<AlcarDM> 3 minutes later he retuns, his face pale. "The thieves took his gold. But I found their tracks leading through the hedge, and they seem recent - the bastards were nervy enough to come back!"
* Orgg nods
<Orgg> "Take me there. I will collect my payment from the thieves. How many are there?"
<Ryu-FeatherFoot> "Wow, And I fixed the door and bolted it even..."
<AlcarDM> Urdu: "If you hurry, you might catch them. One, I think. Either a child or dwarf sized. Perhaps a halfling. .. might have been the spell caster."
<Ryu-FeatherFoot> "the vamperic werewolf is a halfling too?!?"
* Ryu-FeatherFoot hops up and runs out the door "this I gotta see!"
<AlcarDM> Urdu: "Or has an ally, perhaps."
<AlcarDM> He blinks, looks after the departingg Kender, and shakes his head

<Orgg> "We must move quickly. How do you feel about being carried?"
<Ryu-FeatherFoot> "Piggie back ride? ok.."

* Ryu-FeatherFoot starts yelling out what ever it is in the brush they are chasing "COME BACK AND FACE US LIKE MEN YOU BASTARD CHILD OF A CHICKEN!"
<AlcarDM> Ok, with the Kenders stirring war cry, Orgg plunges after a vampiric werewolf that slaughtered two people with ease, fearing not for life and limb. And obviously not for common sense. It takes longer since the non-wolf is hiding a lot during his following the tracks ((Spot checks, again, dc 23))

<Ghenn> Well, if the kender would just leave me alone, i wouldn't have to hide in the trees!! :)

<AlcarDM> Ok, Ryu finds a really grumpy Ghenn in the trees. he doesn't look like a vampiric werewolf, but it's dark....
<Ghenn> "What in the nine hells do you want, kender?"
* Ryu-FeatherFoot casts light on a stone he picked up after fishing it out of a bag "Are you Walter and Aurim's killer?"
<Ghenn> "I was a bit busy laughing my head off at Theliar and Orggs misadventures in your friends cabin."
* Ghenn climbs down out the tree, swearing
* Ryu-FeatherFoot fallows Ghenn down "Then your not a vamperic werewolf thats a sloppy eater?"
<Ghenn> "You catch on quick."
<Ghenn> "Is that what I'm following?"
<Ryu-FeatherFoot> "what else could brake down two doors and kill a man with a chair?"

<Orgg> "There is no glory in anonymity."
<Ghenn> "I'm not a fan of glory."
<Ryu-FeatherFoot> "There is no angry mobs with pitch forks eather."
<Orgg> "There might be for me."

<Ryu-FeatherFoot> the ultemet kender statement "Its a good thing I found this you realy should be more carefull with your children"

<AlcarDM> What do you do today? :)
* Theliar`^ creates a portal back to the normal world and continues on with life
<AlcarDM> HBmm, you want to fast forward some of this, then?
<Theliar`^> you mean, fast forward through the part where nothing happens?
<AlcarDM> yes

<AlcarDM> The days blur into each other, and the hunger becomes almost a friend as it fades and returns, probably the only thing keeping you sane. It could be months,or years that pass .. at once point, you're pretty sure you claw your eyes out but you awaken unharmed, so it must have been a dream. You sit up from drinking at the well - and find yourself walking on the road to ShaKay
* Theliar`^ screams "WHAT THE HELL!? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!!"
* Theliar`^ just shrugs and assumes it was a bad dream, and has a rumbling stomach, and goes into town
<AlcarDM> Nothing replies - but you're very, very, very hungry.

<AlcarDM> Ok, the hallway is empty...... you can't hear anyone inside
* Ryu-FeatherFoot continues on forword keeping his ears open for screams and looks to see if the hall has been trashed
<AlcarDM> It evcentually leads you to the kitchens, and a door open bside them, containing a bed in disarray. Likely the kids, since it also has lots of teddy bears. The kitchen is empty of life, but there is some food burning on the stove.
* Ryu-FeatherFoot takes the time to move the burning food off the stove using oven mits then moves on (and pockets the mits)

<Orgg> forgetting about punishment from a god seems like a bad idea!
<Theliar`^> it doesn't matter, he will forever think of it as a very very bad dream
<Theliar`^> yeah, it does, doesn't it? =p
<Orgg> but it's your character! I mean, if you want to make room for caltak, that's your business! =P
<Theliar`^> isn't that a cliche? the main character alwayse fucking up bigtime? =p
<Ryu-FeatherFoot> lol
<Theliar`^> in my personal world, I'm the main character

* Ghenn grabs the pot of burning soup, and continues to move down the hall
<AlcarDM> you're taking the soup with you?
* Orgg helps him back into dreamland
<AlcarDM> Oh, and the pot is to hot to hold still, but you don't see any mitts around
<Ghenn> Yeah. If we are dealing with some sort of wolf-beast, i'd rather it smelt burnt soup and not dwarven rogue

<AlcarDM> Ok, you stumble up to the room, starting to feel hungry again, like you could eat a planet or something .. and fall into a deep speel, dreaming of a pond and invisible fish . .and know, witha certainity given by the goddess, that you will dream of this and nothing else for the rest of your life.
<AlcarDM> - end of session :) -
<Theliar`^> err.. ok.. that was just wierd
<Theliar`^> I mean, if that's the case... I think he'd rather be dead.. or something..
* Theliar`^ wonders if the hero killing himself is a cliche...

<AlcarDM> Ghenn want to do anything else right now?
<Ghenn> (not really. just going to get ready to head back to the town, unless something along the lines of vampiric werewolf attack hits :)
<AlcarDM> « you haven't checked to see if the kid is still sleeping! :p »
* Ghenn will check on the kid, then ;)
<Orgg> ((Orgg went to untie him earlier =P *laugh*))
<AlcarDM> Ghenn - you approach the door and hear a strange, deep growl from behind it....
<AlcarDM> « ah, ok.. So he's untied and in the room. Even better :) »
* Ghenn blinks, and opens the door slowly
<AlcarDM> Ghenn - the first thing you notice is the bed is empty.... and the growling comes from beside it.
<AlcarDM> it cuts off abruptly as the kid rolls over in the blankets, cuddles with a teddy bear, and stops snoring

* Alcar ponders actually having a vampiric werewolf in the game.....
<aslhk> I think, at this point, we need one
<Alcar> would be more fun for you to find and kill this wolf and the vampiric one show up later though.....
<Keith> hehe you almost have to at this point
<Alcar> You need one?
<Alcar> lol
<aslhk> yes!
<aslhk> it is like a cliche story necessity!

<|337C4Bb4g3> his first assignment was to kill some big mob boss
<|337C4Bb4g3> only his humanity was shit
<|337C4Bb4g3> because he had like 3 to start with, and like 15,000 in cybernetics
<|337C4Bb4g3> so one of the bodyguards looked at him funny
<|337C4Bb4g3> and he killed like everyone in the dining room
<|337C4Bb4g3> and had to run from the cops
<|337C4Bb4g3> ended up taking a couple 20mm rounds in the arm
<|337C4Bb4g3> which was cybernetic, fortunately
<|337C4Bb4g3> "Metal is better than meat!"

* Alcar imagines angsty teenage cyborg.....
<Alcar> "Guess what I brought home today, mom? A new arm! Want to ask me about my grades again?" *blam!*
<Alcar> end of parents :p

<aslhk> Flora: "You wanted to speak with me?"
* Adwyn nods. "Yeah, Gos advised it. Made sense. God invited to a party."
<aslhk> (lol, bad typo =P)
<Adwyn> lol!

* Fern says to the servant in a low, somewhat peeved voice, "Please have the sheets in my room changed... and the dress on the floor washed... and the doorknob scrubbed. You might want to wear gloves."
* Hastrina watches Timmy intently
<aslhk> The Servant nods and makes it so.
* Fern turns back to Hastrina and Timmy and smiles brightly
<aslhk> Timmy is currently standing with a dazed expression on his face, staring at the aquarium. Judging from the length of the finger he has managed to fit up his nose, he has some shapeshifting potential.
* Fern is smiling brightly because she is wearing gloves

<Fern> "Ah..." *addresses Gos* "Are you a cloak, or someone disguised as a cloak?"
<aslhk> Gos dettaches itself from Adwyn's back and bows with a flourish
<aslhk> Gos: "I am a cloak disguised as a someone."
* Fern looks skeptical
<Fern> "Who are you disguised as?"
<aslhk> Gos: "Nora Roberts."

<Reykemias> someone run a 3e game
<Renard> i can run one... out of town! the bastards. always messin' up our good family values...

<Cain`^> "I don't HAVE to do anything, first of all.."
<Cain`^> "Second, i'm hardly fit to watch a kid like HIM."
* Fern turns a shade of bright red, and narrows her eyes
<Cain`^> "Third, I could very well NOT be the father."
* Fern uses no shapeshifting powers to accomplish these changes

* Cain`^ sets on it upright and watches calmly as they tend over timmy.. poor timmy... I wonder if he dies, if I have to go to the funeral? Damn...

<Renard> "Just another day in Amber! I love this place!"
<Adwyn> "I wonder if it is synicated as a soap opera somewhere."
<Cain`^> "i hate this *deleted* place"

<Hastria> The room is rather oddly shaped, looking almost like half of it was carved out of a naturally formed cave of some sort
<Hastria> It is decorated with sculptures (or what look like sculptures, anyway) of many different styles, some resting on the floor, some on walls, some hanging(?) from the ceiling
<Renard> "Charming place. Yours?"
<Hastria> There're a few pieces of furniture, an old antique desk and chair, and a gigantic walk-in wardrobe
<Hastria> "It's my bedroom!"
<Hastria> (there is no bed in the room)

<Baliadoc> well i could in theory do two games at once, but i am not sure if my brain could handle it. maybe i'll get back to you ;)
<Cain`^> I can barely do one bleh
<Cain`^> look at cain =p
<Cain`^> he's died twice, killed a kid and is now dining itallian with some chick off the street!

* ArthurQ wants to play void again.......he was pretty close to Chaotic Neutral last time.....this time lets see neutral evil
<Alcar> alignments don't exist :p
<ArthurQ> i know
<ArthurQ> but you get my point
<ArthurQ> i tried playing him cg
<ArthurQ> but u threw in conseqyunces
<Alcar> No kidding :p

<ArthurQ> how the FUCK did i become a black hole.......and who's in trail for murder and why?
<Alcar> Weaponsmith, for blowing up a good 12 city blocks to kill the person who fried Void.
<Alcar> and since the PC group was Sanctioned, they weren;'t allowed to kill civilians
<ArthurQ> he really liked me didnt he? :-D
<Alcar> Yes :p It's why he's on death row:)

<SoV> or hows this for a really fucked up idea
<SoV> somone was in the power plant when void and starchild pulled that stunt
<SoV> he got zapped by their merged powers but didnt die :-P
<SoV> instead got zapped to the future with peices of both their memories
<Alcar> ...
* Alcar pities the poor lunatic already :)
<SoV> hey, at least there would be NO doubt as to his sexual orientation, he'd DEFINATLY love women!

<Caltak> All that stuff is irrelevant cause like I said, its a flawed premise anyway.
<ArthurQ> i dont think so :-P
<ArthurQ> remember how screwed alcars mind is
<Caltak> Theres a difference between warped ideas and illogical ones. He wouldnt use that one.
<ArthurQ> you just dont like it

<Myron> "Goblins don't got kings. You say the mayor? Where's he?"
<Lyle`^> "In the mayor's house.. Where most mayors be!"
<Lyle`^> ^bartender again bleh!
<Myron> "Yeah, okay. Where's that?"
<Lyle`^> "It's in the center of town, big white, can't miss it
<Lyle`^> gah!!! That was the bartender jesus!!!
<Myron> "Thanks pal."
<Amandis> That's his name?! :p
<Myron> (bartender Jesus!)

<Myron> "Wait, master like as in master/slave?"
<Myron> "I just thought you were an apprentice or something."
* Amandis shakes his head
<Amandis> "He bought me from [insert some empire that has lots of slaves here]," shyly.
<Myron> "Oh. Then you probably weren't sorry to see him go, I guess."
* Amandis looks shocked. "No! He was my master! but .. he didn't free me. He said he would, soon, but the goblins killed him"
<Rick> "Well, what happens to his title over you when he dies?"
<Amandis> "He never told me."
<Amandis> "He didn't plan to die," defensively
* Rick chuckles
<Rick> "Interesting way to put it."

<Myron> "So if you aren't free, who's your master now?"
<Amandis> "You?" hopefully to Myron :p
* Myron looks thoughtful
<Lyle`^> "Oh, I know, I'll buy you for 21 silver!"
<Myron> "I ain't selling my slave for no 21 silver."
* Myron preempts Lyle`^'s bid =P
* Amandis looks relieved
<Myron> "So what does this master thing mean? I gotta get you food, a place to sleep?"
<Lyle`^> "What!? He isn't yours yet!"
<Myron> "Sure he is."
<Lyle`^> "You can't just take him, you have to BUY him!"
<Myron> "Nah, I inherited him."

<Myron> "He don't wanna be free. He's my slave. I'm happy, he's happy. Works out great."
<Lyle`^> "He's his own master now! I just freed him!"
<Myron> "You can't free my slave. That's against the law. I know it is."
<Rick> "He has a point. Used to be a lawman, m'self."
<Lyle`^> "Says who!? He was my slave first! I bought him!"
<Myron> "Who'd you buy him from? You didn't buy him, just bid. I rejected the bid. You're out of luck."
<Rick> "Well now, the problem is you haven't actually paid anyone for him."
* Lyle`^ gives amandis 21 silver "I did too! I bought him from himself!"
<Lyle`^> "Who says a slave can choose his own master anyway!?"

<Lyle`^> "WHAT!? Myron should be the one paying you, not you paying him! That's not right!"
* Lyle`^ glares at Amandis "I freed you, and this is how you live your life!? Giving people money to tell you what to do!?"
* Amandis blinks, stunned, then backs away from Lyle slowly
<Myron> "Stop disturbing my servant."
<Lyle`^> "Your servant!? You don't get payed to have servants, you have to pay them, a dayly wage no doubt! This man's worth atleast 20 silver a day!"
<Lyle`^> Not the other way around *eyes amandis*
* Amandis backs away further from Lyle, moving closer to Myron. He's trembling slightly.
<Myron> "Oh, really. Then why did he just pay me?"

* Disco_Hastur heads over to Adwyn and Tiff, making sure not to hit anyone with the spinning clown
<aslhk> Primer: "He's boring."
<Disco_Hastur> "[Hi Adwyn and Tiff! Are you having fun?]"
<Fern> (( that's an odd word for someone dressed in a clown suit with his head caught in a spider ))
<Disco_Hastur> "[I have a clown!]"

<Holden> The door explodes inward in a shower of red-hot metal
<Holden> smoke billows inside, hits the air conditioner, and wins. Someone is standing in the smoking remains of your door - the landlord is gonna have kittens - with a very large grenade launcher held almostg casually in one hand. He looks around, satisfied. "See? Just the door this time. The rest of the pace is intact." to someone behind him.
<Holden> The man staggers back as the two knives hit him, looking rather shocked. "Augh! Damned....." A second voice calls out, crisply. "Delta accounting. Put your weapons down!"
* Biggs`^ puts his knives down and looks aorund "What the hell is going on!?"
<Holden> The first man says something about dead men walking around and puts the launcher down, yanking the knives out of his arm and chest. He looked peeved. Since he was also wearing no armour, he's gotto be on some really good drugs.
<Biggs`^> "Don't tell me Delta employs addicts into it's accounting department."
<Holden> The second man walks in, wearing a black business suit with edges creased sharply enough to classify as weapons. Tan, dark ahir, perfectly groomed. He gives the room a distateful look as he steps over some smoking parts of the door. "Hardly," cooly. The first man looks up.
<Holden> The second man snaps "Down," to him then looks at you. "Justify your expense claim. Now."

<Holden> The door opens into the wall and reveals a small room containing a wooden (VERY costly, it' s real, not fake) desk, and 3 metal chairs in front of it. Behind it is a large, fat man in a rumpled suit. His eyes are grey and calculating. "Ah. Mr. Biggs. I;'m given to understand you caused a charming client's head to explode."
<Holden> He says it as if that sort of thing happens every day
<Biggs`^> "Well, technically, she made her own head explode, I just asked her a question."
<Holden> He nods. "It was recorded. We ran it through the net, and got nothing. But Traci was a natural. Gifted as well. I've never heard of them blowing their own heads off, however." He pauses, then looks at you.
* Biggs`^ looks back
<Biggs`^> "Do I look like the kind of guy who goes around blowing up heads?" as if that helps his case
<Holden> The fat man smiles. "Not without a gun, no."
* Biggs`^ attempts to hide his gun

<|337C4Bb4g3> Notice how the interaction between pattern and logrus created a whole universe
<|337C4Bb4g3> multiverse, even
<|337C4Bb4g3> if you will
<alshk> I will!
<|337C4Bb4g3> Was that accidental?
<|337C4Bb4g3> I mean, dworkin probably didn't plan it (not by himself, anyway)
<alshk> we could read the prequel and find out!
<Alcar> LOL alshk
<|337C4Bb4g3> alshk: HELL no
<|337C4Bb4g3> I like my theories better ;b

<Alcar> So perhaps the serpent/unicorn - who/what they are - wanted it, for some reason....
<Alcar> maybe it was a change/grow or die thing they saw
<Alcar> Or just because they could :p
<alshk> maybe they are the same thing!
<Alcar> alshk - of course not! They're not the same *animal!*
<Alcar> Duh :p

<Orgg> "You know how to use a sword?"
<AlcarDM> The kid gives Orgg a disbelieving look, then shakes his head vigourously. "Mom .... didn't w...... ant me t.......o. The Bar.......wanted me to, o..............nce. Said I cou.......ld cut m-my " frowns for a minute. "b.......ad word o.......ff."
<Orgg> (lol)
* Orgg laughs loudly
<AlcarDM> « he was a nice fellow, honest! »

<AlcarDM> There's a lot of food left in the kitchen. Orgg's pillaging didn't do too much to it.
* Orgg just needs more practice
<AlcarDM> « at least this time you remembered it was pillage, then burn. Your dad would be proud. »

<Ryu_FeatherFoot> if it wasn't so out of charicter and more radiks line i would say
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "Better a baron who knows he is a fool then one who thinks him self a wize man"
<AlcarDM> lol
<AlcarDM> nice line :)

<Orgg> breakfirst first, then bad news! Otherwise he may not get breakfast! Gotta think about these things when you're a barbarian =P
<AlcarDM> Orgg eats, then says "Your well is poisoned and everyone here is dying. Oh, oops." *drops dead*

<AlcarDM> Lirk blinks a few times as well. "K........illed?" in a confused tone
* Ghenn looks at Theliar`^
<AlcarDM> Donna looks at the elf and kender "Are you stupid?!"
<Ghenn> "You're surely not going to do it!?"
<Theliar`^> "Well, you're supposed to invite nobles and stuff from other kingdoms, and have the naming in a pretty place, most likely a throneroom or some other place.. Some do it in a beutiful wood, that's how we elves do it.."
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "No not killed, Radik will kep you safe.."
<Ghenn> "That's insane. Stop pretending it will work."
<Ghenn> "You're condemning the kid and these people to more hardship than they deserve."
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "It will work, he just needs alot more support then rulers in the past.."
<Ghenn> "You're insane. Please stop before you make my head hurt."

<Orgg> "We'll be out in the woods practicing. Let us know when you've figured it out." *To Ghenn*
<AlcarDM> Donna: "A ghost Baron might be better...."
<Ghenn> "Are you kidding? I don't even want this figured out anymore! I just want my damn cart so I can go loot the bloody place!"
<Theliar`^> "I thought Ryu said Radik wanted the kid to be Baron."
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "Greatest kender leader of all time was a pig... lead a hole village to a large stock pile of truffels, they where great when we roasted him in them a week later.."
<AlcarDM> Donna gives Ghenn a shocked look, rendered speechless
<Ghenn> "Don't look at me like that. You're actually agreeing to that kid being Baron. You want it, you got it. All you need is his title."

<Orgg> Orgg is going to attempt to teach Lirk a useful social skill =P
<Orgg> He is going to teach him to stare at people like he *really* wants them dead, and is about to snap at any moment!
<Orgg> (he was going to do the whole intimidation lesson, but it's kind of hard when you can't walk around. Still, this should suffice =P)

<AlcarDM> Hariet: "You .... bound yourself to a ghost? And Radik let....." She shakes her head. 'he must have been desperate."
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "Well.. It was easyer then continuing to play sharades with him.."
<AlcarDM> Hariet: "I see. Even so ..... you're bound to each other. Hmm. Never heard of a kender doing that. Probably lack of opportunity."
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "You meen I'm not a god cus I heard his prair?"
<AlcarDM> There is a long silence, then Hariet looks at Ryu: "What?"

<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "He said a pair.. well muttered it But I heard it.."
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "And he said that the only person that Elauris would call lord would be well a god..."
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "and there sure wasn't any body else around, and I sure didn't feel the presence of a god..."
<AlcarDM> Hariet gives Ryu a wondering look. "So you're a god?" in a bemused tone of voice
* Ryu_FeatherFoot shrugs
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "If gods just pop into existance It would explain my memmory loss..."
<AlcarDM> Hariet looks at the kender for a long moment. "Well. I suppose that *is* one way to look at it."

<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "Any who I had better get going, Papers to deliver and Barons to see to the thrown..."
* Ryu_FeatherFoot nods and heads out the door with a wave "Take care."
<AlcarDM> Hariet smiles. "I wonder what happened to the world the last the a kender said that...
<AlcarDM> She nods. "Good luck."

<AlcarDM> Ghenn hears motion from the woods behind him.
<Ghenn> "Rather sure, yes."
* Ghenn hands them back, turning to look out of the corner of his eye
<AlcarDM> Ghenn sees the bushes part and a chicken comes running out towards him with a mean gleam in his eyes!
* Ghenn blinks
<AlcarDM> « was going to roll for it, but can't find killer chicken attack in the DMG list of random encounters. »
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> (LOL)
<AlcarDM> The chicken comes barelling towards Ghenn
* Ghenn proceeds to ignore the chicken, unless it becomes a nuisance

<aslhk> I definitely didn't expect orgg to decide to teach a retarded kid to use a sword =P
<aslhk> but that was fun *laugh*
<AlcarDM> Yeah. It is.
* AlcarDM is amazed Orgg has the patience :)
<aslhk> he did animal training =P
<aslhk> besides, it was that or sit around listening to people debate about boring things =p

<Warner> so whats been happenin here?
<Alcar> Not too much, far as I know. Just writing stuff for a game I might have time to run in the future right now, myself.
<Alcar> and being amused by continuity errors
* Alcar managed to have someone attend a lecture by a dead person by mistake
<Warner> your games are the only ones that I play that have more writen about them then I can find time to read.

* ArthurQ thinks it would be cool to see a huge ass fire ball come down form the sky to smash into a villan
* Alcar thinks law suits by the city for damage to infrastructure are cool, too.

* Keith` attacks Elana with the feather of tickling
<Alcar> no! that was the vorpal one, you fool!
* Alcar watch Keith brutally cut Elana-Silvereye to death
<Keith`> damn it why did you have it miss labled?
<Keith`> hoping Elana would take on Caltak with it!?
<Alcar> of course not!
* Alcar ponders vorpal clothing for D&D
<Alcar> fun new ways to suicide!
<Caltak> Fun trick to play on party Paladin: when he's not loooking, switch his shaving razor for a keen vorpal one! Its great fun!

* Mukuru makes his way out of the permiter the police have set up and home, hopefully :)
* Mukuru hopes to catch this on the evening news :)
<Chaos`^> Ok, Durring the evening news there is a report of a sniper found on a roof after shooting six people and killing five, They state that a young woman is the only survivor. The Sniper was found with several hundred broken bones, including many places in his spine, the doctors have put him in critical condition and do not know if he will live. The man was yelling that he saw a demon as he was being loaded in the ambulance.
* Mukuru frowns, hoping the man does live. "Too much of a hurry. Pesky human emotions."
* Mukuru takes note of the womans name and if they know anything about her
<Chaos`^> They don't mention her name, but they say that she was a student at the local college.
<Chaos`^> The weather report states that it will be sunny for the next week.
* Mukuru packs up his stuff, changes, and puts his clothing into a garbage bag to throw in a dumpster. *scowls at the weather report* "Some rain might calm them down..." then shakes his head for being silly .. he's already done his good deed for the year.

<Pthortulath`Sheb`Sabbot> "I know I'm going to like the blood of whoever interrupted me... who has summoned me thus!?"
<Mukuru> "It's the soul bit, I think. The whole gain the world and lose your soul. Depressing, really."
<Julee`^> She looks around suprised
<Julee`^> "Who was that!?"
* Mukuru looks at Pthortulath`Sheb`Sabbot, distinctly unimpressed, but secretly surprised it worked. .oO(And to think, I thught the klatu verata thing was just from a movie)
* Pthortulath`Sheb`Sabbot appears above the book in a grand puff of smoke, accompanied by the screams of the damned
* Julee`^ falls to the ground and pushes herself to a wall "What the hell!?"
<Mukuru> "Do you like getting rained on by sprinkler systems?" to Pthortulath`Sheb`Sabbot

* Pthortulath`Sheb`Sabbot stands at least 10 feet tall, which pisses him off, because he is having to slouch over. Spiked chains are draped over his body, bleeding from the metal and twisted around souls damned for all eternity. Fiery blood-armor oozes and molds around his body, as his large, chitinous, insect-like apendages throb hither and thus
* Pthortulath`Sheb`Sabbot gives both Mukuru and Julee a look
* Mukuru applauds

<ArthurQ> Alcar
<ArthurQ> I saw Xmen 2 and had inspiration for son of void
* Alcar blinks
<Alcar> Uhm, phoenix? :p
<ArthurQ> no

<Julee`^> The clear sky becomes overcast
<Julee`^> You'll have to roll to actually make it rain, as it's a bit of a drought this year
* Mukuru lets the were deal with the demons for now - she has to have some use, after all - and continues his strm until he can call a decent bolt of lighting :p
<Mukuru> d100 - Like it'll happen :p
<Sparkie> Mukuru d100: 63 - Like it'll happen :p
<Julee`^> 1d100 not on my watch
<Sparkie> Julee`^ 1d100: 64 not on my watch

* Mukuru tries again, a bit surprised he failed :p
<Mukuru> d100 :p
<Sparkie> Mukuru d100: 47 :p
<Mukuru> « sparkie - be nice? Once? »
<Julee`^> 1d100 like I said.. Not on my watch!
<Sparkie> Julee`^ 1d100: 74 like I said.. Not on my watch!
<Julee`^> (( lol switched ))

* Yuki-Takuri 's expression turns grom and her sword glints as a small gale comes out of nowhere and an almost spectral whirlwind begins to form around her and the demon
* Yuki-Takuri seems to strain against the wind, and then looks as if she is ripped from her footing by it and whirls around the demon along with the wind current slashing wildly from all anngles at once it semms
* Yuki-Takuri screams "Kaze Katana Shigeku Yo!"
<Julee`^> (( Why do they alwayse scream the name of their attack? why not "Die and burn muther fucker!" or something like that? ))
<Mukuru> « I think it's a licencing issue »
<Julee`^> The demon's blood fills the air and makes a cloud of red sorounding you.. the wind unaturally created inside the room shakes the walls; you have little time to escape the room
<Yuki-Takuri> ((Ya know its just all those ninja attacks looking so much the same, or just the ninjas looking the same so then you get acused of using someone else's technique or trying to imitate another ninja and then they sick the Japanese Lawyers on you and all that, very frustrating thing to go through just cause you didnt want to say the attack's name ^_^))

<Elana-Silvereye> I should try to compete with your game and steal all your players =P
<Gemm> Yes that may work. Seeing as how he already has a hard enough time keeping his current ones due to other things.
<Alcar[writing]> lol! That would be funny ... get two people who hate each other to DM at the same time in a fight for players .. would be wesome just to watch :)
<Gemm> Its like a game in and of itself.
<Alcar[writing]> yeah. Potential players could play each Gm off against the other and find out who would give them the best "deal"
<Elana-Silvereye> I had a game once where another DM and I had our two groups of player meet up in our games and then they fought ^_^ and like each DM was cheering for their player group ^_^

* Elana-Silvereye has a D&D idea she wants to try out
<Elana-Silvereye> D&D Pokemon!
<Elana-Silvereye> ^_^
<Gemm> Why not just do D&D X-Men while your at it then Elana?
<Elana-Silvereye> The monsters each player kills get stored in their "Stable" and PCs can challenge eachother to Monster duels with the monsters they have aquired ^_^
<Alcar[writing]> oh, eww!
<Elana-Silvereye> scrolls of monster capture would be needed to aquire monsters, and some spots in the game would require players to have monster duels against enemies ^u^
<Elana-Silvereye> dont like the idea? =P
* Alcar[writing] would kill another player and get them and their stable!
<Elana-Silvereye> doesnt work that way =P

<Alcar[writing]> actually, it would be an interesting variant on areana games, at least.
<Elana-Silvereye> I could just have it be a one player Dungeoncrawl for everyone!
<Elana-Silvereye> and players could challenge eachother with their monsters they have aquired!
<Elana-Silvereye> but like no two players would be playing in the dungeon at any one time ^_^
<Elana-Silvereye> or in "a" dungeon
<Elana-Silvereye> and I'll use random dungeons ^_^
<Elana-Silvereye> "MonsterMon"

<Alcar[writing]> hrm, I just had a horrible parallel idea of D&D power rangers with dragons as the zords (or whatever they were called). "Blue dragon [something something] power!"
* Elana-Silvereye hits Alcar
* Alcar[writing] isn't sure what all the dragons would combine into tho :P
<Elana-Silvereye> Tiamat?
<Gemm> a Tarrasque!
<Elana-Silvereye> naw, Tiamat makes more sense
* Elana-Silvereye cant beleive we are discussig this
<Gemm> -You- started it.
<Elana-Silvereye> whatever!

<Alcar[writing]> D&D x-men, otoh, would be very easy :p
<Alcar[writing]> mostly, Sort of.
<Elana-Silvereye> who would want to play that though? =P
<Alcar[writing]> half-displacer beast pc = nightcrawler....
<Alcar[writing]> were thingy = wolverine.
<Alcar[writing]> half-beholder = cyclops
<Alcar[writing]> Bstard illithid love child = jean grey
<Elana-Silvereye> you all sound like people conspiring to make bad Warcraft III RPG maps >_<
<Alcar[writing]> stoneskin at will = colossus.
<Alcar[writing]> Hrm.... what else.....
<Elana-Silvereye> STOP IT!
<Elana-Silvereye> >_<

<Alcar[writing]> keep it in D&D times for added effect. Hmm., Conan age'd be better....
<Elana-Silvereye> ¬_¬
* Elana-Silvereye wouldnt want to play it
* kentari has joined #game1
<Alcar[writing]> kentari - would you be up for playing a D&D game set in the middle ages with the PCs as the xmen?
<kentari> Hell yea
<kentari> :P If it was high level.
<Alcar[writing]> woo hoo! That's one :p
* Alcar[writing] points at Elana and laughs

<kentari> I want rules to exist. And I want to break them.

* Ryu-Featherfoot does a bit of a round about while yelling back at Ghenn that he can't ketch anybody (taunt)
<Ghenn> "Of course I can't, ya bloody fruit! I'm a dwarf! My legs are like unto stumps!"

<Ghenn> "Now, just out of pure curiousity, why did you steal those papers?"
<AlcarDM> « "And 'because I'm kender' isn't accepted in any court of law!" »
<Ryu-Featherfoot> "You where just waving them around there in the open, going and doing that well anybody could become the baron by just steeling them so I thought I would put them some place safe"
<Ghenn> "I really don't think anyone was going to steal them from me. Honestly, the only person who even had a chance was you. That doesn't exactly make you sound like a paragon of virtue, you know."

<Ghenn> oh lord! i forgot to buy my point of Knowledge (OOC)!

<AlcarDM> The moment you say that you have images of boats and men, and swords ... you see Lirk, somewhere, sword in hand, dying on some boat.... and men in dark armour aslhkround him, dead, or dying...
<AlcarDM> then it's gone
<Theliar`^> aslhk kills lirk?
<AlcarDM> no, he dies, somwhere, fighting men on boats
<Theliar`^> yeah men in dark armour aslhk round him... so aslhk died or killed him?
<AlcarDM> aslhk has noithing to do with it.
<Theliar`^> then why did you say aslhk did!?
<Theliar`^> =p
<AlcarDM> oops. was around
* AlcarDM hit the tab by mistake :p
<Theliar`^> LoL
<Theliar`^> took you long enough =p

<kentari> <Shadowcat> "I walk towards the door."
<kawaiiwolf> so help me kawaiiwolf
<kentari> <DM> You walk through the door.
<kawaiiwolf> so help me kentari
<kentari> :D There ya go
<kawaiiwolf> ~_~ it doesn't just work like that
<kentari> >P It should.
<kentari> <Magneto> I attempt to stop the arrow flying towards me.
<kawaiiwolf> yeah and my bank account should have a few more zero's at the end but that doesn't mean it's gonna happen either
<kentari> <DM> It stops.
<kentari> :P This is a f-ing RPG kawaii
<kentari> Its about shaking off the shackles of common sense
<kentari> About exploring a world where the only limits are the ones you accept

<kawaiiwolf> savage specie's sytem is awful, they basically say, "add one to the LA for every possible thing you can think of, then acid test until you've got something usable"
<ArthurQ> no its not like that
<ArthurQ> jeez.
<ArthurQ> It gives you values for specific things you add.
<Elana-Silvereye> yeah, I was all excited about that book and then I read it and laughed
<ArthurQ> and yes, you do have to acid test......
<ArthurQ> how can you just cobble something together without comparing it to existing things first/
<Alcar> Why not base test?
<ArthurQ> that is the base test
<Alcar> but acids aren't bases.....
* Alcar grins

<Alcar> and, in true cliche tradtion, you won't have a hope in hell against them for a while. Can only be hurt by magic or magical weapons.
<aslhk> lol
<aslhk> that's cool!
<aslhk> hrm
<aslhk> you know, this is very strange =P
<Alcar> which?
<aslhk> I never thought I'd be treating cliches as clever ideas =P
<aslhk> but here I am doing it!

<Chaos`^> Yeah, I'm seeing her, dressed in spandex and stuff jumping from bluilding to building in a spiderman fassion or uhmm... what's her name? crow or something where she just runs across roof tops and jumps off of the empire state building and stuff and lands without a scratch?
<Chaos`^> what would that power be?
<Alcar> super jumping?
<Chaos`^> i guess
<Chaos`^> but the landing after falling from what would normall crush a tank?
* Alcar shrugs. Jumping generally takes landing into account
<Adwyn> A jumping power that didn;'t would be an interesting form of suicide tho :)
<Adwyn> " I can ju - " *splat*

<aslhk> The moment Freud's Personality gets the ability to manipulate shadow, the nightmares start turning weird. The psychedelic magic seems to be accounting for the major portion of his personality (you can tell from the maniacal laughter), but Freud is Freud.
* Adwyn blinks, looking a bit worried. "I think I over did the psychedelic part." *looks at the nightmares*
<aslhk> most of the nightmares are replaced with a sexual organ of some type, though some of them Adwyn doesn't recognize.
* Adwyn stares, then says slowly "Well, I don't know about them, but that managed to scare me....." refusing to look at Tiff and feeling a blush creeping up his face. "Maybe we should go now?"
<aslhk> Adwyn and Tiff travel through the Phallic Phorest.
<aslhk> Tiff's laughter is almost as loud as Freud's.
<aslhk> At least the colouring is pretty, though!

<Cain`^> super hero names alcar, I need one!
<Cain`^> comet sounds like a riendeer
<Adwyn> dasher!
<Adwyn> The Dancer!
<Adwyn> Meteor Maid! Very DC Comics.
<Cain`^> eww
<Cain`^> falling rocks.. sky.. lava.. hmm...
<Adwyn> lava lamp is out ;p
<Cain`^> nono..
<Cain`^> seriously? somebody used lava lamp?
<Adwyn> Yeah. Bali.

<Fern> "Let's go see how Vorrel's getting along with Timmy!"
<Hastur> "It's weird! It might be dangerous!"
<Hastur> "It's like it's its own shadow!"
<Hastur> (( I liek that sentence ))
<Hastur> "Ok!"
<Renard> ((that almost hurt to read :))
<Hastur> (( ;) ))

<aslhk> Gerard: "He seems to rebound pretty quickly." He removes Timmy's hand again.
<aslhk> Gerard: "How does he pick his nose while unconscious?"
<aslhk> Gerards seems genuinely stumped.
<aslhk> Gerard: "Oh, he wouldn't be educated here. Amber is no place for a child!"
<aslhk> Gerard laughs heartily at the idea.
<Fern> "Yes... such a noble, indominable spirit." *eyes mist over*

<aslhk> Tiff: "Well, how did they stop the first Freud?"
<Adwyn> 'I think he died of old age."
<aslhk> Tiff: "Well, that's no good..."
<aslhk> Gos returns, out of breath.
<Adwyn> "Wait, morphine.. or some drug. .... I think it was suicide or something."
<aslhk> The spread of the black and white has subsided somewhat
<aslhk> "That BASTARD! That utter PRICK!" He looks embarrassed at the "prick" part, considering the circumstances.
<Adwyn> "But thaqt was by choice, I think..." looks at Gos. "What?"
<aslhk> Gos: "That bastard is analyzing my new novel!"
<aslhk> Tiff raises an eyebrow at Adwyn, looking for an explanation.
* Adwyn stares at Gos. "Oh." then "oh" then gigglies ,and puts his hands over his mouth, shaking. After a few moments, he recovers and looks at Gos "I assume your next novel will be about celibate amoeba?"
* Adwyn looks at Tiff "Gos write romances."
<aslhk> Gos: "Celibate amoeba..." thoughtfully.

<aslhk> Tiff: "I found a shadow close by where everything is already like those nightmares were when Freud got through with them.
<aslhk> Tiff: "You think that'll do?"
<Adwyn> "I hope so."
<aslhk> Tiff nods seriously
<Adwyn> "I'd like to be able to actually dismantle it entirely, though. One freud anywhere is one too many."

* Hastur goes wandering off through shadow, looking for Adwyn
<aslhk> Hastur knows he's getting closer when he sees the Phallic Phorest.
<aslhk> =P
<Adwyn> « pleads the 1st. and the 5th.... »
<Renard> ((lol))

<aslhk> Freud and Hastur are both present, freud a giant head in the sky laughing his maniacal laugh
<aslhk> He has armed (literally) the penises in the forest, and they are all marching towards Adwyn menacingly, bearing crosses.
<Hastur> "Hi, Giant Floating Head!"
<Hastur> "Hi, Penises!"
* Adwyn stares at them
<aslhk> Freud: "Hah. Hah. Head. ORAL FIXATION!"
<aslhk> So does Tiff.
<aslhk> Freud doesn't seem to be getting any more stable.
* Adwyn looks up at Freud, then says "Freud? Oral fixate this!" and unleashes the disruption spell shaped like Frued's mother at the construct
<aslhk> Freud: "Mother... mother! ORAL FIXATION! OEDIPUS! ELEKTRA! THE GREEEEEEEEKS WEEEEEERE RIGHT!" And he explodes.
* Hastur claps

<aslhk> The penises topple to the ground, one on top of the other.
* Adwyn takes a deep breath. "Well. That's that. I hope...."
<Hastur> "Yay!"
* Hastur looks at Adwyn
<Hastur> "Do it again!"
* Adwyn stares at Hastur
<aslhk> Tiff begins laughing hysterically
<Adwyn> "Not right now. Ah. You can have some of the penises as souveniers if you like?"
* Adwyn is being sarcastic, but unfortunately doesn't know Hastur well enough :;p
<Hastur> "I have a squid." *matter of factly*
<aslhk> (Thank goodness =P)

<Alcar> Oh, unique...
<Alcar> Man Arrested with Severed Head Says Was Provoked
<Alcar> BERLIN (Reuters) - A man arrested after walking through town swinging the severed head of his sister-in-law by the hair told police she had provoked him, German prosecutors said on Wednesday.
<Alcar> The 24-year-old man admitted stabbing the woman to death and cutting off her head with a 12-inch kitchen knife after a row, a spokesman at the prosecutors' office in the western city of Aachen said. "The man said he had been provoked before the deed," the spokesman said, but gave no details.
* Alcar sighs. Everyday something reminds me real life is far, far weirder than any rpg I could make :p

<Alcar> Uh, why the heck would your PC have no friends at all?
<Alcar> Ignoring any Odedipal stuff, that is.
<ArthurQ> i dunno
<ArthurQ> couldnt really think of anything
<ArthurQ> so aside from that what do you think
<Alcar> ugh, done with newsgroups.... you mean, aside from any friends, finished skills or an in depth background? Oh, is fine aside from that.
<ArthurQ> i didnt finish skills?
<Alcar> Uh. Not that I saw, no.

* Hunter cries
<Hunter> I want to be in a campaign..
<Baliadoc> i think we're going to war with the rest of the middle east soon, Hunter. if that helps.
<Hunter> Let me be more specific
<Hunter> I want to be in a D&D campaign, because I hate going outside

* Alcar has Lance around still, just 'cause :p
* Baliadoc still wishes he had made lance the punisher type of superhero, just for kicks :)
* Alcar has him as more of that now. He polices the magic community. They all know who he is, and are too scared of him to tell the regular police :)
<Baliadoc> sweet :)
<Baliadoc> now i've got this funny picture in my head of the magic community of superheroes. in comic books, they're normally treated with a sort've reverence. now i picture a big jock dressed in SWAT gear :)
* Alcar shrugs. The magic types are rarely really big or important in most comic book universes
<Baliadoc> true. i guess i'm thinking DC. they're not that important, but when they show up they're mysterious, and everyone's like "ohhhh, you're special!"
<Baliadoc> and they dress up funny
<Baliadoc> of course, i'm comparing this to people who wear the underwear on the outside...

<Alcar> But, yeah, normal human government operatives would be fun .... killing then generally being a Bad Idea just because more will come, and more...
<Alcar> wouldn't be fair to pcs to die of sniper shot tho :p
<Alcar> Alphabet Person: "Telepath, eh? Well, we're 10 miles away, so .. read this!" *shoots* *pc dies*
<MechaBlue> That'd only happen if the PC was very naughty, though
<Alcar> MechaBlue - Yeah.. not *too* likely since i stipulate the players play heroes, but knowing players :p

<Hunter> I'm STILL looking for a campaign, you know.
<aslhk> Hunter: YAY!
* Hunter shoots aslhk with his M4 >.<
<aslhk> Hunter: uh oh! You'd better hide your violent inclinations, or you'll never get into a campaign!
<aslhk> Hunter: I recommend leaving irc and logging on as female. Then talk to a few gamer d00ds for a while. Then mention that you want to learn to play D&D

<Alcar> hmm .. how does the us public school system work? elementary and high school, or something else?
<Tech-Sensei> Alcar
<Tech-Sensei> it doesn't
<Alcar> doesn't what? :p
<Tech-Sensei> work
<Tech-Sensei> or 'school' if you're treating 'to school' as a verb
<Tech-Sensei> although after you go through it you lose 1000 exp but gain the feats : martial weapon profic (handgun), skill focus bluff, skill focus pick pockets, and bullheaded.

<AlcarDM> The day winds towards evening, and while there is no official boundary between the baronies, you find some old trees wih decaying bodies on them that might mark it. However, they;'re over about a 2 mile stretch of road so the boundary has been in dispute a long, long time. Most of them are just boned picked clean by scavenger birds
<Ghenn> "I hope we make it through here. This doesn't seem like the most charming place to make camp."
* Orgg nods
<Orgg> "When we are finished here, there will be no more reason to fight."
<Ghenn> "Until the next time there's reason, right?'
<AlcarDM> some of the bones seem to rattle in the trees to an unseen breeze
* Ghenn looks somewhat confused :)

<Sex> How can you hate sparkie?
<Sex> 1d20
<Sparkie> Sex 1d20: 6
* Sex answers his own question

<Orgg> "Your dodging is not working so well."
<Ghenn> "I hadn't forseen being hit."

<Ghenn> "So.... what'd... you... see?"
<Ghenn> "Stupid... poisonous... demon... flying... snakes..."
<Orgg> "He escaped, but we're in luck. He took shelter in a castle up ahead. We'll need a stronghold anyway."

<AlcarDM> The griffon looks down at the corpse, circling it a bit more, then says "Where to, master?" in a diffrential tone
<Ryu_fatherfoot> "Master??"
<AlcarDM> Griffon: "Yes?"
<Ryu_fatherfoot> "What do you meen Master? I wouldn't mind a ride on north to the next city, but Your free to do what you want.."
<AlcarDM> Griffon: ".... you're my master. You kiled my last one. Not for long, maybe, but that definitely counts as killing."
<Ryu_fatherfoot> "Oh well on to the next city then, your free to do what you want, come or go.. I meen realy you must have a home somewhere"
<AlcarDM> Griffon: "You're new at this killing dark wizards thing, aren't you?"

<AlcarDM> Griffon: "Actually, that is a good motive.. very dark lord. Tell me, what are you're views on torturing the masses?"
<Ryu_fatherfoot`> "Why would I want to torture the masses?"
<AlcarDM> Griffon: "Because it's what dark lords do?"
<Ryu_fatherfoot`> "But I'm not a dark lord.."
<AlcarDM> Griffon: "My master said that, too.:"
<Ryu_fatherfoot`> "What did he call him self?"
<AlcarDM> Griffon: "The Nameless Necromancer."
<Ryu_fatherfoot`> "Sounds like a darklord to me all right."

<AlcarDM> The snake is writhing around wildly and seems to have something in it's eyes
* Ryu_fatherfoot` shrugs "Mabie I don't know.."
* Ryu_fatherfoot` uses mage hand to get what evers in its eyes out
<AlcarDM> Ok the griffin flies down .. you see they're two swords.
<Ryu_fatherfoot`> "Ugh Now who would do such a thing!"
<Ryu_fatherfoot`> "I've never seen a snake with wings befor and there some one went poking out its eyes!"
<AlcarDM> Griffon: "Heros, I bet. They're always big on suffering."

<AlcarDM> That was fun. Kender Dark Lord isn't something you encounnter every day
<AlcarDM> or any day, come to think of it
<Baliadoc> lol, i'll say :)
<Ryu_fatherfoot`> damn ryu is making it a habbit of killing lords
<AlcarDM> it was funny ay least. And you did stop the dark lord from wiping out Lirk and the rest of the barony so that's good :P
<Keith> thats just twisted
<aslhk> and pissed off the barbarian and the dwarf by not letting them get eaten by a snake! =P
<Keith> "sure he will be a great leader becus i'm going to go become the ruler in the south"

* Alcar has to admit Cal came up with the weirdest way for a super to not be registered by the government
<Baliadoc> by using an email registration, and having it get lost? :)
<Baliadoc> "Oh, your email isn't stupidmonkeys@us.gov?"

<Alcar> aftermath pc who thinks he's neo but the idea that reality is an illusion is just an illusion made by his mind.
<Alcar> be sort of useless tho :)
<Baliadoc> indeed :)
* Alcar adds it to the npc list
<Alcar> pc gets attacked by someone "Smith! I know it's you!"
<Baliadoc> he could have matter manipulation, and make other people turn into a lookalike of Smith :)

<Chaos`^> Do you have any idea of how powerful full control of electricity would be?
<Baliadoc> yes, but who would!? think of the bills your power would cost you!
<Chaos`^> Power is everywhere, all you have to do is make it arc to somebody, and you can leave it, the current will probably kill somebody quickly
<Baliadoc> hell, my families electric bill is already superhuman.
<Chaos`^> All you need to do is carry around a friggin' battery and you've got it made! just coil it around the air a few times to amplify it and boom instant lightning death!

<Kate`^> hmmm... do chicks dig guys who wanna be chicks?

<Kate`^> "Good.. Well, it seems we all need a little sun.. but.. perhaps you should put some sunblock on Waldo, I hate to have a walking cherry walking around the house.."
<AlcarGM> He looks about to say something else, but eats instead, then shudders. "I guess.. and shades. It's gonna hurt..."
* Kate`^ produces some sunglasses from her hand "I'm a step ahead of you."
<AlcarGM> He gives you a surprised look, then grins. "Thanks."
<AlcarGM> He's sounding normal, too. Maybe he built a robot twin or something.
<Kate`^> (( COuld be, don't care, atleast he looks like he's here... ))
<AlcarGM> « lol. The mother of the '20s speaks! »

<Chaos`^> Cal: Word of advise, if alcar ever threatens you with accountants, take it seriously

<typo> the good news is that few people know of what he's doing aside from hgis friends and other weirdos like him who've done the same thing. The bad news is the government wants to stop it, but is doing it very quietly.
<Chaos`^> the bad news is that he lives with Kate!
<typo> No, that's the good news for when the alpahbet people come with guns!
<Chaos`^> the aplhpabet people? They anything like accountants?
<Caltak> You mean those Psychos from Sesame Street? :)
<typo> alphabet, too......
<typo> No, I mean as in FBI, CIA, MIB, MIB2, MIB3, NSA :p
<Caltak> aww :P
<Caltak> thats marginally less enjoyable.
<Caltak> you know, the scariest of those is the NRA :P
<MechaBlue> NRA are pretty harmless, really. Much like cancer.

<Theliar`^> "Right... So you were made to kill people?"
<AlcarDM> Skeleton: "Me? Nah. I was an apprentice mage, up until I decided to open some books and my master found out and killed me. Of course, he was a real Dark Lord so he brought me back and killed me a few more times, and tortured my soul. Great days, those were. he finally just animated my bones and had me guard his books."
<Theliar`^> "So.. Where's your soul then?"
<AlcarDM> Skeleton: "Oh, I think he ate it. Or destroyed it. He was big on destroying."
<Theliar`^> "So then.. How do you think? What controls your emotions?"
<AlcarDM> The skeleton looks at Theliar, and would blink, if he could. "I do."

<Ryu-Featherfoot> ira logic baced on which ever direction the kender went i'm going the other way
<Theliar`^> It's good logic

<Ghenn> "As of the moment, I didn't think people wanted me to go in and kill the Baron."
<Orgg> "So what part of the plan is being changed?"
<Theliar`^> "The part where the monster lives in the barrony

* VAMPIRE__ has joined #game1
<Theliar`^> "Hmm.. I wonder what the goddess wants me to do in the south."
<VAMPIRE__> what?:
<VAMPIRE__> bastard!
* VAMPIRE__ has left #game1

<AlcarDM> You pass a few more homes and villages, most in the same state of destitution. Obviouslly Fallbrook is making it impossible to organise any kind of rebellion, and doing a really god job of it
<Ghenn> "You almost have to wonder what the perks are of being a baron if all you do is keep your people in grime and spend all your time with manwhores. He must really enjoy the company of other men, if you know what I mean."
<Orgg> "Manwhores?"
<Ghenn> "He has to spend all his money on mercenaries."
<Orgg> "He has manwhores?"
<Orgg> "Oh."
<Ghenn> "You have to assume they're used for something else besides keeping the peace."
<AlcarDM> « lol. Baron: "I meant Manwhores as in Mercenaries! Get them OUT of here!" »
<Theliar`^> "So, you think he needs friends?"
* Ghenn says this all half mockingly and half seriously
<Ghenn> "No. I think he just likes paying for the services of men... if you know what I mean."

<Theliar`^> "This man's worse than the last barron that killed his own people quickly... this man makes it a slow process.."

* Ryu-FeatherFoot heads on into town after getting a genral feel for the area
<AlcarDM> Ok, the city of Makake is basically a large, overgrown town, mostly looking like a lot of towns thrown together, with streets going every possible durection and mostly being very, very confusing. You take a certain pride from knowin,g after a road ends at a pink brick wall, that kender likely had a hand in it

<AlcarDM> hehe. Ryu is in Kender hell :p
<AlcarDM> * Ryu-FeatherFoot gets a bit discuraged and goes to find launch in a local tavern (some place not to dive like, and probubly going to have to pick a pocket to pay for launch unless they will let me get it in barter for some parler tricks)
<AlcarDM> <AlcarDM> Oddly, you fine no money in any of the pockets. no one seems to have a money pouch....

<Orgg> "We could rob the tax collectors. Get the food before it gets inside."
<Ghenn> "Maybe we should keep an eye out for them. We could always kill them, too. Make sure they return with nothing."
* Orgg nods
<Orgg> "Burn their houses."
<Theliar`^> "I can only suggest you burn it while inside..."
<Orgg> "And their carts." As an afterthought

<Theliar`^> "So just us three to take over an army huh?"
<Orgg> "Two, really."
<Orgg> "Unless you can think of some way to be useful."

* Ryu-FeatherFoot stops for a minet to ask the owner of the astablishment something "How are the people about.. things that are out of the ordanary around here?"

<AlcarDM> The owner looks at you "Like what?" curiosly
<Ryu-FeatherFoot> "A griffon and a skeleton wraped in black robes..."
<AlcarDM> He blinks.
<AlcarDM> "Well, now.... never seen either around here in my time, but we try to be welcoming to strangers - and by the goddess tits they don't get much stranger than that."
* Ryu-FeatherFoot nods
<Ryu-FeatherFoot> "Yah you would be suprised what necromansers have wandering around there castles"
<AlcarDM> He blinks, then gives you a very weird look..... "I suspect I would."

<Orgg> "A victory of some sort would be useful as well."

<Ghenn> "Can we get word to Lirk? Maybe they could send us some provisions."
<Orgg> "I have no way to contact him."
<Orgg> "The baron must have messengers, though. Perhaps we can hire one."
<Ghenn> "That's a bit risky, though, isn't it?"
* Orgg nods
<Orgg> "Not if we kidnap the messenger's mother."
<Theliar`^> "We could have them plant their own crops, in the lands of the goddess, they will be ready within weeks... besides, we have to wait for the Merceneries to give up as well..."
<AlcarDM> Theliar gets the feeling he and Orgg are having two different conversations...
* Theliar`^ shakes his head "You would do that? WOuldn't that reduce the moral of the people on our side, if we took one of their own hostage?"

<AlcarDM> <Orgg> "It's not like we have to hurt her." <-- this is probably the reason PCs travelling take the name adventurer rather that hero
<Orgg> he's a hero! He just has different rules =P

<Ghenn> "We'll just pay the messenger!"
* Orgg nods
<Orgg> "That works." He shrugs
<Ghenn> "The amount of money that says 'You don't want to mess with us, because we have more for you where that came from.'"
<AlcarDM> « Or it says "Wow! I can afford a vacation!" »
<Ghenn> ((er... damn.))
<Ghenn> ((i don't like your translation ;))

<Ryan```> "Well, you run fast. I'm a lot like... well, a ghost. I become... well, ghost-like. Phase through walls, absorb damage and the like. Plus, I can teleport, and I've got a voice that'll blow your mind. Literally."
<Brett> ".. You're not human, are you?"
* Brett chuckles
<AlcarGM> <Needles> "You do phone sex, then?" to Ryan
<Ryan```> "You've got quite the fixation with sex, don't ya?"
<AlcarGM> <Needles> "If you don't, then he's right and you're not human." *shrugs*

<Maelstrom> (Game quote of the week..... <Maelstrom> "If only dad was here......he always knew what to do......", reffering to void..hahaha!)

<AlcarGM> Ok, you push yourself and make it home in minutes, feeling wrung out...... There is a man with a strange crest - a black pentagon - on his arm, floating in the air beside your home.
<Maelstrom> (any idea who he his?)
<Maelstrom> (cause i dnot remember from the stuff on the site)
<AlcarGM> No idea. He's wearing a strange one pliece light grey suit of some kind.
<AlcarGM> « that's cause they don't exist. Officially :p »
<Maelstrom> (ok..)

<Maelstrom> "ok...well.....are any of the former Peace Keepers teaching here?"
<Alcar> He frowns. "I don't think so. Most of them are dead."
<Maelstrom> "thats strange...uncle told me seer would be here...."
<Maelstrom> "Um...who's like in charge, and where is there office. Maybe they can help me..."
<Alcar> He looks at you. "Maybe you should make an appointment then?"
<Maelstrom> "I dont really have the time.....its kind of an emergency....you know, the save the world type of thing...."
<Alcar> The professorm nods. "Oh, one of those. We get that weekly here. It should take a number behind the lava men invasion." he peers up at you (but, being mortal, is unable to access the awesome power of Peer). "If you want, there is a faculty directory in information."

<Maelstrom> why couldnt they be borrowed like any other power
Alcar smiles. Bescause her power is different. Actually, it *could* get borrowed I think .... just not drained. And evne that's iffy. I'm not sure what would happen if it was borrowed, but it would be fun finding out.
<Maelstrom> lol
<Maelstrom> Alcar you make up half of this as you go along, i know you do.
<Alcar> of course. It's no fun if I know what's going to happen :p

<AlcarGM> He's swinigng down towards a kid about your age, short, who's currently got hands in the pockets of a jean jacket and is walking after what appears to be a walking pile of recycled glas in human shape
* Maelstrom watches the scene before intervening.
<AlcarGM> The kid on the ground is saying "Look, you get around, people don't notice you. Can youn write or something? If you've seen - or whatever you - " then jason swings down, and the kid moves, faster than anything human, out of thw way. "What the hell?"
<AlcarGM> Jason actually manages to land on his feet, and says loudly "is this yours?"
* Maelstrom just watches....
<AlcarGM> The man made of broken bottles - who's also leaving a trail of glass in his wake - has stopped
* Maelstrom is trying to understand what is happening.
<AlcarGM> The kid who jumped away frm Jason is facing him warily, hands out of pockets - and ending in very long claws. "What?"
<AlcarGM> Jason is holding a flare gun, of all things, and trying to be menacing. "That!" The other kid looks at the man of bottles. "No, he's his own person."
<AlcarGM> Jason: "So you deny littering?"
<AlcarGM> The other kid stares at jason for a long moment. "Littering?"
<AlcarGM> Jason seems to deflate a little, then rallies. "And murder!"
<Maelstrom> "Oh this is fucking rediculous...."
* Maelstrom flies in and encases Jason in a hollow cube of ice.

<Brett> "I want to try and do something about it. Its a shame what's happening. I don't even know what all is happening, but I know enough not to like it."
<AlcarGM> The glass man gets another piece of paper and writes. "Ask the Doctor."
<Brett> "Which doctor? Where can I find him?"
* Brett produces another receipt or two :P
<AlcarGM> The glass man hesitates, then writes, quickly, the word "Filth" on one.
<Brett> "Dr. Filth?"
* Brett looks up at the guy for a nod
<AlcarGM> The glass man nods after a moment.
<Brett> "Where can I find him?"
<AlcarGM> He flips it over and writes "phone book."

<Maelstrom> "What wouldd they be abducting them for? experiements?"
<Brett> "That's what I'm guessing, experiments."
<Brett> "You could probably sell the kids off for a big chunk of money."
<Maelstrom> "But there are supers everywhere, why cant they just get volunteers, this makes no sense..
<Ryan```> "Depends on what you're doing with your experiments."
<Ryan```> "Would you volunteer to give up your brain for study?"
<Maelstrom> "Not really no.."

<AlcarGM> The guard looks up, again. "Another one?"
* Brett stays a bit back, not associating himself with the others since his plan botched.
<AlcarGM> Guard: "I've already called the cops, buddy."
<Ryan```> "Busy day, I take it? I was wondering if the doctor is in. I don't have an appointment, but something's come up that I would dearly like to talk to him about."
<Ryan```> "That could complicate things."
<AlcarGM> Guard: "Oh, like what?"
<Maelstrom> "Damn, he's already called the cops.......ok.....i'm done pussyfooting around..."
* Maelstrom steps from around the corner and simply shoots the guard in the face with a huge blast of ice.....trying to flash freeze him
<Ryan```> "I run a small clinic down in the 'Burg, and some of the street kids that come in - mutant kids - are exhibiting some odd symptoms, of something I've never seen. I figured the good doctor might want to look at some samples, and possibly help me to understand it."
* Ryan``` says all this, then wishes he had left the kids at daycare....
<Brett> (( :P Infamous void initiative at work :P ))
<Maelstrom> (dammit, like father like son........)
<Maelstrom> (but trust me, Maelstrom does this a lot less)
<Ryan```> (so far, field data suggests otherwise ;)

* Brett enters a phone booth, goes super, and walks back up to the group :P
<Maelstrom> "I've heard of superman.....but....really, that was just plain rediculous..."

<Brett> "We're on limitted time if he really called the cops."
<Ryan```> "Even if he didn't, being encased in ice isn't going to go unnoticed."
<Brett> "Let's just damage as much as we can, take what we think is useful"
<Ryan```> "Why did you do that?" *to Maelstrom*
<Brett> "This is a horrible start to our mission, heheh"
<Ryan```> "You're suggesting we break, enter, and cause property damage?"

<Brett> :P Why do I get the sinking feeling our first mission has been totally half-assed?
<AlcarGM> because it is?
<Brett> :> oh well
<Brett> that's what makes us super!

<Brett> "Good news, the doc's not here."
<Brett> "We can come back later and he won't know it was us."
<Paradigm> "We're going to be on tape."
<Brett> "We'll have to blow up his security room then."
<AlcarGM> <Needles> looks at Brett. "You don't do this much, do you?" with a sigh. "We'd need someone to back the system, find out where the tapes are transmitted, get someone to deal with that place, deal with this one, and evade the police."
<Maelstrom> "Ok, well if you find where the system is, i can melt it to slag..."
<Brett> "Oh. I figured we'd just cut up his vcr."
<Paradigm> "I will deal with security. Why don't the three of you go romping around?"
<Brett> "We could always just leave him a letter saying something like "Wanted an appoitment, your guard was a prick. We'll be in touch""
<AlcarGM> <Needles> "maybe we should go now?" weakly
<AlcarGM> <Needles> "Like, before be presses charges?"
<Paradigm> "That would be nice. But I don't think they like that idea."
<Brett> "damnit.. I hate being stuck halfway in a plan like this."
<Paradigm> "Your continued referal to this as a plan is starting to scare me, Brett."

<Paradigm> "... Can I just point out that neither of you can phase? I can be in security well before any of you."
<Maelstrom> BothM- and both of us can stay in touch through me....since...um....i'm both..
<Brett> "Well, I could phase, too."
<Brett> "But right now I've got a more efficient solution"
* Brett holds up his hand as it glows a bit.
<AlcarGM> <Needles> stares at Brett in horror
<Brett> "Let's just go right through the main door?"
<AlcarGM> <Needles> "You're joking, right?"
* Brett shrugs, "I haven't ever broken into a crazy geneticists lab before. I'm open to suggestions."
<Brett> (( We're the funniest bunch of heroes I've ever seen. :P ))
<Maelstrom> (maybe i should be more headstrong, if it wasnt for me we'd still be outside..)
<AlcarGM> « .... please don't :p »

<Caltak> man, I so so dont know how my character will work as a group member... its so horrible, but Alcar likes my twisted PC and I kinda do too, but I just dont know...
<Kentari> Uhm here's a hint
<Kentari> :P If its gonna hurt the team, just make it an npc
<Caltak> bah, I wanna play it though, thats the point :P
<Kentari> Well make some changes then
<Kentari> :P Have your pc get a crush on Kate or something
<Caltak> omfg
<Caltak> you have no idae how funny that suggestion is
<Caltak> Im gonna tell alcar and he'll laugh his ass off

<Kate`^> I think it say's your in jail for life though, not in prison

<Alcar> d100
<Sparkie> Alcar d100: 97
<Alcar> d100
<Sparkie> Alcar d100: 98
<Alcar> what the hell?!

* Kate`^ waits for the doctor
<Alcar> Someone buzzes the main door
* Kate`^ answers it
<Alcar> An older man in a rain jacket is standing there, looking a bit worried. "I'm Father Gerald. Mr. Taylor asked me to come here?"
* Kate`^ nods "You're good with wounds then?"
<Alcar> He nods. "Unfortunately, yes."
<Alcar> he then stabs you.
<Alcar> or not :p
<Kentari> :P
<Kate`^> uhm...
<Kate`^> that was unexpected
<Alcar> j/k
<Kentari> (( that would've been cool :P ))

<Kentari> :P lol the revengers are going to be after the group
<Kentari> first they pick half of us up breaking into a lab
<Chaos`^> Yeah, but according to the records, My car was stolen, my house was broken into, and everyon in it dissapeared...
<Kentari> :P According to the records, Elvis is dead
<Alcar> Chaos - you phoned it in from your car :P
<Chaos`^> and?
<Chaos`^> That doesn't mean I wasn't kidnapped =p
* Chaos`^ will play the kidnapped person

<AlcarGM> Crystal: "That's called breaking and entering. Didn't you learn anything from Cops?"
<Maelstrom> "Yes....but we didnt think Mr Gayness man would show up....and yes i know you're gonna tell me "Exactly alex, you didnt think...""
<AlcarGM> Crystal opens her mouth, the closes it and glares at you. "You should have. Putting on a custome doens't mean you shut off your brain."
<Maelstrom> (DAMN! she got me with another one!)

<Kate`^> "I see... Well, Go back to sleep, it's good for you."
<AlcarGM> Waldo shakes his head. "I don't want to....... keep remembering dying..."
<Kate`^> "what do you mean?"
<AlcarGM> Waldo: "I .. the AI I am.. it is me, and..... I let myself die.. I ..... I felt it..." he's crying again, but doesn't notice. "It's ... why we got away. Defender is.. logical.. it never thought i'd do that.... and it.. hurt. I don't know if I could again."
<AlcarGM> Waldo: "I can - can link to the net anywhere .... is . .like breathing. But I .. tried this morning... thorough an alias Defendre wouldn't have gotten.. I couldn't.. I.... I was scared to...."
<Kate`^> "Waldo.. In some worlds.. like yours, filled with danger.. sometimes you have to... make sacrifices... Big ones, and sometimes you regret them.. But.. You have to remember that everything and everyone needs something to live for, and something to die for... I'm sure your... AI... Would have wanted it that way, to die for a reason..."
<Kate`^> "You have to confront your fear's Waldo."

<AlcarGM> he frowns, then nods. "I see. How many guards?"
<julius`> "Well, that depends on the price."
<AlcarGM> Dr. Filth. "One million, each."
<julius`> "For that, I believe I could afford one for each entrance, that would make a total of three."
<julius`> "A million is quite an investment for a typical guard. I'm assuming medical and dental aren't needed?"
<AlcarGM> "Depends. Do you want them to have teeth?"
* julius` laughs
<AlcarGM> He's not joking....
* julius` ceases laughing.
<julius`> "Probably. They need teeth to talk."
<AlcarGM> Dr. Filth: "Telepathy is much more effective than teeth. We could arrange a lack of sleep as well."

* Maelstrom gently nudges her away from the ironing board and lays out all the clothes as evenly as he can.......creates a heavly thin ice block, lays it on the board......the flames it filling the room with steam leaving the clothes pressed and dry...
<AlcarGM> Crystal looks at you "Cute....."
* Maelstrom smirks
<Maelstrom> "Handy having a hero for a son, isint it.."
<Maelstrom> "Maybe i should open a dry cleaning outfit...."
* Maelstrom does a commercial voice. "Zap out stains with liquid nitrogen.....Iron press garenteed to smooth out your clothes!"
<Maelstrom> "ahem"

<julius`> "The Marquis Corporation spares no expense in protecting its assets."
<Kate`^> "I'm affraid I need numbers Mr. Marquis."
<julius`> "However..."
<Caltak> (( wow, how... impersonal :P ))
<julius`> "A district attorney is a job with a wonderful title. I would not want to tear you from your current position."
<julius`> "I'm sure we could arrange a part-time agreement. My matters aren't that many in number."
<julius`> ((And the occasional [under]desk job now and then... j/k :P ))
* Kate`^ smiles "They don't like me there anyway."

* Kate`^ leaves.... leaves Julius with the bill!
<julius`> "Its been a pleasure."
* julius` leaves the bill to the taxpayers.
<Kate`^> "It's mutual. Farewell."
<julius`> ((j/k :> ))
<AlcarGM> Taxpayer Man kills julius 3 months later with his Audit power!
<julius`> :P I'm immune, we've talked about this!
<julius`> the mafia never pay taxes!
<julius`> err.. oops.
<julius`> :P No one saw that, ok?

* Kate`^ is looking for waldo...
<AlcarGM> Waldo doesn't seem to be in his room.
<Kate`^> "Needles, where's waldo?"
<julius`> (( HAHAHAHAHA ))
<julius`> (( oh my god... wow.. my side hurts...))
<Caltak> (( roflmfao ))
<AlcarGM> <Needles> "Basement. Said he had to do stuff."

<Paradigm> (make a note. Kate doesn't get any more children to take care of)

<AlcarGM> And somewhere on the hill, after the liqueurs in choclate cups, an elderly gentleman makes the Yellow Sign. "As you all know, our pet project is nearing completion, and soon the stars will come right...." an old woman intergects: "But, Fitzgerald, we need more souls." A ,man nods "We need to expand our market share. Diversify! Diversify Diversify! What? It worked for the Barneyt and Starbucks people!"

<AlcarGM> <Needles> comes in with a big bowl of soup
<julius`> (( But there's no spoon! ))

<julius`> "The last thing winter said was not to kill. And the only killing I heard mentioned.. was from your mouth."
<Maelstrom> "I remember that Winter was scared solid of that idiot yelling at him"
* julius` says nothing more of the matter
<Maelstrom> "There wouldnt have been any yelling if he wasnt there.."

* Carl`` tips the door open with the tip of his cane
* Maelstrom looks at the door, and creates a nice big sphere of flame in his hand.
<Carl``> "Um, Alex, C'mon in, I think we need to talk."
<Maelstrom> "Talk? I think you need to be locked in a block of ice and dropped into the lake for all eternity, you just turned my entire life upside down"
<AlcarGM> Maelstrom feels that other presence, but faintly....
* julius` goes to get himself a glass o coffee for the watch
<Maelstrom> "What the hell is that?!"
<julius`> "Coffee."
<julius`> "Want some?"
* Carl`` scrunches his brow, "Murmur, mind your manners."
<Carl``> "She's very protective, fortunately."
<Maelstrom> "I'm talking bout that thing floating around."
<Maelstrom> "I'll blast her too if i have too....."

<AlexMajor> "If she wasnt prying, she wouldnt have gotten aniahiallated, there was a reason i told you to keep away, and you found it......big time.."
<Carl``> "Notably I was angry, for Miminin was a very long time frined f mine, for she was one of the few who heklped me back from beyond
<Carl``> "I was at a loss, what could I do? I didn't know the consequences, so I scared winter into taking her back from deathdeath."
<Carl``> "You just don't understand do you? It. Thing. Creature. They're all just words to help you cope with your arrogance."
<AlexMajor> "are you trying to justify your actions to me?"
<Carl``> "I justify nothing. I took no action, but a reaction."

<AlexMajor> "I suggest you find out where in gods name my powers went.....because the only person i see here is you..."
<AlcarGM> « would like to end this, like, soon :p »
* Carl`` shrugs, looking worried at that homocidal glint in Alex's eye!
<AlexMajor> <would like my powers back...like, now..>
<AlcarGM> « I can't do that. »
<AlexMajor> <lol>
<AlcarGM> « I didn't take 'em :p »
* AlexMajor paces around, very very distressed

<AlexMajor> what about pc's with nullifying powers?
<AlexMajor> thats screwed up
<Alcar> not to me.
<TassPassedOut> well, its pretty find by me :P
<TassPassedOut> I mean, power steal all you want fromme, its not going to make a lick of difference
<AlexMajor> not to me, i hate that another PC has that power over me.
<TassPassedOut> I'm still useless :P
<AlexMajor> it should only be in the DM's hands.
<Alcar> Art - then it's no fun :)
<AlexMajor> no its not fun this way

[00:36] <AlcarGM> « tonite session is over after the Maelstrom/kate thing ends :P »
[03:13] <AlcarGM> It's now about 2 pm game time........ Alex is confused, Carl is waiting for world form a ghost about healing and this session blooody well ends!
[03:13] <AlcarGM> EXP: 10 each :p

<Alcar> the threat alone should be enough to calm Alex tho :)
<Alcar> Or so I hope.
<aslhk> he's going to end up in jail *laugh*
<aslhk> if he continues behaving like that--with great power come great numbers of people just waiting to sue you

<Orgg> "What are you waiting for?"
<Theliar`^> (( Say "Now" ))
<Theliar`^> (( or please.. or "i'll have sex with you" that seems to be the thing around these villages.. seriously, i just had a kid ask me for sex ))
<Orgg> (( well, you're an elf! =P ))
<Theliar`^> (( lol ))

<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "Well you mind doing me a favor then?, befor she umm.. pays, mind If I speak with her?"
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "You know ansers in all, would be kinda hard afterwords.."
<AlcarDM> he shrugs. "The Master can just bring her back. A few times, if need be."
* Ryu_FeatherFoot digs around in his bag and sets his box with runes on it on the table and taps on it "Well there is always letting this lose for not doing as I ask."
<AlcarDM> The man is on his feet, drawing his sword "You dare?!"
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "Calm down, Its only a necromanser, geaz Do you think I would realy let something like that lose over such a small mater?"
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "You realy should calm down"
* Ryu_FeatherFoot puts the runed box away
<Ryu_FeatherFoot> "Besides, do you realy thing I would let such a thing go with out some sorta reword?"
<AlcarDM> The man loooks t you, mouths "only a necromancer?" and calms, giving you a scared look you nomrally only get when you approach merchants

<AlcarDM> * Theliar`^ relaxes
<AlcarDM> <Theliar`^> "So... You'll help us then!?"
<AlcarDM> <AlcarDM> She gives you a baleful look. "Yes, you elven horselicker."
<AlcarDM> Theliar is good at making friends :P
<Theliar`^> I take that as a compliment
<Caltak> (( horses taste like candy. ))

<Cypheriel> (Aftermath?)
<Caltak> (( I wish ))
* AlcarDM shakes his head
<Caltak> (( how many people is that so far? :) ))
<AlcarDM> :p
<AlcarDM> he's not even in it!
<Caltak> (( bah, it still counts ))

* Maelstrom has joined #game1
<Maelstrom> (let me guess, not aftermath :-p)
<AlcarDM> « ..... »
<AlcarDM> « no. »
<AlcarDM> « don't say a word, Caltak :p »

<Theliar`^> "Where is this?"
<Orgg> "What do you mean?"
<Theliar`^> "I've seen this pond before.. the goddess.. Lirk.. When I disobeyed her.. I had a dream.. I was sent to a place with.. this pond.. and when I.. helped Lirk, I saw the pond again."
<AlcarDM> the goldish nibbles on your finger
<Orgg> "This is the Baron's Forest. I guess your Goddess likes it. We need to speak."
<Orgg> "How do you talk to her?"
<Theliar`^> "I pray. Sometimes she speaks to my mind."
<Orgg> "Then pray to her that I wish to speak to her about Lirk."
<AlcarDM> « lol »
<AlcarDM> « this should be amusing »
<Orgg> ((lol, yes. *begins a new character* =P)
<Theliar`^> (( *does as well* ))

<Sintaqx> during the week since she's risen she's met koby. if Alcar can make it great. If not Koby had to go off to do something, but might be able to make cameo appearances in the game ;)
<Marcus_Fenway> I hope he can make it
<Marcus_Fenway> he can Do battle against the arch Chicken God
<Marcus_Fenway> Lord Cluck :)

<AlcarDM> lol Ok. The Barony is, of course, closed and locked. The outer castle even has a drawbridge -- over an empty moat.. traditionalists :p
<Orgg> Orgg, being a traditionalist as well will climb into the moat, walk across, climb out, and attempt to open the doors through brute strength.
<Orgg> This failing, sadly, he will attempt to scale the walls
<AlcarDM> lol... OK. The door is wooden, solid and not breaking underbrute strength. A man looks down from up above. :"Hey! You! What do you think you're doing?"
<Orgg> Ahah! An individual!
<Orgg> "This door appears to be stuck."
<Orgg> (couldn't help myself.)
<Theliar`^> (( ROFLMAO!! ))
* Orgg continues attempting to force the door, not satisfied with his results so far
* Orgg pounds on the door furiously.
<AlcarDM> The man looks down over the wall for a very long moment. "It's a draw bridge. It goes down."
* Orgg frowns
<Orgg> "Oh."

* Orgg begins scaling the wall.
<AlcarDM> The guard blinks, then says "What 8are* you doing?" in a bemused tone.
<Orgg> "Climbing the wall. The gates are closed."
<AlcarDM> Guard: "You know, I think this counts as invasion," cheerfully. "Do you plan to storm the keep?:"
<Orgg> "Yes."
* Orgg continues his climbing
<AlcarDM> The guard shrugs and wanders away. You reach the top of the wall. Nice rampart for the guards to walk on, some ladders going down to the ground (about 20' or so) and a small village, then the innerkeep (also locked) itself. The gurd comes ambling over with a flask of ale "Want a drink? That must have bene thirsty work."
* Orgg nods and quaffs the flask gratefully
<Orgg> "Thanks. You're supposed to be trying to kill me now."
* Orgg cues the guard.
<AlcarDM> The guard laughs "Hah! We don't get paid enough for that. Let the mercs do it. They guard the inner keep and stuff, when they're not .. busy.. at the baron's orders. he grins lewdly

<AlcarDM> An older man is outside a house, carving a bird out of wood. A young boy - obvciously related - is watching him, and taking animatedly about wha he's going to spned his copper piece on
* Theliar`^ smiles at the man and approaches him
<AlcarDM> The man looks up. "Yes?"
<Theliar`^> "This land here, it seems to be well tilled but.. there are no crops... I was wondering if there were any seeds for the crops?"
<AlcarDM> He shrugs. "Not here. Baron took 'em for taxes."
<Theliar`^> "I see... How do you feed yourselves?"
<AlcarDM> He shrugs again. "Seasoned books, trees, travelers.
<Theliar`^> "I... See..."

<Orgg> "The secret entrance?"
<AlcarDM> he ods. "Yep. OUtside, in the woods, there's a well, and a secret entrance to the inner keep by it."
<Orgg> "But there are traps and strong monsters guarding the entrance, right?"
<Orgg> (somewhat desperately)
<AlcarDM> Guard: "Of course not. It's secret!"

<aslhk> the trouble is that most of the really disturbing individuals I have met have very blurred lines between "in character" and "in real life" =P
* Alcar nods. Never blurred that one myself...... that I know of. I'm honestly not sure how you *could* ....
<aslhk> *laugh*
<aslhk> well, I look at it as legos!
<aslhk> creative people have a whole box of legos to play with
<aslhk> they can assemble them into all sorts of nifty patterns
<aslhk> uncreative people get maybe one or two, and they just move them around somewhat dejectedly
<aslhk> when you have a ton of legos, it's fairly easy to figure out, "Hey! These are just legos!", but when you've only got a couple, they become much more important

<MaleStorm> "id rather be dead the a norm"
* Julius` stops his thought process for a moment
<Julius`> "Why is that?"
<MaleStorm> "because they are who i am."
<Julius`> "And what is that?"
<MaleStorm> "me..."
<MaleStorm> "now get on with it."
* Julius` sighs
<Julius`> "There's more to being a person than not being human."

<MaleStorm> "maybe i should show you how i feel right now? would you like your ability to breath or walk taken away from you?"
<Julius`> "Its happened before."
<Carl`> "What about all that saving lives crap you fed me earlier."
<MaleStorm> "So then you know....something close..."
<Julius`> "And I learned that what makes you isn't your abilities, but your actions."
<MaleStorm> "I cant save lives i'f i'm a nothing.."
<MaleStorm> "Look, fix me........here and now......please."
<Julius`> "If you can do what's right without powers, that's when your a hero."
* Julius` sighs, his pearls of wisdom falling on deaf ears
<Kate`^> (( LoL I like this... Maelstrom is gunna kill the only man who can fix him if he doesn't fix him =p ))

<MaleStorm> "What would happen if i told you a power i didnt have? you could create it?"
<Julius`> "I don't rightly know."
<Julius`> "All I know is that it would kill you if it didn't work."
<Julius`> "Well, let's get started."
<MaleStorm> "ok then thats it.........i think the sex thing is just my natrual charm......yea....thats it"
<Kate`^> (( ROFLMAO ))

<AlcarGM> The other 2 are taking - well, it's one sided, but you assume the faceless kis is replying somehow.
<AlcarGM> The girl looks as snake hisses loudly. "What is .... oh. You his girlfriend?" jokingly to you.
* Vora smiles. "Oh, he's a little young for me still, I think."
<Alcar> she raises an eyebrow at that. "You don't look that old, girl."
* Vora shrugs. "Well, that's the idea, isn't it?"

* Carl` walks back in from the front door
* Julius` turns to Carl, "Why, speak of the devil."
<Julius`> "Can I borrow you for a moment, Carl?"
* Carl` looks up and around, "Why? Is he herre?"
<Julius`> "Who?"

<Julius`> "Oh, you've got it?"
<Kate`^> (( Yeah, slap that one on your nearest arch villian, and it'll be allright ;))
<MaleStorm> "got what?
<Carl`> "The shard, at least I think."
<Julius`> (( Duh. What do you think I'm made for? :P ))
<Vora> (( maybe its the invisable man's credit card. ))
<Kate`^> (( Yeah! ))
<Kate`^> (( Swipe that baby in the nearest ATM, it's all good ))

<Julius`> Meanwhile:
<Julius`> <Firelight> "VAMPIRE!"
<Julius`> <Jason> "Demon!"

\<MaleStorm> i just want to be immune to anything that cancels or blocks or takes my power
<Julius`> well we want to be immune to your flaming personality then, Maelstrom
<Julius`> pun intended.
<Julius`> :D
* Julius` ducks

<Julius`> ((What kind of super hero carries a cell? It'd melt. Or freeze.))
<Maelstrom> (dude you do NOT wanna know where i keep mine)
<Julius`> ((Do you put it on vibrate? :P ))

<Julius`> (( Geez. Am I the only one who doesn't need to recharge every five minutes? :D ))
<Vora> (( I don't. ))
<Julius`> (( Well where the f- are you, ma'am? :P ))
<Maelstrom> (I normaly wouldnt......but i like poured everything i had into slowing down......besides, id rather dictate when i lose energy then alcar)
<Vora> (( Oh, you'll just have to wait and see. *wink* ))
<Julius`> ((good point, good point))

<Maelstrom> "I cant just leave his body here.........he was my friend.....even if a bit stupid....."
<Julius`> "The riot squad will have a hayday if the find a corpse in our van. Its in your hands."
<Julius`> "And what would you do? Give it to his mother?"
<Maelstrom> "You're right......."
<Vora> (( stuff it in a plastic bag and dump it in the river. ))
<Carl`> (Who's ready for some hotdogs!)

<Maelstrom> "I guess.....i'll just call my mom from the ......from here..."
<Julius`> "You'd better tell her the turth about things."
<Julius`> "She may be able to help you through it."
<Maelstrom> "That my best friend is dead?"
<Julius`> ((Killing your friend.. man, that stings))
<Julius`> "Yeah."
<Maelstrom> "Man......i dont think dad ever had to do that....."
<Julius`> "Void? You'd be suprised."
* Carl` shudders

<Maelstrom> thank god i fuck myself over with my secrets so alcar cant......

<Kentari> suffice it to say, Julius is almost willing to risk the lives of everyone but himself to save something

* Vora 's wallet was sticking out when newspaper was taken out, it falls on the floor. Some bills half-fall out, one of which is a hundred. "Oops." *picks it up noncahalantly, folds the newspaper article and puts it in, then puts it away, then smiles at Needles.* "Sure."
<AlcarGM> <Needles> raises an eyebrow but says nothing - not his business if you make money giving a snake kid blowjobs. He's seen worse. "Thanks, again." and walks out the door, mostly on wil power alone.
<Vora> (( :P ))
<Vora> (( though when you think about it, you'd probably get a lot of that kind of work in the burbs, though you probably wouldnt make much money off of it :P ))

<AlcarGM> The words flow apart into the rest of the fog, and then: Why here? forms.
<Piotr`> "Miss Naomi told me this is best place for me to find...work."
<AlcarGM> The fog flows apart, then conentrates on the one spot, and forms: We do not know what na then falls apart, then forms "Come with me."
<AlcarGM> The fog flows into a roughly human shape
* Piotr` follows reluctantly
<Julius`> (( Out of curiosity, what font is the fog? :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( lol. handwriting :P ))

<Tass> I expect vora's extended family tree to include various kitchen appliances, a university, and the bush down the street
<Tass> oh, no, more vora crap :P
<Tass> I'm starting to think her censored character summary is an announcement of her lineage
<Tass> and that she's part alien/angel/vampire/ascendant greekgoddess
<Alcar> you guessed?!
<Alcar> Wow.
<Tass> well, all the parts aren't there, but I know its a template clusterfuck, to put it inot D&D terms
<Alcar> that's a D&D term? :p
<Tass> I expect vora's extended family tree to include various kitchen appliances, a university, and the bush down the street

* Vora (( considers looking into a healing others ability sometime down the line, just for shits and giggles ;) ))

* Maelstrom tosses the paper aside as it burns to cinders
<Vora> (( he could do with a good hug.. but I wouldnt reccomend it. ))
<Maelstrom> (naw, he'd never hurt Jess)
<Vora> (( .. on purpose :P ))
<Maelstrom> "I was just trying to stop him from hurting people.....but thats all he wanted to do..."
<Vora> (( yaknow, just like he didn't mean to kill Jason :P ))
<Carl`> "... He burnt himself out. I'm pretty sure of it, Alex."
<Carl`> "Maybe in the resisting, but it really wasn't direct."
<Maelstrom> "No...it was me.....My powers should have frozen him in time......his body wouldnt have been able to burn itself out.....hed just be stuck there.."
* Carl` looks down and shakes his head
<Vora> (( Yeah and if we fly around the Earth really fast the wrong way, time goes backwards! :P ))
<Vora> (( *sarcasm carcasm* ))

* Maelstrom chokes on a poptart and coughs it out.
<Maelstrom> "gah"
<Julius`> ((Obviously super swallowing is not one of your abilities!))
<Maelstrom> "Dammit, the box says strawberry why are these cherry......"
* Maelstrom grumbles
<Carl`> (so who has this superswallowing ability? PornStar! fighting evil everywhere!)

<Maelstrom> "J, its Alex.....Needles is....um.......well just get back to the warehouse.."
<Maelstrom> "If you know anyone good with minds.....bring them."
<Julius`> "I know about Needles. I did all I could for him last night... he was giving himself a labotomy when I saw him. Is he any better?"

<Maelstrom> "I really doubt i'll take your advice on anything.......everything you do involves screwing my life to high hell one way or another..."

<AlcarGM> Madame C: "What shouldn't exist?"
<Carl`> "A hole, in limbo, or whatever you wanna call it, whatever you happen to believe in."
<AlcarGM> Pause, then "Ah. So that was it. My pineal gland acted up."
<Carl`> "Um, ok? different from the hair on the back of your neck standing up."
<AlcarGM> Madame C: "Of course. The Goddess spoke to me, an she never has before. It was almost the same, though, now that you mention it. Perhaps I imagined I imagined it."
<Carl`> "So, anyways, I need your help, will you help me?"
<AlcarGM> There is a long pause, then "Help you? No. I could teach you magic, though."

<Julius`> Its a double-edged sword, having npc friends
<AlcarGM> yeah :)
<Julius`> while they're useful, and are great for plot..
<Julius`> You really risk lots of stuff with them.
<Julius`> Personally, I think it makes stuff a bit more enriched provided you don't hang out with them more with other pcs ;P
<Julius`> I just tried to avoid it up until now because I fealt that any and all weaknesses would be exploited in this game :>

<Maelstrom> "Listen i'm gonna set you at the edge of the warehouse, then i'm going back into the burg.....i'm gonna take care of Fusion X once and for all.."
<Julius`> "Sure.. you want some help?"
<AlcarGM> (( factor x . .though fusion sounds better :p A super team named Fusion could be neat :) ))
<Julius`> ((Fission would be cooler cuz we could split up and the papers would go nuts.))
<Julius`> ((:P))

<AlcarGM> Jess is shaking Carl "Carl? Carl? Wake up!"
<Julius`> "Carl?"
* Julius` runz inside
<AlcarGM> Carl is sitting at the kitchen table not moving, just slumped over in his seat
<Julius`> "What happened to him??"
<AlcarGM> Jess: "I don't know! He just drank a glass of milk, looked all funny, asat down and passed out!"
<Julius`> "Where's the carton?"
* Julius` looks for an expiration date.
<AlexMajor> LOL
<AlcarGM> jess poins inside the fridge. (still has a week to go)

<Julius`> "Carl?"
<Carl`> "What?"
<Julius`> "You allright, man?"
<Carl`> "Yeah, I think so."
<Julius`> "What happened?"
<Carl`> "Tall Glass of milk."
<AlcarGM> (( hehe ))
<Julius`> "Its not expired, you lactose intollerant?"
<Carl`> "No, no."
<Julius`> "Good, I was about to say, drinking more of it given what it jsut did to you..."
<Carl`> "Don't blame the milk. It isn't real."
<Julius`> "There is no milk?"
* Carl` returns it to the refrigerator.

<AlcarGM> She smiles coldly. "I kill people very well, especially when startled."
<AlcarGM> "Or when annoyed. Or angry. Or pissed off. I don't do well out there."
<AlexMajor> "How exactly do you do that?"
<AlcarGM> She shrugs, offhandedly. "I explode into pieces, I've been told. TV showed me, once. It looks impressive. Lots of dead bodies."
<AlexMajor> "And you come back together?"
<AlcarGM> She stares at you. "Hello? Would I be here if I didn't?"

<Carl`> "well, might as well start low, so ask for some ecstasy. they might offer you the new next best thing."
<AlexMajor> "i've been pretty much asking stright up for it.....people seem afraid to sell it"
<Julius`> ((I can see that now. A big ball of flame comes up to you and says "Hey man, I need some drugz"))
<AlexMajor> (actually i'm incognito)
<Carl`> "Eh, just try it."
<Julius`> ((And I thought it was spelled xtc.. :P))
* Sparkie doesn't care how it's spelled as long they don't sell Alcar some.
<AlexMajor> (E, XTC, Extacy, Candy, X, and more..)
<Julius`> ((I just call it breakfast, myself.))
<Julius`> (( :> ))

<aslhk> lol
<aslhk> drugdealing!
<AlcarGM> Yep :)
<aslhk> the christians were right about roleplaying!
* aslhk gasps and looks around for a cross

* AlexMajor flings his hand casually freezing the dealers feet to the ground in small bricks of ice then lurches forward grabbing him by the neck with his hands heating up (no visible flames) just enough for him to feel intense heat.
<AlexMajor> "I will ask you once, maybe twice more......before i burn your balls off like baked acorns, and then turn you into BBQ peices.....tell me where to find your boss.."
* AlexMajor zaps the hand with some ice just in case too when he sees him going for something.
<AlcarGM> The dealer stops, shaking, looking terrified. "N --- no....." he moans
* AlexMajor twists his head to make cracking noise with his muscles (mine not his) and grabs the dudes balls making his hand much much much hotter (Eww, i cant belive i'm doing this.)
<AlexMajor> "Second chance......tell me....."
<AlcarGM> He manages somethign incoherent, and passes out.
<AlexMajor> i seriously cant understand what he said? even with my enhanced hearing?
<AlcarGM> Uh .,.. "oouuggghhh..."

<AlexMajor> "And this sack of unworthy human flesh.....was the dealer who gave it to me......my attempts to scare his boss out of him were.....unssuccessfull though.."
<Carl`> "Heh, Heheheh, heh."
<Carl`> "scare im eh?"
<AlexMajor> "I threatened to burn his balls off and turn him into BBQ flambay"
<AlcarGM> Jess: "He feels hurting from here.... ow.... what the hell did you do Alex, light his balls on fire?"
<AlexMajor> "Well no......not really..."
<AlexMajor> "Actaully i think so.."

AlcarGM> Cleo nods. "That could work."
<Julius`> "You're always thinking one step ahead, Cleo. That's what I love about you."
* Julius` smiles then heads out w/ Xavier :P
<AlcarGM> ow! nasty :P
<Julius`> ((What? :P))
<Julius`> ((Its a compliment ;P))
<Julius`> ((Besides its not like Julius is immune to having feelings for someone :P ))
<Julius`> ((I've never roleplayed emotions like love, it could be fun to explore how it changes a character. :P ))
<Julius`> Though, its certain that it would make things more complicated.

* Carl` 's eyes turn into saw toothed mouths and extend horribly, and this is where all the sharp ass high pitched noises start comming in, and the terrains starts warpinf, and the door splits open, and innards spill out into the hall, and starts slowly creewing towards him ....
<AlcarGM> The dealer gives out a loud, high pitches scream 'Not the tentacles, mommy! I'm sorry! I *like* anime, yes, yes! Noooo!"

* Julius` shrugs helplessly to Jess, "Good and evil are zealous ideals that never and will never exist anywhere but the hearts of dreamers. The truth of reality is grey, you must be prepared to see and acknowledge the grey if you want to see at all."
<AlcarGM> Jess shakes her head slowly. "There is good, and there is evil. Grey is for people without the guts to see the world as it really is, it's where we .. hide, behind relatives. The absolutes are there ...." she trais off, looking into space.
<Julius`> "I have yet to meet anyone completely good or completely evil. Perhaps if I do, I'll agree with you."
<Carl`> "ah...."
<Carl`> "What if I said your both right?"
<AlcarGM> Jess: "We all are, Both, at the same time. Good and evil fight, and their battlefield is inside us. We prefer the grey, because we like tlo be blind."
<Carl`> "Well then now we know, and knowing is half the battle."

<AlexMajor> I'm still wondering what the fuck he ment by Big Dave and Phallic forest
<AlexMajor> I can just imagine a forest of "big daves"
<Alcar> It's a reference from the amber game I had to include :)
<aslhk> Big Dave and the Phallic Forest is a good title for a children's story =P

<aslhk> and I just read a novel which was based on a weslh story and pretty good *chuckle*
<aslhk> (which made use of the word "feats" in a sexual context *chuckle*)
<Alcar> They could all be used in a sexual context. Cleave, improved inkiative, toughness, sunder, weapon finesse (males only)

<Elana-Silvereye> ok, that does it, I'm gonna run a superhero game where all the PCs have to make their characters based on a name generated from Sparkie's !Hero function ^u^
<Elana-Silvereye> and they will battle villians from it ^u^

<Alcar> RULE # 1 : Binary logic [soul equation] is far superior than fuzzy logic [cloning equation], as much as electromagnetism is greater than gravity. But, binary logic or / & the soul equation seem to display properties of gravity for damage scale ; while, fuzzy logic or / & the cloning equation seem to display properties of electromagnetism for its damage scale : both seem to show a SEMBIOTIC relationship to & upon one another
<Alcar> If recall correctly, there was some research done some time ago by professional scientists & engineers to unify gravity & electromagnetism : I wonder if connection between binary & fuzzy logic can be applied to gravity & electromagnetism to show or display a SEMBIOTIC relationship between the two.
<Alcar> Both are necessary for a balanced co-existence, like the male & female gender, where the female gender would be analogous to binary logic & the male gender would be analogous to fuzzy logic. Look @ RULE # 34, # 78, # 80, & # 83.
<Alcar> brilliant rpg.
<Chaos`^> please
<Chaos`^> stop
<Chaos`^> =p
<TassPassedOut> wow
<TassPassedOut> I never want to reproduce now

<Kentari> I remember back when I wanted high rolls.
<Kentari> The further I get from D&D the less I like it :P

<AlcarGM> THe first man says "What the hell are you?"
<Vora> "Nice to meet you, too. Now, would you boys be so kind as to go in there and let our friends out for us?"
<AlcarGM> The man laughs, then points the gun "No." Two of them cover you, the other aims at Snake. "This is the part where you die."

<Maelstrom> "Did you manage to get that lab information about those two kids?"
<Maelstrom> "Or find out anything about Big Dave and the Phallic Forest?"
<Julius`> "I try not to involve myself with all things phallic. As for the lab, it'll take some time and even if we get results it won't be viable evidence for anything.""

<Kate`^> "So.. I hear that there's a school with some kids going super and tormenting people.. sounds like factor X to me.."
* Carl` watches Maelstrom leave the room, and turns to Piotr, "It seems First impressions are real important to ol Maelstrom."
* Carl` whips his head back to Kate, "What?"
<Kate`^> "Yeah, some catholic school, I was about to check it out after I get dressed." *Motions to business dress and high heels that, contrary to popular believe, no one can fight in*
<Vora> (( they're good for fighting if you take them off and stab someone in the head with them. ))
<Kate`^> (( Don't think so.. unless you have knives imbedded in them.. hmm.. *Small light above head* ))

* Kate`^ stands and keeps walking toward the storm to see what the kids are doing, and what's in the hole
<AlcarGM> The storm flickers a bit and reveals the 5 kids, all unconscoous from the pain. Whatever the hole it, it ripples and a voice comes out "Alex? Son?" and then the hole is gone
<Julius`> (( Oh boy. :P ))
<Kate`^> (( Oh lord, this is not what I wanted to hear alcar.. ))
<AlcarGM> (( hahahhaah! ))
<Julius`> (( I highly doubt its what I fear. :P ))
<Kate`^> (( I woulda rather had captain planet than void >=( ))

<AlcarGM> Kate is comingout of inside, I'm assuming?
<Kate`^> (( That made no sense, and what sense it did make, sounded very much like sexual harrasement! ))
<Julius`> ((Kate's pulled a starchild???))
* Kate`^ is going outside, yes
<Julius`> (( :P ))

<AlcarGM> 3 men arrive, looking wary and scared.
<AlcarGM> Snake is breathing raggedly, but alive.
<AlcarGM> (( err.... ))
<AlcarGM> Snake is breathing raggedly, but at least is still alive.
<AlcarGM> (( much better :p ))

* Vora smiles gratefully. "Oh thank you! I really owe you guys!" *gathers up Snake and tries to get them both away*
<AlcarGM> Ok... you make it to the wall accompained by the screams of the shot and the dying behind you, but don't have tim to sto, and appreaciate it. Geting over hurts, but after earlier it's bareable.

<Carl`> I guess just let me know if I shoudl obvious do something, that like, miminin would obviously do in your mind
<AlcarGM> lol. You're keeping her focused. She does want to ask Piotr if he's as big as he looks :p
<Carl`> good lord no!

* AlexMajor snatches the keys when Julius` fooloshly dangles them and starts the car
* Carl` starts digging through his pockets and retrives a jolly rancher, and unwrapping it quickly, pops it into carl's mouth :P
<Carl`> "Carl says stop screwing around!"
* Julius` stands outside the car, looking at Alex. "Erm. Let's get serious, eh? Lest you want to get really cold, and charged with hijacking, I suggest you try not to drive a Marquis Corporation automobile."
* Carl` sticks Carl's tongue out at AlexMajor
<AlexMajor> "C'mon i have my license, let me drive"
<Julius`> "Maybe next time, with my Sedan. Right now isn't the time."
<AlcarGM> (( bets Batman never has this problem ))

<AlcarGM> (( Carl begins a lurid account of Carl's sex life? :p ))
<Julius`> ((I was about to ask Mim about that.))
* Carl` almost chokes on said jollyrancher on the way
<Julius`> "Erm, you allright?"
<Carl`> "NO!" -in a very Carl like voice- :P
<AlexMajor> "heh"
* Carl` back to mimm "Geez, sooooorreeee!"
<Carl`> "And here, an her, ah there, and right here, and there.....
<Julius`> "Next time don't try to swallow it."
* Julius` follows the directions, probably going in circles until the people Mim didn't like are all dead. :P
<Carl`> "Heh, thats what she said..."
<Carl`> "er, he said? Ugh, I think I'm settling in."

<Julius`> "So uhm, what kind of catholic schoolgirl were you?"
* Julius` smirks
msg: <AlcarGM> "You know the scene in the Exorcist with the girl and the cross? That kind.." is what she *wants* to say :p
msg: <AlcarGM> I assume Carl will edit :p
<Carl`> "You know the scene in the Exorcist with the girl and the cross? That kind.."
msg: <Carl`> edit what?
msg: <Carl`> grrr, maybe I just need to see the damn movie again :P
msg: <AlcarGM> The girl in it has sex with a cross :0
msg: <Carl`> oh, yeah, nm :P
msg: <Carl`> too late it seems :P

<Alcar[away]> Oh, good. The PCs managed to do really heroic stuff last night!
* Alcar[away] was so proud :p
<Baliadoc> whoa...
<Alcar[away]> They beat up some grade school kids.
<Baliadoc> ...
<Baliadoc> that's heroic?!
<Alcar[away]> who were using factor X and killing the staff of a medical clinic :)

* Alcar suspects my pc is just nuts.
<aslhk> lol Alcar
<aslhk> the fact that you only suspect that a vampire-christian is nuts frightens me =P

<Chaos`^> well, yeah, but.. Alcar doesn't seem the tyupe to use NO he's more a halucinagyn type to me
<Chaos`^> where do you think he gets all his ideas for characters and games from?
<aslhk> could be! I think alcar is straight edge!
<aslhk> Chaos`^: lack of sleep!

<Sintaqx> "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when with driders we do breed."

<|337C4Bb4g3Cabbage> Alcar: There's an anime chick in it!
<|337C4Bb4g3Cabbage> With a big gun and a sword!
<Alcar> Eww! Does she have eyes that are twice as large as the rest of her facial features combined?
<|337C4Bb4g3Cabbage> [23:34] (|337C4Bb4g3Cabbage): Alcar: There's an anime chick in it! <--- damn, I just got 6 pms from people who want in on the game now O_o
<|337C4Bb4g3Cabbage> Cybering 6 people at once is going to be difficult

* alcar grins. Should be funny to rp at least. I mean, as long as he doesn't bring God into a conversation, or the fact that he's the angel of death and a vampire he's pretty much sane.
* alcar re-reads that.
<alcar> Err.. saner.

* Carl` gasp again! and winces some more! and gibbers some stuff about, well, stuff and standing up suddenly, gasps like a fish out of water, as there is really harsh sounding ripping sound, and a second later, pure shit radiance explodes everywhere, and the crowd is either pushed flat or back, and the windows shatter
<Carl`> (shit = white, boy did I ruin that one :P)
<Julius`> (( :D ))
<Julius`> (( I was having trouble reading that :P ))
<AlcarGM> (( lol. Yeah :p ))

<Carl`> I don't know when to go nuts, alcar
<AlcarGM> lol!
<Carl`> maybe you could give me some pointers on timing?
<AlcarGM> Why would you want to? :p
<Carl`> not a want, but a logical assumption :P

* Ryan`` blinks
<Ryan``> the girl is carrying defribillators?
<AlcarGM> yes. As weapons :p
<Ryan``> that's what scares me :)
* AlcarGM grins
<Ryan``> although that's a really cool weapon

<AlcarGM> thanks for playing :)
<Ryan``> no problem! glad i could play :)
<Ryan``> i should be back tomorrow, too
<Ryan``> but i make no promises, because my life is not my own!

<Julius`> "What all did you tell him during this long talk?"
<Maelstrom> "How would anyone know anything.."
<Maelstrom> (if i could remember out of charcter, i'd tell you in character)

<Maelstrom> "I've been there a number of times before and I was always safe."
<Julius`> "You thought you were safe. If someone in purgatory doesn't want us leaving, its not going to happen."
<Maelstrom> "just come with me and see what happens.."
<Julius`> "And why is this doctor sharing all this information with you?"
<Julius`> "I'm not going to SEE if I get killed, Alex!"
<Maelstrom> "You wont get killed!"

<Carl`> your one evil S.O.B. you knwo that, alcar?
<AlcarGM> me?!
<AlcarGM> What makes you think that?!
<Carl`> heh
<Carl`> oh man, it just totally reeks of a trap, and I know your inner mad scientist is howling his ass off :P
<AlcarGM> lol

<GauHelldragon> you said you donno what kind of campaign is going on in #game1?
<Farthes> nope
<GauHelldragon> i can't figure it out
<Farthes> title is aftermath. Notsure if thats the game title or system
<GauHelldragon> roleplaying hurts my head :D
* GauHelldragon leaves #game1
* SniperFox noticed.
<GauHelldragon> as much as i like campaigns and such
<GauHelldragon> it's kind of hard drop in on such a heavy-rp camp :\
<makai> i find i have that same problem!

<Julius`> "Is there any way you could just stick her in my head? That would probably be the quickest solution."

<Carl`> "You find me a list of coma victims, I'll do my thing, and only then if she agrees, ok?"
<Julius`> "Coma victims?"
<Julius`> "Why does it have to be a coma?"
* Carl` grins
<Carl`> "I have Howser all over that too... this might just work..."
<Julius`> "I only know of one coma victim off hand, and he's rather obscure."
<Julius`> (( >:D ))
<AlcarGM> (( Oh, my gods ))
<Carl`> "Who?"
<Julius`> "Some kid.. in a hospital in Boston. We've kept our eye on him and don't know much about him at all. I wouldn't want to put her there."
<AlcarGM> (( *whimpers* ))

<Carl`> "I think I can peel her free, now that I can touch... you think its wise?"
<AlcarGM> Murmur seems amused by that. 'No, but nothing humans do is wise."
<Carl`> I'm beginning to thinks murmur isn't a ghost :P
* AlcarGM just smiles
<Carl`> all an elaborate ruse for some powerful spirit to follow me around :P
<AlcarGM> <Carl`> your one evil S.O.B. you knwo that, alcar? <-- rests my case
<Carl`> a non human originating spirit, that is :P
<Carl`> oh no!
<Carl`> big powerful otherworldly spirit!
<AlcarGM> no! That would be evil!
<AlcarGM> name of gravity
<AlcarGM> how'd you guess?!

<Carl`> are they both conflicted?
<AlcarGM> hell yeah.
<Carl`> damnable...
<Carl`> this has to be like the most stressful role playing game session I've ever been in :P

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